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  габарит - (вертикальный, мост с вертикальным г-ом): a bridge with overhead clearance of 4 meters;
  - (габариты автомобиля): the external dimensions of the car are 3.47 m (11.4 ft) long, 1.25 m (4.1 ft) wide and 1.10 m (3.6 ft) tall
  габаритный - (задние г-ые огни, т.е. транспортного средства): night time vehicle conspicuity to the rear is provided by rear position lamps / taillamps / tail lamps / taillights / tail lights
  гадание - the Tarot deck is used in occultist divination;
  - (на чайных листьях): Divination and Fortune Telling using Tea Leaves;
  - scrying is the art of foretelling the future or the unknown by looking into an object;
  - a seeress took the leading part in the divination ceremony
  гадать - (цыганка гадала ей): the gipsy was telling fortune to her
  гадить - смотри файл DVIJENIE
  гадость - смотри файл EMOCII
  газ - (бытовой): cooking gas;
  - (т.е. в транспортном средстве): смотри ниже;
  - (г. - одно из четырёх состояний материи): Gas is one of four main states of matter, composed of molecules in constant random motion. Unlike a solid, a gas has no fixed shape and will take on the shape of the space available. Unlike a liquid, the intermolecular forces are very small; it has no fixed volume and will expand to fill the space available.;
  - (парниковые г-ы): greenhouse gases / gasses plural
  газ (т.е. в транспортном средстве) - (дать г.): he slammed down the accelerator;
  - (дать г., т.е. на катере): when the throttles were open the 3 prows rose, the sterns buried into the foaming water;
  - (на полном газу въехать на круговое движение): he guns the car around the turning circle outside the church;
  - (на полном газу въехать на круговое движение): he gunned motorists' slang the car into the rotary;
  - (нажми на г.): step on the gas;
  - (т.е. педаль акселератора): he heard the berserk snarl of the blown exhausts when he hit the accelerator on the open autobahn;
  - (ручное управление тормозом и г-ом): the car had hand controls for braking and acceleration
  газета - (разносить г-ы): The boy busied himself after school with a series of part-time positions. He had newspaper routes and worked in a grocery store as a bag-boy and stock clerk.
  газетёнка (т.е. презрительно) - a small right-wing rag called the Clanton Chronicle
  газообмен - (т.е. кислорода и углерода через кровь): when the gas exchange takes place between the blood in the capillaries and the air in the alveoli...
  галантерейный товар / галантерея - (торговец г-ей): a drygoods dealer
  гамма - (т.е. музыкальная): to play scales;
  - (т.е. музыкальная, учите г-ы): A young trumpeter approached Miles Davis, eager to learn how he got such an intimacy with his instrument. He asked the older musician for some beginning advice. With an orotund voice, Miles responded slowly, "Learn your scales.";
  - (он испытывал всю г-у чувств, от облегчения до раздражения): as the minutes ticked by and she still failed to appear, his emotions ran the gamut from relief to irritation;
  гарант - you will have to be vouched for by a guarantor
  гарантийный - (обслуживание): Nicon reserves the right to refuse free-of-charge warranty service if the above documents cannot be presented or the information contained in it is incomplete or illegible;
  - (письмо): letter of commitment AmE / letter of guarantee;
  - (срок): смотри ниже;
  - (счёт, т.е. по кредиту): the bank set up three accounts, which the parties refer to as the "collateral account," the "loan account," and the "general operating account.";
  - (счёт, банк переводил средства с г-ого счёта на ссудный): Pursuant to the terms of their agreement, the proceeds from the sale of all Zeco's inventory were deposited in the collateral account. The bank periodically, and at its discretion, transferred funds from the collateral account to the loan account, reducing Zeco's loan balance accordingly.;
  - (талон): The warranty card is issued only at the time of original purchase; it is not transferable. The warranty card must be presented to the Nikon Service Facility before any repair can be made under warranty.
  гарантийный срок - the Buyer's Assurance Protection Plan extends the free repair period for most products up to a year;
  - the free repair period offered under the manufacturer's warranty;
  - the Buyer's Assurance Protection Plan extends the free repair period for most products up to a year;
  - flaws revealed during the warranty period should be reported immediately but not later than within 7 days since they were spotted;
  - defects revealed during the warranty period will be removed free of charge
  гарантированный - (дело): the business is assured;
  - (доход): assured income / profit;
  - (масса): weight guaranteed (w.g.)
  - (на 100% г. бизнес): no business is foolproof, no matter how well it's designed, or how often the model has worked elsewhere;
  - (свобода навигации была гарантирована присутствием войск): freedom of navigation in the Strait was guaranteed by a temporary international presence at Sharm-el-Sheikh
  гарантировать - (Конституция гарантирует равные права кому-л): though guaranteed equal rights by the Constitution, neither Ukrainians nor Jews stood much chance of being admitted to the Licée;
  - (работу на 5 лет, т.е. в контракте): we have to guarantee five years" worth of business, with the usual escape clauses;
  - (справедливое проведение судебного разбирательства): the suspect asks the judge to allow his trial to be televised to ensure the proceedings are fairly conducted
  гарантироваться - (гарантируется оплата всех понесённых расходов согласно условиям полиса): any expenses incurred will be guaranteed subject to the terms of the policy;
  - (гарантируется отсутствие дефектов в изделии): this product is guaranteed against defects in material or workmanship for one year from date of purchase;
  - (пользователям, т.е. двигателей, гарантируется точное планирование расходов на техобслуживание): The program undertakes to provide the operator with a fixed engine maintenance cost over an extended period of time. Operators are assured of an accurate cost projection and avoid the costs associated with unscheduled maintenance actions.;
  - (гарантируется ремонт в течение 90 дней): repairs are warranted for 90 days
  гарантия - (банковская): bank guarantee and acknowledgement of term deposit;
  - (в законе для фермеров): the bill failed to provide an adequate safety net for family farms;
  - (вкладов): prolonging the government guarantee on deposits probably won't affect the credit ratings of banks over the short term;
  - (г. выполнения / исполнения, вносить г-ю выполнения / исполнения контракта): the commission will require the developer to post a performance bond to ensure the project proceeds as promised;
  - (дать гарантии, о НАТО): NATO provided assurance to Ukraine that its political status is respected;
  - (занятости): agency workers generally have little or no job security;
  - (г. качественного образования и медицинского обслуживания): Now, in the US, to have assurances of quality education and quality healthcare from birth means being rich;
  - (на будущее): this principle was written into the Constitution as a safeguard for the future
  - (т.е. на изделие, г. изготовителя): the free repair period offered under the manufacturer's warranty;
  - (т.е. на изделие): this warranty shall not apply to any unit which has been subjected to misuse, negligence or accident;
  - (т.е. на изделие, косвенная / подразумеваемая; прямая): except where prohibited by law, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose аre specifically disclaimed: 1) for all "as is" sales, and 2) upon the later to occur of: [A] the expiration of any applicable express warranties, or [B] 90 days from date of purchase;
  - (г. на случай тяжёлых времён в будущем): the money I've saved is my security against bad times in the future;
  - (г. от неуплаты квартирной платы): a security deposit is also frequently paid, equivalent up to three month's rent as security against non-payment of rent;
  - (платежа): acceptance of delivery terms without payment guarantee;
  - (социальные г-ии): social safety net;
  - (того, что обвиняемый явится в суд): bail serves as a guarantee that the accused will appear at his trial;
  - (того, что погода не испортится): clear skies are no guarantee that the weather will stay fine;
  - (того, что товары будут доставлены до пятницы): can you give me your guarantee that the goods will be delivered before Friday?
  гардероб - (пополнить свой г.): my mom and I had pooled our resources to supplement my winter wardrobe, but it was still scanty
  гасить - (вибрацию, винтовка с ложей, гасящей вибрацию): a sniper rifle with a vibration absorbing aluminium stock and a two-stage trigger;
  - (возбуждение ребёнка): the sadness in her voice quenched the boy's excitement at once;
  - (любовь / надежду / огонь): to extinguish love / hope / fire;
  - (окурок): he stubbed the butt into the ground;
  - (пламя): be that time the flames had been extinguished;
  - (свет): he reached up (in the bed) and pulled the toggle that extinguished the light;
  - (сигарету): stubbing out the cigarette, he crossed the room to the bathroom;
  - (фары): the car had doused its lights and merged with the gray shadows of the streets
  гаситься - (вибрация гасится амортизаторами): vibration is damped by shock absorbers
  гаснуть - (о благодарности): gratitudes for past generations fade;
  - (надежды погасли): any expectations he had had that their letters would bring him news had long since been dashed;
  - (о пыле / рвении): my ardour died;
  - (об интересе к проекту): interest in the project has petered out;
  - (об эйфории): euphoria began to fade;
  - (об эйфории): his initial euphoria about the re-unification of Germany was dampened;
  - смотри файл FORMA_VID
  гвоздь - (художественной ярмарки образно): the highlight of the art fair is Ivan Shishkin, the father of Russian 19th-century landscape painting;
  - смотри файл FORMA_VID
  где - (смотреть туда, г. вздымались волны): they gazed forward to where forty-foot waves reared above the ship's port side;
  - (г. спальня?): "Which way is the bedroom?" "This way, baby."
  где бы - (искать, г.б. остановиться): he's looking for somewhere to stay;
  - (искать, г.б. поужинать): he walked to the Market Square, looking for a place to have supper;
  - (искать, г.б. сесть): he glanced about for some place to sit;
  - (г.б. он ни оказался): the talk fell, as it was bound to do sooner or later wherever P. found himself, on the subject of house-hunting in London;
  - (она ни была): wherever she was, though, he was sure that he would be able to find her
  где много - (в кварталах, г.м. иммигрантов): in immigrant-heavy neighborhoods, cash is king in a way it is not several blocks away in Lincoln Park
  где надо - ( "Где ты взял пистолет?" "Г.н."): "Where'd you get the pistol?" "At the gettin' place."
  где только можно - (везде, г.т.м., стояло W): everything that could take it had a W on it surface
  где-нибудь - I amused myself picturing D. stretched out on a beach somewhere;
  - I need somewhere to stay
  гектар - hectare
  гендерный - (исследования): gender / women's studies
  генеральный - (контракт на предоставление услуг): This Master Services Contract sets forth the general terms and conditions under which Utility will provide gas services to Customer pursuant to the applicable Tariff Rate Schedules and Tariff rules which have been filed with the Public Utilities Commission of the State of California, as in effect from time to time;
  - (подрядчик): the lead contractor is Maine's Bath Iron Works, a General Dynamics subsidiary;
  - (секретарь): the Secretary-General of the United Nations is the head of the Secretariat, one of the principal organs of the United Nations.
  генетика - (достижения г-и): breakthroughs in genetic science
  генетический - (прививка не приживётся, если подвой и привой не будут в близком г-ом родстве): the graft will be rejected unless the scion and the under-stock are closely related in a genetic sense
  гениальность - (Караваджо): if it had not been for the artistic genius of Caravaggio, the fate of European painting might have been very different
  гениальный - (бунтарь): a firebrand genius;
  - (решение): a stroke of genius;
  - (сценография режиссёра): S.V.'s magnificent scenery;
  - (ход): a stroke of genius
  гений - (произведение, воплощающее г. Толстого): a work that exemplifies / epitomizes Tolstoy's genius;
  генная инженерия - (искусственное о. растений): plant breeding involves either controlled pollination, genetic engineering, or both, followed by artificial selection of progeny
  геральдика - in heraldry and heraldic vexillology, a blazon is a formal description of a coat of arms or flag, which enables a person to construct or reconstruct the appropriate image
  геральдический - (фигура): the daffodil in heraldic devices represents chivalry;
  - (вексиллология / язык): in heraldry and heraldic vexillology, a blazon is a formal description of a coat of arms or flag, which enables a person to construct or reconstruct the appropriate image
  герб - (государственный г. США): picture of State Emblem of USA on the half dollar coin;
  - (государственный г. Сингапура): on 3 December 1959, the state coat of arms, flag and anthem were presented to the people of Singapore for the first time;
  - the coat of arms engraved on the stone;
  - (школы): a letter bearing the school crest
  гербовый - (марки): I was required to purchase documentary tax stamps whenever I recorded a memorandum of a real estate option agreement in the public records;
  - (г. сбор при продаже дома): stamp duty is paid when one sells a house
  герметизация - (буровой скважины): quality of borehole sealing;
  - (двигателя): Modern vehicles have to meet increasingly stringent standards with respect to environmental protection and noise levels, and in addition to improvements in engine and drive design, these lead to the use of complex noise suppression methods such as engine encapsulation;
  - (стыков, т.е. строительных конструкций): Why Joint Sealing is Important. The building blocks (like the concrete slab, the glass facade element, the roofing membrane, the metal cover) generally do not let water, moisture or air enter the building. It is at the joints where a building is weakest to leakage.;
  - (т.е. создание в кабине самолёта давления, близкого к нормальному для человека): pressurizing AmE / pressurizing BrE;
  герметизированный - (источник радиоактивности): sealed radioactive source;
  - (кабина, т.е. самолёта): pressurized cabin
  герметизировать - (вода герметизировалаа щель вокруг шайбы): the water seals the crack around a washer and helps to create a vacuum;
  - polymer gels could be used to seal and repair arterial defects;
  - (т.е. в аэронавтике): in aeronautics, pressurize AmE / pressurise BrE means to maintain approximately atmospheric pressure when the external pressure is low;
  - (система, герметизирующая кабину самолёта): the system that pressurizes the airplane's cabin failed to operate correctly
  герметически / герметично - (г. закрыть крышку скороварки): Cooking food in a pressure cooker requires adding enough water to the pot, adding your food, sealing the lid carefully and turning on the heat. When the water comes to a boil, enough pressure is built up inside and heat is turned down to low to maintain that pressure.;
  - (г. закрываться, о крышке скороварки): pressure cookers are basically pots with elaborate lids that seal to allow pressure to build up inside them;
  - (краб г. упаковывается перед продажей): frozen boiled crab is vacuum packed before sale;
  - (г. закрываться): the openings used for loading and unloading shall be capable of being closed hermetically;
  - (г. запечатываться): a container body having an opening which is closed and hermetically sealed with a cover;
  - (г. запечатанный): hermetically sealed windows help to keep out cold air
  герметичность - (т.е. водонепроницаемость): properties of the material ensure complete watertightness of tanks;
  - (т.е. воздухонепроницаемость): to apply a flexible sealant to ensure complete airtightness at this point;
  - (проверка на г. автомобиля): Damage is inflicted on the inside of the car by the smell of smoke or by the water used in the sealing quality test. This damage occurs because the completely constructed car is tested using physical means such as smoke or water. Any minute holes or chasms formed in the car cannot be found by the naked eye of the examiner.;
  - (проверка на г. автомобиля): in these conventional methods of testing the sealing quality of the car, the following problems occur...;
  - (г. розничной упаковки): the tightness of retail packagings and of their closures is of primary importance both for domestic and industrial products
  герметичный - (т.е. водонеприницаемый): watertight box;
  - (т.е. воздухонепроницаемый): airtight canisters / packaging;
  - (г-ое уплотнение вокруг душа): to clean the caulking around bathtubs and showers, fill a trigger spray-bottle with vodka, spray the caulking, let sit for 5 mins, and wash clean;
  - (герметики для стыков позволят зданию оставаться г-ым в течение всего срока службы): joint sealants will manage to keep your building sustainably tight during its entire lifespan
  героизм - (т.е. военнослужащего): he was awarded the Medal of Honor for his heroics in Afghanistan
  героический - (попытка): he made a valiant effort to get up but fell back with a whimper of pain
  герой - (войны): a war hero;
  - (главный г. фильма): the response of the audience to the film's central character;
  - (т.е. литературного произведения): смотри ниже;
  - (матча): the real hero of the match was the goalkeeper
  герой (т.е. литературного произведения) - it's a good story but I find some of the characters rather unconvincing;
  - (главный положительный г.): the archetypical plot consists of a situation (the protagonist meets a problem), complication (the problem makes the protagonist do something about it in a series of actions / reactions of rising intensity), climax (the protagonist must solve the problem or be broken by it), resolution (the problem unwinds, the protagonist succeeds of fails), and an anticlimax (leftovers are carted off or explained away);
  - (заглавный): the title character in fiction is the fictional character whose name is contained in the title, as in Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling;
  - ( отрицательный г. ): Sauron is the and the principal antagonist of the fantasy novel The Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien;
  - (положительные герои): the great protagonists of the following chapters
  геройство - Let's see what she can tell us of this man and his dealings. And of his other heroics ironic.;
  - (на стадионе): admissions tutors care not a fig about their future students" prowess on the sports field
  географический - (миля / понятие): geographic / geographical mile / expression;
  - (название): further knowledge can be gained from the study of place-names;
  - (объект): generally a map is named after its outstanding geographical feature
  гетто - (язык негритянского г.): he could adopt a refined demeanor and then move with the next utterance into the squealing ghettoese
  гибель - (г. близка): the tides of fate had turned against them and their doom was at hand;
  - (заговор приведёт к г-ли Церкви): the plot that would bring about the demise of the entire Church;
  - (кого-л при взрыве): many Lebanese blame Syria for the slaying of H. in a bombing on a seafront street;
  - (на краю г-ли, т.е. после тяжёлой травмы, он был на краю г-ли, но он выживет): he had a close call, but he'll make it;
  - (она была на волосок от г-л,): she came within a hair of being killed two days ago;
  - (предотвратить ненужную г. дельфинов и тюленей): to prevent the unwanted deaths of dolphins and seals, the Natal Sharks Board lifts shark nets for the duration of a Sardine Run;
  - (трагическая г. его родителей): deprived of love since the tragic demise of his parents, he...;
  - (уникальных диких животных, т.е. вымирание): the loss of unique wildlife
  гибельный - (влияние): this decision will have a disastrous impact on foreign policy;
  - (мутация): deleterious mutation is genetic alteration that increases an individual's susceptibility or predisposition to a certain disease or disorder;
  - (политика): we are in the eleventh hour to stop this suicidal policy, the illegal and unlawful mass influx of migrants;
  - (последствия): Who Is Responsible When Fake News Has Fatal Consequences?;
  - (последствия): military and climate experts, including a former chief of the defence force, have warned that Australia faces potential "disastrous consequences" from climate change, including "revolving" natural disasters and the forced migration of tens of millions of people across the region, overwhelming security forces and government;
  - (союз): by the 1790s the First Polish Republic had deteriorated into such a helpless condition that it was successfully forced into an unnatural and ultimately deadly alliance with its enemy, Prussia;
  - (что было гибельно для страны): the Ukraine had always traditionally been divided into two, which has been its downfall
  гибкий - (график, работать по г-ому графику): he works flexible hours, nights or weekends;
  - (план): flexible plan;
  - (стратегия / тактика): principles and values in politics should not be compromised, but strategies and tactics must be flexible enough to make progress possible;
  - (г-ие условия отпуска по уходу за ребёнком): a flexible, generous maternity leave provision;
  - смотри файл FORMA_VID
  гибко - special circumstances (e.g. moving from overseas) can be handled with flexibility, but you must discuss these in advance with someone in the personnel team
  гибкость - (в оплате расходов на переезд): special circumstances (e.g. moving from overseas) can be handled with flexibility, but you must discuss these in advance with someone in the personnel team;
  - смотри файл FORMA_VID
  гиблый - (дело): give up that idea - it's a lost cause
  гибрид - (осла и лошади): the hybrid from a donkey and a horse is called a mule;
  - (афганской гончей и пограничной колли, т.е. о собаке): The Afghan Collie is not a purebred dog. It is a cross between the Afghan Hound and the Border Collie.
  гигант - (стоять на плечах г-ов): if I have seen farther it was by standing on the shoulders of giants
  гигантский - (дверь): the giant oak front door;
  - (задача / здание): a gigantic task / building;
  - (змея / пёс / черепаха): a gigantic snake / black dog / tortoise;
  - (кальмар): the giant squid happens to be the largest invertebrate on Earth;
  - (кальмар): the giant squid was waving its tentacles lazily above the water;
  - (компания): giant companies are announcing massive layoffs;
  - (корпорация): giant monopolistic corporations;
  - (кролик): the passage twisted and turned, more like a burrow of a giant rabbit than anything else;
  - (паук): giant spider;
  - (плавательный бассейн): a gigantic salt-water swimming facility is conveniently located nearby;
  - (потери): the company has made gigantic losses this year;
  - (пятно нефти): the gigantic stain (oil slick) was moving sluggishly on the face of the water;
  - (руки): gigantic hands;
  - (сухогруз): a giant dry-cargo ship was easing downriver on the tide
  гигиена - (соблюдать основные правила г-ы): you can reduce, but not eliminate the risk of catching or spreading influenza during a pandemic by maintaining good basic hygiene
  гигиенический - (прокладка): sanitary napkin;
  - (санитарно-г-ие товары): general merchandise: all nonfood items in a grocery store, except health and beauty aids
  гигиеничный - (жильё): sanitary dwelling;
  - (туалеты): there are no sanitary toilets, no sewage system
  гидродинамический - (сила): the flow of water over the underwater hull portions creates a hydrodynamic force
  гимн - (речь была г-ом образно, восхваляющим философию государственности): the speech was a hymn of praise to a public philosophy rooted in my personal religious values;
  - (национальные г-ы обеих стран): the military band played both nations" national anthems;
  - (национальный): the Irish national anthem blared from all sides;
  - the song became a catchall anthem for adolescent angst of all varieties;
  - (т.е. церковный, пение г-ов): he used to embarrass us with his loud, off-key hymn singing;
  - (чему-л, т.е. похвала образно): Ayn Rand's hymn to capitalism
  гипертрофированный - (гениталии): he is reported to have had hypertrophied genitals;
  - (полномочия): because of the Senate's rules, a lone member like Kentucky Republican R.P. holds outsized power, and he exercised it over the weekend to prevent the Senate from renewing the Patriot Act
  гипертрофия - (органа тела мед): hypertrophy is an enlargement of an organ caused by excessive nutrition;
  - (тяжёлой промышленности образно): overemphasis on heavy industry in the Soviet economy
  гипертрофированный - (самоуверенность): chutzpah AmE slang;
  - (самолюбие): hubris / egomania;
  - excessive / outsized
  гипотеза - A hypothesis (hypotheses plural) is a proposed explanation for a phenomenon. For a hypothesis to be a scientific hypothesis, the scientific method requires that one can test it.;
  - "How is the investigation going?" "Well, so far, just a hunch infml.";
  гипотетический - (допущение / предположение): speculative assumption;
  - (идеи): the flow of his speculative ideas;
  - (настоящая или г-ая несправедливость): she would look at me calmly while I carried on about some real or perceived injustice in the world
  глава - (государства): heads of state;
  - (государства / правительства): chiefs of state and government walked over to shake their new ally's hand;
  - the Deputy Chief of Mission in the Embassy was a carrier foreign-service officer named W.K.;
  - (книги / кодекса): a chapter of a book / a code;
  - (г. направления по Северной Корее в Белом доме): the North Korea pointman in President G.W. Bush's White House;
  - (правительства): heads of government;
  - (правительства): chiefs of state and government walked over to shake their new ally's hand;
  - (раздела книги / статьи): chapter of a section;
  - (семьи): the head and the sole breadwinner of the family;
  - (семьи): you can claim the Head of Household (HOH) filing status on your tax return if you are unmarried, have cared for a dependent for over half the year, and paid more than half the cost of maintaining a home;
  - (толпа с кем-л во г-е): he saw a gaggle of Gryffindor supporters sprinting onto the field, Ron in the lead;
  - (факультета): the head of the department;
  главенство - (признавать г. Римско-католической церкви и папы): Westminster Abbey was founded in the 10th century. Then most Christians in Europe accepted the authority of the Roman Catholic Church and the Pope.;
  - several warring personalities struggled for preeminence in the same individual
  главнее - (жизнь матери должна быть г. жизни плода): the mother's life should have precedence over the life of the fetus
  главное - (г. было осуществить мечту): A lot of guys I knew in the army were obsessed with cars. They went for sports cars. Some of them were in hock up their eyeballs, but they didn't care. It was all about living the dream.;
  - it became clear that the bottom line was not rebuilding the RTL foundations, but one-pass, predictable implementation from a microarchitecture;
  - (г. в жизни банкира главное - не деньги): The staple of your private banker's life was not cash. It wasn't bull markets, bear markets, hedge funds or derivatives. It was cock-up. It was the permanent sound of excrement hitting your proverbial fan. So if you didn't happen to like living in a state of unremitting siege, the odds were that private banking wasn't for you.;
  - (г. в молитве не слова, а чувства): sometimes prayer is less about words than pure emotion;
  - (г. в политике - деньги и власть / сила идей): M. thought politics was about money and power, F. thought politics was about the power of ideas;
  - (г. в пропаганде организации - убедить немцев, что...): the mainstay of the organisation's propaganda is to persuade the Germans that the SS men were in fact patriotic soldiers;
  - (г. в спорте не победа, а участие): sports is not about winning, it's about taking part;
  - (г. в турнире - выиграть): the whole tournament's supposed to be about winning;
  - (г. в школе - сдать экзамены): it is the view of the Ministry that a theoretical knowledge will be more than sufficient to get you through your examination, which, after all, is what school is about;
  - (вчера г-ым было...): if yesterday was about balancing budgets and revamping taxation, the present demands major changes to education;
  - (г. для нас - качество): we must focus on / emphasize quality;
  - (г. - найти свою истину, найти идею, ради которой хочется жить и умереть): the crucial thing is to find a truth which is truth for me, to find the idea for which I am willing to live and die;
  - (г. не это, г. - что с этим делать): that's not the issue; the issue is what you do about it;
  - (самое г. сейчас для меня - вода): The meat does little to quench my thirst. Water is my top priority now.
  - (г. событие художественной ярмарки образно): the highlight of the art fair is Ivan Shishkin, the father of Russian 19th-century landscape painting;
  - (г., что мы герметизировали место утечки): the bottom line is we've got the leak sealed off, and the pressure is holding;
  - (чтобы мы не упустили г.): lest we miss the point, the senior Chinese representative in UK demonstrated that nothing occurred in the British Crown Colony beyond the ken of Peking;
  - (г., чтобы): If the skin is totally dried out, it will take more time and effort, involving periodic stretching until the skin is completely floppy and saturated. The bottom line is that skins should be wet and pliable for the fleshing process.;
  - (чтобы что-то сделать, главное - это знать что можно оставить несделанным): the whole point of getting things done is knowing what to leave undone;
  - (г. - это то, что нам не всё равно): We enjoy and excel at building successful and lasting working partnerships with our jobseekers and our clients alike. What counts most is that WE CARE!
  главный - (база ВМФ): the first attack went off well, eliminating 12 warships and laying waste to one of the principal naval bases;
  - (быть г-ым): he called the shots, but was confident enough to hear out those with whom he might disagree;
  - (вклад): major contribution;
  - (вопрос): the most basic question;
  - (вопрос): we began an intimate dialogue on major world issues;
  - (ворота): the main dock gates habitually stand open in the daytime;
  - (г. врач государственной службы здравоохранения, подразделения Министерства здравоохранения и социальных служб США, Department of Health and Human Services): the President was swearing in a new surgeon general;
  - (вход): the imposing main doorway;
  - (вход в музей): two masked thieves walked into the crowded museum in broad daylight, yanked the pictures from the wall and left through the front door;
  - (герой, т.е. книги): the great protagonists of the following chapters;
  - (г-ое действующее лицо монетаристской политики): Friedman was one of the chief protagonists of monetarist economic policy;
  - (действующее лицо книги / спектакля): the stage was the world, the principal characters were the chief officials of the leading powers;
  - (г-ое действующее лицо фильма): the main protagonist of the movie;
  - (дорога): main road;
  - (достижение): Dick Cheney's crowning achievement as CEO of Halliburton was engineering the acquisition of Dresser Industries;
  - (егерь): the head huntsman with a horn in his hand;
  - (забота): major concern;
  - (задача): here is the central task for Mr Bush: he needs to reduce uncertainty and fear in financial markets by promoting policies that are stable and predictable;
  - (инспектор, т.е. сыскной полиции): I didn't know he had made chief inspector;
  - (инструктор): chief instructor;
  - (инструмент): the theory is usually the major tool in the reduction process;
  - (источник информации): chief source of information;
  - (компромисс): basic compromise;
  - (кто в этом доме г.?): who is calling the shots infml in this house?;
  - (г. момент матча): recorded highlights of today's football game will be shown after the news;
  - (начальник): the fourth man was evidently in command;
  - (недостаток): major fault;
  - (новость дня): the in-depth analysis of the top story of the day;
  - (опасность): we should keep our eye on the fundamental challenge;
  - (оперативный директор / руководитель): Chief Operating Officer (COO);
  - (официальное лицо): the stage was the world, the principal characters were the chief officials of the leading powers;
  - (официант): head waiter;
  - (персонаж): you've left out one of the chief characters: Samwise the Stouthearted;
  - (площадь города): Russian troops seized the main square in Grozny;
  - (подозреваемый, он был г-ым п-ым по делу): police said T. was the prime suspect in the case;
  - (подозреваемый): Bombmaker in Yemen a Key Suspect. I.H. al-Asiri, considered a key figure in al-Qaida's most active franchise, is now the chief suspect behind the mail bombs sent from Yemen and bound for the United States.;
  - (подозреваемый): the main suspect in the bombing;
  - (г. предмет обсуждения): the role of women in war has been a hot topic of debate in America since the Gulf conflict;
  - (препятствие): major obstacle;
  - (препятствие): to get Transnet ready for privatization, the main obstacle being the $4.5 billion debt at Spoornet, its rail offshoot;
  - (г. привратник колледжа): a college's Head Porter;
  - (придавать г-ое значение чему-л): Islam retains its emphasis on a strict adherence to certain religious practices;
  - (приоритет): смотри ниже;
  - (причина): смотри ниже;
  - (проблема): смотри ниже;
  - (пункт): main clause;
  - (результат): fundamental result;
  - (результат): if we make these changes, the bottomline is that the company will save...; - (роль): смотри ниже;
  - (г-ая жила, т.е. рудная, напасть на г-ую жилу): to strike the mother lode;
  - (свойство): The earth's crust's top layer is called soil. It can consist of up to five layers. The E horizon, also known as the eluvial horizon, is only present in some forest soils because it is created when water becomes acidic as it leaches from the soils above. The main feature of this layer is the loss of aluminum, iron, and silicate clay.;
  - (секретарь): he called his principal secretary;
  - (событие): one of the highlights of the carnival is a dance parade;
  - (г-ые события дня, т.е. в сводке радио- или теленовостей): we'll bring you up to speed on the day's top stories after this commercial break;
  - (соперник): chief rival;
  - (специальность): The officer's primary specialty is one of those for which he or she qualified. The primary specialty is the specialty that will receive greatest emphasis during the officer's assignment and education.;
  - (г-ая сторона здания): facade is the principal face or front of a building;
  - (судья): the chief justice has delivered a verdict;
  - (товарная культура): in Virginia tobacco was the chief cash crop;
  - (г. торговый комплекс города): the main city shopping complex;
  - (угроза): major threat;
  - (удар, принять на себя г. удар): the 735th Guards Infantry Regiment took the brunt of the attack;
  - (улица): she worked in a high street fashion store;
  - (управление КГБ): the First Chief Directorate of the KGB;
  - (управление КГБ): a fast-rising young colonel of the second Chief Directorate;
  - (г-ое управление компании, т.е. помещение): he ushers me into the executive dining room on the 38th floor of the company's world headquarters;
  - (учитель): head teacher;
  - (факторы): chief factors;
  - (факторы распространения растений): the chief agents of dispersal are wind and animals;
  - (фасад): the traditional ceremony in front of the principal facade of the White House;
  - (цель): primary objective;
  - (цель): the whole point of the convention is ...;
  - (часть костюма прорицательницы): the seeress wore a special costume, of which the headdress seems to have formed the essential part;
  - (шифровальщик): chief cipher clerk;
  - (элемент): we made it a central element of our foreign policy
  главный (приоритет) - his first priority was the protection of R.;
  - the President defines top diplomatic priorities;
  - the privacy of people who were victims of the Stasi must be a top priority over every other interest, including those of historians, scientists and journalists;
  - I expect it to be a major priority in our international policy;
  - his team adroitly maneuvered through the details of the budget bills, giving a concession here and there in order to secure funding for our big priorities
  главный (причина) - main reason;
  - a prime reason for our economic decline is lack of investment;
  - the fundamental motive that brought on the building of a better ship was economic need;
  - my primary motivation behind buying a car, despite the scarcity of my funds, was that I refused to be driven around in a police car (her father's)
  главный (проблема) - the main problem facing this sector is competition from synthetic fibres;
  - to solve the basic problem of restricting government access to personal data held by private companies
  - the central problem for these countries is how to channel the income from mineral exports into the building of human and physical capital
  - the meagerness of the agreement is not the central issue;
  - the uppermost problem on their minds was the fear that Germany would seize the country;
  - the overall problem was that the Chinese had strategic, if not tactical, surprise
  главный (роль) - if we could preserve this position, we were likely to emerge in a central role in the peace process;
  - (г-ая женская роль в фильме): the film's female lead;
  - (играть г-ую роль, страховые компании играют г-ую роль в системе медицинского страхования): we had a crazy-quilt pattern of coverage (of medical expenses) in which insurance companies called the shots infml;
  - (решение о распределении г-ых ролей было за ним): for the major roles, the final decision was always his;
  - (т.е. в спектакле / фильме): leading role;
  - (т.е. в спектакле / фильме): he plays the lead;
  - Jodie Foster, key role, "The Silence of Lambs"
  главным образом - (использоватся г.о., олово г.о. используется в сплавах): a major use of tin has been as a constituent of alloys;
  - the casualties in this war are mainly civilians;
  - the staff is composed primarily of part-time volunteers;
  - it is notable primarily for the amount of illegal copying;
  - we limit ourselves primarily to the algebraic theory of quantum groups;
  - (предназначенная г.о. для детей пантомима): aimed primarily at children, pantomime includes jokes and innuendos that are above the children and aimed at adults;
  - the causes of the panic were chiefly overproduction and overspeculation;
  - it is remarkable chiefly for...;
  - Russia and America had retired all of their ballistic weapons, chiefly as a reaction to the nuclear terrorist explosion;
  - this is achieved predominantly through its members
  глаголить - (устами младенцев глаголет истина): as they say, truth comes from the mouths of babes
  гладить по головке (т.е. похвалить) - younger members seemed to crave greater recognition than an internal pat on the head
  гладкий - (волосы): lank hair;
  - (волосы): her hair was sleek and shiny;
  - (крыса): sleek rat;
  - (крысы): next to the glossy rats in the cage, he looked especially woebegone;
  - (поверхность, т.е. бетона): create a smooth surface by using a trowel;
  - (поверхность воды): the still surface of the water;
  - (построение фразы): his turn of phrase was too polished for extemporaneous speech;
  - (футбольное поле): the field looked smooth as velvet from their lofty position
  гладко - (г. выбритое лицо): clean-shaven face;
  - (преемственность ведущих должностей должна происходить г.): ideally, the succession in key posts should be seamless, with neither the company itself nor the outside world noticing any disturbances or disruption;
  - (пройти, она была довольна тем, как г. прошло завершение сделки по купле-продаже дома): she was pleased at how smoothly the closing had gone on the house she had just helped sell;
  - (проходить, смена руководителя должна пройти г.): even where able managers are available, the transition needs to be handled smoothly
  глаз - (глаза разбегаются, у меня г. разбегались): dizzied by the multitude of choices, I opted for the Italian roast beef;
  - (глаза разбегаются, у нас глаза разбегаются, т.е. слишком большой выбор): at this time of the year we are spoilt for when it comes to vegetables;
  - (глаза разбегаются, у моих друзей глаза разбегались от возможностей потребления): my friends from the Eastern bloc were dizzied by the overwhelming abundance of consumer choices when they came to the West;
  - (глазами, история глазами тех, кто её пережил): History Through The Eyes Of Those Who Lived It;
  - (глазами, Иллиада глазами Ахилла): the story of Homer's Illiad as seen through the eyes of Achilles;
  - (закрывать глаза на любовниц своего мужа): she had long since learned to turn a blind eye fig to her husband's mistresses;
  - (закрывать глаза на правду): the one that knows the truth and have chosen to close his eyes to the truth;
  - (и глазом не моргнув, оплатить завышенный счёт): she paid the exorbitant bill without batting an eyelid;
  - (и глазом не моргнув образно, он уклонился от расспросов): he sidestepped the reporter's probe into his personal life without missing a beat;
  - (и глазом не моргнуть образно, т.е. не подавать вида): "So what did she say when you told her you were leaving?" "She didn't bat an eyelid."
  - (краем г-а, клянусь, что краем г-а видела, как он смеялся): I stared straight ahead, but from a peripheral peek, I would swear I saw him laughing;
  - (наблюдать за кем-л хитрыми глазами): he surveyed her out of shrewd, narrow eyes;
  - (положить г. на кого-л образно, т.е. она ему понравилась): he has set his sights on her;
  - (положить г. на кого-л образно): many big clubs in Europe set their sights on the footballer, but it was AC Milan who snapped him up;
  - (попасться на г-а, он уплетал всё, что попадалось ему н.г.): he was shoveling down whatever he set his eyes on;
  - (радовать г.): I'm sure hungry. This meal is a sight for sore eyes.;
  - (радовать г. ): Classic Salzburg is a sight for sore eyes, with impressive buildings (most date back to the baroque period) dominating the scenery.;
  - (раскрыть глаза образно на что-л, показания экспертов раскрывают г. присяжным на общеизвестные вещи): in some cases, expert testimony disabuses jurors of commonly familiar subjects;
  - (расти в г-ах начальства): he was rising in the esteem of his superiors;
  - (своими глазами увидеть): смотри ниже;
  - (смотреть на кого-л, сощурив глаза / щуриться на кого-л разными г-ами): he was squinting suspiciously at her through his mismatched eyes;
  - (тупые травмы г-а): blunt injuries to the eye;
  - (у тебя г. на такие вещи): you've really got an eye for that sort of things;
  - (химические ожоги г-а): chemical burns to the eye;
  - (глазки): смотри ниже
  глаз (своими глазами увидеть) - we've got to see it for ourselves;
  - (писатель своими г-ами увидел антисанитарию на мясоперерабатывающих предприятиях): the writer saw for himself the sloppy practices in the meat-packing houses;
  - I was gratified that he wanted to see China firsthand, to make his own judgment about whether China should join the WTO;
  - (...чтобы они своими г-ами увидели, как работает правительство): the 9-week summer program placed students in agencies and congressional offices for a first hand look at "how government works"
  глазки (строить глазки) - I glared at him. It wasn't easy - or would have been more natural to ogle.;
  - (кому-л): one girl had fallen in heat with A., and the other one immediately began making eyes at M.
  гласить - (газета помещает фото под заголовком, который гласит...): the newspaper runs one of the photos on the front page under a headline that reads "Spider-Man: Thief?";
  - (закон гласил, что...): the act held that anyone who knowingly transports any person who is unlawfully kidnapped and held for ransom shall be punished by death if the kidnapped person is not liberated unharmed and the jury recommends it;
  - (как гласил фольклор): He was polishing his glasses. The speed of his circular movements with handkerchief on the lenses, so went the folklore, was in direct proportion to the pace of his thinking.;
  - (как гласит легенда): as the legend has it;
  - (как гласит легенда): he saw the Indians bathing in the steaming springs, and legend has it, though he had discovered the fountain of youth;
  - (как гласит легенда): the modern city of Rome, as legend goes, was built on 7 hills;
  - (о вывеске): the notice should read;
  - (о названии): "Operation Witchcraft," read the title on the first volume;
  - (житейская мудрость гласит): the conventional wisdom says that the higher the turnout the better for the democrats
  гласность - his power base consists of secret service officers and state enterprise managers, groups known for corruption and secrecy rather than market reform and transparency;
  - The bill required full independent audits of the Fed's operations; videotaping the meetings of the Fed's policymaking committee; and releasing detailed minutes of the policy meetings within a week, rather than the Fed being allowed, as it is now, to issue vague summaries of its decisions six weeks later. Wouldn't knowledge and full disclosure strengthen the
  faith of the American public in their monetary authorities?;
  - in late 1986 and early 1987, when Mikhail Gorbachev introduced his policy of glasnost" (openness), the collapse of Soviet communism appeared utterly inconceivable to nearly everyone;
  - (достичь г-ти с помощью свободных и честных выборов): stability and transparency can only be achieved from a free and fair election;
  - (г. означает открытость решений и действий / г. в государственном секторе): Transparency means openness of decisions and actions. Put another way, it means a free flow of information about decisions and actions, from source to recipient. Here, we are interested in public sector transparency.;
  - (предание г-ти досье): the exposure of the dossier would lead to a welter of prosecutions that could only jerk the population out of its growing apathy toward the question of continuing pursuit of wanted SS-men;
  - (преданный г-ти): even with the intimate friends, a Japanese salaryman would not discuss goings-on in the office until after they were overt and public;
  - (стремиться к г-и, когда речь шла о его вИдении реформ): he ran for daylight when it came for his vision of reform
  глобальный - (взгляд на бизнес): the CEO of the group is a Brit who takes a holistic view of business
  - (картина положения на мировых рынках): the global take of how the markets are faring;
  - (подход к проблеме): Restricting the entry of heavy vehicles could ease / mitigate the problem, but not for long. The problem calls for a comprehensive / integrated approach. / It would take a comprehensive approach to solve the problem
  глотка - (бедняки готовы перерезать друг другу г-и): Kenya's Poor at Each Other's Throats. Those who have nothing are looting those who have a little bit more.;
  - смотри файл MEDI_ANAT
  глохнуть - (о человеке): he was growing deaf; his eyesight was deteriorating;
  - (сочинял ли Бетховен музыку после того, как оглох?): did Beethoven compose music after he went deaf?;
  - смотри файл DVIJENIE
  глубже - (зарыться г. в песок): I dug myself lower into the sand;
  - (увязать, по мере того, как мы всё г. увязаем образно в Ливии,...): as we sink ever deeper in the Libyan mire it is easy to forget that, not so long ago, we enjoyed an enviable reputation for winning wars
  глубина - (в г-е комнаты): lurking at the back of the room is a 50-something man;
  - (в г-е магазина): loading bay BrE / loading dock AmE is a space at the back of a shop where goods are delivered or taken away;
  - (в г-е лесов): in the depth of the woods;
  - (заделать удобрения в почву на г-у 4 дюйма): where a soil test has been made, broadcast the required amount of recommended fertilizer and work into the soil to a 4-inch depth;
  - (отверстие г-ой 9 футов): a hole in the concrete about 20 feet across by 9 feet deep;
  - (в г-е сада): the pond at the bottom of his garden;
  - (уйти в г-у дома): he waddled off into the back of the house
  глубина души - (в г-е д. верить): deep in my heart, I do believe we shall overcome some day;
  - (в г-е д. знать): she knew it in her heart of hearts;
  - (огорчать до г-ы д.): it grieves me to the heart;
  - (потрясён до г-ы д.): I'm shocked to the core
  глубинка - (в г-е): the community health workers, who are indigenous to the regions in which they work, represent a vital link between the public health system and the population in remote areas;
  - (в самой г-е, т.е. в сельской местности и вдали от берегов океана): in Malaysia, malaria risk exists only in limited foci in the deep hinterland. Urban and coastal areas are free from malaria.;
  - (поощрять развитие в г-е): he announced a $500-million business startup plan and tax incentives to stimulate development in the outlying regions;
  - (приспособиться к жизни в г-е): In 1950s the government began to organize and fund migration for land reclamation, industrialization, and construction in the interior and frontier regions. In the 1960s, during the Cultural Revolution, many city youths were sent to the frontier areas. Much of the resettled population returned home, however, because of insufficient government support, harsh climate, and a general inability to adjust to life in the outlying regions.;
  - (проповедник нёс Библию в г-у Оклахомы): the preacher was bringing the Bible to the backwoods of Oklahoma;
  - (фургон мчался по дороге где-то в г-е): the station wagon raced down a backcountry road
  глубокий - (анализ): in-depth analysis;
  - (благодарность): deep gratitude;
  - (взаимопонимание): there is a deep understanding between them;
  - (г. вираж с большим креном): sharp bank / curve;
  - (влияние): this fact has had a profound impact in recent years;
  - (влияние): he had a profound influence on other painters;
  - (впечатление): my arguments left a deep impression;
  - (грузовой отсек самолёта): the transport is capable of carrying whole tanks in its cavernous interior;
  - (дыхание): a deep breath;
  - (г-ой зимой): in February 1779, in dead winter;
  - (г-ой зимой): I was in Afghanistan in the deep of winter;
  - (снег): an open field where the snow was thick;
  - (извинения): I offer my deepest apologies to...
  - (знание): M. who, by conducting original research, has demonstrated thorough knowledge of computer science;
  - (знание): смотри ниже;
  - (изучение): A case-study involves the in-depth study of a single example of whatever it is that the sociologist wishes to investigate. They do this by comparing many countries, few countries, or they provide in-depth studies of single countries.;
  - (интерес, проявлять г. интерес к искусственному интеллекту): White House Takes Deep Interest In AI.
  The US government is seeking a more active role in shaping the direction of AI research and development.;
  - (интерес): he was looking at her with the keenest interest;
  - (книга): the book is profound;
  - (книга): intimate, powerful and inspiring, the book captures the essence of this remarkable woman;
  - (комментарии образно): she made insightful comments;
  - (наблюдение): a cunning observation;
  - (отчаяние): he is in deep despair;
  - (недовольство): the book expressed the deep-seated discontent of Americans;
  - (г-ой ночью): смотри ниже;
  - (озабоченность): European anxiety about food safety is far more profound than in the United States;
  - (отвращение): years of journalism had given him a deep loathing of waiting rooms;
  - (перемены в живописи): it was around that time that a profound transformation took place in his painting;
  - (печаль): by that time the adrenaline of the crisis had worn off, and I was left with nothing but profound sadness, disappointment and unresolved anger;
  - (подозрение): the man treated him with the profoundest suspicion;
  - (познания): he has demonstrated thorough knowledge of computer science;
  - (понимание): he had keen insight into both foreign and domestic affairs;
  - (порядочность): a stunning demonstration of the fundamental decency of the American people;
  - (преданность): a deep commitment to feminist principles;
  - (приверженность принципам): a deep commitment to feminist principles;
  - (разочарование): he has suffered a severe disappointment;
  - (разочарование): the National Farmers" Union has expressed its bitter disappointment at the outcome of a vote in the environment committee of the European Parliament;
  - (разочарование): only a faint tremor in her voice revealed her acute disappointment;
  - (рана): a deep wound;
  - (расследование): there was definitely enough here to justify a more probing investigation;
  - (река): the river is very deep here;
  - (соболезнования, примите мои глубокие с. в связи с кончиной вашего брата): my heartfelt sympathy to you on the loss of your brother;
  - (сон): смотри ниже;
  - (статья): insightful article;
  - (тон / цвет): a tough, quick-drying pastel ideally suited for applying intense color to flat surfaces;
  - (убеждение): it is my strong conviction that...;
  - (глубочайшее уважение): my mother commanded the utmost respect;
  - (г. уважение к правительству): reverence for the government
  глубокий - (знание): M. who, by conducting original research, has demonstrated thorough knowledge of computer science;
  - (знание): his profound knowledge of Soviet affairs;
  - (знание): his medical writings show a profound knowledge of ancient Greek authors;
  - (г-ое знание живого английского языка): in psychiatry one needs an intimate knowledge of idiomatic English;
  - (знание, опыт выращивания сахарного тростника разжёг в нём тягу к более г-ому знанию отрасли): Early in his career did young D. become acquainted with the sugar industry. General experience in the cultivation of sugar cane only served to whet his appetite for a more intimate knowledge of the industry and he resolved to strike out for himself.
  глубокий (г-ой ночью) - the fire broke out in the dead of night;
  - they were trying to sneak up on him in the dead of night;
  - a country where even in the dead of night in a deserted street, pedestrians conscientiously wait for the green light before they cross;
  - mudded footage of a man dismounting from rear of lorry at dead of night;
  - at dead of night, when all is still, and silence sleeps on Bethlehem's hill, the angel hosts descend to earth to tell us of a Saviour's birth;
  - in the General Hospital, a ward orderly was patrolling his ward in the small hours of the morning
  глубокий (сон) - all four of them appeared to be in a very deep sleep;
  - (погрузиться в г. сон): he fell into a profound sleep;
  - Deep sleep is the most refreshing sleep, as subjectively described by people after they wake up. Deep / heavy sleep is so called because it is more difficult to awaken people in this stage than in light sleep, and if woken suddenly from this stage, people have sleep inertia.;
  - I had drifted into deep, rapturous slumber
  глубоко - (благоговеть перед кем-л): he was deeply in awe of Harry;
  - (верующие): fervent believers and active members of the Communist Party;
  - (внизу): the grating was an outlet for the smoke from the galley deep down in the hold;
  - (задумавшись): he paced the carpet, deep in thought;
  - (г. засевшее чувство обречённости): his ingrained sense of doom;
  - (исследовать что-л): to explore something in depth;
  - (оскорблённый): he looked highly affronted;
  - (г. ошибаться по всем вопросам): John McCain is a good man who has served his country with great dedication and honor, but he is dead wrong on all important issues facing America;
  - (преисполненный, слово, г. преисполненное ненависти): when the first Asian student saw the word foreigner, the unaccustomed combination of g and n perplexed them, so they invented an expressive pronunciation which included all the letters, heavily fraught with hatred, envy and contempt;
  - (пуританский дух кого-л): it was the profligacy and dizzying corruption that turned his basically puritan spirit to a conviction that...;
  - (разочарован): his lawyer was bitterly disappointed;
  - (убеждённый, я г. убеждён, что...): it is my strong conviction that...;
  - (уважаемый): he was a highly respected investment advisor with L. Securities;
  - (уважаемый): he is a highly regarded judge;
  - (уважаемый): he was a highly respected investment advisor with L. Securities;
  - (уважать): смотри ниже;
  - (г. укоренившиеся традиции): deep-rooted traditions bound America to Great Britain;
  - (г. укоренившийся инстинкт): there is a deep-seated instinct in humanity to seek...;
  - (химические вещества проникли г. в стены): chemical agents have penetrated deep into the building walls
  глубоко уважать - (кого-л): I have the utmost respect for him;
  - (компетентность в технике и деловую хватку): I have the highest regard for both her technical skills and her commercial acumen;
  - (основные положения Ислама): I deeply respect the basic tenets of Islam;
  - (г.у. память о ком-л): her memory has always been held in the highest regard
  глубочайший - (сон): that African tribe was famous for their ability to rise from the deepest sleep to a state of total battle readiness in a matter of seconds;
  - (уважение): I have the utmost respect for him
  глухой - (в г-ую полночь): in the dead of night;
  - (деревня): he bunked with some Indians in a benighted village;
  - (он был глух / оставался глухим к моим мольбам / просьбам о помощи): he was deaf to my pleas for help;
  - (отверстие): blind hole is a hole that does not pass through a component and has only one opening;
  - (отверстие): forcing a screw that is too long into a blind hole will damage the threads;
  - (провинция): a distant and out-of-the-way province;
  - (родиться г-им): 20,000 American children were born deaf;
  - (стена): a dead wall;
  - (человек): a deaf man;
  - смотри файл ZVUK
  глушение - (т.е. радиосигнала): radio jamming is the deliberate jamming, blocking or interference with authorized wireless communications
  глушить - (боль): he injected morphine to dull the pain;
  - (боль): to blot out pain;
  - (боль): numbing the pain for a while will make it worse when you finally feel it;
  - (г. двигатели / моторы): the Boeing closed down its engines in the apron;
  - (двигатель / мотор): to shut down / to cut / to kill infml an engine;
  - (двигатель / мотор): the aircraft closed down two engines;
  - (нежелательные разговоры / слухи): it dampens speculation about Beijing's ability to manage...;
  - (радиопередачу): a very strong transmission which would be impossible for Taliban to jam;
  - (рёв сирены): the inflatable sped away, its engine noise drowned by the roar of the tanker's siren;
  - (снег, глушащий шаги): unheard by any of them in the muffling snow, M. was walking along right behind them;
  - (шум): he began to snigger uncontrollably and had to stuff his fist in his mouth to stifle the noise;
  - (шум мотора): he's trying to drown the sound of the launch engine;
  - (шум поезда глушил шум радио): the racket of the radio was drowned by the racket of a train
  глушь - (в глубокой глуши): subtropical rainforest in the deep hinterland; - (т.е. захолустье): the bar has only an alcohol license, but it serves drugs, too. It's the way out in the boonies.;
  - (лесная): he spent all last summer traipsing round with the scaff and raff of the mainland backwoods;
  - (микроавтобус мчался по дороге где-то в г-ши): the station wagon raced down a backcountry road;
  - (приспособиться к жизни в г-ши): In 1950s the government began to organize and fund migration for land reclamation, industrialization, and construction in the interior and frontier regions. In the 1960s, during the Cultural Revolution, many city youths were sent to the frontier areas. Much of the resettled population returned home, however, because of insufficient government support, harsh climate, and a general inability to adjust to life in the outlying regions.;
  - (проповедник нёс Библию в г. Оклахомы): the preacher was bringing the Bible to the backwoods of Oklahoma
  глядь - He held the bright burnished vambrace that was upon his arm before her cold lips, and behold! A little mist was laid on it hardly to be seen.;
  - (г. - и ты уже там): if you take the next left, you'll see a big shop and hey presto, you're there
  глядя - (г., как он одёргивает свою мятую одежду и неуклюже спускается по лестнице, кто бы мог подумать, что он искусно обращается с лошадьми?): to watch the man twitch his mussed clothing to right and shamble his way down the ladder, who would know him as a masterful handler of horses?
  гнездо - (разврата образно): this is a pit of debauchery;
  - смотри файл FORMA_VID
  гнести - (единственное, что его гнетёт, - это смерть отца): the only thing that seems to weigh him down is the death of his father;
  - (король прожил грешную жизнь, и это его гнетёт): the king has lived a sinful life and it preys on him
  гнёт - (находиться под г-ом требований показывать высокие результаты или увольняться): at a time when even mid-level managers face incessant pressure to perform or pack up, why don't companies pay closer attention to performance at the very top?;
  - (сбрасывать г.): the Russians were throwing off their old oppressions
  гниль - (в картофеле завелась г. примерно в период копки): the potato rot set in about the time of digging;
  - (внести г. в политическую империю образно): Jimmy Carter's "human right" proclamation had injected the virus of rot into their political empire;
  - (когда завелась г.?, т.е. в стране): It was an attempt to identify just when, in this island nation's proud history, it all went pear-shaped. When did the rot set in? Where did it all go wrong?;
  - (сухая г., т.е. болезнь растений): he was about as welcome in their house as dry rot
  гнить - (в тюрьме образно): to rot in prison
  гнуть свою линию - (вести себя одинаково, несмотря на слобности): His company had no debt and had some money in the bank. While others splurged on acquisitions in good times, his company stuck to its knitting and grew organically.;
  - When she retired she had saved $5000, which she put into stocks. By 1950 she used her profit to buy 1000 Schering-Plough shares valued at $10,000. By the time she died she had 128,000 of the companies" shares valued at $7.5 million. She stuck to her knitting through thick and thin - her investment strategy. She didn't say, "that will do, it's time to cash out".
  гнушаться - (подделкой бухгалтерских счетов): she is a devout Christian and a regular fixture in the chapel, but that doesn't mean she's beyond fiddling the canteen accounts
  говор - (т.е. агентов ЦРУ, спецназовцев и наёмных охранников): with his convincing patter and combat garb, he blended easily into the circle of spooks, bearded US special forces and burly private security contractors, who form part of the cast of America's war on terror;
  - (берлинцев): the people around Luebeck could recognize Berliners by their gab;
  - (местный): the language laboratory could check out phraseology, syntax, vernacular, expressions, and regional dialects
  говорение - (навыки г-я): tests which measure verbal aptitude
  говорить - (а он говорит: "..."): ...and he goes infml, Let's cruise by the bar first and see if that queer's around;
  - (бегло г. по-русски): he was fluent in Russian
  - (без конца г. о чём-л): This is exactly why your sister hasn't told you she's seeing him. So don't harp on about it.;
  - (г. буду я, а ты только всё время поддакивай): I'll do the talking, and you just say "yes" to everything I say;
  - (в городе все говорили о судебном заседании / только и говорили о...): the town was still buzzing over the hearing;
  - (т.е. выяснять мнение, она говорила с людьми о возможности выдвижения своей кандидатуры на должность руководителя Налогового управления): The candidate said she had heard a common theme when sounding out people about a possible run for Commissioner of the Revenue; "the citizens of Roanoke County really wanted to see a new face in office this year.";
  - (говорили, что она скрывается в Р.): there was talk of her hiding out in R.;
  - (говоря): смотри ниже;
  - (говорят, что): the rebel group is said to have backing from Eritrea;
  - (говорят): I heard through the grapevine that you got a new job; how's it going?;
  - (говорят, т.е. ходят слухи): "I haven't seen the file." "So you're not working with the file?." "No. Heard it through the grapevine.";
  - (говорят, что): it is said that the spring water has medicinal properties;
  - (говорят, что угол образован вращением...): this angle is said to be generated by the continuous counterclockwise rotation of a line segment about the point V from the position VP to the position VQ;
  - (дело, он дело говорит): I hate to agree with him, but he has a point;
  - (дело, т.е. судебное, о котором говорила бы вся пресса): he would like to crown his career in the U.S. Attorney's office with a major, headline-grabbing case;
  - (г. за себя, результаты говорили за себя): After our training session the results were self- explanatory. There was a tremendous improvement in the sales.;
  - (г. за себя, результаты говорили за себя): the results spoke for themselves;
  - (г. за себя, результаты говорили за себя): In an attempt to get a leg up on their competition, the 1976 team, in preparation for the Montreal Games, turned to performance-enhancing drugs like hormones and steroids, obtained through a government program. For the swimmers, the results were self-explanatory: 1976 - 18 medals.;
  - (заставить г. кого-л): take him alive and make him talk;
  - (кто бы говорил, т.е. упрекая других за то, что сам делает): Hark who's talking. The French are complaining about being spied on by Anglo-Saxons. But the truth is very different.;
  - (мне говорили, что): I've been told that...;
  - (на посторонние темы): he talked of extraneous subjects;
  - (не говори глупостей): "Maybe he thinks I can't be trusted." "Don't be thick BrE.";
  - (т.е. напоминать что-то, имя мне о чем-то говорит): I'm not completely sure who you're talking about, but that name strikes a chord BrE in me somehow;
  - (т.е. напоминать, это вам о чём-то говорит?): does it ring a bell to you?;
  - (о ком-л в прошедшем времени): She still hasn't referred to her mother in the past tense. It has nothing to do with denial. Two days isn't long enough for the reality to take hold and permeate her thinking.;
  - (о работе): if people who work together talk shop, they talk about their work when they are not at work;
  - (г. о странах, как о братских): he referred to the East Europeans as fraternal countries;
  - (открыто г. об интригах на работе): politics can be devastating to a project, so address them head on;
  - (открыто г. о чём-л): the president declined to acknowledge, let alone address head on, the challenges he is facing on the domestic front;
  - (г. по душам): it's time we had a heart to heart about your work;
  - (г. правду кому-л): I believe he has been truthful to me;
  - (прямую ложь): never tell a direct lie unless you are able to stick it out to the bitter end;
  - (расплывчато г. о чём-л): Le Dyk Tho suggested that I talk to Sihanouk but he was curiously vague about the Prince's status;
  - (сдвинутые набекрень каски говорили об отсутствии дисциплины): their steel helmets tipped saucily awry to suggest a lack of discipline;
  - ("Так говорил Заратустра"): Thus Spake old use Zarathustra;
  - (так о чём ты говорил? / так что ты говорил?, т.е. возвращаясь с прежнему разговору): Now, what was it you said?;
  - (тихо): he was speaking very low and very clearly;
  - (то, что думает): смотри ниже;
  - (тост): I'll give you a toast;
  - (тост): "..." he toasted;
  - (тост): he delivered an eloquent and moving toast;
  - (уметь хорошо г. ): by then an international icon, Havel was shy, yet eloquent, funny and utterly charming;
  - (это говорит о низком уровне инвестиций): this speaks for the woefully low level of past investment
  говорить то, что думает - he's used to speaking his mind;
  - you could speak your mind to him without getting a one-way ticket to Yakutia;
  - all men might speak their minds freely;
  - our authors are an independent lot who say what they think
  говориться - (в законе говорится, что...): the act said that the Federal Government had the right to...;
  - (в законе говорится, что...): the law states that the tax will be imposed only on what is termed excessive profits from "gold" and "copper ore and concentrate" produced in Mongolia;
  - (в заявлении): we have issued a statement saying we have no intention in pursuing any acting against the broadcasts;
  - (в легендах): legends say that Native American leader P. had a vision that white settlers would populate the land;
  - (в письме говорилось о том, что): the letter was to the effect that one million marks had been transferred to the Bank from Beirut and collected in cash by X.
  - (в письме говорится, что): the letter tells its recipient that you are a good former SS man;
  - (в поговорке говорится): there's a saying that goes, "It's the little things in life that really make a difference."
  - (в послании не говорилось, что президент знает о...): the president's message made no reference to his knowledge of the disaster that had struck the Soviet wheat crop;
  - (...в резолюциях говорится о целесообразности таких поправок): at a meeting of the Board of Directors of TIF INC, resolutions were duly adopted setting forth proposed amendment of the Certificate of Incorporation of said corporation, declaring said amendment to be advisable and calling a meeting of the stockholders of said corporation for consideration thereof;
  - (в рекламе говорилось: "..."): a Democratic-sponsored advertisement aired during a recent visit by Mr Bush to Missouri said: "...";
  - (как говорится в шутке): in my alma mater there are а mere two economists remaining but, as the joke goes, with three opinions between them
  говоря - (грубо г.): Ukraine has attracted $900 million in foreign investment, roughly the same amount as...;
  - (грубо г.): аs a rule of thumb, the larger the disparity in income between you and your spouse, the more you'll save by filing a joint return;
  - (грубо г.): as a rule of thumb, impacting into another car is equivalent to impacting into a rigid surface at half of the speed;
  - (мягко г.): he was highly opinionated, to put it mildly;
  - (мягко г.): he was a gruff, tough-talking Republican who, to say the least, was suspicious of me;
  - (мягко г.): this appraisal isn't quite as dead wrong as his other claim, but it's highly misleading, to say the least.;
  - (правду г.): the synopses and little biography on dust jackets and back covers are, in truth, designed to lure readers to buy the book;
  - (честно г.): to be fair, we were all more than a bit merry
  говорящий - (попугай): a talking parrot;
  - (фамилия): A charactonym is a name which suggests the personality traits of a fictional character. In other words; it is the name given to a literary character that especially fits his or her personality. Remus Lupin in J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter series turns out to be a werewolf. His first name, "Remus", is an allusion to Romulus and Remus, the legendary twin founders of Rome who were raised by a wolf. His last name, "Lupin", can be traced to the Latin lupus meaning "wolf" meaning "characteristic of or relating to wolves".
  год - (выглядеть моложе / старше своих лет): he looked younger / older than his years;
  - (годами): American spy satellites had searched for years for the locations of these sites;
  - ( годами храниться, о сыровяленой ветчине): he ham is hygienically cured that the whole leg will keep for years;
  - (годами это было дежурной шуткой): for years it had been a standing joke that...;
  - (джентльмен лет сорока): a fortyish gentleman;
  - (он занимался этим делом шесть лет): he"d been in the job for six years;
  - (он третий г. борется с меланомой): he is in his third year of battling melanoma;
  - (г. постройки судна): year of built / year built;
  - (появившиеся в последние годы образно, глава переработана с учётом слов и выражений п-ихся в последние годы): Chapter IV has been refurbished with words and expressions of a recent vintage fig;
  - (прошёл г.): It was one year ago when floodwaters swept through northern Iowa leaving behind more than an estimated 9 million dollars in damage. Her home is on the list among 140 other homes all waiting to know whether their homes will be bought-out. "We started the year of the flood and here we are a year later and it hasn't ended.";
  - (прошёл г., а 232 заключённых всё ещё остаются в Гуантанамо): It was just one year ago that the Supreme Court decided that case. When it was decided, there were about 259 detainees being held at the U.S. military's island prison of Guantanamo Bay. A year later, 232 still remain at Guantanamo.;
  - (традиция, которой много лет): the dictionary continues the tradition that goes back many years;
  - (г. урожая винА / вИна разных годов урожая): there's no vintage because the winemakers mix different years to make their blends;
  - (хотя ему было примерно столько же лет, как его другу, он выглядел значительно моложе): much of an age with his friend, the scholar nevertheless looked appreciably younger;
  - (шестидесятые годы): the oil boom of the sixties
  годиться - (бомбы не годятся по размеру для бомбовых отсеков по размерам): The GBU-29 we cobbled together to take out that deep bunker in Baghdad was designed to hang on the F-111. It's the wrong dimension for the B-2's bomb bay.;
  - (годится?): I did have in mind to let him have a bit of a breather. Two of my people have gone off together. He can have a spell at being an inquiry agent - in the sunshine, too. How's that?;
  - (т.е. согласны?): I'll call you when I've completed my researches. How's that?;
  - (г. для рассказа): certainly, nothing that had happened to him at D. was going to do;
  - (Интернет по своей природе хорошо годится для этой цели): the nature of the Web lends itself to this purpose quite well, providing the ideal medium for up-to-date news and market information;
  - (кассета не годилась для семейного просмотра): the cassette was not fit for family viewing;
  - (кто-л не годится для работы): it'll soon show if he's not up to the work;
  - (г. на роль): only one country was qualified for this mischievous role: the Soviet Union;
  - (ни на что не г.): he was fit for nothing after my questioning;
  - (ни одна из них никуда не годится): there are plenty of doors, but none of them are any good at all;
  - (одежда годилась для праздничного вечера): she looked in the closet for something that would be appropriate for a festive evening out;
  - (полученный металл не годился даже на подставку для дров в камине): the resulting slug hadn't been useful even to make andirons with;
  - (посмотрите, что годится, что не годится, т.е. о литературных приёмах): Since you're a writer, you probably have bookshelves choked with novels. So, grab ten off the shelf. Read their opening chapters. Find out what works infml. Find out what sucks infml. What's missing? What's present?;
  - (самолёты, которые годятся для полёта): our air assets - one regiment of fighter-interceptors ready for operations, another three who don't have even half their aircraft fit to fly;
  - (способ организации управления не годился для штата): this method of organizing the new governments did not suit Massachusetts;
  - (спутники годились для прогноза погоды): the satellites were useful only for weather forecasts at the moment;
  - (технология годится для глубин 800 м): this technology is suitable for depths of 800 meters
  - (трубная изоляция годится для применения в колодцах здания или в заполненных пространствах): this pipe insulation is acceptable for use in duct / plenum applications;
  - (трубная изоляция годится для применения в супермаркерах, больницах и школах): this pipe insulation is suitable for supermarket, hospital and school applications where a more hygienic appearance is preferred;
  - (ты не годишься для этой работы): no offence [intended], but you're not really cut out for this job
  годичный - (запрет): booze flows back into Alaska after yearlong ban;
  - (колебания орбиты): the yearly variation of the lunar orbit
  годность - (к военной службе): three fundamental criteria - moral, mental, and medical determine the individual's fitness for military service;
  - (к военной службе): to determine military fitness of persons liable for military service;
  - (срок г-ти, лекарства с истекшим сроком г-ти): date checking procedures are in place to protect the public from the supply of date expired medicines;
  - (срок г-ти, лекарства, у которых истекает / кончается / подходит к концу срок г-ти): it is good practice to keep a record of short dated stock, and once the item is within one month of its expiry date, it should then be removed from the shelf
  годный - (к военной службе): should military service be mandatory for all U.S. able-bodied citizens starting at age 18?;
  - (к работе): advocates for employing prisoners have long pointed to the vast prison population as an untapped vein of young, able-bodied workers;
  - (г-ое к употреблению зерно): for a start one has to deduct at a very maximum 10 per cent of the grass harvest to produce a figure of usable grain;
  - (г. к употреблению экземпляр, отпечатанный на машинке): the German typewriter could make seven usable copies
  годовой - (валовый национальный продукт): the country's debt is equal to more than a year of gross domestic product;
  - (валовый национальный продукт): that would cost nearly half the country's annual gross domestic product;
  - (доход): annual income;
  - (зарплата): the yearly salary;
  - (зарплата): some Mexican border police were offered 5 times their annual salary to look the other way on just one drug shipment;
  - (колебания орбиты): the yearly variation of the lunar orbit;
  - (отчёт): the company will release its annual report in May;
  - (потребление угля): annual consumption of coal;
  - (товарооборот): the gross annual turnover for the last 3 years shall be a minimum of $200m;
  - (школьные экзамены): owing to the time-consuming nature of the tournament, the champions are exempted from end-of-year tests
  годовщина - (двадцатая г. независимости страны): it's the twentieth anniversary of our country's independence;
  - (двухсотлетняя г. рождения кого-л): we approach the bicentennial of Lincoln's birth;
  - (двухсотлетняя г. рождения кого-л): the poet put pen to paper in honor of the legacy of Abraham Lincoln on the bicentennial of his birth;
  - (празднование г-ы): anniversary celebrations;
  - (свадьбы): a wedding anniversary
  голова - (в г-е зрело подозрение): a horrible suspicion had dawned in his mind;
  - (в г-е зрело решение): she could see the conclusion forming in his mind as though the great mustached face were transparent;
  - (голова к голове / голова в голову, всю кампанию оба кандидата шли г. к г-е / г. в г-у): throughout the campaign the two candidates ran neck and neck;
  - (г. в г-у / г. к г-е, т.е. идти на выборах с равными шансами): with polls showing the race neck-and-neck, both parties had sought to play down the stakes on Tuesday;
  - (вбить себе в г-у): somehow he'd got it into his head that his wife was trying to poison him;
  - (выбросить из г-ы, он выбросил это из г-ы): then he put the matter from his mind, and kept his thoughts on the duty that lay before him;
  - (взбрести / стукнуть в г-у кому-л): something popped into his head;
  - (выбросить из г-ы): thinking about such things did no good, and so he tried to put them from his mind;
  - (выбросить из г-ы): he dismissed everything from his mind;
  - (выбросить из г-ы): he would have dismissed her from his thoughts as soon as he"d dismissed her from his presence;
  - (выше г-у!): Chin up! Every time your spirits wilt.;
  - (г. закружилась, был конец дня, и от изнурительной жары у неё з.г.): in the enervating heat of late afternoon she was beginning to feel light-headed;
  - (головой к проходу, пострадавшикй лежит г-ой к проходу): Inflight cardiopulmonary resuscitation, three seats are abreast. The head of the victim is toward the aisle.;
  - (думать г-ой, а не членом): many of them (men) thought from the dick, instead of the brain;
  - (змеи): the snake lifted its ugly head;
  - (кружилась г., у меня кружилась г. от возбуждения): I was giddy with excitement;
  - (кружилась г., у него кружилась г.): the back of his head slammed into a stone wall behind him, and for a moment he was too dizzy to react;
  - (кружилась г. , у него кружилась г. от голода): he felt light-headed with hunger;
  - (кружить г-у образно, успех кружит им г-у): for them, it is a first taste of battle; its success is giddying;
  - (ломать [себе] голову образно): смотри ниже;
  - (морочить г-у): смотри ниже;
  - (мысли беспорядочно проносились в его г-е): thoughts rushed through his mind, helter-skelter;
  - (мысли кружились в г-е): these furious thoughts whirled around in his head;
  - (на г-у выше его): he was flanked by two men topping him by a head;
  - (над г-ой): the luggage rack over his head;
  - (о числе животных в стаде): there are 252 head of bisons;
  - (образы проносились в г-е один за другим): image after image was racing through his mind;
  - (образы проносились у него в г-е один за другим): images were racing each other though his mind;
  - (он поклялся, что ни один волосок не упадёт с её головы): he swore never to harm a hair on her head;
  - (освободи г-у от всех чувств): you are to rid your mind of any emotion every night before sleep;
  - (оторвать г-у образно, т.е. строго наказать, начальник мне г. оторвёт образно): you break anything, the boss will have my head infml fig;
  - (очертя г-у / сломя г-у выскочить замуж): she jumped into marriage headfirst;
  - (очертя г-у / сломя г-у гоняться за богатством и славой): people were running headlong after riches and glory;
  - (потерять г-у) He used to fly by the seat of his pants. He wasn't world-wise sometimes. He got the company humming, but he was out of his head.;
  - (потерять голову, т.е. выйти из себя): The rozzers found his Porsche parked up outside a pub. They wanted to search inside. He told them to fuck off. Rozzers just love when you talk dirty to them. Their eyes must have lit up when they found 8 kilos of cocaine under the spare wheel. R. went off his head. Pulled a semi-automatic out of his belt.;
  - (приходить в г-у кому-л): when we saw the soldiers facing the crowd, it occurred to me, that those guns were loaded;
  - (приходить в г-у кому-л): it never crossed your mind to drop the job?;
  - (рисковать г-ой): We'll do it my way. It's my neck on the line, not yours.;
  - (терять г-у): far from being reassured, they became panic-stricken;
  - (терять г-у): I thought he would be panic-stricken if he knew the truth;
  - (у него была тяжёлая г.): he felt sleepy, slightly muzzy in the head;
  - (у него с г-ой не всё в порядке): he is not right in the head;
  - (человек с г-ой, т.е. умный): I need somebody with brains;
  - (что ты голову повесил? ): "You are down in the dumps!" said the fox, "What on earth is wrong?";
  - he was bald as an egg, pate infml gleaming in the afternoon sun
  голова (ломать [себе] голову образно) - (в поисках выхода): he was cudgeling his wits for some way out of his difficulties;
  - (как он ни ломал г-у, он не мог вспомнить, чтобы она когда-нибудь ему об этом говорила): cudgel his brains though he might, he could not remember her ever telling him that;
  - (она ломала г. над тем, кого из помощников юристов уволить и кого из адвокатов заставить перейти на неполную ставку): her quandary at the moment was which paralegals to terminate and which lawyers to force into part-time;
  - (я ломаю себе голову, пытаясь понять взаимное расположение этих устройств): I"m going off my head trying to work out the alignment of these devices, trying to figure out which one fitted into which;
  голова (морочить г-у кому-л) - (т.е. разыгрывать): to pull somebody's leg infml;
  - (Ты её бросил. Что же ты теперь морочишь ей г-у?): You ditched her. What are you doing now, messing her around?;
  - (продавец морочит г-у покупателям вопросами): while a long line waits, the employee grills customer after customer about skin and hair characteristics and then disgorges detailed information about the products;
  - (заморочить г. противнику): we have totally befuddled our enemies so often that one wondered why they even bothered employing intelligence officers, they had been snookered so frequently;
  - (судебная система морочит ему г-у, т.е. тянет время): a French citizen living in Glasgow claims he has been "given the runaround" by the Scottish legal system in his attempt to right a legal error which has resulted in a serious slur on his character;
  - (США морочит г-у Израилю с помощью на поселение советских иммигрантов, т.е. тянуть время): the ambassador complained to the press on February 14 that America was giving Israel the "runaround" on housing aid for Soviet immigrants;
  - (я слишком давно этим занимаюсь, чтобы мне морочили г-у): I've been in this job too long to have the wool pulled infml
  головной - (офис, корпорация с г-ым офисом в Провиденсе): headquartered in Providence, Rhode Island, Textron is ranked 190th on the FORTUNE 500 list of largest U.S.;
  - (г. офис компании расположен в Провиденсе): the company is headquartered in Providence, Rhode Island
  головокружительный - (вычислительная техника прогрессировала г-ми темпами): computer technology continued to advance at a dizzying pace
  головоломка - (которую приходится решать палестинскому руководству образно): The politics of the conference represent a paradigm shift quietly taking place in the West Bank under the leadership of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and Prime Minister Salam Fayyad, in which Palestinians are increasingly turning to the mundane, workaday tools of governance and development as their principal strategy for ending the occupation. This strategic transformation is the result of a conundrum facing the Palestinian leadership, which has gambled its political future on a two-state agreement with Israel.;
  - (г., которую правительству предстоить решать в конце года): "fiscal cliff" is the popular shorthand term used to describe the conundrum that the U.S. government will face at the end of 2012, when the terms of the Budget Control Act of 2011 are scheduled to go into effect;
  - (сложить г-у образно): forensic teams are vacuuming, dusting, and bagging debris on the records floor of the Central Criminal Court. They are putting together a jigsaw.;
  - (собрать г-у образно): prosecutors pieced together enough of the puzzle for jurors to place S. at the crime scene and give him both motive and opportunity
  головомойка - (ему предстоит г., дисциплинарное взыскание и отстранение от работы): the policeman faces being hauled over coals, disciplined and maybe even suspended;
  - (получить г-у от главы администрации Белого дома / администрации Белого дома устроил ему г-у): When Nixon's special counsel Charles Colson arranged a night out at the Kennedy Center for Richard Nixon to conform to a sudden presidential whim, he was dressed down by chief of staff H.R. Haldeman in these terms: "You could have put the President's life in jeopardy, the Secret Service wasn't prepared."
  голод - (т.е. в стране): They prospered and multiplied after the Dark Plague until the disaster of the Long Winter and the famine that followed it. Many thousands then perished, but the Days of Dearth were at the time of this tale long past;
  - (предотвратить г., т.е. в стране): to head-off the famine at the minimum price;
  - (страна претерпела страшный г.): during his reign the country suffered a horrible famine that wiped out up to a third of the population;
  - (умираю от г-а): I"m starving;
  - (уморить себя г-ом): you won't get it by starving yourself
  голодание - (кислородное г. ослабляет иммунную систему): oxygen deprivation makes his immune system powerless;
  - (кислородное, из-за инфаркта наступило к.г. мозга): S. has been in what state courts have accepted as a "persistent vegetative state" since a 1990 heart attack starved her brain of oxygen;
  - (лечебное): nestitherapy is medical treatment by reducing food intake;
  - (лечебное): therapeutic fasting is a procedure whereby a person voluntarily goes without food for a certain length of time, living mainly on their fat reserves instead. Fasting can be used to treat numerous diseases.
  голодающий - (город): Ali Pasha burned the surrounding fields and soon the starving town had to surrender;
  - (дети): she helped weigh malnourished children
  голодный - (бунты): food riots;
  - (выдержка, бройлерные куры подвергаются г-ой в-е перед забоем): broiler chickens are routinely subjected to a period of feed withdrawal prior to slaughter to facilitate gut clearance and thereby reduce the potential for carcass contamination during processing;
  - (г., как волк): I am ravenously hungry;
  - (он был голоден): he was famished infml, so he went into the hotel dining room and treated himself to a large steak;
  - (он всегда был голоден): he was always famished;
  - (я страшно голоден): give me an apple, Jim, I'm fearfully sharp-set
  голодовка - (объявить г-у): the organization threatened to call a hunger strike if the college did not meet their demands
  голос - (деловой, холодный): his voice was businesslike, cold;
  - (заговорить ровным, приглушённым голосом): he assumes a flat, understated tone;
  - (прислушаться к г-у образно президенту надо прислушаться к г-у фермеров-африканеров): President Nelson Mandela needs to address the concerns of the Africaner farmers;
  - (совести образно): archbishop Desmond Tutu, the vocal conscience of the anti-apartheid movement;
  - (т.е. при голосовании): смотри ниже;
  голос (т.е. при голосовании)- (отдать г. за кого-л): in election: I shall give my vote to...;
  - (голоса, поданные за предложение): if at least four affirmative vote are cast for the proposal;
  - (для исключения требуется две трети голосов): expulsion requires a two-thirds vote;
  - (контролировать достаточно г-ов в парламенте): the ruling coalition controls enough votes to pass the measure in a session of Parliament beginning this month;
  - ((предложение отклонено 32 голосами против 29): his motion was defeated by a vote of 29 yeas to 32 nays;
  - (двумя третями голосов Конгресса можно отклонить вето президента): a two-thirds vote of Congress can overrule the President's veto;
  - (двумя третями голосов Конгресс может снять поражение в правах): Congress may, by vote of two thirds, remove such disability;
  - (привлечь голоса избирателей-мусульман): a crude attempt to buy back the Islamic votes;
  - (проиграть выборы с разницей 500000 г-ов): he lost the election by 500000 votes;
  - (утвердить 156 г-ами против 5): the Federation Council, which usually rubber-stamps legislation for the Kremlin, approved the government-backed legislation by a vote of 156 to 5 with one abstention
  голословно - (обвинять кого-л): You don't want to be making unsupported allegations against people. There are laws about that sort of thing. Defamation. Slander.
  голословный - (обвинения): You don't want to be making unsupported allegations against people. There are laws about that sort of thing. Defamation. Slander.;
  - (утверждение): an unsubstantiated / unfounded allegation
  голосование - (выдержать повторное г.): to find the stamina to stand another vote;
  - (единогласное г. 13 штатов): changes in the Articles required the unanimous vote of the 13 states;
  - (закон о заочном г-и военнослужащих и проживающих заграницей граждан / бюллетени для заочного г-я): The Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act (UOCAVA) is a United States federal law dealing with elections and voting rights for United States citizens residing overseas. The act requires that all U.S. states and incorporated territories allow certain U.S. citizens to register to vote and to vote by absentee ballot in federal elections.;
  - (избираться тайным г-ем): he is elected via secret ballot;
  - (метод г-я - поднятием руки, голосом, бюллетенями): record the outcome of the vote, the method used (hand, voice, or ballot), and if appropriate, the individual names of those who approved, rejected or abstained;
  - (началось г., т.е. тайное): when the speeches were over, the ballot began;
  - (о недоверии): the President dissolved Parliament ahead of planned no-confidence vote;
  - (о недоверии): the prime minister is facing a non-confident vote today;
  - (отложить г.): to postpone a vote in the Security Council until Wednesday;
  - (г. по резолюции): if we put in our resolution, ours would be the first resolution on which there would be a vote;
  - (поставить на г.): this proposal has been passed in the House of Representatives, but has yet to be put to a vote on the floor of the Senate;
  - (поставленная на г. резолюция решается поднятием рук, если не требуется г. бюллетенями): at any meeting a resolution put to the vote shall be decided on a show of hands unless a poll is demanded;
  - (потерпеть поражение при г-и): the Conservatives were defeated at the polls;
  - (применить тайное г.): secret ballots must be used;
  - (по почте): the Internet possibly has the potential to be far more secure than voting by mail-in ballots;
  - (проиграть г.): they lost vote by a substantial margin;
  - (протокол г-я): to sign the Minutes of Vote;
  - (протокол г-я): the preliminary minutes of vote counting at the polling station should include data about the number of the envelopes received from the city;
  - (результаты г-я): the results of the poll will not be known until midnight;
  - (результаты г-я по предложению, т.е. на собрании): R. made a motion to approve the restructuring of the loan. On the motion: 5 Ayes, 0 Nays, 1 Abstention. Motion passed.
  голосовать - (единогласно): they have to cast a unanimous vote before any action is taken;
  - (г. за утверждение / отмену смертных приговоров): The judge had voted to uphold 70 percent of the death penalty cases that had come before him. On more than half of those he had voted to reverse, he was part of a unanimous state supreme court ruling;
  - (Конгресс проголосовал против пакета гуманитарной помощи): Congress voted down a package of humanitarian aid;
  - ([на дороге], т.е. просить подвезти): When a few miles later we approached two girls who were hitchhiking, I said, "Hey, let's pick them up."
  - (по вопросам): the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders will be held for the purpose of considering and voting the following matters;
  - (г. по резолюции): before voting on this resolution, the Congress...;
  - (поимённо): Congressmen voted by the roll-call;
  - (попросить г. за него): the Senator shook hands with an old character in overalls and asked him for his vote
  голый - (бегать по площади голым): to doff their clothes and run about a public square naked;
  - (дерево, т.е. без листвы): skeletal tree;
  - (дерево): She was looking for a lightning-struck tree. Then she saw a leafless skeleton amid the summer's lush growth;
  - (деревья): denuded trees reach across the sky;
  - (каркас, т.е. о здании после пожара): the abandoned building, once grand and opulent, was now empty, gutted shell;
  - (каркас нового судна): the skeletal framework of a new vessel stood on trestles down the centre;
  - (песок / камни): the camel sniffed the bare sand and rock with disgust, finding not even a tasty thorn bush for breakfast;
  - (г. по пояс): he was naked to the waist;
  - (пол): bare earthen floor;
  - (правда): the naked truth;
  - (пустыня): the stark deserts of Central Asia;
  - (г-ми руками сразиться с драконом): he"d face a fire-breathing dragon barehanded;
  - (г-ыми руками убить кого-л): I want to kill him with my bare hands;
  - (склон): a naked hillside;
  - (утёс): this area was barren rock; - (факт): смотри ниже;
  - (числа в законопроекте): the raw numbers in the bill needed to be calculated and confirmed by budget experts;
  - (электрический провод): but when the two exposed ends, one of the eight-foot-long red wire, the other of the blue wire, touched each other, the circuit would be complete;
  - (электрический провод): from the battery, another wire went to nowhere, its bare end in space;
  - (электрический провод, изолируйте место соединения голых э-их п-ов): Always insulate any exposed wire connections to prevent shorting. You can use electrical tape.
  голый (факты) - I'll tell you the bare facts;
  - KGB had always been on the lookout for hard facts, but then reported those facts to people besotted with a dream, who bent the truth in the service of that dream;
  - money was real, it was tangible, it was hard facts and spreadsheet figures;
  - let's take a look at the plain facts
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