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Конкурс фантрассказа Блэк-Джек-21
Поиск утраченного смысла. Загадка Лукоморья
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    Стихи не мои, а одного хорошего друга. Выкладываю здесь для оценки и рецензирования.

I leave now my body, my spirit runs free
It's calling to yours to be merged in a one
Becoming a creature has never been seen
Just leave all your pain, just do it for fun
Fly free like an eagle, like no one before
Stop suffering now and don't you be stunned
Imagine, as one we deserve so much more
I'm sure together we can touch the sun

Raise cup with my blood, I'm defeated by you
Do swallow my soul, it's not now mine
Now rip out my heart, it will tell you the truth
You're more than just woman, you're more than divine
You killed me, I'm dead, such a game of the fate
Now kiss my cold lips, look at glass of my eyes
The tenderness stays, there are nno ways to hate
Such a pleasure to die looking at your sweet face

My veins are thin, my blood is cold
Tense in my mind has gone away
All blind illusions are just sold
For emptiness instead of pain
Your hot injection to my heart
Wqas like a bite of deadly sting
But stille in spite of being apart
We do remember everything

The muse will born and pass away
She does her deed not gonna stay
The curtain falls, illusions die
But broken wings're healed back to fly
The brightest fire burns so fast
Divine decisions are just
Heaven has broken magic spell
I bid my dream last farewell

Echoes of battles, naked woods
The snow covers their roots
Arising spirits of warlords
You're above them, you're god
I'm below, I,m just a prey
Your glance will kill me but I'll stay
Fresh wounds are made by your sharp kiss
The only pay that I will miss
With icy tears now I cry
I'll do one thing before I die
My lips will touch your frozen hands
My goddess of frostbitten lands

Hear my whispered thanks for your warmth and caress
See that light in my eyes that was lit by your touch
You're angel, my goddess, my heavenly bless
But thorns of your feelings do wound me so much
Still I've nothing to do just to suffer but live
I'm so tired to love and to hate any more
All that I have to do - bear my pain and believe
Go on tearing my heart like you did it before

I don't sleep but I dream
I'm calm but I scream
I can do but don't try
I'm dead but alive
You're burning but cold
You're human but god
You're my bright shining star
You're close but so far

Darkness is swallowing pieces of mind
Grim buildings are chewing their victims to bones
Being cut with the blades by the spirits of night
I bleed but I have something bright to hold on
I'm poisoned by you, by your scent and your breath
By fire of your hands and sweet site on cold face
I don't know which is better - crooked life or straight death
Tender falling to nothing in your hot embrace
Venom has infected my blood and my soul
I don't know what I feel - just pleasure or pain
Colliding with abyss I hear your call
The only salvation's to open my veins

I'm lost just like you, you're lost just like me
Two pieces of ice sworn themselves to stay free
I touch you - you shiver, you touch me - I melt
Looks like we are charmed with the unknown spell
Put knife in your heart to break cold shield
Release all your fire you're afraid to reveal
Embraces of evil - caress of your soul
Short touch of your lips was so lonely and cold
So burn me, destroy me, or hate me in vain
I know, you just want to release from your pain
I don't wanna see, I don't wanna hear
I'm feeling your scent, I know you are near

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