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Grim Reaper's song

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Загадка Лукоморья
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There is something that will never be
A part of us, a part of you, a part of me;
I always hated and as you can see
It"s never too late to admit defeat.

I"m right behind you, better watch out now;
To see my face you have to turn around.
My ugliness will make you shout loud
But not enough to raise substantial doubts...

Never play around with me.
It always leads to trouble.
If you want to play a trick -
I"ll repay you double.

I have never ever made my day;
"Cause I"ve been tired, fired out my brain.
You"ve got illusions that I"m fucking plain
But I am not a puppet for your games.

Grim Reaper"s shadow always chases you.
Wherever you will go you"re on the hook.
Just turn around and look at my new scythe,
Don"t try to cry "cause I won"t compromise...

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