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  дела (делА) - (благодаря ему в компании дела идут хорошо): he got the company humming infml;
  - (в д-ах юриспруденции): the Western Allies had long conceded that in matters of jurisprudence the West Berlin authorities should handle all criminal and civil offences other than those falling within the ambit of the purely military laws of the Western Allies;
  - (в некоторых д-ах мне приходится всецело на него полагаться): on some matters I have to rely entirely upon him for my information;
  - (ведЕние дел Математического общества): the president insures the orderly transaction of Society business;
  - (вести д. с кем-л, т.е. торговлю): the Chinese did business with the Japanese because it was convenient - necessary was a more accurate term;
  - (вести д. с кем-л, т.е. торговлю, компания не ведёт дел с Китаем): the company doesn't do business with China;
  - (вестимного дел с компанией): we do a lot of business with the company;
  - (воплотить мечты в д.): I worked hard to translate his vision into actions that improved people's lives and furthered our democratic values at home and around the world;
  - (государственные дела): the police captain and the ambassador locked horns regularly over shared affairs of state;
  - (д. давно минувших дней): the interest aroused by this murder is a thing past and forgotten;
  - (д. давно минувших дней, преданья старины глубокой): the deeds of days of other years, a tale of the times of old;
  - (департамент по делам религии): the government will curtail raids on bars and nightclubs by the religious affairs department;
  - (держи нас в курсе твоих дел): keep us posted on your progress;
  - (домашние): she starts to do endless household chores;
  - (заниматься своими д-ами): people were going about their business, unconcerned;
  - (заниматься своими обычными делами): The best way to fight terror is to go about your normal duties. Mumbai has to resume its commercial activities tomorrow. We have to show the bunch of madcaps that we are not going to be cowed down.;
  - (знания в этих д-ах): he didn't have any particular expertise in this matter;
  - (д. идут): смотри ниже;
  - (т.е. изготавливать, д. сельскохозяйственное оборудование): they set up co-operative factories to manufacture farm equipment;
  - ( т.е. изготавливать, д. шифер из глины): an enormous polluted excavation pit from which Parisian contractors mined clay to manufacture red roofing tiles;
  - (как д.?): how are things?;
  - (как д.?): "How's it going?" is acceptable in the US as an informal greeting among friends and is sometimes inverted to "How goes it?", just as acceptable. Typically answered by "Just fine" or some such, just like "How are you?";
  - (как д., не помешало бы спросить, как у меня д.): it wouldn't hurt to ask how it's going with me;
  - (ну и д.!, т.е. возглас удивления): Well, I'll be damned. Of all the amazing things. Hey, what are you doing these days? Sunning your fanny, spitting at the ceiling?;
  - (международные): he conducts international affairs negotiations, administers Department of State;
  - (невежество в д-ах политики): my ignorance of political matters;
  - (обсуждать д. на работе): even with the intimate friends, a Japanese salaryman would not discuss goings-on in the office until after they were overt and public;
  - (общественные дела): women's participation in public affairs;
  - (остаться не у дел): the Shannon Act ensures that, if operated, the farmers would get a fair price, but the speculators would be out of business;
  - (т.е. по дому): there are chores to do - ironing and washing;
  - (повседневные д.): he is often forgetful in daily activities;
  - (религиозные д-а): all the colonies grew more tolerant in matters of religion;
  - (серьёзные / незначительные дела): he has always known that on matters of gravity or of little consequence, he could accept my word;
  - (у меня много дел): I have much business to attend;
  - (у него были свои д.): he had his own things to do;
  - (улаживать административные д.): Mohammed spent 15 days in Mecca settling various matters of administration;
  - (юристы которые ведут торговые д. компании в другой стране): lawyers whom we employ to manage our business dealings for us;
  - (финансовые д. кого-л): the archives have much evidence about his financial dealings
  дела (делА идут) - (как идут д. на мировых рынках): how the markets are faring;
  - (когда д. пойдут неважно): when the going gets tough infml wealthier states will withhold funds from the federal government and effectively secede from the union;
  - (д. идут ненормально): here the things are far from normal;
  - (д. пошли поинтереснее): things had gotten a little more interesting lately;
  - (у С. д. шли успешно / хорошо): even though S. was doing well, he was making enemies;
  - (у тебя д. идут на лад): I am so happy to hear that things are looking up for you;
  - (д. идут хорошо): when the going is good;
  - (д. идут [хорошо] ): things are humming along [nicely] infml;
  - (д. идут хорошо): When you face a major crisis - your computers are down or the delivery you needed today did not show up - it can become easy to concentrate fully on handling the immediate problem. But you need this same attention to business when things are humming infml, so that future crises can be averted.;
  - (д. шли всё хуже и хуже): things got steadily worse;
  - (д. шли по-нашему): apart from the size and exuberance of the crowds, the September events offered anecdotal evidence that things were going our way;
  - (д. принимают неприятный оборот): things are turning sour;
  - (у меня много дел): I have much business to attend;
  деланно - (д. бодрые письма): I wrote my Dad a few bogusly cheerful letters
  деланный - (весёлость): "I do hope that never happens to me. Well, of course, it may have done, mayn't it? And I wouldn't know!" he declared with false levity.;
  - (улыбка): she was wearing a vapid smile like a beauty contestant;
  - (улыбка): "..." she said with the slight makings of a fake smile
  делать - (аборт в опасных условиях): every year thousands abortions are performed under unsafe conditions;
  - (аборты): he had been performing abortions there;
  - (автомобиль сделан в Японии): the car is made in Japan;
  - (д. анализы на интоксикацию): "You ran a tox screen that came back negative." "We do a tox screen in every automobile fatality. It's routine.";
  - (д. анестезию кому-л): he was given a local anaesthetic;
  - (д. безразличный вид): she tried to appear indifferent, but her eyes gave her away;
  - (вдох): смотри ниже;
  - (взмах крыльями): the bird gave one sweep of its mighty wings
  - (вид): смотри ниже;
  - (д. вираж влево): the plane banked left;
  - (всё возможное): we will make every effort to contact you for approval;
  - (выбор): we made the right choice;
  - (выбор): you can take whichever you want - take your choice;
  - (вывод): смотри ниже;
  - (выговор кому-л): the committee voted to reprimand her;
  - (выдох): he let out a long, slow breath;
  - (глоток): смотри ниже;
  - (глупости): don't do anything stupid;
  - (глупости): "Don't be ridiculous." "Oh? Now, why am I being ridiculous?";
  - (глупость): he wanted to say something to her to stop her from doing anything stupid;
  - (д. гребок при плавании): he struck out once more, marvelling at how far and fast his flipper-like feet propelled him through the water;
  - (гримасу / рожу): "This tastes horrible," said T., pulling a face at his glass;
  - (гримасы / рожи): I was pulling silly faces to make the baby laugh;
  - (движение, чтобы спрятать что-л): he made to stow his wand hurriedly out of sight;
  - (доклад): the sales director will give a presentation on the new campaign;
  - (д. долги по счетам за обслуживание в гостинице): they ran up huge room service bills;
  - (д. домашнее задание / уроки): to do one's homework;
  - (д. доступным людям со скромными доходами): mass production brought the automobile within the reach of people with modest income;
  - (если полиция ничего не будет д.): if the police don't act he gives a press conference and puts them in the spot;
  - (заказ билета на самолёт): please verify both flight numbers and arrival / departure times with the airline when making reservations;
  - (заказ на обслуживание в номере, т.е. в гостинице): it was there that I placed my first-ever room-service order;
  - (д. записи в блокноте): he jotted notes on a pad;
  - (зарубки): he nicked the handle every inch, and had a measure;
  - (заявку на пост президента): leaders who have made serious presidential bids have failed
  - (заявление): смотри ниже;
  - (звонки по телефону к кому-л): if your account is turned over to a collection agency for non-payment, a bill collector cannot place telephone calls to you or any other person without identifying him or herself as a bill collector;
  - (знак): смотри ниже;
  - (д. из золота украшения): the smith proved so skillful a craftsman that the king gave him much gold to make into ornaments;
  - (инъекции, делайте инъекции в шею / никогда не делайте инъекцию в крестец): Give all injections in the neck. Never inject into the top butt or top of the rump.;
  - (инъекции / уколы): I can't give myself injections;
  - (д. инъекцию под кожу): a video on how to self administer a subcutaneous injection;
  - (д. искусственное дыхание кому-л): he got her on the floor and gave her artificial respiration;
  - (д. исправления в тексте): to make amendments in a text;
  - (каким-л): смотри ниже;
  - (камера делает 12 кадров в секунду): the camera catches 12 frames in a second;
  - (д. карнавальные костюмы, мама умела д. карнавальные костюмы, в которых мы имели шансы на победу в школьных конкурсах): my mum was masterful at pulling together costumes that would be sure to place us in the running at the school contests;
  - (д. карьеру в прикладной науке): he pursued a career in applied science;
  - (д. карьеру на военной службе): to make a career in the armed services;
  - (карьеру, я сделал хорошую к-у): I've got a good career;
  - (д. комплименты кому-л): he soothed his wife by paying her limitless compliments;
  - (крюк): the crusaders were side-tracked to Constantinople where they became embroiled in a conflict between rivals for Byzantine imperial throne;
  - (д. ложное заявление в показаниях): he had given a false statement in his deposition;
  - (д. люстры из полипропилена): he makes chandeliers out of polypropylene;
  - (можно подумать, мне больше д. нечего, как..., т.е. слова тюремной надзирательницы): See the attitude? As if it's the highlight of my day to peer up women's smelly bottoms.;
  - (намёки): a sufferer tries to get what he wants by sending indirect messages;
  - (намёки): he kept throwing out dark hints about...;
  - (д. наркоз кому-л): he was given a local anaesthetic;
  - (д. наркоз кому-л): he was put on a general aneasthetic before the operation;
  - (не знать, что д. дальше): he felt uncertain how to proceed;
  - (д. неприличный жест в сторону журналистов): outside the court, he directed an obscene gesture at the press;
  - (д. нечего, вам что, больше д. нечего?): He looked around at the group of gawping servants. "Haven't you lackwits got better things to do?";
  - (д. нечего, пришлось согласиться): there was nothing he could do but agree;
  - (ноги жаргон, т.е. сбежать): the police had a warrant for his arrest, so he flew the coop slang;
  - (нужно что-то д.): urgent action must be taken;
  - (обзор): to undertake a review;
  - (общее дело): the war on terror now hinges on making common cause with Palestinians;
  - (обыск): to conduct a thorough search of the castle;
  - (одолжение): will you do me a favour?;
  - (д. одолжение кому-л): he was conferring a great boon on me;
  - (он никогда не делает другим того, что не сделал бы себе): At a party hosted by J. he barbecued a rattlesnake and served it to the guests under the pretext it was Pacific salmon and, when he revealed what he'd done, a number of the guests became nauseated, and several were sick to their stomachs. He never does unto others what he would not happily do upon himself - for diamondback rattler is one of his favourite meats.;
  - (они делают это с теми, кого хотят полностью уничтожить): it's what they do to those they wish to destroy utterly;
  - (операцию, т.е. медицинскую): to perform an operation in a hospital;
  - (опись): it allows you to take inventory of all your software;
  - (перерыв): he is taking a well-deserved break;
  - (д. перерыв в заседании): I propose we adjourn fml and separately seek some suggestions;
  - (д. перерыв / передышку в подготовке к неделе моды): taking a break from preparing for New York's fashion week, the designer recently reflected on challenges facing the industry;
  - (д. пересадку на трамвае): after transferring once, he got off the streetcar;
  - (д. пересадку на самолёт): he took the Aeroflot flight from London to Moscow and changed planes there for the Aeroflot flight from Moscow to Narita Airport, Tokyo;
  - (письменное предупреждение): before you can be fired for unsatisfactory work performance, you must be given at least one written notice, clearly stating in what manner your work performance is unsatisfactory, and warning you of further discipline or discharge if you do not improve;
  - (д. письменные предупреждения, городские инспекторы стали д. письменные предупреждения владельцам ветхого жилья): city inspectors begin issuing written warnings to owners of blighted and unkempt properties;
  - (д. по чертежам двухсотлетней давности): strapped tightly on the face of the fighters are black steel goggles, with discoloured, steel-mesh lenses, modeled on 200-year-old designs;
  - (пожертвование): he has given a very generous contribution to the hospital;
  - (пожертвование): donating before the end of the year means you'll be able to claim a tax break for 2003;
  - (пожертвования): he gave endowments to colleges and universities;
  - (покупки): card issuers may charge you a yearly fee in addition to the interest that accumulates when you make purchases;
  - (по-своему): he meant to have his way;
  - (по-своему): he liked to have his own way;
  - (правильно сделать): you did right to tell me that;
  - (предложение кому-л, т.е. выйти замуж): the actress has revealed that her co-actor in the movie was so engrossed in his character while filming that he actually proposed to her;
  - (д. предложение купить дом): he made an offer on our house;
  - (д. предложение, от которого он не сможет отказаться): I'm gonna make him an offer he can't refuse;
  - (предположение): in assigning equal probabilities to all outcomes of tosses of a coin, one is making two different assumptions;
  - (предположение, об учёном): in 1919, B. posed a seemingly simple conjecture;
  - (предупреждение): Athens had seven years to pull the Games together, but the government, the city and the original organizational Olympics Committee dawdled until the International Olympics Committee gave them a stern warning in 2000;
  - (д. предупреждение стране): B. Clinton issued fml a warning to Saddam Hussein;
  - (д. предупреждение Конгрессу): he issued warnings to Congress against going on an autumn spending spree;
  - (привал): to stop off;
  - (д. прививки кому-л): we have given vaccination to 1000 people;
  - (прививку): a healthy and robust 18-month-old boy died 10 days after being given the controversial MMR vaccination;
  - (приготовления): he made arrangements for ammunition and other high-technology equipment to be picked up at an out-of-the way naval base;
  - (приготовления): before the end of the war most senior SS members made secret provisions to disappear to a new life;
  - (причёску): to do one's hair / to set one's hair;
  - (разбор, т.е. обычно грамматический): U.S. officials are "parsing" the "negatives";
  - (д. различие между чем-л): смотри ниже;
  - (рекламу): concerned about the bad publicity hiring prisoners could generate, most companies have shied away from the idea;
  - (ремонт): It is absolutely forbidden to conduct any repair- or maintenance-work on their truck while waiting for loading or unloading. We have seen very serious injuries in the past when truck drivers climbed on the truck or load to do repairs.;
  - (д. репортажи о чём-л): he spent 40 years at NBC, covering wars and civil rights;
  - (самолёт сделал ещё один вираж): the airplane banked again and began its long drop toward S.;
  - (самолёт сделал вираж в сторону моря): the airplane banked away to the see;
  - (д. своё дело, т.е. свою часть работы): Congress has a profound moral duty to show - for once - that it is willing to do its part;
  - (д. своё дело т.е. сосредоточенно работать): the people were calmly and quickly doing their jobs;
  - (своё чёрное дело): the war continues to take its heavy toll;
  - (сделано в Японии): the car is made in Japan;
  - (д. следующим образом): it is most convenient to display such a table graphically by proceeding as follows;
  - (снимки / фотографии): police took digital photographs of the defaced property for evidence;
  - (сообразить, что д. дальше): he tried to figure out his next move;
  - (ставку): смотри ниже;
  - (стол сделан из дерева): the table is made of wood;
  - (д. стрижку кому-л): the barber gave M. one of the shortest haircuts he had ever had;
  - (д. так, чтобы иракцы сами решали свои проблемы): the strategy is to get Iraqis to deal with their own problems;
  - (д. тише музыку): please turn your music down;
  - (д. то, о чём ничего не знает): he can tackle something he knows nothing about;
  - (торт): to make a cake;
  - (д. ту же ошибку): For, tell me, if you condemn one who has sinned, wherefore do you sin yourself, and fall into the same fault? Hath he insulted? Insult not thou again, or you have insulted yourself.;
  - (уборку): I'll do the cleaning;
  - (д. укол морфия): he injected morphine to dull the pain;
  - (д. упор на что-л): Islam retains its emphasis on an uncompromising monotheism and a strict adherence to certain religious practices;
  - (упражнения): to do one's exercises;
  - (успехи): either you get on or you get out;
  - (успехи): Britain is making progress towards its target of 100000 daily coronavirus tests;
  - (успехи в политике): he was making fair headway in local politics;
  - (уступки): one admission of weakness, one concession granted without a struggle, will lead to an endless catalogue of demands;
  - (уступки): his team adroitly maneuvered through the details of the budget bills, giving a concession here and there in order to secure funding for our big priorities;
  - (уступки кому-л): the end of war reduced the fervid pressures against the Administration to make concessions to Hanoi;
  - (фотографии в автомате): you can get them (photos) taken in one of the automatic booths at the station;
  - (фотографии / снимки): I took photos;
  - (фотография была сделана в 2001 г.): the photo was snapped in 2001 in the Gulf of Mexico by E.;
  - (д. честь стране): Captain V. reported that I was a well-behaved Jew who would be a credit to the country;
  - (что ты собираешься с этим д.?): so what are you going on about?;
  - (что бы он с волосами ни делал): his hair was stubbornly untidy, whatever he did to it;
  - (что-то д. с нищетой пригородов): France needs to address the culture of despair that is reflecting its urban areas - the infamous "banlieue" mentality that has grown out of the decay of the belts of poverty surrounding many of its cities
  - (что-то д. с типографской краской, т.е. чтобы подделать паспорт): the printer's ink is water-based and runs the moment you start to fiddle with it;
  - (что-то д. с угрозой терроризма): both Bogota and Washington have decided to do something about terrorist threats;
  - (д. шаг назад): he stepped backward
  делать вдох - the beaver can stay at the bottom about 15 minutes without taking a breath;
  - it was hard to draw a breath;
  - he drew / took a deep breath;
  - (делая глубокие в-и, он поплыл к свету): taking deep breaths, he struck out for the light;
  - he took a final great gasp of clean air from a barred window
  делать вид - (д.в. оскорблённого достоинства): do not put on that air of injured dignity;
  - I was pretending that like scenarios have not described themselves to my imagination on a hundred occasions in the last year;
  - (он из вежливости делал в., что ему интересно с нами): he courteously feigned interest in meeting us;
  - (д.в. что не замечает кого-л): he began to read, pretending to take no notice of the man;
  - (д.в., что не слышит): he was turning a deaf ear to these reports;
  - (д.в., что она не существует): In our days handicapped children were often hushed up. Though to take it to the extreme of actually imprisoning a little girl in the house and pretending she didn't exist...;
  - (д.в. что пьёт): he pretended to drink;
  - (д.в. что пытается вспомнить): I affected to rummage in my memory
  делать вывод - Egypt concluded that it was free to consult its own interests short of actions that might lead to a U.S.-Soviet war;
  - it may be concluded that if and when war with Egypt comes, that war will be fought and won by conventional weapons;
  - the Independent Counsel concluded that the decision to fire the Travel Office political employees was lawful;
  - (из происшествия): our client does not like the inferences that could be drawn from the incident;
  - (из чего-л): he draws the political consequence of this;
  - (о чём-л): we cannot draw any inference as to your possible participation;
  - (относительно чего-л): they draw their own conclusions regarding...
  делать глоток - (вина): he took a deep swig of wine;
  - (бренди): he took a huge swig of brandy;
  - (из чашки): he swigged lightly at the cup;
  - (кофе): he paused to take a portentous gulp of coffee;
  - (лимонада из бутылки): you can take two sucks of lemonade out of the bottle;
  - (напитка): he took another swallow of his drink;
  - (снега): he took a few mouthfuls of snow;
  - (чая): he took a large gulp of tea
  - (чистого воздуха): he took a final great gasp of clean air from a barred window
  делать (заявление) - the Kremlin issued a curt two-paragraph statement saying Russia was prepared to begin negotiation;
  - we have issued a statement saying we have no intention in pursuing any acting against the broadcasts;
  - (заявление было сделано с некоторой надеждой): this statement was delivered with a dollop of hope;
  - (о бюджете штата): Governor A.S. today issued the following statement regarding the state's overdue budget;
  - (т.е. о признании себя виновным или невиновным): she entered her plea in a soft voice;
  - (т.е. о признании себя виновным или невиновным): he refused to enter a plea of guilty or not guilty;
  - (д. политическое з.): mister Milosevic is making a political statement
  делать знак (т.е. жестом) - (д.з. ехать дальше): while the witch spoke, she signalled BrE to the dwarf to drive on;
  - (д.з кому-л): P. from the mayor's staff, is motioning to me;
  - (д. кому-л з. молчать): fingers to his lips, he signaled them to silence;
  - (д.з. официанту унести бутерброд): he stubbed out his cigar in the remains of his sandwich and signaled for a waiter to carry it away
  делать (каким-л) - (невидимым): a professor invents a machine that renders people invisible;
  - (д. днеспособными бороться с туберкулёзными бактериями): a genetic deviation that renders certain people incapable of fighting the TB bacteria;
  - (неуязвимым): the goddess had rendered her son impervious to wounds;
  - (д. недействительными претензии): failure to furnish such proof shall invalidate any claim;
  - (ненужным): radical tendencies fed on the conviction that Soviet pressures and Arab blackmail would obviate the need for compromise;
  - (д. невидимым, формулы подачи заявки на патент, при которых части исходного кода программы делаются невидимыми): formulae for filing that obscure portions of source code
  делать (д. различие между чем-л) - to make / draw a distinction between the policies of the leaders and the views of their supporters;
  - (не д. различия между чем-л): the new law makes no distinction between adults and children;
  - (не д. различия между чем-л и чем-л): The prime minister said Russian forces were not discriminating between Islamic State militants and others fighting the Syrian president;
  - (не д. различия между чем-л и чем-л): Russia is not discriminating between Islamic State and the legitimate Syrian opposition groups and, as a result, they are actually backing the butcher Assad and helping him
  делать (ставку) - (делайте ваши с-и): make your bets;
  - they jostled to place their bets;
  - (д. ставки на исход бросания костей): craps is a dice game in which players place wagers on the outcome of the roll of two dice;
  - (д. ставку на лошадь, т.е. на скачках): he placed / put a bet on the grey horse;
  - (д. ставку на рискованную отрасль экономики): the company has placed a big bet on a risky sector
  делаться - (аборты делаются в опасных условиях): every year thousands abortions are performed under unsafe conditions;
  - (делаются анализы на бактериальное заражение): there are no signs that the bacteria have contaminated the building itself, but tests are under way;
  - (бумага делается из дерева): paper is made from wood;
  - (всё делается по принципу "ты мне, я тебе"): in this materialistic age where everything works on the give-and-take basis, we cannot expect teachers to ne immune to career inspirations and concerns and focus exclusively on the teaching;
  - (знать то, что делается в тюрьме, т.е. от информаторов): The administrators and guards usually know who's who, because they are kept abreast of the inside goings-on by their inmate informants;
  - (информация о том, что делалось внутри страны): the Stasi files are a mine of information about the inside workings of one of the world's mostly tightly run dictatorships;
  - (обсуждать, что делается на работе): even with the intimate friends, a Japanese salaryman would not discuss goings-on in the office until after they were overt and public;
  - (попытки делались в прошлом): while covert efforts have been tried in the past the Iranian program is increasingly self-sufficient;
  - (посмотреть, что делается в мозгу у тех, кто морит себя голодом): researchers are using tools like DNA sequencers and PET scanners to "look under the hood" at the brainwork behind self-starvation behaviors (eating disorders);
  - (...узнать, что делается в службах безопасности): he launched a Commission to look into the workings of the security services after the Watergate scandal;
  - (упор делается не на повествование, а на поучение): the stress is not on the narrative but on its didactic use;
  - (хлеб делается из воды и муки): bread is made from flower and water;
  - (штамп делается из чугуна): a die of the desired shape is machined from cast iron
  деление - (т.е. в математике): смотри ниже;
  - (живой клетки): cell division;
  - (д. на категории): categorization implies that objects are grouped into categories;
  - (т.е. шкалы): The image shows a graduation on the upper (main) scale that is midway between 60 and 70. On the lower scale the graduation is the second one after the number nine;
  - (т.е. шкалы): the spindle of an inch-system micrometer has 40 threads per inch, so that one turn moves the spindle axially 0.025 inch, equal to the distance between two graduations on the frame;
  - (ядерное): radioactive waste is the product of nuclear fission
  деление (т.е. в математике) - (в крайнем и среднем отношении): division in extreme and mean ratio;
  - (в крайнем и среднем отношении): golden section;
  - (в столбик): he taught me long division;
  - (на два / пополам): division by 2;
  - (на ноль): division by zero is not allowed;
  - (нацело с остатком): exact division with remainder;
  - (д. пополам угла): bisection of an angle
  делёж - (имущества банкрота, принять участие в дележе имущества банкрота): when creditors are notified of bankruptcy proceedings, they can share in any distribution from the bankruptcy estate according to the priority of their claim;
  - (прибыли): two business partners fell out over the division of profits
  делённый - (6 д-ое на 2): 6 divided by 2 equals 3;
  - ((a+b) / (a-b), т.е. (a+b), д-ое на (a-b)): a plus b over a minus b
  делимитация - (границ в Чёрном море): resolution of boundary delimitation disputes in the Black Sea
  делить - (гонорар): the industry norms are: 25% of the money earned from the sale of foreign rights for a book if another literary agency helps make the deal and splits the fee;
  - (городки были поделены на зоны): small towns have been sharply divided into industrial and shopping areas;
  - (дом на квартиры): the house is being subdivided into flats;
  - (доходы компании поровну между кем-л): the revenues of the company will be split up evenly between...;
  - (д. каждый член полинома на наибольший общий делитель): Divide the GCF out of every term of the polynomial: x2(x+5)-7(x+5) = (x+5)- (x2-7);
  - (д. квадрат на 2 треугольника): draw a diagonal line to divide the square into two triangles;
  - (команды делят лидерство в чемпионате): the teams are sharing the lead in the championship;
  - (д. между собой компании): the trusts at last divvied up infml the companies;
  - (место, Технический колледж делит шестое место с университетом G.T., Стэнфорд и Беркли делят второе м., Cal Tech и университет Иллинойса делят четвёртое м.): U.S. News is announcing the results of its annual rankings of undergraduate engineering programs. Again this year, the College of Engineering's position is #6 (tied with Georgia Tech) among institutions offering engineering doctoral degrees. The order of schools preceding us also has not changed: MIT, Stanford and Berkeley (tied for #2), Cal Tech and Illinois (tied for #4).;
  - (место, т.е. в соревновании, она получила 9.950 баллов на бревне и делит второе место с ещё тремя гимнастками): her 9.950 on the balance beam placed her in a four-way tie for second;
  - (на категории): recent legislation has placed non-residents into two categories;
  - (на категории): categorization implies that objects are grouped into categories;
  - (на части): divide this line into 20 equal parts;
  - (пирог с кем-л): divide the cake with your sister;
  - (пополам): смотри ниже;
  - (призовые деньги между победителями): the prize money will be divided between / divided among the three winners;
  - (расходы на троих): let's split the cost three ways / between the tree of us;
  - (ресторан на залы): the restaurant is divided into a dozen small private dining rooms, many of which only seat one dinner party;
  - (статью на части): the article would be easier to read if you split it up into sections;
  - (15 на 3): divide 15 by 3
  делить пополам - she scoops bacon from the frying pan and halves the scrambled eggs, tipping them onto slices of toast;
  - Divide dough in half. Working one half at a time roll out dough 1/8" thick.;
  - when you divide a length in half, the mid-point becomes the end of the first half and the beginning of the second;
  - (комнату делила п. длинная конторка): the room was cut in half by a long counter
  - (д. угол пополам): to bisect an angle;
  делиться - (на что-л): смотри ниже;
  - (о числах): смотри ниже;
  - (чем-л с кем-л): смотри ниже
  делиться (на что-л) - (города делились на промышленные и торговые зоны): small towns have been sharply divided into industrial and shopping areas;
  - (т.е. город делится на районы): Hampton is now divided into Hampton Falls, South Hampton, North Hampton and Hampton Beach;
  - (имеется 64 вида, которые делятся на 7 родов, т.е. в классификации животных): there are about 64 species grouped in seven genera;
  - (книга делится на пять частей): the book fell into five main sections;
  - (мир не делится на хороших людей и убийц): the world isn't split into good people and murderers;
  - (д. на группы): the class divided into three groups when we went on our outing;
  - (д. на категории): literature actually falls into three main categories: literature, mainstream fiction and pulp fiction;
  - (д. на части): this topic falls into three sections;
  - (по закону ликвидация делится на два типа): the law classifies liquidations into two types: voluntary (which is by a shareholder" resolution) or compulsory (by a court order);
  - (по стандарту 14688 Международной организации по стандартизации песок делится на мелкий, средний и крупный): ISO 14688 grades sands as fine, medium and coarse with ranges 0.063 mm to 0.2 mm to 0.63 mm to 2.0 mm;
  - (разведывательная информация делится на стратегическую и тактическую): all military intelligence may be classified as strategic or combat;
  - (река делится на ручьи): the river splits into three smaller streams at this point;
  - (река делится на три части): the upper Mississippi is divided into three sections: the headwaters, from the source to St. Anthony Falls, a series of man-made lakes between Minneapolis and St. Louis, Missouri, and the middle Mississippi, a relatively free-flowing river downstream of the confluence with the Missouri River at St. Louis;
  - (трахея делится на левый и правый бронх): the trachea divides into right and left main bronchi
  делиться (о числах) - (16 делится на 4): 16 is divisible by / into 4;
  - (15 делится на 3 5 раз): 15 divides into 3 5 times
  делиться (чем-л с кем-л) - (идеями): to share new ideas and practices;
  - (опытом и знаниями): ALTA's (American Literary Translators Association) annual conference provides an opportunity for literary translators to share their experiences and insights;
  - (информацией): we'll share information with you, but you've got to share it with us;
  - (т.е. мыслями / сведениями): he had taken a liking to me and confided in me when he refused to do so with other Americans;
  - (планами, т.е. доверительно): there might be an excellent reason why he is not confiding every tiny detail of his plans to you;
  - (размышлениями): we are pleased to share with you some reflections on our past and visions for our future;
  - (с кем-л, т.е. сокровенным): he knew he could confide in his parents;
  - (с кем-л, т.е. сокровенным): Alan felt he could confide in his brother;
  - (т.е. сведениями): an implausible rumor which he refused to share with me;
  - (д. своими заботами): he had never been able to confide in his aunt;
  - (д. своими опасениями с братом): he confided his fears to his brother;
  - (д. секретами пошива из шифона): she shares secrets of working with chiffon;
  - (шедро д. знаниями с коллегами и студентами): R.M., historian who was generous with her knowledge, both to her colleagues and her students
  делишки - (грязные): Finally! A councilman who is not afraid to stand up to shoddy business practices by the mayor!;
  - (сомнительные): His chequered past, his question marks over his business dealings, nothing seemed to matter. Not even the distant scandal of a rape allegation.
  дело - (делА): смотри выше;
  - (бизнес / предприятие): смотри ниже;
  - (ближе к делу): Get to it, you're wasting my time;
  - (брось ты это д.): give up that idea;
  - (д. было решено тут же): we were shown over the flat by the maid, and then we saw the mistress and the thing was settled then and there;
  - (д. в компетенции кого-л): North Vietnam had consistently refused, on the excuse that such matters were within the jurisdiction of the people of Laos;
  - (д. в принципе): it's not about the money, it's about the principle;
  - (д. в принципе): it's not that I object to him using my car; it's the principle of the thing;
  - (д. в том, что...): смотри ниже;
  - (В чём д.? Ни в чём.): What's the matter? Nothing is the matter;
  - (в чём тут д.): it's time to tell me what it's all about;
  - (д. в шляпе разг): and Bob is your uncle BrE infml;
  - (в этом-то всё и д. ): the English tolerated us, and that's about all;
  - (в этом-то и д. / д. именно в этом): that's the point;
  - (взять д. в свои руки): it would be good if we took matters into our own hands;
  - (д. вкуса): "You bought this monster?" "He's gorgeous, isn't he?" That was a matter of opinion;
  - (внутреннее д. страны): this is an internal affair of Yugoslavia;
  - (д. во мне, а не в тебе): this is about me - not you;
  - (времени): the community banking lobby thinks it is only a matter of time before the retailer intrudes on the banks' turf;
  - (всё д. в мотивировке): it's all about motivation;
  - (выполнить своё отвратительное д.): he completed his distasteful duty;
  - (гиблое д.): it's a lost cause;
  - (говорить д. , он д. говорит): I hate to agree with him, but he has a point;
  - (делать своё д.): смотри ниже;
  - (держаться подальше от этого д-а): a firm and clear warning to stay off the matter;
  - (т.е. деятельность, направленная к достижению чего-л): смотри ниже;
  - (доброе): смотри ниже;
  - (доводить д. до конца, он зарекомендовал себя как человек, который доводит д. до конца): he has a proven record of getting the job done;
  - (дорогое д. кормить скот зерном): he fed his stock hay, a costly business that frequently wiped out all profits;
  - (т.е. досье): смотри ниже;
  - (другое д. , это было совсем другое д.): scarcely a day in her life had passed without hearing the clash of sword on sword, yet knowing that the fighting was real made all the difference in the world;
  - (другое д., это другое д.): that makes a difference;
  - (его д. - сказать министру...): it's his job to get the minister by the throat and tell him...;
  - (его д-ом было передать информацию президенту): his job was to convey information to the President;
  - (его д-ом было поймать мяч): it was his job to recapture the ball;
  - (если д. дойдёт до штурма судна с моря, высадка с вертолёта будет невозможна): if it came to storming a vessel at sea, I believe a helicopter landing would not be feasible;
  - (заниматься делом / делами): смотри ниже;
  - (заниматься своим д-ом / своими д-ами): смотри ниже;
  - (д. зашло слишком далеко, т.е. об общественных беспорядках): things were too far out of kilter to be righted by the power of his words;
  - (и делу конец): just admit you're stupid and be done with it!;
  - (издевательства над заключёнными были д-ом семи солдат): the abuses of detainees were solely a work of seven rogue soldiers;
  - (иметь д. с кем-л): смотри ниже;
  - (инициатор д-а): she was the instigator of the whole event;
  - (изучить своё д. тяжким трудом): learn the ropes fig the hard way, get your hands dirty, see and do things no big-firm associate would ever get near, and someday some firm with real vision will reward the effort;
  - (их д-ом было управлять судном безопасно и эффективно): their job was to operate the ship safely and efficiently;
  - (д. казалось безнадёжным): things were going to be desperate, but they decided to give it one more go;
  - (как обстоит д. , вот как обстоит д. сейчас): this is how matters stand now: the House approved its version of the tax cut on Friday;
  - (как обстоит д., вот как обстоит д. с большинством стран ЕС): that's how matters stand with most EU countries;
  - (как обстоит д., сообщите мне, как обстоит д. с проектом): let me know how matters stand now with the project;
  - (какое кому-л д. до того, что...): смотри ниже;
  - (личное, т.е. досье): смотри ниже ДЕЛО (т.е. ДОСЬЕ);
  - (мелкое / незначительное): they were shocked at the idea that they should correct him in such piddling matters;
  - (мирового значения): an issue of global concern;
  - (мне дЕла нет до того, что ты строишь из себя гонимого религиозного мученика): I don't have an issue with you playing the downtrodden religious martyr;
  - (нам до этого нет дела): "Does your daughter enjoy wearing the chaderi?" "We do not concern ourselves about this.";
  - (направить деньги на доброе д.): don't waste your money, put it to some good purpose;
  - (насущное, давай сосредоточимся на насущных д-ах): let's concentrate on the matter in hand;
  - (д. не в чём-л): смотри ниже;
  - (не для серьёзного д-а): I wouldn't recommend anyone to try a combination like that. Not if they were meaning business.;
  - (не лезть не в своё д. , ему было велено не лезть не в своё д.): he was told to mind his own business;
  - (д. не стало, за завистью д. не стало): greed, never in short supply, has been out of hand;
  - (д. не стало, за поводами хорошо одеться д. не стало): sure, prom is over, but occasions to look stylish are never in short supply;
  - (д. не станет, когда эта хитрая женщина хочет чего-то добиться, у неё за уловками д. не станет): this crafty woman has no shortage of tricks up her sleeve to get what she wants;
  - (д. не столько в нём, сколько в укреплении базы республиканцев): this is less about him and more about shoring up the Republican base;
  - (не твоё д. / не лезь не в своё д.): mind your own business;
  - (не твоё д. ): "She's on duty tonight." "On duty doing what?" "Never you mind.";
  - (неотложное): he had much more pressing matters on his mind;
  - (непростое): "So, been keeping busy, B.?" "Fairly. Organizing that competition is no mean feat.";
  - (общее, партнёры в общем деле): the White House assistants are both partners in a joint endeavor and competitors for the President's attention and favor;
  - (одно д. плестись за фургоном, сидя на осле, а другое - скакать на охотничьей лошади): sitting on a donkey and plodding behind a wagon was one thing, guiding a hunting horse was something else;
  - (он занимался этим д-ом 6 лет): he'd been in the job for six years;
  - (первым делом, я мысленно отмечаю, что завтра надо будет первым д-ом замаскировать рюкзак): This orange pack will practically glow in the dark. I make a mental note to camouflage it first thing tomorrow.;
  - (перейти к делу): смотри ниже;
  - (подстрекатель д-а): she was the instigator of the whole event;
  - (подумаешь, большое д. , т.е. с иронией): But the hotel, the privacy of our guests. Super-duper big deal. Like it's some Suisse bank. So, anything hits the fan, I didn't tell you.;
  - (подходящее д. для слюнтяев): an activity his disgusted father regarded as occupation for sissies;
  - (...пока он не расскажет, что у него за д.): there was a little mousie in a fine hauberk and a steel cap doing sentry at the front gate, and he was not for letting Jack in until he had told his errand;
  - (помешать мошенникам заниматься своим коварным д-ом): partnerships among law enforcement agencies in the U.S. and Canada are making it tougher for cross-border scam artists to ply their deceitful trade;
  - (д. пошло поинтереснее): things had gotten a little more interesting lately;
  - (превратить слова в д-а): to translate words into actions;
  - (преданный д-у): she is very committed to her cause;
  - (т.е. предприятие): for himself, fear was no part of the undertaking;
  - (т.е. предприятие / бизнес, начать / организовать / открыть / создать своё д., ): смотри ниже;
  - (предупреждение преступности - д. полиции): it is the job of the police to prevent crime;
  - (д. принимает неприятный оборот): things are turning sour;
  - (продолжить его д.): finally reconciled with his father at Cousteau's hospital bedside, Jean-Michel vowed last week to "carry on his message";
  - (т.е. профессия, делать то, что в этом д-е называется редактированием): The ideal copyeditor studies your every word to make sure of correct spelling, grammar and usage. He'll read your manuscript with a pencil in hand, doing what's known in the trade as line-editing;
  - (путешествовать по делам университета): International SOS is an enhanced service available to all University of Nottingham Business Travellers travelling on University Business conducted in line with University Policies;
  - (д. прошлое): the interest aroused by the murder is a thing past and forgotten;
  - (пустое д.): It is often tempting to wonder what would happen if... and if not. Usually it is a futile exercise;
  - (решить д., угроза решила д.): I called security to request that our two Marines be excused from duty, and although I met with loud protest, my threat to involve the acting ambassador turned the trick;
  - (рискованное, о создании нового предприятия): starting a new business can be a risky undertaking;
  - (т.е. род занятий): смотри ниже;
  - (д. рук своих): the men who had built the dock had never thought to see their handiwork to put to such use;
  - (д. рук своих, в ужасе смотреть на д. рук своих): he stared at his handiwork in horror;
  - (сделать для кого-л важное д.): you will perform an essential task for me;
  - (сложное): desktop publishing is the great integration game;
  - (д. случая): lack of central control makes detection haphazard;
  - (случая): precise identification of most Lethrinops (fish) is usually a "by guess and by God" infml matter;
  - (соглашение было хорошим д-ом): the agreement was a fine piece of work, calling for majority rule and minority rights;
  - (страшное д. крэк, т.е. наркотик): Terrible thing crack. It's the cocaine derivative. Not physically addictive like heroin. Psychologically addictive.;
  - (судебное): смотри ниже;
  - (суть д-а): he had gotten to the heart of the matter;
  - (трудное д.): predicting the future is a very difficult business indeed;
  - (трудное д.): getting the glue off the rug was a difficult operation;
  - (у него слова не расходились с д-ом): he suited the action to the word;
  - (ускорить д.): an energetic young official and Party cadre was sent from Moscow to hurry things along;
  - (д. чести): it may have been hairsplitting but to us it involved a point of honor;
  - (что за дело): смотри ниже;
  - (д. шло к часу ночи): it was now nearing 1 a.m., and the din of hilarity in the restaurant showed no sign of abating;
  - смотри файл SUD
  дело (делать своё д. ) - (о химических реагентах): inflatable booms to try to hold the vented oil away from the cost until the chemicals could do their work;
  - (о Конгрессе): Congress has a profound moral duty to show - for once - that it is willing to do its part;
  - (т.е. сосредоточенно работать): the people were calmly and quickly doing their jobs;
  - (делать своё чёрное д.): the war continues to take its heavy toll
  дело в том, что - Maybe this administration is as lily-white and heroic as it makes itself out to be. But the point is, we shouldn't take their word for it.;
  - as it happens, it is no longer possible to purchase a copy of the first editition;
  - the point / problem is that...;
  - with respect to the American military presence in Southeast Asia, the fact was that I was not certain because so much depended on our domestic politics;
  - the truth of the matter was that his mind was unable to correlate the information in a way that would help him take a step forward;
  - Here is a mother's reflection on use of medications for her alcohol-exposed children. "The long and the short of it is infml, all our kids are different.";
  - (д. было в т.ч.): the fact was that he had given the matter a great deal of thought over the past fortnight;
  - (д. было в т.ч.): the fact of the matter was that MIRV technology had negated that entire defense concept;
  - (д. в т.ч. деловая переписка - это большой курс): A business writing course is designed is such a way that all the aspects of business writing are covered. These aspects cover writing business letters and reports. As a matter of fact business writing is a big subject and thus is divided in various courses according to the level of difficulty. These courses cover everything from business grammar to writing skills to letter and specialized report writing.
  - (д. в т.ч. нам, возможно, предстоит война): fact of matter is, we may actually be facing a war;
  - (д. в т.ч. ты с этим сделаешь): that's not the issue; the issue is what you do about it;
  - (д. в т.ч. я собирался дать ему передышку): As a matter of fact I did have in mind to let him have a bit of a breather. Two of my people have gone off together. He can have a spell at being an inquiry agent - in the sunshine, too.
  дело (т.е. деятельность, направленная к достижению чего-л) - (арабов): Sadat agreed that Moscow had been grudging in its support for the Arab cause;
  - (т.е. борьба с голодом): collecting money for good causes such as famine relief;
  - (мира): How the Media Can Serve the Cause of Peace;
  - (прав женщин): a new generation of feminists took up the cause of women's rights and began to demand, among other things, equal pay for women;
  - (д. трудящихся): her devotion to the cause of workers
  дело (доброе) - (делать доброе д.): Volunteers make merry doing their good deed in T. About 20 volunteers from the United Jewish Council joined dozens of other volunteers and staff members at the downtown shelter and soup kitchen yesterday to serve meals to nearly 300 people in need.;
  - (мы не забываем добрые дела): we never forget good deeds done to us;
  - (направить на доброе д.): don't waste your money, put it to some good purpose;
  - (ни одно доброе д. не пропадает): no act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted;
  - (собирать деньги на доброе д.): collecting money for good causes such as famine relief;
  - (доброе д. стоило ей работы): her good deed had cost her her job;
  дело (т.е. досье) - (завести д., на него завели д. об убийстве): he was booked for murder and locked away with no immediate chances of bail;
  - (д. о краже): he had a file on that theft;
  - (личное д. заключённого): the records showed his performance was good;
  - (личное д. шпиона): nothing against him on his Confidential Record;
  - (порча школьного имущества будет занесена в твоё личное д.): destroying school property goes on your permanent record;
  - (личное д., у некоторых охранников в личном д-е не был отражён перевод в другой лагерь): a number of guards had personnel records which failed to reflect transfer to other camps;
  - (храниться в д-е, т.е. ученика): Parents must provide proof of residency within the boundaries of the E. School District. Photocopies of these documents will be kept on file at the school site.
  дело (заниматься д-ом / д-ами) - (заниматься личными д-ами в рабочее время): are you liable for employees' action when they run personal errands while on company business?;
  - (заниматься мужским д-ом): she is in a man's job, and she doesn't want to be seen as a wimp;
  - (заниматься повседневными д-ами): in the past, when people expended plenty of calories just by going about their daily business, it was possible to remain slim while eating a diet with nearly any nutritional profile;
  - (заниматься д-ами, требующими длительного усилия): he often is reluctant to engage in tasks that require sustained mental effort (such as schoolwork or homework)
  - (заниматься своим делом / своими делами): On Tuesday, October 17, 1989, in the late afternoon, a huge earthquake hit the San Francisco Bay area. People were going about their business as usual. Working men and women were heading home from their offices after a busy day.;
  - (заниматься своим делом, т.е. не вмешиваться в чужие дела): you mind your own business, and let other people mind theirs;
  - (заниматься личными д-ами): You're free. You can go about your business.;
  - (заниматься личными д-амив рабочее время): If you are in a private company you have no time to do your own thing. The Government is more tolerant about time. You can just go in and leave your handbag on the desk, and then go about your own business.;
  - (заниматься своими обычными д-и): The best way to fight terror is to go about your normal duties. Mumbai has to resume its commercial activities tomorrow. We have to show the bunch of madcaps that we are not going to be cowed down.;
  - (заниматься своими повседневными д-ами): in the past, when people expended plenty of calories just by going about their daily business, it was possible to remain slim while eating a diet with nearly any nutritional profile;
  - (т.е. сосредоточенно работать): the people were calmly and quickly doing their jobs
  дело (иметь д. с варварами) - sometimes one must do business with barbarians;
  - he expressed the hope that on my visit to Peking neither I (Henry Kissinger) nor any of my associates would have any dealings with Sihanouk;
  - (иметь д. с кем-л): this time the Soviets will have to deal directly with your presidency, not with the middlemen;
  - one of the problems with the espionage was that you didn't always do business with the sort of people whom you'd willingly invite into your home
  дело (какое кому-л д. до чего-л / что за дело кому-л до чего-л)- (какое мне д. / что мне за д., как он выглядит?): What do I care how he looks? I am good-looking enough for both of us.;
  - (какое мне д. / что мне за д. до закона?): What do I care about law? Ain't I got the power?;
  - (какое мне д. до того, нравлюсь я какому-то старому толстяку, который когда-то кем-то был): what's it matter to me if some fat old has-been likes me or not?;
  - (какое тебе д. до того, что...): and what business is it of yours, anyway, to know what I do with my own things?;
  - (кому какое д.?): who cares? ;
  - (кому какое д. до того, что он болеет за ту команду?): who cares if he supports that team?
  дело (т.е. бизнес / предприятие, начать / организовать / открыть своё д.) - start your own business;
  - starting a new business can be a risky undertaking;
  - He took a junior management job with a construction firm. He was a fast learner, and he struck out on his own in 1963, when the ambitious man was not yet 30 years old.;
  - Early in his career did young D. become acquainted with the sugar industry. General experience in the cultivation of sugar cane only served to whet his appetite for a more intimate knowledge of the industry and he resolved to strike out for himself.;
  - he feels that there is nothing for him to do in the sleepy village in which he resides, and that he must "strike out for himself";
  - His first occupation in the district was at P.'s Mill at D. of which he was placed in charge; but he did not settle there and went to Inverness, another small mill. Still not satisfied, he followed up his long-cherished desire to strike out for himself and bought the land at E. which he has held for 36 years.
  дело (д. не в чём-л) - (д. было не в боковом отклонении, д. было в скорости): if the missile was targeted on where the cruiser was, cross-range was not an issue, the issue was speed;
  - (д. было не в борьбе между Клинтоном и Гингричем, а в их разногласиях по поводу урезания социальной программы М.): that way the fight would not be about Bill Clinton and Newt Gingrich, but about their disagreements over cuts in Medicare;
  - (д. не в возрасте): his age is beside the point; the question is, can he do the job?;
  - (д. не в доверии / важно оставаться в курсе дела): "Don't you trust her?" "Trust isn't the issue. Staying informed is what matters.";
  - (не в этом д., д. в том, что с этим делать): that's not the issue; the issue is what you do about it;
  - (не в этом д.): "You're just annoyed that they got there ahead of you," C. said spitefully. "That's not the point.";
  - (д. не в этом д.): but that's not really the point;
  - (не во мне д.): I am not the issue
  дело (перейти к делу) - He is getting to the point, "That's why you're going to do this small favour for me.";
  - (значит / так, мы перешли к д.): good, we were down to business;
  - he tells a few jokes to warm up the audience but then gets down to business;
  - (т.е. от слов): The outsider is eaten away with resentment and a desperate urge to get even. If enough of these feelings accumulate, he may act out.;
  - (перейти прямо к д.): he went straight to the point as he had a habit of doing;
  - (перейти прямо к д.): when the cameras began to roll, she got straight to the point
  дело (т.е. род занятий) - (военное, шотландцы сделали нечто неслыханное в военном д-е, атаковали кавалерию): suddenly the Scots did something before unheard of in medieval warfare, they charged the cavalry;
  - (издательское, характерная и малоизвестная особенность и-ого дела состоит в том, что...): among the most overlooked stories in publishing is this startling fact: of all books purchased, fifty-three per cent are sold in discount stores, such as Wal-Mart;
  - (морское, изучать морское д.): he studied seamanship at the Royal Naval College in Greenwich;
  - (морское, изучать морское д.): cadets received seamanship training on board the Chicago-based tugboat and training vessel M.;
  дело (т.е. судебное) - a landmark legal case in which a stage hypnotist was acquitted of causing mental illness in a participant in a TV show;
  - (в деле об убийстве следует воздерживаться от личной неприязни): in a case of murder one must put one's private repugnances behind one;
  - (в деле утверждается): the case alleges he paid more than $78 million in bribes to the Kazakh president and the former oil and gas minister to secure contracts in the Tengiz oil fields for BP, Chevron, and ExxonMobil;
  - (выиграть д.): in order to avoid Mr B. winning this action, you will resort to smearing him;
  - (громкoe): The prosecutor intended to make a run for the governor's office in two years. This kind of high-profile case was just what he wanted.;
  - (громкoe): he would like to crown his career in the U.S. Attorney's office with a major, headline-grabbing case;
  - (завести д., на него завели д. об убийстве): he was booked for murder and locked away with no immediate chances of bail;
  - (окружной суд передал д. в суд по делам о банкротстве): the district court referred the matter to the bankruptcy court;
  - (д., основанное на косвенных доказательствах): in a circumstantial case, a prosecutor needs some way at the outset to make a jury see how it all fits together;
  - (д., основанное на косвенных доказательствах): it was a classic circumstantial case of conspiracy, but every eyewitness would testify against our theory of the case;
  - (открыть уголовное д. по расследованию якобы незаконной предпринимательской деятельности): the Interior Ministry then opened a criminal investigation into alleged illegal business activities;
  - (отстранить судью от д-а): the judge was dismissed from the case on the pretext that his impartiality was damaged;
  - (подразумевалось, что в д-е будет участвовать группа из не менее чем 2000 истцов): the lawsuit purported to include a class of at least 2000 potential claimants;
  - (свидетель по д-у об убийстве): a witness in a murder case;
  - (свидетеля, который отказывался от показаний, карали за клятвопреступление, но его показания оставались в деле): As soon as a witch was accused and turned over to the Inquisition, the inquisitor was formally instructed never to declare him or her innocent. Any witness that withdrew his testimony was punished for perjury - yet his testimony remained on record.;
  - (список дел, назначенных к рассмотрению / слушанию): seventy percent of the docket was handled by court-appointed counsel
  деловой - (д-ая Америка): "Corporate America" is an informal phrase describing the world of corporations within the United States not under government ownership.;
  - (блейзер): a formal blazer;
  - (вид, напустить на себя д. вид): "..." said he, putting on his businesslike manner;
  - (виза, ускоренное оформление д-ой в-ы): fast track entrepreneur visa attracting investment to the UK;
  - (голос): his voice was businesslike, cold;
  - (женский костюм): she was dressed in a beige business suit;
  - (д-ые качества человека): his success can be attributed to his management skills;
  - (круги): President Obama is making a full-court press to patch up his relations with the business community;
  - (мир): in the corporate world, decision-makers can look at a quantitative yardstick - estimates of the discounted cash flow of the proposed investments;
  - (общественность): the increasingly-pessimistic advisories are being used as a way of applying pressure, causing unnecessary alarm within business community by jeopardizing the investment flow;
  - (одежда): her clothes were conservative, but attractive - no-nonsense, but with style;
  - (отношения, в д-ых отношениях положено / принято потребовать какой-то аванс, чтобы заказчик в последний момент не передумал, после того, что исполнитель потратил несколько сот долларов на подкрашенную на заказ краску, которую нельзя вернуть в магазин): it is a good business practice to charge some money up front to make sure the customer is not going to change their mind at the last minute, after the contractor has spent a few hundred dollars on custom tinted paint that is non refundable;
  - (переговоры): the negotiations were professional and business-like / businesslike;
  - (подход): Dr. M.F. brings a no-nonsense approach to help solve the problem of that painful rite-of-passage called adolescence;
  - (подход): the team has a no-nonsense approach to protecting major investments in residential and commercial property;
  - (политический советник): a smart, no-nonsense political adviser;
  - (прагматизм): no-nonsense, accountable pragmatism is now the rule;
  - (премьер-министр): no-nonsense Prime Minister Vaclav Klaus;
  - (принять важный д. вид): "Well! I can't tarry here all day," the doctor said, adopting his former brisk and self-important manner;
  - (район): the group's elaborate headquarters in a Texas vibrant business district in San Antonio;
  - (риск): job hazard;
  - (рискованное д-ое предприятие): if a spouse puts title to the family house in the other spouse's name before embarking on a risky business venture, this will usually be treated as a good faith attempt to lessen the exposure of his or her family to creditors;
  - (способности): his success can be attributed to his management skills;
  - (часть города): a Saloon in downtown;
  - (часть города): Atlanta's glass-and-steel downtown
  делопроизводство - clerical work / office work;
  - record keeping;
  - (т.е. деловая переписка): business correspondence
  делящийся (материалы) - the future ban on the production of fissile materials;
  - the fissile materials cutoff would ban the production of enriched uranium and plutonium;
  - fissionable materials
  демагог - he hated sanctimonious demagogues parading as patriots;
  - (уличный): a crowd of men headed by a streetcorner rabblerouser called Adolf Hitler had tried to overthrow the government
  демагогический - (проповедь): a soapbox sermon on the evils of apartheid outside the South African Embassy
  демагогия - (в социальной политике): replacing rhetoric with reality in our social policy, we could make a difference in reflected common sense and creative thinking;
  - (популистская д. президента): Obama's populist rhetoric - see "fat cat bankers" - may have sounded good to some in his liberal base, but it left the business community wondering if he understood its role in helping the economy recover;
  - a scenario in which each country would keep the rhetoric to a low decibel level;
  - pithy, fire-breathing revolutionary rhetoric;
  - the dissonance between the rhetoric of the government and the actual expectations of the public;
  - (я слушал твою д-ю): I've listened to you and your twisted mouthings till I'm sick to my guts;
  - Senator Lindsay Graham said "We have to reject this demagoguery," and Governor Rick Perry called Trump's rhetoric "a toxic mix of demagoguery and nonsense"
  демаркировать границы - (договор о демаркации границ): to sign a treaty delineating borders between the two countries
  демографический - (взрыв): population explosion;
  - (дисбаланс): the most serious demographic imbalance is between the mountainous areas of the interior and the coastal strip;
  - (кризис): the demographic crisis is harder to manage than the economic crisis;
  - (рост): The fastest population growth is taking place in the poorest regions;
  - (спад): Romania has entered its 20th year of population decline
  демонстративно - he was ostentatiously contemptuous of the cruel wind;
  - she was flipping the papers on his desk, ostensibly to tell him that she was displeased;
  - (вытирать руки): the mechanic makes a show of wiping his hands on a rag;
  - (говорить): he spoke out defiantly if only to sweep away silence;
  - (зевнуть): he yawned ostentatiosly;
  - (д. избегать кого-л): Former Senator K., a commission member, recalls that he once suggested diminishing the Senate Armed Services Committee's responsibilities. He said the committee cold-shouldered him for the rest of his Senate tenure;
  - (д. перебирать бумаги): she was flipping the papers on his desk, ostensibly to tell him that she was displeased;
  - (д. проигнорировать протянутую для рукопожатия руку): A. glared at the young newspaperman in a hot fury. T. took that fury in his stride. So he lowered the outthrust hand that had been so pointedly ignored.;
  - (смотреть): "..." he explained, manifestly looking at overheads of the place as he spoke
  демонстрация - Saturday's demonstration against the coalition government's cuts is likely to be the biggest political demonstration for nearly a decade;
  - (выйти на д-ю): Tens of thousands of students took to the streets of London in a demonstration that spiralled out of control when a fringe group of protesters hurled missiles at police and occupied the building housing Conservative party headquarters;
  - (выйти на д-ю / провести уличную д-ю): the activists demonstrated before visiting Moscow dignitaries;
  - thousands of people took to the streets in Toronto to demonstrate against the twin G8 and G20 summits;
  - (грузы, предназначенные для торговых и передвижных выставок, ярмарок и д-и, т.е. оборудования): freight charges must be prepaid on all shipments consigned to trade or traveling shows, fairs or exhibits;
  - (искусства, т.е. в бое быков): in fact, the English term "bull fight" is a misnomer; the event is not viewed as a face-off between man and beast, but a ritualized display of skill;
  - (провести д-ю): in 1980-81 the Labour Party held three monster demonstrations across Britain;
  - (т.е. протеста, субботняя д. / выйти на д-ю): Saturday's march was magnificent. Certainly well over half a million marched, showing the depth of the bitter anger at Cameron and Clegg's cuts.;
  - (силы): there was a huge show of force (in Northern Ireland);
  - (силы): Magellan hopes to make this chieftain supreme over the remaining local tribes and loyal to the King of Spain. To bolster this chief's local supremacy, Magellan decides that a show of force, particularly the power of his muskets and cannon, against a neighboring tribe will impress the natives into submission.;
  - (угрозы, т.е. у животных): when approached too closely some sharks will perform a threat display to warn off the prospective predators
  демонстрировать - (акробаты демонстрировали своё умение): painted tumblers displayed their skills; girls flipping themselves from hands to feet and back again;
  - (актриса любит д. своё тело): the actress loves to showcase her body whenever possible;
  - (выгодно д. фигуру в обтягивающей одежде): she had a nice face and great figure, which she showed off to good effect in tight sweaters, tighter pants, and spiked heels;
  - (д. искусство верховой езды): I could well observe the fine horsemanship that M. exhibited;
  - (д. модели одежды): the window displays consisted of a few chipped dummies, modeling fashions ten years out of date;
  - (д. мужскую одежду, т.е. как манекенщица): she has become the first woman to exclusively model menswear;
  - (д. своё презрение к пристойности): these young women wore short skirts, bobbed their hair, listened to the new jazz music, and flaunted their disdain for what was then considered acceptable behavior;
  - (д. свои политические взгляды / убеждения при помощи футболки с надписью "к чёрту тори"): he flaunts his political views with a FTT (Fuck the Tories) T-shirt;
  - (д. свою утончённость, т.е. выставлять напоказ): he was standing out like a sore thumb in his elegant London-tailored suit as if flaunting his sophistication to a group of men who hated all forms of Western-ness;
  - (страны любит д. баллистические ракеты): the Russians sold Scuds to jerkwater countries that couldn't even field a single decent mechanized division, but who loved to parade those upgraded V-2-class ballistic stovepipes because they looked impressive as hell to the people on the sidewalks;
  - (увечья): they were sporting gruesome disfigurements
  демонтаж - (атомной электростанции): nuclear decommissioning is the dismantling of a nuclear power plant and decontamination of the site to a state no longer requiring protection from radiation for the general public;
  - (д. атомных подводных лодок): among the priority concerns they identified the destruction of chemical weapons, the dismantlement of decommissioned nuclear submarines, the disposition of fissile materials and the employment of former weapon scientists;
  - (д. впаянных деталей / компонент): recovering the soldered components from the board safely, and in a condition for reuse is a challenging task;
  - (оборудования): disassembly of hardware;
  - (т.е. объектов атомной энергетики): decommissioning includes all clean-up of radioactivity and progressive demolition of the plant;
  - (сооружение и д. лесов): the contract for the supply, erection and dismantling of scaffold access equipment to allow the continuation of the repair and planned maintenance of Council property;
  - (д. структуры комитетов): for all the talk of the need for sacrifice in today's new and dangerous world, Congress seems unwilling to confront the task of tearing down a committee structure that members prize above everything except reelection itself
  денежный - (аванс): Cash advances are convenient... and costly. Many banks charge a transaction fee as well as interest on the cash advance;
  - (в д-ом выражении, задачи ставятся и показатели измеряются в д-ом выражении): goals are set and performance is measured in financial terms;
  - (в д-ом выражении, определить риск в д-ом выражении): a methodology by which the trusting agent can determine beforehand the possible risk in financial terms;
  - (вознаграждение): he shall not accept monetary payment in addition to normal salary;
  - (выгода): his moves were nearly always accomplished at a slight pecuniary gain, for he had a shrewd business head
  - (д. выигрыш в лотерею): a University employee can accept a non-cash raffle prize or draw at a conference or similar events, where the employee is representing a University; (Any cash prizes must be used to offset the expenses associated with the event / conference)
  - (выплаты, заменить социальные льготы, которые давались натурой, д-ыми выплатами): the Russian Federal Assembly has just decided to abolish many social benefits that have never actually been paid out and to replace numerous benefits paid in kind with cash payments;
  - (д-ая выручка фальсификатора за подложные паспорта): the cash proceeds of forger's last four passports;
  - (д-ые документы на сумму более 10000 долларов): I am carrying currency or monetary instruments over $10,000;
  - (единица): monetary unit;
  - (интересы): his pecuniary interest in his law firm partnership was directly at stake;
  - (компенсация): an award of monetary damages was made to Plaintiff;
  - (награда / приз): the top 25 individuals and top five teams receive monetary prizes for scoring highly;
  - (наличность): cash assets;
  - (обязательства): liability: the sum of pecuniary obligations; opposed to assets;
  - (обязательство): a debt or other pecuniary obligation;
  - (обязательство): opening your own business requires a significant financial commitment;
  - (оздоровление д-ого обращения): monetary rehabilitation;
  - (перевод): cash remittance;
  - (перевод): remittance;
  - (реформа): monetary reform;
  - (стимулы): a timely application of fiscal and monetary stimulus;
  - (сумма): any such action or proceeding shall be limited to a determination of the amount of monies fml, if any, payable by the Company to you for the accounting periods in question, and your sole remedy shall be the recovery of those monies with no interest thereon.;
  - (ужесточить д-ую политику): when and at what stage of the year the US Federal Reserve will opt to tighten monetary policy;
  - (ущерб): Lightning strikes in W. County caused numerous range fires. These fires have inflicted significant monetary damage to 30 livestock owners.
  денонсировать - (соглашение): The Anglo-German Naval Agreement of June 18, 1935 was a bilateral agreement between the United Kingdom and German Reich regulating the size of the Kriegsmarine in relation to the Royal Navy. The agreement was renounced by Adolf Hitler on April 28, 1939.;
  - (договор): to denounce / abrogate a treaty
  день - (был д.): It might have been daytime. All the lights were on.;
  - (в д. окончания стипендии): on the date of termination of the scholarship;
  - (в течение года со дня покупки): this product is guaranteed against defects in material or workmanship for one year from date of purchase;
  - (в течение 12 месяцев со дня поступления на работу): if you have to relocate in order to comply with this condition, the following assistance is available for 12 months from the date you join;
  - (великолепным днём): on a gorgeous afternoon;
  - (дойти до наших дней): the theory, which, with some extensions and improvements, survived to this day; - (его не было на работе три дня): he has been a no-show in the office for three days;
  - (жить сегодняшним днём, т.е. о тяжело больном человеке): Let's talk tomorrow. We'll see how the day is going. Right now I'm taking it day by day.;
  - (зарплаты): College work-study students are paid on a biweekly cycle. The pay date is the Friday following the two week period worked;
  - (конец дня): it was late afternoon and dusk was turning into night;
  - (назначить д. суда): ask the court to set an immediate trial date;
  - (т.е. после полудня): I had spent a wearisome afternoon escorting a coachload of our village elderlies on a trip to London;
  - (сообщить д. и час собрания): he soon devised a clever method of communicating the time and date of the next meeting to all members in case they needed to change it at short notice;
  - (средь бела дня): in H. most people were too conventional to frequent liquor stores in broad daylight;
  - (д. угасал): daylight was fading
  день за днём - (город обновляется д.з.д.): the city reinvents oneself anew day after day;
  - (я благодарен ему за то, что он д.з.д. критиковал эти страницы): I am grateful to him for critiquing these pages day by day
  день рождения - (в д.р.): he was buried on his birthday;
  - (на д.р., подарок нa д.р.): whatever you choose for her birthday present, just make sure that it is an expression of your love for your lady;
  - (на д.р., что он хочет нa д.р., т.е. какой подарок): I asked him what he wanted for his birthday;
  - (на дне р.): the photo was taken at her birthday party
  деньги - (безумные / бешеные, заплатить бешеные д. за пару босоножек): she spent a small fortune infml on a pair of slingbacks;
  - (в кассе): cash in hand;
  - (доставать д. / лезть за деньгами, т.е. чтобы помочь кому-л): he was always a sucker for a hard luck story and was quick to put his hand in his pocket, never worrying if he was being conned;
  - (заработать д. на своих торговых операциях): had it not been for Mr. Gill being ensnared in the web of deceit he would have made money from his trades;
  - (д. идут к деньгам): much will have more;
  - (карманные): I've been saving my pocket money all summer for this;
  - (карманные): the kid would like to go to the cinema, but he already spent his allowance;
  - (карманные, он обыгрывал детей, отбирая все карманные д.): he would clean the children out of their allowance money;
  - (количество наличных денег в обороте): the amount of currency in circulation has been rising for the past several years;
  - (находящиеся в обращении, т.е. наличные): more than 95% of circulating U.S. currency is contaminated with drug residues;
  - (недополучить за свои д.): It's possible that some of the multitudes who bought the novel, did find the book to be "aswim in erudition." However, based on the sampling I pulled from the Amazon.com "customer reviews" it appears that many felt they got less bang for their buck infml than they were promised.;
  - (основать компанию на д. жены): he started a company on his wife's dough slang;
  - (получить д. вместо неиспользованных дней отпуска): employees could no longer cash in vacation days they didn't use;
  - (получить д. за свою долю в предприятии): he wanted to cash out his interest in the business;
  - (д. свалившиеся на кого-л): his third wife could well profit from the windfall - but not to the tune she is demanding;
  - (снятие денег со счёта): last night I made a point of examining his cash drawings for the last three months preceding his departure;
  - (сумма денег): any such action or proceeding shall be limited to a determination of the amount of monies fml, if any, payable by the Company to you for the accounting periods in question, and your sole remedy shall be the recovery of those monies with no interest thereon.;
  - (у которого денег куры не клюют образно): the New York senator also said she wants new debates before the May 6 contests in North Carolina, where the flush-with-money Obama is favored;
  - (у него, наверное, денег куры не клюют): he must be rolling in money;
  - (у него хватает денег, чтобы нанять десяток наёмных убийц): he has the wherewithal to hire a dozen hitmen;
  - (хорошие, они платят хорошие д. за детёнышей этих животных): animal trainers pay top coin infml for newborns or cubs of these animals;
  - (хорошие, срочный заказ, за написание которого я получаю хорошие д.): this was a rush order, which I get top dollar infml to write
  деньжата (срубить деньжат по-быстрому жаргон) - some of his mates made quick readies BrE slang selling stories about him to the tabloids;
  - I made a quick / fast buck infml selling used cars
  депонирование - (исходного кода программы): Source code escrow means deposit of the source code of the software into an account held by a third party escrow agent. Escrow is typically requested by a party licensing software (the licensee), to ensure maintenance of the software. The software source code is released to the licensee if the licensor files for bankruptcy or otherwise fails to maintain and update the software as promised in the software license agreement.;
  - (исходного кода программы): Source code escrow. An arrangement where some source code is held in escrow by a third party as long as it is supported by the vendors, but should they cease to support it, it becomes the property of the purchasers so that they can arrange for its continued maintenance.
  депрессия - (т.е. психическая): смотри файл EMOCII;
  - (Великая д. / экономическая д. ): the Great Depression was a severe worldwide economic depression that took place mostly during the 1930s, beginning in the United States
  - (т.е. экономическая): the country's 14.6% unemployment rate is higher than it was in the doldrums of 2009;
  - the mortgage market has been in the doldrums for three years
  деревенский - (воздух): his face had a flush, either from drinking or from the country air;
  - (городишко): he was born in a small farming town of P.;
  - (дом): the raftered farmhouse kitchen;
  - (дорога): the car pulled off a rural road;
  - (дороги): he graded the rural roads;
  - (женщины): the success of micro-finance system, delivering small credit to the poor rural women without any collateral;
  - (изба): country cottage;
  - (местность): rural area;
  - (местность): the rolling forested countryside where Bavaria ran into Franconia;
  - (образ жизни): through most of history, the human population has lived a rural lifestyle, dependent on agriculture and hunting for survival;
  - (обстановка): I had been impressed with Bush's campaign since I first saw him articulate his "compassionate" conservative theme in the farm setting in Iowa;
  - (общество / община): rural society / community;
  - (очарование): the village has a certain rustic charm;
  - (парень): a simple country lad;
  - (стиль): a rustic garden chair;
  - (улочка): a quiet country lane;
  - (уют): the overflowing harvest basket of vegetables at the entrance to the dining room gave a countrylike cozyness to the restaurant's simple decor;
  - (хижина): the rustic cabin had no indoor bath or shower;
  - (д-ая часть Англии): in rural England;
  - (чувствовать себя д-им парнем): he felt rustic
  деревня - (бомбить д-ю): they bombed the village;
  - (деревни): on and on they flew, over countryside parceled out in patches of green and brown;
  - (железная дорога приблизила деревни к городам): steel rails were bringing farmlands in closer touch with the cities;
  - (жить в д-е): he remained in the countryside, working as a laborer in the field;
  - (д., расположенная по обе стороны от границы): the village that sits across the border;
  - (стул той модели, которую можно увидеть в деревнях Европы): a humble caned chair of a model that can still be seen in the European countryside
  деревушка - this place turned from a little village into a large town
  держава - (ведущая / индустриальная / колониальная / мировая): colonial / world / leading industrial power;
  - (великая): Moscow could use the crisis for its own ends only by risking a greatpower confrontation;
  - (великая): research of this nature can only be undertaken by a major power;
  - (город, оккупированный четырьмя д-ами): West Berlin was a city under Four-Power occupation;
  - (д-ы Оси, т.е. Германия, Италия, Япония во Второй мировой войне): the commission which was set up in 1996 by the Swiss parliament to examine Swiss relations with the Axis powers;
  - (ядерная): the three nuclear powers which are not parties to the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty
  держатель - (лицензии): in 1980s she ceded control to licensees who distributed her apparel, luggage and cosmetics too widely;
  - (д. лицензии, т.е. на пончики Данкин): a franchisee for Dunkin' Donuts
  держать - (бар): he tended a bar for a living;
  - (д. в курсе): смотри ниже;
  - (д. в напряжении, роман, который держит читателя в напряжении): gripping and full of suspense novel;
  - (д. в руках кого-л, т.е. зная его тайну): to have a hold on somebody;
  - (д. в себе свои чувства): men, more than women, have a tendency to bottle up their feelings;
  - (д всё в себе, т.е. недовольство): Arguments can be good for you. If you don't fight, bottling things up can lead to resentment.;
  - (д. в тайне): diplomats kept the incident under wraps at the time;
  - (д. в узде образно): I couldn't rein my impatience;
  - (д. друг друга за горло образно): the Jews and the Arabs are at each other's throats;
  - (зло, он не держал зла): he never held a grudge;
  - (д. зло на кого-л): her husband was much the same, and sometimes this made her sad, but she did not hold it against him;
  - (держи карман шире): Medical marijuana here? Don't hold your breath.;
  - (держи карман шире): The government says it's going to introduce free meals for all schoolchildren. - Huh, don't hold your breath.;
  - (д. киоск / ларёк / прилавок на базаре): he was running a market stall;
  - (клуб, слишком стар, чтобы д. клуб): they were becoming too few and elderly to keep the club going;
  - (д. книгу в кабинете): he keeps a well-thumbed copy of Keynes's 1936 classic "The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money" on his bookshelf at the Federal Reserve in Washington;
  - (д. комнату в чистоте и порядке): keep your room clean and tidy;
  - (крепко д. своих руках власть): he is determined to keep a firm grasp on power;
  - (д. курс на что-л): set a course to Monitor!;
  - (д. курс на юго-запад по солнцу): he held a southwesterly course by pale sunlight;
  - (магазин): he ran a flower shop;
  - (д. место для кого-л в кино / на стадионе): he wants me to save him a seat;
  - (мёртвой хваткой д. права на патент): the company has a stranglehold on patent rights;
  - (д. на прицеле кого-л образно): FBI has got you in the crosshairs;
  - (д. на расстоянии, т.е. поклонника): keeping him at arm's length was becoming a balancing act;
  - (д. новость в тайне): it was difficult to keep the news secret for long;
  - (д. на предохранителе, всегда держи оружие на предохранителе, если не собираешься стрелять): He cleaned the gun and clicked the safety in. "Always keep your safety on. When you're not preparing to fire.";
  - (д. отчёт за свое поведение перед кем-л): the president ought to be held accountable for his behavior - by his wife;
  - (пари): смотри ниже;
  - (подбородок, видно было по тому, как она держала п. ): you could see it in the set of her chin;
  - (д. путь домой): it was his cousin, wending his way home, accompanied by his faithful gang;
  - (д. розги наготове): they were smarting from his rod in pickle (to have rod in pickle);
  - (д. себя в руках): he kept his temper more than most of us would;
  - (д. себя в руках): He had the feeling that he was now fighting for his life. But he kept the composure.;
  - (д. себя в руках): to maintain one's composure.;
  - (слово, т.е. выполнять обещанное): all you have to do is make a promise to yourself that you will never go there again, and stand by your promise;
  - (слово, он держит своё с. ): he is as good as his word;
  - (строй): the ships sailed majestically up the Channel, keeping formation;
  - (д. ушки на макушке разг, т.е. внимательно следить за событиями): You're going to keep your mouth shut, your head down and your ear to the ground. You're my man on the inside.;
  - (д. экзамен для поступления на государственную службу): to sit for the Civil Service entrance examination;
  - смотри файл DVIJENIE
  держать (в курсе) - (всего, что происходит): keep me posted on everything that is going on there;
  - (д. в курсе дела): the minister's advisers updated her on the situation;
  - (д. в курсе чего-л): we request you to keep us informed of the position of the vessel;
  - (д. в курсе чего-л): a network of informants kept him abreast of terrorist plots;
  - (д. в курсе чего-л): the agent shall keep each client apprised of fml matters entrusted to him
  держать пари - if I had to bet, I'd wager they're hot to overturn Roe;
  - (на 10 долларов, что...): I bet 10 dollars that Ireland wins;
  - (на исход матча): I've already got her betting me Bulgaria will score first;
  - (на что-л): they began to wager on when it would happen
  держаться - (в курсе чего-л): stay abreast of the discussion;
  - (д. в стороне / осторонь от чего-л): смотри ниже;
  - (вместе): you can keep this country on a steady course, if you stick together;
  - (высокий темп и интрига держатся до последней страницы): the pace and intrigue (of the thriller) last to the final page;
  - (д. главной дороги, т.е. стараться с неё не сходить): we'd better stick to the main road, because the other roads are blocked with snow;
  - (держись!, т.е. выдержи трудности): try and hold on until help arrives;
  - (держитесь, т.е. ободрение воюющим): He hauled on his reins. The horse bucked and reared. Quelling his horse with a vicious clout behind the ears, he managed to draw his blade. "Hold fast!" he snarled at his men;
  - (держитесь!, т.е. ободрение воюющим ): stand fast, men!;
  - (еле д. на ногах, т.е. от усталости): Mom was in the kitchen all day and was dead on her feet;
  - (д. за роль промышленного порта): already an established shipbuilding center in the late 1600s, P. holds tenaciously to its role as an active industrial port;
  - (д. изысканно / утончённо): he could adopt a refined demeanor and then move with the next utterance into the round oratory of a pork-chop preacher, or squealing ghettoese;
  - (индейцы пытались д. за свои земли): the Indians tried to hold on to their lands;
  - (любовная связь держалась / любовный роман держался на любви и сексе): For four years their romance had survived a monthly brawl, the majority of them engineered by her mother. It clung to life by love and lust.;
  - (люди держатся за паёк, поэтому не уезжают): people receive monthly food rations, so they are holding on to that;
  - (на волоске / на ниточке образно): he is holding on by a thread in the face of a fifty-per cent hostile Politburo;
  - (д. на прирождённом оптимизме и стойкости): it was his innate optimism and resilience that kept him going;
  - (на уровне): смотри ниже;
  - (настороже, ...держась настороже и избегая всего, что могло обратить на меня внимание): I strolled through the town, keeping a careful eye open to avoid anything that might get me noticed;
  - (т.е. не падать, о платье без бретелек): the dress was strapless and practically backless, and I was almost positive my maids had used magic to make it stay up at all;
  - (т.е. не поддаваться / не уступать): He has discovered that she is doing time for possession and is pressuring her for a list of her suppliers on the outside. The longer she holds out, the angrier he gets.;
  - (т.е. не сдаваться): the town was surrounded but the people held out until help came;
  - (т.е. не сдаваться): the defending garrison held out for a month.;
  - (незаметно) - смотри ниже;
  - (особняком): an attractive woman who didn't have a job and kept pretty much to herself;
  - (особняком): Being a mayor's daughter, you'd expect her to be a snob, but she's all right. She just keeps to herself.;
  - (осторонь / подальше от чего-л): смотри ниже;
  - (отчуждённо, он держался спокойно, вежливо, отчуждённо): he remained quiet, well-behaved and aloof;
  - (подальше): смотри ниже;
  - (д. с гордостью): no king carried himself with such pride;
  - (д. с достоинством): I found him dignified in bearing;
  - (своих): All thieves, lowlanders. We should keep to our own;
  - (стойко): смотри ниже;
  - (сурово д. с матерью): she always took a stern line with her mother;
  - (счастье семьи держалось на её оптимизме): the family's happiness rooted in her optimism;
  - (температура держалась на пяти градусах): temperatures holding steady at 5 degrees;
  - (хорошо д. после смерти отца): he holds up well after his father's death;
  - (чопорно, официально, т.е вести себя): the ambassador was ramrod stiff, formal, unbending;
  - (я считал, что он держится благородно / достойно): I found him dignified in bearing;
  - смотри файл DVIJENIE
  держаться (д. в стороне / осторонь / подальше от кого-л / чего-л) - (от государственных дел): In 1653 he retired to Penhurst, where he was concerned chiefly with family affairs. He kept entirely aloof from public affairs. ... For a long while Sidney kept himself aloof from the duke of Monmouth.;
  - (д. подальше от кого-л): she'd always considered them something to steer well clear of;
  - (д. подальше от люка): he was not unmindful of his father's warning to stay out of the cellarhold;
  - (д. в стороне / подальше от политики): Why Businesses Should Stay Out of Politics;
  - (д. подальше от политических дебатов): I stayed out of the political debate;
  - (д. подальше от политических споров): to stay out of political controversies;
  - ( д. подальше от СС): during the war the Wehrmacht kept its distance from the SS, which it regarded with repugnance;
  - (держись в стороне, когда я вожу посетителей): you're to keep out of the way whenever I'm taking a party (of sightseers) over the house;
  - healthy eating: keep away from fast food;
  - (в стороне / подальше от беспорядков): the nobles of the city and those of substance prudently held aloof from the tumult for fear of royal punishment;
  - it is advisable to stand out of the way;
  - stay away from him!;
  - I am not currently a customer of this bank. I have been thinking of switching over to them. Thanks for your story. I will definitely steer clear of them.;
  - (от этого дела): a firm and clear warning to stay off the matter
  держаться (на уровне) - (инфляция держалась на уровне 2% в месяц): for 2 quarters inflation stood at less than 2% monthly;
  - (инфляция пока держится на одном уровне): I think inflation has plateaued for now and may even creep a little lower in the short term;
  - (курс обмена держался на уровне 3 доллара до середины 2004 г.): the exchange rate then plateaued at $3 until mid-2004;
  - (д. на уровне современной техники): the employees require retraining to stay abreast of changing technologies
  держаться (незаметно) - she wore conservative clothes, rarely went out and tended to be self-effacing;
  - I've never seen the guy before, they always had the curtains closed and kept a really low profile.;
  - he tries to remain unconspicuous;
  - (незаметно / сдержанно / скромно): She kept herself fairly low-key last week when we talked to her, after G.'s body was found. Now she's openly playing to the field. And to my staff, he thought, noticing that O. could not keep his eyes off her.
  держаться (стойко) - he stood fast and refused to inform on his superiors;
  - (т.е. на похоронах близкого человека): he wants me to know he is bearing up;
  - (т.е. в бою): a battle took place in H. in which Mohammed's army stood firm;
  - (т.е. в конфликте): the newspaper held firm, citing confidentiality of its sources;
  - (д. стойко и не уступать): he decided to stand firm and give no ground to her
  деспот - returning to Serbia, Stefan visited Constantinople where the Byzantine emperor Manuel II Palaiologos granted him the title of despot
  деспотичный - (правители): authoritarian rulers are frequently capricious;
  - their gods were arbitrary and irresponsible;
  - an aggressive woman is called domineering, a man - capable
  десятилетие - they took up the cause decades ago;
  - the French, keen to limit use of the name to producers within the Champagne region have struggled over more than a decade to prevent the Russians taking the name in vain;
  - for two decades successive US administrations have bailed the Soviets out every time they have gotten into problems with their economy;
  - (группа участвует в беспорядках уже десятилетиями): the group is engaged in low-level insurgency for decades;
  - (д-ями поддерживать кого-л): his courage and conviction sustained like-minded dissidents around the world for decades
  десятина - tythe / tithe
  десятичный - (дроби): because the values are in general irrational numbers, they are entered in the table as decimals, rounded off at some convenient place;
  - (дробь / точка): decimal fraction is a fraction whose denominator is a power of ten and whose numerator is expressed by figures placed to the right of a decimal point;
  - (система счисления): the decimal numeral system is the standard system for denoting integer and non-integer numbers;
  - (точка / число): the decimal point is the most important part of a decimal number
  десяток - (десятка два): there was (at the radar screen) a score of blips, some stationary, some moving, but all well away from the ship;
  - (десятки, т.е. score = 20): scores of small companies were competing with one another;
  - (несколько десятков, т.е. буквально дюжин, но по-русски считают на десятки): several dozen eggs
  десять лет / десяток лет - (группа участвует в беспорядках уже десятки лет): the group is engaged in low-level insurgency for decades;
  - (лет 10 тому назад): I first saw government at a high level over a decade ago;
  - (тому назад): they took up the cause decades ago
  десятый - (одна десятая): one tenth;
  - (ноль целых три д-ых): 0.35 - nought point three;
  - (обходить д-ой дорогой образно): Only new arrivals or the willfully foolhardy took the risk(to hang around the railway station). Cannier illegals gave the station a wide berth.;
  - (обходить д-ой дорогой): So don't wait to be caught out by these shonky operators, it's up to you, the consumer, to spot them and give them a wide berth. Don't buy any health product or service unless you think there is sound scientific evidence that the claims of the promoters are genuine, or unless you're prepared to take the risk that you're wasting your money.
  деталь - (т.е. подробность): смотри ниже;
  - (т.е. элементарные составляющие механизмов / устройств): смотри ниже
  деталь (т.е. подробность) - (детали образно): the manager insisted on being involved and informed with all the minutiae;
  - (знать все детали образно): I know the ins and outs infml of the case thoroughly;
  - (несовпадение показаний в незначительных д-лях): there are inconsistencies in the narration of the prosecution witnesses on minor details;
  - (согласоваться до мельчайших подробностей): testimonies of the prosecution witnesses cannot be expected to be uniform to the last details, because different persons have different impressions and recollections of the same incident;
  - (детали частей тела): crime scene photographs, beginning with long distance shots and narrowing down to the minutiae of individual body parts
  деталь (т.е. элементарные составляющие механизмов / устройств) - (болтающиеся / незакреплённые д-ли): The jets were subjected to the final attention of a swarm of ordnance men and ground crew. They chocked the wheels, then checked over each jet in turn, looking for leaks, loose fitting on panels - anything that might have gone wrong during the taxiing.;
  - (запасные): spare parts;
  - (т.е. обрабатываемая на станке): The next step is to define the method of machining. The decision to use climb milling or conventional milling depends on workpiece material.;
  - (проверка деталей двигателя на износ): inspection of engine components for unusual or excessive wear;
  - (электронные детали): a table strewn with electronic parts, manuals, tools, wires, soldering irons and other electronic components
  детально - (объяснять): he begins to explain at length, but I interrupt;
  - (рассмотреть): to consider the document in detail
  детальный - (д-ое знание правильного английского языка): in psychiatry one needs an intimate knowledge of idiomatic English;
  - the report was thorough and detailed
  детёныш - a mother fox and her younglings;
  - (слона): two baby elephants roam the African savannah in search of their lost mother
  дети - children;
  - (т.е. братья и сёстры, старшая из четырёх детей): the oldest of four siblings, the babysitter has a way with children, and my son took to her immediately;
  - (т.е. грудные, матери, родившие детей): adequate hospital stays for mothers delivering their babies
  детище - (доверить кому-л своё д. образно): to grow your business beyond the constraints of your own time and energy, you must get the right people working for you and trust them with your "baby"
  детородный - (население д-ого возраста): people of childbearing age
  детский - (болезни): he received an injection to prevent serious childhood illnesses including diphtheria, tetanus, hepatitis B and polio;
  - (вещи): of all the childish things she left behind, the one she regretted most was the doll's house she had ever since she was a little girl;
  - (вирусолог): a pediatric virologist;
  - (голос): a childish voice;
  - (жирок): his mother wailed that his poundage was really puppy's fat BrE infml;
  - (замечание): a childish remark;
  - (игра): it was a child's play;
  - (игрушка): the bomb has been planted in a child toy car;
  - (игрушки образно): going on a diet is child's play compared to giving up smoking;
  - (ковбойский костюм): a child's cowboy outfit;
  - (мечты о власти): the horror film is an invitation to indulge our puerile dreams of power;
  - (непосредственность): he is capable of telling any lie with the most childlike candor;
  - (одежда, т.е. в торговле): We check the fit and styling of our Womenswear, Menswear and Childrenswear apparel. Size specifications must be accurate and are set according to Australian and in-house standards.;
  - (пластилин): children's plasticene;
  - (поведение): childish behaviour;
  - (поступок): presidential authority was palpably draining away in endless revelations of tawdry acts, some puerile, some illegal;
  - (поступок, совершить д. поступок по своей инициативе): I thought that at worst some egregious minion had conducted a childish private enterprise;
  - (с детских лет): women have been taught from infancy on to be feminine
  - (серьёзность): she looked at him with a painful childlike solemnity;
  - (сиденье в автомобиле): child restraint;
  - (сиденье в автомобиле): a station wagon with a baby chair mounted on the passenger seat;
  - (смертность): infant mortality;
  - (д-ая спортивная одежда, т.е. название отдела в магазине): junior sportswear;
  - (средний д. возраст): many children with perinatally acquired human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection and acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) are surviving to middle childhood and some to adolescence;
  - (телевидение): in children's TV;
  - (д-ое фруктовое питание): fruit baby food;
  - (что за д. сад! разг, т.е. ведёте себя, как дети): Commander's blood pressure is topping out. "What is this primary school? I want the officer who discharged his firearm to step forward and explain his actions." He picks up the nearest rifle, unclips the magazine and begins counting the shells.
  детство - women have been taught from infancy on to be feminine;
  - the association needed a lot of devoted care in its infancy;
  - (в д-е): the old grease soon limbered up and the loom ran as perfectly as it had in his childhood;
  - (все мы общаемся с д-а): although all of us have been communicating with others since our infancy, the process of transmitting information from an individual to another is a very complex process with many sources of potential error;
  - (друг д-а): a childhood / boyhood friend;
  - (кресло-качалка из моего д-а): the rocking chair from my baby days;
  - (т.е. мальчика): his booyhood through the war years had been conventional, middle class, untroubled and happy;
  - (раннее): the baby died in infancy;
  - (раннее): the human brain is as malleable as a lump of wet clay not only in infancy, as scientists have long known, but well into old age;
  - (т.е. после 10 лет): his early teens had been spent using the resilience and ingenuity of youth to survive in a series of concentration camps;
  - (с д-а приученный к кровопролитию): the Afghans, inured to bloodshed from childhood, are familiar with death and audacious in attack
  дефект - (акт о д-ах): a Snag list is the list of items that a builder has not completed correctly and defective work to be repaired to complete the property to Building Regulation standard;
  - (акт о д-ах / исправить д-ы в новостройке): use a snagging list to get faults rectified in your new home;
  - (изготовления / материала): this product is guaranteed against defects in material or workmanship for one year from date of purchase;
  - (т.е. лица): he has the sort of face whose imperfections are not detected by a camera;
  - (т.е. микросхемы, обнаружить все д-ы): practically all complicated chips have bugs and finding all bugs is intractable;
  - (т.е. микросхемы, устранить д-ы): fixing design bugs and wrong wire connections in computer chips after they've been fabricated in silicon is a tedious, trial-and-error process that often costs companies millions of dollars and months of time-to-market;
  - ( т.е. микросхемы, обнаружить д.): once an engineer has identified a bug - which can be anything from wires spaced too closely together to misplaced transistors - it's not always clear what the best fix will be;
  - (незначительные д-ы): the contracting party may not reject a delivery due to minor defects;
  - (обнаружение д-ов в изделях): flaw detection;
  - (отливки, т.е. у предохранителя огнестрельного оружия): A safety is a mechanical device designed and manufactured by humans, which are imperfect creatures. There could be a flaw in the metallurgy that causes the safety to fail.;
  - (поиск д-ов, т.е. в изделияхё): flaw detection; - (почтовой марки): the flaw in this stamp makes it less valuable;
  - (речи): he helped her tackle her speech impediment;
  - (умственный): children with mild mental deficiencies
  дефектный - (ген): chronic exzema was rampant among families carrying a defective gene for filaggrin, a skin protein that serves as a natural moisterizer;
  - (ген): scientists have identified a flawed gene that appears to promote manic-depression, or bipolar disorder;
  - (материал): the Quality Control member will ensure that the defective material is removed to the quarantine area;
  - (товар): we will exchange your defective item for a new one;
  - (товары): if you have purchased faulty goods, you can seek a refund from the seller;
   (товар, т.е. выцветший, запачканный или поцарапанный при хранении в магазине) - shopsoiled BrE / shopworn AmE merchandise at half price;
  - crazy discounts on shopsoiled items;
  - this workstation is brand new but is shop soiled
  дефис - (писать через д.): "co-operate" can be written with a hyphen
  дефицит - (бюджета): the country failed to narrow its budget deficit;
  - (д. бюджета на сумму 65 млн): the city faces a possible budget deficit of $65 million;
  - (д. зерна, в стране): such a shortage of grain would lead to privations that had not been seen since the Second World War;
  - (зерна): theoretically they could ride this out with minimal difficulties, but this depends on how they make up the shortfall;
  - (военно-морской флот испытывал д. / в военно-морском флоте был д. моряков по его специальности): the Navy was experiencing a shortage of sailors in his occupational specialty;
  - (капитала): the only crises with which he had dealt were business problems - capital shortfalls, delayed product roll-outs, hostile takeover bids;
  - (персонала): we have a shortage of staff;
  - (покрыть д. зерна): acting through French-based front companies, Moscow had already bought up futures for enough wheat to cover the deficit - at the old, low price;
  - (профессионалов): there is an acute shortage of professionals;
  - (рабочей силы): a temporary foreign worker can be recruited by employers from all types of businesses to meet temporary labour shortages;
  - (смягчить д. программистов): to alleviate shortage of software engineers;
  - (т.е. товары, которые были в д-е): there was rationing during the war, of food, clothes, confectionery, etc., which were all in short supply;
  - (торговый): exports are booming, making the trade deficit narrower than it had been in decades;
  - (финансовый): interest rate increases could help to underpin the dollar by attracting foreign capital to plug the current account deficit;
  - (электроэнергии): shortage of energy supply;
  - (д. эмбрионов для исследований): it was the dire lack of frozen embryos available for research that led his group to...
  дефицитный - (товар): scarce goods
  дефолт - (объявить д. по долгам): in 1981 Mexico defaulted on its debt, triggering a global debt crisis;
  - (д. по обслуживанию заёмных средств / технический д.): Defolt can be of two types: debt service default and technical default. Debt service default occurs when the borrower has not made a scheduled payment of interest or principal. Technical default happens when an affirmative or a negative covenant is violated.
  деформация - (грудной клетки): pigeon chest is a rare chest wall deformity that causes the breastbone to push outward instead of being flush against the chest;
  - (рынка): market distortion is an economic scenario that occurs when there is an intervention in a given market by a governing body;
  - (стопы): a foot deformity is a disorder of the foot that can be congenital or acquired
  - (углеродного волокна): carbon fibre will resist distortion under high centrifugal forces;
  - (экономики): corporate income tax and economic distortions
  деформирование - (конечностей и позвоночника): this booklet outlines some of the exercises capable of preventing deformities of the limbs and spine
  децентрализация - (власти, политическая система не отражает в полной мере д-ю власти): the political process for managing more dispersed power is very ad hoc in China
  дешевле - (точильный камень д., чем шлифовальный станок): sharpening stones are less expensive than a grinder
  дешёвый - (т.е. берущий невысокую плату, бензоколонка): this gas station is cheaper than the one by the highway;
  - (т.е. берущий невысокую плату, парикмахер): a cheap hairdresser;
  - (т.е. низкокачественный): смотри ниже;
  - (т.е. стоящий мало): смотри ниже
  дешёвый (т.е. низкокачественный) - (д-ая киношная романтика образно): seedy cinematic romance;
  - (д. любовный роман): All I could think of was the way he held me in the rain. It was like a cheesy romance novel.;
  - (острота образно): cheap score;
  - (приёмы, использовать д-ые образно приёмы): from the White House, somebody has adopted the tawdriest practices of the hated antiwar radicals;
  - (уловка образно): It was a fundamental maxim of the Lacedaemonial commonwealth, that the post of admiral should not be conferred twice oн the same person. The Peloponnesian confederates, having suffered a severe defeat at sea from the Athenians, demanded Lysander, who had before served with success in that capacity, to command the combined forces. The Lacedaemonians, to gratify their allies, and yet preserve the semblance of an adherence to their ancient institutions, had recourse to the flimsy subterfuge of investing Lysander with the real power of admiral, under the nominal title of vice-admiral.
  дешёвый (т.е. стоящий мало) - (билеты): the airline was known for old planes and cheap tickets;
  - (гостиница): a cheap hotel;
  - (квартира, т.е. съёмная): a low-rent apartment;
  - (компьютеры): given the price of entry-level Windows boxes;
  - (мебель): cheap furniture;
  - (овсяные хлопья дёшевы и полезны для здоровья): Oats are Economical and Good for Your Health;
  - (ткань): curtains made of cheap material;
  - (товары): they make concessions on arms, we make a concession on low-cost goodies;
  - (товары, т.е. со скидкой, сеть магазинов д-ых товаров): the discount merchandise chain;
  дешифровка - the NSA is responsible for plucking out of the ether of literally billions of words a day in hundreds of dialects and languages for recording, decoding, translating and analysing
  деяние - (д-я богов): the scholar evidently found some of the doings of the gods improper and distasteful;
  - (уголовное): participation in riot, civil commotion or any criminal act
  деятель - (администрации президента): leading figures of the Kennedy Administration had resigned from the Metropolitan club;
  - (видный): a select party of notables and press;
  - (военные): military figures;
  - (государственные д-ли): statesmen do not have the right to ask to serve only in simple times;
  - (государственный): H. Kohl is a great European statesman;
  - (государственный): Mohammed's farsightedness as a statesman is manifest in the policies he next adopted;
  - (д. ирландского телевидения): I joked about the Irish television personality who had recently welcomed a group of women lawmakers to his show by asking, "Who's minding the children?";
  - (общественный): he is a consummate public man;
  - (общественный): the invasion and abuse of the private lives of public figures is very far advanced in the UK;
  - (партийный): Baas party operators;
  - (политические, военные и общественные): political, military and public figures;
  - (политические): what should policymakers do in this situation?;
  - (политический): a political manager of uncanny genius;
  - (т.е. политический): after the 1994 elections, Bill Clinton had been ridiculed as an irrelevant figure, destined for defeat in 1996;
  - (прессы): journalistic figures;
  - (театральный д.): one of the remarkable group of theatre-makers who worked at Berlin's groundbreaking Shaubuehne in the 1970
  деятельность - (бурная): the rest of the month was a blizzard of activity that pushed politics to the back of my mind for a while;
  - (внешнеэкономическая, участник внешнеэкономической д-ти): Organisation and development of a partnership programme (European Union Programme). The actors are the Foreign Trade Operators of a group of Chambers of Commerce in the region and the European Commission who has to approve the programme and to allocate the grants for the development of the project.;
  - (волонтёрская): The United Nations Volunteers programme is inspired by the conviction that volunteerism is a powerful means of engaging people in tackling development challenges worldwide;
  - (т.е. государственных чиновников): the commission report has inspired an unreasonable burst of activity on Capitol Hill;
  - (компании): a company whose activities encompass printing, publishing and computers;
  - (компания начала свою д. с задачи борьбы со старением): the company started life with the intriguing mission of fighting aging;
  - (компания прекратила свою д.): the company discontinued operations;
  - (компания прекратила свою д.): the company has gone out of business leaving outstanding seafood debts;
  - (литературная): his environment did not encourage the pursuit of literature;
  - (монополистическая): AMD sues Intel for monopolistic practices;
  - (монополистическая): the company has been in numerous lawsuits by several governments and other companies unlawful for monopolistic practices;
  - (область мозга, в которой происходит / кипит бурная д. ): They asked her to imagine playing tennis. Remarkable, this made neurons fire in the premotor cortex, a region that hums with activity when you mentally practice any sophisticated movement, from a jump shot to a backhand.;
  - (оценка д-ти / улучшение или ухудшение в д-ти): The Performance Assessment breaks into separate elements: 1) Direction of Travel assesses improvement or deterioration in performance. The assessment is outcome-focused and is informed by findings from the following two assessments of the fire and rescue authority...;
  - (подрывная): he is accused of carrying out subversive activities;
  - (политическая): political activity;
  - (предпринимательская): the Interior Ministry then opened a criminal investigation into alleged illegal business activities;
  - (предпринимательская, заниматься предпринимательской д-тью с целью извлечения прибыли): to transact business for pecuniary profit;
  - (преступная, закон о доходах от преступной д-ти): The Proceeds of Crime Act 1991 was the original conviction based asset confiscation legislation that conferred on the Official Assignee the role of criminal asset recovery, management and disposal. That Act has been repealed and replaced by the Criminal Proceeds (Recovery) Act 2009 and new provisions in the Sentencing Act 2002.;
  - (преуспеть во всех видах д-ти, в науке и юриспруденции): they have done well in all kind of pursuit, in science and law;
  - (психическая / умственная, т.е. мозга): some people in a vegetative state retain "islands" of preserved neural function, but not in areas involved in higher mental function;
  - (сотрудников посольства): a program for a "right-sized overseas presence" that better integrates the activities of the various personnel based in American embassies;
  - (следы д-и викингов): the Vikings left traces of their activities from Greenland to the Volga;
  - (срывать д. Британского совета в Москве): the Kremlin has opened a new front in its increasingly bitter diplomatic row with London by disrupting the activities of the British Council in Moscow;
  - (субъект предпринимательской д-ти): Mr. H. has been issuing emails with the letterhead Pinnacle Brands, LLC. 3728 Harrison Street S.W. Washington, DC; however a search of DC corporate records has no listing of that business entity.;
  - (улучшение финансовой деятельности предприятия): financial performance improvement;
  - (хозяйственная): business / economic activity;
  - (человека): law-enforcement officials were scrutinizing G.'s activities long before he crossed paths with R.;
  - (языковые курсы были прикрытием её настоящей д-ти): she ran a language school that was a front for her real business - bringing underage illegal immigrants into the UK for use in the sex trade
  деятельный - (женщины): Are tomboys tamed once they grow up? The documentary makes the connection between rebel girls and spirited women gloriously clear.;
  - (женщина): she is a spirited woman, not prone to self-pity;
  - (мать): his feisty, nurturing mother;
  - (организация): the Public Defender Service in Washington, D.C., is a proud and vibrant organization that has zealously protected the indigent for many years;
  - (студент): a lively, independent-minded student;
  - (человек): a lively scent for the active man
  дёготь - (ложка дёгтя в бочке мёда): we've found a solution regarding the transfer of funds, but there's a fly in the ointment because there will be a tax increase of five percent
  диагональ - diagonal;
  - (тень лежит на лице по д-ли): a pipe projects from his mouth, its bowl pushing at the picture's very forefront, with a shadow of the stem streaking diagonally up his face
  диаграмма - (т.е. график, д. инвестиций на сумму $10000): graph of hypothetical $10000 investment;
  - (круговая): A pie chart / circle graph is a circular chart divided into sectors, illustrating proportion. In a pie chart, the arc length of each sector (and consequently its central angle and area), is proportional to the quantity it represents. The pie chart is perhaps the most widely used statistical chart in the business world and the mass media.;
  - (линейная): component line chart;
  - (нарисовать / составить д-у процента оплаченных счетов в зависимости от использованных в счёте терминов оплаты): we've charted the percentage of invoices actually paid vs. terms used;
  - (д. показывает отношение дохода от основной деятельности в выручке): the chart shows operating income as a percentage of operating revenues;
  - (прилагаемая д. показывает распределение молекул по массе): the accompanying plot is a distribution of molecules in mass;
  - (д. распределения прибыли, т.е. круговая): the breakdown shows how revenue is spread;
  - (д. распределения прибыли по типу клиентов, т.е. круговая): 2008 Revenue by Client Type. Diversified revenue spread across broad base of clients. (Sector titles: Offshore Investors, Conduits / Wall Street, Firms, Government, Opportunity Funds, REITS, Individuals / Partnerships, Pension Funds);
  - (д. распределения заказов по дням, т.е. столбиковая): 7 Day Order Breakdown. You can see a revenue-based order breakdown for the last 7 days.;
  - (рассеяния): space debris groups resulting from satellite breakups are often studied using scatter plots known as Gabbard diagrams;
  - (д. с логарифмическим масштабом по одной из осей координат): arithlog diagram;
  - (столбиковая / столбчатая): A bar chart or bar graph is a chart with rectangular bars with lengths proportional to the values that they represent. The bars can be plotted vertically or horizontally. A vertical bar chart is sometimes called a column bar chart.;
  - (точечная): dot chart
  диалект - dialect;
  - (просторечный д. Гамбурга): he had dropped into the vernacular of the Hamburg area
  диаметр - trees more than two feet in diameter were the official property of the king;
  - (туннель диаметром 32 фута): the 32-foot diameter tunnel;
  - (проволока малого д-а): light gage wire
  диапазон - (д. возможных сценариев): a robust strategy is one that will work reasonably well across a wide range of plausible scenarios;
  - (д. деятельности компании): significantly, the company's scope is expansive, encompassing everything from system-level design to laying transistors on silicon;
  - (д. деятельности правительства): the range and complexity of government activities;
  - (коротковолновый): the reply action message came over a directional S-band radio;
  - (локатор миллиметрового д-а): the rocket's infra-red scanners did the hunting, then it interrogated with millimetre-band radar;;
  - (настроиться на д. частот радиоволн): he adjusted the channel selection dial;
  - (д. политических сценариев): a strategy that will work reasonably well across a wide range of plausible scenarios;
  - (работ, в д. работ входит...): the scope of work shall include the provision of training personnel, training equipment and support for on-the-job training in Nigeria;
  - (рабочий, поддерживать температуру в указанном рабочем д-е): these Central Processing Units generate a lot of heat and require a cooling fan to keep the temperature within the specified operating range;
  - (рабочий д. температур): operating temperature range - upper 104?C, lower -57?C;
  - (т.е. радиоволн): the reply action message came over a directional S-band radio for the higher bandwidth;
  - (ценовой): restaurants in all price brackets charge what the market will bear, not what they're worth;
  - (ценовой): She asked the usual real estate broker questions: Price range? How many bedrooms? Any limits on the age of a house? Was school district a factor? Would purchase be contingent on sale of present home?;
  - (частот, выделять д. частот для Интернета): the cable and phone companies that provide connections allot far greater bandwidths for downloading material than for consumers to put their own contributions online
  диверсионный - (действия): the Cold War was marked by both sides", subversion, propaganda and disinformation campaigns
  дивиться - (дивясь тому, как): he struck out once more, marvelling at how far and fast his flipper-like feet propelled him through the water
  дивный - (доспехи): the mighty stature, the clear glance of command, the goodly armour, and the lordly air of Beowulf left no doubt as to who was the chieftain of that little band;
  - (корабль): Choosing their goodliest ship, they laid within it the corpse of their departed king and heaped around him all their best and choicest treasures. The vessel was loosed from the shore where the mourning Danes bewailed their departing king and drifted slowly away.
  диета - смотри файл EDA
  дизайн - (одежды): We check the fit and styling of our Womenswear, Menswear and Childrenswear apparel. Size specifications must be accurate and are set according to Australian and in-house standards.
  дикий - (животное): a wild elephant / rabbit;
  - (животные): смотри ниже;
  - (Запад): Wild West;
  - (идеи): many of the greatest ideas seemed barmy infml at the time they were conceded;
  - (конь / лошадь): bucking bronco is a wild horse that is vicious and difficult or impossible to break in;
  - (крик): another contraction seized her and her feral cry drowned out his words;
  - (места): uncouth poet places;
  - (место, поехать куда-нибудь в д-ое место): it would be my dream to go somewhere in the wild to go capture animals in their natural habitat;
  - (мурлыканье): the deep-throated feral lit purring of the god of all cats;
  - (обитатели джунглей): a winding game trail trodden deep by the feet of countless generations of the savage denizens of the jungle;
  - (пляж): Canaveral National Seashore covers 57000 acres and is the longest stretch (24 miles) of undeveloped beach on Florida's east coast;
  - (пляж): this wide and wild beach has high surf, strong rip currents, and few people
  - (птицы): a wild-bird sanctuary in the northwest of the country;
  - (район): in his report of the expedition, he recaptured the grandeur of this untamed region;
  - (страна): Afghanistan was, in those days, the wildest, weirdest land on earth;
  - (тропы): travel to remote parts of South America with untamed path;
  - (человек): do you have any idea what this uncouth man intends to do with his slaves?;
  - (яблоня): a crab / crabtree
  дикий (животные) - a package of measures to conserve wildlife;
  - you can't extrapolate from wildlife to human;
  - to prevent entry of prohibited wildlife;
  - (заповедник д-их животных): a wildlife sanctuary;
  - (заповедник д-их животных): we toured a wildlife reserve where I cuddled a koala
  диковинка - all sorts of outlandish oddities, curiosities and junk;
  - he held him like curiosity to be inspected
  диктаторский - (правительство): a weak dictatorial government which does not command the loyalty of the South Vietnamese people;
  - (режим): the growth of warlike dictatorships in Asia;
  - (режим): one of the world's mostly tightly run dictatorships
  диктатура - after the long, harsh dictatorship of General Augusto Pinochet;
  - Cromwell crossed the line between the bullying and dictatorship;
  - (закона): primacy of law / supremacy of law
  дикция - her diction was perfect, every consonant treated equally, every comma and period honored;
  - (он брал уроки д-и у кого-л): he received elocution training from E.R.
  дилемма - (стоять перед д-ой): the judge clearly had a dilemma
  дилетант - I am a scientific dilettante with encyclopaedic interests;
  - I am a total layman, could you be more specific?;
  - amateurs and their pursuits are also described as popular, informal, self-taught, user-generated, DIY, and hobbyist;
  - he was a dabbler, learning the basics of many arts but mastering none
  дилетантизм - (администрацию обвинили в д-е): the administration was charged with amateurism and cronyism due to the fact that a White House employee who was one of the President's distant relatives and had experience making travel arrangements, was temporarily put in charge of the revamped travel office
  дилетантский - (методы допроса): the harsh interrogation techniques used since the 2001 terrorist attacks are outmoded, amateurish and unreliable;
  - (фильм): these films were so amateurish that one can sometimes see the shadow of a boom mike in the shot
  динамика - (визит привнесёт новую д-у на многих направлениях сотрудничества): the visit will undoubtedly give a new impetus to many areas of our cooperation;
  - (показатель д-и, которую приобрели российско-американские отношения): this is a sign of new dynamism / dynamic development in U.S. / Russian relations;
  - (т.е. развития сельского хозяйства): the trend is highly positive;
  - (цен): price movement / movements;
  - (д. цен / доходов, график / диаграмма д-и ц. на газ / доходов): historical price / revenue chart / breakdown
  динамичный - (книга): the book is beautifully written, propulsive, morally engaged, but timely as today's headlines;
  - (приключенческий фильм): quick-paced adventure;
  - (приключенческий фильм / мир): fast-paced adventure / world;
  - (рассказ): а vivid, fast-paced account of the rakish crime boss" rise to power;
  - (триллер): a pacy / pacey thriller
  династия - (основание д-и Романовых): the founding of the Romanov dynasty in 1613
  диплом - (архитектора): he has a diploma in architecture;
  - (колледжа): academic qualifications;
  - (дипломы, преувеличение квалификации по д-ам / подделка д-ов): besides the simple inflation of credentials AmE on a résumé, an increasingly popular method of faking credentials involves obtaining a legitimate certificate that someone has earned, erasing the original name and...;
  - (остаться без д-а после школы): he didn't like his children to leave school without any qualifications;
  - (получить д. медработника): to gain a medical qualification;
  - (д. с отличием): the School participates in a number of joint honours degree schemes with other departments;
  - (средней школы): she has a high school diploma;
  - a diploma or degree from another country may be recognized;
  - (т.е. с оценками): graduate academic record... degree conferred - master of art in mathematics;
  - (дипломы об окончании вуза или присвоении учёной степени): if you are a newcomer to Canada, you may have your academic credentials (a diploma / degree) recognized;
  - (технический д., полученный в Германии): the solid engineering degree he had earned in Germany prepared him to work for high marks at the W. School;
  - (т.е. университетский): academic qualifications;
  - certificate of degree
  дипломированный - (бухгалтер): Chartered Association of Certified Accountants / Institute of Chartered` Accountants in England and Wales;
  - (независимый консультант): he is a fully qualified independent adviser and is registered with the Financial Services Authority;
  - (независимый финансовый консультант): he is a fully qualified Independent Financial Adviser who holds the Financial Planning Certificates 1, 2 and 3;
  - (механик по кондиционерам и холодильным установкам): he is a fully qualified air conditioning and refrigeration mechanic with a certificate 1 in Advanced Refrigeration, Advanced Air Conditioning and Business
  дипломатический - (корпус): the diplomatic corps or corps diplomatique is the collective body of foreign diplomats accredited to a particular country or body;
  - (д. номер автомобиля): his car will be too noticeable with its embassy plate;
  - (персонал / иммунитет / службы): Diplomatic personnel enjoy diplomatic immunity when they are accredited to other countries. Diplomatic services are often part of the larger civil service and sometimes a constituent part of the foreign ministry.
  дипломатично - (было бы д. согласиться, антоним impolitic): it would be politic to agree with him;
  - I look forward to carrying their message that it's very important for President Putin to make very clear why he's made some of the decisions he's made, and as well as respect his neighbors. And I'm confident that can be done in a cordial way.
  дипломатичность - being "diplomatic" is a polite term for not saying what you mean
  дипломатия - (искусство д-и): he is well versed in the arts of diplomacy
  директива - (президента послам): a directive from Mr Bush to all ambassadors that warns them not to perform functions abroad that could just as easily be done from American shores
  дискредитация - (их поведение привело к д-и английского футбола): their behaviour has brought discredit on English football;
  - (компания д-и кого-л): he was shown evidence of the group's complicity in the smear infml campaign against him;
  - (подать в суд за д-ю): if an employer puts a derogatory comment in your (permanent) work record without informing you, giving you the opportunity for rebuttal, you could sue for defamation of character and / or character assassination;
  - (репутации): to right a legal error which has resulted in a serious slur on his character;
  - (судебная ошибка, которая привела к д-и репутации): a legal error which has resulted in a serious slur on his character
  дискредитировать - (беспристрастность судьи): the judge was dismissed from the case on the pretext that his impartiality was damaged;
  - (идею): one of the ways to sabotage our ideas is to dissect the idea piece by piece, but not know when to stop;
  - (вооружённые силы): for enlisted personnel and officers, Article 134 makes it a crime for any member of the armed forces to dishonorably fail to pay a just debt that has become due and payable, provided that the individual's actions were to the detriment of the armed forces or were such as to bring discredit upon the armed forces
  - (исправить судебную ошибку, из-за которой его репутация была дискредитирована): to right a legal error which has resulted in a serious slur on his character;
  - (правительство): a deliberate attempt to discredit the government;
  - (президента): the purpose of the investigations was to discredit the President and Administration;
  - (президента): he was a well-paid pawn in a furtive campaign designed to discredit the President
  дискредитирующий - (обвинение): this charge is clearly defamatory;
  - (случай): discreditable incident
  дискретность - (д. / шаг д-ти, т.е. цифровой шкалы весов): readability is the smallest division at which the balance's LCD increments
  дискриминационный - discriminatory employment practices;
  - (законы являются д-ыми по отношению к американским товарам): the regulations discriminate against American products in violation of World Trade Organization requirements
  дискриминация - (из-за д-и по отношению к мусульманам): it has been more difficult to be a Muslim in the U.S. since the September 11 attacks because of anti-Muslim discriminatory attitudes;
  - (единоверцев): Irish Catholics wanted to see an end to discrimination against their co-religionists;
  - (озабоченность д-ей, которая стала проявляться после 11 сентября): the survey shows a mostly immigrant adult Muslim population that is hard-working, educated, relatively affluent, and despite shared concerns about post-September 11 discrimination, generally content with life in the United State;
  - (д. по отношению к мусульманам): fifty-three percent of those polled said it has been more difficult to be a Muslim in the U.S. since the September 11 attacks because of anti-Muslim discriminatory attitudes;
  - (подвергать д-и женщин): the company discriminates against women;
  - (подвергать д-и кого-л): no person or employer shall discriminate against any employee because the employee exercises any right to a smoke free environment provided by this Ordinance or other current law;
  - (подвергаться д-и, многие дети подвргаются дискриминации): she understood that many children - through no fault of their own - were disadvantaged and discriminated against from birth;
  - (последователей других религий): Islam's official discrimination against the followers of other religions
  дискриминировать кого-л - he started accusing me of discriminating against him because he was not a US citizen
  дискуссионный - (журнал): under her editorship The New Yorker became the most provocative magazine in the country;
  - (клуб): A debate club gives students of all abilities a fun way of developing their oracy skills. The club could also help students to become more informed about political and global affairs, or provide a venue for students to train for debate competitions with local school, or at a national level.
  дискуссия - (политическая): to stay out of political controversies;
  - his courageous handling of a nuclear testing controversy as head of Atomic Energy Commission
  дискутировать - (о непогрешимости священного писания): it is not the goal here to debate the infallibility of biblical scripture
  дисперсия мат - variance
  дисперсность - the high requirements with regard to coloring properties and dispersibility, in particular in aqueous but also in lipophilic media, can only be met by means of special formulations
  диссидент - another intellectual dissident has recently voiced opposition to the government;
  - (диссиденты, борьба с д-ами): in an apparent renewed crackdown on dissent, 2 prominent writers were taken by the police
  диссонанс - (между демагогией правительства и фактическими надеждами народа): the dissonance between the rhetoric of the government and the actual expectations of the public;
  - but then the Premier introduced a jarring note; two weeks after the signature of the Paris Agreement, he dropped an ominous hint of renewed warfare
  дистанционно управляемый - (блокиратор буровой установки): the oil well lacked a remote-control shutoff switch required by some other major producers;
  - (летательный аппарат): remotely piloted vehicle;
  - (робот, т.е. для ликвидации утечки нефти из подводной скважины): to halt the flow of oil from the well through the use of a remotely operated vehicle to activate the subsea blowout preventer;
  - (робот рыбы-молот): the remote controlled robotic hammerhead shark
  дистанционный - (лучевая терапия): in external beam radiation therapy, radiation is given from a machine like an x-ray machine;
  - (пульт д-ого управления): a 22 function remote control that allows you to control bass and treble and scroll through your iPod menus
  дистанцироваться от чего-л - the company sought to distance itself from such atrocities;
  - the organization intends to distance itself from the government-backed campaign
  дистанция - (выступить и на длинных и на коротких дистанциях на одной и той же Олимпиаде): he tried to become the first skater to compete in both long-track and the more roller-derby-like short track events at the same Olympics;
  - (обойти нескольких бегунов на дистанции): she captured gold in the 800 meters passing several runners in the stretch;
  - ("На д-и есть подъёмы?" "Д. в основном ровная."): The 2009 S.J. Half Marathon will take place on Monday, September 7th at the R. Brewery in W. "Is the course hilly?" "For the most part, the course is fairly flat.";
  - (т.е. на скачках): he has painful memories of two agonizing stretch runs by Silver Charm and Real Quiet in the Belmont Stakes: one lost the Triple Crown by three-quarters of a length, the other by a nose;
  - (т.е. остановочная д. автомобиля, не соблюдать д-ю): for purposes of insurance and policing, the driver of the car that rear-ends the other car is almost always considered to be at fault due to not being within stopping distance or lack of attention;
  - (проплывать 50 д-й в бассейне): a toned, six-foot physique that he vigilantly maintained with 50 laps a day in the university pool;
  - (сойти с д-и): as unnerving as it was to find my footing in the shifting sands of New York politics, I had no plans to drop out of the race;
  - (четвёртая команда на дистанции, но первая в таблице результатов): they were the fourth team on the course, but number one in the standing
  дисциплина - (в школе): discipline in the school was strict
  дисциплинарный - (взыскание): all prisoners but the most dangerous can apply for the program, provided they have had no disciplinary marks against them in the last year;
  - (взыскание / мера): he may be subject to dismissal or other disciplinary action;
  - (меры): disciplinary measures in case of lateness, absence, or delinquency
  дисциплинированный - (дети): how to teach children to be orderly;
  - (очень д. человек): he was a highly disciplined man;
  - (правительство): a disciplined government
  диффамация - You don't want to be making unsupported allegations against people. There are laws about that sort of thing. Defamation. Slander.
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