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  дом - (быта): consumer services center;
  - (высотные односекционные / викторианские одноэтажные или двухэтажные): three brutally ugly tower blocks rise above Victorian terraces, prefabricated factories and a car yard;
  - (домработница, проработавшая 3 года в д-е иностранцев): professional housekeeper with three year experience in foreign household;
  - (к 1945 году в 20 из 100 домов было электричество): by 1945 20 homes out of a hundred had electricity;
  - (королевский, рыцари королевского д-а): All the knights of our Royal Household are thereby commanded to arm and make ready to ride upon this quest;
  - (культуры): community center / entertainment center;
  - (её имя никогда не упоминалось в их д-е): nobody ever mentioned her name aloud in their household;
  - (кажется, в доме пусто): The place looks empty. Curtains are drawn and leaves have collected on the main steps and entrance portico;
  - (д. ленточной застройки): town house / row house / terraced house BrE CanE;
  - (т.е. многоквартирные дома, сдаваемые внаём): the South Bronx was a country then and this place all tenements;
  - (т.е. многоквартирный, элитный д.): an upscale apartment complex;
  - (т.е. многоквартирный): apartment building AmE / apartment house AmE / block of flats BrE;
  - (мой д. - моя крепость): a man's home is his castle;
  - (мой дом - моя крепость): in Afghanistan a home is a fort, and if we try to barge in they'll shoot us;
  - (обходить домА): смотри ниже;
  - (отдыха, получить путёвку в д. отдыха): I got a voucher for my vacation center;
  - (отдыха, скотоводческое ранчо, превращённое в д.отдыха для туристов): a cattle ranch converted to a holiday centre for tourists;
  - (помогать по д-у): My husband pitches in on household tasks that I consider "my job" so that I can devote more of myself to homeschooling my children. I feel guilty about him helping out around the house, but the one thing my husband realizes is that homeschooling children can be the same as holding a part-time, or maybe even full-time job.;
  - (престарелых): смотри ниже;
  - (проводить вечера вне д-а): He doesn't do the parties any more. Many evenings are spent away from his diggings plural infml;
  - (священника, он родился в д-е своего отца-священника): Edward Jenner was born at his father's vicarage at Berkeley, Gloucestershire, England, on May 17, 1749;
  - (т.е. семья, она жила в д-е, где родители давали детям любовь): for the first time, she lived in a household where the father and mother gave their children the love and attention she had never received;
  - (слуга в его д-е): a blameless servant in his household;
  - (управлять д-ом): the multifarious tasks of managing a household, of seeing them all within it decently clothed and suitably fed, tending to their ailments, such duties demanded attention and action day in, day out, year round
  - (электростанция подаёт электричество в 3000 домов): the power plant supplies 3000 households with electricity;
  - смотри файл JIL6E
  дом (обходить домА) - Government agencies already canvas households on a monthly basis;
  - we are looking to recruit interested parties in a part time (and possibly full time) position to canvas households throughout High Wycombe;
  - encouraging cooperation with census enumerators when they canvas households where questionnaires are not returned by mail
  - Indian census workers in rural areas often do not canvas households, but assign people a religion based on their personal and family names
  дом престарелых - residents of the retirement house gathered around a television;
  - the leisure room of the old people's home;
  - he worked in several homes for the aged;
  - she worked in a nursing home;
  -my elderly parents dreaded the thought of going into a nursing home;
  - As of February 2008 in England, the lower income limit is £13,000. At this income level, all your income from pensions, savings, benefits and other sources, except a "personal expenses allowance" (currently £20.45), will go to paying the care home BrE fees.
  дома (дОма) - (оставаться д.): to stay home;
  - (оставаться д., т.е. в мороз): they recommend to stay indoors to avoid freezing temperatures;
  - (провести вечер д/ за телевизором): let's spend the evening in watching television;
  - (д. родители сходили с ума, т.е. волновались о пропавшем сыне): back at home, his parents were frantic;
  - (справочники, которые я держу дома): The Prentice-Hall Handbook for Writers, one of the many American rhetoric and grammar and usage handbooks I keep around the house;
  - (у вас д.): before connecting the kettle, check if the voltage indicated on the appliance corresponds with the main voltage in your home;
  - (у них д. образно): the best way to confront the Chinese about human rights was directly on their turf;
  - (ужинать д.): there was no sign of food preparation, so they were apparently not dining in
  домашний - (атмосфера / обстановка в гостинице): a quietly sophisticated hotel offering understated elegance and unparalleled service in an intimate, friendly, home-away-from-home atmosphere
  - (вино): homebrewed wine;
  - (животное): Lassie, the supercollie who has been epitomizing the idealized image of the domestic animal ready to go to any and all lengths to serve its master;
  - (животные, т.е. сельскохозяйственные): domestic animals of the farm;
  - (задание / работа, т.е. студента): some instructors put especially challenging problems on exams, problems harder than those encountered on the homework.;
  - (задание / работа ученика): I don't let you off homework today;
  - (клиника с д-ей обстановкой): the Cancer Care Center is a warm, fuzzy place that's very homey and personal, not clinical;
  - (кролик): she was feeding carrot tops to a pet rabbit;
  - (мороженое): home-made ice-cream;
  - (д. номер телефона): the private house telephone number was not to be divulged from the factory;
  - (пирог, т.е. сделанный дома ): home-baked mince pie;
  - (пирожные, т.е. сделанные дома): homemade cakes;
  - (прислуга): one of his domestic servants is an illegal alien;
  - (пряжа д-его прядения): homespun yarn;
  - (птица, выращивать д-юю птицу): he husbanded his goat and his fowl old use;
  - (предметы д-его обихода / д-яя утварь): He follows me to the kitchen. Here, too, half the housewares are in boxes;
  - (д-ее средство от запора): prunes are common home remedies for constipation;
  - (ссоры): sharing the television can trigger domestic squabbles;
  - (утварь): candles and soap making are among popular crafts, as these are easy to do at home using simple household utensils such as pots and pans;
  - (учитель, т.е живущий в семье): a live-in tutor for the family;
  - (хозяйство, экономный способ ведения домашнего хозяйства): an economical way of running your household;
  - (ящик для перевозки д-их животных в самолёте, т.е. комнатных): air-freight pet transport crate
  домен - (т.е. феодальное владение): in the feudal system the demesne was all the land, not necessarily all contiguous to the manor house, which was retained by a lord of the manor for his own use and support, under his own management, as distinguished from land sub-enfeoffed by him to others as sub-tenants.;
  - (т.е. часть адреса в Интернете): domain
  доминировать - the committee works well together, although sometimes the chairman tends to dominate;
  - (д. в политическом процессе): The phrase is popular in political coverage. "Now, after years of being allowed to run roughshod infml over Wisconsin's political process, these groups may find themselves forced to compete on a level playing field";
  - (голос председателя доминировал при равенстве голосов): in the event of a tie, the chairman's vote would prevail;
  - (команда доминировала в футболе): the team has dominated international football for years;
  - (поляки доминировали в городе): the city of Lviv was dominated by Poles;
  - (уступки по уровню вооружений и готовности не помешают нашей способности д., т.е. в мире): concessions in arms levels and states of preparedness, which will in no way at all hinder our capacity to dominate
  доминирующий - (тема): "Do you think the "Black Dahlia" murder will ever be solved?" "No, the solution is entirely irrelevant. The killer is dead. The overriding issue here is misogynistic violence."
  домоводство - (образoвательные программы включали д. и черчение): the educational programs included domestic science and industrial drawing
  домогательство - (т.е. пожертвований на партию): The congressman made a soft appeal for political contributions from the company, reminding them that were the Republicans to lose the majority, the very members of Congress who supported the Clinton administration's attacks on Microsoft would then be free to dismantle their software company. One of the Microsoft executives brushed off this solicitation.;
  - (т.е. проститутки): a waitress in the Mexican restaurant was arrested for solicitation of prostitution;
  - (сексуальное д. к переодетому полицейскому): he was arrested for soliciting a male undercover police officer for sex in a restroom;
  - (сексуальное, обвинение в сексуальном д-е): the Republican presidential candidate denies reported sexual harassment allegations as false;
  - (сексуальное, обвинять в сексуальном д-е): she accused me of sexually harassing her
  домогаться - (должности): he coveted that position because it offered more long-term security;
  - (работы): the salary seemed so measly that I could not imagine any self-respecting British subject coveting the job;
  - (уступок): the imperialists exact concessions in the military field
  домой - (добраться д.): he willed the old freighter to make it home to port;
  - (мне надо д.): "Well, I must be getting home," he said;
  - (пригласить к себе д.): one of the problems with the espionage was that you didn't always do business with the sort of people whom you'd willingly invite into your home;
  - (рейс д.): various crew members were on the beach to visit the chandlers to get books magazines to read, videocassette movies, and drink to go with the food, plus whatever consumable supplies had been used up on the inbound trip
  доморощенный - (терроризм / философия): homegrown terrorism / philosophy;
  - (юмор): homespun humour;
  - the arrival of residential high-speed Internet connections is likely to further the advantage of major media sites over homespun Web broadcasters because the cable and phone companies that provide the connections allot for greater bandwidths for downloading material than for consumers to put their own contributions online
  домохозяйство - (данные обследования домохозяйств): household survey data
  домочадец - (враги был изгнаны, их домочадцы захвачены): the enemy was finally routed, and their dependents and possessions were all captured
  домысел / домыслы - (вызвать д.): we (the police) have quizzed his landlady thoroughly, and we have quizzed his academic colleagues. Confidentially. Not wishing to stir up a mare's nest fig at this early stage of our enquiries.;
  - (предмет д-ов): a man whose political future remains a subject of intense speculation;
  - (слухи и д.): gossip and speculation;
  - my supposition was he was responsible: he had seemingly made an attempt on his wife's life, or at least welfare, on a previous occasion, even though his motive rested on pure speculation on my part
  донесение - in careful, succinct terms he explained the message;
  - (армейские д-я): the 735th Guards Infantry Regiment evidently took the brunt of the attack and reports from there are fragmentary;
  - (д-я из Кабула, т.е. дипломатические): the Kabul dispatches of 1946 are going to make our staff look like a group of military geniuses;
  - (о сбоях при выпуске аварийного трапа самолёта): reports of improper escape slide deployment;
  - (разведчиков): are you sure beyond any reasonable doubt that satellite reconnaissance and your ground reports point to these figures?;
  - (скудные, т.е. шпионские): a decrepit intelligence department of the British Ministry of Defence undertakes to train an agent and infiltrate him in East Germany to check out tenuous reports of Soviet missile deployments there
  донести / доносить - (д. американскую надежду до всех граждан страны): the ideal of extending America's promise to all of its citizens;
  - (т.е. выдать): смотри ниже;
  - (т.е. д. идею до членов Палаты общин): I count on you to press it home to them, as Chief Whip;
  - (д. мою мысль, т.е. до слушателя): pardon my frequent use of the word "Google" in this blog, let's just say it was the only way to make the point stick;
  - (мысль, т.е. до слушателя): business communication needs to be concise, using a minimum of words to get the message across;
  - (мысль, т.е. до читателя): the slow pace of the novel is undoubtedly a deliberate choice, intended to drive home the point that real change takes time;
  - (д. шутку до публики): it is difficult to get his American jokes across to an English audience
  донести / доносить (на кого-л, т.е. выдать) - the populace, no longer needing the black-marketeers as goods came on the open market, denounced him;
  - she apologized for ratting on infml us;
  - Rat on him? Hell are you talking about? If he'd strangled his dear mother and bunged her in a basket of acid, I suppose, it's just conceivable, I'd pick up the phone to somebody;
  - he could cope discreetly with those who elected to squeal slang on their comrades;
  - (на меня донесли в службу соцобеспечения): A patient says in a thick Birmingham accent: "I was signing on and grafting cash in hand at the same time, but some fuckin crackhead pillock grassed me up to BrE slang the social". ("I was claiming state benefits and working at the same time without paying tax [both illegal] but a crack cocaine addict informed on me to the Department of Health and Social Security").;
  - (д. на сокамерников): at first glance, she is just another selfish addict who wouldn't think twice about grassing on slang her fellow inmates to get herself off the hook;
  - (д. на ученика директору школы): he was advising her to tell tales on you to the Head master;
  - (разведка донесла образно шутливо, т.е. когда не хотят говорить, откуда сведения): "I haven't seen the file." "So you're not working the file?." "No. Heard it through the grapevine.";
  - (д. учителю на обидчика): telling the teacher on a bully would only bring more focus on the one being picked on;
  - You tattled on AmE her? I can't believe it! You're a freakin' tattletale.;
  донестись / доноситься - смотри файлы DVIJENIE, ZVUK
  донизу - (обыскать / перерыть сверху д.): we searched the house from top to bottom but we could not find the letter;
  - (переоборудовать сверху д.): they bought an old hotel and restyled it from top to bottom;
  - (пальто с з-ой на пуговицы донизу): the coat features a full button front;
  - (платье с застёжкой на пуговицы д.): full button front dress
  донос - (по д-у Х. полиция произвела обыск по адресу в К....): officers acting on a tip off from H. searched an address in C., and found 600 bullet cases, bullet heads, gun powder and a bullet press;
  - (по д-ут.е. полиции от осведомителя): the policemen had spent the night crawling through the heather to surround the place, following a tip-off from an informant;
  - (полиция нашла бандита по д-у его подельника): the police found the bandit on the tip of one of his associates;
  - (художник трактует тему д-а лаконично): the painter treated the denunciation theme in shorthand fashion, as a close-up on a single accuser, the woman who points a finger at St Peter
  доносчик - there was a jailhouse snitch who claimed Matthew told him details of the crime that were never released
  - you're a police snitch;
  - Ethel was the form sneak BrE in children's use and goody-goody;
  - You tattled on her? I can't believe it! You're a freakin' tattletale.;
  - you little turd, you weirdo fink!
  донный - (давление, т.е. в механике): base pressure; - (д-ые породы рыб): bottom fish species;
  - (проба, т.е. воды): bottom sample
  доотвала (наесться д.) - when had he last eaten his fill like this?;
  - And when they had eaten their fill, he told his disciples, "Gather up the leftover fragments, that nothing may be lost.";
  - though they were full to bursting with sweets they managed second helpings of everything;
  - Thank you for offering, but I can't possibly eat another bite. I'm stuffed to the gills infml fig
  доплата - (без д-ы): to negotiate a stop in Canberra at no extra cost;
  - (без д-ы): Car Rental Loss and Damage Insurance at no additional cost;
  - (за каждое место нештабелируемого груза на салазках или на паллете полагается д.): FedEx Express Freight shipments must be on a pallet, skid, or other forkliftable and pallet-jackable base with a minimum clearance of 3-1/2" for access, and should be stackable. A surcharge applies to any piece, skid, or pallet of a FedEx Express freight shipment that is nonstackable.;
  - (д-ы за работу в ночное время, за опасность): the pay included all sorts of extras for working nights, high-risk work and so on;
  - (сверхнормативный и негабаритный багаж подлежит д-е): excess weight and oversize luggage will be subject to additional charges
  допоздна - (отсутствовать д.): the hotel had a night porter for those who preferred to stay out late;
  - (продолжаться д.): the emergency meeting went on into the night;
  - (разговаривать д.): she went to bed, leaving the five men to talk into the small hours;
  - (разговаривать д.): they were puffy-eyed and pale because they had been talking late into the night about M.;
  - we watched the moon rise as we hunted into the late hours
  дополнение - (д. и усовершенствование теории): the theory, which, with some extensions and improvements, survived to this day;
  - (д. к всеобъемлющему договору): the overarching NATO-Russian Federation treaty should include a special annex;
  - (д-я к закону): supplements to an act;
  - (д. к закону): the Republicans are attaching an insidious rider as a condition;
  - (д. к обязательному тесту): the voluntary test is an addition to the mandatory test;
  - (д. к пакету расходов правительства): this is an addition to the Congress 7.5 billion dollar emergency spending package to invigorate the economy;
  - (д. к соглашению между министерством и ассоциацией): Annex to the voluntary agreement between the Ministry and the Association;
  - (т.е. к тОму): supplement;
  - (прямое, т.е. часть предложения): transitive verbs take a direct object;
  - (таинственность и серьёзность пророка были важным д-ем к проповеди учения Корана): his concern with ultimate questions, his mystical outlook, and his moral seriousness were important adjuncts to the preachings of the Qur'anic message
  дополненный - (дом, д. садами и двориками): it was a majestic fortress that had been remodeled into a splendid home, complete with vast gardens and courtyards;
  - (план, д. схемами): a 28-page plan completed with color-coded organizational charts
  дополнительно - during the treatment processes sludges will be created which must be further treated before their final disposal;
  - The extracted constituents must be further treated in order to classify them as less toxic or hazardous;
  - (нехорошо д. волновать травмированного ребёнка): it's not good to further upset a traumatized child;
  - day hospitals were used as supplementary to inpatient admission;
  - MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imagery) is used as additional to mammography method for mammary cancer diagnostics;
  - there's a postage and packing fee in addition to the repair charge;
  - whenever she bakes she adds a little more cinnamon for good measure infml;
  - he didn't argue with my price, so I gave him some extra supplies for good measure;
  - he performed his most recent songs, and then threw in a couple of old ones for good measure
  дополнительный - (баллы): solutions that provided these capabilities earned additional points;
  - (баллы / очки): solutions that provided these capabilities earned extra / additional points;
  - (безопасность): everyone can benefit from the added security and peace of mind derived from doing regular data backup;
  - (блага / льготы, например, казённый автомобиль, пенсии и т.д.): fringe benefits include company car, pension, etc.;
  - (вложить в папку д-ые листы бумаги): a looseleaf folder with stiff covers of cardboard, and a series of clips down the spine so that the leaves of the books could be extracted or further leaves inserted, if necessary;
  - (вложить д-ые средства в технологию): we have to invest further massive resources in extraction and technology;
  - (вносить д-ую сложность): this unfortunately introduced into the discussions supporting the solution the added complexity of proportionality between similar figures;
  - (вопрос): can I ask a subsidiary question?;
  - (вопросы, т.е. на экзамене): the extra questions do not count toward score;
  - (время, т.е. в баскетболе): after having the game in their grasp, the team collapsed in overtime;
  - (д-ая выплата сверхурочных): cost overruns, extra overtime pay and unexpected security costs had already pushed the Olympics total past $7 billion;
  - (глава): an extra chapter;
  - (д. год гарантии): Extended Warranty will double the manufacturer's original U.S. warranty up to one additional year on most merchandise you buy with your Citybank Classic Card;
  - (д-ая горючая смесь): additional combustible mixture;
  - (двоичные числа в д-ом коде со знаком): signed two-s complement binary numbers;
  - (д. день на выполнение задания): NASA will give this mission an extra day to accomplish the goals;
  - (детали): subsidiary details;
  - (доставить д-ую радость): Labour urged the government to consider capping payouts at $ 5 million, arguing that the $22 million was unlikely to deliver an "extra slice of happiness" for the winner;
  - (д-ые жестянки моторного масла / д. домкрат): He helped me pack the jeep for the trip. We stowed our extra tins of motor oil, the precautionary spark plugs and an extra jack;
  - (за один-два д-ых доллара): for an extra buck or two you could stand at the edge of his pit and watch him;
  - (д. занятия с учителем): extra lessons with that teacher;
  - (информация): the drivers ahead swung to the right to park at the curb and listen to the supplementary information;
  - (д. канализационная труба): the main sewers are six feet in diameter, the secondaries are three or four;
  - (д-ые лекарственные средства): complementary remedies;
  - (льготы): thousands of senior officials retain their old fringe benefits;
  - (льготы, т.е. например, служебный автомобиль): the use of a company car is one perquisite of the job;
  - (льготы, т.е. например, компьютер): forget the company car - laptops are the best perk infml;
  - (мазки / штрихи, т.е. грима актёрам): you (the make-up artist) are on stand-by for any touch ups that you may have to do;
  - (д. материал к лекциям): the written versions of the lectures have been expanded and supplementary material has been added;
  - (д-ое медицинское обследование): you are required to undergo further medical tests;
  - (нервная система направляет д-ую кровь в пещеристую ткань): An erection is caused by the pressure of blood trapped in those cylinders. During arousal, the nervous system rushes extra blood into the spongy tissue and the engorged cylinders expand compressing the walls of the veins that normally carry blood away.;
  - (оборудование, особняк набит всем мыслимым д-ым оборудованием infml): That is our top-of-the-line town house. It's fully loaded with every conceivable extra, and naturally that is reflected in the cost.;
  - (отпуск): The Adoptive Leave Act entitles an adopting mother or a sole male adopter to 20 weeks adoptive leave. There is also the option to avail of a further 12 weeks unpaid additional leave.;
  - (плата): extra charge;
  - (плата, без д-ой платы): Check with one of your airline's agents at the layover airport to see if you can switch your flight. You might be able to get an earlier of later flight if there are seats available, at no extra cost.;
  - (плата, без д-ой плату): Car Rental Loss and Damage Insurance at no additional cost;
  - (плата, за небольшую д-ую плату): to negotiate a stop in Canberra at little extra cost;
  - (полицейские): there will be additional police at the front and rear gates throughout Sunday;
  - (придавать д-ую похотливость пьесе): it gave our play an adventitious prurience to have me, one of the unmarried men attracted to her, even in make-believe;
  - (придавать д-ую привлекательность): the extra services, like the Antara Spa, provide an added attraction to the hotel's luxury appeal;
  - (проверка беженцев): the United States is not alone in imposing additional scrutiny on refugees;
  - (процент от дохода от книги): a literary agent who gets heavily involved in the planning, organizing, writing and editing of a book can ethically ask for an extra percentage of that book's income;
  - (работа / служба): employees may take supplementary employment;
  - (д-ые рабочие руки): a gang of 10 men from ashore, the extra hands needed for the berthing operation called riggers (the berthing crew), would arrive by launch at 07.00;
  - (расходы): special charges;
  - (реклама): one's commitment to service of Queen and country in this building needs no further advertisement, a dumbfounded visitor from the CIA had once been told;
  - (риск): the company would not assume additional and unnecessary risks;
  - (сведения): additional information;
  - (д-ое средство сдерживания судебной системы): the President has a further check on the judiciary in his power to grant pardons;
  - (стимул): as added inducement the prospective purchaser was offered free transportation;
  - (тайм, т.е. в футболе): the extra period has begun;
  - (д-ые топливные баки): the supplementary tanks can take ... tons of fuel;
  - (д-ая увольнительная на берег): he asked the captain for an extra spell ashore on the ground that he wanted to spend the maximum time with his fiancée;
  - (угол, т.е. до 1800 или до 900): the angles (1800 - A) and (900 - A) are the supplement and complement of angle A, respectively;
  - (угол, т.е. дополняющий до 900): complementary angle;
  - (уровень защиты от плесени): built-in antimicrobial protection provides an added level of defense against damaging mold growth that can cause stains, odors and product degradation;
  - (урок): he doesn't usually give extra lessons;
  - (услуги / привлекательность): the extra services, like the Antara Spa, provide an added attraction to the hotel's luxury appeal;
  - (цвет): a complementary colour (red and green);
  - (д-ое чтение, т.е. у ученика): collateral reading;
  - (д-ое чтение, т.е. у студента): the text would be appropriate as supplementary reading
  дополнить / дополнять - close ties to computing have complemented deep interests across the spectrum of applied mathematics throughout the fifty years of the Society's existence;
  - (д. алгебру коумножением мат): supplementing an algebra by a comultiplication (forming a coalgebra) restores a kind of input-output symmetry to the system;
  - (вино прекрасно дополняло мясо): the dry wine complemented the meal perfectly;
  - (контракт): to supplement a contract;
  - (лепные украшения дополняли картины): the paintings are complemented with extravagant stuccos;
  - (д. одно соглашение другим): six months later the agreement was topped off with another;
  - (д. экипаж до полного состава): twenty others made up the full complement: first cook, four stewards, three firemen / engine room artificers, one repairman / engine room artificer; ten able seamen / deckhands and one pumpman
  дополниться / дополняться - (картины дополняются лепными украшениями): the paintings are complemented with extravagant stuccos
  дополняющий - (д-ие друг друга): I regard their role in it as complementary with one another
  допрашивать / допросить - he was interrogated to see what had persuaded him to take so public and so foolish a political stand against the government;
  - he interrogated M. for four hours;
  - the FBI questioned B. shortly after the hoax became public Saturday;
  - the police is questioning her;
  - he was led off to be interviewed by Major H. of the Field Security Service;
  - (арестованного): he was arrested on the 10th December 2001 and interviewed on a number of occasions between the 10th December and 14th December 2001;
  - (кого-л): they interrogated the man, took a full statement, but they failed to produce corroboration;
  - (долго д. кого-л): the lawyer emphasized that he grilled AmE D. at length, even to the point of irritating him, and he never showed the slightest hint of dishonesty;
  - if I had a suspicious nature I might wonder why you were in such haste to make certain these two were never put to question;
  - (д. кого-л и протоколировать ответы): to take the examination of somebody;
  - (перекрёстно д. свидетеля, т.е. в суде): testimony from earlier proceedings given by one deceased witness was read to the jury, prompting complaints from the defense that it could not cross-examine a dead man;
  - (подозреваемого, т.е. с пристрастием): the D.A. office is grilling AmE the suspect;
  - (д. родителей пропавшей девочки): the parents of the missing girl are expected to be interviewed again by detectives
  допрос - (агрессивный): she tried as hard as she could to respond to the bullying interrogation;
  - (в КГБ): no one had the slightest doubt that handling the hijackers back would mean KGB interrogation, kangaroo court and the firing squad;
  - (допросы): she was brought to tears by relentless questioning about events surrounding her husband's death;
  - (жёсткие д-ы террористов): Barack Obama made decrying harsh questioning of the Islamic terrorists the centerpiece of his campaign;
  - (методика д-ов): interrogation methods are a hodge-podge that date from the 1950s;
  - (методика д-ов): approved technique of interrogation;
  - (перекрёстный): federal law requires that grand jury evidence be kept confidential so that testimony elicited by a prosecutor from a witness without clarifying effect of cross-examination cannot prejudice a case or harm an innocent person;
  - (перекрёстный, во время перекрёстного д-а): in its cross-examination, the defense obviously made much of the discrepancies;
  - (подвергаться перекрёстному д-у): the report was a compilation of raw grand jury testimony obtained from witnesses who were never cross-examined;
  - (подвергнуть д-у): if I had a suspicious nature I might wonder why you were in such haste to make certain these two were never put to question;
  - (полиция забрала его на д. о её смерти): the police had taken him in for questioning about her death;
  - (после четырёхчасового д-а): after 4 hours of interrogation;
  - (д. свидетеля или подсудимого в суде): examination;
  - (д. свидетеля стороной, которая на него ссылается, в суде): direct examination;
  - (увести на д.): he was led off to be interviewed by Major H. of the Field Security Service;
  - (устроить д. кому-л): I gave him a two-hour interrogation yesterday, and he could pass;
  - she was fit for nothing after my questioning
  допуск - (в систему заложен некоторый д., чтобы учесть финансовые операции в ходе выполнения): At certain banks of the world, a country's net collection of those monetary units was calculated down to a fraction of a percentage point. There was some leeway built into the system, to account for trades in process and so forth, but that leeway was also closely calculated electronically;
  - (т.е. в технике): смотри ниже;
  - (делать д. на спорные моменты): The "worst" percentage is the amount that is not reported delinquent. If this were set to 5 percent, then the first 5 percent of a customer's balance from the right would not be rated as delinquent. This is to allow for disputed items or pending deductions.;
  - (иметь д., т.е. к секретной информации): I have been privy to documents and tactics of the most secret nature, including illegalities committed by Scientology executives and the means of cover-up;
  - (иметь д. к секретной информации): he was privy to a certain secret information;
  - (д. к адвокатской практике, раздел, регламентирующий д. к адвокатской практике): it is ordered that effective Feb. 5, 2009, Part B, Governing Admissions to the Practice of Law be hereby amended to read as follows;
  - (д. к адвокатской / юридической практике): an admission to practice law, also called admission to the bar, is acquired when a lawyer receives a license to practice law;
  - (т.е. к секретным данным / работам): смотри ниже
  допуск (т.е. в технике) - (т.е. в каменной кладке): Fixer masons specialize in the fixing of stones onto buildings. The precise tolerances necessarily make this a highly skilled job.;
  - (...изготавливаются с меньшими д-ами): Hex cap screws are very similar to hex bolts. They differ mostly in that they are manufactured to tighter tolerances than the corresponding bolts.;
  - (чем больше требуемая точность размеров, тем меньше д-и): tolerance is the unwanted but acceptable deviation from a desired dimension. Increasingly accurate dimensions require tighter tolerances;
  - (монтировать детали в пределах соответствующих д-ов): interchangeable parts: in mechanical engineering, the ability to select components for assembly at random and fit them together within proper tolerances
  допуск (т.е. к секретным данным / работам) - (документы на допуск): Attorney General Jeff Sessions did not disclose meetings with Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak on his application for a security clearance;
  - (к сверхсекретным документам): she obtained a job as the confidential assistant, with top-secret clearance, to the Pentagon's top spokesman;
  - (код д-а недействителен): authorization code is void;
  - (люди, не имеющие д-а): these regulations are designed to prevent people without proper security clearance from accessing classified information;
  - (иметь д.): he had a clearance;
  - (иметь д., машинистки не имеют д-а к материалу): the material is not cleared for typists at all;
  - (после получения д-а): after special clearance, she had been offered a post in the Politburo Secretariat
  - clearance level 3;
  - you need clearance before you can work in this laboratory
  допускать / допустить - (д. возможность чего-л): смотри ниже;
  - (д. двоякое толкование): the resolution was ambiguous on that point;
  - (допустим, т.е. согласие с оговоркой): you use words as cleverly as any man I knew, and that was a good play, I'll give you that infml. But there is a qualitative difference between lighting up a cigarette and killing a living human being;
  - (допустим, т.е. согласие с оговоркой): "But if it turns out that four hours pass and nothing happens?". "Don't let that worry you. Enough will happen." "Granted! And still - if nothing happens?";
  - (если бы я допустил такое неповиновение, мне бы пришёл конец): If I allowed this defiance to stand, I was ruined. My response to his mutiny was direct.;
  - (если бы я допустил такое неуважение и не отреагировал на него, кто бы в городе воспринимал меня всерьёз?): if I allowed such disrespect to stand unchallenged in my city who would take me seriously;
  - (если допустить такое, то...): this granted, whether or not he has all power is an academic question sure to be answered in the affirmative sooner or later;
  - (жильцы допустят шум на близлежащей стройке, но будут жаловаться, если...): Construction sites are in the open and are often near existing residential accommodation. Residents will in general accept construction site noise but will complain if work starts early or finishes late or if it takes place on a Saturday afternoon, Sundays or Bank Holidays.;
  - (зулусская традиция допускает многожёнство): Zulu tradition allows for polygamy;
  - (д. к эксплуатации двигатель самолёта): to clear an engine for service / to qualify an engine for flight service;
  - (коршуны не собирались д., чтобы свалившаяся с неба добыча пропала): Bodies jostled in the water, haggard corpses were stranded, one by one. Marsh kites weren't letting this windfall go to waste.;
  - (не д-кать возможности): to dismiss the possibility;
  - (не д-кать проявления личных склонностей в репортажах): we were trained to keep any personal biases out of our reporting;
  - (невропатолог допускает, что реагирование на речь является доказательством того, что у находящейся в коме женщины работает сознание): simply responding to speech, admits the neurologist who led the new study, is therefore not equivocal evidence that the woman is consciously aware;
  - (объяснения): the facts allow [of] no other explanation;
  - (опрошенные допускали аморальное поведение президента): Are we not aware that America's declining moral and ethical standards are reflected in the polls that sanction the alleged conduct of the President?;
  - (ошибку, суд допустил ошибку назначив последовательно отбываемые наказания): he contends that the court erred in imposing consecutive sentences;
  - (пространства допускают гармонический анализ мат): these spaces admit a rich harmonic analysis;
  - (различия): in order to act in the urgent matters in which we agree, we must allow for differences and not let them hinder our cooperation for Earth's survival and rejuvenation;
  - (д. нетерпимость по отношению к гомосексуалистам): there's no reason to tolerate bigotry toward homosexuals any more than bigotry based on race;
  - (т.е. согласиться): I grant you [that] the government isn't very popular at the moment, but I think it will...;
  - (т.е. согласиться): he does concede that it is useful for future lawyers;
  - (т.е. согласиться, т.е. при передачи прямой речи): "..." he conceded;
  - (д. то, что говорит собеседник): I grant you that they fail to appreciate what we call our reasons for the actions we took, but...;
  - (этого нельзя д. ): a President is treated differently in that system because if a prosecutor could use the power of the judicial branch to sanction a president to get his testimony, to imprison a president, then one branch could utterly disable the executive branch, and we can't have that;
  - (я не допущу цинизма в зале суда): I will not have cynicism in my courtroom;
  - (я не мог этого д-тить): You overrode me when I was unwilling to allow their team to reform. Well, now, I couldn't have that.
  допускать / допустить (возможность чего-л) - he was perfectly willing to credit the possibility of her explanation;
  - it is very important to mention that, besides the extradition based on conventions, the legislation of the Republic of Croatia provides for the possibility of so-called non-contractual extradition which is based on reciprocity and the exclusive application of the national law of the requested country;
  - although domestic legislation provided a definition of what constituted a national minority, it allowed for the possibility that other groups with common characteristics could also be recognized as such;
  - even without modification, however, the footnote admitted the possibility of an extension of the concession contract;
  - the Secretariat does not exclude the possibility of including an option for meeting the requirements through the provision of additional resources, if necessary;
  - For the past 11 days, Snowden has been trapped in the transit zone of Moscow's Sheremetyevo airport, allowed neither to enter Russia nor proceed on to any other country. Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and Bolivia's Evo Morales were in Moscow this week for a meeting of gas-producing nations. While they have held out the possibility of granting Snowden asylum, either of them could have flown Snowden out on their presidential jets, but declined to do so.
  допускаться - (допускается освобождение от платы): a waiver is permissible;
  - (использование этого перевозчика): use of this carrier is permissible;
  - (стрелять на поражение допускается, только если вы подстрелите того, кого надо): turned out that shoot to kill is only acceptable if you smoke the right person
  допустимо - I am not entitled to value the quality of one human life as worth more than another's and I do not do so. But it is legitimate to look at the actual condition of the children as they are and assess their legitimate expectations when determining whether it is worth treating them (separating conjoined twins).;
  - (стрелять на поражение д., только если вы подстрелите того, кого надо): turned out that shoot to kill is only acceptable if you smoke the right person
  допустимое - (переходить границы д-ого): the bad language in that play overstepped the limits / boundaries of what ought to be allowed on television
  допустимый - (д-ое алкогольное опьянение): legal alcohol intoxication;
  - (в д-ых пределах): check to see if the voltage remains within allowable / permissible limits;
  - (в пределах д-ого, т.е. с точки зрения этики): such gifts are within the bounds of propriety;
  - (вопрос): Asked if he thought questions about Bush's youthful drug use were appropriate, he said, "Sure, it's a legitimate question.;
  - (гипотеза): admissible hypothesis;
  - (д-ая доля дефектных изделий в партии): acceptable quality level (ACL); - (д-ая концентрация свинца, т.е. на рабочем месте): In newspaper printing, historic lead exposure levels have been below the current US permissible exposure level (PEL) of 50чg/m3;
  - (нагрузка): a g-6 acceleration is an acceptable load;
  - (нагрузка): load capacity;
  - (д-ое опоздание возврата взятого напрокат автомобиля): Rent a Car. Minimal rental period is 24 hours; acceptable late return is 60 minutes;
  - (д-ое по закону алкгольное опьянение): legal alcohol intoxication;
  - (предельно д-ая концентрация, т.е. вредного вешества, на рабочем месте): an occupational exposure limits (OEL) is an upper limit on the acceptable concentration of a hazardous substance in workplace air for a particular material or class of materials;
  - (пределы изменения напряжения): check to see if the voltage remains within allowable / permissible limits;
  - (д. процент дефектных изделий в партии): lot tolerance percent defective, LTPD;
  - (д-ая рабочая нагрузка подъемных устройств): hoisting capacity, SWL (safe working load), tons;
  - (д-ое содержание алкоголя в крови): drivers who have more than the legal limit of alcohol;
  - (сомнение): are you sure beyond any reasonable doubt that satellite reconnaissance and your ground reports point to these figures?;
  - (д-ая степень загрязнения): the Decree establishing limits of acceptable degree of water pollution;
  - (считать д-ым ограбить гостя): if from habit and tradition the Afghan respects a stranger within his threshold, he yet considers it legitimate to overtake and plunder his guest after he has quitted his roof;
  - (точность): the equation gives the motion of the moon with reasonable exactness;
  - (д-ое число дефектных изделий в выборке): acceptance number / allowable defects; - by some convoluted North Vietnamese logic, bypassing the Demilitarized Zone through the territory of another sovereign country seemed more legitimate
  - смотри файл MATEMATIKA
  допущен - (т.е. к секретной информации): I have been privy to documents and tactics of the most secret nature, including illegalities committed by Scientology executives and the means of cover-up;
  - (к секретной информации): he was privy to a certain secret information;
  - (к юридической практике): I am an attorney, but I was only admitted to the bar a year ago
  допущенный (т.е. к секретной информации) - such information is not made available to unauthorized persons;
  - (машинистки не допущены к материалу): the material is not cleared for typists at all
  допьяна - (напиваться): people who binge drink may find that their friends drift away
  дорабатывать / доработать - (методы / подход): we are testing and refining these techniques / our approach;
  - (опытный образец): evaluation results will be used to refine the prototype into an initial design that will meet Navy requirements
  - (соглашение): to finalize and sign an agreement
  - (статью): As you will see from the comments below a revision of your paper has been requested. I would be grateful if you could revise the paper in accordance with these recommendations and submit your revised manuscript within 30 days.;
  доработка - (серьёзная д. книги): the literary agent made page-by-page editorial comments for a major rewrite;
  - (д. статьи с учётом замечаний): As you will see from the comments below a revision of your paper has been requested. I would be grateful if you could revise the paper in accordance with these recommendations and submit your revised manuscript within 30 days.;
  - preparation for the TOEFL includes refinement of all areas
  дорваться - (до власти): they were ambitious individuals bent on attaining power
  дорога - (т.е. автомобильная): смотри ниже;
  - (в стороне от проторённых дорог): a lovely town off the beaten path;
  - (д. заблокирована транспортом): the driver saw the car and tried to swerve, but found his way blocked by the morning traffic;
  - (знать д-у): do you know your way from here?
  - (каждый пошёл своей д-ой): they split, sold the house, and gone their separate ways;
  - (мощение дорог): road-paving was a skill that his country had not yet mastered;
  - (д. на гребне дамбы): eccentric hotel, set on its own island linked to the mainland by a tidal causeway;
  - (т.е. обсаженная деревьями): outside the car, the pale wash of halogen headlights skimmed over the crushed gravel parkway;
  - (т.е. образно): смотри ниже;
  - (оплачивать д-у, т.е. поездку): sometimes we had to get interpreters from London, who also had to be paid travelling expenses;
  - (перекрыть д-у шлагбаумом): a red-and-white boom locked our path;
  - (т.е. плата за проезд, родители оплатили ему д-у в Сидней): his parents paid his fare to Sydney;
  - (д. по берегу канала): as a safe house it could not have been improved, for there were three approaches in 30 yards and the canal towpath offered two more;
  - (д-у, по которой пойдёт армия, легко предсказать): the route their army will take is easily predicted;
  - (пойти своей д-ой): he didn't want to waste his time over that, so he set off on his way;
  - (пойти своей д-ой): you can eat with us and then you get on your way;
  - (преграждать дорогу к подъезду): two massive steel gates barred the way to the drive;
  - (прочь с д-и): get out of the way;
  - (спросить д-у на Красную Площадь): he asked his way to Red Square;
  - (спросить д-у): the car stopped at a gas station, where the cabby asked for directions;
  - (уступить д-у, автомобилисты отказывались уступить д-у пешеходам): frustrated motorists declined to yield the right-of-way to the pedestrians
  дорога (т.е. автомобильная) - the old quarter was demolished to make way for the new highroad;
  - (въезд на платную д-у): In hospital terminology, the C. Turnpike was in a constant state of intensive care. There was always a huge construction project going on somewhere along the way, the kind of project that meant cramming three lanes into only one, causing inevitable traffic jams.;
  - (грунтовая): смотри ниже;
  - (живописная извилистая д., т.е. автомобильная): the scenic serpentine route A1;
  - (д. между штатами): I made it out of Massachusetts on the interstate highway;
  - (платная): sometimes we no longer reach into our wallets at all: as our cars speed along the state's tollways, electronic gizmos silently draw money out of our accounts;
  - (платная): Illinois Tollways are built and maintained by the Illinois Toll Highway Authority;
  - (просёлочная): смотри ниже;
  - (т.е.скоростная автомобильная д.): a highway is a main road intended for travel by the public between important destinations, such as cities and towns. Highway can range from a two-lane road without margins to a multi-lane, grade separated freeway.;
  - (т.е.скоростная): the highways were thick with military traffic;
  - (т.е.скоростная): the cloverleaf where the road climbed to join the motorway BrE;
  - (трансконтинентальная): the first U.S. transcontinental highway
  дорога (грунтовая / просёлочная) - country road;
  - a dirt road that you couldn't find in broad daylight;
  - the cottage in a quiet byroad;
  - the serene byways that branch off the main road;
  - as children we explored the surrounding countryside, hiking and driving the back roads;
  - a car on a sandy track
  дорога образно - (всю дорогу): I drove home muttering to myself the whole way;
  - (дороги этих людей пересеклись): law-enforcement officials were scrutinizing G.'s activities long before he crossed paths with R.;
  - (дорогу женщинам): ladies first;
  - (надежд): we will travel the road of our hopes and that we will walk a path leading to a better future;
  - (найти / проложить свою д-у в жизни образно): he thought this internship would help me continue charting my own course - no matter what I eventually decided;
  - (обходить десятой д-ой образно): So don't wait to be caught out by these shonky operators, it's up to you, the consumer, to spot them and give them a wide berth infml fig. Don't buy any health product or service unless you think there is sound scientific evidence that the claims of the promoters are genuine, or unless you're prepared to take the risk that you're wasting your money.;
  - (обходить десятой д-ой): Only new arrivals or the willfully foolhardy took the risk (to hang around the railway station). Cannier illegals gave the station a wide berth.;
  - (скатертью д.): we will have to speak more of him later, unfortunately, but will let him go for now, and good riddance;
  - (туда ему и д. образно, ты всё-таки засадил его в тюрягу, туда ему и д.): you finally got him in the joint where he belongs
  дорого обойтись / дорого обходиться / дорого стоить - this victory cost them dearly;
  - a fumble that has been costly;
  - the U.S. overseas presence is costly, increasingly complex and of growing security concern;
  - Cash advances are convenient... and costly. Many banks charge a transaction fee as well as interest on the cash advance;
  - the player committed a sin that would have cost him dearly in the National Football League;
  - Living together can come at a high cost. Unprotected by common law, people who were in relationships can find themselves at the mercy of chancers and the courts.;
  - (недостаток демографии начинает д. обходиться): this democracy deficit has begun to exact a high price;
  - (ужасно д. обойтись кому-л): the public humiliation, the pain to my family, the huge debts from legal bills - these things took a terrible toll on me;
  - Credit cards have limits. Going over the limit can be expensive.
  дорогой - (время дорого): my time is precious; I can only give you a few minutes;
  - (т.е. любимый / ценный): смотри ниже;
  - (т.е. по цене): смотри ниже;
  - (удовольствие): смотри ниже;
  - (цена, за недостаток демографии приходится платить д-ой ценой): this democracy deficit has begun to exact a high price;
  - (цена, доставаться д-ой ценой): victory is always gained at a grievous price;
  - (цена): we must pay a bitter price for it
  дорогой (т.е. любимый / ценный) - (т.е. в начале письма с обращением по имени): dear Nick;
  - (д-ое вам животное): If you have a young horse that's ready to start under saddle, you've probably been agonizing over whether to send it off to a trainer. But it's hard to know if you can really trust someone else with your prized animal."
  - (все воспоминания, что были ему дороги / всё, что было ему дорого): all those memories / things he kept dear to him;
  - (всё, что мне было дорого, т.е. о чувствах): he has taken everything I held dear;
  - (всё, что мне дорого): the parody of all I hold dear;
  - (всё, что мне дорого): I vow on all I hold dear that we shall rejoin what fate has severed;
  - (если жизнь мне дорога): the loud drone of bombers made me soon realise that not a moment was to be lost if I valued my life;
  - (самый д., одна из самых д-их ему фамильных драгоценностей): the locket was one of his treasured family heirlooms;
  - (самый д., одна из с-ых д-их вещей): that old toy is my most precious possession;
  - (д-ие сердцу воспоминания / имущество): treasured memories / possessions
  дорогой (т.е. по цене) - (автомобиль): an expensive sports car;
  - (баснословно д-ая квартира): an overpriced apartment in Manhattan;
  - (видеоглазок, т.е. дверной): it would be better to have a colour camera, but I am not sure if they are available just yet for spyholes fitted on to a door, and even if they were, I would imagine they would be quite pricey infml.;
  - (всё стало так дорого): everything has become too costly;
  - (духи): expensive perfume;
  - (лекарство): I needed an expensive medicine;
  - (магазины): the town of Capri, where the modest winding streets have been highjacked by high-end retail: Prada, Tod's, Bulgari, Gucci;
  - (огурец): this foot-long slicing cucumber is pricier (pricey) than other varieties;
  - (холодильник самой д-ой модели): a top-of-the-range fridge;
  - (фарфор, стол накрыт д-им фарфором): the table is set with precious china
  дорогой - (удовольствие): for families, the cinema can be a costly treat;
  - (удовольствие): at usual price of £1.79 for a 450ml tub, it may seem like an expensive treat, but I got mine on offer at Sainsbury's for 99p;
  - (удовольствие): a restaurant is a very expensive pleasure in New York;
  - (удовольствие): he fed his stock hay, a costly business that frequently wiped out all profits
  дорогостоящий - (при лапароскопии требуется д-ее оборудование): laparoscopy requires costly equipment;
  - (оборудование): An IBM server worth $1.4 million was wrecked after it fell off a forklift during shipping. Now the customer is suing - claiming that the computer maker failed to properly package the high-end business system.;
  - (постановка, т.е. фильм): as Cecil B. DeMille readied his costly production for release a half-century ago, he seized on an ingenious publicity scheme;
  - (д-ие разработки оружия): the Cold War was marked by both sides' costly weapons developments
  - (реконструкция моста): the bridge faces a costly rebuild (after the hurricane);
  - (самое д-ее расследование): the costliest investigation in the American history
  дорогущий - (квартира): an overpriced apartment in Manhattan
  дорожать - (баклажаны подорожали в 4 раза): eggplants have quadrupled in price;
  - everything has become too costly
  дороже - (свобода нам д. жизни): we prize liberty more than life;
  - (шрамы им д. здравого смысла): scars are worth more to them then common sense
  дорожить - (американцы дорожат Декларацией Независимости): no document in American history has been cherished more deeply by the people;
  - (все воспоминания / всё то, чем он дорожил): all those memories / things he kept dear to him;
  - (животное, которым вы дорожите): If you have a young horse that's ready to start under saddle, you've probably been agonizing over whether to send it off to a trainer. But it's hard to know if you can really trust someone else with your prized animal. "
  - (всё, чем я дорожил): he has taken everything I held dear;
  - (дружбой с кем-л): to treasure somebody's friendship;
  - (жизнью / здоровьем / честью): to value one's life / health / honour;
  - (свободой): the five great freedoms that we cherish and defend;
  - (отказаться от того, чем дорожит): she needs give up nothing she cares about;
  - (пародия на всё, чем я дорожу): the parody of all I hold dear;
  - (подарком): he treasures the watch his mother gave him;
  - (д. человеческой жизнью, страна, где человеческой жизнью дорожат меньше, чем у нас): anyone who thinks any religious practice is worth endangering the lives of their fellow citizens needs to go to a country that places less value on human life than our;
  - (то, чем дорожит): things that he holds dear;
  - (д. чем-л больше всего): Congress seems unwilling to confront the task of tearing down a committee structure that members prize above everything except reelection itself
  дорожка - (опасная / скользкая образно): Letting a teenager get plastic surgery to fix a minor defect is a slippery slope fig. When they get older, they'll want to fix everything with surgery instead of accepting their individuality.;
  - (проторённая): the journalist went off beaten track;
  - смотри файл FORMA_VID
  дорожно-транспортный - (происшествие): a rear-end collision (often called simply a rear-end) is a traffic accident where a vehicle (usually an automobile or a truck) impacts the vehicle in front of it
  дорожный - (бетонная смесь): when you ring up the concrete supply company they will want to know a few thing, apart from the obvious where you live and when you want it. What the concrete is to be used for. A footpath will probably use a paving mix, with a maximum aggregate size of 10mm where a driveway will be thicker and 20mm will more likely be used.;
  - (документы): temporary travel documents from the Red Cross;
  - (знак, т.е. на развилке, указывающий населённые пункты): a signpost projecting from the wall;
  - (т.е. который можно взять в дорогу): a travelling BrE / traveling AmE bar;
  - travel appliances and accessories;
  - (нарушение правил д-ого движения): where a person has committed a statutory offence such as a road traffic contravention, arrest is not usually necessary;
  - (одежда): travelling BrE / traveling AmE clothes;
  - (патруль): highway patrol;
  - (покрытие): road surface BrE / pavement AmE is the durable surface material laid down on an area intended to sustain vehicular or foot traffic, such as a road or walkway;
  - (полотно): roadways are designed and built for primary use by vehicular and pedestrian traffic;
  - (полотно): the accumulation of drifted snow onto a roadway can be reduced by taking appropriate steps during the planning and design stages;
  - traffic code / motor vehicle code refers to the collection of local statutes, regulations, ordinances and rules that have been officially adopted in the United States to govern the orderly operation and interaction of motor vehicles, bicycles, pedestrians and others upon the public (and sometimes private) ways;
  - (правила д-ого движения): traffic rules;
  - (расходы): sometimes we had to get interpreters from London, who also had to be paid travelling expenses;
  - (условия): patches of fog are giving poor visibility and tricky driving conditions
  доселе - (д. неизвестная организация сторонников белого превосходства): the case brought into focus the hitherto fml unknown London Patriot white-supremacist group;
  - (д. неизвестные и непроверенные области магии): you have journeyed into realms of magic hitherto unknown and untested;
  - (никому д. неизвестный): a heretofore obscure governor from a tiny state;
  - the refusal of the Federal German government to hand the two criminals and murderers over to either the Soviet or East German authorities was a flagrant breach of their hitherto friendly relations
  досконально - (д. знать что-л): athletes who are dialed in infml to their bodies and know how to maximize force production;
  - (д. знать что-л / д. разбираться в чём-л): as active residents who are dialed in infml to the real estate and architectural scene, they are also a valuable resource when determining the neighborhood or high-rise that's best suited to your lifestyle needs.;
  - (д. ознакомиться с чем-л): These papers are a great way to get up to speed on some of the issues
  доскональность - (отчёта): Mr F. runs the British Chamber of Commerce. When he raised the prospect of "serious risk" of recession on the BBC Today programme yesterday he was discussing the BBC's quarterly survey based on detailed replies from nearly 5,000 of its member companies. Its sheer size, thoroughness and pedigree give it clout that none of the others can match.
  доскональный - (знание прошлого): the study of history must be grounded in a thorough knowledge of the past;
  - (обыск): to conduct a thorough search of the building
  дословно - (застенографировать разговор): the radio officer had heard the whole conversation, noted it verbatim in shorthand
  дословный - (запись): these papers are the verbatim transcript of that Politburo meeting;
  - (пересказ): a verbatim account of the conversation
  дослужиться - (д. до главного инспектора): I didn't know he had made chief inspector;
  - (д. до звания подполковника авиации в ВВС): he rose to the rank of wing commander in the air force;
  - (д. до капитана): he had risen to a captaincy in the Austrian army by 1848 when he defected to the Hungarian revolutionists;
  - (д. до ночного портье): she started in reception and worked her way up to night manager
  досмотр - (зона д-а багажа, т.е. таможенного д-а): to facilitate the examination of certain articles, each baggage station should have a comprehensive selection of tools and other equipment including X-ray machine;
  - (инспектор по д-у, т.е. службы авиационной безопасности): screener;
  - (интимный): if you suspect internal contraband, call for a medical search;
  - (интимный): a medical search is only conducted by medical personnel;
  - (личный, т.е. обыск раздетого человека): смотри ниже;
  - (рентгеновский / физический): radiographic inspection system, Customs scanning operations and physical inspection processes;
  - (таможенный): customs inspection
  досмотр (личный, т.е. обыск раздетого человека) - a correct way to conduct a strip search;
  - Unlawful Strip Search of Woman by Police;
  - (т.е., например, в аэропорту): body check;
  - (личный д. производится лицами того же пола): Strip searches are always done gender for gender. A female always strip-searches a female and a male strip-searches a male.;
  - (произвести личный д. ): Arizona school officials violated the constitutional rights of a 13-year-old girl when they strip-searched her on the suspicion she might be hiding pain-relief pills in her clothing
  досрочно - (д. закончить проект): we finished the project ahead of schedule;
  - (коллектив выполнил работу д. и уложился в смету): the team finished ahead of schedule and under budget;
  - (освободиться из тюрьмы условно-д.): he was released on parole to go to his daughter's wedding;
  - (д. погасить долг): Settling Debt Before Maturity. Sometimes a company will pay off debt before it is due. Any settlement of debt before it is due will cause the company to report a gain or loss. The company will have a gain if the cost of settling the debt is less than the debt's recorded value on the balance sheet (including any interest due). The company will have a loss if the cost of settling the debt is greater than the debt's recorded value on the balance sheet (including any interest due).
  досрочный - (выборы): to hold early elections;
  - (освобождение из тюрьмы): to obtain early release from prison;
  - (д-ое освобождение пленных): I was grateful for the early release of prisoners;
  - (д-ое погашение долга): Settling Debt Before Maturity. Sometimes a company will pay off debt before it is due. Any settlement of debt before it is due will cause the company to report a gain or loss. The company will have a gain if the cost of settling the debt is less than the debt's recorded value on the balance sheet (including any interest due). The company will have a loss if the cost of settling the debt is greater than the debt's recorded value on the balance sheet (including any interest due).;
  - (погашение, т.е. кредита): -prepayment risk is the risk associated with the early unscheduled return of principal on a fixed-income security;
  - (д-ое расторжение соглашения): the confidentiality provisions in this Agreement will remain in force for a further two years after the expiry or early termination of this Agreement;
  - (расходы в связи с д-ым погашением кредита): break costs;
  - (условно-досрочное освобождение, т.е. из тюрьмы, комиссия по д-ому освобождению): Parole Commission;
  - (условно-досрочное освобождение, т.е. из тюрьмы, слушание по делу об условно-д-ом о-и): His first parole hearing was in 1995. The request was denied.
  доставать / достать - (автомобиль, т.е. раздобыть): as the hurricane approached, everyone who could get hold of a car was driving out;
  - (д. билеты на матч, т.е. купить): tickets are extremely hard to come by;
  - (дефицитные товары, т.е. купить): the austere period shortly after the end of Second World War, when the basic necessities of writing were hard to come by;
  - (дефицитные товары, т.е. купить): a warehouse for all those hard-to-come-by infml items;
  - (д. за деньги): the best education money can provide;
  - (запчасти к автомобилю трудно д.): spare parts for the car were almost impossible to come by in Hamburg;
  - (д. кому-л паспорт): his contact could provide genuine passports in a false name to anyone who asked;
  - (д. кому-л что-л, т.е. предоставить): if you need more equipment, I will fix you up infml;
  - (не доставать, т.е. не хватать): the smallest town in New Hampshire, New Castle makes up in longevity what it lacks in geography;
  - (д. новые документы): the SS killers were hidden at the enormous Franciscan monastery until papers could be arranged;
  - (д. новые документы): he furnished them new identities;
  - (д. новые документы): he fixed himself up with infml a new ID;
  - (одежду, т.е. раздобыть): we can probably scrounge slang you some clothes;
  - (д. ордер на обыск): to search a house, the officers of the law must procure a search warrant;
  - (д. транспорт за короткое время): Sorry about the transport, son. It's the best D. could come up with at short notice;
  - смотри файлы DVIJENIE, EMOCII
  доставаться / достаться - (т.е. выпасть на долю): смотри ниже;
  - (т.е. получить наказание): смотри ниже;
  - (т.е. поступить в чье-л. распоряжение / собственность): смотри ниже
  доставаться / достаться ( т.е. выпасть на долю) - (армии тяжело досталось): twenty-ninth Army sustained a serious attack and was reportedly badly hit;
  - (т.е. больно удариться, похоже, тебе досталось): Looks like you took quite a spill. How do you feel?;
  - (тебе и так достаётся, т.е. трудно): I think you've got enough to be getting on with at the moment
  доставаться / достаться ( т.е. получить наказание) - (детям доставались розги): they were smarting from rod in pickle;
   - (ей досталось за её парня, т.е. её наказали за него): she took the rap infml for her boyfriend when he was caught in possession of a stash of stolen credit cards;
  - (ему достанется, т.е. его будут ругать): The role of the father is being played by the Labour Party. The child constantly on his final warning is the prime minister. If he doesn't make a good conference speech tomorrow, he's had it. If Labour loses the Glenrothes by-election in five or six weeks' time, then he's had it. If another junior minister who nobody's ever heard of threatens to resign, then he's had it. If they do badly in the European elections next year, well, then he really WILL have had it.;
  - (ему часто доставалось от своей партии, т.е. за сотрудничество с политическими противниками): the four-term Arizona (Republican) Senator said he worked with Democrats on immigration and campaign-finance laws - and often drew the flak from his party;
  - (женщинам, которые пытаются решать трудные вопросы, достаётся от невежества): women who take on tough issues and stake out new territory are often on the receiving end of ignorance;
  - (им больше всех досталось от сокращения штатов в оборонной промышленности): the Californians had borne the brunt of the defense downsizing;
  - (им постоянно достаются от неё язвительные оскорбления): her experience of dealing with drunken punters certainly comes in handy in prison and the inmates regularly find themselves on the receiving end of her stinging put-downs;
  - (т.е. подвергнуться критике, ресторанному критику досталось за то, что перепутал суши и сашими): as a restaurant critic, C. took flak for confusing sushi with sashimi;
  - (синтетическим гормонам сильно достаётся, т.е. их ругают): synthetic hormones are the ones to have a big rap;
  - (те, кому доставалось от его язвительной критики): I doubt anyone being on the receiving end of my father's caustic criticism would ever have imagined the tender love and advice he offered to buck me up, straighten me out and keep me going
  доставаться / достаться ( т.е. поступить в чье-л. распоряжение / собственность) - (богатства достались тем, кому нехватало ума их правильно использовать): what a pity that such riches should fall to people without the wit to make proper use of them;
  - (болванам и тупицам достались удобные участки): the dunces and dolts drew the comfortable districts with no threats and lots of equipment to deal with them;
  - (д. в наследство кому-л): смотри ниже;
  - (деньги достанутся федеральному правительству): If I had my way all high level Federal officials, elected and appointed, would have to have all their money in US banks. If they were found with cash assets overseas, the monies would be forfeit to the Federal government.;
  - (ей бы тоже досталось кое-что из свалившихся на него денег): his third wife could well profit from the windfall - but not to the tune she is demanding;
  - (место в истории генетики досталось томату): that place in the history of genetic studies fell to the humble tomato;
  - (мне неожиданно достались кое-какие деньги): some unexpected cash came my way just over a year ago and I decided to...;
  - (не позволять, чтобы хорошее досталось другим): when evil befalls him, he panics, but when good things come to him, he prevents them from reaching others;
  - (они ждут-не дождутся, когда это им достанется): If my family knew I was showing you... They can't wait to get their hands on this;
  - (трудно / тяжело, выигрыш достался мне т.): my win was hard fought
  доставаться / достаться (в наследство кому-л) - if the child had been a boy, he would have come into everything;
  - (вам кое-что досталось после её смерти?): come into a little something at her death?;
  - he came into a fortune when mother died;
  - who comes into the title?
  доставить / доставлять - (т.е. быть причиной чего-л): смотри ниже;
  - (т.е. перевезти): смотри ниже
  доставить / доставлять (т.е. быть причиной чего-л) - (наслаждение / удовлетворение / удовольствие): смотри ниже;
  - (неприятности): the Air Force could give anyone a serious headache, but airplanes could not by themselves defeat an army;
  - (неприятности): the Navy can give the Chinese a bad time;
  - (радость): Labour urged the government to consider capping payouts at $ 5 million, arguing that the $22 million was unlikely to deliver an "extra slice of happiness" for the winner
  доставить / доставлять (наслаждение / удовлетворение / удовольствие) - as with most pleasures, it's not so much the experience itself as the anticipation that is enjoyable;
  - "Does it give you joy to scare people?" "No, it gives me joy to kill people.";
  - nothing gave her as much pleasure as ordering the farm boy around;
  - (кому-л): he might promise to reform in order to please her;
  - (плавание в тёплой пене доставляло огромное удовольствие): it was highly enjoyable to swim in hot and foamy water;
  - (подушка не доставляла пациенту психиатра удовольствия, пока не становилась мятой): fresh linen was not enjoyable to the patient, and the pillow was not pleasurable until it became crumpled;
  - (работа на неполную ставку может д. удовлетворение): a part-time job can be very satisfying;
  - it is a custom that causes great kicked amusement to the staff members of the firm (SIS) for the address is a sedulously maintained front
  доставить / доставлять (т.е. перевезти) - (д. астронавтов / космонавтов на луну): the astronauts were lifted off to the Moon;
  - (д. бомбы и боеголовки): Gravity bombs and thermonuclear warheads that could be affixed to cruise missiles. Both systems could be delivered with a high degree of confidence and accuracy;
  - (т.е. быстро, его доставили прямиком в президентский дворец): he was whisked straight to the presidential palace;
  - (быстро д. делегацию куда-л): the delegation was immediately whisked off along the wide boulevards to the state guest house;
  - (быстро д. пострадавших в больницу): victims were rushed to area hospitals;
  - (заказ): we strive to ship your order without delay;
  - (законопроект был доставлен президенту на подпись в Техас самолётом ): the bill was flown to the president in Texas;
  - (д. запасные части пешком из города): we passed many vehicles disabled, their passengers sleeping unconcernedly until spare parts could be procured from Kabul on feet;
  - (избирателей на избирательные участки): to transport voters to the polls;
  - (катером с пляжа на судно): you could be brought off the beach to a freighter offshore by a speedboat;
  - (кровь доставляет кислород клеткам): the blood transports oxygen through the body and delivers it to cells;
  - (д. лоцманов вертолётом на палубу): estuary pilots were walking towards the Port Authority helicopter that would airlift them out to the deck of the tanker;
  - (письмо): the letters should all be delivered in 3 days;
  - (письмо по назначению): he delivered the letter to the right person;
  - (т.е. полицейский доставил заключённого во-время в тюрьму): he got his man safely back on time;
  - (послание): he delivered a personal message from Golda Meir;
  - (т.е. принести): torches were rapidly procured by servants;
  - (пушки на борт краном): guns were brought on board through the main hatch with a crane on the quay;
  - (срочно д. в неотложку): he induced vomiting and rushed me to the emergency room;
  - (срочно д. комментаторов в студию): the commentators CNN had hurriedly rushed into their studios in Atlanta and New York;
  - (д. стройматериалы грузовиками из Германии): everything was trucked in from Germany in order to be certain of delivery on time;
  - (тело в морг): Corpus delicti was delivered to the municipal mortuary January 10
  доставиться / доставляться - (при внесении удобрений вглубь почвы фосфор и калий доставляются в корневую зону): putting the fertilizer down into the soil is more difficult but gets phosphorus and potassium down into the root zone and provides the benefit of aeration
  доставшийся - (нелегко / тяжело д-иеся доллары): the government was a gluttonous leviathan swallowing their hard-earned tax dollars to no good end;
  - (неожиданно д-ееся ему состояние): the hero devotes part of his windfall to charity;
  - (права, д-иеся тяжёло): hard-won rights
  доставка - (т.е. гуманитарной помощи): aid deliveries are gathering pace;
  - (д. живой птицы, т.е. на убой): broiler chickens are routinely subjected to a period of feed withdrawal prior to livehaul and slaughter;
  - (конечный пункт д-и): transit air cargo traveling to a final port of destination (FPD) in the U.S. shall be delivered to Customs at its destination within 15 days from the date the receiving airline gives the receipt for the cargo at the port of arrival;
  - (д. не по адресу): misdelivery is the delivery of the goods by the carrier to the wrong person or to the wrong place;
  - (они гордились быстрой д-ой): they prided themselves on delivering speedily;
  - (своевременная): to be certain of delivery on time;
  - (установить дату отправки и д-и в зависимости от наличия товаров): when you place an order, we will estimate shipping and delivery dates for you based on the availability of your items and the shipping options you choose;
  - (фургон д-и): He muttered something. It was picked up by a directional microphone aimed at the pair of them from a catering van a hundred yards away
  достаточно - (д. большая рыба, чтобы её оставить): This fish is a keeper. Throw the others out.;
  - (д. большие шансы): we had a reasonable chance to maintain the uneasy equilibrium in Indochina;
  - (д. большие шансы): we had a reasonable chance of achieving it;
  - (дешёвый): quite cheap;
  - (для любого д. большого х мат): for any reasonably big x;
  - (т.е. для ликвидации нефтяного пятна): we have 1000 tons (of emulsifier) in stock, enough for one slick of 20 thousand tons of crude oil;
  - (еды для всех): there was sufficient food for everybody / there was enough food for everyone;
  - (если д. быстро вернуть человека в нормальную атмосферу, то...): The worst problem would be lack of oxygen, not lack of pressure in the vacuum. If returned to a normal atmosphere fairly quickly, you would survive with few if any irreversible injuries.;
  - (имеется д. подвижного состава): there is sufficient rolling stock for your purposes;
  - (легко): it is fairly easy to get the program check the axioms;
  - (д. много, у журналистов бывает д. много провалов): professional journalists have failings aplenty infml, as the quotidian recitations of corrections and clarifications demonstrate;
  - (д. нелепо, чтобы быть правдоподобным...): it sounds sufficiently heavy-handed to be plausible;
  - (недостаточно лет, чтобы...): he isn't old enough to drive a car;
  - (обвинение, которого было д., чтобы...): a patently unfounded charge, but one which sufficed to allow Stalin to deport the entire Tatar nation to the wilds of the Orient;
  - (обвинители д. разгадали загадки, чтобы присяжные могли...): prosecutors pieced together enough of the puzzle for jurors to place S. at the crime scene and give him both motive and opportunity;
  - (д. обширное изложение): a reasonably broad account of the subject;
  - (д. одного контрпримера, чтобы доказать...): it takes only one countercase to demonstrate that something is not always true;
  - (он недостаточно владеет разговорным английским): he is himself non-British, and does not have an adequate grasp of colloquial English;
  - (организованно): because of his foresight, that Monday proceeded in a reasonably well-ordered way instead of being the chaos that one might have expected;
  - (после д-и): A merchant received a sample of his merchandise in advance for quality evaluation. Upon delivery of the goods he is in doubt whether or not he is receiving the same merchandise.;
  - (представленный в законодательных органах): the plain folk was not adequately fml represented in the legislature;
  - (привести в таблице значения синуса для всех углов от 00 до 450, являющихся кратными целыми 1 угловой секунды мат): it is sufficient to list in a table the values of sine of all angles from 00 to 450 that are integral multiples of 1';
  - (простого ответа на это сообщение будет д.): We would be grateful to you if you could let us know by November 1, 2010 if you will be able to review this application. A simple response to this message will suffice.;
  - (рабочих): if I could provide you ample workers, cut your costs by 25 percent and still have your products made in the U.S. - would you be interested?;
  - (ресурсов, чтобы...): the country has adequate fml resources to subsidize its culture;
  - (д. сильное потрясение): it had been enough of a shock for him to discover that he was a wizard;
  - (сироты выглядели д. ухоженными): the orphans looked reasonably well-cared-for;
  - (д. сказать, что для этого используются треугольные паруса): At first sight it seems impossible that a sailing ship could progress against the wind. They can though. The physics behind this is better left to others. Suffice it to say that it involves the use of triangular sails which act like aeroplane wings and provide a force which drags the ship sideways against the wind.;
  - (д. сказать, что...): suffice it to say that it is not uncontentious that the argument developed earlier is a good way of defending a positive answer to the question "Do events exist?";
  - (д. тонкий листовой металл): our steel-plants cannot produce sufficiently fine-gauge sheet metal;
  - (трёх капель зелья д., чтобы ты рассказал свои тайны): a Truth Potion so powerful that three drops would have you spilling your innermost secrets for this entire class to hear;
  - (у меня д. оснований считать, что): I have already been given an ample reason to believe the terrorists are prepared to carry out all their threats unless their demands are not met;
  - (д. хорош для кого-л): he is good enough for me;
  - (д. хорошего качества): accreditation is a process by which a facility becomes officially certified as providing services of a reasonably good quality, so that the public can trust in the quality of its services;
  - (хорошо): a robust strategy is one that will work reasonably well, at least compared to the alternatives, across a wide range of plausible scenarios;
  - (д. хорошо воспитанные люди): the government here has ample manners and good attention to protocol, but little in the way of sincerity;
  - (хорошо работать): a robust strategy is one that will work reasonably well across a wide range of plausible scenarios;
  - (д., чтобы метрика подчинялась уравнению): it turns out that it is sufficient for the homogeneous metric to obey a second order "Einstein" equation
  достаточный - (беглость, точность и объём владения английским языком достаточны для обычных ситуаций в профессиональной области и в быту): Please circle the most appropriate number to indicate proficiency in each aspect of English language use: 1. Fluency, accuracy, and range of an educated native user of the language; 2. Fluency, accuracy, and range adequate for all normal professional and social situations...;
  - (возможность): we will set up these talks and we will have ample opportunity to discuss the range of issues that will be discussed in the talks;
  - (д-ые гарантии в законе для фермеров): the bill failed to provide an adequate safety net for family farms;
  - (д. запас топлива): the executive jet was fitted with long-range fuel tanks which would extend its range to give it ample reserves to fly from Berlin to Tel-Aviv;
  - (д-ое знание языка): his knowledge of the language is fair;
  - (информация): we haven't got sufficient information from which to draw a conclusion;
  - (д-ое количество персонала): at that hospital, a woman in labor need wait no more than five minutes for an epidural due to the hospital's capacity to maintain adequate staffing twenty-four hours a day;
  - (количество, у кобылы и жеребёнка есть д-ое количество сена): make sure your mare and foal have ad-lib (ad libitum Latin) hay;
  - (не имеется д-ых доказательств того, что...): there is little evidence that the columnist adopts positions only to gain favor with "establishment elites";
  - (основания): we have sufficient grounds to hold him in jail;
  - (основная задача монетного двора - производство монет в объёме, д-ом для ведения торговли и бизнеса государстве): the primary mission of the United States Mint is to produce an adequate volume of circulating coinage for the nation to conduct its trade and commerce;
  - (повод): Certainly we in the US could ship more men, more hardware, over to Europe. That would give the Soviets ample excuse to beef up their own levels;
  - (предосторожность): since it may be hoped that by exercising sufficient caution one can get rid of these errors;
  - (представление о чём-л): I think I've got a fair idea of what the job includes;
  - (придать д. прочность судну): to give adequate strength, the ship was fashioned out of 7/8 inch iron plates and was the first ship to have a double bottom;
  - (производство монет в объёме, д-ом для ведения торговли и бизнеса в государстве): the primary mission of the United States Mint is to produce an adequate volume of circulating coinage for the nation to conduct its trade and commerce;
  - (д-ых размеров): she has a fair-sized garden;
  - (ресурсы): the country has adequate resources to subsidize its culture;
  - (свидетельство): there was ample evidence that reforms were urgently needed;
  - (скорость, д-ая для успешного выполнения работы): ability to type accurately at a speed sufficient for successful job performance;
  - (д-ые средства на представительские расходы): he was endowed with a very comfortable expense account which allowed him to buy a Cadillac convertible painted red;
  - (д. срок пребывания в больнице): adequate hospital stays for mothers delivering their babies;
  - (точность): adequate accuracy
  достигать / достигнуть / достичь - (д. богатства и финансовой свободы): how to achieve wealth and financial freedom;
  - (большего): never has a filmmaker aimed higher, or achieved more;
  - (большие успехи достигнуты в...): much progress has been made recently in asymptotic formulas that...;
  - (вершины): to demonstrate the futility of Soviet-backed blackmail had been for some time the key to our diplomacy; it was now culminating in an unexpected showdown;
  - (д. вершины в своей профессии): to make it to the top of one's profession;
  - (д. вершины горы Эверест): Sir Edmund Hillary was the first man to reach the top of Mount Everest;
  - (власти): Have you ever wondered how some people attain power, influence, and leadership, but seemingly lack the intellectual acumen or requisite knowledge and skills to do so?;
  - (д. возраста ...лет): he's reached the age of 50;
  - (д. возраста ...лет): no person shall be a Representative who shall not have attained to fml the age of 25 years;
  - (договорённости): his group has reached an arrangement with the hard-line Sunni Council of Islamic Scholars;
  - (должности): she attained fml rank of deputy director;
  - (д. зрелого возраста): he grew to manhood in exile;
  - (зрелости, о теории): as of now, the theory seems to have reached a state of maturity;
  - (компромисса, переговоры не достигли к.): the negotiation failed to produce a compromise;
  - (консенсуса): ask if any one has any issues regarding adopting the proposal, if there are none left, you have achieved consensus;
  - (консенсуса в вопросах валютной политики): How the World Achieved Consensus on Monetary Policy;
  - (д. консенсуса по вопросу о минимальных требований для точной диагностики рака груди): the panel of leading IBC experts formed a consensus on the minimum requirements to accurately diagnose inflammatory breast cancer;
  - (д. критической точки): in September 1973 the issue of whether Nixon should surrender tape recordings from his office was reaching a climax;
  - (кульминации): in the tenth century a reaction began against the Mutazilah that culminated in another set of theological propositions, which became Sunni, "orthodox" theology;
  - (максимума, о температуре больного): the fever usually peaks in the late afternoon or early evening;
  - (мастерства): to acquire proficiency in music;
  - (мастерства): to establish proficiency;
  - (на верхнем уровне вознaграждение руководителeй компаний достигает десятков миллионов долларов): at the top end, US packages run into the tens of millions of dollars;
  - (д. намеченной производительности): the bill penalized states that did not automate their child-support files and gave financial rewards to those that were successful in meeting performance goals;
  - (д. нижнего предела): he is looking for stocks that are now undervalued and whose price has bottomed out;
  - (д. огромных размеров): the demand for government action reached clamorous proportions;
  - (он немногого достигнет, возражая против явно логичного предложения): he wasn't going to get very far infml arguing against this apparently logical proposal;
  - (д. плановых показателей): the bank's chief executive was paid £6.75m in salary and bonus last year but is in line for many millions more if he hits certain targets. ;
  - (д. прежнего уровня / д. прежней скорости, т.е. в работе): to hit one's stride infml;
  - (д. преклонного возраста): it was only when he attained a great age that he...;
  - (продажи достигли рекордного уровня): our sales have reached record levels;
  - (продажи достигли большой величины): by 1982 computer chess companies were topping $100 million in sales;
  - (просрочки платежей в погашение займов... достигли невиданного уровня): delinquencies in popular vacation states such as Arizona and Florida are running at levels not seen before;
  - (процветания): our free institutions offer every citizen the opportunity to attain prosperity and happiness without seeking to profit themselves at the expense of others;
  - (равновесия): to achieve the necessary balance between work and personal life;
  - (д. равновесия между реалистичным представлением о человеческой натуре и неутомимой страстью к справедливости и социальным реформам): he struck a persuasive balance between a clear-eyed realism about human nature and an unrelenting passion for justice and social reform;
  - (д. равновесия между читабельностью и строгостью изложения): this balance between readability and rigour is achieved by taking a completely algebraic line;
  - (результатов): China's first state-share sale achieved mixed result;
  - (репутация достигла самого низкого уровня): his standing with his wife had hit the rock bottom;
  - (д. самого высокого уровня за всё время): the stock hitting an all-time high of $116;
  - (д. самого высокого уровня за всё время): the idea that the euro has hit "all-time highs" is meaningless since it has only been going since 1999;
  - (д. свой цели): his first effort to run for coroner on the countrywide Democratic ticket flopped, but, undaunted, he tried again two years later and prevailed;
  - (скоростей): dolphins can attain speeds in water which man cannot yet emulate;
  - (совершеннолетия, т.е. 18 лет или 21 года): to come of age;
  - (совершенства): amateur painters never attain excellency, because it requires not only talent, but constant application;
  - (соглашения): to reach an agreement;
  - (соглашения, т.е. после долгих споров): three years after the accident the lawyers finally managed to hammer out a settlement with the insurance company;
  - (д. уровня знаний): to attain fml some level of knowledge;
  - (д. успехов в лечении): great strides were made in treatment of these diseases;
  - (усыпляющий газ достиг лёгких): when the knockout gas hit his lungs his legs buckled without a sound and M. caught him beneath the armpits;
  - (т.е. художник достиг усиленного ощущения глубины и расстояния): the ability to blend and vary the intensity of the new oil paints was exploited by the van Eycks to achieve a heightened sense of depth and distance;
  - (успеха): I was fascinated by politics and policy, and I thought I could make it without family wealth or connections;
  - (целей): NASA will give this mission an extra day to accomplish the goals;
  - (цели): an agreement with targets I thought we could meet;
  - (цели): he will never achieve his objectives if he doesn't work harder;
  - (цели): to achieve / attain fml the aim
  достигнутый - (высота, д-ая механическим, орографическим или тепловым способом): in a sail plane, height attained by mechanical, orographic, or thermal techniques is translated into speed by means of gravity;
  - (если достигнуты цели): ...if certain financial goals of the company are met;
  - (успехи, большие у. достигнуты в...): much progress has been made recently in asymptotic formulas that...;
  - (успехи, несмотря на д-ые у.): despite the progress made, leprosy has yet to be eradicated;
  - (успехи, он описал д-ые у. как огромные): he described the progress that had been made as "huge"
  достижение - (д. администрации президента): all vice presidents who run for President have two problems: most people don't know what they've done and don't give them credit for the accomplishments of the administration, and they tend to get typecast as number two men;
  - (в обучении населения грамоте): the expansion of newspapers reflected gains in the reading ability of the population;
  - (в числе его д-й интервью, взятые у Бен Ладена): he has a track record of doing interviews with bin Laden;
  - (великие достижения человечества): great human advances;
  - (военное): the Allied gains in 1943 were limited;
  - (выставка д-ий народного хозяйства): Exhibition of Economic Achievements;
  - (для д-я своих целей): American moguls, snake-oil salesmen and politicians looking to score riches or power will stop at little if they feel it is in their interests to exploit God to achieve those ends;
  - (д. которым он гордится, т.е. удержался на посту 3 года): the near-collapse suggested that the Prime Minister's three years in office, the very accomplishment he boasts the most, had worn thin his onetime invulnerability;
  - (личное): her great accomplishments include fundraising;
  - (т.е. научное / техническое): смотри ниже;
  - (подготовить почву для д-я соглашения): this weekend's talks between the two leaders have set the scene for a peace agreement to be reached;
  - (д. политического урегулирования): the achievement of political settlements in Laos;
  - (д-я президента в стране): I admired President Johnson's domestic accomplishments;
  - (преувеличивать военные достижения): the military leaders of the Johnson administration consistently overstated the progress of our military efforts;
  - (преуменьшать свои д-я): the girl had picked up the subtle and not-so-subtle cultural signals urging them to diminish their own accomplishments in order not to outperform the boys around them;
  - (спортивные д-я): his sporting achievements;
  - (учебных целей): successful accomplishment of educational goals with clinical experience at public primary care facilities;
  - (я считал бы большим д-ем): it would be a feather in my cap fig if we could get this thing cleared up;
  - (яркое д. компании мультипликационных фильмов): the company's dramatic track record - an unbroken run of 5 big hits - has turned it into the most powerful creative force in animation business
  достижение (т.е. научное / техническое) - all sorts of scientific advances start to make people question just how far we should tamper with nature;
  - the first transcontinental railroad was a magnificent achievement;
  - the steel truss cantilever bridge was a major engineering breakthrough when first put into practice;
  - (в разработке и изготовлении полупроводников): advances in the design and fabrication of semiconductors were unveiled this week at the International Symposium on Physical Design;
  - (великое): these foil-like, photocell microphones had been an enormous breakthrough a few years back;
  - (генетики, т.е. крупные): breakthroughs in genetic science;
  - (компании): in a wide-ranging two-hour interview, he vowed to turn the company's scientific assets into cures and profits;
  - (т.е. крупное): the lab's latest breakthrough, a superdense display screen;
  - (мировое): we've come up with a world-class advance in paint formulation;
  - (мировое): the magnetic ride control option further refines the car's performance and is a world-class advance on its own;
  - (науки): How Can Clinicians incorporate Research Advances into Practice?;
  - (нейробиологов): the science writer recounts the accomplishments of the neuroscientists with breathless reverence;
  - (новейшие д-я в области информационных технологий): technology industries, based on innovation in information technology, bio-science, nanotechnology, and other fields, generate new companies with products and services that are gaining domestic and foreign markets;
  - (современной теории): the achievements of the modern theory depend on mathematical methods;
  - (учёного): his breadth of interests and achievements was astounding
  достижимый - (будущее): I cannot prove that our vision of a hopeful future was attainable;
  - (должность): I had achieved and office I had never imagined within my reach;
  - (соглашение): such an agreement is attainable;
  - (точность): attainable accuracy
  достоверность - (истцы лгут, да ещё и возмущаются, когда д. их показаний подвергается сомнению): Defendants rarely tell the truth. They lie with an incensed disbelief when their credulity is assailed.;
  - (подтвердить д.): US Secretary of State C.R. has said Washington and US intelligence are still to confirm the veracity of these claims;
  - (подтвердить д.): The moral character and conduct of a person in society may be used in proof before a jury. Such evidence is admissible to impeach or confirm the veracity of a witness.;
  - (показаний): there are such irreconcilable inconsistencies and improbabilities in significant parts of the evidence of certain police officers as to raise a real doubt as to the reliability and truthfulness of their evidence;
  - (придать д. чему-л): The naming of a specific location and the attribution to a friend combine to lend veracity to the story. Some legends are "authenticated" by false reports of media coverage ("I saw it in the paper".);
  - (придать д. слухам): if we attempt to silence this talk, we only lend it credence;
  - (придать фильму больше д-ти): to give the film more authenticity;
  - (теории): doubts as to physical validity of the theory;
  - (удостоверять д., т.е. архивной записи): the department of Health and Mental Hygiene does not certify to the truth of the statements made thereon, as no inquiry as to the facts has been provided by law;
  - (художественная д. романа): the novel matches "Anatomy of a murder" in the intensity and verisimilitude
  достоверный - (доказательства): the judge dismissed the case without a trial, because she found that J. had produced no credible evidence to support her claim;
  - (значение): trustworthy values must be calculated;
  - (мне известно из д-ых источников, что...): I have it on good authority that she's getting married;
  - (признак): widow's peaks were considered a reliable sign that a man was a sorcerer;
  - (д. случай нападения дельфина на человека): there has never been an authenticated case of an unprovoked attack by a dolphin on a human being;
  - (событие, т.е. в теории вероятностей): certain event; - the American President must be given three solemn assurances in absolutely credible form
  достоинство - (т.е. положительное качество): смотри ниже;
  - (т.е. сознание своих прав, своей моральной ценности): смотри ниже;
  - (т.е. стоимость / ценность): смотри ниже
  достоинство (т.е. положительное качество) - (д. авторов - введение понятий в алгебру): the main advantage of the authors is the introduction of these concepts into algebra;
  - (без видимых достоинств): some birds were bright and tuneful, others with no apparent virtue unless they tasted better than they looked;
  - (достоинства и недостатки людей): they were possessing the virtues and the shortcoming of the pioneers;
  - (его знание математики в её глазах было д-ом): his proficiency with math proved to be an asset in her eyes;
  - (д-а Интернет): he lauded the benefits of the Internet;
  - (коммунизма): the ambassador debated the merits of communism with its strongest adherents;
  - (культуры): yet the old culture did have its benefits;
  - (народа): he exemplified in his bearings the virtues of his people;
  - (пенсионный программы): the benefits of these pension schemes are broadly similar;
  - (плана): we must judge each plan on its own merits;
  - (предложения / сделки): the chief executive of the company flew to Berlin to persuade German politicians of the merits of his 135 billion hostile bid;
  - (программы): one of her many merits is her absolute reliability;
  - (другие птицы не отличались явными достоинствами, разве что они на вкус были лучше, чем на вид): some birds were bright and tuneful, others with no apparent virtue unless they tasted better than they looked;
  - (рукопись принимается или отвергается в соответствии с её д-ами): Don't send anything (to a literary agency) that might be construed as a bribe. None of this has any impact on our consideration of your work. The work has to sink or swim on its own merits.;
  - (технологии): a major advantage to the technology is reducing errors;
  - (технологии): another advantage to the technology is the abundance of the raw material limestone;
  - (у него были большие достоинства): that he had his great qualities, I should be the last to deny;
  - (у неё были все достоинства старомодной деревенской женщины): she was a grandmother with every good quality of an old-fashioned country woman;
  - (д. человека - практический опыт): the well-honed practical skills of General M. could prove an important asset when it comes time to finance new military needs;
  достойно - (в состоянии ли правительство д. поддерживать войска?): The British forces are definitely up to the job! The underlying question is: Is the British government up to the mark in supporting these brave men and women?;
  - (д. вести себя): to conduct himself honorably;
  - (одобрения): all the actors here do commendably "speak the speech";
  - (проигрывать): Win with Grace, Lose with Dignity;
  - (умение д. проиграть, т.е. при назначении кандидата на выборы президента): the sportsmanship of Hillary Clinton
  достоинство (т.е. сознание своих прав, своей моральной ценности) - (держаться с д-ом): I found him dignified in bearing;
  - (исполненный чувства собственного д-ва): his face was serious and dignified;
  - (исполненный чувства собственного д-ва): "...?" P. asked in a dignified voice;
  - (не уронив собственного д-а): she possesses enough animal cunning to withdraw from a confrontation without losing face;
  - (не уронив своего д-а): how can she overturn her decision without losing face?;
  - (д. независимой нации требует, чтобы...): as an independent nation, our honor requires us to have a system of our own, in language as well as government;
  - (оскорблённое): do not put on that air of injured dignity;
  - (ронять / уронить своё д. перед низшей расой): We are Earthmen and we must act what we are - the ruling race of the Galaxy. We dare not demean ourselves before the lesser breeds;
  - (д., с которым он перенёс проигрыш): the dignity with which he bore his loss (of an election);
  - (сохранить д. и принципиальность, т.е. критикуя чрезмерное внимание телеканалов к похоронам Дианы): A search through all the terrestrial channels revealed nothing but the Diana story. It was left for Channel 4 to emerge with some credit and integrity intact.;
  - (т.е. человека, улыбчивость и скромность подчёркивали его д. и силу): his ready smile and modest manner underscored his dignity and strength;
  - (т.е. чувство собственного д-а): he had the authority and poise that were the product of generations of breeding;
  - (чувство собственного д., как наказать ребёнка, не ранив его чувство собственного д-а?): how do I discipline my child without hurting his self-esteem?;
  - (чувство собственного д-а): these Olympics will be decisive in terms of finalizing our transition to self-esteem
  достоинство (т.е. стоимость / ценность) - (банкноты похожи по д-у): Ukrainian bills resemble Canadian notes in denominations;
  - (д. игральной карты, сразу видеть д-а всех карт в руке): it is helpful to fan one's cards out so that if they have corner indices all their values can be seen at once;
  - (д. игральной карты, д. карты козырной масти выше любой некозырной карты): one suit is designated in each hand of play to be trump and cards of the trump suit rank above all non-trump cards, and automatically prevail over them, losing only to a higher trump if one is played to the same trick;
  - (купюры высокого д-а): a fat bundle of high-denomination banknotes
  - (облигации выпускались д-ом всего 5 долларов): war bonds were issued in denominations as low as $50
  достойный - (осуждения; адюльтер достоин осуждения как для жены, так и для мужа): adultery is as reprehensible for a husband as for a wife;
  - (более д. кандидат): his well-wishers must hope that next time he bestows his heart on a worthier (worthy) candidate;
  - (внимания): nothing of note happened;
  - (восхищения): your chivalry is admirable;
  - (д. выдвижения на награду): the committee will identify publications meriting nomination;
  - (д-ое выражение уважения к жизни и наследию Линкольна): as we approach the bicentennial of Lincoln's birth, this commemorative coin is a fitting tribute to his life and legacy;
  - (доверия): a very believable and straightforward person;
  - (доверия): sycophancy was the device of the least trustworthy;
  - (жалости): it is hard to look beyond such pitiable things
  - (зависти): his position is enviable;
  - (д. лучшего применения): with a dexterity worthy of a better cause the urchin transferred the slip, money and letters to his own pocket;
  - (люди): he discharged corrupt officials, replacing them with men of merit;
  - (награды / похвалы): a meritorious literary work / patience;
  - (попытка): I always preferred failure in a worthy effort to inaction for fear of failure;
  - (д. потомок благородного рода): he was a worthy descendant of this noble lineage;
  - (д-ые похвалы поступки): her noblest and most praiseworthy deeds;
  - (преемник): is the iPhone 4S a worthy successor to the iPhone 4?;
  - (президент): in an exemplary election at the end of 2002 Kenyans selected a reputable and reformist president;
  - (работа, достойная её сына): his arguments availed nothing in persuading her that a reporter's job was worthy of her only son;
  - (сожаления): смотри ниже;
  - (союзники): we will do our best to be worthy allies to your country;
  - (становиться д-ым, наконец-то он становится д. своего отца): he is starting to live up to his father at long last;
  - (сцена была бы достойна голливудского фильма): the scene that followed would fit a Hollywood movie: the hostage's father was led from location to location through cryptic mobile phone instructions;
  - (сын не был достоин памяти отца): the son had not measured up to his father's memory;
  - (терминология достойна Луиса Кэролла): some of the instances of unusual terminology are worth of Lewis Carroll;
  - (учёные, д-ые этого звания): alas, the country has few scholars worth the name;
  - (я считал его поведение д-ым): I found him dignified in bearing
  достойный (сожаления) - the loss of this number of jobs is regrettable;
  - your sense of reality is deplorable;
  - it is deplorable, it grieves me to the heart;
  - escape from the terror was a justifiable reaction, albeit a deplorable way of doing it
  достопримечательность - (для туристов): the C. Suspension Bridge is a landmark, a tourist attraction;
  - (показывать д-ти): the guide continued pointing out the sights;
  - he led us on a walk through the old city and across the famous Charles Bridge, a popular destination for musicians, teenagers and tourists
  достояние - (научное д. компании): he vowed to turn the company's scientific assets into cures and profits;
  - (национальное): the talent of young mathematicians is an important national asset;
  - (нормальный закон распределения, д. игроков и статистиков): the theorem marked the entry of the normal law, hitherto the property of gamblers and statisticians into number theory;
  - (страны): Great Britain's major asset was its professional army
  достроенный - this site is expected to be fully built-up by 2001
  доступ - (всемирная информационная сеть - это система взаимосвязанных гипертекстов, д. к которым осушествляется через интернет): the World Wide Web is a system of interlinked hypertext documents accessed via the Internet;
  - (к компьютерам): the workstations are linked to the network, allowing access to powerful machines;
  - (д. к аварийному выходу): emergency exit access;
  - (д. к президенту): he had no regular access to the President or a day-to-day schedule;
  - (д. к секретным данным): illegal access to classified information;
  - (код д-а недействителен): authorization code is void;
  - (право д-а к соседнему участку для прокладки инженерных коммуникаций): the rights in real property may be separated further, examples including: water rights, including riparian rights and runoff rights; mineral rights; easement to neighboring property, for utility lines, etc.;
  - (регламентированный по времени): time-ordered access;
  - (свободный д. к коллекции): he gave me free access to his collection;
  - (иметь д. к секретной информации): he was privy to a certain secret information;
  - (предотвратить д. к секретной информации людям, не имеющим допуска): these regulations are designed to prevent people without proper security clearance from accessing classified information
  доступно - (излагать): this is a graduate-level text for mathematicians which systematically lays out the foundations for the subject of quantum groups in a clear and accessible way
  доступность - (огнестрельного оружия): he is pondering the consequence of the ready availability of firearms;
  - (статьи для неспециалистов): the papers are distinguished by their accessibility to non-specialists;
  - (д. Чехова неотделима от его неуловимости): Chekhov's approachability is inseparable from his elusiveness
  доступный - (т.е. для понимания): смотри ниже;
  - (т.е. лёгкого поведения): this girl is an easy lay;
  - (т.е. лёгкого поведения): an easy woman;
  - (т.е. по цене): смотри ниже;
  - (т.е. физически): смотри ниже
  доступный (т.е. для понимания) - (для всеобщего понимания): this version of the Bible is true to the original languages аnd understandable to all;
  - (для читателя со слабой подготовкой): an overview of the field accessible to readers with modest background in mathematics;
  - (излагать д-ым образом): this is a graduate-level text for mathematicians which systematically lays out the foundations for the subject of quantum groups in a clear and accessible way;
  - (монография доступна для непрофессионала): the monograph is accessible to the non-expert
  доступный (т.е. по цене) - (делать д-ым покупателю): mass production brought the automobile within the reach of people with modest income;
  - (жильё): affordable housing;
  - (квартплата доступна для студентов): rents affordable to students living on grants;
  - innovative, top of the range products that are affordable in price;
  - better cameras have become more affordable
  доступный (т.е. физически) - (город доступен на автомобиле): the city is highly accessible by car;
  - (должность доступна с 1 октября): date of appointment - this post is available from 1 October 2001;
  - (единственным д-ым ему способом): he took his revenge the only way he had: redoubling his efforts for studies;
  - (изменение климата доступно человечеству): climate changes cannot be prevented by negative or positive steps available to human societies;
  - (способы / средства, всеми д-ыми с-ами): powerful lobbies tried by every means in one's power to influence the votes
  досуг - they are voluntarily cutting their income to gain leisure time;
  - leisure center;
  - (на д-е): the mind is not a book, to be opened at will and examined at leisure;
  - (на д-е): you have all studied the report at your leisure;
  - (подразделение занималось организацией д-а): the section handled troop welfare, morale building, and recreational activities
  досужий - the purposefulness is always a reproach to an idle traveller
  досуха - (выжать д.): be sure you do not squeeze it dry
  досчитать - (д. до ста, т.е. прежде, чем действовать, он предпочёл бы д. до ста, чтобы увериться в том, что они давно ушли): he would rather have waited for a count of a hundred to make sure they were long gone
  досье - (завести д., на него завели д. об убийстве): he was booked for murder and locked away with no immediate chances of bail;
  - (на заключённого): the records showed his performance was good;
  - (на кого-л): he started to peruse his own dossier on her;
  - (т.е. на шпиона): nothing against him on his Confidential Record
  досыта - (наесться): when had he last eaten his fill like this?;
  - (наесться): And when they had eaten their fill, he told his disciples, "Gather up the leftover fragments, that nothing may be lost."
  досягаемость - (в пределах д-ти): the wherewithal was within his reach if not quite within his hand;
  - (за пределами д-ти перехватчиков-штурмовиков): it was essentially a spyplane, designed and equipped to cruise at altitudes far beyond the reach of the interceptor fighters and rockets, photographing what it saw beneath;
  - (пределы д-ти пушек): he English vessels were retreating outside the range of the Spanish guns;
  - (унести за пределы д-ти): he carried the boy beyond the giant's reach
  дотация - (на переезд): any grant from any other source towards the relocation expenses must be taken into account
  - (на экспорт): export subsidies;
  - (при их д-ях на грузовые тарифы): with their subsidized freight rates they could all be busy, but they're not;
  - (с большой д-ей): to deliver computer and consumer industry technology rather heavily subsidized
  дотла - (дом сгорит д.): should your house burn all the way to the ground, you'll have to be insured for 100 percent of replacement cost is you expect to have it rebuilt at no cost to you
  дохлый - (т.е. мёртвый): dead;
  - (т.е. обречённый на неудачу, увильнуть от д-ого разг. дела): Was this a setup? Had they disappeared knowing a murder defendant was in the room? In the past five years, he's pulled such stunts himself. Ducking the nasty infml ones was an art form at Office of Public Defender.
  доход - (агентство приносило царский д.): the ownership of the agency yielded the princely income;
  - (д. банка вырос с прошлого года): the bank's receipts have increased since last year;
  - (бюджета): budget revenue;
  - (д. в расчете на акцию): Companies with reputations as high technology concerns trade on Wall Street at high multiples of their earnings per share. For example, leading companies in the business of applying computers to design problems and manufacturing processes (known as the CAD/CAM business) have traded at 40 to 50 times earnings;
  - (валовый): gross profit;
  - (валовый): gross revenue - expenses = net income;
  - (т.е. до уплаты налога на прибыль, процентов и амортизации): EBITDA is Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization, foreign exchange gains and losses and one time and unusual adjustments;
  - (источник д-а страны): the country sees the pipelines as important sources of income;
  - (доходы компании): the company's profit has been dwindling two last months;
  - (д-ы и расходы по обычным видам деятельности, т.е. название раздела отчёта о прибылях и убытках): income and expenses from ordinary activities;
  - (инвестиции в акции предприятий могут дать исключительный д.): equity investment can earn exceptional returns;
  - (категория людей с самыми высокими д-ами): those in the highest tax bracket may deduct 18% of the value of the gift from their taxable income;
  - (компания лишилась д-а на миллиарды долларов): the company lost billions of dollars of revenue with the U.S. Army discontinued a worldwide supply contract with the oil-and-defense-services company;
  - (месячный): what is your total monthly income from all sources of employment or occupation, after tax?;
  - (минимальный): as of February 2008 in England, the lower income limit is £13,000;
  - (корпорация получила 6.65 млрд д-а): the group generated revenues of $6.65bn;
  - (люди с низкими д-ами): these shops make second-hand clothing, furniture and white ware available to people on low incomes;
  - (д. на душу населения): the United Arab Emirates has the highest per capita income in the world;
  - (облагаемый налогом): those in the highest tax bracket may deduct 18% of the value of the gift from their taxable income;
  - (д. от акции): equity investment can earn exceptional returns;
  - (д. от акции): some people want to take back their gains;
  - (д. от инвестиций в жильё / полученный при продаже): buyers tend to look at the return on housing investment in terms of the raw profit made on the sale. They do not take the costs of renovations or mortgages interest into account, let alone inflation.;
  - (д. от облигаций): U.S. treasury bonds are yielding very high returns;
  - (д. от облигаций): having lagged sharply behind corporate bonds in 2003, returns on government bonds may well dip into the red this year;
  - (д-ы от преступной деятельности): The Proceeds of Crime Act 1991 was the original conviction based asset confiscation legislation that conferred on the Official Assignee the role of criminal asset recovery, management and disposal. That Act has been repealed and replaced by the Criminal Proceeds (Recovery) Act 2009 and new provisions in the Sentencing Act 2002.;
  - (д. от развития торговли и ремёсел): the development of trades and crafts will produce profits;
  - (д. от туризма): the land was priceless, and I thought the monument designation would bring in tourist income that over time would more than offset the loss of the mine;
  - (от ценных бумаг): the volatility of returns is forecastable;
  - (подлежащий распределению между акционерами): he seized a piece of paper from a pile before him, and treated us to a report on our distributable income;
  - (получать д., о компании): the company may never even earn a profit;
  - (получать д. от сделок и операций): he made a profit on his trades and transactions;
  - (д. полученный от продажи жилья, т.е. без учёта ремонта, процентов по ипотеке, инфляции): they tend to look at the return on housing investment in terms of the raw profit made on the sale. They do not take the costs of renovations or mortgages interest into account, let alone inflation.;
  - (д. после уплаты налогов): disposable income;
  - (потеря д-а): unemployment insurance excludes voluntary loss of income;
  - (прибыль определяется как д. минус производственные издержки): net revenue is defined as gross revenue less total operating costs;
  - (приносить д.): the airline is now profitable;
  - (приносящая д. ферма): profit-earning farm;
  - (работники с низкими д-ами): low-income workers will get relief through a $200 increase in the earned income tax credit;
  - (разделить д., т.е. полученный в результате сделки): despite the fact that we were still partners then, he had not informed us, asked us to sign off on the deal and offered to split the $35000 proceeds;
  - (располагаемый): disposable income (DI)
  - (с капитала): she avoided capital gains tax on the sale of a London flat which she had declared as her primary residence to the taxman but designated as her second home in her parliamentary expenses;
  - (д. с капитала): Since 1992, the I.R.S. has compiled data from the returns of the 400 Americans reporting the largest income. In 2008, the aggregate income of the highest 400 had soared to $90.9 billion - a staggering $227.4 million on average - but the rate paid had fallen to 21.5 percent. The taxes I refer to here include only federal income tax, but you can be sure that any payroll tax for the 400 was inconsequential compared to income. In fact, 88 of the 400 in 2008 reported no wages at all, though every one of them reported capital gains;
  - (д. с недвижимости): rents remain relatively flat;
  - (семьи): the mean family before-tax income;
  - (семьи с низкими д-ами): low income families;
  - (национальный д.): national income accounts;
  - (принести более $200 млн д-а, т.е. до уплаты налогов и вычета затрат): the film has grossed over $200 million this year;
  - (счета по видимым статьям д-а): visible accounts;
  - (счёт государственных д-ов и расходов): government receipts and expenditure account;
  - (счёт д-ов): revenue account;
  - (счёт д-ов и продукта): income and product account;
  - (счёт д-ов и продукта предпринимательского сектора): business income and product;
  - (трудовой, т.е. гонорар / зарплата в отличие от ренты / процентов): Earned Income Tax Credit;
  - (фирма получит д. в 79 центов на акцию): the company will report operating earnings of 79 cents a share;
  - net debt will be close to DM 2 bn after the rescue package, with earnings before tax and depreciation at best of DM 400 ~m;
  - stock markets can make headway in the face of rising interest rates, if other factors such as corporate earning and liquidity are supportive
  доходить - (до чего-л): смотри ниже;
  - (до кого-л, т.е. быть воспринятым): смотри ниже
  доходить (до чего-л) - (будем надеяться, что до этого не дойдёт): In the area you'll find all you need - grocery stores, banks, restaurants and hospitals (let's hope it doesn't come to that);
  - (вершина доходила до мансардных окон смежного здания): the pinnacle reached as high as the dormer windows of the adjacent building;
  - (вода доходила лошадям до брюха): The brook was in full spate, but the scouts had found where the ford lay and the column was able to splash across. The water ran as high as a horse's belly.;
  - (вознaграждение руководителeй верхнего уровня доходит до десятков миллионов долларов): at the top end, US packages run into the tens of millions of dollars;
  - (гуманитарная помощь не доходит до людей): the government has the aid but it is not getting through to people;
  - (д. до дела): when it came to it, they didn't have the heart to do it;
  - (д. до дела): sentimentality makes for good speeches and press releases, but when the rubber meets the road fig, it generally doesn't last long;
  - (д. до дела): Many a presentation and sales pitch have lauded the benefits of best practices. Customers are quick to embrace it in theory as well. But when the rubber meets the road, when the time comes for the budget approval, only the most careful and compliant buyers will opt for a full complement of best practices.;
  - (д. до кипения): Cooking food in a pressure cooker requires adding enough water to the pot, adding your food, sealing the lid carefully and turning on the heat. When the water comes to a boil, enough pressure is built up inside and heat is turned down to low to maintain that pressure.;
  - (до кого-л, т.е. быть воспринятым): смотри ниже;
  - (д. до крайностей): when a true believer looses the faith, the reversed fanaticism goes to strange extremes;
  - (д. до нас / до нашего времени): no written sources survive to tell us what language the worshippers spoke;
  - (д. до нижнего предела): he is looking for stocks that are now undervalued and whose price has bottomed out;
  - (д. до подбородка кому-л): of middling height himself, he would barely come up to his chest;
  - (д. до самой сути): he had gotten to the heart of the matter;
  - (т.е. до сознания): смотри ниже;
  - (д. до суда, большинство исков улаживается и никогда не доходит д.с.): the majority of lawsuits are settled and never even get to trial;
  - (д. до такой крайности, чтобы заточить девочку в доме): In our days handicapped children were often hushed up. Though to take it to the extreme of actually imprisoning a little girl in the house and pretending she didn't exist...;
  - (д. до убийств, в течение недели, когда происходили выборы в обеденные клубы, университет был охвачен настоящей эпидемией нервотрёпки, бессонных ночей, волнения, тревоги, эйфории, отчаяния и ярости, доходящих до убийств и самоубийств): during annual Bicker Week, when club elections took place, the university was gripped by a veritable epidemic of frazzled nerves, sleepless nights, agitation, anxiety, elation, despair, rage, rising even to homicidal and suicidal impulses and acts;
  - (д. до уровня своего отца): His father was a quite famous and well respected New York political figure. He never quite measured up to his father, but he certainly tried.;
  - (доходящий, вершина была увенчана высокой, доходящей до груди стеной из наваленных камней): the summit was crowned by a chest-high wall of tumbled rocks;
  - (если до этого дойдёт): if it comes to that, the United States would have no choice;
  - (история, в том виде, в котором она дошла до нас): the story as it comes down to us has the compactness of legend;
  - (когда дело доходило до закона): he was shrewd as he could when it came to a point of law;
  - (моё терпение дошло до предела): I've reached the extent of my patience;
  - (налоговые льготы доходят до налогоплательщиков): the tax-rebate checks are only now reaching taxpayers;
  - (не д.): смотри не доходить;
  - (невыплата зарплаты доходит до сотен миллионов): the commitment for salary runs to hundreds of millions of dollars;
  - (о слухах): смотри ниже;
  - (общая стоимость доходит до трёх млрд долларов): the total cost to the United States runs to almost 3 billion dollars;
  - (пальто доходило ему до пят): the coat was rather too big for him so it came down to his heels;
  - (папины трусы доходили девочке до подмышек): the little girl stripped off her nightgown, put on a pair of her daddy's clean undies (which came up to her armpits), and started dancing;
  - (помощь доходит до пострадавшей провинции, т.е. от землетрясения): aid efforts reach hard-hit Beichuan (after an earthquake);
  - (преданность доходит до одержимости): his devotion to the house amounted almost to obsession;
  - (ропот народа доходит до ушей короля): the muttering of the people came to his ears;
  - (сапоги доходили до середины икр): boots which extended halfway up his calves, and which were trimmed at the tops with rich brown fur, completed the impression of barbaric opulence;
  - (сообщение, дошедшее до нас из прошлого): the report that has come down to us from those early days;
  - (страсть, доходившая до психоза): Germans hated the Jews with a passion that amounted to a vast national psychosis;
  - (температура доходила до сорока-пятидесяти градусов): temperatures reached into the high 30s and 40s Celsius;
  - (теория, дошедшая до нашего времени): the theory, which, with some extensions and improvements, survived to this day;
  - (услышанное, казалось, медленно доходило от ушей до сознания): the words he was hearing seemed to be traveling very slowly from his ears to his brain;
  - (цена меди доходит до 2600 долларов за тонну): the Windfall Profits law imposes a tax rate of 68% when copper prices reach US$2,600 a tonne ($1.18 per pound), and when gold reaches US$500 an ounce;
  - (число участников соревнований по стрельбе дошло до двух, т.е. после выбывания): when it was at last down to just two boys the instructor decreed that they should draw back another 40 koner;
  - (шорты доходили до низа трусиков): her shorts came only to just below the hem of her panties
  доходить (т.е. быть воспринятым) - (до группы стал д. масштаб задачи): the scale of the challenge was beginning to dawn on the team;
  - (до него не дошло то, что я сказал): he didn't catch infml what I said;
  - (до правительства так и не дошло, что...): The government never grasped that the core of the program had to be economic development. You don't start with training; you start with jobs. Retraining for non-existent work simply breeds cynicism.;
  - (к тому времени, когда до неё это дошло, она потеряла работу из-за своего доброго дела): she should have known that men as powerful and magnetic as A. didn't need anybody's help, but by the time she came to that realization, her good deed had cost her her job.;
  - (... когда до него дошло случившееся): "You fool," yelled R. when he had taken in what happened;
  - (надеюсь, что сказанное мною дойдёт): I hope this message hits home!;
  - (он замолчал, давая время информации дойти до слушателей): he pauses to let the information sink in;
  - (он почувствовал облегчение, оттого что до неё дошло так быстро): he sounded relieved that she had cottoned on infml so quickly;
  - (прошла минута, прежде чем слова до неё дошли): it took a minute for the words to sink in;
  - (слова доходят до меня): The words are sinking in. My anger fading.;
  - (т.е. судья, зачитывая обстоятельства дела, следит за тем чтобы доказательства дошли до слушателей): he assumes a flat, understated tone and looks up just a little when he finishes reading so that he can watch the evidence drive home infml;
  - (чтобы это дошло до [сознания] ребёнка,...): Make sure your child understands the purpose of a table of contents. To drive this lesson home, select a book and have your child tell you what page a specific chapter starts on.;
  - (шутка дошла до меня, и я хихикнул): I got the joke and giggled;
  - (я почувствовал такое облегчение, узнав, что не умру скоро, что до меня не дошло, что я потерял большую часть моей системы пищеварения всего лишь из-за врачебной ошибки): I was so relieved to find out that I wasn't going to die that the fact that I had lost a large part of my digestive system for no reason other than medical error didn't really sink in infml
  доходить (о слухах) - (доходили ли до вас слухи о нашей работе): Have you heard of our work? Has word of it reached you at all?;
  - (если до вас дойдут слухи о...): if by any chance you should get a whisper of anyone asking inconvenient questions about this man, the person should be discouraged;
  - (до него дошли слухи о...): he had word of a large concentration of hostile nomads, and he set out to confront them;
  - (доходят слухи): after a long time word filters through that people are leaving through the rear carriage (after a blast in the underground)
  доходность - (жилья): average yields for apartments were 9.35% last year;
  - (инвестиций): investment return fluctuates so that the shares may be worth more or less than their original price;
  - (инвестиционного фонда): the fund has managed to combine high returns with relatively low volatility;
  - (корпорации): corporate profitability is improving;
  - (облигаций): the bonds' low yields and long maturities
  доходный - (быть менее д-ым, чем...): such funds may underperform other funds with similar objectives;
  - (рынок): a lucrative market;
  - (торговля): profitable trade;
  - (д-ые статьи бюджета): revenues;
  - (торговля): lucrative traffic;
  - (ферма): profit-earning farm
  доходчиво - (излагать): this is a graduate-level text for mathematicians which systematically lays out the foundations for the subject of quantum groups in a clear and accessible way
  дочерний - (компания): the lead contractor is Maine's Bath Iron Works, a General Dynamics subsidiary;
  - (компания / предприятие): Textron Inc. is one of the world's largest and most successful multi-industry companies. Organizationally, Textron consists of numerous subsidiaries and operating divisions, which are responsible for the day-to-day operation of their businesses
  дошедший - (первая д-ая до нас работа по тригонометрии): the first extant work on trigonometry is contained in Almagest
  - (самая ранняя из д-их до нас баллад о Робин Гуде): in the earliest ballad extant of his exploits, we learn how, going piously into the town for the feast of Pentecost, Robin Hood met an old monk whom he had once robbed of 100
  драгоценность - I bet you any piece of jewellery that it isn't here;
  - (драгоценности): I saw her jewellery BrE, rattling and skidding down the table at me
  - (его арестовали за хранение краденых д-тей): he got picked up for possession of stolen jewellery BrE;
  - (увешанная д-тями женщина): the berouged and bejeweled woman;
  - (женщины в д-тях): they are wealthy people, the men in dinner jackets, the women in furs and jewels;
  - (кража д-тей): jewelry AmE theft;
  - (фамильная): the locket was one of his treasured family heirlooms
  драгоценный - he poured a few drops of the precious liquid into the glass;
  - "Stop using that pen - it's mine!" "Take your precious pen, then!";
  - (их д. туризм ирония): this is a showcase trial because the eyes of the world are on this case and the authorities fear it could effect its much valued tourism;
  - (камень): a wooden chest encrusted with jewels;
  - (камни): diamonds and emeralds are precious stones;
  - (металлы): gold and silver are precious metals;
  - (она не хотела тратить много своего д-ого времени): the supervisor obviously didn't want to spend too much of her busy time giving me the brush-off;
  - (полудрагоценный камень): tourmaline, occurring in more colors and combinations of colors than any other gemstone variety, lives up to its name;
  - (полудрагоценный камень): "Which pigment was derived from the gem lapis-lazuli?" "Ultramarine."
  драматичный - (самые д-ые моменты книги): The flyleaf blurb is as straightforward as the text itself. There is only bold underlining of the author's reputation, his book's premise, and its most dramatic points
  драхма (т.е. аптекарская мера веса) - dram (ℨ) = 3 scruples = 3.89 grams;
  - (т.е. в системе avoirdupoids): dram = 27.344 grains = 1.772 grams;
  - (т.е. денежная единица Греции): drachma
  древний - (ассирийцы): their army taught the same doctrine as every army back to the Assyrians of old;
  - (мир): among the greatest soothsayers of antiquity were Tiresias and Calchas
  древность - (закон о д-тях): The Antiquities Act allows the President to protect federal lands of extraordinary cultural, historic, and scientific value;
  - (интерес к д-тям): at the time, it was not easy for non-Muslims to travel in this troubled region of Ottoman Empire, and too pointed an interest in antiquities was suspect, for they were deemed the work of infidels;
  - (прорицатели д-и): among the greatest soothsayers of antiquity were Tiresias and Calchas
  дремать, дремота / дрёма - смотри файл DVIJENIE
  дрессировка - (коня): I was furious with M. for his reckless act - training the horse at my peril
  дробить - (т.е. делить на части): to divide / split;
  - смотри файл DVIJENIE
  дробление - (страны по этническим границам): the real danger is fragmentation of the country on ethnic lines
  дробь - (десятичные дроби): because the values are in general irrational numbers, they are entered in the table as decimals, rounded off at some convenient place;
  - (т.е. дробная черта): the serial number is seventeen stroke one (17/1)
  друг - (детства): a childhood friend;
  - (заводить друзей): the children with cystic fibrosis are just as likely to interact and make pals infml / make friends as anyone else;
  - (закадычный): we heard you and P. were bosom pals;
  - (друзья-соперники, их семьи были старыми друзьями-соперниками): The only other famous person born in that patch of Missouri, Linda told us with a laugh, was Ralph Limbaugh, the right-wing radio-host who was one of George Bush's biggest cheerleaders. Linda's and Ralph's families knew each other and had a long-standing, amiable rivalry;
  - (переспать с женой д-а): he had broken the "man's code" against "bedding a buddy's wife;
  - one or two of your old cronies infml are coming
  друг друга - (больше знать о судебной системе д.д.): to promote a better knowledge of their respective systems of justice;
  - (мы терпеть не можем д.д.): we are sick of the sight of each other;
  - (выручать д.д.): we are Muslims, we help each other out;
  - (исключать д.д.): the two beliefs are mutually exclusive;
  - (любить д.д.): they are your family after all, and I'm sure you are fond of each other - er, very deep down;
  - (уравновешивающие д.д. центры сил): the contemporary world cannot be reduced to a combination of mutually counter-balancing centers of force
  друг другу - (нанести раны д.д.): Hanoi and Washington had inflicted grievous wounds on each other;
  - (не подходить д.д.): your parents were attractive, intelligent people who unfortunately were ill-suited to each other;
  - (параллельно д.д.): he bound the halves of the blade along the upper and lower side of the block of rubber, so that the six-inch lengths of steel stuck out, parallel to each other and one and a quarter inches apart;
  - (передавать д.д., присяжные стали передавать д.д. фотографии убитой): as the photos of the murdered woman were passed around I thought the defendant was as good as dead;
  - (помогать д.д.): we are Muslims, we help each other out;
  - (улыбнуться д.д.): they smiled at each other
  друг за другом - (гоняться д.з.д., автомобили гонялись д.з.д. по треку / спидвею): cars were racing each other down a speedway;
  - (идти д.з.д.): three blind beggars walked in file;
  - (3 Эйфелевых башни, уложенные д.з.д.): Louvre was the longest building in Europe stretching farther than 3 Eiffel towers laid end to end
  друг к другу - (встать лицом д. к д.): the combatants step up to face each other;
  - (плотно прилегать д. к д.): thin cyanoacrylate is used to glue together parts that fit tightly together with no gaps;
  - (привязать альпинистов д. к д.): make sure you're properly roped together before you begin to climb;
  - (провода расположены слишком близко д. к д., т.е. в микросхеме): once an engineer has identified a bug - which can be anything from wires spaced too closely together to misplaced transistors - it's not always clear what the best fix will be;
  - (строения, которые тесно жались д. к д.): a series of buildings closely huddled together
  друг на друга - (смотреть д.н.д.): they looked at each other every so often;
  - (ставить парты д.н.д.): desks were stacked on top of each other
  друг на друге - (слои, лежащие д.н.д.): In geology, a stratum is a layer of rock or soil with internally consistent characteristics that distinguishes it from contiguous layers. Each layer is generally one of a number of parallel layers that lie one upon another, laid down by natural forces.
  друг об друга - (ударяться): the moulded plastic sponge inside held the cameras and lenses from banging against each other
  друг от друга - (колёса расположены на 20% дальше д.о.д.): the wheels are spaced 20% farther apart than those of...;
  - (прутья решётки ливнестока расположены достаточно далеко д.о.д., что позволяет мелким предметам падать сквозь решётку): while sewer grates covering the vertical pipes prevent large objects from falling into the sewer system, the grates are spaced far enough apart that many small objects can fall through;
  - (расположенные на расстоянии одного км д.о.д.): each of these intervals is further subdivided 256 times with Local Ports, spaced exactly one kilometer apart
  друг против друга - (настраивать религиозные общины д.п.д.): to set different religious communities against each other;
  - (то, что муравьи принимают своих за чужих, обращает их д.п.д.): Scientists are developing varieties of synthetic scents that make friendly ants smell hostile. This mistaken identity turns the ants against each other in a deadly war.
  друг с другом - (вежливы д. с д.): they are civil and nice to each other;
  - (диски, скреплённые д. с д.): 5 discs of marble had been stacked and affixed to one another within a delicate brass framework;
  - (не разговаривать д. с д.): they weren't speaking to each other;
  - (не связанные д. с д. рассказы): a collection of unrelated stories;
  - (неразрывно связанные д. с д.): were inextricably involved with each other
  - (общаться только д. с д.): the twins are mainly keeping themselves to themselves;
  - (потерять время в грызне д. с д.): the Republicans had wasted a lot of time in the previous months squabbling among themselves;
  - (разговаривать): the animals had a language of their own and could talk to one another;
  - (танки танкера сообщаются д. с д. через клапаны): open all the valves between all the cargo tanks laterally and longitudinally, so that all 50 communicate with each other;
  - (танки танкера не сообщаются д. с д.): the 2 systems (ballast and cargo tanks) do not inter-connect
  друг у друга - (учиться д. у д.): crows learn from each other
  другие - (возлагать вину на других): I am unsympathetic to homebuyers who mortgage themselves to the hilt and have no room to move when interest rates rise or their circumstances change. Adding to my irritation of their failure to exercise financial responsibility, is the tendency of too many to look for someone else to blame - be it government, the lending institutions, developers, builders and the real estate agents.;
  - (делать что-л иначе, чем д.): we form these cutters differently than anyone else;
  - (неприкосновенность акционеров перед законом нарушает право других): allowing shareholders to be immune from the law violates everyone else's human right to be treated equally before the law.;
  - (нужды д-их): my active involvement in the Methodist Church opened my eyes and heart to the needs of others;
  - (ограничения существуют для других): we tend to think that the restraints are useful for the other guy but not for us;
  - (терпимость по отношению к д-им): tolerance towards others;
  - (я ни лучше, ни хуже д-их): my mother impressed on me that I was no better or worse than anyone else
  другое - (и многое д.): NavalAdventure has loads of naval fiction and non-fiction books, videos, DVDs and much more;
  - (меня беспокоит д.): it's something else that bothers me;
  - (ничего д-ого я и не ожидал от того, кто...): "I am a God-fearing man. Unlike yourself," he added sniffily. "But I would expect no less from someone who has intimate knowledge of every tavern and doxy on Cheapside.";
  - (ничто д.): soccer crosses boundaries that other things cannot;
  - (он не смог предложить ничего д-ого): he mounted some powerful skeptical arguments against this principle, but in the end he couldn't come up with a solid alternative;
  - (он охотнее сделал бы что-нибудь д.): he would rather have done anything than approached his master;
  - (Украденная невеста сказала, что она надеется, что любовь прийдёт потом. На её страдающем лице было написано д.): The stolen bride said she hoped love would come eventually. Her beautiful, stricken face suggested otherwise.
  другой - (т.е. прилагательное): смотри ниже;
  - (т.е. существительное): смотри ниже
  другой (т.е. прилагательное) - (автобиография, написанная другим, т.е. например, автобиография политика, написанная журналистом): ghosted autobiography;
  - (больше, чем кто-л д.): he knows more about the nuts and bolts of the politics than anyone else;
  - (в д-ом месте): the pictures have great nostalgia value, but those searching for culture may look elsewhere;
  - (в её квартире живут д-ие люди): he went to her gaff and found someone else living there;
  - (в любом д-ом месте): his career had flourished, for he had an uncle high in the Red Army, and patronage is no different in the Soviet Union than anywhere else;
  - (вложить в папку д-ие листы бумаги): a looseleaf folder with stiff covers, and a series of clips down the spine so that the leaves of the books could be extracted or further leaves inserted, if necessary;
  - (дело): смотри ниже;
  - (другими глазами посмотреть на что-л): to look at it another way;
  - (другими глазами посмотреть на кого-л): My father was a bit Victorian, quite a regimental man, and I was frightened of him. But afterwards I saw him in a different light, and our relationship benefited.;
  - (д-ими словами): put another way, the traffic police had been fired (after the election);
  - (делегация, т.е. из двух): on breaks between the talks, each had visited the other in the opposite delegation's rest room;
  - (делегация, т.е. из двух): each made a short address of welcome to the opposing delegation;
  - (если у инвалида не д-их средств к существованию, ему приходится полгода обходиться без предметов первой необходимости): The Veteran Agency has a backlog of at least six months on disability cases. That means that, unless he or she has some alternative means of support, the disabled vet has to go without even the bare necessities of life for half a year before the claim is even adjudicated;
  - (т.е. ещё один): the verdict came two days after another bombing;
  - (занимать у одного, чтобы отдать долг д-ому): when he couldn't cover the payments, he shifted money around, borrowing from Peter to pay Paul;
  - (использовать д. подход к д-им компаниям): he takes a different approach to other companies;
  - (кто-то д.): "They're saying you're dead on the news." "Someone else.";
  - (кто-то д.): Please tell me which one of these candidates you would be most likely to support for the Republican nomination for president in the year 2012 if you had to choose today. If you would most likely support someone else, please tell me. The candidates are [see below] -- or you can name someone else.;
  - (кто-то д. ): you can probably change the oil in your car but you, most likely, have someone else do it for you;
  - (д-ие названия): "Seed Cake" is the term used to describe oil-bearing seeds after the oil has been extracted. Alternative names include "Oil Cake", "Seed Expellers", "Press Cake" and "Meal".;
  - (т.е. не имеющий отношения к данному): so happening to be in the area on an unrelated matter, he decided to take a liberty and ring the bell;
  - (один за другим, крепости были взяты одна за другой): the last royalists' strongholds were taken one by one;
  - (повествование переходит от одного кризиса к д-ому): her crisp writing flows from one crisis to the next with plenty of anecdotes to keep things lively;
  - (поехать д-им путём): as the flooded road left them no alternative, they took the alternative route;
  - (помешать арестованному совершить д-ие преступления): arrest will be appropriate where it is necessary to prevent the arrestee committing further crimes;
  - (поставь себя на место другого человека): put yourself in someone else's shoes;
  - (Прекрасный конь. Будь то русский или какой-нибудь д.): Splendid horse. Russian or whatever;
  - (д-ого решения нет): this is the only possible solution to fix this error forever and there is no alternative solution for this;
  - (д-ими словами): in other words, the Soviet Union would abstain from a resolution favoring a simple cease-fire in place;
  - (д-ие страны): due to unstable voltage in most foreign countries;
  - (у него не будет д-ого выхода, кроме как...): he would have no alternative but to abide by his pledge to free the man;
  - (ширина железнодорожной колеи): the Russian railroads have a different gauge;
  - (это совсем д-ая история): that's a different story altogether
  другой (дело) - (думать, что кто-то глуп - одно дело, а сказать это - совсем д-ое): thinking someone is stupid is a far cry from saying so;
  - (одно д. играть в комедии, а д-ое - играть преступника в детективе): playing in a comedy is a far cry from playing a criminal in a mystery;
  - (это было совсем д-ое дело): scarcely a day in her life had passed without hearing the clash of sword on sword, yet knowing that the fighting was real made all the difference in the world;
  - Renly did not frighten Tyrion half so much as his brother Stannis did. Renly was beloved of the commons, but he had never before led men in war. Stannis was otherwise: hard, cold, inexorable.;
  - (это д-ое дело): that makes a difference
  другой (т.е. существительное) - (автобиография, написанная другим, т.е. например, автобиография политика, написанная журналистом): ghosted autobiography;
  - (занимать у одного, чтобы отдать долг д-ому): when he couldn't cover the payments, he shifted money around, borrowing from Peter to pay Paul;
  - (локальные войны, которые за них вели д-ие): the Cold War was marked by both sides' frenetic investment in huge standing armies, costly weapons developments, subsidy of localized battles waged by proxies (proxy), symbolic acts, subversion, propaganda and disinformation campaigns;
  - (моя женa живёт с д-им): my wife is living with somebody else;
  - (право д-их быть равными перед законом): allowing shareholders to be immune from the law violates everyone else's human right to be treated equally before the law;
  дружелюбие, дружелюбно, дружелюбный, дружески, дружеский, дружественный, дружить, дружище, дружок - смотри файл EMOCII
  дружный - (коллектив): we who did serve in the strange and sometimes forbidding city were forced by circumstance to be a closely knit group;
  - (семья): being part of a close-knit family
  дряхлый - (д. благостный старичок): a frail beatific old man;
  - (карп / клён): a hoary old carp / maple;
  - (слишком д., чтобы идти по горам): those too infirm to hike the mountains were told to go the other way;
  - (старик): a decrepit old man
  дубликат - (акта): a duplicate of an act;
  - (ключа): a duplicate key;
  - (счёта от врача): photocopies and duplicates of doctor's bills are not acceptable
  дублировать - (в общих чертах вопросы, рассмотренные следствием согласно Круга полномочий, дублируют вопросы, рассмотренные расследованием причины смерти): in broad terms, the issues that have been investigated by the Inquiry pursuant to the Terms of Reference replicate the matters that I would have investigated at the inquest;
  - (д. фильм на испанский язык): the movie was dubbed into Spanish by the actors and singers from the Madrid stage version
  дубль - (т.е. снятой сцены в кино): this scene of the film needed ten takes before we felt it was right;
  - (устранить дубли записей данных в Excel): Remove Duplicate Data Records in Excel;
  - (устранить дубли фотографий): you can use one of these applications to identify and remove duplicate photos from an iPhoto Library
  думать - (все думают, что...): the common belief is that when the furor over her death abates a bit next week, N. will stage another media occasion and announce that...;
  - (вслух): he is thinking out loud;
  - (вслух): "Russia," he declared, brooding aloud about the Soviet Union, "was a mystery in a mystery in a mystery.";
  - (говорить, то, что думает): he's used to / he's not afraid to speaking his mind;
  - (говорить, то, что думаешь): you could speak your mind to him without getting a one-way ticket to Yakutia;
  - (говорят, то, что думают ): our authors are an independent lot who say what they think;
  - (делать ли что-л): to deliberate whether he should do smth;
  - (думается мне / думаю): "Well!" said the Prince, "the help you'll give me will not be great, I daresay, but it's a pity you should be there and choke;" and with that he shot the fish out into the stream again.
  - ('...' думал он): "..." mused he;
  - (думаю, нет): "They didn't get married in D." "I should say not!" M. agreed vociferously;
  - (и думать не моги настучать в полицию об этих разговорах): Another thing, son, I don't want you even thinking you might lip off Old Bill about these discussions. And if you did go shooting off your mouth at some later date, I get a dozen people who'll put me three hundred miles from here.;
  - (издатели хвалят произведение только тогда, когда действительно так думают): if, in the course of rejection, the publisher should be complimentary about your work, you can take the remarks at face value - publishers do not encourage rejected authors unless they mean it;
  - (д. как сформулировать проблему): he wrote Dear Sir, then paused, wondering how best to phraze his problem;
  - (как ты думаешь, кто это?): who d'you reckon he is?;
  - (д. как уютно в автомобилях): he thought longingly of the snug, dry interior of the cars streaming along below;
  - (куда поехать): we've decided to move but are still considering where to go;
  - (лихорадочно д., чем остановить кровотечение): he cast about distractedly for something to staunch the bleeding;
  - (лихорадочно д., что сказать): she was looking at him so anxiously that he quickly cast around for something matter-of-fact to say;
  - (много думать о чём-л / над чем-л): he had given the matter a great deal of thought over the past fortnight
  - (много, я м. думал об этом): I've given a great deal of thought to these matters;
  - (д. над предложением): he is considering the offer but he has not yet committed [himself];
  - (д. над реформированием налоговой системы / о реформировании...): the government has contemplated reforming the entire tax system;
  - (не знать, что и д. об этом): I didn't know what to make of that;
  - (никто не думал, что пестициды ядовиты): nobody thought about pesticides as toxic then;
  - (д. о другом): he sensed that her attention was elsewhere and assumed it was out of grief for the dead President;
  - (д. о ком-л): he's been on my mind lately;
  - (д.о последствиях): he who thinks of the consequences cannot be brave;
  - (д. о чём-л с тоской): she thought longingly of her office in New York, of getting new listings, matching buyer to property;
  - (д. об отъезде дочери с тяжёлым чувством): my daughter chose to go to Stanford University, 3000 miles away, and I looked ahead to her high school graduation and departure for college with a knot in my stomach;
  - (д. о чём-л постоянно): it was bad enough that he kept revisiting the graveyard in his nightmares, without dwelling on it in his waking hours;
  - (д. об этом ни к чему): thinking about such things did no good;
  - (он никогда не думал, что...): he had never dreamed that a grown-up would talk like this;
  - (он ошибается, думая, что верховодит, т.е. заключённый в тюрьме): he mistakenly believes that he has the upper hand;
  - (д. остаться жить у нас, т.е. собираться): I hope she isn't contemplating infml coming to stay with us;
  - (т.е. при передаче непрямой речи): it was, he reflected, really a rather comfortable way to go to war;
  - (т.е. при передаче непрямой речи): strange, he mused, how establishments sometimes went too far and lost control of their own servants through sheer excess;
  - (сколько дней прошло, как он почти не думал о матери?): how many days went past when he barely spared a thought for his mother?;
  - (слишком много о себе д. ): he thinks too highly of himself and deems self above any criticism;
  - (сменить работу, т.е. собираться): I'm considering changing my job;
  - (сможет ли он...): he was puzzling over the letters of application and wondering if he could possibly manage to fill out a dozen teaching applications without going totally bankers;
  - (только и думают, как бы дорваться до власти): one in 10 Australian managers are bent on attaining power;
  - (д. только о себе, это покажет, что вы не эгоистка, которая думает только о себе ): Ask how his day's been. This should be one of the first topics you bring up when you see him. It makes you sound as though you're interested in him, and shows that you're not a self-absorbed egomaniac.;
  - (ты думаешь, что...?): You reckon Ireland will win?;
  - (часто д. о ком-л): you've been on my mind infml so often;
  - (д. членом образно, а не головой): many of them (men) thought from the dick, instead of the brain;
  - (что бы об этом ни думали): however one figures it;
  - (что вы думаете о случившемся?): what do you make of what has happened so far?;
  - (что вы думаете о том, почему...): what do you think about why he decided to stand firm and give no ground to you?;
  - (что вы думаете о том, что сказал А.?): what do you make of what General A. has said today about...?;
  - (что вы об этом думаете?): how do you figure it?;
  - (д. что он годится для этого дела): do you consider her suitable for the job?;
  - (что они милые): D. hated niggers, E. thought them lovely, M. thought they were all right in Africa;
  - (что они себе думают? ): Really - they'll wake everybody up! What do they think they are?;
  - (что ты об этом думаешь?): "What do you figure?" L. shrugged. "Beginner's luck.";
  - (что тут думать!): for make no bones about it, you may point that thing at me, but we are on the same side, for we are Germans;
  - (я вот думал, не пойдёшь ли ты со мной на танцы?): Uh, I was just wondering if you would go to the spring dance with me?;
  - (я вот думаю, не тогда ли он обратился ко злу?): I wonder now if even then Saruman was not turning to evil ways;
  - (я пол-ночи не спал, всё думал об этом): I was awake half the night thinking it all over
  дурной - (вкус): all of this is in poor taste;
  - (запах): there was a nasty smell;
  - (компания): he was mixing with the wrong company;
  - (компания): he needs to get away from the bad crowd he hangs out with;
  - (д-ые намерения): the journalist should give to his supporters the courtesy of allowing them to have the same preconceived notions and unwavering confidence of D.'s innocence as T. had of his guilt, without imputing sinister motives to them;
  - (пользоваться д. репутацией / славой): смотри ниже;
  - (попасть в дурные руки): the danger of nuclear weapons falling into the wrong hands;
  - (поступок): a foul lit deed;
  - (репутация): had she been the utter fool to trust in him, a man of such flawed reputation?;
  - (репутация /слава): a "red light" district where more than a dozen houses of ill repute plied their trade;
  - (связаться с д-ой компанией): the lad fell in with the wrong crowd;
  - (слава): concerned about the bad publicity hiring prisoners could generate, most companies have shied away from the idea;
  - (слава): stained by the memory of the ugly murders, the town had to wait for their notoriety to die down;
  - (услуга, оказать д-ую услугу кому-л): The U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services offered Kansas about $30 million to help it create its own health exchange, but the governor refused to accept the money. Now, the deadline for the state to write its own policies has passed. Due to the governor's inaction, Kansans will now have to use the federal health insurance exchange rather than one that might have been better tailored to their needs. The governor has ill-served the citizens of Kansas with his shortsightedness.
  - (услуга, оказывать д-ую услугу): Most people were not born natural managers. Many companies do a disservice to their employees by promoting them into management positions, while not preparing them for all it takes to do the job.
  дурной (пользоваться д. репутацией / славой) - (местность пользуется д. славой из-за разбойников): the area was infamously known for the large number of brigands holed up there;
  - (предполагаемого покупателя следует уведомить о том, что дом пользуется д. славой): It was part of the real estate code of New Jersey that a prospective buyer had to be notified if a house was a stigmatized property. Since some people would not want to live in a house in which a crime had been committed, or in which there had been a suicide, the real estate agent was obliged to make a prospective client aware of any such history.;
  - (пользующиеся д-ой славой дома): a "red light" district where more than a dozen houses of ill repute plied their trade;
  - (пользующийся д-й славой город, т.е. из-за казино): Hot Springs was on its way to being both an attractive spa and a notorious town;
  - (пользующийся д-ой славой бордель): a notorious whorehouse
  дух - (богини и духи): goddesses and sprites;
  - (боевой): смотри ниже;
  - (в серьёзном д-е): if I may speak in a serious vein for a moment...;
  - (в таком д-е): he would report back to his government in that vein;
  - (в том же д-е): in the same vein;
  - (ведьмы): the witch's spirit was treading off to heaven;
  - (времени): given the tenor of the times, we soon chafed at the University's archaic rules and demanded to be treated like adults;
  - (вызывать д-ов заклинаниями): incantations were sung to invoke the spirits who revealed hidden things to her;
  - (вышибить д., я из тебя д. вышибу): "You'll get the stuffing infml knocked out of you," roared V. advancing on H. with his fist raised;
  - (вышибить д. из кого-л): the Waffen SS, man for man, could beat the shit vulgar out of five times their own number of Allies of the last war;
  - (если бы у меня хватило д-а): if I had the nerve to look around, I might see...;
  - (захватить дух, у него захватило д. от изумления): he fairly gasped with astonishment as he watched them;
  - (захватить дух, прыжок, от которого захватило д.): it was a nerve-wracking jump to the narrow, sloping coping of the wall;
  - (захватывать дух, от этого д. захватывает!): The things a fairy can do! It takes the breath away.;
  - (захватывать д. , при виде такого арсенала у меня д. захватывает): I am allowed to enter the weapons collection. I have to admit the arsenal takes my breath away.;
  - (испустить д.): he fell down and gave up the ghost;
  - (испустить д.): I saw more and more evidence that the Old South hadn't given up the ghost, and the New South wasn't yet powerful enough to chase it away;
  - (испустить д.): then fell she down straight way at his feet and yielded up the ghost;
  - (многообразие человеческого д-а): a reminder of the manifold human spirit;
  - (не хватить духа): смотри ниже;
  - (новаторства): the pioneering spirit of the great days had gone;
  - (падать д-ом): смотри ниже;
  - (перевести д. ): he stopped to catch his breath;
  - (предпринимательства): he represents the great enterprising spirit of America;
  - (присутствие д-а): he had secured his promotion by his presence of mind;
  - (присутствие д-а): on the spur of the moment I had the presence of mind to start urinating against the wall;
  - (присутствие д-а, проявить присутствие д-а): you show plenty of spirit;
  - (пуританский д. кого-л): it was the profligacy and dizzing corruption that turned his basically puritan spirit to a conviction that...;
  - (религиозной терпимости): the spirit of religious toleration began to spread;
  - (Д. Святой): the Holy Spirit;
  - (сила д-а, проявить силу д-а): your wife has displayed remarkable fortitude during your repeated absences from the family home;
  - (собраться с д-ом): смотри ниже;
  - (соблюдать д. и букву правил игры): Athletes' Code of Honor. I promise upon my word of honor that I will observe the rules of the game in spirit as well as in letter.;
  - (д. старой Вены): the spirit of old Vienna was omnipresent in Lwow;
  - (д. товарищества и коллективизма): to maintain the spirit of camaraderie and teamwork that marked the first (presidential) term;
  - (товарищества): in the 19 months since we had to come to know each other, Zhou Enlai had developed an easy camaraderie;
  - (товарищества): they are clinging to an all-male sense of camaraderie and tradition in German history that pre-dates Nazism by hundreds of years
  дух (боевой) -the incessant blows weakened German morale and power to resist;
  - (боевой д. армии падал): under these blows German morale began to sag;
  - (награждение орденами и медалями, объявление благодарности в приказе занимают большое место в поднятии б-ого духа армии): the awarding of medals and citations for valor and distinguished service figures prominently in boosting Red Army morale;
  - (низкий боевой д.): their morale is poor, and they do not train anything like we do
  дух (не хватить духа, у меня не хватило д-а жульничать) - I had no stomach for infml going through another round of jockeying;
  - when it came to it, they didn't have the heart to do it;
  - he had not had the heart to tell her that...;
  - she hasn't got the nerve infml to brazen it out;
  - no one had the guts infml to tell the boss that he was mistaken;
  - she begged so hard to be allowed to stay that the Doctor hadn't the heart to turn him out;
  - I have not the face to mention this subject to my staff
  дух (падать духом) - Chin up! Every time your spirits wilt.;
  - (ещё немного, и я бы пал духом): I was within an inch of going to pieces;
  - (не падайте д-ом): acrobatics aren't for everyone - don't be discouraged if you find out this isn't for you;
  - (он падает д-ом): his morale is deteriorating and he is making a habit of reporting for work hungover and unshaven;
  - (он упал д-ом): he was crestfallen
  дух (собраться с д-ом) - (соберитесь с д-ом): summon your courage;
  - I am desperately in need of assistance and I have summoned up courage to contact you;
  - I summoned up the courage to stick myself with a sharp instrument full of drugs (syringe and needle);
  - when the time of her marriage came round, she mustered as much cheer as she could, but she was sad to be leaving everyone and everything at the great house where she had grown up;
  - I got up my courage and said: "...";
  - I finally plucked up the courage to e-mail a literary agent
  духовный - (статус): his clerical status
  душа - (брать за душу, певец не просто берёт зА душу, он выворачивает её наизнанку): the singer doesn't just "tug" at the heart strings - he rips them out of the way!;
  - (в глубине души): deep in my heart I do believe we shall overcome some day;
  - (д. в д-у, жить д. в д-у): I have two female dogs who have lived in harmony for three years that now want to kill each other
  - (вкладывать всю д-у, она вкладывала всю д-у, работая для меня по всей стране): she had worked her heart out for me all over the country in 1992;
  - (вложить д-у в избирательную кампанию Берни Сандерса): to everyone who poured your heart and soul into Bernie's campaign, thank you;
  - (всей д-ой любить): I love you with all my heart;
  - (всей д-ой, я всей д-ой предан спортивному клубу): I am wholeheartedly committed to Arsenal and my future lies with this great club;
  - (всё, чего твоя д. пожелает): I could buy you your heart's desire;
  - (грешная): sinful soul;
  - (душой она была с нами): My sister couldn't make it to the Christmas party. We talked on the phone during the party and she was there in spirit.;
  - (если мужчина говорит женщине, что его интересует только её д....): when a man tells a woman he's only interested in her inner self he's lying;
  - (за душой, у него не было ни гроша за д-ой): he didn't have a penny to his name when he arrived;
  - (запасть в д-у, предсказания ведьм запали в д-у Макбета): The wicked suggestions of the witches had sunk deep into the mind of Macbeth. From that time he bent all his thoughts how to compass the throne of Scotland.;
  - (затронуть душу): the key to making your campaign a sticky one is to figure out what strikes a chord in the heart of your target audience;
  - (изливать д-у): maybe she hears stories like this all the time, thinks S., but it doesn't stop him spilling his guts;
  - (изливать д-у перед каждым незнакомцем): you should share such things only with your family, and not spill your guts to every stranger you see;
  - (изливать / излить д-у): He wanted a shoulder to cry on. He was having girl trouble, wanted to pour out his heart.;
  - (исследовать д-у): like a surgeon wielding a scalpel, Hanoi dissected the American psyche and probed our weaknesses, our national sense of guilt, our quest for final answers;
  - (исчезнуть из д-и): David was disappearing from his psyche, only the predator would remain;
  - (камень с д-и, у меня камень с д-и свалился): I'm glad that I've given up that old grudge against my sister. It's a load off my mind.;
  - (камень с д-и, у меня камень с д-и свалился): The player's current contract was due to expire at the end of the season. But he has now committed to the S. (team) until the summer of 2016. He said: "It's been a worry because my contract was up at the end of the season, so it was important for me to get tied down. It's a weight off my mind, so now I can look to the long-term future.";
  - (компании / общества): he was the life and soul of the party;
  - (компании / общества): give him a few drinks and he's the life of the party;
  - (компании / общества): she was the life of the party, telling one good story after another;
  - (лезть в д-у): he seems friendly enough but doesn't pry;
  - (любить всей д-ой): I love you with my whole heart!;
  - (меня с д-и воротит): I've listened to you and your twisted mouthings till I'm sick to my guts;
  - (мир в д-е): he has peace in his inner self;
  - (д. нараспашку, у этой девушки д. нараспашку): the girl is wearing her heart on her sleeve and everybody knows that she is having problems with her boyfriend;
  - (д. нараспашку, она играет Салли как обыкновенную мечтательную девушку с д-ой нараспашку): she plays Sally as an ordinary girl with lots of dreams who wears her heart on her sleeve;
  - (д-и не чаять в домашних животных): a disabled animal lover who doted on her pets was found dead in his bed by his mother;
  - (д-и не чаять в ком-л): his father doted on him;
  - (д-и не чаять, родители д-и не чаяли в дочери): she was an only child whose parents doted on her;
  - (д-и не чаять, он в ней д. не чает): he thinks the world of her;
  - (ни одной живой д-е не говори, откуда у тебя богатство): you must not mention to a living creature in the world, be it who it may, the source of your good fortune;
  - (ни одной живой д-е, он не сказал ни одной живой д-е, что...): he never told a living soul I was in love with his daughter;
  - (общества): a breast augmentation will not turn you into a life and soul of the party;
  - (оставаться молодым в д-е): to stay young at heart;
  - (понимание женской д-и): he didn't confuse amorous successes with any sort of understanding of the female psyche;
  - (посёлки с населением менее 5000 душ): all suburban units from hamlets through villages up to townlets of population less than 5000 head;
  - (присутствие Бога в д.): to realize the presence of God in his inner self;
  - (расточительство и коррупция привели его пуританскую д-у к убеждению, что...): it was the profligacy and dizzing corruption that turned his basically puritan spirit to a conviction that...;
  - (родственная): смотри ниже;
  - (смех от души): ...and he laughed, a long clear laugh from his heart;
  - (спокойствие д-и): why do you destroy my peace of mind?;
  - (стоять над д-ой): One of the best things about Dad is he doesn't hover. He let me alone to unpack and get settled, a feat that would have been altogether impossible for my mother.;
  - (терзать д-у): torment wringing his soul;
  - (терзать д-у): didst thou taste but half the griefs that wring my soul, thou couldst not talk thus coldly;
  - (терзать д-у): a tale that wrings the heart;
  - (трогать душу): the singer doesn't just "tug" at the heart strings - he rips them out of the way!;
  - (тронуть д-у): this sunrise has the power to stir the soul;
  - (у меня д. в пятки уходит, когда я на них смотрю, т.е. на внука и его хоккейную команду): The boy is on the hockey team at school. My heart's in my mouth when I watch them.
  душа (родственная) - A soulmate is a person with whom one has a feeling of deep or natural affinity.[1] This may involve similarity, love, romance, friendship, comfort, intimacy, sexuality, sexual activity, spirituality, or compatibility and trust.;
  - whether you believe in the concept of soul mates or not, most would agree there are some people who affect you so intensely they take your breath away;
  - (Дюрер и Эразм были родственными д-ами): Duerer was a kindred spirit to Erasmus;
  - (найти родственную д-у в ком-л): she quickly came to find in the minister a kindred spirit;
  - (они стали родственными д-ами): after spending time together, they became intellectual soul-mates and close friends
  душевный - I went through mental depression;
  - (благополучие): researchers believe that mental well-being and physical strength go hand in glove;
  - (боль / муки / страдания, притупить д-ую боль): he had always used alcohol to numb his heartache;
  - (д-ое и физическое здоровье спортсменов): Coaches' Code of Honor. I promise upon my word of honor to help to create an environment in which primary emphasis is placed upon the emotional and physical well-being of all athletes, rather than winning.;
  - (музыка): heartfelt / soulful music;
  - (подъём): it was in this mood compounded of elation and relief that I briefed journalists on the newly concluded agreement;
  - (покой / спокойствие): he gives in to her at the cost of his own peace of mind;
  - (силы): I don't have the physical or mental stamina to deal with overwhelming responsibilities;
  - (человек): a warm-hearted, engaging and informed man
  душить образно - (конкуренцию): the company was stifling competition in the computer industry;
  - (ограничения задушат торговлю): government restrictions are going to throttle our trade;
  - (д. связи с Британией бюрократизмом образно): English lessons scrapped as Moscow strangles British links in red tape
  душно - (и жарко): it was stiflingly warm
  душный - (воздух): the night air was sultry;
  - (джунгли): sweltering rainy jungle;
  - (д. жаркий день): a sweltering day;
  - (здание): cramped and suffocating floors of the District of Columbia Public Services Building;
  - (д. июньский день): on a steamy mid-June day;
  - (комната / купе поезда): stuffy room / compartment;
  - (контора): a sweltering office;
  - (театр): in a stuffy theatre on a sweltering afternoon
  дуэль - (вызвать на д.): Burr challenged his antagonist to a duel, an invitation Hamilton felt compelled to accept
  дыра / дырка - hole;
  - (затыкать дыры образно): in the mutual-fund world, "adoption" is a shortcut by which fund companies can plug gaps in their portfolio lineups by taking over funds run by other investment companies;
  - (т.е. захолустье): the bar has only an alcohol license, but it serves drugs, too. It's the way out in the boonies.
  - (затыкать дырки образно): in the mutual-fund world, "adoption" is a shortcut by which fund companies can plug gaps in their portfolio lineups by taking over funds run by other investment companies;
  - (т.е. на месте зуба): he began laughing, holding his hand to his mouth in order to conceal the gaps
  дырочка - (т.е. пряжки, затянуть пряжку на одну д-у): he cinched the buckle one notch tighter
  дюжина - (домов): a "red light" district where more than a dozen houses of ill repute plied their trade
  - (книг): the bag was crammed with a dozen large and heavy books;
  - (несколько дюжин): several dozen eggs
  дядя - (т.е. по отцу / по матери): paternal / maternal uncle
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