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Ready to Get Back

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Загадка Лукоморья
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The cold of endless living...
Oh, Lord, I can't believe in
Magic of the warmth.

My mood is suicidal;
I live and can not die for
Tribes of hungry worms.

If you look at me
Nothing you will see
Only shadow on the wall
Chasing you, so real.
I am stuck between
Hell and Heaven here;
But I'm ready to get back to thee...

I wait for your calling
To send my soul to you;
I wait for next morning
To fill your field of view.
I smile in the darkness
For I'm ignored no more,
For years in my glasses
Have gone to become pure.

I fly tonight through white sky;
I try to reach your life style;
I am the one who slides.

You are the most expensive;
Your love's a set of lenses
Zooming my small life.

If you look at me
You would see a flea
Jumping towards morning stars
To put some to your feet.
I am stuck between
Light and darkness here;
But I'm ready to get back to thee...

I creep in the silence
Inside curves of my brain;
I find there much violence
And crooked worms of shame.
I tried to be lower
Than lowest of the fools.
I tried, but now I'm over
It, now I'm in love with you.

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