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Tour of Duty: Former Free Worlds League

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    Classic BattleTech Role-Playing Game (a.k.a. MechWarrior 3rd Edition) house rules. НОТА БЕНИ. Писано на английском, который для меня не родной. Так что советы по вопросу языкознания приветствуются


   Former Free Worlds League and Mercenary affiliations. Characters from unaligned and other former League worlds and Mercenary characters must subtract -1 out of all event rolls. Characters from Marik-Stewart Commonwealth, Oriente Protectorate, Regulan Fiefs and Duchy of Andurien receive bonus +1 to event roll on this path
   Time: 2 years
   Traits: Vehicle (2) for MechWarrior, Aerospace Pilot, Aircraft Pilot, Cavalry and Armored Infantry-trained characters. All others take Well-Equipped
   Skills: Add +2 to any three field skills and +2 to two other skills
   Previous Path: Adolescent Warfare (2), any Military Academy (3) or Military Enlistment (3), University (3, Aerospace School only), Covert Ops (4), Solaris VII Games (4)
   Next Path: Police Academy (3), Covert Ops (4, Military Scientist, Scout or Special Forces-trained characters only), Ne'er-Do-Well (4), Tour of Duty: Inner Sphere (4), Tour of Duty: Former Free Worlds League (4)
   Tour of Duty: Former Free Worlds League Events


   You woke in a field hospital. Who are you, how did you get here, and who taught you the skills you have demonstrated? [Amnesia, Madness/Any (2). Gamemaster should devise a "true" history for the character]


   Jinxed! Judging by your recent luck, you must have been really bad in a past life [Roll on the Events Table twice, using only d10, and apply both results. On a roll of 1 choose any event below 10. On a roll of 3, nothing is gained]


   You'll never make that mistake twice... or will you? [INT -1, Slow Learner, +4 to any skill]


   To protect others, you take the fall for something you didn't do, but one day... [Bad Reputation, Brave, Contact, Enemy (2), Quirk/Vow of Vengeance, +3 to any two combat skills]


   "Umm... did you eat THAT?" [BOD -1, Allergy, Poison Resistance, Cooking +2]


   "It was a joke... or not?" [Bloodmark, Enemy (2), +2 to Bureaucracy, Protocol of Streetwise]


   "Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all". What do they know? [Quirk/Lost Love, Enemy]


   Politics and warfare make for strange bedfellows [Contact, Enemy (2), Negotiation/Any +1, Protocol/Any appropriate +1]


   "Anger can be a useful motivator" [Poverty, Scrounge +4]


   The new posting gives you the opportunity "get back to nature" and study the local wildlife [Survival/Any +3, choose Animal Empathy, Vehicle -1 and Animal Handling +3 or Animal Antipathy and Rifles +3]


   Your mission was a success, despite the "support" of the politicos who sent you [+3 to one military field skill and +2 to two others, Quirk/Hate Politicians and choose one: BOD -1, Disability (2), Enemy (2)]


   Not a bad tour, all-in-all [+2 to two military field skills, Promotion]


   Hello, salvage! ...and good bye, its former owner [Enemy. Choose Wealth (3) and Well-Equipped or Owns Vehicle]


   When it comes to politics in the sundered Free Worlds League, you are a master at playing both sides off the middle [Contact (2), Enemy (2), Gregarious, Stigma/Dodger, Acting +3, Fast Talk +3, Negotiation/Political +3]


   Who needs a Canopian pleasure circus when you're around to liven things up? [Contact, Contact (2), Gregarious, +3 to any three skills earned from this path. Ignore standard event roll modifier if this path is repeated; another repeat, however, incurs the standard modifier unless this event is rolled again]


   Mentioned in dispatches. Your performance is exemplary and draws the attention of a patron who expedites your career [Patron, +4 to any two skills. Character may take the Officer Candidate School or Special Training path next]


   Your success in the battlefield brings you great glory and prestige, but also generates enemies among your colleagues and those you defeated [Combat Sense, Enemy, Enemy, Enemy (2), Good Reputation (2), Promotion (2), +4 to three military field skills]


   Choose one event or roll twice and apply both results


   Choose two events or roll three times and apply each results

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Популярное на LitNet.com Л.Джейн "Чертоги разума. Книга 1. Изгнанник "(Антиутопия) Д.Маш "Золушка и демон"(Любовное фэнтези) Д.Дэвлин, "Особенности содержания небожителей"(Уся (Wuxia)) Д.Сугралинов "Дисгардиум 2. Инициал Спящих"(ЛитРПГ) А.Чарская "В плену его демонов"(Боевое фэнтези) М.Атаманов "Искажающие Реальность-7"(ЛитРПГ) А.Завадская "Архи-Vr"(Киберпанк) Н.Любимка "Черный феникс. Академия Хилт"(Любовное фэнтези) К.Федоров "Имперское наследство. Забытый осколок"(Боевая фантастика) В.Свободина "Эра андроидов"(Научная фантастика)
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