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  за - (за и против): can you expand on your SIPs (Structural Insulated Panel) idea - what are they, and what are the pros and cons?;
  - ("за" голосовало 119 человек, "против" - 47): the yeas were 119,the nays 56;
  - ("за" голосовало 42 человека, "против" - 47): "Ays" are 42, "Nays" are 47;
  - (т.е. при голосовании): Passed House, Date 1-30-53; Vote: Ayes 93 Nays 1; Passed Senate, Date 2-3-53; Vote: Ayes 49 Nays 0
  забава - (делать красивые вещи для з-ы): we made beautiful things just for the fun of it;
  - (для з-ы): the whole thing was only a story made up for fun;
  - (забавы): The queen said, "I am here not for recreation or disport old use. What you go through, I will go through too.";
  - (он будет для них з-ой): the Indians were amused to see the little boy run, and they thought he would be a funny little plaything to have;
  - (убивать для з-ы): I don't like killing animals just for sport
  забавлять, забавляться, забавно, забавный - смотри файл EMOCII
  забаллотировать - (Конгресс забаллотировал пакет гуманитарной помощи, т.е. проголосовать против): Congress voted down a package of humanitarian aid;
  - (т.е. не выбрать при голосовании): he was initially blackballed because of a dispute he once had with a couple of the committee members
  забарахлить - I was talking to her when suddenly the telephone went haywire infml
  забастовать - (шахтёры забастовали): the miners went out on strike
  забастовка - record numbers of stranded holidaymakers fill airports as the baggage-handlers strike reaches its second week;
  - (массовая): mass walkout
  забвение - (её работы были преданы з-ю): despite some new editions of her chamber music after her death, her works fell into oblivion;
  - (кануть в з.): the Emperor Qin Shi Huangdi had revolutionized China for 20 years only to sink into oblivion;
  - (кануть в з.): these allegations will fade into oblivion;
  - (картина была предана з-ю / канула в з.): for the time, the picture fell into obscurity;
  - (Лета - река з-я): Lethe is the river of forgetfulness;
  - (преданы з-ю): our ancestral traditions were relegated into oblivion;
  - (предать з-ю): there are parts of the city which history relegated into oblivion because of incompatible land use, industrial contamination, incorrect planning, inefficient land use or economics;
  - Laplace saved the paper from oblivion in his monumental treatise "Théorie Analytique des Probabilités";
  - probability theory was emerging from a century of neglect
  забегать / забежать (забегAть вперёд, т.е. слишком торопиться) - I was getting ahead of myself when I started asking questions about the job that I did not have;
  - we don't want to jump the gun disapproving by making a statement about what caused the explosion before the investigation is completed;
  - don't skip ahead if you find the program too easy;
  - this will be important to understand later on, so don't skip ahead;
  - (забегая в.): finally - to glance ahead - in 1924 Congress passed another bill;
  - смотри файл DVIJENIE
  забирать / забрать - (автомобиль из автосервиса): I took my vehicle into J. auto service center for a radiator flush and fill. When I came in to pick up my vehicle I presented them with a coupon 50% off a radiator flush and fill.;
  - (з. автомобиль покойного с полицейской стоянки): the car isn't the object of a criminal investigation and is only here until a member of the deceased's family comes and picks it up;
  - (т.е. арестовать, стража забрала нескольких самых явных буянов): the Watch took off a few of the more obvious ruffians;
  - (багаж, т.е. с кругового транспортёра в аэропорту): I picked up my luggage off of the baggage carousel and noticed that the handle was broken;
  - (т.е. багаж по прибытии самолёта): We had an uneventful flight into Faro. After an interesting experience with the automated gates I can now use with my high tech biometric passport, we retrieved our cases.;
  - (т.е. багаж по прибытии самолёта): I retrieved my bag and found that it's been damaged;
  - (багаж, т.е. просьба к транзитным пассажирам): all passengers connecting to U.S. flights will be required to claim their baggage;
  - (з. в больницу): they took him away to the hospital;
  - (выручку, т.е. о владельце картинной галереи): She runs an art gallery in the old city. She does not own it. She is employed by a Swiss who descends from his lair in Bern twice a year to check the accounts and pocket the takings.;
  - (груз): to collect freight;
  - (з. деньги, т.е. в банке): one million marks had been transferred to the Bank from Beirut and collected in cash by X.;
  - (з. детей с улицы, т.е. беспризорных): it takes more than money to take children off the street;
  - (его забрали в отделение полиции): he was taken to the police station;
  - (з. жалобу [обратно]): The court persuaded them to try a reconciliation and she agreed. She dropped her divorce complaint.;
  - (заявление, т.е. о поступлении в медицинское училище): the inscription fee will not be refunded if you choose to withdraw your application;
  - (заявление): Can I withdraw a written statement to police? Not because I"m scared, but because it's right. The person I wrote the statement on didn't do that I had thought.;
  - (з. из холодильника всё): the fridge had been emptied of all his favorite things;
  - (з. исковое заявление): local Republican Party bigwigs applied a full court press on her, hoping to coerce her into dropping her lawsuit;
  - (з. кого-л, т.е. автомобилем): to collect somebody;
  - (кого-л, т.е. автомобилем): they would drive us to our destinations, drop us off and pick up a few hours later;
  - (з. кого-л в облаве, т.е. арестовать): he was picked up in one of the sweeps by the Russian police and their East German acolytes;
  - (з. личные вещи, т.е. из гостиничного номера при пожаре): Fire Instruction Notice. ... Do not stop to collect personal belongings.;
  - (з. льготы у заключённого): there's a number of privileges that can be taken away from the prisoners for bad behaviour;
  - (з. назад признание поражение): Al Gore retracts his concession of defeat as his camp doubts Florida verdict;
  - (з. оборудование с базы): he made arrangements for ammunition and other high-technology equipment to be picked up at an out-of-the way naval base;
  - (он забрал всё, что было мне дорого): he has taken everything I held dear;
  - (з. пакет у связного): you have to pick up a package from a contact, but you are being tailed by the local fuzz;
  - (патрульные машины забрали людей, спящих на улице, т.е. после убийства): local tramps and down-and outs were interviewed (after the murder), patrol cars combed the area and picked up men sleeping rough in central areas of the city;
  - (полиция забрала его): one day the police came and took him away;
  - (полиция забрала его, чтобы допросить): the police had taken him in for questioning about her death;
  - (з. рабочие инструменты с построенного судна): the last of the workmen picked up their tools and left the ship alone;
  - (т.е. з. ребёнка с танцев): she pedaled away to collect her niece from dancing class;
  - (з. свой паспорт у капитана, т.е. о матросе): he secured his passport from the Captain and slipped ashore;
  - (смерть забрала кого-л): Mrs. S.H. died yesterday at her home and 20 minutes later her husband expired. It had always been their wish that when death claimed one, - it would claim the other and their request was granted.;
  - (судно ехало, чтобы з. груз в А.): she was on her way to pick up a cargo of almonds from Anatolia;
  - (з. талоны на питание): the refugee has to walk three miles to collect his vouchers;
  - (з. у кого-л жизненную силу): the demon drained them of their lifeforce;
  - (з. у кого-л свободу): they want to take away our freedom
  - (з. что-л у кого-л): you have precisely an hour to recover what has been taken from you;
  - (т.е. шпион может незаметно з. пакет): he can pick up the package unobserved
  заблаговременно - he tried to telephone me in advance, but discovered I had gone ex-directory;
  - (следует предупредить з., т.е. об увольнении): under common or contractual law an employer can dismiss an employee at any time, although a period of notice must normally be given (save in cases of gross misconduct) or a payment in lieu of notice is made
  заблагорассудиться - (действовать, как им заблагорассудится): the cost of medical research will increase astronomically if physicians and universities continue to act in a high-handed manner;
  - (королей можно ставить и снимать как заблагорассудится): kings are yours to hire or fire;
  - (по закону не положено, чтобы чужестранцы бродили, где им заблагорассудится): it is against our law to let strangers wander at will in our land;
  - (поступать, как ей заблагорассудится): the pro-abortion crowd says that whether or not a fetus is human is beside the point because it's inside a woman's body, and therefore her property to do with it as she pleases
  заблокировать - (бои заблокировали район города): the fighting has completely shut down the area around the Imam Ali Shrine;
  - (т.е. место было заблокировано и обеззаражено): the site was sealed off and decontaminated;
  - (з. дверь мусорным ведром): he jams a rubbish bin across the frame to stop them from being disturbed;
  - (законопроект): if the President produced а bill the senator didn't like, he could filibuster it to death;
  - (инертные газы заблокировали поверхность нефти в трюме танкера): inert gases from the main engine exhaust flue were fed into the hold to expel oxygen and seal the surface of the crude oil;
  - (одна ветвь власти могла бы полностью з. другую): a President is treated differently in that system because if a prosecutor could use the power of the judicial branch to sanction a president to get his testimony, to imprison a president, then one branch could utterly disable the executive branch, and we can't have that;
  - (полиция заблокировала улицу): police blocked off the street;
  - (з. программы иммиграции и выдачи рабочих виз как минимум на 12 месяцев): Congress should consider putting on hold immigration and work visa programs for a minimum of the next 12 months, giving its current citizens a chance to keep their homes, find (or hold onto) jobs, and support their families;
  - (з. работу духовки и конфорок): The feature allows the user to lock out all oven and surface burner operation. When locked, there can be no unintended oven or surface burner activation.;
  - (з. сделки с посторонними): he threatened to do everything in his power to block any deals with outsiders;
  - (з. систему связи): While in the Navy, we were told to keep communications brief as possible. This allowed others an opportunity to use the same communication system without tying it up.;
  - (з. учётную запись, т.е. на компьютере, как разблокировать заблокированную учётную запись?): How can we recover a locked out account?
  заблокироваться - (система заблокируется, если компьютер не узнает код): if the computer does not recognize your account number, this system will automatically shut down
  заблудившийся - (найти з-ееся животное или человека): wolves were running through the outskirts of K. until they found a straggler, either animal or human
  заблудиться - I fear we have lost our way;
  - my parents drove me to college, and for some reason we got lost in Boston;
  - either Gandalf was astray, or else the land had changed in recent years, for he did not strike the stream where he looked to find it;
  - why do you think that we have gone astray?
  заблудший - (т.е. ошибающийся): it is unlikely the truth will emerge as to whether he is a deluded mercenary who drew Afghan officials into his web, or a misled crusader hung out to dry;
  - (перевоспитание з-их): reformation of errant men;
  - Beijing and its wayward province of Taiwan
  заблуждаться - (з. насчёт чего-л): during this period B., deluding himself over the aims of National Socialism, gave it his support, which he withdrew in 1934;
  - (он заблуждается, если думает, чтo eго повысят): he's deluding himself if he thinks he's going to be promoted this year;
  - (он заблуждается, когда думает, что верховодит, т.е. заключённый в тюрьме): he mistakenly believes that he has the upper hand;
  - (он не заблуждался на этот счёт): he had no such delusion;
  - (сильно, если вы имеете в виду сговор, то вы с. заблуждаетесь): if it's collusion you have in mind, you're very far afield;
  - After reading the news, participating in key industry conferences and doing some thinking, I've come to the following conclusion: the regulators - and Congress - are barking up the wrong tree fig. They would have you believe that the equity markets are rigged, retail investors are screwed and that the market structure is flawed. They would further argue that the equity markets are in need of dramatic new regulation, flash orders and high frequency trading are the root of all evil and that "dark pools" are something promulgated by Darth Vader. I have only two words to say to Congress, the SEC and the White House: Bull. Shit.
  заблуждающийся - (люди): misguided / deluded individuals, would-be martyrs or fanatics;
  - (родители): if the brain is malleable, it is also vulnerable to the ambitions and mistakes of others, whether they are misguided parents, well-meaning cultural trendsetters or despotic national leaders
  заблуждение - parrots often scream simply for the fun of it so it is a fallacy to think they perceive that yelling is a reprimand;
  - some trainers say you should never look a horse in the eye - Tim explains why that's a fallacy;
  - (абсолютизация традиций - это з.): seeing traditions as a cure-all / overemphasizing traditions / making a fetish of traditions, as though we only need to restore the well-forgotten past and everything will be fine, is an illusion / wishful thinking;
  - (введение в з. ): Misrepresentation is a contract law concept. It means a false statement of fact made by one party to another party, which has the effect of inducing that party into the contract. For example, under certain circumstances, false statements or promises made by a seller of goods regarding the quality or nature of the product that the seller has may constitute misrepresentation.;
  - (ввести / вводить в з.): смотри ниже;
  - (вводящий в з.): смотри ниже;
  - (т.е. думать, что кража собственности компании - это мелочь): many people think that theft of company property is not too serious, and such notice will make it clear that this is a misconception;
  - (не вывести из з-я / остаться в з-и, опасения, что те, кто поверил в ложному сообщению, т.е. в газете, не будут выведены из з-я / не останутся в з-и): Most complainants want prompt corrections given equal prominence to the original story, and few find the discreet mention of a mistake on a page and at a time chosen by the editor a sufficient remedy. Unapologetic, discreet corrections do little to assuage people's fears that the majority of those who believed the original story will not be disabused.;
  - (покончить с з-ем, что ограниченная ответственость компаний есть благо): it is time to end the delusion that limited liability is a natural good;
  - (политика во Вьетнаме была з-ем): our policy in Vietnam was misguided, doomed to fail;
  - (распространённое): A common misconception about foreclosure auctions is that investors bid on properties. The truth is that investors bid on mortgages (also called liens).;
  - (распространённое): contrary to a popular misconception among young American males, the penis is not a muscle that flexes into erection;
  - (у владельцев котов бытует з., что царапание мебели - попытка кота точить когти): many owners have the misconception that scratching is merely the cat's attempt to sharpen his claws;
  - Some introductory physics exam questions can be solved by rote application of problem-solving algorithms. Many students take home the lesson that rote understanding works well enough. To avoid this pitfall, many instructors put especially challenging problems on exams, problems harder than those encountered on the homework.
  заблуждение (ввести в з.) - (введённый в з.): are suicide bombers "martyrs" or misguided fools?;
  - (все, кого ввело в з....): the editors apologize to anyone who was misled by the original solution to this problem;
  - the internet led me astray;
  - (ввести в з. комиссию): the speaker had violated the tax laws and there was evidence he had intentionally misled the committee about it;
  - (комиссия была введена в з. группой учёных): the Commission was misled by the panel of academics that advised it;
  - (доводы Республиканской партии, т.е. США, вводят в з.): the GOP talking points are red herrings;
  - (ввести в з. самых близких людей): the idea that he had cheated and misled those closest to him was upsetting beyond words
  заблуждение (вводящий в з.) - (заявления о прочности изделий): the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has issued orders against some manufacturers, prohibiting them from making such false or deceptive durability claims;
  - (заявления, формально верные, но вводящиее в з.): statements that are technically accurate but intentionally misleading;
  - (информация / сведения, лицо, предоставившее вводящую в з. информацию / вводящие в з. сведения): to properly allege fraud in the state of Florida when making a claim in the courts, you have to allege: 1) a misrepresentation of a material fact, 2) which the person making the misrepresentation knew to be false, 3) that the misrepresentation was made with the purpose of inducing another person to rely upon it, 4) that the person relied on misrepresentation to his detriment and 5) that this reliance caused damages.;
  - (предположение было оотброшено, как вводящее в з. ): the defence suggestion that pointed to alternate suspects who were not properly investigated by the RCMP, was dismissed as a "red herring" fig;
  - (рассуждения): casuistry: specious, deceptive, or oversubtle reasoning, especially in questions of morality;
  - (советы): There's a lot of misguided career advice out there that suggests doing what you "love". But loving to cook and wanting to stand in a restaurant kitchen for 11 hours a day are two different things.
  заболевание - (инфекционное): the spread of an infectious illness in a handful of hospitals has stirred some of the concerns among Canadian health experts;
  - (инфекционное): to check the delirious man for communicable diseases;
  - (т.е. карликовость): The boy was born with a rare form of dwarfism. His condition stunted his body's growth, but it didn't interfere with his positive attitude;
  - (наследственное / неизлечимое / хроническое): hereditary / incurable / chronic ailment;
  - (опасность з-я гриппом): you can reduce, but not eliminate the risk of catching or spreading influenza during a pandemic by covering your nose and mouth when coughing or sneezing, using a tissue when possible;
  - (профессиональное, у работающих под землёй шахтёров на железных рудниках бывает рак лёгких как профзаболевание): West Cumberland iron-ore miners who work underground experience an occupational hazard of lung cancer;
  - (редкое неврологическое): he had been suffering from multiple system atrophy, a rare neurological disorder;
  - (страдающие з-ями мозга): sufferers from brain conditions;
  - (т.е. такие как припадки, диабет, аллергия, клаустрофобия, расстройство обоняния): have you ever had one of the following conditions: seizures (fits), diabetes (sugar disease), allergic reactions that interfere with breathing, claustrophobia (fear of closed-in places), trouble smelling odors;
  - (укажите з., которое может помешать или не позволить вашему ребёнку участвовать в баскетбольной программе): please list any medical condition that would impair or prohibit your son/daughter's participation in the R. Basketball Program;
  - (хроническое): in medicine, a chronic disease is a disease that is long-lasting or recurrent;
  - (хроническое): thanks to a chronic medical condition that requires a steady supply of expensive prescription medications, she is on a tight budget;
  - a most grievous affliction of the skin
  заболевать - people started getting sick;
  - then animals started to sicken
  заболеть - (з. брюшным тифом): the family came down with typhoid;
  - (остеомиелитом): he cut his foot on a piece of metal and contracted severe osteomyelitis;
  - (позвонить на работу и сказать, что заболел): you can call in sick;
  - (з. раком брюшной полости): he was taken ill with abdominal cancer;
  - (з. сибирской язвой): he has contracted cutaneous anthrax;
  - (смертельно з. возвратным тифом): when she becomes deathly ill with tick-borne relapsing fever...;
  - (спидом): an estimated 40000 Americans contracted HIV last year;
  - (столбняком): you can get tetanus if you cut yourself on a rusty nail;
  - (т.е. чувствовать боль): he squeals when it starts to hurt;
  - (т.е. чувствовать боль, ветер, от которого заболели уши): the rush of icy wind that was starting to make his ears ache
  забор - (воздуха): air intake;
  - (образцов / пробы, т.е. для анализа на ПСА / з. образцов должен осуществляться до манипуляций с простатой): Specimen Collection and PREPARATION. No special preparation of the patient is necessary. Specimens for free PSA testing should be drawn prior to such prostatic manipulations as digital rectal examination, prostatic massage, transrectal ultrasound (TRUS), and prostatic biopsy.;
  - (з. образцов осуществляется способом, исключающим гемолиз): specimens should be collected in such a way as to avoid hemolysis;
  - (образцы следует обработать и положить в холодильник в течение трёх часов после з-а крови): specimens should be processed (centrifuged) and refrigerated within three hours of blood draw;
  - (т.е. оградa): garden fence
  забота - (весь в з-ах): rumpled and careworn as ever, he gives me a crushing handshake;
  - (внимание и з.): our soldiers deserve our care and solicitude;
  - (второстепенная): in a spreading economic crisis, "saving Social Security" is a secondary worry;
  - (годы забот и трудов): years of worry and toil had carved deep lines into her face;
  - (государственные з-ы): whatever cares of state or other annoyances might prey upon the monarch's mind, his story-teller was sure to send him to sleep;
  - (для каждого дня достаточно своей з-ы): sufficient into the day is the evil thereof;
  - (заботы жителей засушливых регионов): water rights and other matters of concern to dwellers in arid regions;
  - (з-ы и тревоги): he didn't want to go back to all the troubles and worries;
  - (меня тронула его з.): I was touched at his concern.;
  - (не твоя з.): she's not your concern;
  - (з. о вопросах стиля): his preoccupation with questions of style borders on piety;
  - (з. о суверенитете страны): this solicitude for the sovereignty of the North Vietnam's neighbors would have been touching had it been so unprecedented;
  - (з-ы общественности): I thought about how to present the issues I championed and better relate them to the public's concerns;
  - (отсутствие з-ы, у мышей отсутствие з-ы о детях возникает и как врождённая черта, и в результате воспитания): in mice, child neglect is a product of both nature and nurture, according to a new study;
  - (такая з. с вашей стороны): thank you, sir, it's very thoughtful of you;
  - (твоими заботами): a few days alone would be enough to rob me of the little health I have regained under your clumsy care;
  - (тебе и без того забот хватает): you've got enough to be getting on with at the moment;
  - (это не твоя з.): it's not your concern;
  - (я была тронута их з-ой): Friends who'd guessed that something had been wrong with me, called to inquire. I was touched by their solicitude.
  заботить - (единственное, что его заботит): the only thing he cares about is money;
  - (меня заботит, выиграем мы или проиграем): I really care whether we win or lose;
  - (хорошие манеры ребёнка - з. нянек): most nannies wouldn't have been very concerned about the little boy's table manners
  заботиться - (Америке не придётся з. о том, чтобы их выручать): he didn't add that, that way, America wouldn't have to worry about bailing them out;
  - (з. друг о друге, т.е. о брате с сестрой): He wants to know if she is the sort to go missing or take off without leaving a note. Never. We are tight, you know. We look after each other.;
  - (мне нужно з. о своей репутации): I've my reputation to consider;
  - (не заботясь о том, что это были за объекты): they were content to rely upon formal manipulations without worrying too much about what the objects they were manipulating actually were;
  - (о больном): when you're sick I'll take care of you;
  - (т.е. о госте): my host family took good care of me;
  - (о детях, она заботилась о детях): she was looking after the children;
  - (о детях, ты должна з. о своих детях): you must see to your children;
  - (з. о душевном и духовном благополучии пациентов): registered nurses who work with holistic remedies attend to the mental and spiritual well-being of patients by providing massage therapy, aromatherapy, acupuncture and biofeedback;
  - (з. о ком-л, т.е. обслуживать): I want a man to see to my needs;
  - (з. о людях в первую очередь): Just like the old boy. He'd always see the men right first. They didn't come like that any more.;
  - (з. о предстоящих выборах): legislators care more about the coming national election;
  - (з. о своём обогащении): now they'd have the wherewithal to see to their own enrichment, and America needed only offer expertise and advice about how to enter the capitalist world with both feet, and open eyes;
  - (о себе): as his mother and the moving van took off, he suddenly realized he had to grow up fast and fend for himself;
  - (з. о себе, он может о с. позаботиться): he is a big boy, he can look after himself;
  - (з. о собаке): he was looking after the dog while we're away;
  - (з. о том, чтобы выдвигались квалифицированые люди): I will endeavor to see that nominees are qualified;
  - (з. о том, чтобы линии на кортах были свежими): he saw to it that the white lines on the tennis courts were fresh;
  - (з. о том, чтобы он хорошо ел): his mother fussed over whether he was eating enough and the state of his laundry;
  - (з. об интересах кого-л): he had her best interest at the heart;
  - (организация имела целью з. об устройстве членов): the aim of the organization was to see that former SS men established themselves in commerce and industry;
  - (Отдел путешествий Белого дома заботиться о журналистах, путешествующих с президентом): the travel office charters planes, books hotel rooms, orders meals and generally takes care of the press when they travel with the President.;
  - (отец, заботясь о моём здоровье, велел перекопать полы, обработать стены антисептическим раствором и побелить): The previous occupant having died of tuberculosis, people with some misgiving regarded his office and residential quarters. My father, naturally solicitous about my health, had the mud floors dug up, the walls treated with an antiseptic solution and profusely lime-washed; and the whole place fumigated with sulfur and incense.;
  - (т.е. отец заботился о детях): he was a tough taskmaster, but we knew he cared about us;
  - (потребители, заботящиеся о калориях и содержании жира): consumers that are concerned about calories and fat content have multiple options; reduced-fat milk contains 2% milk fat and low-fat milk contains 1% milk fat;
  - (фирмы заботятся о том, чтобы музыканты получили свои деньги): some companies see to it that the musicians get their money
  заботливо - (предлагать выпить): he offered drink solicitously, like aspirin for a headache;
  - (ухаживать за автомобилем): he drove the car with a ferocious aggression, while tending it with loving care
  заботливость - (от его з-ти у меня поднялось настроение): his kind concern lifted my spirits
  заботливый - (женщина): Latin women are very caring, faithful, loving, and make wonderful mothers;
  - (женщина): such woman is called nurturing, such man is called sentimental;
  - (мать): his feisty, nurturing mother;
  - (няня): a doting nurse;
  - (персонал родильного отделения): all staff on maternity ward was very caring;
  - (з. по отношению к старикам): my children are always very considerate towards old people;
  - (хозяин): the house was fronted by a terrace, from which the careful owner had brushed the morning's snow;
  - (чересчур з-ая мать): you are an overprotective mother
  заботящийся - (з. о своём здоровье): health conscious people are worried that they may fall ill from some environmental or nutritional toxin, so they're willing to try "natural supplements" or body "purifiers"
  забронированный - (з. номер в гостинице): they tried to enter the country as tourists but lacked suitcases, hotel reservations or credit cards
  забросить (т.е. не уделять внимания) - (детей ради работы): the experience of my staff members brought home the fact that all too many Americans, in all kinds of jobs earning widely different incomes, went to work every day worried sick that they were neglecting their kids for work;
  - (проект): when that company backed out, the project was scuttled;
  - (работу): he spent Thursday in his office, catching up on the work she had been neglecting;
  - (сына): she essentially abandoned her son when he was only three, leaving him alone all day for days on end
  заброшенность - even the vague, gray light coming through the windows revealed the general look of neglect that permeated the apartment;
  - (т.е. исторического памятника): the English Heritage official was fuming about the coalition's decision to axe a £25m government grant to rebuild the visitors centre at Stonehenge, which was part of the wider blueprint for rescuing the site from centuries of mishandling;
  - the town had a look of imminent desertion
  заброшенный - (дом): the house was damp, derelict, and unoccupied;
  - (жилище выглядело з-ым): the place had an air of neglect, as though it were not usually inhabited;
  - (здание): a derelict building;
  - (здание): the thieves maneuvered him into an abandoned building and took not just his money, but also every shred of his clothing;
  - (конюшни / садовые участки): disused riding stables with an unobstructed view of garden allotments gone wild;
  - (маяк): a disused lighthouse;
  - (места): uncouth poetical places;
  - (з-ое нагромождение глиняных лачуг): this dreary, almost forsaken jumble of mud huts;
  - (з-ая нора тролля): it is certainly a troll-hole, but it seems to have been long forsaken;
  - (парк): he takes her out into a desolate park at night;
  - (пивоварня): in the deserted brewery;
  - (з-ые сельскохозяйственные земли): neglected farm land;
  - (ферма): I see an abandoned farmhouse on the high plains;
  - (хижины): the huts looked forlorn;
  - (часовни): small chapels, once the worshipping places of the villagers, now mainly derelict, boarded up, deserted;
  - (чувствовать себя з-ым): to feel left out;
  - (з-ые шахтные стволы): abandoned mine shafts;
  - (шахты): researchers aim to grow algae for biofuel in abandoned mines;
  - (шахты): almost all disused mines in the UK are flooded either completely or partially
  забывать / забыть - (врачи забывают о побочном действии лекарства): Doctors Overprescribe Common Painkillers; study Finds Many Physicians Unmindful of the Risk of Side Effects Such as Stomach Bleeding;
  - (з. как нашёл монету): I'll never forget finding that rare old coin in my garden;
  - (компания не забывает о своих корнях в контр-культуре): if the company is targeting the post boomer generation now, Mr P. insists the brand will never lose sight of its 1960's counter-culture origins;
  - (космонавт нечаянно забыл отключить систему ручного управления): the astronaut inadvertently neglected to shut off the straight manual system when he switched over to the fly-by-wire system;
  - (меры предосторожности были забыты первыми): once the government deregulated the industry, expensive safety precautions were the first thing to go out the window;
  - (т.е. не докапываться до истины, ты не мог бы просто поблагодарить меня и забыть об этом?): "I wasn't gonna tell anybody. I just need to know the truth." "Can't you just thank me and get over it?";
  - (не забывать / не забыть): смотри файл отрицаний;
  - (т.е. не упомянуть): you've left out one of the chief characters: Samwise the Stouthearted;
  - (з. о дефиците и идти дальше): if they shut those enterprises down, they could kiss this little shortfall off vulgar and move on - but they won't;
  - (з. о том, что притворялся глухим): "..." he said angrily, forgetting his feigned deafness;
  - (з., о чём / что собирался говорить): I started to write out a script of my actual words for my presentation, not just its bare bones outline. I had that script in front of me in case I got stuck for words or got thrown off track by an unexpected question.;
  - (з., о чём / что хотел сказать): he was doing a speech and got stuck for words;
  - (з. о чём-л): we should be unworthy of our best traditions if we were unmindful of social, moral, and political conditions which are not of direct concern to us, but which do appeal to the human sympathies and the very becoming interest of a people blest with our national good fortune;
  - (з. об опасности): On 25 June 1942, while returning from a combat mission in the Aleutian Islands and flying over Japanese-controlled waters, R. sighted the U.S. Navy submarine USS S-27 (SS-132), which had run aground on Amchitka Island. Disregarding the danger to his life, R. skillfully and coolly landed in a rough sea, embarked 13 of the submarine's crew, and took off, all without damage to his plane.;
  - (она поплачет и станет з.): then she could go off and cry for a while and start getting over it;
  - (з. отправить письмо): I forgot to post the letter;
  - (позвонить): he asked me not to forget to telephone her the next day;
  - (прошлое): the past needs to be laid to rest and your future is the most important thing now:
  - (прошлое): it's time to let go of the past;
  - (слуга забыл положить салфетку): he neglected to put a napkin on the tray;
  - (з. старые обиды): he spent innumerable hours to persuade the Irish to give up past grievances and overcome barriers to peace;
  - (з. товары в порту): the goods were left behind at the port;
  - (з., что послал письмо): I forgot posting the letter;
  - the goddess had rendered her son impervious to wounds by taking pledges from all plants, trees and metals, so that weapons made from them would cause him no harm, but she neglected to ask one small plant, the mistletoe
  забываться / забыться - (т.е. потерять контроль над собой): смотри ниже;
  - (т.е. не сохраниться в памяти): смотри ниже
  забываться / забыться (т.е. потерять контроль над собой) - (вы забываетесь): "I know that Burma would never make a move without England's blessing." "Precisely. But, if our economy was threatened, then it would be our duty to protect our interests." "Our economy?! Our interests?!" "The ways of England are the ways of the world, my dear." "Yes, a world that I am ashamed to call my own!" "You forget yourself, madam.";
  - (забывшись, он дал волю своему гневу): in his unguarded moment he let his anger turn into action;
  - (забывшись, он блаженно самовыражается и говорит для себя одного): It is safe to assume that Rahm Emmanuel, in his unguarded moment of blissful self-expression speaks not for himself alone, but for his entire circle of like-minded political intimates, the allies of decades of political warfare, including, but not limited to, Barack and Michelle Obama, the current Co-Presidents of the United States.
  забываться / забыться (т.е. не сохраниться в памяти) - (ждать пока забудется дурная слава): stained by the memory of the ugly murders, the town had to wait for their notoriety to die down;
  - (знаменитый человек держал происшествие в тайне от семьи и молился, чтобы это забылось и не попало в прессу): the star admitted he had desperately tried to keep the incident a secret from his family, praying it would blow over and not hit the headlines;
  - (о воспоминаниях): memories of the War Between States were beginning to recede;
  - (о событии): this event will blow over
  забывчивость - the epitome of this behavior is to deny through forgetfulness one's commitments;
  - (сослаться на з.): I"m sorry I didn't answer your letter - I can only plead forgetfulness
  забывчивый - (з. в повседневных делах): he is often forgetful in daily activities
  забытье / забытьё - (блаженное): he was kissing her back, and it was blissful oblivion;
  - (впасть в з.): he closed his eyes and passed into unconsciousness;
  - (з. наступило на третий день): oblivion came on the third day after storm
  забытый - (Богом з. город): there's nothing to do in this godforsaken town;
  - (чувствовать себя забытым): to feel left out
  заваленный - (бумагами): coaches are inundated with materials on safety issues;
  - (компания была завалена исками): the company was saddled with 200,000 outstanding asbestos lawsuits which, had they come to fruition, would have effectively bankrupt the company;
  - (он был завален письмами по электронной почте): he was inundated with E-mails from across the country;
  - (т.е. писатель был завален письмами читателей): after the first book appeared in 1880, Joel Chandler Harris was inundated / deluged with letters from readers all over the country asking for more stories of Brer Rabbit and his friends;
  - (работой): he is inundated with work;
  - (работой): the group was overworked and understaffed;
  - (т.е. работой): I"m kinda swamped infml;
  - (рынок, з. непрочными изделиями): unless some sort of international law is imposed we might well find the market flooded with flimsy products;
  - (страна завалена наркотиками): our country is awash with drugs;
  - (т.е. страна завалена наркотиками): we're awash in drugs from Mexico;
  - смотри файл FORMA_VID
  заваливать / завалить - (т.е. испортить разг): смотри ниже;
  - (т.е. несправедливо оценить): Imperial College pipped BrE infml Oxford to second place behind Cambridge in this year's Financial Times survey of top universities;
  - ( т.е. несправедливо оценить, з. ученика на экзамене): my teacher has always been mean to me, even failed me on purpose in freshmen year;
  - (з. подарками кого-л): he showered gifts on her;
  - (просьбами): news organizations have bombarded the company with requests for interviews;
  - (работой): I suggest you boys keep him so busy he won't have time to think about that;
  - (з. рынок непрочными изделиями): unless some sort of international law is imposed we might well find the market flooded with flimsy products;
  - (т.е. убить жаргон): he cooled AmE slang his wife;
  - (т.е. убить жаргон): some say that he did in slang Bormann
  заваливать / завалить разг (т.е. испортить) - (адвокат завалил дело): the attorney bumbled the case, making mistakes that even a junior law clerk would not make
  - (актёр / режиссёр завалит фильм): if he torpedoes a hundred-million movie, he can never...;
  - (вскрытие): he told you to your face that you had bungled infml an autopsy;
  - (дело): he had a job to do and one he must not bungle;
  - (план): It was a such simple plan. How could you have screwed it up infml?;
  - (проект): he screwed up infml the project;
  - (химию, т.е. о студенте): The verbs founder and flounder are often confused. Founder is now used to mean "to fail utterly, collapse." Flounder means "to move clumsily, thrash about," and hence "to proceed in confusion." If John is foundering in Chemistry 1, he had better drop the course; if he is floundering, he may yet pull through.;
  - (шпионскую операцию): he botched infml an operation spying on French trade strategy;
  - (экзамен, т.е. не сдать): it was embarrassing to fail the exam;
  - смотри файл DVIJENIE
  заваривать / заварить разг - (кашу, мы заварили эту к., нам и расхлёбывать): we got ourselves into this mess, and it's up to us to get out of it;
  - (кашу образно): what has happened to the functionary who produced this... cock-up?;
  - (из-за его министерства заварилась эта каша образно): bastard, it was your bloody ministry that got us into this mess;
  - (как ты заварил эту к-у? образно): tell me how you got into this mess;
  - (те, кто заварил эту кашу): people who got us into the mess;
  - смотри файл DVIJENIE
  заваруха - смотри файл EMOCII
  заведенный / заведённый - (идти по з-ому образцу): life on the space station followed an established pattern;
  - (порядок / процедура): a routine procedure;
  - (черёд, в домах всё шло з-ым чередом, готовили еду, ели, выливали помои, закрывали ставни): The houses on either side went through the usual routine of cooking, eating, throwing out the slops and shuttering the windows
  заведовать - (администрацией / отделом / учреждением): I am in charge of this administration / department / office
  заведомо - (если ты можешь позволить себе купить автомобиль, то з. можешь позволить себе велосипед): if you can afford a car, then, a fortiori, you can afford a bicycle;
  - (государственный сектор экономики з. несостоятелен): this shift back to state control is a real threat to the Russian economy because all the big success stories in recent years are to be found in the flourishing private sector, while the state is patently failing;
  - (необоснованное обвинение): he had been accused by Stalin of collaboration with the Germans, a patently unfounded charge;
  - (необоснованный иск): he filed a patently frivolous lawsuit against Mr. C.;
  - (неудачная модель государственных монопольных предприятий): Russia appears to adopt the patently unsuccessful model of state monopoly enterprises used by many members of the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries;
  - (слово, которое з. может привести к путанице): never use a word sure to sow confusion
  завербовать - (агента): Mallard was the code-name for the low-level agent recruited and run by L.;
  - (источник, т.е. информации): he was chaffing against the failure of Western intelligence services to recruit a single decent live source against the Islamist target;
  - (попытка з.): Edward Snowden claims he rejected overtures from Russian agents to aid their cause;
  - (пытаться з. агента): he was a junior agent in the firm (intelligence service) suborning Soviet personnel in the Russian-occupied areas of Austria
  завербоваться - (з. в армию): he was enlisted in the army and did well
  заверение - the assurances on the phone that the reporter would be taken care of only partly assuaged his anxiety;
  - Golda Meir's assurance that Israel would not launch a preemptive attack;
  - the American President must be given three solemn assurances in absolutely credible form;
  - (з. в обратном): the United States and its allies say Iran's nuclear program is a cover for developing atomic bombs and want verifiable assurances to the contrary from Tehran.;
  - (дать категорические заверения): he gave a flat assurance that the Soviets would introduce the resolution in the Security Council;
  - (дать з-я): he gave Beijing the vague assurance that...;
  - (дать з-я): NATO provided assurance to Ukraine that its political status is respected;
  - (несмотря на з-я отца, она боялась темноты): despite her father's reassurances, she was still frightened of the dark;
  - (нотариальное): notarisation BrE is a formality often required for documents which are to be used overseas, or for certifying document copies;
  - (подписи): authentication of a signature
  заверенный - (копия): certified copy;
  - (копия / перевод): certified true copy / translation;
  - (з-ая копия приложения к диплому): copies of college transcripts (unofficial copies are acceptable for the initial application, but official copies will be required from finalists);
  - (нотариально з-ая копия письма): original or notarised copy of a letter from the legal advisor of the Applicant;
  - (нотариально з-ые документы): the Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalization for Foreign Public Documents provides for the simplified certification of public (including notarized) documents to be used in countries that have joined the Convention;
  - (подписью): attested by a signature
  заверить / заверять - (аккредитация - это процесс, при помощи которого официально заверяют, что учреждение предоставляет услуги достаточно высокого качества): accreditation is a process by which a facility becomes officially certified as providing services of a reasonably good quality, so that the public can trust in the quality of its services;
  - (апостиль заверяет подлинность подписи, должности человека, подписавшего документ, и подлинность печати на документе): the apostille certifies to the authenticity of the signature, the capacity in which the person signing the document has acted and where appropriate, the identity of the seal or stamp which the document bears.;
  - (иностранные посольства и консульства могут з. печать Госдепартамента США): foreign embassies or consulates in the U.S. can authenticate the seal of the U.S. Department of State;
  - (категорически): he gave a flat assurance that the Soviets would introduce the resolution in the Security Council;
  - (з. кого-л в чём-л): NATO provided assurance to Ukraine that its political status is respected;
  - (кого-л): he assured Mannesmann's workforce that jobs are not at stake;
  - (з. кого-л, что чек скоро поступит): he reassured me that my cheque would arrive soon;
  - (компания заверяет, что она не собирается выходить на рынок банковских услуг): the company vows that it won't enter branch banking and says it merely wants the charter so it can trim the processing costs of various credit card, debit card and electronic check transactions;
  - (Министерство иностранных дел заверяет подпись и печать консульского сотрудника): in some rare cases, as with the Non-Impediment to Marriage Letter, an affidavit executed at the Consular Section may be used for legal purposes in Ukraine after the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has authenticated the signature and seal of the Consular Officer;
   - (нотариально, т.е. правильно - "удостоверить"): the back of this form must be signed and notarized AmE;
  - (нотариально, т.е. правильно - "удостоверить"): once a document has been notarised BrE by a Notary Public, and if it is to be used overseas, it may need to be apostilled;
  - (з. подпись штампом): to certify a signature with a stamp;
  - (подпись): the Embassy can authenticate the signature if the individual appears in person;
  - (з. подпись и печать нотариуса в министерстве иностранных дел): Once a document has been notarised by a Notary Public, and if it is to be used overseas, it may need to be apostilled. This means that the Notary's signature and seal are certified by the U.K. Foreign and Commonwealth Office;
  - (посольство может з. подлинность подписи на доверенности): the US Embassy can authenticate the signature on a power of attorney;
  - (штамп заверяет подлинность подписи): the stamp testifies to the authenticity of the signature
  завериться / заверяться - (при помощи аккредитации официально заверяется, что учреждение предоставляет услуги достаточно высокого качества): accreditation is a process by which a facility becomes officially certified as providing services of a reasonably good quality, so that the public can trust in the quality of its services
  заверение - (нотариальное, т.е. правильно - удостоверение): notarisation BrE is a formality often required for documents which are to be used overseas, or for certifying document copies;
  - (подписи): authentication of a signature
  завершать / завершить - (з. блестящую карьеру юриста): at 77, he was wrapping up a stellar career as a jurist;
  - (ВТО заверила заседание соглашением): The World Trade Organization wrapped up its six-day ministerial meeting on Sunday with a partial trade agreement;
  - (з. выплаты за недвижимость, купленную по контракту): he received a deed to the property in 1999 after completing the contract payments;
  - (з. главу общими положениями): we conclude with some generalities about the *-structure;
  - (т.е. деятельность, оркестр завершил выступления): after playing together for 30 years the band have finally decided to call it a day;
  - (т.е. деятельность, профессиональные спортсменам приходится з. выступления): all professional athletes know they will reach a point when they have to call it a day;
  - (т.е. деятельность, т.е. футболисты завершили выступления): N. and A. Call It a Day. Greece keeper N. and defender A. announced his international retirement after his final match.;
  - (завершённый): смотри ниже;
  - (завоевание): the dispatch of the marines to Thailand to deter Hanoi from completing the conquest of all of Laos;
  - (книгу): associates without whose skill and dedication this work would never have been completed;
  - (з. книгу главой о...): he completed the book with a chapter on...;
  - (коллекцию): to complete a collection;
  - (переговоры): Gerry Adams and the British government are wrapping up their negotiations;
  - (з. откровения предыдущих пророков): in Islam Muhammad is considered the last of a series of prophets, and his message simultaneously consummates and abrogates the "revelations" attributed to earlier prophets;
  - (з. оформление заказа): he was finalizing AmE an order for 1600 high-end desktops at the C. Precision Machine Import and Export Corporation;
  - (з. переговоры по вопросу соглашения о свободной торговле): Japan, Indonesia Wrap Up Free Trade Negotiations. Japan and Indonesia wrapped up four days of negotiations toward a possible free trade agreement.;
  - (планы): the German Army was bullied into battle against the Russians to produce a delay while the SS finalized its escape plans;
  - (президент завершит свой визит в пятницу): the president will wrap up his visit to China on Friday;
  - (работы): when will work be completed on the new road?;
  - (з. речь словами, полными силы и милосердия): he gave a magnificent eulogy for his brother, closing with words of power and grace I will never forget;
  - (соглашение): to finalize and sign an agreement;
  - (з. формирование чувства собственнного достоинства в стране): these Olympics will be decisive in terms of finalizing AmE our transition to self-esteem
  завершаться / завершиться - when will work on the new railway be complete?;
  - the traditional ceremony in front of the principal facade of the White House of seeing the British visitors into their limousines was complete;
  - they will wait till our withdrawals were completed before showing their real colors unambiguously;
  - (з. аварийно, о компьютерной программе): today's PC's are very stable, and even if an application crashes, it shouldn't cause you to lose work in any other applications you have opened;
  - (второй этап встречи в верхах по проблемам информационного общества завершился соглашением о руководстве Интернетом): the second phase of the World Summit on the Information Society wrapped up here on Friday with an agreement on Internet governance;
  - (о дне): so concludes the day commemorating my sixty years on earth;
  - (о производстве): when he arrived, production was complete;
  - (об исках): the company was saddled with 200,000 outstanding asbestos lawsuits which, had they come to fruition, would have effectively bankrupt the company, thus eradicating a substantial portion of the Bush family's wealth;
  - (учения прежних пророков завершились в Магомете): in Mohammed all the messages of earlier prophets were consummated
  завершающий - (прорыв): a conclusive breakthrough;
  - (сессия): a final wrap-up session
  завершение - (т.е. з. захвата заложника пиратами): Navy SEAL snipers cut down three Somali pirates and rescued an American sea captain. It's a stunning conclusion to an Indian Ocean odyssey that began when freighter Capt. Richard Phillips was taken hostage by pirates who tried to hijack the U.S.-flagged Maersk Alabama.;
  - (кризиса): the successful conclusion to the hostage crisis;
  - (з. купли-продажи акций): upon the consummation of the sale and purchase of the Shares contemplated herein, Purchaser will acquire from him good and valid title to such Shares, free and clear of all Liens and Other Encumbrances;
  - (прийти к з-ю): after many years, our plans have come to fulfilment BrE / fulfillment AmE;
  - (з. проектов приватизации): the completion of long-delayed privatization projects;
  - (з. процесса реформ): the completion of the ongoing reform process will take several years;
  - (з. сделки по купле-продаже дома): she was pleased at how smoothly the closing had gone on the house she had just helped sell;
  - (з. строительства олимпийских объектов): the late finish of many of the Olympic sites delayed the installation and testing of security equipment
  завершён - (доказательство завершено): the proof is complete
  завести / заводить - (т.е. включать): смотри файл DVIJENIE;
  - (т.е. возбудить): смотри файл EMOCII;
  - (т.е. куда-л): смотри ниже;
  - (т.е. настраивать кого-л разг): смотри файл EMOCII;
  - (т.е. начать): смотри ниже;
  - (т.е. приобрести кого-л / что-л): смотри ниже
  завести / заводить (т.е. куда-л) - (з. в неизведанное, т.е. о проведении Кубка мира в двух странах): the "two lands" innovation at this World Cup will by the second round take the event into unknown territory;
  - (в тупик): your science has brought you to an impasse;
  - (в тупик): the clash of interests lead to a deadlock;
  - смотри файл DVIJENIE
  завести / заводить (т.е. приобрести кого-л / что-л) - (друзей): смотри ниже;
  - (любовницу): he took a mistress and absented himself from home for long periods;
  - (моду / привычку): смотри ниже;
  - (семью): in the years following World War II, men who had served their country returned home to settle down, make a living and raise a family
  завести / заводить (т.е. начать) - (дело / досье, на него завели д. об убийстве): he was booked for murder and locked away with no immediate chances of bail;
  - (идиотские процедуры, заведенные бюрократами): he was tired of the idiotic little procedures put in place by pencil pushers who read manuals on how to keep jails safe;
  - (з. разговор о чём-л / о ком-л): смотри ниже;
  - (з. своё дело как художник-декоратор): he set himself up as a painter and decorator and soon had plenty of work
  завести / заводить (друзей) - the children were often shuttled from school to school, never staying anywhere long enough to make friends;
  - How to Make Friends And Get ha Social Life;
  - if the only thing you have in common with your friends is that you like the same beer, you might want to consider finding new friends;
  - the children with cystic fibrosis are just as likely to interact and make pals as anyone else
  завести моду / привычку / заводить моду / привычку - (з.м. бить её по животу): he fell into a habit infml of punching her in the stomach;
  - (з.п. бросать камни): boys made a habit of throwing stones through the windows of the house;
  - (з.п. подслушивать под дверью): he has lately taken to listening at the doors;
  - (з.п. поздно вставать утром по субботам): we've fallen into the habit of getting up late on Saturday mornings;
  - (з.п. приглашать его на чай): she had recently taken to asking him around for tea whenever she met him in the street;
  - (з.м. являться на работу с похмелья и небритым): his morale is deteriorating and he is making a habit of reporting for work hungover and unshaven
  завести / заводить (т.е. начать) - (з. интрижку / роман с парнем): would you ever hook up with a guy who has a girlfriend?;
  - (песню): the musicians struck up a new song;
  - (песню): the minstrel raised a boastful song proclaiming the city's might;
  - (печальную мелодию): the musicians struck up a slow tune;
  - (з. разговор с кем-л): смотри ниже;
  - (споры): let us not spoil this beautiful day by getting into a wrangle
  завести разговор / заводить разговор (о чём-л с кем-л) - she fell into a conversation with a man at the bar;
  - they had fallen into urgent, whispered conversation;
  - (з.р. на тему о чём-л / о чём-л): he brings up the subject of her current love life and she dodges the subject;
  - I"m waiting for people to bring up infml her appearance;
  - (зачем заводить об этом р., если ты не можешь говорить?): why bring it up if you can't talk about it?;
  - ( Спроси, как он провёл день. С этого нужно начинать разговор, когда вы встретитесь. А он может завести р. о том, что может перейти в хорошую беседу): Ask how his day's been. This should be one of the first topics you bring up when you see him. It makes you sound as though you're interested in him, and shows that you're not a self-absorbed egomaniac. Also, he may bring up a topic that will turn into good conversation.;
  - (з.р. о чём-л): he engaged in conversation with two inmates at the Federal Detention Center regarding his ability to bribe his way out of jail and obtain dismissal of the underlying charges
  завестись / заводиться - (т.е. включиться, о моторе): it took several minutes before the engine caught;
  - (т.е. выйти из себя / разозлиться / увлечься): смотри файл EMOCII;
  - (с кем-л разг, т.е. вступить в конфликт): EMOCII;
  - (т.е. появиться, в картофеле завелась гниль примерно в период копки): the potato rot set in about the time of digging;
  - (т.е. появиться, делать припарки, чтобы не завелась инфекция): the horse needs to be poulticed every day and every night for a month to keep any infection from settling in;
  - (т.е. появиться, когда завелась гниль?, т.е. в стране): It was an attempt to identify just when, in this island nation's proud history, it all went pear-shaped. When did the rot set in? Where did it all go wrong?
  завет - (вступить в з. с Господом / заключить з. с Господом): this happened because the people of the land broke the covenant they made with the Lord;
  - (Новый з. / Ветхий з.): the New Testament is the second major division of the Christian biblical canon, the first such division being the much longer Old Testament
  заветный - (желание): George Washington won his presidential laurels by subordinating his dear wish to go home to Mount Vernon after all those years of war and public service, in order to become the first president;
  - (желание): my fond wish for all of you in this class is that you continue to experience the joy of discovery and know the joy of lifelong learning;
  - (мечта): this is a tabloid editor's wet infml dream. Two victims - white, attractive, middle class women.;
  - (мечта): Ferrari was his wet dream on wheels
  завещание - (в своём з-и он пожертвовал большую сумму стипендионному фонду): in his will, he had left a large donation to the scholarship fund at S.;
  - (исполнить з.): to execute a will;
  - (з. Мао Цзе-дуна стране): Didn't they have a perfect political model for this reality? Wasn't that Mao's bequest fig to their country?;
  - (наследство, оставленное по з-ю): the foundation was established in 1920 from the legacy left in the will of N.;
  - (передача по з-ю, т.е. собственности): the main rights in the title bundle are usually: exclusive possession; exclusive use and enclosure; acquisition; conveyance, including by bequest; access easement; hypothecation, partition;
  - (подарки и имущество, полученное Обществом по з-ям): gifts and bequests received by the Society;
  - (так сказано в з-и): I am her legal guardian. Says so in the will.;
  - (покойный, не оставивший з-я): equal division of the land of an intestate deceased between his sons;
  - (утверждение з-я, т.е. судом): Deeds, foreclosures, probate matters, divorce filings, bankruptcy announcements, annexation hearings... Dozens of legal notices were required by law to be published in the county paper;
  - I, W.B., being of sound mind and memory, do make, publish and declare this to be my Last Will and Testament fml, hereby revoking all other wills by me at any time made;
  - (последнее з. / составленные мною ранее з-я): I, T.M. of the County and State aforesaid, being of sound disposing mind and memory do make publish and declare this my last Will and Testament hereby revoking and making null and void all other last wills and testaments heretofore by me at any time made;
  - (утверждение з-я): you should be able to get family support payments during the probate;
  - (утверждение з-я, гонорар за утверждение з-я / гонорары за утверждение з-я / во время утверждение з-я / избежать утверждения з-я ): If the total value of the surviving spouse's estate is worth the $1.65 million that the two of you own total, a lucky trusts and estates attorney is going to earn a probate fee of $29,500. Probate fees are set by statute and are based on the gross value of the decedent's estate (before loans and expenses are subtracted). And most of the time, the estate's attorney will also earn "extraordinary" fees, for doing "extra" work such as getting a court order authorizing the sale of your home during the probate. Creating a trust now will be more expensive than making new wills. But since assets held in trust avoid probate, your children will save both time and money after you and your wife pass away.
  завещать (кому-л) - her father bequeathed her the family fortune in his will;
  - Picasso bequeathed most of his paintings and sculptures to Spain and France;
  - I hereby give and bequeath unto fml my beloved wife, H.C. all my household furniture, library, books, pictures, silver plate, wearing apparel, jewels, horses, wagons, harness, and the proceeds of Life Insurance Policies, issued or to be issued to me by any Life Insurance or other like Corporation or association or society whatsoever, and that may be by me held at my decease, which by the terms of said policies or any of them, provide for payment to my said wife of the proceeds of said policies: the same to be held and enjoyed by her in her own right forever.
  завидеть - (завидев меня, он подзывает меня рукой): when he catches sight of me, he motions me in his direction
  завидовать, завистливый, зависть - смотри файл EMOCII
  завизировать - (проект): I refuse to sign off on this project until it is done correctly
  зависание - (компьютера): A hangup, also called a hang, is a condition that sometimes occurs when computer programs conflict or do not run properly. The computer seems paralyzed. Clicking the mouse has no effect, regardless of where the arrow or cursor is placed.
  зависать - (компьютер зависает при выключении): the computer may hang during shutdown;
  - (компьютер зависает вскоре после включения): my computer freezes shortly after startup;
  - (о компьютере): My computer with Windows XP hangs at "Windows is Shutting Down". Computer doesn't power down.
  зависеть - (будущее компании зависит от исхода суда): the company's future is contingent on the outcome of the trial;
  - (в основном размер толпы зависит от погоды): the size of the crowd is largely dependent on the weather;
  - (во многом з. от чего-л): it depends in large part on...;
  - (Израиль зависит от США): Israel is dependent on the United States as no other country is on a friendly power;
  - (их выживание зависело от сельского хозяйства и охоты): through most of history, the human population has lived a rural lifestyle, dependent on agriculture and hunting for survival;
  - (многое зависит от испытаний противоракетного щита): with Congress considering cutting the Pentagon's budget for missile defenses, much is riding on a test scheduled in the next few days of the anti-missile shield based in California and Alaska;
  - (перестать з., цены на дома перестали з. от стоимости их аренды, на которой они основаны): house prices have detached themselves from underlying rental values;
  - (покупка дома будет з. от продажи нынешнего дома?): She asked the usual real estate broker questions: Price range? How many bedrooms? Any limits on the age of a house? Was school district a factor? Would purchase be contingent on sale of present home?;
  - (решение о том, представляет ли поступок собой развратное поведение, зависит от того, осуждает ли общество данный поступок): whether an action amounts to lascivious conduct rests to a large degree on whether society is currently condemning the action;
  - (руководящие посты зависят от кого-л): it is time for the leaders from both parties to link arms in an unselfish effort to reform their institutions, even if it means offending all sorts of powerful people on whom their leadership posts depend;
  - (сильно з. от иностранной помощи): the poorest countries are heavily aid dependent;
  - (слишком многое зависит от следующих нескольких дней): You better be able to come through. There can't be any slip-ups. Too much hangs on the next few days.;
  - (старики, зависящие от программы помощи): a program like Meals on Wheels was not funded, putting at risk about 6000 of the elderly who depended on it;
  - (страна сильно зависит от туризма): the country depends heavily on its tourist trade;
  - (страна сильно зависит от экспорта нефти): the country is heavily dependent on its oil exports;
  - (судьба компании будет з. от того, как партнёры рекламируют сайты): much of the company's fate will hinge on fig how the partners promote the sites;
  - (судьба предложения будет з. от того, насколько активно депутаты его проталкивают): the proposal's fate will hinge on how strongly House members continue to push it;
  - (сценарии внутриполитического развития зависят от внешней политики страны): scenarios of domestic political developments are affected by the country's foreign policy;
  - (тарифы на пересылку, т.е. товара, продаваемого по Интернету, зависят от веса): the shipping rates for many items we sell are weight-based;
  - (ток в плечах моста зависит от от соотношения их сопротивлений): the current in the bridge arm is decided by the ratio of their resistances;
  - (уплаченная сумма зависит от места жительства): the amount you pay depends on where you live;
  - (увеличение кровяного давления зависит от дозы препарата): blood pressure increases are dose-related;
  - (Украина зависит от России из-за нефти): Ukraine is heavily dependent upon Russia for its oil needs;
  - (успех зависит от урегулирования на Ближнем ВОстоке): the success of the international coalition is contingent on the settlement in the Middle East;
  - (финансирование строительства зависит от возможности продать определённое количество построек до определённого момента времени): Construction financing is contingent on selling x units by y date. Even if the developer could eke out a few extra dollars if it priced units a little higher, the extra wait might mean a higher interest rate on the financing.;
  - (цена акции зависит от числа покупателей): the price of the shares depends on the number of people who want to buy them
  зависимость - (алкогольная / наркотическая): alcohol / drug addiction;
  - (з. банков от краткосрочного финансирования): Britain's troubles, in contrast, started not from credit problems but from banks' reliance on short-term funding rather than deposits;
  - (вызывать з., т.е. крэк вызывает не физическую, а психологическую з.): Terrible thing crack. It's the cocaine derivative. Not physically addictive like heroin. Psychologically addictive.;
  - (вызывающие з. лекарства): habit-forming drugs;
  - (героиновая): vagrants settled in shanty-towns under bridges and in tunnels, and heroin addiction rose dramatically;
  - (график з-ти скорости от времени): the use of velocity versus time graphs to describe motion;
  - (з. канцлера от прихотей региональных партийных боссов): the revolt of her regional barons underlined the Chancellor's vulnerability to the whims of the 11 ambitious politicians, some of whom are eyeing the chancellery;
  - (лицо с наркотической з-тью): drug addict / drug dependant;
  - (з. между температурой и влажностью): the relationship / relation between temperature and humidity;
  - (наркотическая): drug addiction treatment;
  - (т.е. наркотическая, от крэка развивается психологическая з.): Terrible thing crack. Psychologically addictive. People get all paranoid when they come down.;
  - (з. от азартных игр, т.е. патологическая склонность): some critics say legalized online gambling will promote addictive wagering;
  - (з. от ископаемого топлива): wood fired central heating systems and heat recovery systems reduce our reliance on fossil fuels;
  - (з. от ненадёжных источников энергии): the Advanced Energy Initiative is designed to reduce our reliance on vulnerable sources of energy;
  - (з. потребителя от государственной сети, т.е. энергоснабжения): some consumers purchase their own wind turbine or solar panels, reducing their reliance on the national grid;
  - (прямая з. между содержанием CO2 и pH): test data show a direct relationship between CO2content and pH;
  - (з. точки кипения от давления): the pressure dependence of the boiling point is given by the Clapeyron equation
  зависимый - (з-ая должность Первой леди): she refused to serve in the subservient post of first lady;
  - (з-ое положение Первой леди): a First Lady occupies a vicarious position, her power is derivative, not independent, of the President's. This partly explained my sometimes awkward fit in the role of First Lady;
  - (страна сильно зависима от экспорта нефти): the country is heavily dependent on its oil exports
  завладеть (чем-л)- (Великобритания должна была з. колониями Германии): under the terms of the treaty, Great Britain was to take over Germany's colonies;
  - (вновь з. мячом, т.е. о футболисте): it was his job to recapture the ball and doing so required enormous speed and skill;
  - (десантные войска будут сброшены в странах Скандинавии, чтобы з. столицами): another 100000 (paratroops) would drop on the four countries of Scandinavia to possess the capital cities and main arteries;
  - (ключами): he managed to get hold of the keys and open up the lock box;
  - (незаконно з. кодом программы): he can stop anyone who misappropriates the code from using it;
  - (незаконно з. средствами): to misappropriate funds;
  - (з. полоской пастбища): his neighbours lay awake of nights scheming how they might get hold of his little strip of grass-land;
  - (з. продуктами при раздаче гуманитарной помощи): everyone is trying to get hold of food;
  - (з. свободным мячом, т.е. в игре): M. had a great opportunity to tie the match in the 85th minute when junior R. got hold of a loose ball.;
  - (ситуацией): from there on he took command of the situation;
  - I got hold of his diary
  завлекать / завлечь - (з. женщину в постель): men with a self-deprecating sense of humour have the best chance of charming a woman into bed;
  - (з. избирателей, посадивших его в Белый Дом): he dropped the nice-guy tones of voice and the rumpled, bird-dog grin that had originally gulled the voters into putting the boy next door into the White House;
  - (з. в свои сети): he had no mercy for those whom he enticed into his clutches;
  - (покупателей): to lure new customers;
  - (з. читателей, чтобы они купили книгу): the synopses and little biography on dust jackets and back covers are, in truth, designed to lure readers to buy the book
  заводной (т.е. игрушка) - (солдатик): a wind-up soldier;
  - (тюлень с з-ыми ластами): a seal with wind-up flippers
  заводской - (испытания): plant proving trials;
  - (испытания): the speedy warship topped 50 mph in builder's trials completed this month;
  - (з-ого разлива, негазированная вода з-ого разлива): commercially bottled non-carbonated water;
  - (себестоимость): to cut manufacturing costs by using computers
  завоевание - (з. Англии нормандцами): the Norman conquest of England began on 28 September 1066 with the invasion of England by William the Conqueror, Duke of Normandy;
  - (военные): under the tutelage of its nonaligned majority egged by Communist pressures, the UN in effect ratified military gains;
  - (т.е. военные, удержать з-я): will the they be able to hold on to their gains?
  - (з. Дикого Запада / космоса): the conquest of the untamed West / of space;
  - (кампании за з. сердец и умов): the adversaries were waging campaigns to capture hearts and minds.;
  - (народов): I hate their bloody patriotism. It is mere chauvinism. It can only exist through conquest and slavery of other surrounding nations;
  - (социальные): China's Economic Growth Not Matched by Social Gains. China's unprecedented economic growth over the past 40 years hasn't produced comparable improvements in the health and education of its people.;
  - (социальные): throughout American history many of our social gains and much of our progress toward democracy were made possible by the active intervention of the federal government;
  - (т.е. территориальное): during the World War II Thailand supported Japan when the latter's conquests made it predominant in Southeast Asia
  завоевать / завоёвывать - (з. благосклонность / расположение правящей элиты): there is little evidence that the columnist adopts positions only to gain favor with "establishment elites";
  - (з.большое число голосов колеблющихся избирателей): he has to win over a large number of swing voters;
  - (з. верность людей): Mohammed, who had left Mecca as a persecuted prophet, not merely entered it again in triumph but also gained the allegiance of most of the Meccans;
  - (вновь з. уважение в мире спорта): England regained sporting respect by winning the rugby World Cup;
  - (з. всё большее признание, идеи историков-ревизионистов, похоже, завоёвывают в Японии всё большее признание): unfortunately, the revisionists' ideas appear to be gaining ground in Japan;
  - (доверие): смотри ниже;
  - (известность): he gained prominence as a congressman who stood firm against the Southern slave power;
  - (з. известность / признание в роли короля Лира): he won international acclaim for his King Lear;
  - (изделия и услуги завоёвывают рынки): technology industries, based on innovation in information technology, bio-science, nanotechnology, and other fields, generate new companies with products and services that are gaining domestic and foreign markets;
  - (исполнение, т.е. актрисы, завоевало одобрение критиков): her performance won / earned the plaudits of the critics;
  - (з. любимую женщину): I'm not one who uses jealousy to win over the woman who I love;
  - (з. место в парламенте): to win a seat in the Senate;
  - (з. общественное мнение): to win over popular opinion;
  - (з. поддержку губернатора штата): the candidate gained the support of Oklahoma Gov. Brad Henry;
  - (поддержку кого-л): the French won the support of many Indians;
  - (з. поддержку партии): to win the party's endorsement;
  - (популярность): as silent films gained in popularity, the big close-up became more and more a feature of still photography, too;
  - (з. преданность работников, т.е. компании): Gaining commitment from employees should be the primary goal of every company. Once a spirit of allegiance is achieved, employees become motivated to fulfilling the organization's mission while working towards achieving its vision.;
  - (привязанность / симпатию): to gain somebody's affection;
  - (приз, фильм, завоевавший первый приз): the film that had been awarded first prize at the Cannes Film Festival;
  - (признание): probability theory was slowly gaining acceptance as a respectable branch of pure mathematics;
  - (репутацию): the actress forged her reputation as one of the remarkable group of theatre-makers who worked at Berlin's groundbreaking Shaubuehne in the 1970;
  - (з. репутацию благодаря необычайной точности, т.е. графологического анализа): she had been analyzing handwriting for some time, and had developed a reputation for uncanny accuracy;
  - (з. репутацию ведущего издателя): the publishing house earned its reputation as a leading publisher;
  - (з. репутацию жёсткого человека): he developed a reputation for being tough with people;
  - (з. репутацию человека со вкусом): he gained a reputation for having artistic tastes;
  - (з. место под солнцем образно): Solar energy may finally get its day in the sun. More solar energy is being planned than any other power source, including nuclear, coal, natural gas and wind.;
  - (з. сердца и умы народа): what is vital in Afghanistan is to win over the hearts and minds of the Afghan people;
  - (спортсмены завоевали золотые медали): German athletes picked up two gold medals;
  - (страну): the Normans conquered England in 1066;
  - (убеждения, завоёвывающие приверженцев): a creed rapidly gaining a following on the continent;
  - (уважение): the leadership quality of the most successful man or woman is the ability to command respect;
  - (з. уважение однокашников / подчинённых): the ability to command respect of fellow students / subordinates;
  - (з. уважение своих детей): how to command respect from your children;
  - (эгалитаризм помог исламу быстро з. приверженцев): Islam's essential egalitarianism within the community of the faithful won rapid converts
  завоевать / завоёвывать (доверие) - (клиентов): he won the trust of his customers;
  - (украинская валюта завоёвывала д. международных банков): the Ukrainian currency is gaining the trust of international banks;
  - (з. доверие у пожилых жертв): The anonymity of the telephone permits younger telemarketers to impersonate persons middle age authority figures with distinguished names in order to gain credibility with their older victims.;
  - (у ребёнка): the predator begins by spending time building trust with the child
  завораживать, завораживающий, завораживающе, завороженный, заворожить - смотри файл EMOCII
  завсегдатай - (бара): I go to the bar, where half a dozen flushed and lumpy regulars fill the stools;
  - (клуба): they joined the Potomac Country Club and became fixtures
  завтракать - I ate breakfast, hurrying to clean up when I was done
  завуалированный - (враждебность): I was aware of her thinly disguised hostility;
  - (дискриминация): hidden discrimination;
  - (общение): these games include covert and ambiguous communication;
  - (слегка з-ая аналогия): he draws a thinly veiled analogy between the United States and the Third Reich;
  - (слегка з-ая аналогия): Reporter's questions are often deliberately leading. They become a thinly veiled attempt at obtaining license for conversational misinformation.
  завысить / завышать - (з. стоимость контракта для налогоплательщиков): federal auditors say the prime contractor on a $1 billion technology contract to improve the nation's transportation security overbilled taxpayers for as much as 171,000 hours' worth of labor and overtime by charging up to $131 an hour for employees who were paid less than half that amount;
  - (з. цену на единицу застройки): Construction financing is contingent on selling x units by y date. Even if the developer could eke out a few extra dollars if it priced units a little higher, the extra wait might mean a higher interest rate on the financing.
  завышение - (з. бюджетных ассигнований): the media were openly critical of his gross overbudjeting on new technologies;
  - (з. расходов в счёте): the firm filed a complaint against him with the Arkansas Bar Association for allegedly overcharging his clients and padding his expenses;
  - (з. сумм по счетам к клиентам): the attorney is facing a two-year suspension from the state bar association for overbilling her clients;
  - (з. цены, т.е. продавцом после принятия предложения покупателя): problems such as gazundering and gazumping (where sellers accept an offer, then renege on the deal for to a higher one)
  завышенный - (брюки с з-ой талией): high-waist trousers;
  - (всучить ерунду по з-ой цене): they are peddling overpriced trash to the unwary;
  - (выставление з-ых счетов): the attorney is facing a two-year suspension from the state bar association for overbilling her clients;
  - (выставление з-ых счетов): Cheney et al knew full well what they were doing when they made this purchase, and it goes a long way towards explaining the myriad no-bid contracts, the overbilling, and the downright fraud;
  - (выставление з-ых счетов клиентам): the firm filed a complaint against him with the Arkansas Bar Association for allegedly overcharging his clients and padding his expenses;
  - (давать з-ые показания, о приборе): the instrument overreads;
  - (рынок): The market's acting schizophrenic. A lot of people are trying to come to grips with whether the market is overvalued or undervalued.;
  - (сильно з-ые цены): there are 41 South Australian Government agencies embroiled in the scandal over purchase of printer cartridges at heavily-inflated prices in exchange for gifts;
  - (требования): A valuable quality of French women is absence of steep demands to their men. Simply speaking, they don't expect anything supernatural from their relationship.;
  - (з. цены на бензоколонке): he offers remedy for steep prices at pump;
  - (з. цены на горючее): inflated fuel prices;
  - (цена на вино завышена): I find the wine overpriced
  завязать / завязывать - (з. дружбу с кем-л): he struck up a friendship with Carnegie;
  - (дружбу): the 9 women senators forged friendships across the party lines;
  - (з. дружбу с кем-л): he was getting on good terms with Mr. D.;
  - (з. дружеские отношения, отвергать попытки з. дружеские отношения): by repeatedly rebuffing the friendly advances of her new neighbours, she soon ensured that her family was left well alone;
  - (знакомства): he made many friendships that served him in good stead;
  - (з. новые знакомства): holiday social events can be the best opportunity you will have all year to get to know co-workers better, make new acquaintances and even patch up strained relations;
  - (отношения): I developed relationships with foreign leaders and an understanding of foreign cultures that come in handy today;
  - (отношения, т.е. с парнем): she forms a secret relationship with T., the school heartthrob;
  - (разговор): the bartender noticed him and struck up a conversation;
  - (разговор с кем-л): he had engaged in a desultory cross talking with her;
  - (разговор): we entered a large reception hall and seated ourselves in a semicircle for introducing informal conversation;
  - (связи с кем-л): смотри ниже;
  - смотри файл DVIJENIE
  завязать связи / завязывать связи (с кем-л) - by forging links with foreign automakers, the University is emerging as a temple of the capitalist economy;
  - he forged bonds with the Northern Alliance during the war against the Taliban, when he dressed wounded soldiers in the front lines and offered security advice;
  - (з.с. со всемирными организациями): a Zimbabwean activist, who forged bonds with global organizations to provide protection of women through education, legal counseling and grants;
  - (з. тесные с. с высшими военными деятелями): through his membership on the Senate Armed Services Committee he had developed close ties with senior military figures;
  - (з. тесные с. с высокопоставленными представителями армии и разведки): the Florida socialite forged close ties with top military and intelligence officials in Tampa, hosting lavish parties at her waterfront mansion
  завязать / завязнуть образно - (в кризисе): the British capital is mired in as great a crisis as New York's;
  - (з. в предложении, т.е. о писателе): when you become hopelessly mired in a sentence, it is best to start fresh;
  - (з. в прошлом): instead of staying mired in the past we look to the future;
  - (компания завязла в судебном процессе): the company is now embroiled in a federal lawsuit with its own partner, a University of Wisconsin foundation, over whether the company has the right to other uses of the technology;
  - (наступление завязло в уличных боях): their offensive eventually bogged down in house-to-house fighting;
  - (освобожусь ли я когда-нибудь от лжи, в которой я завяз): will I ever be free of the deceits that have mired me?;
  - (помощь стране завязла в сопротивлении Конгресса): aid to Pakistan foundered on Congressional opposition and public indifference;
  - (потому что американцы завязли в Иране): U.S. criticism of Al Jazeera sounds none like special pleading because of America's bumbling in Iraq, rather than a genuine desire for free, open and critical Arab media;
  - (рассказы завязли на экспозиции): stories that won't catch anyone's attention by the end of the first page because they bog down with exposition;
  - such legislation is politically divisive and remains bogged in the Senate;
  - the new bill remains bogged in disputes between Congress and the President;
  - смотри файл DVIJENIE
  завязаться / завязываться - (между болельщиками соперников завязалась перебранка): Two chartered buses filled with Parma fans arrived after the team and made a rowdy entrance into the stadium. Before long, the two sides were engaged in a rousing shouting match.;
  - (между двумя отрядами завязывается бой): Fire comes against the landing party. Behind a second hedgerow, not more than thirty yards away, are seven Germans, five rides and two burp guns. On exactly even terms, these two forces engage for the better part of an hour.;
  - (у меня завязались отношения с иностранными лидерами): I developed relationships with foreign leaders;
  - (у него завязались хорошие отношения с Д.): he was getting on good terms with D.;
  - (узы дружбы завязываются между девочкой и дикой лошадью): the bond of friendship that forms between a young girl and a wild horse against the backdrop of the American West
  завязка - (краткий пересказ з-и книги): The flyleaf blurb is as straightforward as the text itself. There is only bold underlining of the author's reputation, his book's premise, and its most dramatic points;
  - (рассказа): stories that won't catch anyone's attention by the end of the first page because they bog down with exposition
  загадать / загадывать - (желание): to make a wish;
  - (загадку): Samson outwitted the Philistines by posing a riddle about the lion and the beehive
  загадка (т.е. иносказательное описание предмета / явления, которое нужно узнать) - A riddle is a statement or question having a double or veiled meaning, put forth as a puzzle to be solved. Riddles are of two types: enigmas, which are problems generally expressed in metaphorical or allegorical language that require ingenuity and careful thinking for their solution, and conundrums, which are questions, relying for their effects on punning in either the question or the answer;
  - the supernatural beings take part in riddle contest;
  - in J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit, Gollum challenges Bilbo Baggins to a riddle competition;
  - Richard Wagner placed a riddle game in Act One of his opera Siegfried;
  - (загадать з-у): Samson outwitted the Philistines by posing a riddle about the lion and the beehive;
  - (отгадать / разгадать з-у): he can answer all riddles posed to him;
  - (отгадать / разгадать з-у): to solve a puzzle;
  - (отгадать / разгадать з-у): in that game players solve puzzles, riddles, logic problems and conundrums in a race against the clock, and the other players;
  загадка (т.е. нечто непонятное) - (вселенной): the probe will help to unravel some of the secrets of the universe;
  - (для меня остаётся з-ой, как он ухитрился сдать экзамен): it's a mystery to me how he ever passed that exam;
  - (для присяжных): prosecutors pieced together enough of the puzzle for jurors to place S. at the crime scene and give him both motive and opportunity
  - (её исчезновение было для меня з-ой): her sudden disappearance was a complete mystery;
  - (Железной Маски): the mystery of the Iron Mask;
  - (оставаться з-ой): the authorship of this painting remains a puzzle
  загадочно - his hands were large and adept and mysteriously elegant
  загадочный - (вид спорта): the obscure sport of skeleton, in which "sliders" on sleds speed headfirst down on icy track;
  - (внешность пророка): his concern with ultimate questions, his mystical outlook, and his moral seriousness were important adjuncts to the preachings of the Qur"anic message;
  - (задание): during the war he was on some mysterious mission;
  - (замечание): cryptic remark;
  - (инструкции): the hostage's father was led from location to location through cryptic mobile phone instructions;
  - (клеймо коня): I could not guess what the cryptic brand was intended to signify;
  - (красота): otherwordly beauty;
  - (личность): enigmatic personality;
  - (моменты, т.е. в математическом рассуждении): it is mathematically rigorous, yet does not become bogged down in the details of arcane points that are of little interest to...;
  - (полученное з-ым путём): legendary gold (mysteriously obtained, if not positively ill-gotten), is, as everyone knows, any one's for the finding;
  - (послание): a cryptic message;
  - (правила военно-морского права): I had to work hard to master the arcane rules of Admiralty Law;
  - (предложение / фраза): he reread the cryptic sentence;
  - (з-ые произведения современного искусства): the walls were covered with baffling contemporary art;
  - (с этими з-ыми словами): on this enigmatic note he waved to H., who understood to be dismissed;
  - (символы): there were arcane symbols embroidered on his robe;
  - (слова): his words seemed mysterious, cryptic, and disturbing;
  - (смерть): The coroner declared her death a "natural" death. Yet it would remain a "mysterious" death. For why would Mother have taken her nighttime dosage of barbiturate at midday, why would Mother who was obsessive about her mails have had several broken, cracked fingernails?;
  - (страна): Afghanistan was, in those days, the wildest, weirdest land on earth;
  - (человек): the mysterious man in rumpled clothes
  загвоздка - there is still a sticking point;
  - There's one snag. This mortgage is only available for homes up to 90 square meters of total floor-space. This is only just over half of the space I'd been planning to have, so that's a bummer.;
  - The proposed deal has hit a hitch: Italy has so far refused to give Britain the written assurance it wants on...;
  - They originally planned to be married n October, at St. Mary's Catholic Church. However, there was a hitch. The church was to undergo a renovation and would be unavailable.;
  - (с этим участком есть з.): The property had a hitch. It needs a permit from the U.S. Army Corps of engineers to fill in wetlands on the property;
  - (со сделкой вышла / получилась з.): The deal has hit a snag. One of the institutional shareholders is holding out. Unless we get 90 per cent approval the deal falls over.;
  - You likely can now write your bank debt and other debt down to manageable amounts, so yes perhaps the court will make the bank accept $250,000 in installments. Here's the kicker infml. You have to meet certain qualifications to go Chapter 11 and if you don't you may be forced into Chapter 7, or total bankruptcy liquidation.;
  - Here's the kicker in this deal: your deal has to be squeaky clean, with minimal risk and plenty of collateral. In fact, it has to be just a notch or two below the level at which the bank would renew your note.
  загибать / загнуть жаргон (т.е. преувеличить) - (он тут явно загнул насчёт своего желания помогать бедным): you're laying it on rather thick infml;
  - (он немного загибал со всей этой болтовнёй про помощь бедным): he was laying it on infml a bit with all this talk of wanting to help the poor;
  - смотри файл DVIJENIE
  загибаться / загнуться разг - (т.е. умереть): there is only one thing in this world shittier than biting it slang from cancer when you're sixteen, and that's having a kid who bites it from cancer.
  загипнотизированный - (смотреть, как з.): he stared, as if mesmerized, at the gun
  загипнотизировать - (кого-л): to hypnotise BrE / hypnotize AmE a person
  заглавие - omit initial A or The from the titles when you place the possessive before them: A Tale of Two Cities - Dickens's Tale of Two Cities, The Age of Innocence - Wharton's Age of Innocence;
  - (картины / книги / музыкального произведения / пьесы): the title of a painting / book / piece of music / play;
  - (рассказа): your story's title goes about a quarter of the way down the first page, with your real name (or your pen name, if you use one) directly under that title
  заглавная буква - in this dictionary cross-references are shown in capital letters;
  - illuminated capital from the Icelandic codex F.;
  - (написано печатными з-ыми б-ами): across the center of the folder was written in block capitals: CARIBBEAN STATIONS, and underneath, in italics, S. and T.;
  - (написано с з-ой буквы): Terminology will be capitalized to distinguish this subject field from the usual sense of terminology meaning the vocabulary of a field, as in "chemical terminology";
  - (разница между з-ыми и строчными буквами): we will continue our Alphabet book by sticking and coloring different letters and pictures, we will know the differences between upper and lower cases
  заглавный - (герой): the title character in fiction is the fictional character whose name is contained in the title, as in Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling;
  - (роль): title role / name part
  загладить / заглаживать - (вину перед кем-л): he was following me around, obsessed with making amends to me;
  - (вину): My son and my wife had a terrible misunderstanding. My son moved to M. My wife is very sick, and desperate to make amends before she dies.;
  - (вину): as a husband I had done something wrong that I needed to apologize and atone for;
  - (жестокость): nothing can mitigate the cruelty with which the mother had treated her child;
  - (з. кошмарные последствия пилюли для похудения): the company had made a good-faith effort to remedy the nightmare of its diet pill;
  - (недоразумение, т.е. грубое поведение): As we got up, he suggested that we stop by their table and say goodnight. "It wouldn't hurt to smooth things over," he urged. "She is our neighbor and she meant well. When we start going to affairs at the P. Club, you'll be bumping into him, like it or not.";
  - (несправедливость): to mitigate injustice;
  - (обиду): the law has to redress wrong
  заглохнуть - (о движении реформ): the reform movement fizzled out because of poor leadership;
  - (о любовных отношениях): I dated him for a while, but our so-called romance fizzled out rather quickly;
  - (о потоке нелегальных иммигрантов): Pipeline for illegals choked off. The pipeline channelling asylum-seekers into Indonesia for their dangerous journey to Australian waters has been effectively blocked by a combination of international co-operation, safety fears and the deterrent effect of the Pacific Solution.;
  - (о промышленной революции): the Industrial Revolution might have sputtered out before its time;
  - (об энтузиазме): the enthusiasm for reform has fizzled out;
  - (о двигателе / моторе): смотри файл DVIJENIE
  заглушать / заглушить - (боль): смотри ниже;
  - (голод): some low calorie foods that can make you feel fuller and stifle hunger;
  - (голод): that snack took the edge off our hunger;
  - (двигатели / моторы): the Boeing closed down its engines in the apron;
  - (двигатель / мотор): the aircraft closed down 2 engines;
  - (двигатель / мотор): to shut down / to cut / to kill infml an engine;
  - (т.е. звук): смотри ниже;
  - (нежелательные разговоры / слухи): it dampens speculation about Beijing's ability to manage...;
  - (протесты): Outside in the street again, he silenced my protests: "But I make money nowadays. Why should I not indulge a whim?";
  - (радиопередачу): a very strong transmission which would be impossible for Taliban to jam
  заглушать / заглушить (боль) - he injected morphine to dull the pain;
  - Painkillers and injections may dull the pain. They may even make it go away temporarily, but sometimes the only way to actually heal your shoulder is to make it stronger.;
  - each analgesic took over an hour to dull the pain and after a couple of doses they lost their effect completely;
  - morphine is often used to deaden the pain of serious injuries;
  - he took aspirin to deaden the pain;
  - much of our religious activity today is nothing more than a cheap antiseptic to deaden the pain of an empty life;
  - stress is danger, and when we're in danger we blot out pain until the crisis is past;
  - people instinctively try to blot out pain with pleasure;
  - he won't let the pain blot out the humor no more'n he'll let the humor blot out the pain;
  - numbing the pain for a while will make it worse when you finally feel it;
  - there was enough poppy syrup to take the edge off the agonies for her
  заглушать / заглушить (т.е. звук) - (диалоги, заглушающие музыку, т.е. в фильме): previous soundtrack albums have included abbreviated versions of songs, some of which were ruined by sound effects and dialogue overriding the music;
  - (дождь пошёл сильнее, заглушая другие звуки): the rain is heavier, drowning out other sounds;
  - (крик заглушил слова): another contraction seized her and her feral cry drowned out his words;
  - (материал, заглушающий звук): sound deadening material;
  - (он включал транзисторный приёмник, чтобы з. их голоса): he played a transistor wireless to drown the sound of their voices;
  - (она зажала рот рукой, словно пытаясь з. крик): her hand is clamped across her mouth as though trying to muffle a scream;
  - (половики, постеленные, чтобы з. шарканье сапог по половицам): I slept in an inn with drugget laid to mute the scuff of boots on polished floorboards;
  - (рёв сирены заглушал шум мотора): the inflatable sped away, its engine noise drowned by the roar of the tanker's siren;
  - (снег заглушал шаги, и М. неслышно шёл прямо за ними): unheard by any of them in the muffling snow, M. was walking along right behind them;
  - (тисовые изгороди заглушали звук шагов): the yew hedges muffled the sound of his footsteps;
  - (топот копыт заглушал ржание обезумевших коней): The militiamen who had defended the fortress were running, utterly routed. The sound of their panic-stricken horses was lost beneath the drumming of hooves;
  - (треск был заглушён грохотом взрыва): the crack was lost in a roar as the plastic went off;
  - (шум): double glazing has helped to deaden the noise from the motorway;
  - (шум): he began to snigger uncontrollably and had to stuff his fist in his mouth to stifle the noise;
  - (шум мотора): he's trying to drown the sound of the launch engine;
  - (шум поезда заглушал шум радио): the racket of the radio was drowned by the racket of a train
  заглушка - plug
  загляденье - (всем на з.): for everyone to admire;
  - (такое з.! / что за з.!): I visited the world's second largest flower auction in B. What a sight for sore eyes it was! Petals and rainbows of color everywhere as far as the eye can see
  заглядывать / заглянуть (т.е. зайти) - (т.е. зайти в гости к кому-л): drop in and see us when you're next in London;
  - (т.е. зайти в кафе): to drop in at a cafe;
  - (т.е. зайти к кому-л): he dropped in on me after supper;
  - (т.е. зайти, проходя мимо): he just looked in as he was passing by
  заглядывать / заглянуть (т.е. смотреть) - (в вонючие задницы, т.е. во время обыска): See the attitude? As if it's the highlight of my day to peer up women's smelly bottoms.;
  - (з. в души людей): One of her recommendations was for medical students to be weeded out of the profession if they "fail to show they recognize the importance of ethical standards". She wants tests to ensure that students "have absorbed the ethical principles that should govern their career", a rather naïve view of the ability of tests to peer into people's souls.;
  - (з. в книгу): to have a dip into a book;
  - (з. в комнату): he peered into the room;
  - (з. в окно водителя): he peered through the driver's window and saw the key in ignition;.
  - (з. в ящик): he peered down into the crate;
  - (дареному коню в зубы не заглядывают): don't look a gift horse in the mouth;
  - (заглядывая вперёд / заглянув наперёд): finally - to glance ahead - in 1924 Congress passed another bill;
  - (з. под каждый камень): Christchurch Earthquake: Search Teams Leaving No Stone Unturned. Cutting through the rubble, concrete and metal in the grim task of finding the dead is all in a day's work for Urban Search and Rescue personnel on the ground in Christchurch. M.B., head of the New Zealand effort, said the teams would continue to search until no stone was left unturned.;
  - (з. через дверь в зал): he peeked in from the door to the hall;
  - he peered in on what he supposed to be an empty bed
  загнанный - (з. в угол зверь): he'll fight like a cornered bear before he goes from his office;
  - смотри файл EMOCII
  загнать / загонять - (з. в угол образно): смотри ниже;
  - (т.е. сбыть жаргон): after all, if you're slipping a few million to some Arab shyster for helping you flog off BrE slang your clapped-out fighter-planes, why not slip yourself a few bob for being an English gentleman?;
  - смотри файл DVIJENIE
  загнать / загонять (з. в угол образно) - he thinks he got you cornered good and proper;
  - (если их з. в угол, они были отважны): though slow to quarrel, and for sport killing nothing that lived, they were doughty at bay, and at need could still handle arms;
  - (т.е. журналисты загнали Буша в угол вопросами): the media was roundly attacked for pushing Bush into a corner;
  - (загони в угол самую паршивую крысу, и она нападёт на собаку в 5 раз больше себя): corner the mangiest rat and it'll take on a dog five times its size;
  - (мы загнали его в у., а он снова выскользнул из наших рук): We had B. cornered and he slipped through our fingers yet again;
  - she has the ability to think up instant excuses when forced into a corner
  загнивание образно - (в стране): the rot set in when the country was opened up to tourists;
  - (компании): their profits are going down and down and they don't know how to stop the rot
  заговаривать - (т.е. вести предварительные переговоры, совет заговаривал с ним об увольнении с большой денежной компенсацией): the board wants a younger CEO and has been making overtures about offering him a golden parachute
  заговаривать / заговорить - (кого-л, т.е. говорить слишком много): he is very friendly, but watch out or he'll talk your head off
  заговор - (з. был придуман агентом): the weapon and conspiracy were invented by a government agent;
  - (готовить / замыслить з.): to hatch a conspiracy;
  - (замышлять / плести з.): to hatch a plot;
  - (еще не остыло тело короля, как он начал плести з. с целью отнять трон у законного наследника): the king's body was still warm when he began plotting to steal his rightful heir's throne;
  - (подготовка з-а): charged with hatching plots against the State;
  - (поджоги церквей объединял не з.): the church burnings weren't connected by a conspiracy, but by a contagion of the heart;
  - (Пороховой): the Gunpowder Plot of 1605;
  - (з. против Гитлера): in the aftermath of the July 1944 plot against Hitler;
  - (раскрыть з.): the plot was exposed;
  - (з. с целью использования ПЗРК для...): he is due to appear in a federal court tomorrow on charges of concealing a plot to use a shoulder-fired weapon to kill a Pakistani diplomat;
  - (з. с целью убить президента): the police uncovered a plot to assassinate the president;
  - (з. с целью убить президента): they were convicted of conspiracy to assassinate the president;
  - (з. с целью захватить контроль над правительством): a scheme to seize control of the government;
  - (террористов): terrorist plots
  заговорённый - (должность, т.е. заколдованная): there were rumors that the job was jinxed
  заговорить - (на простонародном диалекте): he had dropped into the vernacular of the Hamburg area;
  - (о враче заговорили, т.е. он стал известен): he was a good doctor, a couple of grateful patients - and word had got about;
  - (одновременно): they both burst into speech at the same time;
  - (з. ровным, приглушённым голосом): he assumes a flat, understated tone
  заговориться - soon they were deep in talk, and they stayed up far into the night
  заголовок - (актуальна, как з-вки сегодняшних газет / новостей): the book is timely as today's headlines;
  - (газетный): the new road plan is in the headlines again;
  - (з. пункта автобиографии): your CV should be arranged under headings and subheadings
  загораться / загореться - смотри файлы DVIJENIE, EMOCII
  загородный - (дом, т.е. дача): he had returned to his weekend manor for two days of rest;
  - (жильё): Our comprehensive online guide to Out of Town Housing;
  - (комплекс): the Unit was housed in the main body of the out-of-town complex;
  - (поездки): the summer outings of the Union of German Maidens
  загоститься - (колдун загостился в королевстве): the magician had overstayed in the kingdom this time
  заготовить - (з. т.е. неожиданность кому-л): that is what we have in store for them
  заготовка - (т.е. леса): the biggest problem in Alaska is the clear-cut logging;
  - (продукции местных фермеров): Procurement of Local Produce from Local Farmers;
  - смотри файл FORMA_VID
  заготовленный - (для тебя заготовлено несколько сюрпризов): there are some surprises in stock for you;
  - (им был заготовлен сюрприз): when they arrived to the pool there was a surprise in store for them
  за границей - (американское присутствие за границей): debate over reducing the American diplomatic presence abroad;
  - (американское присутствие за границей): the U.S. overseas presence is costly, increasingly complex and of growing security concern;
  - a directive from Mr Bush to all ambassadors that warns them not to perform functions abroad that could just as easily be done from American shores;
  - the company is mounting an aggressive campaign to polish its image at home and abroad;
  - (если вы женитесь или выходите замуж з. / отсутствие препятствий к браку з.): if you are getting married overseas, most countries will require a statement in-lieu of certification of non-impediment to marriage abroad;
  - (отсылать солдат рисковать своей жизнью з.): the congressional contribution to the fight against terrorism has mainly involved sending young Americans off to risk their lives overseas
  заграждение - (в противотанковую оборону входят естественные препятствия и искусственные заграждения): measures of defense against armor include natural and artificial obstacles;
  - (т.е. для прохождения вражеской армии): Colonel B. was hardly needed. There were no ditches to for his sappers to fill in, nor obstructions to be blown away with dynamite, nor concrete bollards to be bulldozed;
  - (з. из колючей проволоки): the barbed-wire entanglement atop the perimeter walls;
  - (противотанковые з-я): barbed wire and tank traps lined the shore
  заграницу - (командировкa з.): can a foreign assignment help your career?
  заграничный - (командировкa): a foreign assignment can boost your career;
  - (находиться в з-ой командировке): a University employee can accept goodwill exchange gifts when University officials are on a mission abroad;
  - (опыт / паспорт / поездка): foreign experience / passport / travel;
  - (рынок): overseas market;
  - (учреждения): gifts to overseas institutions usually aren't eligible for tax deductions;
  - he goes on to expand the company's overseas and department-store accounts
  загребать / загрести - (адвокат загрёб 40% от 50 млн): "That's 50 million." "And one damned lawyer will rake 40 percent off the top."
  загреметь - (что, не терпится опять з. в тюрягу жаргон): you're just aching to get back inside? ;
  - (снова загремит в тюрягу): he's just another low-life fuck-up, who'll be back inside within a year
  загробный - (жизнь): afterlife / life after death;
  - (мир): the Pagan inhabitants of Northwestern Spain believed that this was the starting place of the souls of the dead on their trip to the Other World;
  - (мир, божественные наставления из з-ого м-а): this collection of true paranormal encounters brings you dozens of compelling stories of ghosts and haunted places and divine guidance from beyond;
  - (мрак): a diver swimming into the stygian gloom
  загрузка - (з. груза в контейнер): stuffing: loading of cargo into a container;
  - (з. по работе): she has a very heavy workload
  загружать / загрузить - (драйвер компьютера может з. шрифты автоматически): the Mac's PostScript driver can download the fonts automatically;
  - (мусор был загружен не по центру космического корабля): the rubbish in the spaceship was loaded off center;
  - (т.е. з. тесто в печь в пекарне): Job Description. Will perform general production duties to include feeder / packer, mixer or sanitation in the making of bakery items
  загружаться / загрузиться - (т.е. о компьютере): I wait for my computer to boot up
  загруженность - (з. мощностей составила ...%): The plant ran at 52% capacity in 2002;
  - (з. транспортом двухполосной дороги): total traffic capacity in the two-lane road;
  - (з. транспортом кругового движения на перекрёстках): traffic capacity of roundabouts at road intersections
  загруженный - (полностью з-ые производственные мощности): with manufacturing facilities at capacity and worries that expansion will undermine the company's customer service, the Heideggers discuss scaling back;
  - (полностью з. супертанкер): fully loaded ULCC;
  - (полностью з. танкер): you're going to bring the tanker into Europort at Rotterdam fully laden;
  - (порт, з. судами): often there was a berthing delay in this, the most congested of the Soviet Union warm-sea ports;
  - (расписание): some of us thrive on a highly charged schedule
  загрязнение - (виновник з-я, т.е. окружающей среды): it is scant comfort to know that the polluter will pay in the end;
  - (водоёмов): contamination of waterbodies due to improper disposal of medical waste;
  - (з. водой авиационного топлива): it is very important that jet fuel is free from water contamination;
  - (предотвратить з. воды): to prevent the water to be polluted;
  - (образцов): sample contamination;
  - (з. окружающей среды): environmental pollution;
  - (з. окружающей среды углекислым газом): coal is the dirtiest fuel in terms of CO2 pollution;
  - (радиоактивное): radioactive contamination;
  - (з. частицами урана): uranium particle contamination at a technical university in Teheran
  загрязнённый - (воздух): badly polluted air;
  - (воздух): foul air;
  - (воздух): In a conventional dust arrestor there are numerous filter bags hanging vertically. A fan draws dust contaminated air through these bags, clean air being able to escape through the exhaust to atmosphere.;
  - (з-ые грунтовые воды): in-situ remediation of contaminated groundwater;
  - (местность): to clean up polluted sites;
  - (площадь побережья, з-ого нефтью): Could you ask a couple of your best minds to put together a memo on the prospective consequences if the tanker does blow up? Questions of spillage, area of ocean covered, tide flow, area of coastline likely to be affected.
  загрязнить / загрязнять - (дымовые трубы загрязнили воздух): stacks polluted the air;
  - (продукты сгорания газа загрязнили воздух): burned-off natural gas has fouled their air;
  - (пролитая нефть загрязнила пашни): oil spill has tainted their croplands;
  - (з. реку, сбрасывая в неё неочищенные сточные воды): the townspeople defiled the river by emptying raw sewage into it;
  - (фабрики загрязнили воду): factories infested the waters
  загрязниться / загрязняться - (часовые механизмы загрязняются): In horology, a movement is the internal mechanism of a clock or watch, as opposed to the case, which encloses and protects the movement, and the face which displays the time. Mechanical movements get dirty and the lubricants dry up, so they must periodically be disassembled, cleaned, and lubricated.
  загрязняющий - (вещества): the Clean Water Act prohibits the discharge of any pollutant by any person into navigable waters of the United States;
  - (вещества): in a type of power plant called an integrated gasification combined-cycle facility, we change any fossil fuel, including coal, into a superhot gas that is rich in hydrogen - and in the process strip out pollutants like sulfur and mercury
  загул - (пойти в з., т.е. пьянствовать): they went on a binge and didn't get back until three in the morning
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