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  да - (да?): смотри ниже;
  - (да брось ты): don't get involved with him again - just let it lay;
  - (да, вот ещё): one thing, between ourselves, are you still...?;
  - (да успокойся ты, не напрягайся так из-за этого): calm the hell infml down, don't be so uptight about it;
  - (За что жена может пилить мужа? Да за всё, что угодно.): What would a wife nag a husband about? Just about everything! Mowing the yard. Past due home repairs. Spending too much money on his hobby.;
  - (да, маловероятно, т.е. в значении "однако"): "A chance in thousand." "Fortuitous, though infml";
  - (может, такое и бывало, да?): I do hope that never happens to me. Well, of course, it may have done, mayn't it? And I wouldn't know!;
  - (т.е. пожелание): смотри ниже;
  - (т.е. согласие): смотри ниже;
  - (т.е. союз "и", принеси мне полотенце, да поживее): bring me a towel and be quick about it;
  - (да, пока не забыл): Oh, and while I remember: outside North America, Lindsay is a male name.;
  - (да, я хотела тебя спросить...): actually, I've been wanting to ask you how you want to celebrate your birthday
  да? - ("Не говори глупости." "Да? Почему это я говорю глупости?"): "Don't be ridiculous." "Oh? Now, why am I being ridiculous?";
  - "He has interesting news." "Indeed?";
  - "That's great news." "Yes, isn't it?";
  - "We're going to Mexico this summer." "Oh, really?";
  - "Move along! You're wasting time. Even defying your crown sovereign's wishes!" "Am I so?";
  - "I feel much better now." "You do?" "I'll say I do.";
  - "You only think you can read me." "But I'm an open book, huh?"
  да (т.е. пожелание) - (да благословит тебя Бог): may God bless you;
  - (да поможет мне Бог): I, [name], do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; ... and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.;
  - (да будет так): Frodo: We will go through the mines. GANDALF: So be it.;
  - (да будет так, как ты велел): it shall be, lord, as you command
  да (т.е. согласие) - yes / yeah infml;
  - (т.е. с иронией): Aye! And come back and find all my house and land in pickle.;
  - (да, мне очень хорошо): "I'm very well, indeed," said he exuberantly;
  - (да, я знаю, что..., но...): right, I know the letter says "Snuffles" on the outside, but it's for S., okay?
  да - да, нет - нет - take it or leave it
  да ещё - (бензин для автомобиля с тремя карбюраторами обходился ему дорого, д.е. при таких ценах): the gas the car used, with its three SU carburettors, was a major train on his pocket, the more so because of the price of gas in Germany;
  - (Группа Освобождения женщин протестовала против шествия в честь Мисс Америки. Д.е. некоторые из них жгли свои лифчики): A women's liberation group protested the Miss America pageant itself as degrading to women. For good measure, some of them burned their bras, proof positive to many old-fashioned Americans that something had gone terribly wrong
  да ещё и - (его считали занудой д.е. и некультурным): he was thought to be a great bore and unlettered as well;
  - (как я мог привязаться к неодушевлённому предмету, д.е. и уродливому?): how could I have such ties with an inanimate object, an ugly one at that;
  - (недостатки обусловлены плохим переводом д.е. и плохой работой корректора): the shortcomings are due to a bad translation and poor proofreading to go along with it;
  - (он был гораздо тяжелей её, д.е. и с более тяжёлым рюкзаком): he was much heavier than she, especially with the weight of the larger pack he carried added into the bargain;
  - (он говорил на пуштунском, д.е. и на русском и персидском): the only thing American that impressed the British was my ability to speak Pashto, but this was diminished by the fact that three of their chaps did too, including one man who spoke Russian and Persian as well;
  - (он овладел китайским языком, д.е. и местным диалектом и произношением): he had mastered not only the complex Chinese language, but also the local dialect and accent as well;
  - (...да ты е. и посмеёшься надо мной): it's nothing to do with the business and you'll probably laugh me into the bargain;
  - (он получил вдохновенного мыслителя, д.е. и доверенного наперсника): but he had also gotten an inspired thinker, and a trusted confidant in the bargain;
  - (...д.е. и проныра): that the man we entered into agreement with was quite a wheeler dealer and a weasel to boot infml
  да и - (бедняжки не знают, что происходит. Да и я не знаю.): The poor dears don't know what's going on. Come to that, neither do I.;
  - (всегда найдутся мужчины, склонные к жестокости, да и женщины случаются): there are always people with a taste for cruelty, as a few women, come to that;
  - (да и вряд ли когда-л): I was no longer skilled in indulging journalists, if I ever had been;
  - (да и вы не смогли бы): she gave him that innocent, impudent, and entirely scandalous look which he never could resist, and you couldn't either, for that matter;
  - (да и как было не испугаться): Suddenly he became very pale, his knees shook and yielded under him and he collapsed with a sickening pain in his interior. And well he might; for the approaching car was the very one he had stolen out on that fatal day.;
  - (да он на то и не претендует): most of the steps are gone beyond recall, but his sense of period and of style mean that if not authentic (and he would not claim this) his productions are skillfully "like", and convince;
  - "I owe you a fiver, don't I?" "Yes, and come to that, you never paid me back the other money I lent you."
  - (никогда не слышал, такой речи от чёрного южанина, да и от белого тоже): I had never heard such speech from a Southern black, or a Southern white for that matter;
  - (никто не мог..., да и большинство предсказателей не видело...): no one could have predicted last year's bust-and-boom cycle, which began with Sudden Acute Respiratory Syndrome and ended with a retail investor bubble, nor, for that matter, did the majority of the forecasters see the 1977/98 financial crisis coming;
  - (да и как иначе бы она могла вести образ жизни, к которому привыкла?): Having always lived the life of the idle-rich, she has no qualms about conning even the most vulnerable - it's not her fault that they're too stupid to know any better and anyway, how else is she supposed to support the lifestyle to which she's become accustomed?;
  - (да и сейчас): hospital officials conceded at the time of the SARS outbreak - and still do - that their housekeeping staffs have been stretched thin because of cutbacks in federal and provincial funds in recent years;
  - (да и сестра его такая же): He is quite arrogant. So is his sister, for that matter.;
  - (да и что он может сказать?): I don't believe he will put the bricks to me. Not after 12 years. Besides, what can he say?;
  - (да я и не собирался позволить этому случиться): The traditional winding down in the last half of a President's second term had not occurred. I was determined not to let it happen this year, either.;
  - (я не очень-то ему доверяю, да и жене его): I don't really trust him - nor his wife, come to that
  да к тому же - (переводчик не имел ни опыта, ни подготовки в психиатрии, д.к.т.ж. не владел психиатрической лексикой): the interpreter had no psychiatric experience or training, and was very gullible, apart from having no psychiatric vocabulary;
  да нет (т.е. отрицание) - "Have you seen many suicides in J.?" "One or two a year maybe." "Anyone see any of them coming?" "Not really. They're usually a big surprise.";
  - (Хотите рассказать? - Д.н.): "You want to tell me about it?" "I'd rather not."
  да ну - (т.е. недоверие): "I earn $1000 an hour." "Indeed!";
  - (т.е. недоверие): "This lake is nearly two hundred feet deep." "I can't believe that!" "Take my word for it.";
  - (т.е. отвергая сказанное собеседником): It's preposterous. Come now.;
  - (т.е. снисходительно): "If she'd just get rid of that cat, I'd speak to her again!" Ron said angrily. "But she's still sticking up for it! It's a maniac, and she won't hear a word against it!" "Ah, well, people can be a bit stupid about their pets."
  - (т.е. удивление): "I collect rare coins." "Really?"
  да ну тебя - (т.е. это не так): "The horse is still a bit scary, isn't he?" "Come off it, you've ridden him, haven't you?"
  да уж (т.е. подтверждение очевидного высказывания собеседника) - "He's no milksop. He couldn't handle that stallion if he was." "True enough.";
  - "It'll be a relief to get on to a decent highway," "I'll say," she agreed;
  - "I reckon you'll be bored with this game by now." "I'll say.";
  - "So, been keeping busy, B.?" "Fairly. Organizing that competition is no mean feat.";
  - "It is cursed quiet, isn't it?" "It is that.";
  - "We had better sit right till dawn. I don't fancy stumbling into some abyss." "True enough.";
  - (д.у., ничего себе новости): that is a bundle of news and no mistake;
  - (Он говорит "Извини". Д.у. Здесь не место высказывать такие мысли): Sorry, he says. He should be. This is no place to be voicing such thoughts.;
  - "We have to get out of here." "I'd say so.";
  - "I'm resourceful." "That you are."
  - (д.у., странный выдался денёк): it's been a queer day, and no mistake infml
  - "Would that this could fly. Then we should not need to row, nor tow, nor pray for wind." "Just so, Captain.";
  - "We are about to close the gate." "You do that. You close it good and tight. They're coming.";
  - "We'll see about this." "You do that."
  да уж (т.е. подтверждение с иронией / сарказмом) - ( "Я честный парень." "Да уж."): "I am a pretty straight sort of a guy." Yeah, about as straight as a corkscrew.;
  - "Civilized ways, forsooth," scoffed Tarzan. "Jungle standards do not countenance wanton atrocities. There we kill for food and for self-preservation.";
  - "I'm bullet-proof and bomb-proof." "That you are.";
  - "I offered to present scientific backing for your beliefs. And I did!" "Yes, you did - with a fox's subtlety, for your pretended explanation backed our beliefs, and at the same time removed all necessity for them.";
  да что ты! / да что вы! (т.е. удивление) - "He doesn't eat chocolate." "Fancy that!";
  - "Your ladybird has crept through many ages." "Imagine it!";
  - "They're going to have a baby?" "You don't say!";
  - I've been working on this project for two years. You don't say!
  да хоть - ( "Мне надеть плащ?" "Д.х. голышом иди."): "Should I wear my cloak, Your Grace?" "Go naked for all I care."
  давай! (т.е. понукание) - (а ну д., за работу, т.е. не отвлекайся): chop-chop, back to work;
  - "Move along!" the courtier prodded, sharp edged. "You're wasting time. Even defying your crown sovereign's wishes!";
  - (д. ирония, липни к нему): "Yeah, that's right, swarm up to him, Malfoy," said Ron scathingly;
  - (давайте не будем спорить): let's have no argument;
  - (давайте не будем спорить): don't let's argue about it;
  - (д., открывай): go ahead, open it;
  - (д., поскорее): "Come on, hurry," growled M., prodding her in the back;
  - "I'm warning you..." "Go on, then. Warn me."
  давать / дать - (антибиотики, ему стали давать а.): they were put on antibiotics;
  - (бетону схватиться): allow the concrete to set up;
  - (бинокль давал увеличение от двадцатикратного до пятидесятикратного): the spotting glasses zoomed from twenty to fifty-power, allowing him an intimate view of the other side of the river;
  - (Боже, дай мне мужество / терпение / разум...): Lord grant me the courage to change what can be changed, the patience to accept what cannot be changed, and the wisdom to know the difference / God grant us the serenity to accept the things we cannot change, courage to change the things we can, and wisdom to know the difference;
  - (больному стали д. несколько лекарств): the patient had been put on a series of drugs, without any hope, and later on painkillers
  - (т.е. в руки): from the briefcase L. handed me a thumbed police manual of line drawing of cars;
  - (т.е. в руки): the pregnant woman started retching. R. pulled out a barf bag and handed it to her.;
  - (вдохновение): the University hockey team lends inspiration to young skaters;
  - (визу): before we make a decision to issue you a visa or refuse your application;
  - (визу): the President granted a visa to G.A.;
  - (власть, закон даёт в. мужчинам и не даёт женщинам): the law empowers men and disempowers women;
  - (возможность): смотри ниже;
  - (волю): смотри ниже;
  - (врач дал таблетку абортивного средства девушке): the parents of a 16-year-old girl are suing the P. Health department for dispensing the abortifacient morning-after pill to their daughter without their knowledge;
  - (время): смотри ниже;
  - (выигрыш): the new building has a smaller footprint that the structures it replaced, but it brings a net gain of 25 offices and 14 classrooms to the campus;
  - (выигрыш, использование чего-л не даёт в-а): there is virtually no gain from using an oil with a higher rating;
  - (д. выход своему гневу): such a man would never give way to any kind of anger;
  - (д. выход своим чувствам): it was not until the traditional ceremony in front of the principal facade of the White House of seeing the British visitors into their limousines was complete that S. could give vent to his feelings;
  - (д. газ, т.е. в автомобиле): he heard the berserk snarl of the blown exhausts when he hit the accelerator on the open autobahn;
  - (гарантии): NATO provided assurance to Ukraine that its political status is respected;
  - (гарантию на изделия): Radio Shack provides a 90 day limited warranty with the products listed on this receipt whenever the manufacturer provides no warranty or a warranty of less than 90 days;
  - (давай сюда деньги): hand over the cash!;
  - (дай ему отдышаться): let him catch his breath;
  - (т.е. деньги): смотри ниже;
  - (д. дёру): смотри файл DVIJENIE;
  - (д. 30 дней на разоружение милиции): the United Nations Security Council last week adopted a resolution giving Khartoum 30 days to disarm the militias;
  - (донор согласился д. эмбрионы): the patient agreed to donate embryos;
  - (т.е. o донорстве, д. почку): to donate a kidney to somebody;
  - (доход / прибыль): U.S. treasury bonds are yielding very high returns;
  - (доход / прибыль): the company's massive investment in expansion was not yielding a return;
  - (доход, развитие торговли и ремёсел даёт доход): the development of trades and crafts will produce profits;
  - (доход, фонд дал 54 процента дохода): last year the fund returned an amazing 54 percent;
  - (заверения): it provided assurance to Ukraine that its political status is respected and enduring;
  - (задание): the team is assigned a new mission;
  - (залп): the British troops fired several volleys;
  - (д. залп снарядами по казармам): the Apache pivoted in the air and he salvoed his remaining rockets into the barracks;
  - (залп, т.е. с корабля, д. бортовой залп по кому-л): give them a broadside;
  - (залп, т.е. с корабля, д. бортовой залп по кому-л): I'm turning to give you a broadside
  - (д. затвердеть, расплавленному металлу дают з.): a molten substance, such as metal is poured or forced into a mold and allowed to harden;
  - (зелёную улицу): to give the Soviets a green light to intervene...;
  - (д. знак ехать дальше): while she spoke, she signalled to the dwarf to drive on;
  - (д. знак кому-л): He signals an officer working an overhead projector. A map covering Bristol and Bath is beamed onto the whiteboard.;
  - (д. знак молчать): fingers to his lips, he signaled them to silence;
  - (знать): Good luck, and let me know how you get on;
  - (имя): John von Neumann lends his name to one of our most prestigious prizes;
  - (инструкции): a deputy head may issue instructions to employees;
  - (информацию / данные): special studies provide such data;
  - (информацию / сведения): nuclear physics furnishes / supplies / provides information on problems of...;
  - (каждой из нас дали по пачке списков): we were each handed a stack of voter registration lists;
  - (клятву): he made his vow to stay the night in the hall;
  - (команду): he issued instructions for the criminal case to be launched;
  - (д. комнату в общежитии студенту): I was assigned to the rooms on the left side of the second floor at the far entrance;
  - (д. кому-л пару миллионов, т.е. нелегально): after all, if you're slipping a few million to some Arab shyster for helping you flog off your clapped-out fighter-planes, why not slip yourself a few bob for being an English gentleman?
  - (д. кому-л попробовать): he was sorely tempted to let them try it;
  - (д. кому-л 30 с лишним лет на вид): he adjudged the new man to be in his mid-thirties;
  - (кредит): the bank entered into a credit agreement with Zeco whereby the bank extended loans to Zeco secured by all Zeco's inventory;
  - (кредит, д. ипотечные кредиты клиентам с сомнительной платежеспособностью): he pushed for legislation that would make it easier for federally backed lenders to make mortgage loans to risky borrowers who put less money down;
  - (кредиты): as the recession has dragged on, fewer companies are extending credit;
  - (кулёк): the pregnant woman started retching. R. pulled out a barf bag and handed it to her.;
  - (лазеры, дающие монохроматический свет): lasers that produce a very monochromatic light;
  - (д. меньше дохода, чем...): such funds may underperform other funds with similar objectives;
  - (многое, термодинамика может д. многое): thermodynamics has much to offer: in this respect;
  - (мощность): the transistor delivered 15 watts;
  - (д. на чай / д. чаевые): he tipped the coat-check lady handsomely;
  - (д. награду / премию кому-л за государственную службу): the Federal City Club of Washington bestowed its public service award on H. Kissinger;
  - (д. напрокат оборудование / автомобили): to rent equipment / cars;
  - (напряжение): the sections can be connected in series to furnish / supply 240,000 volts;
  - (наркоз): he was given a local anaesthetic;
  - (наркоз, ему дали общий наркоз): he was put on a general aneasthetic before the operation;
  - (наставления): the instructor admonished his class to duplicate his moves;
  - (начало чему-л): the lands bordering the Mediterranian gave rise to many outstanding civilizations;
  - (надежду): the agreement seemed to offer such hope;
  - (не давать): смотри ниже;
  - (т.е. не позволять): Iraq has blocked the team from pursuing inspections;
  - (д. неверное представление о ком-л): his appearance belies him;
  - (немного дать): it did not gain much;
  - (непрошеные советы, т.е. следя за игрой): to kibitz AmE slang;
  - (д. номер телефона посторонним): the private house telephone number was not to be divulged from the factory;
  - (д. о себе знать, время от времени он давал о себе знать): I still heard from him from time to time;
  - (обет): he made his vow to stay the night in the hall;
  - (обет): you have forsaken every vow you ever swore;
  - (обещание): if you make a promise you shouldn't break it;
  - (обещания): don't make promises you won't be able to keep;
  - (обещание): in a wide-ranging two-hour interview, he vowed to turn the company's scientific assets into cures and profits;
  - (облегчение от отёчности и болезненности суставов): for patients with rheumatoid arthritis the treatment provides relief from swollen and painful joints;
  - (облегчение): Milk is not a recommended antidote to heartburn. A glass of milk does provide immediate relief as it goes down, but milk can cause a more severe heartburn that can return in as little as a half an hour.;
  - (д. образование детям в Америке): they yearn to have their children educated in America;
  - (объявление в газете): I put an advert in the paper to sell my bike but I haven't had any takers;
  - (объявления): the ads have brought in new customers since the first day we ran them;
  - (объяснение): this telescope has supplied a possible explanation for the ultraviolet "clouds";
  - (объяснение): no theory offers a satisfactory explanation of the observed facts;
  - (объяснения кому-л): why bother to explain things to this Chicago Jew?;
  - (обязательство отдать долги): he made a commitment to pay off his debts;
  - (осадок): to leave / produce a sediment;
  - (основание): смотри ниже;
  - (ответ): top-hat furnaces can often give / provide / supply answers to such problems as...;
  - (ответ): this concept did not provide answers to such problems as the origin of mountain ranges;
  - (ответ на заявление): to reply to an application;
  - (д. отвод прокурору): the lawyer has filed a motion to have the District Attorney recused;
  - (д. отдохнуть глазам): I shut the book to rest my eyes;
  - (д. отдохнуть спине): I straightened to rest my back;
  - (д. отказ на заявление): before we make a decision to issue you a visa or refuse your application;
  - (д. отпор кому-л): I was too spineless to stand up to the boss;
  - (д. отпор фундаментализму): tapping country's potential will help fight off fundamentalism;
  - (отсрочку, ему дали о. от военной службы до окончания колледжа): his military service was deferred until he finishes college; - (передышку): смотри ниже;
  - (перерыв): we only allowed a three-minute break;
  - (печка давала тепло): the tiny stove afforded some heat;
  - (д. пинка сапогом кому-л в живот): G. booted him in the stomach;
  - (д. по тормозам, резко д. по тормозам): she screamed and slammed on the brakes;
  - (д. по уху): don't ask troublesome questions, or I'll give you a clip over the ear;
  - (д. по шапке / по шее, нам дали ): one of the reasons we took it on the chin infml with Vietnam is how the people got to see the war every night on Huntley-Brinkley;
  - (побеги, столбы дали побеги): the posts sprouted into saplings and became a thicket of trees;
  - (поблажку): he had been a successful litigator for 20 years, but he somehow managed to give the impression that this was his first trial, and he subtly appealed to the jury to cut him some slack;
  - (повод): he provided the pretext for the diplomatic procrastination;
  - (показания): смотри ниже;
  - (полномочия): I hereby authorize the co-ordinator as lawful attorney;
  - (помилование): last-minute pardons granted by Bill Clinton;
  - (д. понять): смотри ниже;
  - (потери): this method offers minimum losses;
  - (д, почитать дневник): would you let me read the diary over the weekend?;
  - (д. пощёчину кому-л): the teacher slapped the boy after losing his temper;
  - (пощёчину кому-л): he slapped Bob in the face;
  - (право): смотри ниже;
  - (представление о чём-л): смотри ниже;
  - (д. представления / спектакли с аншлагом): he played sold-out shows to loving audiences;
  - (преимущество, если вы свободно владеете двумя языками, это даёт вам огромное преимущество при получении работы): if you are bilingual that puts you at a huge advantage getting jobs here in Honolulu since we get such a huge influx of visitors from Japan;
  - (преимущество, следует спросить, какое преимущество это может д.): since this function can be performed by other technologies also, one must ask what charge-coupling has to offer;
  - (приём с коктейлями): she made a courtesy call to her father's palatial home, where he and his second wife were throwing a cocktail party;
  - (присягу): officials who had taken this oath;
  - (т.е. продукцию, компания даёт более половины добычи железной руды): this company is responsible for over half of Canadian iron ore output;
  - (т.е. продукцию, карьер даёт 800 тонн песка в день): the pit is turning out 800 tons of sand a day;
  - (проект даст значительную экономию): the project will produce a significant savings for Ukrainian imports of gas;
  - (развод): to grant divorce;
  - (разрешение): to grant a permission;
  - (разрешение на наружное наблюдение, т.е. слежку за кем-л): an authorisation for directed surveillance may be granted: when needed for a particular case, in the interests of national security, to prevent and detect crime or prevent disorder...;
  - (распоряжение кому-л): he directed his warriors to prepare for scouting expedition into the mountains;
  - (результат): смотри ниже;
  - (рекомендации): the Committee may make recommendations to the Council;
  - (д. роль кого-л кому-л): the teacher assigned me to play President J.;
  - (сбой): do not operate any appliance after the appliance malfunctions;
  - (свет, отражённый от взвешенных в воде частиц даёт сине-зелёный цвет): the glacier grinds up rock into the fine particles and the light reflected off the so-called rock flour suspended in the water produces the brilliant blue-green;
  - (д. свободу объекту полицейского наблюдения): ideally, the object of an observation was allowed the time and freedom possible, lulling him into a false sense of security;
  - (свисток, о спортивном судье): the umpire blew his whistle;
  - (д. сдачи в драке): to fight back;
  - (д. сдачи образно, т.е. в драке / споре): he rather respected the man who could strike back;
  - (д. сдачи, т.е. словесно): the ward is a popular addition amongst the woman of the prison, unfazed by any of them and verbally able to give as good as she gets;
  - (д. сдачу, т.е. деньги): He walked to the cashier and flung over a 5-euro note. She made a change and handed him a receipt;
  - (д. себе слово): I have promised myself that I will not be concerned about low I sink. If I feel calling names, I will do it. Throwing punches. Tossing food. There will be no point below which I will not descend.;
  - (д. себе труд): смотри ниже;
  - (д. себя провести кому-л): they won't be bluffed by a writer;
  - (сигнал тревоги): the alarm was sounded;
  - (сигнал тревоги): a plain crossed over the city, no alarm was sounded;
  - (д. скидку в размере 10% на заказы более $50000): orders over $50000 are discounted 10%;
  - (скидку): to allow / offer / grant a discount;
  - (слово): he pledged his word to a king who accepted it;
  - (слово, даю с.): "Do me one last errand." "My word on it.";
  - (д. слово кому-л): This is a briefing, not a press conference. I will be reading a statement of facts and then handing over to Professor J.;
  - (д. слово кому-л т.е. на ток-шоу, вам слово): over to you
  - (советы): the book offers practical advice to people with... problems;
  - (д. согласие на что-л): each patient who has agreed to donate embryos must be contacted and agree to the particular stem cell project;
  - (д. согласие на что-л): her father reluctantly consented to fml the marriage;
  - (средства к существованию): the fur trade provided a livelihood for many people;
  - (стипендию, т.е. принять решение о выдаче с-и): to award a scholarship;
  - (т.е. телефон, "Он хочет с тобой поговорить." "Дай его сюда"): "I think he wants to talk to you." "Put him on.";
  - (течь, о туфлях): my leak-proof shoes had sprung a leak;
  - (течь, о трубе): the pipe developed a leakage;
  - (ток): the generator is capable of delivering a welding current of 300 amps at 300 volts;
  - (ток): a transformer supplies / provides / delivers the current;
  - (толчок): смотри ниже;
  - (указание): to provide some general and practical guidelines in...;
  - (указание): he directed his Attorney General to bring suit against the company;
  - (урожай): crops that produce higher yields;
  - (д. урок верности шотландским кланам): it was a high time to teach the clans a lesson in loyalty;
  - (химикаты дали кислотную реакцию): solutions of salts formed from a weak base and a strong acid show / give an acidic reaction;
  - (художник дал новую интерпретацию религиозных тем): the rebellious painter offered a radically new interpretation of the most sacred themes;
  - (шанс кому-л): I've offered you a chance to be a cop and you blew it;
  - (эмбрионы дали стволовые клетки): only three out of 110 embryos yielded stem cells;
  - (яд, он или принял сам ими ему дали дозу яда): each either administered to himself or was administered, a massive dose of instantaneous poison
  давать возможность / дать возможность - taking time to rest provided an opportunity to see this majestic bird;
  - horror offers us a chance to exercise emotions which society demands we keep closely in hand;
  - I am interested in a legal position that will allow me an opportunity to bring added value to an organization while challenging my potential;
  - While in the Navy, we were told to keep communications brief as possible. This allowed others an opportunity to use the same communication system without tying it up.;
  - (женский колледж дал нам в. расправить крылья образно): ...the opportunity that a woman's college offered us to stretch our wings and minds in the ongoing journey toward self-definition and identity;
  - he'd be able to wait for reinforcements to give him a chance to fight a set-piece battle on his own terms at a place and time of his choosing;
  - (давая в. сделать встречное предложение): he put forward the proposal "for the consideration of Dr Kissinger" - in effect inviting a counterproposal;
  - (дай им только такую в.): most cats I have known love cheese and will eat huge quantities of it given half a chance;
  - (дай им только такую в.): kids gobble down sweets, given half a chance;
  - (д.в. Королевскому флоту защитить торговые перевозки): the purpose was to enable the Royal Navy to protect merchant shipping;
  - (д.в. Северному Вьетнаму опубликовать письмо опустив оговорку): it would enable Hanoi to publish the letter and to suppress the qualification;
  - (д.в. усвоить новые идеи): to enable Chinese to grasp foreign ideas better
  давать волю / дать волю - (воображению): to let one's imagination go wild;
  - (дай им только в.): most cats I have known love cheese and will eat huge quantities of it given half a chance;
  - (дай им только в.): kids gobble down sweets, given half a chance;
  - (д.в. своему раздражению): I find it all too easy to imagine some bumptious lordling clashing with a barely trained mage who lets his temper get the better of him;
  - (своим личным пристрастиям): Successful reform is often achieved when a leader is trying to consolidate his power. Then he is obliged to appeal to broad constituencies and pursue attractive policies. After he has consolidated power, he can indulge in his idiosyncrasies.
  давать / дать (т.е. время) - we allow you three days for this job;
  - we allow you sufficient time to prepare your application thoroughly;
  - the delay is necessary to allow small financial institutions more time to get back on their feet before the security blanket of full deposit protection is lifted;
  - (каждому докладчику даётся 5 минут): each speaker is allotted five minutes;
  - (д. объекту полицейского наблюдения достаточно времени и свободы, чтобы у него возникло ощущение свободы): ideally, the object of an observation was allowed the time and freedom possible, lulling him into a false sense of security
  давать / дать (т.е. деньги) - (д. в долг под 10%): the bank currently lends money at 10 percent interest;
  - (т.е. на благотворительность): many people would chip in a couple of dollars to help a charity with a good cause and help the Kids with Cancer foundation;
  - (т.е. на благотворительность, неохотно): to give money, often unwillingly: at least 200 people have been persuaded to ante up AmE infml big money for the charity event;
  - (т.е. на вечеринку вскладчину): They were planning an end-of-exams celebration. They asked him, "Do you want to chip in infml a couple of dollars?";
  - (т.е. на карманные расходы): my father allows me money for books;
  - (деньги на открытие счёта в банке): The mob opens a new business. They use a front man with no criminal record and an assumed name. The mob puts up money to open an account and establish credit. The racketeer's "nut" is used to make purchases that are quickly paid for. The company's credit goes up; so does the size of his orders. Soon, huge orders are pouring in the front door and sliding out the back, to be stored, peddled or bootlegged. By the time the creditors realize something is amiss, the "bust-out" has occurred. The company bank account is emptied out, so is the store, and the "entrepreneurs" are gone.
  давать / дать (не давать) - (верность ничего ему не дала): his loyalty to Russia availed him nothing;
  - (н.д. видеть людей в автомобиле): the windows of the car were coated with dark plastic, which denied the casual on-looker the sight of the p8eople inside;
  - (не дать кому-л сделать глупость): he wanted to say something to her to stop her from doing anything stupid;
  - (ничего не дать, нам ничего не даст откладывание заседания): we've got nothing to gain by delaying the meeting;
  - (ничего не дать): his arguments that he was becoming one of the most sought-after reporter-investigators in the country availed nothing in persuading her that a reporter's job was worthy of her only son;
  - (не д. покоя, призрак Гитлеровского райха не давал покоя немцам): Germans in the West, haunted by Hitler's Reich, have traditionally placed an extremely high priority on privacy;
  - (не д. посторонним приходить и уходить): it's preventing outsiders from coming and going;
  - (не д. противнику то, что он хочет): When in doubt, we will run away and deny the enemy what he wants;
  - (не д. противнику возможность): the General would have room to play a mobile war with his enemy, denying the Chinese a chance at decisive engagement, allowing a hard contact only when it served his advantage
  давать / дать (основание) - (для исследования): this possibility provides reason enough to investigate...;
  - (для беспокойства): the patient's condition is giving cause for concern;
  - (задолженность по налогам на недвижимость даёт основание на бессрочное наложение ареста / удержание имущества): any delinquency on real property taxes constitutes a perpetual lien against the property in favor of the county for all taxes, late charges and interest;
  - (надеяться): this gives promise that high power levels may be attained;
  - (ожидать): such a wavelength leads one / gives ground to expect that...
  - (ожидать): this causes us to anticipate that the importance of the laser will continue to escalate;
  - (д. основание предъявлять претензии): this advertisement shall not entitle potential companies to make any claims whatsoever;
  - (д. основание для судебного преследования за клевету): Тhe trial judge ordered the website to identify the forum user. Тhe M. Court of Appeals overturned that order. The basis for the decision was that he did not make any comments that were actionable in defamation.
  давать / дать (передышку) - I shut the book to rest my eyes;
  - I straightened to rest my back;
  - the world afforded no respite from America's responsibilities as the protector of the democracies;
  - I have in mind to let him have a bit of a breather
  давать показания / дать показания (т.е. о людях): смотри ниже;
  - (т.е. о приборе, д. завышенные / заниженные п.): the instrument overreads / underreads;
  - ( т.е. о приборе, д. устойчивые п.): the instrument gives consistent readings
  давать показания / дать показания (т.е. о людях) - Nixon asked Kissinger whether H. should testify;
  - now the dead of Grbavci are giving evidence;
  - the Administration asked for R. to give evidence at Dachau, where Americans were putting to trial other SS;
  - (в Конгрессе): he was subpoenaed to give evidence to Congress;
  - (в суде): to testify in court;
  - (на слушаниях Конгресса): between the time the department came into being in January 2003 and last month, senior officials testified before 300 congressional hearings;
  - (о поведении судьи): if the trial is held in an open courtroom, pack the place with people you know who you can rely upon to testify regarding the judge's demeanor should you appeal based upon judicial misconduct;
  - (д. письменные п. под присягой): to depose;
  - (по делам об убийстве): he has testified as a forensic pathologist in homicide cases throughout the United States;
  - (под присягой): to give a sworn statement
  давать понять / дать понять - he let it to be known that he was considering sending the army;
  - he made it clear that the Times was his chief source of information;
  - (д.п. достаточно ясно): he made it pretty plain;
  - (журналистам дали п., что...): during the breakfast each pressman was given to understand in oblique terms that the change of policy stemmed from brutal pressure from Washington;
  - (недвусмысленно д.п.): Clinton sent an explicit signal that removing the fuel rods (from the North Korean nuclear reactor) would cross a "red line";
  - (Олбрайт дала п., что США понимают, до какого отчаяния довела арабов тактика Израиля на переговорах): Albright's message was meant to acknowledge Arab despair over Israel negotiating tactics;
  - (д.п., что США обязуются быть добрым соседом): he sent an unmistakable message that the United States was committed to being a good neighbor;
  - ( д.п., что я возмущён): I want to sound bored. I want to sound petulant. I came here to make my anger plain.;
  - (...при этом ясно давая мужчинам п., что...): she is a sharp and sassy "babe with balls" who dresses to kill in her designer gear, whilst making it crystal clear to men that what they see, isn't necessarily what they can get
  давать право / дать право - (д.п. жертвам на компенсацию): the new law will entitle only 30% of victims to compensation;
  - (закон об отпуске по усыновлению даёт приёмной матери или одинокому мужчине-усыновителю п. на 20 недель отпуска по усыновлению): The Adoptive Leave Act entitles an adopting mother or a sole male adopter to 20 weeks adoptive leave.;
  - (д.п. на звание участника боевых действий): specific locations that have been designated as theaters of combat or areas subject to hostilities qualifying for combat veteran status are provided in Attachment A;
  - (д.п. на налоговые льготы): gifts to overseas institutions usually aren't eligible for tax deductions;
  - (на пенсию, должность даёт п. на пенсию): this post is pensionable;
  - (д.п. на привилегии): he felt that family background entitled him to special privileges;
  - (д.п. полиции обыскивать дома): the new law empowered the police to search private houses;
  - (право собственности на клетки ткани мистера Б. не даёт компании Биотех права брать эти клетки ни у какого человека): I have ruled that Bio Tech ownership of Mr B.'s cells does not entitle them to take those cells from any individual, living or dead;
  - (д.п. президенту тратить...): a condition for granting the President temporary authority to spend...;
  - (сведения о том, что даёт п. на пенсионную программу): the benefits of these pension schemes are broadly similar and details of eligibility will be provided;
  - (д.п. стране на проход по перешейку): Panama granted the USA the long-sought right of way across the Isthmus
  давать представление / дать представление (о чём-л) - this example gives you some insight into the way in which climate influences...;
  - analysis of these terms provides insight into the nature of the bond itself;
  - to give the flavour of this research I shall describe three experiments;
  - to give you an idea of how good an approximation this is,...
  давать результат / дать результат - (анализ на вирус дал положительный р.): he was tested positive for the virus;
  - (исследование не даёт р-ов): the research yields no result;
  - (конференция дала ощутимые р-ы): the conference produced no tangible results;
  - (метод даёт лучшие р-ты): this method gives / produces / yields better results;
  - (д. менее удовлетворительные результаты): greases and solids perform less satisfactorily at lower temperatures;
  - (чтобы контурные борозды дали р., нужно, чтобы они...): for countour furrows to be effective they must follow the contour of the land;
  - The smith begins the laborious process of hammering out and folding the block back on itself. The process yields two important results. First, impurities are worked out of the steel and the carbon content is homogenized throughout the metal...
  давать себе труд / дать себе труд - (д.с.т. выращивать что-л в пищу): we never bothered to grow food-supplies;
  - (голосовать): they might have voted, but they were too indifferent to take the trouble;
  - (не давая с.т. выпустить пузырьки воздуха из шприца): he filled the syringe, not bothering to tap out the bubbles, because the purpose of the injection was to kill, and any special care was superfluous;
  - (не давая с.т. понизить голос): "What an amazing prediction!" she said, not troubling to keep her voice low;
  - (не давая с.т. спросить его): you could tell what he would say without the bother of asking him;
  - (д.с.т. подсчитать, сколько раз он рассказывал небылицы): have you ever bothered to tot up the number of cock-and-bull stories he has come out with?;
  - (д.с.т. прочесть книгу): am I the only person who's ever bothered to read that book?;
  - he went to the trouble of researching the historical characters depicted in the novel;
  - we have totally befuddled our enemies so often that one wondered why they even bothered employing intelligence officers, they had been snookered so frequently
  давать толчок / дать толчок - (единой валюте): Germany's plans to end its tax on domestic equity disposals will boost the single currency;
  - (заболеванию): epilepsy was triggered by a smallpox vaccination;
  - (росту цен): this has given share prices a big boost;
  - (тотальной войне): a single nuclear bomb dropped upon a Soviet city could trigger an all-out war
  даваться / даться - (в книге даётся подробный обзор областей): the book provides a thorough overview of the most important areas;
  - (в книге даётся математическое описание теории): the book gives a mathematical account of the theory of...;
  - (им легче давались языки и пение, чем ремёсла): they had more skill in language and song than in handicrafts;
  - (на автомобили даётся годовая гарантия): our cars carry a twelve-month guarantee;
  - (поездка далась ей тяжелее, чем мне): the trip was harder on Mother than on me;
  - (сильное напряжение далось ему гораздо труднее, чем раньше): violent exertion cost him much more than formerly;
  - (тяжело, мир в Боснии дался тяжело): the Bosnian peace plan was hard-won and its particulars contained bitter pills for both sides
  давить (т.е. настаивать образно) - Sometimes partners, family and friends can be overbearing. Thank them for caring but explain that there are some things that are easier to do on your own.;
  - (он давил на неё, чтобы она продала акции по сильно заниженной цене): he "intimidated" her into selling shares well below their true worth;
  - (т.е. настойчиво расспрашивать): I just shrugged and said, "News to me, old boy." Not pushing, you see. Mustn't be pushy, ever. Scares them off.;
  - смотри не давить;
  - смотри файл DVIJENIE
  давление - (Вашингтона, т.е. политическое): during the breakfast each pressman was given to understand in oblique terms that the change of policy stemmed from brutal pressure from Washington;
  - (донное д., в механике): base pressure; - (т.е. крови): What is normal arterial blood pressure?;
  - (крови): blood pressure is the pressure of circulating blood on the walls of blood vessels;
  - (на администрацию президента): the end of war reduced the fervid pressures against the Administration to make concessions to Hanoi;
  - (общественности): reluctantly the military authorities gave in to public pressure;
  - (оказание д-я на свидетеля язляется основанием для возражения): badgering a witness is grounds for objection;
  - (оказывать / оказывать д., т.е. психологическое): смотри ниже;
  - (отбора): a cultivated crop species that has evolved from wild populations due to selective pressures from traditional farmers is called a landrace;
  - (поддаться д-ю со стороны прессы): we needed to distinguish between holding our ground when we were in the right and giving in to political expediency and pressure from the press;
  - (д. родителей на суд образно): ...amid a frenetic legal offensive by her parents
  давление (оказать / оказывать д., т.е. психологическое) - (губернатор оказал д. на налогового чиновника с целью получения льготы по налогу на доход от недвимого имущества): the Republican Governor pressured a local assessor to get an unwarranted property tax break;
  - (на свидетелей, т.е. по уголовному делу): it is necessary to prevent the arrestee absconding, committing further crimes, or hindering the course of justice by, for example, interfering with witnesses or disposing of stolen property or of evidence.;
  - (на свидетеля): objection sustained, do not badger the witness;
  - (чтобы оказать д. на тех, кто по его мнению что-то скрывают): That detective is contemptuous of the media, but at the same time he'll use us to float stories about imminent arrests, just to squeeze infml people he thinks are hiding something.;
  - (ядерные державы оказывают д. на Иран): the five recognized nuclear weapons states are putting pressure on Tehran to scale back its uranium enrichment program
  давненько - (д. мы не ели вволю): it seems a long while since we could eat to heart's content;
  - (д. тебя не было видно): "You've been ages." "Met a few people.";
  - (д. я их не видел): it's been awhile since I last saw them and it was good to visit with them again;
  - (д. я не бухал / не выпивал): it's been a while since I've had any booze
  давний / давнишний - (враг): the Indians were long-standing enemies of the French;
  - (времена): the tale tells that in times long past there was a dwelling of men beside a great wood;
  - (договорённость): four weeks of nothing, and suddenly a whole bunch of friends was standing matter-of-factly in the house as though this were a long-standing arrangement;
  - (друг): a long-time friend;
  - (интересы): long-standing interests;
  - (клиенты): their longest-standing clients;
  - (конфликт): the settlement of a long-standing conflict;
  - (скандал с обвинением в изнасиловании): His chequered past, his question marks over his business dealings, nothing seemed to matter. Not even the distant scandal of a rape allegation.;
  - (союз): we are working to enhance our long-standing alliance with Thailand;
  - (спор): long-standing dispute;
  - (традиция): Australia has a long tradition of country music;
  - (традиция): coffee is a long-standing Turkish tradition;
  - (д-яя традиция группы Родсовских стипендиатов, т.е. ехать из США в Англию на корабле): it was a long-standing tradition for the Rhodes group to sail together so that they could get acquainted
  давно - scientists have long suspected that...;
  - programs long plagued by fraud and mismanagement, including student aid and public housing;
  - the Western Allies had long conceded that in matters of jurisprudence the West Berlin authorities should handle all criminal and civil offences other than those falling within the ambit of the purely military laws of the Western Allies;
  - an additive that was used in bacteriological weapons long ago;
  - the property had long since been sold;
  - any expectations he had had that their letters would bring him news had long since been dashed;
  - the old quarter, long since demolished to make way for the new highroad;
  - (довольно д.): "When was the last time he came up with that problem, then, sir?" "Oh, way back.";
  - (довольно д., он ушёл довольно д.): he's been gone quite a while;
  - (д. забытое прошлое): the interest aroused by this murder is a thing past and forgotten;
  - (д. задуманный план): after his electoral victory he fulfilled his long-standing plan;
  - (д. занимавший должность, т.е. в Сенате США): After stepping down from Bain Capital and his local leadership role in the LDS Church, Romney ran as the Republican candidate in the 1994 Massachusetts election for U.S. Senate. Upon losing to longtime incumbent Ted Kennedy, he resumed his position at Bain Capital.;
  - (д. знакомы): I've known him since school so we go back a long way infml;
  - (к тому времени вода уже д. кипела): the waters had been bubbling for a long while by then;
  - (как д. вы на этой должности?): you've been in this post how long, exactly?
  - (меня удивило, что он помнит то, что было так д.): I was surprised that he remembered that far back;
  - (д. минувшие времена): the tale tells that in times long past there was a dwelling of me beside a great wood;
  - (д. на пенсии): at an age when his peers are long into retirement, he has thrown himself into work around five surgeries;
  - (д. не, меня д. так не называют): it has been long since anyone called me that;
  - (д. не, он д. не получал от меня вестей): it's been a while since he heard from me;
  - (д. не виделись): I haven't seen you for ages / long time no see infml;
  - (о чём д. известно учёным): the human brain is as malleable as a lump of wet clay not only in infancy, as scientists have long known, but well into old age;
  - (он д. ждал этого момента): for him, this moment had been a long-time in coming;
  - (он д. утратил чувствительность в пальцах ног): his breath clouded and he had long since lost the feeling in his toes;
  - (он очень д. занимается антиквариатом): he has been in the Antique business for a very long time with an excellent reputation in the Trade;
  - (д. подозреваемое похищение): the revelation of the long-suspected kidnapping could pressure Seoul to act;
  - (д. пора): смотри ниже;
  - (д. просроченный долг): the Dominican Republic owed long-overdue debts to several countries;
  - (д. прошедшие дни): those long-distant days are not easy to re-create;
  - (д. прошли те дни / прошло то время, когда меня можно было вывести из себя оскорблениями): I am long past the days when cheap insults enraged me;
  - (судя по запаху, конюшни д. не чистили): the stables had not been mucked out in a long while, from the smell of them;
  - (ты так д. следишь за...): you've been watching this drama playing out for so long;
  - (умерший): long-dead tsars;
  - (д. установившийся образ жизни): the war that had disrupted long-established ways of living;
  - (д. утерянный): long-lost document;
  - (эти дни д. прошли): the balmy days of June were long gone;
  - (я д. отказался от мечты о...): I had long since given up my dream of that voyage
  давно пора - (ей д.п. было вернуться): it was long past time for her to go back;
  - (ей д.п. было красить волосы): she definitely was overdue for a dye job; the dark roots of her hair were popping out.;
  - (нам д.п. поесть): it is long past time I had something to eat;
  - it is long past time to reduce the addictive nature of cigarettes and curtail the marketing of these products to young people;
  - stopping gun violence is everyone's job, and it's past time to get started;
  - Unions certainly provide opportunities for women and minorities. It is long past time to enact real financial penalties against those employers who illegally fire or retaliate against workers during an organizing campaign. It is long past time to allow employees to decide if they want to use majority sign-up to organize.;
  - (д.п. принести извинения): Maher Arar suffered torture because of the actions of U.S. officials. An apology is long overdue. Maher Arar, a Canadian citizen, was travelling home to Canada from visiting relatives in Tunisia in 2002. While changing planes at New York City's JFK airport, he was detained by U.S. authorities and then transferred secretly to Syria, where he was held for a year and tortured.;
  - (ремонт дороги д.п. было закончить): the road reconstruction is almost done, but none too soon;
  - (эти усовершенствования д.п. было сделать): The Housing Authority announced Monday that it is rolling out its biggest-ever set of upgrades. The $33.6 million retrofit program will boost energy efficiency in more than 40 high-rise buildings and 700 single-family houses across the city. The improvements come none too soon.
  давность - (в судебном деле такой большой д-ти): lawyers on both sides faced a heavy burden in trying a case so old;
  - (дата шестилетней д-ти): in spidery writing was written a date of some six years previously;
  - (двигатели полувековой д-ти): the fishing trawler had cruised some 40 kilometers downriver, its half-century-old engines clanking and wheezing;
  - (документы двадцатилетней д-ти): documents nearly 20 years old showing youthful, emotionless faces;
  - (задачи многовековой д-ти): mathematicians continue to solve centuries-old problems;
  - (моды десятилетней д-ти): the window displays consisted of a few chipped dummies, modeling fashions ten years out of date;
  - (сделанные по чертежам двухсотлетней д-и): strapped tightly on the face of the fighters are black steel goggles, modeled on 200-year-old designs;
  - (срок д-ти): the law, here and elsewhere, abrogates all prescription that would apply to such crimes
  даже - (в замешательстве и д. смущён оттого, что так поддался страху): he was disconcerted if not embarrassed to be so enthralled by fear;
  - (её однокашники не смогли найти д. этого / д. такую работу): One day a week fitting bras on plus-sized ladies is considered better-than-average work these days for an Irishwoman with an advanced degree and work experience; most of her fellow graduates can't even find that much;
  - (д. если вы правы,...): granting that you are correct, you may find it hard to prove your point;
  - (задача простая, д. совсем лёгкая): in practical terms, the task is straightforward, if not entirely easy;
  - (мы д. подтереться не можем бе письменного согласия комиссии в столице ирония): we can't so mach as wipe our arses without prior consent in writing from the Committee in Berlin;
  - (мясо было д. приятным на вкус и сильно отдавало дичью): the meat wasn't unpleasant with a rich gamey taste;
  - (д. небольшое количество имеющегося света): the gigantic retina of a barn owl's eye can concentrate what little light there is and see a moving mouse where a human eye would detect nothing;
  - (д. ненадолго): no nation could be permitted to be preemptive, however fleetingly, over the combination of forces that could be arrayed against it;
  - (он д. не мог собраться с силами, чтобы встать): he could not even summon the energy to get up and turn on his bedroom light;
  - (он д. сказал бы...): The staple of your private banker's life was not cash. It wasn't bull markets, bear markets, hedge funds or derivatives. It was cock-up. It was the persistent, he would go so far as to say the permanent sound of excrement hitting your proverbial fan. So if you didn't happen to like living in a state of unremitting siege, the odds were that private banking wasn't for you.;
  - (она казалась непритязательной, неприметной, д. некрасивой): she looked so unassuming, unremarkable to the point of plainness in her dove-gray dress;
  - (д. предупреждения они не получили): not so much as a warning was received;
  - (д. при слабом свете): even by the feeble light of the torch, he could see that a great change had come over her;
  - (свести к минимуму и д. отменить): Hanoi's preoccupation was to reduce the participation of the Secretary-General of the United Nations to a minimum, if not eliminate him altogether;
  - (д. сказала "..."?): went so far as to say "sparkling", didn't she?;
  - (д. слишком): "Was that woman to your satisfaction, my lord?" "Almost too much so," admitted he.;
  - (д. слишком / чересчур): he's very enthusiastic, a little overenthusiastic if truth be told;
  - (средство достижения цели было в пределах досягаемости, даже в руках): the wherewithal was within his reach if not quite within his hand
  даже если - I'm going to the party even if it rains;
  - granted that he should send the money, it doesn't mean that he will
  даже не - (велосипедист меня сбил и уехал, д.н. вызвав скорую помощь): a cyclist cut me off and rode off without so much as a call to an ambulance;
  - (д.н. годы, а дни, пробыв в должности д.н. годы, а дни, он немедленно въехал в служебный особняк): though his term of office was measured in days rather than years, he immediately moved into the executive mansion;
  - (д.н. годы, а дни, системы разделения изотопов, эффективно и с большой скоростью обогащающие уран, давая расщепляющийся материал в достаточном количестве для изготовления бомб д.н. за г., а за д.): isotope separation systems that enrich uranium efficiently, at great speed, giving enough fissile material to make bombs in days rather than years;
  - (он стукнул кулаком по двери, а она д.н. дёрнуласъ): he slammed a fist against the door and it did not so much as jump;
  - (она д.н. взглянула на него): he helped the queen up the steps, but she never so much as looked at him;
  - (она выскочила, д.н. попрощавшись): she stormed out without so much as a goodbye;
  - (они просто помеха на мировой арене): They are not powerful enemies, after all. They are scarcely even a nuisance on the world stage.;
  - (д.н. попрощавшись): without so much as a goodbye, she was gone;
  - (д.н. спросив разрешения): she left in the dead of the night, without so much as a by-your-leave
  даже тогда - even as late as this, the 12-hour day prevailed in the steel industry
  далее - (д. в программе): our special report about the Presidential election is up next;
  - (д. везде): in all that follows the value of... will be specified by...;
  - (здесь и д., т.е. в тексте): here and below, it is not strictly required for...;
  - (д. он сказал): he went on to say that on his third visit...;
  - (указанные д. критерии): proposals following the criteria hereinafter indicated
  далеко - (в море): his boat was far out at sea;
  - (в море): tankers berthed at "sea islands":, networks of pipes on stilts, well out to sea, from which their oil could be pumped ashore;
  - (д. вглубь территории): our armored spearhead is deep within enemy territory;
  - (дело зашло слишком д., т.е. об общественных беспорядках): things were too far out of kilter to be righted by the power of his words;
  - (до Бразилии д.): Brazil is a long way off;
  - (до вокзала д.): it's a long way to the station;
  - (до вокзала довольно / очень / страшно д.): it's quite / very / awfully far to the station;
  - (т.е. до выборов): this week is the second anniversary of his winnning the Conservative leadership, and even if there is a long way to Number 10 (in Downing street), it is worth remembering the scale of his achievement in getting his party this far;
  - (до осуществления идеи ещё д.): the implementation of this idea is still a long way off;
  - (до торжества искусственного интеллекта ещё д.): the march of artificial intelligence is a long way off;
  - (до этого ещё д.): there is still a long way to go before it happens
  - (довольно д. от судна): there was (at the radar screen) a score of blips, some stationary, some moving, but all well away from the ship;
  - (д. друг от друга, прутья решётки ливнестока расположены достаточно д. друг от друга, что позволяет мелким предметам падать сквозь решётку): while sewer grates covering the vertical pipes prevent large objects from falling into the sewer system, the grates are spaced far enough apart that many small objects can fall through;
  - (ему, т.е. кинорежиссёру, д. до динамичности первого фильма): As if to make up for the violence in his Sin City, R. brings out his second film of the year, the family-friendly adventure. ...But R. is a long way off from the energy of the original film.;
  - (д. за океаном): he dreamed of the places the ships must visit, far away across the western ocean;
  - (за пределами, танцы были д.з.п. моих способностей): dancing was glaringly outside my range of abilities;
  - (забросить меч д. в озеро): the knight cast the sword far out into the lake;
  - (зайти, как д. это зашло?): how far had it progressed?;
  - (зайти, мы зашли слишком д.): we're carrying the things too far;
  - (зайти, расследование зашло слишком д., чтобы начать его сначала): the editorial stopped short of calling for Starr's resignation as Independent Counsel, arguing - nonsensically, I thought - that his possibly tainted investigation was "too far along to start over";
  - (д. заполночь): I stayed up until well past midnight watching the election returns in Israel;
  - (д. идущие планы / последствия): far-reaching plans / effects;
  - (д. идущие последствия): globalization has had far-reaching economic and political consequences;
  - (Китай зашёл слишком д. с испытаниями ракет): China had gone too far with the missile tests;
  - (когда он д.): making my way between giant ravines at the lookout over Bow Lake, I realized that a glacier is at its prettiest when it is far away;
  - (им ещё д. до цели): the Chinese have a long way to go to their objectives;
  - (д. ли до вокзала?): how far is it to the station?;
  - (мысли были д.): the man sensed that her attention was elsewhere and assumed it was out of grief for the dead President;
  - (мяч пролетел д. от ворот): M. had a great opportunity to tie the match in the 85th minute when junior R. got a hold of a loose ball. His shot went wide off the mark.;
  - (д. на севере): faraway to the north, in the General Hospital of Bremen;
  - (нам до этого д.): we are a long way from that;
  - (от действительности / от истины, моё первое предположение было д. от действительности / д. от истины): my first guess wasn't even in the ballpark infml;
  - (от многолюдных квартир в Нью Йорке): he lives in a mansion in Beverly Hills, a far cry from the crowded apartments of New York City;
  - (д. пойдёт, т.е. добьётся высокого положения): good kid, going places AmE if he stays in;
  - (посёлок лежал д. в стороне от крупных водных путей): the settlement lay well off the major shipping routes;
  - (удерживать пролитую нефть д. от берега): inflatable booms to try to hold the vented oil away from the cost until the chemicals could do their work;
  - (услышать д. в ночи): they heard, far off in the night the sound of horses whinnying and neighing;
  - a distant country, as far away as it is possible to be on the globe
  далеко не - (враг д.н. сломлен): the enemy has by no means not been smashed;
  - (д.н. все): some, though by no means all, made fortunes;
  - (д.н. доказано): this affair is overblown, it is far from proven;
  - (д.н. жадный спекулянт): the company, far from being a rapacious profiteer, may never even earn a profit;
  - (он д.н. такой умный, как брат): he isn't anything like as clever as his brother;
  - (они моются д.н. так часто, как японцы): the Chinese didn't bathe as diligently as Californians did, and nowhere nearly as regularly as the Japanese;
  - (расположения месторождения д.н. идеально): the deposit appears to be highly variable and the location is far from ideal;
  - (д.н. так обстояло дело с чем-л): the war is over, but this is far from being the case with the revolution;
  - (д.н. такая хорошая, как ты): she's nowhere near as good as you are;
  - (ты не всё рассказал, д.н. всё): you have not told me all, no indeed, not by a long way;
  - (это д.н. кончено, у нас ещё есть шансы на победу): it's not over yet, not by a long chalk infml / not by a long shot, we still have a very good chance of winning
  далёк - (от истины, фильм был не так уж д. от истины): DNA sequencing: Jurassic Park was not so wide of the mark. In Michael Crichton's book, Jurassic Park, scientists collected the DNA of dinosaurs from mosquitoes trapped in amber more than 65m years ago. The idea sounded plausible until researchers pointed out that DNA simply cannot exist intact for such lengths of time. In 2010, a team led by S.P., at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Germany, revealed it had sequenced the entire genome of a Neanderthal based on three specimens at least 38,000 years old.;
  - (от истины): science is experience classified and recorded, but its theory is what men think about it, which may be as wide of the truth as Ptolemy's doctrine of the immobility of the earth
  - (д. от мысли, в то время я была д. от мысли о сознательном служении пролетариату): at that time, the idea of a conscious commitment to serve the proletariat was the farthest thing from my mind;
  - (д. от мысли, я был д. от мысли стать бухгалтером): when I entered college, the farthest thing from my mind was becoming an accountant, plus I did not really even know what a CPA was
  далёкий - (будущее): in the distant future;
  - (буря): to prepare to far-off storm;
  - (в то далёкое время): his wife became involved with another man and he divorced her, a rare occurrence in Arkansas that long ago;
  - (воспоминание): now it was a distant memory;
  - (горы): remote mountains;
  - (гром): the roar of running water had dimmed to a far-off thunder;
  - (гул автомобилей): the distant grumble of cars;
  - (дни): those long-distant days are not easy to re-create;
  - (долина): a remote valley;
  - (застава империи): in the far-off outposts of the empire;
  - (казаться д-им): all the chuckles over the beer during the nights after training sessions seemed a distant thing now;
  - (колонии): distant colonies;
  - (крик совы): I could hear the far-off hoot of an owl;
  - (о выражении лица): his face remained distant and brooding;
  - (остров): a remote island;
  - (от действительности): he dismissed as "far-fetched" press reports that the United States had offered troops to patrol the line of control;
  - (от действительности): the fantasy wasn't so far-fetched;
  - (от действительности / истины, моё первое предположение было далеко от действительности / от истины): my first guess wasn't even in the ballpark infml;
  - (от жизни): how did this far-out stuff get so mainstream?;
  - (от истины): perhaps the rumors were not so far-fetched as he had thought;
  - (раскаты грома): he heard a distant rumble of thunder;
  - (скрип деревьев): the distant creaking of the trees;
  - (сон): a distant dream;
  - (страна): settlers from far-off Germany;
  - (страна): in a far off land, known for its luscious crops of four-leaf clovers and potatoes, a wealthy leprechaun...;
  - (страна): a distant country, as far away as it is possible to be on the globe;
  - (топот копыт): he could hear the distant beat of galloping hoofs;
  - (усадьбы): messengers had ridden to the outlying steadings;
  - (утёсы): the tracks ringed those far-off cliffs;
  - (холмы): the Lord of the City had beacons built on the tops of outlying hills along both borders of the great range and maintained posts at theses points where fresh horses were always in readiness to bear his errand-riders to Rohan in the North or to Belfalas in the South;
  - (храп): the silence was broken only by the distant gruntling snores of his cousin
  дальнейший - (действия): to decide which further action they will take;
  - (действия): he reported the matter to the police, who, being somewhat short-handed at the time, took no further action;
  - (изложение): this section is central to much of the later development;
  - (информация): can you give me any further information?;
  - (провести д-ее собеседование): to conduct a follow-up interview;
  - (развитие событий): later developments have brought some new ideas to the fore;
  - (разъяснения): further clarification from lawmakers and authorities regarding... is expected in coming weeks;
  - (расспросы): he is trying t??o ward off more questions;
  - (расспросы): trying to deflect more questions he asked her about her friend;
  - (ухудшение качества воды): avoidance of further degradation of actual water quality
  дальний - (автобус д-его следования): greyhound;
  - (вход): I was assigned to the rooms on the left side of the second floor at the far entrance;
  - (долина): remote valley;
  - (замысел шахматиста): chess computers don't understand long-term ideas;
  - (застава империи): in the far-off outposts of the empire;
  - (комната): he rented the backmost room on the second floor;
  - (конец улицы): at the far end of street;
  - (корабль д-его плавания): seagoing ship;
  - (местность): summer holidays in beautiful out-of-the-way settings;
  - (д-яя от моря часть города): close up, the city is grubby and chipped, especially on the landward side;
  - (перевозки, т.е. железнодорожные): railroad officials bid against each other for long haul shipments;
  - (перевозки, т.е. железнодорожные): long haul shipments between 2 distant cities served by two lines;
  - (д-ие районы штата): the massacre of white settlers in the outlying regions of Virginia;
  - (д. рейс, т.е. грузовика): on a long haul trip, semi truck drivers often cannot find a place to use certain appliances such as a laptop recharger or electric razor;
  - (рейс, т.е. самолёта): international and internal long-distance flights;
  - (рейсы): British Airways will start long-haul and short-haul flights (after the strike of baggage handlers);
  - (родственник): смотри ниже;
  - (северные окраины столицы): in the extreme northern outskirts of the capital;
  - (стена): there was a long table with eight chairs ranged close to the far wall;
  - (т.е. страна): settlers from far-off Germany;
  - (страна): a distant country, as far away as it is possible to be on the globe;
  - (угол): he had been lurking unnoticed in the far corner of the Hall;
  - (уголки мира): in remote corners of the world;
  - (д. удар футболиста): his meaty long-range shot struck the post;
  - (усадьбы): messengers had ridden to the outlying steadings;
  - (цель): short- and long-term goals;
  - (цель): the United States had no illusions about Hanoi's long-range goal of subjugating all of Indochina
  дальний (родственник) - a distant relation / cousin;
  - a distant relative of C.;
  - ("Вы не родственник лорду М.?" "Д."): "Are you kin to lord M.?" "Distantly.";
  - priority (of the system of inheritance) is determined by degree, within each class the relative nearer in degree to the deceased excluding the more remote;
  - (родственники): I have ruled that Bio Tech ownership of Mr B.'s cells does not entitle them to take those cells from any individual, living or dead. Certainly, the cells cannot be taken from members of his immediate or extended family.
  дальновидно - (было бы д. согласиться, антоним - impolitic): it would be politic to agree with him;
  - (действовать д.): I call on the parties and all stakeholders to act with determination, responsibility and vision;
  - (действовать д.): we must act with circumspection and with foresight;
  - (отцы-основатели города д. запретили застройку 29-мильной прибрежной зоны, т.е. озера Мичиган): Chicago's forefathers had the foresight to keep the city's 29 miles of lakefront free and clear of development;
  - he shrewdly insisted that the films he appeared in be filmed in color and that the rights to the films revert to him after several years, making him wealthy when he rented them to television
  дальновидность - (в нём здравый смысл сочетается с д-ю): he unites common sense with vision;
  - a senior diplomat of great sagacity;
  - Mohammed's farsightedness as a statesman is manifest in the policies he next adopted;
  - because of his foresight, that Monday proceeded in a reasonably well-ordered way instead of being the chaos that one might have expected
  дальновидный - (Бог): for this powerful but insensible fate the Qur"an substituted a powerful but provident and merciful God;
  - (инвестиции): astute investments;
  - (лидер): he is a visionary leader;
  - (политика): large goals required farsighted policies;
  - (руководство): forward-looking leadership;
  - (ход председателя): a forward-looking move by the chairman;
  - (человек): a forward-looking man
  дальнодействие - (лазера): to increase the range of the laser;
  - (т.е. системы обнаружения): acceptance range
  дальность - (т.е. захвата цели): acceptance range;
  - (камера автоматически отрегулировала д.): the camera automatically adjusted range and focus for maximum definition;
  - (д. полёта летательного аппарата): aerial refueling allows to extend the range of aircraft;
  - (ракета средней д-ти): a medium-range missile;
  - (снаряды повышенной д-и): the new gun with his extended range shells would outgun any artillery in the entire Communist arsenal;
  - (установить максимальную д. полёта): the aircraft closed down two engines and reduced power to maximum endurance setting on the other two
  дальше - (а д. стоит корабль): beyond, its masts reaching toward the sky, lies the ship;
  - (видеть д.): if I have seen farther it was by standing on the shoulders of giants;
  - (вспомнить, что было д. в книге): he could not remember what came next;
  - (двигаться д., т.е. в карьере образно): eventually, even the most dedicated manager will decide it is time to move on and will seek another job with another company;
  - (двигаться д., т.е. о науке образно): when a theory is disproved science moves on;
  - (друг от друга): the wheels are spaced 20% farther apart than those of...;
  - (если так пойдёт и д., т.е. если так будет продолжаться): if that keeps up the lake's going to overflow;
  - (если ты и д. будешь продолжать...): if you go on like this, none of the best people will have you for a doctor;
  - (если ты и д. будешь прогуливать): you'll fail all your exams if you carry on truanting;
  - (ехать д.): while she spoke, she signalled to the dwarf to drive on;
  - (и д., они в основном согласны, что евро будет и д. обесцениваться): they largely agree that the euro will depreciate further;
  - (идти д.): смотри ниже;
  - (как жить д.? ): he needed her advice on how to conduct his future life;
  - (мчаться д. и д.): he rushes on and on, threading his way with perfect skill between tree trunks;
  - (на один ряд д., т.е. сзади): one row back were the first three empty ballast tanks;
  - (находиться д.): our house is a bit further along the road;
  - (не видеть д. своего носа образно): The pepper pot is right there on the table in front of you. What's wrong with you? Can't you see beyond the end of your nose?;
  - (не видеть д. своего носа образно): Anybody except you with any sense can see that your plan will not work. Your problem is that you cannot see past the end of your nose.;
  - (не читайте д.): This is an original work of adult literature. If you are under 18 years of age, read no further.;
  - (д. некуда разг, популярность президента упала д. некуда): the President's popularity has bottomed out;
  - (немного д. он увидел): a short way farther on, he saw...;
  - (послать д.): the card was examined by the KGB postal detail at Moscow's airport, assumed to be from a Russian to a Ukrainian cousin, both living and working inside the USSR and sent on;
  - (слышно за 10 миль и д.): the explosion could be heard ten miles away, and even farther afield / away;
  - (чем д. он шёл): the farther he walked, the smaller and less imposing the buildings became;
  - (что делать д. / как быть д.): смотри ниже;
  - they pushed the boat farther into the water
  дальше (идти д.): - I'm too tired to walk any further;
  - he walked on, hardly aware of the route he was taking;
  - he walked on, feeling quite elated;
  - let's not walk any farther;
  - (информация не пойдёт д. присутствующих): it goes without saying that this news does not pass outside those present in this room;
  - (идти д., т.е. о науке образно): when a theory is disproved science moves on;
  - (пойти д. образно): what would you think if America took it further and went into Iraq?;
  - (последствия идут намного д.): the consequences of global warning will go way beyond heat-related deaths and fires each summer
  дальше (что делать д. / как быть д.)- (не знать, что делать д.): he felt uncertain how to proceed;
  - (не знать, что делать д. / как быть д.): he felt uncertain how to proceed;
  - (сообразить, что делать д.): he tried to figure out his next move;
  - (что делать д.?): what's the next thing we have to do?;
  - (что бы будем делать д.): to predict what we are going to do next
  дама - ladies and gentlemen;
  - (т.е. на вечер в ресторане): his lady for the evening, certainly not a wife, fit in superbly with the decor;
  - a portrait of a lady
  данные - I can't tell you the results of the survey until I have looked at the data;
  - (баланса): to provide detailed balance sheet figures;
  - (т.е. доказательства): the existence of these systems has been suggested on evidence derived from...;
  - (д. жениха / невесты, т.е. в свидетельстве о браке): bridegroom's / bride's particulars;
  - (д. и информация): Data become information when they are processed. To process data one needs to (1) clean the data from errors and reduce sources of unreliability, (2) analyze data to make it relevant to decision at hand, and (3) organize data in ways that help understanding.;
  - (компьютера): we use a keyboard to input the data;
  - (лабораторные): models can be validated using laboratory and field experimental data;
  - (направляем вам д. по несчастным случаям за неделю): on behalf of M.A., find attached the weekly safety update for week 34, 2006;
  - (д. об объёме продаж): sales figures;
  - (объявить официальные д. о явке на выборы): official figures of the turnout will be announced;
  - (официальные): the official figures considerably understated losses;
  - (паспортные): he will take a blank passport and fill in the personal details;
  - (полученные): in the early 20th century, plant breeders realized that Mendel's findings on the non-random nature of inheritance could be applied to seedling populations produced through deliberate pollinations to predict the frequencies of different types;
  - (полученные, т.е. с помощью систем навигации): three separate navigational systems correlated their findings into the computer, and those findings were dead accurate;
  - (полученные, т.е. со спутников): the all-weather satellites were also monitored and resultant findings fed into the computer;
  - (последние, каковы последние д. о количестве жертв?): what's the latest on the casualty figures?;
  - (последние д. об экономике и налогах за вторник): Even with the conspicuous overshoot reported in Tuesday's economic and fiscal update - a deficit of $26 billion for the current fiscal year, versus the $21 billion forecast in March - the government's finances remain in relatively good shape;
  - (разведывательные д.): Taliban forces have figured out how to plant false intelligence and lure Americans into making airstrikes that kill civilians;
  - (д. рентгеновского исследования скорее всего свидетельствуют о пневмонии): radiographic findings were believed to be most consistent with pneumonia;
  - (системы обработки д-ых): ability to input a variety of data to computerized data processing systems;
  - (судебной экспертизы, его рассказ шёл вразрез с д-ми судебной экспертизы): his story was at odds with the forensic evidence;
  - (физические д. спортсмена): the 41-year-old athlete has a physique that would make any 20-yar-old envious;
  - (т.е. экономические показатели): the official figures considerably understated losses;
  - (т.е экономические показатели по отдельным странам): the figures for the particular countries are presented in the following compilation;
  - (экспериментов): models can be validated using laboratory and field experimental data
  данный - (в д-ом случае): in this particular case;
  - (в д. момент): at this time;
  - (на д-ом этапе): at this stage;
  - (обязательства, д-ые от имени Университета по договору): made on behalf of the University contractual commitments;
  дано - (ей д. быстро бегать): She is a hunter. It is given to her to run swiftly, and stand so still she seems to vanish. She has sharp ears, keen eyes, a steady hand with net and spear.;
  - (от рождения, всё, что нам д. от рождения): all of the things we thought were our birthright;
  - (третьего не дано): tertium non datur;
  - (третьего не дано): there is no third option / there is no alternative;
  - (третьего не дано): take it or leave it
  дань - (платить д. кому-лобразно): the rebellious fortress was first attacked by the Danes, who were hoping to make the town pay tribute to Denmark;
  - (отдать д. уважения чему-л): at the EU summit meeting, the Prime Minister paid homage to market rules when...
  дар - (Божий, для Москвы, введенные США экономические санкции против Ирана были д-ом Божьим и в экономическом, и в геостратегическом смыслах): for Moscow, U.S.-led economic sanctions efforts against Iran have been both an economic and a geostrategic godsend;
  - (воспользоваться д-ом мудро): do you use the gift wisely?;
  - (дары фей): the gifts of the fairies;
  - (драгоценный д. - время): it is wrong to waste the precious gift of time given to us on acrimony and division;
  - (к языкам): he was tall and spare with a wonderful language gift;
  - (лишиться д-а речи / потерять д. речи, т.е. например, от удивления): he was totally speechless;
  - (лишиться д-а речи / потерять дар речи, т.е. из-за болезни): she lost the power of speech after giving birth;
  - (он был наделён д-ом разговочивости): she listened for a good 20 minutes to the rundown of his summer, ruefully reminding herself that he had always been blessed with the gift of gab;
  - (особый д. к режиссёрской работе): he had a knack for producing and directing;
  - (особый д. продавца давать длинные объяснения): he had a salesman's knack for long explanations;
  - (предвидения): she has powers of precognition;
  - (предвидения в политике): he has an uncanny ability to see down the road in politics, to gauge the consequences of each actor's move and to plan for the long run;
  - (д. приобретать врагов ирония): he had a flair for making enemies, a hazardous trait in politics;
  - (речи): she lost the power of speech after giving birth;
  - (хореографа): he realized his gift for choreography while on the faculty at the School of Nashville Ballet;
  - (ясновидения): her gift of second sight caused her to be called upon, however discreetly, by the police in cases of kidnappings and missing persons
  дарение - those in the highest tax bracket may deduct 18% of the value of the gift from their taxable income
  дарёный - (конь): it is rare for any government to look a gift horse in the mouth
  дарить - (кого-л улыбкой): to bestow a smile upon somebody;
  - (оперный театр, при котором есть цветочный магазин, чтобы д. звёздам цветы в последнюю минуту): Tallin's opera house with its in-house flower-shop for last-minute tribute to the stars;
  - (родители подарили дочери американскую надежду): my parents and my grandparents could never have lived my life, but they bestowed on me the promise of America, which made my life and my choices possible
  дарование - what is the blend of qualities that lifts a people to dominion over neighbours of roughly comparable endowments?
  даровать - (права / привилегии / прощение): to grant rights / privilege / pardon
  дармовщина / даровщинка - freeloading / a freebie;
  - (тебя всегда тянуло на д-у): you 've always been a sucker for freebies;
  даром - (давать д.): the company would have given it to him for nothing;
  - (почти д., т.е. купить): this was in the days before Tiffany glass was so special, back then you could find it in upstate junk stores for next to nothing;
  - (пройти д., подготовительная работа не прошла д.): the preparatory work was not wasted - almost all of it was simply carried over to the Inquiry;
  - (пропасть д., подготовка пропала д.): all my preparation was for nothing / went for nothing because the exam was cancelled;
  - (пропасть д., об усилиях): if the information is inept all the efforts of the information gatherers are wasted;
  - (пропасть д., хорошая работа полисменов не пропала д. в суде): she had many friends on the force - the sort of loyal lieges a good PA develops by appreciating skilled police work and making sure it is not squandered in court;
  - (уступать д.): she was not inclined to give away anything, even a philosophical point, for nothing
  дарственная - (имущество, полученное по д-ой или по наследству): By default, anything you or your husband acquire during your marriage is community property. The principal exception to this rule is that gifts and inheritances are separate property.;
  - (д. на документы и исторические материалы): Deed to Donation of Papers and Historical Materials to the University Archives, University of Missouri at Columbia
  дарственная надпись - he sent an autographed photo with a dedication to M. for her anniversary;
  дата - (д. вступления в силу полиса): effective date of a policy;
  - (д. вступления в силу полиса): the coverage effective date will be on your certificates;
  - (выдачи заключения): date of the issue of findings; - (декларации): declaration date;
  - (начала / окончания школы): name of school, location, date commenced, date finished;
  - (подачи заявления): date of a presentation of a statement;
  - (поставить д-у на документе): the analyst signed the foot of the document and dated it: February 23, 1964;
  - (д. составления акта): report date;
  - (т.е. штемпель на бандероли): postmark on a parcel post
  датированный - (фрески датированы 1365 годом): his more important commission, the frescoes of a chapel in the church of S. dated 1365
  датировка - conventional dating techniques
  датируемый - (временем до 2000 г. до нашей эры): a model of bear in amber from the mesolithic period in Denmark dating from before 2000 B.C.
  датчик - (автомата торможения): skid detector;
  - (барометрической высоты самолёта): pressure altitude transmitter;
  - (количества топлива / масла в баке): contents gauge;
  - (крена): the ship should have a "sideways list detector" that detects 5 or more degrees of list and disables the offending cannons;
  - (критических углов самолёта): stall sensor;
  - (мгновенного расхода топлива): rate-of-flow metering unit;
  - (положения): conventional position sensing devices are unsafe because...;
  - (положения, т.е. в системах виртуальной реальности): position tracker
  - (приборной скорости, т.е. самолёта): indicated airspeed transmitter;
  - (д. суммарного расхода топлива): total flow metering unit;
  - (д. топливомера, т.е. самолёта): fuel quantity transmitter;
  - (удара, т.е для воздушных подушек безопасности в автомобиле): Evaluation of supplemental restraint systems such as airbags and crash sensors to determine if efficient operation and deployment was achieved related to the collision scenario;
  - (электрического поля): a performance space outfitted with more electric field sensors
  дача - (взятки государственному служащему): he was sentenced on charges of being a covert agent of the People's Republic of China and bribery of a public official
  дача показаний - (он обвиняется в даче ложных п.): he is charged with making a false statement;
  - (д. ложных п. под присягой, принуждать к д-е л.п.п.п.): I had not suborned perjury;
  - (место для дачи свидетельских п.): the witness stand is similarly constructed;
  - (ответственность за дачу ложных п.): all statements and representation are true and correct and made without any omission of material fact and with corporate and legal responsibility under the penalty of perjury;
  - (ответственность за дачу ложных п.): all statements and representation are true and correct and made without any omission of material fact and with corporate and legal responsibility under the penalty of perjury;
  - (д.п. против самого себя): the policy of the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry not to use, in criminal proceedings, evidence obtained from company directors under compulsion in the course of an investigation under the Companies Act was based on the privilege against self-incrimination
  два - (две башни): twin towers;
  - (две молнии): the twin-lightning symbol of the SS;
  - (две недели): смотри ниже;
  - (в двух экземплярах): two bulky documents, each in duplicate;
  - (забить д. гола): the striker L. scored twice;
  - (забить ещё д. гола / забить гол. ещё д. раза): within 10 minutes Ireland had scored twice more;
  - (очка, т.е. при игре в кости): snake eyes;
  - (с двумя кроватями, т.е. о номере в гостинице): twin-bedded room;
  - (шпиля): under the twin spires of Saint Sebald's Church
  два на два - (играть в футбол д.н.д.): he and G. had once played two-a-side football with R. and H.
  два раза - (аэроплан ещё д.р. подпрыгнул на полосе и поднялся): the airplane bounced twice more on the tarmac and lifted into the air;
  - (раза два его поймали на кражах у пациентов): he was taken, in a couple of times on charges of stealing from the patients;
  - (д.р. в год, встречи д.р. в год): twice-yearly meetings on the Mine Ban Treaty were highly productive;
  - (его паломничество на остров д.р. в год): his biannual pilgrimage to the island;
  - (д.р. в месяц, регулярные занятия д.р. в месяц): staff and volunteers participate in regular in-service training (weekly, bimonthly, or monthly);
  - (д.р. в месяц, конторским и другим работникам следует платить зарплату... не реже, чем д.р. в месяц): a clerical and other worker shall be paid the wages earned in accordance with the agreed terms of employment, but not less frequently than semi-monthly;
  - (д.р. в неделю): twice a week;
  - (д.р. в неделю, т.е. также раз в две недели, смотри в толковых словарях): the city commission holds its regular meetings biweekly
  два сапога пара - (они д.с.п., оба обжоры и пьяницы): they were peas in a pod, both gluttons and sots
  двадцать - (парень, которому не было и двадцати): a boy in his late teens
  двадцать пять - twenty-five;
  - (опять д.п., т.е. начинай всё сначала): back to square one;
  - (центов): I finally toss two quarters in the kitty
  дважды - the airplane bounced twice more on the tarmac and lifted into the air
  дважды в год - (случающийся д. в г.): biannual
  дважды два - (просто, как д.д.): as simple as A,B,C;
  - (д.д. четыре): two times two makes four;
  две недели - there was still a fortnight BrE to go before he went back to school;
  - he had given the matter a great deal of thought over the past fortnight BrE;
  - (раз в д.н.): exempt employees are those who are exempt from certain wage and hour laws, i.e. overtime pay; usually applies to administrative, executive, or professional employees who receive an annual salary, in equal payments weekly, bi-weekly, or at some other specified time interval
  дверь - (показать на д., т.е. прогнать): if his wife wants to return, he will show her the door
  двигатель - (экономического роста образно): political commitment to private ownership as the engine of economic growth
  двигательный - (корешок, т.е. тройничного нерва): lesions of the motor root result in deviation of the jaw toward the paralysed side and difficulty chewing;
  - (мышцы): one shot of that poison and in a matter of seconds the motor and respiratory muscles are paralyzed
  двигать - (д. вперёд науку): to advance science;
  - (инвесторами движут животные чувства): investors are motivated as a result of animal spirits - of a spontaneous urge to action rather than inaction;
  - (им движет честолюбие): he is actuated not by kindness but by ambition;
  - смотри файл DVIJENIE
  двигаться - (страна двигалась в правильном направлении): the country was moving in the right direction;
  - смотри файл DVIJENIE
  движение - (денежных средств): cash flow;
  - (наличности в различных кварталах города): based on an in-depth review of the movement of currency into different Chicago neighborhoods, they note, demand for cash is unusually strong in neighborhoods with a large population of Hispanic immigrants;
  - (т.е. общественно-политическое): смотри ниже;
  - (т.е. транспорта): смотри ниже;
  - (т.е. физическое): смотри ниже
  движение (т.е. общественно-политическое) - (волонтёрское): The United Nations Volunteers programme is inspired by the conviction that volunteerism is a powerful means of engaging people in tackling development challenges worldwide;
  - (д. за гражданские права): it happened in 1967, about the time the civil rights movement finally made it to Ford County;
  - (за демократию): this is where Soviet tanks had parked after rolling into the city to squelch a budding democracy movement in the summer of 1968;
  - (д. за продолжение реформ): the Russia's drive for further reform;
  - (д. за суровую экономию): austerity drive;
  - (д. по сбору подписей под петицией): his fans (of a fictional character) started a petition drive, collecting 30000 signatures;
  - (против апартеида): Archbishop Desmond Tutu, the vocal conscience of the anti-apartheid movement;
  - (религиозное): the mendicant order of Fransiscans grew out of the movement inspired by the life and preaching of St Fransis of Assisi;
  - (реформ): he put himself at the head of a reform movement to clean up his own Administration;
  - (страны к кому-л): with the peace in Vietnam signed, China could accelerate its move toward us without embarrassment
  движение (т.е. транспорта) - (дорожное, нарушение правил дорожного д-я): where a person has committed a statutory offence such as a road traffic contravention, arrest is not usually necessary;
  - (закрыть д. судов на реке): shipping has been shut down on the Danube because of flooding;
  - (на мосту есть верхниий уровень для д-я транспорта): the bridge has an upper level for vehicular traffic;
  - (нарушить д. транспорта): strong winds have already disrupted the air traffic in the area;
  - (обеспечить д. против штормового ветра, о паровых двигателях): despite cutting the masts to reduce the drag of the wind, the Royal Charter was driven inshore with the steam engines unable to make headway against the gale
  движение (т.е. физическое) - (броуновское): inanimate particles performed "Brownian" motion;
  - (в беспрестанном д-и): a woman in perpetual motion, making beds, washing the dishes and putting dinner on the table precisely at 6 o"clock;
  - (в замедленном д-и): almost in slow motion, it flattened out, its sides burst outwards, its gun jerked upwards to point at the sky, and it burst into a fireball;
  - (ветров и океанских течений): the chart of the world which showed prevailing wind and ocean current circulation;
  - (вечное): a woman in perpetual motion, making the beds, washing the dishes and putting dinner on the table precisely at 6 o"clock;
  - (возвратно-поступательное): alternating motion; - (воздуха): air motion;
  - (загрязняющих веществ в почве и водоёмах): to describe the movement of contaminants in soil and waterbodies;
  - (замедленное): everything is going in slow motion;
  - (изменить направление д-я): to reverse the direction of motion of the gases;
  - (замедленное): time seemed to freeze, morphing into a slow-motion dream;
  - (иона): the movement of the central ion away from the center of the oppositely charged sphere;
  - (кисти, т.е. художника): The thinned glaze was frequently employed by the painters of red-figured vases to represent muscles, bones, tendons, hair, fur, drapery folds, etc. Locks of hair, borders of garments, and borders of scenes were usually painted in black glaze, which occasionally thinned out toward the end of a brush stroke.;
  - (конвейера): the direction of the belt travel;
  - (консервативное): he has strongly identified himself with the Christian conservative movement;
  - (координация д-й): tests which measure motor coordination;
  - (д-я, которые могли бы спугнуть птиц): avoiding any movement which would scare off the birds;
  - (лодки): sails are airfoils and work by using an airflow set up by the wind and the motion of the boat;
  - (Луны): the equation gives the motion of the Moon with reasonable exactness;
  - (находиться в д-и): tens of thousands of troops are on the move;
  - (обманное): fake or feint is a deceptive / misleading move to throw a defender off balance and allow an offensive player to shoot or receive a pass;
  - (одним д-ем, перерезать провода одним резким д-ем): he severed the wires with a single quick cut;
  - (пешеходов): the bridge has an upper level for pedestrian traffic;
  - (плавные д-я / характер д-й): Lymphatic Drainage Massage uses very light pressure of the fingers and hands, just slightly moving the skin, a technique quite different from the long deeper flowing strokes of other forms of massage. The pattern of strokes in Lymphatic Drainage Massage is very small and precise, moving slowly and rhythmically. It is very relaxing and therefore excellent for reducing the effects of stress and tension.;
  - (плавным д-ем): in the fluid motion, he leaped up, swinging his arm skyward, launching the thing straight up towards the dome above;
  - (плавным д-ем подняться вверх): in a one fluid motion it rose into the air;
  - (плыть лёгкими натренированными д-ями): he was swimming in easy, practiced strokes;
  - (д. по инерции, остановить д. по инерции): even if he had shouted, they could not have stopped their momentum;
  - (привычное, одним п-ым д-ем oн сложил нож и спрятал его в задний карман): he folded up the knife and put it in his back pocket all in one practiced gesture;
  - (размахивать топором уверенными д-ями): axmen are swinging their blades with sure strokes;
  - (реактивное): jet propulsion;
  - (резким д-ем вскочить на что-л): with a sudden unexpected, acrobatic action he sprang upon...;
  - (РЛС самолёта засекут малейшее д.): its radars would pick up the slightest movement of a metallic substance down there on the water's surface;
  - (руки, он отмёл возражения д-ем р.): they made noises of protest, but he overrode them with a wave of his hand;
  - (руки, прекратить спор властным д-ем руки): he forestalled any argument with a commanding hand;
  - (сделать д., чтобы спрятать что-л): he made to stow his wand hurriedly out of sight;
  - (спутников планеты): the mass of the planet around which the satellite rotates is much smaller than that of the Sun, whose attraction substantially perturbs the motion of the satellites;
  - (услышать д.): he heard movement behind him in the dark passageway;
  - (игры, имитирующие д.): games which mimick real motion;
  - (частицы продолжают д.): the particles continue their journey;
  - (т.е. д. человека, опознаное датчиком): with minor adjustments, your slightest movement sets off an orchestra
  движимый - (движимое имущество): the slave was a chattel with no rights of its own;
  - (д. желанием действовать, а не бездействовать): investors are motivated as a result of animal spirits - of a spontaneous urge to action rather than inaction;
  - (он был движим злобой): he was motivated by malice;
  - (д. личными интересами, для формирования государственной политики недостаточно собрать д-ые л.и. группы, преследующие ограниченные цели): public policy-making should be more than just an aggregation of self-interested groups pursuing narrow agendas;
  - (честолюбием): he is actuated not by kindness but by ambition;
  - (чувством мести): the man, prompted by revenge, got a search warrant
  движительный - (система самолёта): thrust, the forward-acting force provided by the propulsion system
  движущая сила - (создаваемая вращением пропеллера): in reciprocating of turboprop-powered aircraft thrust derives from the propulsive force caused by the rotation of the propeller, with residual thrust provided by the exhaust;
  - (реформ): the driving force lit must be the Government;
  - (экономики): driving force of the economy
  двое - (эти д.): the two men are due to appear in a federal court in A. tomorrow on charges of money-laundering
  двоевластие - since the Swedes seem to have had a system of co-rulership (Diarchy), it is possible that Emund Eriksson was a co-ruler of Björn Eriksson;
  - (т.е. в стране): the situation of two competing governments;
  - (т.е. в компании): the uncertainty at the top forced the supporters of TV-6 to propose re-election of the Board of Directors
  двоежёнец - how on earth can anyone look like a bigamist?
  двоежёнство - she learned of the bigamy
  двоиться (в глазах) - (у него двоится в глазах): at first the chap sees double and then he can't keep his eyes open;
  - when you drink too much you sometimes see double
  двойка - (т.е. лодка с двумя гребцами в парной гребле): In sculling each rower has two oars (or sculls), one in each hand. Sculling is usually done without a coxswain, in quads, doubles or singles. The oar in the sculler's right hand extends to port (stroke side), and the oar in the left hand extends to starboard (bow side).;
  - (т.е. пиджак и брюки): two-piece outfit;
  - (т.е. плохая оценка, получить д-у за работу): I never flunked a paper in my whole life
  - (т.е. плохая оценка, поставить д-у): The teacher said I plagiarized an essay. She failed me.;
  - (т.е. при игре в кости): snake eyes
  двойник - he spoke to his double;
  - He found an accomplice who's her double. A dead ringer.;
  - (знаменитостей): a 1950s-themed restaurant staffed by lookalikes of the decade's pop icons;
  - (мистера Бина, т.е. комика): Mr Bean lookalike Spanish Premier, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero;
  - (создавать д-ов людей): the computer gained sentience and free will and began duplicating people;
  - doppelgänger Week on Facebook;
  - (человека): Moscow would deny he is dead, and produce a look-alike as proof
  двойной - (агент): double agent;
  - (бухгалтерия, вести д-ую б-ю, т.е. жульничать): an audit by P.M. had discovered that the Director of the Travel Office kept an off-book ledger;
  - (бухгалтерия, вести д-ую бухгалтерию, т.е. жульничать): The prosecution's case continued to unravel. "What did you think of the company having two sets of books?" a financial-police investigator asked former board member John Ward at one point. "As the company didn't have two sets of books," Ward replied, "I can't see how I can feel anything about it.";
  - (бухгалтерия, т.е. способ бухучёта): in double-entry bookkeeping assets and expense accounts, which represent the resources used by the business, are debit accounts;
  - (выгода): twofold benefits;
  - (выгода): the benefits are twofold;
  - (гражданство): the concept of dual nationality means that a person is a citizen of two countries at the same time;
  - (гражданство, лица с д-ым гражданством): dual nationals;
  - (дно, под д-ым дном чемодана): the stolen picture was discovered in the false bottom of a trunk;
  - (двери): double doors;
  - (д-ого назначения, средство для протравливания семян д-ого назначения): the dressing selected was a dual-purpose seed dressing: an organo-mercury compound to inhibit fungoid attack on the germinating grain and a pesticide and bird-repellent called L.;
  - (жизнь): double life;
  - (замОк): double lock;
  - (значение): double meaning;
  - (игла, т.е. швейной машины): Knit fabrics don't behave when sewing across the knit. They like to pucker and shift, usually when you're trying to get a nice flat hem on a t-shirt. Using a twin needle helps.;
  - (количество): therefore double the quantity of air is required for cooling;
  - (корпус танкера): double-hall tanker;
  - (кровать): double bed;
  - (молния): the twin-lightning symbol of the SS;
  - (назначение): twofold purpose;
  - (назначение шахты): the shaft has a dual purpose of secondary surge shaft and intake shaft;
  - (налогообложение): Agreement on Avoidance of Double Taxation;
  - (остекление): double glazing;
  - (подбородок, лицо с д-ым подбородком): he had a jowly, droopy face;
  - (подчинение): dual subordination occurs when an individual has two commanders but his responsibilities to each are clearly delineated;
  - (предаваться д-ому наслаждению - размышлению и курению пенковой трубки): I was enjoying the twofold luxury of meditation and a meerschaum;
  - (преимущество): The benefits are twofold. Volunteers gain a rich understanding of different perspectives and experiences, and they build effective personal and professional relationships with people from all walks of life.;
  - (ставка, оплачивать по д-ой с-е): in Canada, some employers may require employees to work on a public holiday, but the employee must either receive a day off in lieu of the holiday or must be paid at a premium rate - usually twice (known as "double time") the regular pay for their time worked that day, in addition to the holiday pay;
  - (стандарт): the rumor was false, apparently a case of mistaken identity, but it reflected a double standard;
  - (удар): double blow;
  - (удар): in this dual stroke, the supply line to enemy invasion force was sundered for all time to come;
  - (удовлетворение): After the work of slaughter followed that of devastation. The rabble penetrated into the private apartments of the queen. They pried into the most secret recesses, ransacked every depository of papers, broke open every lock and enjoyed the twofold gratification of curiosity and destruction.;
  - (фотографии, т.е. одна в профиль, одна анфас): A mug shot is a photographic portrait taken after one is arrested. Most mug shots are two-part, with one side-view photo, and one front-view.;
  - (цель): the purpose is twofold: to produce a combination of dictionary and thesaurus that is more intuitively usable, and to support automatic text analysis and artificial intelligence applications;
  - (эффект): twofold effect
  двойственность - as Hanoi's drive for hegemony was constant, so was America's ambivalence;
  - (т.е. в математике): duality
  двойственный - (к квантованию мат): from this point of view, geometry, in the form of the simplest models of curvature in phase-space, is the dual of quantisation;
  - (реакция газет): Malay-language newspapers had a far more ambivalent reaction to the raids (by religious officials) than the English-language press;
  - (у него было д-ое отношение ко Вьетнамской войне): about Vietnam, he was ambivalent
  двор - (т.е. внутренний): a window looking down on a courtyard;
  - (т.е. внутренний): he was helped across the courtyard;
  - (т.е. внутренний д. здания): the office block, overlooking the courtyard only and screened from prying eyes;
  - (т.е. за домом): he was in the rear courtyard;
  - (т.е за крестьянским домом, у себя во д-е): "The Great Leap Forward" had encouraged ordinary peasants to smelt iron in their backyards.;
  - (конюшни): he stood up, dusting stable yard grime from his hands;
  - (на заднем д-е): a pile of gravel in the rear yard;
  - (рыцари королевского д-а / прибыть ко д-у): all the knights of our Royal Household are thereby commanded to arm and make ready to ride upon this quest, so soon as Master Aegidius A.J. Agricola shall arrive at this our court;
  - (сельского дома): from his father's cottage a yard had run down from the back stoop to the sound;
  - (тюремный): he is in the prison yard;
  - (т.е. тюремный, прогуливаясь по т-ому д-у): there are two things you have in abundance when you're pacing an exercise yard: time and prison gossip
  дворянин - every nobleman had to raise a local militia in times of war
  дворянкa - (как и подобало служанке д-и): her eyes were modestly lowered as befitted a noblewoman's personal maid
  дворянский - (титул): no title of nobility shall be granted by the United States
  дворянство - (учреждение д-а в стране): clause 8 prohibits the establishment of nobility in the country
  двоюродный - (бабка / бабушка): great aunt;
  - (брат / сестра): a person with whom one shares a grandparent (but not a parent) is a first cousin;
  - (племянник / племянница): the child of your first cousin is your first cousin once removed because the one generation separating you and the child represents one remove;
  - (прабабка / прабабушка): great-great aunt;
  - (родство): priority (of the system of inheritance) is determined by: (1) class, descendants excluding ascendants, who in turn exclude brothers and their issue, who in turn exclude uncles and their issue; (2) degree, within each class the relative nearer in degree to the deceased excluding the more remote; strength of blood tie, the germane, or full blood connection excluding the half blood, or cosanguine, connection among collateral relatives
  двояко - (сработать): that could work both ways
  двузначный - (повышение цены на двузначное число): analysts expect a double digit rise for the iron ore price
  двукратный - (д-ая въездная виза / виза для д-ого въезда): double entry visa
  двулетний - (растение): a biennial plant
  двуликий - (слова образно): If you want to communicate broadly, strike such Janus-like words from your vocabulary; they befuddle. Same with the highbrow noun plethora, to some it means "plenty," but to others it means "too much."
  двусмысленность - contemporary riddles typically use puns and double entendres for humorous effect, rather than to puzzle the butt of the joke;
  - sniggering at double entendres is a loved and time-honoured tradition in this country;
  - I believe that equivocating and prevaricating are bad and debauch language;
  - the sex jokes of Marx Brothers movies involve double meanings and puns;
  - her approaches whenever we are alone are unabashed and direct - cheap double entendres, winks, everything short of a FOR SALE sign;
  - (дипломатические д-ти): diplomatic ambiguities are coming home to roost, officials of both countries conceded;
  - (тщательно отмеренная д.): carefully calibrated ambiguity can paralyze an adversary
  двусмысленный - (комплимент): he is often described by colleagues as "clever" or "ambitious" - a backhanded compliment in the staid world of British academe;
  - (ответ): when I find myself asking "Could I live here?", I usually get a more equivocal answer;
  - (смешок): the men exchanged dubious giggles and off-colour jokes
  двусторонний - (акт): bilateral act;
  - (бритвенный станок с д-им лезвием): double-side blade razor
  - (движение транспорта): two-way traffic;
  - (пневмония): double pneumonia;
  - (проезжая часть с д-им движением): dual carriageway;
  - (отношения): bilateral relations;
  - (улица с д-им движением): a two-way street;
  - (связь между компьютером и принтером): two-way communication between the Mac and the printer;
  - (соглашение / сотрудничество): bilateral agreement / cooperation;
  - смотри файл TECHNIKA
  двуступенчатый / двухступенчатый - (двигатель): the missile is equipped with a two-stage motor;
  - (спусковой механизм, т.е. винтовки): a sniper rifle with a two-stage trigger
  двухкамерный - (сердце рыбы): two-chamber heart of a fish;
  - (сердце рыбы): in fish, the circulatory system is very simple: a two-chambered heart including one atrium and one ventricle;
  - (холодильник): a two-compartment refrigerator
  двухлетний - (растение): a biennial plant
  двухместный - (автомобиль): a two-seater;
  - (палатка): they managed to erect a pair of two-man tents
  двухмесячный - (отчёт): bi-monthly report
  двухнедельный - (круиз): a two-week cruise through the Panama Canal
  двухпалатный - (законодательное собрание): every state except Nebraska has a bicameral legislature, meaning that the legislature consists of two separate legislative chambers (or houses;
  - (устройство законодательных ветвей правления): the traditional explanation for the two-chamber arrangement of legislative branches is a compromise between the big-state and the small-state demand for equality
  двухпартийный - (комиссия): to establish a bipartisan commission on education
  двухсотлетие - (со дня рождения кого-л): we approach the bicentennial of Lincoln's birth;
  - (со дня рождения кого-л): the poet put pen to paper in honor of the legacy of Abraham Lincoln on the bicentennial of his birth
  двухсотлетний - (годовщина рождения кого-л): we approach the bicentennial of Lincoln's birth;
  - (д-яя годовщина со дня рождения кого-л): the poet put pen to paper in honor of the legacy of Abraham Lincoln on the bicentennial of his birth;
  - (сделанные по чертежам д-ей давности): strapped tightly on the face of the fighters are black steel goggles, with discoloured, steel-mesh lenses, modeled on 200-year-old designs
  двухступенчатый - (спусковой механизм): a sniper rifle with a two-stage trigger
  двухуровневый - (структура д-евого акционерного капитала была выгодна немногим посвящённыым со связями): the outdated two-tiered Gazprom share structure benefited a few well-connected insiders
  двуязычный - (словарь): bilingual dictionary;
  дебаты - the Times' commentary stirs policy debate in Washington;
  - (в д-ах о Вьетнаме формировались позиции по вопросам долга и любви к своей стране): the debate over Vietnam articulated attitudes about duty and love of country;
  - (в Ирландии бушевали дебаты): debate raged in Ireland about what choices women should be allowed to make, especially in the realm of family life;
  - (в ООН): the U.N. begins the debates on...;
  - (о том, как финансировать первоочередные расходы): bitter debate is emerging over how spending priorities can be funded
  дебри - Stalin deported the entire Tatar nation to the wilds of the Orient;
  - (в д-ях Африки): in the wilds of Africa;
  - (киберпространства): sending loads of emails out into the uncaring wilds of cyberspace
  дебют - (её д. в кино состоялся, когда ей было 7 лет): her first TV advert was at three and her film debut at seven
  дебютировать - (книга дебютировала в списке бестселлеров): her book debuted at No. 1 on best-seller list;
  - (на Бродвее): if I get this scene successfully, I'll be ready to make my Broadway debut soon
  дева - the Golden Legend relates that Saint George was a knight from Cappadocia, who rescued a maiden from a dragon;
  - the Union of German Maidens;
  - (т.е. знак Зодиака): Virgo;
  - (старая): old maid;
  - (старая): she was a spinster, to him that meant a maiden lady in her late forties
  девать - (тебе некуда д. время): he says he is too busy to listen to your problems, but when it comes to him he expects you to have all the time in the world
  деваться / деться - (куда делись все цветы?): Where have all the flowers gone? Young girls have picked them everyone.;
  - (куда делся парнишка-социалист?, т.е. можно ли противоречащие идеалам социализма высказывания приписать излишнему алкоголю, сытной пище и поклонению публики?): Where had the Boy Socialist gone? Was it simply to be ascribed to an excess of alcohol and rich foods and the adulation of the public?;
  - (никуда не деться от того, что...): there was no escaping the fact that Facebook has become somewhat of a global phenomenon
  девиз - Al Jazeera's motto is "opinion and opposing opinion,";
  - (демагогический): the curmudgeon's catch-phrase;
  - (колледжа): the college's Latin motto is "Non ministrari sed ministrare" - "Not to be ministered but to minister";
  - (компании): control is the watchword, and Mr B. has taken this to great lengths
  девица - the Golden Legend relates that Saint George was a knight from Cappadocia, who rescued a maiden from a dragon;
  - the tavern, while not a brothel, had enough lasses idling about in low-cut bodices to catch a man's eye through its hospitably open door;
  - (д. в беде): Andromeda chained to the rock - an early example of a damsel jocous in distress;
  - I've been fantasizing about medieval legends all weekend. The damsels in distress, knights in shining armor
  девический / девичий - (голос): she spoke in a flattery, girlish, high-pitched voice;
  - (радость, т.е. одинокой женщины, которую пригласили на танец): he witnessed her tremulous, almost girlish pleasure when one of the male hosts asked her to dance;
  - (фамилия): maiden name
  девичник / девишник - A bachelorette party / hen party / hen do / hen night is a party held for a woman who is about to be married. The term hen party or hen night is more common in the UK, Ireland, and Australia, while the term bachelorette party is more common in the United States. The term stagette is used in Canada.;
  - you are cordially invited to a hen night
  девственность - (лишить д-ти): he took her maidenhead long before their wedding night;
  - (лишить д-ти): his lifelong love for deflowering twelve-year-olds;
  - (потеря д-ти): The Scotch Lass's Lamentation for Loss of Her Maidenhead
  девственный - (лес): the Belovezhskaya National Park is one of the eldest primeval forests in the world;
  - (джунгли): primeval jungle;
  - (островок д-ой природы): will this small pocket of wilderness survive another millennium?;
  девушка - (влюбиться в д-у): to fall for a girl;
  - a vibrant, exciting girl
  - nice-looking young lady, but not glamorous, no Hollywood touch about her;
  - (она превращалась в уравновешенную, вдумчивую д-у): she had just turned 15 and was blossoming into a poised, thoughtful young woman;
  - (принца, т.е. с которой он встречается): the press has given Prince William's paramour, Kate Middleton, rave reviews as a possible future queen;
  - (т.е. с которой он встречался, моей д-ой была...): my date was C.J., a striking girl I had met at one of the numerous mixers the area girl's school held for Georgetown boys;
  - (Союз Германских Девушек): the Union of German Maidens
  девчонка - broad AmE infml;
  - (т.е. злая фея о добрых): "Humph!" said the wicked fairy, "Your precious daughter will have beauty and grace and all the rest of the tuppenny-halfpenny rubbish those niminy-piminy minxes infml have given her.";
  - (о мальчике, презрительно): he didn't want some swotty little nancy boy for a son;
  - (д. с мальчишескими ухватками): she played the tomboy pursuing her chef to marry him
  дегазировать - (т.е.заражённое место): the site was sealed off and decontaminated
  деградировать - the dogs seem to have evolved downward into cowering creatures
  дедушка - grandfather;
  - (д. и бабушка по отцу): he arrived in Ch. to live with his paternal grandparents
  дееспособность - (личность установлена, д. проверена): I have further satisfied myself as to the identity of the person whose name is subscribed to the foregoing power of attorney and her competence;
  - (ограниченная): In the United States, a state of temporary mental impairment falls under the category of a mitigating factor referred to as "diminished capacity". Diminished responsibility / diminished capacity is applicable to more circumstances than the insanity defense in the United States.
  дежурить - (в выходной): He wanted S. to do weekend duty instead of M. Could Sam swing it?;
  - (дежуривший на площади полицейский): the policeman on duty in the square had stopped all traffic;
  - (т.е. о военных): Staff noncommissioned officers checked the duty roster to see if they had duty with him. If they did, they did everything within their power to switch dates;
  - (т.е. о военных): that gunnery sergeant stood duty with me a few times;
  - (т.е. о враче в больнице): upon examination, the ophthalmologist referred him to the University Children's Hospital, where ophthalmologist D.J., M.D., was on call;
  - (о пожарном): fireman S.C. was on duty that night;
  - (по очереди, т.е. охраняя кого-л от нападения): we need to take shifts at her house
  дежурный - (кто сегодня д.?): who is on duty tonight;
  - (офицер): the officer of the day records significant events in a duty logbook, which is turned in to the command Chief of Staff or Executive Officer at the end of the duty period;
  - (студентка, т.е. на входе в женское общежитие): notice of an unexpected caller gave you time to either get fixed up or call dawn to tell the student on duty you weren't available;
  - (фраза): "No, this cannot be!" This is a stock phrase uttered by the villain when everything is going wrong, often soon after he declares that nothing could stop his plan, especially not those puny heroes (and the heroes have shown up to disprove the statement). He screams that it's impossible, despite the evidence staring him in the face.;
  - (шутка): смотри ниже;
  - (смотри файл PROFESSII)
  дежурный (шутка) - there is a running joke in the office about his hair;
  - for years it had been a standing joke that the government party was full of old women of both sexes, but fortunately was led by a real man. The name was Mrs J.;
  - his concern on that subject was a standing joke with his friends;
  - celluloid's products were waterproof shirt collars and the false shirt fronts, whose immanageable nature later became a stock joke in silent-movie comedies
  дежурство - (все машинисты и кондукторы, проработавшие свыше десяти часов за любое д. должны иметь не менее 8 часов непрерывного отдыха): all locomotive engineers and conductors having worked in excess of 10 hours in any tour of duty will be required to have at least 8 hours undisturbed rest;
  - (график дежурств, записаться в график дежурств): you need to put your name on the duty roster for at least one event before the end of the year;
  - (график дежурств, участвовать в г-е дежурств): Our excellent club atmosphere and cheap rates are only made possible by our members helping out around the club. Members will be asked take a turn on the duty roster, supervising sets, serving tea or manning the bar.;
  - (журнал дежурств / в конце д-а / у многих офицеров записи за одно д. в среднем занимали одну-две страницы): The officer of the day records significant events in a duty logbook, which is turned in to the command Chief of Staff or Executive Officer at the end of the duty period. For most officers, an average logbook for a tour of duty would run one or two pages.;
  - (на д-е): the policeman was on guard duty;
  - (отпустить с д-а): I called security to request that our 2 Marines be excused from duty;
  - (офицер на ночном д-е): he would cause the night duty officer to absent himself on an errand and take over the watch from him while he was away
  дезавуировать - he was disavowed by Le Dyk Tho, who sought a private meeting with me to suggest that henceforth Cambodia and Laos be discussed by him and me alone since his Prime Minister was not familiar with all the nuances
  дезактивация - (объекта, т.е. выведенной из эксплуатации атомной электростанции): nuclear decommissioning is the dismantling of a nuclear power plant and decontamination of the site to a state no longer requiring protection from radiation for the general public
  дезактивировать - (заражённое биологическим / химическим оружием / радиацией место): the site was sealed off and decontaminated;
  - (ядерные боеголовки): the Bush administration has decreased funding for the Nunn-Lugar Cooperative Threat Reduction initiative that has deactivated more than 6000 nuclear warheads in the former Soviet Union
  дезертирство - he was tried by court martial on charges of embezzlement and cruelty, accused of punishing a seaman for straggling by ordering him to be tied up by the right arm and left leg for several hours;
  дезинфицировать - (фермы в местности, где были случаи птичьего гриппа): farms were disinfected efficiently enough to calm fears of a major outbreak
  дезинформация - (об угрозе Китая производству в Америке): China is a serious threat to American manufacturing. However, misinformation about that threat is in abundance.;
  - Reporter's questions are often deliberately leading. They become a thinly veiled attempt at obtaining license for conversational misinformation.;
  - the Cold War was marked by both sides", subversion, propaganda and disinformation campaigns;
  - (подбрасывать д-ю): Taliban forces have figured out how to plant false intelligence
  дезориентированный - looking breathless and disorientated, he spun on the spot, goggling upward at...
  действенно - (конференция посягнула на фугасы и мины-ловушки, хотя и не так д.): the 1980 Convention on Conventional Weapons was also making inroads on landmines and booby traps, although less proactively
  действенность - (яда): to increase the potency of the spider's poison
  действенный - (кампания, т.е. по сбору средств на благотворительность): the key to making your campaign a sticky one is to figure out what strikes a chord in the heart of your target audience;
  - (лекарство): an efficacious remedy;
  - (лечение): an effective treatment for hair loss;
  - (план): a forceful plan for peace;
  - (помощь бедным): praying to God is deemed to be a pure façade in the absence of active welfare service to the needy;
  действие - (бомба замедленного д-я образно): the diary represents a ticking time bomb;
  - (т.е. в политике): the Prime Minister was aware that his every move would be scrutinized at home;
  - (т.е. в политике): a President fresh from the second largest electoral victory was unseated in a revolution that his own actions had triggered;
  - (воплотить мечты в д-я): I worked hard to translate his vision into actions that improved people's lives and furthered our democratic values at home and around the world;
  - (д. грибков на зерно): to inhibit fungoid attack on the germinating grain;
  - (действия): смотри ниже;
  - (депрессии на экономику): businessmen now know about cushioning the effects of depression;
  - (закона, подпадать под д. з.): once workers arrive in Alberta and commence work, they fall under the jurisdiction of the Workers' Compensation Act;
  - (д. и бездействие): investors are motivated "as a result of animal spirits - of a spontaneous urge to action rather than inaction";
  - (д. и высказывание): dramatic pronouncements not followed by action create the premise that no action will ever be taken;
  - (д. и противодействие): every action has an equal and opposite reaction;
  - (какое д. окажут разоблачения на повторные выборы?): what effect of these revelations can be on the re-run of the election?;
  - (какое д. оказывает избыток к.?): what exactly is the effect of an excessive component of L. in this organo-mercury compound?;
  - (когда д. наркотика проходит,...): the narcotics cause complete amnesia so that when the effects wear off the patient has not the slightest recall of anything that happened during the intervening period;
  - (лекарства): the drug enhances the anticoagulant effect of...;
  - (мгновенное, яд м-ого д-я): he either administered to himself or was administered, a massive dose of instantaneous poison;
  - (д. наркотика прошло): he came out from the effects of the narcotic he had ingested at 8 o"clock;
  - (не оказывать д-я на что-л, абсолютно сухой кислород не оказывает никакого д-я на калий): Pure potassium is a silvery white metal tinged with blue; but on exposure to air it at once forms a film of oxide, and on prolonged exposure deliquesces into a solution of hydrate and carbonate. Perfectly dry oxygen, however, has no action upon it.;
  - (образ д-я): even reduced discretion can give rise to serious risk when humans deviate from the statistically prescribed course of action;
  - (общее д. на экономику): I need to know what net effect this will have on the Chinese economy;
  - (оказать токсическое д. на прорастание зерна): the excessive component causes a toxic effect against the germinating seed in the ground;
  - (оказывать д. , лекарство оказывает на матку такое же д., что и эстроген): An increased risk of womb cancer is a known side effect of taking tamoxifen, which is a hormonal therapy for breast cancer. Scientists think this is because the drug has a similar effect on the womb to oestrogen.;
  - (побочное д. лекарств): the fatigue may be due to anemia, depression, malnutrition, poor sleep quality or quantity, inactivity, or drug side-effects;
  - (пребывания в космосе на старение): our space agency wanted to study the effects of space on aging;
  - (предпринимать юридические д-я): the stepchildren began legal maneuvers to block her from getting any part of his estate;
  - (прекратить своё д. , о законе): with the new federal law in place, the state law has become inoperative;
  - (преступное): participation in riot, civil commotion or any criminal act;
  - (приводить в д. , двигатели, приводящие в д. систему): they started the engines that powered the system;
  - (приводить в д., механизмы, приводящие в д. аварийный трап самолёта): emergency exit and exit-slide operating mechanisms;
  - (приводить в д. процедуру направления заключённого на принудительное психиатрическое лечение): the statute included a "tripwire" that automatically sets the commitment process in motion if a super-crunching algorithm predicts that the inmate has a high risk of sexual offence recidivism;
  - (д. силы тяготения на самолёт): weight, the downward effect that gravity has on the aircraft;
  - (слов): he stopped there to enjoy the effect of these words;
  - (совместное д. сил притяжения Луны и Солнца и вращения Земли): tides are the rise and fall of sea levels caused by the combined effects of the gravitational forces exerted by the Moon and the Sun and the rotation of the Earth;
  - (д. такое же, как при остановке сердца): the effects are identical to those of cardiac arrest;
  - (токсическое д. Свинца представляют собой, вероятно, старейшее профзаболевание в мире): lead exposure is arguably the oldest known occupational health hazard;
  - (уменьшить д. лобового сопротивления): to cut down drag effect;
  - (т.е. художественного произведения): смотри ниже;
  - (широкого д-я, антигрибковый препарат широкого д-я для местного применения): a topical antifungal with a broad spectrum;
  - (яда): to increase the potency of the spider's poison
  действие (т.е. художественного произведения) - (книга, д. которой происходит в Трансильвании): set in Transylvania, the book introduced Count Dracula and immortalized the vampire myth;
  - (место д-я романа): in his collection of short stories John Grisham takes us back to Ford County, Mississippi, the setting of his first novel, A Time to Kill;
  - (д. переносится на склад): and now the scene shifts to the warehouse, where the murderer is lying in wait;
  - (д. перенесено в Майами): the setting has been revamped to Miami;
  - (д. происходит на постаменте, т.е. д. пьесы): the action of the play takes place on a plinth surrounded by bottles and broken glass;
  - (д. происходит на Верхнем полуострове в Мичигане, т.е. рассказов): his stories are set in Michigan's Upper Peninsula;
  - (д. фильма происходит во время встречи на чемпионате по боксу): the movie is set around a championship boxing match at the fictional M. Casino in Atlantic City;
  - (д. фильмов происходило в американском городке): the setting of these films was small-town America;
  - (фильм, д. которого происходит в Лос-Анжелесе): a film set in Los Angeles;
  - (я бы хотел, чтобы действие романа происходило в разных экзотических м-ах, а не только в Африке): I do wish the novel had taken place in more various exotic locales instead of mainly Africa, but that's being nitpicky
  действительно - (в законе д. есть недостатки): this law has been routinely criticized, as always happens here, and it is true that it's not perfect;
  - (издатели хвалят произведение только тогда, когда д. так считают): if, in the course of rejection, the publisher should be complimentary about your work, you can take the remarks at face value - publishers do not encourage rejected authors unless they mean it;
  - (интересно, она д. его любила?): he wondered if in fact she loved him or had all along been disingenuous;
  - (он д. бывший эсесовец): a letter assuring the organization that K. is genuinely a former SS man and genuinely in trouble;
  - (он д. выполнить угрозу?): will he really go through with his threat?;
  - (он д. хочет...): if he really wants to kill you, you don't stand a chance;
  - (они д. потеряли документы): some had genuinely lost their identification papers, others had thrown them away for good reason;
  - (т.е. подтверждение): He definitely killed them. They were certainly corsairs.;
  - (д. трудно): predicting the future is a very difficult business indeed;
  - only a few Bordeaux chateaux actually boast the turrets and tall fortified walls of storybook tales
  действительность - (бегство от д-ти): he deplored the flight from robust reality into the murky clouds of uncontrolled abstraction;
  - (безработица была суровой д-ю): unemployment was a harsh reality;
  - (в д-ти): these new nuclear weapons are in reality first-use weapons;
  - (в фильме изображена суровая д.): the film portrays a bleak reality;
  - (заявление соответствует д-ти): one day he was casually tested in both languages and his claim proved to be correct;
  - (оценки администрации были ближе к д-ти): over the previous 5 years, Congressional budget office estimates had been off by an average of 13 percent a year, though our administration had been closer to the mark;
  - (подчиниться д-ти): they had to bend to a reality which they had rejected;
  - (столкнуться с суровой д-ю): he faced the stark reality of earning a living as an artist;
  - (суровая д. заключается в том, что...): the stark reality is that we are operating at a huge loss
  действительный - (авторское право действительно при жизни автора и 50 лет после смерти): the copyright will be good for the life of the author + 50 years;
  - (акцепт оферты): valid acceptance of an offer;
  - (валюта): Australian dollars will be the only operating currency for the meeting;
  - (военная служба): active duty service for civilian or contractual;
  - (военная служба): dependents of active duty members are covered by the Military Medical System (Tricare), effective the very first day of active duty;
  - (военная служба): if you get married before joining the military, this tax-free housing allowance begins on the very first day of active duty (the first day of basic training).;
  - (контракт): valid contract;
  - (д. начиная с 1 мая): effective from May 1;
  - (полис действителен до...): the policy is valid until...;
  - (прейскурант действителен): the price list is in force / is valid;
  - (справка о регистрации компании): copy of valid Nigerian Department of Petroleum Resources Certificate of Registration;
  - (стоимость наличными): actual cash value;
  - (страхование действительно только после того, как...): the insurance is effective only after the applicant...;
  - (суд признал документ д-ым): the trial court held that the deed was valid and ordered the property to be partitioned by sale;
  - (чек, Сколько времени действителен необналиченный чек? Чеки действительны в течение 180 дней.): How Long are Undeposited Checks Good infml? Checks are good for 180 days (unless otherwise noted), so if the check came from your personal checkbook, it would be void by now.;
  - (число мат): real number;
  - (юридически д. контракт): stamped legal binding contract
  действия - (аморальные): your immoral acts have not only brought disgrace and shame upon yourselves, but dishonor the Non-Cultic aikido community at large;
  - (боевые д.): the Army has not engaged in large-scale combat operations for over 50 years;
  - (боевые д., район б-ых д-й): our experience at military facilities includes design and construction of fully blast resistant operations areas, maintenance areas, repair shops, and barracks;
  - (д. британских властей в отношении демонстрации протестантов подорвали позиции Шинн Фейн): Britain's handling of a Protestant parade has undermined the position of the IRA's political wing, Sinn Fein;
  - (д-я в условиях кризиса): crisis management;
  - (военные д-я): смотри ниже;
  - (враждебные д-я): the refusal of the Federal German government to hand the two criminals and murderers over to the Soviet authorities could only be construed as a hostile act;
  - (государство оставит за гражданами возможность осуществлять большинство действий, связанных с личностью): the State shall leave the largest portion of personal free agency to each of its citizens;
  - (зона боевых д-ий): it would deploy special FBI units to combat zones to investigate contractor crimes regularly;
  - (наступательные боевые д-я): they will not commence offensive operations on their own hook;
  - (односторонние): the French are taking unilateral action to stop the lorry traffic;
  - (предпринять д.): to decide which further action they will take;
  - (предпринять согласованные д.): the international community must take concerted action to ensure that Kenya does not revert to a pariah state;
  - (преступные д-я): in March 2005, federal investigators began a grand jury investigation into allegations of "criminal wrongdoing" by top hiring aides;
  - (преступные д-я немногих людей): criminal acts of few;
  - (противозаконные): punishment for wrongful acts can be imposed only by courts;
  - (противозаконные): the president can be accused of unlawful acts;
  - (развратные): a lewd or lascivious act would refer to sex crimes such as child rape;
  - (свобода д-й): смотри ниже;
  - (срочно предпринять д.): urgent action must be taken
  действия (военные д.) - we hoped to convince Hanoi leaders of the futility of resuming military operations;
  - (наступательные военные д.): a unilateral cessation of offensive military operations;
  - this thing is tantamount to an act of war;
  - if offensive military activities are undertaken there which would jeopardize the existing situation;
  - if, pending a settlement in Cambodia, offensive military activities are undertaken there...;
  - she volunteered for war service at the outbreak of hostilities in September 1939;
  - the hostilities were local to West Germany;
  - (театр в-ых д-й): the United States Army had a division of heavy troops in Europe, but that was thousands miles from the expected scene of action;
  - (театр в-ых д-й): the company sees Europe as a battle ground
  действия (свобода действий) - (Британия предоставила Рейху свободу действий в Восточной Европе в обмен на Англо-германское морское соглашение): the then Minister for the Co-ordination of Defence commented that Hitler had "persuaded himself" that Britain had provided the Reich with a "free hand" in Eastern Europe in exchange for the Anglo-German Naval Agreement;
  - (иметь свободу действий в том, что касается внешней политики): the president can largely operate with a free hand when it comes to foreign policy, but has to deal with a broken Congress here at home;
  - (иметь свободу действий поступать с тарифами, как сочтут нужным): he promised that when the Unionists took office they would do so with a free hand to deal with tariffs as they saw fit;
  - (иметь свободу действий): I hate to see what he could have done if he had found himself with a free hand
  действовать - (аргументы на него не действуют): he was up against a man whom no argument could influence;
  - (аэрозоль подействовал мгновенно): the aerosol spray worked with the same instantaneous effect;
  - (бойцы действуют в Басре): up to 1000 fedayeen fighters are operating in Basra;
  - (быстро): if he moved quickly, the impending disaster could be deftly averted;
  - (д. быстро и хладнокровно): he acted quickly and coolheartedly;
  - (в горизонтальном полёте по прямой на самолёт действуют 4 силы): an aircraft in straight-and-level unaccelerated flight has 4 forces acting on it;
  - (д. в лучших традициях): America, in helping the free people, is living up to its best traditions;
  - (д. в неожиданных обстоятельствах): can you point to an action that indicated your ability to handle unexpected events?;
  - (в пользу / против кого-л): the new law operates in our favor / against us;
  - (д. в соответствии с правилами): we abide by the rules set out by the Geneva Convention;
  - (в условиях): whatever the conditions under which we are acting;
  - (гормоны действуют только на клетки-мишени): some endocrine glands release hormones that affect only target cells nearby the release site;
  - (действуйте следующим образом): Fire Instruction Notice. If you discover a fire raise the alarm at once by breaking the glass in the nearest fire alarm break glass point, then proceed as below.;
  - (до того, как возникнут трудности): he avoided emergencies by anticipating them and acting before they had a chance to arise;
  - (документ или действует, или не действует): the document is not either genuine or forged, it is either efficient or inefficient;
  - (если закон будет д.): the Act ensures that, if operated, the farmers would get a fair price, but the speculators would be out of business
  - (закон действует в нашу пользу / против нас): the new law operates in our favor / against us;
  - (закон всё ещё действует): the chilling effect of the Act on academic research has not been emphasized in media accounts, but it is extant fml and will only get worse as the entertainment industry pushes for more enforcement of the Act;
  - (иначе): the Mexican pursues a different line;
  - (интуитивно / инстинктивно): whatever the plans, you usually go in the end on gut impression infml;
  - (как автомат): they acted like mindless automatons they'd been trained to be;
  - (как действовал яд?): What sort of poison was it that killed the king? What were its ways?;
  - (как знающий адвокат): he performed with the expertise of a lawyer;
  - (как координатор проекта): one team leader must act as the co-ordinator of the project;
  - (как считаю нужным): I must act as I see fit; - (коммюнике не подействует на террористов): terrorists are unlikely to be swayed by a communique;
  - (лесть не подействовала на неё): flattery didn't work on her;
  - (на грани разумного): the film focuses on a scientist who, if not quite mad, is certainly operating at the far borders of rationality;
  - (д. на кого-л как оскорбление): his phony unction was beginning to act like an insult on me;
  - (д. на нервы): that man / music gets on my nerves;
  - (д. на нервы кому-л): this waiting is fraying his nerves;
  - (на основе оценок): they were operating on a different estimate from ours;
  - (начать д., о диете): the diet was at last taking effect;
  - (о лекарстве): смотри ниже;
  - (о механизме, т.е. после аварии): the mechanism had been severely shaken up during the shock of the crash, but it was still in commission;
  - (об устройстве наддува для надувания аварийного трапа): pressurizing means is operative to inflate the escape slide;
  - (об экономическом механизме): there is in operation an effective mechanism;
  - (оба вида лучевой терапии деййствуют примерно одинаково при лечении рака простаты): both types (of radiation therapy) work about the same in curing prostate cancer;
  - (перестать д., о законе): with the new federal law in place, the state law has become inoperative;
  - (по заповедям писания): it's hard to live by faith without acting on the scriptural admonitions to care for the poor and downtrodden;
  - (д. по логике политической партии): he wasn't objecting to the plan on its merits; he was applying partisan political logic;
  - (по обстановке, действовать по обстановке): Security Council condemned the attempt on the life of the President of Timor-Leste, J.R.-H. The Council will monitor closely the situation and will act, as appropriate.;
  - (по обстановке, действовать п.о.): if the contract is disapproved by the Superintendent or Deputy Superintendent he shall return it to the Cabinet member with explanation so that the Cabinet member may proceed as appropriate;
  - (д. по правилам): America had different rules. And since China wanted American money, China had to abide by those rules.;
  - (под именем кого-л, т.е. под чужим именем): a swindler who operated under the alias of "Capt. Inglis, United States army";
  - (понятие добра и зла не действуют в таком уме): our notion of right and wrong doesn't play in that sort of mind;
  - (при повороте, пикировании и наборе высоты начинают д. дополнительные силы): an aircraft in straight-and-level unaccelerated flight has 4 forces acting on it (in turning, diving, or climbing flight, additional forces come into play;
  - (процесс правосудия действует против бывших эсэсовцев): the aim of the organization was to stultify the course of justice in the West Germany when it operates against a former SS man;
  - (пружина действует на молоточек): the trigger impelled a spring which worked on a hammer which crushed the glass;
  - (расстояние, на котором действует сила): the distance through which the force acts;
  - (д. с осторожностью): use caution when operating hazardous machinery;
  - (самостоятельно): the concept of acting on one's own was entirely alien to those who enforced the will of the State on those who broke the State's rules;
  - (сила тяготения действует на самолёт): weight, the downward effect that gravity has on the aircraft;
  - (соглашение, действующее на то время): compliance with a contract could only be measured against the agreement as it is then in effect;
  - (соглашение действуют между странами): Canada and Ukraine have a number of bilateral agreements in effect;
  - (сообща): countries would have to develop new ways of acting collectively;
  - (судебные органы действовали как ветвь политической власти): the Soviet judiciary acted as a branch of the authoritarian political system;
  - (усыпляюще): the rhythm of the clicking on the rails had a soporific effect;
  - (действуя по ходатайству фирмы, ФБР...): acting on a motion filed by Adobe Software, the FBI arrested S., charging him with violating Section 1201(b)(1)(A) of the Act;
  - (частицы соли, ила и гравия действовали, как сверло): spinning particles of salt, silt and gravel have worked like diamond drills, carving out potholes and tunnels;
  - (д. через голову, принц Альберт превышает свои полномочия, действуя через голову королевы Виктории): Victoria and Albert have a loving marriage. Victoria allows Albert to take on more duties. He reorganises the running of the royal household and dismisses Conroy for mishandling funds. He overreaches when he goes over Victoria's head in a matter with parliamentary politics, leading to a fierce argument between the two.;
  - (через подставные компании): acting through French-based front companies, Moscow had already bought up futures for enough wheat to cover the deficit - at the old, low price;
  - (чётко и решительно): he acted clearly and decisively;
  - (шайка воров действует в городе): a gang of thieves operating in the city;
  - (энергично): in the presidential campaign he demonstrated his ability to hustle
  действовать (о лекарстве) - (какие лекарства действуют на штамм бактерий пациента): to determine which drugs will work against the strain of TB the patient carries;
  - (разные лекарства действуют на разные органы организма): different drugs operate on different bodily organs;
  - (успокоительное начало д.): the sedative began to take effect;
  - (эпинефрин не всегда действует при тяжёлом анафилактическом шоке): epinephrine is not always effective in cases of severe anaphylactic shock
  действующее лицо - (денежной политики): Friedman was one of the chief protagonists of monetarist economic policy;
  - (фильма): the main protagonist of the movie;
  - (главные д-ие лица скандала): all the principals in our latest scandal have spent a lot of time trying to improve the picture of themselves that is on the record;
  - the stage was the world, the principal characters were the chief officials of the leading powers
  действующий - (вулкан): Etna is the largest active volcano in Europe;
  - (закон): law in force;
  - (закон): the only effective law is the gunlaw;
  - (закон или контракт, д. в то время, когда составляется данный контракт, или в любое время в будущем): when in a contract you're alluding to an element of a statute or other contract, make it clear whether you're referring to the statute or other contract as in effect on the date of the contract you're drafting or as in effect at any given time in the future;
  - (законодательство, закрепить договорённость в порядке, предусмотренном д-им з-м): to give effect to the agreement in the manner prescribed by the current legislation;
  - (законы и муниципальные постановления): the city's Regional Police Department's mission is to protect the citizens" lives and property, maintain peace and public safety, prevent and repress crime and uphold the laws and municipal by-laws in effect;
  - (д., как кто-л / в качестве кого-л): doing business as (DBA / d.b.a. );
  - (контракты): completed contracts and contracts in progress;
  - (начало, при введении через желудок дозами по 50 мг/кг д-ее начало не оказывает значительного воздействия на ритм сердечных сокращений): upon the intra-stomach administration in doses of 50 mg/kg the active principle provides no substantial effect on the rhythm of cardiac contractions;
  - (постановления): regulations in force since 1 July 2005;
  - (постоянно д-ая инструкция): More than 200 soldiers on their way home from Afghanistan had to strip off their uniforms on the tarmac at Birmingham International Airport and don civilian clothes before being allowed access to the terminal building. It's possibly a response to an out-of-date standing instruction during the confrontation with the IRA that service personnel should not make themselves terrorist targets by wearing uniform in public places.;
  - (правительство, т.е. до вступления в должность новоизбранного правительства): The constitutional conventions are very clear. The rules are that if it's a hung parliament, it's not the party with the largest number of seats that has first go - it's the sitting government.;
  - (президент): in an election for president, the incumbent is the person holding or acting in the office of president before the election, whether seeking re-election or not;
  - (президент): a sitting President could not be the subject of a civil suit arising out of his official actions while President;
  - (президент): It's difficult to unseat a sitting president, no matter who is running or what state the economy is in. Five sitting presidents have been defeated during their reelection bid in the past 100 years.;
  - (приказы, правила и постановления Коммиссии по коммунальным службам, действующие на то время): the interpretation and performance of any contracts for gas service shall be in accordance with the laws of the State of California, and the orders, rules and regulations of the Public Utility Commission of the State of California, in effect from time to time;
  - (программа уменьшения загрязнения): the ongoing program of pollution reduction;
  - (сенатор, т.е. перед предстоящими выборами): the incumbent Senator, T.D., was a longtime fixture in Connecticut politics;
  - (соглашение между странами): Canada and Ukraine have a number of bilateral agreements in effect;
  - (соглашение, д-ее на то время): compliance with a contract could only be measured against the agreement as it is then in effect;
  - (спутник): in orbital altitudes where it would not be economically feasible to de-orbit a satellite, such as in the geostationary ring, aging satellites are brought to a graveyard orbit where no operational satellites are present;
  - (тарифные нормативы, д-ие на то время, т.е. на услуги газоснабжения): This Master Services Contract sets forth the general terms and conditions under which Utility will provide gas services to Customer pursuant to the applicable Tariff Rate Schedules and Tariff rules which have been filed with the Public Utilities Commission of the State of California, as in effect from time to time;
  - (удостоверение адвоката): It has been unclear under the Acts whether "a barrister or solicitor" means that the lawyer must hold a current practising certificate or whether it is sufficient to be admitted as either type of legal practitioner on the roll of the relevant court;
  - (цена, д-ая на момент отправки товара): the contract price shall be the price current at the date of despatch of the goods;
  - (церковь): Westminster abbey is a working church with a daily cycle of prayer and worship
  декларация - (доходов, т.е. налоговая): income statement;
  - (имущественная): he includes in this disclosure statement information on his assets and liabilities;
  - (имущественная, подать имущественную д-ю при поступлении на правительственную службу): he files a disclosure statement at the time of entry to government service;
  - (налоговая): tax declaration;
  - (д. о провозе ценностей): declaration of valuables;
  - (о ценном пакете): valuable packet declaration
  декларировать - (активы): certain public officials are required to submit declarations of assets;
  - (сумму на платёжной карте): you need not declare the amount on the payment card if you travel abroad;
  - (Би-Би-Си, которая декларирует свою нейтральность): he is now free to denounce Arabs, but he couldn't do that while he was a presenter for the avowedly neutral BBC
  декодирование - the NSA is responsible for plucking out of the ether of literally billions of words a day in hundreds of dialects and languages for recording, decoding, translating and analysing
  декоративный - (растение): daffodil is a popular ornamental plant;
  - (садоводство): landscape-architecture / landscape-gardening;
  - (тарелки): on the wall there was a collection of ornamental plates;
  - (юридические тома с кожаными корешками играют в основном д-ую роль в компьютерный век): the rows of leather-spined legal volumes are basically ornamental in the computer era
  декорация / декорации - смотри файл ISKUSSTVO
  декрет - (о классификации опасных веществ в воде): Ordinance on Water Classification / Hazardous Substances in Water
  декретировать - we cannot legislate public morality
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