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Tour of Duty: Jihad

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    Classic BattleTech Role-Playing Game (a.k.a. MechWarrior 3rd Edition) house rules. НОТА БЕНИ. Писано на английском, который для меня не родной. Так что советы по вопросу языкознания приветствуются.


   Unless otherwise stated, this path follows the rules for Stage 4: Real Life in the Character Creation section of CBT: RPG (p. 47). Use the standard rules for determining character events (see p. 24, CBT: RPG), with one exception. Instead of rolling 2d6, players roll 2d10 to select an event. After rolling dice for an event, the player can increase or decrease the dice roll results by 1 or 2, or reroll using the single expenditure of Edge (see Edge and Events, p. 25, CBT: RPG).


   Available to all Inner Sphere (including so-called Inner Sphere Clans) and Nearby Periphery affiliations. Characters from ComStar, Clans and Word of Blake must subtract -1 out of all event rolls
   Time: 2 years
   Traits: Vehicle (2) for MechWarrior, Aerospace Pilot, Aircraft Pilot, Cavalry and Armored Infantry-trained characters. All others take Well-Equipped
   Skills: Add +3 to any three military field skills and +1 to one other skill, include new skill, if desired
   Previous Path: any Sibko (2), Adolescent Warfare (2), Mercenary Brat (2), Jade Falcon Training Cluster (3), any Military Academy (3) or Military Enlistment (3), Ne'er-Do-Well (4), Tour of Duty: Clan or Inner Sphere (4, including faction-specific versions), Covert Ops (4, including faction-specific versions), Guerilla/Fanatic Operative (4)
   Next Path: Tour of Duty: Clan or Inner Sphere (4, including faction-specific versions), Covert Ops (4, including faction-specific versions), Ne'er-Do-Well (4), Travel (4), Guerilla/Fanatic Operative (4)
   Tour of Duty: Jihad Events


   The sole survivor. Nuclear strike wiped out your unit-mates and your courage. [Combat Paralysis, Disability (2), Madness/Any (2), may not take any further military paths]


   Soldier of misfortune, a walking catastrophe [Stigma/Hoodoo, Unlucky (2)]


   "It was necessary". The "friendly nuke" obliterated enemy lines... but you was too close [choose Poor Hearing (3) and Unhealthy or Poor Vision (3) i.e. complete blindness]


   Captured but escaped from Blakist re-educational camp [STR -1, BOD -1, EDG -1, SOC -1, Escape Artist +3, Interest/Jerome Blake Writings +4, Survival/Any +3, Enemy/Word of Blake. ComStar characters receive additional WIL -2. Word of Blake characters receive Demotion (2) and Stigma/Disloyal. All characters add 1d6 years to the time spends on this path]


   "I'm awfully sorry, you people, but orders are orders..." On this war is no Ares Conventions. [+2 to any two military field skills, choose Bad Reputation (2) or Dark Secret (2) and one of listed: Bloodmark, Enemy, Madness/Any, Quirk/Hatred, Quirk/Guilt, Stigma]


   If a war is hell, the Manei Domini is devils. [+3 to any two combat skills, Madness/Flashbacks and choose Combat Paralysis or Special Enemy/Manei Domini (2)]


   Even as time of total war, there are times for personal happiness. [Seduction +3, Dependent, Quirk/Attachment to Family]


   You still bear the scars from all that heavy fighting. [+2 to four combat skills, Poorly Equipped, choose one: BOD -2, Addiction (2), Disability (2), Madness/Any (2), Quirk (2) or Unattractive]


   Blood, sweat and tears. You didn't think you would survive that battle. [+3 to any three combat skills and choose Combat Paralysis or two of listed: Addiction (2), Disability (2), Enemy (2), Madness/Any (2), Quirk (2)]


   "It is time to decide on the order of priorities". A local bigwig makes an offer you can't refuse. [If you choose accept this offer, take In For Life, Patron (2) and Protocol/Appropriate +4. Otherwise, you receive a Enemy (3), Bloodmark, WIL +1 and +3 to any two Negotiation subskills]


   No plan survives contact with the enemy, but survive soldiers may become a heroes. [+2 to any three military field skills, Quirk/Distrust to Staff Officers, choose Good Reputation or Promotion]


   "One thing - whose side are we on this week?" You are involved in a military campaign... but for what? [+3 to one military field skill and +3 to any other, Quirk/Hate Politicians]


   Garrison duty leaves you with plenty of chances to cruise the local scene. [Fast Talk +3, Seduction +3, Streetwise +3, Contact, Enemy]


   "We were soldiers... on wrong side" [+2 to all skills in one Military Field, +3 to one other skill, Enemy, Stigma]


   You mourn the loss of your associates, but you know the best way to honor their sacrifice is to succeed. [+3 to any three combat skills, +1 to any other skill, Good Reputation, Quirk/Honor the Fallen, choose one: Custom Vehicle (2), Natural Aptitude/Any Combat Skill, Patron, Promotion (2), Vehicle (2), Wealth (2), Well Equipped]


   You were simply right man at the right place, but they glorify you as a hero. [+3 to any four combat or +4 to any three non-combat skills; Good Reputation (2), Commission (if the character is already an officer, or if you want to decline the commission, take Promotion (3) instead), Quirk/Any]


   The anxious time make prospects. [+6 to any skill, Quirk/Any and choose three: SOC +2, Owns Vehicle, Patron (3), Promotion (4, Officers only), Property (5), Title (as SOC Attribute), Land Grant (as Title), Wealth (7), Well-Connected (3), Well-Equipped (4). Of course, all that power attract an Enemy (3)]


   Choose one event or roll twice and apply both results


   Choose two events or roll three times and apply each results

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Популярное на LitNet.com Л.Джейн "Чертоги разума. Книга 1. Изгнанник "(Антиутопия) Д.Маш "Золушка и демон"(Любовное фэнтези) Д.Дэвлин, "Особенности содержания небожителей"(Уся (Wuxia)) Д.Сугралинов "Дисгардиум 2. Инициал Спящих"(ЛитРПГ) А.Чарская "В плену его демонов"(Боевое фэнтези) М.Атаманов "Искажающие Реальность-7"(ЛитРПГ) А.Завадская "Архи-Vr"(Киберпанк) Н.Любимка "Черный феникс. Академия Хилт"(Любовное фэнтези) К.Федоров "Имперское наследство. Забытый осколок"(Боевая фантастика) В.Свободина "Эра андроидов"(Научная фантастика)
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