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No Spending Time In Vain!

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    ["Не тратьте время зря!", английская версия.]

Gregory Week

(Grigory Nedelko)

No Spending Time In Vain!

   All my friends are important persons.
   Graduated from HHUSPW Paul has become a book turnoverer. He sits at dusty workplace in empty cabinet to get freshprinted books that are being sent by a pneumonic mail, turn them down with cover and send back. "HHUSPW", by the way, means "High Humanitarian University of Science-Paper Way".
   Helen has walked even further. She, who is most beautiful girl I know, labors at bread-bakery, firing and extinguishing again an oven.
   Albert Albertini, or "You-Can-Call-Me" Al, posts up flyers at street advertising boards. But only those ones which are already there.
   Job (John Basil), studied with me at Basin-Jumping-Flying Academy, has got a job of parallel translator. Here is a streaming of his workday. First one, robotized translator replaces important spokesperson's French words with Ancient Greek, and Job does the same thing but in the opposite way.
   Lucy is a member of a second staff of sellers. You know but there was never a first staff; and the second is always in the reserve.
   And so on.
   Some of guys run empty locomotives to cities.
   Some participate in displays of gone out of fashion and manufacturing clothes.
   Some construct and/or build at plants new models of paper planes.
   And so on. And so on.
   Girls cook, wash, clean - just only at apartments, at their apartments and, if it's possible, when no one's watching (for money though). Or take part in paid marches of march enemies and of enemy enemies too. Or take up posts of winter divers in ice holes. Or disturbers of writers - break our brother's mind and rhythm.
   And so on. And so on. And so on. All my friends - are respectable and need persons.
   I also soot Earth not for nothing: write actively, and something like the art prose. Well yes, nobody needs it now but where does that go? Finally they pay me, much moreover.
   United multibillion society lives amazingly happy and free in our XXXI century. Gardens of Eden flower on the planet, space ships range adjacent and far galaxies, ETs have been included in our ranks long ago. However man's labor, no, hasn't been killed by itself - just look at these various, helpful professions the world is overfilled with!

(2015, April)


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