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Tour of Duty: Republic of the Sphere

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    Classic BattleTech Role-Playing Game (a.k.a. MechWarrior 3rd Edition) house rules. НОТА БЕНИ. Писано на английском, который для меня не родной. Так что советы по вопросу языкознания приветствуются.


   Republic of the Sphere affiliation only
   Time: 3 years
   Traits: Vehicle (2) for MechWarrior, Aerospace Pilot, Aircraft Pilot, Cavalry and Armored Infantry-trained characters. All others take Well-Equipped
   Skills: Add +2 to any two military field skills and +2 to two other skills
   Previous Path: Major RAF Academy (3), Tour of Duty: Clan (4), Tour of Duty: Inner Sphere (4), Tour of Duty: Republic of the Sphere (4), Tour of Duty: Republican Splinter Faction (4)
   Next Path: Civilian Job (4), Tour of Duty: Clan (4), Tour of Duty: Inner Sphere (4), Tour of Duty: Knight of the Sphere (4), Tour of Duty: Republic of the Sphere (4), To Serve and Protect (4)
   Tour of Duty: Republic of the Sphere Events


   Convicted of a crime (player decides whether the character is actually guilty) and drum out of the army. [SOC -2, lose all Commission, Rank, Vehicle and Well-Equipped traits, and choose three: Bad Reputation, Bloodmark, Enemy, Introvert, Quirk and Stigma. Add 1d6 years to time this path takes. May take no legitimate military paths]


   Captured and escaped. [Escape Artist +2, Streetwise +2, add 1d6 years to time this path takes, and take two of the following: STR -2, BOD -2, WIL -2, Combat Paralysis, Madness/Any (4), Unlucky (2)]


   "An offer you can't refuse." Blackmailed into working for the enemy. [Acting +2, Cryptography +2, Contact (2), Dark Secret/Spy (2), In For Life/Foreign Intelligence Agency, choose one: Addiction, Introvert, Madness, Quirk]


   Your grandstanding in the field cost the regiment several good soldiers! You're lucky they didn't shoot you on the spot! [-1 to four Military Field skills, Acting +2, Bad Reputation, Demotion, Enemy]


   "On Capellan borders there's no innocent civilians, all of them are Liaoist insurgents!" [Quirk/Hate Capellan Confederation, Stigma/Cruelty]


   You earn a promotion... for long service [Career/Soldier +5, add 2d6 years to time this path takes and receive one level of Promotion for each two years (round up)]


   "Who is THAT?" Whirlwind romance. [WIL -1, CHA +1, Dependent, Seduction +4]


   "Are you with us or against us?" A splinter faction wants call up you [If you accept this offer, take Contact/Splinter Faction, Enemy/RAF and choose Vehicle, Wealth or Promotion. Otherwise, take Quirk/Loyalty to Republic and Enemy (2) traits]


   Uneventful garrison duty. [+2 to any skill]


   There is a time for hobbies. [Interest/Any +5]


   "Information is ammunition" [choose two: Comms/Conventional +3, Computer/Any +3, Cryptography +3, Interrogation +3, Investigation +3, Streetwise +3]


   After several successful missions, you earn a promotion. [Promotion, +2 to any two skills in one Military Field]


   Assigned to a border world where raids are common. [Language/Nearest State +2, Tactics/Any +2, +2 to any three of the character's Military Field skills]


   Develop contacts with the locals. [Bureaucracy/Republic +2, Protocol/Republic +2, Streetwise +2, Contact, Well-Connected]


   The highlights of your year are the great social functions held in the Prefecture capital. [Acting +3, Fast Talk +3, Negotiation/Political +2, Protocol/Republic +2, Seduction +2, choose one positive and one negative traits: Contact, Enemy, Dependent, Gregarious, Promotion, Stigma]


   Conspicuous gallantry in the field and the death of your superior offer you a chance for a field commission. [+3 to two Military Field skills, Leadership +2, Brave, Commission (Rank 1) and must take Major RAF Academy: Officer Candidate School as next path. If the character is already an officer, or if you want to decline the commission, take Promotion (2) instead]


   Making a number of good friends amongst the influencing people [SOC +1, Contact, Contact (2), Contact (3), Gregarious, Promotion (2), Well-Connected. Add +6 to any two and +4 to four others of you skills. May take Career Politician (4) or Corporate Mover (4) as new path, applying +2 to any resulting Event rolls]


   Choose one event or roll twice and apply both results


   Choose two events or roll three times and apply each results

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Популярное на LitNet.com Л.Джейн "Чертоги разума. Книга 1. Изгнанник "(Антиутопия) Д.Маш "Золушка и демон"(Любовное фэнтези) Д.Дэвлин, "Особенности содержания небожителей"(Уся (Wuxia)) Д.Сугралинов "Дисгардиум 2. Инициал Спящих"(ЛитРПГ) А.Чарская "В плену его демонов"(Боевое фэнтези) М.Атаманов "Искажающие Реальность-7"(ЛитРПГ) А.Завадская "Архи-Vr"(Киберпанк) Н.Любимка "Черный феникс. Академия Хилт"(Любовное фэнтези) К.Федоров "Имперское наследство. Забытый осколок"(Боевая фантастика) В.Свободина "Эра андроидов"(Научная фантастика)
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