Майсурадзе Михаил Васильевич: другие произведения.


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Загадка Лукоморья
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Our life has one exit and this exit is death;
We all live to die, we live 'till last breath.
The Reaper will get us, there's no place to hide,
He has no eyes, but he is not blind.

We all will be rotten and eaten by worms;
They will eat our brain and clean our bones.
We have no future; our future is grave,
And we are all slaves for slave who is slave.

We're killing this planet by living on it;
It was paradise, but now it is shit.
The mankind destroys all beauty in world;
What haven't been killed is already sold.

We must burn in hell for all our deals,
But hell is just tale, the hell is not real.
But people are real, and hell is our life;
We see only darkness, we do not see light.

I see hungry children, I see fat rich men.
Which of this creatures we must defend?
Who has sea of money, who vomits with gold?
I think it's unfair. I quit from this world.

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