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31. En. When you cannot see clearly, put the sign of the Cross!

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31. When you cannot see clearly, put the sign of the Cross!

(Translation from Russian. Translation is not professional!!!

   They often say: "When you cannot see clearly, put the sign of the Cross!" Hence these very words contain the Great Wisdom! Which is not noticed because of spiritual laziness or drowsiness. That is why this phrase is used in ironical way only, whereas, in fact, there is not even the hint of irony in it indeed! Wherefore it is the Best and Greatest Advice to a man's spirit, what he needs to do, since he has lost the right way! The precise answer is: to put the sign of the Cross!
   In the earthly sense this, of course, sounds irrational; however, in spiritual understanding there is nothing more clear and natural!
   Inasmuch as all of this has to do with only wrong, in other words, incorrect understanding of the very words in this phrase, their earthing! Wherefore, the true meaning of the phrase calls a person to turn his spirit to the Truth, if he all of a sudden began perceiving the World surrounding him, i.e. the Creation, in a wrong way, in other words, wrong things started to appear before him! As a matter of fact, it is obvious that the word "to appear" in this context means that a person has stopped seeing clearly, in other words, he does not see clearlyany more what the world surrounding him and everything happening in it are indeed! And in order to begin seeing the truth, the real things again, meaning to see clearly, a person has to put the sign of the Cross and keep putting the sign of the Cross until his spirit can see completely, until his spirit is enlightened and transformed! This is the only thing that can help him! To put the sign of the Cross not just once, but to keep putting the sign of the Cross constantly, always, meaning to say to enlighten and to keep enlightening oneself always with the Truth, for the Cross is the Truth as Its Alive Visible Form!
   To be baptized means to enlighten oneself with the Truth, which is the Cross! And do not beat the bows and god signs! Keep putting the sign of the Cross constantly! That is, live the Truth constantly! And not from time to time! And it is in enlightening yourself with the Truth lies a pledge that the things won't be appearing to you, for the Truth has shown you everything in the real light! It has enlightened you! That is, it pierced you with Its Light, expelling the darkness from you, which obscured your eyes! It has made you lighter on the inside! It has showed you everything as it really is! And not how it seemed to you! The Truth does exist! It does not have double interpretations! It illuminates everything unequivocally and clearly! It is the only thing that is the pledge of a clear vision of the spirit! Nothing else! He who does not have Truth cannot see clearly! Only the Truth grants a clear, sheer vision! Only It excludes illusions and mirages! In Its Light, the "as if appearing" is impossible, for It lights everything! That is why, when something appears, that is, when something is perceived falsely, we must put the sign of the Cross, that is, we need to enlighten ourselves with Truth! The Truth, which comes from Above! --
   In the Grail Message "In the Light of Truth" published in 1931, God for the last time gave to all mankind the Eternal TRUTH, which a person can enlighten himself with if he wants to!
   A man will not automatically become enlightened only from the presence of the Truth Itself! No! It all depends on the person himself! Because only he himself must enlighten himself with the help of Truth! It is only he himself who must absorb It in himself, if he wants to be enlightened by It, that is, to put the sign of the Cross or be baptized, so the wrong things would never again to "appear"! For "to appear" means to live "in illusion", that is, to lead an imaginary life, therefore, to be dead for the true life, that is, for the Truth! And this is to be a spiritually dead man, for all living in the spirit lead life according to the Truth! --
   "Until the thunder breaks out, the man would not put the sign of the Cross!" -- another evidence that a man has stopped loving the Truth! He does not care about It at all! For he begins to think about It, that is, to put the sign of the Cross, only when the thunder strikes, that is, until he is overtaken by any blow of Destiny, which already forces him to turn his view on the Truth, which had little or no interest to him at all before! How could everything become so dead! It's a horror that a person is indifferent to the Truth! That he does not care about It as long as "everything goes right" with him! Until he was hit by a thunderclap! Which was the only one still capable to shake the spirit of a person from sleep! This is sad! For all this speaks of today's awfully deplorable spiritual falling of people, when they are indifferent to the Truth, when they do not yearn for It! When they do not strive for It with all their heart, with all their might! Because what was to recognize It, to be ignited with It, and come to life with It -- the spirit of a man - has become lazy, withered, fell asleep, or even died!
   Therefore, if your spirit has not yet fallen asleep forever - keep putting the sign of the Cross continuously! The Truth itself has been given to us by God for this! The Truth is capable of giving everything! But from this you can only take what and how much you are able to absorb! In accordance with the maturity of your spirit! The Truth illuminates everything! But you will only be able to see all of this, what It enlightens for you right now, when your spirit is revealed to the Truth and in this! --
   Everything that corresponds to the Truth in the person's view means that he really "sees", everything else should be classified as "appearing"! And as long as there are things that "appear" in his life - he must continue to put the sign of the Cross! Wherefore, this is the best advice and the only salvation from spiritual death!
   And this also shows why it is said that only those who have been baptized can be saved and enter the Kingdom of God! And what it does really mean to put the sign of the Cross and be Baptized! --

* * *

   *) "In the Light of Truth" Grail Message by Abdrushin, 1931. Web: www.abdrushin.us

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