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Lie to me

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Загадка Лукоморья
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What's going on? I can't understand!
My girlfriend has gone to another man.
She broke my world, she broke my plans;
To forget her now is all I can.
But it's not easy to forget that time
When we were together and she was mine.
That was a good time, but I hate lie;
She lied to me; now I don't have to fight
For her love and her smile
That impressed me so much.
I wanted her touch,
But I hate now her much,
'Cause she is such 
      a bitch I've ever knew in my life.
I hate love at first sight.
Because of her lie to me;
Because of that shit she did to me;
Because of her breaking my life.
She'll never be my wife.
I can't let it be,
'Cause I wanna be free
From that bitch who don't love me,
But tells me another things, lies to me;
Who don't give a fuck when I suffer so.
So I don't give a fuck when she's gonna go
To another dick that will fuck her
Like one dog fucks another dog.
I hate this bitch for her being in my life!
I must get her out of my mind!
But I can't, 'cause it's so hard...
Oh, God, I still love her, oh, my God...

{Lie to me... 'cause I don't give a fuck;
 Lie to me... I don't give a fuck;
 Lie to me... and goodbye my girlfriend.
 It's the end of my love. It's the end.}

I know I have to forget her forever,
But I can't forget days when we were together;
When we went to the park
And kissed in the dark...
Fuck it! I can't love this bitch!
She smashed my heart like a peach!
I remember the day when we met each other;
She danced so good even with my father.
Then she danced with me
    and I took her phone.
I thought she was woman I want.
But she lied to me and I hate her for this.
Everybody can see it! Everybody can see!
But I can't get her out of head.
I have to forget her! I have to forget!
I know she's not the only one
Who can become mother of my son.
But my heart's in her hands
And she loves another man
And I will remember.. It's all I can...

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