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  вход - (бесплатный, т.е. в кино / на выставку): admission free;
  - (в. в плотные слои атмосферы): the spaceship burned on the reentry into the atmosphere;
  - (в. в плотные слои атмосферы): garbage burns up during re-entry of the spaceship;
  - (в. в вестибюль школы): I want the prefects to stand guard over the entrances to the hall;
  - (в. в док): the main dock gates habitually stand open in the daytime, the entrance being blocked only by a balanced red-and white striped pole;
  - (в. в зал суда был только по приглашениям / пропускам): seating in the courtroom was by invitation only;
  - (в. в залив): the ship headed for the mouth of the bay;
  - (в комнаты можно было зайти с отдельного в-а): the rooms he used to see patients were accessible by a separate entrance from the corridor;
  - (в. в пещеру): a narrow footpath that leveled out near the cave mouth;
  - (в. в туннель): the tree was placed at the tunnel mouth to stop anyone coming across me;
  - (в. в ущелье): the Riders were still in the low valley before the mouth of the Coomb, when cries and hornblasts were heard from their scouts that went in front;
  - (в. во двор): a delivery van is parked at the entrance to the yard;
  - (т.е.ворота на территорию посольства, ): the compound is guarded at its single gate by several watchful militia men;
  - (главный в. в музей): two masked thieves walked into the crowded museum in broad daylight, yanked the pictures from the wall and left through the front door;
  - (главный в. в учреждение): the imposing main doorway;
  - (грузовой, т.е. в многоквартирном доме): he raced from the apartment and down the fire stairs to the basement and out through the delivery entrance;
  - (грузовой в. / в. для поставщиков, т.е. в гостинице): tradesman's entrance (at the hotel);
  - (т.е за дверями): He reached for the huge wooden doors and pushed. The entryway yawned open.;
  - (задний): the back entrance led to a small alley behind the hotel;
  - (знать все в-ы и выходы): I know the ins and outs infml of the case thoroughly;
  - (в. на автостоянку): a metal boom gate is padlocked in place across the entrance to the car park;
  - (на в-е в корридор): at the entrance of a corridor that lead toward the West Wing of the castle;
  - (т.е. надпись, в. воспрещён / в. запрещён): a barred gate with a notice board to one side saying "Private property, keep out";
  - (т.е. надпись, в. воспрещён / в. запрещён): no admission;
  - (т.е. надпись, посторонним в. воспрещён): no trespassing;
  - (т.е. надпись, посторонним в. воспрещён): for personnel only;
  - (парадный и задний в. в здание): there will be additional police at the front and rear gates throughout Sunday;
  - (платить по 25 центов за в. в кинотеатр): kids were ponying up their quarter admissions at the box-office window;
  - (пожарный, т.е. в здание): the van swings into a parking area below the building and pulls up at a fire door;
  - (в. с колоннами): from the road a gravel path leads up to the pillared entrance;
  - (служебный): the service entrance smells of disemboweled bin bugs and cat piss;
  - (служебный): He acted like he was everyone's best friend just because he was bringing their toot. But once they had their stuff they wanted him to fuck off - use the tradesman's entrance, please.;
  - (стоять на в-е в кухню): he stood in the kitchen entryway;
  - (усилителя, т.е. электронного прибора): cascade amplifier is any amplifier constructed from a series of amplifier, where each amplifier sends its output to the input of the next
  входить - (в. без разрешения куда-л): he would harm no man who did not trespass in the hall;
  - (т.е. быть / стать частью): смотри ниже;
  - (в. в доверие к кому-л): to insinuate oneself in somebody's good graces;
  - (в. в долю): смотри ниже;
  - (в. в зацепление, о зубчатых колёсах): when the two wheels engage the smaller one will start to turn;
  - (в. в легенду, о грубости и промахах кого-л): his harshness and verbal gaffes were becoming legendary;
  - (в. в легенду, об амурных похождениях Кеннеди): Kennedy's womanizing ways are a Washington legend;
  - (в. в моду): they are definitely coming back into fashion;
  - (в. в моду): this service was slow to catch on infml in the USA;
  - (в. в моду): it was a popular style in England, but it never really caught on infml in America;
  - (в. в обязанности): смотри ниже;
  - (в. в пике образно, об экономике): the country's economy took a nose dive last week;
  - (в. в подробности): смотри ниже;
  - (в. в привычку): my mother was afraid that if I gave in to my fears, it would set a pattern for the rest of my life;
  - (в. в ритм): after a couple of days he settled into the rhythm of the place;
  - (в. в ритм студенческой жизни): I didn't hit my stride as a college student right away;
  - (в. в роль): I had fallen deeply into the part I was reading, that of the intellectual reporter;
  - (в. в роль): The actress has revealed that her co-actor in the movie was so engrossed in his character while filming that he actually proposed to her. The actor was so much into his character that he made himself believe that he actually loved her.;
  - (в. в силу): смотри ниже;
  - (когда враг был дезорганизован, вошла пехота): when the enemy was completely disorganized, the infantry moved in;
  - (т.е. надпись, не в. на территорию): a barred gate held in place by a steel catch with a notice board to one side saying "Private property, keep out";
  - (т.е. поместиться в чём-л): смотри ниже;
  - (т.е. быть / стать частью): смотри ниже;
  - смотри файл DVIJENIE
  входить (т.е. быть / стать частью) - (в группу террористов входят арабские боевики со всего региона): the group has proclaimed an ideological affinity with the Al Quaeda and reportedly includes Arab fighters from across the region;
  - (в его знания об искусстве не входила резьба по дереву): his familiarity with art did not include woodcarving;
  - (в. в компетенцию, большинство видов рекламы входят в компетенцию Управления рекламными стандартами): most forms of advertising previously fell within the ASA's remit, including advertisements placed on the Internet in paid-for advertising space on third party websites;
  - (в. в компетенцию ЦРУ): things like this were not within CIA's purview;
  - (в нашу задачу не входит это доказывать): it is beyond our scope to prove this in details here;
  - (в. в общество, о больных церебральным параличом): those who suffer cerebral palsy are unfit to join in the society;
  - (в объём работ входит...): the scope of work shall include the provision of training personnel, training equipment and support for on-the-job training in Nigeria;
  - (в. в первую тройку крупнейших производителей автоматических кофеварок): the company ranks among the top three largest producers of fully automatic coffee machines;
  - (в перечень работ входит...): the scope of work shall include the provision of training personnel, training equipment and support for on-the-job training in Nigeria;
  - (в. в полномочия, в полномочия Управления рекламными стандартами входит применение ряда дополнительных санкций): the ASA's new remit provides a number of additional sanctions to apply in the event of a non-compliant on-line advertisement, including the right to remove any paid-for search advertisements that link directly to an advertiser's website page hosting non-compliant marketing materials;
  - (в программу рекультивации не входит демонтаж шахт и инфраструктуры): the removal of plant and infrastructure is not always part of a rehabilitation programme, as many old mine plants have cultural heritage and cultural value;
  - (в работу входят поездки заграницу): the job involves travelling abroad for 3 months each year;
  - (в работу входило создание персонажей и концепций видеоигр): his job involved creating characters and [video] game concepts;
  - (в. в рынок): everyone can enter the currency market and earn money there;
  - (в семейство утиных входят утки, гуси и лебеди): the members of the family Anatidae, which contains the swans, geese and ducks;
  - (в семейство утиных входят утки, гуси и лебеди): Anatidae is the biological family that includes ducks, geese and swans;
  - (в соглашение входят типовые условия, доверенность и...): the agreement includes general conditions, power of attorney and...;
  - (в. в союз, ЕС будет расширен и в него войдут несколько европейских государств): by then the EU will have expanded to encompass several Central European states;
  - (в. в союз, Эстония вошла в Советский Союз): in 1940 Estonia was incorporated into the Soviet Union;
  - (в. в среднее, зачёты не входят в среднюю оценку студента): Pass grades are not averaged into the student's GPA. However, an unsatisfactory grade will be averaged into the student's GPA.;
  - (в тренировку входят 20 забегов): one workout entails 21 separate sprints;
  - (в число посетителей борделя входят политики и самые богатые и знаменитые люди): wealthy brothel madam with a clientele that includes politicians and the very rich and famous;
  - (город не входил в маршрут): Phnom Penh was not on my itinerary;
  - (датчики топлива, которые входят в систему аварийной отсечки двигателя): two attempts to launch Atlantis were stymied by erratic fuel sensors, which are part of an emergency engine cutoff system;
  - (заменитель сахара с высоким содержанием фруктозы входит почти во все готовые блюда): HFCS (High Fructose Corn Sweetener) has been incorporated into nearly every processed food;
  - (мышьяк не входит в обычное токсикологическое обследование, выполняемое в связи со вскрытием): despite the familiarity of arsenic as a classic poison, such deaths are a rarity these days, and thus arsenic is not covered in routine toxicological screenings performed in connection with autopsies, which is why the coroner initially missed the cause of death;
  - (мышьяк не входит в обычное токсикологическое обследование): Arsenic is a drug that is not included in a routine tox screen. And because of that, he had nearly gotten away with murder.;
  - (не в., шнуры не входят в гарантию): cords are excluded (from the warranty);
  - (он легко входил в круг шпионов, спецназовцев и наёмников): with his convincing patter and combat garb, J. blended easily into the circle of spooks, bearded US special forces and burly private security contractors, who form part of the cast of America's war on terror;
  - (похититель входил в шайку): the kidnapper was part of a ring;
  - (расширить полномочия, так, чтобы в них входило расследование...): Starr asked the Justice Department for permission to expand his authority to encompass the investigation of Lewinsky;
  - (результаты голосования в округе войдут в окончательный подсчёт): the vote in this county will be put into the final tally;
  - (синтетические полимеры вошли в повседневную жизнь): synthetic polymers are so much a part of our everyday lives that...;
  - (соблюдение тайны не входило в лексикон вахтёра): discretion was apparently not part of the vocabulary of a 15-euro-per-hour watchman;
  - (сюда входили водохранилища, возникшие при постройке плотин на некогда судоходных реках): The jurisdiction of Admiralty Law extended to any waterway in the United States that had been navigable in its original condition. That included lakes built from damming once-navigable rivers.;
  - (сюда не входит комната и питание, т.е. в плату за обучение): I have a problem with a university charging over $31,000 per year in tuition, per student (and that doesn't include room and board)
  входить в обязанности - my duties involved answering phones and scheduling customer appointments;
  - sitting and chatting were not part of the daily routine at OPD;
  - my duties include taking letters to the post and making coffee;
  - duties include research and graduate teaching;
  - (в должностные обязанности): collection of evidence is part of job description of city police detectives;
  - (в должностные о.): he carries out assignments in a positive manner even when it is not part of his job description;
  - (командировка входит в служебные о.): when someone is sent to work at a particular site for, say, 18 months, it is always necessary to consider whether the secondment is part of the duties of a continuing employment or whether it involves taking up a different employment;
  - (это входит в его о.): the industry norms are: 15% of the proceeds from the sale of a book to a U.S. publisher;... if the literary agent merely suggests improvements to your proposal, reads your book, makes suggestions and provides similar sales-enhancing help, that's part of the job;
  - (в обязанности, это не входит в мои обязанности): that's not in my job description
  войти в долю - (т.е. в руководстве компанией): we're currently looking for investors for our exciting new project, so if you'd like to get in on the ground floor, be sure to let us know
  - (их родственники вошли в долю в этом бизнесе): it was found that Public Loaders were none other than International Longshoremen's Association officials, and that their relatives are "cut in" for a share of the boss-loading business;
  - (любой может войти в долю?): can any Joe buy in?;
  - Florida Governor L. had met with industrial leaders and asked if they would buy into the privatization of NASA with the government managing all launches and facilities, the companies assuming most costs for personnel and R&D;
  - (он обмолвился, что хочет войти в долю на дальних рейсах): he let slip that he wants a cut in Air Passenger Duty on long haul flights;
  - (я должен войти в долю в этом деле): I have got to get in on this
  входить в подробности - owing to the nature of the terrain in Indochina it would take a long time to come up with additional information, though he did not amplify what the terrain had to do with the disappearing prisoners;
  - I can't go into specifics;
  - he would not go into detail about his employer;
  - (не входя в подробности): without getting into lengthy specifics the communication between our two sides has stalled;
  - A Wizz Air jet caught fire Wednesday at a Bucharest airport, and the 76 passengers on board were evacuated. Wizz Air said in a statement there had been a problem with an engine but did not elaborate.
  входить в силу - (входит в с. с 1 мая): with effect from May 1 (w.e.f. );
  - (как только налог полностью войдёт в силу): once this tax is in full effect, the prices will rise;
  - (когда система войдёт в силу?): when does the system become effective?;
  - (о документе): the deed was not effective until it was recorded - and that occurred after the son's divorce was final;
  - (о законе): last month new traffic laws came into effect;
  - (о законе): the Act went into effect in June 1933;
  - (о законе): the new bankruptcy law was enacted in 2005;
  - (о запрете): the ban went into effect;
  - (о постановлениях): the new regulations will come into effect next May;
  - (о прекращении огня): the cease-fire established by the Paris Agreement had gone into effect on Jan 27;
  - (о системе налогообложения): the new system of taxation will come into effect next May;
  - (о страховом полисе): the policy has come in effect;
  - (резолюция входит в силу с 3 мая): the resolution is effective as of May, 3;
  - (с 5 февраля входят в силу поправки к разделу B, регламентирующему допуск к адвокатской практике, который надлежит читать следующим образом): it is ordered that effective Feb. 5, 2009, Part B, Governing Admissions to the Practice of Law be hereby amended to read as follows;
  - (страхование входит в силу после того, как...): the insurance is effective only after the applicant has been accepted by the Insurer;
  - (увольнение вошло в силу 5 июня 2007 года / немедленно): further to our meeting of May 9, 2007 I regretfully confirm that your employment with us is terminated with effect from fml June 5, 2007 / with immediate effect fml
  входить (т.е. помещаться в чём-л): - (в сосуд войдёт 6 литров): this container will take six liters;
  - (книги не войдут в полку): I don't think the shelf can take any more books;
  - (штырьки штепселя не входят в розетку, т.е. не подходят по размеру): the continental pins on the back of this converter do not fit the outlet
  входить (т.е. становиться частью) - (в общество, о больных церебральным параличом): those who suffer cerebral palsy are unfit to join in the society;
  - (в рынок): he was sallying forth into a job-market glutted with young accountants;
  - (легко в. в круг шпионов, спецназовцев и наёмников): with his convincing patter and combat garb, J. blended easily into the circle of spooks, bearded US special forces and burly private security contractors, who form part of the cast of America's war on terror;
  - (Леонардо да Винчи настолько вошёл в нашу культуру, что...) - Leonardo da Vinci and his work are so much part of our culture that we think we know him well;
  - (синтетические полимеры настолько вошли в повседневную жизнь, что...): synthetic polymers are so much a part of our everyday lives that...;
  - (Эстония вошла в Советский Союз): in 1940 Estonia was incorporated into the Soviet Union
  входной - (ворота): astride the entrance gate is a long, narrow shed, with one door inside the port area and one on the outside;
  - (дверь): he flicked his eye constantly from the illuminated window to the front door;
  - (напряжение, т.е. электрическое): these led diodes require an input voltage of minimum 1.7 maximum 2.8;
  - (отверстие, т.е. пулевого ранения): The animal pathologist speculates that the bullet must have entered the wolf, partly broken apart, and then exited the animal's body. To test his hunch, he threads a wooden dowel through the small opening on the wolf's neck, pushing it in until it pops out of another hole at the back of the neck. That hole's size and shape indicate it's an entrance wound.;
  - (плата): the gallery charges no entrance fee
  входящий - (корреспонденция): I keep copies of incoming and outgoing mail
  вхождение - (космического корабля в плотные слои атмосферы): garbage burns up during re-entry of the spaceship
  вчера - (вечером): last night I made a point of examining his cash drawings for the last three months
  вхожий - (по окончании университета, Оскар Уайлд переехал в Лондон, где стал вхож в самые блистательные гостиные...): after university, Wilde moved to London, where he insinuated himself into London's most glamorous drawing rooms as wit, dandy, and high aesthete
  вчерашнее (т.е. существительное) - (он переживал из-за в-его): he was still smarting over yesterday when he took out the wrong target
  вчерашний - (газеты): yesterday's newspapers are today's fish wrapping;
  - (дождь): all the rain from yesterday had frozen solid;
  - (новости): nothing is older than yesterday's news;
  - (хлеб): day-old bread
  вчерне - (наметить в.): to draft an outline of the proposal
  вчетвером - (пойти в кино): they went to the cinema in a foursome
  вчитаться / вчитываться - (я не особо вчитывался в сообщения в прессе): I paid little heed to the sparse news reports I read
  вширь - (строительство вверх, а не в.): building upward rather than sideward
  выбивать / выбить - (автомат защиты сети выбьет разг при повышенном токе): the circuit breaker will turn off or "trip" when in an overcurrent condition;
  - (в. из колеи): the sight of his tall, rangy figure filling the doorway, the concern in his eyes, the realization that he had sought her out when she ignored his call, almost unhinged her;
  - (в. из равновесия, т.е. вопросом): he was thrown momentarily off balance;
  - (в. из равновесия, т.е. психически нестабильного человека): she was not stable, and a non-guilty verdict would push her over the cliff fig;
  - смотри файл DVIJENIE
  выбиваться / выбиться - (в. в люди образно): he had worked his way up, becoming first a busboy, then a waiter, then maitre'd;
  - (в. из бедности): Economists Reveal Factors that Help Poor People Lift Themselves Out of Poverty;
  - (в. из бедности): those households who used their existing assets most productively were more successful at pulling themselves out of poverty;
  - (в. из графика / из расписания): we were out of time;
  - (в. из сил, я совершенно выбился из сил): I am completely exhausted;
  - смотри файл DVIJENIE
  выбившийся из сил - (рабочие): at the end of the hot day the spent workers slept under a shady tree
  выбирать / выбрать - (в. бумаги на выброс): sort out the papers to be thrown away, and put the rest back;
  - (т.е. в списке): to select the names of the prisoners to be released;
  - (в. в списке): he gave me the opportunity to pick the names from the list;
  - (в. в таблице телевикторины): I go for the person on the right-hand side of the grid;
  - (вино): I volunteered to help choose the wine;
  - (в. вино для приёмов): to pick wines for parties;
  - (выберите что-то одно): "You lied to federal investigators." "What makes you federal investigators? You can't have it both ways around. You want to play all cloak and dagger and refuse to show ID, then how should I know who you are?";
  - (в. кредитную карточку с условиями, которые со временем станут выгодными для вас): evaluate all offers carefully before you apply and then select a card with the terms that will benefit you over time;
  - (в. единицу измерения углов): numerical values can be assigned to angles by selecting a unit of measure for angles;
  - (жертву, преступник выбирает жертву потому, что ему кажется, что она принадлежит к определённой социальной группе): In crime and law, hate crimes / bias-motivated crimes occur when a perpetrator targets a victim because of his or her perceived membership in a certain social group. Examples of such groups include but are not limited to: racial group, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity, or gender identity.;
  - (жулики выбирают людей, которые ищут любви и общения): con artists target people looking for love or companionship, in order to exploit their vulnerability;
  - (закуску, т.е. в ресторане): I go for a shrimp starter;
  - (из меню): it was such a big menu I didn't know what to choose;
  - (т.е. из предложенных чисел): pick / take a number;
  - (или... или... / между чем-л): we had to choose between leaving early and paying for a taxi;
  - (иметь возможность в. , мы могли выбирать место, т.е. в туристическом автобусе): Place de l"Opera was the best place to join the tour because it was one of the less busy destinations and therefore we could have the pick of seats.;
  - (в. камеру на видеомониторе): he turned the tuning dial on his video monitor and picked up one of the inside cameras;
  - (в. кого-л для издевательств): I was singled out for all sorts of harassment;
  - (компании приходится в. между ликвидацией и сползанием в посредственность): at this juncture, the company's choices are to sell out or suffer a slow slide into mediocrity;
  - (в. курсантов с особыми способностями): we were singled out as cases of special aptitude and sent straight there;
  - (лучшее, т.е. из предложенного): when you offer him sweets he always goes for the biggest one;
  - (выбранное по его усмотрению): to give him a chance to fight a set-piece battle on his own terms at a place and time of his choosing;
  - (в. место проведения): we're still trying to decide on a venue;
  - (в. на видеомониторе одну из установленных в помещениии камер): he turned the tuning dial on the video monitor, picked up one of the inside cameras;
  - (одежду): she picked out a scarf to wear with the dress;
  - (в. одного из двух кандидатов / между друмя кандидатами): it was difficult to decide between the two candidates;
  - (осторожно в. дорогу на снегу с прожилками грязи, т.е. на леднике): I picked my way cautiously over snow veined with dirt;
  - (обычно выбирать, пианисты обычно выбирают "Грёзы" Шумана): most pianists who play Kinderszenen rarely excerpt it, but when an individual piece from it is played by them in concert, "Träumerei" is usually their choice;
  - (обычно выбирать): they are wine enthusiasts and if a $20 bottle of Merlot is their usual choice, you can bet that they will only occasionally shell out $35 or $40;
  - (в. пленных для освобождения): while grateful for the early release, I refused to select the names;
  - (в. положение переключателя): select proper watt setting;
  - (правильно в. колледж): picking the right college;
  - (президента, т.е. на выборах): in an exemplary election at the end of 2002 Kenyans selected a reputable and reformist president;
  - (выбирая не самый популярный колледж): applicants should minimize their risk by not choosing the most popular colleges;
  - (в. простые геометрические формы, т.е. для дизайна): when H. and other hackers wrote the software, they didn't have enough money to hire architects or designers, so they just went in for simple geometric shapes;
  - (свидетель выбрал не того человека на опознании): the witness picked out the wrong man in the identification parade;
  - (слабину, пока не выберете слабину): pull on the shoulder belt until all slack is out and the lap belt is tight;
  - (слабину образно): they are busily contacting out former business partners to "take up the slack" fig as they put it;
  - (статьи, выбранные для этого тома): the papers selected for this volume;
  - (управляемая ракета выбирает стальную конструкцию с водой по обе стороны и землёй на концах): if they told the missile to go for steel structures with water each side and land each end, it would take out bridges;
  - (шарлатаны выбирают своими жертвами людей с неизлечимыми болезнями): snake oil salesmen tend to target people with incurable diseases;
  - (школа выбрала чернокожих учащихся, чтобы послать их на собрание об опасностях, грозящих вступающим в банду): a school in the US singled out black students to attend an assembly on the dangers of joining a gang;
  - (я не могу в., кого пригласить): I can't decide on who to invite
  выбираться / выбраться - (выбравшись из горячки политической жизни): the ship's leisurely pace and group dining did give us time to get to know one another, to meet other passengers, and to decompress a little out of the hothouse American political environment;
  - (живыми): we got out alive last time;
  - (в. из бедности): Factors that Help Poor People Lift Themselves Out of Poverty;
  - (в. из бедности): those households who used their existing assets most productively were more successful at pulling themselves out of poverty;
  (в. из бедности): What percentage of people get out of poverty?;
  - (в. из кризиса): the party is likely to lift itself out of the crisis it suffered;
  - (т.е. из неприятностей): I think he is caught up in something that is bigger than he is. He's trying to get out but he just keeps getting in deeper.;
  - (в. из неприятностей): to give Britain the time it needs to get out of its Brexit mess;
  - (в. из переделки / передряги): the more I knew about the set-up, the sooner I could work out how to get clear of this mess;
  - (в. из передряги): The quest to retrain Ireland's jobless poses an important test for Europe. Ireland has a more educated and flexible workforce than other ailing euro-zone countries. If Ireland can't solve its woes, it bodes ill for such countries as Spain and Portugal.;
  - (в. из положения): is there an exit strategy that allows Britain to get out of this situation?;
  - (в. из трудного положения): now for some snags, and how to get out of them;
  - (в. из трудного положения): to extricate oneself from difficult positions;
  - (в. из тюрьмы): he's broken out of prison;
  - (отсюда): we'd got out of here last time thanks to his fortitude;
  - (страна, казалось, выберется из десятилетий деспотизма): for a brief time last year, it seemed that Kenya would emerge at last from decades of ruinous despotism;
  - (страна не может в. из трясины образно, т.е. из экономического спада): the country is not free to lift itself out of the mire it is in;
  - (экономическая политика оказалась в ловушке, из которой не так-то легко выбраться): for all its bipartisan tone and soaring eloquence, the State of the Union speech could not disguise the fact that U.S. economic policy is trapped in a box from which there are no easy escapes
  - смотри файл DVIJENIE
  выбор - смотри выбор(большой);
  - (в. был вовсе не случаен): the choice was anything but random;
  - (вы не оставляете мне другого в-а): you leave me with no other choice;
  - (в. диапазона частот): he adjusted the channel selection dial;
  - (другой / иной, так как дорога была затоплена, у них не оставалось другого в-а, как поехать другим путём): as the flooded road left them no alternative, they took the alternative route;
  - (в. казался очевидным): the selection seemed fairly obvious;
  - (какими соображениями вы руководствуетесь при в-е?): what considerations govern your choice?;
  - (в. марочных вин к празднику): our vintage selections for your Holiday celebrations;
  - (ограничить в. адвоката): the lawyer does not want tо have his options curbed by rash declarations that prove to be untrue;
  - (оставить в. за собой): I want to keep my options open for the moment;
  - (оставлять в. за собой, я всегда планирую так, чтобы оставлять в. за собой): I always plan on keeping every option open;
  - (перед БиБиСи стоял в. / БиБиСи стояло перед в-ом): the BBC was faced with a choice - alienate the government or agree to a hastily cobbled together deal with insufficient time for proper consideration of its impact.;
  - (политический в. в пользу частной собственности): political commitment to private ownership as the engine of economic growth;
  - (право в-а): In Europe, for example, the customer has no discretion. You will pay for the service, because the restaurant figures it into the price. In the States, the custom is that you need a damn good reason not to pay for the service, but it is at your discretion. The waiter has an incentive to be polite, because you have that modicum of discretion to withhold his income.;
  - (право в-а, получить право первого в. в конюшне побеждённого врага): those warriors who distinguish themselves get the first pick of the enemy's stables;
  - (при в-е ассортимента текстильных товаров): in selecting our range of softgoods merchandise, the company sources National Brands;
  - (в. приоритетных проектов): guidelines for selection of priority projects;
  - (свобода в-а): In 1961, the Mercury astronauts balked at the idea of being bolted inside a capsule that could only be opened from the outside. They demanded discretion.;
  - (ставить перед в-ом): circumstances have confronted me with a hard choice;
  - (у вас нет в-а): you will have to pay him, you have no option;
  - (в. учебных курсов): The selection of courses is mind-boggling. They range from "How to Open a Beer Bar", to "Faces of Ancient Egypt" and "Shamans and Healing: the Anthropology of Traditional Medicine"
  выбор (большой) - there is a wide choice of software available for this model;
  - a large selection of tours is available;
  - we offer a multiple choice of power amplifiers, which are powerful and of high quality;
  - for the conscious parents and consumers of our multicultural communities we offer a multiple choice of dolls providing a variety of skin tones, cultural identity, and good values
  выборный - (должность): he cannot run for any elected office for 5 years;
  - (должность, лица, занимающие в-ую должность): holders of public office should not place themselves under any financial or other obligation to outside individuals or organisations that might influence them in the performance of their official duties
  выборочно - (в. представлять факты): propaganda often presents facts selectively;
  - (в. проверять партию из 1000 изделий): a shipment of 1000 items is to be inspected on a sampling basis
  выборочный - (в-ая налоговая проверка, т.е. физических лиц ): смотри ниже;
  - (в-ое переселение беженцев): selective resettlement of refugees;
  - (в-ая проверка, т.е. заключённых на употребление наркотиков): She is determined to tackle the high level of drug abuse on G-Wing. She has learned that the prison's random testing policy is anything but, and she is shocked to learn that her POs test women they know are clean to avoid unnecessary paperwork.
  - (ремонт): the selective repair technology for underwater crossings of trunk oil pipelines at great depths;
  выборочный (налоговая проверка, т.е. физических лиц) - An aspect enquiry checks the information on one or more specific points. For instance, HM Revenue and Customs may have information perhaps about interest from a building society which is not consistent with the information on your return. It will ask for more information or explanations specifically about this.;
  - new targets have been introduced for 1998-99 in network offices to take up company returns for full or aspect enquiry;
  - an aspect inquiry AmE concentrates on only one part or aspect of your tax return;
  - an aspect inquiry deals with one or two details of your tax return
  выборы - (в. в парламент Велибритании): United Kingdom general election, 2015, will be the election to the 56th parliament of the United Kingdom;
  - (дополнительные, проиграть дополнительные в. ): Labour lost the G. by-election;
  - (в. из трёх кандидатов): when a majority is split between two majority-preferred candidates in an election, a minority-preferred candidate can win a three-way race;
  - (в. из трёх кандидатов / с тремя кандидатами): he was defeated in a three-way election by the much more conservative J.B.;
  - (исход в-ов): to recognize the lawful outcome of this election;
  - (кандидаты на в-ах): the candidates for election are presented in the material that follows;
  - (на в-ах): смотри файл PREDLOG;
  - (пойти на в.): the British public will go to the polls in the autumn;
  - (потерпеть поражение на в-ах): the Conservatives were defeated at the polls;
  - (предварительные, т.е. для выставления кандидата от партии): in this one-party town, victory in the primary is tantamount to election;
  - (в. президента / в. в парламент): the country held a presidential election along with а parliamentary election оn March 29, 2008;
  - (в. президента происходят раз в четыре года): presidential elections occur quadrennially (the count beginning with the year 1792) on Election Day, the Tuesday between November 2 and 8
  выбраковать / выбраковывать - (в. слабых тюленей): every year the seals are culled to prevent their population from increasing
  выбранный - (в-ая им больница): should drink driving charges be thrown out because the driver, who by statute had a right to an independent blood alcohol test, was not taken by police to the hospital of his choice for the test?
  - (люди, выбранные за благочестие): an assembly of men handpicked for their piety;
  - (преуспеть в выбранной им профессии): to succeed in his chosen profession;
  - (тщательно в.): his deputy was hand-picked by the government
  выбрасывать / выбросить - (в. деньги на венчурное предприятие): he tells me that 38 Studios officials didn't try to minimize the risk, and included the warning that investors should only sink money into the venture if they could afford to lose it;
  - (в. деньги на ветер): the money had been poured down the drain;
  - (в. деньги на ветер): since I knew about this charity organisation already, I wasn't worried about my money going up in smoke;
  - (в. деньги на систему вооружений): to throw money at any new weapons system;
  - (в. из головы): смотри ниже;
  - (в. кандидатуру кого-л на конкурс): the network running the contest has thrown out the nomination;
  - (в. нефть на рынок): the amount of crude this will dump on the market will distort market conditions quite a bit;
  - (в. нежелательное из писем): to please his Victorian audience, he cut and bowdlerized the letters, removing the racy sentiments and her confession of ambition;
  - (парашютный десант будет выброшен в странах): another 100000 (paratroops) would drop on the four countries of Scandinavia to possess the capital cities and main arteries, with massive naval back-up from off-shore;
  - (в. рабочих с работы): numerous workers were thrown out of jobs;
  - (в. социальный подтекст романа из экранизации): most of the sociopolitical undertones of the original novel were weeded out of the 1988 film version;
  - (в. фильм, если актриса не вернётся): if the actress doesn't come back, we scrap the picture;
  - смотри выброшенный;
  - смотри файл DVIJENIE
  выбрасывать из головы / выбросить из головы - then he put the matter from his mind, and kept his thoughts on the duty that lay before him;
  - (Дело было странное. Он не мог в. его из головы): The thing was rum. He couldn't get it off his mind.;
  - thinking about such things did no good, and so he tried to put them from his mind;
  - he repeated the word "forbidden" to himself, but let it pass;
  - he dismissed everything from his mind;
  - he would have dismissed her from his thoughts as soon as he'd dismissed her from his presence
  выброс - (адреналина, т.е. в кровь): an adrenaline rush is the fight or flight response of the adrenal gland, in which it releases adrenaline;
  - (адреналина, у парашютистов происходит в. адреналина, когда они выпрыгивают из самолёта): skydivers get an adrenaline rush the moment they jump out of the plane into the open air;
  - (отбирать бумаги на в. ): sort out the papers to be thrown away, and put the rest back;
  - смотри файл DVIJENIE
  выброска - (парашютного десанта ): troop drop;
  -airborne drop
  выброшенный - (аккумуляторы): on the banks of a swamp that drains into the C. River, was a manmade moonscape - an acid-soaked scar of blighted earth, littered with the corpses of trees and the guts of countless cast-off batteries;
  - (деньги): since I knew about this charity organisation already, I wasn't worried about my money going up in smoke
  выбывание - (игры / матчи на в., шахматная команда прошла без поражений серию игр н.в.): the NU chess team went undefeated during last week's Chicago Industrial Chess League playoffs to be named a league co-champion
  выбывать / выбыть - (арбитры выбыли из-за травм): six full-time umpires are out with injuries, and five of them are sidelined because of being hit in the head;
  - (в предварительном туре конкурса выбыли 18 певцов): watching the 24 acts in the final (a preliminary round removes the other 18), I felt Sweden and Britain were clear standouts, given the silliness of the whole thing;
  - (в. из борьбы на 8 лет подряд): Try and win. Or you'll be out of the running for eight years in a row.
  - (в. из предвыборной борьбы): he was a city council candidate this year but dropped out of the race;
  - (в. из предвыборной борьбы): G.W. Bush seemed well on his way to winning the Republican nomination, as several of his challengers dropped out;
  - (в. из соревнований): if we lose this match, we're out of the running;
  - (команда выбыла из турнира после слабой игры): the team was banned out of the tournament after listless performance;
  - (политик выбыл из игры): to all practical purposes Mr. Ch. is out of game
  вываливать / вывалить (т.е. рассказать) - (он вываливает всю свою жизнь): his whole life story comes tumbling out - how his father was a Scottish merchant seaman and his mother a French Algerian refugee when they met in Montpellier and eloped;
  - (информацию): while a long line waits, the employee grills customer after customer about skin and hair characteristics and then disgorges detailed information about the products;
  - (в. кому-л свои проблемы): he spends every lunchtime pouring out his emotional problems to me and expects me to find a solution;
  - смотри файл DVIJENIE
  выведать / выведывать - (ему удалось выведать у неё, где находится пропавшее сокровище): he managed to wheedle the location of the lost treasure out of her;
  - (в. тайну у кого-л): she made friends with the poor man, gave him gifts, and soon wormed the secret out of him;
  - (тайны): she was a deep cover spy who was trying to ferret out secrets from him;
  - he never said a word to the cops as they pried and cajoled and even threatened
  выведение - (в. болезнестойких разновидностей картофеля): to focus the breeding program on the development of disease-resistant varieties;
  - (пятен): spot cleaning;
  - смотри файл DVIJENIE
  выведенный - (в. из себя): "That's enough from you, old horse-face!" said the farmer, mighty put out.;
  - (в. из эксплуатации космический спутник): The first major space debris collision was on February 10, 2009 at 16:56 UTC. The deactivated Kosmos-2251 and an operational Iridium 33 collided 789 kilometres (490 mi) over northern Siberia.;
  - (в-ые из эксплуатации объекты): conversion or destruction of decommissioned facilities
  выверенный - (тщательно в-ая акция): the action is carefully calibrated
  выверить / выверять - (сведения): all our information has been correlated extremely carefully. We could be out by 5 per cent either way, no more.
  вывеска - ("вход воспрещён", перед частным владением): a barred gate with a notice board to one side saying "Private property, keep out";
  - (т.е. ложное название учреждения разведки образно): the address is a sedulously maintained front
  вывести / выводить - (в. в звёзды музыкантов): the two disks that had brought the quartet to stardom;
  - (т.е. вещества из организма): смотри файл DVIJENIE;
  - (вперёд, т.е. спортивную команду в матче): R.S. put us into the lead after a personal action but when everyone thought the match would end with another win for us, we suffered the equalizer deep into stoppage time;
  - (встряской в. население из апатии): the exposure of the dossier would lead to a welter of prosecutions that could only jerk the population out of its growing apathy toward the question of continuing pursuit of wanted SS-men;
  - (в. из бедности кого-л): UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Monday launched a high-level panel to study how to lift people out of poverty while respecting and preserving the climate and natural systems;
  - (в. из заблуждения, опасения, что те, кто поверил в ложному сообщению, т.е. в газете, не будут выведены из з.): Most complainants want prompt corrections given equal prominence to the original story, and few find the discreet mention of a mistake on a page and at a time chosen by the editor a sufficient remedy. Unapologetic, discreet corrections do little to assuage people's fears that the majority of those who believed the original story will not be disabused.;
  - (в. из задумчивости): his voice startled me from reverie;
  - (в. из комы): they're going to bring him out of his coma today;
  - (в. из производства сельскохозяйственные земли ): he received a certain sum of money for every acre he withdrew from production;
  - (в. из равновесия, т.е. вопросом): he was thrown momentarily off balance;
  - (в. из равновесия): calm periods seemed to drive him to disequilibrium;
  - (в. из себя): смотри ниже
  - (в. из состояния неудовлетворённости): a sudden gravity and portentousness comes into the air, a current strong enough to wrest me from my sense of grievance;
  - (в. из строя): смотри ниже;
  - (в. из тупика): we hope that this new offer will break the deadlock:
  - (в. из учёта): the request is to remove from the accounting records 136 utility accounts totaling $20625.01;
  - (в. из эксплуатации атомную электростанцию): to decommission the Chernobyl nuclear power plant;
  - (в. из эксплуатации постепенно): single-hull tankers will be phazed out;
  - (т.е. как селекционер, он вывел т.е. новую породу пчёл): he was an authority on bee breeding, developer of the Buckfast bee;
  - (т.е. как селекционер, в. породу собак): by the 1800s, Belgians had raised a new breed of dogs called Brabanter Bullenbeisser;
  - (т.е. как селекционер, в. сорта растений): horticulturalists have developed more than 100,000 hybrids and cultivars of orchids alone;
  - (в. кого-л из комиссии): to remove somebody from a commission;
  - (в. кого-л из политики): political bosses decided to get him out of active politics;
  - (в. кого-л откуда-л, т.е. буквально): смотри ниже;
  - (в. команду на первое место): he converted a 62d-minute penalty that lifted Sweden to the top of the group on 4 points;
  - (в. компанию на биржу): he decided to make his company public and raised $200 million;
  - (в. компанию на биржу): deciding whether to float your company on a stock market is an important decision;
  - (т.е. логически): смотри ниже;
  - (в. на максимальную мощность постановщик помех): the American pilots affected by this saw them coming, and the feeling wasn't particularly pleasant. Each went to afterburner and dove for the deck, losing every bit of chaff and flares he had in his protection pods, plus turning the jamming pods up to max power one got clear away;
  - (в. на полную мощность реактор): bring the reactor to full power;
  - (в. на полную мощность, снова в. нефтяное месторождение на полную мощность после семидневного прекращения добычи): the company will this morning restore its P. oil field in Alaska to full capacity following a partial seven-day shutdown triggered by a small leak;
  - (рекордная кампания по сбору средств вывела его на два срока подряд): the record-breaking fundraising effort that propelled the governor to consecutive terms;
  - (т.е. в. соперника из турнира): Sweden beat Nigeria on Friday and eliminated the Africans from the tournament;
  - (страну из 19 века): we have a country to bring out of the 19th century;
  - (в. судно в океан): her great twin propellers bit into the waters to bring her out to the western Pacific for sea trials;
  - (т.е. уничтожить): смотри ниже;
  - (в. шахматную фигуру вперёд): You're moving a lot of pawns ahead. What's your gambit? I think you are contemplating bringing your knight forward;
  - смотри файл DVIJENIE
  вывести из себя / выводить из себя - (выведенный из себя): "That's enough from you, old horse-face!" said the farmer, mighty put out.;
  - (китайцы посягнули на эту отрасль, чем вывели из себя много народу): the Chinese have made huge inroads into that industry, and they pissed off vulgar a lot of people in the in the process;
  - (меня выводит из себя, когда я вижу на школьном дворе разбушевавшегося хулигана): I get extremely pissed off when I see the schoolyard bully on the rampage;
  - (т.е. нарочно): he laughed again because he knew it would incense her;
  - (нарочно): he was goading her deliberately;
  - (о привычке опаздывать): the man's habitual tardiness infuriated him;
  - (о рутинной работе): you have to quit all active applications, which infuriates us;
  - (они не могли заставить её лгать, и это выводило их из себя): they couldn't bully her into lying for them and it was driving them nuts infml;
  - (предпочтение ею чужих методов выводило из себя начальство): her eager espousal of Britain's new cryptologic methodology continually exasperated veteran French cryptographers above her;
  - (шумиха вокруг устройства выводит из себя производителей): the extraordinary buzz about the device exasperates  - he was goading her, deliberately trying to make her lose her temper;
  - that really ticked me off slang
  вывести из строя / выводить из строя - (в.и.с. ветвь власти): a if a prosecutor could use the power of the judicial branch to imprison a president, then one branch could utterly disable the executive branch;
  - (выведя из строя сигнализацию): with the alarm system out of commission, the thieves used powerful bolt-cutters at the window-grill in the back alley that ran behind the shop;
  - ( гормоны выводят ее организм из строя): the hormones are making her body go haywire;
  - (игрока, т.е. соперника): a low and cowardly attempt to sabotage a player;
  - (в.и.с. космический корабль): the first shell put the spaceship out of commission, the second almost destroyed it;
  - (лифт): The bombers had inside information and assistance. They knew the location of the security cameras. The out-of-order lift must have been sabotaged some time on Saturday evening.;
  - (в.и.с. систему пожаротушения): he disabled the sprinkler system;
  - (электростанцию): the rebels have put the power station out of action
  вывести / выводить (людей откуда-л) - (армию): the army was pulled out;
  - (войска из местности): he pulled his troops out of New Jersey;
  - (войска и поселенцев из местности): Israelis are pulling troops and settlers out from the area;
  - смотри файл DVIJENIE
  вывести / выводить (т.е. логически) - (заключение): to deduce an inference;
  - (в. приближение с помощью понятий из закона): he derived with these concepts and from the law of... the first correct approximation for...;
  - (в. свойства из уравнения): to derive properties from an equation;
  - (формулу): to deduce a formula;
  - (в. формулу из тождества): to derive a formula from an identity
  вывести / выводить (т.е. уничтожить) - (клопов): eradicating bed bugs is no sweat with heat method;
  - (в. пятна краски скипидаром): he'd have to see if he could get the paint off with turpentine;
  - (в. пятна томатного соуса трудно в.): tomato sauce stains terribly - it's really difficult to get it out of clothes;
  - (пятно): you'll have to scrub hard to get that stain out
  вывод - (войск): смотри ниже;
  - (делать в.): смотри ниже;
  - (в. из эксплуатации, т.е. объектов атомной энергетики): decommissioning includes all clean-up of radioactivity and progressive demolition of the plant.;
  - (в. из эксплуатации, Управление вывода из эксплуатации, т.е. объектов атомной энергетики): Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) oversees all of the UK's nuclear sites that are no longer in operation;
  - (т.е. логическое заключение): смотри ниже;
  - (прийти к в-ам / к в-у): смотри ниже
  вывод (войск) - a brief respite for the withdrawal of our forces;
  - (в. из зоны): a gradual withdrawal of troops from the zone;
  - (потребовать в-а войск): he demanded the pull-out of the troops
  вывод (т.е. логическое заключение) - A conclusion is stronger than an inference; it shuts up to the result, and terminates inquiry. We infer what is particular or probable; we conclude what is certain.;
  - (главный в., который можно сделать из этой конференции, состоит в том, что...): if any clear message has come out of this meeting, it is that the 178 nations will all have to change;
  - (делать в. / сделать в.): смотри ниже;
  - (выводы исследований): the study findings are in agreement with Greek researches;
  - (в-ы исследований): C. confirmed the findings of a reduction in CO2;
  - (в-ы комиссии): the team reported their findings and a copy went to the local war crimes group;
  - (в-ы комиссии): he sent a commission to investigate and to report its findings;
  - (в-ы, которые следуют из доказательств): The judge explains the function of opening statements: a prediction of the evidence. "It is not an argument," he says. "the lawyers will not set forth the inferences which they think arise from the proof. They will simply tell you in an unvarnished fashion what the actual evidence will be.";
  - (т.е. промежуточные / окончательный): in a chain of reasoning we have many inferences, which lead to the ultimate conclusion;
  - (прийти к в-ам / к в-у): смотри ниже;
  - (т.е. процесс, в. можно делать путём либо индукции, либо дедукции): inference can proceed through either induction or deduction;
  - (т.е. процесс, грамматический): grammatical inference;
  - (т.е. процесс, логический в. / правила в-а): inference logic is the logical process by which new facts are derived from known facts by the application of inference rules;
  - (результатом иследования является в. о том, что...): the conclusion of the study is that the criteria lack sufficient sensitivity and specificity
  вывод (делать в. / сделать в.) - the Independent Counsel concluded that the decision to fire the Travel Office political employees was lawful;
  - Some introductory physics exam questions can be solved by rote application of problem-solving algorithms. Many students take home the lesson fig that rote understanding works well enough.;
  - Some instructors put especially challenging problems on exams. When students flub these questions, they take home the lesson that the test was unfairly difficult.;
  - (в. из чего-л): in Imperialism, the Highest Phase of Capitalism Lenin draws the political consequences of the analysis of the imperial dimension of the process of capitalist accumulation;
  - (какой в. можно сделать из его отказа...?): what can we infer from his refusal to see us?;
  - (в. об участии кого-л): we cannot draw any inference as to your possible participation;
  - (по смене тональности голосов он сделал в., что их обсуждение закончилось): from a tonal change in the voices he inferred that they had reached the end of their discussion;
  - (делать поспешные в-ы): to make quick judgment / rash inference;
  - (делать в-ы при наличии неопределённости): statistical inference uses mathematics to draw conclusions in the presence of uncertainty;
  - (сделать в. из происшествия): our client does not like the inferences that could be drawn from the incident;
  - he became rather gloomy as the call went on, and I inferred from hearing one side of the conversation that he was being threatened
  вывод (прийти к в-ам / к в-у) - what conclusions did you come to?;
  - some courts have attempted to balance competing claims and have concluded that the claims of society to research trump the claims of the individual to ownership;
  - Mrs. Clinton's chief of staff says "she's realized that the symbolism of her office can be very effective" as a tool;
  - A.K., who wrote the report under a Pentagon contract, concluded that the Army cannot sustain the pace of troop deployments to Iraq long enough to break the back of the insurgency;
  - (прийти к общему в-у): European competent authorities now concur that the MON863 YieldGard Rootworm maize is as safe as conventional maize for human and animal health;
  - (комиссия пришла к в-у, что...): after careful consideration of all the evidence and relevant materials, the inquiry committee finding is that there exists no credible evidence that Dr. Mann had or has ever engaged in, or participated in, directly or indirectly, any actions with an intent to suppress or to falsify data
  выводиться - (т.е. логически, утверждения выводятся непосредственно из постулатов): all of the statements in Section B can be deduced directly from the postulates;
  - (т.е. вещество выводится из организма): смотри файл DVIJENIE;
  - (пятна томатного соуса плохо выводятся): tomato sauce stains terribly - it's really difficult to get it out of clothes
  выгадать / выгадывать - (время, подача предварительной заявки на патент защищает изобретение, позволяя в. время для подачи обычной заявки): filing a provisional patent application protects your invention while buying time to file a regular patent application;
  - (в. время на чём-л): will the Northern Alliance capitalize on American air strikes?;
  - (чтобы в. время): Weigh every word before you speak it, he told himself. He took a long draught of mead to buy time for his answer.
  выглядеть - (беззаботным): he tried to appear as careless as the others, but it was hard;
  - (беззаботным): he worked hard to appear nonchalant;
  - (в костюме с галстуком он выглядел слишком официально): his suit and tie made him look a little too buttoned down to guard against some of this country's most unscrupulous criminal operations;
  - (выглядит красиво): nice grandstanding - but such a move would exacerbate tensions between...;
  - (гостиная выглядела уютно): the small parlor was plainly furnished, but it had a home-like look;
  - (в. дряблым после похудения): he had a slack look of recent weight loss;
  - (как он выглядел?): what did he look like?;
  - (как 150 лет назад): the picturesque view South of Portsmouth's residential End presents a waterfront not unlike it might have appeared 150 years ago;
  - (в. как предательство): during the war the country switched sides with such matter-of-fact grace that it appeared not as treachery but as the natural conclusions drawn by a self-confident nationalism;
  - (т.е. как что-то другое, шпионский тридцатипятимиллиметровый фотоаппарат выглядит как безобидная восьмимиллиметровая кинокамера): 35mm Russian Spy Camera Masquerades as a Harmless 8mm Video Camera. Upon first glance, it might look like a 8mm motion picture camera that an ordinary tourist might use, but take a closer look and you'll see that the device is actually a still camera that exposes 35mm film using a smaller lens on the right side of the body!;
  - (квартира стала в. уютной, удобной): the apartment had taken on a mellow, comfortable look;
  - (мне не нравилось, как я выглядел): I didn't like my looks;
  - (в. на 30 с лишним лет): he looked in his mid-thirties;
  - (не в. на 38 лет): a trim figure that belied his 38 years;
  - (в. не очень хорошо, т.е. в фильме): BBC had run its own news miniseries on human rights in China, and the Chinese hadn't come off very well;
  - (в. незаметно / просто): if we keep a low profile, no one will bother us;
  - (неуместным): it is a scene that wouldn't look out of place in an action film;
  - (в. нищим рядом с чем-л): a hall whose rich appointment beggared Heorot;
  - (одинаково): to some racist European types, everyone with crooked eyes looked the same;
  - (опишите, как он выглядит): could you describe what he looks like?;
  - (поведение выглядело подозрительно): the store security chief sent her to check on the celebrity because she appeared to be behaving suspiciously;
  - (правдоподобно): it sounds like a plausible story;
  - (просто): he was strangely unsophisticated in his outlook;
  - (сваренные балки выглядят как огромный домкрат): immense steel I-beams, 3 of them welded at 90-degree angle to look like enormous jacks (hedgehogs);
  - (в. симпатичным молодым человеком): he had a youthful, easy appearance;
  - (скучающим / недовольным, т.е. говорить так, чтобы в. недовольным): I want to sound bored. I want to sound petulant. I came here to make my anger plain.;
  - (странно): it suddenly occurred to him how odd this would look if...;
  - (прилично, она выглядела очень прилично): a most respectable-looking woman, very neatly dressed;
  - (убийство выглядело немного более случайным, чем обычно): the killing appeared a bit more random than was customary;
  - (хижина зимой выглядела, как глазурованный торт): the cabin looked like an iced cake;
  - (человек выглядел отвратительно / скверно): he had a nasty look about him
  выгнать / выгонять - (в. верблюдицу из загона): the she camel was rambling and spitting with disgust at having been evicted from her comfortable corral at the farm;
  - (т.е. с работы, его выгнали из одиннадцати газет за пьянство): he was fired from eleven newspapers for heavy drinking;
  - (которого выгнали с курсов подготовки лётчиков): an Air Force officer who'd flunked out of pilot training;
  - (в. из ванной ребёнка): he's been in the bath long enough - go and rout him out infml!;
  - (в. из военно-воздушных сил, т.е. за плохое поведение): if any other (than Prince William) young officer in the Royal Air Force were to do this, they would probably be kicked out infml of the forces in two minutes;
  - (в. из королевства): he will be turned out of his kingdom;
  - (в. из университета): he got kicked out of the University for rewiring phone jacks to get free service;
  - (т.е. из университета): He enrolled in Harvard University in 1950, but was kicked out infml in 1951 after he was caught paying another student to take a Spanish test for him.;
  - (в. из школы): the school has chucked me out infml;
  - (в. из школы, её выгнали из интерната за курение марихуаны): she was thrown out of boarding school for smoking pot;
  - (в. людей из домов): seventeen months into this conflict, some 30000 people have died and more than one million have been forced from their homes;
  - (в. людей из домов): people are driven from their homes;
  - (в. людей из домов): people were ousted from their houses;
  - (в. людей из деревни): the Serbs drove out the women and butchered the men;
  - (в. на снег): vikings attacked the king's court and he was driven out into the snow, fleeing for his life with his wife and children;
  - (в. на улицу, т.е. за неуплату за жильё): if the government had simply allowed the company to go bankrupt, the company would be liquidated, the managers and traders fired and their assets stripped and sold, they would be driven out into the street by their landlords;
  - (в. население из захваченной территории): Hanoi simply appropriated the territory of a neighbor and expelled the local population;
  - (пожар выгоняет обезьян из леса): these apes are on the run - fire is chasing them out of the forest;
  - (в. президента из страны): the president was hustled out of the country
  - (в. с занимаемого положения): the Soviet government has been trying to get the British out of there ever since;
  - (т.е. с поста генерального директора): The board wants a younger CEO and has been making overtures about offering him a golden parachute. He'd rather leave gracefully than be forced out.;
  - (в. с работы): the Mayor was bounced from office in a deal with prosecutors that will send him to jail and put an end to the sex scandal that embarrassed this chronically struggling city and preoccupied its government for months;
  - (слугу): he dismissed his servant after the incident;
  - (в. террориста из Пакистана): we got to rout Bin Laden out of Pakistan where he is protected;
  - (у него не хватило духа выгнать её): she begged so hard to be allowed to stay that the Doctor hadn't the heart to turn her out;
  - (в. шумных детей из библиотеки): those noisy children should be banished from the library
  выговаривать - (в. кому-л за что-л): she took him to task infml for getting drunk at her wedding;
  - (т.е. ругать) - (в. няньке, чей питомец ушёл с детской площади): she sharply reprimanded a gossiping nanny whose charge was wandering from the playground;
  - (т.е. ругать, она стала бы ему в., за то, что он смотрел её блокнот) normally, she would have told him off for looking into her sketchpad, but now wasn't the time
  выговаривать / выговорить (т.е. произнести) - (не в состоянии в-ить заклинание): unable to articulate a spell
  выговор - (т.е. порицание): смотри ниже;
  - (т.е. произношение, по гнусавому в-у понятно, что он северянин): the nasal accent says he's a northerner;
  - (т.е. шотландский или ирландский): his growling border brogue
  выговор (т.е. порицание) - (отложить в. до тех пор, пока они не уточнят, какой ущерб был нанесён): they were acting as though he'd misbehaved and they were saving their telling off until they could ascertain how much damage had been done;
  - (официальное письмо с в-ом): he received a formal letter of reprimand;
  - (получить в., т.е. на работе): he receives a written reprimand and is warned to be more vigilant in the future;
  - (получить в.): the employees are reprimanded for not giving away products;
  - (объявить в. члену палаты представителей): the House voted 219-189 to kill the Republican's motion to reprimand M.;
  - (сделать строгий в. за опоздание): his boss gave him a severe reprimand for being late;
  - (сделать в., надо сделать в. тюремному начальству): I think it's a disgrace. Prison authorities should be hauled over the coals fig. Sex maniac like that...;
  - (сделать в. студенту, который плохо себя вёл): he told the misbehaving student off;
  - (сделать / объявить в. кому-л): the committee voted to reprimand her;
  - (устный): Oral Reprimand: A verbal warning given to an employee by a manager or supervisor as a means of correcting inappropriate behavior or conduct.
  выгода - (важными принципами жертвуют ради политической в-ы): important principles are being sacrificed for political advantage;
  - (взаимная): mutual benefit;
  - (временные выгоды): acts of historic magnitude must not be mortgaged by petty manoeuvers that risk their ultimate purpose for marginal and temporary benefits;
  - (для незаконного извлечения личной в-ы): abuse of authority, in the form of political corruption, is the use of legislated or otherwise authorized powers by government officials for illegitimate private gain;
  - (извлечение в-ы для себя, своей семьи или друзей): Holders of public office should take decisions solely in terms of the public interest. They should not do so in order to gain financial or other material benefits for themselves, their family, or their friends.
  - (извлечь в-у): смотри ниже;
  - (личная, всё сводится к л-ой в-е): everything comes down to self-interest;
  - (личная / собственная): her own self-interest will be a more effective goad than any we might devise;
  - (в-ы от глобализации распределяются неравномерно): the benefits of globalization are distributed very unevenly;
  - (в-ы пенсионной программы): the benefits of these pension schemes are broadly similar;
  - (погоня за в-ой для своих друзей): this mentality involves the unsleeping pursuit of advantages for friends, and slothful refusal to think about what are and are not proper functions of government;
  - (получение в-ы для себя, своей семьи или друзей): Holders of public office should take decisions solely in terms of the public interest. They should not do so in order to gain financial or other material benefits for themselves, their family, or their friends.
  - (практическая в. исследования космоса): the practical benefits of space exploration;
  - (с денежной в-ой): his moves were nearly always accomplished at a slight pecuniary gain, for he had a shrewd business head;
  - (с целью извлечения денежной в-ы): members must bear in mind that information which they receive in confidence in the course of their parliamentary duties must never be used for the purpose of financial gain;
  - (собственная, пренебречь собственной в-ой): I put my own self-interest aside. I can hardly place more weight on yours.;
  - (соображения экономической в-ы): he criticized businessmen and developers for allowing economic self-interests to undermine efforts to preserve historical sites and buildings;
  - (членства): experience the unique advantages of Gold Card membership
  выгода (извлечь в-у) - (из чего-л): Peres had hoped to capitalize on sympathy for Rabin and chose to hold early elections in 1996;
  - (извлечь в-у из лучших показателей рынка, чем в США): Eurozone bonds haven't in the past failed to fully capitalize on the market's better fundamentals - slower economic growth and steady issuance - compared with the US;
  - (извлечь в-уиз повышения цен на нефть): Guinea has no oil production but is hoping like many countries in West Africa to cash in on high oil prices and a global drive to discover alternatives to Middle Eastern oil supplies;
  - (извлечь в-у из сложной личной жизни основателя разоблачительного сайта Интернет, т.е. скомпроментировать его): K. Rove, the "evil mastermind" behind George W. Bush's electoral success, has been advising the Swedish government these past two years. Suddenly, in some fevered imaginations, the Swedish investigation into Julian Assange's sex life makes sense. So keen is the US to put the pesky WikiLeaks founder behind bars, goes the theory, that Mr Rove has been recruited to, if not actually entrap Mr Assange, then to capitalise fiendishly on his complicated social life.;
  - (извлечь в-у из симпатии к предшественнику): Peres had hoped to capitalize on sympathy for Rabin and chose to hold early election in 1996;
  - (как и. наибольшую в-у из благотворительных пожертвований): Making the Most of Charitable Donations
  выгоден - (кому больше всех выгодна смерть старухи?): who is most likely to benefit from / by the old lady's death?
  выгодно - (ведь так в. быть в оппозиции: всегда найдутся люди, недовольные властью): it's so good to be in opposition - there will always be people who are unhappy with the government;
  - (выгоднее иметь дело с кем-л): there are many ordinary people and politicians in the West who believe that it is better to deal with a rich rather than with a poor Russia;
  - (в. демонстрировать фигуру в обтягивающей одежде): she had a nice face and great figure, which she showed off to good effect in tight sweaters, tighter pants, and spiked heels;
  - (компанией управляют так, как в. большинству, за счёт миноритарных акционеров): minority shareholders are often effectively deprived of any real say in the running of the company, and they may find that the company is run in a way which benefits the majority at their expense;
  - (отличаться, встреча в. отличалась от аналогичных мероприятий тем, что в ней участвовали правительственные чиновники): this summit was very favorably differentiated from other similar events by involvement of government officials;
  - (в. отличаться от чего-л): his charges compared favourably with a real life plumber;
  - (отличаться, чем ещё продукция / услуги компании в. отличаются от продукции / услуг конкурентов): how else is the product / service favorably differentiated from the competition?;
  - (оттенять, тёмная листва в. оттеняет цветы): the dark foliage really shows the flowers off to best advantage;
  - (подчёркивать, покрой в. подчёркивает бёдра): the style of the cut gives you a neat waistline and flatters the hips;
  - (подчёркивать, одежда в. подчёркивает крепкие руки и длинные ноги): she was dressed in a casual summer outfit that showed her firm arms and long legs to advantage;
  - (подчёркивать, прилегающий покрой в. подчёркивал узкую талию и полную грудь): the close tailoring showed off her narrow waist and full bosom to superb advantage;
  - (политики, которым выгоднее всего разыгрывать карту религии): politicians with the most to gain from playing the God card...;
  - (политически в., антоним impolitic): it would be politic to agree with him;
  - (проданный): the goods were profitably sold;
  - (продать): we sold our house at a profit;
  - (размещение войск в стране будет им в.): economically the stationing of American troops will be very profitable for them;
  - (совершать преступление невыгодно): crime does not pay
  выгодный - (в в-ом положении): Popular moderate Democrat Governor J.M. is in the catbird seat AmE infml as Election Day 2008 approaches;
  - (правительство и Церковь считают визит Папы выгодным для обоих): the government and the Church are regarding the visit as a benefit to both;
  - (выгоднее считать проценты со дня проведения операции по счетам, чем со дня совершения операции): Posting date is the date that a purchase or cash advance is recorded on your account. Some companies assess interest from the transaction date, others from the posting date. It is more favorable to assess interest from the posting date, because that may be later, giving you some interest-free days.
  - (дело): profitable business;
  - (для всех, отношения, в-ые для обеих стран): it's a win-win relationship for both countries;
  - (кому в-а эта глобальная мистификация?): who benefits from this global worldwide fraud?;
  - (контракт): lucrative contract;
  - (в. маршрут авиалинии): profitable route;
  - (в-ая махинация с кредитными карточками): she used to work in a high street fashion store where she masterminded a lucrative scam involving credit cards;
  - (в-ые наблюдательные позиции): the police took up vantage points overlooking the route of the procession;
  - (объективно в. кому-л, дрейф российской позиции в сторону, объективно в-ую США): Russia's position is drifting in a direction that objectively serves U.S. interests;
  - (пассажиры): Virgin Atlantic is competing with British Airways to win lucrative first-class and business travelers;
  - (в-ое положение по сравнению с другими странами): this places Ukraine in a very favourable position compared to other countries;
  - (в-ое помещение капитала): profitable investment;
  - (предложение): I have turned down lucrative offers for years because I wanted to be a dedicated employee;
  - (предприятие): lucrative enterprise;
  - (проект): a lucrative project;
  - (работа): a telephone call with an urgent offer of very lucrative employment for M.;
  - (рынок): lucrative market;
  - (сделка): a lucrative / profitable deal;
  - (сделка, заключить в-ую сделку): Walt Disney Co landed a rich deal with Netflix to stream its movies to television;
  - (сделка): Americans realized what a great bargain the purchase of Alaska had been;
  - (в. способ увеличить выход пиломатериалов): the use of wood chips provides a cost-effective method of increasing the lumber yield from forests;
  - (в-ая структура двухуровневого акционерного капитала была выгодна немногим посвящённым со связями): the outdated two-tiered Gazprom share structure benefited a few well-connected insiders;
  - (торговля): profitable / lucrative trade / traffic;
  - (условия, которые будут выгодны для вас в течение долгого времени): evaluate all offers carefully before you apply and then select a card with the terms that will benefit you over time;
  - (экономически, зоны лова кальмара достаточно удалены, что делает использование судов с ледогенераторами (т.е. для хранения охлаждённого кальмара) экономически невыгодным): the fishing areas for squid are too distant to make ice vessels for squid feasible.
  выгораживать / выгородить - (она взяла на себя вину за убийство отца, который плохо с ними обращался, чтобы в. сестру, которая была настоящим виновником): she is taking the rap for killing her abusive father in order to spare her younger sister, the real culprit;
  - he took most of the blame on himself to protect me
  выгореть - (т.е. получиться разг, мы исходим из предположения, что дело выгорит): we are going on faith that things will pan out infml;
  - (т.е. получиться разг, угостишь меня обедом, если дело выгорит разг.): treat me to a nice meal if things work out;
  - смотри файл DVIJENIE
  выдавать / выдать - (т.е. высказать своё мнение / свою теорию): sometimes she would mull over something for days, formulating a theory or an opinion and then deliver it out of the blue, long after everyone else as stopped thinking about it;
  - (т.е. дать): смотри ниже;
  - (замуж): any widowed mother could give her child in marriage in her father's stead;
  - (замуж, в. дочь замуж за дипломата): she married off her daughter to a young diplomat;
  - (замуж, в. дочь замуж за кого-л): she wants to marry her daughter to a rich man;
  - (т.е. одно за другое, как можно в. плохой отель за пятизвёздочный?): How can this place pass as a five-star hotel? The service is dreadful.;
  - (т.е. vодно за другое, он отравил жену..., надеясь в. это за смерть от естественной причины): he poisoned his wife with that drug hoping to pass off her death as one by natural cause;
  - (т.е. передать): смотри ниже;
  - (т.е. показывать, натянутая улыбка выдала волнение): his smile was taut enough to betray his nervousness;
  - (т.е. предать кого-л): смотри ниже;
  - (т.е. президент выдаёт залп сердитых твитов): Trump fires off a volley of angry tweets;
  - (себя за кого-л): смотри ниже;
  - (себя, т.е. разоблачить): смотри ниже
  выдавать / выдать (т.е. дать) - (в. аванс по командировке): To get a travel advance, that form will need to be submitted to the cashier's office. They will issue the travel advance the day before you depart.;
  - (банк, выдавший карточку): if your card issuer refuses to fully disclose the terms of your agreement before you accept the card, you might want to shop around for an issuer that will;
  - (банк выдал карточку): I am asking American Express Travel Related Services Company, Inc. to open an account and issue the Gold Card;
  - (банкомат выдаст деньги): the ATM will process the transaction, update the user's account to reflect the current transaction, dispense cash, when requested, from one or more currency cassettes mounted in the machine, and return the card to the user;
  - (вексель): to issue a promissory note;
  - (визу): before we make a decision to issue you a visa or refuse your application;
  - (визу):the State Department furnishes data on how many visitor visas are granted per country;
  - (визу, мне выдали визу в Ирландию): I have been granted a visa for Ireland;
  - (выдано: Печерским районным бюро ЗАГС): issuing authority: Pechersk District Registry office;
  - (в. груз по коносаменту): to hand over equipment against a bill of lading;
  - (двигатель выдаёт 32000 фунтов тяги): almost at back wingtip the engines were situated, sleek pods housing the Pratt and Whitney JT-11-D turbofans each capable with afterburner of throwing out 32000 pounds of thrust;
  - (информацию): while a long line waits, the employee grills customer after customer about skin and hair characteristics and then disgorges infml fig detailed information about the products;
  - (в. ипотечные кредиты клиентам с сомнительной платежеспособностью): he pushed for legislation that would make it easier for federally backed lenders to make mortgage loans to risky borrowers who put less money down;
  - (в. карточки на питание): all food had to be bought on ration cards issued by the Americans;
  - (квитанцию): to issue / make out a receipt;
  - (коносамент): to give / submit a bill of lading;
  - (кредиты): as the recession has dragged on, fewer companies are extending credit;
  - (кредиты): the success of micro-finance system, delivering small credit to the poor rural women without any collateral;
  - (лицензию): to issue / grant a license to something;
  - (т.е. напрокат, ракетки были выданы на 2 часа): rackets were racked up for two hours;
  - (в. ордер на арест кого-л): to issue a warrant for somebody;
  - (в. ордер на арест кого-л): Iraq has issued an arrest warrant for A.Ch. on counterfeit charges;
  - (паспорт): to issue a passport;
  - (паспорт выдан кем-л): issuing authority;
  - (в. по карточкам бензин): the War Production Board rationed gasoline;
  - (т.е. под расписку заключённым): tools are individually checked out and attached to huge coils so they cannot be stolen;
  - (полис): to make out / to issue a policy;
  - (результат / совпадение, проверка информации по базе данных с первой попытки выдала результат): the information was checked against the main charge identification database for commercial explosives which had recently been added to the Explosives Reference and Search System and drew a hit on the first shot;
  - (свидетельство): to confer a certificate;
  - (справку): to issue a certificate;
  - (сухари, копчёная свинина и сыр, скупо выдаваемые квартирмейстерами, т.е. солдатам): for the past three days they had marched on dry biscuits, cold bacon and cheese grudgingly doled out by the quartermasters;
  - (счёт-фактуру): to issue an invoice;
  - (в. тщательно дозированные утечки информации и эксклюзивные интервью): by increasing perks and amenities for reporters and carefully doling out leaks and exclusives, C. had put all but a few crusty columnists in his pocket;
  - (чек должен быть выдан на американский банк): payment by check must be drawn on U.S. bank if paid in U.S. dollars;
  - (в. чек на имя кого-л): make your check payable to Multimedia Strategies;
  - (в. чек на $50): to make out a cheque for $50
  выдавать / выдать (т.е. передать) - (заключённого в другой штат): a governor of a state cannot be forced to extradite a prisoner;
  - (в. преступников другому государству): the refusal of the Federal German government to hand the two criminals over to the Soviet authorities;
  - (в. российских граждан другому государству): Russia's response to the extradition request was blunt: "In accordance with Russian law, citizens of Russia cannot be turned over to foreign states."
  выдавать / выдать (т.е. предать разыскиваемого человека властям) - (властям): they turned the wanted man over to the authorities;
  - (т.е. врагам): thank you for not giving me away;
  - (глаза выдали его): he tried to appear indifferent, but his eyes gave him away;
  - (в. государственные тайны): to betray state secrets;
  - (т.е. донести на кого-л): she apologized for ratting on infml us;
  - (дрожь в голосе выдавала разочарование): only a faint tremor in her voice revealed her acute disappointment;
  - (звук дверных петель выдаст его): if he tries stealth the rusted hinges will betray him;
  - (т.е. полиции): if the captain had accepted my story, there was no motive to betray me;
  - (полиции): someone in the gang gave him away to the police;
  - (полиции): I threatened to expose him to the police;
  - (полиции): the populace, no longer needing the black-marketeers as goods came on the open market, denounced him;
  - (поведение выдаёт лжеца): it's a special collection of behaviour that gives the liar away;
  - (попытка спрятаться его выдала): After a quick search he was discovered under the bed. Had he tried to brazen it out, claiming mistaken identity, he might have made the sergeant believe the old man was wrong. But hiding under a bed was a giveaway.;
  - (в., проговорившись): drunk the man might be, but not so drunk he would give away his contact by a slip of the tongue;
  - (в. с головой, это бы выдало с г. , что я в Миннесоте): if I were to mention that it's 10 degrees below zero and there's been a record of 2-6 inch snowfall in one day, it would be a dead giveaway that I"m in Minnesota;
  - (в. своё местонахождение): he is not likely to reveal his whereabouts to her;
  - (в. свои чувства): the KGB chief betrayed no emotion;
  - (собираешься нас всех выдать, староста?): ready to show us all up, Ickle Prefect?;
  - (тайны): one mustn't give away secrets;
  - (в. убийцу полиции): to give the murderer up to the police;
  - (форма антенны выдавала автомобиль ЦРУ): an odd-shaped aerial on the roof that betrayed a CIA car
  выдавать себя / выдать себя (т.е. разоблачить) - he could not have stopped himself from exposing him for what he is;
  - (избавиться от хвоста означает выдать себя, о шпионе): "You have to pick up a package from a contact, but you are being tailed by the local fuzz. You have diplomatic cover in case of arrest, but your contact does not. What would you do?" "Shake the tail," suggested someone. M. shook his head. "Lose the tail and you'll give yourself away as a trained agent.";
  - (покупать эти книги в такое опасное время означало выдать себя): it was a bit of giveaway in these dangerous and suspicious times to buy these books or to be seen buying them;
  - (в. с головой, вес монеты выдал бы его с головой): It's not hard to fake a gold coin. With modern 3-D laser imaging, a die can be created that mimics the real thing in perfect detail. But if the counterfeiter skimped on the gold content, the coin's weight would be a dead giveaway.;
  - (в. с головой, голос выдал бы его с головой): his voice tone would be a dead giveaway;
  - (в. с головой, необрезанный пенис выдавал с головой, что он не еврей): his uncircumcised penis was a dead giveaway that he was not a Jew
  выдавать себя / выдать себя (за кого-л) - (бывали случаи, когда евреи пытались в.с. за одного из бывших эсэсовцев): there have been cases of Jews trying to pass themselves off as one of the Kameraden;
  - (в.с. за бывшего эсэсовца): you want to be able to pass as a former SS man?;
  - (в.с. за душевнобольного): asylum seekers who have been refused asylum quite often try to pass themselves off as mentally ill as a last resort in order to avoid deportation;
  - (в.с. за командующего специальными операциями военной разведки): James Bond wannabe M.N. was jailed in October 2008 after passing himself off to police as an MI5 special operations commander. He was, in fact, an IT worker and former bankrupt.;
  - (в.с. за корреспондента газеты): the spy was posing as a correspondent for a London daily;
  - (в.с. за опытную актрису): she passed herself off as an experienced actress;
  - (в.с. за полицейского): a man who allegedly masqueraded as a policeman was shot dead in a gunfight with law enforcement officers in N.;
  - (в.с. за русского): within six months he emerged not merely fluent in Russian but virtually able to pass for a Russian;
  - (как узнать грех, когда он выдаёт с. за добро. Похоть выдаёт себя за любовь к красоте, гордость своей праведностью выдаёт себя за любовь к библейской мудрости): How to Know Sin When It Masquerades as Good. Lust masquerades as a love for beauty. Pride in always being right masquerades as a love for biblical wisdom.;
  - (частные детективы, выдающие себя за рабочих, вступали в профсоюзы): private detectives, posing as workers, joined unions;
  - they masquerade as managing agents in order to take advantage of the fact that agents cannot be held responsible for the peccadilloes of their principals
  выдаваться - (банкноты выдаются пользователю банкомата через щель): an output slot through which bank notes are dispensed to a user;
  - (зарплата выдаётся в первую пятницу после проработанной недели): the pay date is the Friday following the week worked;
  - (зарплата будет в. в рабочий день непосредственно перед праздником): The pay date is the Friday following the week worked, except when there is a scheduled University holiday. The pay date, in those instances, will be on the working day immediately preceding the holiday.;
  - (информация не выдаётся посторонним лицам без письменного согласия студента): it may not be accessed by third parties without the written consent of the student
  выдавить / выдавливать - (из себя смех): he forced an obnoxious laugh;
  - (улыбку): he forced his face into a painful smile;
  - (улыбку): he forced a rueful grin;
  - (улыбку): suppressing the urge to choke her, I instead forced a smile and thanked her for the explanation;
  - смотри файл DVIJENIE
  выданный - (счёт-фактура): invoice made out
  выдаться - (да уж, странный выдался денёк): it's been a queer day, and no mistake
  выдача - (багажа): baggage handling / claim;
  - (визы): Irish prime minister favored granting the visa to Gerry Adams;
  - (визы): he was strongly opposed to issuing the visa;
  - (визы): providing as much details as possible will speed the visa issuance process;
  - (документа): date / country / place of issue;
  - (запрос на в-у медицинской карточки, т.е. посторонним лицам): the Department of Health as a matter of policy does not provide HIV test results or substance abuse information in response to a request for release for medical records or a subpoena duces tecum unless their release is specifically authorized in the release signed by the patient or the subpoena is accompanied by a court order issued in accordance with 42 C.F.R. part 2;
  - (кредитов): granting of credit is one of the fundamental and basic functions of banks;
  - (лицензии): all licenses to carry firearms shall be designated Class A or Class B, and the issuance and possession of any such license shall be subject to the following conditions and restrictions:...;
  - (патента): patent application is a request pending at a patent office for the grant of a patent for the invention described and claimed by that application;
  - (полиса): issue of a policy;
  - (т.е. преступника другой стране): he was arrested on an extradition warrant issued by the U.S.;
  - (разрешения): grant of the waiver would provide for healthy competition with other companies in the market place;
  - (в. разрешения на работу): I am writing to confirm that subject to the issue of a work permit the University will offer you an appointment as Reader in Mathematics within Department of Mathematics, Statistics and Operational Research;
  - (рекомендаций): reporting findings and making recommendations;
  - (в. сертификатов акций): the delivery of share certificates is scheduled for completion by December 98, as soon as the takeover bid procedures under the Securities and Exchange Law are completed;
  - (террористов, т.е. другому государству): speeding up the extradition and prosecution of terrorists;
  - (в. транша кредита): the World Bank delayed release of a 150 million tranche of a loan;
  - (требование в-и кого-л, т.е. другому государству): Russia's response to the extradition request was blunt: "In accordance with Russian law, citizens of Russia cannot be turned over to foreign states.";
  - (чрезвычайная, т.е. подозреваемых террористов государству, в котором разрешены силовые методы допроса): Extraordinary rendition is a controversial legal concept. More and more people are paying closer attention to the government policy wherein terror suspects are transferred from U.S. control into the control of foreign governments, so that interrogation methods that are not permitted under U.S. law may be applied to the suspects.
  выдающийся - (автор): a distinguished author;
  - (афро-американец): a distinguished African American with impeccable credentials;
  - (в его чертах не было ничего в-егося): there was nothing distinguishing about his features;
  - (врач): this eminent prostate cancer physician assembled a collection of tissue samples from his patients so he could work on the disease;
  - (выпускница): the "Distinguished Alumna" medal;
  - (в-ееся высшее учебное заведение): Imperial College, the UK's pre-eminent specialist science academy;
  - (женщина, т.е. о Хиллари Клинтон): the book captures the essence of this remarkable woman;
  - (занимать в-ееся место): the weighty tome may not have quite the prominence in Mr Greenspan's library of Ayn Rand's hymn to capitalism, "Atlas Shrugged", but the Fed chairmen has been known to rise from his chair in mid-conversation and read aloud relevant passages for visitors;
  - (занять в-ееся положение): Dr M. rose to national prominence with the discovery of the first effective vaccine against rubella, or German measles;
  - (в-ееся имя среди адвокатов Флориды): she hired A.R., a marquee name among Florida defense attorneys;
  - (историк): the eminent historian Vassilii Kliuchevskii;
  - (историк): a distinguished historian;
  - (карьера): he became a rocket scientist with a distinguished career at NASA;
  - (карьера): he won a plethora of medals during his illustrious career;
  - (колледж): she went from a public high school to a distinguished women's college;
  - (леса, имеющие в-ееся и решающее значение): forests of outstanding and critical importance due to their environmental, socio-economic, biodiversity or landscape values;
  - (личность): an eminent orthodox figure and founder of one of the four orthodox schools of Islamic law;
  - (лидер): prominent leader;
  - (в-иеся лидерские качества): Benjamin Franklin's Extraordinary Leadership;
  - (в-ееся литературное произведение): the book is a remarkable piece of literature;
  - (личности): prominent personalities;
  - (люди): a select party of notables and press;
  - (математик): a most distinguished mathematician;
  - (музыкант): an outstanding young musician;
  - (в. научный сотрудник / профессор): there are also a Distinguished Research Professor, two Teaching Assistants and 21 Research Students;
  - (писатель): an eminent / prominent writer;
  - (политики): high-profile politicians;
  - (в. послужной список): a successful mining engineer with a notable record;
  - (в-иеся профессора-экономисты): a report issued by prominent economic professors;
  - (самая в-аяся в мире держава): to make China the world's preeminent power;
  - (в. своими научными достижениями): distinguished for his scientific achievements;
  - (серолог): one of the preeminent cancer serologists of our time;
  - (в. список писателей художников и историков): his finance committee included an extraordinary array of writers, artists and historians. Their names looked pretty impressive on the campaign stationery, but they weren't likely to impress many voters among blue-collar ethnics;
  - (в-иеся театральные деятели): one of the remarkable group of theatre-makers who worked at Berlin's groundbreaking Shaubuehne in the 1970;
  - (учёный): an eminent scientist;
  - (в-аяся фигура на политической арене Америки): he remains a prominent figure on the American political stage;
  - (цивилизация): the lands bordering the Mediterranean gave rise to many outstanding civilizations;
  - (в. экземпляр марки): when great pieces come up in any market, they are sold for ever-higher prices;
  - смотри файл FORMA_VID
  выдвигать / выдвинуть - (аргумент / довод): she put up a persuasive argument against his marriage;
  - (возражение): the State Department Spokesman issued a none-too-diplomatic rejoinder;
  - (гипотезу): to advance a hypothesis;
  - (гипотезу): in 1919, B. posed a seemingly simple conjecture;
  - (кандидата, он уже выдвинут своей партией): Next September, M. will become a judge. He already has party slating and will run in the primary unopposed.;
  - (в. кандидатов в одномандатных округах): to nominate candidates in single-mandate constituencies;
  - (в. кандидатом в президенты): he was nominated for the Presidency;
  - (кандидатуру): members of the committee who are eligible to stand for nomination;
  - (в. кого-л в высшие руководители компании): through a 40-year career that propelled him to senior management at each of the "big three" US carmakers, L. has been an iconoclast championing risky designs;
  - (на премию за лучшее исполнение роли выдвинуты...): the nominees for best performance are...;
  - (в. новые идеи): later developments have brought some new ideas to the fore;
  - (в. обвинения против кого-л): do you know the charges that have been brought against you?;
  - (в. обвинения против кого-л): charges were brought against him;
  - (в. обвинения против кого-л): you are charged with the following indictments;
  - (объяснение): no convincing explanation has ever been advanced;
  - (предложение): he did not put it (the proposal) forward on a take-it-or-leave-it basis but "for the consideration of Dr Kissinger";
  - (предложение): he put forward a proposal for the deployment of a multinational force;
  - (в. предложения в Совете): I need approval of committees in order to bring motions before the Council;
  - (в. предложение на собрании): a motion was made and seconded;
  - (предположение): in 1919, he posed a seemingly simple conjecture;
  - (предположение, в отчёте выдвигается предположение): the report advances the suggestion that...;
  - (резолюцию): to put forward a resolution;
  - (решения): the calculus reform movement was a facile response to a real problem: the declining performance of American students in college calculus courses. Without any credible scientific study, many reformers put forth "solutions" such as eliminating theory, decreasing the reliance on algebra, and increasing the use of computers and calculators;
  - (в. свою кандидатуру): he may stand for nomination or election to public office;
  - (в. свою кандидатуру): to run for a position;
  - (в. свою кандидатуру): he's running for a seat in the Parliament;
  - (сенатор выдвинут на переизбрание): Senator L. is up for re-election;
  - (в. соображения милосердия): the release of the prisoners would be expedited if we put forward a compassionate reason;
  - (теорию): That's the latest theory of eating disorders, proffered in The Times (U.K.) by the head of the Eating Disorders Unit at the South London Hospital NHS Trust;
  - (требования): the less developed countries began to assert their own claims;
  - (условия): Egypt's terms for ending the war were identical with what had been put forward in May;
  - (в. шахматную фигуру): you're moving a lot of pawns ahead. What's your gambit? I think you are contemplating bringing your knight forward;
  - (в. экономические вопросы на передний план президентских выборов): the so-called "middle class squeeze" is propelling economic issues to the forefront of the 2008 presidential election
  выдвигаться / выдвинуться - смотри файл DVIJENIE;
  - (люди КГБ выдвигаются на командные высоты экономики): the distinction between these two forces (Putin and the government apparatus) is blurring, as the KGB men move into the commanding heights of the economy;
  - (в. на переизбрание): Senator L. is up for re-election;
  - (в. президентом на второй срок): Republican chances for victory depended upon his willingness to run for a second term;
  - (республиканцы выдвинулись на влиятельные посты после выборов): elections elevated Republicans to positions of power in Congress
  выдвижение - (выиграть в. кандидатуры партией): G.W. Bush seemed well on his way to winning the Republican nomination, as several of his challengers dropped out;
  - (добиваться в-я своей кандидатуры от Республиканской партии): the senator is seeking the Republican nomination;
  - (т.е. кандидатуры президента от партии): in some states candidates for nomination require a larger financial guarantee than in the other;
  - (в. на высшую должность): he had known N. for years as a colleague and the elevation of his friend to the supreme post had changed nothing between them;
  - (в. на должность президента): the Republican nomination for president;
  - (в. на исключительное положение): his emergence into prominence was usually a good signal that Nixon was in some distress and required a steading head;
  - смотри файл DVIJENIE
  выделение (т.е. материальных ресурсов) - (денежных средств на завершение строительства больницы): in 1923 the legislature made another appropriation of $2,300,000 to complete the hospital;
  - (в. денежных средств на науку): the allocation of funds to research is primarily a political process;
  - (в. денежных средств на организацию службы снабжения больницы): he announced the appropriation of $500,000 for the establishment of a Hospital Supply Service;
  - (ресурсов): recommendations to ministers on the allocation of resources are based on high-quality financial and performance information;
  - (в. социального жилья): interim research released today by the Commission shows no evidence social housing allocation favours foreign migrants over UK citizens;
  - смотри файл DVIJENIE
  выделения - (запахи разложения человеческих в-й): noisome odors created by the decomposition of human waste;
  - (в. из влагалища, кровянистые): bloody vaginal discharge;
  - (т.е. из влагалища): for the last 5 month I have been having a brown discharge when I wipe sometimes with a little hint of red blood but no periods;
  - (т.е. из влагалища): last month, I also had spottings infml and it's also in a brown color but if it stays longer in my undergarment it becomes darker;`
  - (в. из груди, кровянистые): she has a 3-month history of intermittent bloody discharge from the right breast;
  - (в. из носа): nasal discharge or "runny nose";
  - (в. из уха): the daffodil juice was an ingredient in a treatment for ear discharges;
  - (кровянистые): certain types of bloody issues in ancient Israel were polluting, particularly menstrual blood
  выделенный - (в-ая полоса для движения автобусов): a dedicated bus lane is a street lane that can only be used by buses;
  - (сумма, в-ая на питание, т.е. в командировочных расходах): UALR reimburses only for actual expenses. UALR does not automatically reimburse the traveler at the federal per diem rate. The allowance for meals is based on the federal per diem rate, but if less is spent then only what is spent is reimbursed.
  выделить / выделять - ( т.е. вещество): смотри файл DVIJENIE;
  - (в. визы иностранцам с высшими научными степенями): visas were allotted to aliens with advanced degrees in professional fields;
  - (владение цветом выделяет его среди художников): his mastery of colour sets him apart from other painters of his era;
  - (время): try to set aside some time to visit him;
  - (в. время докладчику): each speaker is allotted five minutes;
  - (в. время на каждый раздел учебного материала): this strategy will help you budget your time on each section
  - (т.е. выбрать): she selected a pair of shoes from among the dozen the salesgirl had shown her;
  - (в. дело в отдельное производство): MOTION TO SEVER. Defendant, E.T., by counsel, respectfully moves this Honorable Court, pursuant to Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure 8 and 14, to sever her case from that of her codefendants as they are improperly joined...;
  - (т.е. деньги): смотри ниже;
  - (в. диапазоны частот для Интернет): the cable and phone companies that provide connections allot far greater bandwidths for downloading material than for consumers to put their own contributions online;
  - (в. диапазоны частот отдельным службам связи): to apportion bands of frequencies to particular communication services;
  - (долю, т.е. наследства): Most of the time, parents do not make any provision in their wills or trusts for their sons and daughters-in-law. There are, of course, happy exceptions to this rule and one would hope that your mother-in-law would reward your 38 years of fidelity by cutting you in for a share if your husband dies. But that's her decision to make.;
  - (запах): the skunk excretes a very powerful smell when it is frightened;
  - (запятыми): enclose parenthetic expressions between commas;
  - (в. каждую реплику в отдельный абзац): In dialogue, each speech is usually a paragraph by itself. Sometimes a writer, seeking to create an effect of rapid talk, will elect not to set off each speech in a separate paragraph and instead will run speeches together. The common practice, however, is to give each speech a paragraph of its own.;
  - (в. кого-л из остальной части общества): it sets these people apart from the rest of the society;
  - (в. кого-л среди остальных): "Hrothulf," she singled him out;
  - (Конгресс может в. землю для национальных парков): the Congress can set aside land for national parks;
  - (Конгресс может в. отдельных лиц и наказывать их): Congress cannot single out certain persons and inflict punishment on them;
  - (нельзя в. чёткое правило): luminous species are widely scattered taxonomically, with no clear-cut pattern discernible;
  - (опорные точки в жизни общины): during the earliest decades after the death of the Prophet, certain basic features of the religio-social organization of Islam were singled out to serve as anchoring points of the community life;
  - (в. производительность, незавершённое производство или время производственного цикла в отдельные показатели): many people try to isolate and improve throughput volume, work in progress, or cycle time as separate issues;
  - (в. отдельный кабинет каждому сотруднику): staff accommodation is good, with each member of staff allocated their own room;
  - (в. отряд гвардейцев): the guard detail of these men was drawn not from the KGB but from the Kremlin Palace guard;
  - (подсветкой): to highlight;
  - (правительство выделило квоту каждому фермеру): the government assigned a certain allotment to each farmer;
  - (в. специальные дни, когда...): certain days are set aside on which they are told to dress in...;
  - (в. стволовые клетки из эмбрионов): even if scientists did not want to use frozen embryos at fertility centers, there would be hurdles to overcome - then scientists must buck the odds in getting the embryos to grow and isolating stem cells from them, those odds can be long;
  - (тепло, о нити накаливания): light emitting diodes (LEDs) do not have a filament that can burn out and does not generate heat during operation;
  - (учёный выделил гены, ответственные за выработку теломераз): the scientist has isolated the genes for telomerase;
  - (т.е. химически, в. вещество, загрязняющее окружающую среду): a method for isolating an environmentally hazardous organic contaminant from a fluid utilized a solid phase extraction medium;
  - (т.е. цветом / шрифтом): to highlight;
  - (в. частоты по принципу первый пришёл - первый обслужен): frequencies were assigned on a first-come, first-served basis;
  - (экзаменаторы старались в. лучших студентов): as the number of students getting straight A grades has increased, admissions tutors struggled to differentiate the brightest students
  выделить / выделять (т.е. деньги) - (ассигнования на дороги): In 2002 we will spend $45 billion on information technology. That's more than we've budgeted for highways and roads;
  - (в. бюджет проекта из ассигнований на программу): the budget for the project, set aside from the program allocation;
  - most of the money has already been allotted;
  - (в. 10 млн на кампанию против президента, т.е. о частном лице): he considered bankrolling a $10 million, racially tinged campaign against President Obama;
  - (в. $1.7 млрд на поддержку экономики, о государстве): the United States agreed to put up $1.7 billion to provide financial support to the faltering South Korean economy;
  - (в. деньги на борьбу с преступностью и образование, о президенте): the President earmarked two billion dollars for crime fighting and education;
  - (в. четверть суммы на больницу): we have earmarked a quarter of the money for the children's hospital;
  - (правительство выделило большую сумму на строительство больниц): the government appropriated a large sum of money for building hospitals;
  - (сколько денег нам нужно в. на модернизацию оборудования?): how much should we budget for upgrading our equipment?;
  - (в. средства на проект): the resources the city allocates to the project;
  - (в. часть финансирования другим партнёрам): 10% of the total funding is allocated for other partners
  выделиться / выделяться - (в отдельное предприятие на основе своей идеи): he and his colleagues wanted to spin out their idea into an independent business but they were unable to secure funding;
  - (в. из компании): he held various sales and executive posts until he went with Lucent when it split from AT&T in 1996;
  - (в. из Хьюлетт Паккард в венчурную компанию): he wanted to spin out of Hewlett-Packard and become a venture capitalist;
  - смотри выделяться;
  - смотри файл ДВИЖЕНИЕ
  выделка - смотри файл ДВИЖЕНИЕ
  выделяться - (Агата Кристи выделяется среди писателей детективов): among mystery writers, Agatha Christie stands out as a real master;
  - (богатые выделяющиеся одеждой): the wealthy colonists, easily distinguished by their dress,...;
  - (в. в толпе / в. из толпы): some of you want to stand out the crowd and others want to blend in;
  - (в. в толпе /в. из толпы): he stands out from the crowd because of his cheerful and outgoing nature;
  - (т.е. вещество выделяется из чего-л): смотри файл DVIJENIE;
  - (т.е. выступления певцов резко выделялись на конкурсе Евровидения): watching the 24 acts in the final (a preliminary round removes the other 18), I felt Sweden and Britain were clear standouts, given the silliness of the whole thing;
  - (кавалерийские эскадроны выделялись бесстрашием и доблестью): the companies forming the First Florida cavalry were distinguished for their intrepid gallantry and fortitude in the battles of Richmond, Perryville, Chickamauga and Missionary Ridge;
  - (как белая ворона): it would have made any staffer at the British Embassy in Moscow stand out like a sore thumb to speak no Russian;
  - (конгрессмен в американской политике выделяется тем, что он склоняется к левым либералам, и при этом поддерживает свободный рынок): what really makes the congressman a standout AmE infml in American politics is that he is a left-leaning liberal who also espouses the free market;
  - (отдельный кабинет выделяется каждому сотруднику): staff accommodation is good, with each member of staff allocated their own room containing computer facilities;
  - (в. на фоне): to stand out against the background;
  - (резко / сильно, т.е. с осуждением): Imagine you go about your normal life wearing white gold on all your fingers and matched with necklaces and bracelets and then your boyfriend produces an heirloom ring, but it is gold. It would stick out like a sore thumb infml fig.;
  - (рельефно в., шрамы рельефно выделялись в свете свечей): his scars were thrown into relief by candlelight;
  - (слова хорошо выделяются): it is easy to read, the words stand out well;
  - (в. среди остальных): to differentiate oneself from the other people;
  - (в. среди остальных длинными волосами): he stood out from the other men because of his long hair;
  - (статьи выделяются ясностью): the papers are distinguished by their clarity;
  - (японец выделялся среди китайцев): to some racist European types, everyone with crooked eyes looked the same, but in Beijing, Nomuri, whose ancestry was a 100 percent Japanese, stood out about as much as Michael Jordan would
  выдерживание - (в. вина в бочках): the use of wine barrels (especially oak barrels) to store and age wine is a centuries old tradition
  выдержка - (в. без корма / голодная в. / предубойная в., бройлерные куры подвергаются голодной в-е перед забоем): broiler chickens are routinely subjected to a period of feed withdrawal prior to slaughter to facilitate gut clearance and thereby reduce the potential for carcass contamination during processing;
  - (т.е. влажная в. бетона): The strength of concrete is usually specified as the strength after 28 days of curing with plenty of moisture available. It is called the 28 day strength.;
  - (т.е. самообладание): смотри файл EMOCII;
  - (т.е. фотоаппарата): in photographic jargon, an exposure is a single shutter cycle
  выдержанный - (вино): dry matured wine;
  - (вино, в-ое в бочках): that oak casks affect the taste of wine matured in them, and that some oak casks are better than others, has been known for centuries;
  - (вино, в-ое в бочках): wine aged in oak barrels;
  - (древесина): seasoned wood;
  - (сыр): Gouda cheese young, Gouda cheese matured;
  - (сыр, в. в погребе / подвале): cave matured cheese;
  - смотри файл EMOCII
  выдержать / выдерживать - (атаку): twenty-ninth Army sustained a serious attack;
  - (богачи могут в. почти всё, но не когда их отвергают): rich folks can tolerate almost anything, but not rejection;
  - (бурю): there is naught that I can do to hold back that storm: I must weather it or crack;
  - (т.е. верёвка выдержала, т.е. натяжение): he tugged and pulled at his ankle bonds but they held;
  - (волокна верёвки не выдерживали груз): little pops of fiber where the strands were giving away, some 15 feet down the taut length of the rope;
  - (вес, интересно, подумал он, каким это образом пол выдерживает его вес?): Beside the door, a six-foot wardrobe safe. He wondered how on earth the floor took the strain.;
  - (в. взгляд без страха): she met his infernal gaze, unafraid;
  - (в. взгляд кого-л): she glared at him, but he matched her stare for stare, refusing to blink or move;
  - (вино): only two things are required to age wine: the right storage conditions, and time;
  - (в. вино в дубовых бочках): the wine is left to mature in oak barrels;
  - (в. восхождение на гору): the children who endured the climb;
  - (в. высокие требования): standards that are too high for fallible humans to sustain;
  - (город может в. рост): how much growth can the city handle?;
  - (в. график работ, т.е.соблюдать): he kept track of the production of the book through its many stages, kept everything on schedule;
  - (в. день в тюрьме): drugs quickly become the only way she can make it through the day in prison;
  - (допрос): I gave him a two-hour interrogation yesterday, and he could pass;
  - (дорожное покрытие должно в. движение автомобильного и пешеходного транспорта): road surface / pavement is the durable surface material laid down on an area intended to sustain vehicular or foot traffic, such as a road or walkway;
  - (в. испытание временем): the theory has withstood the test of time;
  - (в. испытание временем): how has Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice's first international hit (Jesus Christ Superstar) stood the test of time?;
  - (запрашивать цену, которую выдержит рынок): restaurants in all price brackets charge what the market will bear, not what they're worth;
  - (в. измену в личной жизни и партийные расследования): her life with Bill Clinton, during which she survived personal betrayal and relentless partisan investigations;
  - (в. испытание достойно): the people of New York can rise to every challenge and they will;
  - (в. испытание временем): the mutation that stood the test of time;
  - (в. испытание временем): numerous reports (about UFO) by commercial pilots and many other highly credible witnesses all seem to stand the test of time and the best efforts of would-be debunkers;
  - (в. испытание временем, о конституции): the Constitution has weathered the test of time;
  - (в. изменение биржевой конъюнктуры): he now has the structure to enable the trust fund to withstand an industry shake-out;
  - (конкуренцию): he could not meet the competition;
  - (корабельные кнехты должны в. большое натяжение): the bitts were constructed to withstand very heavy strain;
  - (в. кризисы): his good common sense was a large factor in weathering these crises;
  - (выдерживать курс судна): her wheel was lashed with cord to hold her steady on course;
  - (место соединения деталей должно в. напряжения): the problem was to make the bonds withstand the stresses, associated with differences in curvature between the bonded parts;
  - (мост может в. нагрузки до 100 тонн): the bridge can take loads of up to 100 tons;
  - (найти в себе силы в. повторное голосование): to find the stamina to stand another vote;
  - (в. направление судна на любую сторону света): the computer-linked instruments that would hold the ship to any point of compass for weeks on and without a hand on her helm had been set in their places
  - (не в. допроса): under the pressure of police questioning he went to pieces and confessed everything;
  - (не знаю, сколько времени я могу в. без интернета): I don't know how long I can bear without Internet;
  - (т.е. неподходящую пищу): Achilles never suckled at his mother's breast and instead was fed the innards of lions, wild swine and bear barrow. A baby who could stomach poet this food certainly is not someone to anger when he grows up.;
  - (в. нехватку зерна): we could have taken a shortfall of 50 mln tons, we've done it before, endured the shortages and bought what we could from elsewhere;
  - (обиды): when I couldn't take any more of it, I divorced;
  - (оболочка трубной изоляции выдерживает разрыв, небрежное обращение, суровые погодные условия): this pipe insulation has a very tough skin which withstands tearing, rough handling and severe environmental conditions;
  - (окна должны в. погодные условия): the windows are built to withstand a complete range of weather conditions;
  - (осаду): the house is capable of withstanding a siege;
  - (осадy): the fortress was built to withstand sieges;
  - (паяные соединения выдерживают вибрации и удары): brazed joints withstand vibration and shock;
  - (пол не выдержит вес рояля): this floor will not sustain the weight of grand piano;
  - (путешествие): to get through a voyage;
  - (в. разлуку с детьми): the enforced separation from her children is more than she can bear;
  - (растение выдерживает засуху): the plant withstands draughts;
  - (растительность выдерживает периодическое затопление): vegetation that tolerates periodical inundation;
  - (сердце выдерживает лечение): I'll have a cardiac nuclear scan to make sure my ticker can handle the treatment;
  - (сколько перемен может в. страна, не подвергаясь опасности впасть в хаос): we proceeded to debate how much change China could accommodate without risking internal chaos;
  - (стены выдержали канонаду): the walls withstood British cannon for 11 days;
  - (стены выдержали попадание ракет и бомб): they live behind concrete blast walls designed to withstand rockets and vehicle bombs;
  - (стиль): I have struggled hard to maintain an informal style so that the essential content is not too obscured by inessential formalism;
  - (страдания): to endure any suffering, any privation, make any sacrifice;
  - (т.е. страна выдержит голод): if we tolerate the famine, we would probably be set back by 10 years;
  - (стресс): the ability of the heart to withstand such stress is highly age-dependent;
  - (судно выдержало пушечный залп): Her guns opened fire. The target survived the first salvo;
  - (такого унижения она не могла в.): seeing her nemesis, N., strutting around on the landing is just one humiliation too many for her to take;
  - (тело может в. наказание): he talks about how much punishment the human body can put up with;
  - (тепло): The target is softer than an aircraft. The RV designed to withstand heat, not an impact.;
  - (трудности): we set ourselves goal beyond our capacity to sustain;
  - (трудности): how shall I ever get through this?;
  - (у финансовых учреждений достаточно капитала, чтобы в. неожиданные потрясения): all French banks had passed a test designed to see whether financial institutions have enough capital to weather unexpected shocks;
  - (удар, о ракете): The target is softer than an aircraft. The RV designed to withstand heat, not an impact.;
  - (упаковка, достаточно крепкая чтобы в., вес сервера): IBM failed to pack the server into a palletized crate that was strong enough to support the substantial height and weight of the server;
  - (фонарь кабины лётчика способен в. перепады давления): the triple-perspex canopy capable of withstanding the tremendous air pressure differences of ultra-high altitude flight;
  - (в. химическое воздействие): the other half of the capsule is of a plastic compound, tough enough to withstand the digestive juices, but not enough to resist the acid;
  - (шасси выдерживает вес летательного аппарата на земле): the landing gear is the understructure that supports the weight of the craft when on the ground;
  - (экзамен): I was delighted when I heard you'd got through [your exam] ;
  - (я не выдержу, если придётся всё это начать по новой): I can't go through the whole business of starting over again
  выдерживаться - (вино выдерживалось слишком долго): а wine that's been aged too long will be "dead," in wine parlance;
  - (коньяк выдерживается в бочке 4 года): VSOP (Very Superior Old Pale), Réserve, where the youngest brandy is stored at least four years in cask;
  - (красные вина выдерживаются гораздо дольше, чем белые): red wines are typically aged much longer then white wines
  выдержка - (вина): this wine requires years of aging;
  - (т.е. отрывок): here are excerpts from my reply relevant to the message;
  - (т.е. отрывок, из протокола): excerpts from the minutes of the first preparatory meeting;
  - (т.е. черта характера, необычные для молодой женщины изящество и в.): she had an unusual grace and bearing for a young person;
  - смотри файл EMOCII
  выдохнуться / выдыхаться - (т.е исчерпать свои возможности, о фирме образно): these businesses are far from running out of steam BrE infml and some offer excellent opportunities;
  - (о газированной воде): This seltzer has fizzled out. I need a fresh glass of it.;
  - (о движении за упрощённое правописание): Reformers argued that phonetic spellings would make it easier for children, foreigners and adults with learning disabilities to read and write. For centuries, few listened, and the movement, exhausted by its own rhetoric and disputes within its ranks, sputtered out.;
  - (о писателе): the novelist has exhausted himself as a writer;
  - (первый натиск воинов выдыхался): these warriors were readily accustomed to dismounting once the first force of their charge was spent;
  - (т.е. потерять запах): my perfume had lost its smell; I'd saved it too long;
  - (правоцентристская партия производила впечатление выдохшейся): the center-right party looked exhausted, scandal-ridden and out of ideas, and its listless campaign showed it;
  - (т.е. устать): смотри ниже
  выдохнуться / выдыхаться (т.е. устать) -after a bumpy start the athlete was used up early and finished seventh;
  - the skeptics said he was used up, a step slow, and no longer able to be the centerpiece of a team's offense;
  - in the rush to operate in the modern world, they exhaust themselves;
  - (он совершенно выдохся образно): he felt utterly spent as if he had run a long race;
  - She's nervous. It makes her want to talk. I let her carry on, knowing she'll run out of steam;
  - after playing hard throughout the game and, then, for another thirty minutes of overtime, the team was all out of steam BrE infml;
  - She'd been talking for two hours and was just starting to run out of steam;
  - toward the end of the lecture, he seemed to run out of steam, leaving us with no summary or conclusion;
  - (о лейбористской партии образно): voters believe that Labour has "run out of steam" and does not deserve to win the next election;
  - I worked really well for two months of the project then I suddenly ran out of gas AmE Austr infml
  выдуманный - (враг / отчёт / приятель): a fictitious enemy / account / boyfriend;
  - (в-ые жители кукольного дома): tales in which the doll's house and all its fascinating contents and its make-believe family figured;
  - (предлог, т.е., чтобы заставить продать по заниженной цене): ruthless buyers often use "spurious excuses" to hold sellers to ransom;
  - (приём): there was no fun making ready for a pretend party at which the Queen would be in attendance when she was the Queen;
  - (ситуации, т.е. в телепередаче): our crime and punishment channel offers genuine reality, not those made-up ludicrous situations that are the bread and butter of the commercial networks
  выдумать / выдумывать - (адвокат ответчика обвинил его в том, что он выдумал это): Defense Attorney R. accused him of making up the story in exchange for a lenient five-year prison sentence, which he had completed even before his testimony.;
  - (т.е. в заключении психиатра): That's why he confabulates fml and invents constructing fantastic stories to explain things that he can't remember. He does it inadvertently.;
  - (историю): the whole thing was only a story made up for fun;
  - (кандидаты самозабвенно лгут, выдумывают, меняют свои позиции, чтобы победить на выборах): all candidates lie, or fudge, or flip-flop with abandon in order to win an election;
  - (т.е. соврать): the police officer said if I didn't agree that I was making the whole thing up, I'd be kept there for hours and put in a police cell
  выдумка - (голь на в-и хитра): the necessity is / being the mother of invention;
  - (детская): she made a conscious decision to put her toys and games and little makebeliefs away;
  - (для доказательства нужна в.): the proof requires phenomenal ingenuity;
  - (кино - всего лишь в.): the films are just make-beliefs;
  - (отделить правду от в-и): to separate fact from fiction;
  - figments of his imagination
  выезд - (т.е. бригады ремонтников, самое короткое время в-а в данной отрасли): in case of emergency, our rapid response crews are ready to go twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week on the shortest call-out time in the industry;
  - (т.е. на природу): students examine rock formations during an outing to a local beach
  выездной - (инженер): at the customer's request, the company's Field Engineer can provide on-site supervision of a system installation and verify its correct operation;
  - (в-ая налоговая проверка): tax audit, including field audit, desk audit;
  - (проверка): on-site audit;
  - (туризм): outbound tourism
  выезжать / выехать - (в. на авторитете разг отца): he was one of many lyrically ambitious folk singers riding on Bob Dylan's coattails infml;
  - (в. на авторитете президента): Presidential coattails is a term that refers to the ability of a Presidential candidate to bring out supporters who thв-аяen vote for his party's candidates for other offices. The other candidates are said to ride on his coattails;
  - (в. на волне настроений в обществе образно): transparent attempt to ride the crest of the growing sentiment;
  - (. на чужом горбу разг): Does anyone share my curiosity as to what extent the melody and lyrics were his creation on great songs like C.? Snarky reviewers have made a big deal out of the number of co-writers on the album, as if to suggest that the singer was riding on others' coattails.
  - смотри файл DVIJENIE
  выемка - (тайника): the spy made 70 collections from the drops and got away with it;
  - смотри файлы DVIJENIE, FORMA_VID
  выжать / выжимать образно - (всё, что можно): смотри ниже;
  - (из него ничего не выжмешь, как ни старайся, т.е. из должника): You're going to have to write off the debt Paul owes you, I think. He's flat broke, and you can't get blood out of a rock fig no matter how hard you try.;
  - (в. компромисс из противника): we had forced a tenuous compromise from these zealots (North Vietnamese Communist leaders);
  - (правитель выжимал каждую полушку из своих подданых): the ruler was grinding every mite he could out of his subjects;
  - (в. скорость печати из вручную загруженных шрифтов): tapping the print-speed advantages of manually downloaded fonts;
  - (в. слово из кого-л): he could not elicit a syllable from her;
  - (уступку): he would screw every possible concession out of her, before making the least, most evasive promise that he would later disown;
  - смотри файл DVIJENIE
  выжать / выжимать (всё, что можно) - (в. всё, что можно из кого-л образно): You're crazy if you give him anything. He's milking you for all you're worth.;
  - (т.е. из ранения): He's faking his injury. Trust him to milk it for all it's worth;
  - (в. всё, что можноиз сенсационной новости): his success rested upon his ability to get the most sensational news and to play it up for all it was worth;
  - (в. всё, что можноиз ситуации, о футбольном менеджере): he played the situation to the hilt, vying one team against the other, and increasing his value in the process;
  - (т.е. из супруга при разводе): divorce him and take everything you can squash out of him in court
  выждать / выжидать - (в. подходящий момент, чтобы просить о прибавке жалованья): the smart thing to do is lie in wait for the right time to ask for a raise;
  - (момент, выждите м., когда можно будет выступить): At meetings where women sometimes are outnumbered by men who can communicate more aggressively, watch your chance to speak up, or prepare a written proposal ahead of time and distribute it at the meeting. If you still have problems getting others to listen, particularly longstanding male employees, band with another woman or two and arrange a meeting with your supervisor to share ideas.
  выживание - (борьба за в.): the film tells the tale of a well-brought-up rat in London who is, as the title suggests, flushed into the sewers and plunged into a struggle for survival;
  - (борьба за в.): street life was a struggle to survive today;
  - (в. менее конкурентоспособного вида, т.е. в биологии): the effects of immigration and environmental variability on the persistence of an inferior competitor
  выживать / выжить - (т.е. вытеснить): смотри ниже;
  - (в. из ума): he thought I had lost my mind to pass up such an opportunity;
  - (в. из ума, про старика говорили, что он выжил и.у. и всё путает): the old man was called senile and confused;
  - (в. из ума, он еще не выжил из ума, т.е. от старости): if he had left his youth behind, he wasn't yet in his dotage;
  - (т.е. остаться в живых): смотри ниже
  выживать / выжить (т.е. вытеснить) - (из бизнеса): are you trying to put me out of business?;
  - (в. кого-л с должности): he had begun overtly attempting to run R. out of office;
  - (корпорация могла в. конкурентов, сбивая цены): a corporation could freeze out competitors by undercutting prices;
  - (выживая частные банки из экономики): The government is seeking a greater role for the state in energy and other sectors. By squeezing out private banks the state is increasing this share.
  выживать / выжить (т.е. остаться в живых) - (в атаке): the officer surviving the attack;
  - (видам, характерным для определённой среды обитания, труднее в. в условиях миграции других видов): it is more difficult for species specialized to particular habitats to persist in the face of immigration by other species;
  - (выжили только те, кто...): the only survivors were those who broke into tactical turns when they saw the first warheads go off;
  - (Если он хочет быть ровней К., ему придётся справляться с такими трудностями. Если выживёт.): If he was ever going to be the equal of K., he had to meet challenges like this. If he lived that long.;
  - (в. за счёт сообразительности): an unfavourable climate forced a deprived species to live on its wits;
  - (компания будет слишком слаба, чтобы в. самостоятельно): the company will be too weak to survive on its own in a depressed construction market
  - (островок нетронутой природы выживет ли ещё одно тысячелетие): will this small pocket of wilderness survive another millennium?;
  - (т.е. после комы из-за травмы): He's in a coma. It's simply too soon to tell if he's going to make it infml.;
  - (т.е. после отравления): lucky he got away with it;
  - (в. после ранений): the police officers were taken to a nearby hospital but tragically, neither would survive their injuries;
  - (т.е. после тяжёлой травмы): he had a close call, but he'll make it infml;
  - (поддерживать способность системы самостоятельно в.): to keep the system viable on its own;
  - (флора и фауна, которые выживают в этом краю): a walk through the upper subalpine forest opened my eyes to the flora and fauna that cope in this windy, snowy clime;
  - (чудом в. во время войны): a Jewish scholar who barely survived the war in a ghetto`
  выжидательный / выжидающий - (выражение лица): she turned to me with an expectant look on her face
  выжидать - he didn't speak - biding his time, I presumed;
  - (в. благоприятный момент): he drew his dagger and crouched, seeking opportunity;
  - (возможность): he backed off, eyes flicking warily right and left, watching for a chance to get away;
  - (молча выжидая): he looked at me, silent but expectant;
  - (т.е. гонщик выжидал до последнего круга): in the second race, he was biding his time until the final lap when he stormed the front-runner and took the lead along with his second victory of the weekend;
  - (он выжидал, чтобы посмотреть, как сложатся выборы президента): he was biding his time to see how things panned out with the presidential election in November;
  - (напряжённо выжидая): for several seconds he listened, poised like a carnivorous animal by a water hole, sensing the atmosphere for danger
  вызванный - (гормональные изменения, в-ые отсутствием физической нагрузки на скелет у взрослого самца крысы): hormonal changes induced by skeletal unloading in the mature male rat;
  - (девяностолетний судья, в. из могилы чтобы судить такие дела): a hot property line dispute being waged in the courtroom with no jurors, a handful of half-asleep lawyers, a ninety-year-old judge brought back from the grave to referee such matters;
  - (любопытство журналистов вызвано отменой поездки): their (journalists") curiosity was aroused by the cancellation of the journey;
  - (может прерывистый сон быть вызван "адреналиновой усталостью"?): can fitful sleep be due to adrenal fatigue?;
  - (неповиновение, в-ое стрессом): I fully intend to overlook your insubordination last night on account of the emotional stress you must be under;
  - (нервозность была частично вызвана недосыпанием): part of his nervousness was the lack of sleep in the past four days;
  - (повышение цены, в-ое развитием стальной промышленности): analysts expect a double digit rise for the iron ore price mainly driven by China's rapidly expanding steel sector;
  - (в. радиацией рак): the use of radiotherapy in non-malignant conditions is limited partly by worries about the risk of radiation-induced cancers;
  - (развитие событий, в-ое не в меру усердными полицейскими): he was concerned with the political developments caused by those two overzealous policemen;
  - (решение было частично вызвано осознанием того, что армия была перенапряжена): the Pentagon's decision, announced in December, to begin reducing the force in Iraq this year was driven in part by a realization that the Army was overextended;
  - (рост безработицы вызван спадом экономики): raise of unemployment is due to global slowdown;
  - (семидневное прокращение добычи, вызванное небольшой утечкой): the company will this morning restore its P. oil field in Alaska to full capacity following a partial seven-day shutdown triggered by a small leak;
  - (смена курса ЦРУ вызвана шаткостью юридического обоснования содержания под стражей, т.е. подозреваемых в терроризме): Now, the CIA is seeking to scale back its role as interrogator and custodian of terrorist leaders who are being held without charges in secret sites around the world. The CIA change of tack is motivated by increasingly shaky legal support for the detentions.;
  - (убийство было вызвано ненавистью): this murder was motivated by hatred;
  - (усталость может быть вызвана анемией): the fatigue may be due to anemia, depression, malnutrition;
  - (ущерб, в. изменением климата): this UNU-EHS (United Nations University and Institute for Environment and Human Security) Policy Brief outlines the role of insurance in the context of climate change-related loss and damage
  вызвать / вызывать - (болезнь / состояние организма): смотри ниже;
  - (в. в воображении картину города): I found it hard to conjure up a vision of a city;
  - (в. в воображении): when someone says "meeting" it conjures images of wasted hours listening to semi-relevant facts;
  - (в. в воображении / в памяти): this music conjured up trace memories: cotton candy, doughboys frying in hot grease;
  - (вопросы): the crash has provoked a great many questions about the way markets operated and the way investors behaved;
  - (воспоминания): смотри ниже;
  - (дебаты / дискуссию / споры): смотри ниже;
  - (в. жаркие споры, утверждение судьи в сенате вызвало жаркие споры): the Justice's Senate confirmation was a slugfest;
  - (в. интерес к атомной энергии): the accident generated a lot of public interest in the nuclear power issue;
  - (в. интерес к товару): the advertiser must find some way to arouse curiosity in the product without leaving the reader a way to answer;
  - (в. интерес к товару): the advertisement piqued my curiosity about the product;
  - (инцидент вызывает поток жалоб в министерство обороны): the incident has triggered a barrage of complaints to the Ministry of Defence;
  - (в. к жизни): the monster brought to life by a mad scientist;
  - (кого-л): смотри ниже;
  - (в. компьютерную программу): he accessed his desktop computer and called up some visual imagery;
  - (мысль): to provoke a thought;
  - (в. на дуэль): they claimed to feel so affronted by a reprimand from Mahler - who did not mince his words when his anger was aroused - that they had challenged him to a duel.;
  - (подозрение, это вызывало подозрение, и я проверил то, что было напечатано в договоре мелким шрифтом): it made me suspicious, so I checked the fine print on my trust;
  - (т.е. последствия): смотри ниже;
  - (разногласия, предложение не должно в. разногласия по содержанию): this proposal is intended to be neutral and uncontentious in content;
  - (реакцию, решение президента вызвало неоднозначную реакцию страховых компаний): the president's decision has received a mixed response from insurers;
  - (рентгеновские лучи могут вызвать изменения в хромосомах): the X-rays can cause changes in chromosomes;
  - (слёзы, этого хватило, чтобы вызвать у меня слёзы): that was enough to startle tears to my eyes;
  - (т.е. эмоции): смотри ниже
  вызвать / вызывать (болезнь / состояние организма) - (антисанитария вызывает болезни): unhygienic conditions give rise to disease;
  - (бактерия вызывает инфекционный понос): а bacterium that causes virulent diarrhea in the elderly;
  - (в. изменения в сосудистой сети опухоли): inhibitors of angiogenesis and radiation induce compensatory changes in the tumor vasculature both during and after treatment cessation;
  - (сокращения матки были вызваны окситоцином): uterine contractions were induced with oxytocin;
  - (выделение окситоцина при грудном вскармливании вызывает сокращения матки): oxytocin release during breastfeeding causes mild but often painful uterine contractions during the first few weeks of lactation;
  - (гормон, используемый, чтобы в. роды): oxytocin is a naturally occurring hormone used to induce labor;
  - (наркотики вызывают амнезию): the narcotics cause complete amnesia;
  - (паралич): a tonal sound that entered the middle ear and caused a 10-second paralysis of all muscles;
  - (привыкание, т.е. крэк вызывает не физическое, а психологическое привыкание): Terrible thing crack. It's the cocaine derivative. Not physically addictive like heroin. Psychologically addictive.;
  - (рак): to cause cancer;
  - (рвоту): he induced vomiting and rushed me to the emergency room;
  - (рентгеновские лучи ногут в. изменения в хромосомах): the X-rays can bring about changes in chromosomes;
  - (смерть): to cause death;
  - (сонливость): certain medications can induce drowsiness;
  - (тошноту): it was a sickness which nauseated, embarrassed, debilitated and outraged the human body;
  - (усталость): to induce fatigue
  вызвать / вызывать (воспоминания) - to bring back memories;
  - this music conjured up trace memories: cotton candy, doughboys frying in hot grease,...;
  - this place conjures up vivid memories;
  - (...мой рассказ вызвал у вас неприятные воспоминания): I'm sorry my story brought up an unpleasant memory for you;
  - that smell always evokes memories of my old school
  вызвать / вызывать (дебаты / дискуссию / споры) - to provoke / stir controversy / debate;
  - the report may fuel the debate over reducing the American diplomatic presence abroad;
  - the mention of churches produced a discussion about religion;
  - the story of Hillary Rodham Clinton as a debate-provoking political icon is interesting and inspiring;
  - the sale of state land roused some controversy;
  - he pointed out the nature of the publications always invites controversy, whether it is warranted or not
  вызвать / вызывать (кого-л) - I called in a plumber to clear our blocked sink;
  - (в. водопроводчика по телефону): to ring up a plumber, an electrician;
  - (водопроводчика / электрика): I'd like / I need / I want to book an appointment BrE with the plumber / electrician, please;
  - (в. врача на дом): to call in a doctor;
  - (в. врача на дом): if you have requested a home visit, the Doctor may telephone you first for more information and will arrange a home visit at his / her discretion;
  - (духа): the wizard conjures it with an incantation;
  - (духа): In 1972, a bunch of Canadian Parapsychologists conducted a pretty cool experiment. Their aim was to "create" a ghost to prove that the human mind could conjure a spirit through expectation, imagination and visualization.;
  - (духов): a spell for summoning spirits;
  - (комиссия обладала полномочиями в. свидетелей): the commission had authority to summon witnesses;
  - (курьера): he perked a bell to summon a dispatch rider who would take it to the office of the Prime Minister;
  - (в. мертвеца из могилы, т.е. в балете "Жизель"): the Queen of the Wilis summons Giselle from her tomb;
  - (в. национальную гвардию для восстановления порядка): President Johnson called out the National Guard to restore order;
  - (в.Национальную гвардию, т.е. для подавления беспорядков): the National Guard was called out, and the by now predictable scenario unfolded: tear gas, beating, looting, fires;
  - (в. на бой): she opened the door to challenge him to a fight, keeping her hidden knife at the ready;
  - (в. на дуэль): Burr challenged his antagonist to a duel, an invitation Hamilton felt compelled to accept;
  - (в. на дуэль): the composer Strauss was once challenged to a duel;
  - (в. на поклон, т.е. автора по окончании спектакля): the play was a success, and the author was summoned for a curtain call after the play;
  - (в. на поклон, т.е. актёра по окончании спектакля): he was the first Covent Garden actor to be summoned for a curtain call by an enthusiastic audience;
  - (в. на работу телеграммой): The chief chemist was away on holiday during the plant close-down. He was summoned back by cable.;
  - (в. на собеседование, её не вызвали нa собеседование, т.е. для приёма на работу): she sent her résumé to fifty companies, but didn't even get an interview;
  - (в. на собрание): he came to summon them to the first meeting of the day;
  - (плотника): to engage a carpenter;
  - (повесткой): in late December, the Fire Department cited the M. store for improper fire exits and issued the summons to the manager on duty at the time;
  - (повесткой, его вызвали повесткой, чтобы дать показания в суде): he is subpoenaed to give oral evidence in court;
  - (повесткой, чтобы дать показания в Конгрессе): he was subpoenaed to give evidence to Congress;
  - (т.е. подчинённого): he summoned the general to his office and informed him of what had happened;
  - (полицию): the police were summoned;
  - (т.е. полиция вызывала ясновидящую в случаях похищения или исчезновения людей): her gift of second sight caused her to be called upon, however discreetly, by the police in cases of kidnappings and missing persons;
  - (в. посетителей в кабинет): to call out for the visitors to enter;
  - (президент может в. отряды национальной гвардии для поддержания порядка): the National Guard units may be called up by the President to keep law and order;
  - (привидения): How to Summon Ghosts;
  - (присяжных): the group of prospective jurors was summoned to listen a case of trailer park violence;
  - (слесаря / электрика, т.е. по телефону): to ring up a plumber / an electrician;
  - (в. сотрудников на срочную работу): every staff man was called back to help put out a crash edition for the morning breakfast tables;
  - (учитель вызвал меня на [уроке] тригонометрии): the teacher called on me in Trig when my hand wasn't raised;
  - (учитель вызвал ученика в кабинет): to cap it all, Professor M. summoned Harry into her office
  вызвать / вызывать (т.е. последствия) - (аварию): even a minuscule leak in the reactor can provoke an accident;
  - (атмосферное загрязнение может в. приступ астмы): atmospheric pollutants can trigger an attack of asthma;
  - (в. беспорядочную деятельность): the demolition of the Berlin Wall triggered hectic activity;
  - (в. военные действия предупреждающим ударом): the hostilities were caused entirely by a pre-emptive strike;
  - (вопросы): Ukraine's application has raised different issues;
  - (вопросы): it's to do with instilling a "Why?" and a "Why not?" in everyone;
  - (дожди могут в. оползни): torrential rains could trigger landslides;
  - (доклад комиссии вызвал всплеск активности): the commission report has inspired an unreasonable burst of activity on Capitol Hill;
  - (домыслы): we (the police) have quizzed his landlady thoroughly, and we have quizzed his academic colleagues. Confidentially. Not wishing to stir up a mare's nest at this early stage of our enquiries.;
  - (в. ещё больше насилия): the threat of international peacekeeping troops could provoke further violence in an already unstable Muslim world;
  - (жалобы): testimony from earlier proceedings given by one deceased witness was read to the jury, prompting complaints from the defense that it could not cross-examine a dead man;
  - (земельная реформа вызывает споры): land reform is a controversial issue in Ukraine;
  - (комментарий газеты вызывает полемику): the Times' commentary stirs policy debate in Washington;
  - (компания вызвала шум в научной прессе): few companies have stirred such headline making scientific excitement as has Geron, which started life with the intriguing mission of fighting aging;
  - (лавину): exactly what had triggered this avalanche?;
  - (новость могла в. восстание): the news could trigger a biggest uprising there;
  - (орбиты планет вызывают колебания силы притяжения): the planets' orbits produce a fluctuating gravitational pull of the Earth;
  - (в. ответный удар): to stir up a political backlash;
  - (отклик): our call for new suggestions evoked / produced very little response;
  - (правительство почти ничего не может сделать, не вызывая критику): the government can hardly do anything without attracting criticism;
  - (преступление вызвало беду): to learn what crime of ours brought the affliction;
  - (просьба вызвала протест): I called security to request that our two Marines be excused from duty, and although I met with loud protest, my threat to involve the acting ambassador turned the trick;
  - (в. протест со стороны кого-л): the decision drew sharp protests from an assembly of British Jewish and Israeli groups that had banded together to oppose the resolution, which called on British college lecturers to "consider the moral implications of existing and proposed links with Israeli academic institutions.";
  - (противоречия): the sale of state land roused some controversy;
  - (разногласия): his articles aroused a certain amount of controversy;
  - (расспросы): to elicit inquiries;
  - (селевой поток вызвал разрушения): the torrential flood caused havoc in the south of the country;
  - (в. сомнения в свидетеле): the attorney tried to cast doubt at the witness;
  - (споры): смотри ниже;
  - (теракт вызвал крутой поворот в политике): the terrorist attack triggered an about-turn in the politics;
  - (трудности): to cause difficulties;
  - (увеличение зарплаты вызвало инфляцию): inflation is caused by big wage increases;
  - (усовершенствования вызвали изменения в горном деле): these developments brought about great changes in mining;
  - (в. химическую реакцию): titanium hydroxide would create a chemical reaction that separated uranil ions from seawater
  вызвать / вызывать (т.е. эмоции) - (беспокойство): the spread of an infectious illness in a handful of hospitals has stirred some of the concerns among Canadian health experts;
  - (беспокойство): the prime minister's stance has prompted some concern;
  - (беспокойство): sometimes we are faced with a situation that makes us anxious;
  - (благоговение, о мессе на латыни): the older Mass, many agree, has such beauty and elicits such a sense of awe that, over time, it will triumph;
  - (страдания, вызванные болезнью): the sufferings brought about by the disease;
  - (величие вызывает зависть, зависть порождает злобу): greatness inspires envy, envy engenders spite, spite spawns lies;
  - (возмущение): our constitutional requirement of Congressional approval roused the North Vietnamese to genuine outrage;
  - (враждебность): to invite enmity;
  - (гнев): to provoke anger;
  - (гнев): he despised many things, but few drew more wrath than the US Embassy;
  - (восхищение): over the years her work has compelled universal admiration and trust;
  - (доверие): смотри ниже;
  - (в. дурное предчувствие у кого-л): their hushed voices were giving him an odd feeling of foreboding;
  - (замешательство): to cause confusion;
  - (в. злобу фундаменталистов): That bullying (the anti-indecency campaign) has become omnipresent, leading high school teachers to avoid mentioning evolution, in their classrooms. Lest they arouse fundamentalist rancor.;
  - (замешательство): Roger Clinton's brand of advocacy stirred consternation at the Parole Commission;
  - (надежду): to stir hope;
  - (недоверие): to invite distrust;
  - (в. недоумённый взгляд): to elicit a blank stare;
  - (ненависть): to invite hatred;
  - (неодобрение): the geometric design of the Cathedral received disapproval from clergymen;
  - (неприязнь): his background might excite certain dislike among Jews;
  - (в. неудовольствие кого-л): the government has taken consistent pains not to antagonize Pyongyang;
  - (обиду): Democratic presidential campaigns often assigned out-of-staters to oversee state campaigns on the theory that they could bring competing factions together and make sure all decisions put the candidate's interests, not parochial concerns, first. Whatever the theory, in practice, outsiders could inspire resentment on all sides, especially for a campaign as troubled as McGovern's, in an environment as fractured and contentious as Texas.;
  - (в. одобрение у кого-л): his appointment drew applause from the Socialist Party;
  - (озабоченность): space "junk" has become a growing concern in recent years, since collisions at orbital velocities can be highly damaging to functional satellites;
  - (опасения): members of the group have triggered a violent incident outside the Ambassador's residence in September, prompting fears for the safety of the envoy and his family;
  - (осуждение): the international outcry over the execution brought condemnation of the regime;
  - (отвращение, я вызываю у тебя отвращение): I revolt you. I see you flinch when you look at me.;
  - (отвращение, идея находиться в магазинах женской одежды вызвала у него отвращение): a thought of sitting in women's clothing stores for any period of time immediately put him off;
  - (подозрения): someone who would not arouse suspicion;
  - (подозрения): her announced plan aroused no suspicions;
  - (подозрения): if something about her eventually raised suspicions, the detective might have to conduct a deep background search on her;
  - (в. положительные эмоции): humor or jokes really do bring out the positive streak in you when you are feeling down and dejected;
  - (презрение, рабство вызывало у него презрение): slavery was despicable for him;
  - (раздражение): смотри ниже;
  - (ревность): the girl was handsome enough to prompt her jealousy;
  - (решение, т.е. директора тюрьмы, вызовет обиду и возмущение у заключённых): the decision will stir up bitterness and resentment amongst the inmates;
  - (симпатию у кого-л): he was handsome in a way that appealed to women;
  - (симпатию, она вызывает больше с-и у женщин): Hillary Clinton is more likable to women, with 68 percent holding a favorable view, compared to 59 percent of men. All age groups hold favorable views of Clinton.;
  - (в. сомнение в достоверности и правдивости показаний): there are such irreconcilable inconsistencies and improbabilities in significant parts of the evidence of certain police officers as to raise a real doubt as to the reliability and truthfulness of their evidence;
  - (скептицизм): the sheer number of papers co-authored by the young scientist - 80 between 1998 and 2001 - should have raised skepticism;
  - (тревогу): смотри ниже;
  - (в. тягу к загадочным женским фигурам): I was aching with the mystery of sex, with the terrible allure that such undulating figures could evoke;
  - (чувство, она вызывает у меня нехорошее чувство): I don't have a good feeling about her;
  - (в. чувство негодования у кого-л): it engendered in him a feeling of indignation;
  - (энтузиазм): the car did not seem to arouse much enthusiasm at the first glance
  вызвать доверие / вызывать доверие - (не вызывать доверия, его рассказ не вызывал доверия): his story took some believing;
  - (не вызывать доверия, его необычный стиль руководства не вызывает доверия): his unusual management style does not inspire confidence;
  - (о предприятии): we are an independent professional services business that inspires confidence and delivers value to all customers through certification based solutions;
  - (о человеке): Roosevelt became President in March of 1933 at one of the worst points of the Great Depression. On the eve of his inauguration he inspired confidence with the people when he told them "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.";
  - (об автомобиле): the car instills trust
  вызвать раздражение / вызывать раздражение - (всё это вызывают у меня р.): having spent much of the past 7 years engaging in children's entertainment I have fomented a growing vexation against nearly all of it;
  - (незнание вызывало р. у человека его уровня в правительстве): Why had the President taken this action? Not knowing was a great annoyance to a man at his level of government.;
  - (приезжие вызывали раздражение): the newcomers were in most cases resented;
  - (разговоры вызывали у него раздражение): Anthony found some difficulty in maintaining these conversations, and rather resented it after the easy friendliness of the line
  вызвать / вызывать (тревогу) - (блокада Берлина вызвала т. во всей Западной Европе): the Russian blockade of Berlin aroused alarm throughout Western Europe;
  - the increasingly-pessimistic advisories are being used as a way of applying pressure, causing unnecessary alarm within business community by jeopardizing the investment flow;
  - radiologic tests and procedures are routine for the radiologist, but they are usually new experiences for patients and families and may provoke a considerable degree of anxiety;
  - (в. тревогу): sometimes we are faced with a situation that makes us anxious
  вызваться / вызываться - so you volunteer to go and fetch me a substitute;
  - (добровольцем): no sooner said than half a hundred volunteered to sail with him;
  - ([добровольцем] на опасное задание): he volunteered for a very dangerous mission that cost him his life;
  - (помочь): I volunteered to help choose the wine;
  - that year, I rashly volunteered to serve with the last of the Byrd expeditions to the Antarctic continent aboard the U.S.S. Arneb.
  вызволить / вызволять - (диссидента): to infiltrate the prison and rescue the dissident;
  - (из нищеты): to lift the people out of poverty;
  - (из тюрьмы, т.е. организовать побег): he sprang infml them from jail
  выздоравливать / выздороветь - (без осложнений): Most patients who undergo surgical repair of an intestinal obstruction have an uneventful recovery and do not experience a recurrence of the obstruction;
  - (быстро в. после операции): he is making a quick recovery from knee surgery;
  - (выздоравливай скорей): get well soon;
  - (лёгкие выздоровели не полностью): her lungs haven't fully recovered;
  - (в. от / после желтухи): he was transferred to a hospital to recuperate from his jaundice;
  - (открытка с пожеланием в.): the girl, blushing furiously, turned up with a get-well card;
  - (после перелома лодыжки): he was recovering from a broken ankle;
  - (после сердечного приступа): he is convalescing from a heart attack;
  - I spent a week at the hospital, recuperating
  выздоровление - patient was adjudged fit to be transferred by ambulance for convalescence at the clinic;
  - (при лапароскопии ускоряется в-е, т.е. пациентов): laparoscopy is associated with faster recovery times;
  - (открытка с пожеланием в-я): the girl turned up with a get-well card;
  - (т.е. после операции): we pray for the recovery and speedy return of Senator S. (after a surgical operation);
  - (с пожеланием скорейшего в-ия, от Н.): here's wishing you a quick / rapid recovery, from N.;
  - (тоскливые недели в-я): the weeks of dreary convalescence
  вызов - (т.е. приглашение / требование явиться): смотри ниже;
  - (т.е. протест): смотри ниже
  вызов (т.е. приглашение / требование явиться) - (т.е. в суд повесткой): смотри ниже;
  - (директриса бегала по школе по в-у учителей): she spent her first afternoon as headmistress running all over the school answering the summonses of the other teachers;
  - (злонамеренный ложный в. по пожарной тревоге): count of call outs to malicious false alarms recorded by the London Fire & Emergency Planning Authority, per month, per ward in London for a rolling two year period;
  - (принять в. на дуэль): Burr challenged his antagonist to a duel, an invitation Hamilton felt compelled to accept;
  - (т.е. скорой помощи): ambulance call out;
  - (т.е. спасателей): L. Mountain Rescue Team have reported a huge rise in the number of call-outs over the past year;
  - (ходить на в-ы / по в-ам для обслуживания, т.е. бытовой техники): Maintenance Person Duties include attending maintenance call outs both during work hours and out of hours
  вызов (т.е. в суд повесткой) - my summons came on February 2;
  - the House Department sought to close the complex after it issued about 300 code violations since October, including citations for water damage, raw sewage, insects, rodents, collapsed ceilings and trash;
  - where a person has committed a minor crime or statutory offence such as simple theft or a road traffic contravention, arrest is not usually necessary and the case will be usually dealt with by citation;
  - At the time of the accident I was not given a citation nor was I informed that I would be receiving one. Now almost a month later I have received a traffic citation for "Disregarding Traffic Lane (single).";
  - where a person has committed a minor crime or statutory offence such as simple theft or a road traffic contravention, arrest is not usually necessary and the case will be usually dealt with by citation
  вызов (т.е. протест) - (бросать в. безразличию): his words challenged our indifference;
  - (бросая в. правилам): when he in defiance of regulation lit up a cigarette, she would fling open the windows;
  - (бросить в. кому-л): when anyone urged Bill to be more confrontational and even aggressive in taking on Gingrich, he'd explain that first people had to understand exactly where he and the Republicans differed on the issues;
  - (бросить в., т.е. писатель бросил вызов могущественному мясоперерабатывающему тресту): Upton Sinclair had gone overnight from literary failure to the man who took on the mighty "beef trust" (in "the Jungle") - and won;
  - (интеллектуальный, т.е. о тесте / экзамене): R. said he was drawn to the test for the intellectual challenge;
  - (лицо светилось в-ом): her face was alight with defiance;
  - (принять в.): Sen. J.S., Alabama Republican, even challenged Democrats to point out any errors in the numbers and he would correct them - a challenge no Democrats took up.;
  - (принять в.): Pilot J.K. became an overnight hero in 1921. Taking part in the first transcontinental airmail run, K. successfully completed his assigned flight. When the next pilot refused to fly in darkness and bad weather, K. rose to the challenge and delivered the mail.;
  - (страна была готова принять в. нового века): the country was ready to tackle the challenges of a new century
  вызревать / вызреть - (о винограде): I didn't know a Pinot could be ripened in England
  вызывающий - (т.е. прилагательное): смотри файл EMOCII;
  - (т.е. причастие): смотри ниже
  вызывающий (т.е. причастие) - (возражение): we do objectionable things;
  - (жалость): it is hard to look beyond such pitiable things;
  - (в-ие зависимость лекарства): habit-forming drugs;
  - (отвращeние): to be like everyone else was to the Chinese a repellent thought;
  - (подавив с в-ей жестокостью террористический акт в Дагестане, Ельцин уже вряд ли может быть уверен в том, какой будет реакция Вашингтона): after crushing a terrorist attack in Dagestan with an embarrassing show of brutality, Yeltsin could hardly feel certain of Washington's reaction
  - (подозрения / сомнения, о квитанции, счёте): I find one receipt, one bar tab that's fishy, it's grounds for dismissal;
  - (в-ие привыкание лекарства): habit-forming drugs
  - (в-ий разногласия вопрос): divisive issue;
  - (в-ие разногласия еврейские поселения в Иерусалиме): controversial Jewish settlements in Jerusalem;
  - (в-ее разногласия имущество): divisive property;
  - (в-ая разногласия политика): divisive policy;
  - (в-ая разногласия реформа): the unions demand the government to withdraw a contested pension reform;
  - (сострадание): his release would be expedited if we put forward a compassionate reason;
  - (споры, в-ая с. знаковая фигура политики): the story of Hillary Rodham Clinton as a debate-provoking political icon;
  - (споры, в-ее с. пребывание Клинтона в Белом Доме): Living history is Hillary Rodham Clinton's frank, vividly written portrait of the Clinton's controversial White House years;
  - (суеверный страх, в-ие суеверный страх останки): grisly remnant
  выиграть / выигрывать - (время): смотри ниже;
  - (ничего не в. из-за переноса собрания): we've got nothing to gain by delaying the meeting;
  - (от оживления экономики): companies that expect to benefit from the economic upturn;
  - (от торможения строительства нефтяного терминала): it's obvious who benefits from stalling the terminal;
  - (отрасли промышленности выигрывают от близости к Кембриджу): these industries benefit from their proximity to Cambridge;
  - (политики, которым есть что в., разыгрывая карту религии): politicians with the most to gain from playing the God card...;
  - (Windows выигрывает в скорости): the Mac got the laurels for ease of use, Windows win for speed;
  - (т.е. судебный процесс): the company appealed and prevailed February 14, 2003 when an appeals court issued a ruling reversing the jury, accepting a defense argument that had been rejected by three other judges;
  - (тендер на ремонт больницы и пристройки к ней): We were awarded the Renovations and Care Additions to the St Mary's Hospital at S. British Columbia in 1988;
  - (у футбольной команды): England moved into the second, after the English beat Argentina;
  - (у шулера): I had won against a card sharp
  выиграть / выигрывать (время) - he tried to gain time to regroup his battered forces;
  - Weigh every word before you speak it, he told himself. He took a long draught of mead to buy time for his answer.;
  - (подача предварительной заявки на патент защищает изобретение, позволяя в. время для подачи обычной заявки): filing a provisional patent application protects your invention while buying time to file a regular patent application;
  - (т.е. у тех, кто за ними гонится): they pass through swinging doors and he shoves a plank of wood between the handles to buy them more time;
  - expectations for the plan were low; one participant said the goal was simply to "throw a little sand in the gears" and buy some time;
  - (пытаясь в. время): "I'll have to think," said B., stalling for time
  выигрыш - (т.е. в лотерею): Winning Canadian Lottery Numbers. I stopped to check my ticket and discovered my win.;
  - (давать в., здание занимает меньшую площадь, чем то, которое оно заменило, но даёт в. в 25 кабинетов и 14 классов): the new building has a smaller footprint that the structures it replaced, but it brings a net gain of 25 offices and 14 classrooms to the campus;
  - (т.е. денежный, потратить в. на шикарную еду): he spent all his winnings on a slap-up meal;
  - (т.е. денежный): "Your winnings," he said, taking a bag of gold out of his pocket and dropping it onto her table;
  - (неденежный в. в лотерею / денежный): a University employee can accept a non-cash raffle prize or draw at a conference or similar events, where the employee is representing a University; (any cash prizes must be used to offset the expenses associated with the event / conference);
  - (на чемпионате / чемпионата): he celebrated his win at the W. championship with the folks back home;
  - (не давать в-а): there is virtually / practically / essentially no gain from using an oil with a higher rating;
  - (при переездах с квартиры на квартиру он оставался в денежном в-е): his moves were nearly always accomplished at a slight pecuniary gain, for he had a shrewd business head;
  - (т.е. в результате сделки): risk aversion is the reluctance of a person to accept a bargain with an uncertain payoff rather than another bargain with a more certain, but possibly lower, expected payoff;
  - (т.е. спортсмена, поздравить с в-ем): As I crossed the finish line the gun went off signaling my win. As we rode side-by-side he congratulated me on my win.;
  - (т.е. спортсмена, в. у кого-л): it was 24 hours after my win over Venus Williams;
  - (упор делается на хорошее эмоциональное и физическое самочувствие спортсменов, а не на в.): Coaches" Code of Honor. I promise upon my word of honor to help to create an environment in which primary emphasis is placed upon the emotional and physical well-being of all athletes, rather than winning.;
  - (я рад моему в-у): I"m very happy with my win
  выискивать / выискать - (адвокаты выискивают клиентов, обещая огромное финансовое вознаграждение и отсутствие первоначальных затрат): lawyers troll for clients by promising massive financial rewards and no upfront costs;
  - (вертолёты выискивают танки по их тепловой характеристике): one idea that had almost worked was to lay a thermal insulating blanket over tanks so as to deny the helicopters the heat signature by which they hunted their motionless prey;
  - (жертву среди детей): the pop-star used his ranch to prey on children plying them with drugs and pornography
  - (жертву среди женщин, т.е. о серийном убийце): the person responsible for her death might still be preying on other women;
  - (жертву среди неосторожных): Beware the amiable stranger who offers you a friendly game to while away a dull evening in a back-roads tavern. Such men prey on the unwary, turning the game mercilessly to their advantage with weighted dice and sleight of hand.;
  - (животное выискивало червяков): the animal was ferreting for worms;
  - (жулики выискивают людей, которые ищут любви и общения): con artists target people looking for love or companionship, in order to exploit their vulnerability;
  - (КГБ выискивало голые факты): KGB had always been on the lookout for hard facts, but then reported those facts to people besotted with a dream, who bent the truth in the service of that dream;
  - (компания выискивает новые направления): the company is always looking out for new trends;
  - (нужный выключатель): I had to hunt down the appropriate switches, with varying degrees of success;
  - (самолёт выискивал вражеские батареи / ракеты выискивали вражеские РЛС): the aircraft sought out enemy missile and flak batteries, and engaged those at a safe distance with HARM anti-radiation missiles which sought out and destroyed acquisition and illumination radars with high reliability;
  - (слабое место): with clever questioning the lawyer searched out the weakness in the witness's statement;
  - (цитаты): I know what the polls are saying; it's going to be a big Republican year. But I'm not going to do what journalists, myself included, often do: troll for quotes that reflect the polls. I'm just going to report what I see and let the chips fall.
  выйти / выходить - (администрация президента вышла из договора): the Bush administration withdrew from the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty;
  - (в звезды): we became aware that he was heading for stardom;
  - (в отставку с хорошей пенсией): nudging sixty, he was taking retirement with a good pension;
  - (в эфир): смотри ниже;
  - (вперёд): he came forward, bowing slightly;
  - (в.вперёд, о команде): a 5-0 run by Paris team saw them take the lead (71-76);
  - (в. вперёд в счёте с преимуществом 2 гола): Ireland had pulled ahead by 10 more goals;;
  - (за пределы): смотри ниже;
  - (замуж): смотри ниже;
  - (из бедности): Economists Reveal Factors that Help Poor People Lift Themselves Out of Poverty;
  - (из бедности): the aim of the initiative is to help extremely poor families lift themselves out of poverty by giving them goats, pigs and poultry to build household wealth;
  - (из бедности): those households who used their existing assets most productively were more successful at pulling themselves out of poverty;
  - (из борьбы): as unnerving as it was to find my footing in the shifting sands of New York politics, I had no plans to drop out of the race;
  - (из группировки): he had belonged to an extremist group but he dropped out;
  - (из договора): to pull out of the treaty;
  - (т.е. из затруднительного положения, т.е. неурожай зерна): theoretically they could ride this out with minimal difficulties, but this depends on how they make up the shortfall;
  - (из кризиса): the world can ride out the financial crisis if we all learn to live within our means;
  - (из игры): people seek to withdraw from the game;
  - (из клуба, т.е. из членов): leading figures of the Kennedy Administration had resigned from the Metropolitan Club;
  - (из компании): in addition to other rights provided for in this Charter, a Party shall have a right to withdraw from the Company at any time, irrespective of the Company's or other Parties' consent;
  - (из моды, о методах допроса): the harsh interrogation techniques used since the 2001 terrorist attacks are outmoded;
  - (из моды, стиль вышел из моды 2 века тому назад): the architectural styles had been outmoded for more than 2 centuries;
  - (из обихода, ленточные магнитофоны вышли из обихода): bulky tape-recorders fell out of use long ago;
  - (из обихода, пишущие машинки вышли из обихода): typewriters have practically gone out of use;
  - (из обихода, слово вышло из обихода): war was a word that had fallen very much out of favor in civilized discourse;
  - (из обращения, наличные деньги постепенно выходят из обращения): Тhe amount of currency in circulation has been rising for the past several years. The upward trend is at odds with the generally accepted view that cash is on the way out.;
  - (из переговоров): under no circumstances will his party withdraw from negotiations;
  - (т.е. из печати): смотри ниже;
  - (из подросткового возраста): the waitress is barely out of her teens;
  - (из предвыборной борьбы за пост президента): to drop out of presidential race;
  - (из предвыборной борьбы за пост президента): Over the past 72 hours, the Republican presidential hopeful field narrowed considerably. First, former Arkansas governor M.H. pulled out with an announcement made on his Fox News weekend show;
  - (из программы): Democratic Governors from states with large immigrant populations have decided not to participate in a fingerprint-sharing program that is central to the administration's enforcement strategy. Massachusetts was the third state to pull out of the program, called Secure Communities, after Illinois and New York.;
  - (из проектов): ExxonMobil is walking away from projects in areas including the Arctic and the Black Sea that were once important growth prospects but have been hit by US sanctions;
  - (из себя): смотри ниже;
  - (из сделки): despite the fact that we were still partners then, he had not informed us, asked us to sign off on the deal and offered to split the $35000 proceeds;
  - (т.е. из состава государства): the Southern states seceded largely because they feared that President Lincoln would abolish the "states' right" of slavery;
  - (из союза): when the going gets tough, wealthier states will withhold funds from the federal government and effectively secede from the union;
  - (из строя, когда все моторы, т.е. самолёта, вышли из строя, он принял отважное решение совершить аварийную посадку, чтобы обойти густонаселённую местность): with all engines out of action, he took the gallant decision to avoid the heavily populated area by making a crash landing at R.;
  - (из строя, о компьютерах): these thoughts are brought to mind by the rise of the algorithm - and its occasional tendency to go haywire - in popular consciousness;
  - (из строя, сайты вышли из строя из-за масштабной технической неполадки): many of Israel's official websites have gone down infml in what the government says is a broad technical malfunction;
  - (из трудного положения): he'll stop at nothing, even murder, to get himself out of a tight spot infml;
  - (из тупика образно): to break a deadlock;
  - (из тупика образно): he urged the Republicans to soften their positions and negotiate with the White House to break the impasse;
  - (из тюрьмы): she asks him if they will still be able to see each other when she is released from prison;
  - (т.е. из тюрьмы): He got 3 years for grievous bodily harm, but he will probably be out in less than 3 months.;
  - (из употребления): that kind of stereo system has fallen out of use over the last 20 years;
  - (из употребления): the Articles of War fell out of use by the Army when they were omitted from the 1955 Army Act;
  - (из-под контроля): смотри ниже;
  - (из-под опёки США): this yearning for "normality" expressed a united Germany's wish to emerge from American tutelage and be treated as a full and equal ally;
  - (т.е. контрразведчики вышли на шпиона): eventually we identified an Englishman who was posing as a businessman;
  - (на биржу): Rusal, Russia's largest aluminium producer, could commit to list on the London Stock Exchange within three years of acquiring local rival Sual;
  - (на биржу, компания собирается в. на биржу): That company has got some problems. Earnings are down. They got an IPO coming up, but it'll tank for sure.;
  - (на важные политические констатации, т.е. слова Горбачёва): we were able to make important political conclusions;
  - (на договорённости): we could fairly quickly reach / conclude mutually acceptable agreements;
  - (на кого-л, т.е. обратиться к кому-л): the FBI approached him;
  - (на людей, имеющих эту информацию): I was finally able to contact people who have this information;
  - (на ...место, по уровню научно-исследовательской деятельности штат Вашингтон вышел на первое м. среди аналогичных штатов и на 4-ое м. в стране): Washington's level of R&D activity in federally funded research and development centers ranked the state first among peers and 4th nationally in 2003;
  - (на пенсию): under normal circumstances he would retire in August 2002;
  - (на полную мощность, о заводе по переплавке алюминия): C. remelter reaching full capacity. Hydro's new remelt facility in C., Texas is approaching full capacity at 90,000 metric tons.;
  - (на работу): in instances of inclement weather when schools and Board offices remain open, employees shall be expected to report for duty as per regular working hours;
  - (на свет): he may think that someone else will be blamed for his crime, but the truth will out;
  - (на сцену образно): sassy, youth-orientated retailers were coming on the scene;
  - (наружу, правда о том, является ли... выйдет наружу): it is unlikely the truth will emerge as to whether he is a deluded mercenary who drew Afghan officials into his web, or a misled crusader hung out to dry;
  - (наружу, правда выйдет наружу): He had not a care in the world because he knew it was all misunderstanding and the stolen jewels had nothing to do with him. He was innocent. The truth would out.;
  - (перед классом): the teacher wanted the student to come to the front of the class and write it on the board;
  - (победителем над врагами): out of the world-wide struggle for trade, they emerged victorious over all their enemies;
  - (победителем с небольшим перевесом): in this battle, Notes emerged victorious by a small margin;
  - (т.е. получиться, да вышло не совсем так): His father must have been tearing his hair out, so he cut the kid's allowance. Figured he'd bring his son to heel, It didn't quite work this way.;
  - (помочь в. из автомобиля кому-л): he helped her out of the car;
  - (разрешить в. из больницы): doctors allow him out of hospital;
  - (сухим из воды образно): the trick here is not just getting the job done, but getting away with it afterwards;
  - (фильм выйдет на большой экран в 2008 г.): the February announcement said the movie would be coming to the big screen in 2008;
  - смотри выходить ниже и выйти / выходить в файле DVIJENIE
  выйти в эфир - (все эти истории вышли в э. первого апреля): all of these fantastic stories aired on April 1st, so we may not be "fooling" anyone;
  - (его передача выходила в эфир каждый рабочий день, т.е. по радио): his program was broadcast each workday from noon till four o"clock, and his guests ran the spectrum from political figures, authors, and visiting celebrities to local VIP's;
  - (если в эфир выйдет не тот оператор, зазвенит звонок): a buzzer will sound and the contact be automatically broken if the wrong operator comes on the air;
  - (кто-то только что вышел в эфир): someone has just come on the air;
  - (передача выйдет через две минуты): Action stations! The program goes on the air in 2 minutes;
  - (по плану шоу выйдет в эфир после Нового года): the show is scheduled to go on the air after the first of the year
  выйти за пределы выходить за пределы - (актуальность фильма выходит за пределы политических лагерей): this year the movie has a relevance that transcends camps;
  - (детектив выходит за пределы истории преступления, превращаясь в рассказ о личной жизни): a finely written whodunit, often transcends the realm of a crime story into a personal, eloquent story of one man's life;
  - (в. за пределы достоверного): the vision of Nixon's putting himself at the head of a reform movement to clean up his own Administration stretched credulity;
  - (идеологии): the conflict between the Soviet Union and China transcended ideology, it was primeval
  выйти замуж - (дети женились, выходили замуж): life went on, children were married off;
  - (выйдешь за меня): will you marry me?;
  - (Джилл выходит замуж за кого-л): Jill is getting married to Ben next week;
  - (поздно): she married late in life
  выйти / выходить (т.е. из печати) - (газета выходившая тиражом 2000 экземпляров): the newspaper that circulated 2000 copies in the city;
  - (о книге): when will her new book come out?;
  - (о статье): the paper was submitted for publication in December of 1939 and it appeared in 1940;
  - (первый том журнала вышел под руководством редакторов): the first volume of the journal appeared under the leadership of editors I.R., E.B...;
  - (публицистическая статья вышла в правой газете): his op-ed piece, attacking W. ran in the right-wing Washington Times;
  - (роман, который должен в. зимой): a novel due out in the winter;
  - (статья вышла в журнале): the paper appeared in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences a few months later;
  - (статья вышла в 1940 г.): the paper was submitted for publication in December of 1939 and it appeared in 1940;
  - (статья вышла в правой газете): his op-ed piece, attacking W. ran in the right wing Washington Times;
  - (только что вышедшая статья): R.L., a senior scientist at Rand, the nonpartisan think tank, makes the key point in a just-out paper in the quarterly The International Spectator
  выйти из себя - the teacher slapped the boy after losing his temper;
  - don't lose your temper;
  - I was out of control, I was so angry;
  - (из-за чего-л): "What have you got so het up slang for?" "I'm not het up about that horrid old Nazi.";
  - (к концу второго акта комедии): ...unless comedy touches me as well as amuses me, it leaves me with a sense of having wasted my evening. I go to the theatre to be moved to laughter, not to be tickled or bustled into it; and that is why, though I laugh as much as anybody at a farcical comedy, I am out of spirits before the end of the second act, and out of temper before the end of the third.;
  - (о ребёнке): starting school fulltime is making the four-year-old boy very tired and he is having trouble handling his emotions i.e. flying off the handle infml where he could normally control himself;
  - (от злости): he paces back and forth, trying to stop himself from exploding in anger;
  - (от злости): he lost track of himself in anger;
  - when he came in and saw the mess he blew his stack slang;
  - don't fly off the handle infml again;
  - a computer does not get psyched out;
  - Whatever it is, he wants more than she will give. He blows a gasket infml. He gives her what-for with some heavy instrument
  выйти из-под контроля - (о машинах): these machines cannot run out of control;
  - (о ситуации): the situation went out of hand;
  - (о стране): Hanoi had its tried and true remedy for Khmer Rouge independence if it got out of hand;
  - (о демонстрантах): the President will not allow pro-Taliban demonstrators to go out of hand
  выйти / выходить (т.е. получиться из чего-л) - (из этого мог бы выйти идеальный компромисс): it could work out to be ideal compromise;
  - (из этого ничего не выйдет): nothing comes out of it anyway;
  - (он подсчитал в уме и у него вышло 36): he did the sums in his head, and came up with six-and-thirty;
  - (предсказать, что из этого выйдет): you can't predict how this will pan out;
  - (просто так вышло): Why did I stay with my Dad? It was just the way it worked out
  выкидывать / выкинуть (номера / штуки / фокус / фортель, о людях): the brothers find themselves dissatisfied with just spending their summer vacation outside of school, so they pull off unbelievable and often outlandish stunts (i.e. building a roller coaster, entering a race car competition, giving a monkey a shower etc.) in order to make summer more exciting;
  - (воображение уже выкидывало с ним номера): his imagination had played him tricks before;
  - (его разум выкидывал с ним подобные номера / фокусы / штуки, каждый раз, когда он сильно нуждался во сне): his mind played him tricks like this every time he was in a great need for sleep;
  - (...если он попытается в. какой-нибудь фортель): I sat in my car with a gun jammed against my rib-cage and his hand resting affectionately on my right shoulder, ready to wrench my head off if I tried any monkey business;
  - смотри файл DVIJENIE
  выкладывать / выложить - (в Интернете): students have captured videos of teachers and put them on the Web;
  - (в Интернете): the National Security Archive at George Washington University today posted on the Web a collection of recently declassified U.S. documents;
  - (в Интернете): the documents were posted online at a time of unusually high interest in the candidate's finances;
  - (выкладывай, т.е. говори!): Well, what is it? Out with it!;
  - (выкладывай, т.е. говори): I know you're angry at me and have something to say that you're not saying. Well, come on, spit it out. Why're you so mad?";
  - (т.е. заплатить): смотри ниже;
  - (т.е. рассказать): he blurted out the news;
  - смотри файл DVIJENIE
  выкладывать / выложить (т.е. заплатить) - he laid out 150 000 for his cattle;
  - it's a bad time for the economy, which means it's a bad time for people to have to shell out infml extra money to hire service people like real estate lawyers;
  - they are wine enthusiasts and if a $20 bottle of Merlot is their usual choice, you can bet that they will only occasionally shell out $35 or $40;
  - if, by some miracle, you're moved to the top of the list, you should be ready to shell out $25,000 initially, then $10,000 a year for the privilege of just getting in the door;
  - (в. залог 2 миллиона, чтобы сына выпустили до суда): The kid got bail yesterday. Daddy forked out slang two mill and R. was probably straight down to his clubster mates, bragging about how he toughed out his first night in prison.;
  - (миллиардер выложил 136 млн фунтов за квартиру): the billionaire coughs up £136m for the world's most expensive apartment in central London;
  - (первый взнос в размере 5% продажной цены): if you try to buy a home with a conventional loan, you can expect to be asked to cough up infml 5% or more of the purchase price as a down payment.
  выкладываться / выложиться (т.е. делать всё возможное) - (в спортзале): he worked out in the gym;
  - (для кого-л, т.е. прилагать все силы): she had never put herself out for anyone, and was silly to think that she might begin at this stage of her life;
  - (если я чего-то хочу, я выкладываюсь): When I really want something, anything, I will go all out. I will fight for it.;
  - (т.е. на тренировке): As the warm-up dragged on, he caught glances from his teammates, just checking to see if a real pro quarterback could grind it out with them. Was he a member of a team, or a prima donna just passing through?;
  - (об актёрах): The club owner warned them that if they did not come up with a better act for their second show later that night, they would be fired. Huddling together in the alley behind the club, they agreed to "go for broke" infml and to improvise;
  - (по полной программе образно): for this sensational anniversary show, organizers have pulled out all the stops infm, fig;
  - (по полной программе образно): Local theatres have pulled out all the stops to ensure the spring programmes are offering great family shows, challenging drama and plenty of celebrities;
  - (режиссёр и сценаристы выложились в сцене): it felt as if the director and scriptwriters really pushed the boat out infml fig on this scene, throwing everything they had at it;
  - (полностью, спортсмен готов полностью выложиться в финале): the athlete is ready to go all out in final;
  - (художественный руководитель выложился по полной программе и показал мировой класс): He praised his art director, Gary Chan, for the site's artistic execution: "I'm extremely proud of our team, and of Gary in particular. He went big, and he delivered something truly world class.;
  - (т.е. чтобы купить что-л): Eager for stability after the recent turmoil at the public market, he signed a 15-year-lease. To pay for the new kitchen equipment and renovation, he has borrowed more than $150,000. "If you are going to do it, you might as well go all out," M. said.;
  - (чтобы выиграть): we'll go all out to win;
  - (чтобы приобрести профессиональные знания): he went all out to get his professional skills;
  - (чтобы сдать экзамен): he went all out to pass the exam
  выключать / выключить - (воду): to turn the water off;
  - (двигатель / мотор): the aircraft closed down two engines;
  - (форсаж, т.е. в самолёте): at 80000 feet the colonel cut out the afterburners and levelled his flight attitude;
  - (звук): it was as though someone had turned off the sound;
  - (зубчатую передачу): to throw out of gear;
  - (из розетки / из сети, т.е. электроприбор): he unplugged the television / toaster / refrigerator;
  - (компьютер): he shut down the computer;
  - (кран): he turned the taps on and off;
  - (локатор): The ship's radar was up and running - people were actually afraid to turn off the billboard system because it like most mechanical contrivances, preferred operation to idleness, and switching it off might have broken something;
  - (мотор, т.е. автомобиля): he parked and turned off the engine;
  - (мотор, т.е. автомобиля): I cut the engine as soon as I was in a spot, so that thunderous volume wouldn't draw attention to me;
  - (мотор, самолёт мог лететь часами на большой высоте с двумя выключенными моторами): the aircraft could cruise at altitude, hour after hour, two engines shut down for fuel economy, observing an enormous area of ocean beneath it;
  - (секундомер): stop the stopwatch;
  - (сигнализацию): to deactivate the alarm;
  - (телевизор): I can turn the television off if you find it a distraction;
  - (шнур питания из сетевой розетки): in case the power fuse has to be replaced, first unplug the power cable from the mains outlet
  выключаться / выключиться - (о компьютере): Why does my computer turn off without warning? Most computers today are designed to turn off automatically if any of its inner components overheat. An overheating power supply, due to a malfunctioning fan, can cause a computer to shut off unexpectedly.;
  - (о компьютере): My computer with Windows XP hangs at "Windows is Shutting Down". Computer doesn't power down.;
  - (о свете): if the driver's door is not closed the lights switch off after two minutes.
  выключение - (процедура в-я / в. шины): Shutdown: To take a step or series a steps to stop the operation of a machine and put it into its normal inoperative state. A shut-down procedure may include cutting off fuel, closing valves, and turning off pumps, or may just be flipping a switch to OFF. Cut-off: To interrupt the supply of something to a machine, fuel, water, electricity. Generally refers to closing of a valve or opening an electrical contactor or switch. On a piston engine, you have a mixture setting called "idle cut-off" that blocks flow of fuel at the carburetor. You might see a switch that opens a contactor to an electrical bus, for use in emergencies, labelled "Bus XXXX Cutoff";
  - (двигателя, система аварийного в-я д.): NASA postponed the launch of the space shuttle Atlantis to January after a sensor in an emergency engine cutoff system failed again yesterday;
  - (двигателя, система аварийного в-я д.): two attempts to launch Atlantis were stymied by erratic fuel sensors, which are part of an emergency engine cutoff system
  выключенный - (напряжение было выключено): the power was off;
  - (оборудование должно быть заблокировано или установлено в положение "выключено" во время ремонта или наладки): equipment equipped with lockable controls shall be locked out or positively sealed in the "off" position during repair work and setting-up operations;
  - (при в-ом напряжении, работать на станке, на котором очистка, ремонт, обслуживание, наладка или настройка выполняются при в-ом напряжении или предупредительной маркировке): to operate a machine on which cleaning, repairing, servicing, setting-up or adjusting operations are being performed under lockout or tagout;
  - (при в-ой распределительной коробке): He pulled the contact breaker downwards. With the junction box dead, he removed the 10 fuses and pocketed them
  выковывать / выковать - (новую личность образно): to hammer out a new identity;
  - (новое сотрудничество / союз нового типа образно): forging new partnerships / a new kind of Union;
  - смотри файл DVIJENIE
  выкраивать / выкроить - (государство, выкроенное из северной Испании и южной Франции): the rebel separatists want an independent Basque state carved out of northern Spain and southern France;
  - смотри файл DVIJENIE
  выкристаллизоваться / выкристаллизовываться - (из идей выкристаллизовался план): a number of related ideas that gradually crystallized into a practical plan;
  - (о планах): It was the latest in a series of conversations that Jobs was having with disgruntled Apple employees urging him to start a new company and rescue them. Plans to do so began to jell over Labor Day weekend, when Jobs spoke to B.T., the original Macintosh software chief, and floated the idea of starting a company to build a powerful but personal workstation.;
  - (из разрозненных мыслей стала в. упорядоченная картина того, как применить новые знания): many disjointed thoughts began to jell into an organized pattern on how to apply this new knowledge
  выкрутасы - (критики игнорировали саксофониста, считая его игру ширпотребом или выкрутасами): the saxophonist's tastes fell outside the bounds of what critics considered legitimate, serious jazz, and so they dismissed him out of hand as too mainstream or too gimmicky
  выкрутиться / выкручиваться (т.е. уйти от наказания) - (донести на сокамерников, чтобы самой в-иться): at first glance, she is just another selfish addict who wouldn't think twice about grassing on her fellow inmates to get herself off the hook infml;
  - (в. из казалось бы основательно составленного обвинения): they were in the process of wiggling out infml of what appeared to be a solid case against them;
  - he'll stop at nothing, even murder, to get himself out of a tight spot infml;
  - (ты выкрутился в тот раз): You wriggled out of that one. Not today.;
  - she was furious that he had somehow wormed his way out infml of punishment;
  - he wormed his way out of trouble by saying he'd been acting under duress
  выкуп - (за заложника): the terrorists kidnapped the boy and held him to ransom;
  - (за предприятие): Who will take over my business? Do I get a buyout?;
  - (т.е. за убитого): I shielded him, a fugitive, from the wrath of the Wilfings, paid them the due wergild old use for his crime;
  - (имущества, на которое наложен арест): "redemption" of the lien(s) occurs when the delinquent property taxes are paid in full
  выкупать / выкупить - (т.е. вещи, забранные судебным исполнителем): the bailiff took valuable things and the tenant has to redeem his belongings;
  - (домовладельцы выкупают закладные): homeowners pay off their mortgages;
  - (из крепостных): he offered his money to buy himself out of serfdom;
  - (обанкротившуюся компанию): to buy out a bankrupt company;
  - (партнёры по бизнесу хотят в. мою долю): my partners at the modeling agency out here are willing to buy me out infml
  вылавливать / выловить - (мельчайшие ошибки, т.е. в микросхемах): the computer-aided design tool can catch subtle errors that several months of simulations would still miss;
  - (неточности и оплошности в тексте образно): They pored over the text. Their job was to catch any inaccuracies or inadvertent diplomatic gaffes.;
  - смотри файл DVIJENIE
  вылазка - (т.е. военная): you were with us in the sortie;
  - (семейные в-и, т.е. на природу): family outings;
  - (т.е. самолёта на территорию врага): a series of sorties was carried out at night by specially equipped aircraft;
  - (т.е. человека, который скрывался и вышел из дому): he recognized you last time you risked a little jaunt outside;
  - (т.е. шпиона на территорию врага): the proposal was for a little run into the territory east of the Iron Curtain
  вылетать / вылететь (т.е. быть исключённым разг) - (в предварительном туре конкурса вылетели 18 певцов): watching the 24 acts in the final (a preliminary round removes the other 18), I felt Sweden and Britain were clear standouts, given the silliness of the whole thing;
  - (в. как пробка из бутылки с курсов подготовки лётчиков разг): an Air Force officer who'd flunked out infml of pilot training;
  - (в. как пробка из бутылки образно, ещё раз опоздаешь, вылетишь с работы, как пробка из бутылки): if you are late one more time, you shall be out on your ear;
  - (в. с работы, ещё попререкайся, и вылетишь с работы): any more mouthing off like that and you'll be getting your marching orders infml;
  - смотри файл DVIJENIE
  вылетать в трубу / вылететь в трубу разг - (о пенсионной программе): my retirement plan went up in smoke;
  - (т.е. разориться): after nine months of massive losses, the company finally went to the wall BrE infml
  вылечивать / вылечить - unconventional medicine is used throughout the world to treat and sometimes to cure;
  - (время - единственное, что его вылечит): time is the only thing that will sort him out;
  - (сыпь вылечили мазью, купленной без рецепта): the rash was cured with a non-prescriptive ointment from a pharmacy;
  - I cured him with herbs
  выливать / вылить - (я писал со слезами и мУкой, выливая на страницы всю боль, предназначенную мне жизнью): "For three months I worked incessantly," Sinclair later said. "I wrote with tears and anguish, pouring into the pages all the pain that life had meant to me.";
  выливаться / вылиться - (волнения туземного населения вылились в беспорядки): the unrest of the native population culminated in disorders;
  - (небольшой рост местных расходов выльется в большое повышение налога на недвижимость): a small increase in local spending will translate into a big rise in property tax;
  - (пограничный конфликт грозил в. в вооружённый конфликт): the Presidents of Ecuador and Peru settled a contentious border dispute that had threatened to erupt into armed conflict;
  - (подспудная напряжённость вылилась образно в драки, т.е. в школе): in my junior year, the underlying tensions broke out with fights between groups at football games;
  - (предсказать, во что это выльется): it's impossible to predict how this will pan out;
  - (трудовой спор, который вылился в насильственные действия): a labor dispute that erupted in violence;
  - (у детей эмоции выливаются в действия): children translate emotions into actions without even thinking;
  - смотри файл DVIJENIE
  вылитый - (вылитая она): He found an accomplice who's her double. A dead ringer.;
  - (он в. отец): he's a carbon copy of his father / he is his father over again
  выманивать / выманить - (вещи у кого-л): you weren't the first person he wormed things out of;
  - (деньги у кого-л): смотри ниже;
  - (т.е. заключённая выманивает у охранника ключи): she tricks H. into handing over her keys;
  - (в. кого-л к двери): she lured him into the shop doorway and her accomplice hit him over the head;
  - (паёк у кого-л): he is trying to cheat me out of my rations;
  - (письмо у кого-л): he feigns affection to trick her into handing over the letter he sent;
  - (в. у неё сведения о том, где находится пропавшая вещь): he had managed to wheedle the location of the lost thing out of her;
  - (убийцу): his public manhunt for L. was part of a ruse to lure out the real killer
  выманивать / выманить (деньги у кого-л) - he wheedled some money out of his girlfriend;
  - the accused wheedled $30 million out of his investors;
  - he was arrested for cheating them out of $19000;
  - he chiseled infml me out of my money;
  - he was the victim of a con man who had hoodwinked him out of $65,000;
  - (женщина, у которой выманили 11000 фунтов): an 80-year-old woman duped out of nearly £11,000 by two international lottery scams says she cannot believe she was so gullible;
  - (сбережения у кого-л): she swindled him out of his life savings;
  - (у кого-л последние 50 пенсов): she is capable of conning infml her own mother out of her last fifty pence piece
  вымарать / вымарывать - (имена из досье): if this judgment holds, we would have to black out (from Stasi files) all the names of people who had not given their express permission
  выматывать / вымотать - The Star Command Police Force were the highest authority, the most talented, intelligent and respected group of men and woman the world had ever seen. The most elite men and women in the world, and all at the top of their game, and yet this one woman had completely frazzled them and was always one step ahead.;
  - his own parents were glad to have him out of the house each day, his incredible energy levels always frazzled them;
  - (он больше меня вымотает): He backed up his offer with a threat. If I don't accede, he'll change parties and become the Republican candidate in the general election. His chances will be no better, but he will increase the wear and tear on me and exact maximum punishment for not making him chief.
  выматываться / вымотаться - (он так вымотался, что чуть не заснул в дУше): he's so whacked out infml he almost falls asleep in the shower
  выменивать / выменять - (товары / услуги): trading became a principal facility of prehistoric people, who bartered what they had for goods and services from each other
  вымереть / вымирать - (как вымерли динозавры): the discovery of the dinosaur skeleton has cast light on why they became extinct;
  - (о животных): animals are becoming extinct when their habitat is destroyed;
  - (о животных): It's estimated we have only identified about 355 of the plants and animals. Far more are found every year than go extinct.;
  - (о профессии): he can see his trade (sheep shearing) dying out;
  - (о цивилизации): the Maya civilization in Yucatan was dying out before the explorers arrived from Europe;
  - (тетерева вымерли во многих округах): in England, black grouse become extinct from many counties
  вымерший - (львы): the white lions, extinct in the wild
  выместить / вымещать - смотри файл EMOCII
  вымирание - (вида или группы таксонов): In biology and ecology, extinction is the ceasing of existence of a species or group of taxa. The moment of extinction is generally considered to be the death of the last individual of that species.;
  - (на грани в-я): on the edge of extinction;
  - (на грани в-я): whooping cranes are on the brink of extinction;
  - (охота на гепарда чуть не довела его до в-я): the cheetah has been hunted almost to extinction
  вымирать - the great Indian rhinoceros becomes extinct
  вымирающий - (браконьеры охотятся на животных в-их видов): poachers hunt endangered species;
  - (вид): marketing executives are an endangered species;
  - (дикие животные): concerned locals maintain a vigilant eye on population growth, watershed management and endangered wildlife
  вымогательский - (методы, т.е. налогообложения): The former president's reforms meant that for the first time monthly payments could be made based on turnover. But the new Socialist president has in his first budget started what many see as the dismantling of the whole process; a move to force them back to the bulky, extortionate old ways.
  вымогательство - (гангстер замешан в в-е): the mobster is involved in arms trafficking, prostitution and extortion;
  - (заниматься в-ом у бизнесменов): it was widely believed that he amassed his fortune by seizing companies and extorting businesspeople;
  - (использовать шантаж и в., чтобы заставить владельцев предприятий отказаться от них): using blackmail and extortions to force business owners to turn down their business;
  - (т.е. в. пожертвований на партию): The congressman made a soft appeal for political contributions from the company, reminding them that were the Republicans to lose the majority, the very members of Congress who supported the Clinton administration's attacks on Microsoft would then be free to dismantle their software company. One of the Microsoft executives brushed off this solicitation.;
  - (в. пожертвования на сумму $1.5 млн): federal investigators charged his fundraiser with soliciting a $1.5 million contribution as part of a kickback scheme at a state pension board
  вымогать - (деньги у руководителя): he extorted money from the executive by threatening to reveal his past to the company boss;
  - (деньги у старушки): he had been extorting money from the old lady for years;
  - (деньги у хозяина предприятия): he squeezed money from the owner of the business by threatening him
  выморить - (голодом осаждённых): Stirling, one of the few castles still held by the English lay under Scottish siege. Edward Bruce had remained there for many months in the hope of starving the English out.;
  - (кротов / мышей / тараканов): to exterminate moles / mice / cockroaches
  вымуштрованный - (войска): well-drilled troops
  вымуштровать - (ополченцев Мессира не так-то легко одурачить после того, как я их вымуштровал): Messire's militia are never so easily gulled, not after I've brought them to heel
  вымываться - (деньги вымываются из экономики): if money is being leached out of the economy, the government has to print money;
  - смотри файл DVIJENIE
  вымысел - (смешивать научную фантастику с в-ом): expertly blending science fiction with fiction, the writer sets up mind-boggling scenarios where doctors, lawyers, scientists and big business play God;
  - (отделить правду от вымысла): to separate fact from fiction;
  - (отличать правду от вымысла): he said I was so plastered these days I didn't know fact from fiction;
  - figments of his imagination
  вымышленный - (адвокатская контора в телевизионном сериале): Wolfram & Hart, Attorneys at Law is a fictional, international and interdimensional law firm featured in the television series Angel;
  - (враг / персонаж / приятель): fictitious enemy / character / boyfriend;
  - (имя): This is the latest trick from scam literary agencies that want to appear reputable. They tell you that your work will be accepted as long as you pay to have it edited - then refer you to a specific editor who is working in partnership with the agency and shares proceeds with them. Be cautious if they offer you a range of editors to choose from - they may all be in cahoots with the "agent", or they may even be the same person operating under different aliases.;
  - (имя, мафия... использует подставное лицо без судимости и под в-ым именем): The mob opens a new business. They use a front man with no criminal record and an assumed name.;
  - (используются в-ые имена, действующие лица и местности): names, characters, and places are used fictitiously;
  - (животное): dragon, a mythic creature;
  - (обвинения): these charges are fictitious and bogus;
  - (персонаж): some characters may puzzle the reader as to whether they are true or fictional;
  - (персонаж): all characters in this publication are fictitious;
  - (ситуации, т.е. в телепередаче): our crime and punishment channel offers genuine reality, not those made-up ludicrous situations that are the bread and butter of the commercial networks;
  - (сыщик): Sherlock Holmes is a fictional detective;
  - (теория): a theory of everything (ToE) or final theory is a putative theory of theoretical physics that fully explains and links together all known physical phenomena, and predicts the outcome of any experiment that could be carried out in principle
  вынашивать - (заговор): to hatch a conspiracy;
  - (он вынашивает план проучить её): he hatches a plan to teach her a lesson;
  - (план): In 1995, the officers of the 6th Army Corps hatched a plan to storm Pyongyang in conjunction with the neighboring 7th Corps. The plot was sabotaged by informers, who were then promoted to top positions within the units.
  вынесение - (на обсуждение / рассмотрение, договоров, т.е. в парламент): Tabling of Treaties. All treaties (and related actions, including amendments to and withdrawal from treaties) are tabled in Parliament for at least 15 sitting days in both Houses before the Government takes binding action (with special procedures for instances of exceptional urgency). In most cases, this means that treaties are tabled for consideration after signature but before the final step (e.g. ratification or confirmatory exchange of notes) to bind Australia under international law
  вынести / выносить - (вопрос на пленарное заседание): Cyprus was the first country to bring the issue of the Armenian Genocide recognition to the plenary session of the United Nations General Assembly in 1965;
  - (вотум недоверия): to vote want of confidence;
  - (мнение / суждение): to render a judgment;
  - (т.е. выдержать): смотри ниже;
  - (т.е. перенести): смотри ниже;
  - (порицание, Конгресс - своему члену): the House censured the congressman after a scandal;
  - (порицание, Сенат вынес порицание сенатору за использование в личных целях средств, собранных для него как для должностного лица): he had been censured by Senate for the personal use of funds that had been raised for him in his official capacity;
  - (решение): смотри ниже;
  - (т.е. усвоить): history suggests that Tel Aviv will instead take away from the latest battle that brutal force is the road to success;
  - смотри файлы DVIJENIE, SUD
  вынести / выносить (т.е. выдержать) - (атаку): twenty-ninth Army sustained a serious attack;
  - (богачи могут в-и почти всё, кроме того, что их отвергают): rich folks can tolerate almost anything, but not rejection;
  - (в. вопрос на голосование): if an item is brought to a vote, record the motions that were made as well as the names of the people who made them and (in some cases) seconded them;
  - (вынесенное против него решение, т.е. суда): his bankruptcy is attributed to the award of a judgement against him for over £3.2 million;
  - (всю тяжесть политики глобализации [на своих плечах]): these working-class people are bearing the brunt of a policy of globalisation that benefits the few and damages the many;
  - (кожевенные мастерские на окраину города): in ancient history, tanning was considered a noxious or "odiferous trade" and relegated to the outskirts of town;
  - (т.е. неподходящую пищу): Achilles never suckled at his mother's breast and instead was fed the innards of lions, wild swine and bear barrow. A baby who could stomach poet this food certainly is not someone to anger when he grows up.;
  - (основную тяжесть экономического спада и сокращения штатов в обороне): the Californians had borne the brunt of the recession and the defense downsizing;
  - (путешествие): to get through a voyage;
  - (т.е. разлуку с детьми): the enforced separation from her children is more than she can bear;
  - (сколько перемен может в. страна, не подвергаясь опасности впасть в хаос): we proceeded to debate how much change China could accommodate without risking internal chaos;
  - (споры на согласительную комиссию): disputes shall be brought before the Conciliation Commission by means of an application addressed to the President by the two parties acting in agreement, or in default thereof by one or other of the parties;
  - (т.е. трудности): how shall I ever get through this?;
  - (я не вынесу, если придётся всё это начать по новой): I can't go through the whole business of starting over again
  вынести / выносить (т.е. перенести) - (в. за скобки наибольший общий делитель): in this tutorial we are going to look at two ways to factor polynomial expressions, factoring out the greatest common factor and factoring by grouping;
  - (материал по геометрии нужно в. в приложение): the material on geometry has been relegated to an appendix
  вынести решение / выносить решение - to make AmE / take BrE a decision;
  - (в. решение по заявлению): The Veteran Agency has a backlog of at least six months on disability cases. That means that, unless he or she has some alternative means of support, the disabled vet has to go without even the bare necessities of life for half a year before the claim is even adjudicated fml;
  - (суд вынес решение о разделе недвижимости путём продажи): the trial court ordered the property to be partitioned by sale;
  - (суд вынес решение по делу): on 5 January 2015, the Federal Supreme Court of Switzerland decided on a case wherein a plaintiff challenged the paternity of his (alleged) daughter;
  - (судьи выносят постановления своевременно): to ensure that the judges deliver timely rulings
  вынос - (знамени): to watch the trooping of colors at West Point
  выносить - (не в. толпу и шум): he had come from the war with a great dislike of crowds and loud noises
  выноситься - (вопрос выносится на голосование): if an item is brought to a vote, record the motions that were made as well as the names of the people who made them and (in some cases) seconded them;
  - (на обсуждение / рассмотрение, договора выносятся на рассмотрение в парламент): All treaties (and related actions, including amendments to and withdrawal from treaties) are tabled in Parliament for at least 15 sitting days in both Houses before the Government takes binding action (with special procedures for instances of exceptional urgency). In most cases, this means that treaties are tabled for consideration after signature but before the final step (e.g. ratification or confirmatory exchange of notes) to bind Australia under international law;
  - (споры должны в. на согласительную комиссию): disputes shall be brought before the Conciliation Commission by means of an application addressed to the President by the two parties acting in agreement, or in default thereof by one or other of the parties;
  выноска - (т.е. линия на чертеже в виде стрелки с полочкой): leader;
  - (т.е. текст, заключённый в квадратик / кружок / овал...): callout;
  - (для указания позиций на сборочном чертеже): balloon callouts label components in an assembly;
  - A bubble callout is a shape that does not have a leader. The shape has a pointer as part of the shape, but it is not considered a leader. There are four bubble callouts available, as follows: Rectangular Callout, Rounded Rectangular Callout, Oval Callout, Cloud Callout
  выносливость - (его в. испытывалась до предела): he was tested to the very limit of endurance;
  - (в. и крепость духа раненых военных, возвращающихся из Афганистана): just going to a pub so soon after a grievous injury, reflects the remarkable fitness and mental attitude of troops returning injured from Iraq and Afghanistan;
  - (испытание на предельную в.): as the supreme test of endurance, most people would think of a 50-mile run, climbing Mount Everest or sailing round the world;
  - (т.е. картофеля): improving agronomic properties such as size, yield, taste, dry-matter content, hardiness or storage capacity;
  - (народа): sobriety and hardiness characterize the bulk of the people;
  - (пловца на длинные дистанции): players must have the stamina of a distance swimmer, the strength of a weight lifter and the flexibility of a wrestler
  выносливый - (первопроходцы / растения): hardy pioneers / plants;
  - (порода): coming from a farming family, he had many of the traits associated with this hardy breed;
  - (скакуны): swift and enduring were the steeds of Rohan;
  - (человек): a hardy and robust man;
  - (человеческое тело на удивление выносливо): The human body is amazingly resilient. The worst problem would be lack of oxygen, not lack of pressure in the vacuum. If returned to a normal atmosphere fairly quickly, you would survive with few if any irreversible injuries.
  вынудить / вынуждать - (бедность,вынуждающая людей покинуть местность): it's poverty that drives so many people to leave the area;
  - (в. войска выйти на открытое пространство): troops have been forced into the open (by air strikes);
  - (враждебные действия по отношению к России вынудят Америку выполнить договорные обазательства): any hostilities directed at Russia will compel America to honor her treaty commitment;
  - (его вынудили признать себя виновным / его вынудили признаться во вторжении в чужое жилище и изнасиловании / адвокат заставиил его признаться в преступлении): Man Accused of Rape Says He Was Coerced into Making Plea. A former Miami University student says he was coerced into confessing to a burglary and rape. R. said his former attorney forced him to confessing to the crimes and pleading guilty.;
  - (его вынудили уйти с поста президента компании): he was ousted as Apple chairman in 1985;
  - (закон вынудил купцов обходить закон): the act compelled colonial merchants to evade the law;
  - (засуха вынудила скотоводов кормить скот сеном): in years of drought cattlemen were forced to feed their stock hay;
  - (к послушанию): the smallest infraction can result in summary execution, and that makes for obedience;
  - (кого-л дать список поставщиков, т.е. наркотиков): he has discovered that R. is doing time for possession and is pressuring him for a list of his suppliers on the outside;
  - (в. кого-л отказаться от иска): local Republican Party bigwigs applied a full court press on her, hoping to coerce her into dropping her lawsuit;
  - (Математическое общество вынуждает правительство проводить научную политику, которая...): the AMS urges the government to promote a science policy...;
  - (намёки, вынуждающие девочек приспосабливаться с женофобским стереотипам): the girl had picked up the subtle and not-so-subtle cultural signals urging them to conform to sexist stereotypes, to diminish their own accomplishments in order not to outperform the boys around them;
  - (меня вынуждают делать отчётность в большем объёме): I am prodded to make financial reporting more comprehensive;
  - (он вынужден заниматься политической деятельностью): he is compelled to engage in political activity;
  - (в. ООН отменить санкции): a protracted effort by Saddam to coerce the United Nations into lifting sanctions in return for continuing the weapons inspections;
  - (прервать переговоры): we can push too hard and we force R. to abort the talks;
  - (его вынудили это с., т.е. присягнуть Усаме бен Ладену): he swore allegiance to Osama bin Laden, but he says he was coerced into doing it;
  - (разоблачение должно в. правительство действовать): the revelation of the long-suspected kidnapping could pressure Seoul to act;
  - (т.е. угрозами, застройщики пытаются в. домовладельцев продать свои дома по цене ниже рыночной): developers trying to strong-arm homeowners into selling their houses at below-market prices;
  - (Эйзенхауэр вынудил британцев и французов уйти из Суэцкого канала): Eisenhower compelled the British and French to withdraw from the Suez Canal;
  - (это обстоятельство вынудило нас быть сплочённой группой): we who did serve in the strange and sometimes forbidding city were forced by circumstance to be a closely knit group;
  - many suspect Trump attempted to coerce Ukraine's president to investigate a potential political rival, former Vice President Joe Biden, by threatening to withhold the funds unless an investigation was launched
  вынужден - (белые ржанки вынуждены проявлять особую предприимчивость в поисках пищи): Because they are not seabirds, sheathbills have to be extremely opportunistic in finding food. Basically they will eat almost anything that is organic and will often try out the inorganic (ropes, Zodiacs, gumboots).
  - (виды деятельности будут вынуждены меняться): climate patterns are going to shift, established economic and other activities are going to be forced to change;
  - (вступить в войну): otherwise, the NATO countries would have been compelled to join in Vietnam on the American side;
  - (выслушивать обвинения от коллег): he was forced to listen to his own denunciation by his former colleagues
  - (делать что-л в тайне): he was forced to do it in secret, in the dead of night;
  - (десятки неправительственных организаций были вынуждены прекратить работу, не сумев провести в срок регистрацию): dozens of non-governmental organisations were forced to suspend activities in October after failing to meet a deadline for complying with complex new registration procedures;
  - (заниматься политической деятельностью): he shall not be compelled to engage in any political activity;
  - (защищаться от обвинений в антисемитизме): Jewish Professor Forced to Defend Himself against Anti-Semitic Claims. "All Jews should be sterilized" would be an example of an unacceptable and dangerous opinion, J. told the students. S.G. understood J.'s example to be his personal opinion.;
  - (команда вынуждена идти на перехват или нарушить правила): the Kyiv team were forced to either go for the steal or foul;
  - (мы были вынуждены этим обстоятельством быть сплочённой группой): we who did serve in the strange and sometimes forbidding city were forced by circumstance to be a closely knit group;
  - (оказаться в-ым взять обязательства): he was suspicious of any foreign policy rooted in missionary zeal, which he felt would cause us to drift into commitments "which though generous and benevolent in content, are so far reaching as to exceed even America's great capacities.";
  - (он был вынужден уйти с поста президента компании): he was ousted as Apple chairman in 1985;
  - (он вынужден привлекать широкие массы избирателей): the leader is obliged to appeal to broad constituencies;
  - (оправдываться, премьер-министр был в. оправдываться в том, насколько он был осведомлён об участии разведывательных учреждений в незаконной слежке за Д.): Prime Minister J.K. was yesterday on the back foot in Parliament over questions about how much he knew about the involvement of the intelligence agencies in spying illegally on Mr D.;
  - (отощавшие и голодные, нечёсаные и вонючие, они были вынуждены рыться на помойках): These sorry discards from some defeated militia weren't going to be much of a challenge. They were all gaunt and hungry, matted and filthy, driven to scavenging like desperate dog-foxes after a long winter of lean pickings.;
  - (семьи, вынужденные покинуть свой дом): families forced out of their homes moved to villages;
  - (солгав, он был вынужден придерживаться своей лжи): once trapped by the lie, he had to stick with it;
  - (человек, вынужденный предстать перед судом): to provide legal defense for any man forced to stand trial;
  - (в. признать, что...): the professor does concede that it is useful for future lawyers;
  - (в. признать, я в. признать, что при виде такого арсенала у меня дух захватывает): I am allowed to enter the weapons collection. I have to admit the arsenal takes my breath away.;
  - (в. принимать чужие правила): he was forced to take every single one of their rules;
  - (в. трудиться): a Heifer saw an Ox hard at work harnessed to a plow, and tormented him with reflections on his unhappy fate in being compelled to labor;
  - (в. уйти из бизнеса): many concerns were forced out of business
  вынужденный - (посадка): emergency landing;
  - (разлука с детьми): the enforced separation from her (prisoner's) children is more than she can bear;
  - (улыбка): the smile seemed forced
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