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Поиск утраченного смысла. Загадка Лукоморья
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  жалеть - (т.е. скупиться): смотри ниже;
  - (т.е. сожалеть): смотри ниже;
  - (т.е. сочувствовать): смотри ниже
  - (т.е. щадить): he spared nobody;
  - (т.е. щадить): to spare the women / somebody's feelings
  жалеть (т.е. скупиться) - (Москва жалела средства на поддержку дела арабов): Sadat agreed that Moscow had been grudging in its support for the Arab cause;
  - (мы не жалеем для бедных их долю): American's hostility to welfare emanates not from selfishness but rather from the sense that current welfare origrams are unfair. It is not that we begrudge the deserving poor an equitable share. It is that we feel hardworking taxpayers are being duped by too many welfare cheats.;
  - (не ж. пива): when R. went a-hunting, he took a great lot of beer with him, and he was not stingy with it;
  - (не ж. расходов): the United Arab Emirats has spared no expense in building their pavilion;
  жалеть (т.е. сожалеть, о чём-л) - (о том, что могло бы быть): there's no point now in regretting the might-have-beens;
  - he is a genuine SS captain who sincerely regretted what was done;
  - we've always regretted selling the farm;
  - he was not sorry about this;
  - I worked my half day in the afternoon from one to five. Because the committee hearings and other businesses often ran beyond that, I often stayed after 5 o'clock and never begrudged it.;
  - (об утраченной игрушке): of all the childish things she left behind, the one she regretted most was the doll's house;
  - (ты ещё пожалеешь): you'll be sorry, he mumbles;
  - (ж., что проговорился): he wished he'd not let his tongue slip;
  - (ж., что сделал что-л): you are regretting that you ever returned to me;
  - (я жалел, что не взял фотоаппарат): I wish I had brought the camera;
  - (я жалел, что мы не принимаем участия в...): I hated not to be part of the international agreement
  жалеть (т.е. сочувствовать, ж. кого-л) - he was too busy feeling sorry for her to notice immediately that he had a letter too;
  - (кого-л): imagine me feeling sorry for Thomas;
  - to feel pity for somebody;
  - she thought of him as a son and pitied him;
  - you pity someone because you have an unhealthy need to feel superior
  жалко / жаль - (т.е. о скупости): смотри ниже;
  - (т.е. о сочувствии): смотри ниже;
  - (т.е. сожаление): смотри ниже
  жалко / жаль (т.е. о скупости) - (ему было ж. столько платить): he grudged paying so much for such bad food;
  - (не то, чтобы нам было ж. для бедных их долю): American's hostility to welfare emanates not from selfishness but rather from the sense that current welfare origrams are unfair. It is not that we begrudge the deserving poor an equitable share. It is that we feel hardworking taxpayers are being duped by too many welfare cheats.;
  - (не ж. никаких жертв): no sacrifice is too great to save this painting
  жалко / жаль (т.е. о сочувствии) - (ему было её ж.): he felt sorry for her;
  - (мне его ж.): I sympathize with him / I feel for him;
  - (мне ж. тех, кто...): I feel it's good the city is changing, but I feel bad about people who can't afford to stay
  жалко / жаль (т.е. сожаление) - (мне было страшно ж. потерять его, т.е. хорошего сотрудника): I was heartsick about losing him;
  - (очень ж., что я не знал...): it's а pity / too bad we didn't know you were in New York;
  - (очень ж., что я не знал...): it's a shame I didn't know he was looking for a job - there was an opening in our firm which would have been perfect for him;
  - (очень ж., что я не мог...): too bad I couldn't print all the wonderful gossip we heard;
  - (ж., что он этого не сделал): He looked like he was gonna rip her head off. Too bad he didn't.
  жалоба - (ж. на беспорядок в избирательной кампании): there were a lot of complaints about the disarray in the (presidential) campaign.;
  - (ж. на железные дороги): to investigate complaints against railroads;
  - (ж.на нарушение прав человека): other U.S. grievances include Beijing's human rights abuses;
  - (т.е. за несправедливое увольнение): if you are past your ninety-day probation period, and if you have been fired for work performance without being given a written notice, you probably have cause for a grievance;
  - (ж. на непристойное поведение): that's the list of every complaint of indecent behaviour on over the past two years, including nude sunbathing and flashing;
  - (инцидент вызвал поток жалоб в министерство обороны / в адрес министерства обороны): the incident has triggered a barrage of complaints to the Ministry of Defence;
  - (ж.на незаконную дискриминацию): complaints of prohibited discrimination, harassment, or retaliation should be filed with the Office of Equal Opportunity Programs;
  - (т.е. на несправедливое увольнение): in any grievance, the burden of proof is on the grievant;
  - (ж. на отказ обеспечить бесплатную перевозку детей из школы): the appellant submitted an appeal against the refusal of the Authority to provide free transport for their children home from their respective schools in the afternoon to their grandparents;
  - (ж. на стиль руководства): after complaints over his management style he was fired;
  - (ж. на учителя): the class burst at once into an explosion of complaints about his behavior while the teacher had been ill;
  - (обоснованная): to have a legitimate grievance;
  - (подать ж-у): смотри ниже;
  - (прекратить разбор ж-ы): New Zealand Privacy Commissioner, Case Note 006A, Аpril 1994. A debt collection agency faxed to the complainant's place of employ a notice stating "Unpaid accounts. Please contact us urgently." The Commissioner discontinued the complaint when the debt collector changed its policies so as to not allow faxes to places of employment except at a debtor's request.;
  - (разбор / рассмотрение ж-ы, все участвующие в разборе / рассмотрении ж-ы должны соблюдать конфиденциальность и неприкосновенность личной жизни других): all those involved in a grievance procedure will respect the confidentiality and privacy of others;
  - (разбор жалоб): Resolving Grievances for University Staff Employees. This policy provides a process for orderly and prompt resolution of work-related problems for University Staff employees.;
  - (ж-ы управдому от жильцов): Are you sure it's so cold? I haven't had any other gripes AmE slang
  жалоба (подать ж-у) - If she lodges a complaint, he's screwed. Parole revoked.;
  - I don't want to lodge a complaint;
  - (подать ж-у на кого-л за преступное причинение ущерба): I'm going to file a complaint against him for criminal mischief;
  - (ж-ы на незаконную дискриминацию следует подавать в Бюро программ равных возможностей): complaints of prohibited discrimination, harassment, or retaliation should be filed with the Office of Equal Opportunity Programs;
  - (ж. на основании неправильного напутствия присяжных): an appeal was lodged on the ground of misdirection;
  - (служащие должны иметь возможность подать ж-у, не боясь преследований): employees raising a grievance should be able to do so without fear of victimisation;
  - (фирма подала на него ж-у в Коллегию адвокатов Арканзаса за выставление клиентам завышенных счетов): the firm filed a complaint against him with the Arkansas Bar Association for allegedly overcharging his clients and padding his expenses
  жалобщик - (т.е. на несправедливое увольнение): in any grievance, the burden of proof is on the grievant
  жалованье - (на жалованьи у мафии): one of the trusted police leaders is in the pay of the mob;
  - any office, the emoluments fml whereof shall have been increased during...;
  - (получать ж.): he shall not receive within that period any other emolument fml from the US
  жаловать - (ж. дворянский титул): to grant a title of nobility;
  - (ж. дворянство кому-л): the Queen bestowed honorary knighthood on him;
  - (ж. личное / наследственное дворянство): Achieving a certain level in the Table resulted in acquiring that or another grade of nobility. A civil servant promoted to the fourteenth grade was endowed with personal nobility (dvoryanstvo), and holding an office in the eighth grade endowed the office holder with hereditary nobility.;
  - (я не жалую тех, кто лезет в мою систему безопасности): I do not take kindly to people tampering with my security system
  жаловаться - (ж.во время массажа): The team trainer wanted to give their new quarterback a rub down. The kid was hacking at his hamstrings and R. wanted to scream. But you can't complain during a massage.;
  - (иностранные инвесторы жаловались на рост препятствий к предпринимательству): a chorus of foreign investors has been grumbling fig about the mounting obstacles to doing business in Chinese market;
  - (кому-л): Someone stole Cassius Clay's bicycle when he was 12, and he groused to a policeman that he'd whup the culprit. The cop told him he'd better learn to fight.;
  - (ж. кому-л на что-л): he groused to an aide about having had to speak to a "bigoted woman";
  - (ж. на архаичные порядки университета): we soon chafed at the University's archaic rules and demanded to be treated like adults;
  - (ж. на боли в груди): he complained of chest pains;
  - (ж. на всё): he continually complains about everything;
  - (ж. на кого-л): he had moaned continually about his pet;
  - (ж. на кого-л): the doctor's sister used to grumble about all these animals and said they made the house untidy;
  - (ж. на купленный товар): I have to complain about one of your products;
  - (ж. на недостаток рвения у кого-л): he was lamenting that Truman had insufficient cold-war zeal;
  - (ж. на нехватку еды): the victuals and drink had run out, and the knights were grumbling loudly;
  - (ж. на питание, т.е. в ресторане): he complained all the way down about the lousy food upstairs;
  - (ж. на плохое отношение средств массовой информации к Хиллари Клинтон): the Democratic primary is still in full swing, and Hillary's husband has just finished railing against media mistreatment of his wife;
  - (ж. на свою работу): stop whining fig about your job;
  - (ж. на свою работу): although she constantly moans fig about her job, the truth, however, is that she loves it;
  - (ж.на СМИ за неточности в репортажах): he railed against the media for alleged reporting inaccuracies;
  - (ж. на то, что от тюремной еды у него понос): he complained the prison diet had given him diarrhea;
  - (ж. на то, что редакторы жадно хватаются за любую новость, какой бы невероятной она ни была): He lamented the "eagerness with which editors seized upon every story, however improbable, and blazoned it forth to their readers, to excite their wonder or impose upon their credulity. How such articles of "news" originate, it is not always easy to tell. Perhaps the favorite of the tall stories was that of the sea monster.;
  - (ж. на холод): he thought 20 degrees was a bracing temperature and believed that only sissies complained about the cold;
  - (ж. на что-л): not even the Soviets would have the gall to complain of our fleet's moving to a point where the Soviet squadron had been manoeuvering for days;
  - (ж. на что-л): anyone who bleats about fig the effect of the fiscal stimulus on the future budget surplus or the Social Security trust fund is missing the point
  - (ж. на работу / трудности): to grumble about the job / the difficulties;
  - (ж. на что-л): not even the Soviets would have the gall to complain of our fleet's moving to a point where the Soviet squadron had been manoeuvering for days;
  - (ж. на что-л, т.е. возмущаться): people complain of the barbarism;
  - (она не жаловалась и не ждала сочувствия): she wasn't whining and she wasn't looking for sympathy;
  - (ж. учителю на обидчика): Jerry tells Logan to do his homework for him. Jerry says he will make fun of Logan in front of their class if Logan doesn't do it. What should Logan do? Logan should say "no" and tell the teacher on the bully.;
  - (ж. учителю на обидчика): telling the teacher on a bully would only bring more focus on the one being picked on;
  - She read an article last week in which the writer said he was recklessly distorted by the Press. She thought, "Oh, for heaven's sake, there's Martin whingeing BrE infml again."
  жаль - (ему было явно ж. времени, которое он уделял Тому): he was obviously grudging the time he was giving to Tom;
  - (как ж., что...): what a pity that such riches should fall to a people without the wit to make proper use of them;
  - (мне ж. тех, кто...): I feel it's good the city is changing, but I feel bad about people who can't afford to stay;
  - (Не вижу - Ж.): "Can you see which is the Queen Bee from down there?" "No." "A pity.";
  - (ж., что не могу вспомнить): too bad that I couldn't remember that today;
  - (ж., что я не взял фотоаппарат): I wish I had brought the camera;
  - (ж., что я не мог...): too bad I couldn't print all the wonderful gossip we heard
  жанр - (искусства): every genre is covered - sculpture, painting, drawing, ceramics;
  - (литературные произведения различных ж-ов): discussions on the difficulties of translating literary works from various languages and genres;
  - (художественная литература всех ж-ов): fiction in any genre
  жар - (задать ж-у образно, афганцы задали ж-у английской армии): the encyclopedia was written by an Englishman who was totally perplexed as to how we Afghans have managed to thrash daylights out of English armies;
  - смотри файл TEMPERATURA
  жаргон - (т.е. агентов ЦРУ, спецназовцев и наёмных охранников): with his convincing patter and combat garb, J. blended easily into the circle of spooks, bearded US special forces and burly private security contractors, who form part of the cast of America's war on terror;
  - (ВВС): for an Air Force officer who'd flunked out of pilot training, making him forever an "unrated weenie" in Air Force parlance, a fourth-class citizen in the Air Force pecking order - below even helicopter pilots - he was earning his keeping more and better than he'd ever done;
  - (воровской): thieves' cant;
  - (ковбойский): Top is a highly complimentary adjective in rodeo lingo. A "top hand" is a mighty good cowboy.;
  - (коммерческий): the telephone lines being open, they used the commercial parlance that was habitual;
  - (компьютерный): "snow crash" is a computer lingo;
  - (модный): he is a fan of trendy slang
  жара - смотри файл TEMPERATURA
  жаркий - (перебранка): Two chartered buses filled with Parma fans arrived after the team and made a rowdy entrance into the stadium. Before long, the two sides were engaged in a rousing shouting match.;
  - (предмет ж-их споров): abortion continues to be a hot topic of debate;
  - (разговоры): the country buzzed with heated speculations about whether he would survive as a President;
  - (обсуждения / споры): during the course of long and heated debate over the tariff;
  - (споры, утверждение судьи в сенате вызвало ж-ие споры): the Justice's Senate confirmation was a slugfest;
  - (спор): they were having a heated argument;
  - смотри файл TEMPERATURA
  жарко - смотри файл TEMPERATURA
  ждать - (встречи, т.е. с нетерпением): tonight's meeting had been one he was very looking forward to;
  - (его ждала апелляция со стороны обвинения): he still had to face an appeal by the prosecution;
  - (ждать-не-дождаться): I was anxious to learn what he had come about;
  - (ждать-не-дождаться, жду-не-дождусь ирония): "You will receive the results of your inspection in 7 days' time." "I can hardly wait.";
  - (ждать-не-дождаться, они ждут-не дождутся, когда это им достанется): If my family knew I was showing you... They can't wait to get their hands on this;
  - (не ж. ответа): he asks after my wife, but he does not await my answer;
  - (т.е. о телефонном звонке, "Вас ждут к телефону" - "Пусть подождут"): "The caller is on hold." "Put him on hold.";
  - (он давно ждал этого момента): for him, this moment had been a long-time in coming;
  - (повышения зарплаты приходилось ж. долго): raises (in salary) were minuscule and slow in coming;
  - (т.е. предстоять): смотри ниже;
  - (ребёнка, т.е. о беременной): she's with child;
  - (с нетерпением ж. новостей): he was hungry for news;
  - (с нетерпением ж.): he had been looking forward to the weekend trip to the village;
  - (только и ж. предлога, чтобы её побить): the woman treated her stepdaughter worse than ever, and was always on the watch for some pretext for beating her;
  - (я могу терпеливо ж., пока не найду работу в моей области, т.е. не идти на работу не по специальности): I just graduated college with no job lined up. That means I have one of two options. I can keep holding out for a job in my field. Or I can find an unrelated job.
  ждать (т.е. предстоять) - (автомобили ждёт серьёзное состязание): the cars are now in for serious competition;
  - (его ждало потрясение): when the king was back to his castle he was in for shock;
  - (его ждало разочарование / его ждал сюрприз): he was in for a letdown / surprise;
  - (заговорщиков ждало особое обращение): Canaris and other plotters were designated for special treatment;
  - (их ждала неожиданность): but there a terrible surprise awaited them;
  - (сомнительно, чтобы их ждал справедливый суд): it is questionable whether Mr I. and his co-defendants will get a fair trial;
  - (сюрприз ждал их): when they arrived to the pool there was a surprise in store for them;
  - (тебя ждёт несколько сюрпризов): there are some surprises in stock for you
  же - (как же он победит на выборах, когда...): how indeed will he win the vote when he's facing opposition within his own party?;
  - (кто же не слышал о Кандагаре?): I've heard of Kandahar. Who hasn't?;
  - (кто же это сделал?): You're not well. Who did that to you then?;
  - (много же ты знашь об акцентах т.е. с иронией): His brogue! A fat lot infml you know about brogues;
  - (мы же не были такими): we definitely weren't that rude when we were in first year;
  - (мы же не рассказали ему всё): it's not as if we've told him the full story;
  - (наёмники грабят страну с тех пор как вы их отпустили, после того, что вы же их и наняли): mercenaries are plundering the country ever since you cut them loose after recruiting them in the first place;
  - (нельзя же ожидать): one could not really expect great things to happen on the cheap;
  - (ты же на нём ездил): "The horse is still a bit scary, isn't he?" "Come off it, you've ridden him, haven't you?";
  - (ты же хотел железный повод, чтобы туда поехать): you wanted a copper-bottomed excuse to go to K., didn't you?
  - (т.е. уговаривая выпить спиртного, так зима же): George, a bracer: come. It's winter, after all. A nip of something?;
  - (что жe делать?): "Then what shall we do?" enquired the boy.;
  - (я же сказал): "You would swear away my life if you could" "I would be quit of you, and would be relieved if you were dead." "I know it. I said so, didn't I?"
  желаемое - (получить ж.): she was not above using her smile and beauty to get what she wanted.;
  - (желание принимать ж. за действительное): his speech may be construed as wishful thinking
  желаемый - (приданиe ж-ых свойств, т.е. бетону): the specific proportions of cement, aggregate (sand and gravel) and water can be varied to yield the desired properties;
  - (привести к ж-ому результату / произвести ж-ое действие): I called Security to request that our two marines be excused from duty, and although I met with loud protest, my threat to involve the acting ambassador turned the trick;
  - (свойства): classical plant breeding uses deliberate interbreeding (crossing) of closely or distantly related species to produce new crops with desirable properties;
  - (эффект): the intended effect
  желание - (беременной женщины): a pregnant woman is having unusual cravings;
  - (бороться с ж-ем, т.е. сильным): he has to fight the urge to look up and wave at the CCTV camera;
  - (было бы ж., а возможность найдётся): where there's a will, there's a way;
  - (ж. взять всё под контроль): the event seemed to have only intensified her furious desire to bring every aspect of life at the school under her personal control
  - (выдвигаться на второй срок): Republican chances for victory depended upon his willingness to run for a second term;
  - (выжить): intense desire to survive;
  - (вызывать ж. к загадочным женским фигурам): I was aching with the mystery of sex, with the terrible allure that such undulating figures could evoke;
  - (выразить ж. сотрудничать): he expressed his willingness to co-operate;
  - (выразить ж. увидеть документы): he expressed the desire to see the papers;
  - (гореть ж-ем): смотри ниже;
  - (добиться больших возможностей): a burning desire to win larger opportunities;
  - (если у меня появится ж.): I'll bear that in mind if I ever get the urge to go in there;
  - (исполнить ж.): смотри ниже;
  - (непреодолимое, мною овладело непреодолимое ж. спать): the urge to sleep overpowered me;
  - (министр ушёл с поста по собственному ж-ю): the Minister wished it to be known that he had left the cabinet out of his own volition fml;
  - (по ж-ю): the mind is not a book, to be opened at will and examined at leisure;
  - (подавив ж. задушить её): suppressing the urge to choke her, I instead forced a smile and thanked her for the explanation;
  - (ответить на сарказм тем же): he curbed an urge to answer her sarcasm in similar fashion;
  - (подтвердить ж. вести переговоры): they affirmed their willingness to negotiate;
  - (ж. политиков улучшить отношения): the leaders spoke of their desire for improved relations;
  - (т.е. политиков): both approaches have been proven to work and only lack political will to become more widely used;
  - (помочь): "Yes, sahib?" he said with a deft combination of willingness to help and studiousness not to appear too eager;
  - (почувствовать ж. ударить кого-л): she felt a sudden compulsion to hit him;
  - (почувствовать ж.): he felt an urge to go there and heeded it;
  - (превращаться по ж-ю): wizards who could transform at will into animals;
  - (предмет мужских ж-й): Marilyn Monroe, the most tragic object of male yearning;
  - (ж. пукнуть): The medicine gave me a diarrhea that lasts a couple of days. I fought to resist the urge to fart at all cost.;
  - (сексуальное): he drank the potion off at a single gulp, and an evil lust fell on him;
  - (сильное ж. повидать мир): I possess a powerful lust to see the world;
  - (сильное ж. прыгнуть от радости): he walked toward the living room, fighting the urge to jump into and whoop;
  - (ж. служить своей стране): the politics of the 19960s awakened my sense of obligation to my country and my commitment to service;
  - (снова действовать по своему ж-ю): he needed to return to his own volition;
  - (ж. страны присоединиться к организации): Russia's desire to join the World Trade Organization;
  - (т.е. страстное): holding this job had seemed for years to be one of his futile yearnings;
  - ("Трамвай ж." Теннесси Уильямса): A Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams;
  - (умирающего): you must grant his dying wish;
  - (ж. фигурировать в телерадионовостях): the insatiable appetite for news coverage;
  - (ж. шахматной программы выиграть материал): Kasparov recognized that the program's compulsion to win material overweighs...;
  - (шокировать): stories which try to make up for uninteresting content by "going for the gross-out"
  желание (гореть ж-ем) - (иметь детей): some women are so desperate to have children they are resorting to desperate measures by getting pregnant on one-night stands;
  - (т.е. ж. стать капитаном команды по крикету): Why don't we ask Tom to captain the cricket team? He's as keen as mustard infml.;
  - (ж. улучшить образование в Британии): he is passionate about improving British education;
  - (я не горю ж. помогать ему): I'm still mad at R. for the trick he pulled on me at the beginning of the summer so I'm really not looking to do him any favours
  желание (исполнить ж.) - he granted her wishes;
  - grim tales of kings sacrificing their sons to gain their desires;
  - the stag could give you wishes if you caught him;
  - I will see to it that your wishes are carried out
  желанный - she was the most desirable woman in the town because of her combination of looks and money;
  - Chinese laborers were welcome additions to the labor supply;
  - he was about as welcome in their house as dry rot;
  - coveted though they are, unused refugee slots go to waste
  желательно - (держаться подальше): it is advisable to stand out of the way;
  - (мы ищем удобную для обороны позицию, ж. с хорошим обзором береговой линии): we want to find some defensible position, somewhere with a vantage point on the shoreline would be best;
  - (ж. свести к минимуму лобовое сопротивление): it is desirable to have all drag reduced to a minimum;
  - (ж., чтобы рукавицы доходили почти до середины предплечья): mittens with long wrist cuffs, preferably reaching about half way up the forearm;
  - (это не обязательно, но ж.): does that mean it doesn't have to be there, but is advisable?
  желательность - the Sino-Soviet border clashes of 1969 had first alerted us to the desirability of restoring contact with Peking;
  - (...в резолюциях говорится о ж-ти таких поправок): at a meeting of the Board of Directors of TIF INC, resolutions were duly adopted setting forth proposed amendment of the Certificate of Incorporation of said corporation, declaring said amendment to be advisable and calling a meeting of the stockholders of said corporation for consideration thereof
  желательный - (консистенция бетона): the desired consistency (of concrete) is one that rains or sheets off of the barrel as it turns over;
  - (поправки): at a meeting of the Board of Directors of TIF INC, resolutions were duly adopted setting forth proposed amendment of the Certificate of Incorporation of said corporation, declaring said amendment to be advisable and calling a meeting of the stockholders of said corporation for consideration thereof;
  - (такие действия не являются ни необходимыми, ни ж-ыми): such action is neither necessary nor advisable;
  - (эффект): the intended effect
  желать - (более увлечённого руководителя и ж. нельзя): you couldn't wish for a more enthusiastic head of the sports department;
  - (если начальство пожелает): if the management is willing, the talks can be held today;
  - (Конгресс не желает рассматривать задачу): for all the talk of the need for sacrifice in today's new and dangerous world, Congress seems unwilling to confront the task of tearing down a committee structure that members prize above everything except reelection itself;
  - (оставлять ж. лучшего): hospital officials conceded that that sanitary conditions leave much to be desired;
  - (королева желает вас видеть): the Queen desires to see you;
  - (король ушёл, пожелав фермерам веселиться): the King drank the quick national toast, and then was away after bidding the farmers to enjoy themselves and thanking them for another fruitful year;
  - (он был из тех, кто получает то, что желает): he was a masterful man, the one to take what he desired;
  - (...оставляет желать лучшего): my Russian leaves a lot to be desired;
  - (т.е. парень желает девушку): He used to lust after her from afar, or at least from the front of the stage. She was always upfront, in the mosh - eyes closed, swaying to the music.;
  - (пожелай мне удачи): wish me luck;
  - (получать то, что желает): he was a masterful man, the one to take what he desired;
  - (получить то, чего они желают): men go to far greater lengths to avoid what they fear than to obtain what they desire;
  - (пожелать располагаться удобно): he gestured happily to the collection of semi-collapsed upholstery where his students sat and bade them be comfortable;
  - (рыцари желали вернуться к увеселениям двора): the knights wished to go back to the merriments of court;
  - (ж. спокойной ночи кому-л): bidding his officers good night, Captain L. left the bridge;
  - (страна желает воспользоваться правом): hijackers could be tried under the law of the land in which they arrived, if that country wishes to exercise the right
  - (страстно ж. кого-л / чего-л): I have looked on you often, looked and longed for you;
  - (счастья): we all desire happiness;
  - (удачи): his friend kissed him on the cheek to wish him luck;
  - (желаю удачи): "Good luck," he said as he showed her out;
  - (желаю удачи / успехов в чём-л): thank you for your inquiry and good luck in your search;
  - (желая защитить традиционный метод...): the French, keen to defend the traditional methods developed within the Champagne region and to limit use of the name to producers there have struggled over more than a decade to prevent the Russians taking the name in vain
  желающий - (стать актёром, актрисой, манекенщицей): Are you an aspiring actor or actress, model or involved in any other aspect of the entertainment industry? Are you looking for that BIG BREAK? Well if you want to make it in this business, you gotta know somebody.;
  - (стать актёром): The Screen Actors Guild offers tips for wannabe actors. For all the links an aspiring actor could want, see American Federation of TV and Radio Artists website.;
  - (штатные сотрудники и ж-ие): staff and volunteers participate in regular in-service training;
  - (это не должно отпугивать ж-их присоединиться к команде): this should not put off anyone wishing to join such a team
  железная дорога - railways are a safe land transport system when compared to other forms of transport;
  - (деятельность на ж-ой д-е, т.е. наблюдаемая со спутника): Looks like a higher level of railroad activity, looks like flatcars mostly Service
  железно разг - (он заверил депутатов, что социальные статьи бюджета ж. защищены): he assured the deputies that the budget's social expenditures are unassailable;
  - (ж. защищенa): social security is in a lock box fig;
  - (собака ж. среагирует на большое количество наличных денег): since more than 95% of circulating U.S. currency is contaminated with drug residues, it's a lead-pipe cinch AmE slang for a dog to "alert" on any large quantity of cash you might be transporting in a border area
  железнодорожный - (билеты): rail, sea and air tickets;
  - (движение / транспорт): to determine how quickly the rail traffic might be reestablished;
  - (вокзал / станция): a train station / railway station / railroad station / depot AmE is a railway facility or area where trains regularly stop to load or unload passengers or freight or both;
  - (транспорт): the bridge is designed to handle road or rail traffic
  железный образно - (алиби разг): the suspect had an ironclad alibi for his whereabouts on the night of the crime;
  - (алиби): he had an airtight infml alibi;
  - (алиби): It's a pretty good alibi. It's rock-solid.;
  - (воля): she looks as though she can't open a door by herself, but she's got a will of iron;
  - (воля): she had a "steely will";
  - (повод, т.е. на который нечем возразить): I wanted a copper-bottomed infml excuse to go to K.;
  - (рука, искоренение плантаций опиумного мака ж-ой рукой): the American preference for iron-fist illicit crop eradication tactics is based on a blatant neglect of the poverty factor
  - (рука, лидеры секты управляют общиной ж-ой рукой): the sect leaders run the commune with an unyielding grip;
  - (рука, править ж-ой рукой): she ruled everyone with a rod of iron;
  - (ж-ые улики разг против подозреваемого): with foolproof evidence pointing to the suspect, police charged the shooter with illegally killing the two moose out of hunting season
  жемчужина образно - (коллекции образно): the jewel of my collection;
  - (почти не потерявшая своего блеска образно, т.е. о книге):the book is still a barely tarnished gem
  женатый - (женат на ком-л):he's married to my sister
  - a married man;
  - hitched AmE slang
  женить - (обманом ж. на себе): she was a common girl, who had entrapped his son into marrying her because she knew he was an earl's son;
  - (т.е. сына): life went on, children were married off
  женитьба - (на ком-л): his marriage to C.
  жениться - (дети женились, выходили замуж): life went on, children were married off;
  - (на ком-л): will you marry me?;
  - my son's getting married next week;
  - he married late in life
  жених - (данные ж-а в копии свидетельства о браке): bridegroom's particulars;
  - (женихи Пенелопы): the suitors who wished to marry Penelope had installed themselves in the palace, eating and squandering Odysseus' fortune
  женофобский - (стереотипы): the girl had picked up the subtle and not-so-subtle cultural signals urging them to conform to sexist stereotypes, to diminish their own accomplishments in order not to outperform the boys around them
  женский - (главная ж-ая роль в фильме): the film's female lead;
  - (главная ж-ая роль, актриса была решительно настроена заполучить г-ую ж-ую р. в фильме): Kate Winslet was bent on nabbing the leading lady part in "Titanic";
  - (голос): feminine voice;
  - (ж. городской роман): strong women must exist somewhere, but perhaps their personalities are too strong for chick-lit infml;
  - (жалость / заботливость): womanly pity / solicitude;
  - (колледж / университет): a women's college;
  - (колледж / университет): our all-female college guaranteed a focus on academic achievements and extracurricular leadership we might have missed at a coed college;
  - (одежда): you also may find knitted sweaters and exquisite lady's garments;
  - (одежда): patterns for women's clothing;
  - (одежда): We check the fit and styling of our Womenswear, Menswear and Childrenswear apparel. Size specifications must be accurate and are set according to Australian and in-house standards.;
  - (органы): womanly parts;
  - (пальцы): feminine fingers;
  - (ж-ое противозачаточное средство): the Sponge, introduced in 1983, became the largest-selling over-the-counter (OTC) female contraceptive in the United States;
  - (солидарность): womanly solidarity;
  - (уловки): the actress played a woman who used her feminine wiles to manipulate a man;
  - (школа): Philadelphia High School for Girls in Philadelphia;
  - (школа): attending all-boys schools or all-girls schools rather than attending coeducational schools is significantly associated with higher average scores
  женственность - that ineffable feminine quality so inviting to a mate
  женщина - (драться на дуэли из-за ж-ы): the two men fought a duel over the lady;
  - (дружба мужчины и ж-ы): most male-female friendships don't work because the guy usually secretly fancies the girl;
  - (пережёвывание стереотипов об отношениях мужчины и ж-ы): rehashing gender stereotypes now qualifies as the "glittering wit and subtle insights" promised in the inside cover;
  - (его коллеги-женщины): he had what his female colleagues referred to as an "erudite" appeal;
  - (её недооценивали, потому что она была ж-ой): she realized she was being devalued because she was female;
  - (женщины вперёд / дорогу женщинам / сначала женщины): ladies first;
  - (ж.-криптолог): a female cryptologist;
  - (у женщин наружные гениталии - это...): primary genitalia or external genitalia: in males the penis and scrotum, in females the clitoris and vulva
  жеребьёвка - In governance, sortition / allotment / demarchy selects officers as a random sample from a larger pool of candidates. Law court juries are formed through sortition in some countries, such as the United States.;
  - (ж. для выбора сторон площадки или права первого удара): the official functions of the captain (football) are to participate in the coin-toss prior to kick-off (for choice of ends and to determine who kicks off first) and prior to a penalty shootout
  жертва - (богам): people come to temples to give a New Year offerings to the gods;
  - (болезни): the ravaged face of the cancer victim;
  - (в шахматах): you're moving a lot of pawns ahead. What's your gambit? I think you are contemplating bringing your knight forward;
  - (взрыва): the victims of the explosion;
  - (войны): the casualties in this war are mainly civilians;
  - (войны): on the Eastern Front the German Army was bullied into battle against the Russians to take unbelievable casualties;
  - (выискивать свои ж-ы среди доверчивых людей): Beware the amiable stranger who offers you a friendly game to while away a dull evening in a back-roads tavern. Such men prey on the unwary, turning the game mercilessly to their advantage with weighted dice and sleight of hand.;
  - (грабителя): if from habit and tradition he respects a stranger within his threshold, he yet considers it legitimate to warn a neighbor of the prey that is afoot;
  - (его ж-ой могут стать другие): the person responsible for her death might still be preying on other women;
  - (т.е. за которой гонятся, он выслеживал свою ж-у, углубляясь в лесную чащу): for ten minutes he tracked his quarry deeper into the woods;
  - (землетрясения): the victims of the earthquake;
  - (ж. и преступник): how could victim and perpetrator be reconciled?;
  - (т.е. несчастного случая / теракта, какие последние сведения о числе жертв?): what's the latest on the casualty figures?;
  - (пантера, крадущаяся за ж-ой): feeling like a panther stalking prey, he crept to the doors;
  - (пасть ж-ой болезни): the trees fell victim to this disease;
  - (т.е. преступления): the families of the victims say that there is a cover up at the highest level;
  - (принести в ж-у работу): Mum made the sacrifice of giving up work at the height of her career to look after us;
  - (принести ж-у богам, о жрецах): when the Egyptian priests offered up a sacrifice to the gods, they pronounced imprecations on the head of the victim;
  - (принести ж-ы богам): people come to temples to give New Year offerings to the gods;
  - (принести ж-у в святилище Морского владыки): perhaps you had better make some offerings at the Sea Lord's shrine, before you embark on this voyage;
  - (принести любую ж-у): to endure any suffering, any privation, make any sacrifice;
  - (сделать ж-ой, его бы сделали ж.): he would have been truly victimized and the frame-up would have worked if we didn't believe him;
  - (стать ж-ой воображения): ashamed of falling prey to such wayward, unprofessional imaginings, I drew back from that and looked for other ways to stoke my burgeoning paranoia.;
  - (становиться ж-ой мошенников): An increasing number of women are being preyed upon by con men. Earlier this month, P.B. was jailed for three years after targeting vulnerable women, romancing them and then stealing money from them.;
  - (стать ж-ой кого-л): Hanoi entertained the illusion that North Vietnam was a benign nationalist power victimized by senseless and arbitrary American pressure;
  - (стать ж-ой легкомысленных водителей): we have too many cyclists and joggers succumb to thoughtless motorists, because of drunkenness, road rage, cell phones or just not paying attention;
  - (ж. стремления к современной планировке): the building was knocked down, a victim of the council's desire for modern planning;
  - (убийца, выслеживающий свою ж-у): a killer stalking his prey;
  - (убийцы): the victim of the murderer
  жертвенный - this is one of a large number of bodies recovered from the peat which may be sacrificial victims of the Roman period
  жертвовать - (ж. время и деньги благотворительным организациям): he gives both time and money to several charities;
  - (ж. деньги благотворительной организации): if you would like to give to a local charity, make sure to check its credentials before writing a check;
  - (ж. кафедру университету): the university where he had endowed three chairs in humanities;
  - (ж. на благотворительное учреждение): to claim a tax deduction you must give to a registered charity;
  - (ж. на благотворительность): he has an additional Christmas tradition: giving generously to charity;
  - (собой): madmen take pot-shots and sacrifice themselves;
  - (ж. собранные средства дому престарелых): taking up a collection, she donated the proceeds to a care home
  жертвоприношение - (делать ж-я богам): people come to temples to give New Year offerings to the gods;
  - offerings in the form of neckrings were made in the peat bogs of Denmark in this period
  жест - (красивый / эффектный образно): I was at their meetings, I saw the speakers get up and take that position. Of course at the time it had about the same effect as me standing up and calling for an end to world hunger. It was nice grandstanding but it didn't accomplish anything.;
  - смотри файл DVIJENIE
  жечь - these they could beat, set on fire and shoot at close range;
  - (т.е. болеть): the scar was stinging;
  - (т.е. болеть): his scar seared again, but he did not care;
  - (у него жгло кожу в предвкушении): when he hanged up the phone, his skin tingled with anticipation
  жёлтый - (пресса): he could imagine the tabloids blaring the fact that with her background and all her financial success she had not been wise or sophisticated enough to see through a rogue;
  - (пресса): the girl was rechristened "the Black Dahlia" by the gutter press during a lurid murder investigation occasioned by the discovery of her mangled body;
  жёсткий - (ж-ая ботва свёклы): Beets. These gnarled vegetables with bristly tails aren't much to look at.;
  - (в обстановке ж-ой конкуренции): she actress experienced a peripatetic upbringing in a fiercely competitive environment;
  - (взгляды, придерживаться слишком ж-их в-ов): Ronald Reagan was too rigid in his views;
  - (вода): hard drinking water generally contributes a small amount toward total calcium and magnesium human dietary needs;
  - (губы сжались в ж-ую линию): his lips pressed into a hard line;
  - (ж. диск компьютера): a high capacity hard disc;
  - (доктрина): those who deviated from the Saudi hard-line doctrine;
  - (доктрина): as the hard-line Stalinist doctrine began to lose its grip in Czechoslovakia, a new generation of writers emerged;
  - (ж-ие допросы террористов): Barack Obama made decrying harsh questioning of the Islamic terrorists the centerpiece of his campaign;
  - (конкуренция): смотри ниже;
  - (ж-ая линия / позиция по отношению к кому-л): he took a somewhat harder line on Sihanouk than I did;
  - (меры): one proposal is for tougher action against people who fail to pay their utility bills;
  - (меры): these hardcore measures increased opposition to the government;
  - (ж-ие меры безопасности): security is tight;
  - (мясо): "I can't eat this meat - it's too tough;
  - (подход к делу): a hard-nosed, no-nonsense approach to business;
  - (позиция по отношению к гражданскому неповиновению): his only national notoriety had come from his hard-line stance against civil disobedience;
  - (правила): the Prime Minister turned his back on a deal to save the euro, claiming the tough Europe-wide budget rules were not in Britain's interests.
  - (сроки, укладываться в ж-ие сроки): to meet strict time constraints;
  - (требования): tight / stringent / strict ultrasonic test requirements must be met;
  - (факты): the blunt facts;
  - (человек): смотри ниже;
  - смотри файл FORMA_VID, EMOCII
  жёсткий (конкуренция) - tough competition marks this segment of the market, but savvy dealers are making money;
  - Nokia's Market Share Growing Despite Tough Competition;
  - (создавать кому-л ж-ую конкуренцию): sassy, youth-orientated retailers were coming on the scene, offering the company stiff competition;
  - there's a stiff competition for this job;
  - it took hot infml competition from abroad, however, to show us just how good Scottish cashmere really is;
  - a life of struggle and arduous competition taught him that in this world were people whose methods were unscrupulous
  жёсткий (человек) - such woman is called harsh, such man - dominating;
  - She (wedding planner) was a soft touch. People asked for dream weddings - with all the bells and whistles - then they refused to pay or delayed sending the cheque. She wasn't tough enough.;
  - (премьер-министр): he had worked under 3 prime ministers, and the latest was far and away the toughest and most decisive;
  - he developed a reputation for being tough with people
  жёстко - (держаться): the ambassador was ramrod stiff, formal, unbending;
  - (ж. контролировать прессу): the Soviet press, rigidly controlled by the government,...;
  - (ж. настаивать на своём): if we don't push hard enough we don't get the best deal;
  - (ж. ориентированные молекулы): rigidly oriented molecules;
  - (упущение ж. ограничивает полезность книги): this omission severely limits the usability of the book
  жёсткость - (воды): water users are concerned about the hardness of their water;
  - (каолин повышает прочность, стойкость к истиранию и ж.): the kaolin adds strength, abrasion resistance and rigidity;
  - (картер двигателя обеспечивает повышенную ж.): the crankcase provides for improved rigidity;
  - (ж. на изгиб): bending stiffness factor;
  - (ребро ж-ти): bracing or stiffeners should be used to prevent lateral buckling of a web when necessary;
  - смотри файл EMOCII
  жив-здоров - he was alive and well in 1916;
  - I hoped all the folks listed in the notebook were still alive and kicking
  живительный - (кашица): she was feeding him a life-giving mash of her own concoction
  живность - (всякая ж., которая водится в постелях дешёвых гостиниц, т.е. насекомые): I was forced to renew my acquaintance with the various wildlife that thrive in cheap hostel beds
  живо - (ж. написанное описание лет, проведенных Клинтоном в Белом Доме): Living history is Hillary Rodham Clinton's vividly written portrait of the Clinton's controversial White House years;
  - (танцевать): they were dancing so exuberantly that people around them were backing away in fear of injury
  живой - (ваши дедушка и бабушка ещё живы?): are your grandparents still alive?;
  - (т.е. весёлый человек): he was short and rotund, pink-cheeked and jolly;
  - (взять живым): take him alive and make him talk;
  - (воображение): he had a vivid imagination;
  - (воспоминания): this place conjures up vivid memories / people still have vivid memories of that earthquake;
  - (воспоминания): the memories of the War and the horrors of the Occupation are still vivid in the minds of the survivors;
  - (выглядеть ж. в жёлтом сарафане): she looked very bright and breezy in her yellow sundress;
  - (глаза): his eyes were active, darting round and round the room;
  - (девушка, т.е. энергичная): a vibrant, exciting girl;
  - (девчушка, т.е. о характере): a bubbly little girl;
  - (дети, т.е. подвижный / полный энергии): the children were too full of beans infml to sit still;
  - (доказательство / свидетельство): Predicting the future is a very difficult business indeed. She's a living proof to that;
  - (документ): the Constitution is a flexible, living document;
  - (едва ж.): barely alive, he had fled;
  - (единственный ж. родственник): I am her sole surviving relative;
  - (задеть за живое): the reporter has unwittingly touched a nerve;
  - (задеть за ж-ое): As shadow home secretary in the early 1990s, Blair met the residents of problem estates near his home in Hackney. He realised that millions of potential Labour voters were turned off the party because they thought it didn't understand the realities of crime and disorder in their daily lives. Blair tried to get going what has now become a famous phrase about "tough on crime and tough on the causes of crime." Internal polling showed the party that Blair had touched a real nerve.;
  - (задеть за ж-ое): Nikki is scathing to say the least, but Helen perseveres and manages to strike a chord by telling her that they can both either climb down or fall victim to the "old boys' network";
  - (застать в живых): she had been lenient with him because she was so relieved to find him alive;
  - (глубокое знание ж-ого английского языка): in psychiatry one needs an intimate knowledge of idiomatic English;
  - (ж. и здоровый): I hope that she'll get her children back safe and sound;
  - (ж. и здоровый): it was a foolproof scheme to ensure that K. stayed alive and in good health;
  - (ж. и здоровый, я единственная из моих одноклассников, у кого родители живы и здоровы): I am the only one of my high school friends fortunate enough to have both parents alive and well;
  - (изображение): the picture is a lot more lively in color;
  - (интерес к чему-л): смотри ниже;
  - (комедия): spry comedy;
  - (курица): he bit off the head of a live chicken;
  - (литературный стиль): her crisp writing flows from one crisis to the next with plenty of anecdotes to keep things lively;
  - (не убивать ничего ж-ого для забавы): though slow to quarrel, and for sport killing nothing that lived, they were doughty at bay, and at need could still handle arms;
  - (ни один ж. человек): he is dead by my hand, and no man alive can threaten me now;
  - (ни одной ж. душе не говори, откуда у тебя богатство): you must not mention to a living creature in the world, be it who it may, the source of your good fortune;
  - (ни одной ж. душе, он не сказал ни одной ж. душе, что...): he never told a living soul I was in love with his daughter;
  - (он жив?): Is he alive? Is he hurt?;
  - (повествование): her crisp writing flows from one crisis to the next with plenty of anecdotes to keep things lively;
  - (ребёнок, о характере): the boy is so lively, so likable;
  - (ребёнок, о характере): he's a boisterous boy, but he wouldn't hurt a fly;
  - (ж-ое свидетельство римской цивилизации): the aqueduct is the living testimony of Roman civilization;
  - (смех): his rollicking, boyish laughter;
  - (спор): spirited argument;
  - (средоточие усилий спасателей сдвигается к нуждам ж-ых): the focus is shifting to the needs of the living;
  - (стиль): the book is written in a lively conversational style;
  - (стиль): his lively inimitable style;
  - (существо): the experiment was conducted on bacteria, but the technique could be applied to all living things;
  - (торговля): there has been heavy trading in government securities;
  - (торговля): ice-cream vendors were doing brisk business during the heat wave;
  - (торговля): trade was brisk;
  - (традиции): local traditions that are still alive and well in rural regions;
  - (ум): he hid his keen brain behind mannerisms of great cheerfulness;
  - (ум): such thought died hard, even in so agile a mind as his;
  - (ум): his creased face and placid brown eyes displayed no alert spark of intellect;
  - (характер): breezy personality;
  - (частицы, такие как ткани и клетки): living parts like tissues and cells;
  - (человек, право собственности на клетки ткани мистера Б. не даёт компании Биотех права брать эти клетки ни у какого человека, ж-ого или мёртвого): I have ruled that Bio Tech ownership of Mr B.'s cells does not entitle them to take those cells from any individual, living or dead;
  - (человек, т.е. жизнерадостный): he was so jolly, so kindly
  живой (интерес) - (к выборам, т.е. кандидата от партии): the keen interest in the primary was reflected at polling stations;
  - he exhibited a keen interest in any news concerning Israel;
  - he watched the proceedings with keen interest but took little part;
  - from the very early on he began to show a vivid interest in drawing;
  - he was taking a lively interest in the outcome of the forthcoming game
  живописность - (многочисленные случаи из жизни придают ж. повествованию): her crisp writing flows from one crisis to the next with plenty of anecdotes to keep things lively
  живописный - (автодорога): the scenic serpentine route A1;
  - (животные): at reasonable speeds (of the cars on a highway), domestic animals can be scenic;
  - (здания): the dramatic buildings that form Chicago's skyline;
  - (ж-ые известняковые утёсы): dramatic limestone cliffs capped with a thick canopy of trees;
  - (подробности): a story in a tabloid, offering lurid details;
  - (река): one of the state's most scenic rivers;
  - (утёсы): dramatic limestone cliffs capped with a thick canopy of trees;
  - (ж-ые части показаний Клинтона): the most graphic portions of the videotape of Clinton's testimony;
  - (ж-ые эффекты в музыке): the composer's otherworldly tone clusters, high harmonics and painterly effects
  живость - (ж. и ум придавали индивидуальность неприметному лицу): animation and intelligence lent distinction to an otherwise unremarkable face;
  - (случаи из жизни придают ж. повестованию): her crisp writing flows from one crisis to the next with plenty of anecdotes to keep things lively
  животное - (вьючное): beast of burden;
  - (дикие животные, ввоз запрещённых диких ж-ых в страну): to prevent entry of prohibited wildlife;
  - (дикие ж-ые, заповедник диких ж-ых): a wildlife sanctuary;
  - (ж. или человек): wolves were running through the outskirts of K. until they found a straggler, either animal or human;
  - (замечательнoe ж., т.е. о коне): splendid beast;
  - (т.е. ругательство): you are a nasty brute with a me first attitude;
  - (сцены с участием ж-ых, т.е. в фильме): the animal action in the film includes an actual cockfight, several horse trips, and a horse being blown up with a rider on its back
  животный - (жир): animal fat;
  - (корм): send them animal feedstuffs to keep their herds alive
  животрепещущий - (вопрос, перед полицией стоит ж.в.): the police have a burning question of how he was killed;
  - (вопрос): overhaul of pension laws becomes a burning issue;
  - (вопрос): we invite you to browse the site and use the information on this site as a resource for staying abreast of topical issues on the minds of your industry colleagues;
  - (проблемы): AIDS, hunger and malaria are the world's most urgent problems
  живучий - (бизнес): the business is very resilient;
  - (животное): The Resilient Horseshoe Crab is the most resilient animal whose direct ancestors go back about 420,000,000 years ago. It saw the dinosaurs come and go and now we consider it as a living fossil.;
  - (сорняки): these herbicides eliminate some resilient weeds;
  - (сорняки): tenacious weeds
  живущий - (ж. в семье учитель): a live-in tutor for the family;
  - (на памяти ж-их): nobody has seen it in the living memory;
  - (на памяти ж-их): the blizzard was the greatest in living memory
  живьём - (съесть ж.): I got eaten alive by mosquitoes
  жидкий - (вещество): mold is a cavity or matrix in which a fluid or plastic substance is shaped into a desired finished product;
  - (воздух): liquid air;
  - (волосы): something about the voice made the sparse hairs on the back of his neck stand up;
  - (молоко): milk tasted thin and chalky to him;
  - (молочные продукты): fluid milk products;
  - (переходить в ж-ое состояние, после продолжительного пребывания на воздухе калий переходит в ж-ое состояние в виде раствора гидрата и карбоната): pure potassium is a silvery white metal tinged with blue; but on exposure to air it at once forms a film of oxide, and on prolonged exposure deliquesces into a solution of hydrate and carbonate;
  - (пища): liquid food / diet;
  - (снег): amid the mud and snow-slush of the square, his suit would be wet and filthy within seconds;
  - (сталь): the flow of liquid steel into the mold;
  - (стул, т.е. кал): watery stool;
  - (суп): watery soup;
  - (жиденький пренебрежительно суп): wishy-washy infml soup;
  - (топливо): liquid fuel
  жидкость - (ж. в бутылке булькала): the liquid inside the bottle gurgled;
  - (в которой содержатся абразивные частицы): the polishing material is a fluid containing grinding particles;
  - (т.е. в физике): relativistic dynamics of non-ideal fluids: viscous and heat-conducting fluids;
  - (гидравлическая): hydraulic fluid;
  - (давление ж-ти): field is a region of space characterized by a physical property, such as gravitational or electromagnetic force or fluid pressure, having a determinable value at every point in the region;
  - (из крови, т.е. лимфа): when the gas exchange takes place between the blood in the capillaries and the air in the alveoli, some fluid from the blood leaks into the space between the capillaries and the alveoli;
  - (под давлением в аэрозольном баллончике): total release foggers, also known as "bug bombs," are pesticide products containing aerosol propellants that release their contents at once to fumigate an area;
  - (семенная): seminal liquid
  жизнедеятельность - (суточный ритм ж-ти): circadian rhythm of physiological activity
  жизненно важный / жизненно необходимый - (ж. в. для страны): it was of vital importance to his country;
  - (документы): if the papers had been vital he would have been called during the night;
  - (интересы): vital national interests;
  - (инфраструктуры): only the most vital infrastructures are being repaired;
  - (материалы): stories of jugular concern were ignored (by the CIA);
  - (органы [тела]): vital parts [of a body];
  - (органы, поражение ж. важных органов): she was unable to overcome the assault to her vital organs and immune system;
  - (ж.в. человек, он для нас ж. важен): he is a man of vital importance to us;
  жизненно необходимое - (родители дают нам всё ж.н.): parents give us all of life's necessities such as food and shelter;
  - the current economy makes it hard to afford life's necessities and unexpected expenses;
  - he found us this sanctuary where we can grow life's necessities
  жизненный - (затрагивающий ж-ые интересы чего-л): stories of jugular concern to national security
  жизнеобеспечение - (космонавтов): basic life support;
  - (система ж-я, т.е. пациента в коме): a hospital room where my relative was hooked up to life support;
  - (система ж-я, т.е. пилота): the colonel lowered himself into the front seat with the accustomed ease and began attaching his own life-support systems
  жизнеопасный - (газы): life-threatening gases
  жизнеспособность - (её ж. непоправимо подорвана): the worthwhileness of the proposed treatment (separating conjoined twins) is a legitimate factor to weigh. For the reasons given the treatment is not worthwhile for Mary for one cannot escape from the fact that Mary has always been fated for early death - her capacity to live has been fatally compromised.
  жизнеспособный - (ж-ая отрасль промышленности): a viable sector of industry;
  - (поддерживать систему в ж-ом состоянии): to keep the system viable on its own;
  - (предприятие / решение): viable enterprise / option
  жизнь - (в течение ж-ни): state law typically allows the state Medicaid agency to file a claim in a deceased Medicaid recipient's estate to recoup Medicaid benefits paid during the recipient's lifetime, and also authorizes a statutory lien to the extent of Medicaid benefits paid;
  - (вернуть к ж-ни): the dying sea (the Aral Sea) that has been brought to life against all odds;
  - (возможность, которая бывает раз в жизни): once-in-a-lifetime opportunity;
  - (вокруг корабля весело кипела повседневная ж. порта): the everyday business of the port hummed merrily around the ship;
  - (всю ж.): смотри ниже;
  - (дойти до ж-ни такой, т.е. низко пасть): I confess that after not having the internet for over six months, I finally sank low enough to buy a porno DVD;
  - (живи нормальной / своей ж-ю): at the last of his lunches, he had again tried to persuade her to let it rest (her daughter's untimely death), to get on with her own life.;
  - (живите своей ж-ю): Don't rush out spreading rumours. Everybody knows that the woman scorned will be feeling bitter and will quickly guess that you're looking for revenge and what's more, they'll probably end up laughing at you for being so petty. Wait, get on with your life and see how you feel about it later.;
  - (живя своей собственной ж-ю): the wings quivered and twitched with a life of their own;
  - (жить нормальной ж-нью / устроить свою ж.): it was time to put the divorce behind her, time to get on with her life;
  - (не подавая признаков жизни): Frequently the sand-flee will make a few hops in the sand and then curl up and lie perfectly quiet. In assuming this condition, the body is not only strongly flexed but the legs are drawn up and the antennae are bent under the thorax, the whole animal assuming as compact a form as possible. While in this attitude Talorchestia may be rolled about, picked up and handled, often with considerable roughness, without betraying any signs of animation.;
  - (т.е. не политика): That wasn't politics. That was practicality.;
  - (обеспеченная): years of good living had put weight on the once lanky officer;
  - (опасный для жизни): anaphylaxis - life-threatening allergy;
  - (ж. опровергает догмы): real life refutes dogma;
  - (повседневная, вернуться к повседевной ж-ни): now we can return to our daily routine (after a court trial);
  - (ж. показала...): the course of events has shown / demonstrated...;
  - (ж. показала): what we have seen / what we have experienced has shown...;
  - (ж. показала, что...): it has now become clear that...;
  - (после десяти лет жизни в роскоши ей была унизительна мысль о том, что ей придётся заботится о финансовых мелочах): after a decade of living in high style, she was mortified at the thought of having to worry about such financial minutiae as car payments, appliance purchases and clothing boutique tabs;
  - (потратить полжизни на что-л): he spent half his lifetime writing his book;
  - (раз в ж-ни): the profession of faith must be recited at least once in one's lifetime, aloud, correctly, and purposively, with an understanding of its meaning and an assent from the heart;
  - (режим и порядок являются неотъемлемой частью его ж-ни / его ж-ни присущи режим и порядок): he is a soldier, a man to whom routines and regimens are intrinsic to living;
  - (сама ж. покажет): we'll live and see / we'll see;
  - (сама ж. показала, что...): we have now seen that...;
  - (улучшение условий жизни): the reduction in mortality can be put down to better living conditions;
  - (целая ж., казалось, после праздника прошла целая ж.): that festival felt a lifetime away now;
  - (это самое плохое в моей ж-ни): this is the worst thing that has happened in my lifetime
  жизнь (всю ж.) - (болезнь, которую она изучала всю ж.): Dr. E.S., one of the preeminent cancer serologists of our time, died last week of a disease she studied all her life;
  - (браки заключались на всю ж.): in those days marriages lasted a lifetime;
  - (всю ж. между ними сохранялась привязанность): through his whole life there had been a bond of affection between them;
  - (всю ж. мечтать): it's been my life-time dream to have a house like this;
  - (можно подумать, я всю ж. мечтала... , т.е. слова тюремной надзирательницы): See the attitude? As if it's the highlight of my day to peer up women's smelly bottoms.;
  - (накопленное за всю ж., т.е. сбережения): she's fun to be around (providing she's not conning you out of your life-savings;
  - (всю ж. ненавидевший фашизм): his father, by now a lifelong anti-Nazi, had come down in the world;
  - (всю ж. он был её другом): he was a life-long friend of her;
  - (всю ж. он занимался исследованием...): he spent his life exploring the hidden interconnectivity of disparate emblems;
  - (провести всю ж. где-л): he spent a life-time in a mud-hut;
  - (прождав всю ж.): after a lifetime of waiting;
  - (всю ж. пропутешествовав): after a lifetime of travel;
  - (средства для чистки серебра хватает на всю ж.): Silverstar lasts a life-time;
  - (тяжело проработав всю ж.): after a lifetime of hard work;
  - (учиться всю ж.): every adult American must be able to keep on learning for a lifetime;
  - (всю ж. я шла нехожеными путями, удача и вера помогали мне не сбиться с пути): I have found my way through a lifetime of uncharted territory with good fortune and abiding faith to keep me on course
  жила - (напасть на золотую жилу образно, т.е. о застройщике): the developer struck gold in the late eighties when he invaded the rolling hills of the Virginia countryside;
  - смотри файл MEDI_ANAT, GORNOE_DELO
  жилец - ( т.е. снимающий квартиру ): the tenants haven't seen a stranger loitering nearby;
  - (комната отражает вкус жильца): the room reflects the personal taste of its tenant;
  - (т.е. находящиеся в здании): building occupants;
  - (они держали ж-а в полуподвальном помещении): they had a lodger BrE in the basement;
  - (список жильцов дома): he found number seven easily enough and glanced at the list of tenants;
  - (управдом знал, что в мире жильцов и квартиросдатчиков управдом оказывается между двух огней): the building superintendent knew full well that in the lord-tenant world, it was the super who was always caught in the middle;
  - (усадьбы): there was a nasty feeling about the place which, in the absence of inhabitants, started to fall into disrepair
  жилище - (виды жилищ): all Hobbits had originally lived in holes in the ground, and in such dwellings they still felt most at home; but in the course of time they had been obliged to adopt other forms of abode lit;
  - (грубое каменное ж. ): crude stone dwellings;
  - (добро пожаловать в моё скромное ж.): he said, smiling warmly, "You are welcome to my humble abode lit.";
  - (жилища бедноты): the tenement poetical of the poor;
  - (жилища преподавателей): the Lycée had a sizable campus on whose grounds in addition to school buildings and a Catholic church, were located student dormitories, faculty housing, and administrative offices;
  - (право строить ж-а): the right to build housing;
  - (семьи): I walked over from my office to the Nixon family quarters
  жилищный - (нужды / потребности): electricity generated by coal-fired power stations for residential and commercial use accounts for a huge proportion of global carbon dioxide emissions;
  - (программа): a federal housing program;
  - (жилищно-строительная фирма): home builder;
  - (строительство): home building is on the rise;
  - (строительство): until 1936 little residential construction was started;
  - (Управление): the Federal Housing Administration;
  - (условия): living conditions of the troops;
  - (условия): "What were the accommodations in the camp?" "Two-four barracks, a kitchen for inmates, a washhouse, and various workshops." "And for the SS guards?" "Two barracks, a shop, and a bordello."
  жилка (т.е. склонность) - there has always been an entrepreneurial streak in journalism, typified in the freelance journalist who makes a living by pitching and selling their work to a range of clients;
  - (предпринимательская): a fellow with an entrepreneurial bent;
  - (художественная / техническая ж.): In high school I had aspirations to be an architect. Just another side of my artistic streak, combined with my engineer streak.;
  - смотри файл FORMA_VID
  жилой - (дом): the law prohibited the making of cigars in tenement houses;
  - (домик, т.е. при мельнице): the chill dump season adds a charm to the trimly-kept, comfortable dwelling-house;
  - (комната): habitable room;
  - (комната, насыщенные, глубокие цвета придают большой, скудно обставленной комнате более ж. вид): surrounding yourself in rich, deep color makes a large, sparely furnished room feel instantly more inhabitable;
  - (комплекс): the break in at the Democratic National Committee headquarters in the Watergate Apartment complex;
  - (массив): a sprawling city with many residential areas;
  - (массив): a handsome block of buildings in excellent repair;
  - (массив): are you safe in your neighborhood?;
  - (образцовые ж-ые помещения): the government attempt to provide model living quarters;
  - (ж-ое помещение для старших офицеров на судне): "A" deck was the senior officers' living quarters;
  - (ж-ые помещения): the station contained several laboratories, a library, a dispensary, living quarters, and a few recreational facilities;
  - (30000 кв.м служебной и ж-ой площади): 30 000 sq.m. of office and residential space
  жильё - (ассоциация по кредитованию ж-я): they had formed their own housing and credit association, modeled on the Self-Employed Women's Association;
  - (государственное): public housing program;
  - (договор аренды жилья): residential rental agreement;
  - (т.е. дом с участком): city inspectors begin issuing written warnings to owners of blighted and unkempt properties;
  - (капитана на судне): at the port end was another suite of cabins identical but in reverse to the captain's quarters;
  - (образцовое): the government attempt to provide model living quarters;
  - (предоставлять ж. детям в детских домах): a system of orphanages to house and raise children born out of wedlock to teen mothers;
  - (работать в оплату за ж., питание и 3 доллара в неделю): she found work as a mother's helper, caring for two young children in return for room, board and 3 dollars a week;
  - (расходы на ж. в командировке): your travel expenses including airfare and accommodation will be covered;
  - (рынок ж-я): commentators expect the housing market to get by in 2004 without a crash;
  - (рынок ж-я): the housing market had been calming before that;
  - (самодельное): a makeshift dwelling out of rough sandstone blocks;
  - (т.е. арендованное / съёмное): When the other place fell through I didn't think we'd hit on a desirable rental for August. The rental you found for me in E. turned out to have all those plumbing problems. But this one is a real gem.;
  - (семьи): I walked over from my office to the Nixon family quarters;
  - (стоимость посещения, т.е. университета, куда входят плата за обучение, за ж. и питание, обязательные выплаты и книги): the reported cost of attendance (which includes tuition, room and board, mandatory fees, and books) and the actual amount a student spends are two very different things;
  - (страхование ж-я): the company is the sixth largest home and moto insurer in the US;
  - (строительство ж-я): a program of housing construction;
  - (строить ж.): the right to build housing
  жирный - (кислота): fatty acid;
  - (линия): bold line with arrow head either end;
  - (шрифт): words printed in boldface;
  - смотри файл FORMA_VID
  житейская мудрость - (ж.м. гласит, что чем выше явка, тем лучше для демократов): the conventional wisdom says that the higher the turnout the better for the democrats
  житель - (временный ж., т.е. страны): temporary resident;
  - (города): it was the growing frequency of arson attacks that unnerved the city's residents the most;
  - (деревни): the villagers kill monkeys;
  - (деревни): something that the inhabitants of the village liked to discuss when topics for gossip were scarce;
  - (джунглей): a winding game trail trodden deep by the feet of countless generations of the savage denizens of the jungle;
  - the polar bear is an iconic denizen of the snowy Arctic;
  - A citizen of the United States is a legal resident who has been processed by the government as being a member of the United States. A denizen of the United States is simply someone that lives there.;
  - (доля сельских ж-лей): in the South the proportion of country dwellers was high;
  - (ж-ли засушливых районов): water rights and other matters of concern to dwellers in arid regions;
  - (местные жители): he built a very successful agency and has been involved for a long time, but his involvement with baseball and creating those fields is where the local community really got to appreciate him;
  - (мусульманские ж-ли Чечни): the Moslem inhabitants of Chechnia;
  - (острова): inhabitants of an island;
  - (посёлка): the inhabitants of P. had retreated into the shade of their cool houses;
  - (постоянный / временный ж. страны): permanent / temporary resident;
  - (сельский): in the South the proportion of country dwellers was high;
  - (страны): the Immigration Section of the Canadian Embassy in Berlin has primary responsibility for the processing of applications made by residents of Germany;
  - (ж. страны в отличие от гражданина): an Australian resident or citizen;
  - (страны): inhabitants of a country;
  - (штата): male inhabitants of the state
  жительство - (вид на ж.): residence card / permit;
  - (выбор места ж-а): the right to freely choose a place of residence;
  - (место ж-а, его основное место ж-а может оказаться совсем в другом месте): He thinks that Nick can decide for himself which parent he wants to live with, but Linda has requested that Nick's primary residence be hers. Nick's primary residence could end up being somewhere else altogether - he's facing charges of reckless driving after the Aug. 26 crash that left his friend, J.G., in a vegetative state.;
  - (раздельное, т.е. супругов): separation of spouses
  житница - once the bread basket of the USSR, Ukraine has fallen into the ranks of food importers
  жить - (где-л): смотри ниже;
  - (дальше, как ж. дальше): he needed her advice on how to conduct his future life;
  - (дальше, надо ж. дальше, т.е. после перенесённой трагедии): get on with your life;
  - (ж. жизнью): смотри ниже;
  - (т.е. на средства, ж. на $50 в неделю): they subsisted on $50 a week;
  - (т.е. на средства, ж. на состояние, доставшееся нечестным путём): His father, who was a thief, left him a fortune. I see the hypocrisy involved in the idea of a deeply honest man living off an ill-gained fortune.;
  - (т.е. на средства, ухитряться ж. на пятнадцать фунтов в неделю): when he had come to live here, these Georgian cottages had a modest, down-at-heel charm, with young couples making do on fifteen pounds a week;
  - (ж. на хлебе и воде): they subsisted on bread and water;
  - (ж. по закону): all his ancestors had abided strictly by the law;
  - (ж. по правилам): a community where people live by a set of rules and regulations;
  - (ж. по своим законам): this animus led to the rise of armed militia groups that rejected the legitimacy of federal authority and asserted the right to be a law unto themselves;
  - (ж. с кем-л, т.е. спать с женщиной): I tried to make her and desisted when I failed;
  - (ж. с кем-л, т.е. иметь половую связь): I don't want to know if she had an affair with him;
  - (самостоятельно): they wanted to be on their own way as soon as possible
  - (учить ж.): he has one of these matey, avuncular voices that makes him sound like he wants to take her under his wing and teach her the ways of the world
  жить (т.е. где-л) - (в глубине озера): the monster who dwelt in the depths of the lake;
  - (в городе живёт 300000 португальцев, т.е. в США): the town is home to 300,000 Portuguese;
  - (ж. в гостинице): to stay in / at a hotel;
  - (ж. в гостинице): you're lodged at a decent inn?;
  - (ж. в замке, который существует с XVII века, живёт настоящий принц): the castle, still home to a real prince, dated back to the 17th century;
  - (ж. в избах): timber cottages in which Russian peasants dwell;
  - (ж. в кургане): the dragon was said to dwell in the gravemound;
  - (ж. в одной комнате / палатке с кем-л): he had shared a room / tent with her;
  - (ж. в роли кого-л): to live the role of somebody;
  - (вампир живёт в подвале): he discovers that the vampire is denning in the basement of a local boarding house;
  - (вместе, т.е. с любовницей): He was not in the market for a full-time live-in. He had never lived with a woman, and he was not contemplating a full-time companionship.;
  - (живущая под землёй раса): they discovered an underground-dwelling race of albinos;
  - (за кабиной капитана, т.е. ближе к корме, была меньшая каюта первого помощника, а за главным механиком жил старший стюард): aft of the captain's cabins was the smaller suite for the chief officer, and aft of the engineer dwelt the chief steward;
  - (за пределами империи): people who dwell outside the boundaries of the Russian Empire;
  - (кварталы, где живёт много латиноамериканских иммигрантов): neighborhoods with a large population of Hispanic immigrants;
  - (русские, жившие в Смутное время): to many Russians who lived through the Troubles, it was nothing more of less than divine retribution for the sins of Russia's rulers or its people;
  - (у друзей): to stay with one's friends
  жить (жизнью) - (живите своей жизнью): Don't rush out spreading rumours. Everybody knows that the woman scorned will be feeling bitter and will quickly guess that you're looking for revenge and what's more, they'll probably end up laughing at you for being so petty. Wait, get on with your life and see how you feel about it later.;
  - (живя своей собственной ж.): the wings quivered and twitched with a life of their own;
  - (ж. нормальной жизнью): prisoners get paid the minimum wage and are offered the chance to live a somewhat "normal", albeit confined life;
  - (ж. нормальной ж.): it was time to put the divorce behind her, time to get on with her life;
  - (ж. нормальной ж.): at the lunch, he had again tried to persuade her to let it rest (her daughter's untimely death), to get on with her own life.;
  - (ж. полной ж., о семье ребёнка, больного муковисцидозом): their four-month-old baby has cystic fibrosis but the family can still live life to the full
  жребий - (выбор по ж-ю): In governance, sortition / allotment / demarchy selects officers as a random sample from a larger pool of candidates. Law court juries are formed through sortition in some countries, such as the United States.;
  - (определяться по ж-ю / тянуть ж.): This paper shows that skill may be a sufficient explanation for the observed patterns of "incumbency advantage" in congressional elections. The principal analytical tool is a Monte Carlo tournament with the following properties: The skill levels of the two competitors are determined by the luck of the draw; the competitor with the greater skill prevails; and winners can compete (up to a term limit) for as long as they can continue to beat challengers, each of whom gets a fresh draw from the skill lottery. An election-specific luck term is included in the simulation.;
  - (тянуть ж. кому когда стоять на страже / по ж-ю первая стража выпала Г.): they now drew lots for the watches, and the lot for the first watch fell to Gimli
  жульничать - смотри файл EMOCII
  журнал - (в ж-е присутствия было записано, что он находился в лаборатории в необычно позднее время): in the days before the attacks, he (the researcher who sent anthrax letters) logged unusual late hours in the lab alone, night after night;
  - (вахтенный ж. корабля): When it is determined the vessel's stay in a safe port or moorage will exceed six hours, the sailing time shall be posted. The sailing time will be posted and entered in the log book by the Master within one half hour after contacting the chief scientist.;
  - (газеты и журналы): periodicals;
  - (т.е. для автолюбителей): European Car Magazine features the latest luxury cars, sports cars, tuner cars and classic cars by European auto makers;
  - (для пассажиров авиалинии КЛМ): KLM's in-flight magazineт.е. the Holland Herald features a tear-out airport walker with an overview of gates and distances at Schiphol;
  - (ежеквартальный, т.е. литературный): а quarterly magazine that publishes short stories, articles, interviews, and book reviews;
  - (лабораторный): laboratory notebook / lab notebook infml;
  - (мод): fashion magazine;
  - (т.е. научный): Journal of the American Psychiatric Association / Biology / Neuroscience / Physics;
  - (ж. регистрации преступлений): the Police Report Log lists all the Police Reports taken by the Palo Alto Police Department during a 24 hour period;
  - (ж. регистрации преступлений): Southeast Technical College maintains a daily crime log for incidents taking place on campus;
  - (регистрационный): register (R);
  - (научный): Journal of Applied Mathematics;
  - the ordnance survey mag infml
  журналистика - journalism;
  - (фотожурналистика): photojournalism
  журналистский - (корпус): by wining and dining the Press Corps and increasing perks and amenities for reporters, C. had put all but a few crusty columnists in his pocket;
  журналистское расследование - investigative journalism is a form of journalism in which reporters deeply investigate a single topic of interest, often involving crime, political corruption, or corporate wrongdoing
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