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A stranger on the road

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Конкурс фантрассказа Блэк-Джек-21
Поиск утраченного смысла. Загадка Лукоморья
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  Maura was upset. No, not just upset, she was beside herself with rage and annoyance. The party she'd dreamed of so much had turned into a nightmare. John, who brought her there, was not just disgusting, his behavior was humiliating, insulting ... She could not find the right words.
  She didn't wait for John to pay attention to her and just left the party. She ran away. It's good that she guessed to come by her car. Now she was racing along the empty highway and dreamed of getting home as soon as possible, going to bed and forgetting about everything.
  Maura sobbed, sorry for herself. Suddenly she noticed a dark figure on the side of the road and slowed down. It was a guy dressed in an elegant dark cloak, black-haired and tanned. He looked like some Hollywood actor, and Maura stopped the car.
  "Will you give me a lift to town?" asked the stranger and smiled dazzlingly. His smile was simply amazing.
  Of course, Maura did not hesitate and opened the car door. She never gave a ride to strangers, but this time it did not even occur to her to refuse.
  The stranger sat in the back seat, elegantly straightened his cloak. He asked what time it was, where was she going so late. It was still far from the city, Maura willingly answered, the guy turned out to be an excellent conversationalist, he joked a lot, told interesting stories.
  Maura laughed; she had completely forgotten about the spoiled evening. But suddenly she looked in the rear-view mirror and it seemed to her that the handsome eyes of the guy flashed red. She blinked and looked again - no, no red lights, she was mistaken. But she didn't want to laugh any more.
  A chill ran down her spine: she did not know this man at all, she let him into her car for some unknown reason. They were alone on the highway, it was already evening, if something happened ...
  The stranger laughed and it suddenly seemed to her that he had fangs. Maura immediately remembered all the horror stories about vampires and gripped the steering wheel tighter. She had to pretend that everything was in order, and get to the city ...
  Maura's heart was beating so hard that she was afraid the stranger would hear it. But it seemed that he did not notice anything, he was busy in his place, shifting some things.
  Suddenly, some lights appeared ahead.
  "Stop for a minute, " asked the stranger.
  Maura's hands almost did not obey her from fear, she slowed down with difficulty.
  As soon as the stranger stepped on the ground, the car jerked forward. He tried to grab the door, but failed and fell. Maura rushed forward, not looking back, the stranger ran after the car, shouted, but he could not catch up with it and soon was left far behind. Maura took a deep breath, everything was over, a terrible stranger remained somewhere in the dark on the road, she was saved.
  But soon Maura's conscience began to torment. Red lights in her eyes, fangs, all this must have been her inventions. She shouldn"t have watched so many horror films, now a human being looked like a vampire or zombie to her. Maura was ashamed. She left a lonely man on the road and even took his things away, she ought to come back and apologize.
  With a sigh, Maura stopped the car, climbed into the back seat, and finally examined the thing, left there by the stranger. It was a large knife covered in dried blood.
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