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Поиск утраченного смысла. Загадка Лукоморья
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  выпад - she was a target of sexual innuendo;
  - (в адрес полиции образно): he condemned apathy and prejudice hiding behind the reach of law and order, a clear slap at the police tactics;
  - (против справедливости судопроизводства): this was in no way an imputation against the fairness of the Soviet judicial procedure;
  - смотри файл DVIJENIE
  выпадение - смотри файл DVIJENIE
  выпадать / выпасть - (беды, что выпали стране): he is immune to this and other ills that befall the country;
  - (госсекретарю выпало отделить внешнюю политику от внутренней): it fell to me to attempt to insulate foreign policy as much as possible from the domestic catastrophe;
  - (ему выпала честь учиться у выдающегося композитора): while still in his early years of high school, he enjoyed the privilege of studying with the very distinguished Canadian composer, R.A.;
  - (в. из синхронизма, о двигателе / роторе): the motor / rotor has fallen out of step;
  - (ежегодный медосмотр выпадает то на несколько дней раньше, то на несколько дней позже дня рождения): Today is his annual medical. It normally falls on either side of his birthday, but this year the dates have aligned.;
  - (т.е. из системы): postdoctoral fellows often fall through the cracks in that they are working professionals but are neither students nor employees;
  - (место в истории генетики выпало томату): that place in the history of genetic studies fell to the humble tomato;
  - (мне выпала особая привилегия и высокая честь...): I have the high privilege and distinct honor to...;
  - (много горя и потерь выпало на нашу долю): much loss and sorrow has befallen us;
  - (молодые люди выпадают из системы здравоохранения): too many young people fall through the cracks in the healthcare system;
  - (в. на долю кого-л): the continuing nightmare that has befallen the Persian Gulf since the Shah's overthrow;
  - (в. на долю кого-л): much loss and sorrow has befallen us;
  - (не такая судьба выпала картине "Крик"): ...but that was not to be the fate of The Scream (the painting);
  - (по жребию первая стража выпала Г.): they now drew lots for the watches, and the lot for the first watch fell to Gimli;
  - (судьба выпала сотням неизвестных): accounts of what befell the hundreds of unknowns who did not receive the publicity accorded to the great Moscow trials of Daniel and Siniavski;
  - (такая возможность выпадает раз в жизни): this is once-in-a-lifetime opportunity;
  - (участь, которая могла в. плейеру): products such as the Mac set a new standard, but were quickly overtaken by cheaper rivals - a fate that could yet befallъ the portable digital music player;
  - (я благодарен судьбе за то, что мне выпала возможность / честь ...): I'm grateful to have the opportunity / privilege to train with such a dedicated group of high level athletes;
  - смотри файл DVIJENIE
  выпадение - (в атмосферу радиоактивных частиц): fallout of radioactive particles released into the atmosphere by nuclear explosion
  выпаливать / выпалить (т.е. сказать) - sometimes we clench our fists and blurt out our angry reactions;
  - "...?" he blurted out;
  - смотри файл DVIJENIE
  выписанный - (в. вручную чек, т.е. не на компьютере): one of my handwritten paychecks was for an incorrect amount, less than what it should have been
  выписать / выписывать - (вексель приказу банка): A. draws a bill to the order of a bank, and C. endorses it in order that A. may be able to negotiate it with the bank;
  - (даты актуальных донесений в один столбец): having listed topical reports, he set down their dates in a single column;
  - (денежный перевод на имя кого-л): make your money order payable to Multimedia Strategies;
  - (документ): to make out a document;
  - (запрос на документы): subpoena for documents was issued in recent days;
  - (из больницы кого-л): he was discharged from the hospital;
  - (квитанцию): to issue / make out a receipt;
  - (лекарства): to administer drugs;
  - (лекарство): your doctor has prescribed T. because you suffer from...;
  - (лекарство кому-л): I prescribed expensive medicine for them;
  - (лекарства): to administer drugs;
  - (матрицу мат): one can do these calculations in the form of a Markov Process by writing out the Markov transition matrix;
  - (в. по памяти еврейский алфавит): he had just finished writing out the entire twenty-two-letter Hebrew alphabet from memory;
  - (повестку): the Fire Department issued the summons to the manager on duty at the time;
  - (полис): to make out / issue a policy;
  - (предупреждения, городские инспекторы стали в. предупреждения владельцам ветхого жилья): city inspectors begin issuing written warnings to owners of blighted and unkempt properties;
  - (т.е. список из книги): matter of fact, I copied it out for future reference;
  - (счета, автоматически оплачиваемые банком, продолжали выписывать на счёт, который должен был быть закрыт): He had an account with W. (bank) with most of his bills being paid automatically. He switched to the Credit Union and did what he thought was necessary to switch his automatic payments. Then he closed W. account. Some of the automatic payments continued to be issued to his supposedly closed W. account. W. honored those payments and charged fees for overdrafts and for insufficient balance.;
  - (счёт): to make out a bill;
  - (в. счёт-фактуру в долларах): to invoice in dollars;
  - (фактуру): to make out an invoice;
  - (чек): смотри ниже;
  - (в. штраф за парковку автомобиля в неразрешённом месте): Permit only parking. A parking charge will be issued to unauthorized or illegally parked vehicles using these spaces. Parking charge £ 60.
  выписать / выписывать (чек) - if you would like to give to a charity, make sure to check its credentials before writing h a check;
  - (в. чек от руки, вместо того, чтобы распечатать чек на зарплату системой QuickBooks, вы выписали его о.р.): rather than having QB print the check you handwrote the check;
  - (Конгресс и президент договорились о "длящейся резолюции", временном продолжении бюджета, позволяющем казначейству в. чеки, пока продолжаются переговоры, т.е. между Конгрессом и президентом): Congress and the President agreed on a "continuing resolution" - a temporary budget extension - that authorized the Treasury to issue checks while negotiations continued;
  - (кому-л): some small checks people had written down infml to me;
  - (на американский банк): payment by check AmE must be drawn on U.S. bank if paid in U.S. dollars;
  - (на имя кого-л): make your check payable to Multimedia Strategies;
  - (на 50 долларов): to make out a cheque BrE for $50;
  - (человек, на [имя] которого выписан чек): Consumers who fail to properly present a check to a bank and are refused payment is another somewhat common phenomenon in the banking world. For example, if a person who a check was made out to goes to the original bank to cash the check but is not a customer of that bank, the policies may require the consumer to present identification or provide fingerprints before being able to cash the check.;
  - Pay the fee with a check or money order drawn on a U.S. bank payable to the Department of Homeland Security. Residents of Guam should make the fee payable to the "Treasurer, Guam," and residents of the U.S. Virgin Islands should make the fee payable to the "Commissioner of Finance of the Virgin Islands."
  выписка - (из реестра): original or notarised copy of a letter from the legal advisor of the Applicant "L." stating that L. have reviewed the original extracts from the Register
  выписка / выписывание - (в. счетов клиентам): billing of customers
  выплата - (денежная, заменить социальные льготы, которые давались натурой, д-ыми в-ами): the Russian Federal Assembly has just decided to abolish many social benefits that have never actually been paid out and to replace numerous benefits paid in kind with cash payments;
  - (за недвижимость, купленную по контракту): he received a deed to the property in 1999 after completing the contract payments;
  - (ограничить в-ы какой-л суммой): labour urged the government to consider capping payouts at $ 5 million, arguing that the $22 million was unlikely to deliver an "extra slice of happiness" for the winner;
  - (по кредиту): the teachers teaching full-time in a school that is meant exclusively for the students belonging to low-income families are exempt from loan repayment for about 15% of the portion if they have applied Perkins loan;
  - (регулярно делать в-ы, т.е. долга): the first money was released in March, after which we continued to make regular disbursements (of the loan);
  - (студенческого кредита): Disbursement: How the money gets to student or school. Federal Direct Student Loans are distributed through a channel that begins with the U.S. Treasury Department and from there passes through the U.S. Department of Education, then to the college or university and then to the student.;
  - (финансирование передаётся стране-получателю путём ряда выплат): During each round, countries apply to the Global Fund for funding by submitting a proposal. Funding for approved proposals is transmitted to recipient countries through a series of disbursements.
  выплатить / выплачивать - (в-ать остаток кредита / в-ить долг): if you move to a new home and charge $2000 for furniture on a credit card charging 18,5% interest and pay off the balance by making the minimum payments, it will take you more than 11 years to repay the debt;
  - (долг): by the time you pay off the debt you will have spent an extra $1,934 in interest alone;
  - (кредит): in January 1977, Mexico repaid its loan in full, with interest, more than three years ahead of schedule;
  - (одолженную сумму): mortgage term is the number of years over which you pay back the amount you borrow;
  - (социальные льготы): the Russian Federal Assembly has just decided to abolish many social benefits that have never actually been paid out and to replace numerous benefits paid in kind with cash payments
  выплаченный - (дом полностью выплачен): the house is completely paid off
  выплачиваться - (зарплата выплачивается в первую пятницу после проработанной недели): the pay date is the Friday following the week worked;
  - (зарплата будет в. в рабочий день непосредственно перед праздником): The pay date is the Friday following the week worked, except when there is a scheduled University holiday. The pay date, in those instances, will be on the working day immediately preceding the holiday.;
  - (сумма студенческого кредита выплачивается в течение 14 дней по получении необходимых документов): private student loan funds are usually disbursed within 14 days of receiving all necessary paperwork
  выполнение - (ежедневное в. упражнений): daily performance of these exercises has proved most beneficial to patients with this illness;
  - (законов): law enforcement;
  - (обязанностей): this work interferes with the performance of his duties;
  - (обязательств): fulfilment of one's obligations;
  - (обязательств): WTO oversees the implementation of member nation's trade commitments;
  - (в. обязательств пo настоящему договор стороной А): Party A's performance of its obligations hereunder shall neither conflict with any of its obligations under any other agreement or document, nor contravene any applicable laws, regulations or administrative rules;
  - (в. обязательств, предусмотренных контрактом): Requirement of Consideration for the Discharge of Contractual Obligations in Texas;
  - (правил): the rules are good but the enforcement is bad;
  - (работы, печатать со скоростью, достаточной для успешного в-я работы): ability to type accurately at a speed sufficient for successful job performance;
  - (служебных обязанностей): activities associated with the discharge of official duties;
  - (соглашения): there was no sign whatever of implementation (of the agreement);
  - (соглашения): the execution and delivery of this Agreement;
  - (указаний): following his orders has never yet led you into harm
  выполненный - (вычитать гранки или вёрстку для проверки ошибок в в-ом типографском наборе): use the galleys or page-proofs to check for mistakes in the composition handiwork;
  - (задание выполнено): mission accomplished, the kid is no longer a problem;
  - (изумительно в-ная чаша): a marvellously wrought chalice;
  - (искусно в-ое седло): a cunningly wrought saddle;
  - (по образцу, шпага выполнена по образцу традиционного дуэльного оружия): the sword is modeled on a traditional European dueling weapon, rapier, sabre;
  - (правильно в. медосмотр): when done properly, the exam is a rigorous procedure in which a health-care provider looks for changes in size and shape and uses the pads of her fingers to detect any changes or lumps in the breast or underarm area;
  - (фрески, в-ые А. Пеллерини): The suite of rooms was destroyed by fire in 1940. The most grievous loss was the destruction of the painted frescos executed by Antonio Pellerini between 1709-1712.
  выполнимый - (выполнимо ли прекращение огня?): is it feasible that he can enforce the cease-fire?;
  - (идея): workable idea;
  - (план): your plan sounds quite feasible;
  - (план / программа): workable plan / program;
  - (работа): doable task
  выполнить / выполнять - (анализ ДНК): he got a legal order to disinter the body and carry out DNA tests;
  - (анализы на интоксикацию): "You ran a tox screen that came back negative." "We do a tox screen in every automobile fatality. It's routine.";
  - (арифметические действия): he learned to read, write and do simple arithmetic;
  - (важное дело): I will allow you to perform an essential task for me;
  - (возложенную на него задачу): the US Environmental Protection Agency is clearly a dysfunctional agency no longer able to live up to its mandate;
  - (вылет, вертолёт - в. на бомбардировку): the helicopter was carrying out bombing raids;
  - (вылет, лётчик выполнял очередной тренировочный в.): the pilot was on a routine training sortie;
  - (выполняя свой долг): NASA astronauts who have lost their lives in the line of duty are memorialized at he Space Mirror Memorial at the Kennedy Space Center visitor Complex in Merritt Island, Florida;
  - (вычисления): to perform computation;
  - (вычисления): there is a handy way to carry out such computations;
  - (вычисления): to carry out calculations;
  - (график поставки): to maintain delivery schedule;
  - (двойную задачу): Acoustical Panels serve double function;
  - (в. для пользователя техобслуживание двигателя по фиксированной цене): the program undertakes to provide the operator with a fixed engine maintenance cost over an extended period of time;
  - (договор, т.е. между тренером и командой): The coach discovers that the boys have not lived up to the contract in terms of their studies. Many of them are failing or not regularly attending classes.
  - (долг): смотри ниже;
  - (желание): смотри ниже;
  - (завещание): to execute a will;
  - (задание): He could cope discreetly with those who came too close to the top men of the organization. By January he had fulfilled 12 assignments of this kind.;
  - (задание, он выполнял задании): during the war he was on some mysterious mission;
  - (в. задание в одиночку, т.е. о лётчике): On the night of 30 March 1944 he participated in an attack on Nuremberg. Short of the target, his aircraft was very severely damaged by enemy fighters, which forced three of his crew to parachute out. Despite this, and single handed, he completed his mission before turning for home.;
  - (задание, о морских пехотинцах): could the Dutch marines carry out such a mission?;
  - (заказ): if we are unable to fulfil your order within 15 working days, we will advise you of the situation and give you the opportunity to cancel your order;
  - (заказ на биржевые операции): a stop loss order that tells your broker to execute your order at any price once the commodity has reached your price target;
  - (команда безупречно выполнила манёвры): the team performed their best moves faultlessly;
  - (команда-победитель выполняет круг почёта): the team performs a lap of honor;
  - (команду на компьютере): he executed the command (on a computer) to decrypt a message, and got gibberish;
  - (Конгресс полномочен в. статью Конституции): Congress has power to enforce this article of the Constitution;
  - (контракт): details on similar contracts performed in the last 10 years;
  - (контракт, он выполнил свою часть к-а): he had honored his part of the contract and expected fair treatment in return;
  - (мёртвую петлю, т.е. о лётчике): On 21 September 1913, as a test pilot for Louis Blériot, in a Blériot model XI monoplane and in a series of test flights exploring the limits of airplane maneuvers, he flew a loop. Pyotr Nesterov, a Russian army pilot, had flown the first one on 9 September 1913, just 12 days earlier;
  - (в. норму международного мастера, сыграв со счётом 7:4, т.е. в спорте): he earned an International Master norm by scoring 7-4;
  - (обещание): смотри ниже;
  - (т.е. обещанное): the Prime-Minister has not delivered on debt-reduction;
  - (обзор): to undertake a review;
  - (общественную функцию): Do the Liberal Arts Serve a Public Function?;
  - (обязанности): смотри ниже;
  - (обязательства): смотри ниже;
  - (олимпийскую н-у, т.е. о спортсмене): using a variety of aerobic cross-training methods, he recovered from the surgery quickly and set his sights on making the Olympic standard;
  - (операцию Цесарева сечения): he performed a difficult Caesarian section;
  - (в. оплату по кредитной карточке): the charge was applied against your credit card;
  - (отчёт в рамках программы): reports elaborated in the framework of the Danube Pollution Reduction Program;
  - (план): смотри ниже;
  - (по образцу, шпага выполнена по образцу традиционного дуэльного оружия): the sword is modeled on a traditional European dueling weapon, rapier, sabre;
  - (пожелания): he reluctantly complied with their wishes;
  - (поручения): I worked a few hours a week for a local lawyer, doing legal research and running errands;
  - (поручения / приказания): Crabbe and Goyle seemed to exist to do Malfoy's bidding;
  - (постановление выполнило свою задачу): this ordinance accomplished its purpose;
  - (в. постановления об уплате алиментов на детей): there are rules that guarantee that service members will comply with child support orders, unless they are willing to face adverse administrative or criminal actions;
  - (постановления суда): in the presidential campaign, Nixon pandered to segregationists by promising to reverse the policy of withholding federal funds from school district that refused to comply with federal court orders to integrate their schools;
  - (правила клуба): if you join the club you must abide by its rules;
  - (правила техники безопасности): the factory was closed for failing to comply with safety regulations;
  - (приказы): He strongly reprimanded my uncle for not having carried out his orders;
  - (в. приказы начальника тайной полиции, т.е. о подчинённости): Adolf Eichmann said that he took his orders from his secret police boss;
  - (проект): to perform a project;
  - (проект): to put together a team that has all of the required skill sets to deliver the project effectively;
  - (просьбу): he prayed to Odin for a favourable wind and drew lots to decide which of his men was to be sacrificed in return for granting of his petition;
  - (пункт повестки дня): the last point on his agenda had been covered;
  - (расчёты с заказчиком): I manage a sales account for a large customer;
  - (т.е. режиссёр выполнял пожелания редактора фильма): after some grousing, he complied with his wishes;
  - (резолюцию ООН): we expect them to adhere to resolution 1559;
  - (рекомендацию): it is unclear how the recommendation could be implemented;
  - (в. свою задачу): Does probation really serve its purpose?;
  - (свою отвратительную обязанность): he completed his distasteful duty;
  - (в. свою роль): Congress has a profound moral duty to show - for once - that it is willing to do its part;
  - (свою часть договорённости): I was keeping my part of the bargain flawlessly;
  - (сложное движение в уме, т.е. о женщине в коме): They asked her to imagine playing tennis. Remarkable, this made neurons fire in the premotor cortex, a region that hums with activity when you mentally practice any sophisticated movement, from a jump shot to a backhand.;
  - (соглашение): the North Vietnamese did not even pretend to live up to the Geneva Accords;
  - (в. соскок на сломанную ногу, т.е. о гимнасте): he had to dismount squarely on his broken leg;
  - (строительные работы): if you are intending to carry out construction works, please contact us;
  - (террористы готовы в. угрозы): I believe the terrorists are prepared to carry out all their threats unless their demands are not met;
  - (тушение пожара было выполнено за 9 месяцев): thanks in part to his expertise, a firefighting operation expected to last 3 to 5 years was completed in 9 months;
  - (угрозу): смотри ниже;
  - (указания): he often does not follow through on instructions (not due to oppositional behavior or failure to understand instructions);
  - (условие): if you have to relocate in order to comply with this condition, the following assistance is available;
  - (функции): a directive from Mr. Bush to all ambassadors that warns them not to perform functions abroad that could just as easily be done from American shores;
  - (функцию аэропорта): The Ports serve a function analogous to airports: This is where you drop into the Metaverse (virtual universe in the computer) from somewhere else;
  - (художественное оформление книги было выполнено карандашом и чернилом): the artwork was rendered in pencil and ink on Bienfang velour paper;
  - (элементарные действия): to carry out atomic steps
  выполнить / выполнять (долг) - he's only doing his duty;
  - (перед Родиной): they were ordinary patriotic soldiers doing their duty to the Fatherland;
  - (в. свой д. по отношению к каждому ребёнку в отдельности): It is in the best interest of Jodie that separation (of conjoined twins) takes place - it is in the best interest of Mary that it does not. There is an irreconcilable conflict and the court cannot fully honour its separate duty to each child to do what is best for that child.
  выполнить / выполнять (желание) - (умирающего): you must grant his dying wish;
  - (желания, т.е. жены): he granted her wishes;
  - I will see to it that your wishes are carried out;
  - (волшебный олень может в. желание): the stag could give you wishes if you caught him;
  - grim tales of kings sacrificing their sons to gain their desires
  выполнить / выполнять (обещание) - to carry out one's promise;
  - he made good on his pledge to donate $1,000;
  - he made good on his promise to paint the living room;
  - (пообещать больше, чем мог в.): promising more than you could deliver;
  - (предвыборные обещания): will the government deliver on their election promises?;
  - he made good on his pledge to donate $1,000;
  - he promises things that he has no intentions of performing;
  - do politicians keep their promises?;
  - the Web has more than lived up to its promise;
  - the citizens hope that the government can deliver on that promise;
  - he would have no alternative but to abide by his pledge to free the man;
  - the Italian government will sell another stake in electricity company E. in a move toward making good on infml a pledge to significantly lower public debt;
  - the President has yet to make good on his pledge to deliver emergency assistance to the continent
  выполнить / выполнять (обязанности) - to carry out his duties as a government employee;
  - you will be required to perform duties which will include teaching, lecturing and conducting research;
  - (вице-президент будет в. обязанности президента): the Vice-President shall exercise the office of President of the USA
  выполнить / выполнять (обязательства): - if the Soviets abide by their undertakings...;
  - the President maintained his pledge to cut the deficit in half;
  - sentencing courts should ensure that defenders have carried out their obligation to advise the client about collateral sequences before accepting a plea and at sentencing;
  - (договорные обязательства): to abide by contract obligations;
  - (о банке): the bank has not lived up to its obligations;
  - (по договору): any hostilities directed at our ally will compel America to honor her treaty commitment
  выполнить / выполнять (план) - after his electoral victory he fulfilled his long-standing plan;
  - (в. план по добыче 1.9 млн баррелей в день): the company is on track to meet its 2009 production target of 1.9 million barrels of oil equivalents per day;
  - (в. план, по которому биотопливо должно составлять 30%): Fuel companies have exceeded the amount of biofuel they were obliged to supply during the first quarter since the UK targets were set. Only 20 per cent of biofuels met qualifying environmental standards but the government's Renewable Fuels Agency claims the UK is on course to meet its target of 30 per cent by the end of the accounting year.;
  - (в. план года по производству 25000 автомобилей): they have failed to meet this year's production target of 25,000 cars;
  - (в. план по росту чистого дохода на 4-6%): we are on track to deliver on our full year target of net revenue growth of 4% to 6%
  выполнить / выполнять (угрозу) - to carry out threats to evict Russia's Black Sea Fleet from Sevastopol;
  - will he really go through with his threat?;
  - my dad made good on AmE Austr infml his threat to cut off our Internet service;
  - President Bush made good on his threat to veto the legislation
  выполняться - (аборты выполняются в опасных условиях): every year thousands abortions are performed under unsafe conditions;
  - (какой бы огромной ни была задача, она выполняется): massive though the task may be, it gets done;
  - (лечение выполняется под общим наркозом): the therapy is carried out on general anaesthetic;
  - (доказательство выполняется так же мат): the computation in the proof of Example 2 goes through in the same way for all except the relation (3);
  - (о равенстве мат): if this equality does hold...;
  - (об условии мат): if this condition holds at the initial time, then it holds for all time;
  - (правило выполняется во всех случаях): the rule holds in all cases;
  - (соотношение выполняется для широкого класса функций мат): the relation is shown to hold for wide classes of functions;
  - (тождество выполняется для произвольных элементов мат): since these identities hold for arbitrary test elements h,g, we conclude that...
  выправить / выправлять - (в. положение, о компании): having turned round the business in the UK, the company (Marks and Spencer) has a solid foundation for international growth
  выправление - (в. положения у неблагополучных компаний): a specialist at turning round troubled companies
  выпрашивание - (в. мальцом денег): the phone call from T. had been a gut-wrenching plea from the kid for money
  выпрашивать / выпросить - (сигарету): sometimes, the traffic police might also cadge infml vulgar a cigarette, then ask the driver to light it;
  - (у кого-л что-л): I begged of him for a small part of his food
  выпрямить / выпрямлять - (переменный ток): to rectify alternating current;
  - смотри файл DVIJENIE
  выпуск - (аварийного трапа самолёта): improper escape slide deployment;
  - (альбома, т.е. музыки): his album is slated for a September 2 release;
  - (в продажу): the model is undergoing final test before being put on the market;
  - (газеты, в субботнем в-е): your ad in Saturday's "Evening Post";
  - (газеты, в сегодняшнем в-е): The Times, Today's edition online;
  - (в. государственных золотых монет): the United States Coin and Bullion Reserve Vault Facilities today announces the final release of 5,000 U.S. Gov't Issued Gold Coins previously held in the West Point Depository / U.S. Mint;
  - (журнала): send me six issues of Scientific American Mind for only $30.00 USD;
  - (журнала, вышел первый / рождественский в. ж.): the first / Christmas issue of the magazine is just out;
  - (информационные в-и БиБиСи): BBC bulletins draw on the resources of more than 280 correspondents over the world;
  - (колледжа / школы, первый в. был в 1933 г.): was the first graduating class in 1993?;
  - (кинофильма на экран): the release date will be...;
  - (кинофильма на экран): as Cecil B. DeMille readied his costly production for release a half-century ago, he seized on an ingenious publicity scheme;
  - (курсантов военного училища): we missed the formal passing-out parade of our draft;
  - (марок в память о событии): there is a new issue of stamps to commemorate the Royal Wedding;
  - (облигаций): gross issuance for US government bonds is expected to soar by 30 per cent to $967 billion this year;
  - (очередного обновления программы / новой марки ювелирных изделий): the release of a new software update / jewelry brand;
  - (после в-а из артиллерийского училища): many of his gunners had never fired a live round since leaving gunnery school;
  - (программного продукта): Apple will bundle the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser with the Mac Operating System, making it the default browser in future operating system software releases;
  - (продукции): смотри ниже;
  - (сегодняшний в. газеты): the actress at the charity auction is featured in today's edition of UK newspaper the Daily Mirror;
  - (теленовостей): more of this and other topics in the next edition of a journal;
  - (телесериала): the forth entry of the Universal's series;
  - (телесериала): in the third outing of the series;
  - (телесериала): the first season of the television series Game of Thrones consists of ten episodes;
  - (ток-шоу): on this edition of Larry King live;
  - (фильма на большой экран, т.е. в кинотеатрах в отличие от телефильма): theatrical release date;
  - (экстренный в. газеты): every staff man was called back to help put out a crash edition for the morning breakfast tables;
  - (экстренный в. на телевидении): the swirl of wealth and celebrity surrounding the case spawned numerous television specials infml
  - смотри файл TEHNIKA
  выпуск продукции - (в наших правилах планировать в.п. строго в порядке очереди): Let's say you get a call informing you that your order will not be ready as expected, but will be late because we've accepted a rush order from someone who threw a bunch of money at us to get their job done first. Would you be upset? Annoyed? Disappointed? To that end, it is our policy to schedule all production strictly on a first-come, first-served basis.;
  - (в. новой п. ): смотри ниже;
  - (в. промышленной п. ): Japan's industrial output fell 2%;
  - (увеличивать в.п.): they are upping production;
  - (увеличивать в.п.): the company tries to boost output after reaching full capacity June 5, 2007
  выпуск (т.е. новой продукции) - rollout: the public introduction of a new aircraft; broadly : the widespread public introduction of a new product;
  - the only crises with which he had dealt were business problems - capital shortfalls, delayed product roll-outs, hostile takeover bids;
  - the national rollout of a new wireless service;
  - the manufacturer's rollout of the new jet is scheduled for next month;
  - Google Begins Roll Out Of Google Wallet
  выпускать / выпустить - (банк, выпускающий карточку): if your card issuer refuses to fully disclose the terms of your agreement before you accept the card, you might want to shop around for an issuer that will;
  - (бумажные деньги): paper money was issued by several of the states;
  - (бюллетень): TASS put out a bulletin;
  - (в. в обращение, основная задача монетного двора - в. в обращение монеты в объёме, достаточном для ведения бизнеса и торговли в стране): the primary mission of the United States Mint is to produce an adequate volume of circulating coinage for the nation to conduct its trade and commerce;
  - (в продажу): the model is undergoing final test before being put on the market;
  - (в эфир): CNN will not air statements of Al Qaeda live;
  - (в эфир, телеинтервью, которое выпустят в эфир вечером): a television interview to be aired this evening;
  - (в. воздух из чего-л): the problem was to make the bonds withstand the stresses, associated with differences in curvature between the bonded parts, that arose when the booms were deflated and the springs were compressed;
  - (в. воздух, пенис - не кость, которую можно надувать и из которой можно выпускать в. ): contrary to a popular misconception among young American males, the penis is not an air-inflatable / deflatable (to deflate) bone;
  - (диспетчер впускает и выпускает суда из устья реки): at another console, one of the day-shift men was taking care of the rest of the estuary traffic, bringing ships in and out;
  - (злость): Let go of his anger? He could as easily detach his legs.;
  - (издательство выпускает рассказы): the stories for boys which they turned out by the dozens;
  - (институт выпускает инженеров): the Institute turned out growing numbers of engineers;
  - (в. книгу воспоминаний / мемуары): J.A., the former lobbyist who went to prison for three years for fraud and tax evasion, has a new memoir out;
  - (лифт выпустил пассажиров на первом этаже): the elevator let them off at the ground level;
  - (в. лишнюю энергию): he has heaps of energy that he has to work off;
  - (т.е. т.е. на волю / на свободу): смотри ниже;
  - (ничего не впускать снаружи и не выпускать изнутри, звуковом о барьере): the area is enclosed by a sonic "wall", a sound barrier that keeps everything outside out and everything inside in, in terms of the larger creatures;
  - (т.е. новую продукцию): the provider plans to roll out its new Internet access service next month;
  - (т.е. новую продукцию): they've experimented with the system in regional markets, and will roll it out nationally this fall;
  - (в. в продажу облигации ): the government borrows money by issuing bonds for sale;
  - (отчёт): the company will release its annual report in May;
  - (20 очередей из автомата): He opened fire on the White House with an assault weapon. He got off 20 rounds before he was subdued.;
  - (певец выпустил пару дисков): the singer released a couple of discs which both flopped;
  - (т.е. продукцию): смотри ниже;
  - смотри файл DVIJENIE
  выпускать / выпустить (т.е. на волю / на свободу) - (военнопленного из лагеря): on their release from camp, the British Camp authorities would sign a release paper to the effect that Corporal J.S. was certified as released from prisoner camp;
  - (его выпустили из-под стражи): he was released from custody;
  - (заложника): to release a hostage;
  - (т.е. из клетки): he brought a cageful of birds to class and set them loose;
  - (в. [на волю] кролика): "I let my rabbit go today, I felt he suffered long enough by being in the cage and also because he wasn't eating rabbit pellets and desired greens and vegetation." "I wouldn't give much for their chances in the wild.";
  - (т.е. из психиатрической больницы): He has been confined to a state mental hospital for 25 years and now he is being released. "They turn me loose," he says. "Said I was well.";
  - (из тюрьмы): he was released from prison though not fully acquitted by a Vladivostok court;
  - (т.е. из тюрьмы): In an effort to both allegedly save money and appease certain politically correct supporters, he hatched a hare-brained scheme to release convicts from Wisconsin prisons early. As a result, large numbers of felons (and multiple felons) will be turned loose into the community after serving only two-thirds of their sentence.;
  - (птиц на природу): to reintroduce the birds (born in captivity) in the wild;
  - (птицу из клетки на волю): to release a bird;
  - (птицу из клетки на ночь): he was allowed to let his owl out at night;
  - (суд разрешил в. под залог обвиняемых ): the court granted conditional bail to white farmers (in Zimbabwe)
  выпускать / выпустить (т.е. продукцию) - (т.е. впервые в. новую продукцию, компания выпустила интернет-телефон): with little advance publicity, the company released their iPhone 3G;
  - (газету): the end of Time, Inc.'s brief attempt to operate a newspaper;
  - (газету): every staff man was called back to help put out a crash edition for the morning breakfast tables;
  - (заводы в 2003 г. выпустили 280000 автомобилей): in 2003, Slovak factories churned out 280000 vehicles;
  - (заводы выпускают тонколистовой металл): our steel-plants cannot produce sufficiently fine-gauge sheet metal;
  - (завод выпускает по 100 машин в день): the factory turns out 100 cars a day;
  - (т.е. изделие на рынок): the model is undergoing final test before being put on the market;
  - (т.е. печатать объявления): he was turning out handbills for the British Occupational authorities
  выпускаться - (воздух выпускается из реактивного двигателя): in a jet engine, thrust derives from the propulsive force of the rotating blades of a turbine compressing air, which is then expanded by the combustion of introduced fuel and exhausted from the engine;
  - (курсанты военного училища должны были в. из учебного лагеря): we were due to pass out of training camp in August 1944
  выпускной - (бал / вечер, т.е. в школе): senior prom;
  - (класс средней школы): a $1000 scholarship to students in the top 5 percent of every college high school graduating class;
  - (курс колледжа): his senior year of college
  выпутаться / выпутываться - (из трудных положений): to extricate oneself from difficult positions;
  - (т.е. из неприятностей): clearly, he is enjoying watching R. struggling on his own toward shore;
  - (из обвинений): you'll need a good lawyer to get you off [that charge];
  - (т.е. из наказания): if she had the pug-dog nose, the sallow skin, - then she would not get away with it;
  - (из наказания): she was furious that he had somehow wormed his way out of punishmentЬ
  - смотри файл DVIJENIE
  выпущенный - (джинн выпущен из бутылки): the genie has been out of the bottle;
  - (в-ые и находящиеся в обращении акции): issued and outstanding shares / stock;
  - (противозачаточное средство, в-ое в 1983 году): the Sponge, introduced in 1983, became the largest-selling over-the-counter (OTC) female contraceptive in the United States
  выпытать / выпытывать - Don't tell Jane. Or even your wife. I know she wouldn't mean to tell Jane. But Jane would sense something wrong, and get it out of her.;
  - (он не сказал ни слова ментам, как они ни выпытывали, как ни уговаривали, даже угрожали): he never said a word to the cops as they pried and cajoled and even threatened;
  - (у кого-л): he managed to wheedle the location of the documents out of her;
  - you weren't the first person he wormed things out of;
  вырабатывание - (в. условного рефлекса): Conditioning is usually done by pairing the two stimuli, as in Pavlov's classic experiments. Pavlov presented dogs with a ringing bell followed by food. The food elicited salivation, and after repeated bell-food pairings the bell also caused the dogs to salivate.;
  - (характера): the tough character-training of the boarding school
  вырабатывать / выработать - (бескомпромиссную позицию): he hammered out a no-compromise stand on the question;
  - (т.е. в процессе эволюции, растения выработали х-ые способы защиты): plants have evolved cunning defences;
  - (выносливость в беге): my short term goal is to build run endurance and speed;
  - (искусство публичных выступлений): by cultivating the art of public speaking he became influential;
  - (капитан старался в. чувство патриотизма у новобранцев): the captain did his best to foster a sense of patriotism among the new recruits;
  - (комитет выработал рекомендации): our committee came up with specific recommendations to promote tolerance and decrease tensions;
  - (компромисс): to 8work out a compromise;
  - (лазеры - монохроматический свет): lasers that produce a very monochromatic light;
  - (моральные и лидерские качества): to develop moral character and leadership qualities;
  - (настрой, у наших родителей был выработан н. на выживание, и они инстинктивно вырабатывали у нас тот же настрой): our parents were conditioned for survival, and their instinct was to condition us for the same;
  - (новую личность образно): to hammer out a new identity;
  - (новое сотрудничество / союз нового типа образно): forging new partnerships / a new kind of Union;
  - (план): without this information, I could have never formed our plan;
  - (план, т.е. в результате обсуждений): after a whole night of argument we thrashed out a plan
  - (план уплаты долга): if you find that you have borrowed more than you can afford, contact your card company and try to work out a payment plan;
  - (понимание): I developed understanding of foreign cultures that come in handy today;
  - (понимание): develop a deep understanding of theoretical bases of communication;
  - (привычку): proactive people have developed a habit of commitment that makes them stronger and more resistant to life's challenges;
  - (решение): to work out one's own solution;
  - (решение): we've got to get together and try to hammer out a solution;
  - (себе необычную внешность): if you want to be a leader of the men you must cultivate an unusual appearance;
  - (соглашение, т.е. после долгих переговоров): more than 400 aircraft technicians and engineers voted Friday to accept a two-year deal hammered out last week by their union;
  - (способность): he had developed a knack some cur-dogs have for getting out just before real trouble develops;
  - (способы выживания): the Renaissance explorers boldly set sail and intuitively developed ways to survive;
  - (станция - электричество): an electricity generating station;
  - (стиль): he developed a widely imitated style;
  - (стратегию): to develop strategies;
  - (стратегию): he seemed to have worked out a strategy for such an eventuality;
  - (топливо): we entered a holding pattern until we burned enough fuel to land under the maximum landing weight;
  - (уверенность в себе): find out how to enhance the things you are proud of so you can build confidence;
  - (умение ничем не выделяться): being unremarkable is a talent I cultivate: middling height, middling build, nothing special;
  - (характер): Having good character doesn't mean winning every contest. Instead, you build character faster by learning how to accept defeat gracefully.;
  - (школа должна в. политику по вопросу об издевательствах): the school should work out its own policy on bullying;
  - (электричество, выработанное тепловыми электростанциями для бытовых и промышленных нужд): electricity generated by coal-fired power stations for residential and commercial use;
  - (эмбрионы выработали стволовые клетки): only three out of 110 embryos yielded stem cells
  вырабатываться - (базофилы и тучные клетки вырабатываются разными клетками предшественниками): current evidence suggests that basophiles and mast cells are generated by different precursor cells in the bone marrow;
  - (властность и достоинство вырабатываются поколениями): he had the authority and poise that were the product of generations of breeding;
  - (за годы занятий журналистикой у него выработалось отвращение к приёмным): years of journalism had given him a deep loathing of waiting rooms;
  - (искусство, которое вырабатывалось веками): the forging of a Japanese sword is a subtle and careful process, an art that has developed over the centuries;
  - (креатинин вырабатывается организмом с постоянной скоростью): creatinine is usually produced at a fairly constant rate by the body;
  - (у меня выработалась аллергия к алкогольным напиткам): I developed an allergy to all alcoholic drinks;
  - (у меня выработалось понимание культуры других стран): I developed an understanding of foreign cultures that comes in handy today;
  - (фруктоза вырабатывается из изоглюкозы): crystalline fructose is processed from Isoglucose and is chiefly used in foods for diabetics;
  - (эти идеалы вырабатывались у меня сколько себя помню): these ideals were nurtured in me as far back as I can remember
  выработанный - (галереи рудника): often the waste disposal is organized in exhausted mine galleries;
  - (карьер): Once the mineral has been removed, it is necessary to restore the land back to its initial state. Soil needs to be separated from rock and the material removed to the dump pile has to be placed back in the exhausted mine.;
  - (рудник): The Senator battles environmentalists over spent South Dakota mine. After extracting 2.5 million pounds of gold from the Hills, the company has finally exhausted its mine and is planning to close it down.;
  - (шахта): simple but sentimental ceremonies marked the closing of the "worn-out" coal mine";
  - (шахта): tree planting associated with the rehabilitation of exhausted mine sites
  выработка - (повышенная в. окиси азота, т.е. в организме): patients with overproduction of nitric oxide;
  - (продукции за человеко-смену): output per manshift, OPM;
  - (спермы): sperm production;
  - (в. ферментов поджелудочной железой): difficulty breathing and insufficient enzyme production in the pancreas are the most common symptoms;
  - (этап в-и основных положений контракта): contract definition phase
  выравнивание - (двух рабочих поверхностей, прилегающих друг к другу торцами): device for assisting with the level alignment of two abutting worktops, for example when fitting a kitchen worktop;
  - (кривой, т.е. заболеваемости коронавирусной инфекцией): flattening the curve may be the world's best bet to slow the coronavirus;
  - (т.е. текста в Word): vertical alignment determines the position of the text within a section of a document relative to the top and bottom margins, and is often used to create a cover page;
  - (частоты сердечных сокращений): the leveling off of a heart rate
  выравнивать / вырaвнять / выровнять - (галстук): he tugged at the lapels of his suit and straightened his tie;
  - (края ямы, придавая четырёхугольную форму): the sides of the hole had been neatly squared off;
  - (кривую): If you look at the curves of outbreaks (of corona virus infection), they go big peaks, and then come down. What we need to do is flatten that down.;
  - (положение самолёта в полёте): at 80000 feet the Colonel cut out the afterburners and levelled his flight attitude;
  - (упражнения выравнивают спину): these exercises help realign the back;
  - (стол, т.е. подложив кусочки дерева под ножки): the floors were so uneven that plates would slide off the dining table if we didn't keep little wooden blocks under the table legs to level them;
  - (суставы ноги, т.е. на одну линию): the insole, midsole and arch support provide your foot and ankle with the proper support and angle to help align all the joints of your leg;
  - (температуру): mixing hot and cold water can even out the water temperature
  выравниваться / выровняться - (крайности выравниваются со времене): over time, the ups and downs tend to even themselves out;
  - (о наклоне земли): the drainage pumps pump the sewage and the runoff along when the slope of the land levels out or angles a little;
  - (о соотношении частоты расстройства у мужчин и женщин): before puberty the disorder is more frequently found in males than females, after puberty the ratio equals out;
  - (ракета выравнялась в полёте): almost in slow motion it flattened out, its sides burst outwards, its gun jerked upwards to point at the sky, and it burst into a fireball
  выражать / выразить - (в. благодарность начальству за похвалу): he acknowledged the praise of his superiors for his careful work as a clerk in their employ;
  - (в. благодарность сотрудникам): I'd like to pay tribute to the office staff for all hard work they've put in the project;
  - (благодарность кому-л): we extend our gratitude to our sponsor;
  - (болельщики выражают своё разочарование на спортивных соревнованиях): Some fans have a natural tendency to be confrontational. They frequently voice their frustrations at sporting events.;
  - (диссидент выражал несогласие с правительством): another intellectual dissident has recently voiced opposition to the government;
  - (в. доверие / недоверие кому-л): if a Prime Minister were to seek to prevent a House of Commons from exercising its fundamental and defining power - to grant or to deny confidence to the Government of Canada;
  - (его лицо выражало негодование, гнев, жалость и любопытство, всё вместе): his face betrayed resentment, anger, pity and curiosity, all in one;
  - (искренее раскаяние): to express contrition;
  - (надежду): he expressed the hope that on my forthcoming visit to Peking neither I nor any of my associates would have any dealings with Sihanouk;
  - (напоказ): they were fond of showing him off as a bright hope for the future
  - (недовольство): he expressed displeasure;
  - (недовольство институтами власти): The college addressed the student protest by convening an all-campus meeting so the students could explain their concern. He asked me to try to make the debate more productive and to translate the legitimate grievances many of us felt toward institutions of authority.;
  - (несогласие): when he proposed that the operation could not be completed until the two partisans were free and safe, no one dissented;
  - (несогласие с чем-л): please raise any objections to individual bookings without delay;
  - (не привыкший / не умеющий в. свои мысли): he stumped around, up and down the sidewalk, an inarticulate man stymied by the complexity of his emotions;
  - (общественное мнение): he had a gift for expressing public opinion in telling phrases;
  - (в. порицание членам палаты парламента): members of the House can be censured and removed from office;
  - (в. почтение кому-л): the Secretariat of the International Atomic Energy Agency presents its compliments fml to the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of Member States;
  - (в. почтение кому-л): the family sends much respect and appreciation to the staff of Unit 43 at the Grey Nuns Hospital for their infinite care and compassion;
  - (признательность, т.е. в книге / статье): to make acknowledgements;
  - (протест, ангелы выразили Богу п. против создания человека): angels protested to God against the creation of man who would sow mischief on earth;
  - (раскаяние): he showed no remorse for the killing of 20 people;
  - (раскаяние): How do I Land a Job with a Criminal Record? You should be open and honest about your criminal record. It might be a good idea to show remorse. Attempt to convince interviewers that you made a mistake you now regret and are no longer the person described in your criminal record.;
  - (своё мнение): I expressed my opinions vigorously;
  - (соболезнование кому-л): on behalf of the people of Australia, my wife and I extend our deepest sympathies and sincere condolences to the families of the victims;
  - (соболезнование кому-л по поводу смерти кого-л): The Board of AISGA offers sincere condolences on the death of one of its esteemed members Fr Jim O Sullivan;
  - (соболезнование кому-л по поводу смерти сына): we extend our condolences to R.S. on the loss of his son;
  - (сочувствие жертвам теракта): I issued a statement condemning the bombing and extended fml my sympathy to the victims" families.;
  - (стремление к демократии): the people have expressed their aspiration for democracy;
  - (сюжеты выражают страх перед компьютерами, недоверие и отвращение к ним): popular culture is constantly coming up with new storylines to express its fear, distrust and loathing of computers;
  - (в. уважение к кому-л): the British Embassy presents its compliments fml to the Ministry of Foreign affairs of the Russian Federation;
  - (уверенность): I was expressing my confidence that this matter will not go uninvestigated;
  - (удивление чем-л): he expressed surprise at the lack of strong opposition from...;
  - (фигура на картине выражает напряжение): her whole body betrays fearful tension
  выражаться / выразиться - (в ноте выражается глубочайшая озабоченность): the note expressed the deepest concern at the unhappy accident which had overtaken a friendly monarch;
  - (в послании выражалось сожаление): in measured terms the message expressed regret that the United States of America would not be in a position to...;
  - (как бы это в.?): she is - how shall I put it? - not exactly fat, but rather well-built;
  - (как они выражаются): they are busily contacting out former business partners to "take up the slack" as they put it;
  - (мягко выражаясь): at all times in the history of mankind, empires have always suffered from a number of problems that aggravated, to put it mildly, their situation;
  - (на его лице выражалось негодование, гнев, жалость и любопытство, всё вместе): his face betrayed resentment, anger, pity and curiosity, all in one;
  - (в. непристойно): the city's mayor used coarse language on live television;
  - (прямо): he spoke in blunt terms and if he ever had any doubts about anything, he never revealed them for fear of looking weak;
  - (статьи, в которых выражались взгляды,...): I read articles expressing views that sharply contrasted with my usual sources of information;
  - (понятно / ясно): do I make myself clear?;
  - (чётко и кратко): communicate clearly and concisely, in both oral and written form
  выражающий - (взгляд, в. любовь): a look expressive of love;
  - (взгляд, в. сострадание): a look eloquent with compassion
  выражение - (в денежном в-и, задачи ставятся и показатели измеряются в денежном в-и): goals are set and performance is measured in financial terms;
  - (в денежном в-и, определить риск в денежном в-и): a methodology by which the trusting agent can determine beforehand the possible risk in financial terms;
  - (взгляд приобрёл задумчивое в.): his look has taken on a meditative cast;
  - (говорить с в-ем): he talks with actual utterance;
  - (лица): смотри ниже;
  - (лишённый в-я голос): he said "Good morning, sir," in a flat, unemotional voice;
  - (т.е. речи): смотри ниже;
  - (в. уважения к жизни и наследию Линкольна): as we approach the bicentennial of Lincoln's birth, this commemorative coin is a fitting tribute to his life and legacy
  выражение (лица) - (без в-я на лице): he tried not to smile, to keep his own face as blank as possible;
  - (в. беззаботности на лице): a look of dreamy unconcern fell over his face;
  - (дети не понимали, что означали в-я его лица): the kids couldn't read all his facial expressions, but his wife could;
  - ("Довольно", сказал он с надменным в-ем л.): "Enough," said F. with a very supercilious look on his face;
  - (в. его лица было лишено юмора или подобия доброй воли): his expression was devoid of humor or of semblance of goodwill;
  - (лицевой нерв управляет мышцами, от которых зависит в.л.): the facial nerve controls the muscles of facial expression;
  - (лицо снова приняло безразличное в.): I caught a momentary expression of surprise on her face before she realized I was there and her countenance went blank once more.;
  - (на его лице появилось угрюмое, задумчивое в.): his face fell into a moody, brooding expression;
  - (не показывай понимания или эмоций в в-и л.): show no understanding or no emotion in your facial expression;
  - (непристойные в-я, т.е. в телепередаче): the program contains scenes of violence, coarse language and nudity intended for adult audiences;
  - (обычное в.л. стриптизёрши): she stripped to the music with the habitual supposedly "sensual" gestures, her face set in the usual bedroom pout of strippers;
  - (он говорил сдержанным тоном, но она видела неприкрытые эмоции в в-и его лица): his tone was controlled, but she could see raw emotion in the expression on his face;
  - (он рассмеялся при виде удивлённого в-я её л.): he laughed at the astonished look on his face;
  - (в. потрясения от потери, т.е. в. лица людей на похоронах): the talk is appropriately low key, the expression of shock and loss sincere;
  - (придать лицу такое в. , чтобы не выглядеть слишком довольным собой): he was trying to arrange his face so that he did not look too pleased with himself;
  - (в. радости на лице): the expression of joy on his face;
  - (свирепое в. лица): a man with a savage cast to an otherwise handsome face;
  - (смотреть с в-ем тревоги): he was staring at it with an expression of mingled fury and alarm;
  - (в. сомнения на лице): they were striking matches with dubious looks on their faces, as though sure this couldn't work;
  - (тёплое отеческое в.л. сразу исчезло): his warmly paternal air vanished in an instant;
  - (ужаса на лице): grinning broadly at the look of horror on V.'s face, Harry set off toward the station exit;
  - (честное в.л.): honest countenance;
  - (я не мог понять в. её лица): I could not read her expression, she remained as inscrutable as ever
  выражение (т.е. о речи) - (бранные в-я): Please don't swear, sir. We have a permission to hang up on customers who use abusive language.;
  - (в косвенных в-ях): during the breakfast each pressman was given to understand in oblique terms that the change of policy stemmed from brutal pressure from Washington;
  - (в осторожных в-ях): in careful, succinct terms he explained the message;
  - (в сдержанных в-ях): in measured terms the message expressed regret that the United States of America would not be in a position to...;
  - (отзываться о своих клиентах в пренебрежительных в-ях у них за спиной): you used disparaging language to refer to your clients behind their backs;
  - (неприличные выражения): if your account is turned over to a collection agency for non-payment, a bill collector cannot use obscene or profane language without identifying him or herself as a bill collector;
  - (неприличные в-я): films featuring bad language;
  - (резкие выражения): Margaret Thatcher could stun interpreters with her forceful language;
  - (т.е. речи): he used a crude Russian expression that refers to a pile of dog-mess on the pavement;
  выраженный - (влияние было менее выражено): he had a classical education, but it was less strict that hers and its effects were less pronounced;
  - (сильно в-ое удовольствие в голосе): "Liar," said the voice, the cruel amusement more pronounced than ever;
  - (чётко в. огуречный запах): these cucumbers are dark-green, with well-articulated cucumber aroma;
  - (чётко в. рост спроса на наличные деньги): the regional Federal Reserve banks in areas with significant and growing Hispanic presence are seeing the most pronounced upturn in demand for cash;
  - (явно в. интерес к древностям): at the time, it was not easy for non-Muslims to travel in this troubled region of Ottoman Empire, and too pointed an interest in antiquities was suspect, for they were deemed the work of infidels;
  - (ярко в-ые волокна дерево): the wood was a lustrous deep purple with a strong grain rosewood;
  - (ярко в. преобладание консервативной идеологии в Республиканской партии стало более ярко в-ым): the nomination of R. Nixon cemented the ascendance of a conservative over a moderate ideology within the Republican Party, a dominance that has only grown more pronounced over the years;
  - (ярко в., температура, при которой вкусовые характеристики продукта наиболее я. выражены): the temperature at which the flavours of the product reach their fullest expression
  выразительно - (сказать): "You made your position clear on that point," N. agreed effusively
  выразительность - (пренебречь законами перспективы ради в-ти): the rules of perspective were abandoned for the sake of emotions;
  - the paragraphs are put together with razor-sharp concision
  выразительный - (ароматы): hand crafted wooden carvings infused with a variety of evocative fragrances;
  - (взгляд): a meaningful look / an expressive glance;
  - (вздох): he heaved an impressive sigh;
  - (глаза): eloquent eyes;
  - (голос): he had a fruity, unctuous voice;
  - (жест): an expressive gesture;
  - (картинки / музыка): evocative pictures / music;
  - (описание): the descriptions were so graphic that it became as real to O. as his own home;
  - (портрет): an emotive portrait of the Expressionist master E.S.;
  - (рассказ о личной жизни): a finely written whodunit, eloquent story of one man's life;
  - (риторика): pithy, fire-breathing revolutionary rhetoric;
  - (речь): an eloquent speech;
  - (средства): in the visual arts, the expressive qualities constitute an important object of study in the field of the color;
  - (фотографии): evocative photographs;
  - (фразы): he had a gift for expressing public opinion in telling phrases;
  - (части видеозаписи показаний Клинтона): the most graphic portions of the videotape of Clinton's testimony
  выразить / выражать - (ни его глаза, ни его лицо ничего не выражали): his eyes, his lined face betray nothing;
  - (соболезнование): he expressed his condolences and solidarity
  вырастать / вырасти - (акции компании выросли в 5 раз): the company's stock has risen five times;
  - (быстро, об организованной преступности): Poland and Russia fight together against organized crime that had mushroomed in both countries;
  - (в 3 раза по сравнению с 1913 годом, об экспорте): the value of United States exports rose to three times to the 1913 level;
  - (концентрация выросли в 12 раз): concentrations were found to increase by up to 12-fold;
  - (на 60%, об использовании угля в энергетике): current projections are that coal use in the power sector will grow by more than 60 per cent by 2020;
  - (население выросло в 30 раз): Las Vegas, city in southern Nevada. Its population has multiplied by a factor of 30 since the 1940s.;
  - (о городе): the city is typical of many of the capital cities that sprang up after national independence;
  - (о расходах на рекламу): media costs have escalated;
  - (т.е. о ребёнке): смотри ниже;
  - (об объёме розничной продажи): retail sales went up;
  - (т.е. появиться, холмы внезапно вырастают из песков пустыни): featureless hills that rise abruptly from the Saharan sands;
  - (прибыль упала, но посмотрите, сколько всего выросло): all right, profits are down, but look at all the things that are up!;
  - (производство выросло на 20%): production in China's steel sector is estimated to have increased by 20 per cent in 2003;
  - (т.е. стать взрослым): смотри ниже;
  - (цены, т.е. в шикарных ресторанах, так выросли, что для многих они стали недоступными): prices are soaring out of reach for many;
  - (число погибших может в.): the death toll can rise since there are 6000 people unaccounted for;
  - (число пользователей резко выросло до 12 млн): the research company expects the number of subscribers to such services to swell to 12 million by 2005;
  - (число пользователей резко выросло до до 2.6 млн): the number of users of highspeed Internet services in Japan will soar to 2.6 million by the end of this year from 635.000 at the end of 2000;
  - (число служащих выросло с 5 человек до 15): the department's staff swelled from 5 to 15;
  - (тарифы на перевозки сильно выросли): shipping rates on oil tankers to East Asia have risen strongly towards the end of 2003;
  - смотри файл DVIJENIE
  вырасти / вырастать (т.е. о ребёнке) - (в бедной семье): I was raised in a poor family;
  - (в условиях постоянных переездов с места на место): the daughter of a U.S. ambassador, she experienced a peripatetic upbringing in a fiercely competitive environment;
  - (где-л): he was born and brought up amid the fields and forests of Bavaria / in the country / in Kyoto;
  - (где-л): my father grew up in Rome;
  - (где-л): he was born and raised in New York;
  - (девочка выросла и стала мэром): the little girl has grown up to become mayor of Portsmouth;
  - (из ягнёнка вырастает овца): a lamb grows into a ship;
  - (ребёнок вырос слабым): he took after his mother and grew up small and weak
  вырасти / вырастать (т.е. стать взрослым) - what do you want to be when you grow up?;
  - children in that village have grown to adulthood having never seen the train;
  - I came of age on the crest of tumultuous social change;
  - he had come to manhood in a nation called the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
  вырастить / выращивать - (агрономы вырастили 150000 сеянцев): the agronomists produced some 150,000 seedlings from hybrid crosses;
  - (зерно): to cultivate / grow crops;
  - (зерновые культуры): an oasis in which date palms flourished and cereals could be grown;
  - (в. из семян бальзамин): impatiens are one of the most finicky plants to start from seed;
  - (из эмбриональных стволовых клеток можно в. любую ткань тела): ESC can potentially grow into any type of body tissue;
  - (козу и домашнюю птицу): he husbanded old use his goat and his fowl;
  - (лидеров, т.е. в своём коллективе): The most successful companies over the past century have focused their efforts on cultivating leaders rather than buying them;
  - (мать вырастила сына одна): his mother raised him alone;
  - (в. много детей): she was showing the effects of raising so many children;
  - (растения): we may stop growing genetically modified plants altogether;
  - (растения, выращенные в оранжерее): plants nurtured in the greenhouse;
  - (ребёнка): to bring up a child;
  - (скот): to raise cattle;
  - (табак): to grow tobacco;
  - (траву выращивают за её розовые цветы): a perennial herb cultivated for its pink flowers with narrow-lobed petals;
  - (урожай): to raise crops;
  - (эмбриональные стволовые клетки): to grow embryonic stem cells;
  - (эмбрионы): creating human embryos and nurturing them solely for experiments that will destroy them, leaves even many researchers deeply uneasy
  выращенный - (в-ая в пруду рыба): harvesting pond raised fish can be the most labor intensive aquacultural activity;
  - (лошади, в-ые в его конюшне, пользовались огромным спросом): the horses bred by his stable remain highly sought after;
  - (в-ые на ферме продукты): sample the Midwest's best farm-grown foods at the Chicago Green City Market
  выращивание - (опиумного мака): opium poppy cultivation;
  - (птицы): poultry farming is the practice of raising poultry, such as chickens, turkeys, ducks, and geese;
  - (сахарного тростника): his experience in the cultivation of sugar cane
  вырванный - (из контекста): his remarks were misinterpreted and taken out of context;
  - (из контекста): their quotes were taken out of context;
  - (из контекста): the quote is dangerously lifted out of context;
  - (из привычного окружения / из привычной среды): a shy, lonely woman is particularly vulnerable when she's out of familiar environment
  вырвать / вырывать - (из естественного времени и пространства): he felt wrenched out of natural time and place;
  - (уступку): the last point on his agenda had been covered, the last concession wrung (wring);
  - смотри файл DVIJENIE
  вырваться / вырываться - (из бедности и подневольного состояния): a smart and self-interested woman who strives to escape the poverty and servitude dictated by the lowly circumstances of her birth;
  - (из беспросветной жизни): in an effort to escape her dead end life, she unknowingly squirrels money away to enter a pie contest, where she hopes to win $25,000 and leave her husband;
  - (из домашней тюрьмы образно): Women Broke Free from Prisons at Home. The stories of three victims of domestic violence.;
  - (из однообразия повседневной жизни): to escape the drudgery of everyday life;
  - (из чёрно-белого однообразия): when one breaks free of the monochrome drabness, the result is a feeling akin to exhilaration;
  - (накопившийся обида вырвалась, прежде чем он сумел придержать язык): pent-up grievance escaped him before he could restrain his tongue;
  - (не знаю, почему у меня вырвался этот вопрос): I didn't know why the question slipped through my lips;
  - (у него вырвался приглушённый звук / робкий смешок): а muffled sound / а shy giggle slipped through his lips;
  - смотри файл DVIJENIE
  вырисовываться / вырисоваться - (картина вырисовывается, т.е. у следователей): already a picture (of a terrorist attack) is emerging;
  - (о современной системе транспорта): by 1900 the modern transportation system was beginning to take shape;
  - (по стенограммам заседаний вырисовывалась яркая картина вреда, нанесённого в верхних эшелонах власти): the transcripts paint a vivid image of the damage wrought in the top levels of the Justice Department by the prosecutor firings and subsequent questions they raised;
  - смотри файл FORMA_VID
  выродиться / вырождаться - (леса вырождаются из-за лесозаготовок): forests are degraded by destructive logging;
  - (свобода вырождается в анархию): when does freedom degenerate into anarchy?
  вырожденный - (матрица мат): singular matrix
  вырубиться разг - he took two massive swipes at his closest attackers, judging by their immediate collapse, they had been knocked cold
  выручать / выручить - (в переговорах): he was able to help out with the negotiations;
  - (друг друга): we are Muslims, we help each other out;
  - (из беды): The last two chairmen of the Federal Reserve actively cheered on the irrational exuberance in US housing. Sadly the same applies to the central investment banks now charged with getting everyone else out of this mess;
  - (из беды кого-л): he's very loyal to D. who helped him out of a tight spot once;
  - (кого-л): he's going to make her life hell if F. doesn't pull through infml;
  - (кого-л деньгами): I moved down to Pennsylvania to take care of my dad's bills, to help him out financially because he was in a bad spot;
  - (кого-л из беды): he asked me to help him out of this jam;
  - (знание иностранных языков - кого-л): in the summer of 1960 his languages again came to his rescue;
  - (нельзя ожидать от налогоплательщика, что он выручит компанию): the government can't expect the taxpayer to bail this company out;
  - (он мастер в-ать бездельников-убийц, т.е. об адвокате): he's (a high powered New York criminal attorney) a master at getting the murdering bums off;
  - (сына из неприятностей): did he try and get his son off?;
  - (страну): for two decades successive US administrations have bailed the Soviets out every time they have gotten into problems with their economy;
  - (т.е. продать лекарство без рецепта): I need sleeping pills. Could you fix me up?
  выручать / выручить (из беды кого-л) - "Don't be cast down," said his wife; "depend on me, and maybe I'll bring you better out of this scrape than ever you could bring yourself";
  - (он пару раз меня выручал [из переделок]): he's helped me out of a jam or two;
  - he had great confidence in his wife, knowing that she had got him out of many a quandary before;
  - The last two chairmen of the Federal Reserve actively cheered on the irrational exuberance in US housing. Sadly the same applies to the central investment banks now charged with getting everyone else out of this mess;
  - he's very loyal to D. who helped him out of a tight spot once;
  - he asked me to help him out of this jam;
  - he's going to make her life hell if F. doesn't pull through infml
  вырученный - (на вырученные деньги): his story had made almost every picture magazine. On the proceeds he had bought the car.;
  - (он продаст, т.е. квартиру в Лондоне, и на часть в-ых денег купит коттедж): Property values in London had risen out of proportion. He would sell and with a part of the proceeds buy a cottage in Cotswolds.;
  - (сумма, разделить в-ую сумму между партнёрами): he asked us to sign off on the deal and offered to split the $35000 proceeds
  выручка - (т.е. денежная) смотри ниже;
  - (т.е. т.е. помощь, знание иностранных языков пришло ему-л на в-у): then his languages again came to his rescue
  выручка (т.е. денежная) - receipts (rcts);
  - (денежная в. фальсификатора за подложные паспорта): the cash proceeds of forger's last four passports;
  - (забрать в-у, т.е. о владельце картинной галереи): She runs an art gallery in the old city. She does not own it. She is employed by a Swiss who descends from his lair in Bern twice a year to check the accounts and pocket the takings.;
  - (в. от продажи инвентаря компании поступала на гарантийный счет): pursuant to the terms of their agreement, the proceeds from the sale of all Zeco's inventory were deposited in the collateral account;
  - (15% в-и от продажи книги идут издателю): the publishing industry norms are: 15% of the proceeds from the sale of a book to a U.S. publisher
  высветить / высвечивать - (контраст между преобладающим в США настроением и терпимостью, закреплённой в Конституции и Билле о правах): the article failed to highlight the contrast between the attitudes prevalent in the U.S. and the tolerance enshrined within the Constitution and Bill of Rights
  высвобождать / высвободить - (авиакомпания высвободит самолёты для более выгодных рынков): S. Airlines will eliminate 88 scheduled flight and free up planes for more lucrative markets to increase revenue;
  - (страсти): periods of calm seemed to unleash the darker passions of his nature
  высвободить / высвобождаться - (из сплетения тел): he fought free of the tangle of bodies
  выселение - the court ruled in favour of the eviction;
  - most evictions are for non-payment of rent;
  - (жильцов, ... в сдаваемом жилье делалась уборка перед вселением жильцов и после их в-я): one of the services she offered her clients was that a rental property would be thoroughly cleaned before and after a tenancy;
  - (массовое в. бедняков): he characterized the subprime crisis as a massive dispossession of poor people;
  - (наложить запрет на в.): he went to court and asked for injunction of the eviction;
  - (ордер на в.): he was served with a copy of the dispossessory warrant and summons pursuant OCGA 44-7-51;
  - (подать иск на в.): the landlord initiated a dispossessory action seeking possession of the premises and the recovery of past due rent and utility charges
  выселить / выселять - (жильца из меблированной комнаты): if a tenant cannot pay the rent, he may be evicted from rooming house;
  - (из самовольно захваченной квартиры): some mates of mine were going to be evicted from a squat;
  - (из-за задолженности по закладной / ипотеке на дом): she has lived here for years but times are hard and she's been evicted after getting into arrears with her mortgage;
  - (российский Черноморский флот из Севастополя): carry out threats to evict Russia's Black Sea Fleet from Sevastopol
  высказанный - (требования высказаны открыто): at least your requests are out in the open
  высказать / высказывать - (болельщики высказывают своё разочарование на спортивных соревнованиях): Some fans have a natural tendency to be confrontational. They frequently voice their frustrations at sporting events.;
  - (были высказаны сомнения в уместности того, чтобы Генеральная Ассамблея указывала Совету Безопасности, как ему следует обеспечивать осуществление режимов санкций): doubts were also expressed regarding the propriety of the General Assembly instructing the Security Council on how it should implement its sanctions regimes;
  - (возражения против бухгалтерских записей): please raise any objections to individual bookings without delay;
  - (всё, что о ком-л думает, я высказал управляющему магазина всё, что о нём думаю): I gave the store manager a piece of my mind when I told him about the bad product
  - (вслух): the idea was so terrible that he did not dare voice it aloud;
  - (в. свою позицию, он побоялся в. свою позицию по Ираку): he chickens out on spelling out a firm position on Iraq;
  - (выскажи всё, что у тебя на душе): talk your heart out;
  - (высказав это,...): with this out, he settled back uneasily to wait for her rebuttal;
  - (диссидент высказал несогласие с правительством): another intellectual dissident has recently voiced opposition to the government;
  - (жалобы): she may try to look put-upon, and utter indirect complaints;
  - (мнение): смотри ниже;
  - (мысли): Sorry, he says. He should be. This is no place to be voicing such thoughts.;
  - (недовольство архаичными порядками университета): we soon chafed at the University's archaic rules and demanded to be treated like adults;
  - (озабоченность): they voice concern over the need for alternative affordable housing to support the diverse population;
  - (опасение): смотри ниже;
  - (осмелиться в. догадку / предположение): I'm afraid I've really no idea at all. If I venture a guess I should simply mislead you.;
  - (очевидные истины): I"ll content myself with stating the obvious inarguables;
  - (предупреждения): rarely in human history have scientists spelt out such dire warnings with enough time and technology to respond, and rarely have the nations of the world dithered for so long in tackling a known threat to global security
  - (своё недовольство): the opportunity to highlight their grievances;
  - (свои мысли): people voice their opinions freely;
  - (свои политические предпочтения): I was circumspect, I didn't utter my political preferences;
  - (свою позицию по вопросу): you made your position clear on that point;
  - (стрАны стали в. требования): the less developed countries began to assert their own claims;
  - (террористы ещё не высказали требования): their primary demands have not yet been stated;
  - (учёный высказал предположение): in 1919, B. posed a seemingly simple conjecture
  высказать / высказывать (мнение) - (все эксперты высказали разные м-я...): every expert gave a different opinion about the significance of the disappearance of the hemorrhage in deciding whether there actually was a hemorrhage;
  - she started voicing the opinion that he was mentally subnormal;
  - That's the bullshit thing about psychologists. Guys like you never come down off the fence and give an opinion. Everything is in parentheses and inverted commas.;
  - (все высказывали одно и то же мнение): Bill's staff trooped in to lobby me (Hillary Clinton), one after another, each delivering the same message;
  - (в. мнение по предложениям): in the past, the Parliament had few powers and took little part in policy-making other than to offer opinions on proposals which the Council was under no obligation to accept.;
  - (в. своё мнение): I expressed my opinions vigorously;
  - (в. своё мнение... в резких замечаниях): he was outspoken, sharing his opinions about personalities and events with blunt remarks;
  - (в. своё мнение о чем-л): everyone had a say in who would play what
  высказать / высказывать (опасение / опасения) - the shareholders will voice their fears that the company will be too weak to survive on its own in a depressed construction market;
  - he voiced the fear that Europe was in for a long struggle with ethnic conflicts;
  - concerns were raised about the financial impact on public libraries in light of reduced funding, however the Standards were written to raise the level of library service in the state without outstretching library budgets;
  - (были высказаны о-я о влиянии сокращения финансирования на государственные библиотеки): A public hearing on the proposed Public Library Standards was conducted on January 6, 2010. Concerns were raised about the financial impact on public libraries in light of reduced funding, however the Standards were written to raise the level of library service in the state without outstretching library budgets.;
  - when an individual, organization, company, or government entity tries repeatedly to have its legitimate concerns aired through dialog, and is consistently and repeatedly rebuffed, litigation is a last resort to force the conversation;
  - (через громкоговорители): modern American politics, the Constitution, and oversized government were just some of the concerns aired through the loudspeakers at the rally at Central Park on Saturday
  высказаться / высказываться - as soon as I'd had my say, the men continued to talk as if I had never spoken
  - (в послании высказывалось сожаление): in measured terms the message expressed regret that the United States of America would not be in a position to...;
  - (в частном порядке и публично): the right to speak out privately and publicly;
  - (иметь возможность в.): the voters are seldom given chance to have their say;
  - (иметь возможность в.): everybody had to have his say;
  - (o своиx политическиx предпочтенияx): I was circumspect, I didn't utter my political preferences;
  - (о чём-л / по вопросу о чём-л): he refused to comment on the matter / case;
  - (о чём-л пренебрежительно): he made his disparaging comment about doll's houses and sissies;
  - (откровенно): all men might speak their minds freely;
  - (против чего-л): he has spoken out against the increasing number of low-paid jobs;
  - (свободно): people voice their opinions freely
  высказывание - (т.е. в языковедении): there is a general agreement that discourse markers (expressions such as "you know") contribute to the pragmatic meaning of utterances;
  - (быть осторожным в публичных в-ях): politicians have to be very careful in their public utterances;
  - (колкие в-я): her rapier-like wit and biting sarcasm had been compared to the stinging utterances of the legendary Dorothy Parker;
  - (очевидных истин): I"ll content myself with stating the obvious inarguables;
  - (публичное): public statement;
  - (подкрепить свои высказывания, назначив А.Ш. министром): both Arafat and Netanyahu had staked out tough positions in public, and Bibi had bolstered his rhetoric by naming Ariel Sharon foreign minister;
  - (резкие в-я): dramatic pronouncements not followed by action create the premise that no action will ever be taken;
  - (цитировать в-я): Mao's pronouncements were cited with awe;
  - (это подтверждает моё в.): that only proves my point
  выскакивать / выскочить - (в. замуж разг): she jumped into marriage headfirst;
  - (в. замуж слишком быстро и рано): when he smiled, it was easier to see why he and my mother had jumped too quickly into an early marriage;
  - (в. из головы): "I told you to get rid of the shooter." "Must have slipped my mind";
  - смотри файл DVIJENIE
  выскальзывать / выскользнуть - (из рук, мы загнали его в угол, а он снова выскользнул из наших рук): We had him cornered and he slipped through our fingers yet again.
  выслать / высылать - (заказ): we strive to ship your order without delay;
  - (т.е. из страны): to expel people who are inciting hatred;
  - (инспекторов ООН): we had a new crisis in Iraq, when Saddam expelled six American members of the U.N. weapons inspection team;
  - (каталог товаров): we are forwarding fml you a copy of our latest catalogue under separate cover;
  - (инспекторов ООН с завода по производству плутония): North Korea kicked out UN weapons inspectors from a plant that previously produced weapons-grade plutonium;
  - (кого-л в концлагерь): every single member of every family of a dead or wounded man was deported to the camps of the Gulag;
  - (кого-л, т.е. изгнать из страны): he was banished by the government for political reasons;
  - (кого-л из страны, т.е. изгнать): he was sent out of the kingdom and forbidden ever to come again, on pain of death;
  - (т.е. отправить в ссылку): czar Nicholas I had Shevchenko exiled;
  - (платёж по адресу): mail payment to the address below;
  - (в. вперёд разведчиков): he sent scouts forward;
  - (разведчиков): the captain sent out scouts;
  - (товары): we will forward fml the goods when we receive your cheque;
  - (целый народ в пустыню): Stalin deported the entire Tatar (from ) nation to the wilds of the Orient
  выслуга (лет) - I have so many years" seniority. I feel actually quite embarrassed when these young fellows ask me to take orders from them;
  - "He was a major. That's one automatic promotion plus two on merit. He must have done something they liked." "Length of service. You stick around, you get promoted.";
  - (общая в. лет, т.е. в армии): troop age
  выслушать / выслушивать - (кого-л): President R., please hear me out;
  - (кого-л молча): the ambassador heard him out in stony silence;
  - (кого-л, не показывая своей реакции): the attorney general heard her out without indicating his reaction;
  - (лёгкие и сердце пациента через стетоскоп мед): nurses and doctors auscultate the lungs and heart of a patient by using a stethoscope placed on the patient's chest;
  - (...не боясь, что ему придётся в. в суде обвинения, ставящие под сомнение его порядочность): a novelist must be free to draw appropriately from historical works without fear that he'll be sued and forced to stand in a courtroom facing a series of allegations that call into question his very integrity as a person;
  - (обвинения от коллег): he was forced to listen to his own denunciation by his former colleagues;
  - (он заявляет, что совет поспешил его осудить, отказавшись его выслушать): he maintains that the board rushed to judgment against him, refusing to give him a hearing;
  - (предложения): more companies are listening to his proposals rather than rejecting them outright;
  - (свидетеля): you would not care how many times you heard from a witness, if the alternative was a serious miscarriage of justice;
  - (я не собираюсь выслушивать от него гадости): I"m not going to take any crap from him
  высматривать - (в. знак ограничения скорости): I kept my eyes peeled fig for a speed limit sign and this time I spotted it. Speed Limit 30, plain as day. Drat!;
  - (в. как бы купить подешевле): now even the well-off have got an eye for a bargain;
  - (кого-л): he followed the dark path deeper into the wood, still keeping an eye out for his friends;
  - (в. красивые камешки): keep an eye out for pretty rocks, and bring me a branch of coral every now and then;
  - (напряжённо в. цель, т.е. о десантниках): Тhe men are at the sides of the boat, straining for a view of the target. They stare but say nothing.;
  - (в. торговцев наркотиками в городе): everybody in the town was suddenly on the lookout for drug dealers
  высмотреть - (тихую бухточку): the coxswain spied a small and deceptively peaceful-looking cove and headed directly for the land;
  - In the late 1920s, wildlife managers in that state began a program to breed wild turkey toms to domestic hen turkeys of breeds that remained similar to wild birds. When the mating season ended, the toms left the pens, and the hens made their well-camouflaged nests throughout the ten acres and laid their eggs. Somehow, the wildlife workers spied out enough nests in each pen to collect eggs for incubation, hatching and raising a new generation of partly wild turkeys.
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