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Death Commandos Covert Tour (4)

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    Classic BattleTech Role-Playing Game (a.k.a. MechWarrior 3rd Edition): отредактированная версия этого лайфпаса. НОТА БЕНИ. Писано на английском, который для меня не родной. Так что советы по вопросу языкознания приветствуются


   Capellan Confederation affiliation only. Mech Warrior-trained personnel only. No Slow Learners. Entry by Events rolls only.
   The Death Commandos of the Capellan Confederation are among the most feared combat units in the universe. Only a fraction of a percentile of the CCAF's elite are admitted into this prestigious and grueling training program. Three years of intense instruction and combat duty with the best gear the Confederation has to offer molds graduates into killing machines.
   Time: 3 years
   Attribute Minimums: STR 5, BOD 6, DEX 5, RFL 6, INT 5, WIL 7, EDG 4,
   Attribute Thresholds: BOD +1, DEX +1, RFL +1, WIL +2,
   Traits: Commission (Rank 3/Sao-shao, ignore if already a higher-ranked officer), Stigma/Death Commando (2), In for Life. A Death Commando has the equivalent of Vehicle (8), Well-Equipped (4) and Custom Vehicle (3) Traits as long as they are in active service. The Well-Equipped and Vehicle Traits are lost if the character leaves "active" duty. In addition, the character gains Quirk/Loyal to the Chancellor (2) and Quirk/Loyal to the Commandos which may replace other Loyalty Quirks of equal value already possessed (if any)
   Skills: Intimidation +3, Martial Arts/Gung Fu/Wing Chun +6, Perception +2, Strategy +1, Tactics/Any +3; also choose to acquire or improve any one military skill at +6, two military skills +4 and four military skill +2, all chosen from the following fields: Basic Training, MechWarrior, Officer Training, Scout, Special Forces
   Next Path: Death Commandos Covert Tour (4) only
   Path Restriction: Character is in the Commandos until done with character generation, at which time he/she may choose to be an active or "inactive" member-complete escape is impossible
   Death Commandos Covert Tour Events


   You must have been very good in a previous life, but your luck may be all used up [choose Unlucky (4) or EDG -4]


   Taken alive! Will you keep your mouth shut no matter the cost, or will you break? [No skill improvement this pass, and choose one of the following: if you don't talk, BOD -2, WIL +1, EDG -2, Brave, Introvert, Madness/Any (2), Pain Resistance, Unhealthy and add 3d6 years to the time this path takes; if you break down and talk, WIL -2, CHA -2, SOC -2, Bloodmark/Death Commandos (3), subtract d3 years from the time this path takes and must immediately entry to gameplay]


   Maybe it is getting to you a little [Addiction (2), Introvert]


   A nuisance, really. Nothing more [EDG -1, Quirk/Overconfident; choose one: Disability, Enemy, Lost Limb]


   Paranoia or premonition? Been at this too long? [Enemy, Quirk/Paranoid]


   They were waiting for you, but you managed to escape [+3 to any two combat skills, but choose two: BOD -1, Addiction (2), Disability (2), Enemy (2), Madness (2)]


   Just following orders. But... they're kids! [If you follow the orders, take Quirk/Merciless, Stigma/Cruelty (even to Death Commando), Natural Aptitude/Intimidation and +5 to this skill. In you to disregard orders, take two of following: Bad Reputation, Dark Secret, Dependent (may take twice), Enemy, Madness/Any, Quirk/Merciful, Stigma/Weakling]


   Friends come and go, but enemies accumulate. [Enemy (1), Enemy (1), Enemy (1)]


   Convalescent leave forces you to miss several choice assignments [-2 to any three combat skills, BOD +1]


   All in all, just another few years of "office" work. [Bureaucracy/Any appropriate +2, any two non-combat skills +2, Enemy]


   Nothing like a well-rounded war! [+2 to four combat skills, Quirk/Aggressive]


   Out of the `Mech and into the action. [Apply +2 to all Basic Training skills, choose one positive and one negative trait: Allergy, Animal Antipathy, Disability, Enemy, Good Hearing, Good Vision, Night Vision, Poison Resistance]


   Always open for something different [Choose a field: Anthropologist, Archaeologist, Cartographer, Detective, Merchant, Politician]


   Sniper duty is your calling, and you enjoy your work. Your victims' friends, on the other hand... [Rifles +5, Stealth +3, Patience, Enemy, Enemy (2)]


   Front-line heroics earn you some powerful enemies [apply +2 to all skills in MechWarrior Field, Good Reputation, Promotion, Enemy (2), Enemy (3)]


   Paranoia or premonition? Either way, it paid off [EDG +1, Sixth Sense, Promotion, Strategy +2 and +4 to any other four skills]


   Chancellor himself rewarded you for conspicuous heroism [+6 to three military field skills, +2 to any other skill and choose two: Combat Sense, Good Reputation (3), Pain Resistance, Promotion (3), Sixth Sense, Toughness]


   Choose one event or roll twice and apply both results


   Choose two events or roll three times and apply each results

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