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    Контекстный словарь Предназначен для переводчиков. Помогает создавать тексты на английском так, чтобы они не выглядели бы переводом с русского Постепенно буду вводить остальное - долго делается цветовая разметка

  его - (изготовление спиртных напитков в США, их импорт в США): the manufacture of intoxicating liquors within the US, the importation thereof into the US;
  - (Палата должна вести протокол заседаний и публиковать его): each house shall keep a journal of its proceedings and publish the same fml;
  - (припой с флюсом для пайки и метод его производства и применения): filler metal with flux for brazing and soldering and method of making and using same;
  - (США и вся территория, находящаяся под их юрисдикцией): the United States and all territory subject to the jurisdiction thereof
  еда - (бывает ли у вас изжога или несварение желудка, не связанные с едой?): have you ever had heartburn or indigestion that isn't related to eating;
  - (во время еды принимать лекарство): take two spoonfuls of medicine at mealtimes;
  - (т.е. готовящаяся): a powerful and delicious smell of cooking pervaded the corridors;
  - (е. и питьё кончились): the victuals old use and drink had run out, and the knights were grumbling loudly;
  - (консервированная): canned food;
  - (т.е. купленная в магазине): I"m holding a bag of groceries. I take them to the kitchen and offer to fix him something to eat.;
  - (остатки еды): the debris of his meal;
  - (перед едой размочить сушёную рыбу): dried and salted "dunned" fish had to be soaked in water and beaten with a hammer before eating;
  - (после еды): after the meal he sat back and dawdled over his coffee;
  - (простая): the food was simple: sandwiches, cheese and cakes;
  - (у нас много еды, а пить нечего): we got lots of food but nothing to drink;
  - (у них было много еды): they had plenty to eat;
  - it's not the hungry who enjoy their victuals old use the least;
  - excellent nosh infml
  едва - (видный): his gaunt face barely legible under the brim of his hat
  - (е. вышла из подросткового возраста): she is barely out of her teens;
  - (доходить до груди): of middling height himself, he would barely come up to his chest;
  - (ему е. удаётся зануть): he barely manages to sleep;
  - (заметная бородка): a sparse, barely visible beard;
  - (избежать гибели): to have a narrow escape / have a narrow squeak;
  - (мог стоять): he is so weak that he can barely stand;
  - (е. оказашись на улице, он сбежал): He was released on mandatory parole six months before the end of his nominal sentence. As soon as G. hit the streets, he fled;
  - (различимый): his gaunt face barely legible under the brim of his hat
  - (различимый): the mountains and sky seemed scarcely distinguishable;
  - (различимый / слышный): he rallied the last of his strength to hear the barely articulated words;
  - (успеть): she barely arrived on time;
  - (е. успеть на последний поезд): I made the last train by the skin of my teeth infml;
  - (е. хватает на жизнь/): living from hand to mouth / a hand-to-mouth existence
  едва ли - (не любой, е.л.н.л. мексиканец может привести случаи из жизни): Mexico City - the story here is the crime. Practically any Mexican you meet (who does not travel under armed guard) has anecdotal evidence
  единица - (административная): today Belgium is less a country than an administrative entity;
  - (алгебра с е-ей мат.): the algebra with an identity;
  - (британские и метрические е-ы длины): a tape measure or measuring tape is a ribbon of cloth, plastic, or metal with linear-measure markings, often in both imperial and metric units;
  - (измерения углов): numerical values can be assigned to angles by selecting a unit of measure for angles;
  - (т.е. немногие, это знают единицы): Health nuts in New York know about raw food restaurants like Pure Food and Wine and Quintessence, but few know that at Charlie Trotter's in Chicago, Mr. T. will serve a raw food degustation menu if asked;
  - (т.е. немногие, это знают единицы): only a handful of people know...;
  - (объёма, уравнение состояния идеального газа связывает давление, температуру и число частиц в е-е о.): the equation of state of a perfect gas, which describes relatively well what happens in the interior of the Sun, relates pressure, temperature, and the number of particles per unit volume;
  - (приравнять е-е мат): it may be better to look for a quantum determinant, but rather than setting it equal to unity, to adjoin its inverse;
  - (учёта запасов): stock-keeping unit, SKU
  единичный - (матрица мат): identity matrix of size n is the n-by-n matrix in which all the elements on the main diagonal are equal to 1 and all other elements are equal to 0;
  - (подношения): the public servant must not accept sporadic or casual benefits such as gifts;
  - (потрясение): the banking crisis was a one-off shock which we actually had got over;
  - (сообщалось о е-ых случаях заболевания): sporadic cases of the disease were reported;
  - (такие случаи не единичны): A military liaison officer at the Royal Centre for Defence Medicine recalled taking a group of injured soldiers from the ward to a nearby pub and of a fellow customer stepping-in to settle the bill. "Things like that, by no means a one-off, make you realise there are lots of people who really do care about the welfare of these guys," he said.
  единоборство - (восточные единоборства): Yeltsyn was large and stocky; Putin was compact and extremely fit from years of martial arts practice;
  - (победить кого-л в е-е): the hero is depicted as defeating in single combat the Viking giant C.
  единоверец - Irish wanted to see an end to discrimination against their co-religionists
  единовластно - (править, Бог е. правит на небе и земле): God alone, who reigns unchallenged in the heavens and the Earth, is unlimited, independent and self-sufficient;
  - (править научным обществом): Newton ruled unchallenged over the Royal Society
  единовременный - (гонорар, т.е. статистов в оперном театре): G. Opera supernumeraries receive a one-time honorarium;
  - (сделка): China has come to appreciate that WTO entry is not a one-time deal, but rather a long-term commitment to a pervasive system of rules and transparency;
  - (увеличение): one-time increase
  единогласно - (голосовать): he delegates voted unanimously;
  - (принимать решения): decisions were taken in unanimity;
  - (проголосовать): they have to cast a unanimous vote before any action is taken
  единогласный - (голосование 13 штатов): changes in the Articles required the unanimous vote of the 13 states;
  - (поддержка): if the Soviets pushed their proposal at that juncture, it would have nearly unanimous backing;
  - (постановление верховного суда штата): The judge had voted to uphold 70 percent of the death penalty cases that had come before him. On more than half of those he had voted to reverse, he was part of a unanimous state supreme court ruling
  единодушие - (среди валютных стратегов): there is near unanimity amongst currency strategists that...
  единодушный - (мнение): my colleagues' opinion seems unanimous
  единое целое - pull together hundreds of disparate elements into a cohesive whole
  единокровный - (братья): this agnatic system is mitigated by allowing the surviving spouse and a limited number of females and nonagnates (the daughter; son's daughter; mother, grandmother; germane, cosanguine and uterine brothers) to inherit a fixed fractional portion of the estate in suitable circumstances;
  - (братья и сёстры): full, half, step brothers and sisters;
  - (родство): priority (of the system of inheritance) is determined by strength of blood tie, the germane, or full blood connection excluding the half blood, or cosanguine, connection among collateral relatives
  единолично - (править, Бог е. правит на небе и земле): God alone, who reigns unchallenged in the heavens and the Earth, is unlimited, independent and self-sufficient;
  - (править научным обществом): Newton ruled unchallenged over the Royal Society;
  - (править страной): he ruled the country singlehandedly;
  - (уничтожить три вражеских пулемётных подразделения): he had single-handedly wiped out three enemy machine gun units
  единомышленник - (его е-и среди диссидентов): his courage and conviction sustained like-minded dissidents around the world for decades
  единообразно - (рассматривать что-л): the topics are treated here in a unified manner / in a unified way
  единообразный - (политика): Europe needs a clear and cohesive policy on security of energy supply;
  - (систематическое и е-ое изучение): a systematic and unified study of functional analysis
  единоутробный - (братья): this agnatic system is mitigated by allowing the surviving spouse and a limited number of females and nonagnates (the daughter; son's daughter; mother, grandmother; germane, cosanguine and uterine brothers) to inherit a fixed fractional portion of the estate in suitable circumstances;
  - (братья и сёстры): full, half, step brothers and sisters;
  - (родство): priority (of the system of inheritance) is determined by strength of blood tie, the germane, or full blood connection excluding the half blood, or cosanguine, connection among collateral relatives
  единственно - he blamed low prices solely on the scarcity of money
  единственный - (Бог): Allah is viewed as the sole God;
  - (в своём роде): смотри ниже;
  - (ребёнок, У тебя есть братья или сёстры? - Нет, я е.р.): "What about you? Any siblings?" "No, I am an only.";
  - (десятичное представление числа): every number t betweeen 0 and 1, in standard mathematical notation, has a unique non-terminating decimal expansion;
  - (живой родственник): I am her sole surviving relative;
  - (кандидат): he was the sole candidate put forth by the Eastern European block;
  - (кандидат, пойти на выборы е-ым к-ом): Next September, M. will become a judge. He already has party slating and will run in the primary unopposed.;
  - (кормилец семьи): the head and the sole breadwinner of the family;
  - (кто выжил в аварии): the sole survivor;
  - (кто знал): he was the only one who knew about the hidden passageway;
  - (кто не остолбенел от удивления): he was the only one not stunned to utter movelessness;
  - (кто оставался на улице): the only person left outdoors was a teenage boy;
  - (луч солнца): he was reading a newspaper by a solitary ray of sunlight falling onto his bed;
  - (нарушение традиций): that was not the only break with traditions;
  - (несогласный): I was the sole dissenter, for foreign policy, not military reasons;
  - (область жизни в стране, где...): the military had always had first call on resources, matériel and technology, enabling them to be the only area in Soviet life where quality-control could be practiced;
  - (один-е.): a single flutter of the dragon's wings stirred enough wind to topple the head huntsman backward out of his saddle;
  - (ребёнок, т.е. в семье): she was an only child;
  - (решение, задача имеет е-ое решение): the problem has a unique solution;
  - (решение, т.е. системы уравнений мат): if k=n and the matrix A is nonsingular, then the system has a unique solution in the n variables;
  - (сделать е-ое исключение для кого-л): Laplace, who is in general very sparing of his praise, makes of Newton the one exception;
  - (способ): giving away something free is the only way to get people to try something new
  - (способ): the ferry is the only way the visitors stop-over at the Isles;
  - (е-ая столица, которая...): Washington is the sole capital to stand by Israel in international forums;
  - (е-ое, что оставалось людям): humor was the only recourse left to a people whose lands were occupied for centuries;
  - (число, слова, употребляемые в е-ом числе, подразумевают и множественное число и наоборот): words importing the singular include the plural and vice versa
  единственный в своём роде - he was an extraordinary person - absolutely one of a kind;
  - he was showing off his pretty, one-of-a-kind watch to me;
  - (среди математиков, которые как правило одиночки, он был е. в с.р. в том смысле, что почти всегда работал в сотрудничестве): among mathematicians, who as a rule tend to be loners, he was unique in having worked almost entirely in collaboration with others;
  - there's no denying that Vegas's nonstop collection of renowned restaurants, phantasmic architecture, people-watching, and entertainment is a one-of-a-kind spectacle that has something for just about everyone
  единство - the captain did his best to foster a sense of unity among the new recruits;
  - an appeal for national unity;
  - (в обществе): to create a cohesive society;
  - (взглядов / мнений): we have *unity of views;
  - (общества): from the White House, somebody had set at risk our social cohesion;
  - (отсутствие е-а): disunity and sleaze will be the death of Labour;
  - (терминологии): these definitions are published to encourage uniformity of terminology in product specifications
  единый - (Бог): Allah is viewed as the sole God;
  - (валюта): single currency;
  - (время, т.е. гринвичское): universal time / UT;
  - (комитет для двух палат Конгресса): the commission proposes that Congress establish either a single joint committee or a single committee in each house;
  - (налог): to expect people making tens of millions of dollars per year, such as the Romneys, to merely give the same percentage of their income to charity as people making less than one million dollars, such as the Obamas, is the equivalent of a flat tax;
  - (налог по е-ой ставке): a true flat rate tax is a system of taxation where one tax rate is applied to all income with no deductions or exemptions
  - (объяснение): he sought a unifying / unified explanation;
  - (подход): unified approach;
  - (подход к изучению чего-л): a unifying approach for the study of the evolution of language;
  - (правительство): under the single government;
  - (реестр, т.е. на всю страну): national / federal register;
  - (Е-ая Россия. т.е. название партии): United Russia;
  - (система отчётности): unified system of accounting;
  - (социальный налог): Unified Social Tax;
  - (теория): a unified theory;
  - (е-ая теория поля): a theory of everything (ToE) or final theory is a putative theory of theoretical physics that fully explains and links together all known physical phenomena, and predicts the outcome of any experiment that could be carried out in principle;
  - (танк танкера): far down in the treacly blackness of the crude oil scores of gigantic valves swung open, forming one enormous single tank containing 1000000 tons of crude;
  - (Е. торговый кодекс, т.е. США): a bank's refusal to honor BrE a check is governed by the Uniform Commercial Code
  едкий - смотри файлы FORMA_VID, EMOCII, ZAPAH_VKUS
  едко - смотри файл EMOCII
  ежегодно - these businesses generate about 150 billion euros in sales annually;
  - (аттестации будут проводиться е.): When a probationary employee gains a permanent status, his first annual evalution period begins from the date of his final probationary evaluation through March 31. Subsequent evaluations will be on the annual schedule.;
  - (проходить аттестацию): represented employees are evaluated on an annual cycle which runs from April 1 of one year through March 31 of the following year;
  - (собрания акционеров проводятся е. или с меньшей периодичностью): regular meetings of shareholders may be held on an annual or less frequent periodic basis
  ежегодный - (ассигнования): annual appropriations;
  - (медосмотр): today is his annual medical;
  - (общее собрание): annual general meeting, agm;
  - (паломничество к озеру): my family was on the annual pilgrimage to the lake W.;
  - (пересмотр): he was a contract man, his employment was subject to annual revision;
  - (платежи в счёт долга): it was difficult for the farmer to meet his yearly payments of this debt;
  - (праздник): the annual Market Square Days goes off like clockwork;
  - (ритуал): the Lawn Party was a yearly ritual most Kings and Queens viewed as tiresome at best;
  - (техобслуживание): the factory was undergoing annual maintenance
  ежедневник - смотри файл KANCTOVARY
  ежедневно - (видеть кого-л): I did not see him on a daily basis, I was in New York, he was in Boston;
  - (здесь веками е. поют молебны, превознося хвалу во славу Господу): East of the screen is the Quire. Daily services have been sung here for centuries - and still are - to the praise and glory of God.;
  - (летать, о самолёте): a Boeing flies daily from A. to B.;
  - (е. по всей стране раскрываются аферы с обращением взыскания): foreclosure scams all across the country are discovered on a daily basis;
  - (получать письма с оскорблениями): I assume devout Christians send you hate mail on a daily basis;
  - (работать по 14 часов е.): textile workers toiled 14 hours daily at their looms;
  - (то что сухопутный считал бы подвигом, моряк делает е.): what a lubber might think of as heroic deeds, a seaman does on a daily basis;
  - (церковь, в которой е. проводится литургия): Westminster abbey is a working church with a daily cycle of prayer and worship
  ежедневный - (газета): a daily newspaper;
  - (доза пищевой добавки): Recommended Daily Dosage: as a dietary supplement, add 1 heaping scoop to 6 ounces of water;
  - (контакт): you are in a daily contact with your commandment;
  - (критика): thank you for critiquing these pages day by day;
  - (напоминание): his daily reminder to stay young at heart;
  - (опровержения, т.е. в прессе): professional journalists have failings aplenty, as the quotidian old use fml recitations of corrections and clarifications demonstrate;
  - (поездка на работу): my daily journey to work;
  - (расписание): he had no regular access to the President or a day-to-day schedule;
  - (утверждение начальства): "Put him on the list," the president ordered. "With your day-to-day approval only," the DDO hedged
  ежеквартальный - (обозрение): R.L., a senior scientist at Rand, the nonpartisan think tank, makes the key point in a just-out paper in the quarterly The International Spectator;
  ежемесячно - (выплачивать страховые премии страховщику): premiums due are payable monthly to the insurer;
  - (оплачивать счёт): a charge card requires you to pay your bill in full each month, but charges no interest
  ежемесячный - the business development network offers weekly breakfast meetings, monthly dinners and tailor-made workshops for companies
  еженедельник - a weekly picture magazine
  еженедельно - (журнал выходит е.): the magazine is published weekly
  еженедельный - the business development network offers weekly breakfast meetings, monthly dinners and tailor-made workshops for companies
  ежечасный - (контакт): you are in a daily, even in hourly contact with your commandment
  ей / ему (т.е. вместо повторения существительного) - (клянусь защищать конституцию и хранить верность ей): I, [name], do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same fml
  еле - (е. видный / е. заметный): a sparse, barely visible beard;
  - (е. видный / е. заметный узор вен): I trailed my hand over the muscles of his arm, followed the faint pattern of bluish veins inside the crease at his elbow;
  - (е. держаться на ногах, т.е. от усталости): Mom was in the kitchen all day and was dead on her feet;
  - (его было е. видно за стопкой книг): he was barely visible behind a tottering pile of books;
  - (она е. успела на свидание): she left home late and barely made it to her date on time;
  - (е. сдержаться, чтобы не фыркнуть): he repressed a snort with difficulty;
  - (е. слышный): he spoke in a trembling, hardly audible voice;
  - (е. слышный): after upgrading, my sound is barely audible;
  - (е. успеть спастись из горящего здания): he escaped from the burning building by the skin of his teeth infml fig
  еле-еле - (е. успеть на последний поезд): I made the last train by the skin of my teeth infml;
  - (е. хватает на жизнь): living from hand to mouth / a hand-to-mouth existence;
  - (фортификации были видны противнику, правда е.): their (fortifications) positioning was a little too predictable, and they were visible, if barely so, to the other side, and something barely visible would be the first target hit
  ерунда - (заниматься е-ой): you're doing / you're into all sorts of rubbish;
  - (т.е. легко): they might have thought the war would be a breeze;
  - (т.е. несложно): writing the book and getting it published was a cinch compared to finding ways to publicize it;
  - (т.е. несложно, урок - е. по сравнению с другим): that lesson was absolute rubbish compared with my Arithmancy class;
  - (т.е. ничего особенного): "This is nothing," she said dismissively, looking at the decorations.;
  - (о взглядах кого-л): I have no reason to beleave that your views are anything other than bilge infml;
  - (т.е. о лекарстве): This is not unproven hokum. It won Dr. I. the Nobel Prize!;
  - (о популярном стереотипе): the popular stereotype that men are easily seduced is hogwash;
  - (о пьесе, полная е.): the play is utter trash;
  - (т.е. о сказанном): смотри ниже;
  - (т.е. о товаре, всучить е-у): they are peddling overpriced trash to the unwary;
  - (т.е. о товаре, продавать всякую е-у): on any normal day, visitors could expect to see each little connecting alcove (in the Thames Tunnel) thronged with women selling "multifarious trumpery";
  - (об идее): he thought the idea of flying home every weekend was nuts
  ерунда (т.е. о сказанном) - (все разговоры о подтасовке были е-ой): he gave T. his job back, a silent acknowledgement that all that frame-up stuff was horse-hockey;
  - (всё это е.): I tell him affably, that's a bunch of crap vulgar;
  - (говорить е-у): Calm down, man. You're talking nonsense;
  - (городить / пороть е-у): Calm down, man. You're talking nonsense;
  - (городить / пороть е-у): I couldn't be without her, I"d be on the phone for hours talking drivel trying to distract myself from the unbearable pain of separation anxiety until I saw her at school again the next day;
  - (не городи / не пори е-у): don't talk such drivel AmE;
  - (не хочу больше слушать эту е-у): I want to know what you're really up to - and don't give me any more of this tosh vulgar;
  - (полная е.): It's all nonsense. Absolute nonsense.;
  - (полная): he dismissed suggestions that she was close to Russian intelligence as absolute rubbish;
  - (Е. Ты попал пальцем в небо): Nonsense. You've got hold of a mare's nest.;
  - (попасться на ерунду, т.е. на нехитрый обман): I could not see him falling for that kind of nonsense;
  - (я не поверил в эту е-у / этой е-е): I haven't really believed this rigmarole;
  - Do you tell me that they have such power over us? Rubbish!;
  - some bonehead trumpled up some security charges against him - turned out they were all bullshit vulgar;
  - There are two things you have in abundance when you're pacing an exercise yard: time and prison gossip. Most of the stories are bullshit.;
  - this last exchange (in cross-examination), while touching in its awkwardness, is simply baloney;
  - If you talk to a modeler who specializes in WWII German subjects, he would maintain that all Shermans look alike. Hogwash. There are many variants of the Sherman tank, all of which had very distinctive features.;
  - You watch too much TV. You think murders are solved by shrinks and scientists and psychics. Bollocks! Murders are solved by good, solid, old-fashioned detective work.;
  - Little Jessica, said the email, is dying of terminal brain cancer and has but six months to live. To honor her "dying wish," the American Cancer Society and corporate sponsors have supposedly agreed to donate three cents to cancer research for each time the message is forwarded. So please, please forward it to everyone you know. Bunk infml. The American Cancer Society said it had never heard of Jessica M.;
  - (всё это е.): he said it was all tripe infml, bullshit slang;
  - An assistant deputy minister said that the program was a success story. Codswallop.
  ерундовый - (вещь): see what a trumpery thing it is
  если - (е. без этого не обойтись / е. иначе нельзя): Give me the best grain future estimates you have by the end of the month. Err, if you must, on the side of caution;
  - (винодел может клеить на вино этикетку с зАмком, е. виноград выращен на особом участке виноградника): any winemaker can put a chateaux label on the wine as long as it comes from a specific parcel of vines
  - (е. вы будете подавать апелляцию на основании неправомерных действий судьи): if the trial is held in an open courtroom or chambers, pack the place with people you know who you can rely upon to testify regarding the judges demeanor should fml you appeal based upon judicial misconduct;
  - (е. вы прекратите работать): should fml you terminate your employment within 12 months of receipt of relocation assistance, all such assistance shall be repaid in full;
  - (е. вы сомневаетесь): if in doubt, ask the insurer;
  - (е. говорить о двигателях): as far as engines go, there is nothing quite as impressive as a turbine;
  - (...который считает, что день пропал, е. он не засадил невинного человека в кутузку): juries believe that a private detective is a double crossing specialist who counts that day lost in which he railroads no innocent to the hoosegow;
  - (е. не): смотри ниже;
  - (е. неприводимые представления конечномерны, то... мат): the irreducible representations being finite-dimensional, the tensor product of two irreducible representations is still finite-dimensional, but may no longer be irreducible;
  - (е. нет возражений): provided [that] fml there is no opposition, we shall hold the meeting here;
  - (е. окажется, что у моих детей есть какие-то врождённые заболевания, какая страховка их покроет?): if by any chance my children have any congenital diseases, which policy will cover those?;
  - (е. окажется, что вы попали в список рассылки по ошибке, обратитесь к нам и мы немедленно вас вычеркнем): if by any chance you have been placed on one of our mailing lists in error, please contact us and we will remove you as promptly as possible;
  - (е. он и ходил в кино, то редко): he couldn't afford vacations, rarely if ever went to the movies;
  - (е. он что и умеет делать, так это хранить тайну): if there is one thing that he can do, it's keep a secret;
  - (е. повезёт, то на время нашей поездки будет прекрасная солнечная погода): with luck we'll have fantastic sunny weather for this trip;
  - (е. понадобится изменить время собрания без предупреждения): he soon devised a clever method of communicating the time and date of the next meeting to all members in case they needed to change it at short notice;
  - (е. случится так, что завтра меня с тобой не будет, не проливай слёз обо мне): if by any chance tomorrow you find I am not here, don't shed a tear for me;
  - (е. смотреть спереди или сзади): scoliosis causes a noticeable asymmetry in the torso when viewed from the front or back;
  - (это неудивительно, е. вспомнить его семейное происхождение): this was hardly surprising when one considered the family background and the circumstances that had forged him;
  - (е. это так, то...): Was the Libyan water supply targeted with military hardware during the conflict? This being the case, are you aware that this is a war crime?;
  - (е. это так): finally, that being so, it may be concluded that...
  если бы - (было бы интересно посмотреть, как она бы себя вела, е.б. она была президентом): Hillary Clinton is one of the more competent members of the current administration, and it would be interesting to speculate about how she might perform were she to be president;
  - (е.б. все были столь щедры!): would that everyone was as charitable; the world would be much improved for it;
  - (е.б. все были такими же приятными!): The guys working there couldn't be nicer and more fun. Would that everyone was as pleasant in all retail establishments.;
  - (как е.б. она тонула): he got her on the floor and gave her artificial respiration as if she was drowning;
  - (компания была завалена исками о возмещении ущерба, которые, е.б. они были удовлетворены, разорили бы её): the company was saddled with 200,000 outstanding asbestos lawsuits which, had they come to fruition, would have effectively bankrupt the company;
  - (обвинения были справедливы): the allegations being true, it would have merited my resignation;
  - (е.б. мне пришлось хранить в памяти всё пережитое за 93 года жизни и чтениям я бы сошёл с ума): were I to keep always in mind every experience of my 93 years living and reading I should go mad;
  - (е.б. С. обязался безоговорочно верить во всё, что я скажу): thus it would be an act contrary to his professional acumen were S. to commit himself to an unreserved faith in everything I say;
  - (е.б. он не так замечтался, он бы заметил): had he been less deep in his reverie, and not spellbound by the ballet, he might have noticed something
  - (е.б. сообщения были жизненно важными): if the papers had been vital he would have been called during the night;
  - (е.б. это было правдой / е.б. это было так): J.S,, alluding to Kerry's wife, an heir to the Heinz food fortune, asked him: "Is it true that every time I use ketchup, your wife gets a nickel?" Kerry replied, "Would that old use poet it were, would that it were." In fact, Kerry could have substituted "I wish" for "would that" ("I wish it were true").;
  - (е.б. я больше занимался географией в школе): if only I had worked harder at geography when I was a little boy, I should no doubt know all about those strange countries
  если бы да кабы - it is futile to speculate on "might-have-beens"
  если бы не - the cup would have been entirely unremarkable had it not been full to the brim with dancing blue flames;
  - Thor would have killed Loki had Loki not atoned for his crime by finding two cunning smiths who made new hair for the goddess from real gold;
  - she would have thought him handsome were it not for an indefinable something;
  - if it were not for the vicinity of the US, Tecumseh would perhaps be the founder of an Empire that would rival in glory that of Mexico or Peru;
  - these things might have rested, if it were not for one woman;
  - they might have perished if it had not been for John;
  - it would have cracked his ribs but for the mail and padding over his tunic;
  - the sentence would have been longer but for the defending counsel's plea for leniency;
  - he knew that but for Watergate he, not I would have been B.R.'s successor;
  - he would have made it easily past her but for the mud;
  - the encounter might have been forgotten but for a few salient details;
  - nobody would have known a thing but for the anger of a woman betrayed;
  - (е.б. он не решил идти по солнцу): the witch had so changed the appearance of the landscape that they would surely have been lost had not the Scarecrow wisely concluded to take their direction from the sun;
  - he might have thought he'd gone blind, except for the lights in the hallway;
  - (е.б.н. Караваджо, судьба европейской живописи была бы иной): if it had not been for Caravaggio, the fate of European painting might have been very different;
  - (е.б. мистер Г. не попался в паутину обмана): had it not been for Mr. G. being ensnared in the web of deceit he would have made money from his trades;
  - (на этом всё бы и закончилось, е.б.н. упорство его матери): He died at the age of 39 of a mysterious progressive illness. There things might have ended were it not for the doggedness of his mother. She hired a private detective and a toxicologist who persuaded the police to exhume his body. Hair specimens showed lethal levels of arsenic.;
  - (е.б. у неё не был такой вид, словно...): she would have been nice-looking if she hadn't been wearing a look that suggested there was a nasty smell under her nose;
  - (е.б.н. халатность ответчика, истец не получил бы травму): but for the defendant's negligence, the plaintiff would not have been injured
  если бы так - (т.е. пожелание): The birthday card reads, "You're sixty." There is a picture of a knockout blonde in a tight sweater. "Too old not to know better." Overleaf: "or to care." The card adds, "Enjoy it all! Not to care." Were it only so!
  если бы только - (е.б.т. им хватило приличия...): they'd better have the decency to put in normal clothes
  если вдруг - you ride double behind me, - in case we have to make a quick getaway
  если даже - granted that he should sent the money, it doesn't mean that he will
  если и - (е. побеги и всходили, то чахлыми, редкими и в пятнах): the seedlings come up, if at all, stunted, sparse and mottled brown
  если на то пошло / если уж на то пошло - we didn't have much money, come to that, none of us did;
  - The poor dears don't know what's going on. Come to that, neither do I.;
  - "I owe you a fiver, don't I?" "Yes, and come to that, you never paid me back the other money I lent you."
  - "But the frame alone is worth a pound." "If you must know, the frame is nasty."
  если не - (е. в расписании не указано иное): unless otherwise indicated on the schedule;
  - (е. законом не предусмотрено иное): the importer's liability for duties includes a liability for any internal revenue taxes which attach upon the importation of merchandise, unless otherwise provided fml by law or regulation;
  - (е.н. знать, как оно на самом деле): Her daughter runs an art gallery in Nice. Her daughter is, by now, for all practical purposes French. Her son, with his American wife and American children, will soon, for all practical purposes, be American. So, having flown the nest, they have flown far. One might even think, did one not know better, that they have flown far to get away from her.;
  - (е.н. оговорено / е.н. указано иное): all packages, unless otherwise stipulated fml, once processed, are shipped via United States Postal Service First Class or Priority Mail;
  - (е.н. оговорено / е.н. указано иное): amounts in thousands of United States dollars unless otherwise stated fml;
  - (е.н. оговорено / е.н. указано иное): the General rules and conditions which follow apply to all purchases and become a definite part of each formal Invitation to Bid, purchase order or other award issued by the City Purchasing Agent, unless otherwise specified fml;
  - (не используйте сиденья со спинкой, которая откидывается вперёд, е. у сиденья нет замка): do not use the car seat that has a back that folds forward unless the seat has a lock;
  - (нельзя ожидать уважения к себе, е. сам не считаешь себя достойным уважения): we can't expect to be treated with respect unless we believe we deserve it;
  - (подписка автоматически возобновляется, е. не поступает письменный отказ от неё): subscription is automatically renewed unless written cancellation is received;
  - (е.н. произойдёт технических сбоев или ухудшения погодных условий): barring technical glitches or bad weather, a ballistic missile is scheduled to launch from an island in Alaska early Thursday;
  - (е. только н. было метели или урагана, она шла на работу пешком): barring a blizzard or something bordering on a hurricane, she walked to work from her apartment in Greenwich Village to her office in SoHo;
  - (е. читатель не потерял навык): similarly, unless he has lost his expertise the reader will verify that...;
  - (е. этого не сделать, то возникнут серьёзные проблемы): a senior Pentagon official pleaded with lawmakers to pass a 2011 defense appropriations measure, saying failure to do so would cause severe problems;
  - (е. я не ошибаюсь): unless I am mistaken
  если не считать - (е.н.с. бармена, бар был пуст): the bar was deserted save for the bartender;
  - (е.н.с. гудка, поезд был тихий): apart from its quacking horn, the train is silent;
  - (е.н.с. командира, никто не выходил): nobody ever came out here at night - unless you counted the commander coming back drunk from a command-staff meeting;
  - (костюм хорош, е.н.с. что рукава длинноваты): the suit is good except that the sleeves are a little too long;
  - (е.н.с. мраморную глыбу, на каминной доске не было украшений): a mantelpiece bare of ornaments safe for a block of marble;
  - (е.н.с. нескольких орфографических ошибок, сочинение хорошее): your composition is good except for a few spelling mistakes;
  - (е.н.с. ящиков, самолёт был пустой внутри): the belly of the plane was bare except for steel crates for seats lashed to the side bars
  если не мы, тo кто же - Who else but us? Who would help, who could help but the U.S.? We are fortunate to be in a position to effect change in a harsh and unforgiving environment.
  если не ты, тo кто же - You need to step up to the plate and find a decent job. You have to provide for your son because who else will.
  если нужно - (выбросить сокровище, е.н.): one who cannot cast away a treasure at need is in fetters
  если понадобится - if need be, we'll rent a car;
  - if need be, I'll type the letter
  если придётся - these heights will be easy to defend, if need be;
  - (выбросить сокровище, е.п.): one who cannot cast away a treasure at need is in fetters;
  - (они не остановятся, е.п. вести бой в дождь или снег): My people are well used to harsher climes than these. They won't baulk at fighting in rain or snow if needs must.
  если припечёт (т.е. в случае крайней необходимости) - if push comes to shove, we'll just have to use our savings;
  - when push come to shove, they'll gin up some screwy theory about how he planted this on the computer
  если только не - the tank was losing its supremacy on the battlefield, unless it was supported by artillery and antiaircraft defense;
  - (е.т.н. будет технических неполадок или плохой погоды): barring technical glitches or bad weather, a ballistic missile is scheduled to launch from an island in Alaska early Thursday;
  - (е.т. читатель не потерял навык): similarly, unless he has lost his expertise, the reader will verify that...
  если точно - That branch of science which deals with measurements of light (visible electromagnetic radiation) according to its ability to produce visual sensation. Specifically, photometry deals with the attribute of light that is perceived as intensity, while the related attribute of light that is perceived as color is treated in colorimetry.;
  - to be on the safe side, he gave up smoking a year ago
  если уж - (е.у. браться за это / если уж делать это, то делать быстро): it would have to be done quickly if it were to be done at all;
  - (е.у. он берётся за что-нибудь, то вкладывает душу): once he is engaged in something, he's a pretty passionate guy
  если уж на то пошло - (всегда найдутся люди, склонные к жестокости, среди них и женщины, е.у.н.т.п.): there are always people with a taste for cruelty, as a few women, come to that;
  - she gave him that innocent, impudent, and entirely scandalous look which he never could resist, and you couldn't either, for that matter
  если что - (е. я ч. и знаю о ней, так это то, что какой бы серьёзной не была ссора, она не отвернётся от умирающей матери): if there's one thing I know about her, it is that no matter how big a misunderstanding, she's not the kind who would turn her back on a terminally ill mother;
  - (е. я ч. и ненавижу, так это зиму): if there is a thing I hate, it's winter
  естественно - naturally, you want to discuss it with your wife;
  - Carb-rich lunch increases the serotonin levels in your brain. Since serotonin is associated with sleep, it stands to reason that you'll soon be feeling drowsy.;
  - (возникнуть): this section gives some insight into how bialgebras arise naturally in the theory of exactly solvable lattice models in statistical mechanics;
  - (говорить перед камерой): speak naturally to the camera;
  - (т.е. можно предсказать заранее): they hadn't protested the form of their country's government as much as the corruption of those at its highest levels, and predictably, such actions had been hugely offensive to the corrupted;
  - (при таком воспитании ребёнок, е. будет избалован): with such an upbringing it stands to reason that the child will be spoiled
  естественность - (в ней была здоровая красота и е.): this woman was healthy with an unembellished beauty and genuineness that radiated a striking personal confidence
  естественный - (красота и искренность): this woman was healthy with an unembellished beauty and genuineness that radiated a striking personal confidence;
  - (львы, вымершие в е-ых условиях): the white lions, extinct in the wild;
  - (е-ым образом / е-ым путём): His company had no debt and had some money in the bank. While others splurged on acquisitions in good times, the company stuck to its knitting and grew organically.;
  - (отбор): ideas reminiscent of Darwin's theory of the survival of the fittest;
  - (приют рыб и моллюсков): the tidal bay is a natural haven for fish and abundant shellfish;
  - (продолжение): photography is a natural extension of his love for outdoor sports like hiking and kayaking;
  - (рубеж, т.е на местности): to control terrain objectives;
  - (состояние водных путей, т.е. до постройки плотин): the jurisdiction of Admiralty Law extended to any waterway in the United States that had been navigable in its original condition;
   (среда обитания животных): animals are becoming extinct when their habitat is destroyed;
  - (улыбка): a quiet woman with an easy smile;
  - (умереть е-ой смертью): he died of natural causes at a Houston hospital, according to his daughter
  естественным образом / естественным путём - her death should not be slow as it would be in the course of nature;
  - this section gives some insight into how bialgebras arise naturally in the theory of...;
  - from time to time, a limescale deposit is naturally formed on the heating element
  есть - (т.е. кушать): смотри ниже;
  - (оказалось, что так и е.): that turned out to be the case;
  - (т.е. слушаюсь): He grinned gratefully. "Aye-Aye, sir. And thanks.";
  - (т.е. слушаюсь): "Continue your advance!" "By your command, Comrade Minister."
  есть (т.е. кушать) - to eat;
  - (в ресторане): you're a busy person and you eat out often because you don't have lots of time to spend in the kitchen;
  - (в ресторане): we had BrE our meals in restaurants;
  - (в ресторане): we took AmE our meals on a floating restaurant;
  - (в университетском кафетерии): the university cafeteria where we had our meals;
  - (вместе): the four of us lived together in the same house, shared in harrowing taxicab rides and had our meals together;
  - (жадно и шумно): the young warriors laughed and gobbled and drank;
  - (за одним столом): we lived very much the life of a family; we studied together, we had our meals at one table;
  - (рано утром и после работы): in the winter we took our meals before day in the morning and after work at night;
  - (там мы спали, ели и занимались планированием): for the entire time, we slept there, took our meals there, and did all our planning
  есть чем - (ему е.ч. похвастаться): he's got something to be proud of / boast about
  есть что - (политики, которым е.ч. выиграть, ставя на карту религии): politicians with the most to gain from playing the God card...;
  - (тем, кто старше и лучше тебя, е.ч. сказать): "Now, now!" interrupted S. "Not so much chatter from you when your elders and betters have got something to talk about."
  ещё - (а е. говорят, что страна гордится своими военнослужащими, т.е. упрёк): More than 200 soldiers on their way home from Afghanistan had to strip off their uniforms on the tarmac at Birmingham International Airport and don civilian clothes before being allowed access to the terminal building. It's an insult to the entire Army to force guys who've been fighting in Afghanistan to obey some jobsworth rule when all they want to do is get home soonest to their families. So much for a nation proud of its servicemen.;
  - (будучи е. студентом): while still a student he published a dandy paper on algebra;
  - (е. в апреле): projected federal budget surpluses, put at $122 billion for this year as recently as in April, have nearly vanished, amid an economic slowdown;
  - (е. в 1500-е годы): as early as the 1500s, dried and salted "dunned" fish was a staple food in Europe;
  - (е. в 17 веке): they were built in the 18th century but some as early as the 17th;
  - (е. в 1771 г.): actual oil production began as early as 1771;
  - (вложить в папку е. листы бумаги): a looseleaf folder with stiff covers, and a series of clips down the spine so that the leaves of the books could be extracted or further leaves inserted, if necessary;
  - (воспользоваться е. двенадцатью неделями неоплачиваемого дополнительного отпуска): The Adoptive Leave Act entitles an adopting mother or a sole male adopter to 20 weeks adoptive leave. There is also the option to avail of a further 12 weeks unpaid additional leave.;
  - (выплачивать долг нужно было е. 8 лет): In fact he had paid for 5 per cent of her on the signature of the original contract to build her, 5 per cent at official handover. The remaining 80 per cent plus interest was payable over the succeeding 8 years.;
  - (выполнение его указаний е. никогда не принесло вреда): have you never paused to note that following his orders has never yet led you into harm?;
  - (где е., кроме Китая...?): where else but in China would a bloody political upheaval call itself "cultural"?;
  - (, он был намного тяжелей её, д.е. нёс большой рюкзак): he was much heavier than she, especially with the weight of the larger pack he carried added into the bargain;
  - (два, а е. лучше один): the commission recommends that Congress collapse all of these authorities into two committees, and preferably one, in each house;
  - (два раза): the airplane bounced twice more on the tarmac and lifted into the air;
  - (т.е. дополнительно): by special arrangement with the bank, I am being allowed to borrow a further $10000;
  - (есть е. охранник по имени О.): there is a bodyguard named O. as well;
  - (е. за один-два доллара): for an extra buck or two you could stand at the edge of his pit and watch him;
  - (или что там е.): so, you salt that fish, smoke it, whatever, and take it inland;
  - (как е. мы можем достать деньги?): in what other ways could we get money and oil?;
  - (команда забила е. два гола): within 10 minutes Ireland had scored twice more;
  - (купить е. несколько трусиков): on impulse he got several additional panties; on the assumption that they soiled more quickly, than bras did;
  - (е. лучше): even better;
  - (е.менее вероятно, это никогда бы не случилось при президенте Миттеране, а е.м.в. - при Людовике XIV): he implied that exposing the boss's naked knees (the president was jogging) is something that never would have occurred in the time of Mitterand, much less Louis XIV;
  - (е. мгновение): the ragged remains of the door stood for a moment longer and fell with a handclap sound;
  - (механизм, придуманный е. математиками Ч. и М.): the machinery which went back to Chebyshev and Markov;
  - (е. на 20000 футов выше): the 6 air-to-air missiles that each aircraft had slung beneath its wings would roar on another 20000 feet above this;
  - (е. на одно десятилетие растянуть запасы нефти): to spin out our oil for an extra decade;
  - (налить е. чаю): the servant poured more tea;
  - (налей мне е.): He brought out a bottle of brandy. "Can I tempt you, M.?" "Just a small one, then," she chuckled. "A bit more... and a bit more... that's the ticket.";
  - (е. недавно, регион, в котором е.н. Америка поддерживала репрессивные режимы): I took a four-day trip to Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala to highlight a new era of democratic cooperation in a region in which, not long before, America had supported repressive regimes;
  - (е. неизвестно): it remains to be seen whether I would ever again be able to hold a conversation with him;
  - (е. незвестно / е. посмотрим, кто из них получит эту работу): it's a toss-up / tossup infml between the two of them as to who will get the job;
  - (e. немного, и было бы поздно): My friend told me about an old Alfa Romeo he discovered in a barn outside of town. The owner of the car approached me with an offer to sell it. Having just graduated I was broke, but the owner was eager to sell and we arrived at a price. The car was mine and not a minute too soon since the barn burned down two months later.;
  - (e. немного, и было бы поздно): When the tenant moved into the property he discovered a light that would not turn off. Gas-elec group's D.C. was called in to investigate. Not a minute too soon! On removing the metal plate style light fitting Dean discovered all the wires melted together. The potential for fire was obvious.;
  - (е. немного и, е.н. и произошла бы катастрофа): The pilot landed his plane on the runway, just as it was running out of fuel. It was quite a close call.
  - (е. немного и, е.н. и произошёл бы взрыв): The bomb squad disarmed the explosive device just a few seconds before it was about to go off. It was a very close call.;
  - (е. несколько знакомых лиц): he saw more familiar faces;
  - (ещё так поздно, нет никаких свидетельств того, что славки е. остаются на территории гнездования так поздно): Migration of warblers in general usually begins during the last days of July when the first flocks passing southward may be seen. I have no evidence of any resident Blackburnian Warbler remaining on the nesting territory even as late as this.;
  - (е. никогда не встречал): never once have I met a mathematician who loathed foreigners;
  - (е. одно его желание): holding this job seemed to be another of his yearnings;
  - (одолжение, которое е. надо заслужить): Hanoi meant to use the prospect of permitting some American diplomats to join the ostracism of their colleagues from Western Europe in Hanoi as a boon that we first had to earn;
  - ( всё е., он всё е. был на ногах и дрался): he was still upright and still fighting;
  - (он е. жив, но без сознания): he's still alive but out cold;
  - (он е. злился на неё): Ron was still in a bad mood with Hermione;
  - ("Он со своими книгами?" "Где же е.?"): "Is he with his books?" "Where else?"
  - (е. по одной, т.е. налей всем е.п.о.): "Waiter, another round.";
  - (по первоначальным планам космическая станция должна была оставаться в космосе е. 8-10 лет): the original plans called for Skylab to remain in space for another 8 to 10 years after its final mission in February 1974;
  - (подобных которому е. не бывало): ...the like of which has never been seen;
  - (е. подростком он угонял автомобили на заказ): he was jacking cars to order when still in his teens;
  - (поспать е.): he gave up any thought of more sleep;
  - (работа была сделана е. в 1959 г.): the real work had been done as far back as 1959;
  - (е. раз): his wand flew once more out of his hand;
  - (е. раз, вы не могли бы повторить вопрос е.р.?): would you mind repeating the question one more time?;
  - (е. раз щёлкнуть): the door gave another click and locked into place;
  - (сделать е. одну попытку): things were going to be desperate, but they decided to give it one more go;
  - (там был е. третий человек): You saw him, you saw me. There was a third man as well.;
  - (тебе надо е. выпить): you need another drink;
  - (у меня возникло ощущение, что в комнату вошёл кто-то е.): I received the distinct sensation that some additional person had entered the room;
  - (у тебя есть е. такое?, т.е. вино): He frowned as he shook the empty bottle. "Do you have another of these, P.?";
  - (холоднее): it was cold yesterday, but it is even colder today;
  - (худшее е. впереди): be of stout heart, the worst is yet to come;
  - (хуже): even worse;
  - (е. через день): a migrant who makes it past the airport today will be in T. tomorrow, and probably in Chicago the day after that;
  - (что е. можно сделать): personally I cannot see what else they can do;
  - (что он е. сказал?): what else did he say;
  - (это е. видно будет / это мы е. посмотрим): whether I came in time or not is yet to be seen;
  - (это е. зачем?): "Shall I come with you?" "What on earth for?"
  ещё более / ещё больше - (изображения разбомблённого горящего города е.б. разожгло страсти): pictures of the bombed and burning city inflamed feelings / passions further;
  - (мы становимся е.б. независимыми): we are growing ever more independent;
  - (отношения стали е.б. натянутыми): relations were further strained in 1994 when the President granted a visa to Gerry Adams;
  - (синева озера стала е.б. зловещей): the lake assumed a more ominous blueness;
  - (это привело к дипломатическому поединку, из-за которого отношения е.б. обострились): it provoked tit-for-tat diplomatic jousting which further strained relations
  ещё бы (т.е. подтверждение) - he orders a crème caramel for dessert, which is not on the menu, but the chef will do it by special request. So he should, thinks M. (the owner of the restaurant). I own the poncy arsehole.;
  - (т.е. согласие): "When Bob gets home and sees this mess, he'll be angry." "Yeah, I'll bet!";
  - (т.е. согласие): "Do you want to go get ice-cream?" "You bet!";
  - (т.е. согласие): "Would you like dessert?" "Now you're talking!";
  - Was it hard? You bet. At times it felt almost unbearable.;
  - "I love it." "You do?" "You bet infml!";
  - "Did it hurt?" "You bet infml!"
  ещё и - (мало того, что он изменял жене, он е. и запугивал её немилосердно): he not only cheated on his wife, but he bullied her unmercifully as well
  ещё не - (высохло чернило на договоре): the ink may barely dry on the treaty;
  - (е.н. готов): Hanoi was not yet ready to establish any formal ties (with the US);
  - (если мы обе лесбиянки, это е.н. значит, что я ей понравлюсь): just 'cause we're both dykes don't mean she'll fancy me;
  - (знаю): I don't know what it is yet, but when time comes, I shall;
  - (мне е.н. попадалась пищевая добавка, о покупке которой я бы не не жалел): I've yet to come across a dietary supplement that I didn't regret buying;
  - (я е.н. слышал двух совпадающих друг с другом объяснений): I've yet to hear any two explanations that agree;
  - (мы е.н. выгрузили груз): we have not discharged cargo yet;
  - (е.н. отказался от надежды): my mood was somber, but I had not yet given up hope;
  - (е.н. пришёл): he hasn't come yet / he's not in yet
  ещё недавно - (е.н. рубль считался слабой валютой): it's not long since the Russian rouble was seen as a basket-case currency
  ещё немного - (е.н., и я бы пал духом): I was within an inch of going to pieces;
  ещё один - (самолёт сделал е.о. вираж): the airplane banked again and began its long drop toward S.;
  - the rebel group is said to have backing from Eritrea, another of Sudan's uneasy neighbors;
  - another issue of global concern;
  - he rummaged in a drawer and produced another sheet of paper;
  - yet another scandal that diminished the Soviet Union in the eyes of the world;
  - the recent exposure of yet another Communist agent high in the civil service;
  - (e.o. глоток): he took another gulp;
  - (е. одна прогулка): one more nighttime stroll into my office, and you will pay!;
  - (е. одна традиция): he has an additional Christmas tradition: giving generously to charity;
  - (е. одно ограничение): the President has a further check on the judiciary in his power to grant pardons
  ещё чего! / ещё чего нехватало! - (т.е. упрёк / неодобрение / презрение): tut-tut;
  - (т.е. возражение): "Where do we get bed and breakfast?" "Now then!" said the Ork. "None of that!";
  - aren't you smart / quick!;
  - (т.е. неодобрение, недовольство): He thinks he can stay with us for a month! The idea of it!;
  - ("Ты совсем спятил." "Спятил? E.ч.! Просто немного возбуждённый.", т.е. возражение): "You're going daffy." "Daffy, nothing! Just a little overexcited, that's all."
  ещё чего захотел! - (т.е. категорический отказ, несогласие): I'll see you blowed / I'll see you damned first rude;
  - (т.е. упрёк / неодобрение / презрение): any more bright ideas / any more bright suggestions!;
  - I'll see you farther first / I'll see you further first rude;
  - I'll see you in hell first rude
  ёмкий - (багажник): that car has a capacious trunk that makes it a good choice for families;
  - (багажник): a small car with a roomy trunk;
  - (рынок): Incredibly Large Market For Diet Pills;
  - (флеш-накопитель / жёсткий диск): large capacity hard disk / USB flash drive
  -ёмкий - (капиталоёмкая / трудоёмкая технология): multinational affiliates, whose parent companies are in the developed countries, may be using the capital-intensive technology while the domestic firms use labour-intensive technology in the host developing countries
  ёмкость - vivarium is usually made of a clear container (often plastic or glass);
  - (ёмкостью 5 галлонов): with a capacity of 5 gallons;
  - (жёсткий диск большой ё-ти): a high capacity hard disc;
  - (жизненная ё. лёгких): lung capacity;
  - (контура пилотного клапана, т.е. гидравлического пресса): pilot valve circuit capacity;
  - (неиспользуемая из-за нестандартности товаров ё. грузовых помещений): broken stowage
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