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  гонение - (гонения на бывших эсесовцев): they propagandized the German people to the viewpoint that the SS killers were in no way deserving of the persecution to which justice and conscience have ineffectually subjected them;
  - (гонения на христиан): she was martyred in 303, at the height of Diocletian's persecutions of the Christians
  гонимый - (пророк): Mohammed, who had left Mecca as a persecuted prophet, entered it again in triumph
  гонка - (вооружений): the continuing arms race;
  - (за богатством / за властью): he pictured youth caught in the mad drive for power and wealth;
  - (за рекордами): the pursuit of world records;
  - (предвыборная): he formally enters the race for the election;
  - (спортивная): the catamaran was in the midst of sea trials in preparation for the race
  гонки - (сбой может произойти из-за явления гонок в неправильно спроектированной цифровой логической схеме): a glitch can occur in the presence of race condition in a poorly designed digital logic circuit
  гонорар - (авторский, т.е. проценты с каждого экземпляра проданной книги): royalty;
  - (адвоката): you can recover damages and attorney fees;
  - (адвокат объяснила, каков её г.): the lawyer explained her fees;
  - (единовременный, т.е. статистов в оперном в театре): G. Opera supernumeraries receive a one-time honorarium;
  - (г. за выступление): an attempt to get around House rules prohibiting members from accepting speaking fees;
  - (предварительный, т.е. адвоката): because D. had been negligent in paying a previous bill from the law firm for legal services, the firm insisted that he pay a $2000 monthly retainer before M. undertook the work;
  - (предварительный г. адвокату начисляется из расчёта $150 в час вне суда о $300 в час в суде): the lawyer told me what it would cost - a retainer, against a fee to be billed at $150 an hour for time out of court and $300 an hour in court;
  - (предварительный, т.е. врачу): A significant percent of people do not know what "concierge medicine" is. Also known as "retainer" practice, concierge is a growing type of medical practice where the patient pays the physician an up-front fee (retainer) for services. The fee can range from $100 a month to $20,000 a year, depending upon the practice and the services offered. The fee usually covers all visits to the doctor, phone calls, more prompt service and e-mail access. Labs, tests, X-rays, specialist visits, and hospitalization are not included.
  гонять - (т.е. мужа роженицы по родильной палате, приказывая делать что-л): the midwife delivered the baby, ordering me around the delivery suite like a puppy;
  - смотри файл DVIJENIE
  гоняться - (за драгоценными камнями образно): maybe it is the thrill of "hunt," chasing down those gemstones can be exciting;
  - (за мной гоняется слишком много головорезов): too many cutthroats are after my hide, including one idiot, who wants to see me dead;
  - (за сплетнями): he chided reporters for chasing gossip instead of hard news;
  - (когда за вами гоняются папарацци, это нелегко): it can't be easy being chased by the paps and reading stories about yourself;
  - (очертя голову г. за богатством и славой): people were running headlong after riches and glory;
  - смотри файл DVIJENIE
  гора - (горы переворачивать, т.е. делать сверхусилия): She's unreliable. That's another reason her career has tanked. She (the actress) has a history of keeping people waiting, but her agent had been moving heaven and earth to get her a job.;
  - (г. с плеч свалилась, теперь, когда я погасил кредит, у меня прямо г. с плеч свалилась): now that I've paid off my bank loan that's a real load off my mind;
  - (г. с плеч свалилась, когда я наконец возобновил контракт, у меня прямо г. с плеч свалилась): finally getting my contract renewed was a real load off my mind;
  - (г. с плеч свалилась, у меня г. с плеч свалилась): The player's current contract was due to expire at the end of the season. But he has now committed to the S. (team) until the summer of 2016. He said: "It's been a worry because my contract was up at the end of the season, so it was important for me to get tied down. It's a weight off my mind, so now I can look to the long-term future.";
  - смотри файл PEIZAJ_POGODA
  гораздо - (амбиции экономиста г. выше, чем простая "зачистка" таможни): the ambitions of the economist from Lubianka go a lot further than just cleaning up the customs;
  - (важнее): far more fundamental, but seldom mentioned, is that no feasible rate of reduction of emissions can do much to prevent the warming projected over the next century;
  - (дешевле): Japanese cars are rather cheaper than European ones;
  - (дороже): far more expensive;
  - (жёстче и решительней): he had worked under 3 prime ministers, and the latest was far and away the toughest and most decisive;
  - (позже): it was only much later people started to make a fuss over those Army officers
  гореть - смотри файл DVIJENIE, FORMA_VID, EMOCII
  горизонт - (г. был окутан дымкой): the horizon was hazy and vague;
  - (на г-е): a dull, greenish tinge along the horizon;
  - (на г-е): there was an airplane on the horizon;
  - (заметить мельницы на г-е): we spotted a row of windmills on the horizon and suddenly realized that Don Quixote might not have been deluded after all;
  - (окидывая взглядом г., он различает...): scanning the skyline, he can pick out a handful of dark shadows lying prone on the rooftops or crouching behind walls and chimney pots;
  - (смотреть на г.): he stared at the skyline
  горизонталь - (т.е. в картографии, горизонтали - это воображаемые линии одинаковой высоты над уровнем моря): contours are imaginary lines of equal elevation above main sea level
  горизонтально - (ракета летит г.): the rocket darts horizontally like a minnow, makes one or two minor cuts to correct its course, zeroes in on that sniper's perch, up in the water tower access ladder;
  - (г. расположенная поверхность земли): the escape slide is a longitudinally extending structure with a center line that extends from the head end of the slide, adjacent the egress opening, to a toe end that is located adjacent the horizontally extending ground plane
  горизонтальный - (выйти из планирования в г. полёт, т.е. о ракете): the missile flattened out;
  - (линия / поверхность): a horizontal line / surface;
  - (полёт, перейти в г. полёт): the aircraft was on autopilot, programmed to turn, climb and level out at 39 thousand feet;
  - (полёт): an aircraft in straight-and-level unaccelerated flight has four forces acting on it;
  - (система координат, т.е. небесных светил): The horizontal, or altazimutal, coordinate system is based on the position of the observer on earth, which revolves around its own axis once per sidereal day (23.hours, 56 minutes and 4.091 seconds) in relation to the "fixed" star background.
  горло - (бедняки готовы перерезать друг другу г.): Kenya's Poor at Each Other's Throats. Those who have nothing are looting those who have a little bit more.;
  - (держать за горло кого-л образно, т.е. о шантажисте): I kept in touch with him, getting my regular rake-off from him. I had him by the neck, and I wasn't foolish enough to pass up any easy money.;
  - (перерезать г.): Nebraska murder suspect slashes his own throat in court;
  - (перерезать г.): the murder suspect cut his own throat during his murder trial
  горнодобывающий - (промышленность): the mining industry has made great strides in eliminating silicosis
  горный - (болезнь): Sometimes people get sick at high altitudes, such as in the mountains. This is called mountain sickness or high-altitude sickness;
  - (дело, бурение и взрывные работы в г-ом д-е): drilling and blasting operations in mining;
  - (походы): on alpine excursions she outstripped men half her age;
  - (районы): I learned the difference between the montane, subalpine and alpine regions;
  - (районы): mountainous regions between the Pacific Ocean and the Great Plains;
  - смотри файл PEIZAJ
  город-побратим - sister city
  городить - (вздор / чушь): to talk nonsense;
  - (ерунду): don't talk such drivel AmE
  городок - all suburban units from hamlets through villages up to townlets of population less than 5000 head.
  городской - (аэропорт / морг): the municipal airport / mortuary;
  - (вредители, люди ругали ворон, считая их городскими в-лями): humans have feared crows as evil omens and reviled them as urban nuisances;
  - (районы): in the ramshackle urban areas of B.;
  - (совет): city council;
  - (сточные воды): urban waste water treatment;
  - (транспорт): the bill eliminates free access to urban transportation
  горожанин (горожане) - many of the rebels were gentry and townsmen;
  - bustling marketplace replete with townspeople
  горожанка - the townswomen plural were nursing the injured
  горсть - (банкнот / купюр): he held out a fistful of crumpled notes;
  - (кофейных зёрен): a handful of coffee beans
  горстка - (т.е. несколько, актёрских наград): he won international acclaim for his King Lear and has a fistful infml of other acting awards
  горький - (ирония): poignant irony;
  - (кофе): bitter coffee;
  - (г-ое лекарство образно экономических реформ): between the tough medicine in my economic plan and the bad press over problems, my (president's) public approval had dropped steeply since the inauguration;
  - (мысль): I could not erase from my mind the poignant thought of R. Nixon so alone and beleaguered;
  - (напоминание о том, каким мог бы быть город): it's a poignant evocation of what might have been the city of that architect;
  - (опыт, узнать на г-ом о-е): I know it from bitter experience;
  - (опыт, узнать на г-ом о-е): the burglar had learned the hard way that a murmur is far more difficult to detect than a whisper;
  - (пилюля): the Bosnian peace plan was hard-won and its particulars contained bitter pills for both sides;
  - (правда): the home truths that the owners and directors of companies have forgotten are that power must come with responsibility;
  - (правда): bitter truth;
  - (правда): no matter how bad you do not want to state the painful truth, always be truthful;
  - (разочарование): bitter disappointment;
  - (разочарование): his frustration was acute when he realized that I would not let him go;
  - (усмешка): his mouth twisted itself into a wry smile
  горючий - (газ): hydrogen sulfide is a flammable gas
  горячий - (голова образно): as a younger man, he was known as a hothead who talked back to cops;
  - (желание): a fervent desire;
  - (желание): a burning desire to win larger opportunities;
  - (итальянец, т.е. страстный): she was a desirable woman and he was a red-blooded Italian who loved to love women;
  - (конь): a restive and fiery horse;
  - (кровь дракона): dragon's fiery blood;
  - (линия, т.е. связи): I gave permission to use the Hot Line;
  - (люди образно): South Osetia is a very volatile region with very hot-headed people;
  - (предмет г-их споров): abortion continues to be a hot topic of debate;
  - (противник чего-л): a fervent opponent of something;
  - (спор): they having a heated argument;
  - (споры): in our family's spirited, sometimes heated discussions around the kitchen table, I learned that more than one opinion could live under the same roof;
  - (точка): to seek peace in the flashpoints of the world;
  - (точка): implementation of waste water treatment plants in all industrial hot spots;
  - (человек, т.е. импульсивный): the youngest and most impetuous member of the team;
  - смотри файл TEMPERATURA
  горячо - (верить): to believe fervently;
  - (мусульмане г. приветствовали арест крайне расиста): his arrest was warmly welcomed by Muslims;
  - (надеяться): he fervently hoped she wouldn't discuss her adventures with her roommates
  господин - (сам себе г., т.е. ни от кого не зависит): Clint Eastwood Is His Own Man: Signs On In Support Of Marriage Equality. Clint Eastwood is not your typical, 21st century, cookie-cutter Republican; meaning, his views do not necessarily follow the script or toe the expected party line. Which makes him a very unusual Republican. And his own man.;
  - (слуга и г.): "Well done, you good and faithful servant!' said his master.;
  - money is a good servant but a bad master;
  господство - (в государстве): Mao's personal dominance of the polity he had created was all-encompassing;
  - (в мире / над миром): the domination without a shot fired of the entire Third World;
  - (т.е. газеты над вниманием читателей): not even Pravda enjoyed such domination of the attention of...;
  - (мировое): domination on earth;
  - (консервативной идеологии в Республиканской партии): the nomination of R. Nixon cemented the ascendance of a conservative over a moderate ideology within the Republican Party, a dominance that has only grown more pronounced over the years;
  - (над соседними народами): what is the blend of qualities that lifts a people to dominion over neighbours of roughly comparable endowments?;
  - (российское г. в украинской культуре): Russian dominance of Ukrainian culture;
  - (страны во всём мире): the outcome of such a war would be domination by the Soviet Union of almost the whole world;
  - (установить г., Магнус поставил себе целью попытаться установить г. Норвежского королевства над Оркнейскими и Гебридскими островами и Манном): In 1093, Magnus became King of Norway and set his sight on attempting to bring Orkney, the Hebrides, and Mann, under the control of the Kingdom of Norway.
  господствовать - (безраздельно, об экономической доктрине): for proof that Keynes reigns supreme, all you have to do is watch the president hawking his tax cut as a cure for the global economic slowdown;
  - (над кем-л): the room where the Politburo meets every Tuesday morning to hold sway over 250 million Soviet citizens;
  - (поляки господствовали в городе): the city of Lwow was dominated by Poles;
  - (помешать способности страны г. в мире): concessions in arms levels and states of preparedness, which will in no way at all hinder our capacity to dominate;
  - (фармацевтическая компания господствующая на рынке транквилизаторов): that drug company dominates the tranquilizer market
  - (Фатх господствовала в палестинском обществе): al-Fatah held sway over Palestinian society for many years but was unable to keep its promises
  - (фундаменталистские верования господствуют в целых районах): fundamentalist beliefs hold sway over whole districts, ensuring the popularity of religious leaders
  господствующий - (ветры): the ship was in the lee of the prevailing south-easterly winds;
  - (занимать г-ее положение в медицине): this company is going to dominate regenerative medicine;
  - (занимать г-ее положение, о странах, имеющих запасы нефти): it is those countries who will soon rule the roost infml;
  - (парадигма): the reigning paradigm of the Holocaust;
  - (партия): the dominant party;
  - (положение, государство, занимающее г-ее п. в международной системе): a superpower is a state with a dominant position in the international system which has the ability to influence events and its own interests and project power on a worldwide scale to protect those interests;
  - (положение): during the first half of the 13th century, the great Gothic cathedrals demanded artistic attention and stained glass painting achieved dominance;
  - (положение компании на рынке): the company has abused its dominant position in the software market;
  - (страна стала г-ей в регионе): during the World War II Thailand supported Japan when the latter's conquests made it predominant in Southeast Asia;
  - (фигура в стране): he became a domineering figure accountable to no one
  ГОСТ (государственный стандарт) - National Standard
  гостеприимно - (налить виски): he hospitably poured the man a whisky and soda to match his own;
  - (принять чужую культуру): through and in tradition, Islam aligned itself authoritatively with all it found compatible in local usages and brought hospitably and masterfully within its purview the continuity of many cultures
  гостеприимный - we are a very hospitable people
  гостеприимство - thank you for your hospitality;
  - (злоупотреблять г-ом, мы не хотим злоупотреблять вашим г-ом): One more cup of tea and then we'll go. We don't want to outstay our welcome.;
  - (оказать г. гостю): forgive me, but I cannot offer any guest fitting hospitality until our household fortunes improve
  гостинец - (т.е. с ярмарки): "Ribbons and combs." A huckster planted herself in front of him. "A fairing for your lady?"
  гость - (города / университета): the guest of the city / University;
  - (музея): visitors to the museum;
  - (незваный / непрошеный): unbidden guest;
  - (т.е. о спортивной команде): early in the second half of play the visitors were awarded a penalty and took the lead;
  - (т.е. о спортивной команде, защита гостей): the defence opened confidently, and with the middlefield also playing well they were soon into their attacking stride, causing the visiting defence numerous problems;
  - (он был у нас частым г-тем): he was a frequent visitor to our home;
  - (она не поощряла гостей): she discouraged visitors and rarely allowed the girl to attend parties or other functions;
  - (официальный): official visitor;
  - (почётный): distinguished / honorary guest;
  - (радость при виде гостей): his pleasure at seeing visitors overcame any hesitancy, and he scrambled down from the high wall and ran forward to greet us;
  - (у меня гости, домработница приходит по утрам, а её племянница помогает, когда у меня гости): "Do you manage on your own?" "Not quite. A charlady comes every morning, and her niece helps when I'm entertaining.";
  - (у нас гости, т.е. самолёт преследуют): he grunted into the microphone, "We have company.";
  - (у нас редко бывают гости): we seldom entertain;
  - (у нас часто бывают гости): we entertain a great deal;
  - (у него были гости, т.е. вечеринка): he was hosting a party;
  - (ходить в гости друг к другу): the Dutch almost never visit each other without making an appointment first, even with close friends;
  - (частый): смотри ниже
  гость (частый) - (в Белом доме): they were frequent guests at the White House;
  - (в доме): he's a frequent visitor to our house;
  - (в часовне): she is a devout Christian and a regular fixture in the chapel;
  - (персонаж стал частым гостем на телешоу): the character rapidly grew in popularity, and became a recurring fixture on the show
  государственность - the question of Palestinian statehood;
  - (Кучме удалось утвердить украинскую г.): Kuchma succeeded in firmly rooting Ukrainian statehood;
  - (программа создания г-ти): the bedrock of the state-building program is the new security services trained by multinational forces Palestinians have deployed 2,600 officers in five major West Bank cities, ensuring unprecedented levels of law and order and facilitating the removal of a number of Israeli checkpoints
  государственный - (администрация): public administration;
  - (банк): the state-owned Polish savings bank;
  - (безопасность): a politician was charged Friday with threatening public safety after suggesting that fellow Kurds would rise against the state and fight if Turkey ever attacked their Kurdish brethren in neighboring Iraq;
  - (безопасность): National security advisor;
  - (безопасность): the Minister of State Security;
  - (важность, дела г-ой важности): Ontario passed an act that protects freedom of speech on matters of public interest;
  - (важность, вопросы г-ой важности): the President and the Prime Minister engaged in ongoing dialogue with all political parties to discuss issues of national interest;
  - (визит, приехать с г-ым в-ом): the President paid a state visit to Britain;
  - (визит, полететь в Чили с г-ым в-ом): I flew to Chile for a state visit;
  - (власть): public administration;
  - (выпуск г-ых золотых монет): the United States Coin and Bullion Reserve Vault Facilities today announces the final release of 5,000 U.S. Gov't Issued Gold Coins previously held in the West Point Depository / U.S. Mint;
  - (высшие г-ые чиновники): between the time the department came into being in January 2003 and last month, senior officials testified before congressional hearings;
  - (газета): a state-run Chinese newspaper;
  - (герб): picture of State Emblem of USA on the half dollar coin;
  - (гимн): national anthem;
  - (дела): the police captain and the ambassador locked horns regularly over shared affairs of state;
  - (дела, говорить о г-ых д-ах): we were talking about affairs of state;
  - (деятель): H. Kohl is a great European statesman;
  - (долг): смотри ниже;
  - (должность, выставить свою кандидатуру на г-ую д.): to run for public office;
  - (доход): revenues;
  - (доходы): direct economic benefits of the tourism among other factors include government earnings (income tax from employment / corporation, VAT / import duties, etc. local business taxes);
  - (железная дорога): state-owned railway;
  - (жильё): programs including student aid and public housing;
  - (г-ые заботы): whatever cares of state or other annoyances might prey upon the monarch's mind, his story-teller was sure to send him to sleep;
  - (г. заказ / госзаказ, информация о том, как получить госзаказ): information on getting a government contract;
  - (г-ые закупки): government procurement in the United States is based on many of the same principles as commercial contracting, but is subject to special laws and regulation;
  - (закупки): they cannot do nowadays, with a greater population than at that time, with less than 85 million tons of state buy-in;
  - (защитник, т.е. назначенный судом адвокат для неимущих подсудимых): the Public Defender Service in Washington, D.C., is a proud and vibrant organization that has zealously protected the indigent for many years;
  - (земельный кадастр): the Governmental Land Cadastre;
  - (земля): the sale / purchase of state land;
  - (земля в Англии / Канаде): Crown land;
  - (измена): high treason;
  - (имущество): the ministry which handles the sale of state assets;
  - (компании): government-owned companies;
  - (компания): Rosneft, which is state-run, plans to sell as much as $5 billion in bonds in the second half of the year;
  - (корпорация): Rosatom, the Russian state-owned nuclear group;
  - (налоговая инспекция, т.е. не в США): Governmental Tax Service;
  - (обвинитель): public prosecutor;
  - (облигации): government bonds are usually referred to as risk-free bonds, because the government can raise taxes to redeem the bond at maturity;
  - (облигации): U.S. treasury AmE bonds are yielding very high returns;
  - (отрасли промышленности): their national industrial base is an incredibly muddled hodge-podge of private and state-owned industries;
  - (переворот): coup d'état;
  - (политика): public policy;
  - (праздник): смотри ниже;
  - (преступление): officials may be impeached only for committing treason, bribery or other high crimes;
  - (расходы на медицинское обслуживание): public spending on medical care
  - (реестр): a corporation duly registered in the Public Registry of Panama;
  - (руководитель, в каждом г-ом руководителе есть что-то неприятное): every national leader had something odd and distasteful about him;
  - (сектор / службы / предприятия): the public sector / state sector is the part of the economy composed of both public services and public enterprises;
  - (сектор, зарплаты в г-ом секторе): public-sector salaries
  - (сектор): the public and private sectors generate about 50,000 jobs;
  - (сеть, т.е. энергоснабжения): some consumers purchase their own wind turbine or solar panels, reducing their reliance on the national grid;
  - (служащие): topcivil servants;
  - (служащий): color prejudice in the colonial civil servant is the one unforgivable sin;
  - (служащий): he was sentenced on charges of bribery of a public official;
  - (служба): смотри ниже;
  - (собственность): state / public property;
  - (соображения): when governments speak of "reasons of state," look for a squalid act that offends common decency;
  - (средства): public funds;
  - (средства): government funds were siphoned off to the firm;
  - (средства): the cost is being repaid out of government funds;
  - (г. стандарт, т.е. в СССР, Российской федерации): National Standard;
  - (стандарты): governmental standards;
  - (субсидия): there was no government subsidy;
  - (тайна): смотри ниже;
  - (университет): national university;
  - (управление, Институт г-ого управления): the Integrity Initiative is a project of the Institute for Statecraft with a stated mission of defending democracy from disinformation, in particular from Russia.;
  - (устройство): Mao's personal dominance of the polity he had created was all-encompassing;
  - (учреждение): смотри ниже;
  - (г-ые финансы остаются в относительно неплохом с-и): Even with the conspicuous overshoot reported in Tuesday's economic and fiscal update - a deficit of $26 billion for the current fiscal year, versus the $21 billion forecast in March - the government's finances remain in relatively good shape;
  - (формирование г-ой политики): public policy-making should be more than just an aggregation of self-interested groups pursuing narrow agendas;
  - (ценные бумаги): government / public securities;
  - (церковь): as years went by, the state churches lost their power;
  - (школа): public AmE AustrE / state BrE school;
  - (язык): the United States does not have an official language; however, the majority of the population speaks English as a native language
  государственный (долг) - a pledge to significantly lower public debt;
  - he expressed alarm at the ever-growing national debt;
  - A myopic game of chicken. That is the best description I have heard of the to and fro between the European banks and their governments over how best to restructure Greece's swollen sovereign debt problem.;
  - Standard & Poor's raised Greece's credit rating out of default territory on Wednesday, as expected after Athens slashed its debt by about a third by completing the biggest sovereign debt restructuring in financial history;
  - the private sector response last week to roll over a targeted ?30bn of privately owned Greek government debt is laughably self-serving
  государственный (праздник) - banking and government offices may be closed in these countries because of national holidays;
  - the Embassy is closed on certain Canadian and German public holidays;
  - in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, public holidays are often called bank holidays;
  - a statutory / general / public holiday in Canada is legislated either through the federal, or a provincial or territorial government
  государственный (служба) - (заставить г-ые службы конкурировать с поставщиками из частного сектора): to put more government services in competition with private-sector suppliers;
  - (многолетний опыт работы на г-ой службе): I had had many years of experience in government AmE;
  - (на г-ой службе): I've been in public service for 20 years;
  - (на г-ой службе ): a Communist agent high in the civil BrE service;
  - (поступить на г-ую службу): he joined the Ontario Public Service as a Trainee with the Ministry of...;
  - (поступить на г-ую службу): he entered Government service in 1967 as a management intern with the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, Washington, D.C.;
  - (поступление на г-ую с-у): entry to governmental service;
  - (экзамен для поступления на г-ую с-у): to sit for the Civil BrE Service entrance examination
  государственный (тайна) - the White House just declared the treaty a state secret;
  - State Secret Protection Act;
  - leading members of the Senate Judiciary Committee have joined together to introduce the State Secrets Protection Act, a bill that provides guidance to federal courts considering cases in which the government has asserted the state secrets privilege;
  - the Official Secrets Act is any of several Acts of the Parliament of the United Kingdom for the protection of official information, mainly related to national security
  государственный (учреждение) - (т.е. больницы): Talk to most vets who "try" to get health care at the other government-run facilities - VA hospitals. At one time they were great, but look at them now.;
  - (т.е. тюрьмы): The effects of increasing reliance upon private imprisonment have not been studied extensively. Most research attention has focused on whether private facilities are less costly than public ones. In 1989, the Institute conducted a study which compared private and public facilities. It concluded that government-run facilities were 20 to 28 percent more expensive than private ones.;
  - he was authorized by a certain ex-Soviet state agency, name not supplied, to conduct a dialogue with this house, concerning the possibility of opening an account with this house;
  - (т.е. здание): it was a place designed by a blind architect, so lacking in aesthetic as to be a definite government-owned building even in this country
  государство - (брак - это союз, созданный и контролируемый г-ом): his reasoning is only valid if one presupposes that marriage is a union created and controlled by the state for business purposes;
  - (демократическое): is the United States a democracy?;
  - (Европейский центробанк не является кредитором последней инстанции для государств, он существует для банков): the European Central Bank is not the lender of last resort for sovereigns, it is for banks;
  - (национальное): nation-state is a form of political organization under which a relatively homogeneous people inhabits a sovereign state; especially : a state containing one as opposed to several nationalities;
  - (т.е. наднациональное): Muhammad was a leader from Mecca who unified Arabia into a single religious polity under Islam;
  - (т.е. о королевстве Великобритания, приобретение или продажа имущества для г-а): acquisition or sale of assets for the Crown;
  - (отделение церкви от государства / разделение церкви и государства): separation of church and state;
  - (социальной защиты): welfare-state;
  - (г.-член ЕС): as of 2007 there are twenty-seven EU member states;
  - (частный сектор и г.): the private sector and government AmE must join in a rational strategy to ensure manufacturing remains the foundation on which America's economy is built;
  - Mao's personal dominance of the polity he had created was all-encompassing;
  - We Augustus B.A.A.P. and M. rex and cetera make known that we have determined, for the safety of our realm and for the keeping of our honour, that...
  готов - we were prepared to settle for a genuine coalition government for Cambodia with Sihanouk as the balance wheel;
  - (самолёт ко взлёту г.? / мы готовы): "Is the plane ready for take-off?" he asked. "Yes, Sir," the pilot answered. "We're all set.";
  - we've got a lot of experts on tap infml to advise us;
  - fast ports are on tap infml for Windows;
  - (будьте г-ы к тому, что на первый раз у вас ничего не получится): We can close deep cuts and lacerations without stitches with butterfly bandages. Expect to make a schlock job of it the first time. Have at least half a dozen butterfly bandages on hand and do not worry if you have to scrap a few and try again.;
  - (всё готово): is everything ready for the party?;
  - (еда): is breakfast ready?;
  - (к любым неожиданностям): we have a vague idea of how it might go, but we are open to any surprise;
  - (к неприятностям): L. is ready for this. He lets a couple of terriers out of the bag, and they make short work of the rats;
  - (к передышке): they are ready for a breather;
  - (он был г. рассказать): he was on the verge of telling them about this scar burning again;
  - (г-ы перегрызть / перерезать друг другу глотку / горло образно): during the divorce proceedings, Ted and Alice were literally at each other's throats;
  - (г-ы перегрызть перерезать друг другу горло / глотки): Kenya's Poor at Each Other's Throats. Those who have nothing are looting those who have a little bit more.;
  - (поверить кому-л): you're prepared to take his word for it?;
  - (г. спорить на что угодно): he is behind it, I'll bet anything;
  - (теперь бомба была г-а, т.е. взорваться): the bomb was now live;
  - (участники соревнований готовы к заданию): all our champions are ready for the second task;
  - (я не г. идти): I'm not ready to go yet;
  - (я г. хорошо заплатить за хороший лук): I love the look of yew bows in the UK and am willing to pay top coin for a good bow
  готовить - (еду): I'll do the cooking;
  - (т.е. еду): she cooks, cleans and minds children 10 hours a day;
  - (т.е. еду, она хорошо готовит): my wife is a good / fine cook;
  - (завтрак): I've fixed infml us some breakfast;
  - (заговор): to hatch a conspiracy;
  - (компанию к приватизации): to get the company ready for privatization;
  - (кофе и чем перекусить): to prepare coffee and snacks;
  - (мальчика к царствованию): to groom the boy for Kingship they subjected him to a gruelling programme of moral and intellectual enlightenment;
  - (место / почву для чего-л): fully a hundred enemy fighters scrambled into the air and set up their own combat air patrol over their East coast. The Hawkies spotted that and radioed a warning to the advancing fighters, setting the stage for a massive air engagement;
  - (обед): she had to fix infml dinner for her father;
  - (полигон к испытаниям): the administration has sought funds to ready the Nevada test site for future testing;
  - (политики стали г. представления): politicians with the most to gain from playing the God card started hatching stunts whose extravagant shamelessness could upstage any humble reverie of my own;
  - (постановку к выпуску в прокат, т.е. фильм): as Cecil B. DeMille readied his costly production for release a half-century ago, he seized on an ingenious publicity scheme;
  - (г. почву для вступления в члены): in May, Aeroflot signed a preliminary accord with Air France clearing the way for membership once it meets standards in areas including customer service and airport operations;
  - (почву / место для расширения, т.е. компании): the company set the stage for its expansion with the purchase of 800 acres of state land on the fringes of Phoenix, Arizona
  - (г. почву для достижения соглашения): this weekend's talks between the two leaders have set the scene for a peace agreement to be reached;
  - (ужин): she cooked us a marvelous dinner;
  - (учёный тщательно готовил пробы для анализа): the scientist prepared his samples meticulously;
  - (что нам готовит следующий год?): Self-publishing is a rapidly evolving industry with lots of competitors that are constantly throwing out new information. Last year, Amazon was only offering 35 percent royalties on e-books. This summer, it goes up to 70 percent. What does next year hold in store?
  готовиться - (ехать в Оксфордский унинверситет): I was getting ready to go to Oxford;
  - (г. к выходу из вагона метро): as the subway approached the 23rd Street stop, I started to move into position to exit the car;
  - (к неизбежному уходу ведущих руководителей): succession planning involves looking ahead to the inevitable time when key managers will depart;
  - (т.е. к отъезду дочери с тяжёлым чувством): my daughter chose to go to Stanford University, 3000 miles away, and I looked ahead to her high school graduation and departure for college with a knot in my stomach;
  - (к приёму гостей): there was no fun making ready for a pretend party at which the Queen would be in attendance when she was the Queen;
  - (к разведывательной экспедиции): he directed his warriors to prepare for scouting expedition into the mountains;
  - (к ракетному удару): Donald Trump has told Russia and Syria to get ready for a missile attack on the Assad regime;
  - (к худшему): their attitude called to mind the old saying "hope for the best, plan for the worst;
  - (Конгресс - принимать решения по законопроектам): with Congress set to act this fall on 13 appropriation bills, bitter debate is emerging over how spending priorities can be funded;
  - (о законах): there are some new laws in the works that will affect all of us;
  - (о планах): plans for the new school are now in preparation;
  - (о планах строительства): plans are in the works for a 40-story office tower atop the Port Authority bus terminal;
  - (о теракте): we received evidence another terrorist attack may be on the way;
  - (обезвредить бомбу): they were getting ready to defuse the bomb;
  - (страна готовится объявить об активном торговом балансе): the country is on the track to post a trade surplus this year of almost $33 billion, the largest on the record
  готовность - (армии): Their state of readiness is quite poor. They have one full-strength division, one at two thirds and the rest are hardly better than cadre-strength.;
  - (благодаря своей г-ти поделиться своими знаниями она приобрела много друзей): her ready habit of sharing any skill had won her many friends;
  - (боевая): battle readiness;
  - (боевая): the 265th Motor-Rifle Division is at roughly 50 percent combat efficiency;
  - (боевая): that African tribe was famous for their ability to rise from the deepest sleep to a state of total battle readiness in a matter of seconds;
  - (боевая, перейти на повышенную боевую г.): they'll go to a high alert status, but they will not commence offensive operations on their own hook;
  - (в стране введена повышенная г. к терактам): the nation is put on high alert for attacks;
  - (выдвигаться на должность): Republican chances for victory depended upon his willingness to run for a 2nd term;
  - (выполнить команду диспетчера): ability to perform;
  - (Государственного Здравоохранения): Chairman of the U.S. Public Health Preparedness;
  - (держать в боевой г-ти): to keep on the alert;
  - (к переговорам): they affirmed their willingness to negotiate;
  - (к сотрудничеству): he expressed his willingness to co-operate;
  - (к чрезвычайным ситуациям): emergency preparedness guidelines;
  - (находиться в г-ти): Pakistan is on high alert;
  - (помочь): "Yes, sahib?" he said with a deft combination of willingness to help and studiousness not to appear too eager;
  - (г. ракеты к запуску): the missiles are kept defueled most of the time, and they probably need two hours to bring them up to launch readiness;
  - (режим г-ти устройства): stand-by mode;
  - (с г-ю): смотри ниже;
  - (г. служащих пойти навстречу работодателю): what we were looking for was that extra level of commitment from the employees - in making suggestions, and most of all in being flexible;
  - (состояние г-ти к войне): concessions in arms levels and states of preparedness, which will in no way at all hinder our capacity to dominate;
  - (состояние повышенной г-ти аварийных служб): the emergency services were on red alert;
  - (г. средства выведения на орбиту): the Air Force can launch the Block IIR into any required GPS orbit (with a 60-day advanced notice and dependent upon launch vehicle availability);
  - (страна находится в повышенной г-ти): Pakistan is on high alert
  готовность (с г-ю) - (исполнять прихоти кого-л): his whims were granted with agility;
  - (т.е. охранник фашистского концлагеря действовал с г-ю): the prosecutor called him a major criminal, someone who acted willingly, fervently, and with a show of initiative;
  - (повестка дня была согласована с необычной г.): the agenda had been agreed with unusual alacrity;
  - (удовлетворить просьбу): he called the Foreign Ministry, requesting an urgent meeting with Minister S. This was granted with surprising alacrity
  готовый - (армия, готовая ударить): we have 4 type A Group armies in the 5 military District, fully trained and poised to strike north;
  - (блюда): For the purpose of the survey, ready-to-eat meals were defined as frozen or fresh, hot or cold, fully prepared meals purchased in a store to be eaten elsewhere. They aren't the same as take-away and fast food, and they aren't canned food.;
  - (блюда / пища): Listeria monocytogenes is often found in refrigerated, ready-to-eat foods;
  - (Бог готов простить): God is always willing and ready to pardon;
  - (т.е. в отличие от сделанного на заказ, т.е. о программном обеспечении): The couples coming off the monorail can't afford to have custom avatars made and don't know how to write their own. They have to buy off-the-shelf avatars;
  - (всегда готова посмеяться): she can be boisterous and up for a laugh - just as long as it isn't directed at her;
  - (детали, т.е. законченные): finished parts;
  - (детали, т.е. покупные): ready-maid parts;
  - (еда): precooked meals;
  - (еда): a ready-cooked dinner;
  - (иск не готов для судебного пересмотра): I would dismiss the complaint as not ripe for judicial review. Prudential considerations persuade me that a dispute between Congress and the President is not ready for judicial review unless and until each branch has taken action asserting its constitutional authority.;
  - (г. к работе комплект): the pump requires less than 160 Watts of DC power which is provided by a solar panel array, battery pack, and controls all supply in a "ready-to-run" package;
  - (меч): The outer skin, called kawagane, is then wrapped around a softer iron core, or shingane. The two layers are heated and hammered out into a long bar. This welds the layers together and forms the blank from which the finished sword is made.
  - (т.е. законченный, красота г-ого меча): to fashion these blades, the smith not only must possess physical strength, but also patience, dexterity, and a refined eye for the limits of the material and the beauty of a finished sword;
  - (изделия): finished articles;
  - (книги, дешево покупать рукописи и с максимальной наценкой продавать г-ые книги): every profit-selling publisher tries to purchase book manuscripts cheaply and sell finished books at maximum markup;
  - (международный суд готов начать слушания): the International Court of Justice is set to begin hearings deliberating on the legality of Kosovo's declaration of independence from Serbia;
  - (наброситься): a wild boar waiting to charge;
  - (одежда): today the company has extended into ready-to-wear clothing;
  - (одежда): the opportunity to pick up highly sought after items of ready-to-wear, jewellery and accessories at dramatically reduced prices;
  - (одежда, он покупал костюмы в магазинах г-ой одежды): he bought his suits off the rack AmE;
  - (он был готов сотрудничать с республиканцами): the President was always willing to work with the Republicans, but their budget was unacceptable;
  - (он был готов услышать т.е. плохие новости): he had been braced to hear it, but it was a blow nevertheless;
  - (готов поспорить с кем угодно на ящик пива, что...): I am willing to bet anyone an ice-cold case of Beck's Beer that...;
  - (прийти на помощь): When asked how they plan to handle six kids, she says: "We really don't know. His mom and dad are on standby to come out and help.";
  - (проснуться бодрым и г-ым начать новый день): those were seven hours of solid slumber, allowing me to wake perky and primed for the new day;
  - (психологически, т.е. к бою): I truly realized how keyed up the monotonous months at sea had made us. The very prospect of a fight actually seemed to relax me;
  - (продукция): billing and shipment of finished goods;
  - (рискнуть): they were gamblers, willing to take chances in the hope of gain;
  - (рискнуть): this risky business attracted thousands of adventurous colonists;
  - (самолёты, г-ые к полёту): one regiment of fighter-interceptors ready for operations;
  - (т.е. сваренный, о мясе): when meat is done and the onion is transparent, drain off all meat drippings;
  - (террористы готовы выполнить угрозы): the terrorists are prepared to carry out all their threats unless their demands are not met;
  - (ударить): the snake reared from the floor, ready to strike;
  - (участвовать во всех видах деятельности): you should be prepared to participate in all aspects of the School activities
  готовящаяся пища - a powerful and delicious smell of cooking pervaded the corridors
  грабёж - (грабежи, т.е. во время уличных беспорядков): the National Guard was called out, and the by now predictable scenario unfolded: tear gas, beating, looting, fires;
  - (грабежи, т.е. магазинов во время уличных беспорядков): smoking buildings and storefronts with broken glass from looting;
  - (грабежи драконов, т.е. в сказке): the depredations of dragons;
  - (грабежи корсаров): the villagers already abandoned these coastal regions for fear of corsairs' summer depredations;
  - (если вы пришли для г-а, то сначала будет битва): if it's plunder and mischief you came for, there is battle first;
  - (т.е. образно): French haute cuisine is frequently underwritten - and then written off as a mugging at the Sabatier knife point - by hapless tourists;
  - (т.е. слишком дорого разг.): $300 for that shirt? That's a complete rip-off infml.;
  - (т.е. слишком дорого разг.): They charged you £5 for a coffee? What a rip-off!;
  - (г. средь бела дня образно): £2.5 for a cup of coffee? It's a daylight robbery.;
  - (участвовать в г-е): he was allegedly involved in the robbery
  грабительский - (займы / кредиты): predatory loans / lending [practices];
  - (методы, т.е. налогообложения): The former president's reforms meant that for the first time monthly payments could be made based on turnover. But the new Socialist president has in his first budget started what many see as the dismantling of the whole process; a move to force them back to the bulky, extortionate old ways.;
  - (ссудный процент): extortionate loan interest
  грабить - (враги грабят всё, что осталось в долине): the enemies are burning or despoiling all that is left in the vale;
  - (квартиру, т.е. со взломом): his racket is getting onto expensive apartments as a potential buyer and then coming back to burglarize them;
  - (золото, награбленное во время войны): the gold looted during the war;
  - (о бандах): bands roamed the country, killing, burning and plundering;
  - (г. потерпевшие крушение корабли): they caused ships to run aground, pillaging their wrecks;
  - (склады были разграблены): depots were looted;
  - (страну): the country is plundered;
  - (толпа грабила военные склады): the crowd ransacked military depots;
  - (г. целые страны, т.е. мошенническим бизнесом): M. might rip off mug punters, horny businessmen and foreign tourists, but R.G. ransacks entire countries;
  - смотри файл SUD_ZAKON
  гравитационный - (бомба): gravity bombs that could be affixed to cruise missiles;
  - (притяжение): the gravitational pull of planets;
  - (притяжение): a greater gravitational pull
  град образно - (критики, попасть под г. критики): China and Russia both came under a barrage of criticism for blocking the UN Security Council resolution;
  - (критики, попасть под г. критики): he is fighting back after coming under a barrage of criticism for remarks he made about homosexuality during an interview with P.M.;
  - (критики, попасть под г. газетной критики): he run the gauntlet fig of newspaper attacks;
  - (обвинений): I welcomed the chance to respond to the latest volley of allegations;
  - (обменяться г-ом ударов): they exchanged a flurry of blows;
  - смотри файл PEJZAJ_POGODA
  градообразующий - (предприятие): Since the company was a dominant local employer, in common with many other "one-company towns" in the region, profound large-scale restructuring involving the break-up of the company into smaller components and downscaling would have resulted in high levels of redundancy
  гражданин - (вопросы, связанные с гражданами): Consulat. Civic Affairs. Passports, Legislation of birth, Identity documents and drivers licences, Citizenship, Duplicate or replacement of birth, marriage, and death certificates, Changing details (surname, etc.).;
  - the hijacking of the airliner was not committed by U.S. citizens against U.S. citizens or within the U.S. air base of T.;
  - (ограничить визиты иностранных граждан): to restrict visits by foreign nationals;
  - (по рождению): no person except a natural-born citizen, shall be eligible to the office of President;
  - (страны): are you a national of the country in which you are applying (for a UK visa)?
  граждански - (мыслящий / настроенный, клуб г. настроенных людей): an association of civic-minded clubs founded by theater owners
  гражданский - (беспорядки): civilian disturbances;
  - (беспорядки): civil unrest;
  - (борьба): civil strife;
  - (восстание): civilian uprising;
  - (жена): common-law wife;
  - (записи актов г-ого состояния): Vital records are records of life events. They include birth certificates, marriage licenses, and death certificates. In some jurisdictions, vital records may also include records of civil unions or domestic partnerships.;
  - (инженерные сооружения): Similar gate management was conducted in November 1999 to optimize adult salmon upstream migration. This was done without impacting the infrastructure or civil works;
  - (муж): I'm her common-law husband;
  - (т.е. не военный): смотри ниже;
  - (т.е. не уголовный, иск): a sitting President could not be the subject of a civil suit arising out of his official actions;
  - (т.е. не уголовный, самое быстрое урегулирование в истории групповых г-их исков): it would be the quickest settlement in mass tort history;
  - (т.е. не уголовный, судебный процесс): she had never been a party to a criminal or civil action;
  - (непослушание): civil disobedience;
  - (т.е. общественно-политический): смотри ниже;
  - (общество): we've got no civil society institutions;
  - (общество): building and sustaining a civil society;
  - (права): it happened in 1967, about the time the civil rights movement finally made it to Ford County;
  - (с развитым чувством г-ого долга): an association of civic-minded clubs founded by theater owners;
  - (свободы): the Civil Liberties Committee of Parliament;
  - (свободы): stop and search procedure is an abuse of our civil liberties;
  - (страхование г-ой ответственности водителя): motor third party insurance;
  - (страхование г-ой ответственности): Third-party insurance: Liability cover purchased by an insured (the first party) from an insurer (the second party) for protection against the claims of another (the third) party. The first party is responsible for its own damages or losses whether caused by itself or the third party.
  гражданский (т.е. не военный) - (жизнь): to help the veterans to adjust to civilian life;
  - (контроль над вооружёнными силами): to keep the major military power under strict civilian control;
  - (министр обороны): civilian defense minister;
  - (население): any indication of the fate of the civilian population of K.?;
  - (население): the plights of civilians have not been alleviated;
  - (население): the toll of civilians is appalling;
  - (оборона): civil defense division;
  - (одежда): he changed into civilian clothes;
  - (одежда): a man in civilian clothes;
  - (персонал): police and civilian staff;
  - (самолёт): the prisoner was flown by a civilian jet to Israel;
  - (свидетель события): he is the only civilian witness of the event;
  - (транспорт): Article 15(0) banned all military traffic, as well as requiring the concurrence of Saigon for civilian traffic;
  - (цели): to hit military / civilian targets;
  - (человек): all men of the enclave, combatants and noncombatants alike;
  - (человек): the rumpled civilian who trotted down the steps
  гражданский (т.е. общественно-политический) - (активность): civic engagement includes voting in elections, other forms of political participation, and volunteering for community and non-profit services;
  - (активность): those who are white, older, more affluent, homeowners, and more highly educated demonstrate the highest levels of (civic engagement;
  - (ассоциации): the civic associations, religious institutions, voluntary efforts, NGOs and individual acts of citizenship that together weave a fabric of democratic life;
  - (долг): civic duty;
  - (жизнь): people with lower incomes may feel that their participation in civic affairs does not count as much as wealthier people's;
  - (жизнь): African-Americans are less likely to vote and to participate in civic affairs more generally when they live in racially mixed environments;
  - (жизнь): Newspapers have a bigger impact on participation when they are rooted in their communities. Local newspapers that pay a lot of attention to civic affairs can spur increases in engagement.;
  - (лидеры): the Committee will coordinate a series of forums to engage policy makers, the city planners in charge of implementing the policy, architects and the civic leaders responsible for energizing communities in an ongoing forum to discuss strategies for how to broaden networks of involvement;
  - (партия): Hungarian Civic Party
  гражданственность - (воспитание г-ти): citizenship education is about enabling citizens to make their own decisions and to take responsibility for their own lives and their communities;
  - (отдельные проявления г-ти): building and sustaining a civil society - the civic associations, religious institutions, voluntary efforts, NGOs and individual acts of citizenship that together weave a fabric of democratic life;
  - (г. заключается в том, чтобы...): Learning and Teaching Scotland 2002, describes citizenship as being about: the exercise of rights and responsibilities within communities at local, national and global levels; and making informed decisions, and taking thoughtful and responsible action, locally and globally;
  - (преподать идеалы г-ти следующему поколению): the older generations have failed to teach the ideals of citizenship to the next generation;
  - H.B., a millionaire junk dealer, has amassed a fortune by devious means and consequently has everything in the name of his fiancée of eight years, B.D. Afraid that her ignorance will somehow ruin his wheeling and dealing, he hires an honest newsman to educate her. As she becomes increasingly aware of things such as democratic principles and good citizenship, she begins to question the use of her name as a silent partner.
  гражданство - (двойноe): the concept of dual nationality means that a person is a citizen of two countries at the same time;
  - (иметь г.): do you hold, or have you ever held, any other nationalities?;
  - (гражданство): do you hold any other citizenship?;
  - (лица с двойным г-ом): dual nationals;
  - (лишить г-а): he was stripped of Israeli citizenship;
  - Nationality most often derives from place of birth (i.e. jus soli) and, in some cases, ethnicity (i.e. jus sanguinis). Citizenship derives from a legal relationship with a state. Citizenship can be lost, as in denaturalization, and gained, as in naturalization.;
  - you may apply for a visa at our office, regardless of your country of nationality and country of citizenship
  грамматика - (прескриптивная): normative grammar
  грамота - (верительные г-ы): the new Ambassador presented his credentials;
  - (китайская образно, для меня все это - китайская г.): that was all double Dutch / Chinese / Greek to me
  - (г. особо отличившейся части, т.е. в приказе по армии): the Naval Academy received the Meritorious Unit Commendation from the chief of naval personnel;
  - (похвальная / почётная): Résumé to include: employment history, educational background (degrees you hold or are currently working on), list of awards and commendations, three current letters of professional reference;
  - ("Пропавшая г." Гоголя): "The Lost Letter: A Tale Told by the Sexton of the N...Church" by N.V. Gogol;
  - (учить г-е): there are numerous textbooks with ideas and activities that teachers can use to teach reading and writing skills
  грамотно - (действовать г.): to act properly / appropriately;
  - (составить указатель к книге): he expertly made the index of the volume
  грамотность - (взрослых): an adult literacy campaign;
  - (компьютерная): computer literacy;
  - (компьютерная): the college has a computer proficiency requirement for students who want to earn an Associate degree;
  - (компьютерная): computer skills alone are no salvation;
  - (т.е. умение читать и писать, процент г-ти): In the Middle Ages, literacy rates among Jews in Europe were much higher than in the surrounding Christian populations. Most Jewish males at least learned to read and write Hebrew. In New England, the literacy rate was over 50 percent during the first half of the seventeenth century, and it rose to 70 percent by 1710. By the time of the American Revolution, it was around 90 percent.
  грамотный (т.е. компетентный) - (волшебник): he was a fully qualified wizard;
  - (врач): an efficient doctor prescribes only such medicines as are efficacious;
  - (выбор): this information will help you make a knowledgeable choice of components when purchasing your brake system;
  - (постановка задач, т.е. политических): on many issues we now have a more sound agenda / approach;
  - (работа полисменов): she had many friends on the force - the sort of loyal lieges a good PA develops by appreciating skilled police work;
  - (решение): intelligent / wise solution / decision;
  - (руководитель, т.е. знающий): to ensure either that the future manager is prepared from within or that skilled managers can be recruited from outside the company when the time is right;
  - (специалисты): our team consists of highly experienced and knowledgeable professionals, many of whom are recognized as key thought leaders within the industry;
  - (технически г-ые ребята): although the Illinois school district updates its list of blocked sites every hour, the most tech-savvy kids on desktop computers and other devices find a way out by logging into specialized servers that redirect traffic to forbidden sites;
  - (т.е. умеющий читать): the large amount of graffiti found at Roman sites such as Pompeii, shows that at least a large minority of the population would have been literate;
  - (юрист): a learned jurist
  гран (т.е. аптекарская / тройская мера веса в системе avoirdupoids): grain (gr) = 64.8 milligrams
  грандиозный - (бестселлер): her last book was a raving best-seller;
  - (программа): a massive rearmament program;
  - (рекламная кампания): a massive advertising campaign;
  - (событие): Olympic games are such a massive event;
  - (успех): the advertising campaign was a huge success;
  - (успех): you have what it takes to become a massive success
  граница - (вдоль г-ы, войска, развёрнутые вдоль г-ы с Мексикой): the Senate on Wednesday approved funding to keep up to 6000 National Guard troops deployed along the US border with Mexico;
  - (владений, спор о г-х владений): a hot property line dispute;
  - (восхищению нет границ): my admiration for such inventions knows no bounds;
  - (где г. между взрослым и подростком): where do we draw the line between adults and adolescents?;
  - (государственные г-ы, расширить г.г.): France enlarged its national boundaries at the expense of Germany;
  - (за границами империи): people who dwell outside the boundaries of the Russian Empire;
  - (знания): expanding the frontiers of human knowledge and understanding;
  - (знать свои г-ы): a wise man knows his own limitations;
  - (идеи не знают границ): good ideas have no boundaries;
  - (исследований): to advance the frontiers of research;
  - (между веществами): as light passes from one substance into another, it will travel straight through with no change of direction when crossing the boundary between the two substances head-on;
  - (между двумя средами): scattering of light or other electromagnetic radiation is the deflection of rays in random directions by irregularities in the propagation medium, or in a surface or interface between two media.;
  - (между оплатой труда и эксплуатацией): It's legal to charge parents rent and a share of household expenses, experts say. Children can also charge for their time spent care giving, or handling the parent's accounts. Payments to a child can be a good way to get money out of the parent's estate tax free, experts note. But be careful, they warn. There's a fine line between being paid for your work and exploitation;
  - (г-ы между официальными и неофициальными агентами безопасности): the lines between official and unofficial security agents are often blurred;
  - (между партиями): the nine women senators forged friendships across the party lines;
  - (между подчинением и диктатурой): Cromwell crossed the line between the bullying and dictatorship;
  - (между странами): смотри ниже;
  - (между церковным и светским): the line between the religious and the secular in public life;
  - (не иметь границ): her ruthlessness and total fearlessness know no bounds;
  - (перейти / переходить г-ы, т.е. допустимого): смотри ниже;
  - (по обе стороны г-ы между математикой и физикой): the author is a well-known figure on both sides of the math-physics divide;
  - (политические г-ы, т.е. на карте): capitals, countries, major cities, political boundaries, time zones, ocean's depths, and more are indicated at a scale of 160 statute miles to inch;
  - (религиозные г-ы): Russia is splitting up along religious lines;
  - (раздела, г. раздела между нефтью и водой): the surfactant molecules in the dispersant sit at the interface between oil and water, reducing the surface tension between the two liquids;
  - (спорт переходит все г-ы): soccer crosses boundaries that other things cannot;
  - (тектонической плиты): mid-ocean ridges occur along the kind of plate boundary where new ocean floor is created as the plates spread apart;
  - (это переходит все г-ы, т.е. недопустимо): смотри ниже
  граница (т.е. между странами) - Cyprus. For 25 years a border has divided Turks and Greeks;
  - (Европа без границ): Europe without boundaries;
  - (иметь общую г-у): the two tremendous continental countries shared a frontier of 4,000 miles in a vast arc from the frozen tundras of Siberia to the stark deserts of Central Asia;
  - (иметь общую г-у с Норвегией и Финляндией): Sweden has frontiers with Norway and Finland;
  - (иметь общую г-у с другими странами): Sweden shares borders with Norway and Finland;
  - (на г-е): one million troops are massed at the frontier;
  - (на г-е): the vast increase of Soviet military forces along the Chinese frontier since 1969;
  - (на г-е между США и Канадой): Federal law enforcement activity is increasing on the border between the US and Canada;
  - (на г-е с Польшей): on the border to Poland, small and medium businesses are doing much better;
  - (недалеко от г-ы с Германией): a town in eastern France, near the border with Germany;
  - (недалеко от финской г-ы): we had arrived at Boden, not too far from the Finnish border;
  - (охранять г-у): soldiers guarding the border;
  - (перейти [через] г-у): ten migrants died trying to cross the border there in 1995;
  - (перейти [через] г-у): they were shot trying to cross the frontier;
  - (перейти [через] г-у в Испанию): to cross the border into Spain;
  - (перелететь через г-у / пересечь г-у): the airliner had crossed the border;
  - (штата США): to prevent a prisoner from escaping justice by fleeing across the state line;
  - (штатов США): this map layer includes State boundaries for all 50 States, and boundaries for Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands;
  - (южная г. США): the southern boundary of the USA
  граница (перейти / переходить г-ы, т.е. допустимого) - Clinton sent an explicit signal that removing the fuel rods (from the North Korean nuclear reactor) would cross a "red line";
  - (т.е. полномочий): If your account is turned over to a collection agency for non-payment, a bill collector cannot use or threaten violence; harm or threaten harm to you without identifying him or herself as a bill collector. If a collection agency goes beyond these boundaries, you have legal right that will protect you.;
  - the bad language in that play overstepped the limits / boundaries of what ought to be allowed on television
  граница (это переходит все г-ы, т.е. недопустимo) - this charge took the cake infml fig;
  - He laughs indignantly, "That just takes the biscuit! BrE slang";
  - There's an interesting thing. Motion sensors and a lot of cameras. I know the rich get nervous - come the revolution and all that - but this is complete overkill fig;
  - It is unbelievable that a judge in Germany is basing her decisions on the Koran. It is beyond the pale.
  граничить - (Кувейт граничит с Саудовской Аравией): Kuwait is bordered by Saudi Arabia to the south at Khafji, and Iraq to the north at Basra;
  - (поведение, граничащее с эксцентричностью): Lady Thatcher is prone to impulsive behaviour bordering on the eccentric;
  - (поле, которое граничит с владениями кого-л): he was working his field which abuts the property of Mr G.;
  - (с контролем над образом мыслей): this borders on thought control;
  - (с презрением): their relations verge on contemptuous;
  - (с симпатией): The Ambassador avowed understanding, verging on sympathy, for our approach;
  - (со слабоумием): this borders on dementia praecox;
  - (со страной): Pakistan borders Afghanistan
  грань - (куба / тетраэдра): a face of a cube / tetrahedron;
  - (между оплатой труда и эксплуатацией - тонкая г.): It's legal to charge parents rent and a share of household expenses, experts say. Children can also charge for their time spent care giving, or handling the parent's accounts. Payments to a child can be a good way to get money out of the parent's estate tax free, experts note. But be careful, they warn. There's a fine line between being paid for your work and exploitation;
  - (между победой и поражением не шире волоска): the margin between success and failure at this level of players is at the hair's breadth;
  - (между правосудием и местью): where does one draw the line between justice and revenge?;
  - (между радикализмом и экстремизмом): where is the borderline between radicalism and extremism?;
  - (между церковным и светским): the line between the religious and the secular in public life;
  - (на грани безумия): on the verge of insanity;
  - (на г-ни вымирания): on the edge of extinction;
  - (на г-ни разгадки): we are on the brink of unraveling of the secret of DNA;
  - (на г-ни разумного): the film focuses on a scientist who, if not quite mad, is certainly operating at the far borders of rationality;
  - (на г. гражданской войны): to push the country on the verge of a civil war;
  - (переходить грани приличия): when governments speak of "reasons of state," look for a squalid act that offends common decency;
  - (стоять на г-ни краха): the company is teetering on the brink of collapse;
  - (экономика стоит на г-ни спада): the economy teeters on the brink of recession;
  - смотри файл FORMA_VID
  графа - (таблицы): the columns of the chart headed "France" and "England"
  график - (т.е. изображение): смотри ниже;
  - (т.е. план / расписание): смотри ниже
  график (т.е. изображение) - (т.е. диаграмма инвестиций): graph of hypothetical $10000 investment;
  - (кривой): graph of the curve;
  - (на г-е показано изменение подъёмной силы в зависимости от числа Маха и угла атаки): the plot shows the variation of lift with Mach number and angle of attack;
  - (т.е. по точкам, нарисовать / начертить г. ): we've plotted [a graph showing] the increase in sales this year;
  - (т.е. построенный по точкам): here are five BMWs and the plot showing the relationship between the miles driven and the price;
  - (строить г-и функций / неравенств): I know how to graph linear functions, but I'm confused about graphing inequalities;
  - (функций): graphs of some trigonometric functions;
  - (функции): a graph of cos (lambda t);
  - (т.е. экономической информации во времени): the black line on the chart is the monthly Treasury International Capital flow from other countries (income), with both the trade and budget deficits subtracted.
  график (т.е. план / расписание) - (т.е. военных операций): is that time-scale feasible?;
  - (г. выполнения работ, т.е. часть технического задания): Deliverables Schedule lists the specific deliverables, describing what is due and when;
  - (гибкий, работать по г-ому графику): he works flexible hours, nights or weekends;
  - (дежурств): смотри ниже;
  - (доставки): For companies to recognize revenue before delivery, the risks of ownership must have passed to the buyer. There also must be a fixed schedule for delivery of the goods, and the product must be complete and ready for shipment.
  - (загруженный / напряжённый / плотный г.): the company thrives on a highly charged schedule;
  - (загруженный / напряжённый / плотный г.): I've got a very busy schedule;
  - (мероприятий): activity schedule;
  - (переговоров): America and Russia agreed to a timetable for negotiations;
  - (г. проведения реформ может не соблюдаться): "Thoroughness comes before speed," he said suggesting that the timetable for introducing the reform may not be met;
  - ((процедуры разгрузки контейнеров): a flowchart of the unstuffing procedure for scanned containers;
  - (публичных выступлений): the governor has sharply curtailed his public schedule;
  - (плотный г. спасательных работ): a storm forced deep-see divers preparing to lift the wreck of the Kursk nuclear submarine to halt work Sunday, putting further strain on an already tight schedule of salvage operation;
  - (работать по гибкому г-у): he works flexible hours, nights or weekends;
  - (работать по своему г-у): he could take a day off on a whim, because he was a writer who could set his own hours;
  - (т.е. работы, устанавливать свой г.): the work isn't too hard and you can basically set your own hours;
  - (радиосвязи): London's radio schedules round the world are desperately tight;
  - (сборки): assembly schedule;
  - (согласовывать г-и работ, т.е. на стройке): tо supervise work crews in commercial / residential remodeling and new construction projects; tо coordinate schedules and all trades;
  - (съёмок): shooting schedule;
  - (уплотнить г.): schedules are examined and then trimmed to meet time goals
  график (дежурств) - Staff noncommissioned officers checked the duty roster to see if they had duty with him. If they did, they did everything within their power to switch dates;
  - а duty roster is a schedule which assigns tasks and shifts (e.g. the night shift) to crew members;
  - a schedule / rota / roster is a list of employees who are working on any given day, week, or month in a workplace;
  - he complained about the rota because he was being given illegal shifts
  графически - (изобразить таблицу): it is most convenient to display such a table graphically by proceeding as follows;
  - (решать математическую задачу): this is best handled diagrammatically;
  - (представлять г.): with this machine, ultrasound can be visualized
  графический - (анализ): visual analysis;
  - (дизайн): graphic design;
  - (г-ое представление данных): a chart is a graphical representation of data, in which the data is represented by symbols, such as bars in a bar chart, lines in a line chart, or slices in a pie chart;
  - (г-ое представление данных): visualization is a technique to graphically represent sets of data;
  грациозно - (изогнутая спина): a lissome ballerina with a gracefully arched back
  грациозный - (движения / девушка / танец): graceful movements / girl / dance;
  - he was graceful only when he was horsed
  гремучая смесь (т.е. нечто опасное) - (ртути, серебра и других ядовитых веществ): what the scientists found is beyond alarming: а witches' brew of mercury, silver and other toxic chemicals in muck that measure 50 to 100 times above normal levels;
  - (секса и жестокости): a witches' brew of untamed sex and brutality
  грести - (т.е. арестовывать жаргон, стража "гребёт" весь сброд): the Watch are out in force now and rousting slang all the riff-raff;
  - (г. деньги лопатой образно): we"d been pulling in money almost literally hand over fist;
  - смотри файл DVIJENIE
  греть - (г. на солнышке свою задницу): Hey, what are you doing these days? Sunning your fanny, spitting at the ceiling?;
  - (радиаторы не греют): the radiators aren't giving off heat
  греться - (в лучах чужой славы): he was basking in the reflected glory of F.;
  - (на солнышке): a uniformed porter was sunning himself on the threshold;
  - (на солнышке): a succulent coney was sunning itself beside its burrow;
  - (на солнышке): to bask in the sun;
  - (чайник грелся на огне): the fire heated a large copper kettle
  грех - (совершить г., который бы дорого ему стоил в Национальной футбольной лиге): he committed a sin that would have cost him dearly in the NFL
  грешно - (играть в азартные игры г.): I have never seen it proved from Scripture that all gambling is sinful
  грешный - (Господи, будь милостив ко мне, грешной): Lord, be merciful to me, a sinner;
  - (жизнь): The Woman Who Lived A Sinful Life
  грешок - I know all about you and your little peccadilloes, B., like that bird next door you're banging behind her husband's back and your bit of property speculation in Ibiza.
  гриф - (т.е. птица): vulture;
  - смотри ниже
  гриф (секретности) - (г-ы секретности: особой важности, совершенно секретно, секретно, конфиденциально, ограниченного пользования, несекретно): Classification formalizes what constitutes a "state secret" and accords different levels of protection based on the expected damage the information might cause in the wrong hands. Classification levels: Top secret, Secret, Confidential, Restricted, Unclassified.;
  - (на доклад был наложен гриф "совершенно с.", т.е. точнее "особой важности"): the report was classified top secret
  - смотри файл FORMA_VID
  гроза - (викинги были г-ой христианских стран): the Vikings were the scourge of Christian lands in the 9th and 10th centuries;
  - (диссидентов): the Party theoretician, the scourge of dissidents;
  - (учителей): teacher's pest;
  - (т.е. явление природы): thunderstorm
  грозить - (баскетболисту грозят уголовные обвинения): the basketball player faces criminal charges following a brawl in D.;
  - (голод грозит стране): millions of Afghanis are facing famine;
  - (городу грозит дефицит бюджета): the city faces a possible budget deficit of $65 million;
  - (если нагрянет засуха, то нам грозит тяжёлый кризис): if drought hits we will face a serious water crisis;
  - ( им грозят обвинения за подкуп налоговиков): they are facing allegations of bribing taxmen;
  - (лицам, признанным виновными в инсайдерских операциях с ценными бумагами, грозит штраф, втрое превышающий полученный доход или убыток, которого они избежали): individuals found liable for insider trading face penalties of up to three times the profit gained or loss avoided;
  - (мне не грозила бы смерть): I knew that if I'd never gone to F., I wouldn't be facing death now;
  - (нам грозит опасность увековечить эти ценности в нашем поведении): we run the danger of perpetuating these values in our behavior;
  - (не грозить): смотри не грозить;
  - (обществу грозит неотвратимая опасность монополии одного СМИ): there is a danger to society and the democracy from this imminent monomedia monopoly;
  - (пальцем кому-л): he wagged a warning finger at him;
  - (пальцем кому-л): he raised a hectoring finger to him;
  - (памятники грозили рухнуть / обвалиться): He inherited an estate in a run-down condition. The lakes were silted up, Ray Wood had been clear-felled, and some of the monuments in the grounds were in danger of collapse;
  - (пограничный спор, который грозил перерасти в вооружённое столкновение): the Presidents of Ecuador and Peru settled a contentious border dispute that had threatened to erupt into armed conflict;
  - (пожизненное заключение грозит кому-л): he faces a sentence of up to life in prison;
  - (разорением сельхозпредприятиям): we understand that this is not only an impediment to agricultural growth but is also a threat to the survival of some businesses in this sector;
  - (сенатор грозит т.е. посольству из-за кого-л / посольству нечем г. правительству): "The senator can bully us about the girl," the acting ambassador complained, "but there's not a damned thing we can do to bully the Afghan government.";
  - (т.е. сенатору грозит возмездие от коллег-демократов): Lieberman risks payback from Senate Democrats. Senate Democrats hinted on payback for Senator Joe Lieberman, who called Barack Obama an untested candidate beholden to Democratic interest groups in a prime-time Republican National Convention address.;
  - (грозящий): смотри ниже
  грозно - (прорычать): "..." he said in a menacing growl;
  - (расхаживать): the librarian prowled the aisles menacingly
  грозный - (взгляд): he fixed P. with a thunderous heavy look that meant to wilt the boy;
  - (враг): armed with TOW missiles, helicopter gunship had proven to the tanks of the North Vietnamese just how fearsome a foe a missile-armed chopper could be;
  - (г-ая на вид): he appeared to have mislaid his booklist and was being told off by his very formidably-looking grandmother;
  - (женщина): he was a gentle, soft-spoken man, quite the opposite of his formidable wife;
  - (Иван Г.): Ivan the Terrible;
  - (противник): he was a formidable adversary;
  - (строение): this redoubtable establishment, complete with turrets and its own minaret lay in the shadow of the beautiful K. mountains;
  - (человек): he was reported to be under the thumb of his mother, the redoubtable duchess
  грозящий - (кризис): to avert a looming national crisis;
  - (г. нам тупик): the deadlock we face needs an urgent and new impetus.
  - (опасность, грозящая стране): the greatest danger facing the Unites States is a nuclear weapon falling into the hands of a terrorist group;
  - (палец): the tower points upwards like a threatening finger;
  - (г-ая упасть стопка книг): he was barely visible behind a tottering pile of books;
  - (шквальный ветер, г. перерасти в бурю): a squall shaping up into a storm;
  - (экологический ущерб, г. распространиться на соседние регионы): one of the most densely populated corners of the continent has suffered enormous ecological damage which threatens to extend to neighbouring regions
  громадина - (г-ы грузовиков): he was watching the growing hulks of the heavy trucks swish past to his right as he passed them
  громадный - (змея): a gigantic snake was slithering toward him;
  - (паук): giant spider;
  - (пёс): a gigantic black dog;
  - (подсолнух): a gigantic sunflower;
  - (руки): gigantic hands;
  - (сумма денег): when I met a blackmailer, I meekly consented to a swingeing BrE infml sum of hush-money while plain-clothes detectives recorded the conversation from a nearby table.;
  - (табло на стадионе): a gigantic billboard;
  - (телохранитель): his bulky, shaven-headed bodyguard;
  - (энергия): a man of immense energy;
  - (яйцо): he hatched from some immense egg
  громить - (квартиру): a luxury riverside apartment was trashed by sledgehammer-wielding youths during a late night party;
  - (неверных): Saddam bragged that the Republican Guard would lay waste to the infidels
  - (очерк, громящий руководителей корпорации): a story bashing corporation executives;
  - (супермаркет / церковь): they vandalized a supermarket / a church
  громкий - (арест): he was about to make the most high-profile arrest of his career;
  - (дело, т.е. судебное): he would like to crown his career in the U.S. Attorney's office with a major, headline-grabbing case;
  - (дело, т.е. судебное): The prosecutor intended to make a run for the governor's office in two years. This kind of high-profile case was just what he wanted.;
  - (критик): the most vociferous critic among them was...;
  - (провалы, т.е. предприятия): his failures have been spectacular flops;
  - (г. скандал из-за взяток): massive bribery scandal;
  - (слова): he was frightened but covered it with bluster;
  - (судебное дело / судебный процесс): Boris Berezovski lost a high-profile and personally disastrous court case against his fellow Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich;
  - (успех): the fashion show is a resounding success;
  - (успех): the anti-indecency campaign, already a roaring success, has just yielded a new chairman of the Federal Communications Commission;
  - смотри файл ZVUK
  громко - (протестовать): he protested vociferously, but to no avail;
  - (протестовать): they are as vociferous in their opposition as...;
  - (согласиться): "They didn't get married in D." "I should say not!" M. agreed vociferously;
  - (требовать): throughout the entire operation the Soviet Union would be stridently demanding an immediate ceasefire;
  - смотри файл ZVUK
  громоздкий - (бухгалтерские компьютерные программы): while many people use Quickbooks to great advantage, I find it a bit cumbersome and slow;
  - (бюрократия): the bill will help streamline the nation's lumbering bureaucracy;
  - (бюрократия): the country's vast and cumbersome bureaucracy was too elephantine to follow up on such things;
  - (двигатель): cumbersome engines with frayed belts;
  - (кипа бумаги): after all the type is set, you should receive a set of galleys (an unwieldy pile of extra-long pages);
  - (лампа): the lamp was unwieldy and would not fit in the boot of the car;
  - (мысли, слишком г-ие, чтобы их высказать): he appeared to grapple with thoughts too unwieldy for expression before mumbling, "you saved my life.";
  - (обозначения): the ancient Romans had a cumbersome notation for numbers, but used a fairly sophisticated method for multiplying them;
  - (обозначения): dynamic programming inevitably carries with it fairly cumbersome notation;
  - (обозначения): it is mathematically rigorous, yet does not become bogged down in either ponderous notation or the details of arcane points that are of little interest to...;
  - (пакет): a cumbersome / bulky parcel;
  - (проверка безопасности): in the United States, lengthier and more cumbersome security checks have been put in place;
  - (противохимический костюм): the U.S. Army chemical gear was bulky, but not grossly so;
  - (рубашка): a bulky chambray workshirt which she preferred when gardening;
  - (свитер): a bulky woolen sweater;
  - (система зарплаты): a cumbersome salary system;
  - (тело): a large unwieldy body;
  - (тело): he heaved his unwieldy figure out of his chair;
  - (том / двухтомник): to have included into the book all as the material would have resulted in either an unwieldy single volume or a cumbersome two-volume dictionary;
  - (экран): a cumbersome screen affixed to the typewriter
  громоотвод - I became a lightning rod fig for political and ideological battles waged over America's future
  грош - (грошА ломаного не стоит): until the killer is not arrested, your life isn't worth a plugged nickel;
  - (грошаА ломаного не стоит, ты хорош на параде, а в бою г-А ломаного не стоишь): you're great on dress parade, but not worth a darn in a fight;
  - (у него не было ни гроша за душой): he didn't have a penny to his name when he arrived;
  - (у него нет ни гроша за душой): he doesn't have a nickel to his name;
  - (г. цена, идеям г. цена, только умение их реализовать имеет значение): most venture capitalists believe that ideas are a dime a dozen: only execution skills count;
  - (г. цена, кольцу г. цена к в базарный день): What's with that crummy ring? These things are a dime a dozen.;
  - смотри гроши
  гроши (грошИ) - (компания, которая была создана за г. образно): a company that started on a shoestring;
  - (платить г.): these sites are where people go when they want something cheap from someone off-shore where they can pay peanuts for work;
  - he earned over nine million last year and paid a pittance in taxes;
  - (платить г. за квартиру): my friend's parents bought the apartment for her, and I pay peanuts for rent;
  - (театр будет финансироваться за г. ): the theatre will be run on a shoestring
  грошовый - (ерунда): "Humph!" said the wicked fairy, "Your precious daughter will have beauty and grace and all the rest of the tuppenny-halfpenny infml rubbish those niminy-piminy minxes have given her";
  - (г-ое увеличение затрат на уход за детьми): he was proposing some penny-ante AmE increase in child-care that amounted to an extra ten dollars a week
  грубить - смотри файл EMOCII
  грубо - (выглядеть грубо и неестественно): after the second session (of plastic surgery) the eyes strained backward at the corners, and, while wrinkle-free, were grossly artificial;
  - (выругаться): he swore foully;
  - (г. высеченные гранитные плиты): the crudely cut slabs of granite;
  - (г. вытесанный): a roughly hewn wooden cup;
  - (г. говорить с кем-л): she spoke coarsely to him;
  - (г. говоря): смотри ниже;
  - (г. злоупотреблять властью): because this power is not subject to meaningful judicial oversight, it is being grossly abused;
  - (г. исказить решения судьи по вопросу о смертной казни): he was defeated after Senator A. grossly distorted W.'s record on the death penalty;
  - (льстить): she went on and on about how she admired his work - laid it on a bit thick, if you ask me;
  - (г. нарушить покой): his weekend peace was brutally disturbed;
  - (г. обтёсанные доски): a table of roughhewn planks;
  - (починить): he had mended the glass clumsily with tape;
  - (прерывать выступавших): he shocked the Assembly by rudely interrupting speakers;
  - (пришпорить коня): he brutally spurred the baulking horse forward;
  - (разговаривать): he was sixty or more, coarse-spoken and gray;
  - (сказать): "Then let me put it in a nutshell," said R. brusquely.;
  - (спросить): "Are you seriously ordering me to fly into the heart of Russia?" he demanded truculently.;
  - (спросить): "What have you not told us?" he asked harshly;
  - (толкнуть): he was shoven roughly forward;
  - (это было г. с моей стороны): that was ill-mannered of me;
  - (это г. с вашей стороны!): That was very rude of you!;
  - (это было слишком г. для КГБ): it was too crude for the KGB
  грубо говоря (т.е. приблизительно) - Ukraine has attracted $900 million in foreign investment, roughly the same amount as...;
  - аs a rule of thumb, the larger the disparity in income between you and your spouse, the more you'll save by filing a joint return;
  - as a rule of thumb, impacting into another car is equivalent to impacting into a rigid surface at half of the speed
  грубовато, грубовато-добродушный, грубоватый, грубость - смотри файл EMOCII
  грубый - (голос): смотри ниже;
  - (т.е. жёсткий или шероховатый на ощупь): смотри ниже;
  - (капитализм): we all too often have socialism for the rich and rugged free market capitalism for the poor;
  - (т.е. наглый, нарушающий правила поведения): смотри файл EMOCII;
  - (нарушение): смотри ниже;
  - (т.е. невежливый, неуважительный): смотри файл EMOCII;
  - (т.е. неизящный): смотри ниже;
  - (т.е. неискусный, неловкий): смотри ниже;
  - (т.е. неприличный): смотри файл EMOCII;
  - (т.е. неточный): смотри ниже;
  - (т.е. о людях): смотри файл EMOCII;
  - (ошибка): смотри ниже;
  - (преувеличение): as none of German missionaries learnt a Slavic language, their records represent a mix of valuable information, erroneous confusion, and gross exaggeration;
  - (т.е. примитивно сделанный): смотри ниже;
  - (т.е. примитивный): смотри ниже;
  - (сила, вера в могущество г-ой с-ы): by treating opium poppy cultivation as merely a public safety issue the Allies perpetuate their misguided faith in the power of coercion and brute force;
  - (требования): his demands were clear and blunt;
  - (халатность): he was found guilty of gross negligence
  грубый (голос) - a coarse voice;
  - in The Three Bears, use a "deep, gruff voice" for Papa bear;
  - "...!" he ordered in a gruff voice that was not, however, unkind;
  - "You mind your own business," said S. in his gruffest voice, "and let other people mind theirs.";
  - (звучание языка): her low husky voice was softening the harsh language;
  - (рёв): a harsh bellow exploded from his mouth;
  грубый (т.е. жёсткий или шероховатый на ощупь) - (кожа на подошвах ног): how to get rid of rough skin on feet;
  - (кожа рыбы): Cobia are good food fish. They have very tough skin with minute scales.;
  - (нить утка): poplins are formed by using coarse filling yarns in a plain weave;
  - (твид): a coarse tweed;
  - (точильный камень): for tools that have not been sharpened you will need to start on a coarse stone, then up to medium and then fine;
  - (трава): the tufts of coarse grass;
  - (хлеб): coarse bread;
  - (шерсть медведя): the bear's coarse fur;
  - (шплинты / остов кровати): the rough iron cotter pins that held the crude bedframe together
  грубый (нарушение) - (прав человека): gross human rights violation;
  - (прав человека): he was found guilty of gross human rights abuses;
  - (г-ое нарушение приказа привело к исключению из школы): the severity of this breech of the Decree for... has resulted in your expulsion from school;
  - (приличий): he was convicted of gross indecency;
  - (т.е. трудовой дисциплины): under common or contractual law an employer can dismiss an employee at any time, although a period of notice must normally be given (save in cases of gross misconduct) or a payment in lieu of notice is made
  грубый (т.е. неизящный) - (тело): gross body;
  - (лапы): clumsy claws;
  - (лицо): a craggy face;
  - (с г-ым лицом): at the age of 71 he was craggy, brooding and immensely cunning;
  - (черты лица): rugged / blunt features
  грубый (т.е. неловкий, неумелый) - (забота): a few days alone would be enough to rob me of the little health I have regained under your clumsy care;
  - (ложь): crude lie;
  - (т.е. речь): They remembered only that it was a delight to hear the voice speaking, all that it said seemed wise and reasonable. When others spoke they seemed harsh and uncouth by contrast;
  - (шутки): coarse jokes;
  - (юмор): heavy-handed humor
  грубый (т.е. неточный) - (весы): the balance was too crude to measure the difference;
  - (регулировка): gross and fine adjustment;
  - (регулировка): What is coarse adjustment on a microscope. The coarse focus adjustment moves the lens (or the stage, depending on the construction of the microscope).;
  - (черты местности): night vision goggles showed only rough terrain features, mainly the tops of hills and ridges
  грубый (ошибка) - blunder / gross mistake;
  - a gross medical error;
  - There is a glaring error in the math commonly used in the investment industry to illustrate comparative performance of stocks, bonds and other vehicles. It's so overlooked that even some of the representatives that companies send out to explain and promote their products are unaware of it. The culprit is average annual returns, and the flawed way they are used in marketing materials for financial products.;
  - he lost his nerve a bit, made some colossal blunders;
  - the government was guilty of many blunders and much mismanagement;
  - he made a blunder: instead of marching northward, he sailed southward;
  - (т.е. на собеседовании при поступлении в Оксфорд): he committed some cringe-making howlers, including name-dropping a cousin who had been a brilliant classicist at the same college;
  - (судебная о.): a serious miscarriage of justice
  грубый (т.е. примитивно сделанный) - (бомба): a crude bomb;
  - (брёвна): rough logs;
  - (избушка): a crude log cabin;
  - (каменные жилища): crude stone dwellings;
  - (карикатура на кого-л): a crude parody of Satan;
  - (мебель): crude furniture;
  - (остов кровати): the rough iron cotter pins that held the crude bedframe together;
  - (шлифовка клинка): once the blade has been forged into its basic form, the smith uses files and planes to bring out the final shape, followed by a rough polish
  грубый (т.е. примитивный) - (национализм): he had enough sense of reality to eschew the crude, raw nationalism of the older exiles;
  - (политическая подоплёка следствия): the dismissal (of the court case), exposed the raw political nature of the investigation;
  - (политическая тактика, т.е. в предвыборной борьбе): еvery presidential campaign has its share of hard-ball slang political tactics, but nothing is more discomforting than a smear campaign;
  - (попытка привлечь голоса избирателей): the party described the arrests as nothing less than a crude attempt to buy back the Islamic votes
  гружёный - (танкер, г. нефтью): on the return, laden with crude oil, it would be different;
  - (тяжело г. танкер): she was heavy-laden now;
  груз - (в тюках): bale cargo;
  - (вырузить г. в Одессе): we will be discharging cargo at Odessa;
  - (грузовика): stretched across the truck's massive cargo bay was a vinyl tarp, loosely covering the truck's load;
  - (т.е. грузовика-цистерны): an overturned tanker truck plunged 50 feet into a ravine, spilling nearly 200 gallons of its cargo;
  - (г-ы и блоки): the cables aren't just lashed from one ship to another; they've done something clever with weights and pulleys to allow for some slack when tough seas pull the ships opposite ways;
  - (консолидировать г.): to consolidate a cargo;
  - (корабля): the ships were freighted with the cargo of sugar and molasses;
  - (масса г-а, оплачиваемая по грузовому тарифу): carload;
  - (т.е.на спине, он нёс больший г.): he carried the larger pack;
  - (наливной / насыпной): bulk cargo;
  - (опасных материалов, т.е. транспортируемый): haz-mat (hazardous materials) shipment;
  - (ответственности образно, волосы поседели от постоянного г-а о.): his hair was prematurely grey at the temples from the endless grind of responsibility
  - (подвесить г. , проследите, чтобы к телу подвесили хороший г.): Kill him and throw his body to the lake. Make sure his bodys well weighted. We don't want him wash up on the shore.;
  - (полезный, т.е. самолёта): Aerial refueling allows the receiving aircraft to remain airborne longer. Air refueling can allow a take-off with a greater payload which could be weapons, cargo or personnel.;
  - (судно было зафрахтовано на один чартерный рейс с г-ом цемента в мешках): the vessel was chartered for one time charter trip with a cargo of bagged cement;
  - (судно шло забрать г. миндаля): she was on her way to pick up a cargo of almonds from Anatolia;
  - (тарные и штучные грузы, т.е. ящики, мешки): general cargo;
  - (фиников в корзинах): the spy hid the radio beneath the consignment of date that he had stored in the panniers;
  - (ядерных отходов, т.е. транспортируемый): nuclear waste shipment
  грузить - (зерно на суда): the bulk of the merchant marine fleet had already sailed for the eastern seaboard of North America to load their grain;
  - (на платформы): to truck
  грузовой - (г. автомобиль на легковом шасси): pick-up truck;
  - (вход, т.е. в многоквартирном доме): he raced from the apartment and down the fire stairs to the basement and out through the delivery entrance;
  - (вход, т.е. в гостинице): tradesman's entrance (at the hotel);
  - (документы, комплект г-ых д-ов): one set of shipping documents;
  - (корабль): смотри ниже;
  - (манифест, т.е. в котором сведены все коносаментные партии, погруженные на судно): manifest;
  - (опцион, т.е. право фрахтователя заменить груз полностью или частично): cargo option;
  - (г. отсек космического корабля): cargo bay;
  - (план, т.е. план размещения грузов в грузовых помещениях судна): cargo plan;
  - (поезд-экспресс): hotshot slang (a high priority freight train);
  - (рейс, во время г-ого рейса ... произошёл срыв потока): during a cargo flight from the United Kingdom to Malta on March, 2, the aircraft stalled in cloud at 9,500ft over France;
  - (тариф): with their subsidized freight rates they could all be busy, but they're not;
  - (терминал аэропорта): air cargo terminal;
  - (трюм): cargo hold;
  - (тягач с прицепом): tractor-trailer truck
  грузовой (корабль) - the cargo ship with toxic chemicals sinks off the coast of France;
  - multipurpose cargo ship;
  - the shore cranes started to discharge the freighter;
  - you could be brought off the beach to a freighter offshore by a speedboat
  грунт - (влажные г-ы): most of these fungi live in wet soils;
  - (обработка г-а): soil management;
  - (семена прорастают во влажном г-е борозд): seeds are able to germinate in the moist, loose soil in the furrows;
  - (г. становится комковатым): tilling the soil when it is too wet can cause the soil to become clumpy
  группа - (альпинистов): a team of mountain climbers;
  - (была создана специальная г. следователей): a special team / task force of investigators was appointed;
  - (т.е. в групповом иске, подразумевалось, что в процессе будет участвовать г. из не менее чем 2000 истцов): the lawsuit purported to include a class of at least 2000 potential claimants;
  - (влияния): the Senator called Barack Obama an untested candidate beholden to Democratic interest groups;
  - (военных кораблей): the transit of the small naval task force led by Russia's sole and aging aircraft carrier through the English channel sent many British newspapers into a spin;
  - (т.е. вокально-инструментальный ансамбль): the group are recording a new album;
  - (деревьев): the clump of trees;
  - (жилищ): a cluster of crude stone dwellings;
  - (зданий): clusters of buildings;
  - (избранная г. видных деятелей и журналистов): a select party of notables and press;
  - (инвалидности): disability category;
  - (интересов): an interest group / advocacy group, lobby group, pressure group or special interest group) is an organized collection of people who seek to influence political decision;
  - (испольшиков, на него работает г. испольщиков): he has a bunch of sharecroppers working for him;
  - (т.е. испытуемых): this exploratory study examined the mortality experience of a cohort of newspaper printers in order to investigate the effects of low-level exposure to lead;
  - (крови): which blood group do you belong to?;
  - (крови): a blood type / blood group is a classification of blood based on the presence or absence of inherited antigenic substances on the surface of red blood cells;
  - (крови, определять группу крови на уроке биологии): they're blood typing in Biology;
  - (лучников): down in the courtyard, the captain appeared with a motley assemblage of bowmen;
  - (министров и судей Верховного суда): I was seated at the dais with the President and a covey of Cabinet Secretaries and Supreme Court Justices;
  - (наблюдателей): the United Nations sent a team of observers to the peace talks;
  - (наша г. едет на день в Л.): a group of us are going to London for the day;
  - (носильшиков, т.е. на вокзале): clusters of blue-clad baggage-porters;
  - (островов): a cluster of unmatched islands;
  - (политикам помогала г. экспертов): assisting them were a bevy of specialist experts, including 3 scientists in various disciplines, notably explosives, ships and pollution;
  - (посетителей): you're to keep out of the way whenever I'm taking a party (of sightseers) over the house;
  - (посетителей): she was bringing her party of sightseers up the back stairs;
  - (присоединиться к г-е стоящей на лестнице): the three of them joined the crowd swarming up the steps;
  - (работать в г-е молодых математиков): he was working in the group of young mathematicians around Schwartz;
  - (разведки): to send a reconnaissance team across the river and ascertain what's happening there and report back;
  - (роман, изображающий г-у персонажей из суда): a canny novel, well written, and stocked with a bevy of courtroom characters;
  - (статуй): a group of statues stood in the middle of a circular pool;
  - (съёмочная г. национального телевидения): one day the Senator was being followed by national television crew as we pulled in to a small town, parked, and went into a feed store where farmers bought grain for their animals;
  - (туристов): the party left by coach for St Nicholas Church;
  - (туристов): the tourist area where docile parties troop around to admire the cathedrals, halls and palaces;
  - (туристов, т.е. организованные туристы): package tourists from London who had staged through Warsaw earlier in the day;
  - (учёных мужей): a lengthy deconstruction of the president's speech by a panel of pundits
  группироваться - (адвокаты группируются в огромных фирмах): in a city of 76,000 lawyers, many of them clustered in megafirms within rifle shot of the U.S. Capitol;
  - (вокруг чего-л): following the meeting in which he invited researchers to present a crazy, compelling idea, the GSRG effort coalesced around four broad themes;
  - (т.е. в гимнастике, двойное обратное сальто назад сгруппировавшись с полным винтом): a double back salto tucked with a full twist;
  - (результаты измерений группируются вокруг некой величины мю): because of the ever present random errors the results of successive measurements will all be different, though clustering around mu
  группировка - (т.е. в гимнастике, двойное обратное сальто назад в г-е с полным винтом): a double back salto tucked with a full twist;
  - (войск противника): enemy forces;
  - (вооружённая): rebellious militant group;
  - (криминальная): criminal organization;
  - (отделившийся г. Ирландской республиканской армии): a breakaway faction of the IRA;
  - (петербургская г. в российских властных структурах): faction;
  - (политическая): faction;
  - (ракет средней дальности): medium-range missile forces;
  - (расколоться на враждующие г-и): the break-up of OPEC as the Arab world split into feuding factions;
  - (соперничающие г-и): rival factions vie for control over the town
  групповой - (изнасилование): gang rape / mass rape, occurs when a group of people participate in the rape of a single victim;
  - (иск): Mass tort cases are sometimes confused with class actions, since both kinds of claims are brought on behalf of groups of people who have suffered similar harm. In mass tort cases, however, each victim has its own distinct claim, while benefiting from the time and cost savings of individual claims that have been grouped together by the courts;
  - (исследование, т.е. в медицине): this retrospective cohort study included all singleton term deliveries that required labor induction over a 3-year period;
  - (самое быстрое урегулирование в истории г-ых гражданских исков): it would be the quickest settlement in mass tort history;
  - (секс): orgy;
  - (секс): Gangbang infml?! No way, I don't even wanna hear about that.
  грядущее - the future
  грядущий - (годы): the years to come;
  - (кризис жилья): HUD (Housing and Urban Development) Chief Inattentive to Crisis. Critics say a significant legacy of his four years as the nation's top housing officer was gross inattention to the looming housing crisis.
  грязно - (выругаться): he swore foully;
  - (и-за животных в доме г.): the doctor's sister used to grumble about all these animals and said they made the house untidy
  грязноватый - (одежда / камни): drab clothes / gray stones
  грязный - (автомобиль): a muddy Land Rover pulls onto the verge;
  - (аудитория): a grimy lecture room;
  - (балахон): a stained off-white robe from chin to floor;
  - (бельё): dirty washing;
  - (ветровое стекло): a wiper juddered uselessly over the grimy windshield;
  - (вода): a carp had risen out of the mucky water and swallowed the paper boat whole;
  - (город): filthy city;
  - (город): Athens is no longer a dowdy, down-at-the-heels capital;
  - (город): close up, the city is grubby and chipped;
  - (гостиница): a dingy hotel;
  - (гостиница): the hotel looked rather scruffy;
  - (дерьмо): you and your kind are the filthiest (filthy) crap that was ever elevated from the gutters of this country to positions of power;
  - (джинсы): his jeans were torn and dirty;
  - (джинсы): don't turn up on your date in scruffy jeans and a T-shirt;
  - (картофелина): a muddy potato;
  - (кафе): he worked in a grungy, down-at-the-heel café;
  - (кирпичи): the soiled bricks of this part of town;
  - (курительная трубка): he fumbled nervously in his pockets and pulled out a grimy pipe;
  - (лагерь беженцев): refugees are languishing in crowded, foul and unsafe camps;
  - (лёд был г-ым от обломков): the ice was grimy with debris;
  - (мальчишка): a scruffy little boy;
  - (мальчишки на побегушках): gluttonous and grubby errand-boys;
  - (ногти): grubby fingernails;
  - (одежда): amid the snow-slush of the square, his suit would be wet and filthy within seconds;
  - (одежда): The painter spent much time amid the destitute and the criminals. A contemporary describes him as wearing filthy clothes and as well armed;
  - (одежда нищего): the beggar's bedraggled clothes;
  - (очки): his glasses are smudged;
  - (парк): waste-strewn park;
  - (перекладины приставной лестницы): the rungs of the ladder were muddy;
  - (пляж): the beach was uncluttered;
  - (полицейский участок): in the dark and dingy police station; - (просёлочные дороги): the tanks had moved out north, judging by the ruts they'd left in the dirt roads of the region;
  - (пруд): the cabin sat on the edge of a muddy pond;
  - (ресторан): an earthen, unpaved square bordered by dusty shops and a filthy restaurant;
  - (г-е ребята с рюкзаками выходили из вокзала): grungy kids in backpacks emerged from the station;
  - (рука): he raised a very grubby hand in the air as though voting;
  - (руки): your hands are filthy, go and wash them before dinner;
  - (скамейка в метро): he sat on a grungy AmE bench nearby;
  - (скатерть): a grubby tablecloth;
  - (скрипка): dingy fiddle;
  - (солдаты): weary and bedraggled soldiers;
  - (сосулька): the ice was freezing to her pelt in dirty spicules;
  - (старые г-е сапоги): manky old boots;
  - (стены в зале суда): the cops are lined up in pairs against the grimy walls;
  - (топливо, т.е. в смысле экологии): coal is the dirtiest fuel in terms of CO2 pollution;
  - (тряпки): filthy rags;
  - (тряпьё): he was clothed in the grimiest rags imaginable;
  - (улица): a poor and sleazy street;
  - (улицы): littered streets;
  - (цвет): a muddy russet color;
  - (человек): he was scrawny, unshaved and dirty;
  - (т.е. в переносном смысле): смотри файл EMOCII
  грязь - (автомобиль увяз в грязи): the car got bogged down in the mud;
  - (в канализационной трубе): it was amazing how much gunge had accumulated in the pipe;
  - (в окна въелась г.): the bay windows were so encrusted with grime that very little daylight could permeate the room, which was lit instead with the stubs of candles sitting on rough wooden tables;
  - (т.е. во взбаламученной воде): he was passing over vast expanses of black mud now, which swirled murkily as he disturbed the water;
  - (грузовик был в грязи по рессоры): the truck was in mud up to her coil-springs;
  - (заляпанные г-ю шпоры): the courtier's mud splashed spurs;
  - (конюшни): he stood up, dusting stable yard grime from his hands;
  - (на ботинках): I scraped the mud from my boots;
  - (т.е. на окнах автомобиля): the windows of the car were coated with grime;
  - (на окнах автомобиля, т.е. кашица из тающего снега на дороге): the windshield wipers were working constantly to clear the glass of the fluttering flakes and the mush thrown up by the trucks they passed;
  - (на площади): amid the mud and snow-slush of the square, his suit would be wet and filthy within seconds;
  - (т.е. от птичьего помёта): the mess was unbelievable... droppings all over the desks;
  - (под ногтями): he has a gruel of paint and just plain dirt under his fingernails;
  - (под ногтями ног): I used my pocketknife to pick out the crud under the toenails;
  - (т.е. пролитая в море и выброшенная на берег нефть): when crude oil is spilled on the sea, it contains both the "lighter fractions" which evaporate into the air, and the "heavier fractions" which cannot evaporate and which are what viewers see washed on to the beaches as thick black gunge;
  - (с приходом поезда станция превратилась в кучу г-зи): the train transformed the station into a muck heap;
  - (снег с прожилками г-и): I picked my way cautiously over snow veined with dirt;
  - (убирать г.): next time someone knocks in the name of the king, bestir yourself and you won't have a mess to clean up in the morning;
  - (убрать г.): you must clear up the mess over there;
  - (увязнуть в г-зи): the truck got stuck in the mucky spring earth;
  - (т.е. в переносном смысле): смотри файл EMOCII
  грянуть - (о беде): on May 17, disaster struck;
  - (о катастрофе): everything was going well, and then suddenly disaster struck
  губерния - (в Полтавской г-и Российской империи): in the Poltava Governorate of the Russian Empire
  губительный - (стрелы): the archers sent murderous arrows into the enemy's ranks;
  - (уход руководителя в критический момент может стать г-ым): the loss of a key manager at a critical moment can be devastating
  губить - (вождение в нетрезвом виде погубило её жизнь): drunk driving has blighted her life;
  - (ты губишь мою жизнь): You are ruining my life, because I can't concentrate on anything other than you. I have trouble focusing on reading, on writing, on getting my work done - all because my thoughts are centered on you. On what you said to me last night.;
  - (её жизнь была разбита, и репутация погублена): on that day her life was demolished and her reputation was ruined
  гуманизм - (роман, исполненный г-а): this (the novel) is a cautionary tale, rich in humanity
  гуманитарный - (выпускник г-ого факультета): an arts graduate;
  - (кафедра г-ых наук): three chairs in humanities;
  - (магистр г-ых наук): a master of arts;
  - (науки): you major in humanities and arts rather than in science;
  - (образование): in filling entry-level jobs, some employers look for college graduates with a technical or business background or a well-rounded liberal arts education.;
  - (поддержка г-ых наук): enormously expanded federal support for the humanities;
  - (помощь): the humanitarian aid came from the warehouses in Kuwait;
  - (предметы, т.е. в колледже): liberal arts;
  - (специализироваться в г-ых науках): you major in humanities and arts
  гуманный - (законодательство): humane legislation;
  - (обращение с преступниками): to provide more humane treatment for criminals
  густо - (г. исписанные свитки): drag your heads out of your close-written scrolls for a moment;
  - (густонаселённый): смотри ниже;
  - (г. отпечатанные листы): close-typed sheets;
  - (покраснеть): she blushed so deeply that she was the same color as her robes;
  - (покраснеть): he flushed a deep ugly red;
  - (покраснеть): he turned a dark shade of red;
  - (г. поросшее лесом ущелье): a heavily wooded ravine;
  - (поросший лесом холм): heavily wooded hill;
  - (г. посыпанный хлебной крошкой): the pudding mold was previously buttered and thickly powdered with crumbs of bread
  густой - (багряный цвет): the wood was a lustrous deep purple with a strong grain rosewood;
  - (брови): thick / bushy eyebrows;
  - (брови): a very surly face with heavy black eyebrows;
  - (брови, с г-ыми б-вями): a heavy-set guy, dark-skinned and heavy browed;
  - (волосы): thick black hair;
  - (волосы / лес, т.е. волос): the thick black thatch of coarse hair was and remained history, only the tiny dark island on her mons remained of the dark, dense tangled forest of steroid fertilized pubes;
  - (волосы): a girl with very bushy brown hair;
  - (гирлянды остролиста и омёлы): thick streamers of holly and mistletoe were strung along the corridors;
  - (дым): thick, black smoke was pouring out of the chimney;
  - (жидкость): a dark, thick substance that oozed from the earth;
  - (ком водорослей): a dense clump of weed;
  - (краска / суп): thick paint / soup;
  - (краска): a tough, quick-drying pastel ideally suited for applying intense color to flat surfaces;
  - (крем): while not as thick as Noxzema, this cream feels dense when you apply it to your skin;
  - (лес): thick forest;
  - (мех кота): the cat's ginger fur was thick and fluffy;
  - (население): dense population;
  - (нефть): when crude oil is spilled on the sea, it contains both the "lighter fractions" which evaporate into the air, and the "heavier fractions" which cannot evaporate and which are what viewers see washed on to the beaches as thick black gunge;
  - (облако): dense / heavy / thick cloud;
  - (подлесок): she wove her way through the heavy undergrowth;
  - (поросль): the posts sprouted into saplings and became a thicket of trees;
  - (пыль): the snake's body cut a curving track through the thick dust on the floor;
  - (сень, под г. с-ю деревьев): dramatic limestone cliffs capped with a thick canopy of trees;
  - (слизь): do you have coughing that produces phlegm (thick sputum);
  - (смесь): the formula of the hair conditioner is based on a rich blend of nourishing botanicals;
  - (смесь): if mixture is stiff, add water, a teaspoon at a time;
  - (сметана): mix the butter and sugar to a consistency of thick cream;
  - (соус): a thick sauce;
  - (тень): he had settled himself in the dense shadow of a clump of bushes;
  - (трава): they climbed the hill, stumbling on thick tuffets of grass;
  - (туман): смотри ниже;
  - (тучи): heavy and freezing clouds engulfed the plane;
  - (усы): a full moustache, drooping at the corners;
  - (усы): bushy mustache;
  - (цвет): in a dusky sunset that turned the water a deep orange-red;
  - (цвет у ледниковый озёр): I learned how the glacial lakes got their intense color;
  - (чёлка): they wore their hair long in the manner of ancient Greek page boys, thick bangs in front, elsewhere a shoulder-length bob;
  - (шерсть кота): the cat's ginger fur was thick and fluffy;
  - (яичные белки): beat the egg whites until stiff
  густой (туман) - the thick North Sea fog;
  - a thick white fog was swirling around him;
  - dense fog;
  - Heavy Mist over Manhattan
  густонаселённый - (местность): a densely populated area;
  - (местность): with all engines out of action, he took the gallant decision to avoid the heavily populated area by making a crash landing at R.;
  - (полоса земли между рекой и лесом): a thickly inhabited strip between the river and the forest;
  - (самая г-ая страна): Egypt is the most populous Arab country
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