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Civilian Job (expanded random events table)

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    Classic BattleTech Role-Playing Game (a.k.a. MechWarrior 3rd Edition) house rules: расширенная версия таблицы эвентов для лайфпаса Civilian Job (see CBT: RPG, p.47-48). НОТА БЕНИ. Писано на английском, который для меня не родной. Так что советы по вопросу языкознания приветствуются.


   Your job in the private sector may be dull, but countless trillions of civilians do this to make a living and keep the war machines of the Inner Sphere going. This path also represents non-combat civil-service jobs.
   Because this path covers so many possible careers, the player chooses his or her character's job and relevant subskills, with the gamemaster's approval.
   Time: 4 years
   Skills: Career/Any Relevant +3, add +2 to any two other skills related to this career, +1 to any other skill. Choose one: Academic/Any Relevant +2, Administration +2, Bureaucracy/Affiliation +2, Computers +1, Leadership +1, or Protocol/Affiliation +2
   Next Path: Career Bureaucrat (4), Civilian Job (4), Corporate Mover (4), Ne'er-Do-Well (4), Travel (4)
   Expanded Civilian Job Events


   You really shouldn't have done that! Convicted of a crime (player decides whether the character is actually guilty) and condemned to penal servitude [INT -1, WIL -1, SOC -1, Stigma/Felon, Career/Mining +3, choose one: Brawling +3, Computer/Hacking +3, Escape Artist +3, Pick Pocket +3, Scrounge +3, Security Systems/Any +3, Stealth +3, Streetwise/Any +3. Add 3d6 years to the time this path takes; must take Ne'er-Do-Well (4) or Tour of Duty: Piracy (4) Path next]


   A freak accident on the job leaves you disabled but compensated through a civil suit [Disabled (3), Wealth (4)]


   You hate your job and daydream the hours away [-1 to all skills gained from this path]


   You're fired! [Poverty; must take Ne'er-Do-Well (4) Path next]


   Your chief hates you [Enemy (2)]


   You find oneself amid the domesticities of life [WIL -1, Dependent, Cooking +4]


   There's a war on, and you're drafted [Character's next path is Military Enlistment (3); Clan characters can join a Freeborn Sibko (2), but do not apply the Attribute threshold modifiers listed for that path, and assume the training takes four years]


   Involved in harassment scandal [Enemy, Stigma, Seduction +4]


   There is a time for hobbies [Interest/Any +5]


   Standard worker drone [+2 to any two skills related to your career]


   You get a raise [choose Wealth or Property]


   Good workman [Career +4, add +3 to any two skills related to this career, +2 to any other skill]


   Who would have thought? You're a natural. [Natural Aptitude/Any skill related to your career, +5 to this skill]


   Your dedication gets you noticed by government officials, who approve you for advanced training [Wealth, Bureaucracy/Affiliation +2, Protocol/Affiliation +2; may choose any Higher Education Path next]


   Hard work pays off with a raise and a promotion [Enemy, Good Reputation, Wealth (2), Administration +3, Leadership +3]


   Start your own business [Wealth (2) and choose Owns Vehicle or Property (5). Whatever the case, this progress attract an Enemy (2)]


   You become a primary interstellar representative for your company [Contact (2), Enemy (2), Wealth (4), Well-Connected (2), Bureaucracy/Any +3. Language/Any +3, Negotiation +3, Protocol/Any +3, Zero-G Operations +1]


   Choose one event or roll twice and apply both results


   Choose two events or roll three times and apply each results

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Популярное на LitNet.com Т.Мух "Падальщик 2. Сотрясая Основы"(Боевая фантастика) А.Куст "Поварёшка"(Боевик) А.Завгородняя "Невеста Напрокат"(Любовное фэнтези) А.Гришин "Вторая дорога. Путь офицера."(Боевое фэнтези) А.Гришин "Вторая дорога. Решение офицера."(Боевое фэнтези) А.Ефремов "История Бессмертного-4. Конец эпохи"(ЛитРПГ) В.Лесневская "Жена Командира. Непокорная"(Постапокалипсис) А.Вильде "Джеральдина"(Киберпанк) К.Федоров "Имперское наследство. Вольный стрелок"(Боевая фантастика) А.Найт "Наперегонки со смертью"(Боевик)
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