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I am waiting for you

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Загадка Лукоморья
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  I am waiting for you...
   I am waiting for you...Why? What for? I do not see anybody, do not hear...I do not know how long it will continue. I want to be free. Give me air and light! Let me go, let me live would I like without you, your dreams and wishes. My soul is too "hard work", it is tred. I want to give up all my thougts about you.
   I tried to understand and help you because I loved you. You became closest for me. And I? Who am I for you ? I do not know so far.
  Every time when you come into my life you hurt my heart. If I do not meet you I forget you. But it is fake. Really I remember you always, today and tomorrow, even when I am writing these words. Yоu are my pain, but you are my cure at the same.
   I want to fly far away from here. But I could not run from himself. It is a truth, cruel truth. Tomorrow I will call you for hearing your voice again.
  Why do I "kill" himself? May be you are my destiny.? Sometimes seems to me our lines of life are so closest that I can "hear" you anywhere. I remember when you once took my hands and kissed it warmly. It was so small and so much. You told me nothing, not one word. But I saw your eyes. They were so deep as an ocean, so calm and tender. I was happy at that time as never before. I am keeping inside that moment. And every time when I remember it I smile.
  I am waiting for you...Why? Perhaps you are really unique man who I take just the way he is. I want nothing from you. You are and that is enough. It is really important for me otherwise I would not write all these words.
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