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  запад - between the West and countries of Eastern Europe;
  - (за 100 миль к з-у от города): a hundred miles west of Warsaw, a flight of six Soviet Mig-23 fighters swept in from starboard and formatted on the Tupolev;
  - (к з-у от железного занавеса): west of the Iron Curtain;
  - (нанести удар на з.): air, land and naval forces strike westward;
  - (плыть на з ): the boat sliding westward;
  - (с з-а на восток): the coastal fringe of islands trailing west to east
  - (самолёт повернул на з.): the airplane turned due west;
  - (склоняться к з-у, о луне): above the hills of the Coomb-side the westering moon rode, glimmering yellow in the storm-wrack.
  - (танки двинутся на з.): on the command, all 30000 tanks would swing westwards;
  - (экспансия на з.): the Land Ordinance outlined the method of westward expansion
  западать / запасть - (з. в душу, предсказания ведьм запали в душу Макбета): The wicked suggestions of the witches had sunk deep into the mind of Macbeth. From that time he bent all his thoughts how to compass the throne of Scotland.
  западный - (ветер): a mild zephyr was ruffling the surface of the water;
  - (ветерок): there was a gentle westerly breeze;
  - (дипломат): a top Western diplomat;
  - (мир): the Western world would applaud;
  - (з-ые склоны хребтов): the western side of each ridge was steep and difficult;
  - (Украина): West Ukraine
  западня - (избежать з-и): let us avoid that pitfall fig by...;
  - (з. на кроликов): a rabbit snare;
  - (т.е. образно): one of that pitfalls that we must not absolutely fall to;
  - (пахнет з-ёй): this reeks of set-up infml;
  - (устроить з-ю кому-л, чтобы поймать на лжесвидетельстве): she suspected the House Judiciary Committee had set a perjury trap for her;
  - he thought through problems to the end, seeing potential pitfalls that others missed;
  - he had known a man to fall for that trick - the obvious bait and the hidden ambush
  запаздывание - (з. в устройстве): this device has a preset time delay / time lag
  - (з. сигнала в сетях): exact calculation of signal delay through such networks is difficult
  запаздывать / запоздать - (фабрика запаздывала с доставкой заказов): the plant was running an old version of the software, and deliveries were falling behind
  запарывать / запороть разг - (дело / работу): he didn't mean to bungle infml this job;
  - (проект): he screwed up infml the project
  запас - (в систему заложен некоторый з., чтобы учесть финансовые операции в ходе выполнения): At certain banks of the world, a country's net collection of those monetary units was calculated down to a fraction of a percentage point. There was some leeway built into the system, to account for trades in process and so forth, but that leeway was also closely calculated electronically;
  - the vertical shift can place the image either completely above or completely below the centerline of the lens, with some leeway in either direction;
  - (денежные запасы в колониях): these shipments drained away the supply of currency in the colonies;
  - (запасы природного газа): natural gas supplies are tightening at least in North America;
  - (золотой): a gold reserve is the gold held by a central bank or nation intended as a store of value and as a guarantee to redeem promises to pay depositors, note holders, or trading peers, or to secure a currency;
  - (иметь в з-е): that is what we have in store for them;
  - (иметь в з-е): there were only 70 tons of the chemicals in stock;
  - (иметь з. нефти на 4 месяца): in oil, we have 4 months in reserve, and the money to purchase another 2 months;
  - (ископаемого топлива): stockpiles of fossil fuels;
  - (капитала, т.е. для покрытия возможных убытков): Britain's troubles started from banks' reliance on short-term funding rather than deposits. The thin capital cushions suddenly became serious vulnerabilities.;
  - (з-ы кормов и продуктов питания иссякали): the last reserves of feedstuffs for animals and humans alike were running out;
  - (кормов, разнообразить з. кормов): here are some ways to stretch forage supplies;
  - (лекарство из федеральных запасов): we have already delivered to us portions of the federal stockpile of TAMIFLU and we have already delivered those to counties that have already had some cases of flu in them;
  - (мин): the parties have destroyed 38 million landmines and there are just 10 that have not finished destroying their stockpiles;
  - (много еды в з-е): everything was in order, plenty of food in stock;
  - (неприкосновенный з. зерна): the imminent arrival of 10000000 tons of animal winter feeds enables him to release the same tonnage from hoarded stocks immediately, and prevent wholesale slaughter;
  - (нефти): our oil production facilities are obsolete and our recovery potential from major reserves is constantly damaged through excessive daily extraction;
  - (з-ы нефти и газа): oil and gas reserves;
  - (НЗ / неприкосновенный з., т.е. еды): emergency ration;
  - (НЗ / неприкосновенный з., т.е. еды): individual survival ration;
  - (оружия): we will make every effort to expedite the destruction of our chemical weapons stockpile;
  - (офицер з-а, Корпус подготовки офицеров з.): Reserve Officer Training Corps;
  - (з-ы пороха и дроби): he exchanged a few furs for new supplies of powder and shot;
  - (з. природного газа, т.е. месторождения): we have the largest reserves in the world of natural gas;
  - (прочности): part of their creed is that by buying cheap they buy a "margin of safety";
  - (т.е. расходуемые запасы): various crew members were on the beach to visit the chandlers to get books and magazines to read, videocassette movies, and drink to go with the food, plus whatever consumable supplies had been used up on the inbound trip;
  - (з-ы рыбы): to protect the dwindling fish stock;
  - (с запасом): the vertical shift can place the image either completely above or completely below the centerline of the lens, with some leeway in either direction;
  - (сил): he had capsized, spending he his last reserves of strength clinging to the upturned hull;
  - (з. способных руководителей): the stock of managerial talent is replenished;
  - (з. топлива в ракете): once its fuel supply runs out, each stage separates from the main part of the rocket and falls back to Earth;
  - (з. топлива в самолёте): the Tupolev turned due west for Warsaw and Berlin, the latter being the ultimate limit of the fuel supply;
  - (ускорения): inlet-air distortion effects on stall, surge, and acceleration margin of a turbojet engine equipped with variable compressor inlet guide vanes;
  - (з. человеческих знаний): the entire store of human knowledge;
  - (з. шоколада у ребёнка): he kept a little hoard of chocolates in his top drawer
  запасать / запасти - (з. лекарство впрок): the World Trade Organization discourages individuals from hoarding Tamiflu since there is a global shortage and those who can afford it are unlikely to be the most vulnerable;
  - (правительство запасает лекарства): the government is stockpiling 40 million doses of antiviral drugs
  запасаться / запастись - (з. лекарством впрок): the World Trade Organization discourages individuals from hoarding Tamiflu since there is a global shortage and those who can afford it are unlikely to be the most vulnerable;
  - (з. лекарством впрок на случай пандемии): the shipments (of Tamiflu) were destined for consumers wanting to stock up in case of a pandemic
  запасной - (батарейка): I don't carry a spare battery around with me;
  - (вариант): if he isn't admitted to that school, he'll go to the fall-back one;
  - (вариант): "I'm going to need explosives" "Why?" "A failsafe BrE, just in case the door (of a strongroom) won't open";
  - (встреча, з-ая встреча была назначена через три часа): It was the first time she'd broken a date. Our fallback was three hours later.;
  - (выход): emergency door;
  - (выход): he dashed towards the stairs rising towards the fallback exit;
  - (детали): spare parts;
  - (з-ые жестянки моторного масла / домкрат): he helped me pack the jeep for the trip. we stowed our extra tins of motor oil, the precautionary spark plugs and an extra jack;
  - (з. заказ места в гостинице): we made alternative arrangements in case the hotel was fully booked;
  - (т.е. игрок, на скамье з-ых): he passed 20 minutes on substitute bench;
  - (з. канал радиочастот): all other shipping traffic (of radio exchange) had been diverted to a spare channel;
  - (ключ): a spare key was kept under the rock near the back door;
  - (магнитофон): there was a spare recorder to take over during spool changes;
  - (обойма): spare ammunition clips;
  - (парашют): pull the rip cord of your reserve chute;
  - (план): we must have a contingent plan should he fail;
  - (план): An alternate AmEplan called for construction to begin immediately rather than waiting for spring. This American use of alternate is still regarded as incorrect by many people in Britain.;
  - (план): do you have an alternative BrE plan?;
  - (позиция): this was his fallback position when he became even slightly confused;
  - (предохранитель): a spare fuse;
  - (з. путь железной дороги): the car was shunted onto the siding;
  - (з-ые пути железной дороги): empty railroad cars piled up on the sidings;
  - (туннель): the main tunnel and the escape tunnel;
  - (части): spare parts;
  - (шина, т.е. автомобиля): the boot is empty except for the spare tyre, a tool kit and a fire extinguisher;
  - (т.е. шпион опоздал на первую встречу, и пришёл на запасную): he missed the first rendezvous but he made the fallback an hour later
  запатентовать - (процесс был запатентован): he devised a process for improving fuel-injection technology that has been patented
  запачкать - (з. картину жизни): someone had soiled his pure picture of life;
  - (з. меч кровью брата): I do not wish to sully my sword with a brother's blood;
  - (з. образ компании): the company doesn't want to be smeared with the image that they're hiring slave labor;
  - (репутацию): to smear the reputation of somebody;
  - (руки образно): learn the ropes the hard way, get your hands dirty, see and do things no big-firm associate would ever get near, and someday some firm with real vision will reward the effort;
  - (з. руки чем-л образно): these were top lawyers, the kind who wouldn't normally soil their hands with police work or criminal law;
  - (з. страну позором): in 12 years you smeared my country with your dirt in a way that has never happened throughout our history;
  - смотри файл DVIJENIE
  запечатанный - (конверт, з. сургучом): the papers went in the messenger's briefcase to London, wax-sealed in a stout envelope
  запечатлевать / запечатлеть - (на плёнке, т.е. фотоаппаратом): a single-lens reflex (SLR) camera is a camera that typically uses a semi-automatic moving mirror system that permits the photographer to sometimes see exactly what will be captured by the film or digital imaging system, as opposed to pre-SLR cameras where the view through the viewfinder could be significantly different from what was captured on film;
  - (з. поцелуй на щеке): she seized D. in a tight hug and planted a large kiss on his cheek;
  - (з. поцелуй на его щеке): she pooched her lips and pulled him to plant a kiss upon his cheek;
  - (фотограф запечатлел красивый вид): the fog rolled in and he captured a haunting image of the lighthouse
  запечатлеваться / запечатлеться (в мозгу / памяти) - his face became imprinted on her mind;
  - his personal details and face were etched in her mind;
  - the Agreement risks were etched painfully in the minds of all negotiators on our side;
  - each of her visits stood out horribly vividly in his mind;
  - (чтобы идея рассказа запечатлелась в памяти читателя, в нём должна быть мораль): Finally, have a moral of the story to make the point stick in people's minds. That's the five story telling points in a nutshell.;
  - I am writing a book about the great American comedians, whose lives and best jokes are embedded in my memory
  запечатлённый - (з. в памяти): he checked the names against the list engraved on his memory
  запинаться / запнуться - she broke off and tried to hide her blush of mortification at speaking out of turn;
  - (запинаясь/ запнувшись): "What's the problem with them?" "Well, they're... they're..." he struggled for words. "Not very nice," he finished lamely.;
  - (запинаясь/ запнувшись): I replied lamely that I hoped to justify his confidence;
  - (запнувшись): he paused now, faltering;
  - (з. на слове "пьяный"): he caught back from his tongue the word "drunk";
  - (т.е. не знать, что сказать): she got stuck for words, so she took a deep breath and started again;
  - (т.е. не знать, что сказать): аt guest receptions, I've had some uncomfortable moments talking to guests where I got stuck for words and sounded really bad trying to find the right thing to say;
  - (он запнулся): he broke off, looking rather confused;
  - (она запнулась): she broke off and shook her chestnut ringlets forward to hide her blush of mortification at speaking out of turn;
  - (з. при упоминании о чём-л): do you stutter and stammer at the mere notion of...?;
  - (способность обмениваться мыслями, хотя и запинаясь): Please circle the most appropriate number to indicate proficiency in each aspect of English language use: 1. Fluency, accuracy, and range of an educated native user of the language; 2. Fluency, accuracy, and range adequate for all normal professional and social situations; 3.Able to read nontechnical materials and technical writing in one's field, to understand ordinary spoken English to carry on an exchange of ideas, though haltingly...;
  - (языки запнулись на странном имени): their tongues stumbled over her Pictish name
  запинка - (ответить без з-и): without batting an eyelid, he replied smoothly
  записанный - (в правилах): it's laid down in the regulations;
  - (изображения, записанные национальным телевидением): we were shocked by the police brutality we saw in G. Park, images also captured on national television;
  - (литература, з-ая в монастырях): the splendid literature which survives from the Middle Ages, written down in monasteries after the conversion to Christianity of the North;
  - (з. на видеоплёнку, событие было записано на видеоплёнку): the event was videotaped;
  - (з-ые на видеоплёнку показания): Mr. Starr should agree to a compromise whereby Mr. Clinton gives videotaped evidence from the White House;
  - (на кого записана эта папка?): "May I ask whether anyone is working on this file?" "Who's it marked out to?";
  - (пластинка, з-ая Венским Симфоническим оркестром): the disk made by the Vienna Philharmonic conducted by X.
  записать / записывать - (автоматически з. давление): pressure was recorded automatically every 20 minutes;
  - (адрес): he noted the address;
  - (з. банковские операции в трёх экземплярах): in the bank every transaction was recorded in triplicate;
  - (быстро з. имена в записной книжке): he whipped out a notebook and began jotting down the names;
  - (з. в блокноте): he made notes on a clipboard;
  - (з. в дневник случившееся): he sent me a diary to chronicle fig whatever happened next;
  - (в правилах записано): it's laid down in the regulations;
  - (з. в список объектов всемирного наследия ЮНЕСКО): sites inscribed into UNESCO's World Heritage List;
  - (з. в школу): Dad had gotten me registered for high school;
  - (з. деловые операции в гроссбухе): clerks recording business operations in their ledgers;
  - (запиши мой телефон): please take down my telephone;
  - (т.е. з. изречения кого-л): Some of his wisdom comes in simple, effective reflection. Other insights rely on his well-known colorful, and most often humorous, turn of phrase. Some time back, members of his family and staff began jotting them down infml.;
  - (з. интимные подробности жизни премьер-министра): Tony Blair's official spokesperson recorded intimate details about his life during the past 10 years;
  - (з. истории о богах): the scholar set to work to collect and record some of the old stories still current about the gods;
  - (каждое слово стенографически): two stenographers were taking down every word in shorthand;
  - (...когда они знают, что сказанное ими записывает судебный репортёр): judges miraculously act more judiciously when they know they're being put on the record by a court reporter;
  - (компьютер записывал номера телефонов): a computer recorded the numbers of those callers unable to get through;
  - (литература записана в монастырях): the splendid literature which survives from the Middle Ages, written down in monasteries after the conversion to Christianity of the North;
  - (лекции, записанные студентами): lectures taken down by his students;
  - (мифы): Snorri Sturlusson recorded the old myths with awe and enthusiasm;
  - (т.е. на аудиоплёнку): The last time he met a blackmailer, he consented to a swingeing sum of hush-money while plain-clothes detectives recorded the conversation from a nearby table.;
  - (т.е. на бумагу, допросы были записаны и я полностью приобщил записи к доказательствам): the interviews were transcribed and I adduced the entirety of the transcripts into evidence;
  - (з. на видео): One of my coworkers is leaving by end of this month. I would like to videotape my message and play it at his farewell party.;
  - (з. на видео): the event was videotaped;
  - (з. на киноплёнку, з. фильм на киноплёнку, а не на видеоплёнку): Sabrina is recorded onto film, not video tape. That is because the cheaper digital video tape used on most other shows is much poorer when used with special effects. Using film means higher costs and longer production times, but it makes for nicer special effects.;
  - (з. на собеседование, т.е. претендентов на работу): interviews will be scheduled for all applicants who meet qualifications;
  - (номер, т.е. автомобиля): He was hit by the plastic pellets, fired by C. from his silver Rover. Unhurt, he took down the registration and contacted police.;
  - (з. номера автомобилей с камеры наблюдения): I want you to go through CCTV footage. There are four cameras on the bridge. Take down every vehicle number.;
  - (опоздавших): plan to keep a record of the meeting's attendees and make note of those who arrived late so they can be briefed later about any decisions that were made during their absence, especially if those decisions impact them individually;
  - (з. папку с документами на служащего): "May I ask whether anyone is working on this file?" "Who's it marked out to?";
  - (полицейский записал фамилию и адрес): the policeman took [down] my name and address;
  - (просить секретаря з. на приём): ask my secretary for an appointment;
  - (з. разговор на магнитную ленту / плёнку): conversations taped by the informant working for the Federal Bureau of Investigation show that...;
  - (з. разговор на плёнку, т.е. тайно): she has no idea that the conversation has been caught on tape;
  - (з. то, что приходит в голову): I put down just what comes into my head at the time;
  - (з. унизительные замечания в трудовую книжку): if an employer puts a derogatory comment in your (permanent) work record without informing you, giving you the opportunity for rebuttal, you could sue for defamation of character and / or character assassination;
  - (з. устный рассказ, т.е. на бумагу): now let's take another story, this one an oral tale of the sort that never has to be written down;
  - (т.е. учёные записали результат): we wrote up our result, which appeared in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences a few month later;
  - смотри файл COM_ECO_FIN
  записаться / записываться - (в армию): thousands of Americans enlisted in the British army;
  - (з. в спортзал): I'm signed up at a new gym;
  - (з. в члены): some million and a half farmers were enrolled as Grange members;
  - (з. на выступление в Совете Безопасности): Peru, Kenya, and Guinea were inscribed as speakers for the next day;
  - (з. на круиз): I'm mighty glad she is signed up for a cruise next week;
  - (з. на курс истории): he was enrolled in a history course;
  - (з. на курс математики): he decided to enrol BrE in the math course at the local school;
  - (з. на курс французского языка): to enroll for AmEa course of French;
  - (з. на курс лекций): She announced a six week course she was going to teach two weeks before it started. She was devastated when no one signed up.;
  - (з. на 3 курса): each semester, students enroll in three courses;
  - (з. на курсы почерковедения): after graduating and moving to Pittsburgh did she enroll in a handwriting analysis class on a whim;
  - (з. на приём): смотри ниже;
  - (з. на программу ВМФ): he enlisted in a special Navy Program;
  - (з. на университетские курсы): I was enrolled in courses that proved very challenging;
  - (наниматели заранее записываются на встречу с ищущими работу): employers register in advance by the May 8 deadline;
  - to enroll in Credit Shield, you must be under age 66
  записаться / записываться (на приём) - (т.е. к врачу): I made an appointment with the doctor for late today;
  - (т.е. к врачу): I called to request an appointment with a specialist;
  - (з. к врачу / зубному врачу): I'd like / I need / I want to book an appointment BrE with the doctor / a dentist, please;
  - (з. по интернету на приём, т.е. в консульство): you must book your appointment on-line, in order to submit your application;
  - (преподаватель не хотел со мной встречаться, пока я не запишусь на приём): the professor wouldn't see me unless I made an appointment
  записка - (з. была написана чёрным чернилом): the message was written in black ink;
  - (докладная): could you ask a couple of your best minds to put together a memo on the prospective consequences if the tanker does blow up?;
  - two weeks before the date of the interview I sent a memo to him outlining what the interview was about;
  - (исчезнуть, не оставив з-и): she went missing without leaving a note;
  - (найденная в кармане): the note was found in the pocket of the seaman;
  - (написанная второпях): a hastily scribbled note;
  - (пояснительная, т.е. к архитектурному проекту): A concept note is a BRIEF summary of a project. A concept note / concept paper is a short version of a project proposal.;
  - (прощальная записочка): he's not written anybody a goodbye billy-doo infml;
  - (т.е. рекомендательная): We could wait 30 days to see your port reeve. We'd be lucky if he gave us a chit to take to her castle door before the end of the year.;
  - (з. с телефонными сообщениями, т.е. записанными секретарём в отсутствие начальника): the phone message slips were related to business;
  - (свести з-и, т.е. учёного, в работу, предназначенную для публикации): Following on from Wallace's approach of 1858 Darwin made efforts to draw his notes together into a work intended for publication;
  - (сложить з-у): he folded the note up very small;
  - ("Записки сумасшедшего" Гоголя): Diary of a Madman by N.V. Gogol
  записной - (его выставляли з-ым злодеем): throughout the duration of the trial, Dr Murray, the man charged with Jackson's homicide, was cast as the stock villain;
  - (книжка): he whipped out a notebook and began jotting down the names;
  - (книжка): смотри файл KANCTOVARY
  запись - (записи актов гражданского состояния): Vital records are records of life events. They include birth certificates, marriage licenses, and death certificates. In some jurisdictions, vital records may also include records of civil unions or domestic partnerships.;
  - (т.е. записанное): смотри ниже;
  - (математическая з. числа): the fundamental fact is that every number t between 0 and 1, in standard mathematical notation, has a unique non-terminating decimal expansion;
  - (т.е. на поступление в медучилище, плата за з.): the inscription fee is a one-time payment that is not credited towards tuition (in a medical school);
  - (т.е. процесс): смотри ниже
  запись (т.е. записанное) - (т.е. бухгалтерская): please raise any objections to individual bookings without delay;
  - (внести з-си в трудовую книжку): if an employer puts a derogatory comment in your (permanent) work record without informing you, giving you the opportunity for rebuttal, you could sue for defamation of character and / or character assassination;
  - (делать з-си): he made notes on a clipboard;
  - (делать з-и в блокноте): he jotted notes on a pad;
  - (делать з-си карандашом): he laid down the pencil with which he had maid copious notes;
  - (т.е. дневникa): I closed my first two installments by "extolling the same virtue: hope, the fiber of my being, which stays with me even on nights like tonight when I have lost all power of analysis and articulation";
  - (т.е. дневника): some of the entries (of the journal) were in a close sequence, daily and sometimes several times a day. Others were spaced a week, a month, or as much as 6 weeks apart.;
  - (т.е. з. допросов на бумагу, допросы были записаны и я полностью приобщил записи к доказательствам): the interviews were transcribed and I adduced the entirety of the transcripts into evidence;
  - (з. заседания Политбюро, т.е. на бумаге): these papers are the verbatim transcript of that Politburo meeting;
  - (т.е. з. видеокамеры наблюдения): "I'm going to need your security footage." He takes the DVDs and slides them into the holdall.;
  - (т.е. видеокамеры наблюдения, просматривать з.): I want you to go through CCTV footage. There are four cameras on the bridge. Take down every vehicle number, cross-check the names with detective A.;
  - (на компакт-диск): If your computer includes a CD or DVD recorder, you can copy files to a writeable disc. This process is called burning a disc.;
  - (т.е. на магнитную ленту): he made public a tape of its one-hour interview;
  - (т.е. на магнитную ленту): Nixon had to surrender tape recordings from his office;
  - (т.е. на магнитную ленту): the tape recording was of the Politburo session;
  - (т.е. на магнитный носитель, з. телефонного разговора президентов): face to face the presidents used Christian names, but even though the super-security-vetted call across the Atlantic could not be eavesdropped, there was an official record made, so they stayed with the formalities;
  - (з. о рождении, т.е. в метрике): Certified copy of an entry of birth. Given at the General Register office. Registration District (County Name). Birth year. Birth in the Sub-district of (Sub-district Name) in the (County Name). When and where born. Name if any. Sex. Name and surname of father. Name, surname and maiden name of mother. Occupation of father. Signature, description and residence of informant. When registered. Signature of registrar. Name entered after registration. Certified to be the copy of an entry in the certified copy of a Register of Births in the District above mentioned. Given at the General Register Office, under the Seal of the said Office, the (day) day of (Month Year).;
  - (т.е. с магнитофонной ленты на бумагу): a transcript of the tapes was presented as evidence in court;
  - (свести записи, т.е. учёного, в работу, предназначенную для публикации): Following on from Wallace's approach of 1858 Darwin made efforts to draw his notes together into a work intended for publication
  запись (т.е. процесс) - (система аудиозаписи): audio recording system with rechargeable battery;
  - (вести з. собрания): having someone else scribe the meeting can be a great help, but oftentimes they miss some of the nuances or decision points;
  - (т.е. на магнитную ленту): the NSA is responsible for plucking out of the ether of literally billions of words a day in hundreds of dialects and languages for recording, decoding, translating and analyzing;
  - (т.е. телефонного разговора на магнитную плёнку): she was concerned about her own criminal liability, because the type of taping she was doing was a felony under Maryland law
  запланированный - (з. выпуск альбома, т.е. музыки, запланирован к выпуску 2 сентября): his album is slated AmE for a September 2 release;
  - (з-ое голосование о недоверии): the President dissolved Parliament ahead of planned no-confidence vote;
  - (з. запуск баллистической ракеты с острова на Аляске запланирован на четверг): barring technical glitches or bad weather, a ballistic missile is scheduled to launch from an island in Alaska early Thursday;
  - (з. заранее): each pilot put his laser dot on a preplanned section of the runway;
  - (кампания): advertising booked may be cancelled without penalty if the cancellation is made at least 21 days prior to the scheduled campaign start date;
  - (з. пункт назначения, чартерный рейс был переведен с з-ого пункта назначения): the charter flight was diverted from its intended destination at RAF Brize Norton because of bad weather;
  - (з. на ближайшие дни): with Congress considering cutting the Pentagon's budget for missile defenses, much is riding on a test scheduled in the next few days of the anti-missile shield based in California and Alaska;
  - (з. объём продаж): projected sales figures;
  - (переезд занял времени на полтора часа больше з-ого): The movers moved pretty slow. Perhaps that was because I was being billed on an hourly rate. Unfortunately the move ran 1.5 hours over budget.;
  - (з. профицит бюджета): projected federal budget surpluses, put at $122 billion for this year as recently as in April, have nearly vanished, amid an economic slowdown and the outflow of tax rebates to Americans;
  - (сговор): bid rigging is difficult to prove when the bidders operate from a tacit understanding, as opposed to a planned and premeditated conspiracy;
  - (у танкера было запланировано ещё пять рейсов): this particular tanker was chartered out of London, and had 5 more Shanghai runs scheduled until the charter ran out
  запланировать - (з. время на каждый раздел учебного материала): this strategy will help you budget your time on each section;
  - (комитет запланировал слушания по предложениям коомиссии): the committee has scheduled hearings this month on the commission's suggestions for improving intelligence gathering and strengthening domestic security;
  - (представление было запланировано на 10 утра в субботу): the show was scheduled for 10 A.M. Saturday morning
  заплатить - (вперёд): the company will advance you $200 until your salary is paid;
  - (з. дань королю): the Angle tribes were tributary to the king;
  - (з. жизнью за что-л): смотри ниже;
  - (з. за квартиру за две недели вперёд): we had to pay the rent two weeks in advance;
  - (з. за кого-л в ресторане, "Я за вас плачу"): you are on my treat;
  - (т.е. за ошибку образно): if there's an error in the calculations, you know who'll swing for it BrE infml!
  - (з. за свою грубость): he would have to pay the price for his rudeness;
  - (з. за отведение на парковку): "If you were prepared to book a room for her, I'm sure you would have sprung (to spring) for valet parking." "Sprung?" "Paid for.";
  - (з. за что-л): did you spring infml for plane tickets to whisk the family off to a theme park resort?;
  - (з. за это образно): he came here unasked, he must pay the consequences;
  - (з. кровью за что-л): British citizens paid in blood and treasure to win the empire;
  - (он предлагал свои услуги тому, кто больше заплатит): he hired out his services to the highest bidder;
  - (ты за это заплатишь!): one more nighttime stroll into my office, and you will pay!;
  - (хорошо, я готов хорошо з. за хороший лук): I love the look of yew bows in the UK and am willing to pay top coin infml for a good bow.
  заплатить (з. жизнью за что-л) - your life would be forfeit for coming here;
  - he who draws his sword upon a fellow shipmate and causes him injury, shall forfeit his life;
  - should he return, his life is forfeit and any who takes it may apply to us for the appropriate bounty;
  - (з. жизнью за знание): some scientists who have studied dangerous substances have paid the forfeit of their lives in the cause of knowledge;
  - (неужели мы все заплатим жизнью за то, что я ей поверил?): are all our lives forfeit because I believed her?
  заповедник - (Антарктика стала океанским з-ом): Antarctica has become an ocean sanctuary;
  - (з. диких животных): the Arctic National Wildlife refuge / Wichita Mountains Wildlife refuge;
  - (з, диких животных): we toured a wildlife reserve where I cuddled a koala;
  - (з. диких животных): Congress created a number of wildlife sanctuaries and national parks;
  - (з. диких животных / птичий з.): a wildlife / bird sanctuary;
  - (лесной): the Belovezhskaya National Park is one of the eldest primeval forests in the world;
  - (т.е. образно): the visual surveillance of the globe by cameras mounted in airplanes and in space satellites has always been the preserve of the National Reconnaissance Office;
  - (океанский): Antarctica has become an ocean sanctuary;
  - (охотничий): a game reservation;
  - (охотничий): a private game-preserve;
  - (охотничий): the King's Preserves had almost been hunted out;
  - (полный): strict nature reserve;
  - (птичий): Bird city is a private wildfowl refuge or bird sanctuary located on Avery island in coastal Iberia Parish, Louisiana;
  - (природный з. Флэт-Топс) Flat Tops Wilderness Area
  заповедный - (место): he found us this sanctuary where we can grow life's necessities
  заповедь - (10 заповедей): 10 commandments;
  - (действовать по з-дям писания): it's hard to live by faith without acting on the scriptural admonitions to care for the poor and downtrodden;
  - (Ислама): there (in Islam) is a Talmudic capacity for detail and scrupulousness in legal and ethical prescriptions and precepts
  запоздало - (хотя и з.): her exuberance is a sign of how much Greece has invested, if belatedly, in the Olympics
  запоздалый - (благодарность): I owe a belated thanks to H.Z., whose analysis service has been of enormous value to U.S. government personnel for years;
  - (мысль): with an imperial afterthought, he indicated to N. where he should wait;
  - (з-ое открытие аэропорта): the government still had not completed the overdue opening of the airport;
  - (попытка): in a belated effort to save their financial institutions
  запоздание - (с з-ем, конь подчинялся командам с з-ем): when I quietly insisted that the horse obey my commands, he accommodated himself to them, tardily and with a trace of rebellion;
  запоздать - Everybody loves somebody sometime, and though my dreams were overdue, your love made it all waiting for someone like you
  заполнение - (декларации): completion of a declaration;
  - (бланка заявления): what you should know before filling in the application form;
  заполненность - (гостиницы): Occupancy can refer to the number of units in use, such as hotel rooms, apartment flats, or offices. When a motel is at full / 100% occupancy, a no vacancy neon sign is often turned on;
  - (т.е. самолёта): The rate of the number of the passengers increased %15 and rose 12 million as compared with 2003. %5 increase was recorded for the total of the flights. Thus, the seat occupancy in 2004 exceeded the level of %70.
  заполненный - (автомобиль, з. зеркалами и антеннами): the car, marked POLICE and filled out with the usual array of mirrors and aerials;
  - (з. бланк заявления со взносом $16): send a completed application with your $16 dues to...;
  - (з. график радиосвязи): London's radio schedules round the world are desperately tight and their minute disruption by even one extra call is a dangerous nuisance;
  - (декларация): complete declaration;
  - (з. до отказа, трибуны были заполнены до отказа): the stands were packed to the bursting point;
  - (дороги были заполнены военным транспортом): the highways that were thick with military traffic;
  - (расписание было заполнено мероприятиями): my schedule was loaded with events;
  - (стадион): he spoke over the roar of sound that was now filling the packed stadium;
  - (цистерны танкера заполнены): if the forward tanks are filled, but not balanced at the stern, she will dive by the nose, her stern high in the air;
  - (ящик заполнен письмами): the box is crammed with letters
  заполнить / заполнять - (анкету / заявление): to fill out an application form;
  - (з. анкету-заявление): please complete the Application Form and return it before the closing date to Personnel Division;
  = (анкету / опросный лист): please take a moment to complete this questionnaire and return to us;
  - (заполняя анкету): while form-filling, he had mentioned that he was fluent in French and German;
  - (бланк): to fill out a form;
  - (запах заполнил корридоры): a powerful and delicious smell of cooking pervaded the corridors;
  - (контейнер): to stuff a container;
  - (з. недостающие ветви на генеалогическом древе): he helped fill in the missing twigs on his family tree;
  - (отпускники заполняют аэропорты): record numbers of stranded holidaymakers fill airports as the baggage-handlers strike reaches its second week;
  - (при уплотнении вибратором бетон разжижается, заполняя углы): vibrating the concrete liquefies it, getting rid of air bubbles and drawing it into the corners to ensure a smooth finished product;
  - (з. пробелы в понимании): the stochastically independent functions filled in the gaps in my understanding of the book;
  - (з.пробелы на бланке): fill in the blanks in this form;
  - (з. пространство между брёвнами глиной): the gap between (pine tree trunks) is traditionally filled with river clay, not unlike the Canadian log cabin;
  - (з. пустые периоды): he broke down the reports into those which were demonstrably topical at the time they were received and those which could have been banked a month, two months before, to bridge empty periods: such as think pieces, character studies of prominent members of the administration, a scraps of Kremlin tittle-tattle which could have been picked up any time and saved for a rainless day;
  - (з. разрыв между теорией и практикой): to bridge / to fill the gap between theory and practice;
  - (рёв заполнял стадион): he spoke over the roar of sound that was now filling the packed stadium;
  - (свист заполнял комнату): a shrill, tinny whistle was filling the room
  - (толпа заполняла стадион): a crowd of people crammed the stadium;
  - (толпа, заполняющая улицы): hectic throngs packing the streets
  заполниться / заполняться - (автоцистерны заполнялись концентратом эмульгатора): the bulk tanker lorries were filling up with emulsifier concentrate at the depot;
  - (карьер, заполняющийся грунтовой водой): the open pit generally eventually fills up with ground water
  заполночь - (было з.): he was in his office, though it was past midnight;
  - (говорить з.): she went to bed, leaving the five men to talk into the small hours;
  - (далеко з.): I stayed up until well past midnight watching the election returns in Israel;
  - (далеко з.): soon they were deep in talk, and they stayed up far into the night;
  - (далеко з.): he had lain awake that night until long after midnight;
  - (остаться где-л з.): don't stay there beyond midnight;
  - (продолжаться з.): the negotiations continued into the early hours;
  - (уже з.): "I need to speak to you." "Now? It's after midnight."
  заполонить - (з. рынок непрочными изделиями): unless some sort of international law is imposed we might well find the market flooded with flimsy products;
  - (тишина заполонила замок): tense silence held the hall in thrall;
  - (толпа заполонила стадион): a crowd of people crammed the stadium;
  - (толпа заполонила улицы): hectic throngs packing the streets;
  - (т.е. хищник может не дать отдельным видам животных з. экосистему): a keystone predator may prevent a particular prey species from overrunning an ecosystem;
  заполучить - through a Freedom of Information Act request, he got ahold of court papers filed by the company's former director of technical accounting research and training;
  - (роль, актриса была решительно настроена з. главную женскую р. в фильме): Kate Winslet was bent on nabbing the leading lady part in "Titanic," for example;
  - (роль): The chart shows the crazy amounts of weight that the actor loses and gains depending on the role he is playing. But he isn't the only actor to go to extremes to nail infml the part.;
  - (т.е. спортклуб заполучил футболиста): many big clubs in Europe set their sights on the footballer, but it was AC Milan who snapped him up;
  - (чиновник заполучил картину с казённого склада): from the Department of the Environment store of pictures N. had collared infml a Dufy, a Vlaminck and a slightly suspect Breughel
  запоминание - ( з. таблицы умножения): the memorization of the multiplication tables
  запомнить / запоминать - (все подробности, т.е. увиденного): he looked around the valley, intent on committing every detail in memory;
  - (т.е. записку): memorize it and burn it;
  - (запомни мои слова, т.е. потом увидишь, что я был прав): you mark my words;
  - (номер телефона): I haven't got a pen to write down your phone number. I'll just have to commit it to memory.;
  - (ориентиры): I tried to take note of landmarks;
  - (прочитанное): he was reading and rereading the passage without taking in a word of it;
  - (з. расположение дома): he had memorized the layout of the house from the plans W. had given him;
  - (з. секретное послание): he memorized the message and passed it straight into a shredder which reduced the thin paper to fragments hardly bigger than dust;
  - (з. текст роли): The dress rehearsal of the play is tomorrow night. Please make sure you have committed all your lines to memory by that time.;
  - (услышанное): he was too busy staring at her to take in a word she was saying
  запоминающийся - (вид): the fog rolled in and he captured a haunting image of the lighthouse nearby;
  - (мелодии): catchy tunes;
  - (путешествие): the last leg of the travel was too brief to be memorable
  запомниться - the last leg of the travel was too brief to be memorable
  запороть - (дело, т.е. испортить): every new job began with the agonizing certainty that this was the one he could flub AmE infml;
  - (дело): to make a mess of a job
  запорченный - (з-ая программа на компьютере): application Recovery CD enables you to reinstall individual applications if they become corrupted or are erased
  заправлять (т.е. верховодить) - (з. в политике штата): The phrase is popular in political coverage. "Now, after years of being allowed to run roughshod infml over Wisconsin's political process, these groups may find themselves forced to compete on a level playing field";
  - (всем, в компании в. заправляли один-два человека): the company was more successful, when just one or two people were calling the shots infml;
  - (всем, страховые компании заправляли всем в системе медицинского страхования): we had a crazy-quilt pattern of coverage (of medical expenses) in which insurance companies called the shots infml;
  - (кто же тут всем заправляет?): this place positively reeked planning, order and money and I wondered again who exactly was in charge;
  - (т.е. на международной арене): it is those countries who will soon rule the roost infml;
  - (т.е. руководить покупками): They went to an upscale furniture store. They bought a houseful. He frowned from time to time, and twice vetoed items as too expensive, but his wife ruled the day.
  запрашивать / запросить - (администрация президента запросила $6.8 млрд на ведение исследований): in its proposed 2005 budget, the administration has requested $6.8 billion for conducting research and expanding U.S. nuclear capabilities;
  - (больше, т.е. более высокую цену): pricing expert: "Apple could have charged more for iPhone";
  - (т.е. драйверам не дают з. принтер): they prevent printer drivers from querying printer about...;
  - (литературные агенты запрашивают рукописи): 1/3 of our evaluated manuscripts are requested by agents;
  - (объяснения): she wrote a letter requesting further explanations on the job;
  - (плату): a dishonest postrider could charge any fee;
  - (плату / цену): they charged much higher rates for short haul shipments;
  - (запросить пощады): they vowed not to quit until the others cried uncle;
  - (справку в бюро): you can request a copy of your credit report from a credit bureau;
  - (повесткой, федеральные прокуроры запросили повесткой документацию избирательной кампании, т.е. повесткой): federal prosecutors have subpoenaed records from Governor R.B.'s campaign fund as part of a sweeping corruption investigation into whether top aides and advisers exchanged state business and jobs for political support;
  - (т.е. цену, рестораны запрашивают столько, сколько выдерживает рынок, а не столько, сколько это стоит): restaurants in all price brackets charge what the market will bear, not what they're worth
  запрашиваемый - (цена): exclusive realty broker C.M. said three buildings he is managing on W. Avenue have generated a lot of interest, but no potential offers have matched the asking price of about $4 million
  запрет - (алкоголя): Prohibition in the United States was a nationwide constitutional ban on the production, importation, transportation, and sale of alcoholic beverages from 1920 to 1933. Prohibitionists first attempted to end the trade in alcoholic beverages during the 19th century.;
  - (т.е. в психике, избавиться от з-ов): to release your inhibitions means to let go off the things that hold you back from saying and doing what you would naturally do if you weren't thinking about the repercussions of it;
  - (т.е. в психике, подавлять запреты): many people believe that the consumption of alcohol or certain drugs may reduce inhibitions;
  - (т.е. в психике, социальный з.): social inhibition is a conscious or unconscious constraint or curtailment by a person of a process or behaviour that the person may consider objectionable in a social setting;
  - (з. на бурение нефтяных скважин): I extended the ban on oil drilling off the California Coast;
  - (з. на владение оружием для склонных к насилию подростков): applying the Brady law's prohibition on gun ownership to violent juveniles;
  - (з. на выпивку): booze flows back into Alaska after yearlong ban;
  - (з. на импорт): to lift the import ban;
  - (з. на опубликование подробностей происшедшего в суде): the details of what happened in court on December 6 were subject to a publication ban imposed by the judge;
  - (з. на поездки): the sanctions include a travel ban on Liberian officials;
  - (з. на поездки): the American people want the travel ban to Cuba to end;
  - (з. на производство расщепляющихся материалов): the ban on the production of fissile materials;
  - (з. на рекламу табака): the European Court of Justice has overturned the ban on tobacco advertising;
  - (наложить з. на публикацию подробностей того, что произошло в суде): the details of what happened in court December 6 were subject to a publication ban imposed by the judge;
  - (снимать нравственные з-ы, т.е. с помощью вхождения в транс): the Dionysian Mysteries were a ritual of ancient Greece and Rome which used intoxicants and other trance-inducing techniques, such as dance and music, to remove inhibitions and artificial societal constraints, liberating the individual to return to a more natural and primal state;
  - (социальный): social inhibition is a conscious or unconscious constraint or curtailment by a person of a process or behaviour that the person may consider objectionable in a social setting;
  - (социальный): we live in a culture that favors numerous social inhibitions;
  - (список з-ов): to produce a list of prohibitions;
  - (строгий з. на раскрытие секретной информации): G.W. Bush eases clampdown on disclosure of classified information;
  - (т.е. судебное постановление о з-е, компания М. обратилась в Высокий суд за постановлением з-е присуждения контракта компании К. до исхода процесса по различным искам): M. applied for an injunction from the High Court to prevent the award of the contract to C. pending the outcome of a trial on its various claims;
  - (судебный, суд пришёл к выводу, что при отсутствии судебного з-а возмещение ущерба не обеспечивает надлежащей судебной защиты / было вынесено постановление о судебном з-е): The Court found that M. had a seriously arguable case that the Council had relied on undisclosed award criteria in its assessment of the bids. The Court also concluded that, in the absence of an injunction, damages were an inadequate remedy for M. Thus the injunction was awarded.;
  - (юридические з-ы): despite legal prohibitions the security forces continue to torture people;
  - (з. ядерного оружия): nuclear weapon ban;
  - (з.ядерных материалов): it's time for a world ban of nuclear-arms materials
  запретить / запрещать - (з. автомобиль, когда войдут в силу постановления о предельно допустимых выхлопах): it's the sort of car they're going to outlaw when emission regulations come into force;
  - (движение военного транспорта): Article 15(0) banned all military traffic, as well as requiring the concurrence of Saigon for civilian traffic;
  - (договор запрещает вести исследования): the Paris Treaty forbids Germany to do research into rockets;
  - (ему запретили путешествовать на теплоходных линиях): he was barred from ever traveling on several of the cruise lines because of his suspected cheating at the gambling tables;
  - (закон, запрещающий американским фирмам и частным лицам давать взятки иностранным чиновникам для способствования заключения деловых сделок и в нарушение долга иностранным чиновником): Foreign Corrupt Practices Act is a United States law passed in 1977 which prohibits U.S. firms and individuals from paying bribes to foreign officials in furtherance of a business deal and against the foreign official's duties;
  - (закон запрещал брать на работу детей): the Act prohibited the employment of children under 16;
  - (закон запрещает торговлю чем-л): Section 1201(b)(1)(A) of the DMCA prohibits trafficking in any technology that is primarily designed or produced for the purpose of circumventing copyright protection;
  - (закон, запрещающий экспорт шерсти): in 1699 Parliament passed legislation forbidding to export wool;
  - (з. застройку 29-мильной прибрежной зоны, т.е. озера Мичиган): Chicago's forefathers had the foresight to keep the city's 29 miles of lakefront free and clear of development;
  - (категорически запрещается производить ремонтно-профилактические работы во время...): it is absolutely forbidden to conduct any repair- or maintenance-work on the truck while waiting for loading or unloading;
  - (книгу): his book was banned by...;
  - (з. курение на открытых двориках и террасах ресторанов): the City Council approved a measure that prohibits smoking on outdoor patios and decks in restaurants before 10 p.m.;
  - (з. курение в общественных местах): to ban smoking in the public places;
  - (з. неприличные слова на телевидении): obscene words should be banned from television;
  - (никакое административное постановление не запрещает истцу снова подать иск в Коста Рике): Plaintiff is not barred by any administrative order from refiling its present claims in Costa Rica;
  - (з. ношение оружия): bearing of arm forbidden;
  - (обычай, т.е. женское обрезание в Африке): the movement snowballed and its leaders petitioned the President to outlaw the practice (women's circumcision) throughout the country;
  - (переиздание): republication is prohibited without prior consent;
  - (правило, запрещающее вести избирательную кампанию на работе): he was fired in April, accused of violating a policy against campaigning at work;
  - (преподавать, университет Сиднея запретил преподавать профессору права, после того, как он публично высказал свои взгляды на небелых и африканцев в Австралии): a Sidney university has banned a controversial law professor from teaching after he publicly aired his views in non-whites and Africans in Australia;
  - (з. прибегать к Американской поддержке): the legal instrument ending the conflict and inhibiting recourse to American power to uphold the Agreement;
  - (принципы запрещали ему, т.е. нажить состояние нечестным путём): he could have used his skills to "skim" a vast fortune for himself from the oil revenues, but his morality forbade (to forbid) him;
  - (собрание / спектакль): to ban a meeting / a performance;
  - (з. штату и ответчику уволить учительницу за нарушение положения закона штата): For the academic year 1965-1966, the school administration (of Arkansas) adopted a textbook which contained a chapter setting forth "the theory about the origin of man from a lower form of animal." The teacher was supposed to use the new textbook for classroom instruction and presumably to teach the statutorily condemned chapter; but to do so would be a criminal offense and subject her to dismissal. She instituted the present action in the Chancery Court of the State, seeking a declaration that the Arkansas statute is void and enjoining the State and the defendant officials of the Little Rock school system from dismissing her for violation of the statute's provisions.;
  - (Четвёртая поправка, т.е. к Конституции США, запрещает необоснованный арест): the Fourth Amendment proscribes unreasonable seizure of any person, person's home or personal property without a warrant;
  - (з. школам непосредственно привлекать учащихся к участию в избирательных кампаниях): the District prohibits schools from involving students directly in any campaigning during a civic, provincial or federal election
  запретный - (зона): prohibited area;
  - (з-ая зона для журналистов): it's a no-go area for journalists;
  - (любовь): an illicit love affair;
  - (любовь, у неё была з-ая любовь): she was illicitly in love;
  - (места в Иране были объявлены з-ыми для инспекторов ООН): these sites were declared off-limits to U.N. inspectors;
  - (тема): that woman was a forbidden subject;
  - (то, что сейчас для него запретно, т.е. грудь жены после развода): Her blouse is cut just low enough to show him what he used to have access to and is now off limits. Another downside of divorce.
  запрещаться - (запрещается водить автомобиль по автодороге со скоростью, превышающей разумную): No person shall drive a vehicle upon a highway at a speed greater than is reasonable or prudent having due regard for weather, visibility, the traffic on, and the surface and width of, the highway;
  - (ответчикам запрещается присуждение контракта компании): ORDERED: that the defendants are hereby ENJOINED fml from awarding the contract to T. Inc.;
  - (он нарушил мужской кодекс чести, по которому запрещается переспать с женой друга): he had broken the "man's code" against "bedding a buddy's wife;
  - (правило, по которому запрещается вести избирательную кампанию на работе): he was fired in April, accused of violating a policy against campaigning at work;
  - (сброс отходов в судоходные воды запрещается): under section 407 of the Rivers and Harbors Act of 1899, any discharge of refuse of any kind from a vessel into navigable waters of the United States is prohibited
  запрещающий - (не противоречит ли лотерея законодательству, з-ему азартные игры): His social club wanted to raffle off a television to make money. He wanted to know if the raffle would run afoul of the law against gambling
  запрещение - (до з-я, объявление должно было публиковаться до з-я): he made It a "t. f." ad., which means that It was to run till forbidden (tf);
  - (конвенция о з-и разработки, производства, накопления и применения химического оружия и о его уничтожении): the Convention on the Prohibition of Development, Production, Stockpiling and Use of Chemical Weapons and on their Destruction;
  - (список з-й): to produce a list of prohibitions;
  - (футбола): football was a rough-and-tumble game, people demanded its abolition
  запрещено - (было запрещено пользоваться шлангами в засуху): the use of hosepipes had been banned due to drought;
  - (з. законом, за исключением тех случев, когда это з.з.): except where prohibited by law, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose аre specifically disclaimed: 1) for all "as is" sales, and 2) upon the later to occur of: [A] the expiration of any applicable express warranties, or [B]90 days from date of purchase;
  - (з. законом, несмотря на то, что это з. зaконом): despite legal prohibitions the security forces continue to torture people;
  - (категорически з. производить ремонтно-профилактические работы во время...): it is absolutely forbidden to conduct any repair or maintenance work on the truck while waiting for loading or unloading;
  - (ношение оружия з.): bearing of arm is forbidden;
  - (ходить в это кафе сотрудникам было з.): that café was out of bounds to staff (of Intelligence Service)
  запрещённый - (ввоз з-ых предметов в США): Customs and Border Protection is responsible for protecting the United States against the illegal importation of prohibited items;
  - (з-ое действие / з. удар, т.е. во время дуэли): the duelist's "second" will protect his fighter from any foul play;
  - (занятие ростовщичеством запрещено в Исламе): the practice of usury is forbidden in Islam;
  - (кому-л запрещено что-л): he is prohibited from doing...;
  - (медикаменты): illicit drugs such as cocaine and cannabis;
  - (место, з-ое для парковки): he pulled the car into an illegal parking spot;
  - (нападение, т.е. игрока спортивной команды): the coach was berating the player for his illegal attack;
  - (наркотики): relying on autopsies performed in 2007, the state report concludes prescription drugs (anti-anxiety benzodiazepines, the muscle relaxer carisoprodol and all opioids, excluding heroin) continue to be found in both lethal and non-lethal amounts in the dead far more often than illicit drugs;
  - (наркотики): trafficking in illegal drugs;
  - (программы производства ядерного оружия): Iranian authorities are running illicit programs to produce nuclear weapons;
  - (торговля): the illicit trade in stolen vehicles;
  - (фильм был зaпрещён в этих краях): The movie was practically banned in these parts. Folks thought it made us look like a bunch of hicks
  запрограммированный - (мозг ребёнка запрограммирован образно на изучение языка): children's brains are hardwired to learn language in the first three years of life;
  - (...потому что их мозг на это запрограммирован): They do it because their brains are wired to. Girls with anorexia nervosa starve due to neural processing problems.
  запрос - (информации): all costs incurred as a result of any subsequent requests for information shall be to the responding companies" account;
  - (з. к информационной системе): I typically fire some queries into Google and click until either the subject seems exhausted or I am;
  - (з. на выдачу / экстрадицию, т.е. преступника): Russia's response to the extradition request was blunt: "In accordant with Russian law, citizens of Russia cannot be turned over to foreign states.";
  - (з. на документы): subpoena for documents was issued in recent days;
  - (з. на документы): Toyota received a subpoena from a federal grand jury seeking documents related to unintended acceleration in its vehicles and the braking system of its Prius hybrid;
  - (з. на интервью): the participants must submit an interview request form;
  - (з. представителя компании о ценах): a response to an inquiry by the German-based representative of an export company for price quotations;
  - informal enquiries / inquiries about these posts may me made to the Chairman;
  - he was interviewed by Major H. of the Field Security Service who promptly had him locked up in a cell while a request went off to Berlin;
  - inquiries had been made at his bank, but he had not cashed any checks since November
  запротестовать - (шумно): they made noises of protest, but he overrode them with a wave of his hand
  запрашиваемый / запрошенный - (цена): exclusive realty broker C.M. said three buildings he is managing on W. Avenue have generated a lot of interest, but no potential offers have matched the asking price of about $4 million
  запуск - (т.е. ракеты): it was a successful launch;
  - (з. того дееспособного, что ещё сохранилось в промышленности, потребует небольших капиталовложений): jump-starting the surviving capable sectors of industry would require little investment;
  - (з. цепной реакции ядерного взрыва): enriched uranium and plutonium, the two ingredients used for setting off a chain reaction nuclear explosion
  запускать / запустить - (в производство химикат): an immediate order was sent to the manufacturing plant for this dressing to go into production to make up the required 280 tons;
  - (т.е. впустить, з. триплоидного белого амура в пруды для борьбы с сорняками): triploid grass carp can be stocked in ponds for aquatic weed control;
  - (т.е. не заниматься чем-л, детей из-за работы): the experience of my staff members brought home the fact that all too many Americans, in all kinds of jobs earning widely different incomes, went to work every day worried sick that they were neglecting their kids for work;
  - (т.е. не заниматься чем-л, он так запустил свою боль, не желая идти к врачу, что теперь может быть поздно что-то с этим сделать): He let the pain go for so long, not wanting to see a doctor - it can be too late to do much about the pain. You have to catch it in time.;
  - (т.е. не заниматься чем-л, слишком давно з. проблему): we have neglected this problem for too long;
  - (т.е. привести в действие): смотри ниже;
  - смотри файл DVIJENIE, TECHNIKA
  запускать / запустить (т.е. привести в действие) - (з. взрыв дистанционным управлением): it was unclear whether the blast was the work of a suicide bomber or set off by remote control;
  - (вновь з. мирный процесс): Madeleine Albright had been laboring for months to get the peace process back on track;
  - (движение запускает музыку, т.е. блаагодаря датчикам): with minor adjustments, your slightest movement sets off an orchestra;
  - (двигатель / мотор): they started the engines that powered the system;
  - (з. комплекс работ по модернизации домов): The Housing Authority announced Monday that it is rolling out its biggest-ever set of upgrades. The $33.6 million retrofit program will boost energy efficiency in more than 40 high-rise buildings and 700 single-family houses across the city.;
  - (кондиционеры): power blackout due to soaring electricity demand as people cranked up infml their air conditioners;
  - (лётчик запустил средства радиоэлектронного подавления): the Blackbird pilot threw on infml the whole battery of his electronic counter-measures;
  - (з. механизм политического регулирования): to set in motion the mechanism of political settlement;
  - (з. процедуру направления осуждённого в психиатрическую лечебницу при определённом сочетании показателей): the statute included a "tripwire" that automatically sets the commitment (to a state mental hospital) process in motion if a super-crunching algorithm predicts that the inmate has a high risk of sexual offence recidivism;
  - (з. процесс анализа): Writing up meeting notes from a particularly good requirements discussion kick starts infml the analysis process. By recapping the discussion, you distill your thinking.;
  - (сирену, т.е. автомобиля): he reaches below the dash to let the siren go;
  - (экономику, т.е. дать толчок к развитию): he had previously served the Bush administration in Iraq where he spent seven months, helping kickstart the economy there;
  запустение - after years of dereliction new joists and flooring were installed (after the fire); however the interiors still remained burnt-out shells;
  - (в здании чувствовалось з.): the place had the feeling of a derelict building;
  - the town had a look of imminent desertion
  запутавшийся - (в своих сложных шереживаниях): he stumped around, up and down the sidewalk, an inarticulate man stymied by the complexity of his emotions
  запутанность - (з. источников информации): our understanding of Scandinavian mythology is limited by the confused and incomplete nature of our sources;
  - (з. политических маневров): the intricacies of political maneuvering;
  - (проблемы): the intricacy of the problem;
  - (сюжета): in terms of plot complexity and character relationships, this is perhaps their most intricate film
  запутанный - (вопросы): I wondered if my convoluted questions ever made sense;
  - (заросли): the thicket was more tangled that it had appeared;
  - (история): a tangled tale;
  - (история): the convoluted tale of the accused arms dealer languishing in a steamy Bangkok prison cell is bigger than just a provocative story about a notorious character;
  - (з. клубок противоречий): his life stands as a messy tangle of contradictions: he was an aristocrat who was suspicious of elites, an avatar of freedom who owned slaves, a spendthrift who believes in government austerity;
  - (з-ая личная жизнь): a tangled love live;
  - (лотерея): intricate lottery;
  - (з-ые каналы между кораллами): those who ruled here had their trust first in the tortuous channels among the corals that barred the way to any ship whose master wasn't privy to the anchorage's secrets;
  - (переговоры): tortuous negotiations;
  - (ум): the entire book is random and chaotic; it is the product of a cluttered and tormented mind;
  - (форма): the legendary sagas contain early native traditions recorded in a confused form;
  - (з. характер источников информации): our understanding of Scandinavian mythology is limited by the confused and incomplete nature of our sources;
  - (фильм): in terms of plot complexity and character relationships, this is perhaps their most intricate film;
  - (з-ая финансовая сделка): The Fed's temporary U.S. dollar liquidity swap arrangement with the European Central Bank is a "fig leaf" to cover up what is essentially a transfer of U.S. dollars to banks in Europe. This Byzantine financial arrangement could hardly be better designed to confuse observers;
  - (з-ое царство нелегальной торговли оружием): the U.S. law-enforcement officials are interested in the road map he could draw of the labyrinthine realm of weapons trafficking
  запутать / запутывать - (адвокат пытался з. свидетелей трудными вопросами): the lawyer tried to trip witnesses up by asking confusing questions;
  - (кого-л): he choked down the fury that would only confound the mind of a blundering idiot;
  - (он всё запутал, т.е. испортил): he fouled things up infml, as usual;
  - (исчезновение - уловка, чтобы з.): he's on the island still, his disappearance is just a red herring across the track fig.;
  - (з. кого-л обилием информации): don't give me so much information - you're confusing me;
  - (ошибки запутывают читателя): most of the errors are merely annoying, but sometimes they are downright confusing;
  - (противника): we have totally befuddled our enemies so often that one wondered why they even bothered employing intelligence officers, they had been snookered so frequently;
  - (т.е. пустить по ложному следу): to draw a red herring across the path fig.;
  - (радиоволны запутывают перелётных птиц): the energy emanating from this radio confused migrating geese in the fall;
  - (ты меня совсем запутал): you've got me all mixed up;
  - (шахматист запутал компьютер иррациональными ходами): the chess player confused the computer by making some irrational moves
  запутаться / запутываться - (в паутине лжи): he becomes tangled in his own web of lies;
  - (в сложных переживаниях): he stumped around, up and down the sidewalk, an inarticulate man stymied by the complexity of his emotions;
  - (во лжи): eventually he gets so tangled up in his lies that he starts telling bits of the truth;
  - you're very confused, you've been through dreadful ordeal;
  - (...потому что американцы запутались в Иране): U.S. criticism of Al Jazeera sounds none like special pleading because of America's bumbling in Iraq, rather than a genuine desire for free, open and critical Arab media;
  - смотри файл DVIJENIE
  запутывание - (задержки, увёртки, з. - всё это уже было): delay, hedging and obfuscation have had their day
  запущенность - (в провинции з. жуткая): in the provinces everything is going to seed infml;
  - the garden has fallen into a state of neglect;
  - the tenants are complaining about the council's neglect of their property
  запущенный - (газон): a patch of unkempt grass;
  - (комната, 10 человек, живущие в одной з-ой комнате): 10 people living in squalor in a single room;
  - (поместье в з-ом состоянии): When he returned after the war he inherited an estate in a run-down condition. The lakes were silted up, Ray Wood had been clear-felled, and some of the monuments in the grounds were in danger of collapse;
  - (ракета, з-ая с лодки): there was speculation that the plane had been downed by a rocked fired from a boat;
  - (у завода з. вид): the plant is looking tatty
  запчасти - (автомобильные): auto parts;
  - (части): spare parts
  запылённость - (сводить к минимуму з. и дым, т.е. на стройке): keep dust and smoke to a minimum;
  - (уменьшать з., т.е. на стройке): keep dust down by spraying with water when and where you can
  запятнать - (з. имя кого-л): Your immoral acts have not only brought disgrace and shame upon yourselves, but dishonor the Non-Cultic aikido community at large and defile O'Sensei's memory;
  - (з. меч кровью брата): I do not wish to sully my sword with a brother's blood;
  - (з. память о ком-л): how can you let her tarnish your memories of D.?;
  - (запятнанный памятью о жестоких убийствах город): stained by the memory of the ugly murders, the town had to wait for their notoriety to die down;
  - (репутацию): смотри ниже;
  - (з. честь армии): he brought disgrace on the army;
  - (з. честь города): the Islamist protesters who held up banners labelling soldiers returning from Iraq as killers, cowards and butchers have brought disgrace to the town
  запятнать (репутацию) - many of the problems that have tarnished the United Nations' reputations in recent years have been self-inflicted;
  - his reputation was tainted by the scandal;
  - his reputation was smeared by the release of diaries detailing homosexual activity
  - he accused them of tarnishing his reputation;
  - the President" sexual conduct soiled the reputation of the White House;
  - the scandal soiled the reputation of policemen throughout this country
  зарабатывание - (денег): his complete lack of interest of goings-on in the store gave me considerable freedom to set about the business of raising cash and taking care of the bills
  зарабатывать / заработать - (з. авторитет на энергетическом буме): In Texas, Perry Has Ridden an Energy Boom. But some economists as well as Perry skeptics suggest that Mr. Perry stumbled into the Texas miracle. They say that the governor has essentially put Texas on autopilot for 11 years, and it was the state's oil and gas boom - not his political leadership - that kept the state afloat.;
  - (баллы / очки): Apply for a EuroBonus credit card and start earning points on your everyday shopping. Earn points on everything you shop.;
  - (бешеные деньги): not that we had worries financially - we'd been pulling in money almost literally hand over fist;
  - (всех денег не заработаешь): do you want to be the richest man in the cemetery?;
  - (деньги): But I make money nowadays. Why should I not indulge a whim?;
  - (з. кучу денег): he made a pile of money building hotels;
  - (з. на валютных операциях): has anyone found a foolproof way to make money on the forex;
  - (з. на железнодорожном буме): the banks and financiers who had ridden the railroad boom crashed dramatically when the system's overcapacity reduced individual railroad company's profitability;
  - (з. на жизнь): смотри ниже;
  - (на облигациях много не заработаешь): it is hard, alas, to see much money being made out of bonds;
  - (з. на пропитание детям): the parents had hard work to keep their children in bread;
  - (з. на туристах): He owns the sporting goods store outside of town. He makes a good living off all the backpackers who come through here.;
  - (з. на чём-л): but it was sheer love of the sport that actuated him, and not a desire to make money at it;
  - (...не врать о сумме денег, заработанных за год, т.е. налоговому управлению): I got a letter from the IRS saying I had failed to report investment income from stocks I inherited when my mom died. I was pretty sure that wasn't the case, though. One of the sage pieces of advice my dad gave me was never to fudge on the amount of money you make in a year.;
  - (з. приличную сумму): he made a goodly sum of money;
  - (спрашивать, сколько человек зарабатывает, невежливо): it is rude to ask how much someone makes infml;
  - (спрашивать, сколько человек зарабатывает, невежливо): a lot of westerners are brought up being told it's rude to ask how much a person earns;
  - (хорошо, он х. зарабатывает): he has his own business and is doing well for himself infml;
  - смотри заработать
  зарабатывать / заработать ([на жизнь]) - (з. на жизнь выращиванием табака): they were making a living by raising tobacco;
  - (живописью): you cannot make a living at painting;
  - (з. на жизнь и завести семью): in the years following World War II, men who had served their country returned home to settle down, make a living and raise a family;
  - (торговлей): he looked down upon the men who earned their living from trade;
  - (хорошо з. чем-л): a local attorney used to make a good living by suing railroads over avoidable employee-on-the-job-injuries;
  - (чем-л): some of them made a living out of this;
  - (чем он зарабатывал на жизнь?): what did he do for a living?;
  - (чтобы з. на жизнь): he tended a bar for a living
  заработанный - (з. тяжким трудом отдых): he enjoyed his hard-won leisure;
  - (честно з-ые очки, т.е. команды в играх на кубок): Monday's World Cup round up. Spain and Chile picked up well earned points in group H yesterday against Switzerland and Honduras leaving for a tight finish to the group.
  - (честно з-ые очки, т.е. владельца банковкой карточки): Through the Commonwealth Bank Credit Card Reward Programs, you get to earn points depending on the amount you spend when buying goods or when paying for most of your bills. It is possible for you to exchange your well-earned points for frequent flyer points.
  заработать - (т.е. начать работать): смотри ниже;
  - (з. прозвище за свою способность): this skill earned him the nickname "The Great Inquisitor";
  - (прозвище): Erhard had earned himself the nickname of the Rubber Lion
  заработать (т.е. начать работать) - (департамент заработает к 1 января): according to the plan, Bush hopes to have the department in operation by January 1;
  - (когда система заработает?): when does the system become effective?;
  - (конвейер не заработает, пока техник не устранит сбой): entire production lines would freeze when the computer system spit out incorrect labeling information, and work wouldn't start again until a technician could correct the glitch;
  - (о видеокамере, когда заработали камеры): when the cameras began to roll, she got straight to the point;
  - (система полностью заработала после разрешения проблем с программным обеспечением): the system became fully operational after the software issues were resolved on Aug. 1, according to a spokesman for the Public Order Ministry
  заработная плата / зарплата - (з. выплачивается в первую пятницу после проработанной недели): the pay date is the Friday following the week worked;
  - (т.е. выплачиваемая помесячно з.): salary;
  - (годовая): the yearly salary;
  - (день з-ы): College work-study students are paid on a biweekly cycle. The pay date is the Friday following the two week period worked.;
  - (дневная / подённая): daily wages, d/w;
  - (т.е. до вычетов): Earnings: 6,333.33; Taxes: Federal Withholdings: 1,308.30; Michigan Withholdings: 249,36; Net Pay: 4,774.20;
  - (жить на з-у / получать з-у): both my husband and I are wage earners;
  - (жить от з-ы до з-ы): to live paycheck-to-paycheck;
  - (заморозить з-у): the government has introduced a wage freeze;
  - (з. на руки / чистыми): Earnings: 6,333.33; Taxes: Federal Withholdings: 1,308.30; Michigan Withholdings: 249,36; Total Gross: 6,331.66; Fed Taxable Gross: 6,331.66; Total Taxes: 1,557.66; Net Pay: 4,774.20;
  - (недельная): an average weekly wage of 110 pounds;
  - (т.е. недельная): he gives most of his wage packet to his wife;
  - (повышение з-ы): she was denied the annual pay rises normally given to state employees;
  - (работать, не получая з-ы): some federal workers were furloughed, working without a paycheck until the government reopened;
  - (служанки): the maid asks less wages than G.;
  - (цена составляла пол-зарплаты): even in the days when it required half his paycheck, his suits were tailor-made;
  - (чек с з-ой): my payroll check was put on hold until the 18th when it cleared
  заработок - (ему надоело бороться за журналистский з.): he was sick of scrabbling for a living as a journalist;
  - (перебиваться случайными заработками): he was a convicted drug dealer working odd jobs;
  - (работать ради заработка): I clearly expected to work for a living
  заразить / заражать - (американцев заразила жажда власти): greed for power infected millions of Americans;
  - (бактерии заразили здание): there are no signs that the bacteria have contaminated the building itself
  заражаться / заразиться - (з. безумием друг от друга): six authentic lunatics who had in some way caught their lunacy from each other, the way everyone in the same class could catch a particularly virulent cold;
  - (болезнью): the healthy people contracted the disease, but as a mild case;
  - (з. вирусом иммунодефицита): an estimated 40000 Americans contracted HIV last year;
  - (з. герпетическим панарицием от пациентов): healthcare workers, especially dentists, nurses, and other doctors are more at risk of contracting the herpetic whitlow as an occupational hazard from the patients;
  - (з. смехом образно): she started laughing and I caught the contagion
  заражение - (бактериальное): bacterial contamination;
  - (крови): blood stream infection;
  - (з. может произойти при следующих видах контакта): exposure may occur by the following contact: by intramuscular or intravenous injection, by mucous membrane...;
  - (вредителями / паразитами): Ingredients used in the production of bakery products which show evidence of active insect infestation or any other condition that from a public health or aesthetic standpoint render the product unfit for human consumption shall not be received by the establishment;
  - (океанские рыбы подвержены з-ию паразитом, известным как морская вошь): all ocean-going fish are prone to picking up infml a parasite commonly known as sea lice;
  - (опасность з-я гриппом): you can reduce, but not eliminate the risk of catching or spreading influenza during a pandemic by covering your nose and mouth when coughing or sneezing, using a tissue when possible;
  - (туберкулёзом): his recent immigration from a region at high risk of Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection
  заражённый - (мука, з-ая долгоносиками): flour infested with weevils;
  - (говядина, т.е. бактериями): E. coli outbreak from tainted ground beef;
  - (пища, т.е. бактериями): incubation: most symptoms have been reported 48 to 72 hours after consumption of contaminated food, but can develop from 7 to 30 days after ingestion;
  - (чувством расового превосходства): the postwar Colonial Service officer must above all not be infected with racial snobbery
  заразительность - (настроений): the church burnings weren't connected by a conspiracy, but by a contagion of the heart
  заразительный - (возбуждение): the atmosphere of feverish excitement was highly infectious
  заразный - (болезнь): infectious disease;
  - (простуда): to catch a particularly virulent cold;
  - (споры): the spores were very virulent
  заранее - (беспокоиться / волноваться / переживать з. ): Let's not go borrowing trouble. Concentrate on the task in hand and worry about other things when they happen.;
  - (благодарю з.): to some people, the phrase "thank you in advance" in English gives a negative impression;
  - (действовать з.): initiative is the ability to take action proactively;
  - (заказанные з. танкеры): the tankers were booked well in advance, and this carrier was just coming alongside the loading pier off the coast of Iran;
  - (з. заказать билет): where the delegates can plan ahead, make early reservations;
  - (зарегистрироваться): employers register in advance by the May 8 deadline;
  - (запланированный): Each pilot put his laser dot on a preplanned section of the runway;
  - (неизвестно): misfortune comes in many ways, and you can't always know beforehand that a certain way is the way misfortune will come by;
  - (з. неизвестно / нельзя сказать з., как она отреагирует на это известие): she's very unpredictable so there's no saying how she'll react to the news;
  - (з. неизвестно / нельзя сказать з., сколько времени это займёт): there is no saying how much time it will take;
  - (обсудить): special circumstances (e.g. moving from overseas) can be handled with flexibility, but you must discuss these in advance with someone in the personnel team;
  - (з. определённое место): great modules of high-tensile steel had swung in from the overhead gantries to drop into preassigned places and formed her shape;
  - (з. определённый порядок): the deck of cards appears to have been randomly shuffled but is, in fact, arranged in a preconceived order;
  - (планировать): where the delegates can plan ahead, make early reservations;
  - (позвонить): he tried to telephone me in advance, but discovered I had gone ex-directory;
  - (з. получить информацию): Clintons were going to pre-emptively get this information;
  - (з. получить образец товара для оценки качества): a merchant received a sample of his merchandise in advance for quality evaluation;
  - (прибыть з.): the production team arrived early to set up the cameras and recording equipment;
  - (приготовить): their (SS-men) disappearance was no spur-of-the-moment flight, each had meticulously prepared his disappearance beforehand;
  - (з. установленные предельные затраты): worldwide privileges with no pre-set spending limit;
  - (часы посещения, т.е. музея, меняются в зависимости от времени года, звоните з.): hours vary seasonally; call ahead
  зарваться / зарываться - he overplayed his hand and lost the game;
  - I'm going to ask for promotion but I think it might be overplaying my hand AmE to ask to work fewer hours as well;
  - he overreached himself and lost much of his fortune;
  - (сильно): Hillary Clinton was badly over-reaching - attempting to completely restructure with a single bill what was then a $1 trillion industry representing a seventh of the economy
  зарегистрированный - (автомобиль зарегистрирован на моё имя): the car is registered in my name;
  - (акцепт): registered acceptance;
  - (благотворительное учреждение): to claim a tax deduction you must give to a registered charity;
  - (большинство з-ых симптомов появляется через 48-72 часа после потребления заражённой пищи): incubation: most symptoms have been reported 48 to 72 hours after consumption of contaminated food, but can develop from 7 to 30 days after ingestion;
  - (было зарегистрировано более 8000 случаев СПИДа у детей до тринадцати лет): by the end of 1997, there were over 8000 reported cases of AIDS in children younger than 13 years;
  - (з-ыe в Управлении по охране окружающей среды пестицид): pesticides within the military supply system were all registered with the EPA;
  - (з. в Управлении финансовых служб): he is a fully qualified independent adviser and is registered with the Financial Services Authority;
  - (второй самый влажный июль, з. с 1919 года): it is currently the second wettest June on record, since 1910, with 130.1 mm of rainfall;
  - (з-ые как служащие корпорации): the mini-industry in some cases enables clients to conceal their control of business behind straw men who are listed in state records as the corporations' officers;
  - (как только ваша заявка на патент зарегистрирована в США, вы можете в течение года иметь приоритет по дате вашей заявки в США заграницей): Once your US patent application is on file, you have one year to claim the priority of your US filing date in foreign countries. That is, if you file in a foreign country within one year of filing in the USA, you are considered to have filed in the foreign country on the same day as you filed in the US.;
  - (корпорация): a body corporate politic, duly incorporated and having its head office and principal place of business at...;
  - (корпорация, зарегистрированная на Кайманах): the company is a Mafia-controlled corporation chartered in the Caymans;
  - (одна из самых страшных з-ых техногенных катастроф): Bhopal Disaster in India (1984). This was one of the worst industrial disasters on record.;
  - (он числится / зарегистрирован в документах фирмы как "з. агент" / в документах корпорации такой субъект предпринимательской деятельности не зарегистрирован): SeafoodDebtors, Inc has verified H.'s involvement in Inter Ocean Food Products, LLC of Bethesda with the Maryland Secretary of State's office. The records list Mr. H. as the firms "Registered Agent". More recently Mr. H. has been issuing emails with the letterhead Pinnacle Brands, LLC. 3728 Harrison Street S.W. Washington, DC; however a search of DC corporate records has no listing of that business entity.;
  - (перечни тарифных ставок и тарифные нормативы, з-ые в Коммиссии по коммунальным службам): This Master Services Contract sets forth the general terms and conditions under which Utility will provide gas services to Customer pursuant to the applicable Tariff Rate Schedules and Tariff rules which have been filed with the Public Utilities Commission of the State of California, as in effect from time to time;
  - (страна собирается объявить о самом большом з-ом активном торговом балансе): the country is on the track to post a trade surplus this year of almost $33 billion, the largest on the record;
  - (судно было зарегистрировано в Бельгии): she had a Belgian registration;
  - (з. товарный знак): registered trademark;
  - (транспортное средство было зарегистрировано на имя У.А.): the parked vehicle was registered to W.A.J. of P. Street, LaGrange;
  - (украденные документы, з-ые в базе данных, т.е. Интерпола): the stolen documents on file are a small fraction of those circulating around the world
  зарегистрировать - (з. авторские права на своё произведение): problems with a new electronic system at the copyright office in the Library of Congress have created an unprecedented backlog in the number of people waiting to copyright their original writings;
  - (з. акции компании на фондовой бирже): when the Company's shares were listed and traded on the stock exchange;
  - (документ на право собственности): his wife did not sign the deed, and the deed was not recorded;
  - (з. заявку на обслуживание): an HP-authorised representative will arrive at the customer's site to begin hardware maintenance service the next day after the service request has been logged;
  - (з. как адвоката обвиняемого, т.е. во время первого слушания дела): "We'll show you as a counsel (for the defendant) of record?" "For now, yes.";
  - (з. как неплательщика): When you move to a new address inform your creditors immediately of your new address. Your bills may not catch up with you in a timely fashion and you could run up interest charges or even be reported as delinquent in your payments on your credit report;
  - (з. компанию [как юридическое лицо]): soon after, Sun Microsystems co-founder A.B. wrote a $100,000 check to "Google, Inc." The only problem was, "Google, Inc." did not yet exist - the company hadn't yet been incorporated. For two weeks, as they handled the paperwork, the young men had nowhere to deposit the money.;
  - (корпорация зарегистрировала наилучшие показатели за период): the German steel and engineering group put in the best performance over the period as investors remained positive about China's decision to scrap tariffs on steel import;
  - (з. лицензию на преподавание): the British Council received the demand to register for a teaching licence in September;
  - (патент): the Court has established that the national patent Fiorenzi (Spidertech) 1.333.365, registered with the priority of the related request of the international patent PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) to be in force in the countries of the EPC (European Patent Convention) and in other ones, is valid, independent, and not in any breach of the patents of Conrad (Genesis);
  - (з. рождение ребёнка): to register the birth of a baby;
  - (з. случай передозировки лекарства): overdosage has been reported
  зарегистрироваться - (з. в гостинице): he hadn't checked into any hotel yet;
  - (з. в гостинице): newly arrived guests must register at the hotel's reception desk;
  - (т.е. в почтовом ящике электронной почты): every now and then my Gmail account refreshes when I log in;
  - (з. как безработный): to register as unemployed;
  - (з. на авиарейс в / на Москву): he checked in for the flight to Moscow;
  - (т.е. на участие в финансовой программе): to enroll in Credit Shield, you must be under age 66;
  - (о предприятии): Nevada First Holdings of Las Vegas helps businesses incorporate, using "straw men" rather than the actual name of company officers and directors;
  - (студенты должны з. в колледже): students are required to register with the College Office at the start of each term
  зарегламентированный - (процесс, о парламентских дебатах): parliamentary debate is a very regimented and formal process
  зарекомендовавший себя - (ресторан): the candidate must have a minimum experience of 1 to 2 years in a reputed restaurant
  зарекомендовать себя - (блестяще зарекомендовала себа как заведующий отделом рекламы): her record as a publicity director is excellent;
  - (з.с. как ведущий специалист): he has gained a reputation as a leading specialist in...;
  - (з.с. как ловкий делец): as mayor of the nation's 11th largest city, he gained a reputation as an agile deal-closer;
  - (он зарекомендовал себя как человек, который доводит дело до конца): he has a proven record of getting the job done;
  - (успешно з.с.): full public financing of campaigns has been successfully implemented and has a proven record of success in states and cities all over the country;
  - (хорошо с.з. в области...): the company has a proven record in creating solutions for global companies;
  - (хорошо с.з. как человек, преданный делу народного образования): she has a proven record of commitment to public education
  заретушировать - (кого-л в истории семьи образно): after her death, there was an effort to airbrush his wife out of the family history
  зародиться / зарождаться - (искусство переплёта зародилось в Индии): the craft of bookbinding originated inъ India;
  - (почему зародилась жизнь): why life originated?;
  - (сознание может з. в мозгу): the hint of consciousness in someone who doesn't meet the usual criteria for awareness underlines how squishy science's understanding of consciousness is, starting with how something so sublime can arise in the three pounds of tofu-like glop within our skull;
  - (ураганы, что зарождались у берегов Африки): the vast hurricanes that were spawned mysteriously off the shores of Africa;
  зародыш - a fetus is more vulnerable to hormone disruption than a newborn;
  - (подавить бунт в з-е): the rebellion was to be nipped in the bud;
  - (подавить / уничтожить бунт в з-е): by acting promptly he might nip the bud of rebellion;
  - (терапия с помощью стволовых клеток ещё в з-е образно, т.е. буквально - в младенчестве): although stem-cell therapy is still in its infancy, a likely future application is the replacement of damaged brain cells
  зарождающийся - (бизнес): a pioneer in the nascent videotape business;
  - (буря): Ivan Shishkin, the father of Russian 19th-century landscape painting, whose "A Sandy coastline" from 1879 evokes the drama and complicated light of an incipient storm;
  - (з-ееся движение за демократию): this is where Soviet tanks had parked after rolling into the city to squelch a budding democracy movement in the summer of 1968;
  - (общество, т.е. Северная Америка в 18 веке): accustomed to ease, and unequal to the struggles incident to an infant society, the affluent emigrant was barely enabled to maintain his own rank by the weight of his personal superiority and acquirements;
  - (религия): Mohammed played an obviously important part in fostering the nascent religion;
  - (страна с з-ейся демократией): as the Cold War ended, Russia started a new era as a nascent democracy;
  - (з-ееся феминистское движение): the nascent feminist movement;
  - (фундаментализм): it is no wonder that an incipient fundamentalism fueled more by deprivation than by ideology has been noted among Kenya's Muslims
  зарубежный - (з-ое отделение компании): foreign end users;
  - (партии): he was responsible for liaison with foreign Communist Parties worldwide;
  - (з-ые счета компании): to expand the company's overseas and department-store accounts
  зарубить разг (т.е. не разрешить) - (Конгресс зарубил повышение налогов): Congress nixed slang the tax hike;
  - (предложение, т.е. при голосовании в Конгрессе): the House voted 219-189 to kill infml the Republican's motion to reprimand M.;
  - смотри файл DVIJENIE
  заручиться (поддержкой) - Both presidential candidates are attempting to enlist the endorsement of North Carolina Democratic Senator F.T., who controls 356 convention delegates, enough to clinch the nomination for either candidate.;
  - N. Fails to Secure Backing of South Dublin authority. Senator N.'s bid to enter the presidential race suffered another setback this evening when South Dublin County Council voted by 12-11 not to support his nomination.;
  - European Union leaders have failed to secure the backing of all 27 member states to change the EU Treaty
  заряд - (взрывчатки, подложить з. взрывчатки): he planted the charge;
  - (т.е. взрывчатки, заряды установлены, и в них заложены взрыватели): the charges are laid and primed;
  - (взрывчатки): the explosive charge destroys the metal case;
  - (электрический): as bright as a wire glowing with an electric charge;
  - (ядерный з. ракеты): the missile is able of carrying nuclear payload
  зарядить / заряжать - (аккумулятор): to charge a battery;
  - (з. аккумулятор видеокамеры): this converter should not be used to operate or charge camcorders;
  - (дождь зарядил до конца дня): this rain looks as if it has set in for the rest of the day;
  - (пистолет): he pulled out his Luger and automatically checked the breech, although he knew it was loaded;
  - (ружьё): he reloaded the gun, took aim and then squeezed the trigger
  заряжаться - (заряжающийся с дула кремнёвый пистолет с замком): muzzle-loading flintlock pistol
  заряженный - (т.е. об аккумуляторных батарейках): your cell phone is charged - please unplug;
  - (электрически з-ое вещество): electrically charged matter is influenced by, and produces, electromagnetic fields;
  - (частица): a charged particle
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