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  a - (а где он?): where is he anyway?;
  - (а до победы было ещё далеко): the death toll mounted with no victory in sight;
  - (а дома родители были без ума от волнения): back at home, his parents were frantic;
  - (а почему?): "Don't be ridiculous." "Oh? Now, why am I being ridiculous?";
  - (а я и собирался дать ему передышку): as a matter of fact I did have in mind to let him have a bit of a breather;
  - (два, а ещё лучше один): the commission recommends that Congress collapse all of these authorities into two committees, and preferably one, in each house;
  - (если залить водой цистерны на форштевне и корме танкера, а центральный отсек заполнить воздухом): if the stem and stern ballast tanks are allowed to flood with water while the center section is buoyant with air, she will arch like an acrobat doing a backspring;
  - (один схватил жертву за волосы, а другой...): one clutches his victim's hair, spewing rage as he is about to hit, while the other assaults Jesus;
  - (а?, т.е. ожидание подтверждения): So, what's the problem, Sam? Is it just Mum or is it something else, huh?
  - (она болтала, а спицы вязали): she was chatting to him as a pair of knitting needles flashed in midair in front of her;
  - (полковник убрал шасси, а Дж. крутанул руль самолёта влево-вправо): the colonel retracted the landing gear on command, while J. slipped the wheel half an inch left and right, rocking the wings a little to make sure the aircraft was willing to do what he told it;
  - (первокурсников наказывали так сильно, что им приходилось покинуть колледж. ... Смерти в результате издевательств старшекурсников над первокурсниками случались не часто, а те, что случались, замалчивали.): It was not unusual for freshmen boys to be so violently "disciplined", they had to leave college; some of them hospitalized; yet none of these boys ever testified against the upperclassmen who harassed them. Deaths following "hazing" and "horsing" were not common - yet those that did occur were kept quiet, by university decree.;
  - (тяга направлена противоположно лобовому сопротивлению, а подъёмная сила - противоположно весу): thrust, the forward-acting force is opposed to drag, as lift is opposed to weight;
  - (т.е. что?): Um? What? Sorry, I was nodding off.
  а вдруг (т.е. маловероятно, но всё же) - (а в. он узнает что-нибудь ценное): he had called on the agents on the off chance that he might learn something of value;
  - (а в. она когда-нибудь станет ценной): I bought a first edition of the book on the off chance that it might be valuable someday;
  - (а в. пойдёт дождь): the sun was shining, but I brought an umbrella on the off chance that it might rain
  а вместе с ним и - (мой мир стал шире, а в. с н. и моё восприятие политики): by the fall of 1960, my world was expanding and so were my political sensibilities
  а вот - (а в. за злонамеренное судебное преследование он мог бы подать в суд): what he could sue for is for malicious prosecution
  а вот и - (а в. и наш гость): here comes our guest
  а, да - (а да, я припоминаю): wait a while, I remember now
  а для этого - (нужны были): it was his job to recapture the ball and doing so required enormous speed and skill
  а если - (а е. я буду за хозяина дома? ): How about I do the honors? Wine in the refrigerator?
  а если да / а если и так, так что? - "You're not still in contact with him?" "So what if I am?"
  а ещё - (а е. называешь себя ирония честным посредником!): You admit you're as one with these scum. So much for your claim of being honest broker.
  а за ними и - "Poland and Romania would burst into flame for a start," countered S. "Probably Hungary to follow suit."
  а значит - he became an English citizen, thereby sub>fml gaining the right to vote;
  - to create a balance of forces that would deprive the Communists of hope for a military solution and thus force a compromise;
  - the idea was to flood America with phony money, thus ruining the economy of the country;
  - the Soviet Union risked backing objectives it could not bring about and thus earning disdain as being impotent;
  - every single member of every family of a dead or wounded man was deported to the camps of the Gulag, lest they persist in asking after their relatives and thus keeping memory of the affair alive
  а именно - there is one topic to discuss, namely my salary;
  - videlicet Latin fml (viz.)
  а вот - (прогноз не показывает снега, а вот дождя можно ожидать): snow is not predicted; we can expect some rain, though;
  - (танцевать он не умеет, а вот поёт хорошо): he can't dance: he sings well, though
  а как же - (т.е. вопрос, а к.ж. твои честолюбивые планы...?): what of your ambitious plans when you wanted to save us all?;
  - (т.е. конечно): "Would you like dessert?" "Now you're talking!";
  - (т.е. конечно): "You're off to the gym?" "You bet."
  а как же / а как иначе - He orders a crème caramel for dessert, which is not on the menu, but the chef will do it by special request. So he should, thinks M. (the owner of the restaurant). I own the poncy arsehole.
  а может - (а м. это блеф? ): "Any chance that it's a bluff, a confidence trick? That they really can't destroy the ship or kill her crew?" "We can't bank on that."
  а может быть и более - (бетон не менее, а м.б.и б. прочен, чем камень): concrete is as strong as, if not, than stone
  а может и - (падение доллара к $1.30 за евро, а может и больше): the main story this year will be the continued fall of the dollar towards, and possibly past, $1.30 against the euro by the end of 2004
  а может и нет - (может заметят, а м. и н.): "Wouldn't the bees notice you underneath the balloon?" "They might or they might not.";
  а может, и никогда - desperate people with incurable diseases are beseeching the company for treatments, though none will be ready for years if ever
  а не - (верить в труд, а не в пособие): they believed in hard work, not entitlement, self-reliance, not self-indulgence;
  - (день прошёл организованно, а не хаотично): because of his foresight, that Monday proceeded in a reasonably well-ordered way instead of being the chaos that one might have expected;
  - (искать решение, а не проблемы): his service reputation was of an upbeat officer who looked for solution rather than problems;
  - (ложное впечатление, что нефтяные залежи представляют собой заполненные нефтью полости, а не горную породу, пронизанную заполненными нефтью порами): the term "pool" can create the erroneous impression that oil fields are immense caverns filled with oil, instead of rock filled with small oil-filled pores;
  - (народная медицина основана на использовании растений, а не на научных принципах): folk medicine is traditional medicine, which is based especially on the use of plants instead of on modern scientific principles;
  - (он был в пятом классе, а не в шестом): he was in the fifth-grade class instead of in the sixth grade because he had been kept back the year before;
  - (а не перейти ли нам в столовую?): why don't we step across to the officers" mess for a cup of tea?
  - (подъём, а не спад): we will have an upsurge of economic activity rather than a downturn;
  - (правило относится к гражданам страны, а не к иностранцам): the rule applies to nationals of the country, as distinct from foreign visitors;
  - (правонарушение, а не преступление): it is regarded as tort rather than a crime;
  - (предпочитаю жить в Г., а не на Т.): I prefer living in Hong Kong to living in Taiwan;
  - (проходят годы, а стрелка часов сдвигается не более, чем на несколько секунд): when you are first imprisoned, years go by without your wristwatch advancing more than a few seconds;
  - (работать дома, а не в конторе): there is a growing tendency for people to work at home instead of in offices;
  - (страхование - защита, а не инвестиция): insurance is protection and not investment;
  - (стремиться к минимальному риску, а не к новым идеям): he is oriented to looking for minimum risk as opposed to new ideas;
  - (экраны расположены по правому борту судна, а не на носу и корме): the important displays go to the right side of the ship instead of fore and aft;
  - he tried to grin as though the memory of their last meeting was sunny as opposed to mortifying
  а не то - (будут неприятности): you'll be sticking to that story, boy, or there'll be trouble;
  - (а н.т. хуже будет): but rather than paying like everyone else, they want their treatments for free - or else!;
  - (делай, что я говорю, а н.т. плохо будет): do what I say, or else
  а ну - (а ну давай, за работу, т.е. не отвлекайся): chop-chop, back to work;
  а потом - (а что было п.? ): "What happens then?" asked M. agog
  а пока - They'll be here soon. Meanwhile, let's have coffee;
  - The new nurse won't come until next week. In the meantime I've arranged for a temporary one.;
  - for the time being these differences over Taiwan were being subordinated to the common goal of opposing the hegemonic aims of others in Asia;
  - Pending that, Brezhnev wrote, it would be "very important" for Israel to indicate its willingness to withdraw from all Arab territories
  а также - a general equation of the 2nd degree with the form that includes squared terms, cross product terms, and linear terms as well as a constant;
  - the table below gives the numbers of boys in 5-pound intervals as well as these numbers converted into percentages;
  - symptoms include decreased appetite with ensuing weight loss, as well as nausea and vomiting;
  - transcripts of the open hearings, together with the very considerable volume of documentary evidence that I adduced, are available on the Inquiry website;
  - (это, а т. их орбитальные свойства и различия в составе, позволяет предположить, что астероиды происходят из вещества, оставшегося после образования солнечной системы): Unlike the major planets, the minor planets are mostly quite small. Furthermore, estimates for the sum total mass of all the asteroids yield a value of only a few percent that of the moon. This fact, together with their orbital properties and varying compositions, suggest that the asteroids originate from material left-over from the formation of the solar system.
  а теперь - (прощай): and now farewell and return safely
  а то - (а то ирония мы не знаем, что...): Get out of that one, boy. As if we don't know you get all your news from those pestilential birds;
  - (а то я не знаю! ): don't I know it!;
  - (т.е. иначе, а то не останется еды): hurry up, or there won't be any food left;
  - (т.е. иначе, уходите, а то я закричу): leave me at once or I"ll scream;
  - (т.е. подтверждение): "I guess the best of all possible worlds for you is to get a Broadway hit that runs for ten years." "Now you're talking. That would be having my cake and eating it too.";
  - (т.е. потому что): So the next time you see a poll that is negative about our state, research it, and find out what was the source, who did the poll, and did they have a history of not liking Mississippians and Southerners in general. For you see, when you're talking about Mississippi, you're also talking about me, and my grandfather, and my grandfather's father, and my mother, and my mother's mother.;
  - (т.е. презрительно о чём-то само собой разумеющемся, чёрный вытягивающий бальзам так называется потому, что он чёрный (а то!), и потому, что вытягивает гной из раны или нарыва): black drawing salve is so-called because it is black (duh) and because it helps "draw" pus out of a wound or boil;
  - (т.е. презрительно о чём-то само собой разумеющемся): My insurance provider made things a little weird again when their computers were down so the hospital couldn't confirm if I was insured or not. They spent an hour trying to figure it out and eventually I had to walk to the other end of the hospital, sign a piece of paper saying that if it turns out I'm not really insured, I assume responsibility for the bill. Duh.
  а то и - (бетон твердеет несколько дней, а то и недель): concrete hardens a few days, if not weeks;
  - (в средней школе, а то и раньше, пора рассказывать детям, что бывает): Parents say the information (sex education) needs to get to students. "Middle school, if not younger, is when kids need to be aware of what's out there.";
  - (на ликвидацию нефтяного пятна могут уйти месяцы, а то и годы): oil spills take months or even years to clean up;
  - (ушёл, а то и вовсе исчез): quite often we would arrive at a house with an expensive interpreter only to find the patient had gone out, or disappeared altogether
  а то и больше - (подростки нуждаются в таком же, а то и большем, персональном внимании и наставлениях, что и маленькие дети): adolescents need personal attention and guidance as much as, if not more than, young children;
  - (правительство штата влияет на жизнь среднего гражданина так же, как федеральное, а то и больше): state governments affect the lives of the average citizen just as much as, if not more than, the national government;
  - (страна нуждается в квалифицированных работниках практически полезной, производственной квалификации так же, как в людях с традиционным высшим образованием, а то и больше): Australia needs skilled workers armed with useful, practical vocational qualifications as much as, if not more than, traditional higher education qualifications;
  - I enjoy it as much as, if not more, than my 6 and 8 year old kids;
  а точнее - more to the point, this extension (of a computer file) can indicate Ventura document
  а ты? - ("Ты боишься." "А ты?") "You're afraid." "Aren't you? ";
  - ("Ты так считаешь?" "А т.н.?"): "That's what you reckon?" "Don't you?"
  а что? - "What are you doing tomorrow?" "Nothing. Why?"
  а что если - (а ч.е. я буду за хозяина дома?): How about I do the honors? Wine in the refrigerator?
  а что, нельзя? - "There's a bloke walking around in a kilt and a poncho." "Shouldn't he?"
  а чтоб тебя! - (т.е. возглас удивления): blimey infml
  абзац - (т.е. отступ / т.е. часть текста): indentation is a space at the beginning of a new paragraph;
  - (т.е. часть текста): смотри ниже
  абзац (т.е. часть текста) - he flipped past the paragraph about the unidentified man;
  - (вычёркивание а-ев): copyediting includes fixing clumsy language, suggesting deletions of paragraphs he considers extraneous;
  - (заключительный а.): he read the concluding paragraph;
  - (отдельный): In dialogue, each speech is usually a paragraph by itself. Sometimes a writer, seeking to create an effect of rapid talk, will elect not to set off each speech in a separate paragraph and instead will run speeches together. The common practice, however, is to give each speech a paragraph of its own.
  абонемент / абонементная плата - the company offers - for a hefty annual subscription of L 10.000 - weekly breakfast meetings, monthly dinners and tailor-made workshop for companies
  абонент - (т.е. услуг Интернет): the research company expects the number of subscribers to such services to swell to 12.4 million by 2005
  абсолютизировать - (принцип самоопределения не следует а. ): the principle of self-determination should not be seen in absolute terms
  абсолютизация - (а. традиций - мол, надо только восстановить хорошо забытое прошлое, и тогда всё нормально - это заблуждение): seeing traditions as a cure-all / overemphasizing traditions / making a fetish of traditions, as though we only need to restore the well-forgotten past and everything will be fine, is an illusion / wishful thinking
  абсолютно - (ничего): "What else did he say" "Nothing whatsoever.";
  - (сухой кислород): Pure potassium is a silvery white metal tinged with blue; but on exposure to air it at once forms a film of oxide, and on prolonged exposure deliquesces into a solution of hydrate and carbonate. Perfectly dry oxygen, however, has no action upon it.;
  - (точные данные): three separate navigational systems correlated their findings into the computer, and those findings were dead emotional accurate;
  - (а. честный человек): a man of absolute honesty
  абсолютный - (блаженство): ultimate bliss;
  - (влажность): absolute humidity;
  - (власть): the praetorians round the seat of ultimate power;
  - (власть): in their republics the grip of the centre was always likely to be less total than inside Russia itself;
  - (доказательство): we have an absolute proof of his guilt;
  - (истина): he was poisoned by a conviction that he was in possession of the absolute truth and therefore free to play God by killing innocent people;
  - (истина): Scientific observations are subject to physical limits that may prevent us from finding the ultimate truth. The Heisenberg Uncertainty principle states that it is impossible to determine simultaneously the position and momentum of an elementary particle.;
  - (личное а-ое первенство, т.е. в гимнастике): individual all around;
  - (молчание ): a blank silence greeted her words;
  - (монархия): absolute monarchy;
  - (оружие): ultimate weapon;
  - (правитель): absolute ruler;
  - (преданность хозяину): his devotion to his boss was unquestioning;
  - (реальность): ultimate reality;
  - (температура сгорания): absolute combustion temperature;
  - (тишина): utter silence;
  - (цифры): in absolute terms, wages have risen, but not in comparison with the cost of living;
  - (честность): a man of absolute honesty;
  - (чушь): absolute nonsense;
  - (ясность): utter clarity
  абстрагироваться - (от глубинных причин возникновения кризисных ситуаций): while working to overcome crises, we must not overlook / lose sight of their underlying causes;
  - (абстрагируясь пока от проблемы авторства этого произведения...): while putting aside for the time being the issue of authorship...;
  - (Ни в коем случае нельзя втягивать сюда религию. Мы от этого абстрагируемся.): We must by all means avoid any involvement of religion in this. We don't go there infml. / This is out of the equation infml.
  абстрактный - (цели): goals are abstract; objectives are concrete
  абсурдный - (всё это а-о): the whole thing is preposterous;
  - (жалобы на кого-л): to that end, he persuaded M. to voice any complains he could about me, no matter how outlandish;
  - (история): an absurd and untrue story;
  - (поведение): her behavior became irrational, and in desperation Mother reluctantly committed her to the state's mental hospital;
  - (предположение / претензия / сюжет): a preposterous suggestion / claim / plot;
  - (предсказание): if crackpots can upset the country's prosperity any time they want, simply by making some cockeyed prediction - it's up to the planet to prevent them
  аванс - on his own, a senior editor may be able to OK a book requiring a $50000 advance, but an assistant editor might have a $10000 ceiling and need major decisions approved by a senior editor or an editorial committee;
  - (т.е. адвокату / а. начисляется из расчёта $150 в час вне суда о $300 в час в суде): the lawyer told me what it would cost - a retainer, against a fee to be billed at $150 an hour for time out of court and $300 an hour in court;
  - (в счёт зарплаты): they gave me an advance of a month's pay;
  - (гонорара за книгу): he received 8 million dollars as an advance for the book;
  - (денежный): Cash advances are convenient... and costly. Many banks charge a transaction fee as well as interest on the cash advance.;
  - (маляр попросил а. / в счёт а-а 150 долларов): She told me about her sad experience with the previous painter. Complaining on tough economic times the painter asked for $150 up front. Needless to say she never saw the painter again.;
  - (наличными): transaction fee for cash advances: at a financial institution and by check: 2% of amount of advance, but not less than $2 or more than $10. At an automated teller machine, $1,75;
  - (по командировке, получить / выдать а.п.к.): How do I get a travel advance? - After you submit your travel authorization form to purchasing, they will give you a yellow copy of that same form. To get a travel advance, that yellow copy will need to be submitted to the cashier's office. They will issue the travel advance the day before you depart.;
  - (получить а.} на сумму): he was advanced the sum of 50 000 American dollars out of the Borman funds in Switzerland and went into business as an exporter of South American hardwood timber to Western Europe;
  - (потребовать а., т.е. за ремонт квартиры, в деловых отношениях принято п. какой-то а., чтобы заказчик в последний момент не передумал, после того, что исполнитель потратил несколько сот долларов на подкрашенную на заказ краску, которую нельзя вернуть в магазин): it is a good business practice to charge some money up front to make sure the customer is not going to change their mind at the last minute, after the contractor has spent a few hundred dollars on custom tinted paint that is non refundable
  - "Are you getting paid up front or on results?" "I got a handsome retainer before I set out."
  авансом - (по контракту требовалось внести половину платежа а. и половину по выполнении): the contract called for half the payment up front and half when done;
  - (ссудить деньги а.): could you lend him money now, upfront, against his future expectations?
  авантюра - (держать сервер на домашнем компьютере - это а.): running a server on your home computer is a risky undertaking, and before you start, make sure your computer has all the latest patches and security updates, and that you've done a thorough spyware and virus scan;
  - (истцы старались доказать, что крайне маловероятно, чтобы занимающие такое положение люди пустились в такую а-у): the effort of the defendants was старались to prove the utter improbability of gentlemen of the standing of that standing engaging in such a shady undertaking;
  - (коммерческие а-ы): my family had gone broke because of Dad's reckless business schemes;
  - (пойти на а-у / пускаться в а-ы, т.е. об опасном журналистском расследовании): it's strange you being on a caper like this, you being a reporter;
  - (торговля валютой - это а.): currency trading is a risky venture and the trader who jumps in the field should know this;
  - (т.е. о строительстве ветровых электростанций, против которых возражает местное население): The original plans were for a holiday camp with two hotels and 800 chalets as well as the four wind turbines. It was a crazy scheme and it was obvious that it would never work because there is strong opposition to the wind turbine development.;
  - G.S., an iconoclastic city auditor and runner, had come up with the idea of closing the streets and staging a 26.2-mile race through all five boroughs. At first, F.L., the president of the New York Road Runners Club, thought this was a crazy scheme. But with G.'s persistence, F. soon embraced the idea and began turning it into a reality.
  авантюризм - (политика а-а): a policy of adventurism;
  - (правительства): the United States need to clarify the cost to China of military adventurism
  авантюрист - (о викингах): the Vikings, those tough adventurers who were the scourge of Christian lands in the 9th and 10th centuries
  - (политический, т.е. этимология - со времён гражданской войны в США): carpetbagger AmE
  авантюрный - (политика): a policy of adventurism;
  - (роман / фильм): a cloak-and-dagger novel / film
  аварийно - (завершиться, о компьютерной программе): today's PCs are very stable, and even if an application crashes, it shouldn't cause you to lose work in any other applications you have opened;
  - (посадить самолёт): a pilot who crash-landed his vintage plane in shark-infested waters in the Caribbean
  аварийный - (бригада): emergency response team;
  - (выключатель / выход): emergency switch / exit;
  - (индикатор, если агрегат поставляется с цифровым вводом откачка, то этот а.и. отключается, когда цифровой ввод задействуется включателем откачки): if the unit is supplied with PUMPDOWN digital input, this alarm is disabled when the digital input is ON by the pump down switch;
  - (источник а-ого питания): safety battery;
  - (люк автобуса): pull the emergency escape cover by the handle and the grip;
  - (люк, т.е. космического аппарата): escape hatch;
  - (люк подлодки): the capsule could not block on to the rescue hatch;
  - (люк самолёта): rescue hatch;
  - (люк экипажа самолёта): ventral emergency hatch;
  - (посадка): emergency landing;
  - (посадка, т.е. самолёта, совершить а-ую п-у): with all engines out of action, he took the gallant decision to avoid the heavily populated area by making a crash landing at R.;
  - (радиомаяк): an emergency beacon picked up in New Zealand has saved the life of a pilot who crash-landed his plane in the Caribbean;
  - (сигнализация самолёта): warning system control;
  - (ситуация / индикатор): When this alarm occurs, the compressor will be locked off and the alarm light turned on;
  - (служба): the emergency services were on red alert;
  - (топор в кабине пилота): crash axe;
  - (тормоз): to pull the emergency brake;
  - (трап / эвакуация, т.е. в самолёте): failure of an escape slide to deploy could hamper the egress of passengers in the event of an emergency evacuation;
  - (эвакуация): plans are in place for an emergency evacuation
  авария - (автомобильная): he sustained a severe brain injury in a car accident;
  - (автомобильная): there was a serious car crash this morning;
  - (т.е. автомобильная): he's facing charges of reckless driving after the Aug. 26 crash that left his friend, J.G., in a vegetative state;
  - (т.е. автомобильная): you must thread the end back through the adjustment slide or the child harness will not hold in a crash;
  - (воздушного шара): Balloon Mishap Kills 6 People;
  - (дорожная): he was killed in a road crash;
  - (т.е. дорожная а. с участием нескольких автомобилей): a lorry driver fell asleep at the wheel, causing a six-car pile-up on a main road;
  - (железнодорожная): there was a serious train crash this morning;
  - (мелкая дорожная): lap seatbelt design was highly ineffective for holding someone back in anything more than a fender bender infml;
  - a major crash on the road;
  - a bad accident on the motorway;
  - (попасть в а-ю / потерпеть а-ю, о вертолёте): a police chopper suffered a mishap in Maryland;
  - (попасть в а-ю / потерпеть а-ю, т.е. о судне): a British naval vessel came to grief in Australian waters;
  - (при а-ях транспортного воздушного судна): the ability of inflatable escape slides to provide a safe egress route for evacuees in transport aircraft emergencies depends, to a great degree, on the structural integrity of such slides;
  - (средства общественного транспорта): if the body of the Insured Person has not been found within one year of the disappearance, sinking or wrecking of the public conveyance in which the Insured Person was riding at the time of the accident, it will be presumed that the Insured Person suffered loss of life resulting from bodily injury caused by an accident at the time of such disappearance, sinking or wrecking;
  - (страховая): general average;
  - (судна): the wreckage of the fishing vessel;
  - (Чернобыльская): the Chernobyl accident;
  - (электросети): huge power failure
  августейший - (персона): the august person who employs me wishes his agent to be unknown to you
  аверс - (т.е. банкноты, на а-е б. находится А. Гамильтон): Alexander Hamilton is presently featured upon the obverse of the bank note, as the U.S. Treasury is featured upon the reverse;
  - (т.е. монеты, на а-е находился мексиканский орёл): Gold 1, 2½, 5, 10 and 20-peso coins were introduced in 1870. The obverses featured the Mexican 'eagle' and the legend "Republica Mexicana.";
  - (т.е. монеты, на а-е находился его портрет): his portrait was on the obverse, with the legend "Maximiliano Emperador;"
  - (т.е. монеты, на а-е находился мексиканский герб): In 1910, a new peso coin was issued. The obverse had the Mexican official coat of arms (an eagle with a snake in its beak, standing on a cactus plant) and the legends "Estados Unidos Mexicanos" and "Un Peso."
  авиа - (билеты): selling rail, sea and air tickets;
  - (авиалайнер): airliner;
  - (авиапочта, отделение а-ы): that last week U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers seized 250 separate parcels of suspect Tamiflu at the airmail facility in New York City
  авиакосмический - (промышленность, инженеры а-ой п-ти): aerospace engineers
  авиационный - (алюминий): the rotor is made of aircraft aluminum;
  - (институт): Moscow aviation institute
  авось - (действовать на а., чтобы не д.н.а.): in order to avoid my usual by guess and by God approach, I would like to find...;
  - (навигация происходит на а.): navigation is very much by guess and by God since there are no channel markers;
  - (надеясь, что а. достанет билеты на матч): she flew in from New York on the off chance of getting tickets to see the match;
  - (надеяться / полагаться на а.): trusting to luck and ignoring what the future might hold is rash, even reckless;
  - (надеяться / полагаться на а.): the story shows the importance of relying on yourself rather than trusting to luck;
  - (надеяться / полагаться на а.): the government is not in the mood of taking chances;
  - (а. он узнает что-нибудь ценное): he had called on the agents on the off chance that he might learn something of value;
  - (а. она когда-нибудь станет ценной): I bought a first edition of the book on the off chance that it might be valuable someday;
  - (отвечать на а., такое впечатление, что вы отвечаете н.а.): your responses give the impression of a slight hit or miss, hopeful approach;
  - (а. попадётся что-нибудь скандальное): journalists often investigate film stars" private lives on the off-chance that they might find something scandalous
  аврал - (как сообщают, в компании сейчас а. в связи с выпуском iPad3 в начале следующего месяца): Apple is reportedly in crunch mode" as it prepares for the unveiling of the iPad 3 early next month
  автобиография - (т.е. для поступления на работу): смотри ниже;
  - (т.е. книга воспоминаний): a smart, well-crafted memoir;
  - (т.е. написанная школьницей в качестве задания): in 1950, I wrote my autobiography for an assignment in sixth grade;
  - on joining the service, like everyone else, he had to write a complete life story of himself
  автобиография (т.е. для поступления на работу) - please provide a full career history in a separate Curriculum Vitae;
  - she sent her CV (curriculum vitae) / résumé AmE to fifty companies, but didn't even get an interview;
  - Presenting Your Education In Résumés AmE. Guidelines for writing résumés AmE.;
  - (преувеличение квалификации в а-и): besides the simple inflation of credentials on a résumé, an increasingly popular method of faking credentials involves obtaining a legitimate certificate that someone has earned, erasing the original name and...;
  - He recommends to candidates that they have a standard résumé that begins with a section titled "Selected Accomplishments." It's easier to tweak for a particular position; it's easier to read and grasp the essentials; and if you do wind up applying numerous times at the same employer, your job descriptions stay the same, salvaging your credibility.
  автограф - (поставить а. на книге): he autographed a copy of his book for me
  автокатастрофа / автомобильная катастрофа - he's facing charges of reckless driving after the Aug. 26 crash that left his friend, J.G., in a vegetative state;
  - he sustained a severe brain injury in a car accident;
  - there was a serious car crash this morning;
  - you must thread the end back through the adjustment slide or the child harness will not hold in a crash;
  - (на дороге): a major crash on the road;
  - (на шоссе): a bad accident on the motorway
  автомат - (т.е. автоматическое оружие): he opened fire on the White House with an assault weapon;
  - (бесчувственный образно, о человеке): would you rather have an unruly child or a emotionless automaton?;
  - (действовать, как а.): they acted like mindless automatons they'd been trained to be;
  - (игральный): slot machine;
  - (кофейный, т.е. в учреждении): he asks if I want coffee and we go to a drip pot back near the door;
  - (музыкальный): jukebox;
  - (т.е. оружие): submachine-gun;
  - (по продаже билетов): the Ticket Vending Machine (TVM) did not take my coins;
  - (по продаже билетов, т.е. в метро): tickets can be bought either from automatic ticket machines or from ticket sales offices;
  - (т.е. телефон-а., звонить из а-а): I"m ringing from the call-box BrE infml;
  - (т.е. телефон-а.): I went to a pay phone;
  - (т.е. телефон-а.): public phone;
  - (теория а-ов): In theoretical computer science, automata plural theory is the study of abstract machines and the computational problems that can be solved using these machines. These abstract machines are called automata.;
  - (т.е. торговый, по продаже кока-колы): a coke machine;
  - (т.е. торговый): "I wanna drink warm tea." "The can machine's outside."
  - (т.е. торговый, ужин, купленный в а-е): the dinner he had out of the vending machine
  автоматизированный - (анализ изображений): automated image analysis;
  - (маяк): the lighthouse is now automated;
  - (мост): recently automated, the historic span bridge was rededicated in 1998;
  - (обучение / проектирование): computer-aided learning / design;
  - (проектирование, система а-ого проектирования / САПР): once the style has demonstrated sales potential, the pattern is graded for sizes, usually by computer with an apparel industry specific CAD (computer-aided design) program;
  - (система): the embassy has an automated message system you have to dial an access code to pick up your messages;
  - (телефонная справочная служба): for a modest fee you can talk to our automated information service at 0892 23 84 72;
  автоматизировать - (вёрстку): to automate layout processes on the Macintosh;
  - (картотеки пособий на детей): the bill penalized states that did not automate their child-support files;
  - (отладку микросхем): new computer program automates chip debugging
  автоматизм - (упражнениями довести навыки до а-а): Barry Bonds (baseball player) and Miles Davis (trumpeter) would argue that their drills increased their skills to the point of automaticity. Automaticity essentially frees part of your mind so you can focus your brain on other details.
  автоматически - in any event, opportunity never translates itself into reality automatically;
  - (возобновляемый аккредитив): revolving letter of credit;
  - (оплачивать счета, т.е. периодические, например, за электричество): he had an account with that bank with most of his bills being paid automatically;
  - (реакции мозга этого типа не происходят а.): we know from extensive research that brain responses of this type do not occur automatically, but, rather, require the willed, intentional action of the participant;
  - (слова а. преобразовывались в код): the words were converted automatically into an unbreakable on-off code
  автоматический - (доступ к документам): applicants have no automatic access to...;
  - (определение координат транспортного средства): automatic vehicle location;
  - (оружие): he opened fire on the White House with an assault weapon;
  - (пистолет): her right hand held an automatic AmE;
  - (программа составления графика): an automated interview-scheduling program;
  - (оросительная / разбрызгивательная система): a self-activating sprinkler system;
  - (система): his plane was controlled by its automatic cruising system;
  - (система): the embassy has an automated message system you have to dial an access code to pick up your messages;
  - (телефонная справочная служба): for a modest fee you can talk to our automated information service at 0892 23 84 72;
  автомобильный - (движение а-ого транспорта): road surface BrE / pavement AmE is the durable surface material laid down on an area intended to sustain vehicular or foot traffic, such as a road or walkway;
  - (запчасти): auto parts;
  - (потогонная фабрика): Slovakia has acquired a reputation over the past few years as a kind of automotive sweatshop;
  - (промышленность): Slovakia has over 50000 people working in the automobile industry;
  - (промышленность): "certified pre-owned," or CPO, is a term coined by the automotive industry to describe late-model, low-mileage used cars that have passed some sort of inspection and are backed by a factory warranty or service contract;
  - (промышленность): the next phase of the auto industry in his country;
  - (страхование): the company is the sixth largest home and motor insurer in the U.S.;
  - (транспорт): the operative and normative practices of motor transport in Mexico and Canada have been substantially different;
  - (транспорт): the bridge is designed to handle road or rail traffic
  автономный - (блок питания): he had used the motor from an advanced kid's erector set with self-contained power unit;
  - (дыхательный аппарат): a full-facepiece respirator or a self-contained breathing apparatus;
  - (дыхательный аппарат для подводного плаванья): self-contained underwater breathing apparatus;
  - (инструменты управления цветом в компьютере): there are several stand-alone color-management tools;
  - (источник питания): independent power source;
  - (корпорация автономна с точки зрения энергии): diversifying into other metals as part of a wave of consolidation in the Russian metals and mining industry, Mr B. wants to make the group more than self-sufficient in energy terms;
  - (нервная система): the autonomic nervous system is the part of the peripheral nervous system that acts as a control system functioning largely below the level of consciousness, and controls visceral functions;
  - (система): A stand-alone power system, also known as remote area power supply, is an off-the-grid electricity system for locations that are not fitted with an electricity distribution system. Typical SAPS include one or more methods of electricity generation, energy storage, and regulation.;
  - (система): stand-alone photovoltaic power systems are independent of the utility grid;
  - (устройство копирования компакт-дисков): unlike other duplicating systems which must be connected to a computer or another disk drive, this stand-alone unit is a complete one-piece CD-duplicator system that makes an exact high-quality replica of your CD in approximately 3 minutes;
  - (электронное устройство): since an external digital SLR flash is a self-contained electronic device (with its own batteries and controls) you can make fine adjustments for the quantity of light it puts out
  автоответчик - (попасть на а. ): He flips open his phone and punches the number. Gets an answering machine.
  автор - (гравюр / эстампов): great Japanese printmakers like Hiroshige;
  - (книги / статьи): author;
  - (мемуаров): in describing the foreign policy of the period of Nixon's fall, the task of the memorialist is even more complex than usual;
  - (научной работы): originator of the work;
  - (т.е. переводимого текста): you better check the numbers with the originator;
  - (плодовитый): prolific author;
  - (послание выставлено в Интернете с разрешения автора): this message is posted with the originator's permission;
  - (программы): the chief author of the government's youth training programme;
  - (рекламных текстов): copywriter;
  - (рекламных текстов): publicist sometimes;
  - (романа-триллера): it is operation that inspires the thriller-writers;
  - (сообщения в Интернете): this message is posted with the originator's permission;
  - (фамилия а-а в начале статьи в газете / журнале): byline: a line at the beginning of a newspaper article giving the author's name;
  - (фамилия а-а, под заглавием через 2 интервала в центре строки поместите ф-ю а. / а. - это тот кому принадлежит рассказ, когда он будет напечатан): One double space below your title, center your byline. This may seem like redundant information, since your name is already in the upper-left corner of the manuscript, but it is not. The name in the corner is the person to whom the publisher will make out the check. Your byline is the name that receives credit for the story when it appears in print.
  авторский - (а-ие произведения, которые зафиксированы на материальном носителе и подпадают под действие а-ого права): works of authorship that are fixed in a tangible medium of expression and come within the subject matter of copyright
  авторемонтный - (мастерская): auto repair shop;
  - (мастерская): Prince Auto Repair inc.;
  авторитарный - (политическая система): the Soviet judiciary acted as a branch of the authoritarian political system
  авторитет - (благодаря а-у, за этих конгрессменов проголосовали благодаря а-у президента): The coattail effect is the tendency for a popular political party leader to attract votes for other candidates of the same party in an election. For example, in the United States, the party of a victorious presidential candidate will often win many seats in Congress as well; these congressmen are voted into office "on the coattails" slang of the president.;
  - (т.е. в тюрьме жаргон): the young inmate is enduring the vicious bullying of his cellmate, D.B., sidekick of G-Wing's psychotic "top-dog" infml, S.D.;
  - (т.е. в тюрьме жаргон, претенденты на роль а-а): lacking the weaknesses of former top-dog slang wannabes S.D. and M.P., he is intimidating enough to bully the weaker inmates and clever enough to manipulate the clever ones;
  - (выезжать на а-е разг певца): he was one of many lyrically ambitious folk singers riding on Bob Dylan's coattails slang;
  - (выезжать на а-е президента): Presidential coattails is a term that refers to the ability of a Presidential candidate to bring out supporters who then vote for his party's candidates for other offices. The other candidates are said to ride on his coattails;
  - (подрывать а. кого-л перед другими руководителями / при других руководителях): Despite G.' decision to hand over the chief executive title to B. in 2000, he sought to retain his power within the company. In meetings involving the two men, G. still held sway that wasn't tied to a title. Mr. G. would interject with sarcasm, undermining Mr. B. in front of other executives.;
  - (полномочия и а.): authority vested and authority earned;
  - (а. в пчеловодстве / разведении пчёл): he was an authority on bee breeding;
  - (признанный): Dr.P., a reputable authority in the area of...;
  - (а. президента падал): presidential authority was draining away in endless revelations of tawdry acts;
  - (я не потерплю, чтобы подрывали мой а.): I will not have my authority undermined;
  - he shall not use the authority of his official position to...;
  - it was not clear that Nixon retained enough authority to manage the manifold pressures about to descend on him
  авторитетность - (а. источников отчёта): Mr F. Runs the British Chamber of Commerce. When he raised the prospect of "serious risk" of recession on the BBC Today programme yesterday he was discussing the BBC's quarterly survey based on detailed replies from nearly 5,000 of its member companies. Its sheer size, thoroughness and pedigree give it clout that none of the others can match.
  авторитетный - (голос): millions of fans recognize his authoritative voice;
  - (комиссия, а-ая к. пришла к выводу, что американскому космическому агентству следует свернуть работы на космической станции): a blue ribbon commission has concluded that NASA should scale down work on the space station;
  - (судья): one of the most prestigious jurists on the federal bench in Arkansas
  авторский - (гонорар, т.е. проценты с каждого экземпляра проданной книги): royalty;
  - (гордость): pride of authorship
  авторство - (а. картины приписывается Г.): the authorship of this painting has been ascribed to G.;
  - (кому принадлежит а. песни...?): who has writing credits for the song Gotham City on the Batman and Robin soundtrack?;
  - (не претендовать на а.): I was among the hundreds who attended the state Assembly's Jobs, Economy and Small Business Committee hearing in Milwaukee on the proposed "ferrous mining" bill LRB2035/1. Since none of the legislators claimed authorship of the bill, we could only conclude that it was written for them by mining interests.;
  - (признание а-а, истцы вправе были ожидать п-я а. и получения доли прибыли, которая могла бы быть получена при осуществлении идей их концепции): The Plaintiffs presented their ideas for the show concept to the Defendants in confidence, pursuant to the custom and practice of the entertainment industry, for the express purpose of offering to partner with the Defendants in the production, broadcast and distribution of the Concept. Accordingly, the Plaintiffs justifiably expected to receive a share of any profits and credit that might be derived from the exploitation of the ideas for the concept.;
  - (а. песни принадлежит, т.е. трём музыкантам): "Hotel California" is the title song from the Eagles' album of the same name and was released as a single in February 1977. Writing credits for the song are shared by D.F., D.H. and G.F..
  - (стихотворения приписываются Сафо, но её а. сомнительно): the poems are supposed to be by Sappho, but they are actually of doubtful authenticity
  ага - (т.е. возглас удивления): aha, it's you hiding there!;
  - (т.е. подтверждение): "Shit," he said. I said, "Ditto
  агитация - (жена кандидата в президенты продолжает а-ю): Michelle Obama Keeps Campaigning in Iowa. The presidential campaign may be on pause on the East Coast. But away from the battering rains and winds of Hurricane Sandy, Michelle Obama carried on, rallying Obama supporters to vote early.;
  - (т.е. обход домов для а-и избирателей): Canvassing is the systematic initiation of direct contact with a target group of individuals commonly used during political campaigns. A campaign team (and during elections a candidate) will knock on doors of private residences within a particular geographic area, engaging in face-to-face personal interaction with voters. Canvassing may also be performed by telephone, where it is referred to as telephone canvassing.;
  - any direct involvement by the Catholic Church in political campaigning on abortion would be a backward step for Ireland
  агитировать - (а. за закон о правах пациента): she traveled to Kentucky, Illinois, and California to promote the Patient's Bill of Rights;
  - (а. за партию, обходя дома): to campaign for a party by canvassing from door-to-door;
  - (а., чтобы голосовали за женщин): she campaigned tirelessly for votes for women
  агломерация - (т.е. городская): urban agglomeration
  агонизировать - (о правящем режиме образно): the government is in its death throes
  агония - (в а-и образно борьбы за лидерство): China is in the throes of a leadership struggle;
  - (предсмертная): the peace pact seems to be in its death throes;
  - смотри файлы DVIJENIE, EMOCII
  аграрный - (страны): predominantly rural countries
  агрессивно, агрессивность, агрессивный - смотри файл EMOCII
  агрессия - (акт а-и): a brutal act of aggression;
  - (половая): sexual misconduct encompasses a range of behaviour including sexual harassment, sexual assault, and any conduct of a sexual nature that is nonconsensual, or has the effect of threatening or intimidating the person against whom such conduct is directed
  адвокатский - (практика): drafting contracts is actually one of the simple pleasures of practicing law
  адгезия - (краски к поверхности): the paint gives outstanding economy with the advantage of a low material consumption rate and excellent adhesion
  адекватно - (более а. было бы назвать это...): Aaron Copland describes basso ostinato as "the easiest to recognize" of the variation forms wherein, "a long phrase-either an accompanimental figure or an actual melody-is repeated over and over again in the bass part, while the upper parts proceed normally [with variation". However, he cautions, "it might more properly be termed a musical device than a musical form.";
  - (реагировать): he takes a walk, thinks about an appropriate way to respond and do so when emotions have died down;
  - there is no way to adequately prepare yourself for encountering a wild mountain gorilla;
  - (т.е. не чрезмерно, реагируй а. на известие): don't overreact to the bad news - take it easy;
  -(т.е. не чрезмерно, а. реагировать на проблему): the Authority are urging people not to overreact to the problem
  адекватный - (перевод): good / appropriate translation;
  - ( способ): he takes a walk, thinks about an appropriate way to respond and do so when emotions have died down
  административно-территориальный - (образование): today Belgium is less a country than an administrative entity
  административно-технический - (персонал / работники): non-exempt University employees (support staff and members of bargaining units) and students, other than work-study students, will be paid on a weekly cycle
  административно-хозяйственный - (персонал больницы): hospital officials conceded that their housekeeping staffs have been stretched thin because of cutbacks in federal and provincial funds in recent years
  административный - (здание государственного телевидения / партии): we extended the bombing to downtown Belgrade, hitting the Interior Ministry, Serbia's state television headquarters, and Milosevic's party headquarters;
  - (а-ая и кадровая работа, выпускники колледжа по специальности "а-ой и кадровой работе"): in filling entry-level jobs, many employers seek college graduates who have majored in human resources, human resources administration, or industrial and labor relations;
  - (обязанности): Administrative duties at University of Michigan. Undergraduate student advisor at the Department of EECS, 2001-2003. Member of major review committees at the CSE Division, 2006, 2008, 2009.;
  - (право): his court filings with an administrative law judge for the Department of Labor in Louisiana;
  - (работники): the new rules redefine the criteria for which administrative and managerial workers qualify for overtime;
  - (решать а-ые вопросы / улаживать а-ые дела): Mohammed spent 15 days in Mecca settling various matters of administration;
  - (центр, т.е. здание): Selby District Council has commissioned a new civic centre;
  - (центр, т.е. здание): the brick city itself was a confusion of palaces, minarets, fortresses and what must have been administrative centers
  адрес - (обратный, конверт с обратным а-ом): sae / s.a.e. AmE: self-addressed envelope;
  - (по которому надо выслать бюллетень): the request should include the address to which the ballot should be sent;
  - (адреса, по которым вы жили последние 5 лет): list all addresses where you have lived in the last 5 years;
  - (конверт с обратным а-ом): sae: self-addressed envelope / stamped addressed envelope;
  - (написать а. на конверте): he addressed the envelope and stuck on the stamps
  адресант - (авизо / акцепта / счёта): advice / acceptance / invoice addresser / addressor;
  - (авизо / акцепта): advice / acceptance sender;
  - (бандероли): sender of a parcel post
  адресат - (авизо / акацепта): advice / acceptance addressee
  - (груза): consignee
  адресный - (Вашингтон может ввести а-ые санкции против Дамаска): Washington may impose targeted sanctions against Damascus;
  - (санкции): The White House press secretary said "We are pursuing a range of possible policy options, including targeted sanctions, to respond to the crackdown in Syria and to make clear that this behavior is unacceptable.";
  - (социальная помощь): the four targeted social service priority areas (at-risk youth, prisoner re-entry, elderly, and strengthening families)
  адский - (смесь): what the scientists found is beyond alarming: а witches' brew of mercury, silver and other toxic chemicals in muck that measure 50 to 100 times above normal levels;
  - (смесь): a witches' brew of rain, sleet and snow, fueled by wind gusts of up to 35 miles per hour, put Connecticut back into a deep freeze and left more than 39,000 utility customers without power Sunday
  адюльтер - adultery is as reprehensible for a husband as for a wife
  аж - (он ехал аж в О., город за 10 миль): he drove every Sunday all the way to O., another town 10 miles off, to see another doctor;
  - (вершина доходила аж до слуховых окон): the pinnacle reached as high as the dormer windows of the adjacent building;
  - (из Америки аж До Пирея): the cargo had come in from America as far as Piraeus;
  - (аж на 2 года старше): I was older, a whole two years older; that difference meant more back then;
  - (аж на £250,000 меньше цены, о которой было договорено): the buyer announced at the last minute that he was only willing to pay a whopping infml £250,000 less than the agreed price, take it or leave it;
  - (аж на 4 недели): he was stuck in L. for four solid weeks;
  - (он был надёжный, опытный и такой предсказуемый, аж скучно): he was solid, experienced and predictable, if dull
  ажиотаж - (в магазинах): Panic Buying at Supermarkets as Britain Braces Itself for the Big Freeze. Hot food and warm clothing were flying off supermarket shelves yesterday as shivering shoppers braced themselves for the deepening big freeze.;
  - (в неделю, когда решалось, кого примут в какой обеденный клуб университета, а кого нет): in their origins the eating clubs (at Princeton University) were quite innocent, and it was only later that the situation radically altered: inspiring in underclassmen a frenzy of anxiety and apprehension at "bicker" - "pledge week" - as to who would be invited to join which club, and who would not be invited to join any club at all;
  - there was a hullabaloo over his controversial statements;
  - (вокруг интервью с генералом): Hullabaloo Over Gen. McChrystal's Comments. Тhe whole country is abuzz over the controversy surrounding comments made by Gen. McChrystal to a R.S. reporter. Gen. McChrystal is disrespectful of President Obama because he is a civilian.;
  - (вокруг поступления в университет): he believes that the fuss over university admissions has been exaggerated;
  - (устроить а. из-за ухода Дж.С. с поста председателя компании): recently, the media made a fuss over the departure of J.Sc. as Chairman of Apple computer.
  ажиотажный - (во время а-ой продажи в выходные дни, несмотря на давку покупателей, нескончаемый поток посетителей веб-сайта): It took Apple 74 days to sell a million of the original iPhones; it took three days to sell a million of the iPhone 3Gs. Over that frantic opening weekend, despite the crush of buyers, the deluge of visitors to Apple's Web site, and the chaos of converting from Apple's .Mac service to the new MobileMe, users managed to download over ten million applications for the iPhone and iPod touch;
  - (спрос, на наличность был а. спрос): the deflation of the Great Depression occurred because bankruptcies created an environment where cash was in frantic demand, and the Federal Reserve did not adequately accommodate that demand, so banks toppled one-by-one like dominos
  азарт - (в а-е я потерял самообладание): in the heat of the moment I lost my self-control;
  - (охотничий): maybe it is the thrill of "hunt," chasing down those gemstones can be exciting;
  - (охотничий а. убийцы): Bully CEO! This testosterone-laden group lives for the thrill of hunt and kill; dominate and crush is their mantra.;
  - (погони): scientists are generally normal people who are driven by the thrill of the chase;
  - (победить противника в его игре, на его поле): the rush of beating people at their own game, on their own turf
  азартный - (а-ое желание / а. порыв победить противника в его игре, на его поле): the rush of beating people at their own game, on their own turf;
  - (игры, законодательство запрещающее а-ые игры): His social club wanted to raffle off a television to make money. He wanted to know if the raffle would run afoul of the law against gambling;
  - (игры, уволить за а-ые игры): any employee can be fired immediately and without advance written notice due to dishonesty, alcohol or drug use, fighting, gross insubordination, recklessness resulting in serious accident while on duty, gambling, or other offenses of a similar nature
  азбука / азы - (а. написания математической литературы образно): a primer of Mathematical writing;
  - (Морзе): dot-and-dash code;
  - (т.е. основные понятия): nuts-and-bolts infml of something
  акватория - (морская / а. в открытом море): offshore zone;
  - (порта): port area
  аккредитация - accreditation is a process by which a facility becomes officially certified as providing services of a reasonably good quality, so that the public can trust in the quality of its services;
  - (а. высших учебных заведений): "Accreditation" is review of the quality of higher education institutions. In the United States, accreditation is a major way that students, families, government officials, and the press know that an institution or program provides a quality education.;
  - (а. испытательных и калибровочных лабораторий, медицинских учреждений и инспектирующих органов): The United Kingdom Accreditation Service. National body for the accreditation^ of testing and calibration laboratories, certification and inspection bodies;
  - (а. медицинского учреждения): Recognized by insurers and other third parties, Certification is becoming a prerequisite to eligibility for insurance reimbursement, to participation in managed care plans and to bidding on contracts
  - (а. организаций здравоохранения): Joint Council on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO);
  - (школ): accreditation helps to ensure that the school is of high quality
  аккредитовать - (Объединённая комиссия аккредитует организации здравоохранения): since 1951, the Joint Commission evaluates and accredits nearly 17000 health care organizations and programs in the United States
  аккредитованный - (колледж / университет): students who want federal (and sometimes state) grants and loans need to attend a college, university, or program that is accredited
  аккуратно - (а. выполнить работу): she did this job very well /nicely / properly;
  - (а. накладывать на щёки румяна из баночки): she is carefully dabbing her cheeks with a pot of blush;
  - (а. написанный текст): the text is in a carefully written, compact, formal upright hand;
  - (а. отпечатанный кирилицей текст): paper sheets covered with neat typed Cyrillic script;
  - (печатать, т.е. на клавиатуре): ability to type accurately at a speed sufficient for successful job performance;
  - (а. подрезанные фитили, т.е. старинных ламп): the lamps glowed with neatly trimmed wicks beneath glass cowls;
  - (а. подстриженные усы): he wore a trim mustache;
  - (а. подходить к чему-л): We must not fail to notice the negative effects of globalization. We must take a very prudent / careful approach, foreseeing the risks and responding to them in a concerted way.;
  - (а. разделённые пробором волосы): her neatly parted hair;
  - (разложить): he brought four lemon wedges and laid them out neatly on a napkin;
  - (а. сложенная раскладушка): an Army cot neatly made up;
  - (а. сложенные куски дёрна): piled carefully to one side were squares of sod which would later be glued to the top;
  - (а. сложить вёсла под сиденьями, т.е. лодки): he stowed the oars neatly beneath the thwarts;
  - (а. сложить лист бумаги): he folded the sheet neatly down the center from top to bottom;
  - (а. состриженный ноготь): the nail had been neatly clipped, as if with a pair of manicurist's scissors;
  - (а. укрепить края ямы): the sides of the hole had been neatly squared off;
  - (а. уложенные волосы): a woman with primly arranged gray hair
  аккуратный - (домики): neat houses;
  - (домик): the chill dump season adds a charm to the trimly-kept, comfortable dwelling-house;
  - (если бы птица была более а-ой / поаккуратнее): the stormcrow presents an imposing picture at close range - or would if the bird were better groomed. Somehow the glossy feathers of his body and wings always seem unkempt, as if the crow never preens. The tail feathers are set slightly askew one from another.;
  - (кучи, гашёная известь была сложена в а-ые к.): slaked lime was piled in orderly heaps, ready to enrich the soil;
  - (неаккуратный дом из-за животных): the animals made the house untidy;
  - (петля): he made a neat loop of the wires;
  - (почерк, текст написан а-ым прямым каллиграфическим п-ом): the text is in a carefully written, compact, formal upright hand;
  - (усы): he wore a trim mustache;
  - (человек): he was a neat man and liked to keep positive and negative terminals of the battery distinct;
  - (человек): he was a fashionista, dapper and always looking good
  акроним - individuals sometimes advertise their licensed status by appending an acronym to their name: Jane Doe, CPA
  акселерация - (Голладнцы считают забавным, когда дети делают дерзкие замечания. Они думают, что это здоровая а. ): The Dutch find it amusing when children make cheeky remarks. They think that's a healthy precocity.
  аксессуар - (т.е. скрипки): a violin typically consists of a spruce top, maple ribs and back, two endblocks, a neck, a bridge, a soundpost, four strings, and various fittings, optionally including a chinrest, which may attach directly over, or to the left of, the tailpiece;
  - (аксессуары животновода, т.е. седло, плеть, шпоры, пистолет): a cattleman's gear
  акт - (агрессии): a brutal act of aggression;
  - (т.е. документ): смотри ниже;
  - (драма в трёх актах): Ghosts: a Family Drama in Three Acts by Henrik Ibsen;
  - (законодательный): Information Technology Law (or IT Law) is a set of recent legal enactments, currently in existence in several countries, which governs the process and dissemination of information digitally. These legal enactments cover a broad gamut of different aspects relating to computer software, protection of computer software, access and control of digital information, privacy, security, internet access and usage, and electronic commerce.;
  - (записи а-ов гражданского состояния/ ): Vital records are records of life events. They include birth certificates, marriage licenses, and death certificates. In some jurisdictions, vital records may also include records of civil unions or domestic partnerships.;
  - (насилия): all the buildings testified to acts of violence;
  - (спектакль в трёх а-ах): a police interrogation is a performance with three acts;
  - (террористический): смотри ниже
  акт (т.е. документ) - (административный): management report;
  - (а. ввода в эксплуатацию): commission certificate;
  - (а. выполненных работ): When your building works are finished, you must submit a Completion Certificate to the Building Standards Section. It is important that you submit the Completion Certificate only when you are satisfied that you have carried out all works in conformity with your Building Warrant.;
  - (государственный а. на право владения земельным участком): Certificate of Title [to Land];
  - (а. государственной экспертизы): inspection report;
  - (акт-извещение): notification report;
  - (а. испытания оборудования): equipment test report / test report of equipment;
  - (а. компетентной контрольной комиссии): report of a competent inspection team;
  - (а. на право владения земельным участком): certificate of title to land;
  - (а. на право частной собственности): Certificates of Title are records of property ownership. Certificates of Title show the volume and folio numbers, register number of the property, location, current ownership and any encumbrance details.;
  - (а. на право собственности на участок кладбища): cemetery's mistake leaves two families with deed to same plot;
  - (а. о дефектах оборудования): report on quality defects in equipment;
  - (а. о дорожно-транспортном происшествии): after an accident the driver may agree with the other party upon the circumstances of the accident, fill out the Accident Statement without notifying the Police, and leave the site of the accident if...;
  - (а. о недоделках): a snagging list, also known as a snag list, is the list of items that a builder has not completed correctly and defective work to be repaired to complete the property to Building Regulation standard;
  - (а. о недоделках): In the United States construction industry, contract agreements are usually written to allow the owner to withhold (retain) the final payment to the general contractor as "retainage". The contractor is bound by the contract to complete a punch list AmE of uncompleted items stipulated in the contract agreement by the owner who is often represented by his designer. The architect then observes the project in a "walk around" inspection and makes a punch list of uncompleted or unsatisfactory work items owed to the project by the contract agreement.;
  - (а. о некомплектности поставленного товара): certificate on missing items;
  - (а. о несоответствии качества товара): report on sub-standard quality;
  - (а. о несоответствии количества товара): report on insufficient quantity / number;
  - (а. окончательной приёмки товара): final acceptance report;
  - (осмотра): survey report;
  - (а. осмотра и экспертизы): surveyor's report;
  - (а. осмотра количества и качества товара): report on inspection of quantity and quality;
  - (а. отказа от права): the son executed an agreement with his father in early 2000 as well as a quitclaim deed conveying the land to himself and his father as tenants in common;
  - (правовой): The father also argued that Iowa law did not require the spouse to sign the same deed to effectively convey title to him. Instead, the father argued, she could have signed a "like instrument" that legally described the homestead. The Court noted that while it was true that Iowa law required spouses to sign the same joint instrument before 1981, that requirement was changed by statute. But, the Court reasoned that the spouse's signature on the stipulated dissolution decree did not suffice as a "like instrument" because it was not an instrument of conveyance of land to the father. It was simply a legal agreement between the parties to the divorce.;
  - (а. препровождается): the act has been forwarded;
  - (а. приёма-передачи): acceptance certificate / statement / report;
  - (а. приёма-передачи): letter of acceptance;
  - (а. приёма-передачи): handover / takeover certificate / form;
  - (а. приёмной экспертизы): acceptance certificate;
  - (ревизии): audit certificate;
  - (сверки): reconciliation report / reconciliation statement;
  - (сдачи-приёмки): Handover Protocol / Handover Certificate / Acceptance Report / Acceptance Protocol / Completion Statement / Completion Certificate / Completion Protocol / Completion Form / Completion Report;
  - (сдачи-приёмки): acceptance certificate is a dated and signed document issued to a contractor by an owner certifying that all the work of a construction project is complete and in accordance with all provisions of the contract;
  - (сдачи-приёмки, т.е. передаваемого в аренду объекта недвижимости): inventory and schedule of condition;
  - (а. технического осмотра): [technical] inspection report;
  - (а. технической приёмки): inspection certificate;
  - (экспертизы): examination report
  акт (террористический) - Boston Marathon Blasts Treated as Potential Terrorist Attack. I am deeply shocked and saddened by the outrageous terrorist attack in Boston.;
  - An Act of Terror in Boston;
  - (биологический / химический): the government is taking the threat of biological and chemical attack very seriously;
  - (т.е. взрыв): many Lebanese blame Syria for the slaying of H. in a bombing on a seafront street;
  - (т.е. взрыв): the main suspect in the bombing has been found guilty;
  - (т.е. взрыв): the international war on terrorism has been sidetracked from the Indonesian bomb attacks by the war in Iraq;
  - (с зарином в метро): sarin gas subway attack;
  - On July 17, TWA Flight 800 exploded off Long Island. At that time everyone assumed that this was a terrorist act;
  - the group claimed responsibility for the attack
  актив - (собрание а-а советское): meeting of leading officials;
  - смотри активы
  активация - (угля): there are two main activation techniques used to produce activated carbon
  активизация - (а. работы позволила...): by stepping up our efforts, we have been able to...
  активизировать / активировать - (компания активизировала прямые продажи): the company has undertaken several initiatives designed to help reinvigorate its direct sales;
  - (переговоры / усилия): to step up negotiations / relief efforts;
  - (полиция активизировала работу по повышению раскрываемости преступлений): the police have intensified their efforts to improve the detection rates of all crimes;
  - (а. работу комитета): seeking to revitalize the Committee's work, in 2004 the Security Council adopted Resolution 1535, creating the Counter-Terrorism Committee Executive Directorate;
  - (а. работу гуманитарной организации): some operational humanitarian agencies maintain their own emergency funds to allow agencies to ramp up operations after the onset of crisis;
  - (расследование): further police resources are to be used as police in T. step up their investigation into a series of car fires that have occurred in L. this week.;
  - (а. сотрудничество в борьбе с терроризмом): after the Boston bombings, Putin was quick to extend his condolences to Obama and to try to revitalize Russian-U.S. cooperation on counter-terrorism;
  - (усилия): Theresa May is stepping up her efforts to win over the European Union and move forward into Brexit trade talks;
  - (усилия): the Prime Minister will ramp up her attempts to charm leaders in Brussels this autumn, amid concerns they do not appreciate how much of an effort she has been making to move Brexit forward
  активизироваться - (о контактах между обществами и группами): The rise of merchant capitalism in the sixteenth century posed certain technological problems. As trade and the division of labor increased, and as contact between societies and groups intensified, problems of communication and transportation assumed new importance;
  - (с приближением сумерек поиски активизировались): the search intensified as dusk approached
  активированный - (уголь): activated charcoal
  активно - (а. внедрять реформы): the reforms weren't producing much change because the Bush Administration didn't fund the new programs or aggressively implemented them in the states;
  - (действовать): we expect the government to act vigorously;
  - (а. действующие правительства): successful globalizers have had market-friendly but proactive governments and adequate social insurance;
  - (а. делать заявление): mister Milosevic is making a political statement, and he is doing it very forcefully;
  - (заниматься): many geologists have been deeply involved in this research;
  - (а. заниматься чем-л): we are aggressively pursuing this option;
  - (конференция посягнула на фугасы и мины-ловушки, хотя и не так а.): the 1980 Convention on Conventional Weapons was also making inroads on landmines and booby traps, although less proactively;
  - (критиковать): Mr Coats has been a vocal critic of Russia over its 2014 annexation of Crimea;
  - (а. поддержать партию): they vigorously supported farmers in the Populist Party;
  - (а. поддерживать кандидата): these gay activists were strongly supportive of A. because of the substantial number of openly gay and lesbian citizen serving in the administration;
  - (председатели Федеральной резервной системы а. приветствовали ничем не обоснованное оживление на рынке жилья США): the last two chairmen of the Federal Reserve actively cheered on the irrational exuberance in US housing;
  - (а. продвигаться на фронте): now the Israelis would begin to move more forcefully on the southern front;
  - (работать, об учёном): the author has been working actively in the area since its inception;
  - (работать, об области мозга): They asked her to imagine playing tennis. Remarkable, this made neurons fire in the premotor cortex, a region that hums with activity fig when you mentally practice any sophisticated movement, from a jump shot to a backhand.;
  - (расследовать): while the U.S. government has no jurisdiction over unauthorized discharges by foreign-flag vessels in international waters, the Department of Justice through referring agencies, such as the Coast Guard and Environmental Protection Agency does aggressively investigate and prosecute possible illegal discharges in US waters, false Oil Record Book entries, obstruction of justice, conspiracy and witness tampering;
  - (а. расследовать преступления): there's a feeling in the police that to start probing too energetically into the war crimes of the SS can do a young policeman's career no good;
  - (а. связываться с бывшими партнёрами): they are busily contacting out former business partners to "take up the slack" as they put it;
  - (участвовать): смотри ниже
  активно участвовать - we were too busy to take an active part in the new venture;
  - (в дебатах): I actively participated in the internal debate;
  - (а.у. в заживлении ран и защите от патогенных факторов): although best known for their role in allergy and anaphylaxis, mast cells play an important protective role as well, being intimately involved in wound healing and defense against pathogens;
  - (а.у. в исследованиях): many geologists have been deeply involved in this research;
  - (а.у. в космическом полёте): UK scientists are heavily involved with the space mission;
  - (а.у. в подготовке теракта): he was heavily involved in the preparation of a terrorist attack;
  - (а.у. в работе над книгой): a literary agent who gets heavily involved in the planning, organizing, writing and editing of a book can ethically ask for an extra percentage of that book's income;
  - (а.у. в семейных торжествах): children are enthusiastic participants in family celebrations
  активность - (а. в областях мозга, которые занимаются расшифровкой речи): when the scientists spoke to her, her brain registered activity in regions responsible for decoding language;
  - (т.е. государственных чиновников): the commission report has inspired an unreasonable burst of activity on Capitol Hill;
  - (гражданская): civic engagement includes voting in elections, other forms of political participation, and volunteering for community and non-profit services;
  - (политическая, в Калифорнии белые имеют преимущественное представительство почти во всех видах п-ой а-ти): whites are overrepresented in California in almost every political activity;
  - (двигательная / сердечная): motor / cardiac performance;
  - (мозга, зевание может повысить а. мозга): Yawning may boost brain's alertness. Yawns may enhance blood flow and cool the brain, helping you to maintain concentration;
  - (на железной дороге наблюдается а.): looks like a higher level of railroad activity, looks like flatcars mostly;
  - (а. на рынке акций): intense activity / active trading at the stock market;
  - (снизить а.): to become less active / to scale down one's efforts;
  - (солнечная, из-за неожиданно высокой солнечной а-ти орбита космической станции сдвинулась ближе к Земле): unexpectedly high solar activity pushed the space station's orbit closer to Earth than planned;
  - (а. США в мировых войнах оборачивалась переоценкой собственных возможностей): America was reaching a point where global commitment was turning into overextension;
  - (чрезвычайно слабая экономическая а.): the country is suffering from grave economic underperformance;
  - (экономическая): we will have an upsurge of economic activity rather than a downturn
  активный - (а-ые акции на бирже): the most active stocks in U.S. market;
  - (а. борец за права рабочих): he was a militant supporter of worker's rights;
  - (а. в ночное время примат): a nocturnal lower primate with large eyes and ears, e.g. a lemur or bush baby;
  - (гомосексуалист): giver infml;
  - (действия): vigorous actions;
  - (женщины): Are tomboys tamed once they grow up? The documentary makes the connection between rebel girls and spirited women gloriously clear.;
  - (а-ая кампания с целью подорвать авторитет соперника): President Bush's campaign plans to use the normally quiet month of August for a vigorous drive to undercut John Kerry by turning attention away from his record in Vietnam to what the campaign described as an undistinguished and left-leaning record in the Senate;
  - (кампания): the newspaper ran a vigorous campaign against the passing of the bill;
  - (а-ые обсуждения в парламенте): vigorous debate in the Parliament;
  - (а-ая общественная жизнь): it was reassuring to discover what a vivid social life was possible under these conditions;
  - (организация): the Public Defender Service in Washington, D.C., is a proud and vibrant organization that has zealously protected the indigent for many years;
  - (переговоры): Mr Barak begins intensive negotiations with the Syrian foreign minister;
  - (а. поборник низкоуглеводной диеты): he was one of the first vocal proponents of a low-carbohydrate diet;
  - (подход / позиция): proactive approach / position;
  - (поиск, спасатели ведут а. поиск): rescue teams are working hard to find the missing people;
  - (политика): proactive policies;
  - (роль, "позитивное социальное государство" призвано играть более а-ую р. в жизни своих граждан, но делать это менее назойливо): "positive welfare," a scheme according to which the state would play a more proactive yet less intrusive role in its citizens" lives;
  - (а-ое сальдо бюджета): anticipated budget surplus;
  - (а-ое сальдо бюджета): projected federal budget surpluses;
  - (а-ое сальдо торгового баланса): trade surplus;
  - (сопротивление): their efforts met with strenuous opposition from the colonists;
  - (а-ое состояние молекулы): gas molecules are driven to a more energetic state;
  - (сторонник): a strong supporter of women's rights / of the space program;
  - (сторонник): he has been a strong advocate of missile defenses;
  - (а. сторонник реформ): I paid tribute to the most ardent supporter of the reforms in the House, T.D.;
  - (студент): a lively, independent-minded student;
  - (торговля): every Western ship brings seamen who do a vigorous trade with the local spivs in Turkish leather jackets;
  - (а-ая торговля государственными ценными бумагами): there has been heavy trading in government securities;
  - (а. торговый баланс): to build a favorable balance of trade;
  - (участие): he denies active participation in what follows;
  - (а-ое участие США в мировых войнах оборачивалось переоценкой собственных возможностей): America was reaching a point where global commitment was turning into overextension;
  - (а. участник общественной жизни): the center is an active participant in Ukraine's social life;
  - (а. участок полёта ракеты): boost phase;
  - (человек): a country of half-breeds, energetic and full of talk;
  - (человек): a lively scent for the active man;
  - (человек): he is eager without being obnoxiously chipper;
  - (а. член клуба): in order to be considered an active member with our club, you must pay the mandatory $40 annual membership fee;
  - (а. член партии): active members of the Communist Party
  активы - (а. и пассивы): assets and liabilities;
  - (непрофильные а-ы компании): Rosneft will sell about $ billion of "non-core assets" acquired in the Yukos bankruptcy auctions;
  - (стоимость чистых а-ов): net asset value;
  - (утверждение отчёта о нетто-активах): approval of the Statement of Net Assets;
  - (чистые материальные а.): Affirmative covenants are clauses in debt contracts that require firms to maintain certain level of capital or financial ratios. The most commonly violated restrictions in affirmative covenants are tangible net worth, working capital/ short term liquidity, and debt service coverage.
  актовый день (т.е. церемония вручения дипломов и присвоения учёных степеней в университете США) - the university awards degrees to about 3,500 undergraduate students at spring commencement, before an audience of more than 40,000;
  - I spoke at three university commencements;
  - (произнести речь в а.д.): when I was attorney general I was invited to give the commencement address at the S. High School
  актуально - (это не а.): this is of little importance / irrelevant
  актуальность - (проекта): project relevance;
  - (снова приобрести а.): The attack, in Teri Mangal on May 14, 2007, was kept quiet by Washington, which for much of a decade has seemed to play down or ignore signals that Pakistan would pursue its own interests, or even sometimes behave as an enemy. The reconstruction of the attack, which several officials suggested was revenge for Afghan or Pakistani deaths at American hands, takes on new relevance given the worsening rupture in relations between Washington and Islamabad, which has often been restrained by Pakistan's strategic importance.;
  - (приобрести новую а.): the issue took on greater urgency with a new law signed last week by the the president;
  - (терять а., с окончанием призыва вопрос потерял а.): The government should allow selective conscientious objection (to draft) if its assertion was determined to be genuine. The end of draft in the 1970 made the point moot.;
  - (фильма): this year the movie has a relevance that transcends camps;
  - (а. этой проблемы вызвана тем, что...): this problem is important today because...
  актуальный - (вопросы / проблемы): смотри ниже;
  - (донесения, которые явно были актуальны на момент получения): he broke down the reports into those which were demonstrably topical at the time they were received and those which could have been banked a month, two months before, to bridge empty periods: such as think pieces, character studies of prominent members of the administration, a scraps of Kremlin tittle-tattle which could have been picked up any time and saved for a rainless day;
  - (книга): a timely book;
  - (книга актуальна, как заголовки сегодняшних газет / новостей): the book is timely as today's headlines;
  - (снова стать а-ой): The attack, in Teri Mangal on May 14, 2007, was kept quiet by Washington, which for much of a decade has seemed to play down or ignore signals that Pakistan would pursue its own interests, or even sometimes behave as an enemy. The reconstruction of the attack, which several officials suggested was revenge for Afghan or Pakistani deaths at American hands, takes on new relevance given the worsening rupture in relations between Washington and Islamabad, which has often been restrained by Pakistan's strategic importance.;
  - (теория была особенно актуальна для новых демократических режимов в Центральной и Восточной Европе): his theory had particular relevance to the new democracies of Central and Eastern Europe, where intolerance and nationalistic tensions had begun to flare up
  актуальный (вопросы / проблемы) - the most pressing issues raised in last night's State of the Union;
  - international issues of current importance;
  - topical issues of staffing in the medical field;
  - topical issues in electrical engineering safety;
  - (проблемы, рассмотренные в статье, актуальны): the problems addressed in the article are acute / urgent / vital;
  - Opinion Duel is where America's thinkers come to constructively debate the issues of the day;
  - security has become a topical political issue;
  - AIDS, hunger and malaria are the world's most urgent problems
  актуарный - (механизм предсказания, т.е. о программе оценки опасности рецидива у совершивших половое преступление): this statute is the first law ever to specify, in black letter, the use of a named actuarial prediction instrument and an exact cut-off score on this instrument
  акустика - Acoustics is the science of sound. It relates to recorded music, to speech and hearing, to the behavior of sound in concert halls and buildings, and to noise in our environment.;
  - (архитектурная): architectural acoustics / room acoustics / building acoustics is the science and engineering of achieving a good sound within a building and is a branch of acoustical engineering;
  - (с точки зрения а-и): From a purely sonic standpoint, phone audio is almost always a compromise. It's often a necessity, and can even be used to dramatic effect, adding a sense of distance and mystery, but in terms of pure sonics, recording from the phone always involves some loss of quality.
  акустический - (барьер): the area is enclosed by a sonic "wall", a sound barrier that keeps everything outside out and everything inside in, in terms of the larger creatures;
  - (гитара): acoustic guitar;
  - (с а-ой точки зрения): From a purely sonic standpoint, phone audio is almost always a compromise. It's often a necessity, and can even be used to dramatic effect, adding a sense of distance and mystery, but in terms of pure sonics, recording from the phone always involves some loss of quality.;
  - (свойства): in about 20 BC, the Roman architect and engineer Vitruvius wrote a treatise on the acoustic properties of theaters including discussion of interference, echoes, and reverberation
  акцент - (т.е. иностранный): смотри ниже;
  - (по гнусавому а-у понятно, что он северянин): the nasal accent says he's a northerner;
  - (т.е. подчёркивание образно): смотри ниже
  акцент (т.е. иностранный) - (говорить с а-ом): to speak with an accent;
  - (ирландский): "..." he declared, in a rich, Irish brogue;
  - (ирландский): he was Irish and had a lovely brogue;
  - (сильный): heavy accent;
  - (сильный): he recognized the thick English accent;
  - (сильный): his accent was crummy slang, but his English was understandable enough
  акцент (т.е. подчёркивание) - (делать а. на чём-л): contractors should place emphasis on safety and loss prevention in a constant and consistent manner;
  - (на изображении природы): an emphasis on the depiction of nature rather than complex, elaborate symbolism;
  - (на национальных интересах): the unsentimental emphasis on national interests of the Nixon Administration;
  - (а. сдвинулся к сюжетной линии "злого застройщика", т.е. в экранизации): most of the sociopolitical undertones of the original novel were weeded out of the 1988 film version, with emphasis shifted to its basic "evil land developer" plotline
  акция - (т.е. продажа со скидкой в магазине): sales promotion: the methods or techniques for creating public acceptance of or interest in a product, usually in addition to standard merchandising techniques, as advertising or personal selling, and generally consisting of the offer of free samples, gifts made to a purchaser, or the like;
  - (т.е. рекламное снижение цены): Walt Disney World Special Offer. Last Chance! Save up to 30% on October Stays! Book by September 29, 2012 - and take advantage of your last chance to save on October stays with this special offer!;
  - (т.е. рекламное снижение цены): Promotional Offer - S. Promotional Holidays. S. is offering its customers incredible promotional seven-night holidays to Tenerife in some of Europe's most sought-after resorts.;
  - (т.е. рекламная): advertizing BrE / advertising AmE campaign;
  - (т.е. рекламная): the promo campaign kicks off in September;
  - (т.е. рекламная): Samsung, RadioShack launch promo campaign;
  - смотри файл COM_ECO_FIN
  алименты - (т.е. бывшей жене): are any alimony and/or support payments delinquent or overdue at this time?;
  - (т.е. бывшей жене / на ребёнка): you need not include spouse's income, alimony, child support, or maintenance payment paid to you if you are not relying on them to establish creditworthiness;
  - (военнослужащие выполняют постановления об уплате а-ов на детей): there are rules that guarantee that service members will comply with child support orders, unless they are willing to face adverse administrative or criminal actions
  алиментщик - (т.е. злостный неплательщик пособия на ребёнка): he is a deadbeat dad who owes tens of thousands of dollars in child support to his ex;
  аллегория - (а. добродетелей и пороков): relief allegory of virtues and vices at the court of Emperor Charles V
  аллюзия - (юмор, приправленный историческими аллюзиями): his gentle, brainy humor, spiced with historical references resonated among the chronically pessimistic Czechs
  алфавитно-цифровой - (код): the registration identifier is a numeric or alphanumeric code that uniquely identifies the vehicle within the issuing region's database
  алхимия - (баловаться а-ей): in addition to his mathematical and religious interests, Napier was commonly believed to be a magician, and is thought to have dabbled in alchemy and necromancy
  альтернатива - (чему-л): there is no alternative to such generalities when one is faced with a theoretical quandary that eventually only experience can resolve
  альтернативный - (возможности инвестиций): collector interest in rare stamps is on the rise as consumers seek investment alternatives
  амбивалентный - (а-ые отношения с Голливудом у людей из политического и журналистского истеблишмента): many people in Washington's political and press establishment have a love-hate relationship with Hollywood
  амбиция - (политические а-и кинорежиссёра): the film director's exploration of former president Richard Nixon's strict Quaker upbringing and his nascent political strivings in law school;
  - (политические а-и страны): the current political strivings of Latvia can be characterised by one main feature: to return to Europe, where it was from 1918 to. 1940, and to stay there forever
  амнистия - (объявить а-ю): he introduced a limited amnesty, but excluded murderers and kidnappers;
  - (объявить а-ю): the President gave the first posthumous pardon ever granted by a President, to H.F., the first black graduate of West Point, who, because of his race, had been wrongfully convicted of conduct unbecoming an officer, 177 years later;
  - (полная а.): the blanket amnesty
  амортизация (вибрации и ударов) - stretcher racks with individual vibrations and shock damping;
  - (вибрации, тряски и ударов): stretcher rack for damping of vibrations, jolts and shock
  амортизировать - (а. сотрясения от событий внешнего мира): by the mid-1960s,the sedate and sheltered University campus had begun to absorb the shock from events in the outside world;
  - (хирургический пост, амортизирующий тряску и вибрации): vibration and shock absorbing surgical workstation
  амулет - the amulet was intended to bring good luck in battle;
  - special talismans and amulets for love, health, evil eye and prosperity
  анаграмма - anagrams - rearranging the letters of Hebrew words to derive a new meaning
  анализ - (автоматический а. изображений): automated image analysis;
  - (т.е. в цитологии): assays for studying how toxic a compound is to cells;
  - (а. движения наличности в различных кварталах города): based on an in-depth review of the movement of currency into different Chicago neighborhoods, they note, demand for cash is unusually strong in neighborhoods with a large population of Hispanic immigrants;
  - (т.е. для подсчёта числа вирусов в пробе): viral plaque assay: used to calculate the number of viruses present in a sample;
  - (ДНК): assays for studying interactions of proteins with DNA include: DNase footprinting assay, filter binding assay, gel shift assay;
  - (клинический а. крови): Complete Blood Count (CBC);
  - (крови, а-ы показали наличие двух групп крови): tests had revealed two types of blood - O Positive and B Positive;
  - (крови, прийти в раковую клинику на а.к.): I got to the cancer center for the blood draw infml just after 4:00;
  - (крови): a blood test / blood work is a laboratory analysis performed on a blood sample that is usually extracted from a vein in the arm using a needle, or via fingerprick;
  - (математический): mathematical analysis;
  - (математический, т.е. дифференцирование и интегрирование): calculus;
  - (а. на специфический антиген простаты): The free PSA Assay should be used only with the (total) PSA Assay to calculate the ratio of free PSA to total PSA (percent free PSA);
  - (а. на хламидии / метод а-а): The chlamidia test is used to diagnose the cause of symptoms, to screen sexually active people for the microorganism, or to document that a person has been sexually abused. The preferred method of testing currently is the molecular test also known as nucleic acid amplification tests (NAAT).;
  - (а отчёта предприятия): analysis of statement;
  - (а-ы показали, что он находился в контакте с бациллами сибирской язвы): he was tested positive for anthrax exposure;
  - (почвы): apply phosphate fertilizers at rates based on soil test results;
  - (почвы): where a soil test has been made, broadcast the required amount of recommended fertilizer;
  - (производить а., если а. сыворотки, т.е. крови, будет производиться в течение 24 часов после забора, образец следует хранить в холодильнике): if the serum sample is to be assayed within 24 hours after collection, the specimen should be stored in a refrigerator at 2?C;
  - (а. психологии человека): it is perhaps the best dissection of the human psychology, that has appeared in modern times;
  - (а. речи президента группой учёных мужей): a lengthy deconstruction of the president's speech by a panel of pundits;
  - (а. средств рекламы): advertising media survey;
  - (численный): numerical analysis;
  - смотри файлы MEDICINA, MATEMATIKA
  анализировать - (а. идею шаг за шагом): one of the ways to sabotage our ideas is to dissect the idea piece by piece, but not know when to stop;
  - (а. информацию для создания осмысленной общей картины происходящего): the Operations department of SIS gathers the covert information. The Intelligence department analyses it into a hopefully meaningful picture.;
  - (а. логичные предположения, прежде чем предполагать нелепые невероятные вещи): I wanted our group to explore logical conjectures before speculating on wild improbabilities;
  - (а. образцы / пробы на наличие металлов и органических веществ): these samples were analyzed for over 200 metals and organic chemicals;
  - (практикующий хирург анализирует отношения врача с больницей): a practicing surgeon dissects issues in physician-hospital relations;
  - (а. причины, стоящие за переполохом на рынке кредитов): the congressman is deconstructing the reasons behind the current credit-market turmoil
  аналог - (в патентном праве не существует а-а понятию в законе об авторских правах "работа, выполненная по найму"): patent law has no analog to copyright law's "work made for hire";
  - (иск, поданный в США - аналог антитрестовких мероприятий в Европе): Apple's latest legal trouble - a lawsuit filed in July by M.T. - is a US counterpart to antitrust actions previously filed in Europe;
  - (не иметь а-ов): loss of control of an unmanned aircraft has no analog to manned aircraft
  - (формулы): the counterpart of a formula
  аналогично - Men must wear a jacket. Similarly, women must wear a skirt, not trousers;
  - similarly, unless he has lost his expertise the reader will verify that...;
  - likewise, applicants who are scheduled to give a talk can avoid interviews;
  - he bought shares in the company and advised us to do likewise;
  - (а., знание среднегодовой окупаемости акций не поможет инвестору в финансовом планировании): Average annual return is as irrelevant to investing as average annual temperature is to weather. Minneapolis's average is 45 degrees, but that won't help you pick the right clothes to wear in January. By the same token, knowing the average annual return of stocks in the past won't help an investor with financial planning.;
  - The performance of most commercial database and computer-aided design software can improve as much as 100 percent when the system memory is doubled. By the same token, inadequate memory not only can impair performance but can jeopardize reliability and lead to system crushes and loss of business.
  аналогичный - (контракты / оборудование / услуги): details on similar contracts performed in the last 10 years and verifiable list of clients to whom similar equipment and services have been supplied, giving type, application, location, dates and value;
  - (мероприятия, т.е. встречи глав правительств): this summit was also very favorably differentiated from other similar events by involvement of government officials;
  - (не а. чему-л): loss of control of an unmanned aircraft has no analog to manned aircraft;
  - (период прошлого года): first-half shipments of the point-and-shoot segment, which includes most traditional digital cameras, grew 38 percent from the like period last year;
  - (случай): the collapse of the prosecution case follows a similar incident in Vladivostok earlier this year;
  - (учреждения, приравнять зарплату административного персонала к зарплате на сравнимых должностях в а-ых учреждениях): the Faculty Senate recommends that the salaries of administrative positions on campus be benchmarked to comparable positions at regional peer institutions;
  - (чему-л): the reasons are similar to the reasons for...;
  - (чему-л): I tried to find independent functions analogous in some way to the cosines of the last chapter;
  - this house would make certain disbursements in accordance with such instructions as would from time to time be received by this house from persons entrusted with a certain code word or letter reference, which would be matched by a similar code word or letter reference held by this house
  аналогия - (проводить а-ю между США и Третьим рейхом): the Russian president draws a thinly veiled analogy between the United States and the Third Reich;
  - (проводить а-ю между чем-л): the author draws an analogy between the water moves in waves and the way light travels
  аналоговый - (вход / выход, т.е. электронного устройства): the device has an analog / analogue input and an analog / analogue output
  анатомировать - like a surgeon wielding a scalpel, Hanoi dissected fig the American psyche and probed our weaknesses;
  - (а. идею шаг за шагом): one of the ways to sabotage our ideas is to dissect the idea piece by piece, but not know when to stop;
  - (а. мускулатуру трупов): Leonardo da Vinci gained his expertise in the human form by exhuming corpses and dissecting their musculature
  - смотри файл DVIJENIE
  анатомия - (брака образно): dissection of marriage;
  - (т.е. наука): anatomy is the science that studies the structure of the body;
  - (человека): human anatomy
  анахроничный - (вооружение): anachronistic weapons
  анекдот - (бородатый): to rehash a stale joke;
  - (лукавые а-ы): sly jokes about the ruler's follies;
  - (неприличные а-ы): I hope Rob doesn't tell any of his dirty jokes when my mother's here;
  - (неприличный): he began to feel his wine and started telling dirty jokes;
  - (разрядить обстановку а-ом): he tried to lighten the atmosphere by telling a joke;
  - (а. про кого-л / что-л): did I tell you the joke about the chicken crossing the road?
  анекдотический / анекдотичный - (история): a funny story;
  - (ситуация): ridiculous situation
  анкета - (для получения визы): visa application form;
  - (для приёма на работу): to complete the application form;
  - (заполнить а-у): to complete the application form;
  - (заполнить а-у): you must fill in / out a form giving your age, name, etc. and send it to the company;
  - (опроса): the collection of questionnaires is a partial picture of the state-of-the-art
  анклав - Hong Kong, the British enclave on the Chinese mainland
  аннотация - (диссертации): a typical thesis has a title page, an abstract, a table of contents and a bibliography;
  - (т.е. а. к лекарству, вложенная в упаковку): package insert / package leaflet;
  - (а. к отчёту): write me one-page summary of this report;
  - (т.е. книги): the synopses plural (synopsis singular) and little biography on dust jackets and back covers are, in truth, designed to lure readers to buy the book;
  - (а. на форзаце, т.е. книги): The flyleaf blurb is as straightforward as the text itself. There is no leaning on outside authority, only bold underlining of the author's reputation, his book's premise, and its most dramatic points;
  - (рукописи, т.е. статьи): the abstract each manuscript is reviewed by two internal referees, which may include members of the Editorial Board;
  - (статьи): an abstract is a succinct (one paragraph) summary of the entire paper
  аннотированный - (библиография): annotated bibliography;
  - I intend to leave an annotated copy of this volume for the use of scholars who may someday wish to pursue the period in greater detail
  аннулирование - (а. или расторжение контрактов): the cancellation or rescission of contracts based on corruption is possible under common law principles;
  - (т.е. договора между авиакомпаниями): abatement;
  - (а. страхового полиса): Court rejects D&O Insurers Attempted Policy Rescission
  аннулировать - (брак): to annul a marriage;
  - (визу): China revoked his visa;
  - (вето): the Republicans didn't have the necessary votes to override a presidential veto;
  - (вето): a two-thirds vote or greater is needed in both the House and the Senate to override the President's veto;
  - (договор): to denounce / abrogate a treaty;
  - (а. договор о ПРО): Mr. Bush is ready to set aside the ABM treaty;
  - (завещание): a will is revocable, meaning that the testator has the power to change or cancel it;
  - (завещание): Because she was too weak to write she directed her brother to cancel the will by writing across the first page, "I hereby revoke this will.";
  - (а. завещания, составленные мною ранее): I, T.M. of the County and State aforesaid, being of sound disposing mind and memory do make publish and declare this my last Will and Testament hereby revoking and making null and void all other last wills and testaments heretofore by me at any time made;
  - (заказ): to countermand an order;
  - (решение): to reverse a decision;
  - (закон): to repeal an act;
  - (закон аннулирует срок давности по таким преступлениям): the law abrogates all prescription that would apply to such crimes;
  - (иск судом): a claim nullified by the court;
  - (контракт): A misrepresentation is a false statement of fact made by one party to another, which, whilst not being a term of the contract, induces the other party to enter the contract. The effect of an actionable misrepresentation is to make the contract voidable, giving the innocent party the right to rescind the contract and/or claim damages.;
  - (контракт): A group of purchasers at the Trump Soho hotel-condo are suing to get back nearly $1.8 million in deposits, claiming they were duped into buying through phony claims about booming sales there. If the sponsor had induced just three fewer purchasers to sign contracts, the project would have foundered and all purchasers could have rescinded their contracts and obtained full refunds under New York law.;
  - (а. подписку на журнал): I've cancelled my subscription to the magazine;
  - (а. присуждение контракта, т.е. в тендере): Cancellation of Award. The Department reserves the right to rescind the award of any contract at any time before the execution of said contract by all parties without any liability against the Department;
  - (а. решение низшей судебной инстанции, т.е. изменить на противоположное): to reverse the decision of a lower court;
  - (а. решение суда): a dissenting minority may apply to a court to have an already adopted resolution set aside if it is deemed illegal, iniquitous, or ultra vires;
  - (а. страховой полис): the judge rejected AFC Enterprises" D&O carrier's attempt to rescind AFC's D&O policy and ordered the carrier to pay over $24 million in compensatory damages and prejudgment interest;
  - (а. счёт в банке): once I use this card, or do not cancel my account within 30 days of receiving the card, the Citibank agreement sent with the Card will be binding to me;
  - (чек): to cancel a cheque
  аннулироваться - (о математическом выражении): hence, we assume (8) for m-1 as an induction hypothesis, the last expression vanishes, and the result also holds for m
  аномалия - (анатомические а-и): Tetralogy of Fallot (TOF) is a congenital heart defect which is classically understood to involve four anatomical abnormalities (although only three of them are always present). It is the most common cyanotic heart defect, and the most common cause of blue baby syndrome.;
  - studies of these children find abnormalities such as attention-deficit disorder;
  - (а-и кровеносных сосудов): marijuana use leads to abnormalities in the small blood vessels in the brain
  аномальный - (а. рост волос, т.е. у женщин): hirsutism is abnormal hair growth
  анонимно - a package of documents arrived unannounced and anonymously at the Ministry of Justice in Bonn;
  - (комментарии рецензента передаются автору а. ): referees' comments are relayed to corresponding authors in an anonymous manner;
  - (первый контакт происходит а.): the initial contact with the CCRA may be on a no-name basis
  анонимность - (отказаться от а-ти): in agreeing to abandon his anonymity the judge was in part recognizing that full-face photographs of him taken in the court had been published in Iraq and around the world, making moot any attempt;
  - (при условии а-ти): the initial contact with the CCRA may be on a no-name basis;
  - (при условии а-ти): several officials agreed to speak about him only on condition of anonymity
  анонимный - (авторы а-ых звонков): Any citizen who aids an investigation by offering helpful information to the police is by definition a criminal informant. This includes victims, witnesses, members of communities who know the "word on the street," and anonymous callers;
  - (контакт): the initial contact with the CCRA may be on a no-name basis;
  - (Общество а-ых алкоголиков): Alcoholics Anonymous;
  - (хранить деньги на а-ом счету): the possibility of opening an account with this house whereby this house would receive substantial sums of hard currency from sources not accurately defined - would in effect hold said monies on a no-name basis - and make certain disbursements in accordance with such instructions as would from time to time be received by this house
  антивоенный - (bпротесты): the war protests continued unabated
  антигосударственный - (подход к проблемам): organizations that are promoting an anti-state / anti-national, destructive approach to Russia's problems
  антиквариат - we thought it was a genuine antique, but it turned out to be a fake;
  - (у него дома полно а-а): his house is filled with antiques;
  - (настоящий а.): the desk, the high chair behind it, the two upright in front of it and the button-back leather Chesterfield were all genuine antiques
  антикварный - (драгоценности / мебель): purveyor of fine antique jewellery and furniture;
  - (кольцо / магазин): antique ring / shop;
  - (столы и шкафчики): fabrication of replicas of antique desks and cabinets
  антимонопольный - (законодательство): strong competition depends on compliance with anti-trust legislation
  антинародный - (договор): the treaty was seen as an unpatriotic sellout
  антиподы - (возмущённый торговец автомобилями из страны а-ов, т.е. Австралии): in good Australian, as became to an outraged car salesman from down under, he explained he was damned if he was going to have his money stolen;
  - (у а-ов это время завтрака): Australians regard the Olympic pool as their domain. The London Olympics have so far been particularly satisfying for those who take malicious joy in seeing Australian hubris met by startling disappointment before bedtime (or breakfast time down under).
  антиреклама - concerned about the bad publicity hiring prisoners could generate, most companies have shied away from the idea
  антисанитария - unhygienic conditions give rise to disease;
  - (a. в мясной промышленности): unsanitary practices in meat-packing industries;
  - (писатель своими глазами увидел а-ию на мясоперерабатывающих предприятиях): the writer saw for himself the sloppy practices in the meat-packing houses
  антисанитарный - (условия, из-за а-ых у-ий появляются болезни): unhygienic conditions give rise to disease
  антисоциальный - (поведение): the horror film is an invitation to indulge in deviant antisocial behavior by proxy - to commit gratuitous acts of violence
  антиутопия - a dystopia / cacotopia / anti-utopia a community or society, usually fictional, that is in some important way undesirable or frightening. It is the opposite of a utopia.
  антиутопический - Famous depictions of dystopian societies include Nineteen Eighty-Four, a totalitarian invasive super state; Brave New World, where the human population is placed under a caste of psychological allocation; Fahrenheit 451, where the state burns books out of fear of what they may incite; The Hunger Games, a government that controls its people by maintaining a constant state of fear through fights to the death. The Iron Heel was described by Erich Fromm as "the earliest of the modern Dystopian"
  антропоморфизм - the literary term "pathetic fallacy" describes when a writer gives human traits or feelings to nature or some other inanimate object to reflect the mood of a scene in the story
  анфас - (фотография а.): A mug shot is a photographic portrait taken after one is arrested. Most mug shots are two-part, with on side-view photo, and one front-view.
  аплодисменты - (взрыв а-ов): there was an outbreak of ardent clapping;
  - (выйти под бурные а. ): they walked into the field to tumultuous applause;
  - (греметь а-ми): the audience thundered with applause;
  - (разразиться бурными а-ами): the audience burst into wild applause;
  - the evening's musical interpretation under the baton of conductor Sebastian Lang-Lessing won generous applause
  апостилировать - (документ должен быть апостилирован): Once a document has been notarised by a Notary Public, and if it is to be used overseas, it may need to be apostilled. This means that the Notary's signature and seal are certified by the U.K. Foreign and Commonwealth Office.
  апостилироваться - (документ апостилируется): Once a document has been notarised by a Notary Public, and if it is to be used overseas, it may need to be apostilled. This means that the Notary's signature and seal are certified by the U.K. Foreign and Commonwealth Office.
  апостиль - Apostille: a simplified and standardized form that is used for the purpose of providing a certification of certain public documents relating to adoption, including notarized documents, that is used in countries that are in compliance with the provisions of the Hague Convention. This simplified form contains standardized numbered fields of certain common and essential types of information, which allows the data to be understood by all participating countries regardless of the official language of the issuing country. The completed apostille form certifies the authenticity of the signature on the documents, the capacity in which the person signing the documents has acted, and identifies the seal and/or stamp that the document bears. Documents needed for inter-country adoptions require the attachment of an apostille, rather than authentication forms, if the foreign country is a participant in the Hague Convention.;
  - (проставить а. на документе / проставить а.): Once a document has been notarised by a Notary Public, and if it is to be used overseas, it may need to be apostilled. This means that the Notary's signature and seal are certified by the U.K. Foreign and Commonwealth Office. The Foreign Commonwealth Office will then attach an apostille or a Legalisation Certificate to the document.;
  - the apostille certifies to the authenticity of the signature, the capacity in which the person signing the document has acted and where appropriate, the identity of the seal or stamp which the document bears
  аптечка - first-aid kit;
  - he used his first-aid box on his hand;
  - the bo'sun gave the man a shot of morphine from the first-aid chest;
  - (поясная): medical fanny pack;
  - (т.е. шкафчик с лекарствами): medicine cabinet
  аппарат - (аэрофотоаппарат): aerial camera;
  - (вестибулярный): after a year with the device, she no longer needs it: her brain has rewired itself to bypass the damaged vestibular system with a new circuit;
  - (государственный, имена тех, кто принимал участие в этой торговле, причём некоторые из них, возможно из г-ого а-а): the U.S. law-enforcement officials are interested in the names of those - some, perhaps, in officialdom - who are part of that trade (weapons trafficking);
  - (дыхательный а. для подводного плаванья): self-contained underwater breathing apparatus (SCUBA);
  - (дыхательный): a full-facepiece respirator or a self-contained breathing apparatus;
  - (дыхательный): self-contained underwater breathing apparatus;
  - (а. искусственного дыхания): life-sustaining treatment, such as the use of a respirator;
  - (а. искусственного дыхания): her condition was very serious, and she was put on the respirator;
  - (космический): a spacecraft / spaceship is a vehicle, vessel or machine designed for spaceflight;
  - (летательный): aircraft singular, plural;
  - (опорно-двигательный): human locomotor apparatus;
  - (перегонный / самогонный): the chemistry student used his knowledge to set up a small still in his room to make liquor;
  - (слуховой): he had a hearing aid;
  - (фотоаппарат): camera;
  - (фотоаппарат, т.е. в отличие от видеокамеры): digital still camera;
  - смотри файл TECHNIKA
  аппаратура - (звукозаписывающая, установить камеры и звукозаписывающую а-у): the production team arrived early to set up the cameras and recording equipment;
  - (измерительная): learn how aerospace and defense engineers use MathWork tools in engineering data analysis, including accessing data and connecting to measurement hardware
  аппетит - (есть с а-ом): he ate with gusto, having studied hard all day;
  - (от прогулки у него разыгрался а.): the brisk walk gave an edge to his appetite;
  - (а. приходит во время еды): appetite grows with eating
  аргумент - (встречный, выстраивать встречные а-ы против теории): he was marshalling counterargument against this theory;
  - (представить убедительный а. в пользу однополых браков): Although the orthodox Catholic commentariat will rejoice at Pope Benedict's apparent attack on same sex marriage, I welcome his actual words. He will not have intended it, but he has in fact made a strong case in favour of gay marriage;
  - (привести пространные аргументы в пользу своей точки зрения): he delivered a meticulous case for his view;
  - (Республиканской партии, т.е. США): the GOP talking points are either easily refuted or red herrings;
  - (сильный а. в пользу чего-л): it is a strong argument in favor of...;
  - (эмоциональный): he did not need long, emotional arguments to convince the jury;
  - (этот фактор является весомым а-ом в пользу отклонения иска на основании неудобного места рассмотрения дела): Foreign plaintiff Plaintiff El Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad is not only a foreign plaintiff, but an arm of the Costa Rican government. This factor weighs heavily in favor of dismissal on forum non conveniens grounds.;
  - (я был сражён его а-ом): I was floored by his argument and had to admit defeat;
  - his arguments that he was becoming one of the most sought-after reporter-investigators in the country availed nothing in persuading her that a reporter's job was worthy of her only son;
  - I understand your point
  аргументировать - (тем, что...): Labour urged the government to consider capping payouts at $ 5 million, arguing that the $22 million was unlikely to deliver an "extra slice of happiness" for the winner
  арена - (положение страны на мировой а-е образно): the country's standing on the global stage;
  - (на мировой а-е): They are not powerful enemies, after all. They are scarcely even a nuisance on the world stage.;
  - (на политической а-е Америки): he remains a prominent figure on the American political stage;
  - смотри файл FORMA_VID
  ареал - (т.е. животных): their habitat lies on the Eastern side of the Olympic mountain range, adjacent to Hood Canal
  аренда - (договор а-ы жилья) : residential rental AmE agreement;
  - (договор а-ы земельного участка): this standard Land Lease Agreement between A. (landowner) and B. (Wind Farm Development Company) is EU compliant;
  - (договор а-ы земельного участка): the Land Lease Contract will take effect from the date of completion of this agreement, (signed and witnessed by both parties);
  - (договор а-ы недвижимого имущества): a lease agreement on a property;
  - (договор а-ы помещений школы): the contract for the hire BrE of the premises between the Hirer and the Governors of H. School shall take effect only upon written acceptance of the application on behalf of the Governors being posted, or handed to the Hirer;
  - (а. доли на срок более трёх лет): leasehold interest with a term greater than three years;
  - (ежегодно платить за 99-летнюю а-у полоски земли ...долларов): for a 99-year lease to the strip of land, the USA paid Columbia a yearly rental of...;
  - (минимальный срок а-ы жилья): Vacation rental houses, apartments, villas, chalets, Europe, France. Please make sure the dates you request correspond to the property's minimum rental period.;
  - (нетто-а.): In a double net lease (Net-Net or NN) the lessee or tenant is responsible for real estate taxes and building insurance. The lessor or landlord is responsible for any expenses incurred for structural repairs and common area maintenance. Double net leases are rarely used in the industry.;
  - (помещений для фестиваля): £6000 was spent mostly on publicity, accommodation, venue hire and so forth;
  - (а. самолёта без команды / с командой): to rent an aircraft without a crew is a dry lease; a wet lease is to hire an aircraft with a crew;
  - (сдаваемый в а-у / сдача в а-у, ... в сдаваемом жилье делалась уборка до и после с-и в а.): one of the services she offered her clients was that a rental property would be thoroughly cleaned before and after a tenancy;
  - (сдать в а.): the land is leased to local farmers for pasture or crop;
  - (трижды чистая а. / сдача в а-у): net net net: net profit from renting out commercial property after deducting insurance, maintenance expenses, and taxes;
  - (трижды чистая а., т.е. нетто-аренда со значительным количеством платежей, связанных с эксплуатацией и содержанием арендованного недвижимого имущества, которые подлежат оплате арендатором, например, налог на собственность, страховые платежи, оплата ремонтных работ и т.п. / а., при которой...): NET-NET-NET LEASE - Lease under which the tenant pays the agreed upon rent plus all costs of maintenance and repair. Also called triple-net lease.
  арендатор - lease under which the tenant pays the agreed upon rent plus utilities, taxes, insurance and maintenance;
  - A triple net lease (Net-Net-Net or NNN) is a lease agreement on a property where the tenant or lessee agrees to pay all real estate taxes, building insurance, and maintenance (the three 'Nets') on the property in addition to any normal fees that are expected under the agreement (rent, etc.). In such a lease, the tenant or lessee is responsible for all costs associated with repairs or replacement of the structural building elements of the property.
  арендная плата - the Hirer shall be advised of the hiring fees BrE either on completion of the application form or on the written acceptance of the hiring and shall pay the hire fee within 7 days of the written acceptance;
  - for the lease to the strip of land, the USA paid Columbia a yearly rental AmE of $250000
  арендованный - (находящееся в собственности или а-ое имущество): the General Disposal Consent of 2003 grants local authorities the power to dispose of assets (freehold or leasehold) at less than best consideration within defined limits to secure the promotion or the improvement of the economic, social and environmental wellbeing of their area
  арендовать - (дом / квартиру): to rent a house / an apartment;
  - (судно / самолёт): to charter a vessel / a plane;
  - (т.е. теннисный корт, арендуйте корт для игры по нечётным или чётным часам): rack up to play on odd or even hours;
  - (а. теннисный корт с ракетками): Once you have racked up for a court with a tennis racket, you may leave court area. You must return by the hour of play or you forfeit the court.
  арендодатель - In a double net lease (Net-Net or NN) the lessee or tenant is responsible for real estate taxes and building insurance. The lessor or landlord is responsible for any expenses incurred for structural repairs and common area maintenance. Double net leases are rarely used in the industry.
  арестовать / арестовывать - (а. за попытку купить спиртное по поддельному удостоверению): he got busted slang for trying to buy alcohol with a fake I.D.;
  - (а. кого-л по обвинениям в...): he was arrested on the charges of...;
  - (т.е. задержать): the criminal was taken into custody;
  - (т.е. задержать): as the police officers were about to take him into custody, he pulled a gun on the officers and shot them each in the head at point-blank range;
  - (когда убийцу арестуют...): when the killer is collared AmE slang, we'll (Attorney General Office) cooperate in a plea bargain if you (police) can cut a deal with him. But we'll cooperate only if you don't try to upstage us.;
  - police were confident Thursday they collared the killers of a former S. University volleyball star;
  - (убийцу): to arrest the murderer;
  - (его арестовали за хранение краденых драгоценностей / с пятью килограммами кокаина): he got picked up infml for possession of stolen jewellery / with five kilos of charlie;
  - The police officer noticed a car without a license plate. He pulled the car over. When the officer realized that the vehicle's passenger was wanted for a misdemeanor check forgery charge, he called for backup to help make the arrest.;
  - We're taking our homes for ourselves here. You can improve a vacant lot without being busted slang for trespassing -- insist on your right to squat on unused PUBLIC property.
  аристократ / аристократка - an aristocrat is a person of the highest social class of a society;
  - (она стала а-kой благодаря браку с маркизом Р.): Lady Stella became a member of the aristocracy through her marriage to the Marquess of Reading
  аристократизм - a man who in a life shortened by chronic illness pulled himself from poverty to gentility
  аристократический - (каста): in the Islamic world, the aristocratic caste of Sayyid belongs exclusively to the descendants of Muhammad and extends to all classes of society;
  - (квартал): an aristocratic neighborhood;
  - (квартал / город): a murder mystery set in one of the most exclusive and wealthy neighborhoods in one of the country's most exclusive towns;
  - his patrician parents were very slow to accept his lowborn wife;
  - (семья): an aristocratic family
  аристократичный - (человек): an eloquent, courtly man who was well liked and respected by the students
  арифметический - (действия, выполнять простые а-е д.): he learned to write and do simple arithmetic
  армейский - (системы TDMA делаются по а-им стандартам, поэтому им свойственна стойкость к неблагоприятным условиям): being built to military specifications, ruggedization is common in repeated TDMA systems
  армия - the British Army is the land armed forces branch of Her Majesty's Armed Forces;
  - а soldier who joined the French Foreign Legion after he was rejected by the British Army on medical grounds has been awarded France's highest honour;
  - (в армии): смотри файл PREDLOG;
  - The army is demanding the right to interrogate him. The Police isn't likely to cede ground.;
  - (вступить с а-ю): How to Join the Army. "Be all that you can be" may be nearly cliché now, but the U.S. Army truly offers an opportunity for education, skill training, adventure and public service for thousands of young people.;
  - (до вступления / поступления в а-ю): if you get married before joining the military, this tax-free housing allowance begins on the very first day of active duty;
  - (полностью добровольная): it's hard to explain to young Americans today, especially with an all-volunteer military, how obsessed many in my generation were with the Vietnam War;
  - (сегодня а. лишь тень той, которая была 10 лет назад): today, the Russian military is a shadow of what it was only 10 years ago;
  - (А. спасения): Salvation Army;
  - (уйти из а-и): quitting the military, he went to college and majored in computer science
  арсенал - (в распоряжении современного врача целый а. лекарств): there is a whole panoply of remedies and drugs available to the modern doctor;
  - (оружия): arms trafficking often requires collisions, at the least, with security officials or political figures to gain access to stockpiles;
  - (оружия массового униичтожения): a sophisticated arsenal of weapons of mass destruction;
  - (техники мужского балета): the dancer beats and turns and deploys all the battery of male technique with nonchalant mastery
  артистичный - (т.е. натура): while he's the analytical, scientific half of the partnership, B. is the arty one.
  архаичный - (порядки университета): given the tenor of the times, we soon chafed at the University's archaic rules and demanded to be treated like adults
  археологический - (раскопки, помогать на а-их р-ах): helping at local archeological digs is something that should be a natural thing for someone applying to study history to want to do
  архивировать - (личные бумаги, т.е. президента): he came to Washington to handle our personal correspondence and to organize, catalog and archive personal papers
  архитектура - (ландшафтная а.): Architecture is the art and science of designing buildings and other physical structures. A wider definition often includes the design of the total built environment from the macro level of town planning, urban design, and landscape architecture to the micro level of construction details and, sometimes, furniture.
  - (памятник а-ы): смотри ниже
  архитектура (памятник а-ы) - A National Historic Landmark is a building, site, structure, object, or district, that is officially recognized by the United States government for its historical significance;
  - the landmarks committee of the Upper East Side's community board;
  - (добиваться придания церкви статуса п-а а.): the city's planning chief will seek landmark status for an 80-year-old church;
  - (включить в число <б>памятников а-ы): to grant historic landmark status to a building
  архитектурный - (памятник, включить в число а-ых памятников): to grant historic landmark status to a building;
  - (шедевр): it's not an architectural masterpiece
  асимметричность - (тела): scoliosis causes a noticeable asymmetry in the torso when viewed from the front or back
  асимметричный - (жабо блузки): a sheer silk blouse finished with a loose, asymmetrical ruffle at the front;
  - (нагрузка): the new tests use both symmetrical and asymmetrical loading of the girt in a tensile test machine
  аскетизм - asceticism is a lifestyle characterized by abstinence from sensual pleasures, often for the purpose of pursuing spiritual goals;
  - the Spartan austerity
  аскетический / аскетичный - (в его а-ом кабинете царил беспорядок, как в студенческом общежитии): his room was an undergraduate mayhem, monkish and chaotic;
  - (комната): it was a stark room with its white walls, and a bed and chair as the only furniture;
  - (крайности): the Cisterian ideal was a compromise between the ascetic extremes of the hermit communities and the relatively lax discipline of the Cluniac houses;
  - (образ жизни): the girls led very pure and austere lives;
  - (обстановка, т.е. из отзыва о гостинице): The austere setting appeals to budget-conscious Europeans. Furnishings in the rooms are minimal: bed, sink, vanity, telephone, television.;
  - (человек): the Party theoretician, spare and ascetic
  аспект - (вносить управленческие и технические а-ы в обсуждения): Information Technology Resources Board members are practitioners drawn from civilian and defense departments and agencies who bring management, technical, and acquisition perspectives to the table;
  - (правовой а. журналистских расследований случаев коррупции): legal dimension of journalistic investigations of corruption cases;
  - (программ Математического общества): to keep us informed on all facets of the AMS programs;
  - (у проблемы много а-ов): there are many dimensions to the problem of illegal immigration;
  - the laboratory workers revealed another interesting facet / aspect of this reaction
  ассигнование - (выделять ежегодные ассигнования): Congress made annual appropriations on a piecemeal basis;
  - (ежегодные а-я Конгресса Национальному Научному фонду): the annual appropriations from Congress to the NSF has risen from ... to ...;
  - (законопроект об а-ях): with Congress set to act this fall on 13 appropriation bills, bitter debate is emerging over how spending priorities can be funded;
  - (комиссия по а-ям Конгресса США): the House Appropriation Committee;
  - (а-я на оборону): they're fixing to slice tens of billions off the defence appropriations;
  - (а-я на оборону и иностранную помощь): appropriations for defence and foreign aid were reduced;
  - (а-я на программу): the budget for the project, set aside from the program allocation
  ассигновать - (на строительство дорог): In 2002 we will spend $45 billion on information technology. That's more than we've budgeted for highways and roads
  ассортимент - (продукции): mooted federal law reforms allow financial services to offer a wider range of products;
  - (расширить а.): we are committed to expand our range of products;
  - (расширить а. кормов): here are some ways to stretch forage supplies;
  - (текстильных товаров): in selecting our range of softgoods merchandise, the company sources National Brands;
  - (тысячи новых товаров, ежегодно вносимых в наш а.): many thousands of new products introduced into our range each year are checked to national standards;
  - (широкий): broad range of products
  ассоциация - (богатство ассоциаций, стоящих за словом "анекдот" в русском языке): the word scarcely conveys the wealth of associations which the word anekdot carries in Russian;
  - (т.е. объединение лиц или учреждений одного рода деятельности): the Association of British Insurers
  ассоциироваться - the Blackhawk flew superbly, not at all like the earthquake-while-sitting-on-a-chandelier sensation usually associated with such contrivances;
  - (закруглённая форма ассоциируется с крылом самолёта): supersonic aircraft required even more drastic changes in airfoil shapes, some losing the roundedness formerly associated with a wing and having a double-wedge shape;
  - (звук, который ассоциируется с морем): a sound evocative of the sea;
  - (латинский крест ассоциировался с распятием): this kind of cross carried none of the Christian connotations of crucifixion associated with the long-stemmed Latin cross
  атака - (воздушная): air assault;
  - (войска Вьетконга предприняли ряд атак на американские позиции): Vietkong forces launched a series of coordinated attacks on American positions. The attacks were rebuffed.;
  - (начать а-у / идти в а-у на город): to launch an assault against a rebel town;
  - (кавалерийская): by World War I, a cavalry charge against a line of entrenched troops with rapid-firing small arms was suicidal;
  - (а. неприступной вершины, т.е. альпинистами): an assault on Mount Everest;
  - (ночная а., т.е. спецназа на пиратов): Navy SEAL snipers on the fantail of a destroyer cut down three Somali pirates in a lifeboat and rescued an American sea captain on Easter Sunday. Тhe surprise nighttime assault in choppy seas ended a five-day standoff between a team of rogue gunmen and the world's most powerful military;
  - (при первой а-е): should he be able to cast the spell upon the enemy at the first onslaught, he thinks that our heroic army would have no difficulty in advancing;
  - (а. с бреющего полёта): U.S. warplane strafe military slang;
  - (а. с бреющего полёта): he survived a strafing of his command section by a departing Apache;
  - (а. с воздуха): 250 tanks were destroyed by a combination of Israeli armor, antitank weapons and air assaults;
  - on June 17, in 3 bold assaults, the red coats attacked the Americans on Breed's Hill;
  - (средств массовой информации образно): he survived a media onslaught;
  - (юридическая а. образно родителей, т.е. на суд): ...amid a frenetic legal offensive by her parents
  аудитория - (т.е. лекционный зал / т.е. слушатели): The lecture theatre is full. Tiered seats rise at a gentle angle between the stairs on either side of the auditorium. Mine is an audience of pale faces, young and earnest, hung over;
  атаковать - the enemy attacked us at night;
  - (кавалерийские подразделения не должны а. танки и бронемашины): cavalry units may not assault tanks or armored cars, nor may they assault troops in buildings, bunkers, pillboxes, trenches or other enclosed cover;
  - (кавалерию): suddenly the Scots did something before unheard of in medieval warfare, they charged the cavalry;
  - (пехотинцы атаковали кавалерию): suddenly the Scots did something before unheard of in medieval warfare, they charged the cavalry;
  - (с тыла и с флангов): small parties even charged the Russian cavalry in rear and on either flank;
  - смотри файл DVIJENIE
  атмосфера - (в а-ре насилия образно): these children grow up in an atmosphere of violence;
  - (в переговорах царит а. двуличия и обмана): an air of double-dealing and deceit hangs over the negotiations;
  - (войти в плотные слои а-ы): the spaceship re-entered the Earth's atmosphere and disintegrated;
  - (обнаружить сложные органические соединения в атмосфере Титана): the Cassini spacecraft has flown through the upper atmosphere of Saturn's giant moon, Titan, and detected a huge number of complex organic chemicals;
  - (в а-е, не содержащей кислорода): he would die choking, asphyxiated in an atmosphere containing no oxygen;
  - (воцаряется а. серьёзности и значительности, т.е. на похоронах): a sudden gravity and portentousness comes into the air;
  - (клуб с приятной а-ой): a club with really good vibes;
  - (на собрании): the mood at these meetings has been somber;
  - (т.е. спектакля): by the end of the act we had created the ambience which dramatists seek but which so often eludes them
  атрибуты - (власти): she prized the small chapel he had built for her on the grounds of the Hermitage more than she did the trappings of power;
  - (внешние а. демократии): the trappings of democracy remained;
  - (научные а-ы фильма): for all its scientific trappings, Donovan's Brain is as much a horror story as...;
  - (роскоши): a life packed with the trappings of luxury;
  - (скотовода, т.е. седло плеть, шпоры, пистолет): a cattleman's gear
  аттестационный - (а. комиссия по специальностям, т.е. для врачей): "How do I know if my physician is board certified or is he is certified by an approved specialty board?" "You may contact the American Board of Medical Specialties. In addition, the Medical Board has approved the following specialty boards: American Board of Pain Medicine; American Board of Sleep Medicine; and American Board of Spine Surgery
  аттестация - accreditation is a process in which certification of competency, authority, or credibility is presented;
  - (ведомость результатов а-и / ежегодная а.): the Performance Review Summary Form is designed to record the results of the employees annual evaluation;
  - (а.испытательных и калибровочных лабораторий, медицинских учреждений и инспектирующих органов): The United Kingdom Accreditation Service. National body for the accreditation of testing and calibration laboratories, certification and inspection bodies;
  - (а. медицинского учреждения): Recognized by insurers and other third parties, Certification is becoming a prerequisite to eligibility for insurance reimbursement, to participation in managed care plans and to bidding on contracts;
  - (полная а. пожарных частей): Fire Comprehensive Performance Assessment (CPA) in 2005 assessed how well fire services were delivering fire and rescue services for local people and communities. The Commission gave each Fire and Rescue Authority a corporate assessment rating of excellent, good, fair, weak or poor.
  - (проводить а-ю работников): shift leader conducts employee performance reviews;
  - (пройти а-ю на умение водить автомобиль вне дорог в местных условиях): all drivers will be certified as competent to drive under local off-road conditions before they commence work;
  - (проходить а-ю): represented employees are evaluated on an annual cycle which runs from April 1 of one year through March 31 of the following year;
  - (руководители среднего звена ежегодно проходят всестороннюю а-ю): mid-level managers face extensive annual reviews and incessant pressure to perform or pack up;
  - (работника / сотрудника): When a probationary employee gains a permanent status, his first annual evaluation period begins from the date of his final probationary evaluation through March 31. Subsequent evaluations will be on the annual schedule.;
  - (учителей): California Commission on Teacher Credentialing;
  - (учительская, т.е. в США): Copy of current New Hampshire teacher certification. If certified in another state(s), please include a copy of certification(s) .;
  - (школ): accreditation helps to ensure that the school is of high quality;
  - performance evaluations / performance appraisals are intended to
  evaluate an employee's performance relative to performance standards
  аттестованный- (врач был аттестован корпорацией акушеров и гинекологов): Dr. M. was board certified by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists in 2005;
  - (коллекторское агентство): Credit Decisions, International, Ltd. is a commercial collection agency certified by both the Commercial Law League of America and the International Association of Commercial Collectors
  аттракцион - (захватывающие а-ы, такие как тарзанка и американские горки): thrill rides like bungee jumping and roller coasters;
  - (силовой a. т.е. в парке): test-your-strength-stand;
  - (силовой a. , т.е. в цирке): strongman's show;
  - (парк с а-ами): it was a silly affair that looked like a roller-coaster in a run-down amusement park
  аудитория - (вести трансляцию на широкую а-ю): the World Cup is free to air to the widest public provided that the fees for the rights are paid;
  - (т.е. лекционный зал): a grimy lecture room;
  - (т.е. лекционный зал): during testing or composition situations, lefties are usually segregated on one side of the lecture hall so they will not jog the elbows of their more normal counterparts;
  - (т.е. участники конференции): he appeared at the conference to a mixture of boos and applause from the audience
  афера - foreclosure scams all across the country are discovered on a daily basis;
  - (большая а.): what has happened is a major scam;
  - (т.е. об аннексии Крыма Россией): Putin expected world financial markets to swoon in panic after he announced the annexation of Crimea in March. How to explain that markets are unperturbed by the shenanigans conducted by a former superpower?;
  - (она больше не может играть свою роль ни в каких старых а-ах): she can't play her part in any of the old schemes;
  - (по уши замешаны в а-е): the oil companies were neck deep in the scam;
  - (разыгрывать а-у в ночных клубах и барах): He is a pimp and a small-time coke-dealer, but these are just sidelines. His main action is running a lover-boy scam out of nightclubs and bars, picking girls and showing them a good time. Flash car, flash clothes, just the right patter. He wines them and dines them, buys them baubles, takes them to stay at expensive hotels.;
  - (с кредитными карточками): she used to work in a high street fashion store where she masterminded a lucrative scam involving credit cards;
  - (с фальшивыми рабочими местами): he was called to give evidence on bogus job scam that took place at a regional development agency he once chaired;
  - (со сговором): agriculture Minister T.M. was to face parliamentary questioning on having accepted bribes from businessmen involved in a bid-rigging scam;
  - the scheme looked like a good investment, but it turned out that the whole thing was a put-up job
  афиша - (т.е. кино / театральная, расклеивать а-и): he was plastering up playbills;
  - (мьюзиклов): the posters were advertisements for Broadway musicals;
  - (с агитацией): Mao's calligraphy covered billboards and public buildings;
  - (с рекламой): the words on the billboards are in Turkish;
  - (т.е. театральная): a playbill - an early poster - advertising Shakespeare's Hamlet at Newcastle's original Theatre Royal in Mosley Street in December 1791 was discovered among prints bought in an auction sale;
  - (цирка): they put up posters all around the town advertising the circus
  афиширование - (верности стране): one's commitment to service of Queen and country in this building needs no further advertisement
  афишировать - (Би-Би-Си, которая афиширует свою нейтральность): he is now free to denounce Arabs, but he couldn't do that while he was a presenter for the avowedly neutral BBC;
  - (самые отвратительные пороки): the king flaunted vices of the most sordid kind with a cynical indifference to public opinion;
  - (свой патриотизм): he hated sanctimonious demagogues parading as patriots;
  - (свою утончённость): he was standing out like a sore thumb in his elegant London-tailored suit as if flaunting his sophistication to a group of men who hated all forms of Western-ness
  афоризм - (быть воплощением а-а): he was the embodiment of that maxim;
  - he"d been somehow imbued with the dictum that a gentleman didn't kiss and tell
  ах, да - ...and he sent me a lovely present. Come to think of it, I must write to thank him.
  ах ты - (а.т. глупый мишка!): silly old bear;
  ах я,...! - (ах, я, глупец!): silly old me!
  аэрофотоснимок - an aerial shot of the new hospital
  баба - смотри файл EMOCII
  бабки / бабло жаргон (т.е. деньги) - (большие б. жаргон): he earns big bucks infml for doing almost nothing;
  - (основать компанию на б. жены): he started a company on his wife's dough slang;
  - (срубить бабок / бабла по-быстрому): some of his mates made quick readies slang selling stories about him to the tabloids;
  - You think you're funny. You think you can ring me and tell me what to do. You've taken my readies slang. You've eaten free at my restaurants, you've grown rich on my fucking largesse.
  бабушка - grandmother;
  - (дедушка и б. по отцу): he arrived in Chicago to live with his paternal grandparents;
  - ( б. надвое сказала): it's a toss-up / tossupinfml between the two of them as to who will get the job
  багаж (т.е. вещи, взятые в дорогу) - (выдача б-а): baggage AmE handling / baggage claim;
  - (забрать б. по прибытии): to pick up one's luggage BrE;
  - (сверхнормативный и негабаритный б. подлежит доплате): excess weight and oversize luggage will be subject to additional charges;
  - (сдать сумку в б.): he checked in his bag
  багаж (образно) - (внести немалую лепту в общий б. политических идей образно): the great thinkers of Ancient Greece, Plato and Aristotle, made a considerable contribution to the universal repository of political ideas;
  - (знаний): each student comes to the assigned problem with his own store of knowledge and experience;
  - (политический, делегация прибыла в Ж. с богатым политическим б-ом): our delegation arrived in Geneva with a full political agenda;
  - (политический): a storehouse of political experience
  багажный - (полка): luggage rack
  база - (военная / военно-морская): military / naval base;
  - (военно-морская): he enlisted in a special Navy Program and was assigned to the Great Lakes Naval Station, an hour north of Chicago;
  - (клиентурная / клиентов): a network of businesses with more than 37,000 employees in nearly 33 countries, serving a diverse and global customer base;
  - (лыжная, на л-ой базе): at A. Ski Lodge we provide FREE Breakfast and Dinner in all accommodation prices;
  - (материально-техническая б. научных исследований): facilities for research / research facilities;
  - (материально-техническая б. конгресса, т.е. лекционные залы, почта, отделения банков, торговый центр): Congress facilities: lecture theatre, a Post Office, branches of banks, a shopping center;
  - (налоговая и правовая): fiscal and regulatory structure;
  - (налогообложения): to finance these plans, the government has to broaden the tax base;
  - (нормативная): fiscal and regulatory structure;
  - (производственная б. компании): he acquired the company's publishing inventory;
  - (производственная б. страны): the nation's manufacturing base;
  - (т.е. склад): depot;
  - (т.е. хозайственно-продовольственный склад): the professor was rewarded for his loyalty to Party cause with a city apartment and access to the Academy grocery store and commissary;
  - (тренировочная б. спортсменов): The players are shielded from the world in which the rest of us function. They are cocooned in their training camps.;
  - (шпионская): Saddam Hussein station chief in Prague
  базар - (т.е. беспорядок образно): This is a formal briefing, not a free-for-all. You will ask your questions one at a time or you'll get nothing at all.
  базироваться - (берберские каперы, которые базировались в городе Алжире, охотились за христианскими и другими неисламскими кораблями): Barbary privateers, operating out of Algiers, preyed on Christian and other non-Islamic shipping;
  - (изучение истории должно б. на доскональном знании прошлого): the study of history must be grounded in a thorough knowledge of the past;
  - (популярность - на либерализме): his popularity stemmed from social liberalism;
  - (султанский режим базируется на индивидууме): sultanistic regime is built around an individual and his / her family who to a greater or lesser extent plunder the country;
  - (язык GLSL базируется на синтаксисе языка программирования C): OpenGL Shading Language, is a high-level shading language based on the syntax of the C programming language
  базовый - (контракт): basic agreement;
  - (лекало, т.е. выкройка, по которой затем моделируются выкройки разных фасонов): Custom dressmaking frequently employs one of three pattern creation methods. The flat-pattern method begins with the creation of a sloper or block, a basic pattern for a fitted, jewel-neck bodice and narrow skirt, made to the wearer's measurements.;
  - (отверстие, т.е. для шурупа или самонарезающего винта): fasteners with tapered shanks are designed to either be driven into a substrate directly or into a pilot hole in a substrate;
  - (тариф на авиаперевозки): fare construction unit;
  - (цена): basis price
  баксы - (т.е. доллары): to the kind of scum who hung around with Sharkey, 19 thousand bucks was big money
  бактериологический - (атака): a great block of steel, independent, self-contained, proof against nuclear, gas and germ attack
  баланс - we were prepared to settle for a genuine coalition government for Cambodia with Sihanouk as the balance wheel
  балансировать - (между двумя крайностями): Software writers must walk a narrow line between two extremes when designing program prompts. At one extreme the prompts are not logical, nor are they explained on the screen or in the manual. At the other extreme the prompt is sometimes overly tutorial. That is, information that you only need the first few times you use the program until you learn it, is constantly cluttering the screen.;
  - (между кипучей политической культурой Гонконга и конформистским правительством центрального Китая): the chief executive had his hands full balancing the boisterous Hong Kong political culture with the much conformist Chinese central government;
  - (на грани банкротства): an insurer that tottered on the edge of bankruptcy in 1990
  балл - (волны, подгоняемые ветром в 10 баллов): forty-foot waves impelled by the force 10 out of the southwest reared above the ship's port side;
  - (восьмибалльный ветер): hail and icy sleek, with a Force 8 gale behind them, lashed at the city;
  - (высокий набранный б.): the top 25 individuals and top five teams receive monetary prizes for scoring highly;
  - (высокий б., набранный при тестировании): the high scores on the test are exciting for the department;
  - (баллы, гимнастка закончила соревнования, набрав 39.475 б-ов): K., who entered the meet ranked second nationally in the all-around, was her usual All-America-caliber self, finishing fourth in the all-around with a 39.475 score;
  - (б-ы снимаются за недостаточную гибкость, использование не всего ковра, использование одной и той же диагонали более двух раз, т.е. в вольных упражнениях): As with other gymnastic events, scores are based on difficulty, form, and overall performance quality. Deductions are taken for lack of flexibility, not using the whole floor area, pausing before tumbling lines, and using the same diagonal more than twice.;
  - (давать б-ы в конкурсе): we awarded points if...;
  - (т.е. за сданный экзамен в университете): she never graduated, but she amassed mountains of credits in subjects ranging from logic to child development;
  - (засчитываться в б-ы): the extra questions do not count toward score;
  - (землетрясение силой 6 б-ов): magnitude 6 points earthquake;
  - (иметь 95 б-ов из 100): this index gives Canada a score of 95 out of 100
  - (набрать 11 б-ов из двенадцати возможных): she scores an 11 out of a possible 12 during assessment by the Gamemakers for her marksmanship and daring;
  - (т.е. о состоянии моря по шкале Бофорта): sea at my position is Beaufort 3 through 4;
  - (т.е. о состоянии моря по шкале Бофорта): forecast: Low pressure front, sea 4-8' and increasing;
  - (т.е. о состоянии моря по шкале Бофорта): sea: Beaufort 2;
  - (сообщите, какие б-ы были получены): Please indicate briefly how the evaluation was made. If a standardized test was used, please name it and report the score achieved
  балласт - (воспринимать детей женщины, с которой они встречаются, как б.): single men tend to take their date's progeny as a dead weight;
  - (т.е. ненужные сотрудники образно): Would the Federal Foreign Intelligence Service finally purge itself off the dead wood of ex-soldiers and quasi-diplomats who cluttered its overseas stations? Fine men, when it came to defending German embassies in times of civil riot, but a lot less adept at the nuanced business of recruiting and running underground networks
  баллотироваться - (в Сенат США): when I ran for that Senate seat in 2000, I delighted in telling people from Jamestown, Goodell's hometown, that I had once worked for the Congressman;
  - (на пост губернатора): he intended to make a run for the governor's office in two years, and a lot of people thought he would make it;
  - (на пост президента): all vice presidents who run for President have two problems: most people don't know what they've done and don't give them credit for the accomplishments of the administration, and they tend to get typecast as number two men;
  - (попытка б. на политическую должность): he nearly bankrupted himself with two unsuccessful runs for political office
  баловать - (балованный ребёнок): he behaves just like a spoilt child;
  - (вконец избаловать детей): he spoiled the children rotten;
  - (детей): you pet and spoil all your children;
  - (избалованный средствами массовой информации): the media-pampered chancellor;
  - (кого-л): He hadn't liked to see the fear in her old, loyal face, though. If cosseting him would reassure her, he could put up with it.;
  - (любовницу): I adopted, spoiled, served, anointed her, doted on her idiosyncrasies. Lavished jewels and freedom on her, made her my clotheshorse and my love object;
  - (т.е. правительство США балует самых богатых): Stop Coddling the Super-Rich. While the poor and middle class fight for us in Afghanistan, and while most Americans struggle to make ends meet, we mega-rich continue to get our extraordinary tax breaks.;
  - (себя чем-л): we all know how important it is to take time out to indulge in those little things we like most - after all it's these tiny treats that make a difference to how we feel;
  - (себя чем-л): pamper yourself with these luxe, high-end treats
  баловаться - (автор книги - с языком): the writer is at his best when he is simply goofing with the language, not playing whole songs but producing runs of melody and feeling;
  - (алхимией и некромантией, т.е. заниматься любительски): in addition to his mathematical and religious interests, Napier was commonly believed to be a magician, and is thought to have dabbled in alchemy and necromancy;
  - (дети балуются, пачкаясь краской): the children are having fun puddling in paint;
  - (дети балуются, чтобы убить время): boring lessons are fuelling bad behaviour in the classroom as unruly children "muck about" to kill time;
  - (картами / компьютерными играми): to fool around with cards / on computer games;
  - (мы просто баловались): we were just kidding around;
  - (нельзя б. с магией): you don't mess around with magic;
  - (с вещами, которые лучше не трогать): don't go messing around with stuff that's best left alone;
  - (со спичками): he's having fun with the matches;
  - they were out and away, pranking and gallivanting
  банально - (т.е. фраза звучит б.): it is trite to say that most of the learning that takes place at university is by means of reading books and discussing the contents of those works rather than just by meeting new people and sharing their existing ideas
  банальность - they confined themselves to ritualistic platitudes;
  - it was a platitude to maintain the fiction that he was conferring a great boon on me;
  - there was a certain triteness in these reflections: they were those habitual to young men on the approach of their wedding day;
  - (в телевизионной рекламе много б-тей): television commercials are full of banalities;
  - (от б-ти речи докладчика слушатели засыпали): the banality of the speaker's remarks put the audience to sleep;
  - (пустые б-ти): instead of adapting to their new environments, they continue right on with their primitive and irrational customs while their Western hosts, who would never tolerate such nonsense from their own Christian populations, mouth vapid platitudes about tolerance and the splendor of diversity;
  - (разговоры об отчуждении молодёжи стали б-ю): it is a commonplace to talk of the young being alienated
  банальный - (б-ые вещи): His early life was conventional for the genre. Hardscrabble local youth, no money, no frills, his mom a pillar of strength, his dad working two jobs. I skipped ahead to where he met his wife and found more of the same platitudes. She was wonderful, their kids were great. End of story.;
  - (выводы): his conclusions are fairly commonplace;
  - (замечание): his remarks were trite and commonplace;
  - (замечания): his remarks were trite and shop-soiled;
  - (история): these stories are becoming commonplace;
  - (нечто б-ое): some trite-but-true thing was tritely-but-truthfully expressed;
  - (пошлости): instead of adapting to their new environments, they continue right on with their primitive and irrational customs while their Western hosts, who would never tolerate such nonsense from their own Christian populations, mouth vapid platitudes about tolerance and the splendor of diversity;
  - (презирать б-ое): he scorned the vague, the tame, the colorless, the irresolute;
  - (сценарий): it's a boring movie with flat scenario, bad actors' play and poorly staged fights;
  - (трюк): corny, but it still worked;
  - (украшения): the small parlor was plainly furnished, but it had a home-like look; there were no cheap, common ornaments, no cheap, gaudy pictures
  бандероль - (образцы, посланные б-лью): we've gotten the samples sent by parcel post;
  - (простая): non-registered parcel post;
  - (с книгами-чертежами): sending of drawings by book-post;
  - (с образцами товаров): parcel post with goods samples;
  - (т.е. с печатными материалами): direct sacks of printed matter to a single foreign addressee, which are also known as M-bags, are subject to the following conditions of mailing;
  - (с технической документацией): technical documentation sent by book-post
  банкет - (на б-е): the winners are announced at a final banquet
  банкрот - (интеллектуальный): C.T., who I will not dignify with the title "Justice", is just another example of the quality of individual that the Bush family have gifted to our country. The man is ethically challenged and intellectually bankrupt.
  баранка - (т.е. ноль очков в теннисном сете): Bagel: winning (or losing) a set 6-0. With the shape of the "0" being evoked supposedly by the round shape of a bagel.
  барахлить разг - (о бойлерах): his landlords act quickly when the boilers act up;
  - (о компьютере): my computer was on the fritz AmE infml last night;
  - (о кондиционере): it will be a long, hot summer, and our air conditioning is on the fritz AmE infml/sub>;
  - (о ксерокопировальной машине): I think the photocopier's on the blink infml;
  - (о радио): the radio went haywire;
  - (о телевизоре): our television is on the blink again!;
  - (о телефоне): I was talking to her when suddenly the telephone went haywire infml;
  - (об автомобиле): the car is playing up BrE infml again;
  - (об отопительной системе): his apartment can be chilly on days when the aging heating system goes on the fritz in the building
  барахло - (классическое, т.е. дрянь): what element made these films schlock classic?
  бардак разг, грубо - (т.е. неразбериха): snafus military slang (situation normal all fouled up) + nuts + terror
  барский - (остатки с б-ого стола): the leavings from some noble's table, so generously thrown to the poor
  барьер - (звуковой): the area is enclosed by a sonic "wall", a sound barrier that keeps everything outside out and everything inside in, in terms of the larger creatures;
  - (межпартийные б-ы): the 9 women senators forged friendships across the party lines;
  - (перейти звуковой б., о самолёте): over northern New York state they went through the sound barrier;
  - (противопожарный): a wildfire differs from other fires by its ability to jump gaps such as roads, rivers and fire breaks;
  - (расовый): he effortlessly transcended the racial divide on his way to the pinnacles of power
  - (торговый): trade barriers
  барышня - it was made known that the Misses S. had engaged from am agency, a new maid, who, by all accounts was a perfect paragon;
  баснословно - (б. дорогая квартира): an overpriced apartment in Manhattan
  баснословный - (взятка): it would have taken me an hour and an extortionate bribe to have learned as much as she had discovered already
  басня - (басни Эзопа): Aesop's fables;
  - (басни, т.е. враньё; рассказать б. о ком-л / чём-л): you gave me a cock-and-bull story infml about some guy whose racket is getting onto expensive apartments as a potential buyer and then coming back to burglarize them;
  - (т.е. выдумка / обман): Serial fantasist C. began his tall tales from the moment he met Georgina in September 2006 in an internet chat room for members of the armed forces. He duped his wife into believing he was an undercover intelligence officer.
  бассейн - смотри файлы PEJZAJ_POGODA,TEHNIKA
  башка - his glossy bald pate infml, barrel chest and belly made him the equal of his two companions put together
  башли жаргон - (т.е. деньги): You got a smart mouth, B. You think you're funny. You think you can ring me and tell me what to do. You've taken my readies slang. You've eaten free at my restaurants, you've grown rich on my fucking largesse.
  бдение - (т.е. всенощное б. в канун религиозного праздника): The observance of Christmas Day can begin at sundown the evening before - with a vigil. This might be more familiar on Easter Eve, also known as Holy Saturday, when many churches hold an Easter Vigil after darkness descends.;
  - (журналистов): the journalists were rewarded for their vigil;
  - (ночное): all through the night vigil she was tormented by images of his martyred limbs
  - (пасхальное): Pope Benedict celebrated the Easter Vigil in St. Peter's Basilica, lighting a fire and the large easter candle in the darkened church;
  - (ночное, во время н-ого б-я): all through the night vigilshe was tormented by images of his martyred limbs;
  - (пасхальное, во время п-ого б-я): during his homily at the vigil, Pope Benedict said that in baptism, Jesus comes to you and joins his life with yours;
  - (сыщика ночью): chilled to the marrow from his night vigil, he got back into the car;
  - (т.е. у гроба покойного): As is the case in most ghost stories, one of my relatives passed away. This occurred at a time in which wakes were still common so my grandparents held one in their home.;
  - (т.е. у гроба покойного): I had to attend the wake and funeral of a dear friend
  бдительно - (поддерживать физическую форму): a toned, six-foot physique that he vigilantly maintained with 50 laps a day in the university pool;
  - (следить за ростом населения): concerned locals maintain a vigilant eye on population growth, watershed management and endangered wildlife
  бдительность - the ambassador described our position as one of "watchfulness, firmness and patience";
  - alertness is the state of paying close and continuous attention;
  - (благодаря своей б-ти при отступлении из Манхэттена в Гарлем, Бэрр спас целую бригаду от пленения после высадки британцев на Манхэттен): by his vigilance in the retreat from lower Manhattan to Harlem, Burr saved an entire brigade from capture after the British landing on Manhattan;
  - (бодрствовать, не теряя б-ти): he could stay awake and alert through the night watches;
  - (заставить потерять б./ обмануть б. кого-л): he tried to put her off guard;
  - (ослабить / терять б. ): I insist that you be extremely careful not to let your guard down;
  - (потерять б.): he is knocked off his guards;
  - (сохранять б.): despite recent rain in many parts of the State, much of New South Wales remains extremely dry and vulnerable to bush fire and people living in these areas are reminded to remain vigilant;
  - (удвоить б.): The enemies will be doubly on their guard since then, and the prisoners even wearier. There will be no escape again, if we do not contrive it.
  бдительный - (бодрствовать, оставаясь б-ым): he could stay awake and alert through the night watches;
  - (будьте бдительны, т.е. во время личного досмотра): alert, watch the inmate at all times;
  - (взгляд): the watchful eyes of the Indians missed nothing;
  - (взгляд): he wrote the letter under the watchful eye of M.;
  - (зрители): we always welcome comments from sharp-eyed viewers who notice our errors and take time and trouble to send us corrections;
  - (милиционер): the compound is guarded at its single gate by several watchful militia men;
  - (человек): he was alert, absorptive;
  - (человек): the Politburo members were subdued and watchful, sensing that the report could trigger a faction fight
  бегать - (за двумя зайцами, нельзя б.з.д.з.): you can't run with the hares and hunt with the hounds;
  - смотри файл DVIJENIE
  беглец - (т.е. из дому): there are six occupants in the flat - junkies, hookers and runaways, all of them whacked out on something, sweating or ill;
  - (из заведения для малолетних преступников): we're searching for a couple of runaways from the young offenders' institution
  бегло - (взглянуть на ряды переключателей): his eyes flickered over the banks of switches;
  - (взглянуть на что-л): he glanced at it cursorily;
  - (взглянуть на что-л): he caught a brief glimpse of a sprawl of tents;
  - (владеть иностранным языком): the traveler's grasp of language was fluent;
  - (владеть иностранным языком): he was fluent in Russian;
  - (говорить на арабском языке): he speaks fluent Arabic;
  - (говорить на русском языке): he spoke Russian fluently;
  - (проверить знание языков): one day he was casually tested in both languages and his claim proved to be correct;
  - (просмотреть подробности): he concentrated on the main points of the contract and skated over the details;
  - (просмотреть дело преступника): he took the file from the Judge and quickly skimmed its rather thin contents
  беглость - (т.е. владения английским языком, как у образованного носителя языка): Please circle the most appropriate number to indicate proficiency in each aspect of English language use: 1. Fluency, accuracy, and range of an educated native user of the language; 2. Fluency, accuracy, and range adequate for all normal professional and social situations...;
  - (он обратился к аудитории с привычной б-ю): he addressed a large audience with his customary fluency
  беглый - (взгляд): I took a casual glance at the article;
  - (взгляд): even a cursory glance at the report showed that it was full of mistakes;
  - (взгляд): I called Dr. M., who, after a cursory look at my swollen foot, whisked me off to B. Naval Hospital;
  - (почерк): it was smoothly written in the fluent hand of Messire's personal scrivener;
  - (раб): fugitive slave;
  - (раб, они прочесали прибрежные острова в поисках беглых рабов): they scoured outlaying islands for runaway slaves;
  - (упоминание о чём-л): her speech contained only a passing reference to the problem of unemployment
  беглянка - the FBI are getting closer to catching the fugitives (Thelma and Louise)
  бегство - their (members of the SS) disappearance was no spur-of-the-moment flight, each had meticulously prepared his disappearance beforehand;
  - (из Восточной Германии): the book describes his escape from East Germany in 1968 and the events in Leipzig that forced him to leave;
  - (наезд и б. с места аварии, свалить н. и б. с м.а. на кого-л другого): could this be his chance to pin the hit-and-run on someone else?;
  - (от реальности): escape of harsh reality;
  - (план б-а): the German Army was bullied into battle against the Russians, to produce a delay while the SS finalized its escape plans;
  - (обратить в б.): the militiamen who had defended the fortress were running, utterly routed;
  - (обратиться в б.): a battle took place in which part of his army was put to flight;
  - (т.е. Святого Семейства в Египет): the Flight into Egypt
  бегущая строка - (т.е. в телевизионных новостях): The TV set is on. A rolling banner catches my attention.;
  - (по низу экрана прокручивается б.с.): a banner rolls across the bottom of the screen declaring: LONDON UNDER ATTACK
  беда - (в б-е): смотри файл PREDLOG;
  - (б. в том, что...): the trouble is, it turns out that they're not infallible at all;
  - (б. в том, что я много езжу): the trouble is that I'm on the road so much, and he travels all the time too;
  - (беда в том, что): In order to get away from providing healthcare insurance for her, corporations are reducing her work hours to part time. She would now be a part-time worker and no longer eligible for medical health insurance. What is troubling is that her expenses remain the same, she is working less hours, and she will still have no health care coverage.;
  - (беды местных бюджетов): It's an idea gaining currency around the country: Virtual Gambling As Part Of the Antidote to Local Budget Woes. The District of Columbia is the first to legalize it, while Iowa is studying it, and bills are pending in places like California and Massachusetts.;
  - (выручить из б-ы): смотри ниже;
  - (довести её до беды): her naivety and gullibility tend to get her into messes;
  - (б. идёт за тобой, как стая ворон): troubles follow you like crows, and ever the oftener the worse;
  - (навлечь б-у на кого-л): she seemed to be exceptionally trusting, a trait that could get her in real trouble;
  - (навлечь б-у): to learn what crime of ours brought the affliction;
  - (попадать в б-у): he always helped them when they got into trouble;
  - (попасть в б-у): you could get in trouble by promising more than you could deliver;
  - (попасть в б-у): he is a good former SS man, reliable, now fallen on misfortune, after being recognized;
  - (постигшая урожай): the disaster that had struck the Soviet wheat crop
  - (приходит разными путями): misfortune comes in many ways, and you can't always know beforehand that a certain way is the way misfortune will come by;
  - (радоваться чужой б-е): I was stunned at how much joy people had at my misfortune;
  - (с ней случилась б.): I was sure Miss M. must have met with some misfortune;
  - (у меня была другая б.): I had another affliction
  беда (выручать кого-л из б-ы) - The last two chairmen of the Federal Reserve actively cheered on the irrational exuberance in US housing. The same applies to the central investment banks now charged with getting everyone else out of this mess;
  - "Don't be cast down," said his wife; "depend on me, and maybe I'll bring you better out of this scrape than ever you could bring yourself";
  - he had great confidence in his wife, knowing that she had got him out of many a quandary before;
  - (выручать остальных из б-ы): The last two chairmen of the Federal Reserve actively cheered on the irrational exuberance in US housing. The same applies to the central investment banks now charged with getting everyone else out of this mess;
  - he's very loyal to D. who helped him out of a tight spot infml once;
  - he asked me to help him out of this jam AmE infml
  бедность - (выбиться / выбраться / выйти из б-ти): Economists Reveal Factors that Help Poor People Lift Themselves Out of Poverty;
  - (выбиться / выбраться / выйти из б-ти): those households who used their existing assets most productively were more successful at pulling themselves out of poverty;
  - (выбиться из б-ти / не впасть в б.): Nearly thirty percent of single mothers who left poverty stayed out of poverty during a two-year follow-up period. Another 16 percent became poor again and then stayed poor, while 56 percent cycled in and out of poverty during the follow-up period.;
  - (вывести из б-ти кого-л): UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Monday launched a high-level panel to study how to lift people out of poverty while respecting and preserving the climate and natural systems
  беднота - (лачуги городской б-ы): in the suburbs the spacious houses stand in stark contrast to the slums of the city's poor
  бедный - (ионы бедны электронами): carbonium ions are electron deficient;
  - (квартал): he was proud of what his son had accomplished given the challenges of growing up in a poverty-stricken neighborhood;
  - (люди): to improve the condition of the poor;
  - (люди): destitute people;
  - (месторождение): low-grade deposits;
  - (образец был беден углеродом 13): the sample was lean / low / poor / deficient in carbon 13;
  - (общество): a poor, largely rural society;
  - (пациенты): in one experiment doctors exposed indigent cancer patients to excessive radiation, knowing they would not benefit from it;
  - (помощь б-ым): praying to God is deemed to be a pure façade in the absence of active welfare service to the needy;
  - (почвa и растительности бедны кобальтом): in these countries a cobalt deficiency exists in the soil and natural vegetation;
  - (предместье): the seedy, poor, working-class suburb;
  - (раздать золото бедным): she was martyred in 303 for proclaiming her faith and distributing her gold to the poor;
  - (район): he was proud of what his son had accomplished given the challenges of growing up in a poverty-stricken neighborhood;
  - (районы города / проводить много времени среди бедных): the painter spent much time in the poorest districts of the city, amid the destitute and the criminals;
  - (растительность): the area is characterized by scanty vegetation;
  - (родственник): poor relation;
  - (руда): new equipment enabled them to work low-grade ores with profit;
  - (самый б. избиратель): when the President was in conclave with his senior advisers, the "Bill" which his humblest constituent could call him to the face was out of court
  - (среда, бедная кислородом): an oxygen-poor / oxygen-deficient environment;
  - (студенты): the price was right for penurious law students;
  - (улица): a poor and sleazy street;
  - (улица): small and mean street;
  - (человек): he is too poor to buy shoes;
  - (человек): he was homeless and destitute
  бедняк - (бедняки, помощь беднякам): praying to God is deemed to be a pure façade in the absence of active welfare service to the needy;
  - (бедняки, проводить много времени среди б-ов): the painter spent much time amid the destitute and the criminals;
  - (страдания б-ов): the picture is as much about the callousness of the establishment and the suffering оf the have-nots as about holy history
  бедственный - (быть в б-ом положении): business enterprises in distress
  бедствие - (т.е. для инвесторов): for investors to escape one of these potential calamities will require a modest slice of luck;
  - (зона б-я): disaster zone;
  - (обстановка в кабинете говорит о б-и): the office has the bizarre air of calamity, of things badly out of place;
  - (постигшее урожай): the disaster that had struck the Soviet wheat crop;
  - (сигнал б-я): distress signal;
  - (стихийное): global warming is aggravating the economic costs of natural disasters;
  - (стихийное, пострадавшие от стихойного б-я): people in disaster-stricken areas;
  - (стихийное): an event described by the legal term act of God fml (such as hurricane, flooding, earthquake, volcanic eruption, etc.) that prevents one or both parties from fulfilling their obligations under the contract;
  - (терпящее б. судно): he picked up an SOS message from a ship in distress in Mid-Atlantic
  бежать - (в другую страну): the ruler fled to the Netherlands;
  - (из страны): he wanted to flee the country;
  - (из страны): he fled Afghanistan because he was afraid of conscription;
  - (из страны): Aeneas and his family fleeing Troy;
  - (смотри файл DVIJENIE)
  безаварийный - (полёты): accident free flying;
  - (работа нефтепроводов): in such situations anticorrosive coating guarantees accident-free operation of oil pipelines;
  - (работа трубопровода): failure-free operation and low maintenance cost of the pipeline;
  - (работа трубопроводов): to ensure the safe and failure-free operation and pipelines
  безбилетный - (пассажир): he arrived in the United Kingdom on the 2nd April 2001 having traveled as a stowaway on a ferry from Bergen, Norway
  безбожие - The people vanished in some catastrophe. It was no more than justice visited on them for their godlessness.
  безбожный - (мир): The Meaning of the Ten Commandments in a Godless World;
  - (цена): he paid ungodly high price for the corn
  безболезненно - (сменять друг друга в должности): General Electric has a log history of able leaders who have succeeded each other more or less painlessly; undoubtedly a contributing factor in the corporations success;
  - (это б.): It's an electrocardiogram. It's painless.
  безвестный - (прославленные или б-ые, т.е. воины): no few had fallen, renowned or nameless, captain or soldier; for it was a great battle
  безвизовый - (поездка): visa-free travel;
  - (программа б-ого въезда): the following countries participate in the Visa Waiver Program (VWP):...
  безвкусный - (город): Athens is no longer a dowdy, down-at-the-heels capital;
  - (картинки): the small parlor was plainly furnished, but it had a home-like look; there were no cheap, gaudy pictures;
  - (на её короткой и толстой фигуре даже привлекательная одежда выглядела б-ой): her pudgy figure rendered even attractive clothing dowdy;
  - (т.е. о еде): смотри файл Zapah_Vkus;
  - (фильм): all of this is in poor taste
  безвозвратно - (балетные па б. забыты): most of the steps are gone beyond recall, but L.'s sense of period and of style mean that if not authentic (and he would not claim this) his productions are skillfully "like", and convince;
  - (брак б. разбит): the petition says the marriage is "irretrievably broken";
  - (вещественные доказательства были б. испорчены): the pieces of evidence are contaminated beyond rescue;
  - (поле не погибло б.): on close examination the field was not beyond repair;
  - (система будет б. разрушена): the only time real reform is ever going to occur is after the existing system breaks down irreparably
  безвоздушный - (распылитель краски): X. is a matt acrylic paint. Application is by airless or conventional spray.
  безвозмездно - (мы много работали б.): "Do any of you have any professional experience yet." "We've done a lot of pro bono work."
  безвозмездный - (лицензия): royalty free license;
  - (на возмездной или б-ой основе): to acquire shares of Russian and foreign corporate issuers either at charge or free of charge, sign sale, donation and barter contracts
  безвредный - (вещество, т.е. шрот в мешках): although all sound relatively harmless, bagged seed cake is listed in the International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code;
  - (вещество): cannabis is a relatively benign substance;
  - (изменения): minor changes may seem innocuous;
  - (ингредиенты таблеток): tests on these pills found only harmless ingredients, but experts worry that in an outbreak, people might take such pills and consider themselves protected;
  - (экологически): this pipe insulation is an environmentally friendly thermal insulation
  безвременный - (кончина): untimely demise;
  - (смерть): von Neumann's untimely death at age 56
  безвыигрышный - (поставить кого-л в б-ое положение): Many Republicans were hoping that if they kept enough "poison pills" in the bill, they would put the President in a lose-lose situation. If he signed the bill, he would disappoint key Democratic constituencies and leave millions of kids vulnerable. If he vetoed it, the Republicans would have a popular issue in the next election with voters who wanted reform and didn't know the details of the legislation.;
  - (судебное дело, т.е. для независимого прокурора): the independent counsel, who knew he had an unwinnable case, offered C. a deal: a guilty plea to one misdemeanor, and 10000 fine and no jail time
  безвыходный - (они в б-ом положении): We got the final analysis of the Soviet grain harvest last week. They're over the barrel infml.;
  - (люди в б-ом положении): this is a social movement of hopeless people who have rallied around an icon;
  - (народ в б-ом положении): the people are at bay;
  - (наука завела нас в б-ое положение): your science has brought you to an impasse;
  - (положение): you are in the catch 22 situation fig, you have a heart problem, a kidney problem,...;
  - (понимая, что они его ставят в безвыходное положение, он вынужден согласиться): They threaten N. Knowing that they have him over a barrel, N. has no choice but to agree.;
  - (поставить кого-л в б-ое положение): she knows I need the work so she's got me over a barrel infml in terms of what she pays me;
  - (ставить в б-ое положение, погода - вооружённые силы): bad weather stymies U.S. armed forces
  безграмотный - (дамочка): she is a selfish, uneducated, thick-skinned, and mouthy little madam;
  - (журналы для б-ых, т.е. о бульварной прессе): publications for the sub-literate in Britain;
  - (письмо): the letter was hardly literate;
  - (поколение): today's unlettered generation;
  - (человек): he was thought to be a great bore and unlettered as well;
  - (человек): ignorant / an ignoramus
  безграничный - (Бог безграничен): God alone, who reigns unchallenged in the heavens and the Earth, is unlimited, independent and self-sufficient;
  - (власть): her power over him is boundless;
  - (возможности): Love's Endless Possibilities;
  - (возможности): The Cape Town Area's Endless Possibilities;
  - (возможности): our extensive knowledge and contacts in each country enable us to tailor your trips with boundless possibilities;
  - (возможности): the possibilities are seemingly limitless;
  - (возможности / распространение): Boundless Possibilities, Borderless Expansion;
  - (восхищение): his unstinting admiration of his master disproved the adage that no man is a hero to his valet;
  - (восхищение, моё в. безгранично): my admiration for such inventions knows no bounds;
  - (высшее образование): in-depth analysis of the major issues in borderless higher education;
  - (её жестокость и бесстрашие безграничны): her ruthlessness and total fearlessness know no bounds
  - (запасы золота): from Western mines came an apparently limitless supply of gold;
  - (запасы природного газа): our reserves of natural gas are virtually limitless;
  - (изобретательность): the infinite ingenuiuty of man;
  - (милость Божья б-а): God's mercy is unbounded and encompasses everything;
  - (мир): A Borderless World. The immigration problem is global.;
  - (океан): the boundless ocean;
  - (пространство): limitless space;
  - (самонадеянность): wizards and their incautious pupils seduced by unbounded arrogance and thus suffering agonized deaths;
  - (честолюбие): limitless ambition;
  - (чувство облегчения): whenever I have left a Communist country I have experienced an overwhelming sense of relief;
  - (энергия): his boundless energy amazed his friends
  безгрешность - genuine repentance has the effect of removing all sing and restoring a person to the state of sinlessness with which he started his life
  бездарный - (план): his plan was ill-conceived and inept;
  - (руководство): ineptleadership
  бездействие - the week of inaction lengthened into months;
  - investors are motivated "as a result of animal spirits" - of a spontaneous urge to action rather than inaction
  бездействовать - (нельзя ожидать, что руководители суверенного государства будут б., когда под угрозой оказывается общественный порядок): no one should expect the leaders of the sovereign state to always stand by passively while public
  безделье - nothing bothers me more than sloth
  бездельник, бездельничать - смотри файл EMOCII
  бездна - (Люди б-ы): The People of the Abyss. Jack London.;
  - (т.е. много, б. информации): the Stasi files are a mine of information about the inside workings of one of the world's mostly tightly run dictatorships;
  - (т.е. много, б. материалов): Mr Kohl's demand to seal files would essentially close a trove of material about how the old regime maintained its grip;
  - (на дне б-ы): in his dream, he was in a city in the sea at the bottom of an abyss;
  - (невежества образно): the abyss figof ignorance;
  - смотри файл FORMA_VID
  бездоказательный - (ерунда / чушь): This is not unproven hokum. It won him the Nobel Prize!;
  - (обвинения): the newspaper continued to give credence to her unsubstantiated accusations;
  - (утверждения): a surprising number of Americans believe scientifically unsubstantiated claims about cancer
  бездомный - (ботинки, как у б-ого): a long jute skirt, a waif's black boots;
  - (дети): homeless children sniff glue to dull their hunger pains;
  - (кот): a stray cat in the supermarket parking lot;
  - (незаконные поселенцы): homeless squatters who had lived in deplorable conditions;
  - (нищий): in the later stages of his career, the painter became increasingly fascinated by misfits, down-and-outs sub>BrE, and cripples;
  - (пёс): stray dog;
  - (б. слонялся вокруг детской площадки): she accused the derelict of hanging around the playground in the park
  бездумно - (крутить двигатели): the equipment was attended by cadres of active-duty mechanics who actually spent the time to maintain it, turning over the engines as mindlessly as the orders that had been drafted and printed;
  - (крутиться под музыку): on foreshortened pillars, naked go-go girls rotated mindlessly to the rhythm of the rock music;
  - (повторять расхожие истины): I mostly parroted the conventional wisdom of my father's politics;
  - (приняться за работу): He was given a wheelbarrow. He mindlessly set to work carting away the mounds of earth that others broke free with picks and shovels
  бездумный - (действовать, как б-ые автоматы): they acted like mindless automatons they'd been trained to be;
  - (применение алгоритмов решения задач): some introductory physics exam questions can be solved by rote application of problem-solving algorithms
  бездушный - (глина): to animate the lifeless clay;
  - (постановка пьесы): the production of the 1667 play is almost inanimate, more like an installation
  безжизненно - (повиснуть): he hang limp in the giant's grip;
  - (свисать): she sits bent over with her forearms on her knees and her hands limply dangling;
  - (упасть, о руке): her hand fell limply to her side
  безжизненный - (волосы, т.е. о форме): I would recommend the following hair products for limp and dull hair;
  - (волосы, т.е. о цвете): implants and the artistry of a top colorist had transformed his formerly thin and drab brown hair into a thick chestnut mane;
  - (глаза, б-ые от страха): his eyes were dull with fear;
  - (глина): to animate the lifelessclay ;
  - (голос): he said "Good morning, sir," in a flat, unemotional voice;
  - (леса): the woods were parched and dispirited despite the morning's perfunctory rain;
  - (пейзаж): the sun illuminated the noble, desolated landscape;
  - (постановка пьесы): the production of the play is almost inanimate, more like an installation;
  - (служебные помещения): the offices are still empty and lifeless;
  - (тело): her lifeless body lay on the floor;
  беззаконие - (волна б-я): unprecedented storm of lawlessness;
  - (растущее б.): increasing in Gaza lawlessness;
  - to prevent lawlessness and disorder from ripping the colonies to shreds
  беззащитность - (воспользоваться б-тью кого-л): con artists target people looking for love or companionship, in order to exploit their vulnerability
  беззащитный - (городок): the fire descended with a roar on the defenceless BrE / defenseless AmE little town.;
  - (застенчивая одинокая женщина особенно беззащитна, когда она вырвана из привычной среды): a shy, lonely woman is particularly vulnerable when she's out of familiar environment;
  - (космонавты беззащитны при выходе в открытый космос): astronauts on space-walks are vulnerable;
  - (люди, т.е. социально б-ые): the reform bill ending an array of Soviet era benefits, including free transportation and medicine, for some of Russia's most impoverished and vulnerable people;
  - (мозг беззащитен перед честолюбием и ошибками других людей): if the brain is malleable, it is also vulnerable to the ambitions and mistakes of others, whether they are misguided parents, well-meaning cultural trendsetters or despotic national leaders;
  - (молодые семьи, т.е. социально б-ые): cutbacks in social benefits for the vulnerable young families;
  - (невооружённый человек): finding himsef without a gun in the midst of a scene like this made him feel very vulnerable;
  - (обманывать самых б-ых): he has no qualms about conning even the most vulnerable;
  - (объект теракта): police feared the pop star was a "soft target" for a potential terrorist attack;
  - (страна была беззащитна перед распространением болезни): as a stopover on migratory birds routes, the country has known for months that it was vulnerable to the natural spread of the disease;
  - (торговое судно): defenseless merchant ship;
  - (человек, т.е. на открытой местности): feeling horribly exposed, he began to cast about like an inept hunting dog;
  - (чувствовать себя б-ым): finding himsef without a gun in the midst of a scene like this made him feel very vulnerable
  безземельный - (король Иоанн Б.): king John Lackland aka John Plantagenet;
  - (крестьянство): landless peasantry
  безликий - (журнал): the magazine is eclectic but focused, ecumenical but not wishy-washy, conservative but not reactionary, intelligent but not highfaluting;
  - (произведение общественной архитектуры): the concrete square, a bland piece of public architecture, has proved most useful as a place to stage demonstrations
  безлюдный - (пейзаж): the sun illuminated the noble, desolate landscape;
  - (тундра): the Yenisei reaches the Kara Sea in desolate tundra;
  безмерный - (бесстыдство): politicians with the most to gain from playing the God card started hatching stunts whose extravagant shamelessness could upstage any humble reverie of my own;
  - (жадность / честолюбие): overweening greed / ambition;
  - (самонадеянность): for many politicians, ignorance results in an overweening arrogance;
  безмолвно - (любить): he wordlessly loved her for forty years before proposing marriage
  безмолвный - (смотреть на кого-л с б-ым удивлением): they watched him in speechless astonishment
  безнадёжно - (болен): he was desperately ill and didn't have long to live;
  - (больные люди): terminally ill people;
  - (б. забитые транспортом улицы): the traffic is hopelessly congested;
  - (дело): give up that idea - it's a lost cause fig;
  - (отсталая экономика): the economy of Nicaragua is such a basket case slang;
  - (отстать, о лошади на бегах): For half of the first lap none gained an inch. After that his horse dropped hopelessly behind;
  - (повреждённые ноги): he was carried to the nearest hospital, where the doctors deemed his lower legs and feet irreparably damaged;
  - (повреждённый): irretrievably damaged;
  - (проигранный): we were four-nil down with five minutes to go, so the game looked completely irretrievable;
  - (увязнуть в предложении, т.е. о писателе): when you become hopelessly mired in a sentence, it is best to start fresh
  безнадёжность - (ощущение б-ти, преследовавшее его все лето, накатило снова): the feeling of hopelessness that had plagued him all summer rolled over him once again;
  - (он развёл руками от б-ти): he spread his hands in a gesture of hopelessness;
  - (чувство б-ти): negative misinformation leads to irrational fear and a sense of hopelessness;
  - (чувство б-ти относительно событий в Америке): Senator R.F. Kennedy's assassination deepened my despair about events in America
  безнадёжный - (дело казалось б-ым): things were going to be desperate, but they decided to give it one more go;
  - (долг): the bookcase had been accepted by him in part repayment of a bad debt;
  - (задолженность, т.е. дебиторская задолженность, взыскание которой не представляется возможным (напр., задолженность покупателя, объявленного банкротом и т. п.); суммы таких долгов обычно списываются и признаются убытком): uncollectible receivables;
  - (игра): we were 4:0 down with 5 minutes to go, so the game looked completely irretrievable;
  - (незнание): they revealed a hopeless ignorance of the land of America;
  - New York was a basket case, all band-aids on hemorrhaging wounds. Electric power, steam lines, gas lines, data - the city's vital systems were in lethal proximity, jammed into tight little metal conduits, like linear grenades running into the bowels of each and every building.;
  - Somalia is a failed, war-torn Islamic state, and like so many other basket-case infml Islamic states, the only thing to be found there is misery, violence and hard times
  безнаказанно - Chechen militants are moving with impunity through Russian lines;
  - (ей бы это не прошло б.): if she had the pug-dog nose, the sallow skin, - then she would not get away with it;
  - (жечь здания): he's the most experienced arsonist in the county having burning buildings for years with impunity;
  - (преступления совершаются б.): nowhere is crime committed with such general impunity;
  - (пройти б.): when did something like that last go unpunished?
  безнаказанность - (преступления совершаются с б-тью): nowhere is crime committed with such general impunity
  безнаказанный - (акт насилия): the horror film is an invitation to commit gratuitous acts of violence;
  - (остаться б-ым): this will not go unpunished?
  безобидный - something innocuous like a patron's saint;
  - the terrace was peaceful and innocuous-looking in the sunshine;
  - (бактерии): harmless bacteria;
  - (вещество, т.е. шрот в мешках): although all sound relatively harmless, bagged seed cake is listed in the International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code;
  - (изменения): minor changes may seem innocuous;
  - (б. на вид конверт): Every month, a slight shudder goes through Britain's corporate world as an innocuous-looking envelope arrives an the desks of directors and commentators. The envelope contains a monitor of financial reporting practice called Company Reporting.;
  - (пёс): the dog seems fierce, but he's harmless;
  - (похожий на б-ого старичка): the avuncular 74-year-old British-trained academic;
  - (предлог): a geography teacher has a harmless excuse to be anywhere;
  - (требование предъявить паспорт при регистрации в гостинице): the seemingly innocuous request of all European hotels to see a passport at check-in was more than a quaint formality;
  - a harmless man who becomes a victim of racial prejudice
  безоговорочно - (доверять чему-л): as Foreign Secretary he had implicit trust in the many undertakings given to him personally by the Chancellor;
  - (защищать): President Clinton's staff loyally and unquestioningly defended his first statements about the Monica Lewinsky affair as true;
  - (совокупность верований, теорий и мировоззрения, которые б. принимаются): a paradigm is a set of beliefs, theories, or a world view that is unquestioningly accepted and has become established as "truth";
  - (суд б. установил, что...): having weighed and considered the evidence in its entirety, most painstakingly, cautiously, and with the utmost care, we determine unequivocally and without the slightest doubt that the accused, J.D., standing trial before us is I.T.
  безоговорочный - (вера): thus it would be an act contrary to his professional acumen were S. to commit himself to an unreserved faith in everything I say;
  - (вера адвоката в то, что скажет его подзащитный): thus it would be an act contrary to his professional acumen were S. to commit himself to an unreserved faith in everything I say;
  - (заявление): unequivocal statement;
  - (капитуляция): they issued an ultimatum to Japan, calling for unconditional surrender;
  - (поддержка государства Израиль): our unflinching, unqualified, guilt-ridden support for the State of Israel;
  - (прекращение огня): unequivocal ceasefire
  безопасно - (управлять судном): their job was to operate the ship safely and efficiently
  безопасность - (государственная): the Minister of State Security;
  - (государственная): some European countries, concerned about security and a resurgence of anti-immigrant sentiment, have also tightened rules for admitting refugees;
  - (для вашей б-ти вам придётся...): I'm afraid that, for your own safety you will have to spend the night here;
  - (дорожного движения, реформы в сфере б-ти д.д.): the crash shows how the road safety reforms of the past few years are no brake on someone hell-bent on burning rubber;
  - (инструкция по противопожарной б-ти): Fire Instruction Notice;
  - (информационная): Information Security;
  - (королевства): We Augustus B.A.A.P. and M. rex and cetera make known that we have determined, for the safety of our realm and for the keeping of our honour, that...;
  - (на авиалиниях): the new measures to increase airline security following the attacks;
  - (отечественная): public health is part and parcel of homeland security;
  - (повысить б. на дорогах): to improve highway safety;
  - (поддерживать б. тюрем): he was tired of the idiotic little procedures put in place by pencil pushers who read manuals on how to keep jails safe;
  - (продуктов питания): The European Commission's decision to require the labeling of genetically engineered products reflects a European anxiety about food safety that is far more profound than in the United States;
  - (ребёнка в автомобиле): your child's safety is worth the time it will take to read and follow these instructions;
  - (служба б-ти, возглавлять службу б. на ОРТ, т.е. на канале российского телевидения): he headed up security at ORT;
  - (страны): to undermine the Libyan security;
  - (техника б-ти): смотри ниже;
  - (укрепление б-ти страны): the commission's suggestions for strengthening domestic security;
  - (управление собственной б-ти): The internal affairs division AmE of a law enforcement agency investigates incidents and plausible suspicions of lawbreaking and professional misconduct attributed to officers on the force. In different systems, internal affairs can go by another AmE such as "professional standards," "inspectorate general", Office of Professional Responsibility or similar.;
  - (управление собственной б-ти): The Houston Police Department Internal Affairs Division was created in 1977 and is mandated to investigate allegations of misconduct against employees of the Houston Police Department. Any misconduct by department personnel must first be detected, then thoroughly investigated and finally, properly adjudicated to assure the maintenance of these qualities.;
  - (электроприборов): to overcome problems such as cost, security, and interference with appliances operating on the sAmE radio wavelength;
  - (ядерная): nuclear safety
  безопасность (техника б-ти) - occupational safety in various industries / in textile industry;
  - (выполнять правила т-и б.): to comply with safety regulations;
  - (нормы техники б.): unseaworthy vessels and ill-defined safety standards;
  - (нарушать правила т-и б.): an employee who is not in compliance with WorkSafe British Columbia occupational health and safety regulations only has to be paid for the time actually worked
  безопасный - (бытовые отходы): oily waste typically containing less than approximately 5 per cent oil can be co-disposed with non-hazardous, domestic waste and taken to designated landfill sites;
  - (вещество): cannabis is a relatively benign substance;
  - (выход эвакуируемых пассажиров при авариях транспортного воздушного судна): the ability of inflatable escape slides to provide a safe egress route for evacuees in transport aircraft emergencies;
  - (генетически изменённые растения): I believe that the genetically modified plants are safe;
  - (детство): his childhood had been carefree and secure;
  - (место): смотри ниже;
  - (нагрузка): charge of security;
  - (нагрузка, б-ая рабочая н. подъёмных устройств): hoisting capacity, SWL (safe working load), tons;
  - (питьевая вода): safe drinking water;
  - (план): it was a foolproof scheme to ensure that K. stayed alive and in good health;
  - (расстояние, на б-ом р-и): they were at a safe distance;
  - (самое б-ое - получить чёткое согласие на запись телефонного разговора): The first thing to consider about recording phone calls it to make sure that what you're doing is legal. Laws vary widely from place to place, with dramatic differences even between states in the U.S. The safest policy is to always be upfront about the fact that you're recording, and to get clear consent from the person being recorded.;
  - (способ зарабатывать на торговле валютой): has anyone found a foolproof way to make money on the forex;
  - (способ затащить любую женщину в постель): The Foolproof Way to Get Any Woman You Want Into Bed;
  - (способ трахать девочек): a foolproof way to nail babes
  безопасный (б-ое место) - (добраться до б-ого места): at last he reached comparative safety and stood in the shadows for a while, panting and shuddering;
  - ('Куда мы идём?' 'В б.м.'): "Where are we going?" "Somewhere safe.";
  - (отбуксировать в б-ое м.): Boatload Of Migrants Is Towed To Safety;
  - (отступить в б-ое м на берегу): he withdrew to the security of the coast;
  - (перебираться в б-ое м.): people made it to safety across the border;
  - (переправить в б-ое м.): let me get you to a place of safety;
  - (переправить в -ое м. ): among those who spirited thousands of former SS men away to safety was B.;
  - (удалиться в б-ое м. в своей квартире): The shots were heard by eight people. Three instinctively closed their windows, checked their door locks, and withdrew to the safety of their apartments
  безоружный - a weaponless man;
  - our friends are weaponless
  безосновательно - (...в предоставлении подобного разрешения не может быть б. отказано): Application of Standby Rates requires the prior written approval of COMPANY'S representative, such approval not to be unreasonably withheld;
  - (сделанное заявление): he denied the claim of cocaine use, saying it was made so gratuitously, so erroneously, that it's just patently false
  безосновательный - (обвинения): he calls the charges baseless and unfounded;
  - (подозрения): the suspicions about him were groundless;
  - (подозрения): an ungrounded suspicion that his neighbors were spying on him;
  - (требования): the Court has rejected, as they are considered unfounded, all the requests of the counterpart;
  - (утверждения, вопросы и сообщения): Secretary of defense D.R. spent an hour on television refuting "the questions, allegations and breathless reports" (about the treatment of Al Qaeda prisoners)
  безостановочный - kid center with nonstop hands-on activities;
  - (полёты): I had developed a blood clot from my nonstop flying around the country;
  безответный - (чувство): he had unrequited feelings for her
  безответственно - (обращаться с деньгами компании): he got fired for playing fast and loose infml with the company's money;
  - (обращаться с фактами): climate scientists are playing fast and loose with the facts;
  - (это б.): it's reckless and irresponsible
  безответственный - (боги): their gods were arbitrary and irresponsible;
  - (государство): rogue state;
  - (б-ые лица): We still believe there are sincere investors out there. But there are still quite a few rogues who can cause an avalanche forcing others to run for cover;
  - (коммерческие махинации): my family had gone broke because of Dad's reckless business schemes;
  - (поступок): I was furious with M. for his reckless act - training the horse at my peril;
  - (прокурор): the likelihood that a rogue prosecutor would be appointed, let alone the idea that a diverse panel of independent judges would permit the indictment of anyone for political motives, is negligible;
  - (руководители): management that was totally unaccountable for its actions;
  - (руководство города): despite frustration with the city's feckless management polls show that a plurality of New Jersey residents oppose state intervention;
  - (солдаты): the abuses of detainees were solely a work of seven rogue soldiers
  - (человек): he is neglectful, irresponsible and disloyal
  безотказный - (время безотказной работы - это статистический показатель надёжности устройства): Mean Time between Failures is a statistic that is used to track device reliability;
  - (время б-ой работы): mean time between errors;
  - (поддержка): he always provides unfailing moral and practical support
  безотлагательно - (предъявить претензии к бухгалтерским записям): please raise any objections to individual bookings without delay
  безошибочно - (выполнять манёвры в игре): the team performed their best moves faultlessly;
  - (проталкиваться в направлении кого-л): he started to push his way unerringly in my direction
  безошибочный - (знание страны): the traveler was undoubtedly a German, his grasp of language fluent and familiar, his knowledge of the country without fault;
  - (инстинкт): his inerring instinct;
  - (критерий): the unfailing test which distinguishes real science from vain erudition is prevision;
  - (логика): impeccable logic
  - (предзнаменования / приметы): infallible omens;
  - (признак / симптом): смотри ниже;
  - (чувство, кузнец должен обладать б-ым ч-ом предельных возможностей материала): to fashion these blades, the smith not only must possess physical strength, but also patience, dexterity, and a refined eye for the limits of the material
  безошибочный (признак / симптом) - (т.е. болезни): it the unmistakable symptom of an incurable malady;
  - (т.е. болезни дерева): The yellows is a distinct disease. The one unmistakable symptom of yellows is the red-spotted character of the fruit.;
  - (восстановления экономики): The unfailing sign of business and industrial recovery is men returning to work. It is more to the point than stock prices and business charts.;
  - (признак дождя): those black clouds are sure sign it's going to rain;
  - (того, что конец администрации президента близок): scandals in what are meant to be high places are the unfailing sign of an administration nearing its end
  безработица - ten years ago, unemployment was a nonissue;
  - (уровень б-ы): unemployment rate
  безработный - (б-ые хотели работы): the unemployed did not want charity, they wanted jobs;
  - (миллионы б-ых американцев): millions of jobless Americans;
  - (руководящий работник): out-of-work executive
  безраздельно - (господствовать, об экономической доктрине): for proof that Keynes reigns supreme, all you have to do is watch the president hawking his tax cut as a cure for the global economic slowdown;
  - (править научным обществом): Newton ruled unchallenged over the Royal Society;
  - (царить, Бог б. царит на небе и земле): God alone, who reigns unchallenged in the heavens and the Earth, is unlimited, independent and self-sufficient;
  - (царить в политике штата): The phrase is popular in political coverage. "Now, after years of being allowed to run roughshod infml over Wisconsin's political process, these groups may find themselves forced to compete on a level playing field"
  безразличие - (выражение мечтательного б-я на лице): a look of dreamy unconcern fell over his face;
  - (к общественному мнению): the king flaunted vices of the most sordid kind with a cynical indifference to public opinion;
  - (к чужим страданиям): a callous indifference to the suffering of others;
  - (общества): aid to Pakistan foundered on Congressional opposition and public indifference;
  - (он изобразил на лице б.): "If that's what it takes!" he feigned unconcern;
  - (отнестись с б-ем, казалось, он отнёсся с полным б. к не особо тёплому приёму): he seemed totally indifferent to his less-than-warm welcome;
  - (с напускным б-ем): he received the prize with an air of nonchalance
  безразлично - (выслушать): impassively, he told me to repeat my views to H. H. listened to me equally impassively;
  - (казалось, ему совершенно б.): he seemed perfectly unconcerned that...;
  - (мне б., как ты это сделаешь): I'm not particular how you do it as long as it gets done;
  - (сказать): "..." said he indifferently  - (сказать): "Where is he anyway?" "I don't know," said A. unconcernedly.;
  - (слушать кого-л): he listened half-heartedly to her;
  - (смотреть): he gazed impassively down the table;
  - (смотреть): he just stared blankly at me;
  - (что один колледж, что другой - б.): I figured, you go to college, one place is as good as another
  безразличный - (взгляд / выражение): a blank stare / expressiondd>  - (б-ое выражение лица): he arranged his face into what he hoped was a relaxed and unfazed expression;
  - (говорить б-ым тоном): he was sounding cold and unconcerned;
  - (глаза): his eyes were indifferent, clinical;
  - (если природе безразлична наша судьба): if nature could be so dispassionate about our fate, why should we care about nature?;
  - (звёзды): He looked up at the uncaring stars and yelled, "Do you. hear me, damn you?";
  - (к тому, как это выглядит с точки зрения морали): he was seemingly indifferent to ethical appearance;
  - (лицо): his face was cold and blank;
  - (обслуживание Аэрофлота): anyone who has experienced the worst of Aeroflot's scowling indifferent service knows it will not be an easy transition in the company's nondescript offices;
  - (поведение): his entire listless manner was that of a person waiting to be moved;
  - (с б-ым видом): he received the prize with an air of nonchalance;
  - (с б-ым видом): Impassively, he told me to repeat my views to H. H. listened to me equally impassively;
  - (сказать б-ым тоном): '...' said he indifferently;
  - (стараться говорить б-ым тоном): I kept my voice indifferently;
  - (тон): "..." said M. in a coldly indifferent voice
  безразмерный - (величина): In dimensional analysis, a dimensionless quantity or quantity of dimension one is a quantity without an associated physical dimension. It is thus a "pure" number, and as such always has a dimension of 1. Dimensionless quantities are widely used in mathematics, physics, engineering, economics, and in everyday life (such as in counting). Numerous well-known quantities, such as π, e, and φ, are dimensionless.;
  - (желудок): that boy eats so much that he must have a hollow leg infml;
  - (т.е. одежда): In women's clothing, a flexible or open garment can be labeled as one-size-fits-all. However, the size is typically a medium size (able to expand), rather than actually fitting petite or extra-large (XL) sizes.
  безрезультатно - (б. подвергать гонениям): they propagandized the German people to the viewpoint that the SS killers were in no way deserving of the persecution to which justice and conscience have ineffectually subjected them;
  - (полиция работала б.): since then the police have been scraping around rather ineffectually and getting nowhere
  безрезультатность - (порождаемая государственным распределением товаров и услуг б.): advocates of the marketplace can credibly point to the disturbing inefficiencies and inequities generated by government distribution of goods and services in society
  безрезультатный - (лечение рака): an ineffectual treatment for cancer;
  - (поиск): fruitless search;
  - (попытка): this is my second fruitless attempt to install this software on my computer;
  - (попытка): an ineffectual effort to find the trail again did at least lead them to another stunning view of the canyon;
  - (попытка): an ineffectual effort to block the legislation;
  - (б-ая программа похудения без диеты и занятий физкультурой): another ineffectual plan to lose weight without dieting or exercising
  безударный - (слог): iambs, 2 syllables with opposite emphasis, stressed and unstressed
  безудержно - (плакать): I wept uncontrollably;
  - (разрастись): ivy was spreading unchecked over the house's face;
  - (рыдать на плече у кого-л): she sobbed unrestrainedly into his shoulder;
  - (хихикать): he began to snigger uncontrollably
  безудержный - (гнев): unrestrained joy;
  - (желание): the event seemed to have only intensified her furious desire to bring every aspect of life at the school under her personal control;
  - (идеализм): the exuberant idealism of the Kennedy Administration;
  - (инфляция): runaway inflation;
  - (б-ые половые акты): rampant sex acts in full color;
  - (радость / смех): unrestrained joy / laugh;
  - (смех): the laughter of our jokes was rather more explosive than it should have been;
  - (смех): their unrestrained laughter filling the hot, fern-clad ravine had a soulless limpidity, as of wild, inhuman dwellers in tropical woodlands;
  - (хвастовство): an unchecked bragging and inconsistency on the part of the fighters
  безукоризненно - (б. вести хозяйство): she seems largely a willing captive within the walls of her own home, flawlessly keeping our house;
  - (б. выполнять свою часть договорённости): I was keeping my part of the bargain flawlessly;
  - (б. начищенные туфли): impeccably shined shoes;
  - (одетый): he was faultlessly attired;
  - (одетый): impeccably dressed;
  - (порядочный человек): a man of impeccable integrity;
  - (чистый мундир): his uniform was immaculate and his shoes were shined
  безукоризненный - (владение иностранным языком, его б-ый немецкий): his almost flawless German;
  - (дикция): her diction was perfect, every consonant treated equally, every comma and period honored;
  - (драгоценный камень): flawless gem;
  - (зубы): two rows of brilliant, perfect teeth;
  - (исполнение): flawless performance;
  - (логика): impeccable logic;
  - (поведение): impeccable behaviour;
  - (поведение): her immaculate behaviour belies the fact that she is the epitome of "evil";
  - (причёска и макияж): her hair and make-up is always immaculate;
  - (уровень обслуживания): impeccable standards of service;
  - (характер): unimpeachable character;
  - (честность): unimpeachable honesty
  безупречно - (выглаженный костюм): an impeccably crisp suit;
  - (выполнять манёвры в игре): the team performed their best moves faultlessly;
  - (начищенные туфли): impeccably shined shoes;
  - (одетый): he was faultlessly attired;
  - (сделанный макияж): his mother was always impeccably groomed;
  - (честный человек): a man of impeccable integrity;
  - (чистый): scrupulously clean kitchen
  безупречный - (администрация / руководство): maybe this administration is as lily-white figand heroic as it makes itself out to be.;
  - (в вопросах теории): he is impeccable on theory but impossible on practicalities;
  - (владение иностранным языком, его б-ый немецкий): his almost flawless German;
  - (дикция): her diction was perfect, every consonant treated equally, every comma and period honored;
  - (джентльмен): immaculate gentleman;
  - (драгоценный камень): flawless gem;
  - (зубы): the smile was the clincher - perfect teeth, dimples, and her eyes sparkled;
  - (исполнение): flawless performance;
  - (логика): impeccable logic;
  - (мускулы на руке): the perfect muscles of his arm;
  - (нравственность): he built this firm by hard work, talent and uncompromising ethics;
  - (поведение): her immaculate behaviour belies the fact that she is the epitome of "evil";
  - (преданность): he had chosen hard-core professionals for the posts (of SIS and MI5 directors) and had been rewarded by their unswerving loyalty;
  - (причёска и макияж): her hair and make-up is always immaculate;
  - (свидетель): unimpeachable witness;
  - (слуга): a blameless servant in his household;
  - (уровень обслуживания): impeccable standards of service;
  - (характер): unimpeachable character;
  - (честность): unimpeachable honesty;
  - a distinguished African American with impeccable credentials
  безусловно - color management is definitely the future for color separation;
  - the USA is by far the most important partner;
  - the Reform party, by far the largest in the country;
  - (доверять чему-л): as Foreign Secretary he had implicit trust in the many undertakings given to him personally by the Chancellor;
  - (прогресс б. есть, но не необратимый): the progress is unmistakable but not irreversible
  безусловный - (фаворит на выборах): Putin is a clear favourite to win after B. Yeltsin stepped down
  безуспешно - (вырываться из рук кого-л): heavy iron manacles were clamped around his wrists as he struggled ineffectually in the grip of the footmen;
  - (он б. попытался это сделать): he has tried it to no purpose;
  - the pelican was fighting for balance as he flew, colliding against the wind, trying to fly in a straight line, without much success;
  - one of her trembling hands worked at the lock while another yanked fruitlessly at the knob;
  - I have done all checkups, endoscopy (twice), all kinds of treatments but to no avail;
  - (т.е. пытаться привлечь внимание): His daughter tugged ineffectually at his elbow. The man ignored her;
  - he applied for the post, but he was unsuccessful
  безуспешный - (переговоры): such deadlines only encourage rebel intransigence in pursuing peace deals, as last month's unsuccessful talks in Ethiopia proved;
  - (поиск): he made another abortive search of the island;
  - (попытка): abortive attempt
  безустанный - (погоня за выгодой): the unsleeping pursuit of advantages for friends
  безымянный - (люди): anonymous young men toting duffel bags packed with bombs;
  - (могилы): unmarked graves have long been used to bury executed criminals;
  - (могила): the corps with the shattered head was quietly buried in an unmarked grave;
  - (почитатели сенатора Кеннеди): Senator Kennedy's admirers, both the famous and anonymous, had streamed past his casket all day and all night before the service;
  - (убийство б-ого офицера): the murder of an unnamed officer wearing the Knight's Cross with Oak Leaf Cluster
  - (чиновник): some nameless protocol official opened the double doors to the table, chairs, documents and TV cameras;
  - (шпион): the AT-6 antitank missile, actually a Russian version of the NATO Milan, courtesy of some nameless KGB spy
  безыскусно - (выглядеть): he was strangely unsophisticated in his outlook
  безыскусный - (иметь б-ую внешность): he was strangely unsophisticated in his outlook;
  - (рассказанная история): such a great tale so artlessly told
  белая ворона образно - (в своём костюме, сшитом в Лондоне на заказ, он выглядел б-ой в-ой, словно афишируя свою утончённость людям, ненавидящим Запад во всех его проявлениях): he was standing out like a sore thumb in his elegant London-tailored suit as if flaunting his sophistication to a group of men who hated all forms of Western-ness;
  - (в такой богатой компании он выглядел б-ой вороной): he looked out of place in this rich company;
  - (если не хочешь быть б-ой в-ой, выучи новое программное обеспечение): you had better learn to use the new system software unless you want to be odd man out;
  - (любой сотрудник Британского посольства, не говорящий по-русски, выглядел бы б-ой в-ой): it would have made any staffer at the British Embassy in Moscow stand out like a sore thumb to speak no Russian
  белиберда - George W. Bush topped a poll of the worst examples of mangled English for his: "Our enemies are innovative and resourceful and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we." Bill Clinton also produces prime examples of gobbledygook.
  беллетризованный - Jack Abramoff, in his doings, became such a big story that a movie, albeit fictionalized, was made about him;
  - (исторические деятели): the novel's fictitious characters are interspersed with fictionalized versions of historical people
  беллетристика - trade houses publishing general fiction and / or nonfiction
  беречь - (береги свою честь): guard your honour and let your reputation take care of itself;
  - (бережёного Бог бережёт): Use a condom when you have casual sex. It's better to be safe than sorry.;
  - (бережёного Бог бережёт): When riding a motorcycle, wear a helmet. It's better to be safe than sorry;
  - (время / деньги / силы): save your time / money / efforts;
  - (здоровье): it is better to guard your health than to have to try to get it back if God forbid you loose it;
  - (любовь): take care of your love;
  - (оборудование от повреждения водой): the equipment must also be kept safe from water damage;
  - (от попадания прямого солнечного света): to prevent fading, keep the furniture out of direct sunlight;
  - (поберегите деньги, т.е. не останавливайтесь в этой гостинице): Better spare your money. We spent a day and a half in London, and we stayed at the B. hotel. I don't recommend it.;
  - (т.е. расходовать экономно): in the summer the well would go dry and we had to use water sparingly and wash our hair with rainwater;
  - (репутацию): it is important to guard your reputation
  беречься - (берегись, а то поскользнёшься на льду): take care or you will slip on the ice;
  - (берегись! / поберегись!): look out / watch out! ;
  - (берегитесь! / поберегись!): Someone shouted, "(Look out, he's got a gun!";
  - (берегись рыжего человека ): beware of a red-haired man;
  - (берегитесь): but beware: not every European country gives generous tax breaks to donors;
  - (берегитесь мошенничества с кредитной карточкой): Be on the lookout for credit card fraud;
  - (берегитесь предложений банка): deferred payment: payment put off to a future date or extended over a period of time. Watch out for "skip-a-month" offers - interest still accumulates.;
  - (берегитесь соблазнительных предложений кредитных карточек со скидками на первый год): Watch out for first year special enticements to sign up for a card. Evaluate all offers carefully before you apply and then select a card with the terms that will benefit you over time.;
  - (чего-л): beware of loving other woman than your wife
  беседа - (предварительная б., т.е. на собеседовании при приёме на работу): the senior partner leaned forward on his elbows and took control of the preliminary chitchat;
  - (у камина): Roosevelt fireside chats on radio in 1933
  беседовать - he glanced to a nearby table where two senior civil servants conversed;
  - (в сигаретном дыму): they chat through the fog of smoke, swigging from bottles of G. beer;
  - (голландцы сочтут неприятным и некорректным, если вы будете б. с другими на вашем языке в их присутствии): Dutch people will find it extremely annoying and inappropriate if you converse with others in your native tongue in their presence
  бесклассовый - (общество): classless society
  бескомпромиссный - (доктрина): those who deviated from the Saudi hard-line doctrine;
  - (позиция): he hammered out a no-compromise stand on the question;
  - (позиция по отношению к чему-л): Iraq's interim government toughened its uncompromising stance towards a wide-spread insurgency yesterday;
  - (режим монахов): as abbot in C., St Bernard subjected his monks to an uncompromising and severe regime
  бесконечно - you can's continue the process interminably;
  - (вероятность того, что бомба взорвётся так близко от первого взрыва, б. мала): chances of a bomb going off so close to the first explosion nare remote, infinitesimal;
  - (б. длинная церковная служба): as the interminably long service continued, she the girl, now aged six, was bored and squirming;
  - (б. сложное переплетение участков, покрываемых камерами спутников на поверхности земли): the computers devised a cat's cradle of infinite complexity for the flight tracts of half a dozen cameras around the globe's surface;
  - (и так б.): they tried to fed her more of the same bullshit story about it taking 5 days to get it into the computer system and transfer it into another computer system and blah, blah, blah ad infinitum
  бесконечный - (восхищение): his unstinting admiration of his master disproved the adage that no man is a hero to his valet;
  - (десятичное представление числа): the fundamental fact is that every number t betweeen o and 1, in standard mathematical notation, has a unique non-terminating decimal expansion;
  - (дискуссии / обсуждения): interminable discussions;
  - (жалобы): endless complaints;
  - (задержки в переговорах): endless delays, adjournments and referring back to Moscow;
  - (история): the Neverending Story;
  - (комплименты): He soothed his wife by paying her limitless compliments. Her cooking. Her appearance.;
  - (подшучивание со стороны коллег): ...that made him the brunt of endless ribbing by his colleagues;
  - (поток): he could see them, small figures in rank upon rank, marching swiftly and silently, passing outwards in an endless stream;
  - (поток неимущих преступников был бесконечен): The city was losing its war on crime. The supply of indigent criminals was endless;
  - (пустыни): the limitless deserts of Baluchistan;
  - (разговор): interminable discourse;
  - (разнообразие): endless variety;
  - (разнообразие): the most impressive feature of this world was its almost infinite variety;
  - (разоблачения): presidential authority was palpably draining away in endless revelations of tawdry acts, some puerile, some illegal;
  - (расследования): her life with Bill Clinton, during which she survived personal betrayal and relentless partisan investigations;
  - (репортажи): relentless coverage on these events;
  - (сложность): the computers devised a cat's cradle of infinite complexity for the flight tracts of half a dozen cameras around the globe's surface;
  - (слухи и домыслы): endless gossip and speculation;
  - (т.е. список, выполнять бесконечные предполётные проверки по контрольному листу): the colonel was running through his seemingly innumerable pre-take-off checks;
  - (череда доения, кормления и уборки): he was busy with the unending round of milking, feeding, and general chores
  бесконтрольно - (действовать, б.): the cost of medical research will increase astronomically if physicians and universities continue to act in a high-handed manner
  бесконтрольный - (переедание): binge eating means a specific period of uncontrolled overeating;
  - (при быстром и б-ом нагревании в материале возникает пар): if heating is rapid and uncontrolled steam will develop in the material and crack it open
  бескровный - (государственный переворот): bloodless coup
  беспамятство - (впасть в б.): he lapsed into unconsciousness and died
  беспартийный - (организация): Red Cross is a neutral and non-partisan organization;
  - (человек): I try to remain non-partisan
  бесперебойный - (источник б-ого питания): safety battery;
  - (источник б-ого питания): An uninterruptible power supply sits between your PC and the mains. In the event of a power cut, its battery keeps your PC running, giving you time to shut down safely.;
  - (подача орошающего раствора на операционный стол): a constant supply of warm irrigating solution at the operating table;
  - (подача электроэнергии): uninterrupted power supply;
  - (подача электроэнергии): constant supply of electrical energy not guaranteed:
  - (работа): refineries depend on reliable electrical power source for their uninterrupted operation;
  - (работа): the pump provides consistent, uninterrupted operation;
  - (снабжение лекарствами): an uninterrupted and sustained supply of quality-assured anti-TB drugs is fundamental to TB control;
  - (снабжение ядерными материалами): the US has given a number of assurances for uninterrupted supply of nuclear material for use in civilian reactors
  бесперспективность - - (т.е. работы): How do you tell if you're in a dead-end job? If you can figure out now what makes for dead-endedness, you won't make the same mistake next time.
  бесперспективный - (начальник): a dead-end boss whose own poor disposition and dim vision makes it difficult for the department to thrive or for anyone to be promoted;
  - (работа): How to escape a dead-end job. A dead-end job by its nature is a staff job whose primary focus is apart from the organization's focus. For instance, working in the art department of an accounting firm might be a dead-end job.
  беспилотный - (летательный аппарат / подводная лодка): unmanned aircraft / unmanned underwater vehicle
  бесплатно - (вы должны быть застрахованы на 100% стоимости дома, если вы хотите, чтобы вам его отстроили б.): should your house burn all the way to the ground, you'll have to be insured for 100 percent of replacement cost is you expect to have it rebuilt at no cost to you;
  - (давать информацию): we provide this information for free;
  - (ездить в автобусе): babies are allowed to travel free on buses;
  - (т.е. жить в квартире друга б.): usually in March he was hanging out in Florida, bumming a room off sub>infml a friend, playing golf;
  - (заменить товар на гарантии): if any part proves to be defective, this product will be repaired or replaced free of charge;
  - (заменить товар на гарантии): if any defect in material or manufacture appears during the life of this product, it will be replaced at no cost to you;
  - (звоните нам б. по голосовой почте): please call our toll free voice mail;
  - (звонить по телефону): he rewired phone jacks to get free service;
  - (иметь доступ к результатам опроса): the general public is privy to the polling results free of charge;
  - (исправить ошибки издательства): errors made by us will be promptly corrected at no charge;
  - (каждому пассажиру разрешается провозить б. всего 3 места багажа): on domestic flight each ticketed passenger is allowed a total of three pieces of luggage free of charge (two checked and one carry-on);
  - (б. отработать 150 часов для своей деревни): he was ordered to complete 150 hours unpaid work in the community;
  - (показывать тексты программ): never gratuitously fml show program texts to anyone;
  - (получить билет): I got this ticket for free infml;
  - (починить повреждение): they agreed to repair the damage free of charge;
  - (раздавать товар): giving away something free is the only way to get people to try something new;
  - (ремонтировать товар на гарантии): if any part proves to be defective, this product will be repaired or replaced free of charge (FOC);
  - (свезти негабаритый мусор на свалку): people who wish to dispose of bulk waste throughout the year may take up to three household items, at no charge, to the Waste Reduction Center
  бесплатный - (билет на концерт): he gave me two free tickets for the concert;
  - (билет на спектакли, т.е. для статистов в оперном театре): G. Opera supernumeraries receive a complimentary ticket to each 2009 production;
  - (гостиница для пассажиров): full fare business class passengers are treated to everything from free chauffer drive service to a free hotel;
  - (б-ую еду в школе отменили): free school meals have been withdrawn;
  - (махровый купальный халат, т.е. в гостиничном номере): he was dressed in hotel garb, the complimentary terry-cloth robe and white shower shoes;
  - (обслуживание): our complimentary 24-hour service for making all your travel arrangements at a moment's notice;
  - (обучение, её приняли на б-ое о. в университет): My daughter was accepted with a full scholarship to UVA. UVA's tuition will be fully paid (except for $2000) because I am a single mother.;
  - (обучение, её приняли на б-ое о. в колледж): her dream has been to attend Gettysburg College in Pennsylvania and with hard work and dedication, she was accepted with a full scholarship;
  - (обучение): Many colleges and universities offer free tuition to seniors. Some seniors who are making plans about where they want to live in their retirement decide to retire to a state that offers no cost tuition.;
  - (питание): men and women stood in lines to get free meals;
  - (предоставление времени сотрудников, служебных помещений): donation of staff time, office space;
  - (проезд и лечение): Soviet era benefits, including free transportation and medicine;
  - (сертификат): you will receive a complimentary Certificate of Recognition;
  - (членство в клубе): he was offered a complimentary membership in a yacht club;
  - (юридические консультации): the free legal counsel he received from attorney T.O.
  бесплодный - (женщина): thousands of women are infertile as a result of botched abortions;
  - (женщина): she could not conceive and continued barren poet;
  - (остров): a barren volcanic island;
  - (победа): the battle turned to be a hollow victory;
  - (поиск): he made another abortive search of the island;
  - (попытка): the effort to settle the colony was not a fruitless one;
  - (попытка): an abortive attempt;
  - (пустыня): the stark deserts of Central Asia;
  - (пустыня): it is a barren wasteland, riddled with fire and ash and dust. The very air that you breathe is a poisonous fume.;
  - (супружеские пары): in the US, up to 20% of infertile couples have unexplained infertility;
  - (супружеские пары): to clone babies for sterile couples;
  - (тяжба): People try to obstruct progress. Our companies find themselves broiled in pointless, unproductive litigation.;
  - (утёс): this area was barren rock
  бесповоротный - (решение): irrevocable decision
  бесподобный - (сервис): a quietly sophisticated hotel offering understated elegance and unparalleled service in an intimate, friendly, home-away-from-home atmosphere;
  - (дворец Тадж Махал): my most vivid memories of India were not of the Taj Mahal, breathtaking as it was, but of the visit to Mahatma Gandhi's ashram
  беспокоить - (больше беспокоит неумная характеристика игрока Академией Тенниса): more disturbing that this announcement is the Tennis Academy's breathless characterization of M.;
  - (дети не беспокоили гостя): I hope they weren't bothering you?;
  - (т.е. докучать): what do they think they're doing, annoying senior Ministry members?;
  - (его беспокоило одно): there was one thing worrying him;
  - (его беспокоило, что он не сможет получить паспорт): he was worried that it would prove impossible to obtain a new passport for him;
  - (заблокировать дверь мусорным ведром, чтобы их не беспокоили): he jams a rubbish bin across the frame to stop them from being disturbed;
  - (запах беспокоил кого-л): for the first day the stench of my cell was unbearable, by the second day it bothered me a little less;
  - (извините, что я вас беспокою): I'm sorry to bother you;
  - (кого-л всерьёз): it is of serious concern to us;
  - (кого-л из-за чего-л): I'm sorry that I have to bother you about AmE / with BrE this problem;
  - (кого-л расспросами): I don't see any point in troubling them further;
  - (король не беспокоил соседей, т.е. военными действиями): the king used to give no trouble to his neighbours;
  - (меня беспокоит то, как развивается ситуация): I'm deeply perturbed by the way the situation is developing;
  - (не беспокой меня): don't bother me just now;
  - (не беспокой меня своими проблемами): don't bother me with your problems;
  - (недостаток интереса - чиновников): it is their lack of interest that worries foreign officials;
  - (президента нельзя было б., прерывая его отпуск): the president couldn't be bothered to interrupt his vacation;
  - (просьбы беспокоили комиссию): his persistent pleas to obtain early release from prison for G. annoyed and worried Parole Commission officials;
  - (ситуация беспокоила кого-л): we are faced with a situation that makes us anxious
  беспокоиться - (т.е. волноваться): смотри ниже;
  - (т.е. прилагать усилия): смотри ниже
  беспокоиться (т.е. волноваться) - she tightened her jaws whenever she became anxious;
  - by the looks of things, I'm not the only one who's getting worried;
  - (за безопасность сына): my mother was concerned for my safety when I didn't come in time;
  - (за оплату / из-за оплаты счёта): Don't bother yourself about the bill. I'll pay it.;
  - (за свою работу): he is apprehensive about his job;
  - (за своё будущее): this brilliant classical scientist and leader in the American physics community became apprehensive about his future;
  - (заранее / раньше времени): Let's not go borrowing trouble. Concentrate on the task in hand and worry about other things when they happen.;
  - (заставлять б.): sometimes we are faced with a ituation that makes us anxious;
  - (нечего б.): I don't see what is there to fuss about;
  - (о ком-л): "Don't worry about me", said H., in what he hoped was an offhand voice;
  - (о ком-л): Please don't bother with her. She can take care of herself.;
  - (о том, что думают другие): I've never been concerned about what other people think of me;
  - (по-настоящему): do you think the coalition can succeed or do you have genuine worries?
  беспокоиться (т.е. прилагать усилия) - (не беспокойтесь): don't bother, please;
  - (не беспокойтесь из-за беспорядка): please don't bother about this mess. I'll clean it up.;
  - (с вашей стороны весьма любезно так б. ради незнакомого человека): you are very kind, Mr. W., to take so much trouble for a stranger;
  - (сделать что-л): they might have voted, but they were too indifferent to take the trouble
  беспокойно - (т.е. неприятно себя чувствовать): sitting through Purcell's King Arthur in the midst of a 1000-strong German-speaking audience can be unsettling for a Brit;
  - (сверяться с картой): he kept anxiously checking and rechecking the map;
  - (спать): he sleeps restlessly
  беспокойный - (атмосфера на работе): the atmosphere in the office is rather fraught;
  - (время): it is unwise to linger overlong on doorsteps in these troubled times;
  - (годы): during these troubled years;
  - (город): riotous city;
  - (движения коня): though cross-tied in its stall, the horse pawed the ground with its hooves in a jittery little dance, rattled by the sounds of combat down below;
  - (день для полиции): this is one of the most fraught weekends of the year for the security forces;
  - (дети): gene mutations behind fidgety kids;
  - (животное): horses are restive tonight; there must be wolves about;
  - (избирательная кампания): Democratic presidential campaigns often assigned out-of-staters to oversee state campaigns on the theory that they could bring competing factions together and make sure all decisions put the candidate's interests, not parochial concerns, first. Whatever the theory, in practice, outsiders could inspire resentment on all sides, especially for a campaign as troubled as McGovern's, in an environment as fractured and contentious as Texas.;
  - (население): Georgia, a country with scant resources, a battered economy and a restless population;
  - (небо): the night sky was restless;
  - (от ожидания): restive with waiting;
  - (пассажиры, застрявшие в поезде): restive passengers trapped in a train;
  - (положение): mother is always there to extend protection when things begin getting baffling and worrysome;
  - (посетитель, т.е. в баре): the bouncer's duties inside the bar are to eject overly drunk people and trouble makers;
  - (сосед, о стране): the rebel group is said to have backing from Eritrea, another of Sudan's uneasy neighbors;
  - (толпа): restive crowd;
  - (часть города): hectic part of a town;
  - (часть Оттоманской империи): at the time, it was not easy for non-Muslims to travel in this troubled region of Ottoman Empire;
  - (человек): her cantankerous friend and his unquiet, unappeasable spirit;
  - (т.е. человек, который чего-то боится): He is jumpy. Nervous.
  беспокойство - (в голосе): there was an undercurrent of anxiety in her voice;
  - (всемирное): budget brouhaha underscores the world's anxiety;
  - (вопрос, вызывающий б. во всём мире): an issue of global concern;
  - in their origins the eating clubs were quite innocent, and it was only later that the situation radically altered: inspiring in underclassmen a frenzy of anxiety and apprehension at "bicker" - "pledge week" - as to who would be invited to join which club, and who would not be invited to join any club at all;
  - (высказать б. по поводу чего-л): they voice concern over the need for alternative affordable housing to support the diverse population;
  - (давать основание для б-а): the patient's condition is giving cause for concern;
  - (многие пережили огромное б. и огромные трудности, т.е. люди, близкие к Биллу Клинтону, подвергшиеся судебным преследованиям по инициативе республиканцев): many people had suffered enormous anxiety and hardship but for the long-term sake of the country, it was essential for Bill to stand his ground;
  - (облегчить б.): to alleviate the anxiety;
  - (облегчить б.): the assurances on the phone only partly assuaged his anxiety;
  - (обоснованное): there was a legitimate concern lest we ruin our relations with Arab moderates without really helping Israel;
  - (по спине прошла волна б-а): she had felt a ripple of unease go up her back;
  - (повод для б-а): while pollsters said such trends are somewhat troubling, they say the figures are not cause for alarm;
  - (подавить б.): I couldn't totally suppress the worry that I was responsible for his absence;
  - (позиция премьер-министра вызывает б.): the prime minister's stance has prompted some concern;
  - (предмет б-а, п. большого б. для всех стран): The United States warned Friday that it would be a major international concern if North Korea launched a long-range missile;
  - (причинять б., мы не хотим п. вам б.): "Don't let us inconvenience you" I apologized.;
  - (б. росло): his disquiet grew as the channel narrowed
  бесполезно - (было бы б. продолжать): it would be fruitless to continue;
  - (спорить было б.): it was no good arguing;
  - (думать об этом было б.): thinking about such things did no good;
  - (т.е. б. идти туда - квартира уже сдана): It's no good. The flat is already let.;
  - (отказываться выполнить требование): "This is idle talk," said Gandalf. "Needless is Theoden's demand, but it is useless to refuse. A king will have his way in his own hall, be it folly or wisdom.";
  - (это было б.): he knew long before he reached the end of his sentence that it was no good;
  - (это было бы б.): it would have been of no use;
  - a wiper juddered uselessly over the grimy windshield
  бесполезность - (возобновления военных действий): we convinced them of the futility of resuming military operations;
  - (человеческой жизни): how humans cope with absurdity and utter futility of their lives;
  - (шантажа): to demonstrate the futility of Soviet-backed blackmail had been for some time the key to our diplomacy
  бесполезный - (древко копья): he swept aside the ineffectual shaft;
  - (жалобы): this is about solving problems, not lodging useless complaints;
  - (меч): he swords were futile unless they could not pierce him;
  - (нечто б-ое): all too often those involved in the practice of security have seen research as an irrelevance;
  - (обычные GPS бесполезны внутри здания): Traditional Global Positioning System (GPS) devices are of no use inside buildings because their signals are too weak and frequently bounce off surfaces, causing confusion;
  - (отпечатки пальцев и пробы ДНК бесполезны для опознания, если их нельзя сравнить с контрольным образцом): it should be noted that both fingerprints and DNA samples are in fact worthless for purposes of identification if they cannot be cross-matched with a counter-sample;
  - (попытка): brave of them, but an entirely useless effort;
  - (протесты были б-ы): protests were to no avail;
  - (противник объявил его президентство б-ым): his opponent had bluntly declared his Presidency "irrelevant";
  - (работа агростанции): the station's work might be seen by its clients as impractical, highfaluting and tending to the ivory tower;
  - (свидание): she was describing another unrewarding first date;
  - (стратегия): a futile strategy;
  - (США избавились от мин, т.к. они стали б-ыми): Russia claims to have destroyed 17 million mines since the mid-1990s, and the US got rid of two million because it said they were no longer of any use;
  - (учёность): the unfailing test which distinguishes real science from vain erudition is prevision;
  - (химическое вещество бесполезно для пациента): there are many chemicals with known pharmacological properties but a raw chemical is of no use to a patient
  бесполый - (размножение): asexual reproduction
  беспомощно - (развести руками): he spread his hands in a gesture of helplessness;
  - (сказать): "I would have pounded the scumbag to a pulp if you hadn't been holding me back," said H. unhelpfully.
  беспомощность - (одна неудачная попытка может заставить вас почувствовать свою б.): one bad experience can make you feel helpless and disempowered
  беспомощный - (попытка): he staggered forward, pinwheeling his arms in a helpless effort to keep balance
  - (из-за одной неудачной попытки можно почувствовать себя б-ым): one bad experience can make you feel helpless and disempowered;
  - (чувствовать себя б-ым перед независимым прокурором): Bill Clinton felt powerless in the face of Starr and his allies
  беспорядки - there is unrest in the city;
  - (в Газе): Gaza unrest;
  - (в палаточном городке): he seemed quite unperturbed by the trouble at the campsite;
  - (гражданские): participation in war, riot and civil commotion;
  - (негритянскую общину Америки охватили б.): the whole black community in America was in an uproar (after church burning);
  - (общественные): social unrest in big cities;
  - (подавить б.): as part of his efforts to put down the 15-months-old insurgency, the government announced Sunday that it was reinstating the death penalty;
  - (политические / расовые): the assassination threw the country into turmoil;
  - (политические): the political turmoil of the early twenties in Germany;
  - (устроить б.): the disorders were caused by a few militants;
  - (устроить б.): 8 members of the group were charged with conspiracy to commit riot in furtherance of terrorism;
  - (участвовать в б-ах): the group is engaged in low-level insurgency for decades;
  - (участие страны в б-ах): there is also growing concern over Iranian participation in the unrest
  беспорядок - (беззаконие и б.): to prevent lawlessness and disorder from ripping the colonies to shreds;
  - (бухгалтерская отчётность была в б-дке): an audit had discovered that office's records were in "shambles";
  - (в б-дке, написать последовательность в б.): he wrote the Fibonacci sequence out of order to tell us to apply the same concept to the text;
  - (в б-дке, женщина в б. после нападения): she doesn't want to be seen, she's a horrible mess;
  - (в вопросах ответственности): some of the challenges that managers face when trying to manage in today's organizations, include confusion over accountability - who is accountable for what?;
  - (в делах компании): the company's affairs are in a mess;
  - (в доме царили б. и неудобство): her mother was a dawdle, a slattern, whose house was the scene of mismanagement and discomfort;
  - (в избирательной кампании): there were a lot of complaints about the disarray in the presidential campaign.;
  - (в комнате): the room's in a mess;
  - (в компании): a company in disarray;
  - (в науке, т.е. истории): The traditional interpretation of the Time of Troubles was derived primarily from the usurper Tsar Vasilii Shuiskii's misleading propaganda campaign against his opponents. Because of confusion in sources and disarray in scholarship, such false assessments by a terrified elite were accepted at face value by many Russian historians, who long ago concluded that at the heart of the Troubles was Russia's first social revolution of the oppressed masses against serfdom.
  - (в одежде): clothes in disarray;
  - (в правительстве): a government in disarray;
  - (в природе нет б-дка): there are no gaps or dislocations in nature;
  - (в стране полный б.): the country is in total disarray;
  - (на столе не было б-дка): the desk was free of clutter: there was a blotter, pen stand, photograph of the First Lady and the telephone;
  - (команда в б-дке): in complete disarray, the team managed to make its way back;
  - (т.е. при смене ведущих руководителей): ideally, the succession in key posts should be seamless, with neither the company itself nor the outside world noticing any disturbances or disruption;
  - (привести в б. аккуратно сложенные вещи): you've disarranged the things that I put away so neatly;
  - (привести в б. экономику): based on the results of the exams, the Treasury has first choice of the cream (of graduates), which enables that department to foul up the British economy with impeccable academic references;
  - (убрать б.): next time someone knocks in the name of the king, bestir yourself and you won't have a mess to clean up in the morning;
  - (убрать б.): you must clear up the mess over there
  беспорядочно - (бить крыльями): the bird's beating wings, blew the scraggy grass this way and that, patternlessly;
  - (б. выстроенный дом): in the great, rambling stone mansion, secluded upon a lonely, wooded hilltop;
  - (выходить со стадиона): drunken football louts exit chaotically from the stadium;
  - (двигаться, о курсоре мыши компьютера): the mouse pointer may move erratically;
  - (мысли б. проносились в его голове): thoughts rushed through his mind, helter-skelter;
  - (стрелять): he was firing erratically
  беспорядочный - (аэропорт): the airport is chaotic and unfriendly;
  - (буквы в зашифрованном послании): the message was just gibberish to him, scrambled letters that might as easily have been typed by a chimpanzee in return for a bunch of bananas at some research university;
  - (вопросы): meaningless, rambling questions;
  - (деятельность): the demolition of the Berlin Wall triggered hectic activity;
  - (жизнь): late nights, early mornings - life is hectic;
  - (куча документов): the disordered array of papers we brought up from Arkansas to the White House;
  - (мешанина частных и государственных отраслей): their national industrial base is an incredibly muddled hodge-podge of private and state-owned industries;
  - (набор слов): nonsensical jumble of words;
  - (перебранка): the meeting began to disintegrate into a chaotic shouting match;
  - (половые отношения): the multiplying evidence of self-indulgence and national decadence (such as pornography, promiscuity, abortion, divorce, and other forms of indiscipline);
  - (проповедь): he gave long, besotted, rambling sermon on how difficult it was to be King;
  - (система правления): a messy system of government;
  - (стрельба): erratic shooting;
  - (условия проживания): my living arrangements were lavish but a bit erratic
  беспредел - (надежды людей на обуздание криминального б-а связываются с президентом): people have pinned on the president their hopes for an end to rampant crime / unchecked crime;
  - (опасно, критикуя б. Чубайса и Гайдара, закрыть для России единственный путь, который впереди у России есть): while criticizing the excesses of Gaidar and Chubais, it would be dangerous to bar for Russia the only way forward that would assure its progress;
  - (депутаты периодически пытаются ограничить рекламный б.): from time to time members of our parliament try to limit the blatant excesses of advertising on television;
  - (ценовой): outrageous prices;
  - (это просто б.): it's an outrage;
  - lawlessness unlimited;
  - illegal totally / shamelessly illegal
  беспрекословно - (проглотить): he swallowed it without demur;
  - (слушаться): to obey their Kremlin overlords without demur
  беспрепятственно - (войти в любое онщество): as a man of means, he could enter any society unchallenged;
  - (программа может б. обрабатывать много шрифтов): it can handle large numbers of fonts without balking;
  - (продолжаться, об убийстве южноафриканских носорогов): The slaughter of South Africa's rhinos continues unchecked. At least two more white rhinos fell under poachers' guns this week.;
  - (путешествовать): to travel unscathed in Europe with euros;
  - (разрастись, о плюще): ivy was spreading unchecked over the house's face
  беспрепятственный - (доступ гуманитарной помощи ООН к лагерям беженцев в Дарфуре, т.е. в Судане): UN humanitarian chief urges full and unhindered access to Darfur camp;
  - (доступ к дверцам автомобиля): consideration needs also to be given regarding six seater vehicles to be licensed, particularly where seating arrangements do not allow unhampered access to doors.;
  - (доступ к информации): unhindered access to information is essential to freedom, equality, global understanding and peace;
  - (доступ к информационным ресурсам через интернет): unhampered access to Internet-accessible information resources
  беспрестанно - (задавать вопросы): she has been asked questions relentlessly in public;
  - (пускать слюни): he drools unceasingly
  беспрестанный - (борьба): this talented people has consumed its substance in a history of incessant struggle
  - (в б-ом движении): a woman in perpetual motion, making beds, washing the dishes and putting dinner on the table precisely at 6 o'clock;
  - (допросы): she was brought to tears by relentless questioning about events surrounding her husband's death;
  - (осада): if you didn't happen to like living in a state of unremitting siege, the odds were that private banking wasn't for you;
  - (расследования): her life with Bill Clinton, during which she survived personal betrayal and relentless partisan investigations;
  - (скрежет качающейся вывески постоялого двора): the incessant squeak of the swinging inn sign;
  - (б-ые холод и сырость пробирали его до костей): the incessant cold and damp seemed to penetrate the marrow of his bones
  беспрецедентный - (волна беззакония): unprecedented888 storm of lawlessness;
  - a time of upheaval without precedent in that country
  беспризорник - in February, 45 orphans and street-urchins, Father J. and his staff plus their guests celebrated the inauguration of the new orphanage;
  - a bunch of raggedy street urchins;
  - the word "waif" designates a homeless, forsaken, or orphaned child;
  - a young waif steals a pair of boots
  беспризорный - (дети были на улице одни б-ые): the young children were out alone and unsupervised
  беспристрастно - (отнестись к фактам): a litigant is entitled to have her case decided by a judge who can approach the facts in a detached and objective manner;
  - (принимать решения о найме и увольнении): he could make hiring and firing decisions in a detached, intelligent manner;
  - (рассматривать что-л): it is very important to look impartially;
  - negotiations to settle reinsurance claims between the parties, who were attempting to resolve the matter on a "without prejudice" basis
  беспристрастность - (дискредитировать б. судьи): the judge was dismissed from the case on the pretext that his impartiality was damaged;
  - (к ученикам): impartiality to pupils;
  - by his contemporaries Mohammed was admired for his courage, resoluteness, and impartiality;
  - (при всей своей б-ти...): for all their ironic detachment, today's young adults embrace an America Dream - albeit one different from the vision their parents or grandparents had
  беспристрастный - (комиссия): impartial commission;
  - (наблюдатель): an impartial observer of the current political scene;
  - (отчёт): this supposedly unbiased report;
  - (правительство): the government is determined to be even-handed / evenhanded;
  - (присяжные): impartial jury;
  - (прокурор): the case demands a prosecutor who is evenhanded and unencumbered;
  - (решение): unbiased decision;
  - (сводка фактов): to deliver an unbiased summary of the known facts to the committee;
  - (следствие): to conduct an impartial inquiry;
  - (суд): the judge was determined to preside over a secure and unbiased trial;
  - (судья): impartial judge;
  - (человек): I was detached, I wanted to know everything
  беспричинный - (акты насилия): the horror film is an invitation to commit gratuitous acts of violence;
  - (убийство): the killing appeared a bit more random than was customary
  беспроигрышный - (отношения): it's a win-win relationship for both countries;
  - (ситуация): this requires efforts from all parties but it is a clear win-win situation
  беспросветность, беспросветный - смотри файл EMOCII
  бессвязно - (бормотать): he was sputtering incoherently;
  - (бормотать): she began to mutter incoherently;
  - (говорить): he spoke in a desultory fashion of current events;
  - (как б. течёт время): I was thinking about how disjointedly time seemed to flow in the city, passing in a blur at times, with single images standing out more clearly than others. And then, at other times, every second was significant, etched in my mind.
  бессвязный - (бред): questions whirled in his mind and ground to incoherent rubble;
  - (вопросы): meaningless, rambling questions;
  - (комментарии): they were exchanging desultory comments on the political situation;
  - (лекция): his lecture was disjointed and uneven, and he was relieved when it was over;
  - (мольбы): whatever memories tormented him, he moaned and whimpered inarticulate pleas;
  - (мысли): disconnected thoughts;
  - (проповедь): he gave long, besotted, rambling sermon on how difficult it was to be King;
  - (разговор): desultory conversation;
  - (рассказ): the tale was incoherent, scarcely intelligible;
  - (речь): he delivered a rambling speech before being handed the sentence;
  - (тон): his voice was disjointed and unconvincing
  бессилие - (одна неудачная попытка может заставить вас почувствовать своё б.): one bad experience can make you feel disempowered and helpless;
  - (он в б-и развёл руками): he spread his hands in a gesture of futility
  бессильно - (возмущаться): "You won't get away with this," he raged impotently;
  - (свисать): she sits bent over with her forearms on her knees and her hands limply dangling
  бессильный - (Индия, Персия и Россия были бесильны перед ворами Средней Азии): I derived perverse pleasure from the assurance that India, Persia and Russia were alike impotent to halt the hereditary thieves of Central Asia;
  - (одна неудачная попытка может заставить вас почувствовать себя б-ым): one bad experience can make you feel disempowered and helpless;
  - (чувствовать себя б-ым перед независимым прокурором): Bill Clinton felt powerless in the face of Starr and his allies;
  - (ярость): ...the venom with which he was attacked may be attributed to their frustrated rage
  бесследно - (исчезнуть): the one was found floating in a canal, the other disappeared without trace;
  - (изчезнуть б.с.): the fisherman saw that both the new house and the palace had vanished without trace;
  - (исчезнуть): they enjoyed brief success with their second album and then sank without trace;
  - (исчезнуть): he argued that the former Atlantean landmass lay in the vicinity of the Azores and that, before it sank without trace, it acted as a land-bridge for the migration of flora and fauna between Africa and the Americas
  бессмертие - (спортивное б. велосипедиста): the cyclist's sporting immortality
  бессмертный - (Кощей бессмертный): Koshchei the Deathless;
  - (мученик): imperishable martyr
  бессмысленно - (избыточная структура комитета): the commission's recommendation that Congress get its own house in order by streamlining the rules, regulations and insanely redundant committee structure;
  - (рассуждать, о том, что было бы если бы да кабы): it is futile to speculate on "might-have-beens";
  - (сравнивать кого-л): comparing a medieval monarch with a 19th-century artist or a modern-day scientist is simply nonsense;
  - (улыбаться, о пьяном): he smiled muzzily swaying on his feet;
  - (это было бы б.): that would be pointless;
  - She always felt sickened by tragic incidents like this one, where so many innocent people got killed. It was so senseless.
  бессмысленность - (возобновления военных действий): we convinced them of the futility of resuming military operations;
  - (попыток перехитрить): the futility of trying to outthink a people who have specialized in awing visitors for three thousand years;
  - (человеческой жизни): how humans cope with absurdity and utter futility of their lives;
  - (с её языка слетали б-ти): inanities slipped off her tongue;
  - (шантажа): to demonstrate the futility of Soviet-backed blackmail had been for some time the key to our diplomacy
  бессмысленный - (аппеляция): the fatuous appeal process;
  - (беспорядочный набор слов): nonsensical jumble of words;
  - (бойня): the mercenary was sharp enough to get clear of the futile slaughter that was overwhelming the country;
  - (взгляд): vacuous stare;
  - (вопрос / ответ): ask a nonsensical question and get a nonsensical answer;
  - (выражение лица): the fatuous expression of good nature on his face;
  - (выражения): Russian texts in science and engineering often include nonsensical, ambiguous and/or unnecessarily convoluted nontechnical statements;
  - (грубость): I have overlooked the needless brutality with which you have treated my staff;
  - (жадность): they were snapping at each other in their mindless greed;
  - (жалобы): this is about solving problems, not lodging useless complaints;
  - (зверства ): Jungle standards do not countenance wanton atrocities. There we kill for food and for self-preservation.;
  - (законы): this wasn't America, overrun with pointless and counterproductive "ethics" laws;
  - (замечание): vacuous / inane remark;
  - (идеи): he spoke with the indulgent air of a great teacher correcting a country bumpkin's fatuous ideas;
  - (инициативы): empty promises, hollow rhetoric, and irrelevant initiatives;
  - (каракули): meaningless doodles;
  - (комочек кашицы): the vinegar would quickly dissolve the papyrus and by the time anyone extracted the secret message it would be a glob of meaningless pulp;
  - (медаль, т.е. выдающемуся выпускнику на встрече одноклассников): he's not the kind to show up just to collect some crummy, meaningless (Distinguished Alumna) medal;
  - (насилие): senseless violence;
  - (насилие над языком): calling it kindness is a fatuous violation of language;
  - (обвинения): the charges against me were ludicrous and meaningless;
  - (перевод): some businesses try to save on translation fees by using free computer programs, but those don't offer the quality needed to avoid stilted and often nonsensical results;
  - (понятие): the medical science has increased the life expectancy, but life expectancy alone seems hollow, we should improve the quality of life;
  - (потеря жизней): it was a wanton waste of life;
  - (похоть): he forced her thighs open to slake his mindless lust;
  - (представления деревенщины): he spoke with the indulgent air of a great teacher correcting a country bumpkin's fatuous ideas;
  - (призыв): in a tornado of suspicion about to overwhelm us (Watergate scandal), my appeal to idealism would sound vacuous if not cynical;
  - (президентство): his opponent had bluntly declared his Presidency "irrelevant";
  - (разведывательная информация): if the information is inept all the efforts of the information gatherers are wasted;
  - (разговор): he had wasted 60 seconds of his life having a meaningless conversation with a paranoid schizophrenic;
  - (рок): fates are so inept that not design but accident is the weave of men's lives;
  - (смерть): senseless death;
  - (смех): vacuous laughter;
  - (советы): the recommendations were meaningless;
  - (споры будут б-ы, если мы погибнем от руки пиратов): debates over present, past or future will be entirely pointless if we're dead at the hands of these pirates;
  - (трагедия): senseless tragedy;
  - (трата времени): a ridiculous waste of time for officials with so much responsibility;
  - (требование): "This is idle talk," said Gandalf. "Needless is Théoden's demand, but it is useless to refuse. A king will have his way in his own hall, be it folly or wisdom.";
  - (убийство): another senseless murder case;
  - (убийства): senseless killings;
  - (улыбка): a broad vacant smile;
  - (тяжба): People try to obstruct progress. Our companies find themselves broiled in pointless, unproductive litigation.;
  - no country actually dealing with Hanoi entertained a shred of the illusion that North Vietnam was a benign nationalist power victimized by senseless and arbitrary American pressure
  бессмыслица - (анализ неправильной инфромации приведёт к б-е): if the information is faulty the best analysis in the world will only come up with nonsense;
  - (т.е. непонятно): the message was just gibberish to him, scrambled letters that might as easily have been typed by a chimpanzee in return for a bunch of bananas at some research university;
  - (получить б-у при расшифровке): he executed the command (on a computer) to decrypt a message, and got gibberish;
  - (с её языка слетали б-ы): inanities slipped off her tongue
  бессодержательный - (замечание): vacuous / inane remark;
  - (манера письма): vapid style of writing;
  - (риторика): empty promises, hollow rhetoric, and irrelevant initiatives;
  - (человек): vapid person
  бессознательный (впасть в б-ое состояние) - he lapsed into unconsciousness;
  - he closed his eyes and passed into unconsciousness;
  - the cold pills took effect, and I gladly sank into unconsciousness
  бессонница - (во время ночной б-ы): all through the night vigil she was tormented by images of his martyred limbs;
  - (средство от б-ы): his insomnia remedy - a mug of steaming cocoa
  бесспорно - The Universal Declaration of Human Rights states, "Everyone has the right to seek and to enjoy in other countries asylum from persecution." This right has been codified in numerous international treaties. He unquestionably deserves this right.;
  - a fine-looking manor, easily the grandest building for miles around
  бесспорный - (аргумент): this line of argument seems quite uncontentious;
  - (довод): it's a debate with cogent argument on either side;
  - (довод): what is a cogent argument against global warming?;
  - (довод): An argument is cogent if, and only if, supposing the premises all to be true, then the conclusion is probably (but not necessarily) true. Suppose you have an argument in which the premises make the conclusion very probably true, but not necessarily true; it might still be a good argument. Such an argument we call cogent; cogency is of central importance to inductive logic. Here, for example, is a cogent argument: There is a barrel jammed full of ordinary marbles, of different colors. Without looking, Jill pulled out 100 marbles from various holes in the lid; 95 of the marbles Jill pulled out were red. Therefore, the next marble Jill pulls out, without looking, from another hole in the lid, will be red. This appears to be a cogent argument. That means that if the two premises are true, then probably the conclusion is true; for all we know, the next marble might not be red, but it probably will be.;
  - (доказательство): incontrovertible evidence;
  - (кандидат на место ушедшего в отставку сенатора Л.): he was seen as a shoo-in Ame infml, political for former Majority Leader T.L.'s Senate seat, when L. retired in 2007;
  - (кандидат): a safe Democratic district and his influential position among the Democratic leadership in the House make him a virtual shoo-in for a 16th straight electoral victory;
  - (кандидатура на второй срок на посту президента): if Bill Clinton passed a bill that provided every American with health insurance, he would be a shoo-in for a second term as President;
  - (место старейшины шпионского триллера): the writer is showing no signs of relinquishing his unarguable status as the doyen of the spy thriller;
  - (победитель): the party is an outright winner;
  - (победитель на выборах): he is the clear winner of this election;
  - (право собственности, которое является б-ым): Most contracts for the sale and purchase of real estate, whether residential, commercial, or whatever, contain a requirement that the seller convey 'marketable' or 'merchantable' title. Both terms are used to mean the same thing, i.e., that the seller is able to convey title that meets the local standards for a title that is free from doubt fml or free from the threat of potential litigation.;
  - (право собственности, действительность которого бесспорна): Clear title. Unencumbered or unrestricted legal ownership that is free from doubt as to its validity. The phrase implies that ownership is not subject to claims by anyone but the person holding title. It is also called marketable title, or title that can be easily transferred or sold because of its lack of encumbrances.;
  - (свидетельские показания): uncontentious evidence;
  - (теория не бесспорна): this theory is not uncontentious;
  - (факты): statement of material undisputed facts;
  - (факт): indisputable / incontrovertible fact
  бессрочный - (вклад): a sight deposit or "on call" deposit, can be withdrawn at any time, without any notice or penalty: e.g., money deposited in a checking account or savings account in a bank;
  - (аренда): the Treaty gave the USA a perpetual lease to a 10-mile strip of land;
  - (лицензия): licensure may be perpetual or may need to be renewed periodically
  - (право на арест / удержание имущества): any delinquency on real property taxes constitutes a perpetual lien against the property in favor of the county for all taxes, late charges and interest
  бессчётный - (поколения): we have lived for untold generations on these wide and fertile lands
  бестарный - (перевозка): the company is the leader of North America's bulk transportation services;
  - (перевозка): iron ore transport by sea is one of the great success of industrial bulk shipping
  бесхозяйственность - (б. в экономике): mismanagement of the economy / economic mismanagement;
  - (обвинения в мошенничестве и б-ти): allegations of fraud and mismanagement;
  - (считать использование авиационного керосина в наземных средствах передвижения б-ю): Civilian vehicles require that an additive be mixed with the jet fuel to restore its lubricity. Since jet fuel is also significantly more expensive than diesel, some critics consider using jet fuel in ground vehicles as wasteful.
  бесцветный образно - (литературный стиль): vapid style of writing;
  - (однообразие): when one breaks free of the monochrome drabness, the result is a sudden easing of tensions a feeling akin to exhilaration;
  - (презирать б-ое): he scorned the vague, the tame, the colorless, the irresolute;
  - (человек): the people playing them were insipid;
  - (человек): vapid person;
  - (язык Новой английской библии): The years have been unkind to Tim Rice's lyrics (Jesus Christ Superstar). They make the flavourless language of the New English Bible seem rich in comparison.;
  - смотри файл CVET
  бесцельно - (передвигать шахматные фигуры): Kasparov aimlessly moved around;
  - (полицейские б. свистели): policemen were aimlessly tweeting their whistles;
  - (разговор б. переходил с одной темы на другую): the talk drifted aimlessly from one subject to another
  бесцельный - (разговор): he had engaged in a desultory cross talking with her
  бесценный - (бриллиант): the detective is on the hunt for a priceless diamond;
  - (душевный покой): the peace of mind it will provide will be priceless;
  - (его мудрые советы были б-ы): he was invaluable in his wise advice;
  - (информация): her information was invaluable;
  - (помощь): his analysis service has been an invaluable aid for my staff in the preparation of this volume;
  - (работа аналитика в разведке): intelligence and back-room work, tedious, slow, methodical, often boring but always invaluable
  бесценок - (продаваться за б.): to go for nothing
  бесчинствовать - (наёмники бесчинствовали в стране): "Mercenaries are plundering the country ever since you cut them loose after recruiting them in the first place. I thought you claimed to be putting an end to hired swords riding roughshod over the country."
  бесчисленный - (бусы): innumerable beads hung around her neck;
  - (множество раз): he used a sharp knife, nicked himself times without number, and cut himself badly once;
  - (поколения обитателей джунглей): a winding game trail trodden deep by the feet of countless generations of the savage denizens of the jungle;
  - (предполётные проверки): the colonel he was running through his seemingly innumerable pre-take-off checks;
  - (пропавшие моряки): the sea is a cemetery for countless lost mariners;
  - (рассказы): the Klondike provided inspiration for countless stories;
  - (сексуальные заскоки): This is an original work of adult literature. If you are a pious self-righteous adult burdened by a repressive religious upbringing and sexual hang-ups too numerous to count, then you too should pass.;
  - (странные существа): the world being full of strange creatures beyond count, these little people seemed of very little importance;
  - (часы): he spent innumerable hours to persuade the Irish to give up past grievances and overcome barriers to peace
  бешено - (извиваться): he put a frantically wiggling rat into the pocket;
  - (извиваться): he felt the arm under his feet twisting madly;
  - (качаться): the paper flower was nodding crazily this way and that
  - (лаять): when he knocked a dog started barking frantically inside;
  - (наброситься на кого-л с саблей): I dragged out my sabre. I cut wildly at the red-bearded trooper.;
  - (плеваться): the cat propelled itself, spitting madly, at the rat;
  - (раскачиваться): the bike wavered crazily from side to side;
  бешенство - (впасть в б.): he touched her with a piece of magic bark, and she fell into frenzy
  бешеный - (бык): raging bull;
  - (в б-ом темпе переписывать главы от руки): I was trying to meet my publishing deadline for my unfinished book, madly drafting and redrafting chapters in longhand;
  - (в б-ом темпе работать): the technicians are working frantically to put the fault right, but there will be a delay of an hour or 2;
  - (водоворот): the walls of water crashed down in a furious whirl of waves;
  - (водоворот): forty-foot waves reared above the ship's port side, hovered for a moment, then crashed down to obscure her gigantic deck in a swirling maelstrom of white foam;
  - (давление родителей, т.е. на суд): ...amid a frenetic legal offensive by her parents;
  - (деньги, заплатить б-ые д. за пару босоножек): she spent a small fortune infml on a pair of slingbacks;
  - (успех): her last book was a raving success;
  - (успех утренних спектаклей): her matinees had been a wild success;
  - (цены растут б-ым темпом): oil prices are rising at a bewildering pace;
  - (чечётка): a kind of frenzied tap dance
  библиография - (книга содержит полную б-ю по вопросу): the book includes a full bibliography that serves as a roadmap to the literature
  бивак / бивуак - (т.е. наёмников): each encampment had twenty or so tents, the captain's pennants hanging limp above the heart of each gathering
  билет - (авиабилеты в Турцию): they got air tickets for Turkey;
  - (в кино): visitors can tour an ancient mansion, see the fascinating garden, unique architecture - all for less that a ticket to the movies;
  - (б. на поезд в N. в одну сторону): at the small station he bought a single ticket to N.;
  - (пассажир с б-ом): on domestic flight each ticketed passenger is allowed a total of three pieces of luggage free of charge;
  - (т.е. плата за проезд, мне нужны деньги на автобусный б.): I need some money for my bus fare;
  - (т.е. плата за проезд, родители оплатили ему б. в Сидней): his parents paid his fare to Sydney;
  - (студенческий): student ID;
  - (членский, т.е. ассоциации): seven to ten days after joining or renewing your membership, you can expect to receive your membership card;
  - (членский, т.е. клуба): Gym services, classes and equipment are for the sole use of paying members, and ID Card Systems ensure that unauthorized access to gym facilities and services is not possible. By showing a member ID card upon entrance to a facility, authorized users can be verified while those who do not have a membership ID Card or who have a fraudulent one can be identified and stopped.
  биогенный - (вещества, уменьшение содержания б-ых веществ в реках): activities related to nutrient reduction
  биографический - (фильм): the actress renders a brilliant performance as the legendary singer Edith Piaf in the biopic "La vie en Rose"
  биография - (для того, кто выдаёт себя за другого): it is necessary to devise a new identity for him;
  - (немногие писатели, и уж точно ни один с такой же б-ей, как у Ле Карре, трактуют эти проблемы с такой же основательностью и силой, т.е. имеется в виду служба писателя в разведке): few writers, and certainly none with le Carré's profile, are tackling those issues with the same thoroughness and vigour;
  - (предъявляемая на собеседование при приёме на работу): please provide a full career history in a separate Curriculum Vitae;
  - on joining the service, like everyone else, he had to write a complete life story of himself
  биодеструкция - (ускорить процесс б-и нефти): The surfactant molecules in the dispersant sit at the interface between oil and water, reducing the surface tension between the two liquids. This assists in the break up of the oil into small droplets when energy is applied. This accelerates the process of biodegradation.
  биологический - (война): biological warfare programme;
  - (война): germ warfare;
  - (теракт): the government is taking the threat of biological and chemical attack very seriously
  бисексуал - a man on the down low sub>slang
  битва - the scenes reminiscent of medieval battles;
  - (за Британию): Battle of Britain. In 1940, the British Royal air Force fights a desperate battle vs. the Nazi Germany Air Force for control of British air space to prevent a Nazi invasion of Britain.;
  - (за Францию): In World War II, the Battle of France was the German invasion of France and the Low countries, executed from 10 May 1940, which ended the Phoney War.;
  - (при Саламине): the Battle of Salamis
  бить - (баклуши): they will have a double handful of days to kick their heels in idleness infml;
  - (баклуши): it's better than diddling our thumbs infml in the lab;
  - (баклуши): if you ever get tired of loafing, you can get work waiting tables;
  - (в набат): "The corsairs are upon us!" They ran to bells and tolled the alarm and some blew the trumpets sounding the retreat;
  - (по ним не так били изменения во внешнем мире): her friends in the late fifties were more overtly committed to finding a husband and less buffeted by changes in the outside world;
  - (рекорд): not only had the benign weather brought North America a bumper crop in all areas of grain and cereals, it had broken existing records;
  - (рекорд): disbelief in Washington has broken the previous record;
  - (тревогу): they had seen the keel and beat out a furious alarm;
  - (тревогу по поводу терроризма): since the first State of the Union, Bill Clinton had sounded the alarm on global terrorism;
  - (себя в грудь образно): смотри файл EMOCII;
  - (шахматную фигуру или пешку): смотри ниже;
  - смотри файлы DVIJENIE, ZVUKI
  бить (шахматную фигуру или пешку) - the white Pawn on e5 threatens to capture black Knight on f6 without any further compensation for sacrificed material;
  - pawn takes f5, rook takes e7;
  - this pawn on b2 can't be captured;
  - a Rook on the 7th will "eat" infml pawn after pawn;
  - these rooks are sometimes colloquially referred to as "pigs on the seventh", because they often threaten to "eat" infml the opponent's pieces or pawns;
  - (шашку): to jump a man;
  биться - (над задачей): to tackle a problem;
  - (над задачей): the painter wrestled with the problem of how to represent water, just as he would later struggle with the problem of painting glass;
  - (об заклад, если бы пришлось б.о.з., я бы поставил на то, что они горят желанием отменить решение в пользу ответчика): if I had to bet, I'd wager they're hot to overturn Roe;
  - (об заклад, бьюсь с вами о.з., т.е. в полной уверенности): I lay odds with you that the deranged ten-year-old who shot her mother has now resurfaced as C., a woman who flipped when she found herself back in home sweet home;
  - смотри файл DVIJENIE
  благо - (всеобщее): he was refusing to subordinate his welfare to the general good;
  - (всех благ, т.е. пожелание): all the best;
  - (высшее): they believe in government by the elite, ostensibly for the greater good, but the elite decides what the greater good is;
  - (высшее): we will seize control for the greater good;
  - (естественное): it is time to end the delusion that limited liability is a natural good;
  - (здоровье - большое б.): good health is a great asset;
  - (т.е. к счастью): I was late to the station, but fortunately for me, the train was late too;
  - (т.е. к счастью, б., у меня был с собой зонтик): There was a terrible downpour; I was lucky to have an umbrella;
  - (материальные блага): material benefits;
  - (меня тошнит от того, что мне лгут ради моего б-а): I'm sick of people lying to me for my own good;
  - (т.е. от нанимателя): смотри ниже;
  - (общественное): modern-day liberals and conservatives fail to articulate a coherent vision of the public good;
  - (отречься от благ мирских): she has recently undergone a religious conversion at the hand of a Lutheran pastor, and is on the brink of renouncing her worldly goods in favour of a mysterious not-for profit foundation under his pastoral control;
  - (партии / страны): They are not thinking about the good of the party anymore, much less the good of the country. They are thinking about the next leadership race.;
  - (приносить б. , политика глобализации, которая приносит б. отдельным людям, а вред - многим / ...которая немногим во б. и многим во вред): these working-class people are bearing the brunt of a policy of globalisation that benefits the few and damages the many;
  - (служение на б. общества): during the 1930s she served on a number of advisory bodies and commissions which she believed was part of her role to do public good;
  - (счесть за б.): I thought it best to keep silent;
  - (только о твоем б-е и забочусь / пекусь): your well-being is my only concern;
  - (трудиться ради общественного б-а): to work for a common cause / the common good;
  - (чиновник не должен принимать отдельные блага, такие как подарки и развлечения): he must not accept casual benefits such as gifts and entertainments;
  - (эта технология - большое б.): this technology is a boon for creative heads;
  - (это будет большим б-ом для нашей безопасности): if it works, it will be a great blessing for our security / it would greatly strengthen / benefit our security
  благо (т.е. от нанимателя) - thousands of senior officials retain their old fringe benefits;
  - the use of a company car is one perquisite of the job;
  - forget the company car - laptops are the best perk infml;
  - benefits and perks;
  - employer-paid benefits: Parking Place, Comprehensive Major Medical Insurance;
  - a salary of $40000 and usual benefits including car and profit share;
  - Twenty years ago, I would have agreed that benefits, such as paid health insurance and the opportunity to purchase life insurance at a discounted rate, a retirement program funded by the company, as well as accrued paid vacation, sick leave and holidays, do offset a lower than hoped-for salary
  благовидный - (предлог): plausible excuse
  благовоспитанный - (поклон): he inclined his head in a well-bred bow;
  благодарить - (благодарю заранее): at least to some people, the phrase ("thank you in advance") in English gives a negative impression;
  - (начальство за похвалу): he acknowledged the praise of his superiors for his careful work as a clerk in their employ;
  - (редактора за помощь): I am grateful to my editor for everything he does to guide this writer along the way
  благодарно - (усмехнуться): He grinned gratefully. "Aye-Aye, sir. And thanks."
  благодарность - (т.е. автора книги / статьи редактору...): Acknowledgements. This book is better because of the insightful editing of N.K.;
  - (т.е. в приказе по армии): By his vigilance in the retreat from lower Manhattan to Harlem, Burr saved an entire brigade from capture after the British landing on Manhattan. In a stark departure from common practice, Washington failed to commend Burr's actions in the next day's General Orders. Although Burr was already a nationally known hero, he never received a commendation.;
  - (выражать б. кому-л): we extend our gratitude to our sponsor;
  - (выражаю большую б. за...): many thanks to M.C. for his valuable assistance in answering my queries about adoption law and procedure;
  - (т.е. за хорошую работу): Résumé to include: employment history, educational background (degrees you hold or are currently working on), list of awards and commendations, three current letters of professional reference;
  - (к кому-л): he felt a rush of gratitude toward her;
  - (объявить б., кораблю объявили б. президента в приказе): USS Gettysburg gets a Presidential Unit Citation;
  - (объявить б., т.е. в приказе по армии): By his vigilance in the retreat from lower Manhattan to Harlem, Burr saved an entire brigade from capture after the British landing on Manhattan. In a stark departure from common practice, Washington failed to commend Burr's actions in the next day's General Orders. Although Burr was already a nationally known hero, he never received a commendation. Burr was infuriated by the incident, which may have led to the eventual estrangement between him and Washington.;
  - (объявление б-ти в приказе): the awarding of medals and citations for valor and distinguished service figures prominently in boosting Red Army morale;
  - (особо отличившейся части, т.е. в приказе по армии): the Naval Academy received the Meritorious Unit Commendation from the chief of naval personnel;
  - (передать б. вашему персоналу за прекрасную организацию свадьбы...): I would like to convey my compliments to your staff for my making my new daughter and son's wedding reception a wonderful event;
  - (передать от меня б. шеф-повару за прекрасную еду): when I asked the manager to convey my compliments to the chef for an excellent meal, he escorted me back into the kitchen so I could thank the chef personally;
  - (т.е. шпион получил б. и премию): Acting on a tip-off supplied by his superior the spy blackmailed a Polish diplomat who had lost his heart to a dancer. The first yield was good - he won a commendation and a bonus.;
  - (б. прошлым поколениям угасла): gratitudes for past generations fade;
  - (сердечная): kudos and heartfelt thanks to my editors;
  - (я испытываю глубокую б. к сотрудникам): I owe a deep debt of gratitude fml to associates whose skill and dedication this work would never have been completed
  благодарный - (буду очень благодарна за любой совет): any advice would be greatly appreciated;
  - (за поддержку): he was grateful for her support;
  - (я б. за поддержку): I am humbled to be here today, representing the United States of America before the Organization of American States, and I am grateful to have the support of the President and Secretary Rice.;
  - (мы будем благодарны, если вы сообщите нам...): we would be grateful to you if you could let us know by November 1, 2010 if you will be able to review this application;
  - (неблагодарное положение): this is not a very rewarding position to be in;
  - ( я благодарен судьбе за предоставленную возможность...): I'm grateful to have the opportunity to share my love of music with so many people;
  - (я благодарен судьбе за предоставленную возможность отработать практику в архитектурной фирме): I was blessed with an opportunity in high school to intern at an architecture firm, F.&Associates;
  - ( я благодарен судьбе за то, что мне выпала честь...): I'm grateful to have the privilege to train with such a dedicated group of high-level athletes;
  - (я благодарен за удовольствие, которое получаю в вашем обществе): I'm grateful for the pleasure of your company;
  - (я благодарна редактору за помощь): I am grateful to my editor for everything he does to guide this writer along the way
  - ( я был бы очень благодарен, если бы вы... ): I would greatly appreciate it if you...
  благодарственный - (молебен): through this service of thanksgiving, which recalls Jesus' death and resurrection, worshippers join with Him by sharing the sacrament of bread and wine
  благодаря - (авторитету кого-л, Обама победил в Айове, получив 51,9% голосов в борьбе за второй срок на посту президента, б. его авторитету четверо кандидатов на окружные должности и двое кандидатов в законодательный орган штата тоже победили на выборах): Obama won Iowa by 51.9 percent Tuesday on his way to a second term, and riding on his coattails infml, four candidates for county offices and two running for the state Legislature from Sioux City captured their own wins;
  - (б. благим намерениям): their country had not survived by wishful thinking;
  - (б. браку): she's a British citizen by virtue fml of her marriage to an Englishman;
  - (браку с маркизом Р.): Lady Stella became a member of the aristocracy through her marriage to the Marquess of Reading;
  - (ветчина имеет изысканный / тонкий привкус б. вымачиванию в смеси специй, ягод можжевельника и патоки): this smoked ham has a sweet subtle flavour, which comes from being steeped in a mixture of spices, juniper berries and molasses before being smoked and matured;
  - (б. влиянию кого-л): the victory was due to the enormous influence of Washington;
  - (б. вмешательству): they traveled on Red Cross documents issued through the intervention of the Vatican;
  - (воздух в турбине расширяется б. сгоранию топлова): in a jet engine, thrust derives from the propulsive force of the rotating blades of a turbine compressing air, which is then expanded by the combustion of introduced fuel and exhausted from the engine;
  - (высота превращается в скорость б. силе тяготения): in a sail plane, height attained by mechanical, orographic, or thermal techniques is translated into speed by means of gravity;
  - (дети овладевают математикой б. упражнениям, затраченному времени, ожиданию успеха и вере в то, что изучения математики им по силам): kids gain proficiency with math through practice, time on task, the expectation of success, and the belief that learning math is within their grasp;
  - (б. длинным именам файлов система удобна): long file names make the system usable;
  - (б. доброте хозяина он научился писать): he learned to read and write through the kindness of his master;
  - (доход подскочил б. оздоровлению отрасли): their profit rockets on recovery in steel sector;
  - (б. его бдительности при отступлении из Манхэттена в Гарлем, Бэрр спас целую бригаду от пленения после высадки британцев на Манхэттен): by his vigilance in the retreat from lower Manhattan to Harlem, Burr saved an entire brigade from capture after the British landing on Manhattan;
  - (б. его знаниям и опыту): thanks in part to his expertise, a firefighting operation expected to last 3 to 5 years was completed in 9 months;
  - (б. её дару ясновидения полиция вызывала её в случаях похищения или исчезновения людей): her gift of second sight caused her to be called upon, however discreetly, by the police in cases of kidnappings and missing persons;
  - (б. его стремлению к высокому качеству и совершенству появился лучший в мире кофе): his passion for quality and excellence has produced the world's best coffee;
  - (б. заботам / уходу здоровье восстановилось): a few days alone would be enough to rob me of the little health I have regained under your clumsy care;
  - (избежать. наказания б. юридической формальности): he escaped punishment on a legal technicality;
  - (книга стала лучше б. редактированию): Acknowledgements. This book is better because of the insightful editing of N.K.;
  - (б. любезности кого-л): the AT-6 antitank missile, actually a Russian version of the NATO Milan, courtesy of some nameless KGB spy;
  - (б. милиции): thanks to the volunteer militia, the annual Market Square Days goes off like clockwork;
  - (мы стали союзниками б. общим представлениям об окружающем мире и опыту): we became allies because of our shared vision and experience;
  - (б. нашей политике мы получаем свободу действий): we believe that through our policy we are gaining the freedom of maneuver;
  - (б. оживлению экономики): mining stocks will continue to benefit from buoyant commodity prices thanks to ongoing economic recovery;
  - (он выиграл в первой партии б. тому, что она...): his win in Game 1 was due to the fact, that Game 1...;
  - (б. предусмотрительности): because of his foresight, that Monday proceeded in a reasonably well-ordered way instead of being the chaos that one might have expected;
  - (преуспеть б. чему-л): the organization succeeded by virtue of its own ruthlessness, of Allied mistakes, of the Cold War, of the usual German cowardice when faced with a moral problem;
  - (б. прилеганию на икрах брюки-галифе влезали в сапоги для верховой езды): Jodhpurs are a particular type of pants designed for riding horses. British colonialists in India began calling the pants by the name of the city in India where pants of that style were often worn. Back then, jodhpurs were made of durable material which flared very wide at the hips and then tapered to a snug fit at the knees all the way down to the ankle. The flared hips allowed for lots of freedom of movement while riding, and the snugness at the calves allowed the pants to fit easily into knee-high riding boots.;
  - (принц пользовался популярностью б. своему пребыванию на фронте в Афганистане): Prince Harry is enjoying the popularity that came from his deployment on the front lines in Afghanistan;
  - (б. своей бдительности при отступлении из Манхэттена в Гарлем, Бэрр спас целую бригаду от пленения после высадки британцев на Манхэттен): by his vigilance in the retreat from lower Manhattan to Harlem, Burr saved an entire brigade from capture after the British landing on Manhattan;
  - (б своей готовности поделиться своими знаниями она приобрела много друзей): her ready habit of sharing any skill had won her many friends;
  - (б. своему красноречию): these leaders became national figures by reason of their oratory;
  - (семья заняла высокое положение б. милости короля и удачным бракам): the family had gone up in the world as a result of royal favor and successful marriages;
  - (сообразительности): several times in his life he had survived through sharp thinking in a crisis
  - (строгой диете): she is very physically fit and has the body she had when she was in school due to strict diet and exercise;
  - (б. тому, что не требуется сооружение лесов): the steel truss cantilever bridge was a major engineering breakthrough when first put into practice, as it can span distances of over 460 m and can be more easily constructed at difficult crossings by virtue of using little or no falsework;
  - (тяга получается б. движущей силе, создаваемой вращением пропеллера): in reciprocating of turboprop-powered aircraft thrust derives from the propulsive force caused by the rotation of the propeller, with residual thrust provided by the exhaust;
  - (тяга получается б. ускорению окружающего воздуха): thrust is obtained by accelerating a mass of ambient air to a velocity greater than the speed of the aircraft;
  - (б. усилиям правительства): the work was conducted on a systematic basis through the efforts of the government;
  - (усилиям кого-л): it came about through the effort of a political manager;
  - (б. характеру местности): owing to the nature of the terrain in Indochina it would take a long time to come up with additional information;
  - (б. численному перевесу / преимуществу): by sheer force of numbers the farmers soon won;
  - (б. членству в Комиссии Сената по вооружённым силам он завязал тесные связи с ведущими военными деятелями): through his membership on the Senate Armed Services Committee he had developed close ties with senior military figures;
  - (...б. этому свойству ткань почти не прикасается к коже при носке): Seersucker is woven in such a way that some threads bunch together, giving the fabric a wrinkled appearance in places. This feature causes the fabric to be mostly held away from the skin when worn, facilitating heat dissipation and air circulation.
  благодатный - (земля): the land was rich and kindly;
  - (климат): kindly / lush climat;
  благодетель - (т.е. делающий денежные пожертвования): members of the family have long been major benefactors of the mentally retarded;
  - (человечества ирония): a do-gooder is a naive idealist who supports philanthropic or humanitarian causes or reforms
  благодеяние - (которое ещё надо заслужить): Hanoi meant to use the prospect of permitting some American diplomats to join the ostracism and general discomfort of their colleagues from Western Europe in Hanoi as a boon that we first had to earn;
  - (оказывать б. кому-л): he was conferring a great boon on me;
  - (технология - б. для творческих умов): this technology is a boon for creative heads;
  - we should achieve the Israeli withdrawal, in return for which Nasser would confer on us the boon of restored diplomatic relations;
  - the government says the move will be a boon for many
  благозвучно - She sat at the harpsichord. Her fingers stumbled over the keys and she tried again, more harmoniously
  благозвучный - (имена): odalisques with melodious names like Shy Rose and Nightingale;
  - (фамилии): most writers who have lasted not only have euphonious names, but names that somehow resonate with their genius
  благой - (из б-их побуждений / с б-ими намерениями, даже если это делается с.б.н.): a parent may express concern for the welfare of their child suffering from an eating disturbance, but may do so in a way that is difficult to receive, makes her feel guilty, embarrassed, angry, or hurt, even if it is kindly meant;
  - (надежды): is it a proven fact, or a fond hope?;
  - (намерения): their country had not survived by wishful thinking;
  - (намерения): there was a problem of well meaning developers who would start a project, sell lots to collect seed money for the infrastructure and then, regardless of good intentions, go under before the infrastructure could be completed;
  - (намерения, действующие с б-ими намерениями законодатели культурных вкусов): if the brain is malleable, it is also vulnerable to the ambitions and mistakes of others, whether they are misguided parents, well-meaning cultural trendsetters or despotic national leaders
  благонадёжность - (проверка на б., интервью в рамках п-и н.б. в ФБР перед назначением на должность в министерстве жилья и градостроительства): for more than a year, he had been subject of an investigation by an independent counsel for making incorrect statements about his personal expenses in his FBI vetting interview for the HUD job;
  - (сомневаться в б-ти кого-л): no one could ever doubt her loyalty
  благополучие - (всеобщее): the general welfare;
  - (народа): the Council was to look after the welfare of the people in colonial areas;
  - (подчинить своё б. всеобщему благу): he was refusing to subordinate his welfare to the general good;
  - (продолжительное б. математики): the continued well-being of mathematics;
  - (ставить б. ребёнка на первое место): the court's duty is to put the welfare of each child paramount;
  - (страны): to thwart designs inimical to the well-being of our country;
  - (чьё-л): I am concerned solely for your welfare
  благополучно - (возвратиться): and now farewell and return safely;
  - (добраться): he had arrived safely;
  - (добраться): he made Brno comfortably by mid afternoon;
  - (доставить кого-л): our job's to deliver him safely to headquarters;
  - (доставить заключённого в тюрьму): he got his man safely back on time;
  - (перенести роды): she had passed safely through the perils of childbed;
  - (плаванье прошло б.): "I hope your journey was trouble-free." "A bit of chop the last few days. Nothing too awful.";
  - (проводить кого-л): I will see him safely onto the train back to school;
  - (разрешиться девочками-двойняшками, т.е. родить): she is safely delivered of twin girls;
  - (убежать): Once, when I was mowing the lawn, I looked down to see a rattle snake sliding along with the lawn mower, apparently captivated by the vibrations. I ran like crazy and escaped unscathed;
  - (убрать от греха подальше): Ron, noticing this, snatched the owl safely out of harm's way
  благополучный - (страна): there is a new China emerging in the world that is more prosperous, more open and more dynamic
  благоприятный - (ветер): he prayed to Odin for a favourable wind;
  - (возможность): opportunity never translates itself into reality automatically;
  - (день): a propitious day;
  - (исход события, т.е. в теории вероятностей): he defined the probability of an event as the ratio of the number of favorable outcomes in which the event can be realized to the total number of outcomes, assuming that the latter can be taken to be equiprobable;
  - (исход события, т.е. в теории вероятностей): favourable occurrence / case of an event;
  - (момент): if you were waiting for the opportune moment, that was it.;
  - (момент): it is an opportune moment for the reform;
  - (момент, который он выбрал для начала энергетической войны, не является б-ым): the timing for Putin to start an energy war is not propitious;
  - (обстоятельства): the visit began under auspicious circumstances;
  - (обстоятельства): under favourable circumstances;
  - (погода): the benign weather had brought North America a bumper crop in all areas of grain and cereals, it had broken existing records;
  - (погода): a propitious day / weather;
  - (произвести на кого-л б-ое впечатление): I was favorably impressed by her;
  - (режим, т.е. для внешней торговли со страной): if they don't take advantage of the opportunity to get what the country deserves, there is not much point in getting such favorable treatment;
  - (...считается б-ым временем для свадьбы): the festival takes place during the hottest months of spring, just before the monsoon rains, and that is considered an auspicious time for weddings;
  - (условия, создав б-ые у. для репортёров): by increasing perks and amenities for reporters and carefully doling out leaks and exclusives, C. had put all but a few crusty columnists in his pocket;
  - (условия благоприятны для тех, кто...): in Korea the conditions favor those who live in hot climates;
  - (факторы): stock markets can make headway in the face of rising interest rates, if other factors such as corporate earning and liquidity are supportive
  благоприятствование - (предоставить режим наибольшего б-я Китаю): the President extended MFN (Most Favored Nation) to China
  благоприятствовать - (обучение благоприятствовало серьёзному подходу к...): such training fostered a strong approach to...;
  - (растущие цены на сырьё благоприятствовали акциям горнодобывающих предприятий): mining stocks will continue to benefit from buoyant commodity prices thanks to ongoing economic recovery
  благородный - (господа, надменность, присущая б=ым г-ам): one of his more appealing qualities was a lack of the usual arrogance that goes with noble blood;
  - (металл): precious metal;
  - (осанка): Adonijah was renowned for his princely stature and his aspiring ambition;
  - (б-ого рождения, судя по вашей речи, я думаю, что вы б.р.): by your speech, I'd judge you nobly born;
  - смотри файл EMOCII
  благословить / благословлять - Christ blessing the children;
  - bless me, Father, for I have sinned
  благосклонность - смотри файл EMOCII
  благословение - from drinking such water most of our children die, and that's neither a curse nor a blessing
  благосостояние - (повышение б-я территории): the General Disposal Consent of 2003 grants local authorities the power to dispose of assets (freehold or leasehold) at less than best consideration within defined limits to secure the promotion or the improvement of the economic, social and environmental well-being of the area
  благотворительность - the unemployed do not want charity, they want jobs;
  - (жертвовать на б.): he has an additional Christmas tradition: giving generously to charity;
  - (отдать часть неожиданно доставшегося ему состояния на б.): the hero devotes part of his windfall to charity;
  - (располагать к б-ти): the holiday spirit puts many in the mood for giving;
  - (центр местно б-ти): the hub of a local charity effort
  благотворительный - (взнос): charitable contribution;
  - (обязательства): he was suspicious of any foreign policy rooted in missionary zeal, which he felt would cause us to drift into commitments "which though benevolent in content, are so far reaching as to exceed even America's great capacities.";
  - (организации): he gives both time and money to several charities;
  - (организация): charitable organization;
  - (организация / учреждение): to claim a tax deduction you must give to a registered charity;
  - (пожертвование): expatriates especially should be careful in planning their charitable contributions because gifts to overseas institutions usually aren't eligible for tax deductions
  - (работа): an organization supposed to be concerned with charitable work among the dispossessed
  благотворный - (деятельность): the activity that can be extremely beneficial;
  - (оказывать б-е воздействие): aquanatal training is very beneficial;
  - (установление б-ых отношений): the establishment of beneficial relationships with the local host community
  благоустроенный - (район города): he found the street in the suburb of O., a well-set-up area not far from the villa
  благоустройство - (горнолыжного курорта): state's Executive Council approved $1.4 million in improvements to the C. Mountain ski area. They will include work on the snowmaking system and the aerial tramway;
  - (территории): land improvement
  бланк - (бланки, т.е. писем / документов предвыборной кампании сенатора): his finance committee included an extraordinary array of writers, artists and historians. Their names looked pretty impressive on the campaign stationery, but they weren't likely to impress many voters among blue-collar ethnics;
  - (ведомости): register blank / form;
  - (декларации): declaration form;
  - (заказа): a stack of order forms;
  - (заполнить б.): you must fill in / out a form giving your age, name, etc. and send it to the company;
  - (заполнить б.): to order transcripts complete form, enclose check payable to... and mail to...;
  - (заявки / заявления): to complete the application form;
  - (б. Конгресса с шапкой): it was a piece of Congressional-letterhead stationary with a message scrawled in longhand;
  - (опросник на б-е Комиссии по гражданским правам): Forty selective colleges were sent the survey, which asked them for in-depth information about their affirmative-action policies, in recent weeks. The survey is on the letterhead of the U.S. Commission on Civil Right, which left officials at many of the colleges wondering whether they were obliged to respond.;
  - (паспорта): he issued several thousand Argentinian passports "in blank" so that the refugee merely had to fill in a false name and his own photograph, get it stamped by the ever-ready Argentina consul and board ship for Buenos-Aires;
  - (письмо было напечатано на б-е, т.е. фирменном): the letter was printed on the letterhead stationery;
  - (типового контракта): Start with a simple, generic contract form. It provides a solid starting point for the structure of the contract.
  блат - (администрацию обвинили в б-е): the administration was charged with amateurism and cronyism due to the fact that a White House employee who was one of the President's distant relatives and had experience making travel arrangements, was temporarily put in charge of the revamped travel office;
  - (без отцовского б-а жаргон этого идиота не взяли бы и туалеты чистить): without his father's clout that jerk couldn't get a job cleaning toilets;
  - (б. в Советском Союзе ничем не отличается от б-а в других местах): his career had flourished, for he had an uncle high in the Red Army, and patronage is no different in the Soviet Union than anywhere else;
  - (вести войну с коррупцией и б-ом): he had the genuine conviction that he was the people's champion come to wage war on corruption and patronage;
  - (получить по б-у назначение на работу): wangling his assignment for Nippon Electric Company had been difficult enough;
  - (такой дом можно иметь только если у него где-то есть б.): nobody here's got an 8-room house, not unless that he's got a fix slang in somewhere
  блатной разг - (т.е. влиятельный, придурок с б-ым папой): he might be a young jerk riding on his papa's coattails AmE infml , but that didn't make him any the less a Parker and Parkers owned one of the biggest real estate / building management companies in Manhattan;
  - (капитализм): All this is just more transfer of wealth from the middle class to the top 1%. It's being done under the guise of "stimulus" and ambiguous terms like "quantitative easing", but make no mistake about it, it's just more of the same ripping off of the public and crony capitalism.
  бледнеть образно - (б. по сравнению с чем-л): today's political differences pale in significance when compared with those that confronted Congress in the mid-19th century;
  - (б. по сравнению с чем-л): the famous conflicts between science and Christianity perhaps pale in significance when compared to the conflicts between various sects of Christianity;
  - (рядом с ним бледнеют зверства других фантастических чудовищ фильма): he dwarfs the film's various fantastical monsters in his atrocities
  бледный образно- (б-ое выступление теннисиста): Britain's number-one tennis player gave a disappointingly lackluster BrE / lackluster AmE performance;
  - (б-ые экономические показатели): if we continue to see a lackluster / lackluster European economic performance then policy makers may try to talk the euro down or even make interventions in the market
  блеск - (города): the city had lost much of its elegance and luster during 40 years of Communist rule;
  - (начать с б-ом образно): the team started with a flourish in their first game of the tournament;
  - (начать с б-ом образно): the English Stage Company started with a flourish with two plays by well-known writers;
  - (остроумия): rehashing gender stereotypes now qualifies as the "glittering wit and subtle insights" promised in the inside cover;
  - (ума): he was as notorious for his lack of follow-through as he was famous for his brilliance;
  - (человека образно): highly analytical, he made up in integrity for the lack of the flamboyance;
  - смотри файл FORMA_VID
  блеснуть - (гимнастка блеснула на всех снарядах): junior C.J., who has made a habit this season of either infml all four routines or stumbling on multiple events, did the latter;
  - смотри файл EMOCII
  блестяще - (исполнять роль): he is perfectly gorgeous as Romeo
  - (он делает это б., т.е. о речи адвоката в защиту клиента): The lawyer launches into a booming defence of his young client. It's a performance, including description of how earlier on this evening in question, R. had been confronted by hooligans who had taken offence at the vehicle he was driving and made threats against his person;
  блестящий - (аргументы): I was struck silent by the brilliance of his argument;
  - (будущее): a leading company with a bright future offering excellent career prospects and benefits;
  - (дипломат): skillful diplomat;
  - (замысел / идея): one of his favourite pastimes was bringing Da Vinci's most obscure brainstorms infml to life;
  - (карьера): he became a rocket scientist with a distinguished career at NASA;
  - (карьера): he is a former military MP who had an illustrious career before leaving the military due to some problems;
  - (карьера юриста): at 77, he was wrapping up a stellar career as a jurist;
  - (математик): he's a brilliant mathematician;
  - (не б-ая игра теннисиста): Britain's number-one tennis player gave a disappointingly lacklustre BrE performance;
  - (не б-ие экономические показатели): if we continue to see a lackluster AmE / lacklustre BrE European economic performance then policy makers may try to talk the euro down or even make interventions in the market;
  - (пианист / посредник): skilfulBrE pianist / negotiator;
  - (победа): he won a resounding victory;
  - (перспективы): rarely had a Presidential term started with such bright foreign policy prospects;
  - (представление, т.е. о речи адвоката в защиту клиента): The lawyer launches into a booming defence of his young client. It's a bravura performance, including description of how earlier on this evening in question, R. had been confronted by hooligans who had taken offence at the vehicle he was driving and made threats against his person;
  - (рекламный трюк): as Cecil B. DeMille readied his costly production for release a half-century ago, he seized on an ingenious publicity scheme;
  - (статья): his earliest brilliant papers on set theory;
  - (техника танцора): the artists with the technical and the emotional allure;
  - (ум): brilliant mind;
  - (эксперимент): brilliant experiment;
  - смотри файл FORMA_VID
  блефовать - to bluff
  ближайший - I consulted the yellow pages for the nearest theatrical costumier;
  - (в б-ее время): it would be enormously hard to meet a major percentage of America's energy needs at a reasonable cost, at least in the near term;
  - (в б-ем будущем): in the immediate / in the near future / very near future;
  - (в б-ие дни): the fighting will increase in the next few days to become a mass uprising;
  - (в б-ие 12 месяцев): mainstream opinion is that the FTSE 100 will lag behind the leading overseas indices in the next 12 months;
  - (в б-ие недели): further clarification from lawmakers and authorities regarding the law is expected in coming weeks;
  - (годы): in the years to come;
  - (запланированные на б-ие дни испытания): with Congress considering cutting the Pentagon's budget for missile defenses, much is riding on a test scheduled in the next few days of the anti-missile shield based in California and Alaska;
  - (колледж): he sent his son to one of the nearby colleges;
  - (магазин): which store is the nearest?;
  - (магазин): a store nearby;
  - (окружение президента): Presiden't inner circle;
  - (повесить на б-ем столбе): Congress will hang me from the nearest lamppost;
  - (б. претендент на должность): he was an established lead employee at the animal control office who was next in line for the position;
  - (б. претендент на пост президента): who was next in line for the Presidency under George Washington?;
  - (б. претендент на трон): he was next in line for the throne;
  - (при б-ей возможности): смотри ниже;
  - (при ближайшем рассмотрении параллельные линии начинают расходиться): on closer examination, the parallels begin to break down;
  - (при б-ем рассмотрении): on close examination the field was not beyond repair
  - (при б-ем рассмотрении он предстаёт в ином свете): a close look at C.'s effort to help G. obtain early release from prison portrayed him in a different light: a tireless, if inept, advocate whose persistent pleas annoyed and worried Parole Commission officials;
  - (родственник): chimpanzee chimps are our closest cousins, our next of kin;
  - (б-ие родственники): This morning the body of a woman was found at this location. Early indications suggest the death is suspicious. We will not be releasing her name until the next of kin have been informed.;
  - (родственники): next of kin fml (NOK);
  - (события): the New York art world is refocusing on matters at hand - specifically the red-hot spring auction scene;
  - (советники президента): Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad sacks his inner advisers and launches controversial austerity cuts. The Iranian president got rid of 14 special advisers, a few months after sacking his foreign minister.;
  - (советники президента): the president called a full meeting of his group of inner advisers at his palace;
  - (соперник): his closest rival;
  - (сосед): Laos's next-door neighbor;
  - (сосед): I asked our next-door neighbor for help;
  - (стол): he glanced to a nearby table where two senior civil servants conversed;
  - (цель): my short term goal is to build run endurance and speed;
  - (шаги по воздействию на изменение климата): the EU, the United States and the rest can agree on meaningful near-term steps to address climate change;
  - (эквивалент): athletes work out so they can go play in a game that everyone is going to watch, and this mathematical test is our closest equivalent to that
  ближайший (при б-ей возможности) - I will at the earliest opportunity assemble in London a public demonstration of respect to the victims of these atrocities;
  - please send me the goods at the earliest opportunity;
  - all interested applicants should consult with the appropriate Ministry representative at the earliest possible opportunity;
  - you can help us continue to provide you with quality service by registering with the Embassy at the earliest possible opportunity;
  - I'll do it at my earliest convenience;
  - the telephone message was from Detective Inspector B., asking me to be so good as to call the following number at my earliest convenience;
  ближе - (говорить б. к делу): I'm in a hurry, so come to the point / get to the point;
  - (закреплены б. к переду на ...дюймов чем спинка сиденья): vehicle's lap belt and buckle are anchored several inches forward of the seat back;
  - (к действительности): over the previous 5 years, Congressional budget office estimates had been off by an average of 13 percent a year, though our administration had been closer to the mark;
  - (к делу): Get to it, you're wasting my time;
  - (к концу): toward the end he though it expedient to maintain the facade of cordiality;
  - (он стоял б. всех к ней): he stood nearest to her;
  - (подходить б.): he edged closer and closer;
  - (чем б. к вершине руководства, тем...): the closer one gets to the top of the company, the more critical the problem becomes
  ближний - (бой): the quarter galleries were used by musketeers during close combat;
  - (возлюби б-его существительное своего, как самого себя): love thy neighbor as thyself;
  - (зарубежье): dramatic changes in the geostrategic landscape of the "near abroad";
  - (из любви к ближнему): Georgia was born out of love of a man for his fellow men;
  - (б-ие перевозки в населённые пункты, обслуживаемые одной железной дорогой): short haul shipments to communities served by one railroad;
  - (ракеты б-его [радиуса] действия): short-range missiles;
  - (рейсы): British Airways will start long-haul and short-haul flights (after the strike of baggage handlers);
  - (цели): short- and long-term goals;
  - (цель): my short term goal is to build run endurance and speed
  близ - ('Вечера на хуторе близ Диканьки'): Evenings on a Farm Near Dikanka by N.V. Gogol
  близиться - (близился час ночи): it was now nearing 1 a.m., and the din of hilarity in the restaurant showed no sign of abating;
  - (близится час смерти): The hour of death is nigh. 'Tis time to drop the mask.;
  - (день близился к концу): the hottest day of the summer so far was drawing to a close;
  - (нападающие приблизились к ним): the attackers were soon upon infml them, steel blades bright and sharp;
  - (близятся Рождественские праздники): The Christmas holiday will soon be upon us and we have hardly begun to buy gifts;
  - (неделя близилaсь к завершению / концу): as the week drew to a close;
  - (о зиме): winter is on the way;
  - (о судном дне): the day of judgement is at hand;
  - (поколение - к пенсии): the Social Security fund will grow in importance as the big baby-boom generation nears to retirement;
  - (рассказ - к кульминации): as the story builds to its climax, he tries to...
  близкий - (ближайшая подруга): she' my dearest friend;
  - (близкие, т.е. друзья и родственники): he wanted to learn where his loved ones had been buried;
  - (близкие, наши мысли и молитвы о родных и близких погибших): our thoughts and prayers go out to the families and loved ones of the brave troops lost in the helicopter crash on the Iraq-Syria border yesterday;
  - (гибель близка): the tides of fate had turned against them and their doom was at hand;
  - (быть б-им с кем-л): you can't bond with animals like with children;
  - (ввести в заблуждение самых близких людей): the idea that he had cheated and misled those closest to him was upsetting beyond words;
  - (гибель близка): the tides of fate had turned against them and their doom was at hand;
  - (друг): he was a dear friend;
  - (друг): a close / intimate friend;
  - (друзья): J. and I were dear friends;
  - (б. к президенту человек): H., an intimate of the President's, was also much like a family member;
  - (б. к президенту человек): the next summer, he was at the center of American political power, an intimate of the President's and a principal architect of the New Deal's reform;
  - (б. к тексту перевод): close translation;
  - (конец погони): the sense of the impending end of the chase;
  - (круги, б-ие к мэру): a member of the Mayor's inner circle;
  - (мы близки, т.е. о брате с сестрой): He wants to know if she is the sort to go missing or take off without leaving a note. Never. We are tight, you know. We look after each other.;
  - (не быть б-им с агентом, о шпионе): the usual warnings not to get too close to your agent, lest you lose your objectivity;
  - (он близок с президентом): he is intimate with the president;
  - (отношения): he had a very close relationship with her;
  - (отношения): some form of intimate relationships with her;
  - (отношения, в б-их о-х): in 1770 Edward Jenner became a resident pupil under the great surgeon and anatomist, John Hunter, with whom he remained on intimate terms for the rest of Hunter's life;
  - (поддерживать б-ие отношения): we stayed in close touch over the years;
  - (победа): nor did he abandon his courtesy - except once, when, carried away by the prospect of seemingly imminent victory, he was tempted into insolence;
  - (прививка не приживётся, если подвой и привой не будут в б-ом генетическом родстве): the graft will be rejected unless the scion and the under-stock are closely related in a genetic sense;
  - (потерять б-их): they had both lived and lost loved ones in C.;
  - (родич короля): When Duncan the Meek reigned king of Scotland, there lived a great thane, or lord, called Macbeth. This Macbeth was a near kinsman to the king.;
  - (родные и близкие): the exiles sent money to their kith and kin old use back in L. to lift them out of poverty;
  - (родственник): смотри ниже;
  - (союзники): we were reviewing events with frankness rarely practiced even by close allies;
  - (сходство): they could have been sisters; the resemblance was that close;
  - (утрата близких, т.е. людей): the loss of loved ones;
  - (ухаживать за близкими больными или за инвалидами): people struggling to look after ill or disabled loved ones often aren't aware there is help in the form of allowances;
  - (человек): to help a family member deal with the death of a loved one
  близкий (родственник) - (браки между б-ими р-ами): concerning marriages of near relations, especially cousins, was unanimously considered, and deemed good that such marriages should not at all be;
  - all public agencies, all public and private elementary and secondary schools, and must provide an eligible employee with up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave each year to care for an immediate family member (spouse, child, or parent) with a serious health condition;
  - (б-ие р-и): next of kin is 1) the nearest blood relatives of a person who has died, including the surviving spouse; 2) anyone who would receive a portion of the estate by the laws of descent and distribution if there were no will;
  - (б-ие р-и): next of kin: the blood relatives entitled by law to inherit the property of a person who dies without leaving a valid will, although the term is sometimes interpreted to include a relationship existing by reason of marriage;
  - (б-ие р-и): Patient deceased on the night of January 8 / 9. No next of kin.;
  - (б-ие р-и): I have ruled that Bio Tech ownership of Mr B.'s cells does not entitle them to take those cells from any individual, living or dead. Certainly, the cells cannot be taken from members of his immediate or extended family.
  близко - (дом - от вокзала): a house near to the station;
  - (зима б.): winter is coming;
  - (б. знакомы с чем-л): with their greater funding, their training levels mean that their soldiers are intimately familiar with their weapons and rudimentary tactics;
  - (напоминать): electronic telephone switching systems closely resemble large digital computers;
  - (ничего похожего на оппозицию и б. не было): there was no one looking remotely like the opposition within sight of him;
  - (подобраться к тайной организации): he could cope discreetly with those who came too close to the top men of the organization;
  - (посаженные глаза): did you notice how close together her eyes were?;
  - (посаженные глаза): a man with light eyes set rather close together;
  - (принимать б. к сердцу студентов): a teacher who always took his students to heart;
  - (принимать критику б. к сердцу): he took the criticism to heart;
  - (я и б. не подходил к кабинету): I haven't been anywhere near your office
  близкородственный - (браки): concerning marriages of near relations, especially cousins, was unanimously considered, and deemed good that such marriages should not at all be;
  - (полученные от б-ого скрещивания сорта): plants may also be crossed with themselves to produce inbred varieties for breeding
  близлежащий - (военные учения в б-их водах): Black See Fleet responded with military exercises in nearby water;
  - (дома): they told about roofs off the nearby houses;
  - (простата и б-ие лимфатические узлы): radical prostatectomy is a surgery to remove the whole prostate gland and the nearby lymph nodes;
  - (река / море / водоём): The essential service water system circulates the water that cools the nuclear plant's heat exchangers and other components before dissipating the heat into the environment. Since the water is frequently drawn from an adjacent river, the sea, or other large body of water, the system can be endangered by large volumes of seaweed, marine organisms, oil pollution, ice and debris.;
  - (свет двигается не только по прямой, но и по б-им траекториям): light travels in not just the straight-line path, but in the nearby paths as well
  близнец - (т.е. брат): the twin brothers separated at birth;
  - (т.е. двойник чего-л): this part of eastern Siberia was a geological twin to the North Slope region of Alaska
  близок - (враг б.): the enemy is at hand!;
  - (конец был б.): the end was nigh poetical;
  - (он был б. к тому, чтобы выиграть выдвижение своей кандидатуры партией): G.W. Bush seemed well on his way to winning the Republican nomination, as several of his challengers dropped out;
  - (судный день б.): the day of judgement is at hand;
  - (час смерти б.): The hour of death is nigh. 'Tis time to drop the mask.
  близость - (в непосредственной б-ти от неволшебников): as ever when he found himself in close proximity to Muggles going about their daily business, Mr Weasly was hard put to contain his enthusiasm;
  - (географическая): if it were not for the vicinity of the US, Tecumseh would be the founder of an empire;
  - (идеологическая б. группы террористов с Аль-Кайдой): the group has proclaimed an ideological affinity with the Al Quaeda and reportedly includes Arab fighters from across the region;
  - (к Богу): closeness to God;
  - (к природе): Mongols and their Closeness to Nature;
  - (т.е. между людьми): to install confidence and forestall intimacy;
  - (т.е. между людьми): In social psychology, propinquity lit (from Latin propinquitas, nearness) is one of the main factors leading to interpersonal attraction. It refers to the physical or psychological proximity between people.;
  - (оценок, т.е. в матстатистике): posed as an alternative to the concept of mean-squared-error, PMC is based on the probabilities of the closeness of competing estimators to an unknown parameter;
  - (после занятий любовью): taking her to bed would be no hardship, and what might she tell him in the unguarded intimacy following lovemaking?;
  - (с партией): he usually stands as a Republican candidate, despite having little affinity or love for the party;
  - (у него склонность к перееданию, чему способствует б. к кондитерской): he has a propensity for overeating that is encouraged by his office's propinquity to a pastry shop;
  - (члена Конгресса к криминальному сбору средств): no less audacious was Representative T.D. of Texas, last seen on "60 Minutes" a few weeks ago deflecting questions about his proximity to allegedly criminal fund-raising by saying he would talk only about children stranded by the tsunami;
  - (чувство б-ти): a feeling of intimacy;
  - (эффект б-ти, т.е. между людьми): The propinquity effect is the tendency for people to form friendships or romantic relationships with those whom they encounter often. In other words, relationships tend to be formed between those who have a high propinquity.
  блистательный - (карьера): he won a plethora of medals during his illustrious career
  блок - (вопросов / проблем): group / cluster of issues;
  - (кабин на судне): at the port end was another suite of cabins identical but in reverse to the captain's quarters;
  - (б. кирипичей сдвинулся наружу): a section of bricks, two feet by two feet in size, swung an inch outward;
  - (б. корпуса танкера): great modules of high-tensile steel had swung in from the overhead gantries to drop into preassigned places;
  - (нефтеносный б. акватории): Off-shore Oil Blocks Open For Bids. The Ministry has awarded only two off-shore oil blocks in Yemen in the past, blocks 15 and 16.;
  - (питания, т.е. самолёта): with its improved power plants, performance and surveillance aids, the aircraft could either skim the waves at low level, or cruise at altitude, observing an enormous area of ocean beneath it;
  - (питания, т.е. электронного устройства): the 2KD-Classic employs a conservative, heavy duty power supply for true linear output;
  - (т.е. прибора): the bypass capacitors are mounted in the same unit;
  - (т.е. прибора): this warranty shall not apply to any unit which has been subjected to misuse, negligence or accident;
  - (т.е. простой механизм): a stack of timber struggled upward on a pulley;
  - (т.е. простой механизм): I used a double-pulley system with a little pulley at the bottom and a big pulley at the top;
  - (т.е. простой механизм): the cables aren't just lashed from one ship to another; they've done something clever with weights and pulleys to allow for some slack when tough seas pull the ships opposite ways;
  - (силовой, министры силового б-а страны): in October we had meetings with French ministers in charge of security / the heads of France's security ministries / security agencies;
  - (сменные б-и, т.е. части прибора): the instrument comes in as a combination of a mainframe and assorted plug-ins / plug-in units;
  - (Советский): Soviet alliance;
  - (фермерский): farm association;
  - (электропитания): an erector set with self-contained power unit
  блокада - (Берлина русскими): the Russian blockade of Berlin;
  - (Ленинграда): the Siege of Leningrad;
  - (местные анестетики должны изпользоваться только клиницистами, хорошо осведомлёнными о диагнозе и методах лечения связанной с дозировкой препарата токсичности и других экстренных ситуаций, которые могут возникнуть при проведении б-ы мед): local anesthetics should be employed only by clinicians who are well versed in diagnosis and management of dose-related toxicity and other acute emergencies which might arise from the block to be employed
  - (находиться в полной б-е): the town is completely besieged;
  - (с воздуха): aerial blockade;
  - (сектора Газа): the blockade of the Gaza Strip refers to a land, air, and sea blockade on the Gaza Strip by Israel and Egypt since June 2007;
  - (сектора Газа Израилем): under international law Israel's blockade of Gaza is illegal;
  - (торгово-экономическая б. Кубы ужесточилась при президенте Обаме): the U.S. trade embargo against Cuba has gotten tougher under U.S. President Barack Obama;
  - (торгово-экономическая б. Кубы): President Obama will have to decide by next week whether to continue, for yet another year, provisions of the U.S. trade embargo on Cuba
  блокирование - (тротуаров, т.е. машинами стройки): Obstruction and damage to pavements. Do not let vehicles or materials block or damage the pavements.
  блокировать - (вживлённый в таламус стимулятор - нервные сигналы): implanting the stimulatory in the thalamus of the brain can block the nerve signals that cause tremors in the upper extremities;
  - (войска - деревню): the troops sealed off the village and declared a curfew;
  - (войска / полиция - место): the site was sealed off and decontaminated;
  - (инертные газы - поверхность нефти в трюме танкера): inert gases from the main engine exhaust flue were fed into the hold to expel oxygen and seal the surface of the crude oil;
  - (политическое давление): two strategies: my recommendation of stonewalling radical pressures or State's view of defusing them by offering compromise solution;
  - (систему связи): While in the Navy, we were told to keep communications brief as possible. This allowed others an opportunity to use the same communication system without tying it up.;
  - (территорию): the Israeli police sealed off Palestinian territories;
  - (тротуары, т.е. машинами стройки): Obstruction and damage to pavements. Do not let vehicles or materials block or damage the pavements.
  блокировка - (взаимная, т.е. компьютерных программ): In computer science, deadlock refers to a specific condition when two or more processes are each waiting for each other to release a resource, or more than two processes are waiting for resources in a circular chain. Deadlock is a common problem in multiprocessing.
  блокпост - (расставить б-ы): They'll set up roadblocks and watch every store and restaurant. They'll talk to every hotel clerk, show them his mug shot.
  блок-схема - block diagram;
  - (элементов банкомата): FIG. 3 is a block circuit diagram of elements of the ATM
  блудный - (сын): The Prodigal Son is a parable of a wayward son reunited with his father and family after having squandered all his inheritance through wasteful and idolatrous living
  блюдо - (готовые): For the purpose of the survey, ready-to-eat meals were defined as frozen or fresh, hot or cold, fully prepared meals purchased in a store to be eaten elsewhere. They aren't the same as take-away and fast food, and they aren't canned food.;
  - (готовые блюда, хранящиеся в холодильнике): Listeria monocytogenes is often found in refrigerated, ready-to-eat foods;
  - (деревянное): platters laden with a variety of sliced meats and cheese;
  - (обед из пяти блюд): five-course meal;
  - (обед состоял из пяти блюд): dinner was five courses;
  - (т.е. посуда): dish;
  - (с пирожными): a silver platter of eclairs;
  - (фирменное б. в ресторане): he ordered the specialty of the house, the small spiced sausages
  блюститель - (дисциплины): that England football coach Fabio Capello is a stickler for discipline is well known;
  - (закона): Guardian of Law, Statue Created by Sculptor James Earle Fraser Outside the Supreme Court Building.;
  - (б-ли закона): soon after the bombing, Oklahoma lawmen arrested T.M., an alienated military veteran who had come to hate the federal government;
  - (морали / нравственности): many journalists see themselves not only as investigators of truth but guardians of morality;
  - (порядка): W. Rehnquist, Keeper of Order. ... Now Mr Rehnquist is America's chief justice, and therefore the man who presides over the Senate as it embarks on the impeachment trial of Bill Clinton.;
  - (порядка): Together with Mitra, Varuna is the supreme keeper of order and god of the law;
  - (этикета): the king was a stickler for etiquette
  Бог - (Б. в помощь):(I wish you Godspeed;
  - (Богом данные способности): talented people who use their god-given skill;
  - (мне Бог послал статью в журнале): One of my pupils scoffed: It's not difficult to get into or out of a car. The following day I had a godsend - an article in a magazine on how difficult it is for the British royal family to get into and out of cars GRACEFULLY - with photographs. I plonked it down in front of him, and said, "It is difficult to get into a car.";
  - (ну и Б. с ним): It's not really fair. Oh well, nothing doing / too bad.
  богато - (отделанная библиотека): a lushly adorned Renaissance library;
  - (убранные волосы): "Ribbons and combs." A huckster planted herself in front of W. Her hair was ornately dressed to display the wares in her basket. "A fairing for your lady?"
  богатство - (ассоциаций, стоящих за словом 'анекдот' в русском языке): the word scarcely conveys the wealth of associations which the word anekdot carries in Russian;
  - (корабль был завален богатствами): the ship was piled with wealth in such a profusion;
  - (родиться в б-е): he was born into affluence and then became impoverished
  богатый - (банкир): a rich banker;
  - (белками пища): consume approximately 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight per day from a combination of high protein foods and supplements;
  - (богатые богатеют): the rich get richer;
  - (богатые и бедные): times are hard for rich and poor alike;
  - (более б-ая руда): For underground mines, rehabilitation is not always a significant problem or cost. This is because of the higher grade of the ore and lower volumes of waste rock and tailings.;
  - (будучи б-ым человеком со связями, он превратился в фигуру истеблишмента): wealthy and well-connected, he has turned himself into an establishment figure;
  - (владельцы домов): the wealthy owners of the big, withdrawn houses - the bank managers, company directors and top civil servants;
  - (воображение): he had a great imagination, and I wouldn't put it past him to make the whole matter up;
  - (город, богатый старинными зданиями): a city rich in ancient buildings;
  - (декор театра): in the theater, lavish decor lured unprecedented numbers of movie-goers;
  - (б-ая и пользующаяся политическом влиянием семья): a well-heeled slang and politically influential family;
  - (квартал): one of the most exclusive and wealthy neighborhoods;
  - (книга богата сюрпризами): the book is rich in both narrative and linguistic surprise;
  - (люди): they are wealthy people, the men in dinner jackets, the women in furs and jewels;
  - (люди): men of substance did not always meet their obligations;
  - (люди): something that only the well-off can afford;
  - (люди стали жить богаче): the government claims that most people are better-off than they were 5 years ago;
  - (медицинское страхование для б-ых): limiting Social Security and Medicare for the affluent;
  - (обстановка): the visitor was ill at ease among the opulent surroundings of the room;
  - (опыт): finance Professional with extensive experience in accounting, internal and external financial reporting, integrated systems, business planning;
  - (опыт): given their extensive background in both Residential & Commercial Real Estate they find it tremendously satisfying to help their clients visualize the potential in a prospective property or help improve the showing quality of their home or condo so that it sells quickly and at the highest price possible;
  - (опыт): having provided golf lessons to all levels of players from rank beginners to tournament players, and even a blind golfer, John has a wealth of experience in the game;
  - (почва): the soil is too rich, it is poorly drained;
  - (свёкла богата железом): beets are rich in iron;
  - (семья): the once-prosperous family had fallen upon hard times;
  - (скумбрия богата жиром): the mackerel fish is rich in oil;
  - (б-ая событиями жизнь): he lived an eventful but difficult life;
  - (б-ые событиями дни): They were extraordinary nights for S. Thinking of them afterwards - though his days between were just as frought, and on the surface more eventful - he recalled them as a single journey, almost a single night.;
  - (страна): the relatively wealthy country;
  - (б-ые углем страны): energy-hungry and coal-rich societies like China and India;
  - (улица): a quiet rich empty street;
  - (урожай): a far-off land, known for its luscious crops of four-leaf clovers and potatoes;
  - (т.е. человек): he was rich, snobbish, and rude
  богач - (богачи): rich folks can tolerate almost anything, but not rejection
  богоподобный - (существо): godlike creature
  бодрствование - (во время б-я): the man spent much of his time sleeping, and during his periods of wakefulness had so far said absolutely nothing;
  - (во время б-я): it was bad enough that he kept revisiting the graveyard in his nightmares, without dwelling on it in his waking hours;
  - (во время б-я): Children shall be directly supervised at all times during awake hours. A minimum of two child care workers shall be present in the facility at all times.;
  - (во время б-я, средняя частота сердечных сокращений в.в.б.): average heart rate during awake hours;
  - (во время ночного б-я): all through the night vigil she was tormented by images of his martyred limbs;
  - (время б-я): he spends all his waking hours working;
  - (время б-я): pressure was recorded every 20 minutes during the waking hours;
  - (б. и сон): the explanation behind wakefulness and sleep is still in its infancy;
  - (на грани между сном и б-ем): the man was on the fringe of wakefulness;
  - (ночное): all through the night vigil she was tormented by images of his martyred limbs;
  - (сыщика ночью): chilled to the marrow from his night vigil, he got back into the car;
  - (цикл сна и б-я): the patient eventually opened her eyes and regained some semblance of a normal sleep-wake cycle;
  - days of danger and nights of waking
  бодрствовать - (далеко заполночь): soon they were deep in talk, and they stayed up far into the night;
  - (когда бодрствовал): it wasn't as though he was ever any help to him awake;
  - (на ночной вахте): he could stay awake and alert through the night watches;
  - (наркотики заставляют пациента б.): the narcotics cause the patient to remain awake, albeit slightly sleepy;
  - (у тела): she kept vigil by the body
  бодрствующий - a wake boy
  боевой - (амуниция): we have limited practice ammunition, and it's not as accurate as warshots;
  - (вылет): after flying 149 combat missions in World War II and Korea, John Glenn had been one of America's first astronauts;
  - (вылеты): 200 warplane sorties;
  - (готовность): смотри ниже;
  - (граната): live grenade;
  - (действия / условия, противники участия женщин в б-ых д-ях считают, что женщинам не хватает силы по сравнению с мужчинами, чтобы выжить и отличиться в б-ых у-ях): opponents of women in combat believe women lack the strength of men to survive and excel in combat conditions;
  - (действия): смотри ниже;
  - (дух): смотри ниже;
  - (задание / задача): mission;
  - (зона б-ых действий): it would deploy special FBI units to combat zones to investigate contractor crimes regularly;
  - (искусства): martial arts expert;
  - (искусства): he was trained in martial arts;
  - (качества): the people who have made their contribution to history through the grace of their life-style rather than martial qualities;
  - (клич индейцев): the war whoops of the Indians rang in their ears;
  - (командир): a courageous battlefield commander;
  - (корабль): model warships in dusty glass cases;
  - (корабль): a new generation of speedy warships;
  - (мощь, растратить б-ую мощь): they squandered much of their remaining combat power with their Chechen;
  - (награда): it is the highest in the field award for bravery;
  - (операции): the Army has not engaged in large-scale combat operations for over 50 years;
  - (паёк): individual combat ration;
  - (патроны): the suspect had a gun with live munitions;
  - (патроны): ensure that no live munitions are mixed with blank munitions;
  - (патруль): enemy fighters scrambled into the air and set up their own combat air patrol over their East coast;
  - (петух): he was feeling like a fight rooster;
  - (подготовка войск): troop training;
  - (порядок, командиры уточняют на местности б.п. своих подразделений): the commanders fix on the ground the disposition of their units;
  - (порядок, флот был построен в б-ом п-ке): the fleet was in fighting order;
  - (пострадавшие вне б-ых действий и [при участии] в б-ых действиях): the ward has 39 military nurses who, with matron-led NHS counterparts, deliver round-the-clock care to non-combat and operational military casualties;
  - (приступить к б-ым действиям): he began operational duties as a bomber pilot with 78 Squadron;
  - (пуля): live bullet;
  - (ранения): &combat wounds are variable in location and size;
  - (раскраска, спецназовцы в б-ой р-е): a lorryload of special troops armed to the eyebrows and wearing combat paint;
  - (самолёт): warplanes with computer-aimed rapid-fire machine-guns;
  - (снаряды): live ammunition;
  - (счастье / удача, б. счастье нам изменило / от нас отвернулось): the tide of battle счастье has turned against us;
  - (на нём была б-ое снаряжение): he wore fighting gear, booted and spurred;
  - (стрелять б-ыми снарядами): many of his gunners had never fired a live round since leaving gunnery school;
  - (таран): Yeltsin suggested that the era of liberal capitalism, a battering ram in ending Communist rule, was at an end;
  - (техника): high-caliber weaponry;
  - (успех): battlefield success;
  - (учения): it's their first time in a live-fire exercise;
  - (форма): the occasions when gala uniform, full-dress uniform, walking-out uniform, combat uniform and fatigue dress would be worn;
  - (части, сократить б-ые ч., т.е. армии): the Army will institute the largest organizational change since World War II by eliminating combat forces from 10 bases across the United States, part of a planned reduction of 80,000 active-duty troops over the next five years
  боевой (готовность) - (мотострелковая дивизия находится в пятидесятипроцентной б-ой г-ти): the 265th Motor-Rifle Division is at roughly 50 percent combat efficiency;
  - (готовность): that African tribe was famous for their ability to rise from the deepest sleep to a state of total battle readiness in a matter of seconds;
  - (войска в состоянии повышенной б-ой г-ти): troops on high alert;
  - (перейти на повышенную б-ую г. ): they'll go to a high alert status, but they will not commence offensive operations on their own hook;
  - (приведенный в б-ую г. ): the Chinese felt free of the constraints imposed by the need to show solidarity with an embattled North Vietnamese ally
  боевой (действия) - the Army has not engaged in large-scale combat operations for over 50 years;
  - the United States Army had a division of heavy troops in Europe, but that was thousands miles from the expected scene of action;
  - they will not commence offensive operations on their own hook;
  - (зона б-ых д-ий): it would deploy special FBI units to combat zones to investigate contractor crimes regularly;
  - (зона б-ых д-й / участвовать в б-ых д-ях): a combat zone is any area the President of the United States designates by Executive Order as an area in which the U.S. Armed Forces are engaging or have engaged in combat;
  - (район б-ых д-ий): our experience at military facilities includes design and construction of fully blast resistant operations areas, maintenance areas, repair shops, and barracks;
  - (театр б-ых д-й / участник б-ых д-ий): specific locations that have been designated as theaters of combat or areas subject to hostilities qualifying for combat veteran status are provided in Attachment A
  боевой (дух) - (награждение орденами и медалями, объявление благодарности в приказе занимают большое место в поднятии б-ого духа армии): the awarding of medals and citations for valor and distinguished service figures prominently in boosting Red Army morale;
  - (непрекращающиеся удары ослабили б.д. ): the incessant blows weakened German morale and power to resist
  - (б.д. стал падать): under these blows German morale began to sag;
  - (у них низкий б.д.): their morale is poor, and they do not train anything like we do;
  - (т.е. у бойцовых петухов): The aggressive attributes found in wild chickens (and modern game fowl) are not desirable for farm life. The "gameness" or fighting spirit has been bred out of domestic chickens. Domestic chickens are primarily bred for egg and meat production.
  Боже упаси - смотри файл ЕМОЦИИ
  божественность - (окутать учение непроницаемым покровом б-ти): many scholars claim that the early Church literally stole Jesus from his original followers, shrouding his human message in an impenetrable cloak of divinity
  божественный - (возмездие за грехи): to many Russians who lived through the Troubles, it was nothing more of less than divine retribution for the sins of Russia's rulers or its people;
  - (б-ое доказательство того, что он пророк): to Mohammad this victory appeared to be a divine vindication of his prophethood;
  - (красота): a sea of heavenly beauty;
  - (мать): the divine mother;
  - (профиль, т.е. красивый): his godlike profile;
  - (торт): she arrived unexpectedly with her signature heavenly coconut cake
  бой (т.е. битва) - (ближний / рукопашный): Close Quarters Battle (CQB) or close quarters combat (CQC) is a type of fighting in which small units engage the enemy with personal weapons at very short range, potentially to the point of hand-to-hand combat or fighting with hand weapons such as swords or knives.
  - (броситься в б., о петухе): the cock crowed defiantly before charging back into the fray;
  - (быков): In a traditional bullfight, men on horses wound the bull. Then others come into the ring to tire the bull. Finally, when the famous hero steps into the ring to tease it a bit and kill it, the bull is bleeding and damaged.;
  - (вести арьергардный б.): others fled, fighting a rear-guard action;
  - (воздушный): a hundred enemy fighters scrambled into the air and set up their own combat air patrol over their East coast. The Hawkies spotted that and radioed a warning to the advancing fighters, setting the stage for a massive air engagement in the predawn darkness;
  - (вступить в б.): he had joined the fray;
  - (втравиться в б. С кем-л): on the Eastern Front the German Army was bullied into battle against the Russians;
  - (кулачный): Bare-knuckle boxing / bare-knuckle / prizefighting / fisticuffs is the original form of boxing, closely related to ancient combat sports. It involves two individuals fighting without any boxing gloves or other form of padding on their hands.;
  - (т.е. морской): prior to an engagement the scuppers were plugged and water was pumped onto the deck as a fire precaution;
  - (наградить кого-л Серебряной звездой за отвагу в бою): the United States Air Force posthumously awarded him the Silver Star for Gallantry in Action;
  - (окунуться в политические бои образно): to plunge into political fray;
  - (план боя): operation plan;
  - (побывать в боях в Индии, Судане и во Второй бурской войне): as a young army officer, Churchill saw action in British India, the Sudan and the Second Boer War;
  - (погибший в бою): British casualties: two killed in action;
  - (рукопашный, т.е. стычка): after scattered hand-to-hand scuffles, the troops retreated in disarray;
  - (следить за б-ем): Back on the Hawkies, the crewmen kept track of the engagement. Both the aircraft and the streaking missiles were visible on the scopes.;
  - (суровый): fierce fighting;
  - (танковый): there was a tank engagement at the town of J.;
  - (уличные бои): their offensive eventually bogged down in house-to-house fighting;
  - смотри файлы FORMA_VID, ZVUK
  бойкий, бойко, бойкость - смотри файл EMOCII
  бойкот - the main union representing 120,000 British college teachers voted Wednesday to consider a boycott of Israeli academic institutions
  бойцовый - (петух): he was feeling like a fight rooster
  - (петух): among the competitors who raise fighting cocks, there is great pride in the prowess of their birds and in winning a championship;
  - (петух): a gamecock may undergo physical conditioning in preparation for a fight;
  - (пёс): Nixon's running mate, Spiro Agnew, was the campaign's attack dog fig  
  бойцовский - (качества): the people who have made their contribution to history through the grace of their life-style rather than martial qualities
  бок - (бок о бок): смотри ниже;
  - (ворота, по бокам которых стояли колонны): a pair of magnificent wrought iron gates, flanked with stone columns topped with winged boars;
  - (коня): he nudged the horse's sides with his heels;
  - (коня): I dug my heels into the flanks of the beast and we tore across the open land, turning and twisting and cavorting for some minutes;
  - (коня): he gripped the horse's flanks with his knees;
  - (лежать на б-у): he lay on his side on the cot;
  - (мясной туши): flank;
  - (повернуться на б.): his body slid to the carpet and rolled onto one side
  бок (бок о бок) - people of many denominations settled side by side;
  - the buildings stood side by side overlooking a large quadrangle;
  - here the winners and losers of his politics were jostling side by side;
  - it is one of the rare places where a Westerner can be cheek-to-jowl with ordinary Muscovite families;
  - (жить б. о б.): the two families lived cheek by jowl in one house;
  - (жить б. о б.): a neighbourship where British soldiers and Afghan police live alongside
  боковой - (ветер): slanting wind;
  - (ветер): crosswind / cross-wind;
  - (грань): lateral face; - (б-ым зрением, я б.з. видела, как он смеялся): I stared straight ahead, but from a peripheral peek, I would swear I saw him laughing;
  - (крен, т.е. у стиральной машины): "My washer shakes vigorously during spin cycle, and washer is not overloaded." "If the washing machine is level and all four "feet" are firmly on the floor one of the balancing springs may be broken or unhooked. If one of the springs is at fault the tub will have a slight sideways list.";
  - (поле зрения): when the glint of steel enters his peripheral vision, he does not flinch
  боком - (бежать б.): the book flipped onto its edge end scuttled sideways like some weird crab;
  - (задеть б. / ударить б., грузовик задел боком четыре автомобиля): a stolen pickup truck sideswiped four parked cars;
  - (лодка стояла б. к катящимся волнам): the boat was now broadside on to the rolling waves;
  - (пройти через дверь б.): he was so fat that he could only get through the door sideways [on] ;
  - (сидеть в седле б.): she was sitting sidesaddle
  более - (аккуратный, если бы птица выглядела б. а-ой): the stormcrow presents an imposing picture at close range - or would if the bird were better groomed. Somehow the glossy feathers of his body and wings always seem unkempt, as if the crow never preens. The tail feathers are set slightly askew one from another.;
  - (активное состояние): gas molecules are driven to a more energetic state;
  - (быть б. организованным, чем кто-л): he had outorganized me;
  - (в возрасте 18 лет и б.): you can obtain an Additional Gold Card for qualified individuals age 18 or over;
  - (б. всего): I must thank him for... and above all for critiquing...;
  - (б. всего): I described their attitude not merely as unsound but as downright anti-American, anti-European and above all anti-German;
  - (выплавка является окончательным этапом получения золота из руды, при этом получается слиток б. 850-ой пробы): smelting is the final stage of recovering gold from an ore, thus obtaining a bar that is upwards of 850 fine;
  - (горы поднимаются на высоту б. 2100 м): the principal islands of the Azores are endowed with sizeable mountains that soar to a height in excess of 2100 metres;
  - (б. десяти лет назад): over 10 years ago;
  - (длиной б. 300 м): ships over 200 meters long;
  - (изображение разбомблённого горящего города ещё б. разожгло страсти): pictures of the bombed and burning city inflamed feelings / passions further;
  - (компания была основана б. ста лет тому назад): the company was established over 100 years ago;
  - (б. мощные форсунки): all other factors being equal, an FSI engine needs higher-capacity injectors to achieve the same power as a conventional engine;
  - (б. низкие ставки заработной платы): managing agents cannot be held responsible for the peccadilloes of their principals, some of these peccadilloes include inferior rates of pay and conditions for the crew;
  - (он не собирался б. медлить): he was not inclined to tarry any longer;
  - (подорожать б. чем в 3 раза): cooking gas, sold from wheeled carts pulled by donkeys, has more than tripled;
  - (б. подробно): scholars may someday wish to pursue the period in greater detail;
  - (б. полугода, часть, река покрыта льдом б.п. ): the river is icebound for more than half the year;
  - (при опоздании б., чем на час): Rent a Car. Minimal rental period is 24 hours; acceptable late return is 60 minutes. Over one hour delay, a full day is charged according to standard rate.
  - (провозить валюту или денежные документы на сумму б. 10000 долларов, т.е. из таможенной декларации): I am carrying currency or monetary instruments over $10,000;
  - (сократить время очистки б. чем на 50% по сравнению со старыми методами): this reduced cleaning time over 50 percent from old methods;
  - (б. того): смотри ниже;
  - (б. тысячи человек): over a thousand of people;
  - (б. ценная область экономики): to shift the funds into areas of greater value to our economy;
  - (б. чем 200 задач): a collection of over 200 problems accumulated over several years;
  - the total revenue for 2010 could end up somewhere north of infml 50 million Euro;
  - the E. Fund decided to sell its 83% stake in the company, and S. found British, Pakistani, and Russian bidders willing to pay north of $20 million
  более-менее - (И получилось? - Б.-м.. Скорее менее, чем более.): "Did it work?" "More or less. Less rather than more."
  более того - what is more, Mr B. argues, worries over credit quality have pushed down prices so far in some sectors that bargains abound;
  - Windows Server 2003 operating systems take the best of Windows 2000 Server technology and make it easier to deploy, manage, and use. In addition, in December 2005, Standard, enterprise, and Datacenter editions of Windows Server 2003 R2 were released, offering Active Directory, storage, and branch office enhancements for customers.;
  - The refugees are desperately short of food. They have very little shelter to protect them from the winter winds that are now blowing. Furthermore, they are desperately in need of medical supplies.;
  - The company recognizes revenue when the goods are parked in company warehouses, rather than delivered to the customer. Typically, these goods are not even assembled and ready for the customer. Furthermore, it is unknown as to when the goods will be ultimately assembled, tested, delivered to the customer and, finally, used by the company to perform the required oilfield services for the customer.;
  - The whole report is badly written. Moreover fml, it's inaccurate.;
  - He was proposing to boost the space agency's budget nearly threefold without going through Congress. Moreover, government expenses on space would be cut by two billion dollars, money that the President earmarked for crime fighting and education.;
  - Do literary agents really read query letters? But the fact of the matter is that most agents do read queries. Even more importantly, agents actually respond to ones that spark their interest.
  болезненно - (американцы ревностно, б.-непримиримо оберегают свои права): Americans jealously, even obsessively guard their rights;
  - (застенчивый): the painfully shy R. was a poor speaker;
  - (б. измождённое лицо): his face still looked unhealthily drawn;
  - (относиться к чему-л): he was always touchy about the fact that his wife had much more money than he did;
  - (переживать обиду): he was often left out of youth clubs because of his mixed lineage (an aristocratic father married to a shopkeeper's daughter), a grudge he bore sorely;
  - (переживать что-л): Ehrlichmann, smarting under the media's tendency to contrast me favorably with "the Germans", tended to give me a short shrift whenever I ventured within the three-mile limit of domestic jurisdiction;
  - (хотеть самоутвердиться): the boy was painfully eager to prove himself
  болезненность - (при травме шеи): Whiplash can cause symptoms which last up to several months, including neck pain, stiffness and tenderness, back pain, headaches and loss of movement.
  болезненный - (влияние на общественное мнение): if the news ever get out, the effect on popular opinion would be traumatic;
  - (нанести б. удар): Parliament landed a stinging blow with a passage of the Sugar Act;
  - (ребёнок): the boy is so sickly that the nurse is afraid to bathe him in cold water;
  - (реорганизация): to pursue a painful restructuring of the financial system;
  - (серьёзность): she looked at him with a painful childlike solemnity;
  - (смерть): her death would be quick but extremely painful;
  - (улыбка): he forced his face into a painful smile
  - (хирургическая операция): the surgery he needed to reattach his quadriceps tendon to the top of his kneecap was painful
  болезнестойкий - (разновидности картофеля): to focus the breeding program on the development of disease-resistant varieties
  болезнестойкость - (к болезням, проверить сеянцы на у. к б.): the agronomists produced some 150,000 seedlings from hybrid crosses and screened them for disease resistance and acceptable commercial properties
  болезнетворный - (факторы): cultivated potatoes are more susceptible to fungal, viral and bacterial pathogens than any other major crop
  болезнь - (глаз): I was blighted with an eye disease;
  - (заразная): to check the delirious man for communicable diseases;
  - (пособие по б-и): sickness benefit;
  - (продолжительная): he died after a long illness;
  - (сахарная): diabetes (sugar disease)
  болен - (он б. / она больна): he is ill / she is ill
  болеть - (животные стали б.): then animals started to sicken;
  - (живот болел от смеха): it hurt his stomach to laugh;
  - (за команду): I supported our school teams and went to as many games as possible;
  - (за команду): I always root for AmE infml the home team;
  - (о глазах): his eyeballs ached;
  - (о раненой ноге): his bad leg was paining him worse than ever in his old age;
  - (об ожоге): the burn on his neck stung fiercely;
  - (он болел раком): until recently he had suffered from cancer;
  - (у меня ничего не болит): I'm not in any pain;
  - (у него болел живот): he had abdominal pain;
  - (уши стали болеть от ветра): the rush of icy wind that was starting to make his ears ache
  болтать - (в сигаретном дыму за выпивкой): they chat through the fog of smoke, swigging from bottles of G. beer;
  - (о девочках): She is a singular creature. She doesn't prattle away like my daughters. She acts so grown-up; smart-mouthed and sassy, but beneath the bravado is a hurt child.;
  - (как сороки): the pair chattered like magpies;
  - (лишнее): Don't get drunk and spill the beans infml at your leaving-do. You never know who you will be working with - or for - again.;
  - (лишнее): he was jawing infml derogative and keyholing;
  - (не болтай о нашем дЕльце): so don't you go blabbing about our little enterprise, before or afterwards;
  - (б. влиянии налоговых льгот на профицит бюджета презрительно): anyone who bleats about the effect of the fiscal stimulus on the future budget surplus or the Social Security trust fund is missing the point;
  - (о ерунде): they chattered their usual scatter-brained gibberish to one another;
  - (о погоде): he chatted of weather;
  - (с кем-л): he was chatting merrily to her;
  - (с кем-л): on the way across he chatted to the boatman;
  - (сидеть и б. не входило в его повседневные обязанности на работе): sitting and chatting were not part of the daily routine at OPD;
  - (со случайным человеком): he was exceptionally private man, not someone prone to chatting with random American professors unless there was an important reason;
  - (чепуху): if you're talking some jive slang, it means you're talking bullshit infml
  болтовня - (на ток-шоу): the round-the clock blather on the talk shows;
  - on one night after an evening of heavy boozing and shooting the bull infml, they end up sharing the only tent, just to avoid freezing;
  - (позорная глупая б.): I should be avoiding him entirely after my brainless and embarrassing babbling yesterday;
  - (прекратить б-ню и перейти к сути дела): apparently they both felt the awkwardness - H. finally decided to cut through the chitchat and straight to the heart of the matter;
  - (прекратите эту дурацкую б-ю): will you two stop this infernal chitter-chatter and do something?
  - (пустая): Jive slang is a bad thing you fool. If you're talking some jive, it means you're talking bullshit. If somebody calls you a "jive turkey" you just got insulted.;
  - (пустая): "I need sleeping pills. Could you fix me up?" Sure, come in for a consultation. Squeeze in this afternoon." "I would like to have something now. Trying to avoid the chitchat.";
  - (я не поверил этой б-е): I haven't really believed this rigmarole
  боль - (в груди / в спине): chest / back pain;
  - (выть от боли): he was howling with pain;
  - (т.е. душевная): to ensure the cohesion and self-assurance in America for such a world role had been the preeminent purpose of the policies - and sometimes the anguish - of Nixon's second term;
  - (т.е. душевная, притупить б.): he had always used alcohol to numb his heartache;
  - your pain is awful;
  - (крики боли): Fire was everywhere. He heard anguished screams.;
  - (менструальные боли): What Are Period Cramps? Lots of girls experience cramps before or during their periods.;
  - (мышечные боли): initial symptoms are chills and muscle aches;
  - (он почувствовал резкую б. в шраме): his scar gave a painful twinge;
  - (притупить б. от сознания того, что их товарищи погибли, попав в засаду): they'll drink themselves stupid tonight to blunt the sting of knowing that their comrades were ambushed and killed;
  - (суставная): arthralgias;
  - (у него были боли в животе): he had abdominal pain
  больно - (бить так, чтобы не оставалось следов, но было б.): he was hit on the body in such a way that this did not leave many marks but was nevertheless very painful;
  - (было б. понимать, что...): it has been painful to grasp that we were no longer pristine;
  - (ему было б. от одной мысли о предстоящем слушании): he could lie on his bed for an hour at a time, staring dazedly into space, aching at the thought of the hearing;
  - (ему было очень б. ходить): D., who said he was in too much pain to walk, appeared in a wheelchair;
  - (когда станет б.): he squeals when it starts to hurt;
  - (кольнуть, о шраме): his scar gave a painful twinge;
  - (мне было б., что моя партия разваливалась): I was heartsick that my party was disintegrating before my eyes;
  - (т.е. морально, ей было б. видеть, что он дошёл до такого состояния): He was abed, haggard, flesh pale and clammy. He had been a strong man, and proud. It hurt her to see him reduced to this.;
  - (очень б.?): does it hurt much?;
  - (т.е. очень, б. умный ирония): At school he had a reputation for arrogance. "Too clever by half" BrE infml was how one former teacher described him.;
  - (после операции ей было немного б.): after the operation she was slightly sore but felt all right;
  - (тебе б.): I know you're hurt and your pain is awful;
  - (тебе б.?): does it hurt?;
  - (тебе ещё б.?): are you still sore?;
  - (б. ранить, об обвинениях в трусости): her accusation of cowardice stung him badly;
  - (саднить): the cuts on his face were burning raw
  больной - (т.е. прилагательное): смотри ниже;
  - (т.е. существительное): смотри ниже;
  - (т.е. образно): смотри ниже
  больной (т.е. прилагательное) - (горло): a sore throat;
  - (люди): the bacterium can be deadly to sick and weakened people;
  - (пациенты с б. печенью): hepatically impaired persons;
  - (пока он был болен): the class burst at once into an explosion of complaints about S.'s behavior while the teacher had been ill;
  - (он по-настоящему был болен): because he had a legitimate illness he could hunker down at home and ride out the storm;
  - (сердце, старик с б-ым сердцем): the old man with a heart condition;
  - (человек): a sick man;
  - (т.е. хронически): she was in Florida with her ailing mother
  больной (т.е. существительное) - (даже б-ому нельзя пропускать молитвы): in strict doctrine, the five daily prayers cannot be waived even for the sick;
  - (пациент отрицал наличие контакта с б-ыми): the patient denied contacts with ill persons;
  - (прививки заключались во взятии вещества из волдыря б-ого, т.е. оспой): inoculations consisted of taking matter from the blisters of a sufferer and...;
  - (умение обращаться с б-ыми): I was impressed by his skill in handling sick people
  больной (т.е. образно) - (воображение, в б-ом в-и некоторых): K. Rove, the "evil mastermind" behind George W. Bush's electoral success, has been advising the Swedish government these past two years. Suddenly, in some fevered imaginations, the Swedish investigation into Julian Assange's sex life makes sense. So keen is the US to put the pesky WikiLeaks founder behind bars, goes the theory, that Mr Rove has been recruited to entrap Mr Assange.;
  - (б. воображение Республиканской партии): it was merely a figment of the GOP's addled collective imagination;
  - (вопрос / тема, затронуть б.в. / б-ую т-у): As shadow home secretary in the early 1990s, Blair met the residents of problem estates near his home in Hackney. He realised that millions of potential Labour voters were turned off the party because they thought it didn't understand the realities of crime and disorder in their daily lives. Blair tried to get going what has now become a famous phrase about "tough on crime and tough on the causes of crime." Internal polling showed the party that Blair had touched a real nerve.;
  - (задеть б. вопрос для кого-л): I touched a sore point with the old man;
  - (вопрос / место / тема): School Funding A Thorny Point In Budget Talks. The House and Senate have agreed on how to divvy up existing school construction dollars, but the two houses remain worlds apart on how to raise money to build schools.;
  - (место): fast food places that can't get a simple order right are one of my pet peeves infml;
  - (задеть место): the reporter has unwittingly touched a nerve
  большая часть (бОльшая)- (времени): he spent most of his time traveling;
  - (года): most of the year those drains are almost empty;
  - (полномочий): the king will relinquish much of his absolute powers
  большая часть (большАя) - much of the evidence is based on sensitive intelligence information;
  - they used up a goodly fraction of their best weapons and spare parts;
  - (последующего изложения): this section is central to much of the later development;
  - this theory will obviously take up a substantial part of the volume;
  - anthropologists do much of their work in the field
  больше - (в 5 раз б. годовой зарплаты): some Mexican border police were offered 5 times their annual salary to look the other way on just one drug shipment;
  - (в 10 раз): the population of the USA is approximately ten times that of Canada;
  - (в 10 раз): 500 people were killed and nearly 10 times that number were injured in the earthquake;
  - (в 3 раза б., чем сегодня): in 1977 the murder rate in New York City was 3 times what it is today;
  - (в следующий раз б. повезет): better luck next time;
  - (в ширину б., чем в длину): the van is wider than it is high;
  - (вам что, б. делать нечего?): She looked around at the group of gawping servants. "Haven't you lackwits got better things to do?";
  - (предлагать свои услуги тому, кто больше предложит): he hired out his services to the highest bidder;
  - (вдвое б. времени): the time required to transfer to a domestic connection, which in some European airports can be less than an hour, is twice as long there;
  - (вдвое б. обычного человека): He gave them a hug. Hagrid, being at least twice the size of a normal man, this was no laughing matter.;
  - (весить б. на 40 фунтов): he outweighed me by 40 pounds;
  - (времени): it will take us considerably longer to process your application if you do not reside in one of the three previously mentioned countries;
  - (думаешь, мне б. делать нечего, как тебя развозить?): do you think I have nothing better to do than to chauffer you around?;
  - (б. доверять бывшему наркоману, чем бывшему учителю при приёме на работу): it is disappointing that they trust an ex-drug user over an ex-teacher for the job;
  - (жилья стало б.): soon the dwellings became more numerous;
  - (за 20 долларов и б.): in the restaurant dinner can be purchased from $20 upwards;
  - (за последние 2 года студенты университета не набирали б. 10 очков): in the past two years, Northwestern University students have not scored higher than 10 points;
  - (б. заниматься географией в школе): if only I had worked harder at geography when I was a little boy, I should no doubt know all about those strange countries;
  - (б. или равно): the notation a ≥ b or a ⩾ b means that a is greater than or equal to b (or, equivalently, at least b, or not less than b);
  - (б. или равeн): the left parameter is greater or equal to the right parameter;
  - (иметь б. возможностей): they had larger opportunities than the farmers;
  - (можно подумать, мне б. делать нечего, как заглядывать в вонючие задницы, т.е. слова тюремной надзирательницы): See the attitude? As if it's the highlight of my day to peer up women's smelly bottoms.;
  - (на 38% б., чем год назад): In all, Christie's sold a total of $32 million in postwar and contemporary art last year. A 38 percent increase over the year before;
  - (на 5 размеров б.): he wore basketball shoes that seemed five sizes too big;
  - (намного б. , женщины не пойдут в клуб, где пьяных разгорячённых парней н.б., чем женщин): It's a number game. Women won't go to a club where drunk blokes on the pull outnumber them and blokes won't go to a club where there are no women.;
  - (намного б. интересоваться кем-л): the girl seemed to be a lot keener on him now that he was getting so much attention;
  - (не вижу смысла их б. беспокоить): I don't see any point in troubling them further;
  - (ненавидеть б., чем кто-л): they hate us now worse than you do;
  - (б. нет смысла скрывать): there is no point of hiding it from you any longer;
  - (б. ни слова): not another word now`;
  - (б. нигде не использовался): the product has never been used elsewhere, but the test itself was the milestone;
  - (никто не обращал внимания на...): nobody was paying the slightest attention to their star charts any more;
  - (б. ничего): "What else did he say" "Nothing whatsoever.";
  - (она стала посвящать б. времени избирательной кампании): she has recently stepped up her time commitment to the campaign, appearing as a surrogate for her husband in campaign appearances;
  - (от побочных эффектов б. вреда, чем от таблеток пользы): what if the side effects are more dangerous than the pills are helpful?;
  - (всё б. и б. отставать): those who don't adopt the new technology are going to fall further and further behind;
  - (нефтяное месторождение оказалось на 50% б., чем думали): the oil field is 50 percent bigger than they initially thought;
  - (переезд занял времени на полтора часа б. запланированного): The movers moved pretty slow. Perhaps that was because I was being billed on an hourly rate. Unfortunately, the move ran 1.5 hours over budget.;
  - (подходить кому-л): you should get the bike that fits you better;
  - (подходить кому-л): full time or part time study, whichever suits you better;
  - (подходить кому-л): please indicate if a 30-minute or 60-minute coaching session suits you better;
  - (пострадать, Ирландия в кризисе пострадала б., чем любая другая страна, кроме Греции): Ireland has been hit harder in Europe's crisis than perhaps any country aside from Greece;
  - (соответствовать): a quiet, elegant, leisurely lunch dovetailed better with his plans;
  - (становиться б. определённой величины): if the incident angle increases past a specific value, it reaches the point at which the angle is so large that no light is refracted into the medium of lower refractive index;
  - (столько же и даже б.): the sweeping arms reductions should enable us to claw back that much and more by reducing defence expenditures;
  - (т.е. так в теннисе объявляется преимущество после счёта 'ровно'): Advantage is the point being played after a Deuce. A player who has the Advantage and wins the next point wins the game.;
  - (таких б. не бывает): Just like the old boy. He'd always see the men right first. They didn't come like that any more.;
  - (ты проявил б. мужества, чем я мог от тебя ожидать): you have shown bravery beyond anything I could have expected of you;
  - (ты стал б. заикаться): your stutter's getting worse;
  - (уравнения в конечных разностях с порядком б. единицы): during the last 10 years there has been a fascination with discovering nonlinear difference equations of order greater than 1;
  - (чего ты хочешь б. - достичь своей цели или дать урок кому-то?): would you rather achieve your goal or teach the other person a lesson?;
  - (чем б. имеешь, тем б. хочется): much will have more;
  - (чем б. проходит времени, тем сложнее становится правительству исправить положение): the more time passes, the harder it gets for the government to clean up the situation;
  - (чем б. я старался, тем б. они тянули в другугю сторону): I had tried to take the personal venom out of politics, the harder I tried, the harder others have pulled in the other direction;
  - (...что на 6.2% б., чем в прошлом году): more than one hundred and fifty companies a day are going bust in Britain, an increase of 6.2% compared to last year;
  - (шансов, он понял, что у него будет б.ш. сделать это, если он лишит Юг его рабочей силы): The goal behind Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation was obviously strategic. He wanted to force the South to return to the Union, and realized that he would stand a better chance of accomplishing this if he stripped the South of its labor force.
  - (это значительно б. по сравнению с ... годом): The Government spent about $135 billion on cost plus contracts in 2008. While this is a significant increase over the total value in 2001, they make up a small percentage of all contracts issued.;
  - (это б. не проблема): this is no longer a problem with Pagemaker;
  - (я б. не положу в этот банк ни доллара): as I live and breath, I will not deposit another infml dollar into this bank;
  - (я могу б. посвятить себя обучению детей на дому): my husband pitches in on household tasks that I consider "my job" so that I can devote more of myself to homeschooling my children;
  - (я надеюсь б. тебя видеть): I hope to see more of you;
  - Cash Advance Fee (For Express Cash Enrollers) Greater of $2 or 2%, up to $6
  больше всего - (дорожить чем-л б.в.): Congress seems unwilling to confront the task of tearing down a committee structure that members prize above everything except reelection itself;
  - (б.в. ему хотелось): he felt, for that instant, that he would like nothing better than to sink his fangs into the man before him;
  - (местности, б.в. пострадавшие от землетрясения): the areas worst hit by the earthquake;
  - (на свете меня веселит...): if there is one thing in the world that gives me more amusement than anything else, it's...;
  - (нам нужно единство): what we need most is unity;
  - (напоминать что-л): there was just no getting around the fact that his robes looked more like a dress than anything else;
  - (нравиться, б.в. она нравилась ему спящей): asleep was the way he liked her best;
  - (б.в. откликов речь вызовет в С.): the speech will reverberate loudest in Saudi Arabia;
  - (подходить к чему-л б.в.): red wine is most appropriate for most main courses;
  - (пострадать, дети пострадали б.в.): there are no comprehensive statistics on the extent of the air pollution problem, but anecdotal evidence suggests that Hong Kong's children have been hit hardest;
  - (пострадать, эта часть острова б.в. пострадала от урагана): this side of the island was the hardest hit by the hurricane;
  - (б.в. продающееся противозачаточное средство): the Sponge, introduced in 1983, became the largest-selling over-the-counter (OTC) female contraceptive in the United States;
  - (топливо, которого б.в. в Америке): coal is far and away America's most abundant fuel;
  - (б.в. хотеть, чтобы...): a nearly lifelong politician (Thomas Jefferson) who repeatedly insisted that he wanted nothing so much as to retire to his plantation in Virginia;
  - (б.в. я был поражен преобладанием серости): more than anything, I was struck by the prevailing bleakness;
  - (б.в. я ценила в колледже то, что приобрела друзей на всю жизнь): what I valued most about the college were the lifelong friends I made
  больше не - (б.н. быть безгрешными): it has been painful to grasp that we were no longer pristine;
  - (б. не возвращаться к вопросу / б.не обсуждаться / б.не рассматриваться): once an issue is resolved it is off the table;
  - (б.н. выходи из себя): don't fly off the handle again;
  - (б.н. довольствуясь изображением простых людей, художник...): no longer content with depicting the common people, the painter was now scrutinizing their minds
  - (б.н. заниматься чем-л): Israel is no longer in the retribution business;
  - (б.н. иметь последователей): he no longer had a following in...;
  - (б. никогда он не будет ни выпивать, ни пьянствовать): he said if she'd marry him, he would never drink or carouse again;
  - (он мне б.н. был нужен): I realized I didn't need it anymore, so I threw it away;
  - (он не собирался б. медлить): he was not inclined to tarry any longer;
  - (таких б.н. делают): The car runs great. They don't build them like that anymore.;
  - (это б.н. проблема): this is no longer a problem with Pagemaker
  больше нельзя - (США избавились от мин, т.к. их б. нельзя было использовать): Russia claims to have destroyed 17 million mines since the mid-1990s, and the US got rid of two million because it said they were old and no longer of any use
  большей частью - working-class people who did the menial job for the most part
  больший - (гравитационное притяжение): a greater gravitational pull;
  - (груз): he carried the larger pack;
  - (нанести гораздо б. вред): he could have wreaked much worse damage on me by tampering with the potion;
  - (оценить потери самое б-ее в 100-200 тысяч): Soviet military casualties are estimated at one hundred thousand at the maximum;
  - (расчёт основан на сумме взноса, равной бОльшей из двух величин): this calculation is based on making a payment which is 1/36th of the outstanding balance or $20, whichever is larger;
  - (часть, река покрыта льдом бОльшую ч. года): the river is icebound for more than half the year;
  - (скорость, бОльшая, чем...): thrust is obtained by accelerating a mass of ambient air to a velocity greater than the speed of the aircraft;
  - (часть дня): as it turned out, waiting for the Soviet message consumed the better part of the day;
  - (часть полномочий): the king will relinquish much of his absolute powers;
  - (бОльшая часть потребности Америки в энергии): it would be enormously hard to meet a major percentage of America's energy needs at a reasonable cost;
  - (форсунки б-ей мощности): all other factors being equal, an FSI engine needs higher-capacity injectors to achieve the same power as a conventional engine
  большинство - (блюд): red wine is most appropriate for most main courses;
  - (вакансий): a majority of positions are filled by...;
  - (голосов): to win by an absolute majority;
  - (голосов): the Senate must confirm such appointments by a majority vote;
  - (голосов): a plurality of all votes cast shall be necessary for election;
  - (жителей города): despite frustration with the city's feckless management, polls show that a plurality of New Jersey residents oppose State intervention;
  - (игра в б-е, т.е. в хоккее): power game;
  - (издателей): for the huge majority of desk top publishers;
  - (людей): throughout the colonies the majority of the people lived in the country;
  - (по мнению большинства): mainstream opinion is that the FTSE 100 will lag behind the leading overseas indices in the next 12 months;
  - (победить с огромным б-ом): to win by a huge majority;
  - (подавляющее б. доказательств свидетельствует в пользу теории, что у него была серьёзная поддержка на высшем уровне...): a preponderance of evidence supports the theory that he's had some serious high-level protection in his dealings around the world and;
  - (пользователей): most users fall into this category;
  - (произведений искусства снова попадёт на родину): we expect a majority of these works of art will find their way back to their homeland;
  - (Республиканская партия завоевала б. в палате представителей): the House had gone Republican in 1994 in the elections in the prior year, 1994;
  - (б. судей считают): most of the judges feel that this shows moral fiber and merits full mark;
  - (членов Сената): a majority of the Senate must be present
  большой - (б. и сильный полисмен / спецназовец / строитель): a big burly construction worker / special-operations soldier / policeman;
  - (т.е. об абстрактных понятиях): смотри ниже;
  - (т.е. о неодушевлённых предметах): смотри ниже;
  - (палец, т.е. ноги): great / big toe;
  - (палец, т.е. руки человека): thumb;
  - (палец, т.е. у животных): hallux;
  - (собака-лайка): big husky;
  - (человек): a big bluff man
  большой (т.е. об абстрактных понятиях) - (авария): a bad accident on the motorway;
  - (авария): a major crash on the road;
  - (аварии): major catastrophes;
  - (авиакатастрофа): there was a serious plane crash this morning;
  - (бабки жаргон / деньги): he earns big bucks infml for doing almost nothing;
  - (банк): their depositors are fleeing to bigger and stronger banks;
  - (бизнес): a large and flourishing business;
  - (бизнес): the cattle industry became big business;
  - (биржа): the world's largest non-ferrous metal exchange;
  - (благодеяние): he was conferring a great boon on me;
  - (будущее): a leading company with a bright future offering excellent career prospects and benefits;
  - (буква): смотри ниже;
  - (в б-их масштабах): in the event of genuine famine it would not be possible to guarantee the absence of the outbreaks of acts of disorder, perhaps on a wide scale;
  - (в б-их масштабах): organic farming on a vast scale;
  - (в б-ом количестве, калий в соединениях широко распространён в б.к.): although never found free in nature, in combination potassium is abundantly and widely distributed;
  - (в б. мере / степени ему это удалось): ...and in large measure he succeeded;
  - (т.е. в географических названиях, остров Б. Томб): Greater Tunb Island;
  - (вероятность): смотри ниже;
  - (взрыв, т.е. в начале Вселенной): the big bang theory brings us to the beginning of the universe;
  - (вклад): he made a major contribution as editor;
  - (власть): teachers' unions wield lots of power;
  - (влияние): the Soviets did not have as much influence with their Arab friends as we had thought;
  - (влияние): though the individual loans may seen small, they have made a big impact on the lives of the poor;
  - (влияние): China has a profound economic and political impact on the world;
  - (внимание): смотри ниже;
  - (военные учения): we're going to run a major search-and-rescue exercise;
  - (возможности): there was a burning desire to win larger opportunities;
  - (вознаграждение): the detective is on the hunt for a priceless diamond that promises a handsome reward for its finder;
  - (вознаграждение / награда): Honest Airport Worker Lands Handsome Reward. A national jewelry store chain plans to give a Kansas City man a hefty award for turning in a lost cargo bag containing $266,000 worth of jewelry.;
  - (вред): bulimia causes extensive damage to teeth;
  - (война): to incite a big war;
  - (вопрос): the big question is who is going to pay for this;
  - (Б-ая восьмёрка, т.е. в политике): the Group of Eight / the G-8;
  - (впечатление): strong impression;
  - (выбор): смотри ниже;
  - (вырез, с б-им в-ом): she was wearing her hostess dress from the cabaret, low-cut at the front;
  - (высота): смотри ниже;
  - (глоток): he took a large gulp of tea;
  - (глоток): he took a deep swig of wine;
  - (глубины): the selective repair technology for underwater crossings of trunk oil pipelines at great depths;
  - (гордость, испытывать б-ую г. за то, что...): we feel great pride for having had such great Canadians serve among our ranks;
  - (гордость страны): the proudest boast of the country is its volcanoes;
  - (государство): a large state;
  - (гравитационные перегрузки): a centrifuge designed to test would-be astronauts for their responses to heavy g-loads speeds up;
  - (громкость, включить радио на б-ую г.): volume was switched high;
  - (давление): high pressure;
  - (движение транспорта): I'd pick you up in case traffic is heavy;
  - (дело, подумаешь, б-ое д., т.е. с иронией): But the hotel, the privacy of our guests. Super-duper big deal infml. Like it's some Swiss bank. So, anything hits the fan, I didn't tell you.;
  - (деньги, это для него б-ие д.): this is a lot / a great deal of money for him;
  - (держава): research of this nature can only be undertaken by a major power;
  - (дефицит): large deficit;
  - (дефицит продуктов питания): a serious food shortage;
  - (диапазон): a robust strategy is one that will work reasonably well across a wide range of plausible scenarios;
  - (для достаточно б-ого x мат): for any reasonably big x;
  - (доверие, она заслуживает б-ого д-я): this woman deserves much credit / a lot of credit;
  - (довольно б. кампус): the Lycée had a sizable campus;
  - (доза): if I were doing away with myself I'd take an overdose of veronal;
  - (долг): heavy debt;
  - (долги, имеющие б-ие д-и): heavily indebted nations;
  - (доля / часть): the Soviets have a large proportion of their own merchant fleet standing by;
  - (доля в процентах): large percentage;
  - (доля рынка, б-ая д.р., занимаемая Nokia, представляет угрозу для Apple Inc): Nokia's strong presence is a threat for Apple Inc;
  - (дотация, с б-ой д-ей): Quebec is among the provinces with the most heavily subsidized agriculture;
  - (ёмкость, жёсткий диск б-ой ё-ти): a high capacity hard disc;
  - (загрузка на работе): heavy workload;
  - (заказ, мне сбили цену на самый б. заказ): I got underbid on my biggest order;
  - (занимать б-ое место в поднятии боевого духа армии): the awarding of medals and citations for valor and distinguished service figures prominently in boosting Red Army morale;
  - (зануда): he was a great bore;
  - (запасы газа): we have the largest reserves in the world of natural gas;
  - (значение): смотри ниже;
  - (изогнутость крыла): heavy camber;
  - (инвестиции): this large investment has not cut the government's costs;
  - (интерес): смотри ниже;
  - (искушение): there is a great temptation to throw money at any new weapons system;
  - (капиталовложение): this large investment has not cut the government's costs;
  - (коалиция): grand coalition;
  - (кокетка): she's a huge flirt;
  - (количество): to apply the verdict to a wide variety of other cases;
  - (количество / объём информации): a large amount of precise information;
  - (компания / фирма): big company / firm;
  - (компания / фирма): the country's largest integrated oil company;
  - (константа мат): replacing 2 by any larger constant integer generates the same model of computation;
  - (корреляция): there is a strong correlation between the growth of...;
  - (кривизна): heavy camber;
  - (культура): a man of great culture and charm;
  - (б. любитель балета): he was not a great fan of ballet;
  - (б-ая масса слона): the elephant's great bulk is a protection in itself;
  - (б-ая масса планеты): the higher density of Jupiter is due to its larger mass;
  - (б. мастер разгадывать тайны): he is a great unraveller of mysteries;
  - (материал, приведенный в словаре, довольно велик): the material cited in the dictionary is voluminous enough;
  - (Б-ая Медведица): the Plough BrE / the Big Dipper / Ursa Major;
  - (митинги / сборища): I did big rallies with boisterous crowds;
  - (мощность, двигатель б. мощности для тяжёлых транспортных средств): heavy-duty engine;
  - (мужество / смелость): parachuting takes a lot of nerve;
  - (на большом уровне): to find the best mix of wines for celebrating, whether on a large or small scale;
  - (б. набор примеров): extensive collection of examples;
  - (б. набор студентов): the School has one of the largest intakes in the U.K. at the undergraduate level;
  - (надежда, заявление было сделано с б-ой надеждой): this statement was delivered with a dollop infml of hope;
  - (надежды): there were high hopes in Cairo that the Chancellor would renege on the deal;
  - (надежды, возлагать б-ие н. на кого-л): I had high hopes for you;
  - (надежды, возлагать б-ие н. на кого-л): I had great expectations for that player but he has gone from hero to zero;
  - (надёжность): the HARM anti-radiation missiles sought out and destroyed acquisition and illumination radars with high reliability;
  - (+[название города], т.е. город с прилегающими населёнными пунктами, Б. Лондон): the Metropolitan Police Service is the territorial police force responsible for the law enforcement within Greater London, excluding the City of London which is the responsibility of the City of London Police;
  - (+[название города], т.е. город с прилегающими населёнными пунктами, Б. Лас Вегас): in addition to Las Vegas, the city's metropolitan region includes North Las Vegas, Boulder City, Henderson, Mesquite, and a large number of unincorporated communities.;
  - (наплыв иностранцев): a heavy influx of Hindus from India;
  - (напряжение, т.е. электрического поля): tension is high;
  - (напряжение, т.е. физическое н. человека, при б-ом н-и наблюдалась острая сердечная недостаточность): under strenuous exertion at high altitude acute cardiac failure was observed;
  - (нарушение): the Palestinian Monetary Authority which supervises the banks, discovered substantial irregularities in the bank management;
  - (наступление): they will launch a big new attack soon;
  - (недостаток): major fault;
  - (недостаток): lack of education was probably the greatest shortcoming;
  - (неожиданность): big surprise;
  - (неприятности): we could get into a lot of trouble for that;
  - (неприятность): they were in a lot of trouble;
  - (новость): that's great news;
  - (нужно слишком б-ое совпадение): it's far too coincidental that this supposedly random number could be rearranged to form the Fibonacci sequence;
  - (облегчение): the detainees were very relieved to see the representatives of the Red Cross;
  - (объём, из-за б-ого объёма): it was difficult to move not because of its weight but because of its bulk;
  - (она передо мной в б-ом долгу): she owes me big time infml;
  - (опасность): the risks attached to this operation were incomparably greater;
  - (опасность): the global warming is a serious danger;
  - (опасность): there is a grave danger that, by taking a weak consumer protection stance, the European Union has damaged its credibility;
  - (опыт): the firm has extensive experience in conducting surveys;
  - (осмотрительность): much prudence is necessary to reproduce reverence for the government;
  - (ответственность): a ridiculous waste of time for officials with so much responsibility;
  - (отклонение): great men had great aberrations;
  - (отлив): when the tide is very low;
  - (отличия): stark differences;
  - (ошибка): смотри ниже;
  - (б-ое падение популярности): a big drop in popularity;
  - (партия, т.е. товара, купить б-ую п-ю сборника речей конгрессмена): in 1980s, G. has led the charge to remove W. as Speaker of the House because his supporters had bought, in bulk, copies of a privately published book of W.'s speeches, in an alleged attempt to get around House rules prohibiting members from accepting speaking fees;
  - (партия, т.е. товара, покупать б-ими п-ми): in big lots;
  - (партия, т.е. товара, покупать б-ими п-ми): he buys them in bulk from the company;
  - (переделка книги): the literary agent made page-by-page editorial comments for a major rewrite;
  - (перемена, с ней произошла б-ая перемена): a great change had come over her;
  - (перемены в образования): if yesterday was about balancing budgets and revamping taxation, the present demands major changes to education;
  - (завышение бюджетных ассигнований на новые технологии): the media were openly critical of his gross overbudjeting on new technologies;
  - (печаль): great sorrow;
  - (печать): the great seal of the United States;
  - (планета, т.е. Меркурий, Венера, Земля, Марс,...): unlike the major planets, the minor planets are mostly quite small;
  - (площадь, осветительные снаряды рассыпали куски горящего магния на б-ой п-ди): the starshells exploded in blind sheets of white light a few feet above the ocean surface, showering gentle soft gobbets of burning magnesium over a wide area;
  - (площадь, т.е. пола): if you make all the aisles wide, you'll lose much floor space;
  - (б. плюс при продаже, т.е. достоинство): the renovated kitchen was a strong selling point;
  - (поборник): I am a strong supporter of women's rights;
  - (повреждения): the car crashed into a tree and suffered severe damage;
  - (повреждения): the fire caused a lot of damage;
  - (поддержка): the local people have given us a lot of support in our campaign;
  - (подозрение): her testimony would cast a lot of suspicion on him;
  - (подозрение): he was regarded with intense suspicion until his information checked out;
  - (пожар): a big wharf fire;
  - (пожар образно, из углей кризиса разгорелся б. пожар): the embers of crisis exploded into conflagration;
  - (политикa, т.е. высокие политические должности): of course, Shanghai will also be the scene of important political discussions / of political summitry;
  - (политикa, возвращение в б-ую п-у): his return to big-time politics as governor of...;
  - (популяция): the largest population of marine birds;
  - (поражение, самое б. поражение): the worst defeat the organisation ever suffered occurred in the early spring of 1964;
  - (пористость): this powder is very light, due to its high porosity;
  - (потери): we took serious losses to our fighter regiments in this region;
  - (потери): heavy losses;
  - (потребитель сырья): China is the biggest consumer of copper;
  - (преимущество): What is the great advantage of competition when looked at as a state of affairs in the economy?;
  - (преимущество): Delaware's big advantage in attracting businesses;
  - (преимущество, выиграть с б-им п-реимуществом): the Rochester District Golf Association foursome took home the Cup at Oak Hill Country Club Tuesday, and they won by a handsome margin of 16 strokes;
  - (пресса образно ): mainstream media;
  - (прибыль, получить б-ую прибыль): to make large profits;
  - (приём гостей): a big party;
  - (проблема): смотри ниже;
  - (б-ими темпами развиваться ): research and development have not moved to Slovakia in large chunks the way auto assembly has;
  - (б-ими темпами сокращать ядерный арсенал): we are reducing our nuclear arsenals at a rapid pace;
  - (разговор): an important conversation;
  - (раздражение): Why had the President taken this action? Not knowing was a great annoyance to a man at his level of government;
  - (раздражение): his untidy hair had always been a source of great annoyance to Uncle V.;
  - (различия): I compared the copy with the original, and there wasn't much difference;
  - (разница): a big difference;
  - (б-ое разнообразие выпечки): We offer a wide variety of quality baked goods. Your choices include made-from-scratch cake donuts, brownies and fresh-from-the-oven cookies.;
  - (б-ое разнообразие информации): the almanach contained a wide variety of information from medicine to politics;
  - (разочарование): big disappointment;
  - (разрушения): the explosion has caused an extensive damage, windows have been blown out;
  - (расстояние, пересылка сообщений на б-ое р.): his solution to the dilemma of sending secure message over long distances;
  - (расходы): Hollywood "effects" wizards go to great expense to re-create the evocative atmosphere of...;
  - (ремонт): the car needs major repairs;
  - (решение): big decision;
  - (риск): the risks attached to this operation were incomparably greater;
  - (риск): the hazard levels of that operation are very high;
  - (риск был велик): the risk was very high;
  - (рынок): big market;
  - (с б. скоростью полимеризоваться на свету): photocurable: a polymerizable mixture that can be polymerized at a rapid rate by exposure to light;
  - (самый б. , заплатить с-ую б-ую цену образно): the harder they come, the harder they fall and her battle with Y. was always going to end with one of them paying the ultimate price;
  - (свет, т.е. высшее общество): high society;
  - (секретность): on Monday, June 15, amid great secrecy, the Circuit Court clerk mailed a hundred summons to registered voters all over the F. County;
  - (сдвиг в интересах компании): there will be a major shift in the company's focus;
  - (семёрка, т.е. в политике): the Group of Seven / the G-7;
  - (семья): a large family;
  - (сила сцепления): Let's say you are driving around a curve on a wet road. Your tires have plenty of traction to apply the lateral force needed to keep your car on the road as it goes around the curve.;
  - (сила тока): an electric current is passed through the electrolyte at low voltage, but very high current, typically 150,000 amperes;
  - (скандал): unless new even large scandals emerge, Worldcom and Enron may prove less salient than the Democrats hope or Bush fears;
  - (скорость автомобиля): the bomb detonated when the car hit a bump at high speed on the highway;
  - (скорость осаждения): rapid  - (скорость роста города): the city grows at a rapid rate;
  - (словарный запас): to build up a large vocabulary;
  - (смущение): "Whatever are these, Father?" The King jumped up in great confusion.;
  - (соблазн): there is a great temptation throw money at any new weapons system;
  - (собрание): there were large daily staff meetings;
  - (событие): we should had known that big events were impending;
  - (сокращение / урезание пособий): there will be serious cutbacks in social benefits for the old;
  - (соответствие): there is a strong correlation between the growth of...;
  - (сопротивление): he is facing very strong opposition from his constituency;
  - ( б. спасибо за участие в передаче): thank you very much for being on the program;
  - (способность, его с. сеять раздор и вражду велика): his gift for spreading discord and enmity is very great;
  - (спрос): смотри ниже;
  - (средний класс): large middle class;
  - (ставка): the company has placed a big bet on a risky sector;
  - (сторонник): I am a strong supporter of women's rights:
  - (страна с самой б-ой в мире экономикой): the world's biggest economy;
  - (страсти): a young woman of large emotions and artistic talent;
  - (судебная ошибка): a serious miscarriage of justice;
  - (судоходство): there was ample commercial shipping in the area;
  - (сходство): смотри ниже;
  - (счёт, по б-ому с-у): in the final analysis, a talented artist always courts tragedy;
  - (счёт, по б-ому с-у): the militants are not really welcome in either place;
  - (Б. театр): the Bolshoi Theatrе;
  - (температура): high temperature / fever;
  - (территория колледжа): my college didn't have large grounds;
  - (тираж, продольные ксилографии выдерживали б-иe тиражи): end-grain woodcuts withstood long pressruns;
  - (торжественность): the dragon's heart was carried to the king with great ceremony;
  - (точность): corroborative details arriving in this office indicate the substantial accuracy of the named agent's claim with regard to the location of the factory;
  - (травма): the intense trauma she suffered;
  - (транспортные средства с б-им пробегом и б-им потреблением горючего): fleet vehicles typically are high-mileage, high fuel consumption vehicles operating in a limited area;
  - (трудность): great difficulty;
  - (угледобывающее предприятие): the biggest coal producer in Britain;
  - (угол обзора видеокамеры / площадь, покрытая кадром видеокамеры): the viewing angle of this particular camera is 110 degrees, which is slightly restrictive because there are more expensive solutions with a bigger viewing angle giving a wider shot covering a greater area;
  - (угроза): major threat;
  - (удача): really a greatpiece of luck getting this job;
  - (удача): For investors to escape one of these potential calamities will require a modest slice of luck. To escape all 4 will require a great deal of good fortune.;
  - (удивление, к б-ому всеобщему удивлению): the crew had learned, much to everybody's surprise, that the Chinese and American army forces were trading shots in Siberia;
  - (удовольствие): great / intense pleasure;
  - (улучшение): big improvement;
  - (усилие): to make a major effort for a peaceful solution;
  - (усилие, т.е. физическое у. человека): under strenuous exertion at high altitude acute cardiac failure was observed;
  - (успехи): much progress has been made recently in asymptotic formulas that...;
  - (утечка капитала): the euro has been weakened by large capital outflow;
  - (ущерб): extensive damage;
  - (финансирование): with their greater funding, their training levels mean that their soldiers are intimately familiar with their weapons and rudimentary tactics;
  - (фирма): big company / firm;
  - (фора): It was essential that he find the tomb first. Unfortunately, R. has a big head start;
  - (цель): large goals required farsighted policies;
  - (цель): great strategic goals;
  - (часть): смотри ниже;
  - (число людей): a large number of people believe in...;
  - (число факторов): the supply of oxigen to the tissues is dependent on a large number of factors;
  - (число последователей): they are attracting a strong following;
  - (шансы): he worried that there was a good chance that partisan politics would trump law and precedent, and the judge would rule that the case could proceed to trial;
  - (шишка образно
  , о человеке): he became a big shot in the mortgage business;
  - (б. шлем, т.е. в теннисе ): grand slam doubles;
  - (штраф): the judge imposed a heavy fine;
  - (экономика): these countries have much bigger economies;
  - (экономический рост): high economic growth;
  - (эмоции): a young woman of large emotions and artistic talent;
  - (энтузиазм): the car did not seem to arouse much enthusiasm at the first glance
  большой (буква) - (т.е. заглавная): capital letter;
  - (т.е. заглавная, написано печатными б-ими б-ами): across the center of the folder was written in block capitals: CARIBBEAN STATIONS;
  - (т.е. заглавная, напечатанная на верхнем регистре клавиатуры): calligraphic uppercase letters
  - (т.е. крупные, напечатано б-ими б-ами): the name was printed in large type;
  - (человек с б-ой б-ы): man with a capital M
  большой (вероятность того, что...) - there's a good chance we will get snow this year / detect cancer early;
  - Make sure the dyes won't transfer onto adjacent fabrics when wet. Remove the patch (from the soapy solution) and, without rinsing, place it on a white paper towel. Wait a bit and check to see if dye has transferred onto the toweling. If it did, chances are good that it will transfer dye onto adjacent patches when your quilt is washed;
  - there is a strong likelihood another hurricane will occur in October;
  - there is a strong possibility that the body is of A.D.
  большой (внимание) - great attention was drawn to formulating basic rules of individual data protection.
  - as a multinational State, Serbia had been paying great attention to the protection of minority rights;
  - much attention is given to...;
  - that business will have to pay far greater attention to innovation and electronic commerce;
  - the boy often fails to give close attention to details;
  - (б-ое в. уделяется приданию обтекаемой формы самолёту): it is desirable to have all drag reduced to a minimum, and for that reason considerable attention is given to streamlining the form of the aircraft
  большой (выбор) - there is a wide choice of software available for this model;
  - the bar offers a large selection of whiskies and teas;
  - we offer a multiple choice of power amplifiers, which are powerful and of high quality;
  - for the conscious parents and consumers of our multicultural communities we offer a multiple choice of dolls providing a variety of skin tones, cultural identity, and good values
  большой (высота) - (леса / объекты, расположенные на б-ой в-е): high elevation forests / sites;
  - (растения / птицы, живущие на б-ой в-е): high elevation plants / birds;
  - (на б-ой в-е, т.е. в горах): at high altitude, atmospheric pressure is lower compared to sea level;
  - (на б-ой в-е, т.е. в горах): the weather can be brutal at the high elevations;
  - (на б-ую в-у, струя была выброшена н.б.в.): the spout was blasted into the air to a great height;
  - (потолков): with lofty ceiling height, the accommodation includes entrance vestibule and imposing reception hall;
  - (сбросить с б-ой в-ы): although the fall from bed to floor was only a couple of feet, he seemed to have been cast down from a great height
  большой (значение) - (иметь б.з.): these species are of great importance in the marine food chain;
  - (иметь б. значение): arrangements that were technically useful but of no major political significance such as cultural and scientific exchanges;
  - (придавать б-ое з.): смотри ниже
  большой (интерес) - the keen interest in the primary was reflected at polling stations;
  - all Russians, it seems, have a strong interest in their heritage;
  - he had developed a strong interest in harmonic analysis;
  - he watched the proceedings with keen interest but took little part
  - he noted great interest in issues related to gender equality
  большой - (ошибка) - You're making a big mistake, Jim. Give it a lot of thought.;
  - it's a big mistake to ignore the market;
  - that would be a bad mistake.;
  - a bad mistake becomes a good lesson if you choose to learn from it;
  - it was always a serious mistake to underrate an adversary
  большой (придавать б-ое значение) - (гражданским свободам 0 и правам человека): American society places a high value on civil liberties and individual rights;
  - (защите климата): people attach great importance to climate protection;
  - (конфиденциальности клиента, об адвокате): you place heavy emphasis on client confidentiality;
  - (неприкосновенности личной жизни): Germans in the West, haunted by Hitler's Reich, have traditionally placed an extremely high priority on privacy;
  - (чистоте): Canadians attach great importance to nutrition and food safety
  большой (проблема) - a massive organizational problem;
  - the company's problems are fairly major;
  - the biggest problem in Alaska is the clear-cut logging;
  - the biggest problem we face is the shortage of trained staff
  большой (спрос) - a "hot issue" is an IPO that is in heavy demand;
  - there is great demand for precast concrete toilets in rural areas, where there is little or no waterborne sewerage system;
  - demand is particularly strong in the U.K.;
  - global economic growth fuels the strong demand for raw materials
  большой (сходство) - now the resemblance was so great it was eerie;
  - strong resemblance;
  - animals, belonging to two most distinct lines of descent, may have become adapted to similar conditions, and thus have assumed a close external resemblance;
  - when I compare myself to Hilary Clinton, I find a lot of similarities;
  - they could have been sisters; the resemblance was that close;
  - systems with large external resemblance and small internal difference;
  - "It's me," said he pointing at the back of the picture. "Good likeness."
  большой (т.е. о неодушевлённых предметах) - (автомобиль): a large / big car;
  - (английская булавка): a big safety pin;
  - (бак): the plane with a very large tank;
  - (бифштекс / бомба / ваза): large steak / bomb / vase;
  - (велосипед / гамбургер / губы): big bike / hamburger / lips;
  - (вывеска): large sign on the doors read "Closed for refurbishment";
  - (дерево): large cypress trees;
  - (дом): a large / big house;
  - (дорога): Montichiari is situated on the high road that leads to Mantova;
  - (живот): large stomach / belly;
  - (зал): a large reception hall;
  - (Б. зал): the corridor leading off the entrance hall on the opposite side to the Great Hall;
  - (здание): the largest building for miles around;
  - (здание): a big handsome building;
  - (зонт): they huddled at the edge of the field under a large umbrella;
  - (каменоломня): a large rock quarry;
  - (капля): sweat stood out on his forehead in great round drops;
  - (капля клея): he fixed the light bulb in place with a generous blob of glue;
  - (квартира): large / big apartment;
  - (клетка птицы): large cage;
  - (книги): large and heavy books;
  - (комната): a big / large room;
  - (контейнер): a large container;
  - (конфеты): big, fat toffees;
  - (коробка): a large box stuffed full of snacks;
  - (котелок / кровать): a large pot / bed;
  - (крыльцо): the big front porch;
  - (кукольный домик): the doll's house was very large and very fine;
  - (кулак): big / large fist;
  - (кусок мяса): the butcher hacked off a large chunk of meat;
  - (кусок пирога): a large chunk of a birthday cake;
  - (куст): a large hydrangea bush;
  - (лицо): large face;
  - (лицо): great mustached face;
  - (не по размеру б. комбинезон): a skinny boy in the oversized overalls;
  - (носовой платок): a large handkerchief;
  - (одежда на меня велика): my clothes are a bit roomy;
  - (особняк в неоклассическом ): on the outskirts of the town stands the largest and finest Palladian stately home in the land;
  - (открытка): large postcard;
  - (очки): her large glasses magnified her eyes;
  - (планеты, т.е. Юпитер, Сатурн): giant planets;
  - (пОры): a droopy face with large pores;
  - (пузырёк на воде / руки): large bubble / hands;
  - (рюкзак): bulky backpacks;
  - (свёрток): a large bundle of sheepskin and suede coats and jackets;
  - (свёрток): there was a large package tied to the bird's leg;
  - (свитер - на кого-л): he was dressed in a sweatshirt so large for him that he had to roll back the sleeves five times so as to be able to use his hands;
  - (сгусток): droplets of oil coalesce into a large blob;
  - (самый б.спутник Юпитера): Jupiter's biggest moon;
  - (стакан виски / стопка полотенец): a large tumbler of whisky / a large pile of towels;
  - (сундук): a great wooden chest;
  - (тюк): large pack;
  - (усы): the guy with the big moustache;
  - (чайник): a large copper kettle;
  - (часы): a big pendulum clock;
  - (четырёхугольник): the buildings stood side by side overlooking a large quadrangle;
  - (шишка над глазом): a large purple lump was swelling above his eye;
  - (шкаф): a big wardrobe
  большущий - (паровоз): the Giant was puffing like the largest railway engine
  большую часть года - for much of the year the Alps are covered in snow
  бомбардировать - (компанию просьбами): news organizations have bombarded the company with requests for interviews;
  - смотри файл DVIJENIE
  борец - (т.е. спортсмен, занимающийся борьбой): players must have the stamina of a distance swimmer, the strength of a weight lifter and the flexibility of a wrestler;
  - (т.е. отстаивающий что-л): смотри ноже
  борец (т.е. отстаивающий что-л): - (за веру): we have in you a champion of our faith;
  - (за мир): the Soviet Union as the word's first champion of peace;
  - (за права человека): champion of human rights;
  - (за правду): a forthright pursuer of truth;
  - (за развитие картофелеводства в...): he became the indefatigable champion of the New Brunswick potato industry;
  - (за свободу): freedom fighter;
  - (за сохранение архитектурных памятников): packed with amateur preservationists, the landmark committee is notoriously averse to anything new;
  - (за сохранение окружающей среды): when a huge dust storm from the surrounding desert engulfed the city of Phoenix, Arizona, last week, it did not take long for environmentalists to cite it as the kind of "freak weather event" that will become commonplace with "climate change";
  - (за сохранение природы): the British Association of Nature Conservationists;
  - (неутомимый б. за равноправие): an indefatigable advocate of equal rights;
  - (с курением): anti-tobacco crusader
  бородатый - (анекдот образно): to rehash a stale joke
  бороться - (банки борются за сбор капитала): Britain's surviving banks are scrambling to raise capital, with some having less success than others;
  - (герой борется с любым негодяем): the film highlights Tintin as a swashbuckling hero ready to take on any villain;
  - (группировки борются за власть над городом): rival factions vie for control over the town;
  - (до последнего, т.е. при этом проиграть): T.H., a middleweight blue belt from GB San Clemente got to experience his first ever Worlds this year. H. has an MMA and wrestling background to compliment his Jiu-Jitsu skills. In his second match, he had to face D.J. Although H. gave him a run for his money, J. was able to submit him with a kimura.;
  - (до последнего, т.е. при этом проиграть): Congratulations to Contador (cyclist) on a race (Tour de France 2010) well-run! This year Andy Schleck gave him a run for his money but couldn't beat him.;
  - (за власть): the two parties vied for power;
  - (за выдачу преступника): the U.S. and Russia battle over his anticipated extradition to New York to stand trial;
  - (за лучшее общество): to campaign for a better society;
  - (за место в Конгрессе): Republican businessman and Marine veteran C.L. is in the race for Congress and could knock off the Majority Leader;
  - (за мир): I praised the bravery of Irish woman who had stood up for peace;
  - (за ограничения использования торгового названия): the French, keen to limit use of the name to producers within the Champagne region have struggled over more than a decade to prevent the Russians taking the name in vain;
  - (за права человека): he always stood up for human rights;
  - (за преодоление наследия прошлого): the company is struggling to overcome the legacies of its sclerotic past;
  - (за разумные законы): the lawyer crusaded for a rational system of laws which would allow people...;
  - (за средства к существованию): he was a knockabout neighborhood lawyer, scuffling for a living;
  - (за средства к существованию): he was sick of scrabbling for a living as a journalist;
  - (за то, чтобы войти первым): Ehud Barak and Yassir Arafat wrestled over who would enter first;
  - (за то, чтобы США стали энергонезависимыми): If Trump knew what he was talking about, he would advocate for the U.S. to become energy independent;
  - (за успех): I am continuously striving for success;
  - (...за что давно боролись ветераны Вьетнама): I announced that the Veterans Administration would provide compensation to Vietnam veterans for series of severe illnesses, a cause long championed by Vietnam veterans;
  - (командиры и солдаты борются за то, чтобы вернуть себе преимущество, которое они имели в восьмилетней партизанской войне): U.S. commanders and their soldiers are scrambling to regain the upper hand in an eight-year-old guerrilla war;
  - (железнодорожные чиновники боролись за дальние перевозки, т.е. за выигрыш в конкурсе): railroad officials bid against each other for long haul shipments;
  - (надежда боролась с подозрительностью): faint hope warred with the suspicion in his eyes;
  - (профсоюзы борются с планами передать не связанные с учебным процессом службы другим организациям): unions are fighting a plan by universities to outsource all non-academic services;
  - (с болезнью): he is in his third year of battling melanoma;
  - (с бюрократией): Al Gore spent much of his vice-presidency battling bureaucratic bulge;
  - (с вирусами): vaccines and treatments combating viruses;
  - (с врагом): the tribesmen who fought the North Vietamiese with our help are being systematically exterminated;
  - (с всемирным потеплением): to combat global warming;
  - (с депрессией): he suffered a debilitating stroke, which heightened the manic depression he'd apparently been fighting for some time;
  - (с дефектом речи): he helped her tackle her speech impediment;
  - (с драконом): the said Aegidius has proved himself a trusty man and well able to deal with giants, dragons, and other enemies of the King's peace;
  - (с желанием): he has to fight the urge to look up and wave at the CCTV camera;
  - (с желаниями плоти): the pain caused by the device helped to counteract the desires of the flesh;
  - (с инфляцией): to combat inflation;
  - (с искушением / с соблазном): he resisted the temptation;
  - (с коррупцией): to fight corruption;
  - (с коррупцией, высший офицер, которому поручено б. с к.): the senior military officer tasked with combating corruption in Afghanistan asserts that Afghan officials now recognize the long-term costs of the problem;
  - (с лесным пожаром): thousands of firefighters are battling a massive wildfire;
  - (с мыслями, казалось, он боролся с мыслями, слишком громоздкими, чтобы их высказать): he appeared to grapple with thoughts too unwieldy for expression before mumbling, "you saved my life.";
  - (с наводнением): to fight flood;
  - (с наводнениями): he called for greater clarity about how local authorities, the Highways Agency and water companies combat the flood problem in urban areas;
  - (с наводнениями): after the fright caused by the autumn 2000 floods there have been a spate of proposals for flood construction projects to combat future floods;
  - (с накатывающейся усталостью): he was fighting back the waves of weariness that tried to force him to place his head in his arms and go to sleep;
  - (с неблагоприятной информацией): we can mitigate the effect of adverse information, or we can try to withstand it;
  - (с обвинениями): the conservative candidate for mayor of Berlin is now battling allegations that he was an old-fashioned racial bigot;
  - (с огнём): to fight fire;
  - (с пиратством): the United States has realized that its Navy is insufficiently equipped after its failure to combat the piracy phenomenon;
  - (с политическими противниками): he has those Soviet-hating senators to contend with;
  - (с преступностью): Crime is scary. But scary, too, are measures to combat crime that have failed elsewhere - such as mandatory minimum sentences, whose scope this government proposes to widen in Canadian law.;
  - senior University management hopes to implement significant policy changes during the fall semester to improve student safety and combat campus crime.;
  - (с преступностью): holding to conservative tradition, Goldwater promised to repress crime with a stricter enforcement of the criminal code;
  - (с преступными группировками): the Metropolitan Police Service is developing a new strategy to tackle gang-related crime in London;
  - (с трудностями): this time ACEAN is grappling with momentous challenges;
  - (с трудностями): Somalia leaders adopt new strategies to address pressing challenges;
  - (с прогулами): to crackdown on truancy;
  - (с производителями сигарет): he is prominent among those fighting the cigarette-makers;
  - (с сорняками): the gardener could be seen pottering around the flower beds in fine weather, even though the weeds were starting to creep up on him, try as he might to suppress them;
  - (с угрозой): the system is designed to combat an intercontinental missile threat from North Korea;
  - (с чрезмерными ожиданиями): the extraordinary buzz about the device exasperates some in the industry who have to contend with distorted expectations;
  - (с экономическим спадом): to struggle against economic decline;
  - (со злоупотреблением наркотиками): he is determined to tackle the high level of drug abuse at the prison;
  - (со старением): fighting aging;
  - (страна борется с закрепившимся за ней имиджем): a country grappling with a persisting image of...
  бортануть жаргон - (кого-л): P. got a letter from his missus one day and as S. read the first line to himself he realized it was a Dear John letter. She was giving P. the flick BrE infml. Filing for divorce.
  бортовой - (журнал корабля): When it is determined the vessel's stay in a safe port or moorage will exceed six hours, the sailing time shall be posted. The sailing time will be posted and entered in the log book by the Master within one half hour after contacting the chief scientist.
  - (качка, в море корабль подвергался килевой и б. к-е): wild seas forced the ship to pitch and roll;
  - (компьютерная система, т.е. в самолёте): Ruggedized Disk Drives for Commercial Airborne Computer Systems; - (компьютер, т.е. в самолёте): the aircraft's on-board computer was feeding him altitude, speed, rate of climb, course and heading;
  - (компьютер, т.е. на корабле): the onboard computer will give the target's position;
  - (моторная лодка, т.е. на яхте): known commonly as the "yacht tender" a luxury yacht tender will often be a rigid-hulled inflatable boat which features cushioned inflatable rubber inner tubes around its rigid (usually fiberglass) hull to protect the yacht when in close contact
  борьба - (без б-ы отдать место в Сенате): the senator was hurt and angered by the censure and not ready to give up his seat without a fight;
  - (вести б-у за выдачу преступника): the U.S. and Russia battle over his anticipated extradition to New York to stand trial;
  - (вести вооружённую б-у с кем-л / против кого-л): the conflict in Darfur has been going on since 2003 when black African rebels began to take arms against the Sudan government;
  - (вывести кого-л из б-ы в соревнованиях): sunburn and dehydration knocked him out of action;
  - (выиграть в упорной б-е): the team won in a cliffhanger;
  - (выйти из б-ы, т.е. политической>): as unnerving as it was to find my footing in the shifting sands of New York politics, I had no plans to drop out of the race;
  - (для б-ы с подделками университетские справки печатаются на защищённой от подделок бумаге): to combat forgery, university transcripts are often printed on security paper with anti-counterfeiting measures;
  - (за что-л): смотри ниже;
  - (межведомственная, как выжить в межведомственной борьбе): Surviving Federal Turf Battles. It is a common problem confronted by defense attorneys: a deal in one federal district is not always a deal elsewhere. Prosecutors who work for the same government can fight over the right o prosecute the main person, causing him to defend against multiple charges in separate districts.;
  - (межведомственная): An undefined military intelligence organization, referred to throughout the book as "The Department," had much past success running agents against the Nazis during the Second World War. However, The Department has been resting on its laurels since WWII; its tasks are gradually being taken over by the more favoured and experienced (Intelligence Service). The Department expends most of its energies on administrative tasks and on a bureaucratic turf war fig with the more professional Circus.;
  - (по б-е): смотри файл PREDLOG;
  - (т.е. политическая): concessions that might drive Syria to abandon the common struggle;
  - (политическая б. в президентских выборах): The Politics of Presidential Election;
  - (предвыборная): he formally enters the race for the election;
  - (предвыборная б. за место в Сенате): he was in a tight race for the Senate;
  - (т.е. предвыборная): a dark horse candidate in the political race;
  - (религиозная): during the 1500's Europe was torn by religious strife;
  - (с чем-л): смотри ниже;
  - (т.е. спортивная): wrestling is a combat sport involving grappling-type techniques such as clinch fighting, throws and takedowns, joint locks, pins and other grappling holds;
  - (юридическая б. между европейским и немецким правительством): the preliminary ruling marks a crucial turning point in a long legal battle between Brussels and the German government;
  - (этническая): fierce ethnic strife between Georgians and South Ossetians
  борьба (за что-л) - (за место в Сенате): the dedicated team of campaign aides working on the Senate race in New York;
  - (за власть): a single-minded pursuit of imperial power;
  - (за выживание): for Darwin, the inevitability of a struggle for survival was the key to evolution by "natural selection";
  - (за выживание): the film tells the tale of a well-brought-up rat in London who is, as the title suggests, flushed into the sewers and plunged into a struggle for survival;
  - (за демократию): there is common pursuit of democracy;
  - (за жизнь): her struggle for life;
  - (за жизнь): Darwin's theory of struggle for life;
  - (идёт б., за испаноязычных избирателей идёт суровая б.): Reagan attracted white working class voters in the Midwest, many of them union members, who traditionally had voted for Democrats. This time, Hispanics, the nation's fastest growing ethnic group, are fiercely contested;
  - (б. идёт не за нефть, а против агрессии): the fight is not about oil, the fight is about the naked aggression that will not stand;
  - (за лидерство): China is in the throes of a leadership struggle;
  - (за мир): under King Abdullah's leadership, Jordan has continued to be a key partner in the pursuit of peace and progress in the region;
  - (за мир во всём мире): the pursuit of world peace;
  - (за сферы влияния): a turf war erupted between street gangs;
  - (за то, кто будет преемником): fight for succession;
  - (за то, чтобы выжить сегодня): street life was a struggle to survive today
  борьба (с чем-л) - (программы б-ы с бедностью / нищетой): anti-poverty programs;
  - (программы б-ы с бедностью / нищетой): social programs to reduce poverty;
  - (с пожарами): an integrated system for forest fire control;
  - (б. с вредителями): Pest Control. Local Family Business. No Call-out Charge. Wasps, Bees, Ants, Mice, Moles, Rats, Fleas, Rabbits, Birds, Woodworm.;
  - (б. с диссидентами): in an apparent renewed crackdown on dissent, 2 prominent writers were taken by the police;
  - ( б. с контрабандой): customs departments may be charged with combating smuggling;
  - ( б. с коррупцией, президент энергично взялся за б-у с к.): the new president has taken to fighting corruption with vigour;
  - (б. с коррупцией, президент неоднократно обещал сделать б-у с к. первоочередной задачей): Afghan President Hamid Karzai has repeatedly vowed to make a priority of anti-corruption efforts;
  - (б. с курением): anti-smoking efforts;
  - (б. с наводнениями): flood risk management spending is currently based on a certain level of protection, looking at combating floods with a 1/100 chance of occurring;
  - (б. с наводнениями): another way of combating floods would be to designate some agricultural land as flood overspill;
  - (с незаконным оборотом наркотиков / торговлей наркотиками): to reduce domestic drug trafficking through helping to coordinate drug trafficking control efforts among federal, state, and local enforcement agencies;
  - (б. с преступностью, президент выделил 2 млрд долларов на б-у с п. и на образование): the President earmarked two billion dollars for crime fighting and education;
  - (б. с преступностью, следует делать всё для б-ы с п.): every effort must be made to repress crime;
  - (б. с прогулами): crackdown on truancy;
  - (с Саддамом Хусейном): the struggle with Saddam is not over;
  - (б. с сорняками): an approach to weed control in the vegetable garden;
  - (с сорняками водоёмов): triploid grass carp can be stocked in ponds for aquatic weed control;
  - (комплексный подход к б-е с ожирением): a paper on multipronged approach to combat obesity;
  - (б. с терроризмом, в президентской директиве были приняты 10 пунктов по б-е с т.): the presidential directive created a 10-point counterterrorism initiative;
  - (б. с терроризмом, необходимость б-ы с т.): the need to combat international terrorism;
  - (б. с терроризмом, сотрудничество в б-е с т.): cooperation in counterterrorism;
  - (б. с терроризмом, сотрудничество в б-е с т. ): after the Boston bombings, Putin was quick to extend his condolences to Obama and to try to revitalize Russian-U.S. cooperation on counter-terrorism;
  - (с террористами): the Prime Minister is on mission in Pakistan to bolster support for action against terrorists;
  - (б. с угрозами террористов): I asked for congressional support in combatting an unholy axis of new threats from terrorists;
  - (с ростом цен, разрабатывать план б-ы с р.ц.): the government are hatching out a new plan to deal with rising prices;
  - (со старением): the company started life with the intriguing mission of fighting aging;
  - (упорная б. с болотом пост-советского правосудия): He was being charged with embezzling $43,000 from the company where he had been CEO from 2002 to 2004. So began a treacherous 19-month slog through the morass of the post-Soviet justice system.
  борющийся - (между собой личности в одном человеке): several warring personalities struggled for preeminence in the same individual
  ботанический - (сад): botanical AmE / botanic BrE garden
  бочка - (ложка дёгтя в б-е мёда): we've found a solution regarding the transfer of funds, but there's a fly in the ointment because there will be a tax increase of five percent
  бразды правления - (принять б.п. в корпорации): she took the reins at Lucent Technologies Inc. four years ago;
  - (принять б.п. страной): the king's son might be called upon at any moment to take over the reins of country
  брак - (т.е. изъян): смотри ниже;
  - (т.е. испорченные изделия): смотри ниже;
  - (т.е. супружество): смотри ниже
  брак (т.е. изъян) - flaw;
  - (отсутствие б-а в материале и исполнении гарантируется в течении года со дня продажи): this product is guaranteed against defects in material or workmanship for one year from date of purchase
  брак (т.е. производственный) - defective goods;
  - (идти в б., причины, по которым печатные платы идут в б.): there are a whole lot of reasons why circuit boards are scrapped;
  - (отходы и б. уничтожаются или вывозятся на свалку): it is easier to state that all scrap and rejects must be crushed or disposed of, and the employees can take nothing for themselves;
  - you should make clear what scrap or rejected material can and cannot be taken by employees;
  - (процент б-а): analyze the rate rejected items of by product, category and product line;
  - (уменьшение б-а): the reduction in rejected items to 1.8% of production, from 3.8% the previous year
  брак (т.е. супружество) - (их б. был устроен родителями): their marriage was arranged;
  - (наш б. переживает трудный период): our marriage is going through a difficult stage at the moment;
  - (он и моя мать поторопились вступить в ранний б.): he and my mother jumped too quickly into an early marriage;
  - (по расчёту): theirs was a marriage of convenience;
  - (родившиеся вне б-а дети матерей-подростков): children born out of wedlock to teen mothers;
  - (с кем-л): she's a British citizen by virtue of her marriage to an Englishman;
  - (с маркизом Р.): Lady Stella became a member of the aristocracy through her marriage to the Marquess of Reading;
  - (сочетать б-ом кого-л): betrothal is a preliminary promise on the part of the parents of the boy and the girl to join them in marriage;
  - (сочетаться б-ом с кем-л): and thou dost not join in marriage with them; thy daughter thou dost not give to his son, and his daughter thou dost not take to thy son;
  - (сочетаться б-ом с кем-л): and thou shalt make no marriages with them: thy daughter thou shalt not give unto his son, nor take his daughter for thy son;
  - (спасти от б-а с кем-л): he saves her from marriage to the king;
  - (чтобы избежать б-а с кем-л): she jumps into the Nile in order to escape the marriage to the Nubian
  бракованный - (изделия): REJECTED ITEMS. Any item or items received which do not meet specifications, will be returned at vendor's expense.;
  - (изделия): defective goods;
  - (на миллион долларов печатных плат - бракованные): there is one million dollars worth of circuit assemblies that are scrap;
  - (товары): sellers who knowingly sell defective items but mention only that they are "AS IS" or "condition unknown" are risking negative feedback and worse
  браковать - (причины, по которым печатные платы бракуют): there are a whole lot of reasons why circuit boards are scrapped;
  - (продукцию, т.е. завода): In many cases, the people in the factory have few ideas on how to reduce cycle time without simply driving machines harder. When this is done, the most common outcomes are a rise in downtime and other process disturbances, which increase delivery delays and degrade quality, sometimes to the point where the customer rejects the product.
  браковаться - (причины, по которым печатные платы бракуются): there are a lot of reasons why circuit boards are scrapped
  бракоразводный - (процесс): an unusual twist in his divorce proceedings
  бракосочетание - (б. состоялось в церкви): the marriage took place in church
  бранный - (выражения): Please don't swear, sir. We have a permission to hang up on customers who use abusive language.;
  - (слово): his prime expletive to anything or anyone unusual was "screwball"; hence the nickname;
  - (слово): during the country's first 50 years of independence, the word "federal" was considered an expletive;
  - (слова, речь генерала была пересыпана б-ыми словами): the general's speech was riddled with profanities
  брат - (братья и сёстры): brothers and sisters;
  - (братья и сёстры, ни братьев, ни сестёр): no siblings, she is quite alone in the world;
  - (братья и сёстры): she entertained her siblings with stories;
  - (братья или сёстры, у тебя есть б.и.с.?): "What about you? Any siblings?" "No, I am an only.";
  - (братьяобразно): we help our brethren lit move ahead towards a better tomorrow;
  - (братья образно): a politician was charged Friday with inciting hatred and threatening public safety after suggesting that fellow Kurds would rise against the state and fight if Turkey ever attacked their Kurdish brethren in neighboring Iraq;
  - (двоюродные братья): my boy cousins;
  - (двоюродный): chimpanzee chimps are our closest cousins, our next of kin;
  - (полнородные / родные, единокровные / единоутробные, сводные братья и сёстры): full, half, step brothers and sisters;
  - (т.е. член монашеского ордена): about 1256 Roger Bacon became a Friar in the Franciscan Order
  братание (с врагом) - The initial force behind the Christmas Truce of 1914 came from the Germans. In most cases, this began with the singing of carols and the appearance of Christmas trees along the trenches. Curious, Allied troops began to join in the singing which led to both sides reaching out to communicate. As the lines in many places were only 30-70 yards apart, some fraternization between individuals had taken place prior to Christmas, but never on a large scale.;
  - while the lower ranks were celebrating in the trenches, the General Sir John French issued stern orders against fraternizing with the enemy
  брататься - (они побратались в юности): they had sworn brotherhood in their youth;
  - (с врагом): he was relieved of his command by General Pershing for allowing his troops to fraternize with the enemy
  братский - (могила): mass grave;
  - (страна): fraternal country
  братство - (морское): the daily bible of the world's merchant marine fraternity is Lloyd's list, which contains editorials, features and news on shipping;
  - (т.е. религиозное сообщество): Confraternity of the Immaculate Conception;
  - ( т.е. религиозное сообщество мирян): St Mark the Evangelist venerated by members of Lay Confraternity;
  - (т.е. тайное общество): I got the permission to observe their furtive brotherhood;
  - (т.е. тайное общество, принадлежность к б-у): the men wear uniforms denoting their allegiance to a fraternity;
  - (члены б-а): those who had been swearing at each other for three hours were now drinking and laughing like fraternity brothers
  брать - (т.е. арестовать): when the killer is collared AmE slang, we'll (Attorney General Office) cooperate in a plea bargain if you (police) can cut a deal with him. But we'll cooperate only if you don't try to upstage us.;
  - (т.е. арестовать): when police picked him up infml he confessed right away to killing her;
  - (банки берут плату за операцию и проценты с аванса): many banks charge a transaction fee as well as interest on the cash advance;
  - (банки берут деньги из секторов экономики с избыточными средствами и направлять их в экономические подрзделения, которые в них нуждаются): by their nature, banks intermediate between savers and users of funds - that is banks source funds from economic sectors with surplus funds in the form of deposits, and disburse the same to economic units that need them for various purposes in the form of credits or loans;
  - (бери западнее, корабль уходит слишком далеко на юг): bring the ship up west, she's falling off too far south;
  - (бери стул, т.е. придвинь): pull up a chair, Francis;
  - (бери шарик): help yourself to a balloon;
  - (бинокль на использование в армии): the spotting glasses were Chinese copies of a German Zeiss model adopted for use by the Soviet Army of old;
  - (более высокие тарифы за короткие перевозки): they charged much higher rates for short haul shipments;
  - (т.е. в автомобиль тех, кто просит подвезти): When a few miles later we approached two girls who were hitchhiking, I said, "Hey, let's pick them up."
  - (в аренду): to take on lease;
  - (в жёны): you take Mary to be your lawful wife;
  - (в заложники): an unidentified person has taken 90 people hostage at the airport;
  - (в кавычки): if you quote an author word for word then place the text in quotes;
  - (в облаве): the suspects police have rounded up in a crackdown on Hamas;
  - (в осаду): a powerful fleet besieged the fort;
  - (в осаду): he laid siege to the fort;
  - (в плен): he was taken prisoner by the Russians;
  - (в подмастерья / ученики кого-л): fathers would beg us to take their sons as apprentices;
  - (в свои руки, он взял ситуацию в с.р. ): from there on he took command of the situation;
  - (верх): смотри ниже;
  - (взятки): he was accused of accepting bribes while in office;
  - (взятки, полицейский брал в. ): the policeman was on the take infml;
  - (взятку): he accepted a 1000 dollar bribe;
  - (входную плату / плату за вход): the gallery charges no entrance fee;
  - (деньги в банке): the army drew the money; he handed it over and obtained a receipt;
  - (детей в поход): when you take children out on a hike, the goal is for everyone to have an enjoyable experience;
  - (документы и относить): he picked up the application forms and approval slips waiting for collection and took the sheaf to Major J.;
  - (живым, т.е. поймать, но не убить): to capture somebody alive;
  - (жильцов): to take in guests / roomers;
  - (за горло образно): it's his job to get the minister by the throat fig and tell him...;
  - (за основу что-л): starting from / using the calculated data as a base;
  - (заявление у кого-л, т.е. в полиции): take a statement from her;
  - (интервью у кого-л): he has a track record of doing interviews with bin Laden;
  - (историю из архивов): the story of the former SS Captain is drawn from SS records;
  - (к себе сироту): the orphan was taken in by an uncle;
  - (клятву с кого-л): Frigg had rendered her son imperviousto wounds by taking pledges from all plants, trees and metals, so that weaponsmade from them would cause him no harm;
  - (книги в библиотеке): he read law books he had checked out of the traveling library of the C. Law School;
  - (курс, водолазы берут по компасу к. на корму судна): at a range of 3 miles the divers take a compass bearing on the ship's stern;
  - (кредит): he was chased for a loan he had not taken out;
  - (кредит, б. ипотечный к. на пределе своих возможностей): I am unsympathetic to homebuyers who mortgage themselves to the hilt and have no room to move when interest rates rise or their circumstances change;
  - (кровь, т.е. на анализ): I got my blood drawn as usual, then went to see the doc;
  - (лишние деньги, он боится, что банк будет б.л.д., если он перейдёт на обслуживание с помощью карточки): he (a Hispanic immigrant) worries most that he will be overcharged by the banks if he goes electronic;
  - (мазок, у них взяли мазки из носа): they were given a nasal swab test;
  - (на абордаж вражеское судно): tо board an enemy vessel;
  - (на борт штурмана): we expected to pick up the obligatory Chinese navigators in Shanghai;
  - (на борт штурмана): they suggested we take on navigators in Canton
  - (на дом шитьё / стирку): to take in sewing / washing;
  - (на работу): смотри ниже;
  - (на себя): смотри ниже
  - (б. назад / обратно своё предложение): "You want to call the embassy to check?" "I withdraw," V. surrendered;
  - (б. назад / обратно признание поражения): Al Gore retracts his concession of defeat as his camp doubt Florida verdict;
  - (б. назад свои слова): He had taken a vow. I shall take no wife, hold no lands, father no children. He had said the words before his father's gods. He could not unsay them.;
  - (в. назад свои слова): unsay those words without even saying you are sorry for them, and my arms are open to you still, and so is my heart;
  - (напрокат автомобили / оборудование): torent cars / equipment;
  - (напрокат автомобиль на чужое имя): the car was rented in a false name;
  - (напрокат вечерние туфли): his rented formal shoes;
  - (начало где-л, о месторождении): the gold-belt originates in Hungary and runs through Ukraine;
  - (начало в чём-л, о теории): the theory originated in lowly problems posed by gamblers who were concerned with estimating odds;
  - (ноту, т.е. о певце): Justin revealed he's struggling to sing some of his songs because his voice is now cracking: 'It cracks, like every teenage boy. Even some of the notes I hit on Baby I can't hit anymore. We have to lower the key when I sing it live.;
  - (обязательства / обязательство): смотри ниже;
  - (опёку над детьми / под опёку детей): to get custody of the children;
  - (ответственность): смотри ниже;
  - (отпуск в фирме): he ignored the New York Times' admonition to "take a leave from his firm until his Whitewater duties are over";
  - (т.е. отпуск по семейным обстоятельствам): I called for an expansion of the family leave to allow people to take up to 24 hours a year or 3 more workdays, to attend parental conferences at their children's school;
  - (отчёт и прочесть): if anybody would pick up our annual report and read what's in there, you wouldn't see technology, you'd see products;
  - (партнёров): to take in partners;
  - (пеню, с меня взяли п. за перерасход средств на счету на сумму $175.00): I was charged overdraft fees totaling to $175.00 due to the transactions that I made over the weekend;
  - (плату): "This whore charges more than I can afford," the detective lieutenant grunted.;
  - (плату за пользование банковской карточкой): card issuers may charge you a yearly fee in addition to the interest that accumulates when you make purchases;
  - (плату, сколько он возьмёт за это?): how much would he charge for it?;
  - (под контроль): the event seemed to have only intensified her furious desire to bring every aspect of life at the school under her personal control;
  - (под контроль): the firefighters brought a forest fire under control;
  - (под наблюдение): a suspected Internet paedophile was put under surveillance;
  - (под наблюдение): Mutuals Put Under Scrutiny of Parliament. The Parliamentary group for building societies and financial mutuals is examining the way that mutuals businesses contribute to the economy and society;
  - (под стражу): the criminal was taken into custody;
  - (поезд остановился, чтобы б. пассажиров): the train stopped to take on passengers;
  - (постояльцев): to take in guests / roomers;
  - (препятствие): it was a pretty spectacular fall at the final hurdle for someone who would have had to clear several earlier ones to get a couple of 20-minute interviews at Oxford;
  - (пример с кого-л): that's what I would like to model myself after;
  - (пробы): we are taking samples from dead animals;
  - (пробы): in the foreground, the Russian cosmonaut is taking some air samples;
  - (пробы, каждая проба кала должна быть взята и помечена о.): each fecal sample must be collected and identified individually;
  - (с собой одежду): bring warm night-attire - most buildings are not heated;
  - (самоотвод от расследования): he should have recused himself from the investigation;
  - (своё, природа возьмёт с.): Can the leopard change his spots? The nature will take its course;
  - (сведения из исторических сочинений): a novelist must be free to draw appropriately from historical works without fear that he'll be sued;
  - (себе долю, т.е. от сделки): Instead of giving all the value to the charity, he cut himself in for a share. He might as well have stolen the charity's office computer equipment and sold it on e-bay.;
  - (себя в руки): смотри ниже;
  - (сколько он берёт за это?): how much would he charge for it?;
  - (след, о собаке): he knelt by the dog and told her that she must take up the scent again;
  - (след образно, т.е. о сыщике): he picked up the scent and began the chase;
  - (слово): when the minister took the floor, he picked up on the thought;
  - (страховку): homeowners take out fire and flood insurances for their residences;
  - (б. уроки верховой езды): at college I had taken horsemanship, and I could ride passably well;
  - (б. уроки дикции у кого-л): he received elocution training from E.R.;
  - (б. шахматную фигуру или пешку): смотри ниже;
  - смотри файл DVIJENIE
  брать (верх) - (компьютеры могут б.в. над людьми): the idea that computers might become smarter than us and end up taking over;
  - (неопытный юноша берёт верх над наёмником): a ballad where an untried youth bests a true mercenary;
  - (он взял её за талию): he took hold of her waist and lifted her down to the ground (off a horse);
  - (о страхе): at a certain point fear takes over, allowing a mob to bully the majority over the short term;
  - (о тренированности): training took over; he just stood up as they reached 50 feet from him and loosed off a short, lethal burst;
  - (эмоции берут верх в переговорах): emotions sometimes get the upper hand in negotiations
  брать на работу - we don't hire people who put our organisation at risk;
  - (ассистентом): I've engaged BrE a new assistant / engaged him as AmE my assistant;
  - (в агентство новостей): he was taken on by Reuters, the international news agency;
  - in 1945 our State Department also became eager to pick up a few Jewish career men with table manners;
  - (в 1939 г. его приняли в разведслужбу): in 1939 the Intelligent Service snapped him up infml; they had had their eyes on him for years;
  - (палубным матросом): he took D. on as a temporary deckhand for the duration of the voyage;
  - (рабочих): by 2003 U.S. automakers will take on more than 200000 workers;
  - (спортклуб взял футболиста): many big clubs in Europe set their sights on the footballer, but it was AC Milan who snapped him up
  брать на себя - (бери н.с., т.е. команда лётчику, чтобы вновь поднять приземляющийся самолёт): Pull out!;
  - (вину за что-л): she will never take the blame for anything she does;
  - (вину вместо кого-л): she talks him into taking the rap infml for her;
  - (вину вместо кого-л): he is the reason why she is in prison, as she took the rap for him;
  - (б. вину за убийство отца, который плохо с ними обращался, чтобы выгородить сестру, которая была настоящим виновником): she is taking the rap for killing her abusive father in order to spare her younger sister, the real culprit;
  - (командование / руководство отделом / работу): to take over the command / the department / the work;
  - (обязанности): the Canadian Embassy has taken over the duties of NATO Contact Point Mission;
  - (обязательства / обязательство): смотри ниже;
  - (ответственность): смотри ниже;
  - (расследование): the MOD (Ministry of Defence) wants to take over the investigation.;
  - (страховку): I take out insurance;
  - (смелость позвонить): so happening to be in the area on an unrelated matter, I decided to take a liberty and ring the bell;
  - (смелость пригласить на обед старого друга): I took the liberty of asking an old friend to join us for dinner;
  - (расходы): the Ministries will assume the costs of the ongoing operation;
  - (сутенёр берёт на себя функции адвоката): usually streetwalkers are represented in groups by two or three lawyers, but every now and then a pimp, to economize, will take on the assignment himself;
  - (уход за матерью): she was anxious to take upon herself the task of nursing her mother;
  - (уход за матерью и мужем-инвалидом): she takes on the task of nursing her mother and later her disabled husband
  брать обязательства / брать обязательство - (арабы неохотно брали обязательство о мире): Arabs were reluctant to undertake significant commitments for peace;
  - (б. на себя о., Франция не берёт на себя о. участвовать в последующей программе пилотируемых полётов): France will take part in the station's construction but is refusing to commit itself to the manned space activities that will follow;
  - (о президенте): to make this a reality, the President pledged to increase U.S. funding of malaria prevention and treatment in sub-Sharan Africa;
  - (перед кем-л): holders of public office should not place themselves under any financial or other obligation to outside individuals or organisations that might influence them in the performance of their official duties;
  - (по договору): Iran committed itself to the additional protocol last year in talks with the EU-3, thereby agreeing to inspections by the IAEA nuclear watchdog of any facility at any time;
  - (Покупатель берёт обязательство купить): the Buyer undertakes to purchase...;
  - (б.о. улучшить медицинское образование): the government has committed itself to improving health education
  брать [на себя] ответственность - in 2008 Estonian Land Boardassumed responsibility for the Register;
  - his failure to take responsibility for his creation;
  - (за теракт): the group claimed responsibility for the attack;
  - (за теракт): a previously unknown militant group claimed responsibility for the bombing;
  - (за что-л): his failure to take responsibility for his creation;
  - he has decided to shoulder some real responsibility;
  - because of 9/11 there has been terrific expense in trying to "secure" our nation and the federal government is expected to step up to the plate fig infml and foot the bill, while creating and / or revising programs to meet these new needs;
  - if the senator is serious about his campaign to double the amount foundations give to rural causes, it's time for him to step up to plate and develop a real plan for this effort
  брать себя в руки - pull yourself together, calm yourself;
  - you pull yourself up and go on;
  - when it was time to go, she had pulled herself together and was ready;
  - either I will go nuts or I will brace / pick myself up;
  - get a grip on yourself;
  - he took a grip on himself and returned to his seat;
  - I'll give you a couple minutes to regain your composure before we continue with our questioning;
  - (он резко вдохнул и медленно выдохнул, пытаясь взять себя в руки): he took in a harsh breath and pushed it out again slowly, trying to regain his temper
  брать (шахматную фигуру / пешку / шашку) - pawn takes f5, rook takes e7;
  - since the black Knight on c6 is pinned, it can't take the white Pawn on e5, which threatens to capture black Knight on f6 without any further compensation for sacrificed material;
  - this Pawn on b2 can't be captured due to...;
  - a Rook on the 7th will "eat" infml pawn after pawn;
  - these rooks are sometimes colloquially referred to as "pigs on the seventh", because they often threaten to "eat" infml the opponent's pieces or pawns;
  - (шашку): to jump a man
  браться - (вода берётся из близлежащей реки / моря / водоёма): The essential service water system circulates the water that cools the nuclear plant's heat exchangers and other components before dissipating the heat into the environment. Since the water is frequently drawn from an adjacent river, the sea, or other large body of water, the system can be endangered by large volumes of seaweed, marine organisms, oil pollution, ice and debris.;
  - (б. за борьбу с коррупцией): the new president has taken to fighting corruption with vigour;
  - (б. за дело): смотри ниже;
  - (кто возьмётся осуществить проект?): who's willing to step up to the plate infml fig and make this project happen?
  - (б. налоговую декларацию): I must get down to filing in my tax form;
  - (б. за перо образно, т.е. писать): he returned to his table and took up his pen;
  - (б. за перо образно, т.е. писать): the writer hunkered down in a hand-built, 18-by-16-foot cabin and took pen to paper;
  - (б. за проблемы, вызывающие международную обеспокоенность): Iran will continue to explore all ways to address international concerns;
  - (б. за работу): смотри ниже;
  - (б. за самую трудную задачу): after cutting unprofitable routes, Aeroflot is undertaking its greatest challenge yet: to shake off its reputation among beleaguered passengers as the airline of last resort;
  - (б. за трудноразрешимые вопросы): women who take on tough issues and stake out new territory are often on the receiving end of ignorance;
  - (б. за ум): come to your senses;
  - (комиссионные берутся в той же валюте, что и контракт): at present commission is charged in the same currency as the underlying contract;
  - (комиссионные не берутся): if the consignor is a person who has contracted to supply the goods at an agreed price, to cover cost, freight and insurance, the amount inserted in the invoice is the agreed price, and no commission is charged;
  - (откуда берутся такие истории, сказать нелегко): In 1826 Hale of the Observer lamented the "eagerness with which editors seized upon every story, however improbable, and blazoned it forth to their readers, to excite their wonder or impose upon their credulity. How such articles of "news" originate, it is not always easy to tell. Perhaps the favorite of the tall stories was that of the sea monster.;
  - (помочь): I volunteered to help choose the wine;
  - (помочь арендаторам): the New Deal administration undertook to help tenant farmers;
  - (решать проблемы): American people undertook to solve the numerous problems that faced them;
  - (читателям неохота б. за огромные куски печатного текста): enormous blocks of print look formidable to readers, who are often reluctant to tackle them;
  - смотри файл DVIJENIE
  браться за дело - the governments set down to business;
  - (с этого момента за дело взялись израильтяне, т.е. сменив кого-л): he identified Adolf Eichman as Ricardo Clement, living in Buenos Aires. The Israelis took over from there.;
  - it is time companies stepped up to the plate infml and made sure the meat they sell is safe to eat;
  - You need to step up to the plate and find a decent job. You have to provide for your son because who else will.;
  - it's time for Tom to step up to the plate and take on his share of work;
  - (член Конгресса взялся за дело, т.е. американца, находящегося под судом в Казахстане): Help came from Nevada, of all places. For three months in 2004, S. had lived in Las Vegas. This was enough to make him a constituent of congresswoman Shelley Berkley, who took up his cause and began pressuring Kazakh secretary of state K.S.
  браться (б. за работу) - to go to work / get to work;
  - the scholar set to work to collect and record some of the old stories still current about the gods;
  - they fell to work with a will;
  - it's hard to get down to work after a nice holiday;
  - he is wasting no time getting back to work;
  - because she had been negligent in paying a previous bill from the law firm for legal services, the firm insisted that she pay a $2000 monthly retainer before M. undertook the work
  брачный - (достигшие б-ого возраста девушки): the sales of nubile girls were always popular with male spectators;
  - (контракт): marriage contract;
  - (ночь): she had never seen a man with his drawers off before her wedding night;
  - (период / сезон, т.е. у животных / объявление): in the breeding season, males find females with the help of such "marriage advertisements";
  - (период / сезон, т.е. у животных): tree octopuses are amphibious, spending only their early life and the period of their mating season in their ancestral aquatic environment;
  - (период / сезон, т.е. у птиц): mating season for willow-warblers;
  - (полёт, т.е. муравьёв): on one afternoon, at one time, on one day in July, ants launch themselves into the air for that coordinated moment of connubial flight;
  - (цепи, надевать [на себя] брачные цепи образно): She cried at every wedding we planned. Complete strangers were tying the knot and her pockets were full of soggy tissues.
  бремя - (ведение судебного процесса было для них тяжким б-енем): lawyers on both sides faced a heavy burden in trying a case so old;
  - (воспринимать детей приятельницы как б.): single men tend to take their date's progeny as a dead weight;
  - (б. доказательства возлагается на истца): the plaintiff has the burden of proof and must meet that burden by showing through evidence that the defendant is at fault;
  - (б. доказательств лежит на...): the burden of proof lies with the person who makes the charge;
  - (б. доказательств лежит на...): in any grievance, the burden of proof is on the grievant;
  - (б. доказательства, того, что... лежит на вас): if you've been fired because of poor work performance, the burden of proof is on you to show that you have met the employer's standards;
  - (...и это ложится бременем на водоснабжение): every year, Orange County residents use more water, putting a burden on our water supply;
  - (избавиться от неудобного бремени): to dispose of the embarrassing encumbrance;
  - (б. лежит на ком-л): the burden is on consumers to continue to "opt-out" by requesting that they be removed from company databases one by one after they receive junk e-mail;
  - (лечь тяжким бременем, помощь нелегальным иммигрантам - на муниципалитеты): the aiding and abetting of illegal aliens by judicial mandate has overburdened and in some cases have led to the bankruptcy of municipalities
  - (б. ложится на компанию): fines and costs are not tax deductible therefore the whole burden falls on the company;
  - (нести б.): since I am the oldest son, I have to bear the burden of seeing that my parents will be financially secured for their future;
  - (нести б.): whatever may happen on a ship, it is always the captain who must carry the burden of responsibility;
  - (облегчить финансовое б. стран): to ease financial burdens of heavily indebted nations;
  - (снижение налогов ложилось тяжким бременем на экономику): the latest Republican tax cut put too great a burden on American economy
  британское летнее время - B.S.T.
  бровь - a tiny speck of flour clings to her brow above the right eyebrow
  бродяжничество - vagrancy was a crime in some European countries, but most of the laws have been abandoned
  бродячий - (душа): his vagrant soul;
  - (колдун): wandering wizard;
  - (кошка / собака): stray cat / dog;
  - (торговец, б-ие т-вцы, включая торговцев книгами): medieval trading was mainly peddlers (including chapmen, who sold books) and others (such as farmers and craftsmen) at non-permanent markets such as fairs;
  - (торговцы): the rugs were smuggled into Afghanistan by itinerant traders;
  - (торговец): itinerant Yankees peddled tinware throughout the eastern states
  бронирование - (мест / номеров в гостиницах / отелях): hotel booking
  броня - (юмор стал его бронёй образно): humor became his armor AmE / armour BrE and his retreat
  бросание - (монеты): to assign equal probabilities to all outcomes of tosses of a coin
  бросать / бросить - (в тюрьму): Kastro jailed thousands unsympathetic to his regime;
  - (б. в тюрьму, я не хочу, чтобы тебя бросили в т.): I don't want you chucked infml back in prison;
  - (взгляд): смотри ниже;
  - (б. . на помощь полициибросили войска): the police was beefed up by troops;
  - (вызов): смотри ниже;
  - (б. грязью в противников образно): to sling mud at one's political opponents;
  - (кого-л, т.е. оставить без помощи): It was her will to see her two children again that sustained her for 5 days in the wreckage of a pickup truck. Her husband band said he is just grateful that nobody gave up on her.;
  - (б. на борьбу с нелегальной иммиграцией человеческие силы и технику в небывалом объёме): President Obama today signed into law a $600 million border security measure, ramping up the human and technological effort to combat illegal immigration to unprecedented levels;
  - (намёк): he dropped an ominous hint of renewed warfare;
  - (т.е. оставить / покинуть): смотри ниже;
  - (отсвет): there was a police car, its blue roof light twirling, the beam sending a ghostly glow across the faces of bystanders;
  - (т.е. прекратить): смотри ниже;
  - (подозрения на кого-л): her testimony would cast a lot of suspicion on him;
  - (т.е. при передаче прямой речи): "..." he snapped;
  - (работу): смотри ниже;
  - (слова на ветер): he barked his words and wasted none of them;
  - (тень на отрасль обеспечения безопасности в целом): their actions threaten to cast aspersions on the security industry as a whole;
  - (тень на свидетеля, об адвокате): the attorney tried to cast doubt at the witness;
  - (целый рой истребителей и бомбардировщиков против Великобритании): Hitler hurled a swarm of fighters and bombers against Great Britain;
  - смотри файл DVIJENIE
  бросать / бросить (взгляд) - (беглый в.): to give a cursory glance;
  - (бегающий тревожный в. на кого-л): she cast a shifty, anxious look at him;
  - (беглый в. на что-л): I took a casual glance at the article;
  - (беглый в. в зеркало заднего вида): she cast a quick look in the rear mirror;
  - (злой / сердитый в.): he scowled;
  - (неприятный в. на кого-л): he threw her an extremely nasty look;
  - (презрительный / подозрительный в. на кого-л): he shot her a scornful / suspicious look;
  - (презрительный в. на кого-л): he shot her one contemptuous look;
  - (резкий в. на кого-л): he darted a sharp glance at me;
  - (строгий в. на кого-л): she gave him a severe look;
  - (в. украдкой): he shot a furtive glance at the others;
  - смотри ниже
  бросать вызов / бросить вызов - once you throw down the gauntlet, it cannot be unthrown;
  - (безразличию): his words challenged our indifference;
  - (бросая в. правилам): when he in defiance of regulation lit up a cigarette, she would fling open the windows;
  - (кому-л): by doing this they are throwing the gauntlet to...;
  - (кому-л): technology and modernization challenged China's essence;
  - (кому-л): when anyone urged Bill to be more confrontational and even aggressive in taking on Gingrich, he'd explain that first people had to understand exactly where he and the Republicans differed on the issues;
  - (т.е. писатель бросил вызов могущественному мясоперерабатывающему тресту): Upton Sinclair had gone overnight from literary failure to the man who took on the mighty "beef trust" (in "the Jungle") - and won;
  - (угрозам): they defied threats of murder from radical Islamists
  бросать / бросить (т.е. оставить / покинуть) - (автомобили, т.е. без присмотра): cars were left stranded;
  - (т.е. беременную любовницу): She was pregnant. The baby's father must have run out infml on her.;
  - (всё б-ить и убежать): when the fire alarm rang I dropped everything and ran out of the building;
  - (да брось ты, т.е. это не так): "The horse is still a bit scary, isn't he?" "Come off it, you've ridden him, haven't you?";
  - (девушка бросила парня): She had ditched AmE slang her boyfriend. "He had quick temper and could be very sarcastic.";
  - (девушку): he throws a jealous tantrum and dumps infml Gina;
  - (девушку): if a gal doesn't live up to what a guy thought she was when they first met, he will dump infml her;
  - (друга): he was advising her to drop you and even to tell tales on you to the Head master;
  - (друзей): he walked out on his friends;
  - (друга): all my friends have deserted me;
  - (жена бросила мужа): his wife walked out on him, taking their two kids;
  - (т.е. жену): my father walked out on my mom before I was born;
  - (жена бросила мужа): my wife deserted me;
  - (жена бросила мужа ради кого-л): you can see why Gertrude threw her husband for Claudius;
  - (жена бросила мужа): his wife left him;
  - (жену): even at the zenith of my passion to C., I gave no thought to leaving my wife;
  - (жену ради другой): she was jilted by her husband for another woman;
  - (невесту у алтаря): if she cheated on me, I'd ditch her at the altar;
  - (одного): he felt he had been marooned in the place;
  - (одного на острове): I am poor Ben Gann, marooned on the Island;
  - (т.е. парень девушку): You ditched her. What are you doing now, messing her around?;
  - (т.е. семью): He adores his energetic, beautiful mother. He thinks of his father, who had walked out on them a year earlier, as an alcoholic, abusive thief.;
  - "You're not going to bail on slang us like you always do?" I flushed with guilt. I'd lost count of how many times I'd had to ditch infml them.
  бросать / бросить (т.е. прекратить) - (брось): come off it, you don't seriously think it was him;
  - (брось): "Come off it," he said incredulously;
  - (брось! ): He had tried to persuade her to let it rest, to get on with her own life. "Get off it! Stop it, please! This whole thing is tough enough without you going on like this, constantly rehashing everything.";
  - (брось думать об этом): give up that idea - it's a lost cause;
  - (да брось ты, больше не связывайся с ним): don't get involved with him again - just let it lay;
  - (да брось ты): oh, give it a rest;
  - (игру на пианино): he gave up the piano to pursue a career in applied science;
  - (идею постройки дома, если не удастся приобрести землю): if I can't manage to get this land then I'll probably have to abort the whole build process;
  - (издательское дело): they have quit and moved out of publishing into less glamorous but more satisfying jobs;
  - (колледж): I went to college, but I dropped out;
  - (колледж / школу): to drop out of college / school;
  - (курить): I quit smoking;
  - (курить): it's not easy to give up smoking;
  - (курс обучения): in high school, one of my smartest girlfriends dropped out of the accelerated courses because her boyfriend wasn't in them;
  - (медицину): he gave up medicine;
  - (начатое, ты не из тех, кто бросает начатое дело): I called home from the dorm phone freshman year from the college saying, "I'm not as smart as the other girls here. I should leave." My mother said, "Don't be ridiculous, you're not a quitter.";
  - (т.е. начатое дело): he decided to let the matter drop;
  - (т.е. пить): he gave up for a while, but he's back on the bottle again now;
  - (политику): ...who so abruptly abandoned politics last month;
  - (т.е. учёбу / школу): many children are dropping out before they complete their schooling;
  - (учить историю): I'm going to drop history this year;
  - (школу в 13 лет): he dropped out of school at thirteen and went to work as a dishwasher at the Stork Club;
  - (школу после девятого класса): he dropped out of school after ninth grade;
  - (школу): to withdraw from school;
  - (я бросила танцевать, выйдя замуж): I had been a dancer and I gave it up when I got married
  бросать / бросить (работу) - he didn't like the job and he quit;
  - he quit working and dismantled his small company;
  - I told her of my decision to quit my job;
  - I tell workers to never quit their job until they have a new one;
  - (из-за болезни): he was so ill he had to leave off work;
  - my mum gave up work to look after my child
  бросаться / броситься - (в бой): antitrust officials in the European Commission will rush into the fray;
  - (в глазаза километр): he's got a motive sticking out a yard;
  - (в глаза, в его избирательной кампании бросались в глаза две идеи): his campaign has two eye-catching ideas;
  - (на всех, т.е. быть придирчивым / раздражительным): When you're in a bad mood and speak sharply to people they say, "He's in a very snappy mood today.";
  - (на защиту кого-л): смотри ниже;
  - (не бросаться в глаза): he tries to remain unconspicuous;
  - смотри файл DVIJENIE
  бросаться / броситься (на защиту кого-л) - he jumped to her defense;
  - Mr. G. stormed out of a meeting in a huff after a shouting match in which Mr. B. jumped to the defense of several colleagues;
  - the soldiers hastened to the protection of their comrade;
  - He was strangely subdued. Ordinarily, he would have leaped to L.'s defense;
  - (адвокат громогласно бросился н.з. клиента): the lawyer launches into a booming defence of his young client
  бросающийся в глаза - (автомобиль): some cars were older than mine, nothing flashy;
  - (ошибки): When I started this book project twelve years ago, my intention was merely to correct many glaringly obvious errors in Soviet scholarship concerning popular uprisings that occurred during Russia's nightmarish "Time of Troubles"
  броский - (автомобиль): some cars were older than mine, nothing flashy;
  - (брошюры): the candidate is handing out splashy brochures and shaking hands;
  - (заголовок): Come up with a snappy infml headline. This is your first and only shot at capturing the reader's attention;
  - (идеи): his campaign has two eye-catching ideas;
  - (листовки кандидата на выборах): his (candidate's) leaflets are snazzier (snazzy) than his opponent's;
  - (название компьютерной программы): getting a catchy name for a new software application is very important;
  - (название статьи): a paper ought to begin with a snappy title;
  - (стиль): articles written in a catchy style;
  - (цвет): gaudy color
  бросовый - (облигации, т.е. ненадёжных эмитентов): junk bonds;
  - (цена): Congress is offering to sell Turkey four decommissioned guided missile frigates - worth an estimated $500 million - at the fire sale price of only $28 million;
  - (цена): hе took control of the firm but at the knockdown price;
  - (цены): the Reagan administration sold off valuable mineral and timber resources at fire-sale prices
  брошенный - (автомобиль): the culprits will be found, as the abandoned car has been found;
  - (дети): abandoned children;
  - (любовник / любовница): jilted lover;
  - (любовница): she is a jilted lover who is stalking the person who has spurned her;
  - (любовница): the scorned woman seeks revenge on her ex-lover;
  - (ребёнок): the word "waif" designates a homeless, forsaken, or orphaned child;
  - (судно, брошенное командой): a derelict keel;
  - (б-ые товарные вагоны): lines of boxcars are stranded in the yard of rusted over railway spurs
  брошюра - (в брошюре описаны...): this booklet outlines some of the exercises capable of preventing deformities of the limbs and spine;
  - (об университетах): our overburdened and unprepared college counsellor gave me a few brochures about Midwestern colleges;
  - (подпольная): avidly he devoured the underground pamphlets that came out, smuggled from the resistance movement inside;
  - members are invited to read a pamphflet that guides them through a number of conceptual rooms;
  - Tracts were used for political purposes throughout the 20th century. They were used to spread Nazi propaganda in central Europe during the 1930s and 1940s.
  брутто - (вес б.): once wrapped, the gross weight of the package is 2kg;
  - (вес б.): tare weight plus net weight equals gross weight;
  - (общее количество б.): figures representing a gross total, prior to a 10 per cent unavoidable wastage deduction
  будить - Wake everybody up. The Chinese may be going squarely on us;
  - the roaring of the wind had woken him;
  - he woked me up;
  - the boy roused his father;
  - he muttered indistinctly as his mother roused him;
  - (его разбудил Р.): he was woken by Ron throwing his pillows at him;
  - (т.е. звать на помощь соседей): the maid had run screaming down the hill into the village and roused as many people as she could;
  - (любопытство и надежду): the legend of Bilbo's gold excited both curiosity and hope;
  - (страсти): periods of calm seemed to unleash the darker passions of his nature
  будни - (семейной жизни): the humdrum of married life
  будний - (день): Is it a weekday? Have I slept in?;
  - (по б-им дням): if you have any questions, you may call weekdays;
  - (по б-им дням): the shelter is open for adoptions weekdays 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.;
  буднично - (одетый): He was dressed casually. Decent shirt, but no tie.
  будничный - (бояться б-ого): they are afraid of the mundane;
  - (готовка, т.е. пищи): unadventurous cooking;
  - (жизнь): our humdrum life;
  - (жизнь): she wants to know all about prison: the nitty-gritty, the violence, the gangs;
  - (жизнь / существование): I lead a pretty mundane existence;
  - (заботы): the workaday concerns of the average person;
  - (мелочи): The next time I find myself complaining about not having a life, I will remember I'm living it and these are the good old days. We get so caught up in the trivia of our daily lives that we do forget this is 'it'!;
  - (одежда): workaday clothes;
  - (работа по руководству работой правительства): he didn't like getting his hands dirty with the nitty-gritty of running the government;
  - (рутина): what had been routine drudgery was now as exciting as watching the World Cup football final;
  - (сказать что-то б-е): Ron was looking at him so anxiously that he quickly cast around for something matter-of-fact to say;
  - (б-ым тоном): When the job was complete, J. - a day late and a dollar short - called out of the blue to advise C. how to proceed with her already complete assignment. It was then that C. said to Jane in a very snarky matter-of-fact tone "Oh, it's already been taken care of. The job is complete.";
  - (б-ым тоном): "I got a better offer," he said conversationally. "When my friend here heard you were looking for a wizard, he made it his business to outbid you."
  будто бы - he was allegedly involved in the robbery;
  - the bank's capital was eroded after Mr. A. allegedly remitted substantial amounts of funds for personal investments
  будучи - (актриса завоевала репутацию, б. членом группы театральных деятелей, которые...): the actress forged her reputation as one of the remarkable group of theatre-makers who worked at Berlin's groundbreaking Shaubuehne in the 1970;
  - (б. в Лондоне): while in London, standing a trial for..., he died;
  - (б. в Мекке, Магомет узнал о...): while in Mecca, Mohammed had word of a large concentration of hostile nomads, and he set out to confront them;
  - (б. ещё студентом): while still a student he published a dandy paper on algebra;
  - (несовершеннолетним): Almost the first legislation Labour passed was the Crime and Disorder Act 1998. Suddenly, non-criminal activities which might previously have been seen as nuisance, mischief, selfishness or just bad manners were enshrined in statute and subject to action from the state through courts and police. Actions within the definition included harassment, verbal abuse, noise nuisance, writing graffiti and smoking or drinking alcohol while under age.;
  - (б. сам революционером): Zhou Enlai, while a revolutionary himself,...;
  - (б. существами непритязательными, они...): He asked what the women wanted for compensation, and, unassuming creatures that they were, they told him to part with whatever petty amount he saw fit;
  - (б. человеком гордым): He applied for associate membership, but was turned down. Proud man that he was, he never applied again.
  будущее - (блестящее / большое): a leading company with a bright future offering excellent career prospects and benefits;
  - (в б-ем): I authorize American Express to receive and exchange credit information about me both now and in the future;
  - (б., в котором...): the company is portraying a future in which...;
  - (б. за пластмассами / принадлежит пластмассам): he was repeatedly advised that the future was plastics;
  - (лучшее б.): a path leading to a better future;
  - unity is the prerequisite for mastering the future
  будущее время - (в придаточном предложении, когда основное предложение в прошедшем времени): he recommended that when I returned to Washington, I should stay off the campaign trail
  будущий - (год, бюджет на б.г.): the next year's budget;
  - (жена): I'd like you to meet my future wife;
  - (король): the velvet-voiced king-to-be;
  - (космонавт): a centrifuge designed to test would-be astronauts for their responses to heavy g-loads speeds up;
  - (мама, т.е. беременная): expectant mom;
  - (мать, т.е. беременная ): midwifery is a blanket term used to describe a number of different types of health practitioners, other than doctors, who provide prenatal care to expecting mothers, attend the birth of the infant and provide postnatal care to the mother and infant;
  - (мамы, т.е. беременные ): moms-to-be;
  - (невесты): soon-to-be brides flock to one-day sales hoping to snag their vision of tulle, beads and pearls for that special day;
  - (невеста): bride-to-be;
  - (осень): Strategic Arms Limitation Talks, scheduled for preliminary discussion this coming autumn;
  - (пенсионер): current and future retirees;
  - (переговоры): the polical settlement in South Vietnam was left to future negotiations between the Vietnamese parties;
  - (поддержка страны): future support to Georgia from institutions such as the World Bank;
  - (покупатель): a prospective buyer;
  - (поставщик): business meals with a prospective vendor are allowed if the University gains from such attendance;
  - (хозяин): the applicant left his resume with the prospective employer
  будь - (б. его воля / б. на то его воля): he told her that, given his way, he would not be here at all;
  - (б. её воля): she gave him a thoroughly mistrustful look that told him plainly that, given her way, she would not be here at all;
  - (б. моя воля / б. на то моя воля, все высокопоставленные федеральные чиновники, выбранные и назначенные, были бы должны хранить свои деньги в американских банках): if I had my way all high level Federal officials, elected and appointed, would have to have all their money in US banks;
  - (б. у меня менталитет литературного критика, которым я отнюдь не обладаю): if I had the critic's mentality (which I emphatically don't) I would sit down and try to analyze my stories;
  - (б. у меня такая возможность): given half a chance I'd leave this job;
  - (б. у тебя хоть капля жалости,...): These last few years have been very hard on your father. If you have any compassion at all, you might think of him.
  будь по-твоему - "Oh, have it your way," he conceded lightly;
  - have it your own way
  будь то - (большинство договоров купли-продажи недвижимости, б.т. жилой, коммерческой или иной,...): Most contracts for the sale and purchase of real estate, whether residential, commercial, or whatever, contain a requirement that the seller convey 'marketable' or 'merchantable' title. Both terms are used to mean the same thing, i.e., that the seller is able to convey title that meets the local standards for a title that is free from doubt or free from the threat of potential litigation.;
  - (король волен делать, что захочет в своём замке, б.т. глупость или мудрость): a king will have his way in his own hall, be it folly or wisdom;
  - (Прекрасный конь. Б.т. русский или какой-нибудь другой): Splendid horse. Russian or whatever;
  - (б.т. экономика страны, региональная или всемирная экономика): macroeconomics is a branch of economics that deals with the performance, structure, behavior and decision-making of the entire economy, be that a national, regional, or the global economy;
  - if a man is in his right mind, you bring him what he paid for, be it piss or poison
  будь уверен / будьте уверены - make no mistake, this decision is going to cause you a lot of problems;
  - make no mistake about it, if we don't address these problems now, they will only get worse
  будь что будет - I'm with you come what may;
  - be as it may / be that as it may;
  - come high, come low, we'll get to the bottom of it;
  - happen what may;
  - (он решил рискнуть и вложить деньги, а там б.ч.б. ): he decided to risk his money on the investment, and let the chips fall where they may fig;
  - (я собираюсь рассказать правду, а там б.ч.б. ): I'm going to tell the truth about what happened, and let the chips fall where they may;
  - (я буду сообщать о том, что увижу, а там б.ч.б. ): I'm not looking to prognosticate. I know what the polls are saying; it's going to be a big Republican year. But I'm not going to do what journalists, myself included, often do: troll for quotes that reflect the polls. I'm just going to report what I see and let the chips fall.
  будьте добры - kindly fml wait outside while I have a quick word with G. about her course schedule;
  - (б.д. вести себя хорошо): will you kindly ironic behave yourself!;
  - (б.д. немедленно ответить кому-л): kindly respond immediately to Mr F;
  - (б.д., оставайтесь на месте): I thank you fml to stay where you are;
  - (б.д. повторить это еще раз): have the goodness fml to say it again, will you?
  будьте как дома - make yourself at home
  буйно - (поросшая зеленью долина): he squinted out at the lush green valley rising to snowcapped peaks all around him;
  - (танцевать): they were dancing so exuberantly that people around them were backing away in fear of injury
  буйный - (идеализм): the exuberant idealism of the Kennedy Administration;
  - (краски): his paintings were full of exuberant colour;
  - (люди): violent people, these Americans, mark my words, violent people;
  - (люди): the Afghans are excessively turbulent and unsubmissive to law or discipline;
  - (материализм): rampant materialism;
  - (настроение): she was in a violent temper and began throwing thingabout;
  - (подростки): applying the Brady law's prohibition on gun ownership to violent juveniles;
  - (подростки): a correctional institution set up to deal with unruly teenagers;
  - (поросль): a leafless tree amid the summer's lush growth;
  - (поросшая б-ой зеленью долина): he squinted out at the lush green valley rising to snowcapped peaks all around him;
  - (растительность): lush tropical vegetation;
  - (ребёнок): would you rather have an unruly child or a emotionless automaton?;
  - (ребёнок): a rambunctious child;
  - (рост): the exuberant growth of tropical rain forest;
  - (сборище): a social gathering that became rambunctious and out of hand;
  - (сумасшедший): the madman was violent and had to be locked up;
  - (ученики): initiatives to support mainstream schools in dealing with disaffected and disruptive pupils;
  - (ученики): activities related to work with disaffected and disruptive pupils;
  - (человек): arambunctious person;
  - (энергия, от него исходила б-ая энергия): he radiated raw energy
  буйствовать - during the night of 6 November, "young patriots" again rampaged through the streets, attacking residences of foreign nationals and burning schools and businesses;
  - (футбольные болельщики буйствовали после проигрыша): the fans rioted after the loss;
  - armed with shears and machetes, supporters of the militant farmer Jose Bove went on a rampage through test sites for genetically modified corn
  буква - (буквы, т.е. на вывеске ресторана): the restaurant is bathed in light which reflects off the gold lettering above the awning;
  - (имя было вытиснено облупленными б-ами): his name was stamped across one corner in peeling letters;
  - (соблюдать дух и б-у правил игры): Athletes' Code of Honor. I promise upon my word of honor that I will observe the rules of the game in spirit as well as in letter.;
  - (читать буквы в зеркальном отражении): he read the reversed lettering without difficulty
  буквально - (понимать что-л): she took the purpose of my workouts too literally;
  - (слова значат б. "..."): the words mean literally "Ukraine is not dead", but a looser translation would be "Ukraine lives on";
  - (соблюдать): the company canceled a 30-store account in Japan - because its customer-service guidelines weren't observed to the letter;
  - (б. сочетать браком американскую энергичность и деньги с британским превосходством, т.е. о браках обнищавшей британской аристократии с богатыми американцами): for skint British landowners, an efficient solution was literally to wed the apparently happy blending of American verve and finance with British superiority
  буквальный - (в б-ом смысле слова): the town was making me crazy in the literal sense of the word
  букинистический - (магазин): used bookstore or second-hand bookstore buys and sells used and out-of-print books
  буклет - (т.е. рекламный б. о круизе): a brochure describing a two-week cruise through the Panama Canal
  бульварный - (пресса): he could imagine the tabloids blaring the fact that with her background and all her financial success she had not been wise or sophisticated enough to see through a rogue;
  - (пресса): the girl was rechristened "the Black Dahlia" by the gutter press during a lurid murder investigation occasioned by the discovery of her mangled body;
  - (роман): the writer pounded out 30,000 words of dime-novel drama every week;
  - (чтиво): pulp fiction: a magazine or book containing lurid subject matter and being characteristically printed of rough, unfinished paper
  бум - (в разгар нефтяного б-а): the big state energy enterprises show falling profits in the midst of the oil boom;
  - (заработали / нажились / поднялись на железнодорожном б-е): the banks and financiers who had ridden the railroad boom crashed dramatically when the system's overcapacity reduced individual railroad company's profitability;
  - (приобрёл известность на энергетическом б-е): In Texas, Perry Has Ridden an Energy Boom. But some economists as well as Perry skeptics suggest that Mr. Perry stumbled into the Texas miracle. They say that the governor has essentially put Texas on autopilot for 11 years, and it was the state's oil and gas boom - not his political leadership - that kept the state afloat.
  бумага - (вручить бумаги, т.е. документы): He pulls up at a large set of security gates, flanked by spiked fence. He is talking to a uniformed guard behind the grille. Hands him paperwork.;
  - (прокуроры пытались до появления преступников разобраться в их б-ах): the prosecutors flipped through files and reports and tried valiantly to keep the paperwork ahead of the criminals;
  - смотри файл VESHCHES
  бумажный - (крыса образно): he was tired of the idiotic little procedures put in place by pencil pushers who read manuals on how to keep jails safe;
  - (на б-ом носителе): смотри ниже;
  - (работа образно): a curt relegation to one of the home sections for a spell of desk work
  бумажный (на б-ом носителе) - for $35 you will receive both a hard and digital copy of the book;
  - if you would prefer to read it in hard copy, please contact us and we'll send it to you by mail;
  - Comparing Reading Onscreen and in Hard Copy;
  - (на б-ом и электронном носителе / б. экземпляр): Your application should be submitted in hard and soft copy format, one copy of each. If you are a student, your paper copy should be signed by both you and your supervisor.;
  - (подавать дополнительные материалы н.б. или электронном носителе): Supplemental Folders may be submitted in hard copy, electronically, or a combination of the two. Please don't duplicate documents in hard and soft copy
  бунт - (был жестоко подавлен): the rebellion was brutally crushed;
  - (в городе вспыхнул б.): in 1962 the great industrial city of N. erupted in worker riot;
  - (б-ы в угольных регионах): the riots in the coal region;
  - (голодные б-ы): food riots;
  - (т.е. на корабле): The mutiny on the Bounty occurred aboard a British Royal Navy ship on 28 April 1789. the only two men ever to command the ship as the Bounty were Lieutenant William Bligh and Fletcher Christian, the latter of whom illegally took command through mutiny.;
  - (подавить б.): the president ordered the armed forces to put down the revolt;
  - (подавить б. в зародыше): the rebellion was to be nipped in the bud;
  - (подавлять б-ы): to suppress insurrections;
  - (сокрушить б.): May he sedition crush \ And like a torrent rush \ Rebellious Scots to crush \ God save the King;
  - (участвовать в б-ах): he took part in workers' riots;
  - (участие в б-е): participation in war, riot or civil commotion
  бунтовать - (о командах кораблей): the crews of the German ships mutinied rather than put to sea;
  - if they revolted and failed to win, they could be executed;
  - (против системы): rebelling against the system was all what the actress wanted to do
  бунтовщик - (т.е. на корабле): the mutineers turned Lt Bligh and some of the officers and crew adrift from His Majesty's Ship Bounty
  буржуазный - (понятие): this was a communist country, where due process of law was a bourgeois concept unworthy of serious consideration;
  бурно - (приветствовать): Congress roaringly cheered his pledge never to allow...;
  - (протестовать): he protested vehemently;
  - (развиваться / расти, о промышленности): during the war years, industry boomed;
  - (развиваться / расти, о промышленности): booming wartime industries;
  - (развиваться / расти, об экономике): under his leadership the British economy boomed as never before;
  - (развиваться / расти, об экспорте): exports are booming, making the trade deficit narrower than it had been in decades;
  - (б. растущая потребность в воде): booming demand for water;
  - (б. растущее потребление нефти п.с.): the spiralling increase in United States oil consumption;
  - (б. растущий спрос на нефть): the world's soaring demand for oil is pushing against the limits of production
  бурный - (аплодисменты): they walked into the field to tumultuous applause;
  - (аплодисменты): there was an outbreak of ardent clapping;
  - (аплодисменты): the audience burst into wild applause;
  - (веселье): he winked broadly, and dissolved into gales of merriment;
  - (воды): the grove sits on a ledge above the creek's raucous waters;
  - (давление кого-л на суд): ...amid a frenetic legal offensive by her parents;
  - (дебаты / обсуждения): boisterous debate;
  - (дебаты / споры): "The Simpsons," the TV cartoon satire, is set in a never clearly defined but incredibly dysfunctional place called Springfield. That had led to a raging debate about which of the more than 30 U.S. towns named Springfield is the model.;
  - (день на работе): a hectic day at the office;
  - (день, т.е. полный событий): you had an eventful afternoon;
  - (деятельность): everyone seems to miss the flurry of activities that were once a part of their happy homes;
  - (деятельность): the rest of the month was a blizzard of activity that pushed politics to the back of my mind for a while;
  - (заседание): the Politburo meeting was stormy;
  - (иметь б. успех): Irish folk group go down a storm at boat show;
  - (иметь б. успех): UFO files go down a storm. Web searches for UFO rose by 267 per cent after the National Archives put details of suspected extra-terrestrial sightings online.;
  - (комедия): a boisterous comedy;
  - (мир политики): the whirling world of politics;
  - (обсуждения / споры): during the course of long and heated debate over the tariff;
  - (обсуждения / споры, утверждение судьи в сенате вызвало б.с. ): the Justice's Senate confirmation was a slugfest fig;
  - (общественная жизнь): a vivid social life;
  - (общественно-политические перемены): in Living History Hillary Rodham Clinton writes with candor, humor and passion about coming-of age during a time of tumultuous social and political change in America;
  - (перебранка): Two chartered buses filled with Parma fans arrived after the team and made a rowdy entrance into the stadium. Before long, the two sides were engaged in a rousing shouting match.;
  - (перемены): a time of tumultuous social and political change in America;
  - (перемены): I came of age on the crest of tumultuous social change;
  - (период истории): the vigorous period of adventure and conquest known as the Viking Age;
  - (период истории): the movie covers a tumultuous part of Russia's history, when Moscow was transforming itself from being a Grand Duchy to the capital of an expanding empire independent of the Mongols.;
  - (политическая культура Гонконга): the chief executive had his hands full balancing the boisterous Hong Kong political culture with the much conformist Chinese central government;
  - (протесты): violent anti-American protests grip Pakistan;
  - (проявление природы): one of nature's most violent manifestations, the vast hurricanes that...;
  - (радость): many people greeted this news with a wild rejoicing;
  - (роман, т.е. любовный): their whirlwind romance captured the public imagination;
  - (ухаживание): they were married after a whirlwind three-month courtship;
  - (рост интереса к покупке квартир в небоскрёбе): his partners falsely trumpeted skyrocketing interest in the 46-story skyscraper;
  - (ссора): a violent / bitter quarrel;
  - (успех): the anti-indecency campaign, already a roaring success, has just yielded a new chairman of the Federal Communications Commission;
  - (эмоции, мысленно возвращаясь к судебному процессу двадцатилетней давности, он переживал отголосок б-ых э-ий): whenever he thought back to that trial 20 years ago, what echoed through time was the teeming emotions;
  - смотри файл DVIJENIE
  бухгалтерский учёт / бухучёт - (общепринятые принципы б-а): most industries in the United States are expected to follow generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP)
  бы - (вы бы на него посмотрели, когда он разойдётся): you just ought to see him when he cuts loose;
  - (вы бы слышали её стычки с директором / вы бы видели, как эта пигалица дерзит ему): You should have heard the blowups she had with the director. Nobody talks back to him - he's been around a long time and is too successful and too respected to get anything but a 'Yessir.' But you should have seen this little snip of a girl talk back to him when she thought he was trying to push her around.;
  - (жалеть о том, что могло бы быть): there's no point now in regretting the might-have-beens;
  - (замечания, специально предназначенные для того, чтобы вы всю ночь думали, что бы они значили): all the while he's making cryptic little remarks specifically designed to keep you up at night wondering what they could possibly mean;
  - (обязательства, от которых было бы стыдно отказаться): obligations that would be dishonorable to abandon;
  - (он мог бы..., но...): he could have used his skills to "skim" a vast fortune for himself from the oil revenues, but his morality forbade him;
  - (она бы не согласилась): one key Likud member said that she would not have agreed to support disengagement (of Israelis and Palestinians) in the absence of Bush's commitments;
  - (я бы охотно с вами поменялся работой): I would gladly switch jobs with you;
  - (я бы с радостью свернул ему шею): I'd (would) happily wring his bloody neck.
  бывает - смотри бывать
  бывало - (б., подбежишь к озеру и прыгнешь): we used to swim every day when we were children - we would run down to the lake and jump in;
  - (он, б., переворачивал стол): he didn't like losing and occasionally upended the table after a particularly irksome defeat;
  - (б., первокурсников 'наказывали' так сильно, что им приходилось бросать колледж, т.е. из-за издевательств старшекурсников): It was not unusual for freshmen boys to be so violently "disciplined", they had to leave college; some of them hospitalized; yet none of these boys ever testified against the upperclassmen who harassed them. Deaths following "hazing" and "horsing" were not common - yet those that did occur were kept quiet, by university decree.
  бывалый - (политик / участник избирательной кампании): seasoned politician / campaigner;
  - (путешественник): experienced / seasoned traveler
  бывать - (агенты по продаже недвижимости бывают разные, хорошие, плохие и совсем плохие): realtors are a mixed bunch meaning there are good ones, bad ones and really bad ones;
  - (бегун, который бывает раз в жизни): one of those runners who come alongonce a lifetime;
  - (бывает и хуже): Tears and snot cover her face. There are worse things.;
  - (бывает кое-что похуже, чем...): there are worse things under heaven than Catholics;
  - (бывает ли у вас кашель, при котором выделяется мокрота?): do you have coughing that produces phlegm;
  - (бывает, что она говорит одно в глаза и другое за глаза): chances are that she'll say one thing to your face and another behind your back;
  - (т.е. в продаже / в производстве, о цветных видеокамерах для видеоглазков): it would be better to have a colour camera, but I am not sure if they are available just yet for spyholes fitted on to a door, and even if they were, I would imagine they would be quite pricey.;
  - (бывали годы, когда...): On average, half the troops Britain sent to the small colony Sierra Leone between 1819 and 1836 died, nearly all the rest were invalided and only one in fifty was still fit for further service. In some years death rates approached eighty per cent and the Royal African Corps was composed of military criminals who exchanged their sentence for service in Africa.;
  - (т.е. в гостях, у неё бывает только один мужчина, зато очень часто): she has only one male visitor, but a good deal of him;
  - (в обществе): He rarely mingled in society. Women had him at a disadvantage.;
  - (в обществе): one of behavioural symptoms of rape trauma syndrome is not wanting to socialize; or on the other hand socializing more than usual;
  - (вы когда-нибудь бывали в темноте?): have you ever experienced darkness?;
  - (в жизни так не бывает): real life is never that way;
  - (в некоторых странах бывают электрические розетки с углублением): in some countries, you may encounter a recessed outlet or other shapes of wall outlets which the converter pins do not fit;
  - (в приборе бывает низкий жужжащий звук): at times there may be a very low humming sound in the converter;
  - (в этой части света редко бывает дождь): rain is unusual here;
  - (вам часто бывает трудно удерживать внимание при выполнении скучной работы?): do you often have difficulty keeping your attention when you are doing boring or repetitive work?;
  - (внешность бывает обманчива): appearances are often deceptive;
  - (вода бывает в газообразном состоянии): water can exist in a gaseous state;
  - (герметизирующие кольца бывают разных размеров): seal rings come different sizes based on varying length of F-ports;
  - (двухцветные туфли в основном бывают чёрно-белыми, но бывают и других расцветок): spectator shoes are a men's and women's dress shoes. They are notable for their two-tone color. They are predominantly seen in black and white but other colors are not unheard of.;
  - (зимой в умеренных широтах бывают чрезвычайно суровые условия): winter in the temperate latitudes can present extremely stressful conditions that greatly affect the vegetation;
  - (иногда мне бывает его жалко): there are times when I feel sorry for him;
  - (как это часто бывает): as it is often the case with the European Union,...;
  - (какой только бывает, одно из самых странных насекомых, какие т. бывают): one of the most curious insects in existence;
  - (какой только бывает, самый защищённый от прослушивания телефон, какой только бывает): the secure telephone unit was about as secure as things got;
  - (какой только бывает, самый лучший переговорщиккакой только бывает): he is about as good a negotiator as it gets;
  - (кактусы бывают самых разных размеров и форм): cactuses come in a wide range of shapes and sizes;
  - (каталожные карточки бывают пустые, в линеечку и в клеточку): index cards are available in blank, ruled and grid styles in a variety of colors;
  - (...которая часто бывает с принцем): the press has given Prince William's paramour, Kate Middleton, rave reviews as a possible future queen, but has been less kind toward Chelsy Davy, the blonde Zimbabwean who is Prince Harry's frequent companion;
  - (метод чувствителен к воздействию веществ, которые бывают на лабораторной посуде): this method is very sensitive to interferences from acetone soluble material found in or on glassware, aluminum foil, filters and other laboratory equipment;
  - (много б. на воздухе, по его покрытому морщинами лицу было видно, что он много бывал на воздухе ): his lined face suggested long exposure to the elements;
  - (на дискотекax и вечеринках): are young adults who socialize frequently at discoteques and parties at an increased risk of carrying meningococci?
  - ( он бывает на работе с 10 до 12): his office hours are from 10 to 12;
  - (не бывать, светящихся скорпионов и пауков не бывает): many luminous centipedes and millipedes but luminous scorpions and spiders are practically non-existent;
  - (неисправности бывают при плохом обслуживании): malfunctions occur / develop when maintenance is poor;
  - (неполадки бывают у всех самолётов): all aircraft occasionally suffer a technical fault;
  - (нередко): all companies suffer from theft of stationery and pens, and theft of information is not uncommon;
  - (он бывал язвительным): She had ditched her boyfriend. "He had quick temper and could be very sarcastic.";
  - (она бывает очень упрямой): she can be very headstrong;
  - (от писательства бывают боли в спине и странные фантазии): writing, that lonely inert activity that breeds backpains and strange fantasies;
  - (откровенность, которая редко бывает даже у союзников): reviewing events with frankness rarely practiced even by close allies;
  - (пересохшее горло часто бывает симптомом более тяжёлого заболевания): dry throat is often a symptom to a more serious problem;
  - (периоды порядочности бывают у политиков): politicians are prone to lapses of integrity;
  - (портняжные манекены бывают всех форм и размеров): dress forms come in all sizes and shapes for almost every article of clothing that can be made;
  - (почему в жаркий день у людей бывают головокружения и обмороки?): why on a hot day it is not unusual for people to get light headed and faint?;
  - (приборы бывают по номинальной мощности от доли ватта до тысяч ватт): in power rating, electric motors range from a fraction of watt to thousands of watts;
  - (районы, где бывают сильные бури): army aircraft located in areas that experience severe windstorms will tie down blades after each flight and moor aircraft after the last flight of the day;
  - (рассказывать детям, что бывает): Parents say the information (sex education) needs to get to students. "Middle school, if not younger, is when kids need to be aware of what's out there.";
  - (редко): rarely can there have been a more striking animosity fatally overriding rational calculation;
  - (смерть от укуса змеи бывает редко): deaths from snake bites are rare;
  - (спланировать день рождения малыша бывает нелегко): planning a toddler's birthday party can be challenging;
  - (так всегда бывает с сутенёрами и наркоторговцами): That's the thing with pimps and coke dealers. They hang out at celebrity parties and backstage at rock concerts, thinking they're bosom buddies with celebrities but they're nothing but delivery boys.;
  - (так всегда бывало на войне): now that the time had come for some sort of action, he felt braver; it had always been so in the war;
  - (такие цыпочки, т.е. девушки, у нас не часто бывают): we don't get chicks back here very often, so we'll give you a discount for being spunky;
  - (таких больше не бывает): Just like the old boy. He'd always see the men right first. They didn't come like that any more.;
  - (турмалин бывает разных цветов и цветовых сочетаний): tourmaline, occurring in more colors and combinations of colors than any other gemstone variety, lives up to its name;
  - (у всех бывают тяжёлые дни): everyone has a bad day now and again, and we have all said things after a particularly stressful or tiring day that we normally would not, and don't really mean;
  - (у гор бывают разные очертания): the mountains come with various profiles - the craggy Dolomite Peak, the mesa-topped Bow-Peak with its multicolored quartzite striations;
  - (б., у котов время от времени выпадают усы): it is not unusual for cats to lose a few whiskers now and again;
  - (у Магомета бывали откровения): Muhammad received revelations, that is verbal messages that he believed came from God;
  - (у меня бывают видения): as a new mom, I have vivid and horrifying visions that my daughter is going to be harmed;
  - (у меня бывают кошмары): I have a recurrent nightmare of being on a plane at night, hurtling between buildings down the road;
  - (у него уже бывали магазинные кражи): he has a history of shoplifting;
  - (у неё бывали шумы в сердце): she had a history of heart murmurs;
  - (у тех, кто пьёт до опьянения, обычно бывает похмелье): people who drink to the point of intoxication usually experience some hangover symptoms;
  - (часто, бури ч. бывают в этой части побережья): sudden storms are frequent on this part of the coast;
  - (часто бывало, что она...): on frequent occasions she stopped a policeman to point out men who she thought were up to no good, as they hung around the playground;
  - (часто бывал в барах): police visited all the bars that the suspect frequented;
  - (это бывает тогда, когда слишком любят мёд): it all comes of liking honey too much;
  - (это и в Великобритании бывает нечасто): that was the first time that any of Purcell's full-length stage works has been performed at the Salzburg Festival, though that is hardly surprising, as they do not come around in the UK very often;
  - (это у вас бывает со спиной?): is it a recurrent thing or have you just ricked your back or sprained it?
  бывший - (в употреблении): смотри ниже;
  - (военнослужащие): to enable ex-servicemen to set themselves up in business;
  - (директор ЦРУ): former CIA Director John Brennan accused Trump of political corruption;
  - (заместитель директора ФБР): the onetime FBI deputy director kept personal memos describing interactions with the president;
  - (жена): my ex-wife;
  - (заключённый лагеря): the former inmate of the camp;
  - (зэки): he will have brought some muscle - dumb-as-dogshit ex-cons bulked up in prison weight rooms;
  - (колония): Macao is a former colony;
  - (б-их лжецов не бывает): once a liar, always a liar;
  - (лидер страны): the one-time leader of Germany Erich Honecker;
  - (майор): a short, dapper ex-army major;
  - (моряк): a former seaman;
  - (певец): Mr C., a sometime rock singer, told the FBI agents that...;
  - (первое управление КГБ): the SVR - formerly the First Chief Directorate of the KGB - still gathered information;
  - (президент компании): early Apple investor and one-time chairman M.;
  - (председатель совета): the current board members including one-time chairman M.;
  - (прокурор): a former federal prosecutor;
  - (профессор университета): a sometime professor at the university;
  - (сенатор): former Senator K. recalls that...;
  - (советники Белого дома): he paraded past and present White House aides in front of the cameras to grill them about the death of V.F.;
  - (Советский Союз): in the former Soviet Union;
  - (советское государственное учреждение): he was authorized by a certain ex-Soviet state agency, name not supplied, to conduct a dialogue with this house, concerning the possibility of opening an account with this house;
  - (солдат): a silent-moving ex-soldier;
  - (соседи): victims of brutality by erstwhile neighbours;
  - (хунта): the abuses of the former junta;
  - (эксперт): sitting by the window was H., formerly a Jewish expert in the Nazi Propaganda Ministry;
  - (эсэсовец): when he's convinced he had found a former SS man, he informs the police
  бывший (в употреблении) - (автомобиль): a used car / pre-owned vehicle / second-hand car is a vehicle that has previously had one or more retail owners;
  - (автомобиль): "A Saab, sir? Pre-owned?" "New.";
  - (пишущая машинка): an old second-hand Remington portable;
  - (самолёт): he acquired a small used plane;
  - (платы компьютеров / серверы): We buy all types of PC scrap board. Working or non-working. Also, used servers, electronic equipment, surplus equipment, and all types of electronic excess.
  было - (что было, то прошло): What was his intention? To show that bygones were bygones?
  было бы неплохо - (б.б.н. немного передохнУть): this time, a little rest would be welcome;
  - (чай - это б.б.н.): a tea would be welcome
  былой - (в б-ые времена): the church steeple in bygone days was painted a milk chocolate brown;
  - (в б-ые времена): in days gone by;
  - (в б-ые времена): Back in the old days, Saturdays were much like any other day. Most regional sections had a deskman working weekends, some even had the night staff, and when you took a tour of the building you had the feeling that, warts and all, this was an outfit that had a lot going. But that Saturday it was the big silence.;
  - (вернуть отелю б-ое великолепие): to return the hotel to its former glory;
  - (восстановить б-ую элегантность здания): they restored the building to its former elegance;
  - (времена, люди б-ых времён): the handiwork of the Men of old could still be seen in its (road) straight sure flight and level course;
  - (неуязвимость): the near-collapse suggested that the Prime Minister's three years in office had worn thin his onetime invulnerability;
  - (слава страны): he went off on a tirade about the vanished glories of Afghanistan;
  - (слава страны): when he started talking about the lost glories of Afghanistan, there was no stopping him
  быстро - (быстренько за работу, т.е. не отвлекайся): chop-chop AmE infml, back to work;
  - (выздороветь): the patient made a rapid recovery;
  - (б. вытереть лицо): he took out a handkerchief and brusquely wiped it over the face;
  - (б. говорить по итальянски / б. отвечать на шуточки клиентов): the baristas bantered in rapid Italian and were quick to return quips from their customers;
  - (действовать): he acted quickly and coolheartedly;
  - (б. добраться до аварийного выхода): to reach the emergency exit expeditiously fml;
  - (б. завоёвывать новообращённых): Islam's essential egalitarianism within the community of the faithful won rapid converts;
  - (б. исполнять прихоти кого-л): his whims were granted with agility;
  - (как б. проходит время): one of the great things about tales is how fast time may pass when not much of note is happening;
  - (легко и б. зарабатывать деньги): we'd been pulling in money almost literally hand over fist;
  - (б. меняющийся мир): fast-paced world;
  - (набирать скорость): the car quickly picks up speed;
  - (написать): he swiftly wrote a few lines on a sheet of notepaper;
  - (обслуживать): I was treated with great promptness;
  - (оплачивать счета): your credit report shows how promptly you pay your bills;
  - (отделаться от просителей): he shook of them fairly quickly;
  - (отреагировать): faced with this threat, the colonists reacted swiftly;
  - (отъехать / отплыть): he slammed the gear into forward, and the fishing boat, its engine revving high, pulled violently away from the ship's stern;
  - (пачкаться): on impulse he got several additional panties on the assumption that they soiled more quickly, than bras did;
  - (пойти): they started walking briskly in the same direction;
  - (принять меры): they had to take action, and they had to do it fast;
  - (побежать): the rat scurried down the length of the counter;
  - (печатать на машинке): how fast can you type?;
  - (повернуть голову): he turned his head so fast he cricked his neck;
  - (превращаться): chunks of rotted ice and whipped cream globes of snow that quickly turned into dark slush and disappeared;
  - (предельно б.): he was moving at about half a mile an hour, which for him was full throttle fig infml;
  - (развиваться): Pennsylvania developed more rapidly than other colonies;
  - (развиваться): things are moving forward very rapidly;
  - (б. развивающаяся отрасль связи): the company hoped to profit from the burgeoning communications industry;
  - (б. развивающаяся сеть магазинов): a burgeoning chain of clothing stores which marketed to prosperous American women;
  - (разговаривать): he walked vigorously and spoke rapidly;
  - (б. развивающиеся лотереи): ever burgeoning lotteries;
  - (религия б. распространилась): Islam spread rapidly through the Middle East to Africa and the Indian subcontinent;
  - (сохнущий): a tough, quick-drying pastel ideally suited for applying intense color to flat surfaces;
  - (б. справиться с противником): he could cope quickly and discreetly with those who came too close to the top men of the organization;
  - (схватки начались слишком б.): the contractions came too fast, and too hard;
  - (б. теряя силы): Machine-gun fire brackets him, and he submerges again briefly. Never a strong swimmer, he heads back out to sea. For two hours he paddles around, two hundred or so yards from the shore. Strength fast going, in despair he moves ashore rather than drown.;
  - (т.е. удовлетворить просьбу на удивление б.): he called the Foreign Ministry, requesting an urgent meeting with Minister S. This was granted with surprising alacrity;
  - (уменьшаться): his chances were diminishing rapidly;
  - (уничтожить вид животных): the settlers rapidly wiped out turkeys;
  - (уставать): he tired easily and could not keep up with his hired men;
  - (ухудшаться): the situation is deteriorating rapidly;
  - (учиться, он б. учился): He took a junior management job with a construction firm. He was a fast learner, and he struck out on his own in 1963, when the ambitious man was not yet 30 years old.;
  - (учиться, т.е. быть способным к обучению): I'm a quick study
  быстродействие - (интегральных схем для обработки изображений): the RAW processing speed of graphic chips;
  - (процессора, т.е. компьютера): RAW processing speed, often measured in millions of instructions per second (MIPS), is not always the best indicator of how fast a computer can accomplish specific tasks;
  - (процессора, т.е. компьютера): To many IT managers, RAW processing speed is not all it's cracked up to be. Processing power is not the greatest bottleneck we are currently facing with our software applications.
  быстродействующий - (ввод): high-speed input;
  - (пищевая добавка): fast-acting dietary supplement;
  - (принтер): fast printer;
  - (рубильник / выключатель): high-speed circuit breaker;
  - (связь по Интернету): the arrival of residential high-speed Internet connections;
  - (услуги Интернет): highspeed Internet services
  быстрота - (несчастья следовали один за другим с головокружительной б-ой): disasters followed one another with heady speed
  быстроходный - (военный корабль): the second of the Navy's new generation of speedy warships topped 50 mph in builder trials completed this month;
  - (катер): you could be brought off the beach to a freighter offshore by a speedboat
  быстрота - (изменяться с ошеломляющей б-ой): the fortunes of nations sometimes change with bewildering rapidity;
  - (повестка дня была согласована с необычной б-ой): the agenda had been agreed with unusual alacrity;
  - (т.е. удовлетворить просьбу с удивительной б-ой): he called the Foreign Ministry, requesting an urgent meeting with Minister S. This was granted with surprising alacrity
  быстрый - (замораживание): the method of quick freezing for preserving perishable goods;
  - (б., как молния, принтер): lightning-fast, dependable, high-quality printer;
  - (мышление): in a world that requires fast thinking we have some of the best creative brains;
  - (обогащение): rags-to-riches fig story;
  - (обыск): after a quick search he was discovered under the bed;
  - (доставка, они гордились б-ой д-ой): they prided themselves on delivering speedily;
  - (перемена): rapid change;
  - (полоса автодороги): he stuck to the fast lane of the highway;
  - (походка / шаг, подойти к кому-л б-ой п-ой / б-ым ш-ом): he approached me at a fast walk;
  - (разрешение судебных споров): summary procedure has the benefit of streamlining litigation, resulting in a prompt resolution of the underlying dispute;
  - (реагирование, бригады б-ого р-я): in case of emergency, our rapid response crews are ready to go twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week on the shortest call-out time in the industry;
  - (результат): rapid result;
  - (реформы): speedy and thorough financial-system reforms;
  - (рост): rapid growth;
  - (самый б. в мире самолёт-разведчик): the world's fastest reconnaissance jet;
  - (скакуны): swift and enduring were the steeds of Rohan;
  - (смерть): her death would be quick but extremely painful;
  - (соображение): several times in his life he had survived through sharp thinking in a crisis;
  - (удар по врагу): one swift daring stroke to end them all;
  - (усовершенствование): nanotechnology will fuel rapid improvements in electronics, communications, computing and medical treatment;
  - (ходьба): brisk walk;
  - (т.е. человек): she was fast and agile, and that had saved her from several beatings at his hands
  быт - (т.е. однообразие семейной жизни): to get out of the dreary the humdrum of family life;
  - (т.е. однообразие семейной жизни): a few months later, lord Byron, in the proper spirit of the romantic, abandoned the humdrum of family life and never saw his daughter again
  бытовать - (всё ещё бытующие рассказы о богах): the scholar set to work to collect and record some of the old stories still current about the gods and goddesses;
  - (Дженнеру было известно поверье, бытовавшее среди крестьян, что человек, перенёсший коровью оспу, не заболеет натуральной оспой): Jenner was familiar with the belief, current among the peasantry, that a person who had suffered from the cowpox could not take smallpox
  бытовой - (вопрос по телефону к психологу в радиопередаче): Some of the calls (to the psychologist's radio program) were mundane. "If I wear a new outfit, she asks me where I bought it, and then shows up wearing the exact same thing a few days later.";
  - (газ): cooking gas;
  - (нужды, электричество для б-ых и промышленных нужд): electricity generated by coal-fired power stations for residential and commercial use;
  - (б-ое обеспечение, т.е. войск): the section handled troop welfare, morale building, and recreational activities;
  - (отходы): to recycle household waste;
  - (отходы): Britain produces 20 million tonnes of household waste each year;
  - (отходы): oily waste typically containing less than approximately 5 per cent oil can be co-disposed with non-hazardous, domestic waste and taken to designated landfill sites;
  - (удобства): comforts purchased on the installment plan;
  - (б-ые условия, помимо положенных справок, продавец должен сообщить покупателю обо всех проблемах или недостатках недвижимости, которые могут снизить стоимость последней или отрицательно повлиять на б.у.): aside from any mandated reports, the seller needs to disclose to the buyer any issues or flaws with the property that would affect the value or habitability;
  - (электроника): consumer electronics;
  - (электроприбор): appliance
  быть - (а не то будут неприятности): you'll be sticking to that story, boy, or there'll be trouble;
  - (банка кокосового молока у меня была, нужно было купить только пасту карри): My new favorite fish dish is Thai Style Halibut with Coconut Curry broth. I actually had a can of light coconut milk on hand and just needed to purchase some red curry paste.;
  - (был у нас такой умник): we got a wiseguy this way 3 years ago, liked to brag in front of women how tough he was, and the guys he whacked, that sort of thing;
  - (были поцелуи и объятья, т.е. на прощание): Leaving the kids was never particularly easy. The usual kisses and hugs took place.;
  - (будь моей женой): I love you with my whole heart! Will you be my wife?;
  - (были годы, когда...): On average, half the troops Britain sent to the small colony Sierra Leone between 1819 and 1836 died, nearly all the rest were invalided and only one in fifty was still fit for further service. In some years death rates approached eighty per cent and the Royal African Corps was composed of military criminals who exchanged their sentence for service in Africa.;
  - (в его словах было столько убеждённости, что...): his speech carried so much conviction that I had to agree with him;
  - (в журнале для пассажиров авиалинии есть отрывной план аэропорта Схипхол): KLM's in-flight magazine the Holland Herald features a tear-out airport walker with an overview of gates and distances at Schiphol;
  - (в Китае было лучше, чем...): China fared better than any other nation where European colonizers established themselves;
  - (б. в стеснённых обстоятельствах / трудном положении): to feel the pinch;
  - (в стране будет законодательство, регулирующее плату за пользование недрами): Ukraine will have legislation in place covering royalties;
  - (было весеннее равноденствие): we were in the vernal equinox;
  - (в округах, где требовали носить школьную форму, посещаемость была выше, и успеваемость - лучше): school districts that required uniforms experienced higher student attendance and increased student learning;
  - (всё, что было не так в доме): they were apt to blame him for anything that went wrong about the house;
  - (вырезка явно была из волшебной газеты): the clipping had clearly come out of the wizarding newspaper;
  - (высокого мнения о ком-л, я понимал, почему они были о нём в.м.): he seemed a well-organized man and I could understand the high regard in which M. and S. held him (to hold somebody in high regard);
  - (давайте не будем спорить): don't let's argue about it;
  - (его не было две ночи): he had been absent for two night now;
  - (если бы тогда была викторина Trivial Pursuit): if Trivial Pursuit had been around back then, I might have been a national champion;
  - (жертвой чего-л, ни одна страна не питала ни малейших иллюзий, что Северный Вьетнам был безобидным государством, жертвой бессмысленного и произвольного американского давления): no country entertained a shred of the illusion that North Vietnam was a benign nationalist power victimized by senseless and arbitrary American pressure;
  - (за что-л, Америка была за то, чтобы помочь Лаосу сохранить независимость): Americans favored helping Laos retain its independence;
  - (злопамятным): he never got angry and then he never held a grudge;
  - (и был таков, т.е. ушёл): He flew a coop. He's gone. Packed up after the trial and hit the road.;
  - (из хорошей семьи): he came from a good Kabul family;
  - (их не было [на месте]): unfortunately, they were out when we called;
  - (лазеру противовоздушной обороны - быть): Air defense laser is a reality. The US Navy has for the first time in a maritime environment successfully destroyed four unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) targets with a laser.;
  - (на автомобили есть годовая гарантия): our cars carry a twelve-month guarantee;
  - (на всех пачках сигарет есть предупреждение о вреде курения): all cigarette packets carry a government health warning;
  - (на выборах экстремистам было плохо): in the elections, extremists fared poorly;
  - (на месте, он настаивает, на том, чтобы команды менеджеров были на месте хотя бы 80% своего рабочего времени): he insists that his active management teams be in their seats for at least 80 per cent of their working day;
  - (не было подходящих кандидатов): no suitable candidates were awailable to fill the post;
  - (не всем акциям будет хорошо в ближайшие месяцы): not all stocks will fare well in coming months;
  - (не знать, как быть дальше): he felt uncertain how to proceed;
  - (невесело б. одному): it's not much fun when you're on your own;
  - (он никогда там не был): he had never set foot there;
  - (т.е. по телевизору, ничего не было такого, что мне бы хотелось смотреть): there wasn't anything on I wanted to watch;
  - (признательным, я был бы вам очень признателен, если бы вы...): I would greatly appreciate it if you...;
  - (пробыть три срока председателем): he served three terms as chair of the Mathematics Department;
  - (причиной аварии / смерти): what caused the accident / his death?;
  - (проблемы безработицы не было): ten years ago, unemployment was a nonissue;
  - (рентгеновкие лучи могут б. причиной изменений в хромосомах): the X-rays can bring about changes in chromosomes;
  - (самый необычный урок, который у него был): it was the most unusual lesson he had attended;
  - (так не должно б.): it doesn't have to be this way;
  - (такой книги ещё никогда не было): there has never been such a book in existence in Germany;
  - (теперь им будет о чём подумать): "That will give them something to think about," he observed smugly.;
  - (ты получишь всё остальное, что там есть): I'm after a bunch of documents left in a safe inside the house. You get anything else there is in hand.;
  - (у нас уже есть): we're working on constructs for exploiting concurrency for processors, and we have some constructs in place for special-purpose function units;
  - (что было, то прошло): What was his intention? To show that bygones were bygones?
  бюджет - (на 2005 г.): in its proposed 2005 budget, the administration has requested $6.8 billion for...;
  - (деньги, поступающие в бюджет штата в виде налогов): should the cattle industry, for example, go under due to disease, the potential impact on earnings alone would be nearly 1.4 billion, no to mention the roughly $312 million paid to state's coffers;
  - (налоги, поступающие в бюджет штата): the department of treasury shall allocate to each eligible local or intermediate school district an amount equal to the difference between the sum of the commercial facilities taxes and the industrial facilities taxes paid to the state treasury to the credit of the state school aid fund and the amount the local or intermediate school district received under sections 56, 62, and 81 of the state school aid act;
  - (работать с малым б-ом): These days Nazi hunters are thin on the ground. The Simon Wiesenthal Centre in Jerusalem operates on a shoestring budget.;
  - (субсидируемый из местного б-а детский сад): publicly subsidized day care
  бюджетник - government-paid worker / state-paid worker;
  бюджетный - (авиалиния, т.е. с дешёвымни билетами): Ryanair, Europe's largest low fares airline;
  - (комиссия Конгресса США): the House Appropriation Committee;
  - (год): the company added 2525 workers in the fiscal year that ended on July 30;
  - (ограничения): budget restraints hinder to track down suspects;
  - (организации): government-financed / state-financed/ publicly financed agencies;
  - (полномочия): he has budgetary authority over the intelligence community;
  - (школы, т.е. без платы за обучение): Non-fee paying government-funded state schools are divided into three age brackets; junior from 5 to 11 years, secondary from 11 to 16 years and 6th form colleges from 16 to 18 years for those who wish to continue their formal education at university.
  бюллетень - (голосовать б-ями): to vote by ballot;
  - (избирательный б. для выдвижения кандидатов от партии): he hopes to mount a nationwide campaign, provided he can raise the $1,000 necessary to get on the ballot for the New Hampshire primary;
  - (Ллойда): Lloyd's list contains editorials, features and news on shipping
  - (опустить б.): 75% of the eligible voters cast ballots;
  - (т.е. проголосовавший): when the election returns were counted, it was discovered that the party had polled 9 votes
  бюрократ - he was tired of the idiotic little procedures put in place by pencil pushers infml who read manuals on how to keep jails safe;
  - (т.е. который доводит применение правил до абсурда): Was it just some Jobsworth? Or was it another case of the left hand not knowing what the right hand was doing?
  бюрократизм - (душить связи с Британией б-ом, т.е. о закрытии Британского совета в Москве): English lessons scrapped as Moscow strangles British links in red tape;
  - to eliminate problems created by red tape and corruption
  бюрократический - (игры): turf battles / territorial battles;
  - (б-ие игры кончаются здесь): the buck stops here (Truman) от to pass the buck: спихивать / перекладывать на кого-л решение / ответственность;
  - (инерция): he was a spur to Washington bureaucratic inertia;
  - (правила): More than 200 soldiers on their way home from Afghanistan had to strip off their uniforms on the tarmac at Birmingham International Airport and don civilian clothes before being allowed access to the terminal building. It's an insult to the entire Army to force guys who've been fighting in Afghanistan to obey some jobsworth rule when all they want to do is get home soonest to their families.
  бюрократия - Mr Gore's long effort to reduce the size and increase the efficiency of the federal bureaucracy;
  - needless to say, he's not terribly popular with officialdom in Germany
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