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Real Show

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Загадка Лукоморья
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Our life is just big real-show;
We are watched and we are stars.
They watch how we fuck and they know
Everything about us.

Our world is TV studio,
The sun is bulb, the space is roof;
We are porn stars in this real show
And there's nothing left to prove.

We are puppets in hands of God;
God's producer of this show.
He wants to raise the rating, but
He don't know what we know.

We will destroy this big real show,
We will live in real world.
Our brains are not made of stone,
And we'll say our real word.

{They watch our death,
 They laugh at our tortures,
 They're spitting in my face.
 But we are race of butchers.
 We'll cut their clever heads,
 We'll eat'em with the bread.
 Freedom will never end;
 The future is in our hands.}

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