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Поиск утраченного смысла. Загадка Лукоморья
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  высовываться / высунуться - (т.е. рисковать жаргон): few corporate underlings want to be the one to put their neck on the line infm fig and recommend something completely new and "unproven";
  - смотри файл DVIJENIE
  высокий - (более в-ие голоса): the voices of the group were all performed by B., who sped up the playback to create higher pitched voices;
  - (голос): the voice is very high-pitched and sing-song;
  - (гора): a high / lofty fml mountain;
  - (гора): there are many mountains of snow that are as lofty as the Jungfrau and as nobly proportioned, but they lack the fame;
  - (горный пик): red canyons and loft peaks that adorn western landscapes;
  - (горы): the soaring mountains of the Hindu Kush;
  - (гость, т.е. высокопоставленный / почётный): Speech Of Welcome To A Distinguished Guest;
  - (давление): high pressure;
  - (дерево): the tallest tree is always the first to be cut down;
  - (дом): the house is tall and ungainly;
  - (зал с в-им потолком и колоннами): it was a lofty, pillared hall;
  - (занимать в-ое положение в организации): he is very high up in the organization;
  - (занимающий в-ое положение): a Communist agent high in the civil service;
  - (звуковые частоты, т.е. на музыкальной аппаратуре): a 22 function remote control that allows you to control bass and treble and scroll through your iPod menus;
  - (т.е. о человеке): A lanky person is not only tall and thin but also a little bit awkward. You wouldn't use lanky to describe a tall, slender person who moves gracefully. Instead use lanky to describe someone who moves clumsily on his long limbs.;
  - (качество): смотри ниже;
  - (квалификация, при лапароскопии требуется в-ая к. хирурга): laparoscopy requires advanced training on the part of the surgeon;
  - (крыша, т.е. с высоким коньком): a high-pitched roof;
  - (крыша, т.е. помещения с высоким потолком): mighty pillars upheld its lofty roof;
  - (лоб): I was surprised to see the lines upon his lofty brow;
  - (место мечети): the muezzin chants aloud from a raised place in the mosque;
  - (мнение, быть в-ого мнения о ком-л): President thought very highly of infml you;
  - (мнение, быть высокого мнения о ком-л, я понимал, почему они были о нём высокого мнения): he seemed a well-organized man and I could understand the high regard in which M. and S. held him (to hold somebody in high regard);
  - (мнение, быть чрезвычайно в-ого мнения о ком-л): she was with him for a long time, and he thinks the world of her;
  - (молекулы переходят на более в. энергетический уровень): gas molecules are driven to a more energetic state;
  - (на в-ом уровне): I first saw government at a high level over a decade ago;
  - (надёжность): the HARM anti-radiation missiles sought out and destroyed acquisition and illumination radars with high reliability;
  - (облако/ туча): high cloud;
  - (в-ие отметки в отборочных тестах, т.е. в университете): girls who had gone to private boarding schools, lived abroad, spoke other languages fluently and placed out of freshmen courses because of their advanced placement test scores;
  - (оценка): he wrote in controlled, ironic prose with a full appreciation of the beauty and the dry humour of the tales he told;
  - (политики в-ого ранга): high-profile politicians;
  - (положение, занимать в-ое п. в компании): she holds a more elevated position in the company;
  - (положение, искусство уже не занимает такого в-ого п-я, как раньше): in Milan, art no longer enjoyed the exalted status it once had;
  - (потолок): a building with high ceilings;
  - (потолок): the room has a lofty fml ceiling with a large, silent fan;
  - (потолок, гостиная с в-им потолком): а lofty sitting-room;
  - (риск): the risk was very high;
  - (рождение): In the societies where there are strong traditions of monarchy or aristocracy it is common to consider that people belonging to these élite categories are not entirely human. It is for this reason that aristocrats or others of exulted birth, in many traditions, may marry only others of their own kind, as the royal families of Europe have traditionally done.;
  - (рост цен до самых в-их величин за многие годы): the climb in the commodity prices to multi-year highs;
  - (с в-им содержанием, пища с в-им содержанием белка): consume approximately 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight per day from a combination of high protein foods and supplements;
  - (с в-им содержанием,пища с в-им содержанием углеводов): high-carb / high-carbohydrate foods;
  - (с в-им содержанием, сплав с в-им содержанием никеля): high-nickel alloy;
  - (с в-ой степенью вероятности имеющие о злокачественности): the study considered women with calcifications highly suggestive of malignancy;
  - (самoe в-oe сооружение): Ostankino tower is the highest structure in Moscow;
  - (самый в., заплатить самую в-ую цену образно): her battle with Y. was always going to end with one of them paying the ultimate price;
  - (скорость): the bomb detonated when the car hit a bump at high speed on the highway;
  - (скорость осаждения, т.е. в отстойнике): rapid settling rates allow for high throughput in settler operation
  - (старик): a tall old man;
  - (стена): a high / lofty fml wall;
  - (стены): only a few Bordeaux chateaux actually boast the turrets and tall fortified walls;
  - (стены): I saw emerging from the towering walls, vague moving shapes enshrouded in cloth from head to toe;
  - (стол на в-их и тонких ножках): delicate silver instruments stood upon the spindle-legged table;
  - (табурет): "..." N. said archly, hauling himself erect on the bar stool;
  - (температура): high temperature;
  - (в-ими темпами): the city grows at a rapid rate;
  - (в-ими темпами): we are reducing our nuclear arsenals at a rapid pace;
  - (в-ими темпами): research and development have not moved to Slovakia in large chunks the way auto assembly has;
  - (тот, кто предложил самую в-ую цену): he sold a controlling stake in the company in a public auction to the highest bidder;
  - (точность, винтовка в-ой точности): an expert marksman with his high-precision, hand-tooled rifle;
  - (точность, ракеты в-ой т-ти): tactical rockets with nuclear warheads, highly accurate and highly mobile, borne on the backs of tracked vehicles;
  - (в-ая точность разведывательной информации): corroborative details arriving in this office indicate the substantial accuracy of the named agent's claim with regard to the location of the factory;
  - (в-ие требования к подбору прокурора и судей послужат эффективным средством сдерживания безответственных прокуроров): the careful procedures and demanding qualification for the selection of the prosecutor and judges serve as an effective check against irresponsible behaviour;
  - (требования, к работе предъявляются в-ие требования): work is routine but exacting;
  - (в-ие требования к технике безопасности): exacting safety regulations;
  - (требования, питательная диета помогает игрогам справиться с в-ими требованиями футбола): a nutritious diet helps players get through the steep demands of soccer;
  - (уровень): I first saw government at a high level over a decade ago;
  - (уровень, более в. уровень понимания рабочими соотношения между их доходом и ростом их компании): greater sophistication among working people about the relationship between their income and the growth of their companies;
  - (уровень инфраструктуры): high standards of infrastructure and administrative / institutional framework;
  - (уровень): to preserve the excellence of traditional fundamental research;
  - (в. уровень технологий обеспечивал превосходство в военной сфере): technological sophistication spelled superiority in the military sphere;
  - (уровень, т.е. учащегося): girls have closed much of the gender gap in mathematics achievement, although a larger share of boys continue to perform at the most advanced level;
  - (утёсы): the lofty cliffs in the distance compelled them to return;
  - (фонтан): the sparkling jets of a tall fountain;
  - (характеристики, реактивный самолёт с в-ими лётно-техническими / технико-экономическими / эксплуатационно-техническими х-ами): a high-performance jet aircraft;
  - (цель): all that research is aiming at an ambitious goal;
  - (цель): according to its corporate mission statement, Google is a search engine company pursuing the lofty goal of organizing the world's information;
  - (чин): the great insignia of the KGB special troops had closed in on the country cottage where the group was meeting to plan it operation;
  - (шляпа): a towering hat topped with a moth-eaten vulture;
  - (штабеля слитков): tall stacks of gold bars;
  - смотри выше
  высокий (о человеке) - she was tall and slim;
  - they were tall and dark of skin;
  - (в. и тощий / в. и худой): he was a beanpole a man;
  - (фигура): a towering figure was gliding smoothly toward him, hovering over the ground;
  - (фигура): his towering frame
  высокое качество - (исследований): to preserve the excellence of traditional fundamental research;
  - (исследований и преподавания): excellence in research and education;
  - (на всех уровнях преподавания): attain excellence at all levels of education;
  - (пшеница в-ого к-а): Canada produces high-quality wheat
  высоко - (в небе): high above, albatrosses wheeled and glided;
  - (лира, которую настроили слишком в.): she's like a lyre some fool's tuned to too high a pitch;
  - (в. приподнятая судейская скамья): the judge's bench is well elevated and covered by a walnut canopy, supported by 2 marble pillars;
  - (рентабельные инвестиции): a small but highly cost-effective investment;
  - (ценить): those in the know seem to hold it in high regard;
  - (в. эрудированный рассказ): this supremely scholarly account is remarkable for its...
  высококалорийный - (пища): a lot of your favorite breakfast cereals are high calorie foods
  высококачественный - (газета): The Financial Times is a quality newspaper;
  - (издание): smart value, top quality product;
  - (подошва): high grade polymer sole;
  - (принтер): high-quality printer;
  - (пшеница): Canada produces high-quality wheat;
  - (с в-ой отделкой): two bedroom maisonnette finished to a high standard;
  - (стрела): the arrow was a high-performance carbon aluminum arrow used for target practice;
  - (ткань): top-quality fabric
  высококвалифицированный - (медсёстры): highly-skilled nurses;
  - (учителя): it is difficult to recruit teachers of quality
  высококультурный - (человек): a man of great culture and refinement
  высоконадёжный - (замок): high-security lock;
  - (конденсатор): we supply high-reliability capacitors;
  - (технология): high-reliability technology;
  высокообразованный - highly educated people tend to vote more frequently;
  - people who are highly educated, have high incomes, and tend to be middle-aged rather than young or old;
  - he was a highly literate man with a capable and wide-ranging mind, who wrote brilliantly about the Balkan Wars
  высокооплачиваемый - (адвокаты): who but the superrich can afford the legal perquisite of the overpaid and unregulated lawyers that are required for access to litigation?;
  - (рабочие места): stable, high-paying jobs;
  - (рабочие места): leaders in states and regions throughout this country recognize the immediate and long-term benefits of having a robust technology sector and the high-paying jobs that go with it;
  - (рабочие места): technology industries, based on innovation in information technology, bio-science, nanotechnology, and other fields, generate new companies with products and services that are gaining domestic and foreign markets, generating many high-wage jobs, and creating significant wealth;
  - (самый в. игрок): highest-paid player
  высокопоставленный - (военные, Дж.К. тесно связана с в-ыми в-ыми / светская дама из Флориды завязала тесные связи с в-ыми деятелями армии и разведки): J.K. Closely Tied to Top Brass infml. The Florida socialite forged close ties with top military and intelligence officials in Tampa, hosting lavish parties at her waterfront mansion.;
  - (дипломат): a top Western diplomat;
  - (дипломат): the British government had done the opposite, breaking the tradition of putting the firm under a senior diplomat from the Foreign Office;
  - (лица): смотри ниже;
  - (москвичи): upscale Muscovites who formed the core of his following;
  - (назначения на самые в-ые посты): hearings for President-elect Donald Trump's Cabinet picks begin Jan. 10, starting with one of the most high-profile nominations: Sen. Jeff Sessions for attorney general of the United States;
  - (пассажиры): the pilots felt pressure from their high-ranking passengers;
  - (политики): high-profile politicians;
  - (чиновник): смотри ниже
  высокопоставленный (лица) - the activists demonstrated before visiting Moscow dignitaries;
  - Olympic champions, international dignitaries and special guests;
  - throughout the day four secretaries fussed around him, preparing for the Scandinavian and Dutch dignitaries;
  - (общественное мероприятие с участием в-ых лиц): this funeral is going to be high-profile public event
  высокопоставленный (чиновник) - (в посольстве): I spoke to high-ranking functionaries at the embassy in the hopes that they could help;
  - senior Chinese trade official;
  - (самый в. чиновник): highest-ranking official;
  - (чиновник): he had had his eye on a small but exquisite Fragonard, but a shifty grandee infml in Treasury had got there first;
  - if I had my way all high-level Federal officials, elected and appointed, would have to have all their money in US banks
  высокопроизводительный - (компьютер): high performance computer;
  - (в-ое осаждение и осветление пульпы, т.е. при производстве глинозёма): this flocculant was specifically developed for high performance settling and clarification of digestion liquors and thickening of washed red mud
  высокопрочный - (бетон / болт): high-strength concrete / bolt;
  - (материал): Kevlar is the registered trademark for a para-aramid synthetic fiber. This high-strength material was first commercially used in the early 1970s as a replacement for steel in racing tires.;
  - (сплав): high-strength alloy;
  - (сталь): great modules of high-tensile steel had swung in from the overhead gantries to drop into preassigned places;
  высокорентабельный - (инвестиции): a small but highly cost-effective investment
  высокородный - highborn
  высокоскоростной - (интернет): high speed Internet service providers;
  - (наземный транспорт / поезд): high-speed ground transport / train
  высокотехнологичный - (оборудование): to make enemy's high-tech equipment less effective;
  - (отрасли): The technology-based industry in Washington state continues its important role in the growth and development of the state economy. Technology industries, based on innovation in information technology, bio-science, nanotechnology, and other fields, generate new companies with products and services that are gaining domestic and foreign markets;
  - (шпионское оборудование): billions are spent each year to upgrade satellites and other high-tech spy machinery
  высокоэффективный - (конструкция): the company has earned a reputation for high-performance design, easy operation and maintenance;
  - (осаждение и очистка): this flocculant was specifically developed for high performance settling and clarification of digestion liquors
  высота - (большая в. потолков): with lofty ceiling height, the accommodation includes entrance vestibule and imposing reception hall;
  - (т.е. в горах): смотри ниже;
  - (в. воды прилива / пресной воды в напорном бассейне): the gates were operated such that a minimum of one gate was kept open on a rising tide up to the point where the tidal water elevation was the same as the headpond freshwater elevation;
  - (выбросить струю на большую в-у): the spout was blasted into the air to a great height;
  - (высотой 6 футов): a giant spider six feet tall;
  - (т.е. звука): смотри ниже;
  - (здания): the height of the building;
  - (командные высоты, люди КГБ занимают к.в. экономики): the distinction between these two forces (Putin and the government apparatus) is blurring, as the KGB men move into the commanding height of the economy;
  - (конвейер может перемещать материалы на разной в-е): a conveyor can move materials at different elevations;
  - (летать на малой в-е / на большой в-е): the aircraft could either skim the waves at low level, or cruise at altitude;
  - (набрать в-у, о самолёте): the aircraft was on autopilot, programmed to turn, climb and level out at 39 thousand feet;
  - (над уровнем моря, горизонтали - это воображаемые линии одинаковой в-ы над уровнем моря): contours are imaginary lines of equal elevation above main sea level;
  - (на в-е пять метров над землёй): at a height of five meters above the ground;
  - (падение с в-ы): Hazards related to this job (crane operator). Falls from height;
  - (регулируемые по в-е подвески автомобиля): height adjustable suspensions for cross-country drives;
  - (с такой в-ы образно зло почти незаметно): from that eminence the worst evils are scarcely noticeable;
  - (сбросить с большой в-ы): although the fall from bed to flooe was only a couple of feet, he seemed to have been cast down from a great height;
  - (сердечный выброс при нагрузке падает при пребывании на в-е): the exercise cardiac output falls during altitude residence;
  - (сечения, т.е. в картографии): contour interval;
  - (скульптурное изображение женщины в-ой 40 футов): a 40-foot-tall sculptural representation of a woman
  высота (т.е. в горах) - (дом стоит на в-е 2000 м.): the house is at an elevation of 2000 metres;
  - (на большой в-е): at the high elevation;
  - (на большой в-е): heavy work at high altitude;
  - (перевала): the height of the pass is...;
  - (транспорт кислорода на в-е и на уровне моря): oxygen transport at altitude differs from sea level
  высота (т.е. звука) - timbre is what, with a little practice, people use to distinguish the saxophone from the trumpet in a jazz group, even if both instruments are playing notes at the same pitch and loudness.;
  - (голос был по в-е такой, как у него / той же в-ы, что у него): her voice was pitched as his own, low, uninvolved;
  - (звук нарастает по в-е и силе): the oscillator will emit a single VHF note, rising steadily in tone and pitch to a scream that our ears could not begin to listen to;
  - (в. нарастает): as the tonal pitch rises, a dial on the receivers will show the pitch;
  - (разница по в-е): interval is the difference in pitch between two musical notes;
  - (рояль и орган были настроены на одну и ту же в-у звука): the piano and organ were tuned to the same pitch;
  - the scream rose in pitch;
  - А clef is a musical symbol used to indicate the pitch of written notes. Placed on one of the lines at the beginning of the staff, it indicates the name and the pitch of the notes on that line.
  высотный - (болезнь): information about high-altitude illness from the American Academy of Family Physicians;
  - (болезнь): Sometimes people get sick at high altitudes, such as in the mountains. This is called mountain sickness or high-altitude sickness;
  - (дом): the 16-story tower block in Banner Lane, Coventry;
  - (дом / здание): tower block BrE is the British term for high-rise AmE
  выспаться / высыпаться - you would probably do better on an exam if you had a good night's sleep all versus pulling an all-nighter;
  - leave the problems for tomorrow, when you've had a good night's rest and are better prepared to deal with them;
  - (не высыпаться): millions of people do not get enough sleep and many suffer from lack of sleep;
  - (т.е. с перепоя, пока он не выспится): there is a bed to settle him on while he sleeps it off;
  - (с похмелья): the show was scheduled for 10 A.M. Saturday morning, time for everyone to sleep off the hangovers and choke down a heavy breakfast
  выспрашивать / выспросить - (дальнейшие подробности): you can check that they are giving you a full and accurate account by probing for more detail;
  - (у него выспрашивают информацию): he sensed that he was being probed for information;
  - Don't tell Jane. Or even your wife. I know she wouldn't mean to tell Jane. But Jane would sense something wrong, and get it out of her.;
  - (т.е. обманом): you weren't the first person he wormed things out of;
  - (т.е. обманом, у кого-л): he managed to wheedle the location of the documents out of her;
  - (продавец парфюмерного магазина выспрашивает покупателей о свойствах их кожии волос, т.е. дотошно): the employee grills customer after customer about skin and hair characteristics and then disgorges detailed information about the products
  выставить / выставлять - (аккредитив): to issue a letter of credit;
  - (армия может выставить полк младших офицеров): we can field a complete regiment or so of junior officers driving tanks;
  - (в Интернете): смотри ниже;
  - (второй состав команды): the coach send in the subs;
  - (т.е. выгнать, с тех пор Советское правительство пыталось выставить британцев из здания): the Soviet government has been trying to get the British out of there ever since;
  - (т.е. выгнать, Северная Корея выгнала инспекторов ООН по вооружениям...): North Korea kicked out UN weapons inspectors from a plant that previously produced weapons-grade plutonium;
  - (дозорных у постоянных контрольно-пропускных пунктов): organized criminal interests learned long ago to post lookouts near the permanent checkpoints;
  - (т.е. изображать, его выставляли записным / классическим злодеем): throughout the duration of the trial, Dr Murray, the man charged with Jackson's homicide, was cast as the stock villain;
  - (т.е. изображать, в. кого-л тираном): his influence was overplayed in the media, which made him out to be a "tyrant.";
  - (т.е. изображать, в. кого-л убийцей): the portrayal of Superman in the comic made him out to be a killer, which he is not;
  - (коносамент): to make out a bill of lading;
  - (на аукцион): her furniture will be put out for auction;
  - (на аукцион выставлена коллекция старинных марок): the sale features a private collection of early French stamps;
  - (на всеобщее обозрение): смотри ниже;
  - (на одну линию суставы ноги): the insole, midsole and arch support provide your foot and ankle with the proper support and angle to help align all the joints of your leg;
  - (на посмешище кого-л): to make a laughingstock out of somebody;
  - (на посмешище себя): here goes M., off to make a fool of oneself;
  - (на продажу квартиру): her ex-husband had demanded that she put the apartment on the market;
  - (на продажу дом): is he thinking of putting the house up for sale?;
  - (напоказ): смотри ниже;
  - (нового защитника на Кубок, т.е. в американском футболе): the Patriots fielded a young new quarterback for the Rose Bowl;
  - (неправильный счёт на товар кому-л): if you ever find you've been billed incorrectly for merchandise or a service purchased with your Card, give us a call;
  - (ногу): R. stuck out his foot;
  - (оценку, за курс выставляют о. "зачёт" или "незачёт"): the course is graded with "S" for satisfactory or "U" for unsatisfactory;
  - (партия пока не выставила кандидата): the Republicans so far have not fielded a candidate in this one-party town;
  - (в. перед собой крышку, как щит): H. swung a fist at him. R. pistoned out the garbage can lid. H.'s fist met it.;
  - (правительство Судана выставило племенную арабскую милицию на линию обороны): after these rebels launched lightning strikes in February 2003 against military and civilian targets across North Darfur, a surprised Khartoum unleashed Arab tribal militias as a line of defense;
  - (т.е. прогнать): I could shoo infml her when she was too irksome;
  - (Рождественские ясли, т.е. макет сцены рождения Христа): Christmas cribs are put on display;
  - (свою кандидатуру): смотри ниже;
  - (счёт): смотри ниже;
  - (театр выставил полчища танцоров): only the Bolshoi (Theatre) can field such legions of dancers to leap and wield bows and spears;
  - (футбольная команда выставила защитника на Кубок): the Patriots fielded a young new quarterback for the Rose Bowl;
  - (часового): a lookout man had been posted;
  - (часовых): they never made camp without putting out sentries now
  выставить / выставлять (т.е. в Интернете) - this message is posted with the originator's permission;
  - the National Security Archive at George Washington University today posted on the Web a collection of recently declassified U.S. documents;
  - Boys physically mistreat girls, sexually molest them in public, grabbing and squeezing their breasts. Some of this behavior is captured on cell phones and posted online.;
  - in antics that give school staff heartburn, students have captured videos of teachers and put them on the Web
  выставить / выставлять (на всеобщее обозрение) - (изнанку науки): Postdoctoral fellows are the stoop labor of science, indispensable for progress in research, but consigned to lowly status on the lab. Pillars of the scientific establishment, the National academy of Sciences and Nature Genetics do not customarily spotlight the seamy side of science.
  - the things he laid bare for all to see;
  - there is more sport involved in bodybuilding than being gifted with beauty and displaying it for everyone to admire;
  - (личную жизнь кого-л): to have your personal life put on display like that is embarrassing
  выставить / выставлять (напоказ) - (одежда в обтяжку выставляла напоказ её прелести): her close-fitting clothes showed off her assets;
  - (самые отвратительные пороки): the king flaunted vices of the most sordid kind with a cynical indifference to public opinion;
  - (своё презрение к пристойности): these young women wore short skirts, bobbed their hair, listened to the new jazz music, and flaunted their disdain for what was then considered acceptable behavior;
  - (свой патриотизм): he hated sanctimonious demagogues parading as patriots;
  - (свою утончённость): he was standing out like a sore thumb in his elegant London-tailored suit as if flaunting his sophistication to a group of men who hated all forms of Western-ness
  - (страны, которые не могли в. механизированную дивизию, но любили в. напоказ баллистические ракеты): the Russians sold Scuds to jerkwater countries that couldn't even field a single decent mechanized division, but who loved to parade those upgraded V-2-class ballistic stovepipes because they looked impressive as hell to the people on the sidewalks;
  - (увечья): they were sporting gruesome disfigurements
  выставить / выставлять (свою кандидатуру) - candidates for federal, statewide, legislative, judicial and county offices will run for nomination and election in 2010;
  - (в парламент): he's running for a seat in the Parliament;
  - (на государственную должность): to run for public office;
  - (на должность): a wealthy businessman running for office;
  - (на пост президента): all vice presidents who run for President have two problems: most people don't know what they've done and don't give them credit for the accomplishments of the administration, and they tend to get typecast as number two men;
  - (попытка в-ить свою кандидатуру на политическую должность): he nearly bankrupted himself with two unsuccessful runs for political office
  выставить / выставлять (счёт) - (помесячно): invoices are generally issued on a monthly basis;
  - (подддельные счета): he confessed that between 1989 and 1992, he submitted 400 doctored bills to cover personal expenses, cheating his clients and partners at the firm of $394000;
  - (в. счета за расходы агентствам новостей): The travel office charters planes, books hotel rooms, orders meals and generally takes care of the press when they travel with the President. The costs are billed to the news organizations;
  - invoice means the invoice issued by the Supplier which describes the products purchased by the purchaser and which includes, either by direct incorporation or by reference, terms and conditions of sale;
  - (в. счёт, т.е. за выполненную работу): you were asked at the beginning to invoice monthly at the end of each month;
  - (с. за превышение использования, т.е. Интернета, будет выставлен в последующем месяце за прошлый месяц): any overusage or overage, beyond the usage contracted for as indicated in the Service order, will be billed retroactively in the invoice for the subsequent month
  выставиться / выставляться - (счёт выставлялся мне почасово): The movers moved pretty slow. It seems like they weren't really motivated to get the job done quickly. Perhaps that was because I was being billed on an hourly rate.
  выставление - (в. счетов по контракту происходит помесячно): You were asked at the beginning to invoice monthly at the end of each month, and that is what you have been doing. So we will take it that the contractual invoicing and payment cycle is monthly.;
  - (в. счетов и взимание оплаты по счетам за коммунальные услуги): to perform responsible clerical accounting work involved with billing and collection of utility bills
  выставленный - (на аукцион выставлены работы Нью-йоркской школы художников): this year's auction features works by the New York School;
  - (на продажу): some of the furniture that was for sale in our house;
  - (на сайте интернета): both the computer's and the expert's predictions were posted publicly on a website before the decision was announced;
  - (напоказ, его слабость как короля будет выставлена напоказ перед всем миром): his feebleness as a king will be laid bare for all the world to see;
  - (образцы одежды будут выставлены в магазине): samples of garments and techniques will be on display at the store;
  - (счёт): invoice made out;
  - (тело было выставлено в церкви для прощания): his body lay in state in the Protestant church
  выставка - (город как бы является в-ой современной архитектуры и проектов лесонасаждений): the city is a showcase of mid-century modern architecture and reforestation projects;
  - (достижений народного хозяйства): Exhibition of Economic Achievements;
  - (кошек / цветов): cat / flower show;
  - (торговая): trade show
  выставляться - (за курс выставляется оценка "зачёт" или "незачёт"): the course is graded with "S" for satisfactory or "U" for unsatisfactory;
  - (счета за расходы выставляются агентствам новостей): The travel office charters planes, books hotel rooms, orders meals and generally takes care of the press when they travel with the President. The costs are billed to the news organizations
  выстоять - (в бурю): there is naught that I can do to hold back that storm: I must weather it or crack;
  - (о футболисте): there was a moment of silence for the dead as their quarterback held his ground, sacrificed his body, and launched his bomb;
  - (т.е. об амерканцах в период Великой депрессии): Hoover believed in "rugged individualism" and the idea of small government. He was nervous about letting the government step in and help the people because he thought the people of America should just tough it out.;
  - (против вражеских полчищ): even if the king marshals all its strength, how can we hope to match the numbers the enemy can send against us?
  выстраивать / выстроить - (аргументы): to make a good speech you need to marshal your arguments very clearly;
  - (возражения / контраргументы против теории): he was marshalling counterargument against her theory;
  - (отношения): Yorkshire businesses build relationship with India;
  - (отношения): they hired an experienced relationship manager to help build relationship with client;
  - (отношения): how to build and develop relationship between Europe and the rest of the world on safety issues?;
  - (приоритеты): the practice of project management can focus efforts on your mission by aligning priorities, leveraging resources, and delivering services to customers;
  - (свою репутацию): he ardently cultivated his reputation as a capitalist with a conscience;
  - (силы): no nation could be permitted to be preemptive, however fleetingly, over the combination of forces that could be arrayed against it;
  - смотри файл DVIJENIE
  выступать / выступить - (в качестве / в роли): смотри ниже;
  - (т.е. высказываться от имени всех юристов): it's important for the association to be relevant, to say that it is speaking for all lawyers;
  - (т.е. высказываться, в. публично): a man speaks up and urges the voters not to appropriate money;
  - (т.е. говорить бойко жаргон): "I don't think you're in a position to glib," says the negotiator (to the hostage taker);
  - (т.е. делать доклад, в. о новой рекламной кампании): the sales director will give a presentation on the new campaign;
  - (т.е. делать доклад, в. по разным вопросам): Staff and volunteers participate in regular in-service training. Trainers are brought in from outside organizations to present on various topics;
  - (т.е. как артист): смотри ниже;
  - (т.е. о спортсменах): смотри ниже;
  - (т.е. отстаивать что-л): смотри ниже;
  - (т.е. поднимать шум образно, не выступай): don't stick your neck out slang / don't blow your top slang;
  - (с оружием в руках против кого-л): the conflict in Darfur has been going on since 2003 when black African rebels began to take arms against the Sudan government;
  - (с отречением): he collaborated with the KGB recanting on Georgian television;
  - (против кого-л / чего-л): смотри ниже;
  - (с показаниями): no one has come forward with any information about the murder;
  - (т.е. с речью, в. на её вступлении в должность): he honors our friendship mightily by asking me to speak at her induction;
  - смотри файл DVIJENIE
  выступать / выступить (т.е. в качестве / в роли) - (в к. посредника на переговорах): he acted as a go-between in the delicate negotiations;
  - (в. в своей любомой р. ирония): this allowed Moscow to cast itself in its favourite role;
  - (в. в главной роли в мировом процессе): if we could preserve this position, we were likely to emerge in a central role in the peace process;
  - (в роли доброго следователя): he was being set up as the good guy in the good / bad guy scenario in interrogations play;
  - (в. кандидатом от Демократической партии): he stood as the Democrat's candidate in the 1990 elections;
  - (в. кандидатом от Республиканской партии): he stands as a Republican candidate
  выступать / выступить (т.е. как артист) - the bear was performing before them;
  - (жонглёр выступал для развлечения королевы): a juggler had been performing for the amusement of the Queen;
  - (в. как фокусник в ночных клубах): he performed as a magician in nightclubs;
  - (т.е. музыкант выступает в концертном зале): Horowitz is performing at Carnegie Hall tonight;
  - (на Бродвее, если я успешно проведу эту встречу, т.е. солгу, то мне будет впору в-ать н.Б.): if I get this scene successfully, I'll be ready to make Broadway debut soon;
  - (на разогреве, т.е. начале концерта другого артиста, кто будет выступать у него на разогреве?): I'm going to see Justin Bieber in concert in NJ on the 17th of November. Do you know who is opening up for him?;
  - (на разогреве, т.е. начале концерта другого артиста, группа выступила на разогреве на концерте Дж.Б.): Mindless Behavior performed an opening act at the Justin Bieber concert
  выступать / выступить (т.е. о спортсменах) - (гимнастка удачно / успешно выступила на всех четырёх снарядах): junior C.J., who has made a habit this season of either nailing infml all four routines or stumbling on multiple events, did the latter;
  - (игроки должны в. на высшем уровне): the players must perform to the highest level to win;
  - (в. лучше, о команде): I thought our team would put up a better show tonight;
  - (на длинных и на коротких дистанциях на одной и той же Олимпиаде): he tried to become the first skater to compete in both long-track and the more roller-derby-like short track events at the same Olympics;
  - (удачно / успешно в. на выборах): he is expected to do well in parliamentary elections in March
  выступать / выступить (т.е. отстаивать что-л) - (в защиту реформ): groups representing consumers, families, workers, the elderly, children's hospitals and pediatricians were, for the most part lining up in favor of reform;
  - (за что-л): the "rugged capitalism" that he favored in theory;
  - (возможно, изменения ускорили потерю поддержки избирателей, оставив их в недоумении о том, за что же выступает партия): the changes may have accelerated the loss of support by leaving voters confused about what the party stood for;
  - (мы выступаем за то, чтобы стороны сели за стол переговоров): we want / would like the parties to come to the negotiating table;
  - (за восстановление ранее существовавшего положения): we will favor a restoration of the status quo ante;
  - (в. за или против политики, направленной на борьбу с преступностью): crime rate statistics are commonly used by politicians to advocate for or against a policy designed to deal with crime;
  - (за права человека): he always stood up for human rights;
  - (за решение): he spoke in favor of / for the decision;
  - (за строительство автострады): he is in favour of the planned motorway;
  - (за то, чтобы помочь Лаосу сохранить независимость): Americans favored helping Laos retain its independence;
  - (за уничтожение целого народа): times have changed, and unless a person is seriously deranged enough to advocate the extermination of entire populations simply because models for it occur in the Bible, we must use judgment in applying the lessons of this scripture;
  - (правительство - за что-л): Kyiv favors the two organizations simultaneous enlargement;
  - (профсоюз выступил за сокращение рабочего дня): the union made a pitch for a reduction in working hours
  выступать / выступить (против кого-л / чего-л) - (абортов): conservatives oppose to abortions;
  - (банка): Good for you for standing up to this bank;
  - (в. против геноцида): America has finally run out of patience with Sudanese president's duplicity and will press the international community to stand up to the genocide;
  - (в. против грязных делишек мэра): Finally! A councilman who is not afraid to stand up to shoddy business practices by the mayor!;
  - (законопроект, против которого выступает Белый дом): the bill, opposed by the White House, is stalled in the Senate;
  - (в. против кого-л): he was up against a man whom no argument could influence;
  - (в. против короля): Thomas More stood up to King Henry VIII when the King rejected the Roman Catholic Church to obtain a divorce and remarriage;
  - (т.е. сказал президент-демократ, выступая против республиканцев): "They talk about me like a dog," said B. Obama, inveighing against Republicans during a Milwaukee labor rally;
  - (в. против рабства): people who opposed slavery were deviants, as far as southern culture and ideology was concerned;
  - (рабства): he gained prominence as a congressman who stood firm against the Southern slave power;
  - (в. против резолюции): the decision drew sharp protests from an assembly of British Jewish and Israeli groups that had banded together to oppose the resolution, which called on British college lecturers to "consider the moral implications of existing and proposed links with Israeli academic institutions."
  - (решения): he came out / spoke against the decision
  выступление - he is currently slowing down professional speaking and other gigs, to spend more time on new academic pursuits, pro-bono work, and book writing.;
  - (т.е. в избирательной кампании): she has recently stepped up her time commitment to the campaign, appearing as a surrogate for her husband in campaign appearances;
  - (в. гимнастки было отвратительным / 2 падения испортили впечатление от ее отличного в-я на двух других снарядах): Most shocking was the performance of A.B. The junior hadn't fallen in eight of ASU's 10 meets this season, but did so twice Saturday on the vault and bars, overshadowing solid routines in her other two events and bringing down her all-around total to 37.600.;
  - (гимнастка упала, испортив впечатление от отличных в-й на других снарядах): the junior hadn't fallen in eight of ASU's 10 meets this season, but did so twice Saturday on the vault and bars, overshadowing solid routines in her other two events and bringing down her all-around total to 37.600.;
  - (гонорар за в.): an attempt to get around House rules prohibiting members from accepting speaking fees;
  - (график публичных в-ий): the governor has sharply curtailed his public schedule;
  - (затянуть обсуждение в-ями): they tried to spin out the debate through their speeches and interventions;
  - (зрители были заворожены её в-ем): the audience was mesmerized by her performance;
  - (т.е. концерт, певица отменяет в. по приказ врачей): the singer cancels the show under doctor's orders;
  - (на конференции ): in his talk infml at the recent conference, he draws the connection between healthy soil and healthy food;
  - (т.е. на конференции): his presentation covered three major points: how he runs such a large and diverse company, his perspective of how business should fit unto a well-functioning society, and how the word is evolving from a business standpoint;
  - (на митинге избирательной кампании): a leading candidate in France's presidential election was left covered in white powder when a woman dusted him in, what was thought to be, flour during an appearance at a campaign event;
  - (т.е. певцов на конкурсе Евровидения): watching the 24 acts in the final (a preliminary round removes the other 18), I felt Sweden and Britain were clear standouts;
  - (т.е. певца / певицы на конкурсе Евровидения): I had the overwhelming feeling that the Serbian entry, a turgid ballad called "Prayer," didn't stand a chance;
  - (по национальному телевидению): in his national-wide television address, the President...;
  - (популистские выступления президента): Obama's populist rhetoric - see "fat cat bankers" - may have sounded good to some in his liberal base, but it left the business community wondering if he understood its role in helping the economy recover;
  - (в. президента США в ООН, т.е. устное): address of the President of the United States to the United Nations;
  - (публичные в-я кандидатов, т.е. в предвыборной кампании): both candidates planned appearances in Indiana on Wednesday;
  - (публичные в-я, т.е. ораторское искусство): Public Speaking - five Powerful Tips for Persuasive and Captivating Presentations;
  - (репетиции и в-я): G. Opera supernumeraries receive gas mileage reimbursement for travel to and from all rehearsals and performances;
  - (т.е. рок-группы в пабе): he played his first pub gig BrE infml with a band called Raw Liver;
  - (слабое в. команды): the team was banned out of the tournament after listless performance;
  - (ужасное в. в дебатах с другим кандидатом): President Obama bounced off the ropes after a dismal showing in their first encounter (debate with the other presidential candidate), knowing his tumbling poll numbers could doom him to the historical ignominy of a single term without a sharp intervention;
  - (цирковое в. на трапеции): this is a service, not a trapeze act
  высчитать / высчитывать - (банк высчитал 3 доллара у клиента за пользование банкоматом другого банка): my bank dinged infml me three bucks for using their competitor's ATM;
  - (из зарплаты стоимость разбитой банки): he told me he"d have to dock my pay for the lost jar (of mayonnaise);
  - (месячную зарплату): he docks her a month's wages to punish her stupidity;
  - (реальную стоимость дома, т.е. рассчитать): you can work out the level of equity in your home by deducting any outstanding mortgage or other loans secured on the home from the market value of the property;
  высший - (благо): they believe in government by the elite, ostensibly for the greater good, but the elite decides what the greater good is;
  - (благо): we will seize control for the greater good;
  - (достижение художника): his ultimate achievement, "The Denial of Saint Peter", was perhaps painted shortly before the painter's death;
  - (классы общества): the higher classes are too often stained with deep and degrading debauchery;
  - (классы, т.е. общества): the sweet life of the upper classes;
  - (классы страны): drawn mostly from the German upper classes, the men wear uniforms denoting their allegiance to a fraternity;
  - (на в-ем уровне власти): the families of the victims say that there is a cover up at the highest level;
  - (на в-ем уровне правительства): they hadn't protested the form of their country's government as much as the corruption of those at its highest levels;
  - (награда): it is the highest in the field award for bravery
  - (научные степени): visas were allotted to aliens with advanced degrees in professional fields;
  - (в-ее образование / в-ие учебные заведения): the Higher Education Act (HEA) of 1998, which was subsequently renamed the "Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Crime Statistics Act", significantly expanded the obligations of American institutions of higher learning;
  - (образование, люди с в-им образованием): My biological mother decided to put me up for adoption. She felt very strongly that I should be adopted by college graduates.;
  - (образование, специалист с в-им образованием): university graduate;
  - (общество): high society;
  - (оценка): she got full marks BrE for the coursework;
  - (оценка): he had been awarded full marks by her;
  - (оценка): most of the judges feel that this shows moral fiber and merits full mark;
  - (платить по в-ей ставке): in Canada, some employers may require employees to work on a public holiday, but the employee must either receive a day off in lieu of the holiday or must be paid at a premium rate;
  - (приоритет): the Agency is poised to make them a top research priority;
  - (приоритет): the privacy of people who were victims of the Stasi must be a top priority over every other interest, including those of historians, scientists and journalists;
  - (приоритет, обременение имеет в. приоритет по сравнению с обременением, которое требует банк): the company maintained that its financing statement was filed first, and therefore its security interest in the proceeds from the two sales is superior to the security interest claimed by the bank;
  - (в-ие профессиональные лиги, т.е. бейсбольные, в США их две): major leagues / the majors;
  - (психическая / умственная деятельность, т.е. мозга): some people in a vegetative state retain "islands" of preserved neural function, but not in areas involved in higher mental function;
  - (т.е. руководители): смотри ниже;
  - (самого в-его качества): Iron wire is divided into three grades: Extra-Best-Best, BestBest, and Steel. The Extra-Best-Best (E.B.B.) wire possesses the highest conductivity, but the lowest tensile strength.;
  - (советник): the top White House economic adviser;
  - (сорт, картофельные чипсы в-его сорта): superior quality potato chips;
  - (ткань в-его качества): top-quality fabric;
  - (учебное заведение): a senior academic at Imperial College, the UK's pre-eminent specialist science academy;
  - (учебное заведение): the main union representing 120,000 British college teachers voted Wednesday to consider a boycott of Israeli academic institutions;
  - (учебные заведения): roughly two thirds of regular SIAM members work in academia;
  - (училище): higher professional schools, such as those of engineering, veterinary medicine and mines;
  - (цена, заплатить в-ую цену образно): her battle with Y. was always going to end with one of them paying the ultimate price;
  - (ценности Америки): our men in uniform exemplified the best of America's values;
  - (человек из в-его общества): socialite;
  - (чиновники): senior officials testified before congressional hearings;
  - (члены СС): before the end of the war most senior SS members made secret provision to disappear to a new life
  высший (т.е. руководители)- (военные деятели): through his membership on the Senate Armed Services Committee he had developed close ties with senior military figures;
  - (государственные служащие): top civil servants;
  - (дворянство): top nobility;
  - (командные структуры, в в-их командных структурах ФБР): Hoover and his inner circle at the top of the FBI command structure;
  - (лицо компании): these are not the table manners you might expect of a senior figure at the world's biggest car company;
  - (помощники и советники, т.е. губернатора): his top aides and advisers exchanged state business and jobs for political support;
  - (руководители): смотри ниже;
  - (руководство): make no mistake about it: employees are keenly aware of the practices and rules followed by senior management and owners;
  - (руководство ЦРУ): he was acting with the encouragement of senior officials at the CIA;
  - (сотрудники министерства): what do they think they're doing, annoying senior Ministry members?
  высшие руководители - Henry Ford owed his success to the skills of his top management team;
  - he could cope discreetly with those who came too close to the top men of the organization;
  - (государства): the president knew all of his fellow chief executives by name and sight;
  - (компании): a 40-year career that propelled him to senior management at each of the "big three" US carmakers
  высылка - (иностранца): his diplomatic cover would save him from expulsion;
  - (иностранцев): the expulsion of the Soviet advisers from Egypt in 1972;
  - (инспекторов ООН из страны): expulsion of the UN inspectors from Iraq;
  - (т.е. нелегальных иммигрантов): the proposal to allow the summary exclusion of aliens who come to U.S. border checkpoints, including airports, with forged, stolen or invalid documents;
  - (ускоренная в. из США, т.е. нелегальных иммигрантов): U.S. District Court Judge A.V. ruled that none of the victims of an immigration scam may be subject to expedited removal from the United States
  высыпание - (т.е. достаточность сна): 33 Secrets to a Good Night's Sleep. Natural treatment for insomnia and sleep disorders;
  - (т.е. достаточность сна): Getting a good night's sleep often comes down to technique. Avoiding late-night technology use and keeping a regular sleep schedule are two important techniques to heed as kids head back to school.;
  - (т.е. на коже): смотри ниже
  высыпание (т.е. на коже) - (внезапное в. волдырей): Sudden Break Out In Cyst Pimples;
  - (кожное): cutaneous eruption fml;
  - (кореподобные в-я): morbilliform rashes;
  - (угрей): sudden acne breakout around the mouth
  вытаскивать / вытащить - (из кого-л, т.е. информацию): I had to drag it out of him that he wanted to break up with me;
  - смотри файл DVIJENIE
  вытворить / вытворять - (мы такое вытворяли время от времени!): We've pulled off some sharp tricks time after time. Remember M.H.? You were the only one who knew that painter was going to be big. You got that portrait of his mother for a song from under the noses of that bunch of idiots. Must be worth a fortune now.;
  - (я хорошо понимаю, как ты паршиво себя чувствуешь после того, что он вытворил с тобой): I understood exactly how rotten you feel about what he pulled on you
  вытекать - (из чего-л, т.е. логически): this follows from new results obtained at the University of T.;
  - this result arises from the following orthogonality property;
  - смотри файл DVIJENIE
  вытекающий - (заказчик не имеет никаких прав на какую-либо интеллектуальную собственность, в-ую или являющуюся результатом любого использования данной службы): the Customer shall have no rights to any intellectual property rights arising out or as a result of any use of the Service;
  - (компания не несёт никакой ответственности за прямой, косвенный или иной ущерб, происшедший в результате, в. из использования материалов или в связи с их использованием): in no event will the company be liable for any direct, special, indirect, consequential or other damages however resulting, arising out or in connection with the use of any Material;
  - (обстоятельства, в-ие из наличия патента): circumstances arising from a patent
  вытерпеть - (богачи могут в. почти всё, но не когда их отвергают): rich folks can tolerate almost anything, but not rejection
  вытеснение - (индейцев с территории): this policy of peaceful relation led, sadly to the displacement of his own people
  вытеснить / вытеснять - (биогорючее собирается в. бензин): biofuels are poised to displace oil;
  - (в ходе промышленной революции лошадиная сила вытеснила силу лошади): the Industrial Revolution ultimately displaced horse power with horsepower;
  - (Вермахт не мог в-ить последних зашитников, т.е. Сталинграда): despite controlling over 90% of the city at times, the Wehrmacht was unable to dislodge the last Soviet defenders clinging tenaciously to the west bank of the Volga River;
  - (войска с островов): Japan's troops were dislodged from the Aleutian Islands;
  - (вражеские войска): to dislodge enemy troops;
  - (выборы вытеснили масленицу): the Costa Rican election supplanted Shrove Tuesday;
  - (в. других советников на второй план): advisers without a clear-cut area of responsibility eventually are pushed to the periphery by day-to-day operators;
  - (инертные газы нагнетались в трюм танкера, чтобы в. кислород): inert gases from the main engine exhaust flue were fed into the hold to expel oxygen and seal the surface of the crude oil;
  - (керосиновые лампы были вытеснены электрическими лампочками и фонариками на батарейках): kerosene lamps were superseded by the electric light bulb and flashlights powered by dry cell batteries;
  - (в. конкурентов, сбивая цены): a corporation could freeze out infml competitors by undercutting prices;
  - (лесозаготовки вытесняют горилл из леса): gorillas are pushed out of the forest by commercial logging;
  - (мидии вытесняют другие виды в экосистеме при отсутствии естественного врага): if the sea star is removed from the ecosystem, the mussel population explodes uncontrollably, driving out most other species;
  - (нубийцев вытеснили из родины предков): the Nubians were forced out from their ancestral homeland;
  - (правительственные войска вытеснили мятежников): the government reports that it had dislodged Tamil rebels from...;
  - ( т.е. противника с занимаемых позиций): the Meccans had exerted their utmost might and had failed to dislodge Mohammad;
  - (с первых страниц газет): Whitewater had to be pushed off the front pages, so we (the President and his administration) could get on with the business of administration;
  - (с рынков): Americans did not want to be squeezed out of Chinese markets;
  - (в. самолёты с истёкшим сроком эксплуатации): the new Boeing 747 that had superseded the old and time-expired 707s;
  - (школьную алгебру нельзя в. нажиманием кнопок компьютера): high school algebra cannot be supplanted by button pressing of computers;
  - (Эйзенхауэр вытеснил израильтян из Египта): Eisenhower forced the Israelis out of Egypt
  вытесниться / вытесняться - (советники без чётко очерченной области ответственности вытесняются на второй план каждодневными сотрудниками): advisers without a clear-cut area of responsibility eventually are pushed to the periphery by day-to-day operators
  выторговать / выторговывать - (компромисс / соглашение): I tried to negotiate a compromise / settlement;
  - (передышку): if we did not force a showdown soon on the issue of resupply and infiltration the war would resume whenever Hanoi was ready and all we would have done was purchase a brief respite for the withdrawal of our forces;
  - (уступки в области ядерных боеголовок): by throwing the President a bone for his own electorate, the Soviet Union could buy useful concessions on multiple nuclear warheads
  вытравить - (доброту из кого-л): he had a kind heart that his parents tried to squash out of him;
  - (почти все чувства из кого-л): his mother had nearly squashed the emotion out of him;
  - смотри файлы DVIJENIE, EMOCII
  вытребеньки - (я бы хотел, чтобы действие романа происходило в разных экзотических местах, а не только в Африке, но это в.): I do wish the novel had taken place in more various exotic locales instead of mainly Africa, but that's being nitpicky
  вытурить - (из университета): he got kicked out infml of the University for rewiring phone jacks to get free service;
  - (т.е. из университета): He enrolled in Harvard University in 1950, but was kicked out infml in 1951 after he was caught paying another student to take a Spanish test for him.
  вытягивать / вытянуть образно - (отрасль вытягивает образно на себе практически весь ВВП): the industry accounts for the most of GDP;
  - смотри файл DVIJENIE
  выудить / выуживать образно - (цитаты): I know what the polls are saying; it's going to be a big Republican year. But I'm not going to do what journalists, myself included, often do: troll for quotes that reflect the polls. I'm just going to report what I see and let the chips fall.;
  выучить - (иностранный язык): he learned their language in a year;
  - (иностранный язык): he had mastered the complex Chinese language;
  - (наизусть): he learned the poem by heart;
  - (в. напамять текст роли): The dress rehearsal of the play is tomorrow night. Please make sure you have committed all your lines to memory by that time.;
  - (своё дело / ремесло тяжким трудом): learn the ropes fig the hard way, get your hands dirty, see and do things no big-firm associate would ever get near, and someday some firm with real vision will reward the effort
  выучка - there was an undercurrent of anxiety in her voice which not even her husband's tuition had taught her wholly to suppress;
  - his military training secured him an appointment as first lieutenant of infantry in the regular army at the opening of the Mexican War
  выход - (дать в. своему гневу): such a man would never give way to any kind of anger;
  - (т.е. действие): смотри ниже;
  - (знать все входы и в-ы образно): I know the ins and outs infml of the case thoroughly;
  - (т.е. из положения): смотри ниже;
  - (количество произведенного продукта): смотри ниже;
  - (т.е. место, через которое выходят): смотри ниже;
  - (на биржу): Deciding whether to float your company on a stock market is an important decision. Most successful privately-owned companies will eventually reach a stage in their development where they consider whether the next natural step is to join a public market. When deciding whether your company is at the right stage for flotation, there are a number of questions that need to be addressed. Are the members of the management team prepared for the greater disclosure, openness and accountability that investors and the market require following flotation?;
  - (на биржу): when a company decides to list its shares on a stock market it is said to embark on a flotation, also known as an initial public offering (IPO);
  - (на полную мощность, после в-а на полную мощность): the company tries to boost output after reaching full capacity June 5, 2007;
  - (на рынок): the company makes considered entrance into IK market;
  - (на рынок, период от начала разработки до в-а на рынок): fixing design bugs and wrong wire connections in computer chips after they've been fabricated in silicon is a tedious, trial-and-error process that often costs companies millions of dollars and months of time-to-market;
  - (на экран т.е. кинофильма): Disney pushed the release date back to its current April 2020;
  - (в. на экран кинофильма): the movie grosses $188 million in 10 days since its release;
  - (т.е. обнажение горных пород): there occur small outcrops of iron ore;
  - (у вас есть в-ы на этого человека?): do you have access to this person?;
  - (энергия и ум не находили в-а): she was a determined woman, whose energies and intelligence had little outlet
  выход (т.е. действие) - (в открытый космос, во время в-а в открытый космос космонавты уязвимы): astronauts on space-walks are vulnerable;
  - (в открытый космос): space debris objects have included a glove lost by astronaut Ed White on the first American space-walk;
  - (готовиться к в-у из вагона метро): as the subway approached the 23rd Street stop, I started to move into position to exit the car;
  - (из договоров): withdrawal from treaties;
  - (из лагеря, т.е. освобождение): on their release from camp, the British Camp authorities would sign a release paper to the effect that Corporal J.S. was certified as released from prisoner camp;
  - (из партии): resignations from the Party;
  - (в. из порта задержался из-за погоды): in another blow to Moscow's plans to raise the wreck before the end of September, the bad weather held up the departure from a Norwegian port a support ship carrying cutting gear;
  - (в. к прессе, т.е. президентов / участников переговоров): today at a press availability in S., Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton spoke about the importance of supporting our troops overseas;
  - (к прессе, т.е. президентов / участников переговоров ): Secretary of State Rice's Joint Press Availability with Israeli Foreign Minister L.;
  - (на в-е, т.е. из кафе): a couple from a corner table were leaving, so he took it, smiling back as the couple on their way out, wished him a good appetite;
  - (на лёд, т.е. хоккеиста): the hockey champion will make his first public appearance on the ice since his heart stopped beating;
  - (пассажиров, в тамбуре с обеих сторон есть двери для в-а пассажиров, т.е. в поезде): typically, a vestibule has doorways on either side to allow passenger egress at stations;
  - (в. пассажиров самолёта при аварийной эвакуации): failure of an escape slide to deploy could hamper the egress of passengers in the event of an emergency evacuation;
  - (пассажиров, т.е. по аварийному трапу из самолёта): Recent certification demonstration evacuations have demonstrated potential problems with the structural integrity of inflatable escape slides. With severe loading of the escape slides, the inflatable beams are known to bend, sometimes allowing the sliding surfaces between the beams to form cups that can impede the egress of evacuees by making it hard to climb out of the slide and onto firm footing.;
  - (потайной): the king requires a means of secret egress, should he be ever trapped by his enemies;
  - (участника из хозяйственного общества): withdrawal of а member / termination of membership;
  - (участника из компании): withdrawal of а party from the company;
  - (т.е. южных штатов из США): it is probable that only in South Carolina, Mississippi, and Florida were the majority of whites in favor of secession
  выход (т.е. из положения) - (искать в.): He looked like a man searching for an out. Any out.;
  - (искать в., т.е. лучшую работу): he stuck at an office he was ashamed to show his friends, looking for an exit with no place to go;
  - (красивый): Kenneth Starr announced he would leave his post to become dean of the P. University Law School. He had obviously decided that Whitewater was a dry hole and this was a graceful way out, but he received heavy criticism for his decision.;
  - (разумный, издание за свой счёт может оказаться разумным в-ом): self-publishing can be a smart choice for writers;
  - (самоубийство представлялось ему единственным оставшимся в-ом): he saw suicide as the only avenue left open to him;
  - (у него не будет иного в-а, кроме как...): he would have no alternative but to abide by his pledge to free the man;
  - (у него не было иного в-а, кроме как): he had no recourse but to reject the Soviet protest;
  - (т.е. из положения): although the Illinois school district updates its list of blocked sites every hour, the most tech-savvy kids on desktop computers and other devices find a way out by logging into specialized servers that redirect traffic to forbidden sites;
  - he was desperate to find the way out;
  - I took the easy way out;
  - The bar has only an alcohol license, but it serves drugs, too. It's the way out in the boonies.;
  - that's a whimpish way out;
  - is there an exit fml strategy that allows Britain to get out of this situation?;
  - he has a proposal that may be the way out for us both
  выход (т.е. количество произведенного продукта) - (мяса, т.е. птицы после переработки): broiler sex has a substantial effect on most production parameters, such as growth and yield;
  - (мяса, т.е. птицы после переработки): to study the effect of livehaul on the susceptibility of male and female broilers to contamination and yield;
  - (пиломатериалов): the use of wood chips provides a cost-effective method of increasing the lumber yield from forests;
  - (светлых фракций, т.е. нефти при перегонке): petroleum refiners seek to increase distillate yield
  выход (т.е. место, через которое выходят): - (аварийный в., сиденье у а-ого в-а, т.е. в самолёте ): no air carrier may seat a person in an exit seat if it is likely that the person would be unable to perform one of the functions depicted on the safety card because the person lacks sufficient mobility, strength or dexterity in both arms and hands, and both legs to push, shove, pull or otherwise open emergency exits;
  - (из вокзала): he set off toward the station exit;
  - (из комнаты): they all pelted toward the exit at once;
  - (к Балтийскому морю): in foreign policy, Ivan IV had two main goals: to resist the Mongol Golden Horde and to gain access to the Baltic Sea.;
  - (к морю): Russia longed for harbors in the Baltic Sea for an outlet into the Mediterranean Sea;
  - (к самолётам): KLM's in-flight magazine the Holland Herald features a tear-out airport walker with an overview of gates and distances at Schiphol;
  - (к самолёту): pier 6 is an 11-pier aircraft stand attached to the North terminal by a state-of-the-art bridge;
  - (т.е. о дорогах, дороги дают в. к разбросанным посёлкам): south of D., a series of side roads give access to a scattering of small settlements;
  - (т.е. о дорогах, магистральные трассы дают в. на сеть автодорог): arterial roads give access to motorway network;
  - (т.е. о дорогах, в. на межштатные автодороги): the proximity of the W. Bridge allows access to Interstate roads;
  - (усилителя, т.е. электронного прибора): cascade amplifier is any amplifier constructed from a series of amplifier, where each amplifier sends its output to the input of the next
  выходец - (выходцы из высших классов страны): drawn mostly from the German upper classes, the men wear uniforms denoting their allegiance to a fraternity;
  - (в-дцы из семей с неблагоприятными социально-экономическими условиями): The second group includes some individuals of high raw intelligence. Not infrequently they come from disadvantaged social and economic backgrounds, may be new immigrants, and first generation college attendees.
  выходить - (администрация президента вышла из договора): the Bush administration withdrew from the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty;
  - (т.е. быть обращённым куда-л / граничить с чем-л): смотри ниже;
  - (в звезды, он впервые понял, что выходит в звёзды): the first time we became aware that he was heading for stardom was when...
  - (в эфир): смотри ниже;
  - (вперёд): he came forward, bowing slightly;
  - (вперёд, т.е. в соревнованиях): a 5-0 run by Paris (the team) saw them take the lead (71-76);
  - (в. вперёд с преимуществом 2 гола): Ireland had pulled ahead by 10 more goals;
  - (газета выходила тиражом 2000 экземпляров): the newspaper that circulated 2000 copies in the city;
  - (за пределы): смотри ниже;
  - (за рамки приличия): when governments speak of "reasons of state," look for a squalid act that offends common decency;
  - (замуж): смотри ниже;
  - (из бедности): Economists Reveal Factors that Help Poor People Lift Themselves Out of Poverty;
  - (из бедности): those households who used their existing assets most productively were more successful at pulling themselves out of poverty;
  - (из борьбы): as unnerving as it was to find my footing in the shifting sands of New York politics, I had no plans to drop out of the race;
  - (т.е. из экстремистской группировки): he had belonged to an extremist group but he dropped out;
  - (из договора): to pull out of the treaty;
  - (из затруднительного положения, т.е. о стране, где неурожай): theoretically they could ride this out with minimal difficulties, but this depends on how they make up the shortfall;
  - (из игры): people seek to withdraw from the game;
  - (из клуба, т.е. из членов): leading figures of the Kennedy Administration had resigned from the Metropolitan Club;
  - (из компании): in addition to other rights provided for in this Charter, a Party shall have a right to withdraw from the Company at any time, irrespective of the Company's or other Parties' consent;
  - (из моды, о методах допроса): the harsh interrogation techniques used since the 2001 terrorist attacks are outmoded;
  - (из моды, стиль вышел из моды два века тому назад): the architectural styles had been outmoded for more than two centuries;
  - (из обихода, ленточные магнитофоны вышли из обихода): bulky tape-recorders fell out of use long ago;
  - (из обихода, пишущие машинки вышли из обихода): typewriters have practically gone out of use;
  - (из обихода, слово вышло из обихода): war was a word that had fallen very much out of favor in civilized discourse;
  - (из обращения, наличные деньги постепенно выходят из обращения): Тhe amount of currency in circulation has been rising for the past several years. The upward trend is at odds with the generally accepted view that cash is on the way out.;
  - (из переговоров): under no circumstances will his party withdraw from negotiations;
  - (из подросткового возраста): the waitress is barely out of her teens;
  - (из предвыборной борьбы за пост президента): to drop out of presidential race;
  - (из проектов): ExxonMobil is walking away from projects in areas including the Arctic and the Black Sea that were once important growth prospects but have been hit by US sanctions;
  - (из сделки): despite the fact that we were still partners then, he had not informed us, asked us to sign off on the deal and offered to split the $35000 proceeds;
  - (из себя): смотри ниже;
  - (из союза): when the going gets tough, wealthier states will withhold funds from the federal government and effectively secede from the union;
  - (из строя, о компьютерах): these thoughts are brought to mind by the rise of the algorithm - and its occasional tendency to go haywire infml? - in popular consciousness;
  - (из строя, сайты вышли из строя из-за масштабной технической неполадки): many of Israel's official websites have gone down infml in what the government says is a broad technical malfunction;
  - (из трудного положения): he'll stop at nothing, even murder, to get himself out of a tight spot;
  - (из тупика): to break a deadlock;
  - (из тупика образно): he urged the Republicans to soften their positions and negotiate with the White House to break the impasse;
  - (из тюрьмы): she asks him if they will still be able to see each other when she is released from prison;
  - (т.е. из тюрьмы): He got three years for GBH (grievous bodily harm), but he will probably be out in less than 3 months.;
  - (из употребления): that kind of stereo system has fallen out of use over the last 20 years;
  - (из употребления): the Articles of War fell out of use by the Army when they were omitted from the 1955 Army Act;
  - (из-за угла на перекрёстке): a beggar came round the corner of the intersection;
  - (из-под контроля): смотри ниже;
  - (из-под опёки США): this yearning for "normality" expressed a united Germany's wish to emerge from American tutelage and be treated as a full and equal ally;
  - (контрразведчики вышли на англичанина, выдававшего себя за бизнесмена): eventually we identified an Englishman who was posing as a businessman;
  - (нерв выходит из позвоночного отверстия): we can see the bony tunnel called the foramen where the nerve exits;
  - (нерв выходит из стволовой части мозга между варолиевым мостом и продолговатым мозгом): the facial nerve emerges from the brainstem between the pons and the medulla;
  - (нервные корешки, выходящие из позвоночного отверстия): nerve roots which are exiting out of foramen;
  - (на биржу): Rusal, Russia's largest aluminium producer, could commit to list on the London Stock Exchange within three years of acquiring local rival Sual;
  - (на договорённости): we could fairly quickly reach / conclude mutually acceptable agreements;
  - (в. на людей, имеющих эту информацию): I was finally able to contact people who have this information;
  - (в. на ...место, по уровню научно-исследовательской деятельности штат Вашингтон вышел на первое место среди аналогичных штатов и на четвёртое место в стране): Washington's level of R&D activity in federally funded research and development centers ranked the state first among peers and 4th nationally in 2003;
  - (на пенсию): under normal circumstances he would retire in August 2002;
  - (на полную мощность, о заводе по переплавке алюминия): C. remelter reaching full capacity. Hydro's new remelt facility in C., Texas is approaching full capacity at 90,000 metric tons.;
  - (на работу): in instances of inclement weather when schools and Board offices remain open, employees shall be expected to report for duty as per regular working hours;
  - (на свет): he may think that someone else will be blamed for his crime, but the truth will out;
  - (на сцену образно): sassy, youth-orientated retailers were coming on the scene;
  - (наружу, правда о том, является ли... выйдет н.): it is unlikely the truth will emerge as to whether he is a deluded mercenary who drew Afghan officials into his web, or a misled crusader hung out to dry;
  - (наружу, правда выйдет н.): He had not a care in the world because he knew it was all misunderstanding and the stolen jewels had nothing to do with him. He was innocent. The truth would out.;
  - (в. победителем над врагами): out of the world-wide struggle for trade, they emerged victorious over all their enemies;
  - (победителем с небольшим перевесом, т.е. в соревновании программ): in this battle, Notes emerged victorious by a small margin;
  - (помочь в. из автомобиля кому-л): he helped her out of the car;
  - (постепенно, армия постепенно выходит из военных действий в Иране и Афганистане): Gen. R.O., the Army chief of staff, said Tuesday that the Army will eliminate combat forces from 10 bases across the United States. The announcement supports the Army's effort to downsize the active-duty force to 490,000 as the military winds down from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.;
  - (разрешить в. из больницы): doctors allow him out of hospital;
  - (сухим из воды образно): the trick here is not just getting the job done, but getting away with it afterwards;
  - (фильм выйдет на большой экран в 2008 г.): the February announcement said the movie would be coming to the big screen in 2008;
  - смотри файл DVIJENIE
  выходить (т.е. быть обращённым куда-л / граничить с чем-л) - (здание выходило во двор): the office block, overlooking the courtyard only and screened from prying eyes;
  - (земля выходила на пустошь): a short street that dead-ended where the land fell sharply into the Barrens;
  - (комната выходила на море): my room overlooked the sea;
  - (комната, которая выходит на реку): a room overlooking the river;
  - (комната выходит на юг): the room looks south;
  - (контора выходила на реку, т.е. окнами): his office overlooked the river;
  - (окна кабины выходили на правый борт): the day cabin carried four windows looking forward down the length of the vessel, and two looking out to starboard;
  - (окна, выходящие на Белый Дом): the windows overlooking the White House;
  - (окна, которые выходят на восток): east-facing windows;
  - (окно выходило в корридор): the windows gave onto a narrow corridor;
  - (окно, которое выходит во двор): a window looking down on a courtyard;
  - (окно выходило на парапет): the window looked onto the parapet;
  - (окно выходило на площадку, т.е. на танкере): the window gave on to 10 feet of the steel landing, beyond which was the starboard rail;
  - (окно выходило на пожарную лестницу): a window looking out into the fire escape;
  - (особняк, который выходит на север на набережную М.): a mansion facing north on M. Embankment;
  - (стеклянные двери, которые выходят на террасу): there's a whole line of French doors opening onto the terrace
  выходить в эфир - (все эти истории вышли в э. первого апреля): all of these fantastic stories aired on April 1st, so we may not be "fooling" anyone;
  - (его передача выходила в э. каждый рабочий день, т.е. по радио): his program was broadcast each workday from noon till four o"clock, and his guests ran the spectrum from political figures, authors, and visiting celebrities to local VIP's;
  - (если в э. выйдет не тот оператор, зазвенит звонок): a buzzer will sound and the contact be automatically broken if the wrong operator comes on the air;
  - (кто-то только что вышел в эфир): someone has just come on the air;
  - (передача выйдет в эфир через две минуты): Action stations! The program goes on the air in two minutes;
  - (по плану шоу выйдет в эфир после Нового года): the show is scheduled to go on the air after the first of the year
  выходить (за пределы) - (актуальность фильма выходит за пределы политических лагерей): this year the movie has a relevance that transcends camps;
  - (детектив выходит за пределы истории преступления, превращаясь в рассказ о личной жизни): a finely written whodunit, often transcends the realm of a crime story into a personal, eloquent story of one man's life;
  - (в. за пределы достоверного): the vision of Nixon's putting himself at the head of a reform movement to clean up his own Administration stretched credulity;
  - (в. за пределы идеологии): the conflict between the Soviet Union and China transcended ideology, it was primeval
  выходить замуж - (дети женились, выходили замуж): life went on, children were married off;
  - (за кого-л): Jill is getting married to Ben next week;
  - I have it on good authority that she's getting married
  выходить (т.е. из печати) - (газета выходила тиражом 2000 экземпляров): the newspaper that circulated 2000 copies in the city;
  - (о книге): when will her new book come out?;
  - (о статье): the paper was submitted for publication in December of 1939 and it appeared in 1940;
  - (первый том журнала вышел под руководством редакторов): the first volume of the journal appeared under the leadership of editors I.R., E.B...;
  - (публицистическая статья вышла в правой газете): his op-ed piece, attacking W. ran in the right-wing Washington Times;
  - (роман, который должен в. зимой): a novel due out in the winter;
  - (статья вышла в Трудах Академии наук): the paper appeared in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences a few months later;
  - (статья вышла в 1940 г.): the paper was submitted for publication in December of 1939 and it appeared in 1940;
  - (статья вышла в правой газете): his op-ed piece, attacking W. ran in the right wing Washington Times;
  - (только что вышедшая статья): R.L., a senior scientist at Rand, the nonpartisan think tank, makes the key point in a just-out paper in the quarterly The International Spectator
  выходить из-под контроля - (о машинах): these machines cannot run out of control;
  - (о ситуации): the situation went out of hand;
  - (о стране): Hanoi had its tried and true remedy for Khmer Rouge independence if it got out of hand;
  - (о демонстрантах): the President will not allow pro-Taliban demonstrators to go out of hand
  выходить из себя - the teacher slapped the boy after losing his temper;
  - don't lose your temper;
  - I was out of control, I was so angry;
  - (из-за чего-л): "What have you got so het up slang for?" "I'm not het up about that horrid old Nazi.";
  - (к концу второго акта комедии): ...unless comedy touches me as well as amuses me, it leaves me with a sense of having wasted my evening. I go to the theatre to be moved to laughter, not to be tickled or bustled into it; and that is why, though I laugh as much as anybody at a farcical comedy, I am out of spirits before the end of the second act, and out of temper before the end of the third.;
  - (о ребёнке): starting school fulltime is making the four-year-old boy very tired and he is having trouble handling his emotions i.e. flying off the handle infml where he could normally control himself;
  - when he came in and saw the mess he blew his stack BrE slang;
  - don't fly off the handle infml again;
  - Whatever it is, he wants more than she will give. He blows a gasket infml. He gives her what-for with some heavy instrument
  выходить (т.е. получиться из чего-л) - (из этого мог бы выйти идеальный компромисс): it could work out to be ideal compromise;
  - (из этого ничего не выйдет): nothing comes out of it anyway;
  - (он подсчитал в уме и у него вышло 36): he did the sums in his head, and came up with six-and-thirty;
  - (предсказать, что из этого выйдет): you can't predict how this will pan out infml;
  - (просто так вышло): Why did I stay with my Dad? It was just the way it worked out
  выходка - that very foolish outburst of Geraldine's;
  - it was some sort of semi-hysterical foolishness which the boy had thought up, some ill-advised monkeyshine;
  - this is not the time for your monkeyshines;
  - love, death and vagaries;
  - the story (One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest) focuses on the antics of the rebellious Randle Patrick McMurphy, a happy-go-lucky transferee from a prison work farm to a mental hospital;
  - (т.е. выдать дочь замуж без ведома опекуна): she thrust away the thought of her guardian's wrath if he discovered her audacity;
  - (т.е. злая): she continues her mischief-making, and he becomes the main target for her next stunt;
  - (пилотские в-дки, т.е. приземлиться на военном вертолёте в саду у девушки): There is a tremendous wellspring of affection for both young princes, who suffered the sudden, traumatic loss of their mother, Princess Diana, when they were just boys. But royal watchers fear William may be squandering some of this goodwill with his flyboy antics.;
  - (т.е. розыгрыш): A joke. A Christmas prank.
  выходной - (т.е. на выходе устройства): смотри ниже;
  - (т.е. нерабочий день): смотри ниже;
  - (т.е. обувь / одежда): смотри ниже;
  - (пособие): смотри ниже
  выходной (т.е. на выходе устройства) - (мощность): power output;
  - (напряжение): constant voltage output;
  - (сигналы, т.е. при подключении опытного образца микросхемы к испытательному стенду): when a prototype comes back to a chip maker, engineers hook it up to electrical probes that send electrical signals through it and record the output
  выходной (т.е. нерабочий день) - (без сохранения зарплаты): you get a day off without pay for cussing;
  - (брать в. когда вздумается): he could take a day off on a whim, because he was a writer who could set his own hours;
  - (в в. / в в-ые): the goods were stolen at BrE the weekend;
  - (в в. / в в-ые): will he still be there on AmE the weekend?;
  - (в в-ые [дни] / по в-ым): she'll be coming home on weekends AmE;
  - (в в-ые [дни]): lifeboats and helicopters were mobilized over the weekend to rescue 130 stranded shellfish gatherers on the beach in northwestern England;
  - (взять в. на работе): he took a day off from work;
  - (компания предложила в-ые вместо сверхурочных): the company offered us time off in lieu of extra payment;
  - (работать всю неделю без в-ых / может пройти несколько недель, прежде чем будет в. [день]): During the peak of the season we may work 14 or more hours per day for 7 days a week. Several weeks may pass before there is a day off;
  - (у меня в.): I'm having an off day
  выходной (т.е. обувь / одежда) - I didn't bring dress-up clothes, she thought as she looked in the closet for something that would be appropriate for a festive evening out;
  - (туфли): an expensive pair of dress shoes for special occasions;
  - (форма обмундирования): the occasions when gala uniform, full-dress uniform, walking-out uniform, combat uniform and fatigue dress would be worn
  выходной (пособие, т.е. при увольнении) - severance pay;
  - He's going to fire me. He's not planning to give me any of the severance due after so many years of employment.;
  - beyond generous severance packages, we support all the people who are leaving;
  - Traditionally it was impossible to lay people off. Now more and more companies are doing it, gradually, offering very good termination packages.
  выхолащивать / выхолостить - (значение статьи соглашения): the North Vietnamese proposed to drain Article 20 of all meaning
  вычеркнуть / вычёркивать - (дни в календаре): he was crossing off the days on his calendar in anticipation of the event;
  - (дни в календаре): he crossed off another day on the chart, counting down the days left until his return to H.;
  - (дни в календаре): the chart counting down the days to September the first, on which he liked to cross off the days remaining until his return to H.;
  - (из завещания): M., 38, had wed a wealthy 70-ish divorcee. But she doubted his motives and cut him out of her will.;
  - (из истории Королевского общества): Newton removed Hooke from the history of Royal Society;
  - (из памяти): there may be traumatic incident in your past that you have blanked out;
  - (из своей жизни образно): what was my other choice - to cut him out of my life?;
  - (из списка): to take somebody off the list;
  - (в. из устава Палестины призывы к уничтожению Израиля): I pressed Arafat to call the Palestinian National Council together to formally revise the Palestinian Covenant, excising fml the language calling for the destruction of Israel;
  - (имена из досье): if this judgment holds, we would have to black out (from Stasi files) all the names of people who had not given their express permission;
  - (имя из списка): he checked my name off the list;
  - (имя из списка): he crossed the name of the dead person off the list;
  - (кандидатуру кого-л на конкурс): the network running the contest has thrown out the nomination;
  - (наследие войны, т.е. из истории): there are some people who would like to rewrite history to erase the legacy of the war and the social upheaval it spawned;
  - (неправильное предложение): he scratched out the offending sentence;
  - (слово из словаря образно): If you want to communicate broadly, strike such Janus-like words from your vocabulary; they befuddle. Same with the highbrow noun plethora; to some it means "plenty," but to others it means "too much.";
  - (текст, т.е. не убран, а отмечен зачёркиванием): new language is shown in bold; deleted text is lined out
  вычертить / вычерчивать - (график зависимости фиксированных затрат от дебета скважины): you plot fixed costs against the productivity of well;
  - (фигурист вычертил восьмёрку): the skater traced a figure eight
  вычесть / вычитать (т.е. отнимать, вычитАть) - (баллы у команды): all decisions by the Executive Board will be decided by a majority vote except any decision to dock points from a team;
  - (банк вычел 3 доллара у клиента за пользование банкоматом другого банка): my bank dinged infml me three bucks for using their competitor's ATM;
  - (в некоторых случаях за отсутствие на работе можно в. из зарплаты работника с ненормированным рабочим днём): you can dock your exempt employee's salary for certain absences; however, you must first make certain that you have a written policy regarding salary deductions in place;
  - ( десятичные числа на калькуляторе): add, subtract, multiply and divide decimal numbers with this calculator;
  - (из десяти вычесть четыре равняется шести): four subtracted from ten equals six;
  - (из зарплаты): get on with it, or I'll dock your pay;
  - (в. из зарплаты стоимость разбитой банки): he told me he"d have to dock my pay for the lost jar of mayonnaise;
  - (из стоимости 18%): they may deduct 18% of the value of the gift from their taxable income;
  - (месячную зарплату у кого-л): he docks her a month's wages to punish her stupidity;
  - one has to deduct at a very maximum 10 per cent of the grass harvest to produce a figure of usable grain;
  - (невыплаченную сумму ипотечного кредита и других долговых обязательств из рыночой цены дома): you can work out the level of equity in your home by deducting any outstanding mortgage or other loans secured on the home from the market value of the property
  - (в. страховые взносы из налогооблагаемого дохода): tax benefits could be extended to individual purchases of health insurance by allowing individuals to deduct the premiums that they pay from their taxable incomes;
  - (у игрока вычли очки за спор с арбитром): the player had points deducted for arguing with the referee
  вычет (из зарплаты) - (зарплата за вычетом налогов и стоимости личных телефонных звонков): he had drawn exactly one third of his monthly entitlement of pay allowances, less tax and stoppages for personal telephonic calls;
  - (т.е. за отсутствие на работе): Charging absences against leave time, but not docking pay. 32 police officers sued the city for overtime pay. The city had a policy of charging certain types of absences against leave time.
  - ( в-ы у работников с ненормированным рабочим днём за отлучки / почасовые в-ы за отлучки): Docking exempt employees for part-day absences. Docking for absences by the hour.;
  - ( т.е. за стоянку автомобиля): before-tax deductions: University of Michigan Parking;
  - ( у служащих с нормированным рабочим днём производится в. из зарплаты за опоздание): nonexempt employees who are late will have a pay reduction unless arrangements are made with the supervisor to make up time lost as a result of the tardiness within the same workweek
  вычёркивание - (абзацев, которые редактор считает посторонними): copyediting includes fixing clumsy language, suggesting deletions of paragraphs he considers extraneous
  вычисление - "calculation " is more often associated with arithmetic processes, whereas "computation " is often associated with algorithmic processes;
  - (баланса покупок): method of computing the balance of purchases;
  - (вероятностей): calculating probabilities was reduced to counting;
  - (выполнить вычисления в уме): do the math infml in your head?;
  - (выполнить в-я): to carry out calculations;
  - (интегралов): calculation of integrals is not a simple task;
  - (орбит астероидов): the calculation of orbits of asteroids;
  - (проделать вычисления в блокноте): he did some calculations on a scratch pad;
  - (производить в-я, т.е. на сверхмощных компьютерах): crunch infml is a term used to describe the process of processing numbers or complex formulas rapidly;
  - (процентов): the terms that apply to your card, including the interest rate charged, method of calculating interests and any transaction fees;
  - (формул): the computation in the proof of Example 2 goes through in the same way for all except the relation (3)
  вычислительный - (алгоритм / процесс): computational algorithm / process;
  - (центр): Computing Centre
  вычислить / вычислять - (вероятности): he developed a method to calculate probabilities related to sums of independent quantities;
  - (кто будет королём): he was calculating who should be king when R. was no more;
  - (площадь): when you're estimating wallpaper, it's important to figure square footage of the area;
  - (пытаюсь в., кто ты): I'm trying to figure out what you are;
  - (т.е. распознать в толпе разг): he reckoned he could pick out the hoods;
  - (реальную стоимость дома, т.е. рассчитать): you can work out the level of equity in your home by deducting any outstanding mortgage or other loans secured on the home from the market value of the property;
  - (случайного блуждания мат, т.е. формулы): it is extremely easy to compute the evolution of the random walk
  вычитаемое - minuend and subtrahend
  вычитание - (в. времени отсутствия, т.е. на работе, из отпуска, а не из зарплаты): Charging absences against leave time, but not docking pay. 32 police officers sued the city for overtime pay. The city had a policy of charging certain types of absences against leave time.;
  - (сложение и в. двоичных чисел): Addition And Subtraction of Binary Numbers;
  - (сложение и в. двоичных чисел, примеры с-я и в-я двоичных чисел): examples of adding and subtracting binary numbers
  вычитать / вычитывать (вЫчитать, т.е. проверить) - (выполненный типографский набор): use the galleys or page-proofs to check for mistakes in the composition handiwork;
  - (корректуру): He set the type as quickly as possible. There was no time for editing and proofreading.;
  - (текст после сканирования): the text was scanned and proofed by S.H.
  вышвыривать / вышвырнуть образно - (из военно-воздушных сил, т.е. за плохое поведение): if any other (than Prince William) young officer in the Royal Air Force were to do this, they would probably be kicked out of the forces in two minutes;
  - смотри файл DVIJENIE
  выше - (амбиции экономиста гораздо в., чем простая "зачистка" таможни): the ambitions of the economist from Lubianka go a lot further than just cleaning up the customs;
  - (быть в. по званию): the director of central intelligence outranked him;
  - (водопада, т.е. по течению): just above the waterwall, the brook was calm, almost stagnant;
  - (в. всяких / моих ожиданий): "I guess the best of all possible worlds for you is to get a Broadway hit that runs for 10 years." "Now you're talking. That would be having my cake and eating it too фиг. I"d love to stay put in New York.";
  - (выплавка является окончательным этапом получения золота из руды, при этом получается слиток в. 850-ой пробы): smelting is the final stage of recovering gold from an ore, thus obtaining a bar that is upwards of 850 fine;
  - ( выяснить, качество которой программы в.): they set out to determine, which program is superior;
  - (в. дамб и водосборов по течению): do not furrow up stream of important dams or catches as the furrows will restrict the flow of water to a dam;
  - (ещё на 20000 футов в.): the 6 air-to-air missiles that each aircraft had slung beneath its wings would roar on another 20000 feet above this;
  - (закатать рукава в. локтя): his sleeves were rolled up above the elbows;
  - (колен): now the water was over his knees;
  - (лести): to be superior to flattery;
  - (в. моего понимания): My wife's instructions were clear. I am to make sure the nanny doesn't do drugs, drink or drive too fast. Exactly how I'm supposed to find this out is beyond me.;
  - (в. моего понимания): some of the terminology and the Latin or French quotes were beyond me and I couldn't always get the meanings from the context;
  - (в. моего понимания): the justification for Heisenberg's uncertainty principle is a bit beyond my ken;
  - (на голову в. его): he was flanked by two men topping him by a head;
  - (на два пальца в. брови): the second slug entered his head two finger-widths above the right eyebrow;
  - (на полголовы в. кого-л, т.е. ростом): he was half a head taller than S.;
  - (на 5 этажей в.): the lift hummed its way seven floors up to the director's suit;
  - (он был в. жены на целый фут): he stood a good foot taller than his wife;
  - (в. по реке / по течению, на полмили в. по реке / в. по течению): the bridge is almost half a mile upriver;
  - (в. по реке / по течению, немного в. по реке / немного в. по течению): the actual 1630s settlement by that name was located a short distance upriver;
  - (потолок, в. которого не должно подниматься рабочее время в промышленности): a ceiling beyond which the hours of industrial labor shall not rise;
  - (пояса): from the waist up;
  - (предрассудков): to be superior to prejudice;
  - (середина головы находится в. верхнего края спинки сиденья): do not use this child restraint if the midpoint of your child's head is above the top of the vehicle seat back or headrest;
  - (смотри в.): see above / vide supra fml;
  - (смотри в. примечание 5): see note 5 above;
  - (среднего): смотри ниже;
  - (ставить в.): смотри ниже;
  - (температура в. 770 по Фаренгейту): will you be working under hot conditions (temperature exceeding 77F)?;
  - (чин в. капитана): veterans with ranks above that of captain;
  - (чьё царство в. всех земных царств): Lord of all nations whose kingdom is above all earthly kingdoms;
  - (это в. моего понимания): how you figure it is right and proper for a governor who is under waiting a federal criminal indictment and who is also facing impeachment proceedings to continue with his office as if nothing has happened is beyond me;
  - (это в. моего понимания): "How should we explain this?" "Beats me infml."
  - (это в. моего понимания): the justification for Heisenberg's uncertainty principle is a bit beyond my ken infml
  выше среднего - (городок был намного в.с.): the town was way above average;
  - (каждый водитель считает, что его уровень в.с.): Drivers Rate Themselves Above Average. Research has found that drivers perceive themselves as being better than average.;
  - (он в.с. по сравнению с остальными учениками): our son is certainly a cut above average when compared to the rest of the students in class;
  - (в.с. уровня, работники в.с.уровня): Looking for better than average employees? Want to help your employees reach higher levels of productivity? Rewards can help you make that happen.;
  - (фильмы, получившие оценку в. с-ей): movies that received a better than average rating
  выше (ставить в.) - (с.в. всего): Congress seems unwilling to confront the task of tearing down a committee structure that members prize above everything except reelection itself;
  - (зная многие верования, он не мог с. одно в. другого): knowing so many creeds, he couldn't value one above any other;
  - (с. интересы компании в. своих): if you don't want to put the interests of the company ahead of your own;
  - (с. церковь и веру в. мелкого политиканства): he put church and faith before petty politics
  вышедший - (из моды десять лет назад): the window displays consisted of a few chipped dummies, modeling fashions ten years out of date;
  - (страна, в-ая из-под контроля): a country out of control;
  - (только что в-ая статья): R.L., a senior scientist at Rand, the nonpartisan think tank, makes the key point in a just-out paper in the quarterly The International Spectator
  вышеизложеннoe - (настоящим удостоверяется, что в. является точной копией...): this is to certify that the foregoing is a true copy of the record on file in the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene;
  - (независимо от в-ого): notwithstanding the forgoing, employment with Company is at the mutual consent of Company and the employee
  вышеизложенный - (факты): above-stated facts
  вышеназванный - (по в-ым причинам): for the foregoing reasons, we vacate the trial court's order granting a new trial, reinstate the verdicts of guilty of manslaughter and aggravated battery and remand the case to the district court for a sentencing hearing
  вышеперечисленный - he can schedule any time during the open hours listed above
  вышеприведенный - (в в-ом разделе): for an explanation, see the above section / the section above;
  - (настоящим удостоверяется, что в-ое является точной копией...): this is to certify that the foregoing is a true copy of the record on file in the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene;
  - (определение): the above definition of... suggests the definition of...;
  - (перевод): this is to certify that the foregoing English text is a true and correct translation;
  - (цифры): the figures above
  вышесказанное / вышесказанный - the foregoing is a brief summary of the situation;
  - all the foregoing are examples of the horror film with a technological subtext;
  - (учитывая в.): given the above, it will come as no surprise to you all to learn that...
  вышестоящий - (криптографы): her eager espousal of Britain's new cryptologic methodology continually exasperated veteran French cryptographers above her
  вышеуказанный - terms used in the foregoing mission objectives;
  - the above limitations and exclusions may not apply to you;
  - the World Trade Center was also a huge asbestos liability and realistically held very little value due to the overwhelming costs associated with the removal of said asbestos;
  - (по в-ым причинам): for the foregoing reasons, we vacate the trial court's order granting a new trial, reinstate the verdicts of guilty of manslaughter and aggravated battery and remand the case to the district court for a sentencing hearing
  вышеупомянутый - (за в-ые преступления мы приговариваем его к смертной казни): it is for this reason that we sentence him for the aforementioned crimes, to the punishment of death as stipulated;
  - (особа): the aforementioned was present at the trial;
  - (ответчик лишил жизни в-ую К.П.): Defendant herein, did commit murder in the first degree in that he did knowingly, intentionally, and with malice afterthought trespass with force and arms upon the person of C.P., thereby taking the life of the aforementioned C.P.;
  - (пользователи): the above users will be included in the project activities;
  - (условия): by accepting the Plaintiffs' disclosure of its concept, the Defendants accepted and agreed to abide by the foregoing terms;
  - (факты): above-mentioned facts;
  - the above limitations and exclusions may not apply to you;
  - the said Aegidius has proved himself a trusty man and well able to deal with giants, dragons, and other enemies of the King's peace;
  - the World Trade Center was also a huge asbestos liability and realistically held very little value due to the overwhelming costs associated with the removal of the said asbestos;
  - all the foregoing are examples of the horror film with a technological subtext
  вышколенный - (в суровой обстановке чикагской журналистики): schooled in the rough-and-tumble of Chicago journalism
  выявить / выявлять - (болезнь можно в. до рождения): individuals with cystic fibrosis can be diagnosed prior to birth by genetic testing;
  - (закономерности): a research study followed nearly 55,000 adults for seven years to track patterns related to alcohol consumption;
  - (ингредиенты, используемые в производстве хлебобулочных изделий, в которых выявлено заражение паразитами / вредителями,...): Ingredients used in the production of bakery products which show evidence of active insect infestation or any other condition that from a public health or aesthetic standpoint render the product unfit for human consumption shall not be received by the establishment;
  - (контакты, т.е. контрабандистов): He was played back into gunrunning. Almost the first people he bumped into were his former friends. They were shorthanded. He ran a few shipments for them in order to blow their contacts, then one night got them drunk, shot four of them and set fire to their boat.;
  - (контраст между преобладающим в США настроением и терпимостью, закреплённой в Конституции и Билле о правах): the article failed to highlight the contrast between the attitudes prevalent in the U.S. and the tolerance enshrined within the Constitution and Bill of Rights;
  - (конфликт, который замалчивали): his comments laid bare a central conflict that has been kept under wraps;
  - (т.е. лидерские качества): once I got to know him, I saw he could be a leader, but he needed someone to believe in him and bring it out;
  - (в. людей, заражённых туберкулёзной палочкой с помощью туберкулиновой пробы): the tuberculin skin test can identify most people infected with tubercle bacilli six to eight weeks after initial exposure;
  - (на медосмотре у него выявили рак): an examination had diagnosed cancer of the intestine;
  - (победителя в игре на выбывание): in a playoff to determine the winner, Kasparov beat him;
  - (предвыборные дебаты не выявили победителя): the debate did not produce a clear-cut winner;
  - (ревизия, проведенная П.М, выявила, что по чекам на самое меньшее $18000 не было положенной отчётности): an audit by P.M. had discovered that that a minimum of $18000 checks had not been properly accounted for;
  - (трудности): China's first state-share sale highlighted some of the challenges the government faces in loosening its control of nonessential industries
  выявление - (закономерностей, анализ митохондриальной ДНК используется для в-я закономерностей миграций людей): mitochondrial DNA testing follows the maternal line and has long been used to track patterns of human migration;
  - (интересующих свойств, т.е. срезов биологической ткани при исследовании под микроскопом): Biological tissue has little inherent contrast in either the light or electron microscope. Staining is employed to give both contrast to the tissue as well as highlighting particular features of interest.;
  - (проводится ли медицинское наблюдение для в-я ранних признаков пребывания под действием вредных производственных факторов?): is medical surveillance used to identify early indications of exposure to occupational hazards?;
  - (рака): smear test is a medical test made by examining a smear, especially of material from a woman's cervix for discovering cancer
  выяснение - (отношений, в стране идёт полномасштабное в. отношений между Генеральной прокуратурой и правительственными чиновниками): while a major tug-of-war / feud is in progress between the Office of the Prosecutor General and government officials, the head of state is conspicuously staying above the fray;
  - (отношений, иметь в. отношений с кем-л): shortly before the siege Mohammed had a showdown with Abd Allah ibn Ubayy, who had joined in spreading slanders about Mohammed's wife Aishah;
  - (отношений, назревало в. отношений по федеральному бюджету): a showdown had been brewing on the federal budget;
  - (отношений): the divorce had been raging for almost 2 years, and the city couldn't wait for the public showdown between the great doctor and the prominent socialite;
  - (правды): he was taking testimony from victims and perpetrators of violence as a means of exposing the truth and encouraging reconciliation among the races
  выяснить / выяснять - (в. в консульстве, какова новая сумма, т.е. сбора): the charge is adjusted on 3 May, you should check with this office for the new amount;
  - (выясните подробную информацию в местном офисе компании): The coverage window specifies the time during which the described services are delivered onsite or remotely. All coverage windows are subject to local availability. Check with the local office for detailed information on availability.;
  - (где неисправность): When the pumps don't work I have to find out which pumps went flooey or where the plug-up is;
  - (истину): you helped uncover the truth;
  - (как управлять чем-л): nobody could find out how to operate it;
  - (кое-что / отношения): we need to get a few things straight infml before I go;
  - (кто был замешан в преступлении): detectives are still sorting out who was involved in the crime
  - (как скоро можно восстановить движение транспорта): to determine how quickly the rail traffic might be reestablished;
  - (номер телефона): to find out his telephone number;
  - (обстановку): the soldiers ordered to clear things up had balked;
  - (отношения с кем-л): смотри ниже;
  - (парочку вопросов): I'd like to clear up one or two little matters with you;
  - (полиция пытается в., как он умер): police are trying to work out how he died;
  - (потребности): the research will be used to identify training needs;
  - (правду): you helped uncover the truth;
  - (причину симптомов, т.е. заболевания): he underwent a wide range of tests to try to identify the cause of his symptoms;
  - (пытаюсь в., кто ты): I'm trying to figure out what you are;
  - (расхождения): to clear up the discrepancies;
  - (связь между исследовательским творчеством и преподаванием): the relation between research creativity and teaching has not been sorted out;
  - (трудно в-ить, что не так): it's very hard to figure out what is wrong;
  - (что лучше): they set out to determine which platform is superior;
  - (что случилось): I ordered the intelligence staff of the 71st Army to send a reconnaissance team across the river and ascertain what's happening there
  выяснить / выяснять (отношения с кем-л) - (т.е. между противниками): shortly before the siege Mohammed had a showdown with Abd Allah ibn Ubayy, who had joined in spreading slanders about Mohammed's wife Aishah;
  - (т.е. между противниками): I just literally had a showdown jocular with a full sized buck in order to keep him off a highway;
  - (т.е. разрешить недоразумение): if he makes you feel inferior, then you really need to have it out with him and explain just how you feel;
  - (т.е. разрешить недоразумение): My lodger has been stealing my food for a long while now thinking i don't notice. Should I have it out with him?;
  - (тренер выяснил о. с игроком): The coach had a showdown with the player who had been part of the team which failed in at Euro 2012. He told the player he was no longer going to consider him as the No.1 striker for the team.;
  - (т.е. разрешить недоразумение): I said something I didn't mean in the heat of the moment and I need to sort it out with him;
  - the actor left a lawyer's office where he had a showdown with his ex-wife over the custody of his daughter;
  - (тренер выяснил о. с игроком): The coach had a showdown with the player who had been part of the team which failed in at Euro 2012. He told the player he was no longer going to consider him as the No.1 striker for the team.
  выясниться / выясняться - (в связи с личностью любовницы политика выяснилась компрометирующая подробность): the identity of his mistress brought forth another embarrassing detail: he had taken his golden parachute from the mistress" well-heeled and politically influential family, going to work as a lobbyist for a firm that represents their company;
  - (выяснились, что...): then it came to light that Senator M.M. himself was the source of the memo;
  - (выясняется, что она...): the results of her post-mortem come back and it transpires that she died of anaphylactic shock - an allergic reaction to nuts;
  - (если он не годится для работы, это скоро выяснится): It'll soon show if he's not up to the work. Won't be the first one that's cracked.;
  - (о спорных вопросах): The company's CEO thrives when underlings get in his face and try to prove him wrong. They may trigger a confrontation, but disagreements can generate a positive dialectic where issues get hashed out.
  въезд - (в страну): an application for migration / temporary entry to Australia;
  - (в. воспрещён, т.е. на улицу): you mustn't drive up a street with a NO ENTRY sign;
  - (виза на двукратный в., т.е. в страну): double entry visa;
  - (наклонный в., т.е. для транспорта): there is a short ramp, protected by a steel portcullis, running down the floor to the first basement level;
  - (наклонный в. на автодорогу): drive the car up the ramp AmE / slip road BrE
  въездной - (двукратная в-ая виза): double entry visa;
  - (туризм): inbound tourism
  въезжать / въехать - (в новую квартиру): we signed the agreement next day and we are to move in tomorrow;
  - (в страну): they tried to enter the country as tourists but lacked suitcases, hotel reservations or credit cards;
  - смотри файл ДВИЖЕНИЕ
  вяло - (дело / торговля идёт в.): business is slack;
  - (думать о чём-л): he drowsily thought of certain women he had known;
  - (течь): the river was sliding listlessly around the concrete pilings
  вялость - the usual end of the year torpor that subdues the markets at this time of the year;
  - (в руках и ногах): a sudden feeling of lassitude spread over his limbs
  вялый - (кампания, т.е. предвыборная): center-right party looked exhausted, scandal-ridden and out of ideas, and its listless campaign showed it;
  - (мирные переговоры): lackluster peace talks;
  - (рост экономики): stocks slump on Wall Street after reports suggest sluggish economic growth;
  - смотри файл EMOCII
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