Майсурадзе Михаил Васильевич: другие произведения.

I have the knife

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Загадка Лукоморья
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Why did you decide to leave me alone?
Did you forget my number of phone?
Why don't you call me? What is the problem?
You just fucked me up! Why? I don't know!
So what will I do without you?
Without you the sky's not blue,
The water is not wet.
Why did you forget me? Why did you forget?!
I thought I would never lose you, my girl,
But you destroyed my lovely world.
You've made me be wick,
So you must suck my dick!
I hate you, bitch, I wanna kill you now!
I'll kill you, bitch, and I do know how!
You fucked up my life! And now I take my knife!
Suck my dick if you don't wanna die!
Eat my shit, because I hate the lie!
Oh, girl! You'll never be somebody's wife!

I'm sorry, darling... I didn't wanna do this...
You don't hear me... I know you don't hear me...
The reason to kill you was you;
I hate myself for what I did for you.
I killed you and now you can't talk...
Oh, girl, I wanted to go with you for a walk!
But now you are dead...
Why was I so mad?!
Now you lie on the bed,
You can't move... It's so bad...
I'm really sorry, darling, I hate myself for killing you.
I love you, darling. It's hard to believe but it's truth.
I called 911 and soon I must be in the prison.
I must be killed for this without any reason...
Oh, shit, the policeman is knocking on the door!
I have no chances to stay alive if I'll jump from the 7-th floor.
I go to you, darling, we're gonna be together.
I think this idea is really better...

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