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Life depends on...

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There's something stupid around me;
I can't understand that fucking shit.
What's going on? Who can tell me?
My present life doesn't let me be;
It doesn't let me be,
Doesn't let me be free,
Doesn't let me feel
What I've never seen.
So fuck it!

I'm going crazy when I see this world.
There's no love, but there's lot of gold;
And fucking presidents feel like Gods,
But they are really rotten nuts!
Dear Busch with IQ eighty five,
You better cut your wrists with knife;
I'm not sure you can fuck your wife,
You must clean stables every night!
I know that sounds for you so rough,
But you deserve to be stuffed.
Enjoy last minutes on planet Earth,
Couse in six seconds you'll be cursed.
Hey, Busch, you can't govern USA;
This country's so big for your stupid brains!
Get out from White House, fucking cowboy,
All that you've done I will destroy...

Our life depends on them:
Stupid presidents, fucked men.
Why are they famous? Why are they best?
They must be locked in iron chest.

I never listen to the news.
I'll better listen to the blues,
Couse there's no truth in the news.
I have no word to abuse.
Toilet is a place where newspaper's used.
It is right place I have just understood.
TV is box for stupid talking heads;
There's too much of blood, violence and sex.
Channel one: man is fucking girl;
Channel two: man is fucking man;
Girl licks another girl on the channel third;
Channel four: tiger fucks a bird.
That's why children are going mad;
That's why children are becoming bad.
So don't blame people who differs from others
By attitude to the life, who hasn't a father.

Our life depends on it:
Newspapers, radio, TV.
But it's not right,it is shit!
How about fucking relationship?

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