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Deaf man

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Загадка Лукоморья
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  "DEAF" man
  Why do people not hear each other? Especially сlosest... I think about it more and more. I don" t know. Maybe their love too strong or too small for it...However be deaf is easy, so you spare your heart and soul from any senses. No feeling - no prоblems. Do you want live like this? I don" t . I am living! My soul is crying when I meet deaf man. I try to help him again, I want to hear me...but I feel only quiet and cold. It is a big wall, which is growing more and more. If I broke this wall I would be happy.
  I am sure that our souls have great warm and light! Many rays are given with our hearts. We must only try to feel them. When we are passing even small smile to each other we become happy. I believe every man can feel.
  Do not believe in it? Try "to hear" ...and one day your doubt will disappear!
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