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The Girl From Nagasaki

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    THE GIRL FROM NAGASAKI A Russian Shanty Girl from Nagasaki Sung by Gemma Khalid https://youtu.be/DjTv2cv_yto The girl from Nagasaki . Sung by actress Paulene Agureyeva https://youtu.be/qApesSgbPCI I love both covers, both by Gemma Khalid (Джемма Халид) and Pauline Agureyeva (Полина Агуреева). The first is a singer, Agureyeva is an actress, she plays a part of Girl from Nagasaki. Elle est si sexy, after all. Both covers are perfect, the best ones. A propos, M-lle Agoureyeff performs lyrics that follows the poem by Vera Inber very much!

uo-i2aasFFs (375x400, 47Kb)
Вера Инбер

A famous Russian Shanty
He`s a shipmaster,
And his home`s Marseilles,
He likes the quarrels, noise, fist-fighting,
He smokes his pipe and drinks the hardest ale,
He loves the girl from Nagasaki.

She`s got the signs of leper on her hands,
She`s got tattoos of someone darling,
And in the evenings in the port again
There dances jigs the girl from Nagasaki.

She`s got such pretty little boobs,
Her lips are poppy-red and make men drunk as saké ['sɑːkɪ],
The captain`s vessel covers her sea routes,
He loves the girl from Nagasaki.

The corals which are red as blood
And a silk blouse which is khaki-coloured,
As well as true and ardent love
He carries to the girl from Nagasaki.

One day the master came back from the seas,
He was informed that once, right in the tavern,
A man who dropped some stuff, went on a trip
And stabbed the girl from Nagasaki.

No matter where he sets sails,
In heavy seas or where sea is tranquil,
The captain dreams of her black eyes,
The burning eyes of Girl from Nagasaki.

x0qbhQo0HdE (189x300, 23Kb)
Paul Marcel (Павел Александрович Русаков)

Despite the fact that the song became the folkloric one long ago, it has got the certain authors.
The lyrics were written by a Soviet classical poetess Vera Inber, music was composed by Pavel Rusakov.
Vera Mikhalovna Inber (aka Vera Imbert, Vera Litti) (1890-1972) was first cousin of Lev Trotsky. She
was a merited poetess in the USSR. She wrote The Girl from Nagasaki in Odessa in the 20s of the
20th c. Her husband called her `a tiny lady with lips which smell raspberries, sin and Paris`. Pavel
Alexandrovich Rusakov (1908-1973) was born as Paul Marcel in France, but later his family of
the former Jewish immigrants had to move to the USSR due to an active participation of his parents
in the pro-Russian Revolutionary propaganda.
As a folkloric text `The Girl from Nagasaki` has got a helluva variants, but the original text
by Vera Inber was published in 1922 in a collection of her poems The Perishable words` ("Бренные
слова"). It reads as follows,

Вера Инбер
Он юнга, его родина - Марсель,
Он обожает пьянку, шум и драки.
Он курит трубку, пьёт английский эль,
И любит девушку из Нагасаки.

У ней прекрасные зелёные глаза
И шёлковая юбка цвета хаки.
И огненную джигу в кабаках
Танцует девушка из Нагасаки.

Янтарь, кораллы, алые как кровь,
И шёлковую юбку цвета хаки,
И пылкую горячую любовь
Везёт он девушке из Нагасаки.

Приехав, он спешит к ней, чуть дыша,
И узнаёт, что господин во фраке,
Сегодня ночью, накурившись гашиша,
Зарезал девушку из Нагасаки.

There`s no captain (ship master) but there`s a Cabin boy (Junge in Russian), she`s got the green eyes,
burning (fiery) are only her jigs in the port taverns, and beside corals, boy also carries a piece
of amber for his beloved and a silk khaki skirt instead of a blouse of the same tint. His luv, as it
is being stressed in the text, is hot and passionate. By the way, the girl from Nagasaki was
stabbed by a gentleman who wore tuxedo and smoke hashish. Because of the rhyme requirements!
The very last stanza you can see in the translation is absent in the poem by Vera Inber. That
sentimental stanza was added later by folks in accordance of the best traditions of the Russian Gipsy
cruel romances (love songs). And, of course, the girl from the poem unlike the girl from the lyrics
has got no tattoo on her body, and she`s is healthy, not a sign of leper. Yet the poem hasn`t been known
so far. The folkloric lyrics, however, have been familiar with everyone in Russia since young years.
Oh, those literary originals and their folkloric shadows!

887119 (479x490, 102Kb)
Раиса Михайловна Раисова (Рохл Мойшевна Магазинер)

There`s also a version based on some memoirs dated back to 1918 that `The girl from Nagasaki` as a folkloric
text had existed before the literary text by Inber and music by Marcel. The song allegedly was
being performed before the Revolution by a superstar of the Russian Gipsy music and musical theatre
Raissa Mikhailovna Raissova (born Rochl Moishevna Magaziner) (1869-1921).

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