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Stronger Almighty God!

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    This work opens a new genre of fiction Hyperfuturism, incredible adventures of a variety of cool and gentle, simple and original characters attract attention, making frantically experience from the first to the last line. Read the book first.

  Super series
  This work opens a new genre of fiction Hyperfuturism, incredible adventures of a variety of cool and gentle, simple and original characters attract attention, making frantically experience from the first to the last line. Read the book first.
  Summary of the first book.
  The prologue shows an episode of a space battle with the participation of the embodied soul of Vladimir Lenin, in one of the created by people of the distant future (In this case, children are entertained in the role of quasi-Dying Creators of the most real universes!) Of the universe. A special form of essence, where the natural laws and physical constants are set arbitrarily, in accordance with the game of the mind and the fantasies of the creators-people. In the first Chapter of a simple GG a boy and a girl, pure and innocent to save the wife of an oligarch. But the "grateful" billionaire wants to, or satisfy his bisexual lust, and sadistic tendencies. A boy and a girl while trying to resist die and rise again in the world are truly a bright and happy future. Science has reached such incredible heights that the possibilities of humanity overshadowed the wildest imagination. Even small children can create their own worlds and real universes with myriads of galaxies and innumerable inhabited worlds. Man himself arbitrarily manages, seemed unshakable processes physics, chemistry, biology. For example, creating stars and planets the most incredible shapes, which can... even sex! Commands people and in particular people of the future Altmer and Alfida removed at the time of death GG Alexander and Julieta, leaving instead the biological flawlessly copied from real corpses layouts. By the way, in fact in the real world, no one(!), does not die, any person can draw from the past, rejuvenate (if he is a man) instead of leaving the dust of a finely crafted copy of soulless, so as not to disrupt the course of history. So, that people and immortal, and virtually Omnipotent, although for moreover, to make their own universes resurrected still need learn, and have people future abilities inborn. Perfect bodies consist of multi-Princeps plasma (can take any shape and size, barking their own energy capable of creating or annihilating entire galaxies, or even superclusters of galaxies). It seems that everything is subject, but... People of the future are bored, they just have nothing more to wish for! Almost all adults have gone to Nirvana: a state of absolute bliss, and the universe only children, boys and girls, and "novovoskreshennye" have not had time to get tired of this super-rich and Hyper-Communist life. Among them are old friends: Lenin and Peter the great. Too frolic as far as the imagination allows, revel in boundless opportunities... and more and more miss...
  Altmer and Elpida also want to go to Nirvana and finally create ten huge, with trillions of galaxies and textilene worlds of universes! Each of the grandiose Creations is original and unique, with arbitrarily established by the Young Creators of the physical laws, which are still able to change by themselves. Startled popadanets Alexander offers them a little adventure: to temporarily abandon their quasi-artistic abilities and be embodied by ordinary people in their own universe, to begin with in the simplest as close to our earthly universe. Altmer and Alfida accept such offer, they are joined by king Peter and leader of the world proletariat Vladimir Lenin. Then the narrative splits into three lines, and the pairs are mixed. Alexander and the girl-goddess Aliviada get into the world of antiquity and become slaves, but then they manage to escape. Read a lot of adventure and magic and intrigue. The young man-God Altmer and Julien are in the pre-industrial era, almost immediately faced with the pirates. Altmer he becomes a pirate, and Julienne a natural beautiful girls way to the Sultan's harem. Lenin and Peter the Great find themselves in a capitalist country, roughly the current level of technological development. They are trying to find themselves, but the restless Vladimir Ilyich dreams of a new revolution, and not only amasses capital, but also prepares a coup, in which he is helped by a young, but very strong, gifted witch! Serious intrigue is twisting. The series, a lot of colorful, and detailed battles of all kinds: space, magic, the level of the middle ages, modernity, at sea, land, underground, the Internet and even in the depths of the stars!
  Until written the first three books, but if you type in Internet Samizdat rybachenko, then make sure, that for me realistically, write faster, than on novel for month. I have more than a hundred fantastic, historical, detective, Patriotic novels. As well as many short stories and novels. Having started writing seriously since 2005, rybachenko Oleg came in 1st place in Samizdat in terms of works of more than eighty-two thousand authors!.
  The text not dispute crude, but there are several professional editors, ready his Polish, or for money, or for co-authorship! Therefore, I ask publishers to answer me whether you liked the idea, and whether you will publish the book after careful literary processing! With great respect to you the most prolific author of samizdat Oleg rybachenko. Just intend in the search engine Samizdat rybachenko and you will understand that it is the author that everyone is waiting for after Belyanin and Lukyanenko scribbled and tired!
  philosophical retreat
  The future of humanity - what awaits us? Will civilization disappear in nuclear wars or in terrible terrorist attacks. The current world is divided, in a state of crisis, dominated by pessimism, billions of people suffer, life is short, full of diseases, fears, problems. It is difficult to find a happy and healthy person, there are terrible disagreements, countries are biting, drug addiction and crime are flourishing. Many will accuse me of an overly optimistic view of the future of the Earth, where to dream of Mega-hypervelic Domination - at least to survive, to raise normal children, not to die and not to go crazy. And the Church may be accused of heresy - a man under the age abilities of the Almighty God and create other universes. As this is incredible! But when everything is within your power and you become the master of things, other dangers and problems lie in wait for you! We will try to penetrate into the mystery of the universe, and understand the psychology of people who have achieved omnipotence. How can know it is the future and expects the human race, if he is wise enough and moral.
  Science will give mankind infinite omnipotence and absolute immortality!
  The development of science, without moral upbringing: like trying to light a cigarette from a nuclear explosion! Of the test circuit, do not allow to evaporate too light thoughts. The burden of responsibility is heavy, but frivolity leads to even more serious consequences!
  Oleg Rybachenko.
  Behind the way is milky,
  The first step is important in life!
  See over the universe again,
  Whirlwinds of furious attacks!
  And the battle is going again,
  Boils hyperplasy fire!
  And Lenin so young,
  Strikes with beams!
  The universe in all ends,
  We are stronger than the God of their fathers,
  Over nature, the power of the Almighty,
  Neoplasmas beat fighters.
  And the battle is going again,
  Boils hyperplasy fire!
  And Lenin so young,
  Strikes with beams!
  With the sky mercy of not wait for,
  Who the stupid people are waiting for the zeros!
  We will resurrect who died with honor,
  The areas of science all the way!
  And the battle is going again,
  Boils hyperplasy fire!
  And Lenin so young,
  Strikes with beams!
  In the past, heat and snow,
  The world was rich and poor.
  And now any Creator,
  Star conveyor is a machine!
  And the battle is going again,
  Boils hyperplasy fire!
  And Lenin so young,
  Strikes with beams!
  And Lenin so young,
  Caused by megabombus punch!
  The last months of his terrible agony Vladimir Ilyich remembered vaguely.
  The consciousness of the destroyed brain was disintegrating, and most of the time the leader of the world proletariat spent in a muddy slumber. And when the intellect occasionally shone, the back and unbearably, slow for thirsty brains pain. A sense of slow dying, his own insignificance and at the same time sinfulness. Ahead, the burning, painful flames of the underworld, or at best, the hopeless, frightening darkness of nothingness, seemed to be burning. But that merciful death finally snatched a suffering soul from the darkest dungeon of the terminally ill body.
  A miracle happened; for the first time in recent months, and maybe even years, the dull, on the contrary tearing apart the whole body pain disappeared, Lenin felt a pleasant lightness and extraordinary clarity of thought. He blinked a couple of times; the almost blind, colorless eyes of the last couple of years, were able to see the bright colors again. Even a little creepy from the unusual light and feeling of vivacity, the desire to run and fight. Although the Chairman of the Council of people's Commissars and did not feel his head, Vladimir Ilyich glanced at himself, squinting down his eyes( or something quite successfully replacing them) and exclaimed in amazement:
  - Arcarese it turns out comrades!
  It is quite natural to expect that the leader of the world proletariat will become a spirit after leaving the shackles of the material. Even the fact that he received a body is not so surprising, there is such a thing in the transmigration of souls in the world religions. But it happened that way... Vladimir Ilyich saw and felt that his flesh was changed, now the leader of the - application of coconut sandwich alligator with threaded slices of tomato and tiger shark strawberry. (Where, such extraordinary information?). As if feeling the confused mood of the former pre-drug Committee, transmits melodic female voice on-Board computer:
  - Don't panic comrade Lenin. Of course, your soul at the moment is embodied in a sandwich of hybrid animals with eight thin, like goosebumps-cockroaches seven-fingered legs and feet. But believe me it is very good!
  - Where's the sandwich brain? Vladimir Ilyich asked mechanically.
  - Floats in the innards, thinks, when there is an interaction, plant-animal flesh. - Calm and beautiful, melodious manner answered a girl's voice. But the timbre suddenly became more serious and there were notes of embarrassment. - I'm sorry and don't get angry friend of the Great Lenin. Believe me it's temporary, just a fun game. Very soon you will be able to choose any shell and live on an endless choice in any universe where you want yourself.
  Vladimir Ilyich is really not angry, really after the hell from which he just pulled out to be a sandwich, and even with handles and legs is not so bad.
  And what it's like to feel like food... But decent people always want to eat the bastards, but instead of a feast it is only food for thought about the bone in the throat! However, not everything is so gloomy, even laughter involuntarily breaks out. The leader of the world proletariat sees everything at once with his chitinous shell. The moment Lenin was in a kind of curiosity, in the form of a transparent of the slope and at the same time the water lilies, the car. And not a defenceless Mimosa in his hand, the hologram is breaking out options: Hyperplan - 29, weapons: megakaryocyte emitters or four pieces and two magazinnaya guns (the power of the second volley 370 megatons, or 25 thousand atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima) and one kinesigenic beamer. Wow, date a decent weapon! - with admiration the thought of Vladimir Ilyich, though they could not in principle know and see the effect of a bomb "the Kid". Chief-sandwich-boy, was she:
  - Archaic, however!
  And the spectacle was, indeed zalyubueshsya: faces are endless, but its apparent tangible and finite sphere like a gigantic fluttered with vague shapes, but all colors and shades of the rainbow ghosts. Then it became more weird, from lush black velvet of space, floated the whimsical contours of the starships. The largest of them was a mix of a dump truck and an eagle! Only feathers glittered all colors of the rainbow, wheels type strewn with poppy seeds and strawberries like cooked on culinary bake cheesecakes. Lenin with smile sang:
  - For the revolution suffer, imagining me the tale - dope darkness! I will pray; God grant the commune is steeper than the garden of Paradise! So the cap became bright!
  Vladimir Ilyich kind of stunned, I guess, this is delirium tremens; the space ship in the form of an eagle and a truck with strawberries it's not even cool, and archicree.
  Hyperplane-29, six striking trunks and a barrel-less emitter( this is something like a hybrid of a Trident and an antenna) . And you're the former leader of the world proletariat sandwich with scratchy feet. If you add to it and fanciful stars...
  Lenin rubbed his thin hand on the transparent surface that looked like a frosty pattern, giggled:
  - I'm not telling you to choke! From laughter can be to die! Skewed in ecstasy faces, from hell rushing, bear!
  Starships with a crew of sandwich really was frightening and ridiculous at the same time. Different cars, cars future futuristic artsy mixed with birds, and earth and obviously of alien origin. Such are the technetronic-biological hybrids: one is funny. From them erupted peculiar waves, it seemed that the surface of the vacuum loosened, and foamed, if you can hold such an allegory.
  Well, and commanded all this Armada chop steak. So juicy and individual, that it flowed vegetable fat, garnish the berries and then change colour. The limbs of the delicacy moved in such a way that it seemed to perform an Indian dance. Vladimir Ilyich in the new body perceives everything quickly and immediately. With the help of a kind, using cherry blotches telepathic panorama.
  And the commander of the steak is not simple, densely Packed with raisins, which makes it especially smart. And he has a military rank. On the hologram of the on-Board computer flashed the inscription: the name of the commander - Choke-ka-Marshal Boo-Boo. Ariplane!
  Lenin remarked ironically: Argyrodite title for eatables. As it sometimes happens in the wrong worlds. Instead of a good appetite - choke!
  Boo-Boo threshing legs in the air and hysterically roars:
  - Ultra-battleships baked on the latest recipes?
  Chew-Marshal Biff-Biff in the form of chocolate with nuts meatballs responds with a ringing female voice:
  - They cooked these cooks, when the crowbar is just a superweapon! Megaderma bomb, against this background, the snail against a Cheetah!
  Choke-ka-Marshal changing the tone, subtly, on the contrary much thicker, swaying, tittering:
  - We are meat eaters the highest coolest of the coolest nation. And no sladkopojna we are not opponents! Especially if to dissolve in the multi-orgasmen ecstasy.
  In time with the words this, that cloying mouth-watering warrior, a few escaped ahead of the rest, avant-garde vehicle came under turbulent flow, smashing magenergy, and half-dead machine flattened, forcing burn as doused with Cologne blotter. But this did not bother the warrior-generals.
  BIF-BIF rock on the belly pearly teeth and sending a glare of sunbeams, offered:
  - You need to send in the vanguard frigates? They will be very prikolnoy combination pliers ten-claw!
  Boo-Boo howled, his thin fingers ran over the scanner.:
  - Build a pin! Call the sweet crush!
  The frigates were in the form of hybrid cars and Orioles. Such, here is in this universe graceful starships. Several tens of thousands of such ships huddled in the center, a little ahead of the entire Armada and moved in a kind of spiral. It was like a giant boa consisting of many threatening parts. And maybe twist the rod having a composite particle made of atoms - combat ships.
  Here, for example, the beauty of the beauty of the frigate cutlets Alabaster a kind of Baroness, meat stuffed with cloves and tank eggs ( this is when the belly of the fish is not round eggs, and a lot of tanks of a variety of colors and designs!). She recently did a successful transaction is laid in the multi-Lombard planet she doesn't belong. These are the things to throw in Hyperintense. In this all transactions take place in a special multicines space, and there is true freedom, and freedom comes naked!
  Now the Baroness wants to fight. Though on the other hand with her money is not ekzaltatsija to hyperpolarize.
  Dancing polka Marshal Beef-beef in touch:
  - Where cloying sickeningly opponent?
  - In vacuum Swaziland! - Provisal delicious Baroness. It will be soon inesquecivel Mago-mondavoshki.
  Lenin inside his space Hyperplane, feels familiar like a Cossack on a horse, like a couple hours he was not dying paralytic. Each foot finds its magasiner, driving a strange car. In my head POPs up information: graphicidentity, neutralize rest mass, so it cratoneuron fighter has no inertia. Wow! Not conceivable for his time with plywood biplanes maneuverability.
  Lenin throws his Hyperplan in the side. One! The store lights went out. However, you're making a maneuver, against which the loop of Nestor, like the Hippo dancing tango, and not even feel the movements like barsthere in the cafeteria.
  But no dozing. That's like a black velvet carpet of space burnt the corners of starships. The adversary broke out of the star abyss. However, the lights are still fruits and animals. Starships of the enemy, is also a hybrid of conventional propeller planes and mammals of all kinds. How beautiful and ridiculous!
  BIF-BIF ringing tone quipped:
  Like a beggar with a purse!
  Boo-Boo added to as wedged, maintaining a sparkling tone:
  - No laws!
  BIF-BIF slammed, blowing oily bubbles, wonky rhyme:
  - Boy smells like crazy!
  Almost immediately, the missiles were met with powerful detonating radiation. Most of them rushed straight into space, spewing the energy of billions of Hiroshima. Clown faces in the form of super-bright became much more throwing out dazzling languages. Some of the most successful, yet arrived to starships, hitting the cruiser sladkopojna. The car in the shape of a German Yu-188, and a Cheetah, sprinkled. Despite the seeming comicality of rockets that didn't look like Christmas decorations, the battle was real. Lenin thought he heard the screams of tens of thousands of melted and vaporized candies and candies. Horror, a sense of in space souls pain, each individual personality. Stupid is the one who thinks that candy is not able to feel, to dream. Every personality is also a universe: though small, but unique in its individuality!
  In space blossomed lush deadly flower, and in all directions scattered flaming fragments. His one rocket crushed in Princeps-plasma vortex frigate. A burning stream of vaporized partitions, corridors, cabins along with delicious chocolates.
  Lenin with the philosophy of foxes, noticed:
  - Not bad when the food runs out, and it is bad when the food talks!
  Sweet-eaters put in response, already several million rockets. It was like a fall of hailstones, only the hailstones exploded very brightly, though in a flash in the form of reflections of flowers in a crooked mirror. Comparison with fireworks too pathetic and not expressive.
  Give-give command:
  - Hurry up and pick up the pace! Total convergence!
  One of the ultra-battleships was seriously damaged. From a hole the size of a lunar crater that had disappeared in the hull, flaming air was ejected, burning in a vacuum: it resembled the eruption of lava of a thousand volcanoes of Krakatoa. It's just a show of fire. And along the corridors ran burgers, sausages, sausages, sandwiches. What frightened the similarity of the faces are skewed, who was not agile enough just burn.
  And burned in a frying pan cutlet is not the most pleasant sight.
  The Baroness Alabaster rubbed her paw baked crust of his lover, the page of the Magician-Bush:
  - Well, that my appetizing a boy? It seems the show has begun!
  Dust leaping sung:
  - The show has begun - hands together, legs apart! Moisten all sortite - baking live!
  The frigate jolted, jerked the rocket flows hyperplastic particles, licked, deadly tongue body. The wing of the Oriole vibrated like a guitar string.
  The Baroness threw gum in your mouth from manure crocodile dandelion, extremely fragrant, and its refreshing:
  - What same without shake there is no movement, without death evolution!
  MAG-Bush burst into a Nightingale:
  - Evolution is what happens in adult movies! But in Hell, too, no, know candy, there burns a fierce Tuffet!
  The tip of the meat eaters go deeper into the belly of the Armada of sweet eaters. In this case, it was like trying to drill a convex lens from many millions of starships. Only sparks fell...
  As convergence: the exchange of blows became harder and harder, in the course went already and cinecurve kinesiologie cannon emitters. The principle of their action as did the Leaders of the world proletariat negovanovic, with transfer constants finishing spray interaction thermomolecular or simply magomarcelo synthesis, a corny electromagnetic striking effect. Such very frequent impulses, annihilation shells without mass: consisting of a continuous combined energy.
  Here's frigates entered inescarable contact: as seen from the pulse spread of a rotating tower on the wings. Torn in half cutlet moaned hysterically, and her friend's sausage was burned by a third and scattering crystal tears, howling:
  I'm miserable! Disabled! My meat, from the cow hurts!
  Slightly singed sausage tried to console:
  - There would be bones, and meat, itself will increase!
  Nipple howled even harder:
  - Now even ketchup won't help me have kids?
  Meatlug pulling out of the pierced flesh antenna and flicking chunks of sauce with flavorful fatty gravy, and smiled:
  - Yes that would still increase the population!
  Pulled kinesiology bomb, and so much more powerful impetus for scattered photons and a red-hot optimist, his crippled friends and fifty of matapozuelos and a few hundred military, so very picturesque in appearance of robots.
  Nearby was burning cruiser, Giprogor used for his makeup not only matter, but energy GeneSpring space. And there meat products perished, each with its own unique personality with a set of emotions and feelings.
  Sweetbreads suffered no less. Lady hood's Brigantine is gone. And after all what was candy, drove mad Cavaliers in four galaxies.
  Hyperprior-Marshal Pass pass yelled:
  - Ticks on total rapprochement.
  Ultramedia-Marshal Mam-umam tried to raise the clarity of holograms. It increased, on the contrary reduced image of the different sectors of the battle. Her little voice squeaked:
  - Space is split, too many different call signs!
  Hyper-Marshal snapped.:
  - Try to reproduce the construction of the jellyfish!
  Hyperplan, Vladimir Lenin moved closer to the enemy builds. Enemy fighters right in front of Lenin. Unlike large ships, they are quite normal, something in between the Stingray and the American invisible "Stealth"( and where the leader of the world proletariat such knowledge? The genius of Archigenes well, and nothing else to say!).
  Vladimir Ilyich exclaimed joyfully:
  - Finally there is an Important case!
  On the hologram there was an image of a sausage in a seven-color wrapper:
  - What cute boy? Maybe you want hypertrax?
  Lenin barked angrily:
  - Obscene words can not Express the polygraph Poligrafic!
  The sausage recovered, playfully explaining, arching the whole camp as if dancing a Lambada:
  - I had a cooler view of the enemy Hyper fuck!
  The leader of the world proletariat laughed:
  - That's what you did right!
  Sausage muttered, one of the stars floating in space began to tear his beard and mutter:
  - Booga booga booga dot ru! I am in the worlds sweet powder will erase!
  And here is the first enemy, he shoots Lenin. The leader of the world proletariat leaves on the broken line:
  - And you I see as grandmother's cock!
  Hyperplan, the opponent writes a pirouette and stumbles upon the inflorescence rays, launched by Vladimir Lenin. Fighter shakes on the surface runs a blue flame. Sitting in it candy whines:
  - Vacuum! I'm melting!
  Lenin, baldeya he fresh sensations, skalit belly:
  - Inesquecivel radiation melts in fire, not in your mouth!
  The fighter explodes, fragments fly as a window glass broken by a Tomboy. Vladimir Ilyich remembered his childhood. The teacher gave her an " f " for God's Ungodly law. Then the future Leader of the world proletariat as revenge, knocked him almost all the Windows of a homemade slingshot. Something young became examples to many generations prankster could justly be proud, slingshot had five rubber bands, are arranged in a sequence and had enormous destructive power.
  Partner-weenie breaks off thoughts:
  - We don't need a second pass! Our first move, our last move!
  Here is and the next opponent. Distinguished by logic, Vladimir Ilyich was even surprised: single-seat fighters billions, and the battle has not yet turned into a dump.
  This enemy maneuvers, trying to bring down the sight, it is a brilliant candy, and seeking to show off wit:
  You like ketchup?
  Vladimir Ilyich answered mechanically:
  - Yes, especially the mixture of tomato and mango!
  Suddenly as Lollipop will offer:
  - Maybe, not let us kill each other, and mind let's measure ourselves?
  The leader of the world proletariat was surprised:
  - It's like?
  Lollipop fun giggled and sparkled even more:
  - We clean the machine, photon's younger brother!
  Lenin, feeling the elation quickly replied:
  - The machine is best to clean what happens when the enemy during the battle and puts in his pants. And photon's younger brother is a traitor's conscience, even smaller than this particle!
  Lollipop choked:
  - Yes you very is a clever Vladimir Ilyich! Well, your first shot, and if you miss, it is a sandwich will ask me a question!
  The hyperplane froze in the air: Lenin without further ADO thrust from all guns. Tongue Twister blurting out:
  - Sorry, you were quite appetizing, but not raw! I don't want to get indigestion!
  The leader of the world proletariat is an excellent hunter, as a rule, did not miss. Fighter cracked like a piece of ice, slivers flashed brightly, and then to black. Even became profoundly sad!
  Lenin sang, with genuine sadness:
  Case rarely warrior gray hair,
  Yes on war deaden feelings!
  Blade honed hurt,
  Heart stone in the shower is empty!
  And space is also evil to take,
  It's all open - no trench!
  Here attacks the Earth creature,
  The curse of the prophet has come true!
  Star sheds a sad light,
  Where's the fun - the other in the grave!
  Let there be a feat, this sung,
  In the Holy, exalted.
  I lead the ship through the fog,
  Pray to escape death's sting!
  Do not confused captain,
  In the depths of vile deception!
  The comet is a good sign,
  She promises in battles victory!
  Red poppy flag flies,
  Own galaxy will come!
  Fatherland under you the whole world,
  Recognized the sanctity of voluntarily!
  And who is now in the country idol,
  We choose arbitrarily!
  But once again duty calls soldier,
  Many of the constellations, and empires!
  And we have one homeland,
  Serve it is true Russians draw!
  War, war, everywhere war,
  Burn the planets, the stars cry!
  In childhood Dreams of silence,
  We pray about the rest of the tear!
  But never Russ , not will betray,
  Even if death is inevitable!
  After all, the knight will not tolerate shame,
  Its essence rebellious!
  A little bit more, hit the jump,
  Opponent is rattled... runs away!
  All difficulties only for an hour,
  Fatherland same age shines!
  The leader of the world proletariat sang( he had a good voice even during his lifetime) and fought like a lion. It seemed to him that she was no longer the head of the world's first socialist state, and a brave Russian warrior, persistently and successfully fighting in the galactic war.
  Here is another transparent "poprygunchik", caught the most accurate hit burst like a soap bubble. Candy, dying sluggishly squeaked:
  "Black cheese co..." And vanished.
  Vladimir Ilya suddenly became ashamed:
  And why are we fond of archivername - plywood patriotism! This is a kind of caricature of Soviet patriotism!
  Partner-sausage pinned:
  - And you're just a diva from the madhouse!
  Vladimir Ilyich was seriously angry:
  - Other revile those who usually impose the pants in the fight!
  Sausage of the race, brought down the streams inesqueciveis pulses. They flew like confetti, but breaking into the dangerous proximity of the transparent armor, slightly melted it.
  Arabella played "barrel", turned around axis and has moved diagonally, simultaneously down and to the left. Then a spiral up the hill.
  The sausage giggled:
  - You sausages are finished pacifists!
  Vladimir Ilyich parried:
  Better to be cool to be a fascist than without the rod, a pacifist! Added leaving in broken lines the flow from the Princeps-plasma ejected in the form of prompt blots. - A strong traits, safer weak angel will provide Paradise on Earth!
  His breakthrough single in the style kangaroo and two guns, and four machine guns lupanul the target. Annoying partner, who became an obsessive opponent, shattered into a million pieces. Posthumous squeak:
  - Wow....
  Vladimir Ilyich commented:
  And what yummy she wanted to say! O Supreme intelligence, what vulgarity, so to imitate America! Lenin cried out bitterly. - And where to roll this universe!
  The battle was getting bigger. Here are two of the dreadnought, not calculating the speeds encountered. The hybrid racing car and the hawk rammed a mixture of Mi-27 and the tiger.
  Can you imagine the hassle? The beak of a gigantic bird stuck into the mouth of an angry tiger. Both huge on a thousand kilometers corps brutally started shaking, has passed the vibrancy. Millions of matapozuelos and sladkopojna was a candy crunch on the teeth is tapered. And fighting robots in the form of metal insects together and squeaked in the binary range:
  - To the mind the path, flesh to dust collapse!
  The battleships started a wildfire. The flames, leaping, like infernal spirits, or maybe a Cobra under the flute of the fakir at the armored coating, gnawing walls and ventilation shafts. One of the candy hitting the fire, made myself tertoblastoma sword harakiri, while saying:
  - The way of the tooth, from the Queens to the pawns!
  The commander of the battleship Taranenko mesopetalum General chicken frieze, badly hurt his upper part dolbanulis about the screen magasiner. Yes, so that the sparks flew, ionizing and causing the air to glow:
  - Boxing in space! - Squeaked the General sweet temptations.
  Colonel Roll suffered a bit less loudly whispered:
  - Maybe we'll take the rescue module!
  Frieze proudly replied, even firing, demonstrating the pomposity bubble, said:
  - General and not the tail!
  Roll with chocolate and waffle layers, immediately found:
  "But when a rat escapes from a ship, it throws away its tail!" Commander - you baklushi with pepper beat!
  General having changed his mind, clicked on ring:
  - Now let it be and module!
  But the rescue late, the most severe hyperplasia burst in the wheelhouse. It was covered with smoke, even the air was boiling, oxygen molecules were tap-dancing, and arched. Some of them materialized and added to the dance juggling elementary particles.
  Frieze burning alive, whined:
  - That's sweet annihilation!
  Roll, feeling the chocolate fills the meat and wafers unpleasant smoke added:
  - This is Ms....
  And crumbled into embers. And the side of the cruiser exploded, apparently detonated ammunition, one consolation lollipops and candy not long tormented. Or rather, their bodies would vaporize before the nervous system realized the pain.
  Choke-ka-Marshal Boo-Boo, noticed:
  - Well, what's the exchange?
  Don't-eat-Marshal Fuh-Fuh snorted:
  - As the appetite is not bad, we continue threshing peas!
  But every second in the vast expanses of space tragedies were committed, many millions of dramas at the same time, different in scale, but no less regrettable .
  Here is one of the candy was sandwiched between the partitions and together with the crumpled compartment, it was thrown into space.
  There she slowly was freezing in a vacuum. It's just an unfathomable pain when the sweet structure crystallizes. The crunch at the same time as from crumpling foil. Candy prayed:
  - O great, Holy mega-cake! Don't put me in your sad mouth! And for you, all soul of pray! Only hands your Tsar fear!
  Freezing cold gripped the structure slitkopodachi and she froze. What happened to her soul, where did her personality go? For some reason this was the most interesting for Lenin. The leader of the world proletariat, fighting, did not lose the ability to perceive the events, it is enchanting to lawlessness battle.
  Choke on-ka-Marshal yelled:
  - Try to use generators: licking the space! Understand me, where is the wonder weapon?
  Don't-eat-Marshal Phew-phew, getting chip from a waffle cone on the head in liquid form joke:
  - Miracles do not happen and you do not dream! When back, save only magogodi! And if the fingers hit the axe, it means not the hare, you called on a bet!
  Boom-boom howled:
  - You that annihilate! You cernadilla lachandra!
  Fuh-Fuh falsely cried, wiping away a lump:
  - Ninja turtle got on the wires! It's not a Doodle, and the backbone-halva! And cried ninja turtle!
  While the commanders are clowns racked your brains, the battle grew, and the number of victims in the universe created by naughty kindergartners all increased. When spaceships explode, and it was all thicket and often, the vacuum was lit with the fiery fountains. Especially many burned single and double fighters. It was monstrous, but hybrid cosmomatic flew the new portion, bearing destruction and death in insects. Count-candy Geek unwrapping cosmoledo and even saleflagyl fear:
  I wine in a barrel a hell of cook,
  The meat mug "brain bleed"!
  As well, that cutlet does not know,
  What is it in the ketchup with onion dip!
  Kosmatka matapozuelos is a hybrid between a truck and a Turkey, that's a terrible kind of spaceship spewing from the belly of the vessel smaller. This is a kind of cellular infusoria, flying fan, but then going back.
  Count-candy Geek ordered:
  - And now let's use this perfume the sewers!
  The Marquise du Vallon rang the bell:
  Maybe not! They are able to obgadit not only the enemy, but also our troops. Better not..
  Geek killed:
  - Cowards don't go to the bathroom! Not conquer the whole world!
  The Marquis chuckled, she remembered how recently had sex with candy. Wow, God grant everyone to experience such a tornado of mutual orgasms. Yes, no wonder they say, candy brings happiness, and two lollipops freshness in the mouth:
  - Break out!
  At this point in colomadu crashed graviational missile, this kind of bomb is based on the principle of a merger of Brevnov (particles composed of quarks), but also with the transformation of energy in a gravitational hyperplasy.
  Kosmatka burst like a glass bottle about hitting with a hockey stick. Only here is a bottle the size of Mars, and inside the pyrotechnic mixture, which is so powerful detonates.... How impressive it is, like watching a blockbuster Apocalypse.
  The shards shattered, spinning at an unthinkable speed. Even there was friction in the vacuum, it literally made, light up the yellow-green debris, which then turned a mixture of bugs with multi-color coloring.
  On one of them Count Geek and du Vallon faced foreheads. Twitched limbs. The Marquise-candy muttered:
  You're a dork, sir!
  The count was offended:
  That's why!
  Mrs. Du Vallon murmured:
  - The lady buried in your face, and you do not kiss!
  Geek jokingly sang:
  - Little girls running in the street! Little boys kiss for the first time! Ehh! And kisses are not half!
  The Marquis gave the gentleman a slap in the face:
  Leave - donut-clown in a psychiatric hospital!
  Geek with the gallantry of a born nobleman, noticed:
  - Slap - a massage! Especially when you consider that we have candy just no face! And you probably want something?
  Du Vallon grunted.:
  - We need a place to stay or we're gonna die!
  The count sang:
  We can die anywhere.,
  Under a rain of September,
  In General we live freely!
  Yes free! Figuratively speaking!
  The candy Marquise suddenly had a mouth, and with such lush as velvet lips that when she kissed, her freshly baked lover, to put it:
  - You Cilentano! - That innumerable cosmic luminaries, made in the form of cartoon hybrids of fish and fruit planned fins.
  Illustrious pair of candy suddenly shook: is it getting cold! Well, what can warm stronger than love.
  Commander candy Hyperprior-Marshal Pass pass crossed her legs and hummed discontentedly:
  - Once the enemy breaks through our ranks! Can I put a match between his fingers?
  Lick-not-get out -Marshal frost-Morozova answered:
  - The enemy has licking generators! They create a special kind of space that acts on matter as if it is licked by strong and rough tongues. And you know how destructive a woman's language is. So we need a new answer!
  Hyperprior-Marshal Pass pass glanced at the hologram. Part of the spaceships of the enemy, especially of the Brigantine and counter-torpedo boats large masses tried to attack battleships and large vessels. And what is most unfortunate is not without success: here is another kosmatka Yes as weird. So many billions of fragments and all different in form and most importantly have their own unique shade.
  Hyper-Marshal noticed.:
  - Never say woof if you don't want to crow!
  Lick-not-get-out-Marshall corrected:
  Who barks a lot in the wild, that sooner or later crowed in the area!
  Give,give, giggled:
  - Wow! Folk wisdom!
  Lick-not-get-out-Marshall sang:
  Oh, wise men, wise men, wise men! The light and hope of the people! Only to find the navel of the Earth could not - stuffed you garden!
  Give-give, interrupted:
  - Don't worth antimony dear! Than answered the lizard.
  Lick-not-get-out-Marshal scratched the sugary top:
  - Usually Lizunov antagonist biter! Or how to say intelligent makeprocinstance the supercharger shears. In this case in a vacuum arise a kind of dunghill, and cutting edge, about which the enemy starships will cling, stick and even self-destruct.
  Give-give barked:
  - Unfold so makeprocinstance scissors supercharger! A new weapon, this is a miracle weapon!
  Lick-not-get-Marshal frost-Morozov shook his thin fingers:
  - Don't include the entire training to bring to the act of miracles!
  Mischievous-page very bright Lollipop sang:
  "She looked up at the heavens, and I did wonders for her!"
  Vladimir Ilyich fought as a musketeer and at the same time saw all this and very clearly, as if it happened to him personally, perceived. It was like an unthinkable obsession. Then he was surprised why candy and collet are using human terms...
  Lenin was attacked by a fighter, the Leader of the world proletariat barely had time to perform a side flip and received a couple of scratches, spread the creature's tail. Lollipop(that's really stupid custom) hissed in the air:
  - The glory of the Race....
  Vladimir Ilyich swore:
  -Princeps-plasma megapolitana! Again, this pathos! He got me!
  And again Lenin returned to the same reasoning, her brain seemed filled with giperplaziei( and what diabolical substance that hyperplasia?). If you think that sweets and cutlets can not exist in a living form. Well, how do they appear as a result of evolution? Or even Hyperevolution? It's a purely human creation, and thus their nervous system and brains.... Only that's where their brains are hidden. Because the stuffing is not visible neshi! However , unless the Scarecrow from a children's fairy tale the Wizard of emerald city and without brains gave out Know-how! Especially when ordered to make a handkerchief airship! Well, the creation of people and thinks humanly, using the imperfect epic of people.
  Vladimir Ilyich dreams attacked, this time together. In General, the leader of the world proletariat knew from the experience of youth fights how difficult it is to win if there are several opponents. It's only a movie one trooper of the red Army cut down a hundred, and reality....
  The reality of evil cursed,
  Can drive you crazy!
  All the power of the fearsome atom,
  Satan drove into the Earth!
  Where there flowed a river of pure,
  Terrible desert view!
  Groves grew branchy,
  Plasma Napalm burning!
  It means that humanity,
  Death is crowned!
  Ran out of time in eternity,
  A terrible end has come!
  There is no sympathy now,
  In the bowels of other worlds!
  Cold darkness, feeling,
  Waiting for us the Land of the children of!
  Hand to give us disdain,
  Don't ask!
  We are people, not mediocre,
  Our Holy Russia!
  Not be humiliated of the Earth,
  Cry on our this way!
  And on the path of snow,
  We're paving the way!
  Will become our edge well-fed,
  Children love and laugh!
  We're just brought up,
  In the battle to have success!
  Rushing a new generation,
  Rot and decay will update!
  And there comes an Epiphany,
  Fresh view!
  Lenin pleaded with his arms crossed over his chest:
  - Precisely because I had challenged God, the Creator of the universe allowed himself to so perversely jeer at his creations.
  At this moment, the thickest carpet of stars in the form of a mixture of fish and fruit, planets such as hybrids of animals and vegetables as disappeared . Two gigantic, very pretty faces of a boy and a girl appeared, they occupied half of the sky. The children whispered in a chorus of thunder.:
  - Don't be afraid and tormented comrade Lenin, all those who died will find his personality more colorful and interesting universe. - Girl with sparkling brighter susalno gold waves of hair added. Any in those universes that we have created together with Almiron, or other creations created by our friends.
  Rosy boy came to his full height. In a dazzling bright t-shirt on the surface of which, a dozen thousand animated cartoons, avant-garde shorts and luxurious sneakers were shown at the same time, the child looked very impressive. Although it looked no older than seven years, it was at least five galaxies in size. With a smile God the kid suggested:
  - Want Vladimir Ilyich Lenin together with Alfara will create for you the universe diameter in ten billion parsecs. - The boy, for a split second thinking, he added. - The whole universe, recreated in the form of a Soviet coat of arms with a sickle and
  Our world is merciless, unjust, treacherous,
  Moaning and suffering in the throes of the flesh!
  But a smart man, nice progress,
  At least God seems to have forgotten him!
  Countless nightmarish threats,
  Fate is cruel, stupid and blind!
  We drop tears in deaf doubts,
  A look into the heavens longingly out of this world!
  And though sometimes you have to shed,
  In battle fierce turbulent flow of blood.
  To suspend a sword, arrow, life thread,
  Forever and ever, let us not betray love!
  . CHAPTER 1.
  he steel bird cut the blue, crystal surface of the sky. The plane raced to the edge of the Caucasus mountains, landing at the airport in Kislovodsk. The boy and girl looked out the window. They first saw the majestic peaks, and it made a lasting impression. However, only two of them were crowned with lush, ice caps, and the rest are overgrown with forest. The city itself Kislovodsk, located in the mountains, elegant and modest, at the same time was cozy and not particularly large. After the rumbling Moscow, with its traffic jams, smog, crowded subway and rampant crime, this place seemed quiet and cozy. Especially nice that you passed all the exams and finished school. Now it remains to choose some prestigious University. But before that, the young man and the girl wanted to relax, climb the mountains, enjoy life, because so bored with these exams and teachings, especially if you are barely sixteen.
  The room in the sanatorium was not expensive, however, with a shower, but without a TV. However, the couple was happy, especially since the TV program can be viewed through a laptop. To spend time two lovers did not want to, especially because the money from both was little and they first went into the mountains, driven by the desire to climb on the steep, to conquer the rock. The air was fresh, rich in oxygen and ozone, the young feet walked easily. With them they took our backpacks with the tent, deciding that to stay brave travellers in the mountains. In addition, they were a little lucky, one couple was left without a place at all, and they temporarily lent them their dwelling. Of course for a fee. To live in such an expensive city as Moscow is hard and the guys from early childhood went to work, washed cars, painted Windows, and in recent years worked on the construction and unloading of cars, which not only gave income, but also strengthened the muscles, increasing the endurance of teenagers. So they took off their shoes, easily stepped on the steep slopes of one dozen kilometers and began to wind the other. Although barefoot feet guys burned, and itched from the sharp stones, and the back began to whine from backpacks, the guys are not slowing down, began to climb the peak of the banner, having overcome another pass.
  - We'll reach the top and rest there! The girl said.
  - And at the same time popechatat novel! The young man said.
  - Interesting Alexander! You write about new worlds, universes, but all this was already in the books of other authors, and did not you want to give birth to something fundamentally new? As Jules Verne or Wales.
  - Of course, I wanted to Cheat, but it's so difficult, so much has been written and tried!
  - I understand! But still strain your imagination and go for it!
  Alexander had a dream to write something unprecedented and unheard of, but he did not have enough time to focus, and come up with a unique story. However, scribbled a few short stories, especially he liked the alternative story.
  One of them even earned the approval of literary authorities. It describes the period in Russia, when as a result of accidental injuries, was killed, the main traitor of Port Arthur General Strainer. The defense was headed by Kondratenko and the city survived. Then Japan lost the war. There was no first revolution, there was no rebellious Duma, the first world war was also won. Russia has become the most powerful power in the world, occupying the entire Eastern hemisphere. And only the United States did not bow its head, continuing to weave intrigues and conspiracies. Their main goal was the Imperial throne, located in the new Russian capital Svyatograd on the coast of the Indian ocean. Overall, the story was published in several editions, but the fee turned out to be purely symbolic. Nevertheless, the success inspired the young man:
  - Maybe in the mountains will visit me inspiration. He said.
  The transition was coming to an end, when suddenly they heard a strangled cry. Alexander immediately ran to the edge of the cliff. He managed in the most the latest critical moment. A beautiful woman in her thirties almost fell down, her thin fingers unclenched, and the guy picked her up at the time of the fall. After that, he almost fell from a height of three hundred meters, but Juliet caught him by the legs in time. Resolutely pulled, miraculously staying on the edge, a sharp stone dug into her bare leg, but she did not pay attention, worrying about her lover.
  Podnabravshis carapau hands pulled the woman up. She was trembling with fear, her dress was too expensive for the mountains, and the earrings and necklace made her feel envious.
  - Thank you! She said modestly. - My husband's coming by helicopter.
  - He's a pilot? Juliette Asked.
   He's new! - And you look like poor students.
  - Not yet, but we will soon. The girl modestly lowered her eyes.
  - I have to thank you, but this is a crisis and we can't be too generous.
   We're not asking. - Said Alexander. - Doing good to people is a reward in itself.
  - And these are real diamonds. - Could not resist the question Julieta. The lady was offended:
   Of course! Glasses are out of fashion. In business you need to show talents! Girls ' best friends are diamonds!
  - Often it's not about talents, but in proximity to the authorities and corrupt officials. Here's a look at a tycoon, and he oak oak, only a lot of money. The young man replied.
  - It happens, but a rich man can not be completely crazy, around such competition can instantly go bankrupt. Here my husband likes to play the stock market, and started dealing in drugs. The woman blurted. Then she smiled innocently.:
  - At the expense of the latter, I was joking! But bargaining is in his blood. By the way me name is Elvira - the Queen of darkness.
   I'm Alexander.
   I'm Cheating!
  - Alexander the great name, such was the great and Nevsky. You must be bisexual, by the way.
   No, hetaera!
   Too bad! My husband is very fond of young, slender boys like you yet
  beardless, good-looking. You can make good money.
  - No! I hate gay.
  Elvira squinted, Alexander received six years from the second grade
  he was not yet sixteen and had no beard on his rosy cheeks. And
  barefoot and in shorts, it had reminded the boy. And Elvira very loved
  such boys, almost children. She was particularly disgusted by the beard or
  bristles, probably, because her husband often stabbed his unshaven chin.
  No love for him she did not have, she married a lot of money and already
  I was thinking how to get rid of such a burden. Meanwhile, the hand has groped
  cell phone, but it was delayed. Have cute young men, such beautiful, the bright
  hair, Elvira laid her hand on his neck, began to massage. Despite
  youth girl immediately realized that you need this lustful black-haired
  Mongolian features of the creature. She dropped her hand.
  - Don't you dare touch my boyfriend. The girl said angrily.
  - And you were called a Juliette, in honor of the heroine of the novel by the Marquis de Sade? - Pin up
  - No, she was a whore, and I'm a decent girl. Juliette Protested.
  - Decent girls don't read books like that. Elvira said, edifying.
   I gave her the book myself! - Said Alexander. - That should have awakened her.
  aversion to dirt and perversions.
  - It's too weird a way.
  - Fight fire with fire!
  Elvira, grinning, stepped aside and dialed.
  - Hello my lion. - She said. - I just almost lost my life.
  - As always, it's typical of you. There was a rude reply.
  - They're both so cute and cute, I think they should be thanked!
  - What do you suggest?
  - A Banquet!
  - Today fights without rules have to take place. Maybe we should invite them there.
  - Great idea, nothing like violence. - Said Elvira.
  - Don't you guys want to go to the sea?
  - We've never been to it with pleasure.
  - Races so be sure to visit there. We can take you with us. -
  The black-haired witch stared at Julienne; what a beautiful and most importantly honey blonde, and she with the passion of a tigress is fiercely jealous of those who surpass her in external data and even much younger
  under the age. She reeks of youth. So want her to humiliate and to crush, to force
  work the tongue. Elvira's tone was very gentle.
  - I see you are very poor, painfully modest you outfit, legs posbivat about
  stones, and we have planned a cruise to the Mediterranean sea, on a personal
  plane, and partly on a yacht depending on the mood. If you want
  spend a decent vacation, the best offer you will not find.
  - All free!?
  "Why, you saved my life. I owe you something, and I thank you. - Elvira
  she held out her hand with a ring. - You see that big diamond. After traveling
  it will be yours.
  - The screw! - How his eyes lit up at the Juliette. She had long dreamed of such a gift.
  - How long will the trip last?
  - A month.
  Then we will!
  There was a noise and a helicopter appeared above them. It was streamlined and elegant
  like a Black shark and covered in gold. On the door flickered count's
  - Are you titled? Juliette Asked.
  - Yeah, you didn't know.
  - We did hand out titles!
  - In Russia there are no real titles yet, you can buy only a surrogate, but in
  Europe can be bought for money. Here is one king who was in great need of money
  gave San in exchange for loans.
  - That's how simple it is.
  - What's complicated? All are subject to weaknesses and greedy for money. If only.
  they gave you something would resist.
  - Homeland, would never have the money betrayed.
  Even for a billion?!
  - Even a trillion! - Shouted Alexander.
  - Who's talking about a trillion? - From helicopter leaned out an unpleasant overgrown head.
  A fat man with a gold chain with a ruby heart on his chest jumped out
  the car. With him went four guards; rough ambals and
  cabinets, even degenerate faces.
  - Nu, cutie as you! - New Russian suspiciously looked at a couple, it is very
  suspected his wife was fornicating. All the more that guys have fallen beautiful, and
  so she could have been fucking tempted.
  My name is Moishe! As for the nickname Leo. - We can introduce ourselves, he said and firmly
  shook hands with the young creatures. Those slightly made a face, but not were confused. Though
  judging by the clean look, they have not had time to sin, it reassured Moshe.
  - So guys! You saved my wife. Want to visit fights without rules as well
  with a gun?
  - We have never seen this, except on TV. - Said Alexander.
  Well, the movie doesn't count, there is a real smell of blood. You
  you're freaking happy. - Moshe raised his thick arms up. - Let pioneers.
  His lustful gaze fell first on Alexander's bare legs, then on the naked, flawless form, like an ancient goddess's legs
  Crooks. The oligarch wanted to rape them both, and smooth clean skin
  cut with whips. It was so tempting that he whined in anticipation.
  The guys nodded in agreement, behind dark glasses can not see how
  carnivorous he looks at them. The boy and girl hurried to the Creek to
  shot down to wash his feet. Hot on the road, my feet were getting cold. New
  Russian as a real GALANT helped the girl, with his soap. What pleasure
  feel the girl's fingers, walk with a cold hand on slightly swollen veins, Golden touched
  fresh tan skin. The girl hesitantly tried to push it, but Moishe
  he was persistent, and she was pleased with his touch. Then
  rich held his hand over the scratched feet of Alexander he liked
  smooth and devoid of hair like a baby, just too muscular legs
  the guy, he jerked and threw a faggot of water.
  The bodyguards bristled with machine guns.
  Don't guys! He was joking! Moishe Said. The guards calmed down.
  Then the guy and the girl put on shoes and climbed into the comfortable seats of the helicopter. Yes
  of course, the view from it is undoubtedly better than from the plane. A helicopter flew
  - Correctly sang Vysotsky - better mountains can be only mountains, on which still
  I've never been to one that no one's ever been to.
  - We will visit Elbrus and Kazbek, and then the famous Alps.
  - They are on the territory of Georgia, but the weather is clear and even from here you can see them.
  It is a pity only through abroad we will not be allowed.
  - And here it you in vain, for the money it is possible even to China to fly. - Moishe got
  the purse, the thick wad of a thousand dollar bills, inspired respect. - There is exactly
  half a million, and Georgians miss the helicopter for five hundred dollars. We can
  fly a thousand times. But okay beauties, let's go to Pyatigorsk, there recently I opened a newfangled restaurant and specially for my arrival fry the meat of the Ussuri tiger and crocodile according to a special recipe.
  Is it good? Juliana Asked.
  - Of course, these animals were kept on a special diet, taught to eat vegetables and fruits. With them you will receive an abyss of pleasure.
  The helicopter landed in Pyatigorsk, right on the roof of the restaurant. He was rich.
  decorated with nymphs with wings and ancient heroes. Alexander once saw the Hermitage on TV, so it was very similar.
  You're like a king! He said.
  - Yes, almost! In reality, this country is ruled not by politicians, but by oligarchs.
  - And Khodorkovsky was your head, but he was arrested.
  Who's Hoda?! So this is a figurehead, he was fed to the security forces specifically to show the people that the government is struggling with the oligarchs. In fact, it is only a small clerk, an artist who is paid to sit. Even if a criminal case is opened against the oligarch, he will easily escape from custody.
  - How? - Surprised guys.
  - The judge will be offered a large bribe, for release under the subscription. If he refuses to hire a killer, he kills the shrew, and then with a similar proposal to turn to another judge. Well, who would prefer death to a large Bank account.
  - Logical! I, too, wondered why the owner of such a huge fortune did not bribe justice.
  - If the owner, as well as a simple clown. - Moshe led them in a box, he as the king sat with his wife in a separate table. The hall was empty, but there was a great excitement on the stage. Several young men and women in pioneer uniform ran out to the sound of the orchestra. He beat the drum, and the guys began to perform a dance.
  - I haven't seen pioneers! - Said Alexander. - It is strange that young people do not support such a bright idea.
  - And you're not the father. Moishe Asked.
  - We worked all the time like horses, we were not up to the left rallies, but the soul we, of course, were always with the Communists.
  - The idea of communism is the limit of idiocy! Moishe Quipped. They collapsed in not being, you have poor there was only the dream of a just society. Unrealizable of course, as the property inequality will be eternal.
  - And if the people rise?
  - Revolt will be suppressed by force! We will not repeat the previous mistake that gave rise to the October revolution. And without the first world war it would not have existed. The world oligarchy is not so aggressive conflict. Here's a look now the crisis, and my income increased, and even got ourselves a gratuitous loan of half a billion dollars. You have to know who to bribe.
  - And fight against corruption.
  - This is only appearance of, flirting with people. Usually put those officials who don't take bribes. Believe me, even if the President wanted to break the system, he would be treated like an American!
  - It's like?
  - Would kill! Do you think our people aren't in law enforcement or security? Everything is bought, here I, for example, can shoot you or dissolve alive in acid and to me for it will be nothing.
  - We know a man's life is worthless. My friend's stomach was ripped open with knives and turned out guts, and the police, knowing that it was done thieves, did not even investigate.
  - You see! But don't talk about sad. Pay tribute to the food and look at the spectacle.
  The meat was indeed very tasty and juicy, and the garnish consisted of such products that many of them had no name. Rather the guys did not know. Especially well, that they are hungry, and young stomachs willingly perceived excesses.
  - Now look at the stage.
  The king spoke before him. He looked comical in his idiotic, clown-like crown, surrounded by the state ladies who should be on a cheap panel. Beard watery, watery eyes. Nevertheless, Juliette recognized him by the face depicted on the icons. "Pioneers" began to blow the horn, the eldest of them stepped forward. And began to recite.
  -God take the king, we don't need you! Stick wounded, thy Kingdom of blood!
  The king whispered:
  - I don't know you and undress! Beefsteak is a Manifesto!
  - Yes you are so cheeky - we have kids!- Under laughter of public, guys and girls began to throw off a pioneer form. They did it smoothly, like in a Striptease!I heard a chorus:
  - Here the roar of tsarism - a lot of cynicism, naked people is the king of evil monster!
  The speakers were already naked. They had beautiful bodies, clearly formed in the fitness club.
  - How disgusting it is to mock a Saint. - Said Alexander. - It's against God and the commandments of God.
  - Yes, and to be naked not well! - Said Juliette.
  - Now you will see such show, - moysha told, - that your advantages will burst!.
  Boys and girls gradually fully exposed. They were beautiful, specially selected and engaged in fitness. Although, perhaps, couple Alexander and Juliette was better idea. Then the signal came.
  - Strip bars are what! Moishe Said. - Here now you will see such show that eyes on a forehead will get out.
  Indeed, a whole pantomime was unfolding on the stage. Couples danced, showing erotic movement. Before, that merge in ecstasy them lacked small. Naked female bodies in red panties and with the emblem of the hammer and sickle looked comical. Tsar Nicholas II began to dance the likeness of hopak.
  The boys choked. They only once in their lives, with friends, watched porn and were in shock. Then in anger the pair of them left the room, a boy and a girl even quoted from the Bible. The immortal words of Christ: anyone who looks at a woman with lust, adultery in his thoughts. After which they clung nickname the monks. Elvira put her hand on his knee and began to climb higher. She clearly wanted to cling to dignity. To Wake up the sleeping virgins! The guy pulled her and whispered:
  Your husband is here!
  - It'll only excite him!
  -It's against the laws of God! - She calmed down.
  - You don't know what you're missing!
  Actors engaged in erotic clowning on stage, received a lot of money for it. Nicholas took out a jar and began to inflate a huge, translucent bubbles. They did not burst at once, young men with girls began to throw them.
  Despite the fact that the actors except the king were as on selection of tall and slender, some of them still went to school.
  - Would you like to join them? Moishe Asked.
  Juliette shook her head.
  "What if I give you ten thousand dollars for it?"
  Alexander blushed. He had never held such a large sum in his hands. Why?.. He hasn't really tried it yet. And Juliette, too modest, remained a virgin. However, its glance was eloquent:
  - Not for any money. Neither I nor my boyfriend will become prostitutes.
  - Well, okay. - Moshe smiled. - I respect people like you. Proud and hungry. I love it when you have to fight for a woman or a guy. Well, we'll watch the show and finish the meat. By the way, drink. Do you prefer whiskey, cognac, gin or regular vodka?
  "We don't drink alcohol," Alexander said. - Mango juice, if you please.
  - In vain. Who does not smoke or drink, he is in diapers please!
  Himself a new Russian ordered whisky with ice blasting, and in one gulp emptied the glass. His wife drank Armenian brandy.
  Although the children's appetite was gone, they automatically finished their portions. You don't try that every day. Then the unexpected happened. Tycoon jumped he and sharp movement pulled the king's beard: that came off, the actor yelled:
  - Hooligans take away dignity!
  The wife of the oligarch took with her a fire extinguisher and shot foam. She walked through the dancers, the face of the "king". Naked pioneers looked as if they had just got out of the bath. Moishe grabbed Nikolai by the nose, yanked him so that he swelled like a plum.
  - What did the reigning "stooge"get! What do you freebies gaped! Now sing. The businessman drew his whip and began to whip the naked body. Actors in fear began to run up, the scene jumped guard. Inflated the the big boys so violently beaten teenagers, some of them lost consciousness. The king also suffered: the Royal person, covered in blood and foam, fell dead under the table. Moisha screamed.:
  - What are you doing!
  - And scared! Here you go!
  The oligarch threw a pack of hundred-dollar bills, it burst, and papers scattered on a hall.
  - Cut greens droopy ears! - Moishe with Elvira back in place. The oligarch roughly poked the young man in the stomach.
  - Yes, folks, outfit you loser. We need to change, all the local financial people will be here.
  "We have nothing to wear."
  - I'll lend you some clothes. After me.
  The wife supported the rush!
  I'll lend you! I'm not that greedy! - After me.
  Since Moisha often picked up boys and girls, it was not difficult to find a suitable suit. And for Juliette and did was chosen a great dress, it looked amazing.
  - Although for my taste, you better without any clothes on! - Said Alexander.
  The girl long swirled in front of the mirror until finally it is not called. To go it was inconvenient, high heel shoes shook, Madame was staggering.
  Had to fly to Krasnodar southern boomtown. Perhaps this area is the richest after Moscow, with the most favorable climate in Russia. Here Moishe's helicopter was accompanied by three more, protection was impressive. They flew up to the private Palace, where at the airport there were already a dozen cars, and the fleet was already crowded with private cars, some of which were larger than the bus.
  - It was nice to live not forbid! Moishe took a drag on his cigar and handed it to Alexander.:
  I don't smoke!
  - Also true! But the devil said: when a man does not smoke and drink, it means that
  he hides in itself large evils.
  The Palace, laid out in black and white marble, was strict and full of guards. Inside
  there was a kind of Colosseum, with luxurious lodges, there were tables with food and
  - Here are fights without rules. Part of the soldiers fighting with bare hands, without
  weapons, but the most chic is when two players using melee weapons.
  That's quite interesting.
  - We'll see.
  The bed they occupied was one of the most honorable. And although surrounding their
  businessmen looked quite respectable, the guy and the girl felt,
  as if surrounded by wolves. Moishe shook hands with several members of the elite,
  he exchanged a few words. Then they sat down and began to bet.
  - You guys don't want to play!
  - We have nothing to cover.
  - I'll lend you a thousand dollars. In this case, you can earn a lot more.
  What's going! - In the eyes of Alexander ignited the fire. We're ready.
  The oligarch took out on one thousand dollars to a piece of paper and put to the guy, and then to the girl.
  - We bet in unison if we lose together.
  - A win all the more!
  The first to enter the arena were fighters without weapons. One of them was not tall and old, the second is huge for two meters, with a sloping forehead gorilla. The audience rustled and began to joke:
  - Hey, grandpa can tie a sock.
  - Drink milk!
  - Place your bets, gentlemen! A voice thundered.
  - Well, Sasha, who do you think will win?
  - Of course grandfather!
  - That's why, look at his opponent's biceps.
  - In a battle not everything is decided by brute force. If he managed to live up to such advanced years, fighting in the arena, it means that he knows all the secrets and has excellent technique.
  - I agree with that! - Means on grandfather!
  After the rates were adopted: the battle began. The bully, like a real boxer, held the left jab and launched into the "turnover" of the right hand. His opponent took half a step back, almost running into a fist. Then again dismissed the case at the moment when the enemy made a too strong swing.
  - No karate, clean Boxing. Alexander Commented.
  - The old man is clearly afraid and retreats. Juliette Whispered.
  - His cowardice is deceptive.
  The battle was delayed, the mighty pounds to one hundred and forty fighter continues to produce the series for series, multiple times it seemed he would get Santa, but he's always a little bit ahead of him.
  After another lunge, the old man made a lunge with his foot, slamming into the solar plexus. His opponent jerked and collapsed face down on the concrete.
  - Ready bets taken. You will receive your winnings.
  The guys were given five thousand five hundred dollars, it seems that the grandfather was not particularly quoted, and it was put only by those who knew him from previous fights.
  Then followed a new announcement:
  - Now will mark a bloody duel with cold weapons. There is an opportunity to bet. In the battle take part champion the black sea coast Ostap Pasko and the best fighter of Greece AFIL the Scab.
  The arena went typical Cossack baggy trousers and curled forelock.
  He was broad-shouldered and frankincense, immediately winning the sympathy of the public. Women sent him kisses, guards applauded. Flowers flew through the barrier.
  - What a charming guy, I'm sure I'll bet on him. - Said Juliette.
  - Let's take a look at his opponent. - Oleg Suggested.
  Coming out of the shadows, the man looked more like a Turkish pirate, unsightly, wrinkled, and one-eyed.
  "EW, look at the freak, what chance does he have?"
  - I would not say so clearly. Have you noticed that he doesn't have a left eye?
  - Of course, this is a big drawback.
  - So here is and Ostap such flaw observed.
  - And no doubt he will. The throw under the weakest hand, and the head flew off.
  - Probably so, but AFIL would never have become champion if he hadn't had the antidote against it.
  - That is, as a pioneer is always ready.
  Most of the bets were made on the well-known famous Ostap. He was richly armed, two swords, a steelyard, a pair of nunchucks. He looked very confident.
  His opponent held two scimitars in his hands, looked tense.
  - So you're betting on a Greek Turk?
  - That's it!
  Bets were taken one to ten and in case of victory, it was possible to make fifty-five thousand dollars. The guys bet, the amount they took, and you can enjoy the spectacle.
  The Cossack threw a dagger, the Greek barely ducked, the tip whistled past. Then they came together, blades flashed, both opponents were quick and agile. Sparks flew from the blows. The Cossack made several attacks, but did not get the opponent. In turn, the Greek almost caught the hero's Chub. The Cossack was heavier and more, so come on, come on ousting the rival a lot. All the Greeks retreated, however, he experienced feelings of fear because he did not made a single mistake. Then Ostap changed tactics, collapsing on the left side, trying to find a vulnerable place in the enemy. Such a move seemed to be immediately contributed to the success. AFIL got a few scratches and staggered, blood poured down. The audience screamed and stomped:
  - Finish him! Cut your head!
  Cossack added, it gets stronger all the time swinging.
  - See Sasha! Ostap wins, cried our money! - With grief said Juliette.
  - Early you grieve, it seems to me that fight goes to the end.
  - Of course by the end of, now Greek collapses.
  - And you pay attention to the look in his eye.
  Juliette stood up to see better. At this moment, when Ostap swung to strike, an elusive lunge followed. All at once gasped, and the blade plunged into the throat of the Cossack. He stood a few seconds, released a fountain of blood. Then fell, and Aftl yelp cut off his head. Grabbed by the forelock and lifted over his head, then said in Russian:
  - How many brains do you have in your head?
  You got the last one! His head seemed to be squeaking.
  I'm going to be sick! - Said Juliette.
  Yes it's basic, then what you itching. - Said Alexander.
  The girl closed his eyes. Meanwhile, the Greek continued to shake his head:
  - Now sing the virgin.
  The head sang a false falsetto: the audience was delighted. So under the applause he left the arena. The boys, in turn, received a prize, thick packs of dollars tempting crunched in his hands.
  Then the music began again. A powerful, athletic-looking guy stepped into the arena. He made a bicep, strained, twisted his chest muscles heaved as a wave. Us:
  - Maybe someone from the audience wants to fight, the winner will get five hundred thousand only condition: I only invited to the celebration, to make the guard itself is impossible.
  Who's that?
  - European champion on fights without rules, you might want to fight him! Moishe Asked.
  - Of course, five hundred thousand wouldn't hurt, but I'm a fighter. - Confused guy.
  - Well, at least I did karate.
  - Not really me uncle little teaching, he served as special forces, and something else on their own textbooks.
  Then do it.
  - European Champion?!
  - Stay out of Sasha, he's not even in your weight class, kill. - Said Juliette.
  - I didn't know my young friend was such a coward. Moishe said mockingly.
  It's a bit naive reception effect:
  I'm not!
  - So come on out! And bet. - Moishe stood up and shouted: a young man agrees to fight. Only he demands a million!
  - Million! Well, we're raising the bar. Place your bets.
  Seeing that the young man was still hesitating, the oligarch leaned over to his ear:
  Don't worry, all will be adjusted, so you win!
  Alexander immediately provodilsya, it looked logical, put everything in large almost two heads higher champion, and his teenager will just ignore it, and the oligarch will break the Bank. The combination of simple but effective.
  I'm taking the fight!
  The audience applauded! The teenager against the famed fighter, covered with scars. Are now concluded the rates. Oddly enough, the champion of Europe in spite of its fearsome appearance have not received a overwhelming bet. Apparently most of the audience, hardened businessmen saw that he was out of bed Moishe and, suspecting the oligarch in fraud, did not bet on the favorite. Alexander went down to the bathroom and took off his suit, dressed in sweatpants and soft boots wrestling. Although he chose the smallest pair of boots, she was still way too big for him, had tight lacing. Then Alexander looked in the mirror, muscles, purchased at the gym, but hard work was good, however, it looked almost a child. True, he once watched a movie where in a similar situation match up, and that cheered him. At this point, Moisha came up behind him, the oligarch put sticky sweaty fingers on the bare shoulders of the teenager, then caressed the smooth muscular chest. Alexander dropped them abruptly!
  "Don't you like being groped by real men?"
  - You're so rich, hire the best prostitutes.
  - A woman's body is good, but it gets boring. And the boys are much more elastic and muscular, and their hole is narrow.
  - I hate to hear that. Homosexuality is against God and the rules of decency.
  - So you won't willingly give yourself to me?
  Never, better to die!
  - No one to blame but yourself kid. - The oligarch made a brutal face. - Well, now go get him to break your bones.
  Alexander trembled, what will happen now. In addition, he and his girlfriend all the money a hundred and ten thousand put on him. And now they can lose lavandos and life.
  The young man entered the arena, trying to keep straight and raising his head proudly. Juliette blew him a kiss. Many women also made signs, one of them even shouted:
  - I'll buy you a star boy! A million a night!
  Alexander raised his thumb to the top in agreement.
  His opponent made a brutal face, brows furrowed.
  - That kid's mixing you up.
  - Not to death! - Whispered in his ear.
  Alexander childishly stuck out his tongue, teasing the enemy. He knew that he was threatened by a collision with such a mountain, but kept his courage. Maybe it's even good that his opponent is so big, so we can try to get in a vulnerable point particularly in the groin.
  Sounded horn and champion spat, the young man dodged it from spit. Then they met. Alexander managed to get away from hook, and he tried to kick in the balls, but the European champion was on the alert:
  - You hit like a woman and I'll fuck you! - He growled. Then he made a few more quick lunges. He managed to catch the boy, and the boy's nose dripped blood.
  - You're gonna drown. - He growled.
  Too early to rejoice the beast. - Boars like you should live in the woods. - Alexander continued deviate, but opponent was clearly higher growth and class. A new blow to the ribs apparently broke a couple, blurred a huge bruise. The young man retreated and got back in reply to him, however, managed to punch in the jaw. The guy's fist seemed small compared to the champion's horse snout. He smiled broadly and answered with a series of kicks and arm. Alexander parried, but the poke nearly broke his arm and began to swell. The young man stepped back and then he received to the jaw, however, is casual. The bone cracked and fell off tooth. Alexander stepped back, then hit the solar plexus, but did not hit, hitting the press. The retaliatory blow to the stomach wrenched all the guts out. The boy turned over, spun, tried to make a cut, but his mouth gushed blood. A terrible blow in the forehead, is swollen three cones muddied consciousness, and one poke led to the fact that swollen, both eyes. Alexander barely stood on his feet, they trembled. From the next as a sledgehammer attack he could not evade, his chest cracked, and the boy collapsed.
  - Sasha is not necessary! He's already half dead, don't touch more!
  Alexander received another blow and his eyes are muddied, the champion kicked the ruined almost child-like body with legs.
  - Finish him! the audience shouted. Break your neck!
  - Maybe you shouldn't kill him. - Said Elvira. - He's such a nice boy.
  - I see you like a whore!
  - So are you, too. Don't you want to taste his virgin ass?
  Moisha wondered, tempted to hear, as the boy moan from pain, was too big. And kill him he always has time.
  The champion in passion grabbed the guy by the head and began to twist a neck. He wheezed, how much does a teenager need, especially if you hold hands like the thighs of a Mare. And Moisha hesitated, hesitated between the two pleasures of immediate murder and later rape.
  Alexander died, he did not have enough air. At this moment it flashed through my head: What awaits after death and God, if he has will it. On the one hand he was a good guy did not drink, did not smoke, did not fornicate, skipped classes only in need. But his parents were not happy, the father landed on a false charge, the prison to justify the bandit put an honest man, mom is nervous often ill. The world around was cynical and cruel. Alexander prayed regularly and occasionally went to Church, but doubted very much. Well, the Supreme God can not be so callous and indifferent to the suffering of people. Even if they have sinned. In addition, animals also suffer and suffer, which can be worse than the life of a racehorse, under the saddle and beaten with a whip. And for what? Did they eat the forbidden hay? And the most vile and arrogant on the contrary, live well, mafia is thriving, many criminal authorities respected and known to all people. He was once shown the same type with three mistresses in diamonds. He's got five hundred guns! And how many corpses on his soul. Even otherwise, after all for anybody not a secret that these oligarchs-perverts like Moshe is not the exception but the rule.
  So it may well be that there is no heaven or hell ahead. What's next, is full oblivion: scary to think. As a failure, no light, no body, no thoughts. It is better even hell, there, at least, who will not forbid to think. And then, it is fairer, they will be punished with torture and the pack of financial cannibals. Neck crunches and then heard shots, the bodyguards fell. The head of the European champion shattered into bone fragments.
  The hall was quickly filled with fighters in black masks. Numerous protection was cut off by itself, only occasionally single skirmishes and firefights broke out.
  - Don't resist if you want to live.
  The bandits were many, and they were talking on the unfamiliar sharp tongue. Having jumped to rich hostages, they began to tear off jewelry from women and to turn out pockets, taking away dollars, rubles and euros from men. Backpacks were Packed, millions were scattered here. Even in the arena littered with large bills, like leaves in autumn weather. Alexander took it as delirium caused by head trauma. Then their commander, also wearing a mask, but not black, green, jumped out onto the table, which was filled with food. He shouted in Russian:
  - You must pay your ransom immediately.
  Militants threatening Peredelkino the guns. Since Moishe was the richest they came up to him.
  - How much? The oligarch asked.
  - At least a billion dollars. The leader replied.
  - Isn't that a little fat?
  - No, or we'll rape your wife and daughter. - Standing in front of the men pointed to Julieta.
  - And only that! You can give yourself pleasure!
  The militants looked at each other, Juliette was too fresh and beautiful, her pink and Golden skin was steeper than any cosmetics. Perhaps this is the best girl in the hall, a tall, slim figure of a model.
  - What a great offer. We will do it to see that the faithful soldiers are not joking. The leader kicked the decanter of brandy.
  - I the main me be the first.
  Two bandits grabbed Juliet and began to tear off the dress. She fiercely like a tiger resisted, striking. Then to it jumped, two more having hit a butt on the head. Ataman gang jumped and began to unbutton his pants. This Alexander could not bear, with inhuman fury he rushed into battle. His leg hit the nearest gunman in the balls with such force that he fell from the hooves. Then the young man grabbed his machine gun and opened fire on defeat. Two bandits holding the girl at once fell, but the others managed to return fire. Alexander first held in the hands of military weapons, but anger gave him strength, despite obtained in the previous battle injury, he jumped to the side, stepping down from the lead threads. However, it was sung a little. Catching the leader in sight, he pulled the trigger. Shot, bullets hit in the back, knocking the bandit off his feet. However, he was saved by a bulletproof vest. Then being in a semi-conscious state the Swindler pulled out from-for a belt of the terrorist the grenade and pulled out the check. Standing on the right, the bandit struck his hand, a heavy shrapnel charge fell on the concrete. A second later, there was an explosion. Widely flown apart shards flogged the leader of the militants, Moshe and Elvira, as well as a large number of other people. The most important thing is that almost immediately died Juliette.
  My love! - Shouted Alexander. Cartridges the lad over, and he in despair, broke the bayonet the nearest terrorist. Almost immediately he was struck by several rounds. The boy gasped and fell, blood gushed from the broken body, it was riddled, turning into a bloody mass. Then, deprived of the leader of the bandits began to knead businessmen and their whores and bodyguards.
  Began the bloody massacre, which will long remember the papers.
  Alexander woke up suddenly, next to him stirred Juliette. They floated in weightlessness, both naked, but without any trace of defeat.
  - What ease in the body and no pain. - Said Juliette.
  - It seems we in Paradise as many of light. - Alexander began to examine the room.
  It seemed to be made of carved diamonds, and the flowers that adorned the surface were so wonderful that it was impossible to look away. Two figures in shining garments, attracted their attention.
  - But it seems the angels. Juliette Said. - Not a gift I prayed to the Lord means, there is Paradise.
  - Where are the others, in my opinion, and Moishe and Elvira died.
  - Where it should be to be good people in hell!
  - So there is, means, justice! - Alexander read with inspiration:
  My God, you're so beautiful and clean.,
  I believe that your rightness is endless!
  You gave your glorious life for the people,
  And now in my heart you will burn forever!
  You are the Lord of beauty, joy, peace and love,
  The embodiment of boundless, bright light!
  You shed precious blood on the cross.,
  Infinite sacrifice saved the planet!
  Yeah now we just have to be on the ground. Here naked feel ashamed, you have to somehow get dressed. - Said Juliette.
  "Angels" flew closer to them, they resembled fabulously beautiful young man and girl. And smile just like children, teeth sparkle like stars.
  Hey residents of a difficult world. Welcome to Paradise. - They giggled.
  Is this heaven? - Asked Alexander.
  - Almost! You can see. We love, to accept newcomers.
  - Are you angels?
  Girl tilted her head:
  - No, people like you. Do not consist of only proteins and multi-hyperplasy.
  What's that?
  - The ultimate form of matter invented by scientists. First opened thermo-quark fusion, then derived from it the sixth type of matter - hyperplasia. After there have been numerous subspecies, branching, as well as a seventh, eighth and so on. Human science has managed to do the impossible, what seemed like a fairy tale to the most daring science fiction: to penetrate the mysteries of the universe and change the laws of nature. Now we can do almost anything.
  Even to get the moon from the sky!
  - Well, it's elementary, while reducing it to a small grain.
  - That's how incredible. Show us Land.
  - We'd love to show you. We have plenty of time.
  Alexander was skeptical:
  - So it's not the biblical heaven!
  "Angel" replied laughing.
  - Depending on what you mean by this word, the Bible says that Paradise will be on Earth, and it is built. We have an eternal happy life ahead of us, and in the meantime we will show you the changed planet.
  - What's your name? Juliette Asked.
  - I Alfer. The young man said.
  - And I Aliviada! - Answered girl.
  - And us! Want say!
  We don't need to know! You're a Crook and Young Alexander. His name is Bear, and yours is Lanka.
  - How do you know that?
  "So it was we who extracted you from the past, and then restored the bodies and even gave them new properties.
  - So they won't find our bodies?
  - Why? Instead, you made protein dubbing, accurately copying your molecular structure. We don't have to change the past, it can cause unpredictable consequences.
  "And so you can extract all of humanity?"
  - Of course! Many of the dead are already living in our world.
  - How remarkable, and that to do with criminals.
  - They can be reformed or punished, and then did not give a chance for a new life. As you can see, we have broad powers.
  - Wonderful. Now let's see the planet.
  As soon as Alexander and Juliet left the building, sparkling with precious stones, a new surprise awaited them. Of course, the city that stretched out in front of them with houses carried away from hundreds of kilometers up shook. But the most important miracle was the sky. What it just was not, instead of the usual Sun. That girl sniffing sparkling with all the colors a rose, so the boy catches a butterfly net butterflies, the young man rushed on a scooter. But seen like a Panther hunting a deer ready to use your the light teeth. In the sky the whole idea: this movie and the town itself is artsy and fabulous for beautiful. There were buildings in the form of cakes, pastries, all kinds of curls. Suspended backs, fountains, beating contrary to the laws of nature for tens of kilometers, continuously erupting fireworks and much more. Solid multi-colored cascades of super-precious stones. Take for example the structure of material is more expensive than a ruby, its radiance even look hurt. Many buildings and did not have a certain shape and were of plant origin, and others not only the form and appearance, but also movements resembled animals. The children were charged with such kaleidoscopic abundance. One of the buildings galloped like a horse, then jumped up, rushing like a rocket into the sky, disappeared bottomless space. Then there were a dozen more, gazelles with wide Windows-portholes on the belly, they jumped out like a devil from the battery then gathered in a ring, wove the body, forming a wreath.
  - Wonderful! - Said Juliette! - Only as in this to live.
  - Nothing! Replied Aliviada. "We don't need sleep and rest, most of us are scattered across the endless Mega-hyperspace, having as much fun as we can. Here they came to the building, made up of twenty standing on each other butterflies. A girl came out and beckoned. Then came a flock of very young children no more than seven years, followed by a strict column of penguin-like robots. Young jumped, flew, winding turns, emitting from the palms of the barrage of fireworks, from which shook the space appeared woven in the pattern of blossoms of fire. Children that sang, and one girl quite loudly told.
  - And my universe is much bigger than yours!
  - But mine is more beautiful and more diverse!
  - Have they been to other worlds? These little travel, a monstrous distance, but still no adults! Alexander asked, surprised.
  Altmer said:
  - No, most likely, they created them!
  - How to create?
  - And so, by the power of science! Progress has reached the point where we can create matter within virtually unlimited limits. Well, space is infinite and there are an infinite number of other dimensions and universes.
  That's great! So you learned how to create other universes?
  - Yes! Absolutely! Here you guys, if you do not go to Nirvana before the time, you will also learn everything.
  That is awesome, hope for a fair peace. And the development of abilities, but to create your own universe is too much, in my opinion, it is the prerogative of God.
  - But isn't it said in the Bible that God created man in his own image? In man, the creative aspirations are laid in that and his great mission is concluded.
  - Original! So now you're the navels of the universe.
  - You could say that. In our universe, no race has reached this level. One of them is that without a reasonable beginning it is almost impossible to create life. From dead matter, to develop structural organics, you need to create special conditions. And so accumulation does not occur, on the contrary, those processes, such as lightning strikes, exothermic reactions that help to reproduce more complex substances, or rather decompose the most primitive organics. In the blind nature, everything tends from the complex to the simple.
  "But how did intelligence come?
  - It's a mystery we still don't understand. But there is a version that the Bible is really God's word. Only it must be understood symbolically, and if you read especially the old Testament, does not create any impression that it is written by the higher mind. Well, would God kill the representatives of another nation for the sake of the Jews? The Supreme Creator has no favorites, and the chosen people: we are all his children!
  Juliette sighed.
  - I agree with this, my parents were in a car accident, they were dying for a month, I prayed, fasted, put candles, and God said no! It's awful! I cried my eyes out!
  "Poor girl! - Said Almir. - We'll give it back to you.
  - How?
  And you too! It's not difficult for us. - Changed Elpida gesture shape floating in front of them buildings. "It would be better if you stayed with them." Although they are adults!
  So what? Juliette looked doubtful. - Strange in your new world I not met people in age. Of course, you do not have old age, but still there should be not only children and young individuals.
  Elpida embarrassed, she probably didn't want to say it. Her face brightened.
  - How you say. Here is imagine, that you have all there is and all you subservient!
  - Imagine!
  "And besides, you have eternity ahead of you!" So in such conditions I will not want, and life becomes boring.
  Juliette made a terrible face:
  - And that they commit suicide?
  Altmer shook his head, his eyes cleared:
  - No, no way, they're just sinking into Nirvana. They go into absolute bliss, total pleasure and they no longer care about anything in life.
  - Weird! - Said Alexander. - You can live and live, and go into prostration stupid!
  How to say we are too boring, the only entertainment that attracts us is the creation of other worlds. It's especially cool to create a big universe. If you wish, we will teach you.
  - Of course, that would be great! - Juliette applauded. - But first, bring back my parents.
  Alexander also took the floor.
  - My father will also be released from prison, as he is an innocent prisoner to languish, in addition, I think that such a trifle as to cure my mother, you too can.
  Altmer became sad, instead, he said Elpida:
  - Alas! There is an absolute ban on interference in history. We cannot take steps to change the future. This can cause disaster, so even our power over time is not unlimited. So we have to turn you down.
  Alexander bowed his head, he seemed here-here will burst into tears like a girl.
  - Don't despair brother, when they die, or even slightly before, we their return, and then will give eternal youth. As Jesus said, he who believes in me will not die, and if he dies, he will live! There is no death! Said Alper.
  - Then I can do it myself! - Asked Alexander.
  - Of course, only learn a little, this quite not it is difficult! - Alfida extended hand and held it up to the neck of the young man. Then, without causing any pain, disconnected the head and raised it up high.
  How do you feel? She asked.
  - Dizziness, and extreme inconvenience. The headless boy muttered.
  - Give a mental order to the body, let it fly up to meet your head.
  Just like that?!
  - Yes it is! Focus!
  Alexander strained his brains, suddenly the body jerked and flew in the direction past the head.
  You missed! Come again, and don't wrinkle the forehead is the unnecessary thoughts should flow freely.
  The young man relaxed and imagined how his torso is attached to the head. The headless flesh approached the essence of the mind and, reaching out, joined the neck. Alexander instantly felt itself, in the body flowed power, he cut the breast-air and headed to the stars, but instead of shining before him still shone movie. However, it became more frightening, in the sky there were formidable starships, filled with guns, they filled the entire vault. The sky itself changed color and became purple-red.
  - Invasion! - Said Alexander.
  From the vents of the giant ships began to erupt, large pieces hiperplazi, missiles, laser beams, fiery eights, triangles, broken line, and widely divergent waves! Knowledge, having got under blows, began to burst, and to explode, the earth cracked, on it mushrooms which are carried away on hundreds versts in height grew. Alexander noticed that the planet would have fell flat and the surface was visible for many thousands of miles on it, and everywhere was chaos and resolution. Here is a starship the size of the moon and a half fired a rocket, like an asteroid. A monstrous roar shook the Mega-Earth. Super-bright light flooded the atmosphere, burning houses. Water or other colored liquid in the fountains instantly evaporated. Alexander was surprised why he did not burn himself, Juliette closed her eyes, she was turned over by the blast. And the rocket bombs kept falling and falling, destroying, creating huge cracks on the surface of the planet. Through them already stood out lava, and the eruption began, destroying all life on both sides.
  - Altmer, do something! Juliette Shouted. The girl opened his eyes and frantically searched for his rescuers. There was terror in her eyes.
  Oddly enough they were quite calm. Not only small children, kindergarten age and even in infants in suits wildly jumped and flailed while trying to get hit by a projectile or a ray Blaster. When there was a collision, followed by an explosion. Some of the babies disappeared into hyperplasmic hell to reappear. Their faces glowed with joy.
  - I think I'm going crazy! - Said Alexander.
  Aliviada suddenly rose, immediately became the size of the Eiffel tower, spread his hands, jumped up, and pushed two fingers of a starship. There was a flash of a mini-supernova, and they were gone.
  - You were scared! Baby!
  Altmer put two fingers in his mouth and whistled, dozens of ships instantly crumbled.
  - That's how we fucked up!
  Alexander noticed that the children began to shoot at the frightening starships from their fingers, blowing them up and sweeping them away. Almost every shot was as powerful as a cruiser's cannon. Ships are not able to endure getting tossed about, creating clubs in the atmosphere. They were chased and killed, some children caught them with a butterfly net, then, reducing in size, hidden in a matchbox. It was funny, one of the girls hid the ships on the cheek, and then pulled out a tube and began to bullet in the boy, he laughed and told her the same. Children flickers, raking outwardly menacing spaceships with his hands. You could see the baby smearing it all over his face.
  - I don't get it, you're having fun! Juliette Said.
  - It seems this is just another game for kindergarten! Alexander Snapped.- I was already scared.
  Altmer flew to the boy and whispered.
  - Cross your fingers and give strecke!
  What will happen?
  The starship will leave!
  - Although it looked silly, well, who is thus fighting an alien invasion, Alexander knocked fofan! The ship with a diameter of ten kilometers flew off into the distance and exploded. This looked so ironically, that the young man, almost a boy showed language. Several ships suddenly shrank, stuck to it. Alexander wanted to spit, but they held on tight, sucking leeches. Altmer giggled:
  Don't worry brother, you'd better chew them, they are delicious.
  - And you Cheat try! Said Elpida.
  - And if they lasers, a uvula to me will cut off.
  - Here's what I got in my hand. - Alfida handed pistol with a dozen buttons.
  - Blaster?!
  - Grayinterior! Or simply gravel! It emits waves trillions of times stronger than gravity and of different polarity, and pass the ship in the dust.
  Only Bay of the narrow line!
  - Why?
  - All starships posbivat, we will be deprived of fun! The elf squinted.
  - So it's not a real invasion!
  - No, why the present. Biorobots and race Cogal quite frankly think we're going to win, but their hopes are vain. But we, and especially little children such confusion is funny. You can't imagine how hilarious that is.
  - What people have always loved to play war.
  The guys immediately lost interest in space combat, they almost did not play computer games and therefore could not realize the pleasure. Looking around the destroyed streets, Alexander among children suddenly saw the person of years of forty five, bald, mobile and strangely familiar.
  - That's weird around the kids, but here's a grown man! Who's this?
  - One of the rescheduled ones, you know.
  - Right, but I can't remember!
  - You go to him and ask him.
  Alexander, tfootball heel, another spaceship flew to the man. He was like a boy aiming a slingshot. He shot down ships. When the young man flew up to him, comrade turned his.
  - Ah! Seen novovoskresenka!
  "How did you guess?
  - Yes my friend, you're naked! At least they covered the shame! - Said shooter, nice Lisp.
  "Oh, Yes, I've seen so many wonderful things here that I still can't get over it. - Alexander was ashamed, especially because Julieta, for a long time and is not noticeable to him clothed in a brilliant costume, which does not hide the gorgeous figure.
  - Yes, we see the world of victorious communism. When all the needs of the people are absolutely satisfied, but the people themselves like Aribogan.
  - A you, too, know how create other universes!
  It would be amusing! Not yet! But with the help of a pretty girl, I tried to create the universe. It's not hard for her, but I didn't get it. In short get a red universe, from stars to people, but I didn't want this. As a result, the girl remained to process my work, and I decided to travel on foot on the outer and inner land.
  - And that there is also such!
  Young man. After all, our Land is huge, children have expanded it. How to get around it, if around it is the photon or light flying a hundred billion years!
  "A hundred billion light-years, so it will fit millions of galaxies and countless luminaries.
  - Yes so it and there is! In addition, there is the inner world of the earth, so the surface with different pretentious cities and parks, as well as innumerable stars.
  Most, however, abnormal as those similar either on people or on unseen beasts.
  - Okay!
  - Yes, I am a young man went crazy. This, while travelling, saw a lot of that has any desire to build communism is gone. Then all the adults from this confusion quickly go crazy and fly into Nirvana.
  - Why didn't you leave?
  - And we with the friend makes a vodka. Especially here good at making alcohol, and tastes like lemonade and none of the hangover.
  The uncle took out a bottle, on it the face of a parrot with three trunks of an elephant was represented.
  "It is one of the created beings of another world. Mm,you never get bored. Maybe pull it out of your throat.
  I don't!
  - I'm right here, too, when prepared the world revolution did not drink, but now people are too strong and happy, even a kid can wish for a separate universe. How can you not take to drink.
  - World revolution, you say! So you!
  - Lenin! Before, I just learned, from what era!
  - We have President Medvedev!
  "And this one, I call him piggy, for his ruddy face. The typical bourgeois, I suppose all the oligarchs plays along. I would love to have gone down in the past and would suit revolution!
  - Yes, and I, Vladimir Ilyich, at times wanted to strangle the capitalist-owner. Worked in the summer of sixteen, twelve hours in the winter, not unbending his back, and received a penny.
  - That's how the bastards exploited children. But we will! Lenin shook his fist.
  - Would have followed, but not because we are the future, and there is a strict law.
  - If I could have walked him.
  - But nobody's watching us!
  - That you think so, then even the air was filled with tiny robots-guards. You don't?!
  - I do not know, with such a technique, everything is possible, molecular technologies, they were developed even in our time.
  - And here every photon is a mini-computer of high power. Here try to hit me, so much so to cause pain.
  Alexander was confused:
  - I can't punch Lenin myself.
  - And you imagine that I was a Kerensky or Nikolashka! Well, give it to Nicholas the Bloody!
  - So he's a Saint now, the Church honors him and prays.
  - Priests are liars and thieves, serve the exploitative classes. Remember our Church, pop it in the first place-seeker, without money it will not be included. For example, you prayed.
  - Yes, prayed.
  - Since your last confession?
  - Of course!
  - Candle pose?
  - Bet!
  That's income. Here, for example John the Baptist did with Christ's money, when he was immersed in the water?
  Of course not! Alexander said automatically.
  - And the priests take over everything! The funeral service people grief, and dolgoroky not only three skins will tear off, so more food from the table to carry off. Not to mention that the Church has a solid income from the sale of wine and cigarettes. That is, he earns on those vices with which he must fight. The Church is like a store without money don't come in!
  Alexander was embarrassed, he always had great respect for Orthodox priests and generously donated from his meager means to the Church. He remembered the episode, as the priest staggering from him, clearly reeked of fumes, celebrated the service, swearing obscenities. Of course the family has its black sheep, even among the apostles there was a traitor. Moreover, Lenin himself was a bloody dictator who killed a large number of innocent people.
  Don't! Let there be sinners among the priests, God will punish them. But the Church allows us to know the Supreme God and worship him correctly.
  Lenin smiled slyly, shot from a slingshot, podvig another ship, resembling bristling with guns, the killer whale:
  - Tell me what lies on the religious dogma of a man who from early childhood, trampled the cross, were ordered to destroy churches, shot priests?
  The fires of hell.
  We're in hell! I'm healthy, cheerful jump in front of you and the bastard from archidata! If there was a biblical God, I would have been fried long ago!
  - Maybe He's giving you time to repent!
  Nonsense, the Bible says: a man dies and go to his business after him. There's no second chance!
  - You know the Bible well!
  - I never complained about my memory. True, in recent years, your Lenin was ill, there were failures, poor health, but now everything is fine.
  You don't think you God to punish through illness?
  - And that the righteous do not grow old and do not get sick! But the whole world knows me. Even here, many people respect me, understand that I am a working people! After all, I didn't invent the saying, honest pop like white hell!
  - Maybe you're right! My father says: if a politician is baptized a lot, then his hand is looking for your wallet!
  Lenin pulled from the bottle:
  - Here is a wonderful thing, how many do not drink, and she's all the time and taste can change! And look!
  Vladimir Ilyich hit the bottom of the bottle, a real eruption of a water volcano rose up. Enormous flows over the space of thousands of miles around, the enemy starships spun in a whirlwind of choking, dragged them to sparkling in all colors of the rainbow crater, and then down came the rain.
  - Well, he saw the vodka is lethal force!
  Alexander licked his cheek, the liquid was very sweet, slightly sour, pleasantly cold throat. The mood immediately lifted, it seemed, opened the third eye, started the euphoria, the lips themselves stretched in a blissful smile.
  - Well, how does it feel?
  There's something! The young man said.
  - Well, as you were afraid of the vodka, then drink it all, even children!
  - Yes here almost all children!
  Juliette, although she shared the General jubilation, suddenly remembered the sad.
  "And my parents, they're still in the middle of nowhere!"
  The elf clapped her hands.
  Now we Alferon move, and you'll see them. You can go anywhere, we'll find you.
  - And I'll give you clothes, and you ladies, embarrassed spend. - Altmer spun with your finger and Alexander dressed in a decent suit, the one in which he was present at the presentation - "Fighting without rules".
  Two of the "angel" disappeared, like devils in the deep end. Juliette saw her boyfriend talking to a bald man with a neat beard. Her sharp vision, despite the rain, clearly distinguished the kind cheerful features of the speaker's face. Taking a step, Julieta appeared next to them. She wondered how she was able to so casually defeat a decent distance.
  - Meet Lenin. - Said Alexander.
  I know! I have read a few books about you and, although many nasty things are written about Lenin, I treat you with respect.
  - And from the Mausoleum, my mummy was not thrown out, during the second and third world war, even evacuated. Now there is a mausoleum in the inner side of the Hyperground. Rather two mausoleums, one life-size, and the second huge hyperplasmic. Before him constantly marching columns, however, it is not people, and biorobots, but still nice.
  - I'd like to see that.
  "Then we must move to the interior of the earth. Incredibly, our planet is like a bubble of a hundred billion light-years in diameter, so we have to penetrate the inside of the bubble.
  The space battle is over. Destruction and smoke of fires covered the entire surface. Barefoot children were jumping on the fire, extinguished it, while others again built a more pretentious building. Of course when built easily as in a fairy tale, to destroy joy. Here you can see the baby waving hands, built a building resembling a faceted star glass on a thin woven braid in the leg, and another girl, reproduced and did a fantastic colourist, also took a building with a hundred moving on stalks eyes.
  - With fat freaking out! Lenin yawned. - That is a pity that Stalin now with me not hangs out. He is taught how to create the universe, it is not strange that children learn this process faster than we adults. And so it is wonderful Georgians, when such construction has been started.
  - That's right, Stalin was a great man. It was much more fair and democratic than it is now, the real power belonged not to the oligarchs, and the working people! - Said Alexander.
  - You see and you understand it! And here is that me poisoned soul, what the Communists have lost power! That's who I wanted to find Mr. Gorbachev and Yeltsin. To kill them I would not have given, but to speak out and defeat mentally, so at any time. But they're hiding somewhere. Mega-hypervalency endless!
  - Maybe they weren't resurrected! They are not worthy of eternal life! Juliette Said. - But I do not understand why you did not make your hair and did not look at all for twenty years?
  - Because, that thus me memorized the and knows the entire planet. And the appearance is not a problem to change, and soon you will learn. In the meantime, I'll introduce you to my sidekick.
  The three of them flew up, gradually gaining altitude. It was so unusual, the horizon line opened wider and wider, it was seen as rapidly as mushrooms children's cartoons grow at home. Gradually, the survey reached hundreds of thousands, then millions of kilometers. The air did not disappear, even its density remained the same despite the laws of nature.
  - Strange we should have to go into the stratosphere.
  - What can you do artificial reality, people have transformed nature and its physical laws! Lenin said proudly. - And most importantly I foresaw it all. Read my writings, what they say about the possibilities of the mind.
  - Be sure to read, although you are not rarely tried to make an idiot. They said you had syphilis.
  - Well, it's all slander, I honestly never courted married women and preferred intellectual conversation bed. In General, I thought too much about the welfare of the people. I wanted to build a society where everyone would be happy. To do this, it was necessary to throw off the chains of autocracy, to put an end to obscurantism and give full freedom to science. Nowhere even in the US scientists not had such good conditions as in my the USSR. Well, I will not talk about achievements, I think you know!
  - The first man in space was our Soviet! Juliette Shouted.
  - Right, and giperplaziu invented by Russian scientists. It made it possible to win the third and then the fourth world war, after which the world Communist government was established. By the way, if you hadn't died, you would have had to watch the second coming of communism.
  - And that in Russia the power to change?
  - That's right, the Communists appear young, energetic leader, with a fine voice: singer and bard! Steeper than Cheguevara! He will unexpectedly win the presidential election, and then Russia will quickly become even more powerful than in Stalin's time, and fraternal peoples will unite again. Lenin blossomed into a smile. Is he the future leader of the now as much as you! - Because from the look on your face, you're underage. Vladimir Ilyich winked provocatively.
  And it doesn't matter Gaidar, in my or close to my age, commanded a regiment.
  - Well, it's a little embellished reality, because he did not become a General, much less a Marshal as a gifted Tukhachevsky. So, there was great military abilities. - Lenin on the move took out a bottle. Past them flew numerous aircraft, they were colorful, resembling a mixture of animals, insects, flowering plants. Basically they were controlled by robots or other forms of life created by people.
  They moved away from the earth's bubble at a decent distance, and the end of the edge he could not see. There are several curly tree with a height of thousands of kilometers, they were growing at an unprecedented fruit, a variety of forms.
  In particular in the form of hour, ten arrows.
  - How pretentious, though, hours sometimes eat in cartoons. Juliet Laughed.
  - Then the computers edible, and taste changes from key presses. I'd like to lose this fruit to the peasants, probably fled. - Lenin pulled harder with their feet, and they picked up speed. They began to approach the sun in the form of a boy eating ice cream on a stick. Vladimir Ilyich splashed sweet vodka on him. The face of the radiant child curled, steam began. In response, the sun boy blew, a few drops of separated gigantic ice cream, approaching, they turned into small planets. Alexander, Juliet and Lenin did not have time to turn around and flopped down on the sweet, smelling of honey, nectar and expensive perfume surface. And the aroma was so strong that literally intoxicated teenagers. Lenin, however, remained cool, taking a handful of sun, ice cream, he put it in his mouth. It tasted like a grilled kebab with red pepper, and tears came out. Guys, too, typically recognized try, by sticking greased fingers in his mouth, coughed, choked, but sewed in themselves.
  - It's delicious, but too spicy. Let's fly around the drop!
  Although they raced a hundred times faster than a jet fighter, it took time, because a drop dropped by a boy of eight years to look almost as large as the planet mercury.
  So the stars are also handmade. - How can you create such a whopper, endowed with reason. - Once again surprised Juliette.
  - I'm in trouble myself. It is not necessary to cave in under the changeable world, let better he will SAG under us! - Lenin suddenly responded words fashionable smash hit. - But I like that star better. He pointed to a shimmering statue in the distance, almost naked with a Fig leaf on her hips.
  - That's a hot star! Me would such a diva.
  - And that there are no women!
  - Why young maidens meet, but for them traditional sex a little. They are using mega-gravity cybermedicine.
  What's up!
  - This is when you make love, just a thousand or more hypostases. Too much for me, I ran away from that. There's a really great bio, but could you compare their human body. Although if you don't know from a natural diva, you can't tell. Here's a wish for a harem, and you can have it; male or female anyway!
  - Alexander is enough for me! Juliette Said.
  - Monogamy is prejudice. A person should not have a sense of ownership even to a sexual partner. To do this, the pair must change as often as possible. Lenin put his hand on Juliette's shoulder. - That so girl, need to love all, not one.
  Alexander intervened:
  - Why you Communists in Soviet times was expelled from the party and stripped of their posts for moral decay?
  - It wasn't in my presence! Yes, and we lived in a capitalist environment, we needed more strict discipline. And now there are no wars, no one prevents us from developing. Truth I heard, that in other universes remote on many trillions of parsecs there is roughly, such as our the mind, but they utterly not aggressive. So that a boy, can relax and receive pleasure. I especially recommend the Threesome.
  - Sex is intimate! - Said with a challenge Juliette.
  - No, sex is not intimate, but collective! Lenin said in rhyme. - Do not you understand what is important in life is pleasure, pleasure. Try everything if you do not want to get mentally fat and be in Nirvana!
  - We'll think about it.
  - A now flew to star, my friend lives on it! - Lenin said, spinning elbows as at a distance Sprinter.
  - That's more interesting, and we won't burn.
  - No, the flesh that it does not burn on us, and the temperature on the star is different. Here man is the master of all physical laws and hyperplasia. However, when people did not know what stars are made, concocted tales about elves wizards living in them. Then when it ceased to be a mystery, opened spectral analysis, few of the science fiction writers described life on them. Now it's even become fashionable to live on the stars or inside them! That's amazing, but eyes are not tired from their sweet light.
  The higher they went, the more mysterious the world became. Here's a similar drop-Kapitoshka creatures played in large glowing multi-chess with lots of extraordinary figures of fantasy creatures, partly similar to earth, but mostly without parallel in the old human world.
  - What do the stars think? Juliette Asked.
  Lenin chuckled:
  - The same as the people of this bright world. Hyperplasia creates a certain sequence of radiation changes textilene shares of micron wave which is manifested thought processes. This type hyperblasting computer, only easier. Lenin Explained.
  - Limited intelligence is awesome. Juliette spread her arms wide. The sky with incredible speed drove gigantic cars of all kinds and colorings, from old, and even resembling lizards, to pretentious mummers. Several times they were almost knocked down. Then the car drove into a round puddle, raising a pile of spray. We had to fly around the discarded droplets, the guys accelerated to the speed of light.
  - Ah, I don't quite like it, even sick!
  - After the resurrection, the vestibular apparatus is perfect, as are the bodies, it is you purely psychologically. - Said Lenin.
  "Well, cars and an invisible highway in space, isn't it wild!
  - Relax! We're coming. In this part of the universe, by the way, not three dimensions, but much more, you can cut the way! - Vladimir Ilyich dove, the guys behind him. Naked girl grew up, taking the entire horizon, the size of the diva is not inferior to Jupiter.
  - Here we are. Now we have to go down to the "Tavern" - "Star Fox" so usually spends time my friend.
  The boys flew into a colossal cave.
  - We're going inside the star. A woman's mouth?
  - No! In the grotto of Venus, where the diamond of love is stored!
  Juliette turned pale and fainted.
  What is she! - Asked Lenin.
  - Yes, Vladimir Ilyich apparently realized where we were going.
  - So it's not a woman, the star, although well, you probably know how it rhymes!
  - I know, but it's rude to talk about it! Alexander was confused.
  - Well, you'll excuse me, I'm usually more reserved, but now he drank too much lemonade vodka. By the way my friend prefers anise and rice, natural.
  - He must be a tough guy!
  - Very!
  - Not Stalin?
  - No, I already told you, he's learning how to create universes, you're so young, and the memory is gone.
  - Just you too often painted together!
  - It's good if the successor does not forget the predecessor. Lenin patted the Cheater's cheeks. - It's time to Wake up.
  The girl blinked a little, then frowned.:
  - As it is not culturally!
  - Sorry, that's nothing until she's one, but this one stars a guy who still runs on other bodies. That's when they talk is that! Lenin spread his hands.
  - Don't tell me about the horrors. Juliette shook her head. I don't want to hear it.
  - Okay, I have the stars, too, are children, some of them, however, when you've already seen. If you fly, you can stumble upon the babies. I've seen earth children give them candy.
  That's real! Candy, probably no less than the moons of Mars.
  - There is and size with Mars, but they have mastered secret matter and can create in unlimited quantities, I even himself their sometimes fear.
  - Can you do it?
  "I haven't learned yet, and there's no magic in it, it's all science. That's what communism has done, it's confirmed my point on all issues. I even decided to write a book "the Last stake in the grave of capitalism."
  That's interesting, I personally hate this greedy system, there is no money!
  - Of course not, from each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs. You want a Palace, a personal spaceship, a yacht, an aircraft carrier, an ocean, well, all will give. Oh, I even wanted the universe to give!
  - Small? Juliette Asked.
  - Relatively small. A total of one hundred and twenty trillion stars and the same number of planets with living beings, mostly aneroid robots. I promised to think about it, although for Lenin, it was possible to offer the gift a little more, though the child-giver was a little not all can. In addition, we novovoskresenka not as strong as those born under hyperammonemia.
  - Yes us, perhaps, create the universe not under force.
  - Just do not fall into Nirvana, if you will be offered to feel such a state, do not agree from there, do not want to return.
  - It's like a Buddha!
  - I read about Buddhism, what sacrifices monks made to feel this state! And then it beckons next, reach out to absolute bliss. Well here's the tavern.
  The establishment resembled a rich ancient Prince's Palace. Golden dome, wide marble staircase at the entrance the guard with the axe. They bowed to the waist at the sight of the guests.
  - Robots! - Asked Alexander.
  - Newfound! - Said Lenin. - Or more accurately slaves taken from the past. Many of them are not literate, it is easier and familiar to serve, for example, the king-father, than to live as gods.
  - And you didn't implicate any of them! Juliette asked in surprise.
  - Why of course told about communism and new happiness. Most enjoy life, some are tempted by Nirvana, only the most persistent are left. Well, I do not touch them yet, Petrusha asked to leave the last lackeys alone. At least for friendship.
  In the upper room on the walls hung expensive weapons, skins and animals, including alien origin, there was a statue of naked girls in the ancient Greek style and the scene of the battle of Poltava, lined with mosaics of the brightest gems. In the next room, judging by the sounds, feasting, playing music.
  Are we disturbing them? - Asked Alexander.
  - No, they'll only welcome guests. - Lenin boldly penetrated in a broad hall with high ceilings.
  In the center on a dais sat a man in a military uniform, wearing a wig with boots. Face round as a cat, in the teeth of the tube. He was tall and broad-shouldered. On the hands of from him stood people in wigs and German women.
  - Great Petro! - Said Lenin.
  - Hi Vova! And with you I see visitors!
  - Yes, my new friends! Alexander and Juliette.
  - Let them sit down at the table to celebrate a noble feast. We, or rather great I have a five hundredth of a wild boar eats.
  - You're the king! Lenin Snorted. - As it is delicious, but monotonous, then you can try creatures from other planets. In particular meat pricier.
  - It's that green one with the diamond shell. To taste that Turkey in chocolate, the shell, however, is red, but in this world diamonds cost nothing.
  - There is a building consisting of stones of a much brighter and more beautiful than diamonds. Arch-beautiful!
  - When given a gift is not it! Now I have men tore up three skins, took taxes even for sandals, but nothing the fleet was built, and what was the army! I beat the mighty Swedes like partridges! Now you can't even hit a servant, is that life?
  Looking at him, Alexander bulged his eyes:
  Who are you?!
  It's Perth One! - Said Lenin - Or the Great Tsar of all Russia.
  - The same!?
  - The same! Peter was furious. - If you want to know that I'm angry and I can order the servants to crucify you on the rack right now.
  Alexander stood up, fists clenched.
  I won't!
  Juliet was furious:
  - Why did you kill your son? Despot!
  The king's eyes were bloodshot, he swung his staff and rushed the girl. The heavy cane froze a few inches from Juliet's face. Then the king calmed down:
  My pain! I didn't mean to kill him. Besides, my son was slandered. I just found out. But nothing recently we met, and he forgave me. However, most likely, flew to the star temple. There live Orthodox priests to whom he had a weakness. I'm not interested in his fate.
  - And I'm about to have a son! - Said Lenin. - I've already found the right lady. - You know how sad it is when you don't have kids. I've already laid in the machine settings, feet tall, handsome and not bald.
  - You could have grown up! - Peter Said. - I'm not comfortable with a friend like that.
  And as the proverb says: small but udalenky.
  Get off me! Here! Smoke! King stuck up for Alexander. - I like you a fighting guy!
  - Smoking is harmful, it intoxicates the brain and weakens the lungs. Maybe that's why you died when you weren't old. That plunged Russia into chaos, weakening the country.
  Peter's eyes brightened:
  - You see, I understand what role I played in their country. During the last campaign I occupied Azerbaijan. Then set a goal to make your way to the Indian ocean, and then to conquer India and China.
  - It is a natural desire! And I think you did it, if Britain, located far away, was able to acquire such vast colonies, Russia, which has a direct land border, could thoroughly gain a foothold on the continent. In the long run, we could also take control of Africa and conquer Europe with an even weaker America.
  Why? But I did not set myself the task of necessarily subjugating the whole world. It was enough for me to become the strongest power in the world. Further progress in Europe was fraught with too much blood, we had conquered Siberia to get to the South, to the warm seas, I was sick and tired of cold and damp. And there, on the coast of the Indian ocean, I would have founded a city, the new capital of Russia!
  - Great! Juliette threw up her hands. - It could be called a Cheat!
  The king, with a mouthful of juicy big chunk, chewing and re-pouring of vodka, with a gesture beckoned a servant and wiped his hands on it. Then he slapped his rosy cheeks with a clang:
  - All I'm dying from boredom, tired of eating meat, let's take a walk through the universe. We are four, fun figure.
  And the servants?
  - Why the extra ballast, we'll manage. Peter grunted and took off.
  Can I ask? Juliette Asked.
  - What? Not my son!
  - Your shoulders are so wide, it's bioengineering or surgery.
  - No, it was done at my personal request. I'm tired of being so angular. A king should be beautiful. Peter ran a hand through his hair. That one is bad I'm afraid to fly. So hold me by the elbow.
  Taking the flask, the Emperor, actively waving his hands, flew to the ceiling and crashed into an old chandelier. Fell on top of candle, crystal crashed down osypalis. The oil caught fire, the flames rose, the servants panicked, the vodka in the wine glasses flamed, billowing in waves.
  - Cough, cough! Here's your father and Yuri's day. - Said Lenin. - I thought it was the flame of the revolution!"
  - I am the king of all Russia, the sword in my hands. - Shouted Peter. Almost immediately, a steel blade flashed. The king slashed on his glasses, rejoicing, like a savage.
  - Fireworks for me!
  Explosions followed, and fiery flowers scattered across the spacious hall. The servants were in a panic, they began to run up, as they were stopped by a terrible shout of the king:
  - Why are you afraid of fools! I need to be afraid, not baby time!
  - Not hodographs, holograms. - Corrected Lenin.
  - Shut up rebel beard, or I'll cut it! And at all love fireworks!
  - There's too little room for them. - Said Alexander. - Better move to another world, fly into space.
  - Before that you be burned at the stake, but I love inventors. Give Juliette your hand. The king held out his broad palm. The girl picked him up timidly. The four left the hall, like stones from a slingshot flying out of the tower, and then left the womb of the female star. As it turned out, Peter was not exaggerating, he really felt uncomfortable in flight. The king seemed to be talking from side to side. True Juliette and Alexander so quickly mastered the flights that it might have the impression that they were born in this world. Lenin seemed to feel like a born ACE, too.:
  - Let's pull up.
  Soon they approached a gigantic frigate, with majestic multicolored shining sails and cannons, the size of which was a hundred times greater than the Sun. His guns were constantly firing, throwing out such sheaves of sparks, light rays, and supernova flashes that any fireworks previously seen on Earth seemed only a pathetic parody of the performance. And what animals, fish, birds, plants, insects were generated from the fiery glow. Even Lenin, who had seen the sights, was in admiration, and Peter the Great lost his Royal grandeur by groaning loudly and smacking his lips.
  So they could stand for ages, the variety of forms of fireworks had no end. The appearance Almira and Already interrupted contemplation. Next to them appeared the parents of Juliet. They were similar on those images, that forever captured girl, only seemed younger than and more beautiful. Especially my mother changed, she could not look more than twenty, and her hair became lush and sparkled like gold. They were dressed beautifully, but somewhat pretentious, as Anastasia called her mother, first made a step forward and hugged his daughter:
  We're all grown up and prettier sweetie! All in me. And your gentleman is so solid and large, right girl do not chase the youngsters.
  - No, it's just king Peter, and my companion here he is. The girl pointed at Alexander.
  "Perhaps he is too small for you and too young. But the king is another matter. Anastasia smiled at the monarch.
  - And he's a cutie, and I would be married especially that of the legitimate wife Catherine out exploring, we divorced. But I wanted to have at least some Kingdom, so that the heir would have something to manage.
  - But that's not a problem! The Elf Chuckled. - We you can create whole universe with billions of galaxies. And you can get into the realm of quintillion worlds.
  - These numbers scare me! No, I'd honestly like to fight for the Kingdom. Getting ready, and even from almost children's hands is not for me.
  - That's right! - Confirmed Lenin. - Fight captures, gratuitous bread does not bring joy.
  - Well, we'll think about it. - Alfida sighed. - The world without struggle of course skushen. That's what you'd like. - She turned to the parents of Juliet.
  - Some well-paid and easy job, with a salary of two thousand dollars. Father said.
  Altmer smiled:
  - Why do you need the $ currency is not needed here. Any desire of the material plane is immediately satisfied.
  - What about the house?!
  "A Palace with a dozen pools and hanging gardens. - Altmer held fingers. A group of people immediately found themselves in front of a huge building. It resembled a complex cascade of assemblies, prisms and cones with curls, shimmering brightly in the strange suns.
  - As you like, something similar happened to civilization Matorka.
  Anastasia was struck by the grandeur and singularity of the gigantic Himalayan-like building decorated with hanging Scarecrow gardens.
  "Perhaps it is too much for our taste. I visited the Winter Palace once, and I liked this. If it's not too much trouble, can you reproduce Rastrelli's structure?
  - If you want, of course, with all the pictures! Said Alper.
  And sizes, natural or a little more? Asked Aliviada.
  "It's already big enough to get lost in." Besides, we'll need servants. - Said Anastasia.
  - Like people? - Asked Altmer.
  - There is no better on soft yellowish cheburashek. Talking sense, people are so annoying.
  - It shall be done!
  Alexander had never seen the Winter Palace in his life and was shocked.
  - That's how they built under kings.
  - My school! - Peter Said. - Really, I did not have such splendor, whose is it?
  - When Elizabeth is your daughter built! - Flashed erudition Juliette.
  "My kind is always on the horse. Here is one Nikolashka our all disgraced, such a dynasty ruined. The king's eyes sparkled. "I would have flogged him for that." And they made him a Saint.
  Juliette nodded.
  It's nothing! Here is who more all deserves canonization, so this Peter the Great. Generally title the saints have to give to those who did more for our country - Holy Russia.
  Altmer nodded:
  - Russia is really consolidated all of humanity, putting an end to wars, confrontation, hunger, disease, old age. Great leader Vladimir Starikovat became its Supreme coordinator. Thanks to unity, progress has developed extraordinarily rapidly, scientists around the world freely exchanged information, and trillions no longer spent on espionage and the arms race. Gradually it was possible to build communism, and the consciousness of the people was changed. Now we can't commit crimes even if we want to, and our bodies are invulnerable.
  - Definitely invulnerable! - Asked Alexander.
  - Multi-giperplaziu of which he is not in condition to destroy no modern weapons. Even if we were caught in the epicenter of a supernova or a quasar. However, even if there was a weapon capable to annihilate us, in this case the miracle device "Protection"would work.
  - It generates force fields. Juliette Asked.
  - No, it moves through time. If you suddenly destroy, the device will transfer your body to the relative past and hyperplot instantly recover. That is, for clarity, here's imagine that on the table is a glass. It is thrown, it falls on the marble floor and breaks. The device fires, and the fragments instantly stick together, because the flesh turns into the past. The ideal method of recovery, even if it is dispersed on the fittings, a hundredfold derivative of the particle, which consists of all matter, and in this case, the reconstruction will be one hundred percent. So guys we have reached the absolute immortality, we cannot be destroyed, and since the process of modulating the energy of the infinite, as the physical laws of our inexhaustible and your life.
  - It'll be like the Bible forever! - Alexander crossed himself. "Thank God for such strength." We love you with all our heart and soul.
  I want to serve you God Almighty
  You have put in your heart the wisdom of purity!
  Let there be a day in the world the best
  He would devote in prayer I Christ!
  Lenin made a face:
  You fool! Christ, even if he existed, was only a simple man. Here you have traveled through time, and was at that time of the birth of Jesus. Well, how could God be born in a stable?
  Altmer and Alfida heads bowed, their voice was respect and even a semblance of awe:
  - Vladimir, we were in this time and can testify everything in the Bible, it is written about Christ, the truth.
  - And Sunday!?
  - Yes! He indeed has revived on the third day and was people. Many have seen it, including us and a million time travelers. And then a Strong God appeared more than once.
  Lenin turned pale:
  - Are you serious?
  Not an ounce. A lie contrary the people living in the era of communism. Why would we lie?
  - Well, why believers are easier to manage. Lenin scratched his head. - But if our civilization has reached such power, it is quite different, perhaps, we still unknown universe could be hyperculture, whose representative was embodied on Earth. It is possible that our universe did not originate by itself, but was created by another civilization.
  - This version and we have. Valid if matter is eternal, exist indefinitely, then it could arise and develop by the evolution of the race of unprecedented power, capable of creating our universe.
  Lenin's face brightened:
  "You see, you say God is Jesus, and he may be a man or an individual like us. I've always said that reason will make people gods.
  Alexander objected:
  - There must be an absolute root cause of everything. Can't even dead matter existing eternally beget the overmind. Hence, the root cause of everything must be rational, superpersonal, humane and, of course, fair. That could give rise to the mind, and can be no matter, there is a higher power of creation.
  Lenin scratched his head:
  - Because the world I lived was awful, it's only now he began to resemble a Paradise. Also, think Alexander and Juliette, you've probably suffered in your life like billions of other people. And whether it is moral on the part of the higher mind to subject mankind to such torments. Even if it has sinned. After all, a good parent will never leave their children, even if they have given up because of their stupidity. It was not necessary for Adam and eve to threaten death or drive them into conditions where they could not resist temptation. Although this whole story is probably a fairy tale, you don't believe that God created the Earth in six days.
  - A thousand years for the Lord, that one day. Said Alper. - Not everything has to be taken literally. And Adam and eve first ate the fruit, and then Cain killed Abel. Sin progressed. No, Lenin must put an end to the evil in his soul. That's when you signed the death sentences, your heart didn't bleed.
  Lenin grimaced:
  - Why do you think I'm so sick? Because the stroke was manifested in the nervous system. I felt sorry for people too, and every death left a scar in my soul. It is good that the man was immortal and now I am not so tormented by conscience. On the contrary, by killing, I interrupted their suffering, sending them from this harsh life directly into the realm of arch-communism!
  Talking, they wandered on the Palace, Cheburashka on the road spread carpets. Anastasia several times flying up and down, Bob their heads into the ceiling, but not feeling pain laugh:
  - This is an unusual feeling, let me try again.
  Crashing, harder she broke the marble slab, down fell stones. Cheburashka immediately began to close it up.
  - A wall to break through you have not tried? Her husband asked.
  - Don't be a cracker enjoy life. By the way this Palace does not suit us. Not enough space for the flight, and the picture is a solid classic. And want Picasso and Salvador Dali!
  It's not difficult for us! - Altmer made a circular motion with your finger. The Palace grew and became even more luxurious. Big diamonds, pearls, sapphires, rubies, emeralds, Topaz, created unique patterns and designs on the walls, and filled with oil paintings of the Surrealists and the avant-garde feast for the eyes.
  - Picasso is quite original! - Said Alexander. - Or, for example van Gogh so much mystery!
  - Who?! Gog? It's just stuff, and are my slaves and you better draw! - Barked Peter. - No, I prefer Leonardo DaVinci and Raphael. This is really rich and beautiful. What is that people, instead of a nose arrow, and my eyes overflowed like a lake.
  - This is the manner of cubism, some stars are also performed in a surreal manner and you've seen it!
  - I still shudder from disgust so to disfigure wildlife! Peter jumped on the wall and tried to disrupt the picture, but it wouldn't budge. The king punched her.
  - Well, you savage, and others like it! Said Alper.
  "I am not; I am a king, not a plebeian.
  We are kings! As it is written in the Bible the Lord made us kings, priests and judges.
  "Not the Lord, but we ourselves with our minds! Lenin objected vigorously. "Besides, I am a king, not a priest. If I have my own universe, I will not plant cults among intelligent beings, but frankly, there is no God!
  - Even if they think you're God?
  Even then.
  - And if these atheists technocratically develop and attack us using superweapon? - Asked Alexander.
  - In that case, I'll take preventive measures. In particular will create service like angels, they will follow worlds, to not originated strong fascist regimes, and the Communists with each other not go to war.
  - Vietnam and China fought! - Said Alexander.
  - It was a minor conflict. But how often the capitalist countries fought among themselves.
  - Probably because they are more greedy! Capitalism encourages war! Alexander stretched out, stood at the bottom of his head, and walked on his hands, Juliet laughed.
  - I used your trick is more like it, now you have a body that you can try to stick his head into a needle ear.
  You can! Said Elpida. - Only need to know the brain is denser than the structure of its new multi-hyperblasting body.
  - What we are made hyperplasy?
  - Yes, from multi-hyperplasy! In particular, you notice that you do not experience any pain or itching, or any not pleasant sensations, only pleasure.
  Anastasia confirmed:
  - I've never felt so good. Such a fabulous feeling as if floating on the warm waves of the Black sea. So I think what a great house we have a big beautiful.
  - I think for starters enough and such a, have had enough will rebuild. In addition, it was nice to add a couple of hundred naked girls as servants.
  - You look at my cock! The woman clenched her fists.
  - So it's just the robots! - Reassured her Altmer. If you want, we'll make you two hundred amazing guys. Let's scan the subconscious and select the best on the basis of your innermost thoughts.
  - What if I want a cat or a tiger?
  No problem the desire of the client the law. You can even three beasts at once or configuration teams like lion, peacock and frog joined in the General form.
  - I'll think about it! But you guys aren't gonna follow me around forever.
  - Of course not! But robots are also called Angely - wish-fulfillment. Artificial beings from tiny size smaller photon, until huge as stars or galaxies will forever to accompany you.
  Anastasia threw her legs:
  And we'll have everything?
  - Yes!
  - And if I want a yacht more than Roman Abramovich.
  - Yes, at least a thousand of these yachts! You can even the size of a quasar! Or the whole galaxy! One tiny with a hydrogen atom robot is able to create matter the size of twenty galaxies with billions of stars!
  This is the life! - The woman jumped up and broke the ceiling, the rain of precious stones fell from above. - That this genuine Paradise, live, have fun!
  - Let's see how long they can take such a life! - Peter took a drag on his pipe. I'll teach you how to smoke!
  Julieta looking at salariesa blissfully happy faces of his parents were disgusted. She missed him, and they were ordinary "fashistami", now they got what they wanted and money and a Palace, and a staff of robots. Then she remembered how once in class they discussed the question: What would have happened if communism had come tomorrow. The discussion was interesting, but the conclusion is not comforting: no one began to work, all rushed to make stocks and products simply would not have time to be produced. Here, however, the production rate is close to infinity and you can afford such a luxury, but apparently not for nothing that people went crazy and the mass droves go to Nirvana. When all is without problems, boredom gnawing at the chairs!
  For a while they wandered about the Palace in silence, looking at the pictures. Meanwhile, Anastasia started collecting cars. She especially liked the huge "Cadillac" and "Mega-mini" size with the ship. Gradually, the woman increased the size of both the Palace and the fleet. In particular, in the cellars there were pretentious machines, including "Delta"-7, charming units with fins and Dolphin muzzle. Besides, there were pools, one filled with cognac, another with champagne, the third whisky, the fourth with red wine. So dreams of social justice were realized - perversely in a big way. Number of floors has increased so Winter gradually turned into a skyscraper, it had all the restaurants, a Museum, gyms, greenhouses. In particular Anastasia, her husband was silent, apparently from embarrassment, started a dozen football teams, then hockey, Rugby and a few games inhalations origin. Then she began to stamp boxers, two of them very similar to the Klitschko brothers, one orange Tyson. Juliette shook their hands, and they bowed. Peter and then applied to the bottomless bottle, as well, and Lenin, he also liked Boxing for fun king put on gloves and went into the ring. His opponent was a large, built like a world champion in bodybuilding Negro. They came down and waved. The enemy was quick and agile, several times punched Peter in the face, he felt a slight tickle. Then he moved to attack Peter. The Negro excellently depicted a brutal fight, his nose is flattened, broken like a tomato, and after another blow the cap flew out and teeth fell down. The king increased the pressure, beating Angela, he collapsed on his knees and in pure Russian asked for mercy.
  If you want the country to live in peace,
  Enemies of Holy Russia do not spare!
  Hold your sword in the hands of a fighter with dignity,
  And the head mercilessly over!
  Said the king, with furious attacks crushing the Negro, the remains of teeth, crushing the jaw, breaking the nose until the nigger fell. Then naked with light strips of red cloth at the hips of the girl carried him.
  - Knockout! Boxing is great, but it's better to fight with sabers pistols.
  Anastasia caught fire.
  "I'll buy them myself, write out a whole regiment.
  Altmer nodded:
  - Any fantasy can be realized, everything is available, but time is pressing us. We want to show the guys how other universes are created.
  - Well, there's no rush, we have eternity.
  - Alfida sighed:
  - Every day, it's harder and harder for us to resist the temptation of Nirvana. The desire to immerse themselves in it covers every person as they grow up and live here.
  - Can't you resist that?
  - Alas, it is stronger than us! All that is connected with the psyche, sooner or later, and all novovoskresenka waiting embrace of absolute bliss.
  I'm not going to Heaven. - Snapped Lenin. I have not yet seen a billion of this strange world, let alone other universes. Yes, you can go into prostration, when there's so many interesting - to live and to live. For example, I would fly with great pleasure to the outskirts of the Mega-hyperverse and get acquainted with other civilizations beyond the control of earthlings.
  "We have thought about it, too, but active mutual penetration is fraught with unpredictable consequences, there is a possibility of shifting the course of history or provoking a Hyper-Universe war. To this should be cautious approach.
  Said Elpida.
  - Yeah, and Lenin you can make a new revolution. - Said Almir. I must say that we have conceived to arrange a Grand transformation, the universes are known to be created by a series of directed telepathic orders.
  Therefore, we need some time to reproduce the unique drawings of stars and life forms. When the preparatory process is finished, we will call you. Altmer and Alfida disappeared, teleported to another dimension. Peter waved a little sword, carried angelam three heads, but then he got bored:
  - No chance, I like the armor and I cannot be hurt. More interesting would be a battle on equal terms. I'm a very brave monarch. During the battle of Poltava, risking his head, personally cut down the heads of opponents. However, and Carl was very brave. A worthy opponent, a strong one, if he were captured by me, I would not bully a large ransom. I must say that the lands of the Baltic States though, and I won, but technically bought them, and I had to pay two and a half million gold rubles. Even feel sorry for his people.
  - Crowd matter history! - Said Lenin. - A man is mortal, so much the difference, now he will die or thirty or forty years later. On blood need to look philosophical spirit, killed one, but what the benefits will future generations. Back in the early twentieth century, I foresaw that Communist science would resurrect the dead, bringing them to a new, infinitely happy world. Therefore, death is only a transition to a true proletarian Paradise. By the way do you want me to the priest will introduce the former. He took a painful death for faith, and now he's an ardent Communist. Vlasov Fedor name is his.
  - I don't like traitors! - Said Juliette. "Maybe we'll leave this Palace, or I'll ask for Nirvana myself soon."
  - Good idea! - Peter Said. - I want to fly something.
  - Where you girl! Anastasia Asked. - You don't want to live with us.
  "I'm already big, and besides, I can order a Palace a million times bigger and more beautiful.
  - Fly away! We wish you the best of luck.
  Julieta bowed in farewell and they went off in a great big window equal to the size of a football field. After that, they were much freer. The four flew above the surface of Hyper-Earth. Along the way, they came across the Park-count. Along with the ten-kilometer-long trees it was attended by extraordinary attractions, held by force fields, they were worn through the air. Here it was possible to catch a high at the same time in thirty-forty planes. Were the dinosaurs here, it seems, the children worked inventors. The animals were crossed with flowers, cacti, crystals, trees, jellyfish, fish and turned out to be God knows what. Beautiful and crazy at the same time. One such beast, Tyrannosaurus in the thorns and the wings of butterflies flew towards the friends. He opened an enormous mouth and tenderly embraced the four nine languages:
  - Kings of nature, would you like to have fun. Asked kaktusy dinosaur, fingering four wings.
  - No! Lenin replied firmly. - Maybe next time. - As if he flicked his eyes through the air. It's lovely.
  Suddenly the trees rose into the air and began to perform Russian folk dance. They are so famously danced that they broke the giant fruit, which then exploded in the air. Some trees grow chocolate in colorful covers. When the guys flew up to one such size from the runway chocolate, they were illuminated by fire, and the animals depicted on it bowed and welcomed:
  - Eat us and make a wish! - Suggested a three-headed cute bear with ears Cheburashka.
  - I want to be Queen! - Juliette broke off an impressive piece of chocolate, it was airy, fluffy, melted in the mouth.
  A moment later, the girl was in the Royal dress and crown, the diamond throne beneath her sparkling and shimmering. Danced around the court, the Cavaliers and ladies in a sumptuous dresses. Juliette blew them a kiss.
  - Praise you, our gracious lady. - They shouted.
  "Long live my humble people, let us drink to him!" The girl shouted. Then she turned and flew out of the throne room.
  The four were together again, Peter whirling and laughing. It seems that the king is completely settled, his full-sounding voice began to sing songs. And I must say that the autocratic monarch did well. Then the Crook sang, joined by Alexander and Lenin. It sounded beautiful, the trees began to dance to the beat of the music. But it's especially funny when clouds joined in, that's what they didn't write out, and huge insects played guitars, violins, double basses.
  - Wow! - said Juliette. - Miracles in sieve!
  - I think the children did their best. Blessed is the childhood, when you do not want Nirvana. Lenin scratched his nose with his finger.
  - It's like cartoons! - Said Alexander.
  As if in response to him, the trees spun like a top, and then descended to make holes in the hyperground.
  - You know of them, you can create a very decent army. - Peter had a snack vodka a piece of chocolate. - I I such soldiers, such as Turks at once destroyed. Here, God did not give life long. Maybe because I'm from the Church the bells were removed, so we have four hundred cannons were cast.
  - Russia is a sacred country and what is done for its good is pleasing to God! Alexander said decisively.
  - And when you young people are smarter, that's how you got wrapped up in the priest's dope. - Lenin frowned. - Maybe when you talk to the Communists, you'll be wise. Now we fly up to the cave, he immediately give us a pass to the inner side of the earth.
  The entrance to the cave was like a subway, only more like a Royal entrance. A small boy of about three seemed to be blowing a pipe, blowing bubbles. In fact, his weapon lengthened, and an unknown body began to appear in the sky.
  What are you doing, baby? - Asked Lenin.
  - I draw a star, I have long wanted to make it in the form of a two-mammoth, so he sang and played.
  - Great! Even Mayakovsky had predicted that our children will be stars to light.
  - Actually,he has a similar poem, but what children will do stars, even during communism, he did not predict. - Said Alexander.
  - Maybe, but we need to have light sources.
  Funny animal rapidly swelled, he was funny hat with bells, and in his hands he held a Lollipop, lemon-green tongue licked him.
  - Ready here is my mammoth, now we will play with him! - The boy said and took off into the sky.
  - And yet it's nice that our offspring shows such creative inclinations. Instead of hooliganism creates stars. - Said Alexander.
  Only way he's gonna play with him so small with such a huge star.
  The boy was indeed almost invisible on the gigantic background, he was noticed only because the children's eyesight was extremely sharpened. Then the child suddenly grew up, becoming almost level with the mammoth.
  - Our school is Communist, children grow by leaps and bounds. - Said Lenin.
  - Admired, and now inside. The king snapped.
  For a short time the boys thought that the wind blew, but then were inside the shell. Here, as on the surface, it was very light, and there was a pleasant temperature.
  - The difference is almost imperceptible. - Said Juliette. - That I remember, smiled novel Plutonium, so there internal the sun was red. And a very interesting work, although written long ago.
  - And I even wanted to write a sequel, such as the future rivalry of the United States, Britain and Russia in the underworld, the clash of special forces, scouts, spies, the discovery of an ancient alien civilization.
  All this could be very interesting. For example, the commissioners are raising awareness among
  the natives form the red army. It was all very interesting and intriguing. - Said Alexander.
  - We need writers, young man. - Said Lenin. - Especially in science fiction. For example, I read the Andromeda Nebula about the Communist world. On the one hand it was well-written, and on the other imagination miserable. Reality has surpassed the dream.
  - Perhaps in the future we will have something that even the current reality will seem primitive.- Said Alexander.
  It's dialectics! Lenin drew the figure eight with his index finger. She instantly lit up - a symbol of infinity, finding material outlines, hovered in the air. - You can't stop progress, that's just too bad that adults are not involved in scientific research, giving it to the children.
  On the way they met a Grand star-Cathedral, bells were ringing, at the entrance stood the priest. He made the sign of the flying cross, and then turned around to celebrate the service.
  - This pop is not real, gamma projection. - Said Lenin. - And here is the mausoleum see a huge over millions of miles to see.
  - Great reverence to you rebels! - Snapped Peter.
  A large mausoleum was huge almost as big as the star called Sirius and they sparkled not weak. It was seen as eagerly burning eyes of Lenin. Peter the First it seems, too, saw his first time and smacked language.
  That's cool! Big mansion, you probably in a normal body a hundred years to get lost.
  - Not less my dear, not less! - If we consider that the diameter of the mausoleum is about ten million kilometers, then it will take about two hundred thousand days or about six hundred years to get around it, moving fifty versts a day.
  - Crazy construction! And do everything for you.
  - No, there is in power and Stalin's and other Communist leaders. Well, thank the mind, we can move faster.
  The mausoleum resembled a stepped Mayan pyramid, with many entrances and exits. From the top it housed the statues of thirty-three heroes. At the bottom of the platform were visible seemingly tiny columns of demonstrators.
  - Here are my supporters. Vladimir Ilyich said, smiling. - You can't strangle our song, you can't kill it.
  The guys made a circle, slightly decreased, they were gradually accustomed to such exorbitant rate.
  - That is our strength. - Lenin, from the air materialized a trumpet and sounded the horn.
  There were many, several million demonstrators. They were mostly young, beautiful people, but there were older subjects. But there were no old men and women.
  - Weird! Juliette Said. - We have in recent meetings of Communists went to some ancestors, and then a continuous youth.
  - Everyone's been rejuvenated. I too first looked for twenty years, without a bald head, but then he changed his settings. - Said Lenin. - But the kids honestly in the society of the future must all be young and happy. And here are my favorite pioneers. Already the younger generation.
  Children very clearly minted step, kind of have them was a satisfied happy. Beat drums, played horn.
  - Why are they marching all day?
  - No, they'll be stupid, they can use the whole entertainment industry. - Lenin turned his head and grew in size, becoming the likeness of the statue of Liberty:
  - I welcome you workers of the come communism. Permission to fly.
  The pioneers, keeping order, soared up, then began to spin like swallows.
  For our happy childhood, thank you comrade Lenin.
  - My beloved children! We live in an era of victorious communism! But our enemies are not asleep, continue to learn weapons and learn to shoot at the simulator. Our strength is in the party! And party eternal! Kill the fascists!
  - Where will you get them? - Surprised Juliette.
  - Anywhere, we'll do it.
  - I wonder where Hitler is now? - Asked Alexander.
  - Well, hardly anyone will resurrect such a monster. Except to hang him. - Said Juliette.
  The Nazis appeared suddenly, jet fighters dropped troops. Large, terrible, with horned helmets and a swastika, they shot from machine guns and attacked children. They replied with volleys of beamer and graviertem. Such weapons at once removed a hundred Nazis. But the Nazis were very much the sky had darkened by aircraft. The bombs rained down, exploding missiles.
  Children fought back, cutting the enemy, in some places reached hand-to-hand. The guys fought desperately. The fascists also tried to attack Lenin together with Juliet, Alexander and Peter. Nazi bullets did not cause much harm, and the response
  strikes paralyzed the will of opponents. In the face of the young man got a turn, it caused a pleasant feeling, as if held with an ostrich feather. The boy extended his arm and struck karate. The chest of the Germans failed, and crunched bone.
  Other types shouting - Zind hail! - attacked the Crooks, one bayonet even managed to rip the girl's bra. Beauty squeezed her Breasts, they were lush and beautiful, then the clothes themselves fused.
  Give me the sword! - Shouted Juliet, seeing that Peter famously waving his broadsword. In the hands of young men and girls fulsome weapons. They cut down fascists, strong waves dissecting them together with machine guns. Hitlerites roared, ran up, and the young man and the girl moved faster and faster.
  - Let's lengthen swords, let as in a fairy tale you will wave on the right street, on the left lane.
  - Then hyperplastic gravime! - Said Juliette.
  - Two hands.
  Armed with state of the art "lawn mowers" guys gave the Nazis a salad fricassee! Meat and bones were flying everywhere, Aseeva surface. Hitler's hordes did not dry up, it was like a computer Thriller "extermination" - 10, when you have a powerful weapon, but the enemies do not know the number. Then came tanks: hideous, ugly, Panthers with hull sharks and the barrel of snakes, tigers with bared mouth. The battle became a spontaneous, swords easily pierced the metal, and the pioneers used grenades. Under their feet were scattered mountains of dead German guys, whole mounds lay severed arms and legs. The wreckage was also innumerable, they mixed, burned, decomposed.
  The Nazis used to spit the shells, and even dropped Napalm bombs. However, it did not cause harm to pioneers. They shot back and teased.
  - And where so much malware likes! - Said Julieta, rotating arms.- It seemed a civilized world, and the Nazi's spawned.
  - It's all childish pranks, little fun. I'm tired of turning around like a monkey. - Said Alexander.
  Where are you going? Peter the great blew out a smoke ring, and it scorched several planes, crushing them with a lead Hoop. Tsar apparently this amused and, he blazed stronger. The smoke rose up, it seemed, from the mouth of the autocrat erupting volcano. The aircraft began to suffer damage, paratroopers burned like moths. Lenin prior to that, preserving the peace, threw up the hat, she took off, growing in size, and covered several hundreds of thousands of aircraft. Then it decreased, squeezing the metal into the ointment. Lenin vigorously rubbed it into his bald head. Here the bald spot, as if by magic began to overgrow hair.
  It seemed that the leader grew younger, becoming curly again. His hair grew rapidly, filling the space. Numerous German aircraft tangled in the hair, which suddenly became sharp, like razor blades. When the planes were sawn, they writhed as if alive. Then Lenin stood on end and like snakes rushed in different directions of the sky. Their unequal fight against fighters, attack planes and bombers was visible. Stream Marines began to dwindle, probably shoots to the head of Vladimir Ilyich had been destroying the enemies faster than they played. However, some of them managed to break through the thickets and fell under the friendly blows of the pioneers. They are boys and girls are pretty wound up, be seen, burning bright eyes, flushed ruddy complexion. All the pioneers were beautiful, apparently they adjusted the appearance with pleasant facial features. Even fury didn't corrupt them, and their smiles became wider.
  - Death to the fascist butchers! - Cried the girl and lupanula graviertem.
  Alexander was already pretty tired of the roar, firing, and the smell of burnt meat. He decided to end the cannonade.
  - Want a big multi-barrel mega-hypergraphia gun. He said.
  At the same instant his hands came a terrible weapon, it looked like a big ball of hedgehog, and it was worn like a glove from both hands.
  The young man stood in Samson's pose, raised the Hyper-gun and pulled the trigger. There was the sound of a saw rattling on metal. The planes crashed down, powdered. The boy expanded the sector of fire, thick Lenin's hair began to fall off, as if giant scissors cut them. The young "Barber" was taken aback, it looked almost like a horseshit: to Cut the leader of the world proletariat.
  Lenin, however, did not look irritated, since the fall of the bombs and the landing operation ceased. Then Vladimir Ilyich slapped himself on the top of the head, regaining his former appearance. His legendary bald spot glistened, his beard lifted. The pioneers, having stopped fighting, lined up in a chain of stars.
  The sky was smoothed out, and the invasion reminded only many millions of corpses.
  Alexander carefully put the weapon stood in a pose and read spontaneously born in the head poems.
  Fight a Horde of Nazi,
  The path, illuminating through the darkness of the dream!
  Loving the heart call the young boys,
  To give his life to the Holy Motherland!
  The hand froze the blood stream,
  Stream sting of the Scorpion!
  The earth will drink fresh juice,
  Dispel nightmares!
  I appreciate the expanses of Russia,
  Flowers and lush snow!
  Among all the worlds it is more beautiful,
  Find not you can never!
  But all this must be protected,
  Look anxiously warrior into the distance!
  Friendship will help us win,
  Will dispel melancholy sadness!
  - Bravo! - Said Lenin. - Archaic! With such people we will build communism! Now we need to move the bodies. Ready!
  - Always ready! Pioneers shouted.
  - Use antimaterialistic. This will help us restore flora and fauna.
  Guys together took up the cleaning of the location and soon all the bodies gradually disappeared. Then wiped the blood. Lenin continued to spin, giving advice. Peter smoked a pipe, and sipped vodka, then said.
  - I was very impressed by this multi-barrel gun. Come on, soldier, bring it to me. The king made a gesture to Alexander.
  The young man raised an impressive thing, and handed it to the monarch. He stared at her, twisted, popped up, then returned:
  "There's no one to fight, so let him stay with you for a while.
  - It's not bad, but it's uncomfortable all the time, let me hide it. - Said Alexander.
  The gun shrank and disappeared in his pocket.
  - It's easier! - said Juliette. - You're carrying a bandura.
  In Lenin's hands there was a harmonica, the leader lost a melody, then jumped to pioneers and shook hands, two of them. The others reached out to touch the red God. However, the leader decided not to spoil them, climbing up to the platform grown out of the ground, he made a speech. The speaker from Ilyich is not bad, especially the voice is almost not burred and thundered thick bass. People applauded, during life many of them only saw Lenin in a coffin. However, much of what he was talking about Lenin, touched the past, and had very little to do with the present, and calls to strengthen unity, to prepare for the bloody battles, to be courageous and persistent teeth on edge. Like Fidel Castro, Lenin could talk for hours, but apparently this time I decided to feel sorry for his new friends, and was limited to an hour or rather two, not forgetting however, once again spit in the cross and walk through the priests.
  "Now we are immortal gods and will rule forever and ever!" The mega-Hyper universe has no boundaries and we must fight for the freedom of all workers. Prepare to fight and do not be tempted by Nirvana. The state of absolute bliss is peculiar only to idiots. Carry the red banner across the worlds!
  Peter was obviously bored, and to sprawl invented a new pastime: he began to blow smoke rings in a five-pointed star. It was the most real giving heat shone, when it hit the haze, it first became cloudy, and then changed color.
  The king liked it, he began to drop more and more clubs. Here is sprocket first has become yellow, then green, and then blue. But especially fun was when she was covered with polka dots, giving a glare at the person speaking and Lenin of all people. Numerous demonstrators looked comical, and flags were covered with speckles. However, no one laughed, and every pause Vladimir Ilyich filled with applause.
  Even under communism we will need to terror! The speaker shouted. - Violence is the midwife of history.
  Juliette internally did not agree with Ilyich, why spoil such a bright and interesting world of terror, but was silent. Alexander hated oligarchs, and deep down he wanted them all to be transplanted. So the boy approved of Lenin, especially when he said:
  - The first thing we have to fear the risen of the new Russian criminal mafia-bourgeoisie. They can infect our society, generate a spirit of consumption and money-making. Those who drank the blood of the working people under capitalism are able to bare their fangs again and all our efforts should be directed against this!
  This time the applause was much longer and more turbulent Lenin touched on a sore subject.
  - But really oligarchs can try to take revenge, to put an end to a society where there is no social inequality.
  Why would they do that? Juliette Asked.
  - Yes, although because of disappointment. After all, wealth is much stronger against the background of poverty. The usual pathetic tower among the skyscrapers, but majestic among the huts.
  - Yes, these rascals for sure and in this society there are only robots will not allow them to roam. Apparently, the oligarchs one way - to Nirvana. Although! - In the voice of Julieta heard regret. "The good thing about the Christian religion is that not everyone gets Paradise in it.
  Here is how Christ said many are called, but few are chosen! Wide are the gates that lead to destruction, and many follow them.
  - And your parents are believers cheated?
  Unfortunately not!
  "Maybe it's better that the future didn't turn out quite according to the Bible. At least your parents are happy now.
  - I had a much higher opinion of them, but enough about the sad, so Lenin was tired.
  The leader of the world, and now the universal proletariat, seems to have spoken out. Then he returned to them.
  How was it? He asked.
  - Not bad in it all Lenin. - Said Juliette.
  - So now we need to look for enemies-oligarchs, in particular somewhere crawling Gorbachev, I was told that he was resurrected, or rather, moved from the past, and seen with a young girl. - Lenin patted the visor.
  - Most likely, he hid and asked him not to bother, and don't even have to find him on hypertable. - Concluded Alexander.
  Mm-Yes, you can even slip away in a parallel dimension. But we'll send out agents and look for him, and now let's travel a little. No, let's see the mummy first. Believe me, my biocybernetic double has not changed much.
  - So we see in dreams, nothing special. Lies itself.
  - On the one hand, Yes, but I changed something in his brain and now he sings, talks, plays chess.
  Who won?
  - Of course!
  - It's quite interesting to talk to a corpse. - Peter Said. In my conch camera it belongs.
  "Maybe we should look at the chief's hut from the inside. Juliette Suggested.
  - Come on! Just move faster, I don't want to wander the mausoleum for six hundred years.
  - Here there is a special anige-transition! What kind of null transition! Lenin took Juliet's hand.
  They flew a giant that can swallow the sun door. Then they found themselves in a bizarre maze. Lenin, however, did not tyrannize them, snapped his fingers and the four was in the majestic hall. The sarcophagus lay in its very center, the mummy under the transparent cover. Rather it seemed to be the sleeping man were strikingly similar to Lenin. Then the leader's double jumped up the transparent roof drove off.
  - Finally came the guests, and I began to miss.
  - Sing us something.
  The man stood in a pose.
  - In the bloody battle, Holy and right!
  March, March forward, working people!
  - This is deprecated, better we dance lezginka.
  Don't! - Said Juliette. - He's human and he's hurt. I suggest you eat better!
  The mummy replied:
  I do not need it, I nourish megapenny reactor, but I dance not bad.
  The DoppelgangeR began to dance, tossing his feet. It was funny. Then they challenged for the hand of Lenin, and then played chess. Alexander and Juliette felt lost. Two Lenin play blitz, it's an unusual sight to your face. Then again the song and the rifle shooting. Alexander in a lifetime shot only three times, so happy to have participated in the shooting. Then Peter and Juliet joined them. The girl suddenly pretty well treated with the weapon. However, Alexander, contrary to expectations, shot great. The targets on the screen changed, became more complex and moved faster. Especially beautiful looked space battle and flying saucers. Then came the fighters and dragons. So passed the time, but not sleepy. Then the DoppelgangeR threw another trick, conjured a grenade, swallowed it and exploded!
  - What such did Lenin died! King Peter said ironically.
  We'll revive him. - Said the real Lenin.
  Carefully shovel, he grabbed a pile of ash, then dug scoop hole.
  - Now, the trick with animation, all put on foot of strong Russian vodka. - Lenin splashed from the bottle into the fresh flower bed. Immediately there was a sprout, then began to grow a lush Bud. Reaching a height of five meters and the diameter of the barrel, he swelled. There was a commotion inside.
  - I think the baby bird's awake. Eynz, tsvey, dray! - Said Lenin. A flower blossomed from his pistil waving his wings, flew a double leader.
  - That's how the universe is born. - Giggled. - Play us the balalaika!
  Flapping her wings, the mummy bee touched a string, a song was heard.
  - Living well in the world Vinipuh, his wife and children he is a mug!
  The guys laughed, Juliet took off, snapped the double on the nose.
  - Cutie best romance Pro love, all these revolutionary songs are weary.
  The mummy sang:
  The storm is raging, lightning,
  A volcano erupts in the heart!
  Without you like night days flash,
  Your face I remember!
  The sun shines brightly - the body is cold,
  And the dagger sticks out in my chest!
  I like the old man, though the flesh is young,
  Plays the mourning wailing Nightingale!
  Seemed, 't the paw the gloom me pressed down on,
  To the ground pushing, catching my breath!
  But for me you are God's ideal,
  I'm willing to endure the suffering for you!
  In the universe of passion stronger no,
  I give you my powerless kiss!
  A wonderful power of passionate Virgo years,
  I crushed a plate of raw grave!
  Juliette froze in admiration.
  - And you wrote it yourself?!
  Not him! Lenin said proudly.
  - I didn't know you had such talents.
  - When there was a civil war, and I was pursued by the security guard, not to lyrics was.
  And here you can relax! Yes want, I you with Pushkin and Lermontov'll introduce. That is not to say they Yesenin far!
  - Of course, they wrote lofty poems, and Yesenin was either a miserable imitator, or threw unbridled verses. Here Lermontov's poetry is like a stormy sea under bright sunlight. You can look at it and admire it forever.
  - I liked Mayakovsky more. - Said Lenin. - After my death, he wrote a magnificent work. No, it was a real spirit of revolution - Lenin with a huge head, the biggest and coolest!
  Alexander thanked the mummy, circling, she dropped her wings.
  - Okay! - Peter Said. - Now let us leave this place, communicate with the deceased ironically, but tragically.
  - Why, it's my other self! Lenin threw up his hands. - Well, if you're bored with my double, what do you want?
  - To communicate with Pushkin.
  - This can be, and where you will find?
  - The language will lead to Kiev.
  - It's not so chatty, but what we look for a poet. - Lenin pushed the button, and they instantly appeared on a surface.
  The four of them came from the mausoleum. Crowds of demonstrators welcomed their departure, even the five-pointed star became bigger, and a bull-shaped light flew up to it. Star tilted her horns, licked long one plasma language spike. Once it became hotter, the light heated up. However, the pioneers and older demonstrators did not notice it. Here is one of them the white-headed boy has rushed for Lenin, apparently interestingly him, far headed for Ilyich. Yes, to see the universe is not bad, for example, the stars-the boys throw a coin as it falls, heads and tails and there is a winning report. Then the lights hit a flick, seen revolves around some big planets. Typically, this is a solid Park rides, so imagine yourself a cosmic kids move and rotate the lights around them, powering the car entertainment. Lenin and his team could not resist the temptation, and tried on themselves, passing through the bodies of several attractions. It was wonderful, even the harsh Petro thawed and laughed for a long time, puffing smoke. Then his phone has released such a large ring that slender girl star grabbed it as a Hoop and began to spin around the waist and hips.
  - This girl is interesting, and she has a boyfriend. Lenin asked, as if talking to himself.
  - I think that is because she is not gay. Juliette Replied.
  - And maybe more than one! Here you are, for example, so attractive, and Alexander younger than you, it can not be that you have by past him, there were no guys.
  - Why were, but since I did not like Sasha, I kept my virginity. And so to caress, kissing accounted for. It's very nice when you touch the body of a young, fresh man.
  - And if you are not a young but experienced!
  - I don't know, I'm not a whore and I haven't tried it with old people. In addition, sex outside of marriage is a sin before God and Alexander was very scrupulous in this matter.
  - But, and if you want! - Asked Lenin.
  - And me and Juliette worked so hard, we didn't really want to. You at least once in life loaded cars when you drag bags weighing in the center and so the whole day somehow not from a hand after that to indulge in debauchery or viciousness of Masturbation.
  - I also worked physically as a child. You can read books about me. The best writers wrote stories about my life. But at the same time, many people loved me, even during Lenin's capitalist revenge, millions of people supported me.
  - Yes, I also agree with you in many ways. Predatory capitalism needs to be curbed. And then we have more talk about social protection than really help the proletariat.
  - Bourgeois propaganda and media sales strongly sling mud at you. They make up stories about Communists, accusing them of all mortal sins. - Added Juliette. - In addition, they say that if capitalism has become better to live. Yes, where is the best and to whom. One million scoundrels who became billionaires overnight, the rest still live in poverty. And the unemployed are much more than in the official reports, just most of them are denied benefits, and they die of hunger.
  - A lot of demagoguery, but really politics since the time of Eltsin has not changed, all in favor of a small but greedy minority.
  - You guys are right, but words are not enough. At your age, it's time to distribute leaflets, incite the working people to strike. Prepare to enter the barricades.
  - Most people are too resigned to their share and don't want to change. In addition, due to the large jump in oil and gas prices, some officials did not have time to steal and scraps from the master's table arranged for many. - Alexander's eyes flashed with anger. - Besides, the parliamentary system of elections and belief in the good President corrupted many. And the modern leaders of the Communists weak.
  - That's right! Zyuganov is very weak! I'd call it softer than wax. Even Eltsin lost the election. And Brezhnev and Khrushchev are more pictures. Only Stalin almost met the expectations, only in vain did not hit Hitler first, then the whole world would be Communist! - Graduated From The Lenin.
  - Okay, enough about politics. - Decidedly cut off Juliette. - Where Pushkin? she asked the girl flying past them. So looked back, her face slyly distorted.
  "This curly-haired poet uncle asked that his place of residence be hidden. Tired of fans and groupies.
  - Here's how! I understand him, for me, too, hunted a few black hundreds, they wanted to kill me, but still called the Jew's face. Although the statement about my Jewish roots is fiction. And now Pushkin hid. - Prokryahtel, grinning Lenin and twinkled in the sky immediately family knows how arising with his fists.
  - Look what a wonderful Palace, reminiscent of folded wreaths floating in space. Dear girl, do you know who lives there?
  The child replied:
  "Of course I know, the ancient philosopher Epicurus. You can visit it, it will only be glad to guests. By the way I advise you to hurry - maybe an hour later to fly to Nirvana. After all, his main credo - to get the most out of life.
  - Epicurus was one of the first atheists and had the most advanced view of the world among the philosophers of antiquity. - Said Lenin. In particular, he believed that the earth is round and revolves around the Sun, and near the stars have their own planets with worlds. I would like to have a talk with him.
  I read Epicurus. - Peter Began. - I didn't like the Bible from the very beginning. What it teaches pacifism, non-resistance to violence. This book is good for serfs, and for the monarch need another revelation. Here, the Romans, the Emperor was considered a God, and it was clear progress. And what equality can there be between a monarch and a lackey? None! I have already abolished the institution of the Patriarchate, and if I could correct it for twenty years, I would have invented my own religion.
  That's reasonable! - Said Alexander. "The righteous are compared to sheep, sinners to goats, but I'd rather be a ragged goat than a submissive sheep.
  Is words not the boy, but her husband.
  Epicurus ' Palace was huge, resembling a separate planet. It consisted of ten different colors shining brightly, they shimmered as if the building were made of stars. At the entrance stood almost naked Amazons: with open high Breasts and skin of a leopard or a lion on the hips. Waving their spears, they greeted Epicurus ' new "friends." Lenin and Peter, unable to resist, patted their buttocks, lifting the skins. Amazon only giggled in response and took obscene poses. Even Alexander felt a strong urge and pinched the girl's Breasts. She hugged the boy, biting her lips. Her honey - smeared tongue penetrated the guy's cheek and intertwined in a bunch. Then she became the sorceress plunged the boy into the ocean of happiness. Alexander groaned, he felt so good and nice. At this moment, the embrace unclenched, Juliette firmly held the Amazon by the hair.
  - Get the whore away from my boyfriend!
  - Are you jealous of me? Alexander Was Surprised. It's biorobot.
  - Still sin!
  - Why, about robots in the Bible does not say anything, and fun to want. And indeed jealousy is a bad feeling people incomplete. They are weak in the mind even feel sorry for them poor!
  - And if I give myself to a robot guy.
  - But you promised to give virginity only to me.
  - You, too!
  - But in men it is not noticeable, especially having experience, you deliver to the woman much more pleasure. Especially since I'm not a virgin.
  - Here is how and when did you get it?
  - It was an accident. The work ended earlier than usual and I was full of energy. Then at the stop I two boys waited for the bus, and as always he was late. Then near us stopped "Cadillac" two bodyguards leaned out and offered me to bring. I didn't have any money, so I took a chance, even though one kid whispered to me that they could arrange a dismemberment. When I got in, I was attacked by a female of a mysterious age. She whispered:
  - What a beautiful boy, just unearthly beauty. Then we did what the gods of Olympus do. In General, we were good, she screamed like a pig. The fun lasted for an hour, I flew to heaven four times, and then I was thrown out, putting a hundred dollars.
  You're not writing? - Doubted Juliette! - I can see you're lying!
  - Take it as you like.
  During the conversation, they continued to slide along the wide corridors. Luxury was wild, a mixture of barbarism and ancient Greece. The way they pointed Amazon, as well as delightful, cute and muscular young men. Juliette flew up to them and deliberately hugged the guys, and they skillfully caressed her body, stroking her legs. But Alexander pretended that nothing was happening, and Juliette calmed down.
  - Epicurus is a typical bourgeois. Well, why would he have such a large Palace, really can not be more modest. - Said Lenin.
  - Why do you need such a huge mausoleum? Can be was a small, but taste. - Alexander Stopped Lenin.
  - It's not for me, it's for the people. Especially now that the glory of communism is visible from afar. I'll make myself even bigger, so that the stars will fade, the whole universe. - Threatened Lenin.
  - This is a typical bourgeoisie, you know what Freud said about gigantomania.
  - That's no problem with that, in our multi-giperplazirovannom body member can grow into kilometer. What is the kilometer of a parsec, a thousand parsecs across the galaxy! - Barked Lenin.
  Finally they flew into the Central hall, so large that it could fit more than one Kremlin. It was an Orgy. In the center of the bloody gladiatorial battles took place, and on the beds mated couples, not forgetting to pour the wine and eat. It all looked like one huge not decent group sex.
  - Something reminds the film "Caligula" only far more on a large scale. - Said Juliette.
  - I didn't, but it's a hell of a thing.
  More attractive was the big race: animals resembling winged, in the scales of giraffes, elephants with jet floats on their feet, turtles on caterpillars. There were also robots, the race itself was accompanied by an active firefight, the use of mines and hyperplasmic bubbles. The animals were exploding, the people jumping on them, too. The bodies shattered into ragged, bleeding, toasted pieces, and then joined again. The riders howled, but their eyes were burning, and they seemed to enjoy it.
  But that's half the trouble what did other people.
  Partners in addition to sexual perversions actively used whips, lasers, batons, electric discharges and other types of forbidden pleasures. Some even sprinkled themselves with radioactive isotopes and sawed off their arms and legs. Tsar Peter smacked his tongue:
  - I love being tortured! It is especially nice to female legs ironed with a hot iron.
  "Does Epicurus, the great philosopher of antiquity, indulge in such orgies and debauchery. Alexander Was Surprised. - I do not believe that this learned man can stoop to this.
  - Maybe he's not here! Said Julieta, and then just gathered the Greeks and the barbarians, look, judging by their faces there are a lot of Germans.
  Alexander winced, some guys caressed and mated with each other, that was disgusts. The young man remembered how it clung Gay, and he punched them - anger gave strength. Homosexuals did not differ courage, clearly not the men, from shock strong fist fled raskusil painted lips and noses.
  - What a bastard and bestiality! - How can you prefer men when there are so many beautiful ladies around?
  I don't understand myself! - Said Juliette, it's disgusting.
  - This time, I agree! That's why I proposed to make women available, and wives common, not to penetrate the ranks of the Communists terrible sin of homosexuality. - Lenin, it seems, was proud of his deeds.
  - And I tried to make all my colleagues alive and turned a blind eye to rape. What if a woman raped, a small loss, maybe even wee peoples. - Peter Said. - And we need a lot of people for the war.
  - Okay, look, troubled robotic servants, ask them where Epicurus. They probably won't.
  Four flew up to them, like naked people robots bowed to the guests and answered:
  - The great sage and philosopher resides on a diamond platter. - Bikeberry made a friendly gesture.
  - The one that's framed like a crown. - Peter Asked.
  - That's it! - Confirmed robots.
  In the center of the Orgy was a crown. A buxom woman was making love with four powerful hybrids of ice cream, lollipops,roosters and cakes. They gave culinary-erotic with four sides, worked very vigorously, seemed, this was mechanism on nuclear fuel. At the same time, the lascivious girl was tortured with whips and fired with fire, and by the cries and moans it was not clear whether she was hurt or pleased.
  - So, where's Epicurus? Lenin Was Surprised. It is the sadism of some sort.
  They flew closer. A chic woman had just freed her mouth from the impressive delicacy and poured a glass of steaming wine into herself.
  Maybe you can tell us where your great philosopher is. - Alexander turned to just released to the athlete.
  Beautiful whore choked, and knocked over a glass. Needles stuck out from under her long fingernails, and watermelon Breasts caressed the flames and laser beams.
  - You need to Epicurus.
  - Yes! - Said Lenin.
  - It's me! The great philosopher of antiquity!
  Looking at this masochistic whore, the guys laughed. That's what they least expected. Peter frowned:
  - And how a man dressed in female flesh.
  - Yes! - Epicurus said - My credo is to get as much pleasure from life as possible, and the female body is not an example more sensitive than the male and you catch much more pleasure in it.
  - But you're being ripped off! - Shouted Peter.
  I like it! "You, for example, are a noble.
  - AZ is King! The monarch clenched his fists.
  - A such pleasure as I not experienced. Alexander the great himself appreciated the charms of the female body.
  - I respect Alexander, but in this case as a man he not rights. However, it is not for nothing that his Empire was fragile! And Russia was and remains a great power. I see the lash to your taste. Peter Added.
  - Very! Anyway, in this body, and now you want to join us.
  - No! Lenin said firmly. - Communist morality doesn't allow it. In addition, if desired, we can organize an Orgy and abruptly. I even wonder what made you think that there is no God.
  - Well, if you know the faith of the Greeks, you should know that we never had a single God who created the universe. Matter seemed to be structured by itself. And if so, what is the function of the pagan gods of Olympus. They are not productive, are fighting among themselves, vying for their beautiful legends, and nothing more. Moreover, I have never met a person who could confirm that he had seen them. And why immortal to hide from mortals. The conclusion, gods are not visible because they are fiction tale. As for the faith of the Jews, they are an extremely ambitious race and have come up with the most Almighty God. But this did not save them from slavery and humiliation. That's my opinion, cowardly nation of shopkeepers all decided to strike, so they created a terrible Jehovah, does not tolerate other gods. But Alexander the great worshipped all religions, even the Jews, and you know why?
  - Well, tell me a philosopher. Lenin took a SIP of wine from his wine glass.
  "Because he was also an atheist, and the belief in other gods was a subtle policy that was to attract all the conquered peoples to him. Only a true unbeliever could have thought of such a blasphemy as to include himself in the Pantheon of the higher gods.
  - And now you're like a God! - Said Lenin. - You didn't want to create your own universe.
  - I am extremely glad that my descendants have reached such a high stage of development that they are able to plug Zeus. Sometimes I had ideas to reproduce my own universe.
  - So what stopped you?
  - The idea that it is extremely difficult to make all your creation absolutely happy, and to generate life for the sake of suffering is not for me. After all, in order to punish or kill, do not need the mind, but to make happy, you have to be even more than just an Almighty God.
  - Interesting philosophy. But I, as a Communist, think that no one will make people happy if they do not take up the mind. But you convinced me well.
  - Will you turn into a woman?
  - No! Just try to prove that even without the omnipotence of something so worth it. And here is have guys ask separately.
  Don't! I prefer to be a man! Alexander Snapped.
  Find the fool! To make the king a whore! The king spoke in a thunderous voice.
  - So... - Lenin Began as he was interrupted by the chime of bells, and before them materialized a familiar pair.
  - Elfida and Altmer, we have been waiting for! - Juliette rushed to meet them with open arms. The angels greeted them cordially:
  - Everything is ready to create another universe. You will personally observe the process. - Elfida was next to a philosopher. - And that you, shaking being a woman is nice, but it is possible to experience sensations more abruptly.
  - How?
  - Become, for example creature, consisting of a mixture acids, or from radioactive isotopes. This is also a pleasure.
  - So cool, but multi-sex is possible?
  Quite! There are beings, entirely consisting of active erogenous zones, and with them can make love to fifty hybrids of cakes at the same time.
  - So make me like this. - Asked Epicurus. - I'm tired of being a woman, the monotony is tiring.
  - Well we love to help people. - Alfida emitted from the palm of the ray of light, he described the philosopher, and then the virgin turned into a ball-shaped sponge with holes!
  - Now you hiperseks symbol and you have supertrax! The girl squinted. - Well biorobot enough now awaits him in heaven, which is steeper only Nirvana.
  Fifty cakes-athletes flew into the air, and they clung to the porous ball. Then the mass of bodies began to move, they swayed, gradually increasing the pace, heard sighs, moans, voluptuous cries, poured chocolate and various juices of all varieties and species.
  - That so now Epicurus sensations on year?????, and then we or our descendants figure out something new.
  - Do you have children? Juliette Asked.
  - Of course, they already know how to create stars, such pretty guys.
  - And how old they are!
  - Nearly a year!
  - And is it not dangerous to leave them alone!
  - Hyper-Earth is not dangerous. In addition, our children have innate abilities gipercalziemiceski if bad we know.
  - The little ones are so helpless!
  - It used to be, in ancient times, and now babies are strong and smart. I can not believe it, but our son and daughter, any tank with his bare hands in the knot of the tie.
  - I believe you! Juliette Replied. - It's so incredible, though.
  Don't be surprised that a newborn baby is able to kill an entire army of your time.
  And conquer the world?
  Quite! Emitting superluxe squeezing the space, contributing to the field. Many of our children's abilities are inherent from birth.
  - Realize this is progress, and in our time to raise a child torment. Until then, babies are dumb and loud.
  - I also think that it is unlikely that man has evolved, the young monkeys are much more viable. - Said Alexander.
  - But at the expense of the latter fact, I will not speak, will find our ability to fly to themselves. Said Elpida.
  Yeah I do not really believe in the story of the Apple of Good and Evil eaten by eve and Adam, the main thing in the Bible, the gospel and the old Testament to the bulb. - Said Alexander. - Besides, I am now increasingly inclined to believe that our universe was created by our elders, or even their children. Then they grew up and fell into Nirvana, letting things take their course. And after that, we were the crown of creation!
  - Careful with the old Testament, maybe not always literally, but he revealed the divine truth. You are very clever children, I hope you will not soon go to a state of eternal bliss, but for now we will show you how to create other worlds.
  And, please, let me see, we had ever seen. Lenin and Peter shouted in unison.
  - And the red universe?
  The girl was very young, and I'm a bald bastard, so do not understand anything in this process.
  - Come on, come with us.
  "Superangels" rushed through time and space, the guys raced after them. First, they swept past the amazing diversity of stars, then they pierced the surface Hypersemia.
  - You see, children, we rush to casacalma space, this is all us, not hurt. By them continued to race stars and planets, what of them more often and more common forms of non-humanoid creatures. In the eyes rippled from aliens.
  - And they are darling, I would very much like to talk to beings of other nature. - Said Juliette.
  "It is possible, those of them who are intelligent, live well on Hyper-Earth and in many other worlds. But as for the others, we do not offend them either. Even in our highly populated universe existed for many billions of species of life, but reasonable a few thousand, and sverzellati none at all!
  "That's right, we sent radio signals into space, and no one answered us. - Said Alexander.
  - Maybe it's for the best, there are intelligent, but evil races, we even had to adjust their genetic code. But civilization Zimory, they are very good, have never led intraspecific war, while actively developing other worlds. Let me introduce you to one of them.
  In front of the children any creature with a pink face, it was like a cute monkey with six legs and a head chamomile with delicate features and a heel instead of a nose. The skin consisted of leaves.
  - It's a plant or an animal! - Asked Lenin.
  - This is a transitional stage of plant evolution. Genomes are mixed. There are, for example, transitional forms of life from plant to mineral, and Vice versa. In particular, once an evil race of Ulfi consisting of liquid metals, a typical evolution in the molten volcano magma. We fought with them, and now we live together.
  Zimermann on the fly shook hands, his voice was sweet:
  - You are a great nation of scientists and heroes flying to create something new and unique.
  - Yes! Replied Altmer. - I believe that each universe should be slightly different from the other universe. It is a pity that our Hyper-law forbids it - to share knowledge with other species, I would teach you.
  To each his own my friend, not everyone can become gods. In particular, I am eternally grateful that you brought back from the past my dead mother, and so bitterly cried for her. And then me as quite civilized endowed multi-giperplaziei body.
  - Of course you deserve it. You used to have non-aging flesh, and now it's invulnerable.
  - Do you recognize the ideas of communism? Lenin asked frowning.
  Those which speaks of universal love, brotherhood, equality in wealth, certainly recognize. In General, I'm sorry, please, but we have long communism and canceled money. Almost a million years before we met your civilization, we ended disease, crime, old age. Unfortunately, then, our development slowed down, but in the developed worlds is fair and just. That particular single-celled race Grissac, is also able to fly and created the plant-starships voluntarily merged with us. We traded goods and shared discoveries, and recently modified genes and had the opportunity to have children in common.
  - Good job! Are smart enough, or one of our helped. Asked Altmer.
  - Well, maybe just a little! Want me to introduce you to my wife?
  - We will be very grateful!
  - See Hypersemia visible entirely! - Shouted Alexander.
  - It means that we flew far away. However, in the space of a thousand and a million measurements happening and not such miracles.
  - But still it is round, it is not given the shape of a snow woman!
  - That's right, balloon the optimal form of and we should not allow the urge to mock me over our ancestor. But look on the right. What it reminds you of.
  - Roly-poly doll, Oh is it such a huge.
  - Yes not very just and a half billion parsecs. The man-made universe, hollow, in her primitive civilizations waged war while our brothers they are not combed.
  Who created it?
  - Leo Sorokin. - Very clever boy, however, also did not escape Nirvana. - But what masterpieces sculpted, like it or, I you'll show one of them, he resides away.
  - Of course!
  - My wife.
  Appeared in front of them as a tablet gelatinous creature with extendable limbs, beside them jumped a little.
  - And my offspring, the universal sex.
  The child did not have a certain shape, he constantly changed his flesh and moved. Here he liked Lenin, and the kid took the form of the leader of the world proletariat.
  - Beautiful! - Said Ilyich, and now become as a bottle of. - He said and showed the container.
  Child pracitical took tempting for alcoholics form. Lenin clapped his hands in delight.
  - Eh, the youth grew up!
  - Well, now, good gentlemen! - Peter Said. - Be a pipe and let the smoke out.
  - Smoking is bad for a great man. The child said.
  - A say helpful!
  - Do as your uncle asks! Father pleaded.
  - I'm still the king, all Russia!
  The baby turned and began to smoke, and the monarch lifted his arm and took a drag on it. Then he choked.
  - Nothing but smoke, a strange mixture that tickles the throat.
  - It's excrement, baby farts. Father said humbly.
  Lenin laughed:
  - Looks like you're a Petrusha, full of shit for nothing.
  The king spat:
  - You have forever in mind only a trick. Well, at least it's not human, I'm not so disgusted.
  And be a man?
  - Executed, didn't see that child. In General, you are in my conch camera would be your favorite exhibits. That will create a new one, I will collect from all types of life in the universe. Here is a lesson.
  - We understand, that've offended you, than atone for blame. The couple asked.
  Out of my sight! - Barked Peter.
  But they're our friends. - Tried to argue Aliviada.
  - Of course, so laugh at the king. Your great-grandparents were born I Russia out of the shit brought! Only one king in history is named great, who?
  - Of course you and the first Russian Emperor, too, you!
  - That's it!
  "Please, this is our great monarch, go away."
  - Excuse us! Members of another race have disappeared.
  - You see, while Lenin was right as always, wherever progress is communism. - The leader of the world proletariat was pleased. - I was thinking, why not change the course of history and not to send me back, how many wars and troubles can be avoided.
  You can't! Look, we are flying up to the "cake", it is a multi-level universe.
  Alexander looked back. Hyperground turned into a small point, which indicated that they flew over trillions of parsecs, "tumbler" also decreased, becoming a kind of children's toys. Then the young man came to mind.
  - Why do we see Hyper-Earth? Because the light is not must reach us, photons have to go here trillions of years.
  You're a clever boy. Said Elpida. - That's right, in normal three-dimensional space you would not see anything, only a black vacuum, but we have dispersed in mega-hyperspace to a million dimensions. Here the photons are moving according to different rules, and you can see them.
  - Unbelievable and how this happens.
  - The fact is that in different dimensions a trillion parsecs can be equal to a centimeter and a centimeter to a trillion parsecs. In one dimension you move like a mouse curled in a ball the hose, in the other it gnaws away at once, reducing the distance in the millions or even sextillion times. It's simple arithmetic.
  - I realized that it was interesting to study modern physics, how much new I would learn.
  - We you and your young girl will show all and explain. Look another non-standard universe.
  It looks like a pancake.
  The boys approached the flat surface, which grew rapidly and filled the space in front of them.
  - That's why we call it cake, it's made up of many layers, let's carefully go inside.
  The first surface in vacuum was perfectly smooth and deserted, having overcome couple of parsecs, children appeared in the light world. You could see the Islands, the endless sea, the cities, and from the top there were hammered nails that gave light. The guys went a little over the surface, here, apparently, was a mixture of eras. On the one hand the middle ages, but if you fly a little, then there were megacities gigantic skyscrapers and even starships. They quite reminded terrestrial as if in new York of the twenty-first century. Only one of them stood on legs like a table. The other floated in the air supported force fields. The third was in the shape of an egg with the shells turned out and the Windows arranged in a spiral. The sky now and then changed color, it was slippery and hard. On "ceiling" was punched several huge mines. Their depth has testified on the application annihilation bombs and shells. Apparently the locals were trying to get to the surface. The vast majority of them were human, but there were other forms of life. A group of brave travelers slowed down. They especially Alexander and Juliette wanted to consider them in more detail. In particular, consisting of lightning discharges and clouds. Several of them flew up to the explorers of the universes.
  - You're from another layer! - They stuttered, a spark of electricity.
  - No, we are from another universe! Replied Altmer.
  One of the creatures touched Juliette. On it walked the glare.
  - That's right, you're not protein. The creature replied. - We, in General, and the world satisfied, but vahaly want more. There is a theory if you dig a tunnel, you can communicate between the worlds.
  "It is a correct hypothesis, but at the top you will find only a vacuum and a desert. Better dig down, there is more likely to find brothers on reason.
  - Hell, Yes, there are demons!
  The elf put a finger to her lips.
  - In this universe not created by demons, all the concrete and material.
  - Then you have calmed down. But tell that vachalam, they can not believe it. They used to think we were God's angels, and now they have atheism.
  - We will!
  The six descended, then grew sharply in size, filling the floor of the sky.
  Listen to us gods near vahaly! We forbid you to gnaw the sky, and we order you to dig the greatest tunnel under the earth. Only then will your dream come true to meet brothers in mind. In the meantime, we'll level all your mines.
  The gigantic work was completed at once, the heavens were smoothed, and billions of people gathered in the square and fell to their knees. Lenin shouted:
  - Long live the Communist system, freedom to the workers of the universe. If there are rich capitalists in your society, beat them!
  What are you doing? Then ruled by a monarchy and is pure capitalism. - Zagaldeli sparkling actors.
  Then began the confusion. Many poor long sharpened teeth on rich men, and now they were inspired by the order of the "God", with such fury they fell on the rich. Stretching for kilometers tall skyscrapers blazed, captured aircraft, then raised them, grabbing the hanging palaces. Police robots tried to stop them, thick streams of blood flowed, it was seen as earned gamma guns, Vibro-vacuum machine guns and needle guns, laser beams and all fired alive. Here is the largest skyscraper tilted and collapsed down burying under themselves tens of thousands of people. Exploding aircraft that's carrying the house bloomed mushroom cloud. The rebels fought with anything, some have even used pieces of furniture, it was like a madhouse. Lenin continued to throw thunder and lightning:
  - Not one bourgeois does not need to survive, kill them all.
  - Here it is the Russian revolt, senseless and ruthless. - Said Alexander. - I didn't even see that in the movies!
  - Shut up you maniac! - Elfiada slammed palm his mouth Lenin, and then, reducing his in size, hid in pocket. - I won't let you kill innocents. Using the power of the universe! - The guy and the girl spread their hands, then made the sun. Everything went quiet at once, the riot as a fire, deprived of oxygen, died away. The destroyed building is rapidly recovered, like rewind the tape back.
  Elpida said quietly to his pure and gentle voice, but she heard the whole universe:
  - Live peacefully, and you capitalists will raise salaries and generously share with workers. Remember - you gave birth to one mother, and in your veins flows the total blood. And if you forget it, the evil gods will come and call you to fight and brother will go to brother.
  People listened to her in silence, standing on his knees. And Elpida did, so it was seen not only in this city but in the whole plane of this universe. She spoke for a long time, read a whole sermon to the worlds, called for love and brotherhood, and even threatened sinners with eternal torment. When she finished, Alexander asked:
  - And at the expense of eternal damnation is already too much.
  - Why, they have an immortal soul, then when the bodily path is over, the righteous go to Nirvana, and the sinners. Well, first, according to the gravity of the crimes they are raising, and then a bit of torment and again in Nirvana.
  - Nirvana is boring, you can think of that fun.
  "I don't know, but even if the higher minds have chosen absolute bliss, then there is something in it.
  - And for me the idiotic state, we must move and fight.
  Lenin growled out of his pocket:
  - Please, let me out!
  - Will you behave yourself?
  - Word Communist!
  - Well, you can trust that oath. Come out!
  Like a devil from "Evenings on a farm near Dikanka" Lenin fluttered out and got his former appearance, then said:
  - And what's the point in these sermons. It is not necessary to speak, but to beat! So Jesus only agitated, but never hit, because of this he finished on the cross. No, but you can't build happiness without blood.
  - Blood is like acid, you can't build anything on that Foundation. - Objected Altmer. - And if in this world there is no communism, so the people had not yet matured, and tyrannize it is not necessary, especially that the children of my brothers and then mine. And now I propose the following. Please visit the other layers.
  The universe was indeed layered like a stacked deck of cards. There was a lot to see here. In particular, the civilization of dinosaurs, with a kind of architecture that can not be confused with anything, rough and at the same time plastic. In addition, the monster loved to cost hanging gardens and parks, combining business with pleasure. They also had their own king, unexpectedly small in stature and a big head. And in General, the creatures are quite peaceful, get along well with other forms of life. The Tsar was talked to a little, he made a favorable impression, even Lenin was satisfied. All layers extensive length of billions of parsecs of the pie, turned out to be exactly nine hundred ninety nine! The last layer was a sea inhabited by intelligent beings. Marvelous fish made an impression on Julieta, she continued stroking them, and the cake tasted of algae and artificial meat. In General, the participants of the tour saw a lot of new things, got a lot of pleasure and new experiences. Alexander was surprised:
  - Wow, so much time on my feet, and sleep did not want.
  The better, though the headache from the experience, but after all the fun ahead, we will soon be doing the universe.
  - Yes! And now let's move to a parallel universe. We have planned to create ten universes at once and we will need space.
  Is it hard?
  - No! Can't even close my eyes, just squint your eyes just.
  I'm not! - Said Lenin.
  Blazed, for a moment, guys proved drenched hyperplasm, even in new bodies they felt heat. Then everything went quickly to sleep, and they were on the other side of reality. However, the new one was not completely empty, it was clear that the stars Shine and the planets flash. Alper pointed out a dozen clumps of matter:
  - This is the source material for the creation of universes, and this. He pointed to the polyhedron. - A multi-hyperplasmic computer that will help us make the transformations.
  - So he doesn't have buttons! - Drew the attention of Goleta.
  - All orders are given telepathically, we will think to create matter.
  - It's all great, but tell us at least in General terms, how the process itself. These bundles of energy they are special?
  - No the most common hyperplasia, another universe can be created from almost any material.
  - This is a miracle, not likely!
  - Now we're going to start giving mental orders.
  And to think I'm in love! Lenin Put In. I like it because it is thinking, the brain the Ground, he moved a billion and a half. This is about me these poems he wrote. The truth is better to turn half a billion universes with one neuron hypermesh!
  - I too broke up boyar Duma, prefer to think for myself! Peter rubbed his eyes. "But how you manage to create other universes is a mystery to me.
  - That's it! - Said Alexander. - out of nothing matter arises, what could be more wonderful.
  Elpida gave a mental command, the polyhedron began to move. Altmer focused, but while his mouth spewed streams of words.
  - In fact, in the ability to create matter, there is nothing otherworldly or mythical. Already in the late twentieth century, scientists at the accelerators have learned to disperse and collide particles. And there was an amazing phenomenon, they disintegrated into fragments with an even greater mass than the previous substance. That is, even more ancient times it was found that energy gives birth to matter.
  - But where take so much energy. - Asked Alexander.
  - It can be extracted from an atom. For example, at the confluence of five atoms of hydrogen, one atom of helium, and the rest scatters photons. This is a well-known thermonuclear reaction.
  - Yes, I remember, we were in school.
  At the time of thermonuclear reaction has allocated a large amount of energy, also called the strong interaction. It was a hundred times greater than the most massive electromagnetic energy in the universe. There is an even more energetically beneficial annihilation reaction. This is when atoms with different charges collide with each other, we assume there is a pattern the greater the specific atomic mass of the substance the more energy is released. If for example, you use antiseize, energy to stand out more than a thousand times more than the thermonuclear reaction, and the photons will scatter almost five times faster than the speed of light.
  - Colossal! Juliette Said. The clots of energy swelled and shimmered, it was clear that there is a process.
  - The most important problem for us was that antimatter is very difficult to obtain, but then came to the aid of the most important discovery of Russian scientists, namely, they have learned through the combination of several radiation with different isotopes and magnetic fields using superconductors to decompose three-dimensional space into other dimensions. At first there were six, then nine, and then it became more and more important only for the stability of matter that their number was a multiple of three. With their help it was easy to reproduce hypercardia waves and to change the charge in the matter, almost without wasting energy. This was our first modest step towards power over the forces of nature.
  Ten balls began to scatter from each other, while growing in size and rapidly changing the erupted rays of a diverse spectrum. To take them inconceivably rapid movement was possible only because the risen from the dead themselves had hypertyle.
  The word was taken (talking, she never ceased to control the process )Alfida:
  - When humanity has mastered the mystery of antimatter, it has a new powerful source of energy, using a variety of mixtures and catalysts, managed to create radiation, decomposing space into nine dimensions. And then we dug deeper into the nucleus of the atom, decided to break the gluconic strings and merge quarks. This was already real when using nine measurements and directed action of a heavy-duty laser. New reactions, further evolution of the thermonuclear process, the hero with very short arms. And then it appeared for the first time hyperplasia - the sixth state of matter. Two, and even better four quarks merged into one, and released energy several million times more than in the thermonuclear process. But that wasn't all! Then, when eighteen measurements were obtained, it was possible to decompose the quark into the constituent particles of the preone and achieve their fusion. This reaction was a hundred billion times greater than thermonuclear. For clarity, one kilogram of such substances during the explosion is able to split the globe. Then it was opened thirty-six dimensions, lay preon, origami, have achieved their merger is hyperregular allocated energy is a quadrillion times more than the fusion of hydrogen atoms. Then seventy-two dimensions merged fezzan, the energy is increased ten thousand times. This is so much that one atom of hydrogen is able to raise an adult a hundred meters up.
  - Wow, it's like a nesting doll. You open one particle, and behind it there is another even smaller.
  - Infinite matryoshka, the number of measurements grew exponentially, and the energy increased. When the number of measurements exceeded one million, one atom began to emit energy similar to a quasar - a giant star a quadrillion times brighter than the Sun.
  - Wow, that's not possible! Juliette threw up her hands. Alexander and Lenin's eyes widened, only one Peter the Great continued to smoke, he absolutely did not understand anything in this discussion.
  - But it's just energy, one big bomb that can blow up the universe! - Said Alexander. - How did you structure the matter?
  - Very simple! Important invention was the discovery of stable hyperplasy. Imagine the matter of its sixth, seventh, tenth species moving quintillion times the speed of light. Well, what can be learned from this. It turns out hyperplasy energy can be harnessed as electricity, to do this, again you need to use a multidimensional space and hypergravitational field - that is, the natural force of gravitation was inconceivable number of times enlarged super-strong interaction. A kind of super-horse found a reliable yoke. We were able to harness heavy duty horse, subordinating it to the person. Now, thanks to this variety hyperplasy used in computers and machines of all levels and even in our bodies. There is a stable and ultra hyperplasia, cold, supermodern, multi-layered, with many dimensions, with an almost infinite number of forms. We have gained immortality through control giperplaziei. Now learned Razlog space to convert energy into matter. And in any keeping a reasonable beginning. There is no mystery science. Now with the formidable seething giperplaziei to handle a child, even a baby. We are the children of the new era have an innate ability to make hyperplasias. That is to control all kinds of matter. And now look how the dream comes true.
  Indeed it seemed to be spilled a flow of divine energy, what is unexplainable great speed grew balls. They filled everything and everything, spreading out into trillions of parsecs. With the expansion of these ultramafic became more and more transparent, it was seen as created and structured the stars, quasars, planets. It happened quickly as many times in an accelerated filming.
  - It is impossible to imagine, to form so many worlds at once, and even to balance all constants! Juliette threw up her hands.
  - It's not difficult for us, hypercomputer helps. Said Elpida. - Its speed is expressed in such a figure that if it is similar to write in words, the number five times around the equator of a planet like ancient Mars.
  - Why ten universes?
  Because our creation, mortal and after death their souls will move to the next universe, keeping the memory. Then after another death in another universe and only in tenth best of them will gain immortality.
  - It's clever, so, perhaps, better than, Paradise, hell or Nirvana. And now can, consider creation take a closer.
  - Come on! We are not against you guys!
  The universes continued to structure, the first of them resembling a normal human composition: round luminaries, entire planets, resembling a ball slightly flattened to the poles. Only stars were still young, most violet and ultraviolet, but among them met and yellows, red, orange, green. They were located densely, perhaps, denser than in the human universe. Was a prominent individual galaxy clusters and superclusters. The spectacle is impressive!
  - There are sextillion stars, how beautiful. That's only if you have a life? - Asked Alexander.
  - Of course there is, we have created gipernovae. It's already in its infancy.
  - How long will it take us? Billions?
  - No significantly less! We are the masters of time, and we can speed it up or slow it down. The simplest forms of life are already emerging in many worlds. We are giving the telepathic command, you may correct those or other forms of life. For example, this world will be reasonable, and the other contrary virginal a net. The primary universe is similar to the one that was ours not long ago. It will be the first stage of life of intelligent beings.
  - And the next?
  - There they will move after death in the first sphere. That is, the number of births is directly proportional to the number of deaths.
  - In this case, many families can remain childless.
  - Well, nothing, I think, at first we wanted to introduce, as the ancient times of the Earth, old age and disease, and then thought that it is not very pleasant and painful. On this living beings will die, not aging and not aching.
  That's progressive! Juliette Confirmed. - We women upset wrinkles, I once had a nightmare that I was an old woman. Oh, how awful, I woke up in a cold sweat, and I felt like I was in pain.
  - Too bad that so to scoff at people, I've personally wanted to die young, full of energy, preferably in combat. - Said Alexander. But a world in which some children and youths are not interested.
  - Why some young men, apparently they will change to about fifty years old, and maybe a little more. This is not old age, especially in good health. Said Elpida. - I know not everyone wants to look like children.
  - Fifty years of the blossoming of a man and statesman. Pyotr said with an effort. - I that this has brought Russia to the peak of its power.
  - And I won the civil war and declared the NEP. However, it was only a compromise on the way to communism. - Lenin took off his hat. - In vain scold the narrow-minded people of Stalin, I would also have transformed the peasants into collective farms and state farms. Sometimes my successor went too far, but on the whole his policy was correct. That's just a pity that he did not pre-empt Hitler. Then maybe the whole world would be Communist - that is, ours.
  "Let's take a closer look at the other universes!" - Altmer.
  Holding hands, they flew. Another universe was different from the previous ones, but strongly resembled the ultramodern earth. And if in the second universe all this was limited to triangular and polygonal stars and square planets, in other universes reigned perfect madhouse. Live and reasonable star walked by themselves, the light, the cows lowed, the wolves they were hunted, planets danced the dance, and birds chased insects, there reigned a kind of chaos.
  Julieta asked Aliviado:
  "How can you live with such a randomly moving planet?"
  - And since fleas live on a galloping horse. Don't die right, and sentient beings: the wonders of evolution the use of gravimagnetic.
  Each new universe differed from the previous one in a greater variety
  forms of stars, among them even emerged sharks and dinosaurs the incredible configurations. Alexander's attention was attracted by a prickly elephant with four pink trunks and asters at the ends. Each trunk was jammed in the pipe, and that is incredible for vacuum erupted music.
  - The elephant plays the trumpet, but the sounds are decent. - Surprised Juliette.
  - Here and the star bear on the double bass sets the concentra. Replied Altmer.
  Indeed the bear, monkey, giraffe and goat staged a Quartet. At the same time, they constantly changed the timbre of the melody. The planets performed a slow, almost erotic dance. Many of them were emitting rings, and it looked beautiful.
  Numerous stars and planets resembled candies with bright covers. Sometimes appearing, scary predators with bared mouths, resembling toothpicks. Big fangs, thorns in the mouth, they string candy and chew them with relish.
  - And this is too much! Said Alper. Those freaks need to brush your hair.
  In space at once there are cells, they rushed for monsters, catching up with them. It was seen as woven from the web of traps, monsters swallow, enclosing them into custody.
  - Don't let devour other worlds.
  - It is right after all, with them killing sentient beings.
  In the last tenth universe, most stars were in the form of charming girls and beautiful youths. They were playing something that looked like Swan lake. Others played a complex game, kicking and stabbing at a round substance. She flew directly into the vacuum has appeared the ring, when hit they change color. Both girls and boys played this incomprehensible game with enthusiasm. Seems bright stars, and the players ' eyes burned even brighter.
  Is Monopol! Explained Alper. - It is much more complicated and unpredictable - the evolution of ancient football.
  - Not bad! Alexander approached the field.
  But then he was distracted by the girls began to do the cancan, throwing her bare feet. Alexander livened up even more, the sight of the sparkling beauties were mesmerizing.
   You like it? Asked Aliviada.
  - Of course, it is not forgotten. The young man said.
  - These guys are great. Juliette Confirmed.
  - And you want to make love to them. We can do that.
   That's unusual. - Said Juliette. We have to think about.
  Clothing and leather stars shimmered all the colors of the rainbow, or rather, their range was still richer than millions of unimaginable hues that describe which can not an artist. Then broken into pairs of luminaries began to undress slowly. With graceful movements they shed their clothes. Space Striptease was met with mixed feelings: the trembling and the excitement, joy and shame. That such a mass spectacle could not leave anyone indifferent. Lenin and Peter were shaking with passion, Vladimir Ilyich croaked:
  - I want it too, it's great!
  - And me! The king shouted. - All females.
  Juliette moaned.:
   Isn't that a sin?
   Not with stars! 'Chuckled Altmer. - Nor where there is no ban on sex with luminaries.
  "Not by letter, but by spirit.
  - Remember the words of Christ: I give you a new Commandment - Yes, love each other! There is nothing sinful about pure and immaculate sex.
   And my virginity?
   She immediately to recover you won't even feel, I mean discomfort. After all, it hypertrax! - Alfida made the sweetest face.
  For a young virgin, the temptation was too great. Moreover, once Altmer and Alfida created ten universes, their authority was almost divine. And to argue with the gods is not desirable.
  - Well, let's go!
  Since the stars were huge four, brave astronauts at once grew into millions . Then the boys flew in pairs. If Lenin and Peter as battered men acted rather rudely, and without hesitating, picked up by the arm star females and dragged them behind the misty barrier that Alexander and Julieta on the contrary, acted very timidly. For starters, they just wanted to dance. The young man took the star by the hand, he felt the heat of her skin, the guy once pierced the erotic wave. Putting his hand on her bare waist, Alexander began to dance, he was so excited that the swollen log tore his pants. At that moment, Juliette experienced even stronger erotic feelings. Touch dazzling space guy she had been captured, and when he put his hand on her neck, she felt a hot wave of rising breast and lights the heavenly feelings. The young man all giperplaziei flesh felt her as his hands began to gently unbutton her dress, laser zipper parted, revealing his chest. The excitement of the girls rose, here's "star boy" open-mouthed with gleaming sun disc teeth clung to her lips. Julieta immediately thrown into a fever, her lips drip nectar, and became extremely sweet. It seemed to light a spark ran through his hair, it is flexible, but the rapid tongue of the young man penetrated her cheek. He slid, causing the tickling, the girl squealed, her eyes widened. It seemed a honey river flowing with milk and honey poured into the throat, the girl was clearly mad. Then the young man recoiled from her, then twisted, his long, rough tongue touching his chest. Gentle touch opened ruby nipples. They swelled at once, becoming harder than stone. then moistened. The star guy is actively earned, his tongue slid from the right to the sternum, making a circular motion to the left. The girl laughed with happiness, her heart was beating harder and harder. The drum beat a fraction, the heat flared up, Juliette even began to moan. She was very cool, I wanted more and more. Then the skin began to run through waves, but the hair stood erect.
  - Ah! What a pleasure! She whispered.
  - Now will be even better! The young man slid down the valley, his tongue sliding down his stomach, sinking lower and lower. Finally, he felt the sensitive diamond of femininity, then plunged into the moistened grotto of Venus. Heat spilled inside the abdomen, was altogether intolerable. It seemed in the bosom, once erupt, thousands of volcanoes and sorted feet millions of insects. It was painful and at the same time inimitably pleasant.
  - Ah! What a strong tongue you have! Juliette Croaked. Her senses were so heightened that she began to scream. Then the whole sky in front of his eyes filled with solid fire, and the girl plunged into his first in life, a unique strong and voluptuous orgasm. While her body was convulsing, vomited forth the bosom of the divine juices. The young man seemed very pleased to have been able to achieve this from his co-worker, who was considered the goddess. When her cries ceased, he began to work with his tongue, awakening and stirring the fire of passion. The flames quickly ascended, but now the girl was a little of his tongue, she wanted more.
  - Take the whole of me! I want to give myself completely!
  The radiant young man nodded, his manhood huge and yet graceful in motion. Had he perhaps Julieta and scared, but he was the sun around which even at the time of intercourse rotated several planets. The girl even thought that maybe billions of eyes are looking at them, catching every movement of hot bodies. Oddly enough, this thought caused her not embarrassment, but an even stronger impulse of passion. The young star leaned forward and the tip of the spear entered the Treasury, causing a slight groan. Then the young man gently but vigorously moved, Juliette moved to the meeting, actively helping him.
  - How not good, your language, and so even better! She said. - What is it you have a huge yet gentle.
  Once the rhythm has accelerated, the girl began to cry harder and harder. Her cries caused turbulence in the atmosphere of the planets, as well as a strong earthquake. However, the strongest wave of orgasms flooded her head. The girl was so amazing, bravura marches played in her head, and hurricanes raged in the depths of her bosom that she was ready to give her life to prolong such sweet moments of passion even longer.
  Alexander had experienced similar feelings, and how many times he is not discharged, the excitement had not subsided. On the contrary, each new orgasm was stronger and longer than the previous one. And when you consider that sex he was doing for the first time, and the impressions he had of the roof. Here it swarmed three girls, they worked on him at one time, it was terribly nice. Apparently, and Juliette really wanted to be possessed by three men at once, but she was shy. Gradually, the passion reached its climax, and if the multi-hyperplasmic bodies were still able to cope with such a load, the psyche was already clearly overloaded. In a few hours of mating, they experienced more than one hundred orgasms, they were even too good. Finally Altmer and Alfida must have received full satisfaction, left giperbolicheskoi Orgy.
  - Well, what are your impressions guys! I see you need to rest! Said Elpida. Just now, this girl had changed fifty fours, without hesitation, she was making love to four stars-men, and she liked it. Altmer in turn preached sex with five females. Two "angels" publicly indulged in debauchery, but felt great.
  - Now you can relax guys, sex is too much fun to misuse it.
  Lenin and Peter were also very pleased, they satisfied their lust and wildest desires.
  - It's better than on Earth! - Peter Said. - But I seemed to have tried everything, I brought prostitutes even from India.
  - And I in General very seldom had sex. The revolution consumed all my energy. Sometimes I had to sit at tables littered with documents for months. And nothing survived and even managed to to commit the unthinkable and unheard of.
  Of course, not one woman can not be compared with a star. - Lenin Had Finished. - What lush Breasts, and nipples taste sweeter than ambrosia.
  Alexander was still in agitation, the young man wanted to continue the submission:
  Such gorgeous girls, and I never even saw in the movie, and what a creative.
  I'm convinced! - Lenin was a knock on the head. - But my bowler's as good. It is necessary to introduce sex lessons in schools, then there will be social harmony and justice in society.
  - I also think so, if in the USSR there would be sex, the red Empire did not collapse. And the young because of bigotry did not like the Communist party was the main force of the struggle for freedom! - Said Alexander.
  - A I never thought that sex this is so pleased! I've never been so high. So I think that, most likely the Bible has distorted Jewish bigots. In love there is nothing sinful and boys should love girls, and girls boys.
  - Right! And what would we still try. - Asked Alexander.
  Look Already and Almira frowned:
  - Sorry, guys sex with the stars us is not unusual. We have created many things and have come close to the critical age when we are irresistibly drawn to Nirvana. Perhaps you see our last days!
  - But Nirvana is not death, in Buddhism, people have made great sacrifices to achieve it.
  Is nothing, absolute, all-absorbing joy. Said Elpida.
  At this moment there were strange sounds, as if balls burst and near star couples tiny little men poured out.
  Who are these people? Juliette Asked.
  - And this is the consequences of making love: children are born. They grow fast, and soon the whole universe will be bigger. Since in the last universe all the Immortals that their number will constantly increase, and therefore must be born new stars and planets.
  - And if they do not have enough space and time? - Asked Alexander.
  "In this dimension, space is practically infinite, so they can multiply almost infinitely.
  - What if the stars get cold in time? - Asking such a question, Juliette felt very smart.
  - They are involved in fusion, and terminalarea principle, and therefore will burn for a long time. In addition, many children like to have fun by reviving the extinct universes. It looks very beautiful and quite interesting. - After these words look Already finally went out. - I feel an irresistible attraction to Nirvana. What more can we ask of this world? After all, we have already reached omnipotence.
  - You know! Alexander's mind suddenly cleared. - I have an idea! It is simple and at the same time able to revive you. Bring back the taste of fighting.
  - What do you people from the past can come up with? - Chorus asked supersaturated "gods".
  - Elementary thing. Why don't you become ordinary people, not from multi-hyperplasma, but ordinary proteins like your ancestors. Then, embodied in the ordinary universe, try to achieve something without super quasi-divine abilities.
  "Are you suggesting we humiliate ourselves to the level of our creation?" Asked Altmer.
  - Not so much humiliated as to be in the shoes of mere mortals. It's interesting to test yourself what you stand without superpowers, when the victory is not obvious and should not apply a hefty mind. Now consider if you would like us to implementation in the future, you have a chance at least to survive.
  Elpida perked up:
  - What he offers us is very interesting. You can experience new sensations.
  - That's right, you know what pain is?
  - Theoretically!
  - In the case of the incarnation will be able to experience it in practice. Isn't that tempting? Juliette Asked.
  - We didn't think about that. Of course, it is tempting to feel something new in our everyday life.
  - You can incarnate, for example, in this universe, it is best to start with the primary universe. And stars with planets is of the earth, and from mad luminaries dazzled. - Said Alexander.
  We can do anything. However, you guys will come with us, see how you can survive in this world. In addition, we reserve the opportunity to go back at any time.
  That goes without saying. What a temptation to be in the new generated world is great.
  - And we do too! I want it! Lenin Shouted. - It's all too strange and unnerving, isn't it, Petrusha?"
  - Yes! I'm going to go crazy myself or go to Nirvana. - Barked Peter.
  - Give us some human, but not too backward world and try to build socialism in it.
  - Only the body may be stronger than a human, and we are no longer young can fall apart. - Put condition Peter.
  - Of course. We are here with Alfadog spoke telepathically and decided she would go with Alexander, I Julietas and we will act on different planets. And you as with Lenin will be divided or...
  - Or! I'm used to this bald rebel, let's build a new Empire together. - Peter Said.
  - I also think that there is no sense to separate for now. And if one planet is not enough, we will build starships and pierce space. Lenin said confidently.
  That's nice! Now, let's say good - bye. - Elpida waved his fingers and they were in hanging space Palace. He was transparent, it seemed woven of the many crystal strings. Star gave him a glare, while the sky was still visible in all its glory. The food was the most exquisite and varied. There were liver horned hippos, and brains flying walrus, and the Golden fillet foxes, and fish with diamond armor and all without an account. Culinary products of innumerable forms, and also the meat of snakes baked in dough, dragons, newts, star lizards, all insects, and also edible flowers. All the Cutlery was the height of jewelry perfection, and the precious metal was constantly changing colors, shades and intensity of glow.
  - They better not there is, and watch as work of art. - Said Alexander.
  - That's right! This is a strange strange light, he is the radiant sun and flourishing! Juliette Said. - Or rather much more colorful. - I hope we will bring in a world which will not one sun, but several!
  - Of course! I'll make sure there was more light.
  But have to survive the winter otherwise you will never feel cold! - Said Alexander.
  - We'll take note of that. The worlds will be interesting. - Alfida walked over to Alexander and put his hand to his cheek. - Look, you already ate too much but not dirty, and that the world will have to wipe.
  If only that! There are worse functions. - Said Alexander.
  - What?
  You'll see!
  The food was melting in his mouth, and his stomach was in a strange state of neither hunger nor satiation. In this world for a long time ate not to recharge, and to have fun. And, as you know, food along with sex is one of the sweetest pleasures. Lenin, as always never stopped talking at the table:
  "Now we're eating him in big chunks, like a regiment of soldiers, and in the newly created worlds are starving trillions of children. Is it worthy of such mighty beings as you?
  - The climate on almost all planets is much better and softer than the earth, so people and other living beings should not starve. I can throw them food from the air right now, but it won't push them into Nirvana. And you can live on colder planets, especially if the body is adapted.
  - We understand that, too, not quite stupid.
  Lenin scratched his head with a fork:
  - Maybe it's better that there is no satiety, hungry people are much easier to raise the revolution. A well-fed donkey is more difficult to move.
  - Hungry Russia when I made the biggest achievement and if she's fat, then degraded as the Turks. The king released the ring. - No, my Lord, do not feed the universe.
  We won't! - Altmer firmly clenched his fists. Right there, in the hour of severe trials.
  - Now we will incarnate in new bodies. - Alfida closed his eyes and focused, Alexander approached her and grabbed her hand.
  - This is not necessary, the transfer will take place and so. The girl read a complex formula spell, then joined Altmer, the voices became more and more illegible. Then the wings of butterflies flapped in front of their eyes, the world around them changed, changed, then everything went out. It seemed to Alexander that he was falling into a bottomless abyss. After a few seconds he felt a blow and his feet touched the ground. After an extraordinary lightness in the multi-hyperplasmic body, he suddenly felt the force of gravity.
  - Wow! A melodious voice said. - What a strange feeling.
  Alexander looked around, beside him stood Aliviada, still fabulously beautiful, but without the bright lights. So she, perhaps, seemed even more cozy and the earth. She was wearing a luxurious ballroom, and her feet were dazzling shoes with high heels. The landscape around them was peaceful almost terrestrial, only the leaves of the trees were speckled and giant burdocks grew. It was hot, light green and sky were playing with the rays from the three suns. It seems that Elpida first felt a similar discomfort, her face flushed, across his forehead ran a trickle of sweat.
  "What a strange feeling," she said. On the one hand something like this you feel when copulating with the stars, on the other hand it is not particularly pleasant.
  - Yes, there is in Africa at the Equator, three Suns, not one. That's what we're gonna do now.
  - Let's just go some way. Sooner or later we'll run into humans or intelligent creatures.
  - Don't you know where you sat?
  - We decided to increase the element of surprise to be more interesting. One thing I know for sure is that intelligent life is here.
  - Let's hope she's not too aggressive. The choice of route is difficult, but in this heat it is best to go North - it will be cooler. - On their is logical concluded Alexander.
  - North so North. Gone. The girl sprinted forward.
  To walk in high heels was not comfortable Eliada, and then stumbled, however, to remove shoes is not wanted.
  - Why on earth do people who go, stamping his feet, and silly and not terribly beautiful. We are like angels fly, to conquer all planets, will to win, who bears malice arrogant! The Elf Sang.
  The girl tripped again, and fell, Alexander helped her up.
  Nothing the girl we'll come to the village and change the shoes. What are you going to the ball anyway?
  "I want to look beautiful like a Princess, not a commoner.
  - Vanity is a bad feeling. - Said Alexander.
  The clouds came up, and they made their way out of the pink cobblestone. Apparently, she wore the hand-made character, which significantly cheered up the passengers. There was a grinding sound in the bushes, and a huge creature twice the size of an elephant with six fan-shaped tusks and eight thin tentacles that grew instead of a nose jumped out onto the road. On his feet he had claws, which he scratched the cobblestones. Limbs was six, and they were thick covered tanned skin.
  - Here the bogeyman to keep you advised Elpida to escape or can come out to meet Pat.
  Is Tristan, herbivorous animal and, despite the menacing look for people are quite harmless. If you're not afraid, pet him, he loves it.
  Alexander went to meet the animal. He smiled, extending his hand. Suddenly the beast broke away, taking flight.
  What is he? The young man asked.
  - I don't know, maybe afraid. That's what great people, tremble before him all creation is not dependent on the universe.
  - That's because you did it. And if we had gone into the wild, we would have been struck by fangs and claws.
  - It's not a wild world, look at your feet.
  Alexander squinted down. Sneakers lay under the curve of a rusty nail.
  - Yes now I see, here there is sensible life. What stomped?
  - No doubt, we will come somewhere. Said Elpida.
  They increased their pace, but the cobblestones were uneven and she began to stumble again. Alexander several times supported, its for hand feeling heat bodies.
  One of the trees fell on the road and he had to go around. At the same time, it was seen how large watermelon beetles gnawed the trunk, gnawed the bark, their jaws resembled razor blades, and the hands of ticks seemed to be able to gnaw even metal.
  - You know these, too.
  - Lubrani orderlies of the forest, eat only dead and diseased stems, as you can see, this world is very harmonious.
  Harmony is boring.
  - Only in this universe of worlds a zillions and very funny to observe them from the inside. But I'll tell you what, with gravity and normal bodies, feet get awfully tired of heels like that. It's inconvenient.
  - Then take them off.
  On this planet we can not understand, then only go barefoot slaves.
  - That's how, and conjure something more practical you can not?
  - We agreed not to use superpowers. I kind of like Jesus decided not to have an advantage over the creature.
  "But he, too, had a gift, healed, walked on water!
  "But at the same time I allowed myself to die, I personally would not have the courage. Take them all to hell!
  "It is not a method, it is easier to kill, at least for God, it is more difficult to convince not to do lawlessness.
  "You may be right, but to be honest, I don't like to say anything here.
  The sky passed over a cloud, covering the two lights became slightly darker and the boys immediately began to get bloodsuckers. Small insects quite painful bite, but if Alexander was familiar with mosquitoes and deftly clapped them, Elfida was terribly nervous, beat vpopad. Arthropods thrust three proboscis at once, though unlike terrestrial mosquitoes, they were more sterile, and the bites were not so itchy. When the cloud began to drop drops during the heat, they were like manna from heaven, and it became easier to go, Elpida jumped. The rain intensified, soaked the travelers to the bone, really little girl dress remained dry, played the role of a special fabric, repelling moisture and water. The insects had vanished, and the mood Already rose:
  - No sentient beings in my universe, life is not bad at all. They're soaked.
  - Yes, it's substantial, take a shower. But that's something for a long time we don't come across people.
  - Nothing this world should be densely populated. I can already smell the barbecue, they must have some kind of holiday and we have prepared food.
  - And pay with what, we don't have a dime.
  - We can do the job, you seem like a tough guy. - Alfida stuck his finger in the chest, then squeezed the muscle with nails.
  I see you, I love to feel guys. - Said Alexander.
  - Why not get yourself a nice one?
  "I think I hear a noise, a caravan is coming here.
  - That will be the first meeting with the brothers in mind.
  The boys picked up their pace and suddenly ran into the column. In front rode a few Treskunov, they sat the riders shapes similar to a mighty people, but with the face, looks like a ragged mask. Three terrible eyes were sunk like holes, and the head was covered with a bone shell.
  - The monster! Who's that?
  Villabate or just tanks! One of the non-humanoid types of life. On the sides they rode in the likeness of decapod horses with a forked horn on the muzzle. Villabate menacingly growled and customized whip people walking in the middle. They were men, beaten, half-naked, chained to a pole. There were at least two hundred of them. Villabajo about a hundred and fifty. And on a white horse covered with a black Cape sat their leader in a mask. Although physique it was not as big as these monsters are the ones treated him exaggerated respect.
  What a mess! - Said Alfida when the whip struck the girl, knocking. Alexander wanted to drag her into the bushes, but she broke away with her fists and threw herself at buck.
  "Let the bastards go." - The girl grabbed the hands of the big man in boots and jerked sharply. Wolfback taken aback by surprise, flew from the saddle, the others stopped.
  - Garni maiden! The leader spoke. - Take her.
  Aliviado rushed several riders. The girl habitually waved her hands, intending to hit them with lightning, but she did not succeed. Then she punched the nearest Bucky in the nose. He howled, yanked the girl's chest, his partner hit her on the head with a small baton. Her legs buckled and she fell. The thugs surrounded her and began to tear off her clothes. He could not resist Alexander climbing the tree, he attacked the tank, pulled out the dagger and slashed across the back. He roared terribly and rushed to run. The rest of the tanks fell on him. Alexander wildly turned the dagger, he seemed very small against the background of two-meter big men, with grinning faces. Catching the moment, they rushed the young man, knocked him down and probably torn to pieces, if not for the cry of the leader.
  "They are beautiful prisoners, they will be well paid for, leave them alive.
  - As you please Prince. Bucky replied.
  - Check not the virgin she is.
  The elf bared her, felt her Breasts, and then buck carefully hid his claws and put his paw between her legs.
  It's intact!
  - Fine, now tie them together.
  Aliviado began to tie up, but the girl came to his senses and humbly howled.
  I don't want to walk around naked is so humiliating.
  - Okay, give her what she wants.
  On the beautiful girl threw homespun rags barely covering the body and hips, leaving bare legs. Alexander was also naked, his clothes were not ordinary and could, apparently, be expensive. The young man, almost the boy was only sporting underwear. They were chained to a long pole and lashed. Not accustomed to pain Elpida howled, it added.
  - Be careful! The leader of the poster is not in the measure of zealous tanks. - Do not damage the skin.
  Then the column was driven again. Alexander whispered to Eliade:
  - Be of good courage, all is not lost.
  - Who I now, was goddess of, and has become a slave.
  - Try to find pleasure in humiliation.
  That's stupid.
  Trying to keep straight, the young man and the girl walked along the path. At first it was nice to go barefoot, splashing through puddles, but then the three "sun" are quickly sucked the moisture and began to burn. In addition, soon smooth smooth cobblestone was replaced by sharp stones. Alexander was attached, but the girl was moaning softly from the burns, her delicate bare feet got cuts everyday on the rocks, leaving bloody droplets. It is more and more limp, and often did not receive very strong caused wide rawhide strap, but considerable shock. The girl was aikala, cheeks flowed tears. Here she is more recently the Creator of all things in this universe, able within this universe to do everything, and now just beaten with a whip half-naked slave forced to keep teeth slipping, stinking rags. It was very bitter, and already several times in the head there was a thought to commit suicide that after that to be embodied again in the quasi-artistic hypostasis. But it meant showing weakness, showing that she
  being almost Almighty God, has the heart of a hare. There is not such Aliviada, it will go through all the pain and the humiliation, not broken.
  - Well, Alexander, I didn't think the pain is so frustrating. It's such a strange feeling I've never felt before. It is impossible to describe it, if I tell about it to those who were born in my time, they will not understand. Extracted from the past told me about it, but I didn't understand anything.
  - Maybe the girl is just the beginning. Besides, if you can still leave this world, I can't.
  I'll pick you up, tell me and then you'll find yourself in another world.
  - No, I'm a man after all.
  Even more rough feet, Alexandra increasingly ached and itched as they drove mile after mile, and the lights burned stronger. To part to cut the way they turned straight through the forest. And then it was pleasant enough, lumps, bumps, roots, briars and sedge tormented the already downed his feet. That leaves Aliviada left bloody footprints, some of the prisoners especially children also left similar prints. All the more let them know yourself hunger and thirst. Yeah and people are tired, it fell the two girls beat them furiously, making to stand, and then failing to get confused were then beheaded. Then a couple of kilometers later, two boys. The first, of course, could not stand the children. Old men among the prisoners there was, apparently they were not created gods, too, sometimes want the good. But, in the end, when they got out of the forest again, and passed another ten kilometers, one man fell with a black, white speckled beard.
  - It's okay, we need strong slaves.
  The three suns were still burning mercilessly, and only the blue light was leaning towards the sunset. It was obvious that the day here is much longer than the earth. Bare skin at Alexander blushed heavily, especially on the shoulders and the boy expected that he will soon begin to peel off. Elpida also heavily flushed, Recalling fried cancer, and she seems to hurt even more. The girl's tongue was swollen, her throat was dry, her stomach was squeezed by painful spasms.
  I'm thirsty! - She moaned.
  - Be patient, here all poorly! Alexander Snapped.
  - My legs are killing me.
  Alexander looked at the muscles Already, her slender body was like the Amazon is very strong and not a drop of fat. Therefore, it must be very hardy.
  - You have great instincts just you're not used to physical exertion, from the fact you don't have. Let's imagine that in your body there is no weight that you flutter like a butterfly.
  - At the float when necessary to carry the pole and his hands rubbed the chain. - Said Elpida.
  Alexander was grateful for the fact that he had such a harsh childhood and a lot of physical work. Because of this, it is much easier to tolerate heavy loads. Here is him was having a flashback as he was loading cars. Once he had to work more than twenty hours, many adult movers with experience exhausted and fell, and he moved like a robot, overcoming the air which became dense as sea waves. In the end he Alexander lost consciousness, but quite quickly came in themselves.
  - Russian guy from the pain of not moaning! He told himself.
  Aliviada however, also had a not stalwart will. The journey seemed endless, as if weeks and even months had passed. Gradually even the pain of the muscles has subsided. The girl put a rusty chain in her mouth and began to gnaw. Oddly enough after that it became easier and thirst, not so haunted beauty. Gradually the luminaries were inclined to decline, the unbearable heat subsided. Here there are two suns, then one!
  - The camp is near! - Said Alexander.
  - I know! The girl proudly raised his head. In the end samotalis, she finally heard.
  - Our animals are tired it's time to make a halt.
  The prisoners, however, did not untie, they were first brought to the burdocks, allowing the system to relieve themselves, then brought to the brook, the climate, despite the heat, was quite humid. The elf threw herself into the water like a camel and swallowed it, so she involuntarily choked and coughed. Then, spitting, she drank for a long time, until she calmed down.
  - Oh, I did not know that simple icy water can bring so much joy. The girl said.
  - If so much hours not to drink the well is capable.
  After drinking plenty of Eliada, washed its covered with cuts and bruises of the legs. Alexander helped to get the relative purity of her, admiring the gracefulness of the lines, scratches and bruises seemed, did not spoil them, and gave additional charm. Washing off the dust, he bent down and ran his tongue over the cuts like a dog. Eliade tickled, and she giggled.
  - Something you too fun slaves! Bucky barked. - Tomorrow you will find an even more difficult transition.
  We're hungry! - Asked Aliviada.
  - Okay! And while dragnite "bastards".
  Villabate lit fires and roasted the meat, devouring large pieces. Alexander and Alfida however so tired that immediately fell asleep. The girl apparently for the first time plunged into such a state. She was otherwise previously unknown to the state except wakefulness. On this the first dream, which came fresh breeze, scared its. Elpida woke up, jerking legs, pushing lying next to Alexander:
  What do you want? - In the morning he asked.
  - I've seen strange animals jumping through space and swallowing stars.
  Is only a dream, don't mess with me, close your eyes and try to think about something pleasant.
  - Do not climb on an empty stomach pleasant thoughts.
  - You drink water, it will be easier, don't forget that tomorrow we will again have to trudge through the heat and may not have enough forces.
  "I know that, but I can hardly sleep. I am very nervous and excited.
  - Then I'll help you, give you a massage. - The young man began to RUB the girl first the shoulders, then tired overworked feet. Eliade relaxed, quietly moaning, her eyes closed. Putting, blond head on his chest, Alexander did not notice how fell asleep. He was awakened by a sharp lash followed by the sound of a horn.
  - Get up slaves, and move faster.
  His legs ached a little after yesterday, and his feet were sore, but it was bearable. The girl stood up abruptly shaking her head scattered over her shoulders wondrous as the flames of rising fire hair. They were given a SIP of water, in addition, threw a wild sour fruit, vaguely reminiscent of kiwi. The guys greedily swallowed, and then continued through the woods. The trees grew taller, but less often. Quite often the branches were fruits, including like bananas. One of the young naked girls jumped, managed to reach, plucked a sweet fruit. She was immediately struck with a whip, so that tore the already torn shirt, with protruding Breasts, and from the torn skin gushing blood:
  "Pitiful little man, eat only what you are given. - Yelled Bucky.
  The girl looks about fifteen, sixteen staggered walked with the rest, however, is not releasing from the hands of the banana. This fruit was large and a long. Alexander thought that the girl is hungry he will eat, but he did unexpectedly. After so many years apart, she gave the neighbors, those whispered words of thanks, swallowing the treat, a small piece got and Eliade. The girl, despite the hunger, gave half to Alexander. He pulled away:
  Eat it yourself!
  - No, you'll weaken. What I can do without true to yourself man.
  - Come on, I'm not used to malnutrition, I'm from a poor family.
  "Maybe I want to experience real hunger, too. And how much you can fatten at the expense of science.
  A boy and a girl for a long time can argue, but it is sharply struck with whips, first on the back, and then bare legs. Guys preferred faster to swallow gifts. On an empty stomach Inserisci banana seemed to them a most exquisite dish. Then they left the forest and came to the road. Again stony filled their feet, it seemed that someone had deliberately thrown a little stinging bees. So they went under the scorching suns. The heyday seemed fine, but his boys missed it. Again the monotonous movements, the way no one was caught, only surrounded by woods, fields. Once a heavy bird flew by, resembling a large Albatross with a hooked nose and four wings.
  Bucky knocked him off his crossbow, and, judging by the fact that they needed a dozen shots per animal, they were not important arrows. Then, a dozen hours later, they were allowed to rest, and it looked like the tanks were hungry. Not for nothing they were carrying a wagon train with food, monsters ate decently. Then the words in the path.
  The luminaries reached their Zenith, and the heat became unbearable. However Alexander noticed that his skin darkened, but not peeled off. And Alfida even began to look much nicer. We went to the field with friends only larger ears that resembled corn on the cob. They worked only women and children here and there were seen the soldiers, what it was oddly enough people. Elpida protested.
  "Can't they see the monsters are taking us prisoner and don't want to raise the alarm?"
  "Maybe they were captured during a RAID on a neighboring Empire. And Villabate people like you.
  "Then it seems our journey is at an end.
  - I hope now only wonder what awaits us.
  Ahead he saw the massive walls of the city. Green crenellated towers, a deep ditch, lowered the bridge. The city was well maintained, the rocky road was replaced by smooth slabs, and the bare feet of the prisoners were not so painful, though they still continued to burn. The guard at the gate showed the leader of the Board with the symbol of the dragon and they easily missed.
  When they were led around the city, a crowd of curious people crowded around. In addition to people and tanks, among them were creatures with pointy ears: Alexander identified:
  - They look like cartoon elves.
  There was, however, only individuals a pair of gnomes, as well as three winged women with fangs - a beautiful and frightening at the same time. Seeing Alexander, they flew up to the young man, and began to feel, scratching claws. The guy winced, touching aroused, dignity involuntarily raised, because of what Alexander felt very ashamed. The leader shouted:
  - Majority! Not your prey.
  - Sell it to us!
  - No! That's when you put it up on eBay in the capital of Gensure, you will be able to bargain.
  - We'll pay you more!
  - Not again! This is a very handsome boy and it can buy for the harem, what be a noble male.
  After these words, Alexander blushed, he really wanted to disfigure her face. After all, he is completely disenfranchised, a slave could be beaten, tortured, sold, killed and even raped in a perverted form. Seeing his gloomy appearance, the master comforted him.
  - Don't be stalling. You how many years, there are already fifteen! Your face is smooth and rosy as a virgin's, and your skin is clean as a total tissue. And a couple of years, when you get a disgusting beard or pimples, no one will take you. And some boy-lovers were doing their careers, and even inherited condition. Take, for example Courage-Mage! He was just a boy-prostitute, and now one of the richest people in the country.
  After these words, the career of male prostitutes, did not make him more attractive physically homosexuality was disgusting to him, but he felt a little more confident. Means and in this world there is narrow-minded people.
  - And this girl is going to make a splash. It will be sold for a lot of money, as you know not get it to the king himself. She has lovely hair no one such there is no.
  - Yes this is called noble know!
  To Eliade approached the elf and whispered in your ear:
  "You have already been seen by a noble bridegroom.
  - Who is he? The girl asked.
  "Here he comes himself.
  The sky seemed to split open and the silhouette of a terrifying dragon appeared in front of them. Three heads moved, mouths opened.
  - Sell me the girl. The reptile roared.
  - Only at a fair auction. The leader replied.
  - You know I can't go in there. Take a bag of gold and we'll have the wedding. - "Dragon" thrown to the hooves "horse" package.
  The leader looked at him, pointed his spear.
  "The king will give me too little.
  - I have financial difficulties, our country is at war with trestini.
  - Sorry I can't help you. And all the money needed, including magicians, especially after he banned the use of magic gold.
  - Well, look, take it by force.
  - Don't on moreover ran into a Coffin! - Said the magician.
  The dragon hissed, its wingspan reached fifteen meters, this monster could scare anyone, but to start a fight in the city did not want, and so go outside the law.
  - I can do everything myself. - Hissed the Coffin and, taking off, began to gain altitude, despite the rapid emergence, ago he withdrew slowly.
  - That's it! We were almost separated! - Joked Alexander.
  - To marry a reptile, what could be worse, Yes it will tear me in pieces. - Shivered Aliviada.
  - Do not be afraid, maybe it will give us something to eat.
  However, prisoners were not feed, but on the contrary drove faster and again began suffering. The whip flashed more often now, apparently the sorcerer was planning as soon as possible to reach the capital. However, back in the city, he disappeared, and when he appeared next to him, there were four terrifying subjects. Bear muzzles, however, were not in harmony with the wings of bats, but the claws were long.
  Who are they? Alexander asked, not really expecting an answer. Aliviada however, knew, like, all, not for nothing they created.
  Is krukoski - beings created by the magic of unstable particles, something like demons.
  They're strong!
  - Yes! I suspect that the sorcerer fears that the dragon Coffin back and try to kidnap me, so he called in extra security.
  Alexander couldn't resist the joke.
  - You probably like such a great guy, he seems to have a dignity not less than one meter.
  - Nu, you vulgar Sasha! I thought you were an intelligent person.
  - I'm more of a proletarian than an intellectual. I'd rather get rid of the yoke.
  "When you can please a man, maybe they'll give you a necklace."
  Alexander began to feel sick. Again it was a poignant way, especially at the exit of the city tiles ran out and went to the jagged rocks. Not a gift most passers-by wore sandals. To talk like especially that the guards beat became much stronger forcing move. However, there is a limit to everything and after a dozen hours the slaves began to exhale, not paying attention to the whistling of the lashes. Elpida already tripped ten races, and several slaves fell, the others were exhausted. Only one girl, the one who plucked the banana, looked cheerful, her bare feet flickering, seemingly oblivious to the sharpness of the stones. Alexander turned his attention to the girl's smile and strong veins.
  - Your name! He asked.
  - Vermon! - She answered.
  "I hope we don't fall into slavery."
  If we don't quarrel! The girl said resolutely.
  The area around them was completely deserted, the trees reaching a height of almost a kilometer and giving a pleasant shade. Suddenly a sharp whistle interrupted the movement of the column. With top hit the fire Clot. There was a noise and a flapping of wings. A dozen dragons fell from the heights. They spewed flames, and some of the claws threw daggers.
  - I think it's starting!
  - Let's try to escape under the guise! The girl suggested.
  Altmer and Julieta collapsed in the foam of the sea. A similar feeling happens when you dip into a glass of beer. A boy and a girl a little pobarahtavshis, and then seeing in the distance covered with jungle cliffs, went to him. They swam well, although it was uncomfortable in clothes.
  - The sea is wonderful, it is warm in this body I feel unusual sensations.
  - I also bathed only in the Moscow river, and the water is usually cold. And in the Black sea even once, and here the water is like milk.
  Boy and girl splash, and perhaps did not want to get out, as appeared on the horizon fin, resembling the handle of a refrigeration Board.
  Is morarka shark, the beast is quite dangerous. Let's get moving.
  Juliet did not need to be persuaded, striking with all his strength with his hands and feet, he rushed butterfly. The predator was coming closer, his first victim, he chose a girl. Jaws appeared, followed by a jump. At the last moment the girl moved away from her only slightly touched the tail. Juliette ducked coughing.
  Altmer ran into a predator as it lunged for him, just punched a finger in the eye, and then poddernuv, grabbed the shark's tail. He was led from side to side, the monster managed to throw off the daring Primate.
  "Ah, that's you! - Altmer again dodged and smashed a heel in the eye.
  The blow was painful, apparently the beast did not expect such resistance and, most importantly, began to make strange maneuvers. Altmer and Alfida taking advantage of his hesitation, landed on the shore. At the last moment, the predator seemed to Wake up, rushed after them, but the guys had already jumped to the land. Hefty carcass, cutting the belly of shallow water, buried in the sand, and then, crouching, managed to snatch from the suction traps.
  - Wow! You're brave! - Said Juliette. - I wasn't afraid to enter fight with the bully, she weighs two tons and not less than eight meters.
  - Maybe more, but I created it, and afraid of his creation it is necessary such neutrinos to be! - Almir his arms.
  - Maybe you're right, now we need to get naked and dry. - Julieta winked Altmire.
  Don't you mind me?
  "You're like a brother to me, although after having sex with the stars, there's no shame.
  - Well sister, we have in the future no one to be ashamed of the naked body, and, nevertheless, all prefer to wear clothes. Tradition is stronger than progress.
  - The figure you are better of Apollo, naked look better.
  Altmer was in the Superman costume from the famous series.
  - Well, thank you for the compliment, but this fabric doesn't get wet, anything, if you want me to undress.
  The young man exposed the relief muscles, he is small as if cast, the muscles swayed like liquid steel, a deep drawing of the back and press was visible.
  - I, such as you, in nor one magazine not seen, here is the quality of muscle!
  It's not my fault. We can give the body any shape and cool guys like me a lot. Some people prefer the bodies of cartoon characters, however, a tribute to tradition, most remain in the human form.
  "Maybe we shouldn't have come in the form of amoebas, or tigers.
  - It can be fixed. If you want, I'll make you a Fox.
  - Quite attractive, by the way, I've often wished to be a man.
  - I a girl, especially a pregnant, it is so exciting to feel your body tossing and turning child.
  Yes, I personally have not tried, but they say it's hard.
  - Then example difficulties as real men.
  His words were interrupted by a roar, a beast appeared from behind the bushes, he resembled a lion, only covered with thorns like a porcupine, his lower jaw was much longer and more massive than the upper, bulging like a bucket. Altmer keeping cool, went to him. Barbed lion roared, scored paws. The boy remained confident that he was going a smooth step to meet the predator. The silly blinked her eyes, in the primitive brain of the predator spun the idea of why this view is not terrible, naked creature behave so brazenly. Maybe he has a weapon. In the hands of the enemy was not true iron rods, but you never know what kind of a trap prepares the most treacherous creature in the universe - man!
  Juliet, as if guessing the lion's thoughts, took a few steps to the right and lifted the snag. The girl pretended to aim at the head of the beast. He tensed even more, arched his back, and began to back away. Then Julieta holding weapon at the ready, advancing, and grasping Altmer hanging on the branch the fruit, threw it directly at the enemy. He jumped up and started to run.
  - His Ho! - Shouted Altmer. - Man is the king of nature!
  - I see! Now let's skin him alive. Juliette Suggested.
  The young man and headed up, the branches grow a lot of fruit, and starvation threatened. Altmer climbed up into a tree and pierced spike's hand.
  - I feel pain, it's something new! - Alper showed the blood and then licked her with his hands. - Salty!
  - Be careful, you might run into something more toxic.
  - No, that tree is not poisonous.
  - You that all trees and bugs know.
  - Almost all, the names, however, are given by people, but their brains are programmed by me.
  Are they puppets?
  - No they have free will!
  The young man picked up the fruit, broke by sex.
  Want some?
  I'll rip! - Offended Juliette.- For example, it looks like a coconut.
  - You can. - The milk inside is yellow, sweeter than honey.
  However, it was not easy to climb on a thick palm tree, the trunk was slippery as glossy paper. Juliette took off her shoes, each finger of her chiseled legs looking for a crack, she managed to climb with great difficulty. To make it easier to move, she took off her dress and pants, left in panties and bra. The girl tore off the hard surface, bursting, exposed milk. It was thick and very pleasant to the taste. Juliette was even surprised: the new world is not so aggressive and accepts newcomers.
  - I, frankly, never tried coconuts, but those who ate them are not delighted.
  - It depends on the selection, and the sun, you look at the sky as many as four luminaries and all with different spectrum. Here the plant world is much richer, here try a date. - Altmer threw the girl a piece of fruit.
  Julieta picked him up, bitten, felt elation.
  - Wonderful freshness in the mouth, not compare with gum.
  It's good news, it is not necessary to brush your teeth.
  Then the guys continued to climb, Altmer jumping on vines like Tarzan, but didn't have the skill and he as they were naked, caught in the thorns.
  Ow! The young man cried. - It hurts.
  It just stabbed, the body burned like nettles, apparently the plants were identified irritants. Altmire was hurt and he, in spite of pride, could not hold back the moans and OHS and ahs. The young man ran to the stream, seeking plunge in the flow of.
  Julieta jumped him, the way he banged her hard bare feet on the root, and he too gasped.
  - No not a good world! She said. On bare feet have been scratched, the girl hastened to dip them into the Creek, feeling a pleasant coolness.
  The young man, splashing a little, calmed down, his cuts gave the appearance of a beaten rebel. He swam to the Crook and grabbed the leg.
  - How is she not badly hurt?
  - No! Let go! The girl shouted.
  In the answer the young man knocked down, and has become to RUB pink women's heels. From the fact that she often went barefoot, even in winter in a bathing suit ran, tempered in the snow, they were hard, but, nevertheless, sensitive. He ran his hands between his toes, tickled the inside of his foot. The girl laughed, gradually getting excited, and the guy's hands rose higher. Julieta not willingly Almira compared with Alexander. They were alike, both muscular, blond, only Altmer was, perhaps more prominent, and the facial features are more delicate, noble. She put her arm around his shoulders.
  - My love!
  Her face flushed, her lips parted, and she licked the young man's cheek. Then she captured a passionate kiss, her mouth came together in a curve. Thin tongues intertwined, mouth of Julieta was fresh and from Almira smelled of carnations, the girl drank the nectar. Her boyfriend made love for the first time in a protein body, it was so unnatural and, therefore, in a special way admired. Now his hands began to unbutton her bra, caressing the skin. Her nipples swelled with juice, stood upright, then Altmer kissed lips and like a baby started sucking them. Never in his life had he felt this, his mother was in Nirvana and he didn't even see her. Though he was not a helpless toddler, immediately telepathically he reached out with the other babies and flew using Multi-giperplaziu making it a congenital Superman. It was especially fun to make your first star, it was so big and funny, and how delightful to bathe in it at a temperature of billions of degrees. The body warms up, the atoms begin to move rapidly, to touch, randomly colliding, thoughts flow faster, there are dreamlike fantasies, they pass in waves, it raises the tone. And now he SIPS a ruby nipple, it seems to him that the breast milk is about to pour.
  Julieta went mad and was moaning softly from the touch, and Altmer didn't want to come off. Again the agonizing heat in the lower abdomen was awakened, it spread throughout the body. She even regretted that she had only one partner and cannot handle the language of the chest and the cave of Venus. Taking his hand, she pulled it to her excruciatingly excited diamond and asked.
  Be nice to me here! - The young man the affirmative mumbled. His flexible fingers worked, increasing her pleasure. Then he bent down, his lips open, caressing the soft skin on the inner surfaces of her thighs, slowly rising up. The girl huddled in convulsions, when the language is pushed through the fabric, back arched beauties. The boy really tried, he thought of her flowing Golden wine. The crook clawed, and short involuntary screams escaped from her wide-open mouth. Then he broke away from the wet silk and buried his head in her flesh. His long legs jerked up, his ankles closed on his back. The body of Julieta shook with powerful tremors and Altmer continued to caress her with tongue and lips until he heard a long Creek; in the last exhausted shudder she pulled him to her, glaring fiercely into his mouth with his lips. The girl bit him to the blood and barely broke away, said:
  "More than anything, I want you to come inside me. To continue painful heat and you became as well as me!
  - You're giving me innocence?!
  - Yes! A thousand times!
  Burning her inflamed body, Altmer wanted to learn it, but at this moment sharp claws dug into his back. The suddenness of the young man shouted. Before him came two heads with crooked teeth, and terrible claws. The beast itself was translucent, and it stank. Altmer hit it a palm edge on the neck. The monster twitched, and a sharp drill bit flew out of his skull, the guy barely dodged, his cheek scratched, skin split.
  You're prickly.
  Juliette despite the fear felt anger, beat her boyfriend! The girl kicked him with both feet, knocking him over on his back. Barbed armor dug bare feet, Julieta winced, keeping out a scream, who went over his head. Altmer grabbed her hand and pulled over, they jumped out on dry land. The monster followed them, threw a tail, only a wildly skaknew up, young man
  managed to get away from the loop.
  Up the tree! - He shouted.
  Julieta climbed quickly, fear gave her strength. Altmer jump kicked the enemy in the head. The enemy almost got the young man's feet, four-foot limb threatening stood, mouth open, dripped saliva, Altmer paid attention to where the drops fell, the grass turned yellow and the leaves were Curling into a tube. The only drawback of spawning the underworld was not enough speed. Inflicting several blows, the young man was convinced that the enemy did not break through. Claws once again slashed him, there was five bloody stripes.
  I had to climb a tree. The monster crawled after them, it was too heavy, bigger than a polar bear and almost like an elephant, but eight clawed limbs allowed it to climb up.
  Who's that? Juliette Asked.
  - Yes, it's hydro! Half-beast, half-demon, on this planet there is a semi-parallel twilight world from there sometimes seeps every evil.
  - Why did you create such an abomination?
  - That there was freedom of choice, and life did not seem so boring. Moreover, not all demons evil, with many of them work preachers, with each new universe they will change in better side.
  Are they mortal?
  - Of course! Now we're going to kill one of them.
  - How will do it? A monster is more dangerous than a lion, more terrible than a dinosaur, and we don't even have a knife.
  - But there is brains, crawl for me.
  Khidros sought to increase the speed, clinging to lianas, and also perepolzaya barrels. Altmer incessantly to gain altitude, I moved closer to the mountains.
  The monster nearly overtook us several times, swelling and straining muscles.
  He's strong! Juliette wiped the sweat dripping from her brow, the heat and physical exertion made her almost brown, the veins in her arms and legs popped out. - Such a creature can be exhausting.
  - But you're a strong girl?
  "Sure, but sooner or later we'll get tired, and that thing will catch up with us.
  - Don't worry - the end is near. - Altmer reached the wood, where grew a long spear like needle. Took and torn one of them, Juliette followed his example.
  - Better not climb, I can handle it himself. You better get over that tree, let him chase me. - Altmer jumped to the monster and stabbed in the eye. The eyes of the fiend were covered with a transparent case, but the blow itself was very painful. Hidros let out such a roar that the branches trembled, fell and rolled into the abyss a few stones.
  - What an animal! Not like! - Altmer issued a fluttering sound like the trill of Orioles. The creature rushed after him, jumping more and more. The young man barely had time to Dodge, the claws nearly touched his feet. The pursuit continued, Julieta thought, not come down to whether her friend crazy.
  - Why are you playing with death? - She said.
  He did not answer, but only continued to emit a trill. The creature spat a couple of times, but did not reach the goal. Only then Julieta noticed the branch which moved Altmer, became increasingly slim and slippery, and under it was white with no grass, and sharp rocks.
  You, Susanin! The girl said.
  - Well done correctly realized!
  After another jump, the monster hovered on skolka the trunk, was that he held with great difficulty, desperately clinging with all eight legs. Then Altmer jumped on him, prying a spear finger he is using the spear as natural, rachav, let go of the limb. Hydro opened its mouth, and stretched out two feet to the guy. The young man ducked under them, under this his strongly scratched Pat on the back, put the end of the on sensitive membrane. The fingers moved, and Altmire managed podkovyrnut two, helped by the fact that it was based on a carcass. Elastic as tempered steel, the spear bent but did not break. The young man, crying in pain, pushed the barbed armor, leaving bloody marks on the back. His last superhuman effort was not in vain, only three limbs could not hold nearly four-ton carcass, so not convenient trunk and hydros flew upside down down. Altmer also slipped, but managed to grab the trunk, pulled himself together, he spread his legs, climbing on a shaky Foundation. Hidros fell from a great height, his shell burst, black and green blood poured, and smoke went.
  Then the young man carefully moved to the next tree. To him crawled up Juliette:
  You're brave and smart! She said. - Only all wounded.
  Altmer winced, the cuts were deep and sore, in addition, slain the monster gave off such a strong stench that it could be heard at a great distance.
  - There needs to grow Matelica. He heals wounds. This flower is bright blue.
  - Find him! But tell me, why did you whistle the Orioles.
  - This is not the Oriole and the call of the female, he strongly excites these animals, forcing to forget about caution.
  - Reasonable, now let's get out of here, I think I'm gonna throw up.
  Are gases from the broken of the stomach, can be toxic but are rapidly degraded in the air, climb higher usually, Mazelike grows on top.
  The young man and girl crawled up, the trees went to many hundreds of meters, on the way they now and then came across funny monkeys: small spotted, and large striped. They went about their business and did not pay any attention to people. Only one of them jumped to Juliet and, disheveled, blew on her hair. The girl drove it away and only then remembered that she was almost naked, in her panties, and even risks to burn, because at the top there was almost no foliage.
  - Can cover!? She asked.
  Don't worry! I created the universe so that the earth does not burn. And your perfect beauty lacks a chocolate tan.
  - How do we stand in front of people, naked?
  - You can certainly go down and look, but its probably already pilfered monkey.
  - So it turns out we're back to the primal state. Where were you looking?
  - I flew out of my head, brains giperplaziya and I can't think about it and provide. The more a demon is not allowed. But Mazelike.
  The flower was large, and he had to climb up to it. With an effort, looking for the slightest clue with their naked bodies, they got out on a large leaf that can take a couple of helicopters.
  - So we reached the flower of dreams. - Approaching the petal, the girl scooped up from the very centre of the thick juice, it was also scratched and covered, in the same way did Altmer.
  - It burns a little, but it's disinfecting.
  The skin was shiny and the scars were not so visible. Julieta long rubbed Altmira, it was a very pleasant touch of the body with perfect muscles. But offer to make love did not dare, she was confused by curious monkeys, a crowd accumulated on the sheet. Apparently kind of naked people, was for them not well habitual.
  Altmer was less shy, but he knew the girl. They were smeared, then lay down in the sun, allowing the oil to soak up. Tan surprisingly quickly stuck to their bodies, after a couple of hours the skin darkened, cuts began to disappear.
  - The metabolism has increased markedly, we will soon become like Negroes. - Proudly said Alper.
  "Lovely fruit, now let's slip, I want to find my vestments."
  The descent took a lot of time and believed to Altmer of their clothes, they found.
  Apparently her dismantled monkeys. The young man however, was not upset by the fact that remained in some batches.
  - So much closer to nature, and we have such bodies that they should not be ashamed.
  "I agree, but do you know this world well?"
  - Not really, just in General terms.
  - So, if there are people here, they do not particularly approve of naked.
  - I don't know, maybe they'll think we're savages. However, if you want, we can still look.
  The guys cut a series of circles, shouted, screamed, but as expected without results. Then Juliette put on a pair of petals. The rays of light began to weaken, the luminaries tended to decline. Suddenly Altmer said.
  - Something my stomach hurts, all gross and such a weight.
  - Maybe you were poisoned!
  "I don't think I've only eaten what I'm sure is edible, I don't have such a bad memory. I feel like I'm going to explode, I can't take it anymore. - Between the legs of the young man flowed a trickle.
  You peed yourself! Juliet Laughed. - Take off your trunks and relieve yourself, you don't have to be ashamed of me.
  "I know theoretically that the lowest forms of life defecate, but I've never done it myself.
  - So it's just, hide in the bushes and spread your legs, so nobody interfered. Then wipe your ass with a piece of paper.
  And if he doesn't!
  - Stretch your stomach, lower press tiles, and it'll all come out.
  "But, dear girl, how unpleasant it is, and the smell of evil, I did not know how disgusting it was. No, next time I'll create you so that you can do without such a humiliating ritual.
  - That's right, I don't like it, but apparently so was pleasing to God.
  Now we are as gods and may overcome nature. I'll go relieve myself, it's hard.
  The guy hid in the bushes, then, grunting, cheerfully jumped out of there. He looked much more cheerful. She Julieta already managed to relieve myself during the search of clothing.
  - Well, how?
  - Well, what a pleasure it is when you drop, squeeze out of yourself this stuff. But now I want to lie down.
  You're sleepy.
  - Not so much, but it didn't hurt to take a NAP.
  It's dangerous!
  - Then we'll climb on tree, large predators and demons not very willingly climb on them, if of course not piss off.
  - Then lie down. That's just what we will do next.
  - Let's explore the island, it should be inhabited.
  - But what if it's empty.
  Then we'll build a boat and sail on the waves.
  - How long will it take?
  - It doesn't matter, work will distract us, and we won't grow old.
  - Well, well, at least you have provided.
  - Yes have had enough, immediately return.
  The boys crawled to the top, they climbed higher and higher, finally, after hard work were at an altitude of almost a kilometer. Here was a magnificent panorama of sea and cliffs.
  - Well from here you can wait for the boat. But look, I see a dot on the horizon. I have a very sharp sight, discern the mast, a sailing ship and a flag of some kind, awkward. Who is drawn on it, some beast let swim closer, and maybe a sign to file, to set fire to something. But no matches.
  - It may be pirates Altmer.
  Pirates, it becomes quite interesting, never seen. However, Morgan's raise, but he bailed, I met him.
  - They could kill us!
  "I am not tired of this world and death is not in my plans. We'll watch, if we're lucky, they'll come ashore.
  - What hurts the ship is great for pirate, filibusters usually prefer small but nimble of the court, and it is giant!
  Different, maybe just a merchant, usually the pirates a skull and crossbones, although there are all sorts of emblems. Here is this tiger over, only saber-toothed with prickles, fu as vulgar such a beautiful of an animal cross your with porcupine.
  - So after he has created, I even remembered the conversation in the Church, burned into memory in the distant past for you. One man asked a nun if the apostles ' feet stank when Jesus performed the ceremony of legging.
   What did she say?!
   People have created such, and have to endure.
  - BRR! However, the animals stink too, such as lion, monkey, but what people!
  - Get used! In the meantime, it is interesting to know what led the ship to shore.
  The chieftain of the pirates of Quigg Cagliostro, was very clever and insidious entity. He robbed ships indiscriminately and usually did not spare the team, preferring rope and whip. He also had a bad habit of torturing people or other races for no apparent reason. And now, when he was in a bad mood, sipping beer. Concern old members of the team Bosun green-drain and Navigator Paligaru. Especially Paligaru, being a detachment of giant arthropods, he enjoyed great prestige among the corsairs villains and occasionally annoy. Besides, the Maison Mat was not trustworthy. This half-breed elf was bisexual and secretly wanted to sleep with Quigg. But as luck would have it, for all his shortcomings remained a complete "straight", in addition, the meson did not go to the mother of a beautiful female elf, but in the rapist of his father, a rare freak. And who would like that. To top it all, the last battle was unsuccessful, the enemy frigate managed to leave, and even he punched the Board, resulting in a leak. They lost two weeks to fix the hole. And now came to an end stocks of fresh water and food, it is necessary to stick to the port and replenish, but the problem is money running out. Cagliostro wanted to finish my career, to settle in Chiziane the only country whose ships he never robbed, and to buy as much land that could justify the Dukedom. Duke of Cagliostro - sounds! And now here is-here is could face open revolt. Green drain and Palikara already showing suspicious activity. The sailors were noisy, arthropods like Scorpions gathered in a separate pile. The humans and orcs stayed together, and the two half-blood elves stayed away from the others and played cards. Cagliostro thought it a good idea to get into the army these elves. Only here's the catch, they live on another planet and are so developed that have already got a terrible rays, beating abruptly mages.
  Quigg at heart and he is not averse to acquire sorcerers, but here's the RUB, really worked the Inquisition, burning hundreds of thousands of wizards and witches, and among them most were completely innocent people. Moreover there were rumors that the order of the "Wrath of God" wants to kill all of the dwarves and orcs as creatures of the devil. That threatened new inter-species war. However, Cagliostro felt that it will pass this Cup, and he will be able to enjoy the power of a personal harem, the ability to torture and hang in their possession which had the Dukes. The pirates looked askance, but an open challenge to throw him hesitated. And no wonder, Kaliostro perfectly owned sword, sword, pistol, in the last skirmish, he laid on the deck of the applicant, with what killed immediately. The poor man was hung on a rack and roasted with fire, ruthlessly fired until he breathed his last. Cagliostro brought then fear.
  - We need to hit him in the back, lean on kagalom. There was a faint whisper. It was clearly the voice Paligaru. The insects seemed to approve of this attitude. To Cagliostro approached the pirate Culpa, although his face was covered with fish scales, the captain trusted him more than hypocritical people.
   Against you hatched a plot, I believe it is best to strike first, shoot a musket Paligaru, beheading rebels.
  - Then there will be a big dump, a lot of corpses. No, I prefer to keep it simple! - Cagliostro did not have time to make before the end of his thought. Sweeping step he walked across the deck, always hungry orcs growled, of course they are physically very strong, and the wounds from these creatures heal faster than dogs, but stupid. However than smarter pirate than he more dangerous. And it's easier! These guys attack in the open, they are not waiting to strike back. That's just do not like to bathe, for them it's all the same what to go to the penalty, and in this heat, but still covered with hair stink not merciful. Well, you bastards, clearly able to suppress the gases. Here, for example, their leader Boom boom, he even sleeps in an iron pot on his head, likes to let go of vulgar jokes are not indifferent to human females, though they shy away from him. Well, to hell with it let them live. Quigg waved to them and then descended the stairs into the cabin, not without pleasure, looked in the mirror. Outwardly he looked like a real gentleman, in a white wig, powdered, perfumed, not that smelly pirates who do not hesitate to relieve themselves directly overboard. He openly despises them. Kaliostro tinted his lips and blushed his cheeks, as was customary at court. Why did he do it, maybe to give himself more Polish before the fight.
  An unexpected exclamation interrupted his thoughts.
   There's a ship on the horizon! The young man who was watching the course shouted.
  - Here is how, all line up prepare for battle. - Cagliostro pulled from the sleeve of the telescope and stared. Ship judging by inflated sails was great, mighty, with a large number of guns.
  Culpa, whose four retractable structural eye was able to magnify the image whispered.
   Is too big game for which we have too small a fraction. Maybe it's better captain before it's too late to add sails and jerk.
  - Shut up, you coward, we'll fight. In the meantime, as much as possible to add sails.
  Discipline during the battle for pirate Holy place, and the filibusters rushed with enthusiasm to execute the order. Brigantine, caught the wind, added the go. So the enemy in the eye was at least five times bigger, and much heavier guns. It is clear that in this case to conduct an artillery duel suicide and the only chance is boarding! But here is how to get closer, so as not to be sunk? Quigg had a surprise waiting for him. Brigantine was overwhelmed by the crew, so the death of even most of the team did not upset, and to fill up the ranks was by elementary dashing people and bad people more than ships. The ship picked up speed, fortunately the wind was favorable. On the big judging from the construction Maloletkam ship them noticed. Bow very large guns gave aimed volley. Then hit long-barreled caliber, followed by undershoot, but Admiral Invoke it is not heavily distressed, he hoped that while the Brigantine approach, four long-range weapons will be recharged. They have nearly one hundred and twenty guns.
  - Let him get close, we'll tear the Corsair to shreds.
  Cagliostro knew that just sweep space will not pass, and so ordered.
   To give a volley to the cloud. Pirates hurriedly began to charge the guns with cotton wool soaked in the urine of libbar. This in itself is a harmless weapon, but gave the shot so thick and lush smoke that was supposed to completely hide the ship. Kaliostro slightly delayed the shot, he hoped that the enemy would let him closer to cover one volley, flooding the pirate at once. He understood at the same time, risking to stumble on a cast iron shower, but the rich experience prompted greedy Magority even nuclei tend to save. And if so, you can walk on the blade of a knife, especially since the cloud should not dissipate.
  Approaching the critical barrier, Cagliostro commanded!
  - Fire!
  The volley instantly enveloped the space with an impenetrable haze. Quigg immediately commanded:
  - To the right!
  And just in time, as soon as Brigantine managed to change direction as the smoke curtain crashed dozens of large cores. One of them crashed into the deck, injuring five and killing three sailors. Another knocked down the mast, the third turned the Board, knocking down two guns. Cagliostro shuddered, imagining what destruction would have been if he stayed on the spot.
  And now it will decide the speed!
  Brigantine, however, did not at the time, the enemy managed to turn the left side, though the pirates again ahead of giving the volley, the second half of the cannons, once again creating a haze. However, at such close range, the cores even striking blindly represent a formidable force. Contrair, Quigg a little late. A couple of charges went through the deck, crushing the densely crowded pirates, others hit the hull splits it. The destruction was terrible, some of the gun servants were killed and maimed, others almost panicked, raising a shout and running. Only a shot in the head of the most violent produced by Cagliostro returned a semblance of discipline.
  Guns overboard! He shouted. - We won't need them anymore.
  The discharge of cast-iron guns facilitated the course of the Brigantine, the corsairs even using the device on the spring dropped the first hook that hooked the Board. But then almost at point blank range punched four bow guns, they had time to reload, Brigantine is split, and part of the pirates appeared in water. It even destroyed part of the basis of the ship continued to move, and what was left, stuck, striking overboard.
  Numerous hooks at once clung to the giant ship. An avalanche of half-naked pirates overboard, the battle began. Apparently the regular government troops, did not expect this. Especially the insects were rampant, jumping, they rushed to the fighters. Remaining on his feet filibusters were more than two hundred, wounded already drowned. They faced more than three more soldiers, but the difference in the quality of forces gave the advantage to the pirates. The backbone of the government forces were untried young recruits, and only two dozen mercenaries arthropod components of the personal protection of the Admiral, and fifty sea wolves were able to organize serious resistance. During the shelling, Kaliostro was thrown into the sea, lost his wig, and now everyone could see his impressive bald spot. The leader of the corsairs was not too eager to fight, preferring to hide behind his back and strike stealthily. First, he sought to calculate the commander, knowing what benefits, because without the leader the army transformed into a herd. The Admiral, however, was also not daring dozen, and locked himself in the cabin, surrounded by muskets. The cutting continued, as a rule, swords, swords, lances, swords and daggers were used, but the soldiers preferred to act with a bayonet. It was seen as glistening with sweat half-naked pirate as rolled under the skin elastic muscles, as a rule, they have enough work on Board, as experienced fighters did not stop exercising and during the lull, knowing how important it is to be in shape, because it affects the whole life. Bocman green Stoke so struck with the sword mustached soldier that severed it in half. Cagliostro took his on targeting Fatah wanted to shoot, but has changed his mind, and suddenly still amiss. And here Paligaru. He really looks like a Scorpion, especially the tail. Here he grappled with his compatriot, they are fighting with four hands. Paligaru attacks, then suddenly spits and taking advantage that his opponent was distracted, stabbed sting in the ass. Although the tail itself is not poisonous blunt, it put a dagger of poison. Quagga shuddered, imagining for a moment that this poison pierces him in the back, piercing the shoulder blade.
  - Well, no, my friend must remain one!
  The fight engulfed the entire ship, the pirates suffered losses, but continued to break. The captain's cabin was surrounded. The torches were falling, so I jerked, scattering the soldiers and knocking overboard a few corsairs barrel of gunpowder, the blast cracked the deck.
  - That's how Anna guys use incendiary arrows. - I'm In Charge Of The City.
  Two elf half-breeds, or as they call curry, released on the charge in the rear of the enemy rushed new barrels, causing panic. Now the battle has grown into a beating began universal extermination of soldiers. At that moment a bullet hit Quigg in the chest, but seemed to hit a wall and rebounded. Cagliostro stroked the talisman, he got it in battle, this thing was capable of in the course of a battle to withstand a certain number of beats. Now they win and Palikara not needed. Here is he grappled with another troublemaker, to miss captain, has converged to him, aiming from weapons. Arthropod you have to hit right on the head - tenacious creature. Here they even began to fight, tails entwined. She froze for a second.
  - You were not a bad pirate, but a very bad subordinate. Goodbye! - Quigg shots, the bullet pierced the chitin cover, fountain knocked the brains.
  His opponent rose, trying to free himself, as the captain fired from the other barrel of the gun. He jerked and fell.
  I'm glad I made the shotgun is practical, that if I reloaded faster rates, such weapons were not.
  Then Kaliostro darkened just killed Gita, this young man was not an important fighter, but worked as an informant, bringing about the mood of the team. What a great loss, although, judging by how much damage they suffered, will soon have to recruit a new pack.
  - Come in from the rear!
  The deck was littered with corpses, boots slid on the blood, the captain almost fell, tripping over the severed body. It was especially difficult to get into the cabin where the Admiral barricaded himself. He and six other personal guards met the pirates with volleys.
  - EW! the old devil! I'll take you to the peak! - Kaliostro poured in a bag of gunpowder, inserted the wick and threw inside a homemade grenade. The explosion cracked the boards, knocked smoke, but the shots were silent. The corsairs roared into the cabin. Two guards were killed, two seriously injured, and the Admiral himself, littered with boards of the broken table, lay in formation. Pirate Varg, fierce-eyed and with one hand raised the bag over the collar, catching a faint breath, he grinned mischievously and said:
  That would be the delight of the captain.
  Other filibusters began to search the cabin, one slipped into the pocket of a Golden unicorn, the other a pen with a diamond pen. Carefully examining the premises gentlemen of fortune found a box of gold coins right in the bedroom. They howled and clinked languages, the emotions of unaccustomed good luck to the bandits. But a special joy was waiting for them when they opened the heavy doors hung with many locks leading into the hold. There production and at all was crazy. Chests of gold and precious stones, incense, healing ointments and more. Now the robbers were to become wealthy, if that's even possible for a pirate. Some of them severing the vessels with the treasure, splashing in them, sprinkled on his head, or like small children throwing each other. One of the pirates swallowed a large diamond, hoping to be seen to keep such production in the division. The captain appeared with his eyes and saw a suspicious movement and put a bullet in his stomach.
  - Here's the traitor, wanted to hide from the rest. - Took out the knife the captain, like a skilled butcher, cut the esophagus at the still alive Corsair and pulled out a diamond.
  - Yes it is not less than a thousand dinars! That scum! You'll be dead in two hours, but you'll suffer before that. Now relieve yourself of it.
  The sea robber was overtaken by humiliating, cruel death in urine, Cagliostro was famous for cruelty even among pirates. Admiral Genvec came to, he was tied hands behind and lifted her aloft. Boom-boom took out a woven wire lash and began to heat it on the fire. His wide-set eyes shone with childlike joy. Cagliostro stood in front of him:
  "We have taken great wealth, and we do not need to take a ransom for you. So now you have to die. I warn you, I love it when my victims scream, in which case you have a chance to die quickly. Well, if you keep quiet, we'll sort you by the bones. The captain snatched the Boom-boom of the whip, and catching the eye of the Admiral full of despair and anger, thrust her bare back. There was a muffled scream.
  Vladimir Lenin and Peter Romanov, were in the forest, their movement was accompanied by a hard landing, as a result of which they almost broke their legs.
  - You! What a planet. The view of the trees is magnificent.
  The weather was autumn, the sky is covered with clouds, drizzle, how many bodies we can only guess. Cool and damp. However, enterprising Lenin, zapasya cloak, and Peter itself was warmly dressed in high boots on fur.
  - I was promised a warm climate, and here October, and maybe even November.
  - No one promised anything, you just traveled a lot in Europe and got used to the harsh Russian climate. That's when the winter will come, and will strike frosts, you sing Lazarus.
  - I also lived in Siberia, every child knows the village of Shushenskoye, and what the frost felt on his own skin.
  - And now welcome to your homeland.
  - No, you other here quite flora, trees big, almost tropical or even tropical, giant ferns. Wow, it's like we fell through ancient times.
  - Maybe you'll remember about dinosaurs.
  - And you were not in conch camera?
  - If all the universe to explore, you can collect a Museum the size of a whole planet.
  - Even more! - Lenin pulled out a bottle. - I got used to sweet vodka so I took the artifact with me.
  Peter made a face.
  "If you drink too much, your liver will rot, we have other bodies here, not so strong.
  - And you smoke, burn your lungs! I've never smoked before. Lenin said boastfully.
  - That's why you took the pioneers. Peter Cut It.
  Vladimir Ilyich pulled out of the bottle and immediately spat:
  - EW gross bitter!
  - So, in the reincarnation of vodka some of its qualities are lost. The king said.
  - It looks like it has returned to its former condition and to drink this crap bastard!
  - So what shall we do!
  - Well not to cook here we will go, we will investigate.
  Some time they walked in silence under the boots of cracked cones and branches. Then there was a noise.
  - That's exactly the motors, let added step. - Lenin Said.
  After a distinctive sound, his nostrils discerned the smell of gasoline, and for thinning the trees flashed home.
  - So we came to civilization. Lenin Was Delighted.
  At the entrance to the city was a tank. It's a big three-barrel car, looked clumsy. A fire was burning nearby, and the soldiers were frying kebabs. They were in camouflage uniform with guns at the ready. Not at all embarrassed, the two leaders approached them, Peter asked for a light. His confident tone Royal manners and charm made an impression on patrol.
  - You're probably actors! The man with the shoulder straps of the senior Lieutenant asked.
  - In a way, it is. Let's have your barbecue, our vodka!
  - Done!
  Lenin busily poured the swill into plastic cups. Then he tasted the meat. It was juicy, resembling pork flavored with pepper. Then he and Peter also drank from the bottomless bottle sang a couple of songs about the difficult soldier's share.
  - Yes, now there is a war. The Lieutenant said. - Perhaps tomorrow we will be sent to the front.
  - And what is the reason for this conflict! - Asked Lenin.
  - We do not know, just know that it started Morapeli. Can you people educated?
  - The war goes on, because in the interest of the billionaires and the oligarchs. They receive fabulous profits on the arms trade, ammunition, the seizure of new lands and slaves-prisoners of war. The common people do not need wars because they bring only sorrow and suffering. I once challenged tyranny; throwing
  slogan - the World peoples!
  Is a good slogan, but what we are fighting for a hundred years! My great-grandfather took a bayonet, then there were no machines, and went to fight for freedom and independence. And than we ended - died. Then my grandfather and father fell in the heat of battle. Soon I will have to drink a difficult Cup. However, there's something foul than to fight the enemy.
  - What exactly?
  - To go against his own people, starving people, is about to break out a serious revolt.
  Lenin's eyes gleamed:
  - Here it is a typical pre-revolutionary situation! Bravo gentlemen, you are digging yourself a hole!
  Peter interrupted him.:
  - If the conflict lasts so long, it is necessary to bet on the use of more advanced weapons. Here, for example, having lost the battle of Narva, I lost without any regret all the guns, but went to the benefit, we cast new even more perfect, causing the enemy a decisive defeat.
  "We have been told for decades that a miracle is about to appear-an invention that will turn the course of the war in our favor, but no good. If that occurs; for example, rocket launchers or tanks, the active armor, the enemy almost simultaneously appears opposed to.
  - Scientists are the same everywhere.
  - How to say, just recently a rumor from another planet, the elves arrived, they are really tricky to share secrets do not want, but at least some contribution will make.
  - Would be better if they you to the world of forced! Lenin slapped his hand on his knee. "As it is, such a highly developed race is not to look at and blink! - Vladimir sang:
  Shut up!
  On a mirror stupidly to stare!
  The lining from the world's throat
  Proletariat fingers!
  The radio crackled, the commander picked it up and answered several times, then turned around and punched:
  - We are summoned to headquarters, preparing for the transfer, unfortunately, have to part.
  Peter held out up:
  - Let's have one puff.
  The Lieutenant pulled, coughed in his throat, closed.
  - Well, you have strong tobacco!
  - Natural Turkish of the best varieties! Peter said proudly. - If I help you, you won't smoke like that.
  - They smoke when there's nothing to eat!
  The soldiers jumped into the tank, for a brief moment between the clouds arose, the gleam, and his armor glittered in the emerald rays of the sun. The car was on four wide tracks, which gave it good driving performance, and located tiles guaranteed him strong protection.
  Lenin and Peter walked around the block, it was still light, and the slums showed all its brilliance. Sidewalks were dirty, cars on them went seldom, there was a lot of garbage. They were swarming terribly ragged children, despite the cold, they were almost all barefoot, and through the ragged rags shone thin body. Splashing through the puddles the boys, however, laughed, threw together empty plastic bottles. Having noticed Lenin and Peter, they ran up to rich "seniors". The king wanted to throw a gold coin, but the leader of the world proletariat stopped him:
  - It is useless! You give him a coin, and then the city mafia takes it. Besides, the other beggars won't leave us alone.
  - What do you suggest?
  - Make a revolution and help the hungry guys!
  - Bravo! That's a good suggestion. Only here remember, there was a Stepan Razin, so his hands and feet chopped off.
  - For the sake of revolution and happiness of the people I am ready to sacrifice life.
  - Only without the pathos, I looked at a couple of the film, it is only in the false pictures you're all so loyal, and in fact, the sun under the nose of a hot rod and clamp you alive vzvoet.
  That's not true! The same Stenka Razin on the rack did not split.
  - Are you sure?
  - Of course you do he was not able to pull out where hides the treasure.
  Peter frowned:
  - It happens that the executioners are wrong.
  The weather became even colder, the pavement was covered with frost, and the rain became mixed with white dust.
  - Wet snow, which can be disgusting. - Said Lenin.- Here in Russia and even in Siberia the climate is healthier. I'm chilly in this dampness. - Vladimir Ilyich reached for the bottle, but natural vodka does not particularly go to pour it into his throat.
  At this point, approached the girl looks about nine or ten. She was thin, blond, in a ragged old dress and also barefoot. It is visible even as her fingers turned blue from cold, stepping to the prickly asphalt covered with a crust of ice. Lenin thought how painful it was to walk barefoot in such weather, and how her tender scratched heels burned.
  - Uncle, give me bread, I haven't eaten for three days! She said. Her sunken blue eyes and thin mouth spoke for themselves.
  - Where are your parents?
  - Father died at the front, and the mother was fired, and she was faint from hunger. If you don't bring her food, she dies.
  She needs a doctor!
  The doctors are coming just for the money, and we have no money.
  - Here's how! Take it! - Lenin got hidden in his pocket a piece of kebab. The girl attacked him like a tiger. Her white teeth were crunching.
  The leader of the world proletariat fumbled behind his belt, there hung two tightly Packed bags of gold coins:
  - I would have to give you, but you cheated again, and take away the money. First you need to exchange, what is your official currency?
  - So you must be foreigners, but throughout the world one common coin dollar!
  - Ah, the dollar, probably creating this universe would-be gods laid their understanding of the characters, in that everything is so similar to Earth. Okay, take us to the Bank, we'll trade, or you don't know where it is.
  - I got kicked out of school, so there was nothing to pay, and I ran around the city.
  - Well hurry up, and the apartment probably not heated?
  - We live in the basement, when they serve hot water, it's even hot. And the weather was warmer to our planet neared Lukas, it absorbs the energy of light.
  - This is!? Lenin Was Surprised.
  - Star cold, she sending ice rays, absorbing energy! The girl replied.
  - You're a smart beggar, though.
  - There may be a trap uncle! The girl said.
  They found themselves in a dirty alley and they got to meet a few bastard types. Two, it seems that the old lost human form of a homeless, three more and it is more dangerous with guns, quite degenerative subjects. Even a few teenagers dressed some as and the boy years ten, half-naked to not freeze wrapped in paper. The Bank robbers, they looked pitiful, young boys, judging from sore eyes, was a washed-up addicts. Their hands were trembling and they could press the dog at any moment.
  - Give me all your money and swag! - Roared the tall type, in addition to large similar to a TT pistol, he was holding a knife.
  - You don't want much! Peter thundered in a low voice.
  Lenin only smiled and whispered:
  - Petrusha relax.
  Death did not frighten him, because in this case he just returned to the world of communism and his multi-hyperplasmic body. And it's already feeling a little discomfort, and too new, not broken-in boots rubbed his feet. Ilyich himself is not unarmed, just in case he grabbed two rapid-fire revolvers. But Peter is a fool he's only got two expensive stones of the pistol, but it's on one shot and saber. In General, and he's not smart, you could ask the beamer or gravy-annihilator working on the water. It would have shown it all gruel!
  The girl rushed forward and screamed:
  Leave them alone! They're kind.
  The leader hit the child in the face, and the unfortunate child flew under the laughter of bandits upside down. Lenin drew his revolvers, the benefit of the robbers was distracted and put a bullet in the head, choosing especially those who were holding weapons. Peter also grabbed his guns, fired perhaps loudly, but effectively. Discarding not the right guns, the king took up his sword and cut the nearest "adversary". But by the power of God the monarch didn't hurt, felled the head described an arc. Adults killed, and the Teens started to run, the king of on the go thrust a blade to one of them in the back, breaking the spine. He flew face into the garbage, shook a bit and fell silent. There's only one boy left. He, too, jumped in front of to flee, but stumbled, entangled in paper. Seeing the inexorable uncle, the boy was on his knees.
  - Don't kill me! He whined.
  Lenin looked at the almost naked child, his cheeks sunken, his blue ribs protruding, the boy as hungry and unhappy as almost all the children of this city.
  - It's not nice for a man to kneel! - Said Vladimir Ilyich.
  - His need to carve, I personally children not executed, and sec! - Croaked Peter.
  - Well, his life is already punished. Any parents? - Asked Lenin.
  - No, they starved to death, I'm an orphan!
  - That the state doesn't care about people like you?
  - No! If I get caught stealing, you will beat and throw it, and if it be repeated several times, then just slap. There is still however a chance to get into the prison, the orphanage, the children don't live long, hard work that every mandatory whipping, eating bread made from sawdust. I don't want to go there.
  - Your name?
  - Leon!
  - So Leon, we decided to organize the underground in the first place, the printing press, it is necessary to raise the people to resistance. You'll be working with us, distributing flyers. Money, but I can't promise every penny counts, but will not die of hunger.
  - Thank you! The boy said.
  The girl stood up, half of her face filled with a blurred bruise:
  - I'm a very bad bitch.
  - Why? Lenin Was Surprised.
  "I was the one who ambushed you, and they promised to pay me a dollar if I got fat clients."
  - Really? Scum!
  - At first I wanted to warn you, but felt an unknown force. It became clear to me that you could end a gang terrorizing the entire area.
  - She's lying! - Barked Peter. He wants protection.
  But we didn't know the girl could not speak. - Lenin stroked the child's head. "Besides, her mother was dying, so she committed a crime.
  - Well, I'm not so tough how I draw descendants to forgive I think.
  - We'll be together Peter!
  - By the end, I too do not obscurantist, some reading, and I can say that the Communist form of government is the most efficient and fair!
  - You need to leave quickly, when the surviving boys depart from shock, they can contact the police. The leader Vanarama there were garters. The boy said. "And change your clothes, you're too conspicuous in this one."
  - You have the makings of a major underground Leon. - Noted Lenin.
  - But it's obvious, in the next quarter the people are richer and there is not a bad Studio.
  And documents you do not interfere, and that every police patrol will talovic in jail.
  - Maybe we have a passport? - Tried to argue Lenin.
  - No, no! - While they were talking, the girl went through the pockets of the bandits, shaking crumpled blue-pink bills, despite the common name, the local currency was not similar to American.
  "We don't know your name yet, clairvoyant!" - Asked Lenin.
  - Lamarca! The girl replied.
  - What a wonderful name. I hope in this world, too, a multi-million-fingered hand will clench into a single working fist.
  They went away from the place where ugly animals, a cross between mongrels and rats had already begun to run. Peter and Lenin have added a step, the kids ran after them, flickering naked torture, though the boy one of the legs was wrapped in toilet paper. Suddenly the girl pressed her finger to her lips.
  - Uncles turn in the other direction, now there will be police patrol and will require from you documents.
  - That's how, and you're really clairvoyant or kidding. Lenin Squinted.
  - It is better to listen, didn't want to end up in the torture. - Peter Said.
  - Faster, Vladimir!
  The fact that the girl called his name, acted more than a thousand vows, because it is in this world no one knew. Four turned into the corner, having missed outfit of the twelve officers short rifles. Apparently fewer professional order in these neighborhoods were afraid to meddle.
  - You! - Vladimir Ilyich was surprised. - How did Lamarck know my name!
  - I don't know, maybe from their ancestors, they were noble wizards. Then, truth, magic strangled, tried to tsars, kings, presidents. It must have shivered at the thought of someone who might not be like you.
  - At us such was, I suppose, and you Petrushka witches were burned.
  - I and the priests are not spared. You have priests?
  - Of course, however, they do not really believe, but many thieves ask the patronage of the saints.
  - Where the body is there and flies! - Summed up Lenin.
  They propylene a little while, even managed once again to come on addicts. Lenin, however, only fired once, placing the scumbag is pained, and the rest was off like a shot.
  - That's how you get beggars.
  The streets were noticeably cleaner, the houses higher and neater, however, one of the buildings was badly destroyed, ruins sticking out with a large failure crashed into the pavement.
  - The front line is far away and strategic bombers do not reach us, but apparently used a ballistic missile.
  - Wow, what would happen if they used a nuclear, and even more annihilating charge.
  "We don't seem to have any! The boy said. But I found in the garbage a book of fiction Welsh Privateer, it describes such terrible bombs that emit radioactive radiation which die slowly and painfully.
  - This horror, I watched the documentary footage of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and also of the planet Zohan whose inhabitants had destroyed themselves in wars. Atomic is a disaster for all forms of life. And I especially insist on revolution, otherwise the capitalists will create a weapon of retribution and destroy civilization.
  Here's the Studio said the boy, do yourself a order of dollars you have enough, and then I will introduce you to the craftsman, John, it for a small fee will make you any documents.
  - Thanks, but I can dress you up.
  - Why do we need a suit to go through the garbage? And among the poor children, we will stand out too much.
  - You'll get cold and cold. Lenin said sympathetically.
  - No, tomorrow will be much warmer. Such stars are only for a very short time.
  - Well. Peter Snapped. - In Russia, the kids and in the cold barefoot running and only became stronger, and to work a beggar is the best cover no one will suspect.
  - All the same, then I'll buy you a fancy dress, wear is not required, but if I send you into the rich quarter, you naturally do not need to shock.
  - We figured it might work sometimes.
  Rare children, that met them on the way, were dressed quite civilly. Lenin and Peter the stairs I went into the Studio at the entrance and met the healthy growth almost king bouncer.
  - You look very strange!
  - We are the aliens!
  - Do you have a passport?!
  - And why, we are quite creditworthy. Yes we miss you a nerd or do you want to fire you because you scared off the best customers. Lenin waved a wad of dollars in front of the bully's nose. There were three policemen standing next to him and he didn't want to use force. The argument worked flawlessly:
  - Come in dear guests.
  Hall Atelier shone with luxury, which has caused Lenin's depression, how much they will cost. Couturier met them without much enthusiasm, though sewn pearls and silver costume Peter attracted attention, but apparently he made a false impression.
  Are you actors? He asked.
  Lenin wanted was to answer that they are foreigners, but, catching the avid gaze, I realized, that they will require a passport.
  We're actors.
  Do you have a passport?
  - Forgot at home!
  - I'll call the police now. The couturier reached for the button. Peter jumped on him and punched him in the ear.
  - Don't you dare a lackey, and the I very much alive'll wring a neck.
  Lenin drew his gun.
  - If we kill you, we'll be fine.
  You're mafia?
  - Yes! And what do you not understand!
  - Understood, and your boss!
  - Croesus! - Slashed at random Lenin.
  - I've sorted out the gentlemen at your service.
  - You can make us some clothes. We will not explain to you why.
  - And payment?
  Kid you bring in, here's a skinhead in the envelope! - The angry Ilyich said ambiguously. - And you'll be a lot to ask, questions you koknut.
  I understand sir!
  Who wants to be beaten, the Couturier himself received from hooligans, and once his mistress was splashed with acid in the face. So he was afraid of the mafia as fire.
  Ran a tailors and made to measure clients. Special respect was called Peter, a real hero with large muscles and a weight of one and a half centners. Him, seeing the bruise on her face the Designer, took over the big boss. After a quarter of an hour they were dressed with a needle, not to give not to take the gentlemen of the most fashionable salon.
  - No, Peter former your a suit was much better!
  - But now you're a bourgeois! Maybe it's better to be modest, the workers won't believe you.
  - I'll buy another shift at the store and now at the Bank.
  - Gentlemen are good when I get paid.
  - There is a war, inflation and we decided to increase the tax on you, so you do not cock. On this let us get away ten thousand dollars consider his contract extended.
  The couturier said in a trembling voice:
  - I'd like to talk to your boss.
  - You idiot! For this you will add another five thousand fine, do not trust the envoys. In addition, our great Croesus is now having fun with prostitutes, and males when they are distracted during sex are very aggressive. - Lenin convincing shoved the gun under his nose.
  - Okay, I'm on my way.
  - Turn off the hidden cameras and get the tape. - The leader of the proletariat remembered viewed modern detective.
  I didn't!
  - You want your balls shot? The mafia clues are hoarding, but you are alive for this acid will dissolve
  - Now? The couturier went to the closet, dialed a couple of numbers and took out a few discs.
  - Now, if we learn that is concealed, and you and your son for ribbons will kill you joint by joint.
  Peter only demonstrated fist pounds and a businessman became ill.
  The three of them headed down the hall to the vault. Four guards saluted them at the entrance. Lenin winced obstacle was annoying, but tolerable.
  - Hurry up and move ,asshole.
  - Well, why so rude, I'll give everything to your gang.
  The safe seemed to be made of titanium, the door was very thick, and the code was triple, letter, number, and you had to say the word slowly. While the Couturier performed these manipulations, Lenin wrapped the revolver in a rag. The doors opened and flashed a sexy tied bundles with large bills.
  - Here's your money! - Couturier took out pack. At the same moment a shot rang out, he through the rag muffler was barely audible, naive mob victim fell face down.
  - I'm sorry, but this money will go to the revolution. And who is this man, the bourgeois and the puppet bourgeois. - Lenin got pre-stuck with a black plastic bag and with quick movements put the money. There were at least ten million of them, and Peter and Vladimir put them in their pockets, as the bag did not fit all.
  - And now we have to kill the guards!
  - Of course, they are unlikely to let us through.
  - Are your guns loaded?
  - Of course!
  Shoot in the head on my command, now make a sad face. - Lenin jumped out and yelled. Our cartridge is bad, we did CPR, but it seems nothing helps!
  Four "jocks" in body armor rushed into the room, where he lay with his head wrapped Couturier. Caught behind, Lenin, and Peter quickly drew his pistols and put in blatant cropped heads. The guards jerked and settled.
  - Take their guns, they're much more practical than your buttons. Lenin said.
  - Are you bald right to recharge them for a long time.
  And close them here! I hope they won't be missed soon. About the new weapon is probably the last model, I've seen it in films.
  - It seems all your knowledge is limited to electronic acting.
  Don't tell! In terms of impact on the masses cinema is stronger than a hydrogen bomb!
  The massive doors slammed shut, and Lenin dialed an arbitrary code.
  Updating the two arms of the great statesman, once turned into thieves, quiet step toward the exit. No one thought to detain them, and the bouncer even saluted. Lenin wanted to throw him a hundred-dollar bill, but changed his mind - did not deserve. The children were waiting! That would keep warm they worrying bed very, jumped around. Leon saw Ilyich, boastful said:
  "They gave me ten cents!"
  - And the ten million we took! - Well kids, the Bank probably will not go, especially us gold coins cheat permanent but the store supply. Not to face such respectable uncles as to talk to such ragamuffins.
  - Well, we agree.
  Although Lenin chose not the most expensive shop, still naked, barefoot children looked with suspicion. However, it was a little dispelled when Ilyich showed a large bill. Seller however, was curious:
  - Do you help them out of simplicity of heart or just love?
  Lenin pretended not to understand the ambiguity of the phrase.
  - I believe that there will come a time when there will be no poor and hungry baby!
  - Well, maybe in a thousand years!
  - Much earlier!
  Leon and Lamarck were so elegant, only the clothes hung in a bag on too thin bodies. Lenin and Peter bought them a sandwich and went for the documents. It was a long walk to John, and the children who had never worn shoes rubbed their feet and limped. Late Lenin had hailed a taxi. Then it turned out that the craftsman changed the address:
  - Oh, shit, I gotta run.
  The former mistress of the dark, and she had to give the paw, at the same time intimidated by the mafia. They finally found John, he moved in such slums, and even the taxi driver refused to go there. Then Lenin showed the confiscated submachine gun:
  - You want to be a corpse right now.
  - You guys are tough, but what if you run into a rival gang?
  They're not expecting us.
  Indeed, in this weather, even the bandits preferred to scatter in the cellars.
  At the entrance to John's room they were met by an obvious homeless man, however, in his hands he had a semblance of "Kalash". Looking at the costumes and the brazen appearance of the visitors, he immediately understood everything, saluted.
  - Jack! The mafia came to you.
  Let them come!
  In the corridor was dominated by the stench, but the room of a specialist was clean, computers were as many as three, though two of the primitive, and a pretty decent laptop. There were also three laser and inkjet printers. The owner himself was unexpectedly young, resembling a bespectacled student. Lenin held out his hand.
  You what documents you want Lord? He asked.
  - The best.
  - I see, you need to replace, to accept mask missing personalities.
  Even so.
  - So let it and will be. Two people just disappeared. Hans Model and Scott Carton.
  - And under his name it is impossible?
  - If you want, but the risk of exposure increases.
  - Then make us two pairs of documents on Hans and Scott, and on Vladimir Lenin and Pyotr Romanov.
  - Whatever you want. That'll be three thousand dollars.
  Lenin stood in a pose:
  - Don't take us for suckers, it's not worth much!
  - And Yes and no! If you were a simple mafia, and would have ordered five hundred, but you are foreigners and most likely spies.
  What makes you think that?
  "When the mafia messengers come in, they make a gesture like this! John raised two fingers to the top, depicting the letter V. And you just handed out, as does civilization burkeman. Perhaps you belong to her. They wanted to lay a hand on our planet.
  - How do you know about them?
  - Yes flew, and quite a formidable nation. If the elves and lokasari, not threatened by war, attacked us.
  - Well, we're not one of them. And we have no such money.
  I can see it in your eyes.
  - What about that argument? - Peter took out a submachine gun.
  - Don't think I'm afraid of death. Of course, Paradise I do not Shine, but to live in hell I'm used to. There their people! Especially since you're not the first one pointing a gun at me.
  - But it could be my buddy hates it when challenged.
  Let it be! Nobody lasts forever. Only after that you will not get the documents, and how long can you survive without them.
  Of course, having ten million it is silly to be mad for three thousand, but Lenin was stubborn. In addition, the harsh experience of the Soviet Republic made the leader Thrifty. He saved on everything, being the head of a vast state, almost starved, eating potatoes and drinking two glasses of tea with one piece of sugar. Lenin believed that when people are malnourished, he also should not fatten. And now the leader of the world proletariat has limited himself to one sandwich.
  - Then we! - Lenin thought, than to scare the guy not shy ten. At that moment there was a knock and Leon and Lamarck ran in, tapping their heels.
  - You that long! There may be a night patrol soon.
  - And my little friends, explain to the big uncles that everything has to be paid for.
  But John, you take on the bandits that the hands stained with the blood and tears of all five hundred. And these good uncles want to make the whole nation happy. Is it moral to tear the seven skins from them?
  - So they are for the revolution!
  - Yes revolution and communism! Lenin flashed his eyes.
  - Then another matter, I will make to you free of charge if you accept me in the organization.
  Are you serious?
  Yeah I hate the bourgeoisie!
  - What same and this will be, can that adopted.
  - Then wait half an hour. There should be no rush. He turned to the children.
  - And you are so elegant, the shoes are not too tight!
  Present misery, tomorrow as the cold subsides, be sure to let us remove.
  - Okay, but until you sit down on the sofa, I hope today to me no one else will go.
  Lenin said that the place to which they proposed to sit down, very dusty and, in addition, from beneath the tattered fabric sticking out of the spring.
  - So Peter, you do what you want, and I'm better on the windowsill. - Vladimir sat down, the glass was broken and glued with duct tape and nothing could be seen through it.
  - Why?
  - Criminal district can kill for computer.
  - That's how to keep your ear sharp! Then a thought crossed his mind.
  - I'll set a trap just in case. - Lenin pulled out a gun pulled the wire and with a pencil drew to the dog.
  What's that? - Peter Asked.
  - Elemental adaptation if one burst, he pulled at the wire and it will immediately mow.
  - That's not bad! But we also have weapons.
  We might not make it.
  - One WordPad you have is free. Said the boy. - Can I play on it?
  What can you do? John asked, skeptical.
  - It's enough to show a smart kid once. -
  - Then try to pass at least one level of the Matrix"
  "Let me see," said Lenin. - Something primitive, but very interesting. He pointed to the joystick. - Is that what they use?
  - Yes! You haven't.
  - Actually,there was something, but not this, but a complete imitation of reality. Here Yes such computers hands did not reach.
  - So let's play a game! The boy shoved the joystick at the chief.
  They began to choose the weapon when Lenin took too much, the inflated fighter groaned: excessive weight!
  - So big, but bent over.
  - And I think correctly, fighters have to be similar to people.
  The game was sluggish at first, the partners were shooting, making awkward maneuvers. Then gradually dispersed, even Peter king joined them began to look.
  - That is the battle, my grenadiers would be such a weapon. He said dreamily. - The war would be over in a month.
  - Every vegetable has its time. But when I looked at triple tank, envied. In my Republic, the very first machine was armed with only two machine guns. Yes Lamarck guess, as our first tank a.
  The girl tensed, even on his forehead of sweat.
  - vladimir lenin. She finally said.
  At this moment there was a rumble, the door flew out, and six bandits rushed into the room.
  Hands on neck! They shouted, brandishing their weapons. One of them, judging by the face the Orc held the semblance of a brass trumpet.
  At that moment, the man in front of him caught the wire, and the machine gun struck. There were screams, someone threw a grenade, it rolled across the room.
  Vermona offer was tempting, but difficult to implement because they were in chains. Besides, you shouldn't have ignored the guards. Krowski spun, Grand wizard took out a talisman, turned into a puff of smoke. The dragons tried to his crumple, but their fire clots crashed about invisible wall which surrounded a sorcerer. Coffin, he stood out more crooked, painted red fangs, released the daggers. The point seemed to have penetrated through the sphere, but continued to move, bypassing the sorcerer, crashed into the ground.
  Another dragon attacked the guards, the tanks tried to shoot a crossbow, but gets not sure. The winged beast managed to RAM them, knocking them off their horses. However, six-legged horses became frightened themselves, why such terrible beasts with their RAM. It was obvious they were laughing hysterically, picked hooves, was overturned.
  Krowski opened fire, throwing large fire arrows, when hit, they pierced the skin, the dragons causing them pain. Then the creatures rushed to hand-to-hand. The demons drew fire swords, dragons claws extended, went to the grinder.
  - Now is the time to hide! - Shouted Vernon. Run after me. The girl made an expressive gesture to the prisoners.
  To the pole it was chained twenty people, some boys and other young boys and girls. They rushed, had to flee in different directions, with the result that the pole was spinning.
  - That you do better all for me. The girl said in despair.
  - Who are you, you snot-nosed bitch to make us listen to you? - Guys snapped.
  We're all going to die.
  - Yes, better for them if we all together not torn one way, we are waiting for the humiliation.
  - They'll catch you and punish you. - I did, big guy. He was chained next to Alfadog. - I'd rather take a moment.
  Thunder rushed at the beautiful girl, from the smell of his unwashed body Eliade became ill. His thick hands tore the rags from the goddess incarnate's chest and grabbed the nipples. Alexander got distracted watching the battle. Demons and dragons are not often even in a blockbuster you see. No less than two dozen tanks were already killed, burned, pierced dagger. Three corpses and at all torn in half. Demons-gronouski in turn worked extensively with swords, one dragon at the loss of all head fell down. The other having lost tail and claws tried to withdraw, but fire arrows hurt him wings and he he he crashed in tree. Third theromorph used a trick, pull up the fire stream of the tree, he tried to unleash it on the demon, but the time bounced off and stabbed a sword in the stomach. The dragon erupted from the fire, bearish face the darkspawn effortlessly took over the fire. Then the jaws of the demon rose and, clutching a stranglehold, he snipped the neck.
  Hearing the cries of the girls, Alexander, seemed to awake, holding in his hand a chain, it is solid iron link punched the rapist in the head. He sagged like a broken condom, blood flowed.
  What are you doing? The Elf Cried. You kill him!
  - He wanted to take your honor!
  Is not a bad instance of males, perhaps bigger than you, I can over time, she'd offered him.
  Aren't you ashamed?
  - I have never made love in a protein body, I wanted to try.
  - Here we could gain our freedom, and I'll give you.
  "I suppose he is a virgin himself, with no one but the stars?"
  - None of your business!
  The battle was the turning point. The chief sorcerer pressed the Coffin to the ground, he begged for mercy.
  "Great Serim, don't ruin me.
  - That would forever have an enemy like you! Better end it all at once.
  "In that case, you would be the worst danger to the dragons, and I could put in a word."
  - You are strong, but not friendly, besides, you're an outcast, and gathered the thugs, nothing will happen.
  Serima, raised growing up as a ship's mast sword, planning to deliver the final blow, at this moment one of the dragons turned and tried to attack the mage in the rear. He turned his weapon from the monster flew two of the head, and he began to lose altitude. Serim laughed.
  - Well, no, reptile, it's too easy and simple! Want to live?
  Of course!
  - Then acknowledge me as your God!
  The beast hesitated!
  - Well, did you shut up? I won't wait! The sword came close to his throat, hissing, blood dripping.
  I admit it!
  That's nice!- Paralelo, Synovial, Calcante! The sorcerer cast a spell.
  The dragon instantly shrank, becoming small and white. After a moment, he turned into a cute little mouse.
  - That's how you showed your true nature. - Serima, grabbed the animal by the tail, made a thumbs up sign in the hand appeared a Golden cage. - Sit straight when I need you, I call you a slave.
  The prisoners started to run with great delay, and the guy cut down by Alexander was carried on his hands. All original and they had not pursued. The tanks sped to specilise horses, the demons finished off in pursuit of the surviving dragons.
  Krowski pursued not long, apparently this animal was not fast enough, and the demons have long been famous for shark's habits. Then came the turn to collect Villabajo. Prisoners moved naturally slowly, and trees were rare, and hide among them was, to be sure, very difficult. In such circumstances, they were not able to get to the operational space, as a demon hovered over them:
  Going somewhere insignificant little people? - He hissed.
  - Just scared. - Said Alexander.
  Follow me. - Krunska gave a fiery triangle, striking the letter with a growing tree.
  Slaves did not have long to persuade. Only girl Vernon tried to balked:
  - We are free people, let us go to the great demon, after thank you. The creature with the bear's head laughed, the laughter was terrible, it seemed that they were torturing the bull.
  - No, puppy, than you can reward demon.
  - My inheritance is, because you work for the money, you still to get.
  Monster hesitated, as the typical mercenary he was thinking, not to accept whether proposal girls. Then it flew another krouska.
  - What are you messing around, lead faster slaves. The master will not be pleased.
  - One of them tried to buy me.
  - Who?
  - This one! The demon pointed to vermona.
  - Sort out.
  A few tanks came in from the shock. They are often referred prisoners with batons, kicked them on the road. Here glittering eyes, fluttered Serim.
  - Well, slaves that tried to escape?
  The boys lowered their heads.
  - Then you will find a whip.
  Especially that one.
  - I already know, you're lucky you didn't take the offer. Now, pour it in properly.
  Slaves beaten moderately, apparently cherished. Elpida suffered, and thrashed her on the back and on the legs, protecting them from cuts the skin. Only occasionally was heard not arbitrary moaning. Alexander in the course of flogging encouraged her. Worse of all has got to Veramono, the boy ripped holey stained shirt and beaten once in four hands. Chest, back, and feet the boy was covered with red mizugami, bloodshed. He was scourged until he passed out.
  - Well that was a lesson, now, quick March, the escape attempt will go to bed hungry.
  The boy was doused with ice water, clapped a paw on the cheeks, and he came to, he was put into operation, checking the chain. The prisoners wandered along the road. Villabate suffered losses and were scared of trying, your fear, swept on defenceless people. Alexander was only sent to offenders hateful views. It seemed even hotter, thirsty, and my mouth was bitter and dry. Here on the way they came across a village of dwarfs. Their houses were like eggs, with a pyramidal end. Running up to the prisoners, they sought to touch the girls, grabbing their legs. Elpida fought back, her body were visible bruises left by the whip. The most sneaky gnome, grabbed the girl by the fingers, and she almost fell.
  - Back petty tribe! - Said Serima. Tanks struck several severe blows, letting a small tribe.
  Alexander asked Aliviado:
  - Do you know if they are dwarves good or evil?
  - As and people different! However, after all, a person largely depends on the society that surrounds him.
  "How did you admit that there is shameful slavery in your universe?"
  - Free will, it leads to perversion. All sentient beings can do as they please, I didn't create biorobots.
  "I wish I had a sword to show them.
  - Still have time to SIP a inverse share.
  A senior dwarf with a long white beard approached Serim and handed him a complex crossbow with seven arrows sticking out. The Magus carefully examined it:
  - Magic?
  - Tech! Compressed air is used, the stone Igiea it removes a lot of energy, and the arrow flies to ten miles.
  - How many ten?
  - Yes, all-powerful.
  The crossbow was compact, like a thick sawed-off shotgun. Serim weighed it in his hand and turned to the dwarf.
  - And how much you want for it.
  - A bag of gold weighing a centner.
  - A lot! Too much for such a thing. I after all magic beat not worse.
  - And if you use a charm arrow, you can hit your enemy at unexpected distance.
  The magician thought, he understood the value of such weapons, but gold was a pity.
  - Half a centner!
  - Seventy five! - The dwarf said.
  - Sixty five!
  - Seventy and not grams less!
  - Done!
  - Strange, that they use kilograms! Alexander Whispered.
  - It is in the computer program so laid to facilitate trade. Creators think about the future when progress will develop, and the worlds will merge!
  - And the stone Igreja magic?
  - No, more like mega-radioactive! It has two hundred times more energy than uranium, and yet it is perfectly safe. I myself have developed a whole set of such elements.
  - Why?
  - Ordinary radiation is harmful and causes mutations. In addition, mega-radiation feeds the magic. After all, there is no magic, no mysticism, just change the laws of nature, the energy of parallel worlds and spirits of various nature including subspecies subhyperbolic.
  Although said Aliviada very quiet, Bucky heard and punched her first, and then to Alexander a whip:
  - What whisper of bare skin.
  The kick is so strong that it broke the skin. The girl cried out. Meanwhile Serim took out his purse and poured the coins into the cap. It seemed incredible that so much gold could be in such a small bag and funny with bells cap. Serim shouted back. :
  - Don't you dare their so to beat pig! You messed up the property, and you'll get punched for it!
  Bucky was dragged from his horse with an arcane, tore off his mail and began to flog. Despite the heroic figure, he yelled as castleroy cat. Was can beat not long, the monster sagged.
  - Fu carrion tie it to the horse, so as not to fall.
  Bucky did so, adjusting the stallion with rods. Aliviada, despite the pain, quietly laughed crystal voice. They shouted at her, but they were wary of hitting her.
  The prisoners were again forced to drag themselves. Alexander thought that with such a long day the natives should be completely different metabolism or they sleep during the daytime. Elpida as if guessing his thoughts.
  - They are practically like people of antiquity and they need a day's rest. She said.
  - If we are in slavery and will be so loaded, it will not be long enough mental strength.
  - Said Alexander.
  - Nothing will survive, I have some considerations.
  - Can you share?
  - At rest!
  There were no more adventures along the way. However a few robbers lying in wait, but after seeing an impressive squad and most importantly the demons chose to get away. After all, in principle, it is much easier to find easier prey. Serim, however, hit them with a stone spell. The bandits turned into granite blocks, frozen in expressive poses.
  Is a very powerful sorcerer, if you are able to carry out such a transformation of matter. - Said Elpida. - And, apparently, he is in some kind of order.
  - Yes you created the problems, why the extra magic?
  "I did not specifically produce sorcerers, but only laid the potential for such a thing. However, for this had to create parallel displacement and subspace. Yes okay understand all of this can be only virtually.
  It became more and more difficult to speak, the throat dried up, the sun seemed to become more, the atmosphere blurred, prominences grew.
  A pair of slaves fell, this time, they did not finish, Serim, read the spell, and the boys stood up.
  Clouds began to gather in the sky, this time they were orange, a gracious rain was shed. The prisoners tried to open their mouths wide and swallow more moisture. Alexander felt as the water flows by inflammation of the cracked tongue, and gradually the pain goes away. The bloodstained, burned feet, also getting into the warm water, softened, and the terrible itching became quieter. Then again he looked out of three suns, and became even worse worn out, and top it all emerged insects. They painfully bitten exhausted people, however, their onslaught was short-lived. Cost decrease humidity and the guys felt relieved. Then came the long-awaited sunset, it was still hot, but not as much as in the desert, and more tolerant. Alexander felt quite able to walk, but at the expense of the girl he wasn't sure. Elfida was lame in both legs, slowed down, but kept. When she staggered again, Serim released her pink square. Alexander instinctively jumped into and covered for girl, fearing for its life. Suddenly he hit a bundle of energy, back the boys straightened up, the fatigue once removed, frozen muscles were filled with strength, even the thirst ceased to torment.
  - Uh no pretty boy, that's not right, it's not for you. - In the hands of the magician flashed a sword.
  - But if I'm exhausted, no one will buy me. - Found Alexander.
  - Okay, live the booger. And now your girlfriend.
  The square came in very handy. Other slaves customized kicks, was hit several times Veramono without having beaten the boy got on the first number.
  Finally, when even the horses were covered with foam and staggered, and the three suns hid behind the horizon captives allowed to rest and quench their thirst. Then they were allowed to lie down on large burdocks and sleep. Serim waved his hand, dust scattered. The prisoners fell asleep almost immediately, only Alexander and Elpida received a charge of vivacity whispered, Yes beaten Vernon twisting and turning.
  - Well I have a suggestion.
  - I'm sick of it, I made them, and they're making fun of me. Tired of walking on a chain like a dog.
  - Well, you I'll sell to the harem, you will live in contentment. Maybe the king himself will take, will advance.
  - But sleep with him...
  - Why are you women scared? I wouldn't want my ass to be torn!
  - What we are gentle, well I figured something out. - Alfida pulled out of head hair. - Let's break the chain.
  - You that seriously hair.
  "They are as strong as wire, and the iron in the chains is not of the highest quality.
  - But spoken! The boy said. - There is such magic that don't break, fire is powerless against them and no, a hammer able to crush the magic.
  "Well, we'll try it, there's a spell against fire and steel, and no one thought of hair. Well, who would think of putting up a defense against such a trifle.
  Kid blinked his eyes.:
  - That's a thought, let's take a chance.
  The cheap iron was indeed pliable, and soon the boys noticed that fine shavings were falling. However, had to RUB long and hard. To brighten up the tedious work the guys talked. Vernon, as befits the boy was very curious:
  - I immediately understood, that you from afar, perhaps not from of our world. Tell me a little about yourself.
  - What makes you think that?
  - The fact that you have a very pale skin, and all the locals are very dark.
  - But maybe we're just not getting a tan.
  - No, you're almost as chocolate as I am. So you were just under another sun. The conclusion is either this is some kind of supernatural worlds inhabited by demons and undead or a neighboring planet. But you don't look like you're buried in the dark worlds, and you guys don't look like you're dead.
  - You're smart, but that you know about dark areas. Asked Aliviada.
  "I know something, I was one of the best students of the Lumumba school of magic, some of the top-level sorcerers have penetrated beyond the boundaries of space, communicating with spirits, demons, vampires, werewolves, hellish shadows. It is very dangerous and you can get yourself captured. There are places where sinners are tortured.
  Elpida killed:
  Is only those who have lost the conscience or to purchase power sold to the spirits of darkness. It happens when parts are selling the soul or self, and sometimes the demons are rebelling and time change roles, hang a magical collar on the owners.
  - Yes that's right, apparently, you are also well-versed in magic. The boy asked.
  Partly something they know, but the variety of techniques given the free will of living beings. When we're free, you can show me.
  - Strange you created their, and not know, as they conjure. Alexander Was Surprised.
  I'm not a Hitler with a whip to monitor every breath of sextillions living beings.
  - Yes, of course, Adolph stank and you amazing pleasant smell. The young man said.
  - Hitler inspired moral disgust, so it seemed that he stinks, but in fact it was a very clean man, took a bath twice a day. He Said Aliviada.
  "I don't know what you're talking about, but there's something wrong with the dark forces in our world. Sighed Vernon. - We have a ghosts and werewolves, and creatures do not understand the breed. Our teacher said that the demons of the lower level inhabit ordinary fish and shellfish, produce mutations in them, turning them into monsters, and then multiply, filling the reservoirs with abomination. On large rivers to swim not safe.
  - Maybe it's just multi-dimensional storms. All these things are not so terrible and soon it will pass.
  - God willing! And then the Church becomes more aggressive, kings, kings, sultans, all fall under the increasing influence of the executioners in the Sultan. This, too, magic, but highly specific.
  That's interesting. Alexander leaned toward the boy. - What do they believe?
  - That is to say, on the one hand in many gods, and on the other there is one Creator of the entire universe that created them.
  - That's sound reasoning. - Elpida smiled. - And the angels serve him.
  - It is! If there are evil spirits, there must be good ones. If there is shadow, then there is light. But the behavior of the priests, very cruel little different from the black magicians. In particular, the first Minister of megacardia Leukoma loves to torture, especially boys. Sometimes he even buys specially children for tortures and creates with them terrible abominations. However, it is not often such a monster and victims and without us missing. I hope that when he dies, the demons will torment his soul forever.
  - Long, but not forever! The creators so constructed that everyone, even the scum needs to get a chance, but will have to suffer. - Alfida accidentally hooked back a twig cut under the influence of magic almost disappeared, but the pain remained. The girl gasped and dropped the hair, had to rip a new one. The boy had even worse, on his bloody scratches sat insects, they licked the blood. Elpida several times drove of parasites.
  - It's okay, these things aren't contagious. But know there are arthropods possessed by demons, that's scum. Arms and legs swell, then the skin begins to rot.
  - Don't tell me the horrors. Tell me, the chain give in?
  Quite! I never thought that a woman's hair could give such power over shackles.
  - And no mystery, remember the water, it is so gentle, and sharpens the stone.
  - I heard that the tears of the Almighty, the legend is true, it is considered heretical, that the Creator is peculiar also to love and to suffer. That even the Almighty is able to drop tears and give birth to a woman, and he also has a strong enemy - the anti-God who gave birth to evil and torment.
  - Equal?
  - Yes! Otherwise, the Creator has long got rid of him, for example, was killed.
  - Well, here you are mistaken, the evil is not so much, and I assure you, no matter how many severe tests all created sooner or later will become absolutely happy.
  - I wish I had your optimism. Said Vernon.
  Finally, one link was sawn, the guys started the second. Top flying kite, resembling the size of a fighter. He circled the prisoners, but did not attack.
  - This bird is only on view formidable, but yet it is not possessed by an evil spirit completely harmless. - Noted the boy.
  I know that! The Elf Waved. - Better let's RUB faster. The night is short and too bright. Do in the sky played five moons, four different round not many shades, and the fifth is uneven like a bit of broken bottle. And stars unlike the Earth and all those colorful.
  "I wonder what poets write in this world. - I asked myself the question Alexander.
  - Same as in other worlds, war, love, religion. - And the elves seem to admire the stars. Replied Elpida
  - Okay, my fingers are getting numb. All three. At last the chains fell apart, and the young slaves breathed a sigh of relief.
  - Well, now we have to hurry! - Vernon ran forward and then jumped up and entered the grass. Slightly covered with hoarfrost, it looked gray-haired and ominous. And this when even at night temperatures was not below thirty degrees. The elf stopped. The boy was limping, his face twisted, and he was barely holding back a groan.
  - It burns like molten iron.
  Elpida looked at the bare foot boys, she was covered with a solid burn.
  - It seems, bewitched!
  - Let's weave a rope, throw it on a tree and jump like Tarzan. - Suggested Alexander.
  - There are no suitable trees. That's why they didn't put guards, Gray covered himself with magic. Said Vernon. - Well, you'll have to endure a beating. I hope you don't get shaved, such lovely hair adornment of the harem.
  - And if you wrap your legs with burdocks? - Suggested Aliviada.
  - I do not think that will help, not this wizard is a fool to it so just you could spend.
  I'll try! - Alfida dragged his plate and wrapped his feet. Then the same thing did Alexander and skeptical Vermon. Having run up they stepped on the "mined" surface. The exact second the mugs broke and fell apart, and Alexander almost fell on his back jumped Vermon. Bare feet burned with grass, but the young man and the girl were not taken aback and rushed forward. It was difficult to run, his heels were burning, and Alexander had a rather large boy on his back, he felt his strong muscles and wire-like veins. Then the obstacle course ended, and the boys felt a blissful feeling.
  - Get off! And it stuck like a limpet! Alexander shook the boy off.
  - Wow, you guys are huge, and I almost went through.
  - Maybe a bundle of energy on us is still valid, or body is slightly different, but it seems great burns no. Let me look at your legs.
  Elphiada held out, her blackened feet were badly cut on the stones, but they were already healing and bleeding, in addition, there were calluses, the skin quickly became rough, and the burns were not visible.
  - Honey! Alexander kissed his heel. - You're getting used to the workload.
  Come on, it's time to go.
  The trio started at first with a quick step, and then with a slow run. The trees thinned, on the contrary, became thicker, flashed between the roots of a snake. One even nipped Alexander's big toe, but the boy did not stop. So they ran until they hit the river.
  - It is necessary to cross, I hope for it we will not pursue. - Vernon.
  - Let's all know how to swim.
  Animals are monsters. We should at least cast a spell.
  - So they say.
  - There is a problem, after I was sold into slavery, then deprived of access to the worlds of subspace. I can't do anything without amulets. You, for example are not subjected to the spell, it may be in your mouth magic will work.
  - What about you?
  I'm right in the middle, between the two of you, I hope it locks me up.
  - Good talk. Read.
  I'll take this! - Alexander with force pushed two lying on the Bank of a stone, splinters fell, and broke off a small piece. - It can be used as a knife.
  - It's better than naked. - Said the girl.
  A boy and a girl, all carefully repeated, and seizing vermona, jumped into the water. Almost immediately, the Elf felt a tentacle grab her leg. The girl threw the slippery flesh and sailed on. In the middle of the river they were met by the fish-piranha, with long fins, she lashed out at vermona, choosing the weak prey. The boy tried to fight back, raising clouds of spray. She let out a wisp of flame and the water hissed. Alexander hit the fish with a stone on the eye. The demon incarnation jumped back, and tried to attack the youth:
  - Don't hit him! - Shouted Vernon. - He grows out of it.
  - What to do?
  - Try to pet them.
  The young man held out his hand, the monster's teeth clenched, almost biting off his hand. Then the fish sharply increased in size, rushed to Aliviado. The girl screamed and dived. She walked past. Alexander grabbed the creature's tail in utter despair. She broke away, striking the young man in the face. Consciousness is clouded, he began to settle, from the cut cheeks, the blood flowed. Seeing that Alexander was wounded, the giant piranha rushed at him. He realized the threatening death, mechanically crossed. The creature stopped suddenly, as if it had stumbled upon an invisible wall. Her face contorted, and she began to gutter, a decrease in size. A few seconds later, a fat carp floated in front of them.
  - That's how harmless he is! - Surprised Aliviada.
  - It's an animal possessed by evil spirits. Said Vernon. - The most harmless creatures become monsters. But this gesture, which he reproduced, is available only to the highest magistrates. As a rule, such weak-willed sorcerers as we, spirits do not obey.
  - This is our Orthodox cross. - Said Alexander. - The Holy faith illuminates him and gives him strength.
  - Sometimes. - Said Elpida. - If a person believes in something strongly, it can replace magic. In any case, the fact of Christ's resurrection confirms personal observations. However, there is a version that it is the embodiment of superspirituality that created our human universe.
  - We've been over this! - Said Alexander. But, frankly, I'm surprised Jesus much of the time he lived on Earth for thirty three years, knew how much pain and suffering all of humanity, and nothing has changed!
  Elpida softly replied:
  - And maybe he changed, awaken creative thinking, progress began to develop rapidly and we have achieved great power.
  - You say strange things. Maybe you are a wizards or scholars. Asked Vernon.
  - No, we're just people from another world. - Alfida did not want to prematurely reveal the secret, and even not who knows. - We have our own religion, perhaps strange and not clear to you.
  Yeah I have noticed he makes three fingers, and masters of the whole hand.
  - So it is necessary on Orthodox custom, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy spirit. In honor of the great Trinity.
  - Then you tell me, and now swam.
  - We and so are sailing talking!
  The guys cut the water together. Closer to shore, Aliviado leg is grabbed by a tentacle and dragged the girl down. Alexander at this time was not to be baptized, and diving. The hand groped for a rubber-like limb and cut it off with a sharp blow. But Vernon put on the cross, but did not see the reaction. The boy, however, it seemed that the forces became more, they moved to the shore running. The girl threw off her wet rags, feeling bliss naked body. The guys decided to rest lightly on the lush grass. Stretched, tired time bulk muscles ached. Elpida hugged Alexander and put her head on his chest, her hair tickled his skin. The young man mechanically stroked her, caressed, feeling the bliss. Sleep passed over them, covered with an avalanche. Alexander and Eliade dreamed the same, if they are floating on the waves, then their bodies dissolved in water, mixed, penetrating each other. Then, divided into many bodies, they made love, alternating a variety of poses and including boundless imagination. They were both affectionate and assertive, the passion was violent and unusually gentle. All the more blunt it turned out awakening:
  - Hey you naked primates, you look too much like runaway slaves. An angry voice roared.
  Alexander opened his eyes and looked around. There were three big men, two in the vicinity with drawn swords, and the third very strange type similar to a broom and thin shook a crossbow. She shyly covered her chest and tried to pull on her robe. Bucky punched her in the face.:
  - You're a much better naked whore.
  The girl threw up her hands and fell dead.
  "What are you doing?" shouted Alexander.
  - Nothing slave, this slut will only benefit. Did you often?
  She's young!
  - Don't believe!
  Alexander tried to figure out what to do. He did not want to return to slavery and receive a new portion of lashes. The tanks were big, but not biting guys, one of them could be put a stone, but what about the rest? Especially with the crossbowman who caused the most concern. Yes, and the beast-broom is most closely followed by Alexander. Apparently torn with whips standing on her knees and trembling with fear, the boy did not cause much anxiety. That's one of the monsters approached the girl pinched breast. Elpida did not react.
  - Oh, shit, she fell back?
  - No breathing.
  - So fuck her real quick.
  Offer seen much encouraged Villabate. He growled and rushed at the girl. At this point, Vernon crawled on my knees to the crossbowman, he whined.
  - Please don't kill me, I'll do it.
  Leave her alone! Alexander drew his stone knife. In immediately the broom reacted to the shot, but the boy managed to jump, pushing the crossbow, causing the arrow missed. At the same moment the rapist off his pants, fell on Aliviado. He forgot about everything and immediately paid the price, pulling the dagger from the belt of the lascivious pig, the girl from the fast Cobra thrust it into his stomach. How fiercely roared the creature, and Eliada sparkling eyes and using that beast clutched his belly, slashed the dagger across his throat.
  - That so his extinguish! Alexander scooped up a foot, the sand threw it into the mouth of the tanks. The one with the sword rushed at Alexander, the boy barely managed to escape, bending of the press. The continued attack. Elpida threw him the sword of the defeated enemy. Alexander deftly caught him, dodged the point of the attack, only slightly scratched his stomach, and crossed his blades. Here, however, the boy felt not at ease, the sword was heavy and act them so well, like the Musketeers in the works of Dumas was not possible. And all knowledge of Alexander in fencing was limited to films with Mikhail Boyarsky. Bucky went on the offensive and began to push, the young man retreated, maneuvered and swung awkwardly. He was helped out by the fact that the young body was faster than a bulky man with a face-mask. Vernon deft blow of a knee to the groin forced to bend broom, then continued, dolbunov punched in the jaw. It was visible that the boy beat very professionally short, sharply. The head of the broom was shaking, and when kid hit him the forehead, poured a heavy cherry-lemon blood.
  - Ready! The boy shouted, throwing away his limp body.
  Battle lasted. Bucky kept coming, but he couldn't get in, but he was an experienced fighter. Here the beast used, a false attack, the young man recoiled, he immediately threw the blade and slashed across his chest. Alexander reacted unconsciously, and only slightly cut the skin, however, he bled heavily:
  - Nu, what you stand, help! - He shouted.
  - Attacking from behind is mean! Replied Aliviada.
  - And stab!
  - He would have raped me.
  You Vermon!
  - It'll be good for you to handle him yourself. The boy said. - A the in fencing you today zero.
  - No not this you zero! - Alexander was offended and furiously counterattacked, but his movement was too predictable. Tanks repulsed the attack and not so sharply embedded under the arm that the hand the young man was speechless. Another lunge and Alexander dropped his sword.
  - That so, slave die!
  Bucky spun his blade, it was clear that Alexander was doomed, but it was desperation that prompted him out. The young man ducked as the view, stepping down from the blade, and smashed a head to the tall man in the groin. He roared and Alexander leaping to his feet, his teeth in her wrist. In the next second Bucky brought down a blow to his ribs, almost breaking them. The young man clenched his jaw, the sword fell, Alexander sparing no legs so gave the enemy in the already broken groin that he bent. Picking up the dropped sword, the young man with both hands with full swing slapped him on the head. The only reason he didn't crack the skull was because the head was covered by a lump. The beast however, began to fall and Alexander slipped, struck the enemy.
  - That's it! Evil is defeated, virtue triumphed. - Shouted Vernon.
  The young man grimaced, he nearly broke his toes and aching broken ribs, broke a bruise.
  "He almost killed me, I've already given up my life, and you're standing there blinking.
  - I didn't mean to violate the rules of chivalry, three of them and three of us, each one poedinka. He Said Aliviada.
  You know you have good data, great response, fast body, hardened muscles, you may turn out a first-class fighter. But it's obvious that you are not trained at all, if there were two Bucky, they would have killed you.
  - Alas, supermen are only in the movies. In reality, you were hacked.
  - Bucky's so clumsy! I could fight five of them at once. The boy boasted.
  "You're not more than thirteen years old, and each of them weighs under two quintals. - Said Alexander.
  - My school is very well taught possession of a deadly weapon, especially effective if to strengthen themselves with magic. You baby this not understand. - Vernon pretended that he was a senior.
  Alexander wanted to give him a flick to punish the youngster for impertinence, but kept his Aliviada:
  - What if he's telling the truth, we can take a few fencing lessons.
  - Let's just not here, maybe it's just the front line of a large detachment.
  - A corpses hide in the bushes, not to immediately found.
  - Better in the pond, demon-possessed creature will eat, he even the bones are able to grind. - Vernon.
  So the tanks were heavy, they had to carry three. Suddenly, Aliviado contorted, the girl face turned pale and she gasped.
  - That the stomach is severely squeezed! She said.
  Take a deep breath, and then throw up. It's because you touched the corpse of the creature you killed for the first time.
  - Right, and you're sick! - Confirmed Alexander.
  "Oh, I really feel bad." Never kill living sentient creatures, all sorts of path is not counted. And now I can't find a place. But who killed the monster, the rapist. It's so hard to kill.
  - Get used to it! - Vernon seemed very cheerful. "We have been taught that with each kill you are given a portion of the power of the destroyed enemy. At least that's how the battlemages acted.
  - This is a delusion, nor who on violence not has acquired omnipotence. And you guys'll tell you what, escape is not difficult, another question where.
  "The easiest way is to go to the neighboring Kingdom, where the Sultan of Baz rules! Said Vernon. "He even has a Legion of female warriors. You just need to learn how to shoot a bow and crossbow.
  - A've tried before, shot down stars! Smiled Aliviada.
  - So those were hyperplasmic arrows! And that will with ordinary is unknown. Alexander Grinned.
  - What stars can shoot down, because they are huge, our witches know that they revolve around the planet.
  I'm kidding! - Confident girl pushed the corpse into the water. - A to shoot still stuck!
  The guys actively covered their tracks, in addition, again went silver rain, washing away the blood.
  . CHAPTER 10
  Kaliostro continued to strike fiercely and even fell into a frenzy, it must have seemed to him that before him the worst enemy. The Admiral turned into butcher-cut bacon, then the screams subsided and he fainted.
  - To bring him back, I haven't finished yet.
  Boom-boom was thrust under his nose blue pepper, the Admiral opened his eyes clapped silly. Again came the shock, Cagliostro thrashed until Genvec finally fell into unconsciousness. Capital was sweating profusely, even in the tropical heat, he did not want to take off his uniform.
  "What are we going to do with this carrion, chain it to the floor, drag it over the keel, or just hang it up?"
  - The keel! - Pirates stalled.
  - Well, no, we won't see him suffer. We'd better hang it upside down and chain it up. Well, who wants to help me?
  Bocman green Stoke got there first, only that he lost an ear and was very angry:
  - Of course!
  "RUB some pepper on the Admiral's face to keep him awake." We'll have a lot of fun.
  Boom-boom grabbed the pepper in handfuls, and his shaggy hands wrapped around the face of the tortured. This in itself was brutal torture, especially when the claws the Orc pulled down the forehead and cheeks, which began to burn with spice. The Admiral was wheezing, his eyes eating away. Then he turned, stretching his legs, vzdornov to the bottom of the head.
  - That's blood to the brain! Green stock grinned. - Now he's gonna get hurt!
  Picking up a chain with sharp edges, two sea sadists began to cut unceremoniously. For them, the cries of the people were marvelous music, a hardened pirates joked and ulukale, throwing scraps to the Admiral. Blood splattered, there was a grinding sound, the poor man's hands were also shackled, and he was completely helpless. The chain descended slowly, cutting first the ass, then the pelvis, and then sawed through the stomach to the navel.
  So was the one foul man, you lovely two! - Joked Cagliostro.
  The pirates made a bet that when the screaming stopped, some bet that it would happen before they cut the navel, others later. The latter won, the process of torment was delayed, the stomach was completely cut, then there was a hitch with the ribs, they resisted and extremely tight chains were fed. Kaliostro was very tired, his hands ached, he was no longer happy to cut, but he did not want to show weakness especially in front of the boatswain. Only when the executioners reached the lungs, the Admiral fell silent.
  - That's the end of your career. Boom-boom to help him!! - Shouted the captain, pointing to the side of the green.
  The Orc nodded, now the work went quickly, the victim no longer twitched and did not interfere, and wooly bully was much stronger than the captain. When at last they had finished the vile business, the body was sawn almost exactly in half.
  - Overboard leftovers to the sharks and muroma! - Cagliostro made an impatient gesture.- Yes, and our ship can be repaired.
  However, what was left of the pirate wreck could not be repaired, had to drop the hooks and sink the remains. To be understood, having transferred before it all valuable. In the thick bottom of the ship was discovered to leak, and the captain ordered to stick to the nearest island for a small repair. Now the pirates can enjoy infusing into the throats of captured rum of high quality and he know batter on the brain. Meanwhile, Cagliostro conceived the deception of his comrades. He did not want to share with the rabble, who could only let the wealth to the wind. The most valuable gems pirate decided to hide on a desert island. For one thing could get rid of some of the environment. Sly
  Kaliostro outwardly showed more and more location to the boatswain green-stock. He knew that dirty beggar was ready to choke for a broken Dinar. That's why he proposed to him.
  - Look green for the sake of what we share with all sorts of inferior rabble. Let's lower the boat in the dark and take the most valuable treasures. The island is not small, but completely deserted, it will be possible to hide wealth.
  The boatswain nodded in response.
  - Only a third of it is mine!
  - As agreed! - I showed unexpected pliability of Cagliostro. - There are magnificent stones for millions of dinars, we all have enough.
  - You need to carry as much treasure as possible, I grab two orcs, they are stupid, but very strong and will take a lot of. - Suggested boatswain.
  "That's not bad, but the orcs can't keep their mouths shut.
  - Who said they'd come back! Green-stock caught the thought in mid-sentence.
  - Then go.
  The night was quite dark, thick clouds appeared in the sky, covering several moons and numerous large stars. Before his own departure, Cagliostro announced:
  "You have won a glorious battle, and I give you permission to celebrate!"
  Anyone who doesn't get drunk will be shot!
  The pirates responded with enthusiasm to the proposal. Rum and burner poured into wide throats and by night those who were not lying like a log, sluggishly sang songs. Then sleep overcame, and their captain slipped the barrel of the carotid infusion. Admission is simple, but works perfectly. Then the four of them put the jewels in calico bags to make it easier to carry them, loaded them on the boat and headed for the shore. The boat on which they sailed glided smoothly over the water, the gigantic ship plunged into darkness seemed insidious and mysterious. The surf was weak, and therefore moored without any problems. For a brief moment there was a gap, the clouds looked out lilac moon.
  - I think, thirteen of the highest deities worshiped us. Green stock croaked.
  The bandits moved slowly, hampered by the bushes, the orcs shouldered such a large burden, puffed slowly moaning. The boatswain also barely moved my feet, but Cagliostro was easy, he beach, taking only a small sack of diamonds. So they marched through the jungle. Altmer and Julieta driven by curiosity followed them. A boy and a girl from afar spotted the boat and saw the heavy bags.
  - I think it was the pirates decided to hide on an uninhabited island treasures. - Made an offer to Julieta.
  - Sounds a little trite! Grinned Altmer.
  What else?!
  - Maybe they want to blow up the island.
  Why would they?
  - How say, perhaps, in this case from him splashes molten gold. Imagine a rugged rocky shell that does not drill explodes, opening access to the Treasury. Pirates show ingenuity, getting to serious wealth.
  - It's the original version, but in this case, you're probably wrong. And it is unlikely that they have such a powerful bomb, and a lot of gunpowder blow up.
  "How do you know what kind of weapons they have?" Maybe they have thermoactive bomb able to blow up the galaxy?
  "And they sail on sailing ships. It's not logical, hyperatomic bombs in the absence of a steam engine. Progress must be manifested in everything.
  - This time, you're thinking smart, what are we gonna do?
  - We'll track it down and decide.
  The corsairs continued to carry the load in the direction of the mountains.
  "It's best to hide it in a cave somewhere." - Suggested Cagliostro. We'll cover it with rocks, and the devil won't find it.
  "Well, captain, so did many of your predecessors.
  - In addition, in the jungle, will find ourselves more difficult it can get very silly, hid and lost.
  - Then to the cave captain.
  To meet the pirates came barbed lion, he was hungry and that I was experiencing a frustration that drove his two-legged men. Here it come, ready to jump, but then saw the Orc. Larger and more massive creatures had more meat, which made them very tempting prey, but the larger the beast the harder to deal with it, and only four of them. With his more sensitive nose, the Orc felt a prickly lion.
  - The owner, and there, in ambush lion sits.
  - Nothing frightening shoot. - Cagliostro raised his gun and took aim. The nerves of a lion broke down and he then started to run. The captain fired - the beast fell.
  - Why is it us that porcupine is too bad ass. Green stock said.
  - All trembling - to be respected!
  The orcs grunted approvingly in response. Cagliostro reloaded his gun, checked two double-barreled pistols, and increased his pace. They came to the mountains, now had to choose a cave. The captain tried leg elastic rock.
  - We'll have a choice here.
  The caves were a few of them and choose with a narrow entrance, which could barely squeeze through the orcs. The granite site chosen by the pirates was dry and convenient for storage. The pirates loaded the bags into a new treasure. Then we got to the surface, they now had to fill up the entrance stone. The boulder was heavy, the boatswain and the orcs piled on it, trying to move it. Cagliostro was behind, touched the guns. He planned to shoot his accomplices as soon as the stone took its place, closing the hole. But bad luck, the boulder did not move, then the orcs began to shake it gradually. And still the work progressed slowly, the corsairs were drenched in sweat, and the night was warm, and highly steamed. Finally, the green Stoke broke down and stammered.
  - Help captain.
  Do it yourself!
  - But is it fair most of the production for you and to work with us do not want. The orcs grunted in approval.
  - Well, the hell with you. The captain threw off his coat and fell on the stone. The work went faster and askoldiv, he flooded the cell.
  - That's how the bums! - Barked Cagliostro. At that moment, his waist was grabbed, and the guns were pulled off at once. The captain tried to punch with his elbow, but the boatswain stabbed himself with his fist. He was clearly larger and more trained, Kaliostro in recent years, noticeably lazy, grew a stomach.
  - That the captain wanted to deceive us, to shoot in the back, and then under favourable circumstances, to take the treasure?
  - No, I always play fair! - Groaned Cagliostro.
  Even the orcs grunted with indignation - too obvious a lie.
  - You can tell your stories to babies, not me. At the moment you're going to Tartarus.
  Is one fate to man and cattle, they go to the dead, but if you think that by killing me he will become a captain, you are mistaken. I left a reliable man on Board who would shoot you if you came back alone.
  - Thanks for the warning. I think I know who is a fish head Culpa.
  - No, not him, someone you'll never think of.
  - Hardly anyone wants to kill me and be torn to pieces by the team, especially because my reputation among sailors is very high. So your trap, if you're not even bluffing, is worthless. In the meantime, kneel down and pray.
  - Wait, green-drain. That's ungentlemanly. Let's fight with swords, you're so big strong, I'm sure you'll put me down.
  - That you want to cheat. In addition, though you look fat, but you have your hands quick, a recognized master of fencing. I have no desire to risk it. I see that you do not want to pray, then still, my soul is gone.
  - No, wait, I want to go to Jupiter.
  - Too late, I'll count to three and shoot. One, two, three! Green-Stoke raised his guns.
  What are you doing, see man kill. Juliette Whispered.
  Altmer picked up the stone.
  "This man may be a scoundrel, but I will save him." In addition, the orcs honest and naive creatures, and this type and they will be killed.
  Green-Stoke was about to fire when he screamed and clogged. A terrifying toad-like monster smashed through his head and torso with a triple tongue strike. Most surprisingly, he materialized suddenly, and no one even keen Altmer and Julieta did not notice him. Reflex jerks the thug emptied the revolvers.
  "It's gibbo, the demon beast, enough for an evil spirit to move into a simple toad, and it turns into a monster.
  I get that.
  Cagliostro and orcs rushed to their heels. A terrible wart-covered creature chewed a large shark's mouth boatswain, and rushed after them. Of course, the larger muscular orcs were more attractive than the not-too-photogenic captain. Having overtaken one of them, the beast-demon began to tear flesh, scattering wool.
  - It's terrible, stop him! - Said Juliette.
  How could I?
  You're God! Creator of the universe!
  - In the incarnation, I was the same person as you and my power more than people.
  - So strain your empty head and think of something.
  - Okay, I'll try to distract him.
  The creature, meanwhile, had caught the second Orc, and it had pierced through it, its tongue a triple sword, and its eight webbed feet covered with the longest, sharpest claws. She swallowed the flesh in large chunks, six rows of teeth grinding bones. And swallowed the beast-demon quickly, even surprisingly as he had not yet finished off all the animals on the island.
  - These demons usually awake next treasure to hide wealth, the pirates provoked his appearance. This is the natural reaction of money - the eruption of subspace.
  - You can say the release of the dark worlds.
  - I created them myself, a kind of imitation of a human epic. In particular angels and the younger gods are all created by me and Alfadog universes.
  - Okay, save one person.
  The creature overtook Kaliostro knocking, she brought over him his tongue-sword. The captain screamed:
  "Spare me, I'll give you all the treasure!"
  I'll take it! - The demon screamed in the afterlife voice.
  At that moment, an iridescent squeak resounded. The creature froze, then turned. The squeak was repeated.
  - I'll eat you later, and now I have a baby waiting for me. - The beast-the demon rushed like a hurricane, here he was met with a spear Altmer.
  - That the boy wants sex? The young man taunted him.
  "You cocky little sucker, I'll kill you!"
  "I doubt you are too weak and clumsy for that.
  The demon did not answer, he just jumped of a daring kid. He jumped to the side, managed to stab a spear, and ran away from him. The creature began to pursue, it was fast, but because of the large mass possessed excessive inertia, and the nimble young man now and then bypassed her. Nevertheless, it was like a bullfight of a young bullfighter with a giant angry bull. Altmer played, dragging the demon, he'd get mad. That's one of the things the young man was a bit late, and claws walked through the ribs, the thrust skin, leaving six deep furrows.
  - You're toxic hell! The young man swore.
  The demon grunted, the sight of blood aroused him even more. The chase continued, Altmer obviously nervous, he knew that risking a challenge to this giant. The young man tried to hit him with a spear in the eye, but thick transparent hard case seems to be able to keep automatic fire. Meanwhile, the beast began to spit acid, burning his bare legs. Then sparkled and fire broke out, burning the heel of the young fighter. He even cried out slightly in pain, on the feet there were burns. Then his sword-tongue caught him again, cutting him to the ribs. Altmer felt the cold breath of death.
  - Well, you need to finish.
  They ran out into the area where there were sharp peaks and crevices. To finally piss off the demon, the young man again uttered, a cry of wild females. Then he dodged, did a somersault and stood near a sharp slippery slit. Altmer shouted in a language only understandable to the most annoying demons for them a curse.
  A giant mammoth-sized toad leapt violently, pushing off with all eight legs. The young man barely managed to jump back, he was hit by a sharp point on the tangent, punching his shoulder and raspolosovav chest, but the main thing was done, the carcass landed in the crevice and got stuck there. The peculiarity of this type of stones was that they were both slippery and rough, falling into a trap, the beast could not jump out, tiny teeth held him very tight. The roar was terrifying, with rare trees rained leaves and needles, Altmer not to keep covering his ears, he felt quite painful all the skin of the sound wave. When at last the beast was exhausted, the young man came to him.
  - You want to be free!
  Not from you! The monster grumbled.
  "As you wish, but soon the four suns will rise, and they will dry your lumpy skin and hurt you very much." You want to get sunstroke in toad.
  - No!
  "Besides, if you die, and in such a stupid way, you will fall into the abyss, and this is a very bad place for demons." I don't think that would suit you.
  "You're right, stranger, but what do you want in return?
  "Swear to me that you will serve me at my first call."
  - So you're offering me slavery.
  - What a painful death and the abyss better. In addition, just so I will not pull you, and every call is additional entertainment and food.
  Beast-demon strained your primitive brain, therefore, went direct benefit.
  - Okay, but let's make a deal, no more than three times!
  - So little, Yes you'll go mad, especially on this a desert the island. The opportunity to serve people is not a punishment, but a gift of fate.
  Let me think!
  From the top down came the rain, Altmer not stood still, his cuts are very sick, annealed legs itched, and he was happy to take the falling drops.
  Then the rain stopped, it became lighter.
  - Hurry up, will soon dawn, and the rays know what is in this flesh torment.
  Okay, agreed.
  - Then take the oath, because you have demons, unlike people, it does not demolish.
  "Well, by the gods who made us from the tip of the flame, I will serve you forever."
  - What's your name?
  - Cambodia!
  "That's better, but to be honest, I'm not going to stay too long in your world, so you'll be free very soon."
  - Now release me from the grip. And what a fool you are, you're too small a weak man to crush rocks, even I can't. Cambodia said with annoyance.
  - But I have a mind. - Alfer went to what was left of the orcs. Oddly enough, Juliette was already waiting for him there.
  Can you see behind the gunpowder? She said.
  - Yes, of course.
  - I've already built a bomb. The girl handed him the contents of several bags.
  - And you I see clairvoyant.
  - No, I just thought I could make a grenade and blow up a demon.
  - Well, to be honest, the skin of this toad is so strong that it needs at least annihilation explosives.
  - Are toads that strong?
  Depends on the demon that possessed her, and the creature is higher level, it affects the structure of living mechanisms.
  Oh, Alfer, why did you create such an abomination?
  - Angels are supposed to control the demons, to re-educate them, but apparently suffered a puncture.
  - Angels stronger?
  - Yes, and more of them, because I want the good creation. My goal is to make everyone happy if not now then later.
  - In the next life?
  Why not? After all the first the universe the most a difficult and sinful here is in it and should be more abomination, and in each next all more angels and good demons.
  - Well, even gods make mistakes, but you are loved, I hope right.
  Altmer approached the gorge, where he moaned, squeezed the demon, and began to rattle the stone, holding it to his ear.
  - Why are you doing this?
  - Looking for the weakest spot. Explained Alper. - The rock needs to be carefully blown up.
  Finally groping the connection of the stone's power lines, the young man planted the explosives.
  - It will be Quyen-quake!
  Knocking out a spark, he set fire to gunpowder and bounced to a safe distance. There was a strong explosion, the Juliette was covered with a wave, and the fragment left a deep scratch on the girl's cheekbone.
  That hurts.
  - You should have gone to bed or you'll get in my eye. Started Altmer.
  - Crippled. - Finished Juliette.
  - Well, not exactly, you might be able to find the mage who healed you, but it's unnecessary confusion.
  The freed demon howled and bowed to his new master.
  - You and he a good man, it's hard to say who of you is beautiful, such a magnificent wife.
  - Not yet! More like a lover. I can see you know about beauty.
  "In my time, two hundred years ago, I was guarding the harem, quite a pleasant job.
  Why did you leave her?
  - How do you say that can destroy a man? Woman! And demon sorcerer. This is one of those magicians taught me how to take human form, after which I visited the harem. And you know how Horny the females are. After all, there are a thousand of them, and the Sultan rarely visits. At the same time they are only taught to please the master, the nature of the awakening of female lust. So I began to walk from one female to another. Fun above the roof, the power I naturally inhuman. Well, in short, messed up the whole harem, including many virgins. When it disappeared, they wanted to put me in a fiery hell. Thank you sorcerer, he was still young, probably, not tainted, helped to escape. Now here I am Cantus, cut off from the human world, and demons only come across the lowest level. Not to talk, except to fight.
  - It happens. All right, kid, you can take us to land.
  - I don't know, we should move to something winged. Besides, for today and a few more days, I'm good for nothing. Spent too much energy when I was pinned down, exhausted.
  Are you lying?
  - Bound by an oath of service, demons don't lie.
  Okay, go rest, we can wait, in this world, starvation does not threaten us.
  - Why don't you take my ship. - Limping towards them, approached the captain of Cagliostro.
  - On a pirate ship. - Surprised Juliette.
  Why not? Interrupted her Altmer. - I for one do not know what it's like to feel like a pirate.
  - You are a brave and strong lad, can record you on the team, the more that obliged to the young warrior's life.
  - I don't exclude it for myself! Said Alper.
  - Well, wonderful, you can consider yourself accepted into our marine family.
  Become a filibuster!
  That's good. You're a strong girl and I hope to quickly learn to wield a blade.
  For a moment, Juliette imagined herself half-naked, covered in blood, the corpses of soldiers and pirates lying around. And she waves two swords at once, crushing enemies.
  - Yeah, that would be great. Sounds very tempting. Juliette's face was flushed.
  It's time for the brothers, and now it's time to ship, dawn, and if the men Wake up and see that no captain would be such a howl.
  - What same we this understand!
  - Hurry up. My cook will make you a great Breakfast, on a captured ship rich food.
  We're grateful.
  - Have you, by the way, is your name young man?
  - Altmer!
  - Altmer beautiful name, going by boatswain instead of green flow. I think we'll take great wealth.
  The young creatures walked in front and the captain behind. Judging by the way they confidently walked to the hidden boat, they watched them from the very beginning, - thought Kaliostro. - Which means you saw where I hid the treasure.
  - What to do? Instinct told me it was best to get rid of the witnesses. - Well, they saved him, gratitude is not among the virtues avid pirate.
  The captain continued to look at their saviors, half-naked, young man in his bathing suit and scratches, the girl's barely covered body with the petals, and gorgeous bare feet. She is very beautiful and killing such a pity. Maybe better to sell at auction, their treasures, he soon will seize, and the money needed now. And the young man is good, I wonder how old he is, look sixteen and face smooth, clean as a virgin, not a single hair, delicate features cute face, he looks like a baby. So it can be sold in the harem, male or female all the same! The boy, however, strong and agile, he is quite decent would pirate work, but such as he is a live energetic smart - the most dangerous. That and look will be the soul of the sailors and beat the captains, and shoot him. A better way to shoot himself in the head, a girl that apparently is not dangerous to implement? Cagliostro hesitated between instinct of self-preservation and greed. Greed won in the end.
  - There's the Dinghy, my dears. The captain pointed to the sea. - We'll get her on Board.
  Julieta and Altmer easily dragged the boat and took the oars and rowed. However, suddenly the boat spun.
  - Again, the demons! - Cagliostro shot into the water, he was in a panic, nerves for the last few hours loose.
  - No, it's Altmer too much raking! - Said Juliette. - Come with me to move in time - synchronously.
  - I'll try.
  Really hot boy, first felt in the hands of a real paddle, and began to work them so zealously, putting the whole case that threatened to overturn the boat.
  "You'd make a good galley rower."
  The young man grimaced, the sharp late movement brought pain. Cagliostro drew attention to the wound.
  - There might be scars.
  - They only adorn the man.
  - I have a marvelous balm, made by witches, is very expensive, so now the Inquisition is too cruel haunts of witches and wizards. Of course I'm saving it for myself, but for the sake of our acquaintance, I smear your shoulder, even the scar will not remain.
  - Thank You. You're a noble pirate like Peter blood.
  I don't know who that is, but filibusters as wolves, and due to stay all together in a single pack. It's called the coast brotherhood.
  - Sounds nice, but we have to kill?
  Only in the battle, the prisoners we let go to-own so much stuff that it was better from them just to get rid of.
  Juliette did not really believe the pirate, but the prospect of living on a desert island did not attract her at all.
  - Okay, we'll see.
  The crew was still asleep when they climbed on deck. The ship itself looked fine and rich it was, carved from expensive imaginova wood handrails, Royal emblems, however, the deck is still not fully scrubbed away the blood, though varnished.
  - You had a fight! Asked Altmer.
  - Not without it! You can't swim in our sea that easily.
  - We need to clean the deck thoroughly.
  - I agree with that, but the crew was too exhausted, so I did not load it much.
  - What a dirty deck is a sign of poor discipline.
  Kaliostro almost pulled the trigger - some puppy teaches him, but restraining his impulse, the pirate squeezed out the sweetest smile.
  - Welcome to the table, my dear guests. Although there is no, you have too savage kind of, need to dress up.
  - In such a heat, naked warrior walk much feel more comfortable.
  "True, but I appoint you not just a boatswain, but my first mate, which means you should not look like a slave." All the more even ordinary sailors wear trousers. Here we have a whole set of marine clothing.
  - And for women? Juliette Asked.
  - Girls too! Well, dear guests, do not hesitate.
  The pirate took them to the cloakroom. He really was extraordinarily rich. In addition to the naval uniform, including the uniform of fine sewing, there were in the chests of richly jeweled clothing of grandees and peers.
  - Well, it's a bad idea, though you Madam I would like to see in a dress to the Duchess. Although such as is half-naked and covered, like a pixie petals you're looking much better.
  Juliette blushed, translucent petals did not hide her lush, firm Breasts, waist with press tiles, luxurious thighs, and her hair even without any jewelry seemed like a raging torch or dazzling snow.
  - Oh, Yes! You're good! The captain spoke.
  - I'll wear a dress. I didn't want to be naked in front of a bunch of pirates.
  "Then go ahead, and I'll Wake the cook."
  The dresses of princesses, countesses, duchesses, Baroness, were so magnificent that the girl could not choose the best, and then me, dresses. She tried very hard to look as spectacular as possible.
  Altmer came to her aid. True Julieta didn't really listen to the advice. Finally she put on the richest Royal dress and immediately felt overwhelmed. In addition, the shoes made of a piece of solid diamond were too high-heeled and uncomfortable to walk in. Large sapphire, ruby, artinya, Zokirova candles in pain, delayed hair. Only earrings Juliette did not dare to pierce himself, but instead she used a cunning device - greatly delayed ears.
  - Doesn't that hurt? Asked Altmer.
  - Of course, painful for, but beauty requires victims. - Alfida perched on the head crown.
  - Sometimes I wish I'd been born a woman. Although incarnate in the flesh maiden for me. The young man tapped his heels. New boots are too tight, not
  to mention the fact that the suit was slightly narrow in the broad chest and shoulders, and when he squeezed the relief sharp cue balls, the shirt threatened to burst. The young man looked, tried on hat with pen, on their light-Golden hair.
   Yes now I'm real officer, not a bad start to a career as you think?
  "That's fine to say, but you won't be in command of the soldiers, you'll be in command of a band of robbers.
   Is more interesting, a variety of free personality, and not that constrained by discipline and is similar to the bio warriors.
   Then show yourself.
  When they finally found out the pirates had started to Wake up. Seeing the new brave officer and the dazzling beauty, they began to RUB their eyes. Some of them ran up, trying to touch the dress. Boom boom warned the orcs.
   Is our new Queen does not touch it otherwise the captain will shoot anyone like a rabid dog.
  Culpa confirmed:
  - No one will be spared. You see the first beauty of the Kingdom.
  The dogs growled:
  - Nu okay we understand!
  - Now we head for the coast in the city of Rumors, and you will be able to satisfy his longing for the female body. But this is a new boatswain, old went missing, I beg to love and favor. He's also the first mate.
  - He's too young to be a boatswain. And for the under than the over. - Skeptical pronounced similar to the Chinese big man. "And does he know how to fight? More suited to be a cabin boy.
  Almira eyes flashed lightning, he was angry, under my shirt rubbed and whined not bandaged the wound, new boots when walking rubbed harder. In annoyance, the young man drew his dagger and threw furiously, aiming at the head, but missed, pinning the scythe.
  He grunted and ducked.
  - If you want to fight, I'm ready.
  Seeing that the young man so deftly throwing daggers, as well as realizing that Cagliostro random person finds itself pirates have proskocil:
  - I stand corrected, chief.
  - The I now give blade.
  Not easy pulling of hard wood, the pirate held out Alfero. The young man felt in the seventh heaven from happiness, threatening filibusters recognize his authority. Culpa disappeared into the cabin, then ran out of there with a very sweet face:
  - Your dinner party is waiting.
  At this point Alfero jumped a boy of fourteen, dark like a Negro from the sun, in some short pants, it jolted burnt like tow in the sun four hair:
  - Would you mind cleaning your boots? The boy shoved his brush, thickly smeared with wax.
   Okay, RUB!
  - That the cabin boy is serving. The sailor taunted him. Alexander looked at the boy more closely. Lean on the bare back visible numerous traces of beatings. There are fresh cuts, piercing bypassing the sharp blades, scars, there are already healed, but apparently, the boy flogged more than once. On the legs apart from lash marks and wire, a lot of burns on bare feet they are really fresh, I'm not entirely blisters. The boy noticed the look and whispered:
  - The owner is very cruel, and other sailors are not better, do not trust him.
  - Not even knowing that he was a pirate, it is seen that slick, painfully sweet voice, but I hope that after become his first assistant, to establish justice on the ship and you for no reason, no one will be punished.
  "I doubt you will succeed!"
  Culpa approached them:
  - What is whispering, or do you like it when the harness of the heel.
  - You'd better whip me.
  - A there is no red-hot iron far more painful for.
   But I was awkward to fight during boarding I had to jump on the socks.
  - You fought well, but I must say that this alone is not enough to become a full-fledged pirate. You're too bold, but since the captain is in a good mood, I'm only prescribing ten lashes.
  - I fish, your punishment is abolished. I'm an assistant captain and I have the power.
  The scales on the face Culpa faded, he muttered:
  "The captain doesn't like it when his punishment is overturned. In addition, the ship's boy, not willingly got into pirates, lost in the bone as a slave, that attitude is appropriate.
  - Moreover, the boy deserves compassion and most importantly a servant not a slave, but he can fight.
  It is not known what ended the skirmish, if not there was a Boom-boom. Massive roared:
  - The captain's tired of you waiting, it should be noted our acquaintance.
  - Come on, Juliette, and you remember the fish, as long as I'm alive, this boy will not hurt.
  The young man and girl entered the Admiral's cabin. It was neatly tidied up on the floor spread out a lush carpet, the walls hung with expensive stones weapons. The table is large, high, legs in the form of figures, among the servants himself a cook in a cap and thick, as well as two arthropods, similar to Scorpion type. They carried food on Golden trays. The food was indeed magnificent, he was an eagle with gilded wings in full plumage which was worth it. He held a Laurel branch in his teeth. Then there was a wild boar with hair decorated with small scattering of pearls. After went smaller bird with a side dish and fruit. So on this planet there were four suns, the number of citrus was much more diverse than on Earth, and they themselves were brighter, larger and longer stored.
  - Generous to the sinners of the earth, but the gods angry look from the sky! In abundance to amuse the family, we have enough meat and bread! - A SIP of rum, sang Cagliostro. - Drink visitors expensive!
  - We don't feel like it. - Said Juliette.
  - But pirates must drink rum or you want more expensive wine. Bring some Vilfand.
  The wine glowed and played in the precious Cup. Juliet took a SIP of it.:
  - Delicious. She said.
  Altmer also sipped, then drank a glass.
  "Something like Burgundy, but not much nicer." Here the fruit is gorgeous and better than on the ancient earth. True, in a multi-hyperplasmic body, I had to drink something better, but in protein flesh, it feels different. I, for example, feel that the pain in the shoulder disappears, the mood rises.
  "Then add some more, I'll have you bring some madric wine."
  The new drink resembled blueberry juice, when the young man and the girl drank, their euphoria increased:
  - It's closer to Tokay. Said Alper. - How many varieties of fruit and berries are used here?
  - Not much less than ten! But you drink more. Bring Daguerre.
  Green wine poured into the children's throats, although the degree and was not felt, it was stronger than ink, and after three large glasses in the heat of the guys took alcohol equivalent to one and a half liters of surrogate. And when you consider that they have not had the experience of drunkenness, Julieta not drink even beer, that's a lot. After the fourth glass of livery, the boys fell into their chairs and began to snore. Cagliostro approached him and slammed my lips, young creatures didn't Wake up, but only hoarsely nose. The captain chuckled.:
  Bring the shackles! - He commanded.
  . CHAPTER 11
  What is tile pomegranate Lenin knew only on film, but clearly understood, if it blows, no one is hurt. He wanted to run to her and throw like a boy Leon beat him by punching her in the charge of death with a bottle of water. Vladimir Ilyich reflexively closed his eyes, ready to accept the wave of debris, he jumped on her stomach, true to the principle he died, but the friend. He felt the cold steel in his stomach, and all the glorious life flashed before his eyes. Even thought flashed that if God is how he will take a bloody atheist? Then the other, do not worry, he will only return to the world of communism or to be embodied in the next universe. Seconds passed, but there was no explosion.
  - You can get up uncle! She's harmless now. Leon's voice was heard.
  - Really! Lenin Was Surprised. Then he jumped up easily. - Uh, I thought I heard the Archangel trumpet.
  "You must be a very good uncle if you're willing to sacrifice your life for us." Lamarca Said.
  - Did you ever doubt that?
  - You want a revolution, and they always ended up a lot of blood. - The girl sobbed.
  - Help me he is a very healthy demon! Peter The Great Shouted.
  The mighty king clashed with no less large shaggy creature, they dressed up fighting, and the beast successfully resisted the techniques of the monarch.
  - I know him. - Said Leon. - This Orc gang Muglan. His name is Little Muck.
  - Orc fairy tale character!
  Almost, they are on the planet left the unit, first persecuted the Church, believing them to be demonic creatures, and then of the secular power.
  - Terrible! Destroy an entire species like the American Indians. Lenin threw up his hands. - What Torment do you belong to an oppressed nation, and therefore should join the Holy cause of the revolution.
  The Orc growled in a low voice.
  - What is revolution?
  - This is when all live better, well simply remarkable, and people are equal.
  And the orcs?
  - You will also receive the same rights, will be the same.
  - Yes! Wonderful! Muck clapped his hands. - I want a motorcycle.
  - When we overthrow the power of oligarchs and greedy capitalists, everyone will have motorcycles, cars, TVs, computers.
  - So we take from the rich...
  And give it to the poor! Good thinking! Lenin patted the Orc's massive shoulder.
  John looked at Lenin skeptically.:
  And will not result in equalization to the overall poverty?
  - No, we have already built a fair society, our Soviet Union was a rich and happy state. If not for the betrayal at the top, starting with Khrushchev, we would have spread the light of communism to the whole world. Lenin raised his fists.
  - That it that betrayal! It will be difficult for you to create even primary underground cells. The Ministry of national security does not sleep, many people secretly work for him. Here is me, for example you trust?
  - I'll expose any spy! The girl said resolutely.
  - Are you sure?
  - With every hour I all more acutely feel, where evil, and where good!
  - Then help us! Here are the machines we already have, what else is needed.
  - To change the apartment differently to us the new larger party of bandits will approach, and they can just fire at the apartment from grenade launchers.
  - Without fear of the police.
  - It is so corrupt that it does not fight crime, but terrorizes people.
  - Then let's leave the room!
  There was a trill, the boy took out from-for a belt of the killed bandit the cell phone.
  Looks like the ringleader. Mook, tell him it's okay.
  The Orc boomed into the phone:
  All right chief.
  Where's Lukacs?
  - Drunk!
  - Well, look at MUK, if that fur throw you. Boss yelled. - Through a floor of hour to me, and Lukacs for drunkenness will be reprimanded!
  - Yes chief!
  Don't be silly! In General, you're too conspicuous to participate in the showdown, so buy soap, it will be easier to be hung.
  - Sure, chief, but I don't have any money!
  - You credit!
  Call aborted:
  "We don't have much time, but we have money and weapons. Where to go?
  I know good and very large basement for a small fee it can be removed and the crank case. Leon said, raising his hand.
  - And you're a smart boy, enterprising, but what if we get caught there by bandits?
  - There's a gang of Stella's. This is an iron woman, prefers to live by the rules and always keeps his word. Which is surprising for a thug.
  You know everything!
  - Little boys are much easier to eavesdrop on information than adult uncles. I don't understand Lamarck, why you're so pale!
  - My mother very poorly, perhaps even that she died, I this feel!
  - Well, let's get to her. - Said Lenin. - You can call a taxi on your cell phone.
  - You can, but in this neck of the woods who does not go.
  - Then walk!
  If she died, her will not help, and so we are too noticeable, such a group will attract too much attention.
  - Then you go for Leon in basement, and spend the girl.
  I'll walk!
  - I want to try a last resort. - Lenin showed the bottle.
  - It's vodka. John Chuckled.
  - Yes vodka, but curative, and now let's go.
  The leader of the world proletariat and the girl rushed down the street. They were practically running. Lenin rejoiced in his healthy body, stamina is quite enough, but the girl rubbing his legs and often limped. Finally, she could not stand it, took off the boring shoes and noticeably increased speed, covered with light snow pavement.
  On the way Lenin tried to stop tramps, the leader fired a burst of three fell, the rest fled. Finally they got to the basement, where she lived a girl. There it was quite warm, apparently turned on the heating. All was littered with garbage, syringes, condoms, boxes. Only one room was relatively clean, and in it lay a poorly dressed woman. She was pale and motionless. The girl ran up to her and put her head on her chest:
  - No heartbeat! Looks like she passed away.
  Lenin noticed that the woman was terribly thin, a skeleton covered with skin.
  - That's what capitalism and war have brought you to! I swear, when we come to power, people won't starve to death. And soon and at all not will die!
  The girl sobbed heavily. Lenin patted her on the head.
  - Do not cry, I know for sure her spirit moved in a different universe. There to incarnate in a different body and saving the memory will live on.
  - Who told you this God or an angel. Lamarck Asked.
  - Almost Gods, creators of universes, they have ten of these creations did. So now I know for sure, life doesn't end.
  "And when I die and am transported to another world, can I know her?"
  - That's why I did not ask the creators, but I think I can.
  You comforted me.
  - Although, in my opinion, it's over, I'll try the last resort. Lenin approached the bony corpse, opened his mouth and poured vodka down his throat. The woman suddenly took a SIP, twitched, her eyes opened.
  - Wow, I wasn't thinking about playing Jesus. Lenin Was Surprised.
  - Mom will you live?
  - No daughter, my soul for a moment left the afterlife. The woman spoke in a sepulchral voice. To tell you! Put a few bricks under the painted cat spider, there are hidden manuscripts with ancient spells. You have a girl of outstanding ability, which are manifested in our family only seven generations. Study them and do good to people.
  - Can uncle Lenin be trusted?
  In this man a lot of good, but there is evil, the whims, the negative traits with which we must deal. But most importantly, he sincerely wants it to be good for all people. You can follow him.
  - Okay, I get it, mom! The main thing is your spirit alive, so all is not lost!
  The woman closed her eyes and calmed down. Lenin approached the drawing where the eight-legged cat was painted.
  - BA this miracle-Yudo. Does he bite?
  - Only when I'm hungry. Let's see what it says.
  Lenin and lamarca squatted down and pulled out the bricks. Under them and why lay in much thick and, presumably, ancient book. Even the pages were yellowed, but the spells written in small handwriting stood out clearly. The girl picked up a piece of magical art.
  - It's heavy!
  - It's nothing, you would have seen my collected works. Then she would have been horrified. However, people stood in queues to buy them.
  - Then let's go to the basement!
  - Oh, I forgot to ask the address.
  - Nothing! The girl took a cell phone call.
  - Not for nothing I taught the only privileged class in the USSR are children.
  Lenin and the girl went to his friends, the path was not close, but so far nobody is attacking. Only a couple of times approached by drunk homeless people and asked opohmelku. It was enough for them to show the gun. Became even studente, knocked the snow, walking barefoot was the girls torture, feet strongly turned blue, and she sprinted running. Lenin for her, even though he was cold.
  - Well, why the damn creators, came up with the stars of the cold. This Lukas sheer mockery of the people. I will definitely talk to Alfadog.
  Passers-by almost were not, the night and the cold, police patrols too went into hiding, it seems, people used to a warmer climate. The basement, which now housed the cradle of the revolution, was in an old, thick-walled building that looked like a castle. Lenin noted to himself that it is possible to keep a long defense. Both of them were terribly tired, out of breath from running, the girl quietly whined from the burning pain in her legs, and her face and hands were very cold. As soon as they entered the door, they were immediately hit by a heat wave. The basement was heated.
  - How well! Lamarca Said.
  - Don't get too hot! - Joked.
  The boy met them:
  How did you manage?
  - No, unfortunately things are not important. The girl said in a mournful tone.
  - Nothing, I Peter said that he once, too, as it died, but it resurrected.
  - Perhaps it's not for us. Lenin said my mother would live in a different universe.
  - Better as long as we seek justice! - A boy stroked disheveled hair - girl has lost cap, and they became covered with hoarfrost. Then he noticed the legs.
  - Rubbed!
  "It is unbearable, and we have never been so cold.
  - This is the paradox of the existence of suns, otymayut energy, not add. What do you think Vladimir Ilyich.
  "If some stars give light, why should others not give darkness?" After all and among people, there is and good and evil, stars this increased projection of humanity. - Summed up Lenin. - Well, let's leave demagoguery to work.
  Had John, he was under the hand of the charming with the Oriental facial features of the girl.
  - She can set up a printing house. Already scheduled machines.
  Lenin winked slyly and stretched out his hand.:
  - Vladimir Ilyich.
  - Seraphim!
  Is she Jewish?
  Who are Jews?
  - It's the nation that gave the world the Bible, the biggest fraud in the universe. - Said Lenin.
  "If you mean the Holy Scriptures, then it says slaves be obedient to their masters, not only good, but also evil.
  - And who wrote it, the one who benefits, not God. Don't believe the priests.
  - That many workers have become disillusioned with such slavish faith. Even a special law was adopted, withholding Church tax on wages, although it is impossible to live on it. The girl answered cheerfully. - In addition, clandestinely published book "the creation", which argues that humans, orcs, dwarves, descended from a common ancestor of protopisani.
  - And elves?
  - Butterflies!
  - Original! Who's publishing?
  - Yes there is a resistance movement here, underground they fight against official Church. Here in particular is a mathematically calculated statement that our universe does not have a single Creator, but was born as a result of the big Bang. It shows the path of evolution of all things from amoeba to intelligent man.
  Lenin replied:
  "I could tell you a lot, but you wouldn't believe it. Let me just say that the gods can get into trouble. My advice to you count on your hand. By the way the society operates.
  - Despite all provocations and repressions.
  - He needs to be more aggressive. I'm going to type a short course of revolutionary theses on a computer, and then we'll reproduce them. The struggle with the Church is important, but even more important is the creation of shock groups capable of carrying out an uprising. Also, pay attention to the soldiers. They are the same simple people as we are, they need to be persuaded to revolution. You need to pull this tool out of the hands of the bourgeoisie. Let's start right now, we need to look for supporters.
  As always, Lenin showed frenzied frenzied energy. He was forming a serious underground. The next day was warmer, the snow has melted: Lamarck and Leon in their usual rags were running around the city. Not only that, they soon made a flock of the same poor and homeless children. They were engaged in surveillance of distribution of Newspapers, leaflets, recruitment of new members. Lenin himself soon moved closer to the center, the city was huge, and even among the skyscrapers was full of scumbags and proletarians. Vladimir Ilyich was strong, in propaganda explaining its program simply and clearly, people has been going for him. Gradually the party began to be created, but the underground work required a lot of money, including bribing the police, so Lenin decided to return to the old proven method of expropriation. Lamarca informed him that the Church Bank had just withdrawn large amounts of cash and, under protection, wanted to transfer their national Fund to be used for trading. Lenin quickly made a plan. Initially the girl went to the exploration, pretending to be a beggar, she was able to get through the gates and to consider the amount of protection. The most dangerous were two towers equipped with aircraft guns and machine guns capable of shooting through the entire yard. Lenin said:
  - They need to be disabled. Your task is to get on them and lay the explosives.
  - But Vladimir Ilyich will not let us there.
  - I know, but use a trick, or try to sneak inside the bunker. You're a witch!
  - I'll try to do my best.
  The children brought with them a miserable knapsacks, disguising explosives in the bread. Then they took some tools with them, went to the Church. The prayer building itself consisted of two colors of blue and pink. It was a massive dark at the top of the dome is adorned with three zippers. Was surrounded by a high concrete fence with barbed wires. Two towers at the entrance were covered with thick armor, and they could not be knocked down even from a mortar. Skinny ragged boy and the girl did not arouse suspicion, there were a lot of hungry poor children. Sometimes parishioners threw them bread or small coins. The Church itself barefoot the riff-raff didn't let enough guards to stretch their legs often fought guys. When Leon and Juliet entered the courtyard, the parishioners were just returning, and there was a beer trade. Steel doors, on which you can climb to the top, was open, but at the entrance stood the enforcer.
  - No pass! Lamarca Said.
  - Yes, well to get around the tall guy is not hard. Leon jumped to the familiar boy, who was desperately trying to beg for alms.
  We have business to discuss! Stop begging, you want to be cool and earn a coin.
  - What do you want?
  - Together with his friend run stones in standing at the entrance of thugs. They'll run after you and you'll be gone.
  The lad shivered.
  - And if they catch up, though they are clumsy in appearance, but the guys are sports.
  - A we a string have at the gate pull, these bulls crash will lose the speed, and in the yard and porches full of the cracks you slip away.
  If they shoot.
  "There are too many people here for killing a child, they will be deprived of a week's portion of alcohol, and it is much more tempting to whip you.
  - Okay, but I haven't eaten in three days.
  - I see, only ribs of the are sticking out, on at face value.
  The boy really was almost naked, the weather was still cool, and he was freezing, constantly twitching and running from place to place. Whistling, he went to his men, and Leon went to Lamarca.
  - You put the explosives under the gas tank, which drives the engine, then the explosion will be stronger and all who will burn inside.
  - You Leon be rapid, security will quickly return.
  Don't worry Mark!
  The boys played the show as the notes, one thug hit the nose, the other in the forehead. The cry was many, they even shot, fortunately missed, rushing to flee. Lamarck and Leon at once dived into the door. They did not see how the thugs stretched out, caught the rope over and over again. The children ran upstairs in one fell swoop, their bare feet slapping the steel stairs noiselessly. Lamarck jumped to slightly ajar doors. Several guards were playing cards, drinking wine, eating sausage, and only one was staring out the window. On tiptoe the girl went into the next room, there was visible the motor is rotating and moving along the rails of the tower. She took out a mine, shoved it deeper behind the back wall of the tank, so that it was not noticeable, then wanted to carefully get out. At this moment the guard entered the room, the girl barely had time to leap aside. He was a little drunk, took a few puffs, and shook the cigarette so that the ash fell on Lamarca's hair. The girl froze, her heart beating feverishly in her chest. Lamarca feared that the enemy would hear her and cast a casual glance, but nothing happened. Having finished Smoking and throwing the cigarette butt, the subject turned and said.
  Another bottle. His throat was dry.
  - Even if it's less for youngsters runs.
  Not feeling the feet the girl ran down the stairs. At the entrance she almost ran into the guard big man. He was angry and ran after her, even shooting at her legs. The bullet passed tangentially, scratching the girl's skin on the thin calves. Lamarck even more added pain step, and the kid again pulled on the rope, forcing him to crash tipsy giant. The girl broke away, ran up the entrance jumped into the garbage hatch, to the stench she is not used to and pretty smeared, moved with difficulty squeezing through the door, where the sewage is dumped in the basement. There she crawled to the pipe, opened the tap and washed off the garbage. Then she climbed out the window and skipped along the street. Leon had to wait for her at the agreed point. Lamarck did not much stand out was to shoot the money, but not successfully. Then asked for a cigarette, she slipped. The girl knew that in this way adults calm nerves, but she was squeezed by a cough, and she spat it out.
  - That's disgusting! And why the boys are so worried about every cigarette butt. Really well done Leon, said that the cigar into my lungs, and thus interfere with running. Where by the way my boy. - Lamarck was nervous, she felt that her boy was in trouble and she could do nothing about it.
  Leon was really unlucky, at first the door was closed, but having the skill of a thief, he managed to open it with a simple pin. Then the child made his way to the engine and groped for the recess, laid explosives. Leon again not be in luck the door again managed to cover up, then near it for some time stood thunder.
  Boy, when he departed again managed to open and quietly glide of a pickpocket to shut it. But at the same time lost speed, in short, driven children big man stood at the entrance. Then Leon gripped recklessness, he fled, struck massive in the back legs, hoping to knock. But overestimated their strength, mass, a thin child is not enough to throw a half centerbuy carcass and the armor he did and felt nothing. Flying away, the boy hit the iron step with the back of his head, his head rang, and a second later, he fell on a rock of muscle and fat.
  You little rat! Kill you!
  The bully beat the child, a powerful blow broke his jaw, knocked out both eyes, smashed a soft nose. Then turning his hands to the tormented boy dragged him into the street.
   I caught a bully. He shouted as he saw the Abbot come out of the door. He wanted to kill me.
  Looking at the beaten child, the Minister laughed.
  - It's a Sparrow for a big guy like you. I think he's been punished enough, you can let him go.
  - So he hit me back off the stairs, and to the riff-raff to appear is strictly prohibited.
  - Here's how! You search him, maybe steal something.
  The big man, very roughly leaving bruises, felt the boy, looked into an empty bag.
  - Do not seem to have time!
   Well his happiness, and I would have hung up, but attempt to commit theft is also a serious sin, and this apply to his penance.
  - So he can't stand on his feet.
  The child was dragged to the hall of punishment. Dragged through the gloomy corridors, finally, he was in front of carved doors, which were depicted devils. There were moans.
  - Here's the devil waiting for you! The Abbot said.
  Three executioners, six teenage monks flogged female novices, for a minor offense, and, judging by the numerous scars that covered their delicate bodies, the execution was carried out not for the first time.
  - Okay, enough with them, and that will not be able to work. The Abbot made a gesture, the executioners lowered their lashes, and the monks began to wipe the girls ' blood-sliced backs with alcohol. Those moaned, but were afraid to shout, being afraid that will add still.
  - Now we have to handle this! The Abbot pointed at the boy.
  - With savings or to death! The executioner asked.
  - As the soul is!
   He'll howl! The torturer nodded to his assistants. It's a go.
  The boy was stripped of his rags, tied to a torture bench, sharp nails dug into his skinny stomach and chest. The child gasped.
   He's wiry and dry. The Abbot noted.- Maybe send him to a prison shelter. I'll call the Colonel.
  The servant of the Church dialed the number, and a few seconds later they picked up the phone.
   I'm listening!
  - Says the Abbot of Grum. We caught the thief, you the completion of the contingent is not necessary.
  - How old is he?
  - Around ten, bright-eyed kid, a guard rushed.
  - Not long ago we had a round-up and the shelter is full, there is not enough work for all, so I can take it only for the corresponding remuneration.
  - He's not worth it!
  - Then figure it out themselves, you can even kill, these street kids us strapon.
  The Abbot turned.:
  - Well, what you stand, beat!
  A whip fell on the boy's back, slicing through the skin. Leon cried out, but bit my lip, he doesn't stoop to in order to show how it hurts. The executioner repeated the blow, this time, the child only gritted his teeth. The fat torturer chuckled.
  - That you don't want to scream, but I'll beat you out anyway.
  - The devil two! Leon showed me the cuckoo.
  - Take that!
  The blows fell on the sinewy back, at the same time from each concussion nails more strongly dug into the chest and stomach. The boy was badly hurt, but he used to fight, and beat him not for the first time, the most important thing now, he was a revolutionary, and therefore must be with a smile on his lips to withstand any torture.
  The executioner more lyutovali gradually tear off, skin, meat, bones laid bare. He was beaten on the back, buttocks, legs, and then sticks in the bare soles of the feet of the child. Leon was filled with pain, and the mind stubbornly refused to leave. Lip was bitten to blood, strength to endure was not, and he remembered the advice of Lenin:
  - When it becomes quite unbearable Shine.
  Then the boy sang, in his voice felt tears, composing on the go:
  Born in pain under an unhappy star,
  I dreamed of happiness at least for a brief moment!
  But instead of the sea of evil, pain, trouble,
  And relief only in the gloom of a dream!
  What God is to blame for you
  I lived in the dark mother not knowing!
  Left rock unhappy orphan
  Like a prodigal dog, starving!
   In space the star I know I will not find
  Love, family friendly home!
  Crushed by poverty I'm like a louse
  I wish the world another light!
  The soul mourns and yet is burning
  And the mind is burning, don't be a sheep submissive!
  Rich man with mammon will be hard bit
  Let us end this abominable power, crown!
  I believe my precious Ilyich
  You'll be able to break the chain of fascism!
  People will hear the cry of the proletarian
  Will come the era of happiness - communism!
  The last words the boy shouted with a special fervor. He didn't know what fascism or communism, hearing these words from Lenin, but felt total evil fascism, communism, absolute good, opposing them to each other without compromise.
  - It looks like the boy's gone mad. Utters the words incomprehensible. The Abbot said.
  The executioner took a red-hot crowbar, several blows smashed to smithereens the already blue feet of the child, hissed:
  - I see it for the first time, you pound him, and he sings. Can dip his acid.
   Don't! You've already broken his bones, and the smell of burnt skin is not in my stomach. Looks like you've completely crippled him.
  The boy fell silent, his bright head falling.
  - He's not gonna survive.
  - Throw him out on the street, let him die. The jockeys have to eat too.
  The monks took a bucket of water from the refrigerator and splashed it on the child. Even their faces showed pity for the boy. Then he was dragged out into the street, carried over the fence and thrown. Leon at first lay, and then approached the boys, they massaged the broken bruised face, and the consciousness cleared up, but the pain has also returned.
  - Mom! - He croaked.
  - You need to go to the hospital! - Said the man.
   Yes mark, but there accept just for the money, and now, nothing.
  The boy was indeed quite naked, even the rags of the executioner threw into the fireplace.
  - Then I don't know what to do.
  - It is necessary to crawl to the city by the sea.
  - And that's a good girl, we can help.
  So the child's feet were broken, he was forced to move on all fours. His knees were also scratched and wounded. Leon thought he was crawling on broken glass.
  The boy was breathing heavily, and there was a trail of blood behind him. Guys found clean rags, wrapped Leon and to suffer a.
  When lamarca saw the mummy, she nearly collapsed.
  You were killed! - She shouted.
  I'm alive! Leon shook his head. - Only maybe not for long. I was crippled.
  "I see, poor boy!
  - Don't talk like a grown-up!
  - I'll be in touch with Lenin. - The girl got hidden in the sewer "cell phone". Her fingers dialed the number. - Alo Vladimir Ilyich.
  - The job is done? - Asked Lenin.
  - Yes, but we have a problem.
  - What?
  - The boy Leon is badly beaten, his feet are broken, he can't walk, all skin is torn off.
  "Poor child, what do you suggest?"
  - We need to get him to the hospital or he'll die.
  - But it will take time and money. Medicine on your planet is not highly developed, the boy will be disabled for a month.
  - Alas, this is a given. The science of healing is not developed.
  - And here science. In this world it is only a purse, you're a sorceress. Use magic! Lenin shouted into the phone.
  The girl blinked:
  - What I can't do.
  - Read the spell.
  - Then it should be delivered to headquarters. Call the car.
  The driver soon arrived. The sight of a child beaten half to death was not strange to him.
  - The police one way or the punks?
  - Monks!
  - Oh! These guys like to maim. As the saying goes to heaven through a beating.
  - It is better to build happiness in our world, the planet Maqui than run with false hopes that cannot be verified.
  That's right! Can you read and write?
  - Yes! Certainly.
  - But such as you ragamuffins in school will not be allowed.
  - Self-education! We learn whenever we have free time to free ourselves from the care of self-expression.
  - And when you grow up, you'll go to the front.
  The boy raised his bright head:
  - I'm not afraid of war, ready to fight for the country, but not greedy billionaires.
  - Those are the right words. Let me shake your hand.
  Leon was glad that the executioners had not broken his fingers. Now he was able to return the handshake. Then they drove up to the basement. The boy was already waiting for two tall workers, he was dragged into the room, putting on a bed. Lamarca took the book and began to look through the spells. The handwriting was very small, and there was a lot of work. Nevertheless, the girl believed in magic, despite the fact that the modern Church, it was equated with Satanism. Although the state was not formally theocratic, it strongly supported the religion allowing to keep the masses in error and darkness. This was an article in the criminal code punishable by life imprisonment and the death penalty for sorcerers and magicians. On this arrest could follow even for book, to then under torture hammer out recognition in collusion with the devil. Progress has not made religion softer, and war makes all the laws harsher, even children are threatened with cruel punishment, and the brutal suffering is regulated by the resolution regardless of age and gender. Lamarca worked, she wanted to cure and restore for full struggle good boy. Girl, reviewing the book, began to read the incantation for the spell, calling upon spirits of healing.
  Meanwhile Lenin, had completed preparation for expropriation. The group of attacking fighters changed into a police uniform, documents and even the mandate with seals were prepared. Peter the Great with pleasure tried on a form. The king however, was not quite satisfied.
  - You could embroider a uniform in gold.
  You're not the General play, and Sergeant. Then it will work! Lenin interrupted him.
  - I'm still the king, maybe I should play the chief of police?
  - Don't get too big, and the bosses fit people are small and not noticeable.
  - It's hard not to notice a person like you! Peter Responded.
  Fighters were selected among the former soldiers and the unemployed who passed military training. They carefully shaved, washed, trying to give themselves a sleek look.
  - Do not look like trash, too thin, the police should be fattened. Oh, let's get under suspicion! - Ilyich Sighed.
  - Maybe, will not look or say that profit directly from the front type of the penalty box. - John suggested a reservation.
  - What is the worst, and this bullshit will go. The main thing that the armored car was not too old.
  - You can buy decommissioned equipment from the police.
  - I already bought, freshly painted and already looks quite decent. Regret that there is Stalin with us, so it was a raider, of the highest class.
  - He and the Governor were great, almost like me. - Peter Said.
  - Better than you, the people adored him, and his exploits were far more impressive. Consider the whole of Europe was overcome, and all you Sweden, and how many of those Swedes. Lenin squinted slyly.
  - It was a first-class army. - Peter's Eyes Narrowed.
  - But on your side fought and Danes and poles, and Stalin been in a fight, aside from densely populated Germany. With rich colonies Italy, Hungary, Romania, Croatia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Finland. And French, Belgian, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese Legion. More militias Denmark, Poland, Greece, Norway, Swedish mercenaries and even Islamic militants. Then defeated Japan together with Manchurian satellites. Against him was a huge force, and yet the genius of the leader is allowed to win.
  Peter mentally imagined the coalition and crossed himself.
  "God forbid you have such power before you. Stalin is certainly a strong king, and as for cruelty, I was not gentle either. And yet even the Bolsheviks respected me, giving a special place in history. And Stalin was thrown out of the mausoleum, exposing the cult of personality.
  - It intrigues moron Khrushchev. He dealt the strongest blow to the Communist movement, without him there were no traitors Gorbachev and Yeltsin.
  - Well, it's generally scumbags, especially Yeltsin. To lose the war to tiny Chechnya is a great shame, I easily crushed all the riots. One conclusion - democracy is not needed, it is the weakness of power, the most effective form of government dictatorship!
  - An energetic dictatorship, not of the individual, and of the proletariat! Ah okay grab demagoguery, it is time to move to practical steps.
  A group of militants confidently sat in armored vehicles. Before sending Lenin called the fortress-Church.
  - We to you with important visit! Ilyich cut himself off in mid-sentence.
  The monks remained perplexed. The escort with Lenin arrived on schedule. Dressed in the uniform of a Colonel, the leader of the world proletariat looked very impressive. His column drove into the gate. The Abbot and the Bishop came to meet them.
  Why are you here? The Prince of the Church asked.
  Lenin, taking the most relaxed look, replied.
  - To make the most long-awaited act, to transfer huge deposits to the national Bank.
  - It is possible, but we would like to receive new guarantees, in particular whether the government or the President will support new Church taxes.
  Lenin chuckled:
  - Of course, consider it done!
  Heavy with a bull neck, the Bishop was frowning harder:
  - I don't know you! I have a great memory.
  - Me and my team just came from the front! Ilyich Replied.
  - Then I'll make a request to the police to confirm your identity.
  - Not worth it there is no love like mistrust.
  - When it comes to almost a billion dollars, it is better to be safe. Besides
  moreover, we can complement your protection.
  The Bishop began to dial a phone number. Meanwhile, the battle group took all the key points. Lenin pressed the button, activating the explosives planted by the children. At the same time Peter, catching the leader sent a signal, pulled the trigger of the gun, aiming at the Bishop and Abbot.
  . CHAPTER 12.
  - Sultan Baz-baz is at war with the current king and the war between them is not over the hills. The boy said after they had gone a short distance from the scene of the fight.
  - It may be useful, but I think it's a long way to the border. - Made the assumption Aliviada.
  - We'll get through somehow. - Lad ran, slapping the puddles trying to raise as much spray. - There is a good energy, you can spend a few lessons. We have swords, and I will read you spells.
  The boy and the boy and the girl stood in position. He boldly taught them lessons, techniques, departures, twists. Thus children were so carried away that several times scratched each other with swords. And one distinguished itself Vermon, almost compartment to Alexander's ear.
  - Painfully stupid, you are I could hurt.
   Don't yawn. In a real battle you will not be spared. Here's a look at this method of "Slices of watermelon", at first the sword moves right, then left, then detour and cut diagonally. Repeat.
  Alexander carried out the movement, then such repeated Aliviada.
  - Great, you have the ability. We have many students could not immediately absorb so, they were beaten with rods, soaked in an acid potion. This is more painful, and the skin remains intact.
  - Very progressive, you can beat continuously.
  Elpida stood in a rack, it held the "butterfly", then tried to get the opponent's foot, the boy jumped away.
   Not bad, if I was just a student, you would hit me. And yet try to beat shorter and sharper.
  - I got it! - Elpida received a "fork", then Vernon twisted, kicked the girl in the face. She recoiled as the boy stepped aside and touched the blade to her neck.
  - It's a distraction trick.
  - And what of the trumps you have a lot.
  - Enough!
  - It is strange that such a capable student, decided to enslave. - Said Andrew.
  - It may be illogical, but maybe that's why and wanted to sell, the masters of the order are afraid of competition. I might grow up and take his place.
   What if you run away?
  "With a sorcerer as strong as Serim, it's almost impossible to run. In addition to the spell preventing me to conjure.
   Can it be removed?
  - Only a sorcerer of the highest level. But don't worry I'm still all the mantras and spells know.
  - And they could have erased your memory!
  "It would reduce my trading value, and Serim is very greedy.
   You can tell!
  The boys worked out for a while, but it was too hot, and they refreshed themselves in the brook. Elfiada hands smoothed deep cuts on the skin boy, then asked.
  - You know the prayers of healing.
  - Yes! But I doubt that an ordinary person can without triggering the spirits to use them.
  "Well, I'm not an ordinary person, and besides, it amazes me how freely you move with such wounds.
  - Habit and whip shouldn't be fatal.
  - But they can cause suspicions, and our kind of perishing painful for a slave.
  - That's right, especially you! Such a good-looking girl, and dressed in rags.
  - Maybe I'm just poor.
  - With such beauty and be poor? Not plausible, more like a runaway slave.
  "I'll get dirty and be less conspicuous!"
  - Too primitive, and the figure of the goddess can not hide. We need to find you some clothes.
  - Though it is unpleasant it is necessary to Rob someone on the way. Alexander flashed his sword.
  - It'll make a lot of noise, maybe buy it or steal it. I found some money in the pockets of these creatures. - Vernon flipped a coin upwards, then caught. - The eagle is a good sign.
  Elpida looked at the emblem.
  - As it is beautiful, the dragon is among a herbarium.
  Alexander rubbed gold, took a closer look:
  - There are flowers I've never seen. These petals are so intricately curved. The young man pointed.
   Is Sucart, the king among callers. When you see it you will not confuse with anything.
  Elpida wiggled his delicate fingers legs, it was crawling orange ant, he stretched his jaw and bit the girl.
  - Aggressive fauna and what he wants from me.
  - He just wants to eat, and you have delicious skin. Replied Vernon.
  Alexander paid attention.
  - Strange, we all get to the insects, and your wounds do not sit down.
   Is a special spell that could kill, sending under gnat, mosquito, suvrata, the demon with the poison.
  - What is sudarat? - Asked Alexander.
  - Insect with seven proboscis, it is the most insidious, can temporarily become invisible and its bites do not cause itching, almost not felt. Usually it is harmless, but if you give tiny mini spirit it may be terrible.
  - Yes, magic is a terrible weapon if used for evil. Said Elpida.
   The guys are still not much studied, and then followed a path ahead of them confidently strode Vernon. They made their way along the paths, avoiding the big roads.
  The trees gradually changed color, they gradually shifted from red, orange, yellow, to green, blue, blue.
  - It would not be bad to eat, besides, something in my stomach is hard, I feel very sick.
   You're not pregnant! - Alexander Pricked.
  - I'm a virgin, how can I carry.
  - Just like the virgin Mary. You're like a God here, too!
  I'm going to look at her! I'm a bit of a doctor. The boy said.
  He stretched out his hands, ran through the air, almost touching his stomach, then giggled:
  - No, she's clean, but she needs to go to the bathroom to pee.
  - But it's disgusting. - Outraged Aliviada. - How can you perform such a disgusting ritual.
  - A girl is just a physiological need. - Said Alexander. She made them.
  We largely copied the Land, the truth is the planet, where everything is fundamentally different. - Girl was confused.
  - You know how this process should be done.
  - Only theoretically.
  - Stretch your stomach and spread your legs, then it will be easier for you.
  - Is this some kind of sex?
  - Almost!
  - Then turn around, I'll go behind the bushes.
  - Don't forget to wipe yourself! - With a laugh said Vernon. - There are very large plantain.
  The boys turned away, and the incarnate Creator of the universe for the first time learned the hard human labor, it was even painful.
  - Oh, you don't do that every day. She said.
  Have to! - Sighed Alexander.
  "However, advanced sorcerers do it much less often than mere mortals. Said Vernon. - Don't worry, you'll feel relieved.
  A moment later, Elpida jumped to his feet:
  - Oh, so much easier, and fly. The girl waved her hands. - To which, however, is desirable.
  Vernon jumped up, tore off a large piece of fruit like watermelon, but blue and red wavy stripes.
  Is Tracian. He said. - It has a lot of protein and it is very nutritious, but can be poisonous.
  That's why! - Asked Alexander.
  "The mages did their best to deprive the escaped slaves of their food.
  So, what are we to die of hunger?
  - No! We need to find the magic antidote! I mean, Isabella's grass. It neutralizes hostile influence. - Vernon leaned over and began to sniff. So I know what signs to look for, she must be somewhere nearby.
  - So hurry up, I have in intestines drills. Said Elpida.
  We're hungry! I think the first time without food? - Said Alexander.
  - I don't think about anything, but if the one who created our universe didn't take care of everyone to be happy and well-fed. That's why Paradise grounds you demand from us.
  - You already have an experience of positive existence. What I don't understand why this world is full of evil, and it rests with the people and sentient beings. You're like, a God and should take care of the education of all races. And then left their children to fend for themselves, is loving parents to do so.
  Elpida confused.
  - The angels must also act. And incomparably more than demons and they are stronger. That's only possible they are more densely distributed in the other universe or just this planet left so neglected. I don't want sinners to die, and the light must rule over the darkness.
  "And now that you've experienced evil in your own skin, it doesn't make you think twice?"
  - Of course! But the ideal world is boring, evil must be too. At least for the sake of freedom elections and evolution of consciousness!
  Out of the bushes crept Vernon, he held in his hand the likeness squirrel tail:
  - This is the antidote plant. Now we eat. The boy squeezed out a thick juice and smeared it on the peel of the fruit, then swallowed it himself.
  - And that is very tasty, do you eat safely, dear guests. - Joked Vernon.
  The girl tried on the language, on the one hand is nice only much it stings.
  - Like citric acid. She said.
  - You swallow, it'll stop burning. - Said Vernon.
  - It's really refreshing. - Alfida even lick the juice language. Looking at the smooth movement pink snake Alexander began to feel excited. The young man wanted her to jump, but confused Vernon, before the boy was ashamed.
  Then he also swallowed a portion of the juice and set to the fruit. The hunger he satisfied in many ways, and the taste is amazing, immediately visible from the other side. They carefully cut the fruit with a sword.
  - It is strange that on such a fat planet can still be war.
  Greed is the culprit. - Vernon waved his hand. - Besides the gods hurt the evil, among them the father of war Grossero offer him the most generous sacrifices.
  - It is clear, and what they say about the Creator of the universe? Asked Aliviada.
  - There are several concessions, each learns in different ways, but the chief of all mega-Patriarch declared that the highest God has retired and you do not interfere, and also the fact that he is not a person.
  - Not personality?
  - The universe organized itself. But even in this wild scholasticism so much that I don't want to argue - the most uninteresting subject in school. - Vernon purposely yawned. - In General, there is a wise saying - when I eat, I am deaf and dumb.
  He finished eating the boys washed his hands in the Creek too sticky they were and went on.
  - Soon end to the forest? Asked Aliviada.
  - You know, Serim, not such a sorcerer, to you throw. He'll probably tail us or send one of the demons. On this we need to cross quagmire, hardly who will believe, that we're going to jerk through him.
  - Swamp, and there are insects! Did Aliviada.
  - Of course, but the main thing not to run into demons and evil spirits! Said Vernon. - Unfortunately, you're so green, I don't know if magic will help you."
  - Let mantra all -??? better than nothing.
  - Besides, let's make footrests, it's better than walking barefoot in the bog. - Said Alexander.
  - You're smart, but we don't have much time.
  - But the leaves of the plant, I don't know what they looked like big tennis rackets.
  - It's a phyto, what can you try.
  Guys with great difficulty, cut off the purple sheets, and went to the swamp. The trees ran out, and the ground under his feet began to suck.
  - Hurry up pick up your feet, read after me spells. - Whisper said Vernon.
  The boys increased their pace, but the bog became more sticky, and the bumps were less and less. Finally reaching the stump, the escaped slaves put on hard leaves, securing them with the veins of the plant. After that, it became easier to move. Alexander even said.
  - And what is it for a flying demon, this is a serious obstacle?
  - For him there is no, for us Yes! Now the most part of path! Sighed Vernon.
  - Quiet! - Said Alexander.
  Indeed, as the swamp slime began to move, huge worms jumped out of it at once. Their faces were like lizards, with many teeth. Here is one dumped the language, he burned my shoulder Already, the girl almost fell, vyplesnuv hands.
  Alexander made a threatening gesture with his sword. Vernon shook his head:
  - Do not chop them otherwise the whole pack is falling on us.
  What to do!
  - To read spells, and suddenly will carry.
  Out of the swamp began to get new monsters. They were uglier than each other, in the form of slugs, spiders, giant woodlice, squid, and even vague pterodactyls. At this, a terrifying stench began to spread, which made me dizzy. They circled at first, then attacked the travelers. Vernon jumped and deviated from the blow, Alexander sat down, but Already nerves could not stand, and she backhand slashed. Then they were hit by a wave of evil. The guys ran out, marsh fit flew off their feet, then vermona bitten ankle, the boy fell and began to sink. After the girl was also shot down, the tentacles also enveloped Alexander, they tore the skin, strangled.
  - Save us! The girl screamed as her jaw dug into her chest.
  - You should have prayed before! Snarled Vernon.
  They began to absorb the quagmire, there was nothing to breathe, in the nostrils and mouth clogged with dirt.
  Really the end! - thought Alexander, here is she death foolish and ridiculous. Then flashed the saving! So I am immortal, we will be embodied in an era of victorious communism. Yes and the world is pretty tired, maybe in another universe would be better.
  That's just so painful to die, lungs are broken, the flesh was tormented. Alexander continued desperately resist and cut through muck. Consciousness is already beginning to blur, bringing a moment of transition. Suddenly came the surge, the tentacles picked up their strange and began to move upstairs. Are they crazy? - Thought Alexander.
  A few seconds later the sun shone. Guys carefully brought to the surface by putting a bump. Then the monsters again plunged into the quagmire.
  "Oh, and to whom do we owe our salvation?" Asked Aliviada.
  - Actually me! There was a cloud in front of them, and then there was the subject, who was green and looked like a moss-covered devil with a water Lily sticking out instead of horns. Then, catching their eye, the creature squeaked.
  - What are the zenks hatching? In the swamp I was really difficult to observe, however, among people I can take another look.
  You live here?
  Not exactly! I love to travel, and not long ago returned from the war.
  - The war? It's interesting! - Said Elpida.
  - Oh, girl, the war is really boring. A lot of innocent people are dying out there.
  - How did you manage to save us? Asked Vernon.
  "I, too, am a spirit from the world of shadows and can influence demons. Besides, I saved their Queen from falling into the abyss a long time ago. Demons in contrast, people are more grateful, remember the good. However, even this does not always help.
  - Why don't they listen to you?
  "The swamp demons prefer to feed on fear and horror, and you're not afraid. The absence of fear of death has made you less welcome to these creatures.
  Elpida made a wry face, she was funny:
  And if you knew, you were not afraid.
  - How not to be afraid, the abyss is a very boring place and cold.
  "Does the spirit feel cold?" Alexander Was Surprised.
  - Of course, he same can to see, to hear, move, and why should be devoid of elementary feelings, type of touch.
  - In principle can. - Confirmed Aliviada. - However, when on distant Land, many people believed that after death or total darkness - nothingness or hell. No one here wants to die. And the immortal is easy to be brave, but sentimentalizing. What are your names?
  - Julien!
  - Tell us not much about the war, the path is not close.
  Good girl if that's what you want, then listen. - Julien spread his hooked fingers, and pursed red remotely similar to a lion's tail. His voice was a couple of octaves lower.
  Sultan Baz-baz sent his military vizier cunning Felt to conquer the Principality of Zaroni, to create a more convenient foothold for the subsequent attack on the Kingdom of Barton. He gathered a strike force of twenty-five thousand men, villabajo, herenow these are similar to brooms being parazitov with wings, well not many just a hundred. Naturally there were also people, mercenaries, local robbers attracted by promises, in short, a desperate rabble. Part of the army moved by sea. Huge Tremonti and masts, carrying the army. On the way they attacked a merchant caravan that had taken refuge in the Bay, although there was a Fort at the entrance with heavy catapults, but not long before Felt sent a spy to the Colonel. He offered half of the treasure the merchant, in exchange for a temporary "blindness". Colonel - forever in debt and an avid gambler agreed. Like giant mountains, slipped on the waves of Tramonti. Even the naked eye could see that the guard is removed, and numerous security, after receiving the Deposit, drunk on the beach. The landing was without problems, only the water in the shallow water was too hot, it was steam beat mud springs. Then the troops poured into the port city of Mirza. The guards tried to resist, there was a massacre.
  - Well, let the soldiers a little to warm up the blades. The vizier of felt Spoke.
  - You're right as always! Oscar Pasha said. - Especially before the big war need money.
  "And see to it that the garrison is disarmed, Colonel Bulka is too expensive for me."
  He'll be taken care of.
  Standing at the pier masts tried to snarl, some of them had on Board a catapult and even a semblance of a primitive flamethrower. The tanks were the first to break in, an avalanche of them. On ships to a boil, scramble, started fires.
  - Extinguish the bastards don't let burn good! Felt Shouted.
  Villabate acted clumsily, but the mercenaries tried, splashing water, was visible burning resin, it is spread over the surface. Then the faracids came into action, waving their wings, they suppressed the flames, the herons in turn showered the ships with arrows, knocking out the remnants of the team. In the city itself, the soldiers did not spare anyone, completely destroying the population, raped women, tearing babies out of their hands, smashed them on the pavement or threw them into a hot fire.
  The vizier, accompanied by two villabajo mutants with six arms was running through the city. What a pleasure to fill up a young girl, a sharp movement to push her legs and thrust so that she screamed. The pain is even worse than sex. And then, dropping the voltage cut off one after another her delicate fingers on the hands and feet, enjoy looking like a girl is dying, bleeding to death. Then the relish to be cut and applied to the arteries, infusing a
  themselves warm blood. This wonderful drink from the bodies of young intoxicates stronger than any wine. Oscar Pasha prefers to rape boys, for them it is even more painful and humiliating than girls. At the same time, fry the ruddy swarthy body with a light - it's just a Shine.
  "The most beautiful thing in war is the opportunity to abuse a defenseless victim! The vizier said. How nice it is to slowly and painfully kill.
  - My advice to you, try boy, the female body is too simple and studied far and wide. - The Oscar-Pasha.
  - I will definitely try! Let him squeal properly. But first take Grinnemo.
  Gradually the city was cleared, the fight calmed down, the invaders were brought good.
  Colonel Bulka was also brought. He was beaten and bound, his eyes swollen, his nose like a crushed peel.
  - Well, what a Bun! Maybe take a bite out of you.
  - That wasn't the deal. You promised us half the loot, and that you would only take merchant ships and not plunder the city.
  - Here's how! But Sitara teach, deceiving the enemy you are approaching crush of the gods.
  - No one else wants to talk to you. Now all the fortresses you have to take with the battle.
  Yeah! How would they know?
  - Magpies on the tail will carry!
  - Okay, that is not smashed, they cuts out your tongue, tie his mouth and impaled. as for guardians, today I am kind and simply cut without pain.
  - Listen to the Lord! - Villabate torn mouth screaming a Bun, and then found his tongue, slashed it with a blade, and then tied the jaw. The vizier laughed and poked the flesh with his finger.
  - Greed is indestructible, and I will always find a stupid boss who will open the right gates for me. In the meantime, scour the city, I don't want anyone to survive.
  - And draw six barrels of blood. A sinister man with a beak for a nose and a large turban muttered. - We could use that.
  After the barbaric sweep of the Sultan's troops began to be loaded. It was impossible to lose momentum. The vizier and Oscar Pasha were driven. Beside them hissed the court black magician Lufor. He had to play his part in the battle, he had just personally slaughtered a dozen people and imbued with demonic power. Now he floated in the burning waters, where from time to time awakened volcanoes-demons. The spirits of the lower order possessed the elements, and only the Creator of the universe knew when the energy of destruction would be released. You could certainly get around the rapids, but led to a loss of time. Sinister magician commanded to pour the blood on the water, read a spell. It was visible as blood boils, spreading on a surface as it does not wish to be drawn into a blue smooth surface. But Tremonti and masts, went much faster, skipping a dangerous place. Lufor long waved his hands, sending blue rays ahead flew faracids, tired, they sat on the mast. Whips whizzed, overseers from-for all forces thrashed chained slaves, forcing vigorously rattle oars. Sometimes large moths flew over the sea, the herons shot at them, then set fire to the meat and worked vigorously with ugly jaws.
  - What Oscar, like you this transition!
  - The beginning is not bad, but everything must be solved quickly, there is a real fear that the king will get wind and hurry to help.
  - He's too slow for that.
  Finally they moored. The vizier watched the troops leave with his head held high. When they were on land, the yellow-mottled greenish shore seemed to be covered with rust, most of the horses, deer, and unicorns were red or black, and the soldiers were dressed in brown.
  The harness creaked, jingled weapon and armor - ascended from three suns and warriors tried vymochite good to not so painful was impending heat.
  Sounded the horn, the thousanders were shelves to the prearranged paths. It was not easy to climb them, but the other way was even more risky. Even MAG Luthor could not give a guarantee that will cope with the slumbering under the arch stones of the elements. It seems that the world of spirits came in serious traffic and was ready to awaken the fallen warriors in the wars of unimaginable rolling millennia ago.
  - How many abomination club under land! The vizier swore. And you're MAG is not able to suppress it!
  - I and so spent too many energy, and what hidden there is beyond simple magic.
  Felt groaned, he will be forced to lose time and horses will get tired. Now, if we managed to persuade the Sultan to send them, the Supreme master of Dhaka, as if it made it easier.
  From the height of the granite cliff could be heard the roar of the surf, the creak of stranded ships, the sound of stones crumbling under the hooves of horses. The unicorn, on which the vizier rode, dug into the rocks with all eight extensible hooves, on such a horse you can climb on a steep wall. But the horses and deer are weaker, from time to time some horse broke off the trail and tumbling, rushing down the slope, dragging the rider. Villabate while loudly screaming, and sometimes horses were falling down, rising to a meeting, then the rumbling and the cries were stronger, crumbled stones.
  That's sick! The vizier muttered. - Move us with the spell. - He turned to Lofaro.
  I would love to Yes, force no! Even magic needs a sharp sword with a hot arrow! The sorcerer muttered.
  - This is good for me! The vizier's eyes flashed.
  When the three luminaries reached their Zenith, all ten thousand horsemen stood on the plateau. That would cheer up the troops Felt ordered to take a SIP from a nearby stream, adding to the crystal water of invigorating potion.
  Half an hour of rest did not prevent, in addition, the sky appeared a blood-red cloud.
  It's symbolic! We'll spill a lot of blood! The vizier plunged his spurs into the snow-white unicorn. - A few bucks pepper under the tail!
  The army, humming approvingly, followed him. Formidable Villabate in armor, "brooms", paracide, a mercenary army, escaped convicts, and the last group of thugs - kuttabul. The few half-breeds that were born from villabajo, dwarves and men was the eternal outcasts. They even looked terrible, covered with ragged hair, faded and disproportionate faces, crooked hands, and to top it all humpback. All races hated them, they were paid in kind. But in battle they are the most courageous and fierce, so death had delivered them from suffering. After all, even in a dream, their skin is constantly hurt and itched. Who wanted money, pleasure, women, and these guys wanted to release more guts.
  - Suffering give rise to hatred, hatred anger, and anger - valor! The vizier spoke philosophically.
  Army the Sultan was moving to Gramont Central road called silk road. It was paved with blue carefully polished stones.
  Forward broke cuzzupe, instead of horses they had saddled a creepy cross between spiders and deer. Garonne went a little further, at the top, almost invisible stream flowed a flock of parazitov. On the way to kuttapan got pyatigorye caravan with camels and elephants scaly. Half-breeds cavalier attacked the guards, instantly killing and losing four fighters. Only a dozen guards managed to shoot Heron's arrows.
  - That and the wagon train replenished! The vizier said.
  - In front of the village! Oscar Pasha said.
  Soon the vizier's army came to a small town. It was surrounded by a palisade and a shallow shaft. The tiny garrison, seeing such a large army, hastened to surrender. That however, did not save the population from total extermination.
  - No one should leave and warn the enemy. The vizier said.
  Soldiers amused in particular, tied people by hands and feet, then started up horses, tearing them. At this moment Felt approached the upturned girl and carried a torch to a naked breast. Belle screamed blue murder, and the vizier was a pleasure to catch the groans. At that moment, an arrow stabbed him in the back. Artfully made chain mail withstood the blow, and Felt hastily covered his face. The next shot hit directly into the hand punching dignitary brush. Warriors bodyguards covered him with his huge round shields. Faraldi almost immediately spotted that fired from a high tower. They immediately attacked the shooter.
  He managed to shoot a third time, flunking the winged vulture.
  - Take alive! The vizier commanded.
  Cuzzupe with the agility of monkeys climbed the tower, Garonne noticing the shadow, and shot the gunman in the arm. There was a scream, then a small body fell from his head to the pavement. To him hastily ran a sorcerer.
  It's just a girl! He said in surprise.
  - Raise, we will torture and rape the whole month.
  The magician spread his hands:
  I can't! Her brain blew out, the best I can do is turn her into a zombie who knows no thoughts and no pain.
  What's funny! Make a zombie, a terrible secret killer. This is revenge.
  You can not punish the soul will meet body!
  Burn the city? Oscar Pasha asked.
  - No, the smoke they can to prevent such a clear sky! Let faraldi, fly forward, no man must go.
  Selecting a thousand of the fastest riders, the vizier rushed forward. The next town they simply bypassed, leaving on looting the main forces. A much more serious problem was the watchtower, which stood at the highest point of the road, so that observers could see anyone who was moving to Gromont. Observers were stashed flares as soon as the wick was lit. Farace shot an arrow into the guard, he staggered, but managed to cry out softly.
  - Alarm! There was a cry.
  Riders have raced openly Garonne at long range opened fire from a long bow. Several signalmen were killed at once, arrows strewn them like hedgehogs needles, and one flew over the railing, and was hit a couple of times on the fly. However, one of the warriors managed to crawl over and light the wick. The rocket rose into the air, was immediately shot down, but managed to jerk, scattered fireworks.
  - Oh, shit, we're ahead! Now with the RAID will not take hail.
  - But they won't have time to send for reinforcements. Oscar Pasha calmed him down.
  Expensive wound between wooded hills, on the branches sat the children, some of them under the care of her mother gathered berries. They were riddled with arrows on the move, although it made no sense. What could a baby do with such a pack.
  Julien took a deep breath. The guys pulled up, the road was on a relatively cool forest, it was quite nice to go, only too often came across thorns, tormenting legs.
  - How do you know such details? - Asked Alexander.
  - I will say after! - Water continued the story.
  One boy shepherd Villabate divide by peaks and waving furiously, carried over them like a banner. A few more twists, and a squad of brazen trampling of people popped up in the valley, to the city of Gramont.
  The people were panic-stricken, a live stream was rushing to the gate - on foot, on horseback, the drivers all mixed up. They furiously whipped a variety of animals from mules to elephants, carts Bouncing on the potholes, dropping goods. People on the run looked back at the riders, many fell, jumped up and ran again. The city was filled with chiming bells, sounded a giant horn.
  Rattling chains, rose bridge, cutting off the path to rescue several hundred people. In desperation, they jumped into the moat, hoping to hide in the fetid mire, others ran around the wall in a desperate effort to get help on the other side of the city.
  - Don't let us hide this redneck! The vizier shouted. - Woe to those under my hoof. Riders began to chase them, especially the atrocities cuscapi. However, a small detachment of soldiers to oppose them. They were commanded by a very young nobleman with a tiny mustache and two pigtails. It is evident that he knew how to wield a sword, here's one of cuzzupe, lost her ugly head. Other fighters also were cut desperately.
  - Wow, that sounds like an important bird. Bring the living! The vizier said.
  This was, however, not easy, the young man fought like a wild cat, however, paracide killed well-aimed shots the entire squad. The brave was besieged like a beast, losing fighters, then still knocked down from a luxurious horse, twisting the arches.
  - Ho-Ho-Ho! - That's got a DAC-carpic! The vizier quipped. - Your name?
  The young man remained silent. Then wolfback mutant took out a whip, consisting of seven acute chains, and with such force punched that guy has burst clothes, having scattered blood.
  - Well, what are you going to say bad dog!
  He didn't even react. Then they were approached by a magician. Lofaro, looked gaze.
  - O master of the Felt, to us in the claws landed noble extraction.
  - More shortly.
  Is the son of count Barroco SIM!
  Oh, great! Treat the darling, tear off the skin alive, then sprinkle with salt.
  - Maybe closer to the evening the Lord, in the meantime, let's siege.
  - You want to leave me without pleasure?
  - No, but there are more important things, furthermore, let SIM will suffer in expectation of torture and death. Mental pain is stronger than physical pain.
  - I'll take that into account.
  The vizier of Felt put on a helmet with a frequent mesh and glass of special strength, then put on gloves, despite the valuable ointment, the wound was still aching. He feared he would be shot during the siege.
  Hey you brooms! He shouted to paracetam. - Here are your targets, you have to shoot them down.
  The soldiers approached the walls and began to insult the defenders, especially Villabate roared. Many citizens, having no experience, tried to answer or even to shoot, leaning out of loopholes. Faraldi soaked as snipers, stitching his victims through. Cuscapi in turn tortured singing and laughing like lunatics, and then brazenly defecate in a ditch.
  Waiting for the main force, the vizier scratched his head, the walls of the city high and thick, the siege was coming. So, you will need to choose a place for horses and carts, so as not to set fire to arrows and catapults. In addition, was tormented by the question of when to attack, those ten thousand there, or wait the remaining fifteen.
  The city was preparing for defense. Like cobras, thick wisps of smoke rose above the walls, and the militia boiled the resin.
  - Looks like a hard nut to crack! The vizier mumbled.
  "Let's go up the hill and see the city. - The Oscar-Pasha.
  I know! Here, Lofaro good, provided a skilled receiver.
  The vizier climbed to the top, and was hastily erected a platform. At the bottom roared thousands of soldiers moved up to the city. Dust rose, which interfered with the review. The army has already burdened prey, persecuted slaves. Experienced thousands deployed an army in the siege ring.
  - Mm-Yes! The city seems to be built on conscience. The vizier noted. - Not one vulnerable spot.
  - I sent a spy. Oscar Pasha said.
  - What did you find out?
  - The weakest place where the wall fits under the stormy river. Here builders a little skalturili, saving time and stones, made it too narrow. Here soldiers will be difficult to turn around, to create a defense, and the head does not pour, resin and water.
  And the river! That's enough protection!
  "True Lord, but she can be taken away!"
  Do you know how much time it will take digging the canal, even if it is to throw the whole army.
  - And we're not digging it! The sorcerer, Lefora is a mirror of cold, it is able to temporarily freeze fresh water, we will walk like on dry land.
  The vizier mumbled indistinctly, he was annoyed that his Deputy was so quick-witted. Now the storm of the rich city with a set of defenders was coming. However the troops of the Prince because of the suddenness of the attack failed to come, but there was a garrison, militia, mercenaries and nobles is enough to hold out until reinforcements.
  To mislead the defenders, the vizier ordered the main forces to concentrate in front of the main gate. Then hastily worked the builders mainly from the number of people use imported from devastated towns the material for making bridges and scaling ladders. A dozen dwarves were leading the work, shouting every now and then. However, the cost side of the fortress to produce at least one arrow, even with the undershoot they lay belly to the ground.
  - What cowards! The vizier said. - Be only careful against incendiary arrows, and then all the work will go down the drain.
  - They can't get us! The magician replied, stroking the mirror. - And on my account don't worry, you will freeze to the bottom!
  - If you fail, I crysogenum live feed! - Threatened Felt.
  To heavy Villabate did not collapse, the stairs were made wider and thicker.
  During the assault, they climb first, then people.
  Garonne going a little back, their arrows should be as heavy artillery to suppress sighs of protection, spewing streams of arrows.
  On the battlements of the fortress people flashed - it was noticed by the soldiers of the vizier. Felt however, only lazily yawned:
  - At such a distance, that they us would make.
  And if the catapult master.
  - I have not seen enough large, capable of inflict my army substantial damage. The vizier waved.
  At this moment, a lot of balls rose into the sky, they glittered dimly in the three suns, gave glare.
  Cover yourself! - Followed by belated team. However, it looks like every seed knows its time, followed the explosions, the balls burst with fire and roar, and the soldiers struck of the game. Variegated fighters did not have time to raise shields, others did not hear the command, and the third were thrown by the blast, bumping into their own spears. Many were killed and wounded, others were bleeding and moaning, one of the helmets hit the unicorn, the vizier jerked and flew off his horse. He fell writhing to wolfback.
  Lavoro jumped to the vizier, helped to climb!
  - Is it magic? He stammered.
  - No, just balls of bladder filled with needles and hydrogen. They're set on fire and they explode.
  - How spies missed such!
  Is a recently emerged way of the game, perhaps poisoned.
  - Garonne what the eyes blink, let down. The vizier looked at the beast, and it fell silent. Then he took out a rather massive needle, resembling the tip of a spear. At this point, a new attack began, but the army was on the alert, the balls met a hail of arrows, followed by flashes and explosions.
  . CHAPTER 13
  Altmer woke up chained hand and foot, musty, damp room that smelled of rats and garbage. My head ached, like it hit a club, it was very stuffy and dark. The young man tried to rise, but the chains held firmly. He was twitching, trying to break up the stubborn iron, but probably for the protein of the muscles it was too much. Pomaia, Altmer calmed down and sank into a heavy sleep. He dreamed of star wars and wild races. The young man woke up from a rough push, he was kicked with a pole:
  - That handsome woke up. What am I gonna do with you? The voice of Cagliostro was nasal.
  - Release into the wild! And generally what kind of a joke, we saved your life.
  - Do not you know that people, especially the pirates don't like being reminded about it?
  - Ingratitude is characteristic of the lower types. You're like dogs biting those who feed you.
  - I love you too much young man, so we shorten it. Bucky, get him on deck. Furry gorillas with muzzles-gas masks picked up the guy and dragged him into the light. They pulled him in chains. Then stretched out on the boards, Cagliostro ordered to light a fire and began to heat the wire - his favorite method of torture. Pirates made bets:
  - Scream is a punk or not and what impact.
  Altmer decided to remain silent and to save the pride inherent in him as the Creator of innumerable variety of quintillion worlds. The Creator of stars, time and space playing trillions of galaxies now stood naked before the laughing pirates and expected not deserved punishment. His perfectly defined muscles fluttered. The half-blood elf Maison Mat Breathed heavily, his beautiful eyeliner blurred, and he felt a longing for what a delightful young man he had never seen. He can't.
  - Maybe you should not flog and torment such a gorgeous skin. - He chirped.
  Quigg Caliostro grimaced.:
  You're sorry. Why don't you take his place?
  The half-breed shook his head, despite the heat, he was dressed strictly and perfectly in contrast to the almost glabrous or hairy pirates. Behind his back was a gilded bow, a weapon far more effective than bulky muskets. Kaliostro feared, that very an apt as all elves and half-elves he his'll kill. He really wanted that cute face distorted with pain. He wanted to tell the orcs, the blood cried out:
  - Long live our ataman, the strongest and fairest in the world! The pirates unanimously picked cry! - The most powerful and wise!
  Quigg was amused, he liked to be praised. Penalty Meson were delayed.
  Moreover, badly cut ear the words Almira:
  "If you are so strong and wise, order me to take off my chains and fight me with swords or fists!" Said Alper.
  - No, boy, you are now our slave, and therefore must be sold, and if I kill you, you will incur losses.
  - What if I kill you?
  - You're cheeky, I'll put you down. - Kaliostro smiled. The wire turned white, and he raised the lash. - Oh, that feels good.
  Altmire have never been so humiliated and flogged. And who raised his hand, his own children, those he created, nurtured, cared for, and they went on the path of evil. The movements of the captain of the freebooters seem to be very slow, he swings the whip shines. The creature has of the Creator.
  - I started you my children! Need a more responsible approach to the upbringing of offspring.- Whispered Altmer.
  A terrible pain pierced him from the back of his head to the heels, burned his back, the skin scorched and burst. There was a faint smell of burnt meat.
  Good chop! The captain repeated the blow. Altmer twitched on his lips caked in blood, yelling is not arbitrarily pulled out from the throat. "You are a man and their Creator, do not let yourself be humiliated" whispered one voice. "Scream and you will feel better" - sued the second. The young man was tempted to leave the body to incarnate in the omnipotence. Then throw Quigg Caliostro in the bowels of hell, subjecting him to various tortures. A fantasy he is more developed than in the coarse Corsair. But it means to show weakness, to be afraid of the suffering and pain through which creation inevitably passes. While there is not so perfect flesh, flour sentient beings - to prevent, not even he, the Almighty Lord God of this universe. I will prove that not squishy, I can withstand any suffering, remember how you lit the stars and gave life watered disputes in a reasonable and dignified existence of sextillion planets. Isn't it a feat to stretch the stars and create matter into trillions of parsecs, stretch space and most importantly create intelligence, plants, fluorine and fauna.
  - Maybe the very principle of evolution is flawed. Whispered Altmer.
  These thoughts distracted from pain, blows fell, burned, but the young man did not utter a groan. Can he is the Creator to keep the pain and be a man or a wimp for giperplaziei armor. He tries to take a closer look at the grinning pirates. They point their fingers at him they obviously like the process of torture.
  - Let's hit him harder!
  Cagliostro tried at all, making large swings, and the wire hissing from the blood. Sometimes he took breaks to warm her up again. Altmer thought that in his position it is possible to pray only question is who? Not myself! Again the whip whistled, falling into the fresh cuts and embossing further suffering. Several times the young man could not stand and was making soft moans. He despised himself for it, but could not restrain himself, the flesh was stronger. Finally, Cagliostro again glowing wire, struck such a masterful blow to the buttocks that hooked the penis. Altmer screamed and lost consciousness from the shock.
  How am I? - Complacently said Cagliostro. - He'll know how to challenge me.
  The captain looked at the torn body, it no longer fluttered, and all the pleasure was gone, well, what's the use of beating a piece of gnawed meat. The young man splashed the icy water, then put the garlic under the nose. Altmer sneezed and woke up.
  Let's continue! - Quigg hit with a quickie, on his snout sprayed blood. - A nice bath, how to bathe.
  Despite the terrible shock, the young man jerked, the pain dulled, disappearing into the consciousness and mortal flesh. Cagliostro understood that just because the peel is not interested.
  Why doesn't he writhe?
  - Apparently of shock fell into a state of catalepsy, when the person is in a trance. Mason Said.
  - So it's no use hitting him?
  - Yes! He barely feels anything.
  - Then enough, we'll beat him the next time he leaves. - Cagliostro made a sign, the pirates picked up the boy and dragged him into the hold. There Altmire was given water and stale bread. The incarnate Creator remained in a trance for a couple of hours, then it passed and the pain returned. He kept twitching and tossing and turning, trying to find a comfortable position, but every time he was shaking. Especially itchy annealed wire and dignity, and having painful erection. To top it all off, attracted by the smell of blood, the ship's rats came running. They continually tried to bite the young man for bare feet or hands. He pretended to be motionless, strangled a couple, after which the others became more cautious. Fortunately the rats were not so many, and then what good could gnaw bone. The young man began to think about how to get out, the easiest way to cut the shackles, but where to get a tool? Then he decided to use force against force and became to RUB iron about iron. Chain link the chain link. He acted quite aggressively, and after a few hours began to crumble chips. So not much tech time. The door of the cell was opened, someone threw him a piece of bread and cheese and put a jug, the captain did not want his prisoner to die. The pirates who brought the food were two, a cabin boy and a fish-faced type. Altmer asked them!
  What's next!
  - A couple of executions, then your wounds will heal and slave bargaining.
  The boy added:
  - Try not to annoy the owner, he does not like when he contradicted.
  - Maybe I like the whip and the pain!
  - I don't think anyone would like that. The boy replied. - I'm here, how many received blows, still can't get used to.
  Altmer noticed fresh scars, they were still bleeding:
  What are you!
  - I don't know, I just wanted someone to unfasten, well at least not hot.
  - Stop talking! The scaly subject pushed the boy away. - The next torture won't be any easier. The doors closed, the key turned in the rusty lock.
  It is not trying Altmer to deal with the chains, he had not. And here it was pulled out on the next punishment. Then it was waiting for a surprise next to him on ray hung naked Julieta. The girl was both painful and embarrassing, especially since the pirates, taking the captain's permission, grabbed her legs, trying to climb higher. However, followed by a shout of Cagliostro.
  - Well, hands above the knees, you'll damage her virginity, and she falls in price.
  - A if restore with the help magic? The Orc asked Boom-boom.
  - Expensive and sorcerers can establish similar substitution, clean innocent are valued much more. Or do you want to hang yourself from the yardarm!?
  - No! Of course, I'm too heavy.
  Juliette, although she had not yet been beaten, felt disgusting. She knew she wanted to sell the harem and that it is not a Scarecrow. The girls gave her books of romance novels, and she knew that life there was not so bad, besides, if you cheat, you can escape or become powerful. When Almira tortured for the first time, she saw she was locked in the cabin - luxurious and lush. Then came to her Cagliostro he was, like, very satisfied, smiled and joked. Then he offered Juliette to undress.
  - I want to see your beauty.
  - But it can be done in clothes.
  - A figure, chest, hips, legs. Please don't make me use violence.
  Here Juliette was very uncomfortable, did not want to be naked in front of shameless eyes.
  - Do not be afraid, if you call other pirates, you will see all, and if you volunteer, you will be naked only in front of me. - Cagliostro took out a long a pistol.
  - Well, faster to resist or I'll count to three and shout. One, two... the Pirate paused.
  - Okay, I'll just leave it alone.
  - Either you set the terms.
  The girl slowly began to undress. Undid the straps, and the dress came off the round, perhaps too wide from the hard work of the shoulders. Then she carefully took off her skirt and shoes, gradually getting rid of od jewelry and bulky dress. Once in her bra and panties, she hesitated, but the pirate barked:
  - Don't stop on the floor. Come on down to the end.
  The girl, blushing, threw off the rest of her clothes, remaining in proud nakedness.
  - Lovely! The pirate felt his chest, his touch was nasty and, nevertheless, al nipples swelled. - Remarkably clean rubber, you'll be expensive.
  Juliette barely restrained herself, so as not to hit the pirate in the face, her nails itched. How humiliating to stand naked in front of a liar and a murderer who looks at you like you're a thoroughbred.
  - Well, smile well and show your teeth.
  If I refuse!
  "Then I will command my men, and they will open their mouths to you by force." Besides, your boyfriend could get hurt.
  The girl sighed and stretched her lips. Its like a big pearl teeth were perfect. The pirate suddenly felt a longing desire. Raping a virgin is a loss, but there are other ways to satisfy passion. Kaliostro took off his belt and began to unbutton his trousers. The girl looked at him with fear. Looked like a pirate is not nice, thin, hairy legs, the smell not washed flesh.
  - Well, now, girl, take my symbol of masculinity in my mouth and lick with your tongue.
  Juliette turned pale:
  - Blow job?
  - Yes it is! It's so pleasant!
  - Never!
  "Then I'll have your boy's eyes gouged out."
  Juliette was so disgusted that she boldly shouted:
  - I don't believe you, it will reduce its value, and you are a merchant.
  - Well, good times so let them see you naked and feel the whole team. Or you changed your mind.
  - Your dirty balls in my mouth I never will.
  - Well, look, bitch, you chose your own fate.
  The captain barked and immediately a dozen thugs burst into the cabin:
  - Hang her on the rack and let her suffer. At the same time evaluate its value.
  Juliette was tied behind his hands and twisted, pulled up on the mast. For girls this was very painful for, shoulders bulged, and he has become lean forward. Her sharply pulled, having turned joints. Beauty gasped, groan, it seemed that the hands come off. So in such a painful position she and prove. When she felt it, although it was humiliating, it was a little distracting from the pain. Here she was approached by the ork Boom-boom, with taloned feet, he held the pink girl's foot. Juliet was tickled, and she laughed briefly. Then he began more actively with two paws to handle her legs, enjoying the crystal laughter of the girls. The fun was interrupted by the appearance of Halfmer they dragged him in chains and placed on the deck under the brightest light of four suns. Judging by the smirk of the captain of Cagliostro, he invented a new, more sophisticated torture.
  - Well boy, now you will enjoy love in full. You like light?
  - Light gives life! The young man replied.
  - Here you get it in large quantity, to the glory sweetnesses angel patron of evil and pirates. Come on, get what I said.
  The corsairs descended into the hold, then, puffing, carried out four cases.
  - Can you guess what it is? The pirate asked.
  - Another perversion of idiotic mind! Replied Altmer.
  - Now you're going to sing, cock! - Kaliostro clapped his hands. - Unpack and install.
  The corsairs took off the bags, they had a convex glass. Joking, they scratched, setting large lenses around the young man.
  - In combat it is not as effective, but torture is highly effect will now you to burn.
  - Son, think that it will be punished by a higher power.
  - I don't believe in justice. Gods many and they are at war between themselves. And the winner is the one with a stronger roof. And evil has always been stronger and more aggressive than good.
  - And you're wrong, only goodness and creativity with bright minds could create stars, planets, life. Trust me, victory will eventually be beyond the light and pray for your soul, it is faster to split up with anger and animal instincts!
  - Soon you beg me for an easy death! Colleagues give me into the hands of the rope, I'll choose his spots on the skin that consistently pop off.
  Don't! Juliette Screamed. - I'll do whatever you want, just don't torture my boyfriend.
  - Late! I want to try a new kind of torture on him. With lenses, I have not tortured, and indeed I am sure that none of the pirates and inquisitors so did not try. So girl unseen fun I wouldn't trade that may make it a regular port whore. Let's get started!
  The lenses moved, focusing the energy of the four suns. They gave a variety of circles, beams of light, different in size and color. Even from the hot wire so it doesn't hurt, Altmer involuntarily howled. Then he tried to put his mind at ease. But the problem is that all the techniques he knew only theoretically, practical experience. Pokusannyh of lips throat blood, it becomes a little easier. Cagliostro puts the beam on the heels of the boys, has been delayed, burns down, enjoy the screams. Then the pain becomes more acute, the boy is the Creator of almost all covered with burns and unconscious.
  - Let the seawater nibble on it! - Said Cagliostro.
  The pirates scooped up from the side. However in this heat and the water is warm, it may not lead him to himself. Then decide to resort to stronger means putting Altmire purple pepper the nose. The young man sneezed and came in themselves.
  - Well, handsome, you want more?
  - Be careful if you burn him off too much skin the boy will die. Said Zaloga, shaking the head of a fish and four retractable eyes.
  - A little bit, turn it over, I want the chest and abdomen also "tanned". However, the boy ask for mercy, then the torture stop.
  - You never have a barbarian! I would rather die! - Altmer decided that if you die, eject the pirate and give him torment a hundredfold.
  Culpa felt his pulse and agreed to continue the torture:
  - He has a great heart. Such a burden, and tones aligned.
  Let me fry him up.
  Cagliostro wanted to burn the young man's virtue, but could reduce its value, in addition, the chest is less affected by the wire, and its so beefy it was quite interesting process. The boy-God again tried to contain the cries, starting in his mind to solve problems in higher mathematics. That helped a little, but the moaning is not arbitrary, published the body.
  Then he came up with a new idea, if he was unable to contain the sounds, whether to drown them out by singing. Altmer intoned, his sonorous voice, sounded like a copper pipe, he sang the songs. Juliette naked and helpless herself exhausted shouted to him:
  - I won't stop loving you! We'll be with you forever, forever, and the evil Quigg will answer to God.
  Altmer supported her call, the body was suffering, and he sang about love:
  On heart of the ice and a hot flames
  In ashes points out all a fire!
  My spirit froze like a hard stone
  Wandering in the deep dark eyes!
  Terribly narrow path of salvation
  I want freedom from the crown!
  Favorite anthem and chants
  And devotion to duty to the end!
  Ray of passion unearthly all-powerful
  That gave me life Lord I pray!
  Squeezed the chest with a tombstone
  But in pain I love you!
  The enemy, pain and wild unrest
  The fate of the cruel fate of mine!
  I draw inspiration from the bowl
  The light of eyes burns with a star!
  Even Cagliostro, it seemed, was fascinated:
  - Good boy, for the first time I have such a lyrical prisoner, but when the yelling and groaning in pain, I like more.
  Four lenses, four suns firing hard and hot, and soon on the chest and abdomen remained a solid burn, and the boy lost consciousness.
  - Well, I'd say Culpa? - Asked Cagliostro.
  - I think that's enough for now, the body breathes not only lungs, but also skin. He could die at any moment. Besides, we need to find him a clean cabin so there's no blood poisoning.
  - To scrub the hold, I don't want him dead. But the impudent girl needs to be taught a lesson.
  She's grounded! She was exposed naked to the public, and the joints on the rack twisted.
  - So let it hang for a while. Have fun.
  The girl really was suffering more and more. Pirates, seeing this pulled her legs harder, trying to stretch more twisted hands. Julieta still only otbrykivatsya, then sluchevskiy, managed to punch harder. The blow fell on the nose, the Corsair howled, grabbed his sword, rushed at the girl. Immediately a shot rang out, Cagliostro was shot in the maniac's head.
  - Stop it, you'll hurt her. Remove the beauty from the rack.
  The half-unconscious Juliette was pulled down and pinched a couple of times by the chest was taken to the cabin. And Altmer was still unconscious. Then the young man woke up, shook his head, and even tried to get up.
  - Well, you're a tenacious worm. 'Said Cagliostro. - Well, how do you like my new torture?
  - Long dreamed of such a tan!
  - If so then maybe it will continue! Although the right today with you was enough, then I'll consider it. I have an abyss of imagination.
  - Someday it will affect you. The executioner will try to get high!
  - What a baby! It's not up to you anymore. All right, throw it in the hold and let's eat.
  Altmire related, any touch was a torment for him, but the boy endured. It is, however, fed not so bad, given the meat, pancakes, breads and vegetables. Altmer ate, and felt a little better just very chilly and this is despite the humidity and stuffiness. The boy-maker continued to cut the chains, not paying attention to all the torment any movements. Tech minutes, hours, a couple of times he came to visit Culpa:
  - You're a tough guy, you've burned half the skin, but their eyes hope. A rare pirate can handle that.
  - If so the can, can you help me to flee.
  - No, I'm loyal to my master. And where will you go around the sea. Better not piss him off and wait for the sale. A pretty woman, or a lustful but very rich man will buy you. You can live like a Prince in a fairy tale. And so you will tease and you will be tortured to death.
  - Who me burnt and mutilated buy?
  "The master has a wonderful ointment, there will be no trace left on your skin, you will become as smooth as a baby.
  - Thanks consoled!
  Then came the Boom-the boom and the cabin boy, the boy shoved Altmire another piece of meat, he was obviously intimidated:
  - I wouldn't want to be fried like that.
  - Try to suck up to the owner somehow.
  - It's impossible to please him.
  - And you report a particularly nasty pirate. - Whispered Altmer.
  The boy perked up:
  - You're right he likes it.
  When they left, the young man continued his work. Finally, the links broke, first arms, then legs. Altmer stood on tiptoe, the foot was burnt completely, but the front is slightly smaller in the hands and he was holding a chain. When the doors opened again, it was already dark. The suns hid, the moon shone, and the stars scattered in clusters. Then Altmer kicked the pirate in the head. It was Culpa, he collapsed legs spread:
  - Well, if he is killed, your soul will deal with it later.
  Altmer searched his pockets, took the weapon and continued on his way. The young man now and then fell down like a beaten dog, but over the past day the pain became familiar to him. If only not to groan! Pirates for the most part slept, others pretty drunk playing cards with hand-drawn naked women and various monsters. The young man crawled up to the captain's cabin. He was simply obliged to pay a visit to Cagliostro.
  The captain, having taken a dose, was already asleep, at the entrance stood a guard. He was a very large Orc to cut down which is not even easy. He had a club in his hand and a cleaver in his belt. For a naked young man, he seemed unapproachable. Though Altmire was a dagger, taken from Zoology and the sword, but a frontal attack, especially when the fighter can at any time to the last low bass, seemed altogether unpromising. The young man decided to trick, taking out a silver coin, he threw it at the feet of the Orc. He lowered his club and began to fumble in the dark, tilting his head. Worked his way, as if on hot coals Altmer picked up a club and struck in the head. When beaten with a steel club on a Grand scale, even such heroes fall. The Orc fell in, and the guy searched his pockets, found a lock pick. Then, remembering, a virtual detective, where he played the criminal, tricking the bio-robots, the young man opened the door.
  He tossed and turned, it was hot, and he ate too much for the night. The captain twitched and muttered in his sleep!
  I'll be God! Conquer all the space, but first conquer the world, becoming the Emperor of pirates.
  - Overstrained! - Altmer began to twist the hands of Cagliostro. When he awoke, he tried to shout, but the young man shoved a rolled wig down his throat.
  - Shut up and be quiet. Or I'll send you to hell with the demons.
  Cagliostro muttered mumbled. Altmer felt that he was on fire.
  "Tell me where you hide the universal ointment." Don't try to joke, if you scream I will cut you, before I burst your accomplices. The young man took out his gag.
  - A remedy that heals all wounds in the closet. - The captain's hand moved, and Altmer intercepted the movement.
  Here's the gun! The young man drew his weapon. - The better I'll put a bullet in you, in case of provocation, and you open the locker yourself.
  With trembling hands, he picked up the key and with a gentle creak opened the door decorated with a ruby heart.
  - Come on, no tricks, I have a reaction of young.
  - I've seen.
  The captain ran his hairy hands over his sweaty forehead. Then took out a major box.
  - Here it is a very valuable ointment. He will be lubricated or do I have to lubricate.
  - Give it to me!
  The young man took the box, unpacked and sniffed:
  - There seems to be no poison! Okay, I'll try. The young man was gently lubricated, feeling his every movement and stroke, the pain goes away. However, he continued to hold the captain at gunpoint. He tried to force a smile.
  - My boy I only wanted to toughen you up! To make you a real pirate. Do you want me to make you my first mate?
  You already offered!- Altmer finished lubricated. - Now follow in cabin to Juliette. You'll be with me, but no tricks.
  - Of course! But don't hold me constantly in the crosshairs, the gun is unreliable, it can work by itself.
  - Let's move!
  "But won't you look in the mirror and see what a wonderful gift I've given you?"
  - Well, look, dick, if I grew a horn, I'll have time to finish. - Altmer looked in the transparent surface in front of him was himself, beautiful glaze, burns rapidly disappearing.
  At this moment, Cagliostro whispered: Wiley-ass!
  What are you mumbling?
  In the same second a whirlwind began to swirl.
  Take it away! The pirate shouted. Altmer managed to fire, but in Cagliostro fell backwards, the bullet just grazed the bandit. An unknown force caught the young man and lifted him into the air.
  Kill! stomp! The captain yelled. In response there was laughter:
  "You have used up your last wish, now I will carry out your order in exchange for your soul." Sell it?
  - No! Wow, you're a mean bastard! - Proverial pirates.
  Almira cloud carried farther, and soon the massive ship disappeared behind the small waves. He saw around him only the haze, it seemed that it keeps the mist. The familiar feeling of flying was exciting, special, especially since the young man was flying for the first time against his will:
  - Who are you? He asked.
  - Demon Wiley-ass.
  - Serving spirit?
  - No free and free. Though one of the sorcerers made a trifling spell and charmed me to the mirror. That's why I have to follow orders to throw you away.
  - Understandable one-time mantra, lower-level.
  - That's right people, I feel you unusual and unknown power, however, ready to hack to death what you don't understand magic.
  - You're not right about anything.
  - But you can't do magic!
  - Learn.
  - So add the heat, and then the corpse will become, before you know it. - In the haze began to appear faces. They grinned and laughed, circling like a pack of wolves.
  - Well, where should I drop you? The demon asked.
  - Closer to the ship or land.
  - Okay, I'll give you a chance. You see the ship, come to it. The spirit was transfigured and Altmer flew into the water.
  The young man flopped down with all his might, raising a cloud of spray. His wounds had not yet fully healed, and the salty warm water irritated them. Altmer groaned, there was no one there and could not feel shy, a little voice asked him:
  - What is mourn?
  "If he were not God himself, he would curse the Creator for such imperfect flesh. The young man replied.
  - Yes, he created people imperfect. However, what if you were an old man?
  - It's better not to talk about it, it's good that in my universe I do not give people and animals much to grow old. However, the one who created the universe where our ancestors lived, did not take care of it! - Angrily replied Altmer. - I am a kinder God than the one who created me.
  Then take comfort in that.
  The young man continued to float on the waves, slicing through the breast dense flow. Ahead was visible Brigantine - ship a small, but graceful. But to catch her was not easy, especially that night sky was clouded over and down came the rain. Altmer the already exhausted by torture put forth all his strength. He changed the styles of swimming, tried to wriggle, and even part of the distance to swim under water, but the distance between them is not reduced, but rather increased. Now from Brigantine leaving only the top tip of the sail, disappearing into the horizon. Then the young man tried to whistle, he was able to do it loud. Altmer even remembered how his whistle was varied the color and brightness of stars. It was so interesting, you whistle a melody, the luminaries dance, laid out in ornaments, shimmer with complex patterns - like a gigantic light music. The young man began to perform a complex composition, and then changing the tone. Here to him swam animal, resembling a large loach, with wings-fins. He squeaked very thin voice:
  - Your call is reminiscent of a love song, but you're human and we can't be together.
  - It's like saying, you can take the form of a beautiful girl.
  - I don't want to live among people! You are evil, treacherous, deceitful.
  - Are there no predators in the sea?
  - Unfortunately there is! Especially hard to get the demons of the lower world. Penetrating through space, they inhabit the creatures and begin to rampage.
  Not a demon?
  - No, I'm one of the lower light spirits. Like a little angel. The scale of the universe was the great war, a considerable part of the angels went the way of evil. I really didn't feel it, but I also got a lot of negative energy.
  Altmer surprised:
  - And that among the bright spirits of disorder!
  - Yes, two of the highest Archangel does not share power. But if Aviator remained faithful to the light that Arion, crossed over to the dark side and hooked up with demons. Now the caste of angels in the war and confusion.
  - So that's why the balance between good and evil is broken. Conflicts in the upper and lower worlds affect the material world. Well, when I get back to omnipotence, we'll figure it out.
  - Your words are not clear to me. Yes, and in his right mind, do you!
  I don't! Perhaps not quite.
  - Then he can help you. Here you can see the ship, he swims, if you don't achieve it sooner or later fall asleep, drowned in the waves.
  - I agree bad prospect. While on the other hand is most likely a pirate ship and there I can expect a sad fate.
  - I know this ship - "Fighter." You have a chance, if you like the captain, then you can take the team. Listen, man. - The neck of the animal lengthened. "I'll ride you on my back and you'll whistle at me."
  - Good exchange, I agree!
  Setting the boy on his back, the animal gave speed.
  Altmer enjoyed swimming on my back, the waves were crashing against the chest. A very different feeling protein in the flesh than in the multi-giperplazirovannom body. The pain had almost completely disappeared and it was no longer so frightening. The young man began to play with his lips a happy tune. At this moment, sinister silhouettes appeared from behind. They gray and threatening, sailed quickly.
  Is that a shark?
  - Animals-demons! They're dangerous as hell. You'd better flatten yourself on your back to reduce the resistance.
  - And silence!
  - No! Maybe your performance will appease them!
  Bindweed punched fins, Altmer lay down, clinging firmly to the scales. They were followed by a raging pack. No shark can be as repulsive as these monsters. All in the mounds, warts, growths and thorns, they make a terrible impression. Even Altmire was not a lot of yourself to die from these creatures did not want to. They are crooked and horrible, like twisted driftwood hurricane closing in. The distance with Brigantine also decreased, she acted more clearly. But Altmer understood that they are caught before they climb aboard. Bindweed strained harder, he hysterically smashes the tail on the water, he dived, but it was useless. Already were visible the wide-open mouth with many rows of teeth.
  Altmer continued to whistle the March. At this moment, Brigantine stopped and began to turn in their direction.
  - We seem to have been noticed! The young man said. Maybe we will.
  The monster caught up with them, slamming his mouth, but the bindweed was able to Dodge, literally slipping in a hair from the meter teeth. The monsters continued to open their disproportionately large jaws. No matter how clever the animal was, carried on itself Altmire, he could not avoid all the dangers and one of the fins landed in a huge mouthful of darkness. There was a crunch, and blue blood spurted.
  Ow! It hurts! - Groaned the bindweed. - I'm hurt!
  Its speed fell, and he was again overtaken, swallowed the greater part of the tail. Poor animal was screaming hysterically, and Altmer jumping from its back, jumped on the menacing creature, gripping the knot. With all his might, the young man struck the bulging eye.
  The monster must have sensed something, because it jumped high up. Another abomination tried to swallow Almira, furiously clicking his mouth. But the young man, making a somersault, ducked, and the creature gripped the side of his comrade. I've got the son of hell was furious. He fell on the offender, he snapped and punched a sharp tail. Another demon beast ran into the bully from behind. The third crept up from the middle, trying to bite the trunk. It was not a joke dump. Monsters lied, each other, gnawed, the surface was covered with three types of blood, and gastric juice, which sizzled and burned like acid.
  Altmer miraculously managed to sail it several times touched, causing serious injuries. Then the young man took a deep dive after spending about six minutes under water, swim a fair distance. He surfaced near the bindweed, Brigantine smoothly went to meet them and was not far away, people were visible on Board. Altmer waved
  . Then I heard the subtle twang of the bowstring, and that burning flying in the dark, striking in the midst of battle beasts. Despite the great distance, the arrow hit right in the eye of the demon beast and exploded. This further increased the confusion. Then came the shot, the core landed in someone's back, then flying lit apparently filled with gunpowder arrows and again someone from the creatures no luck.
  - Strong shooter. Commented on the eel.
  - What if it's us?
  - I don't think we look harmless!
  Arrows flew quite regularly and soon all the creatures were blinded. And yet, even after losing their eyes, they fought with increasing bitterness. One by one, the demon beasts died, leaving only bloody pieces. Finally was the last, he was literally hanged, trepyhayas, died. Its probably because of mercy finished off a cannon.
  So to win, well, let's go back to people and hide in the depths.
  - You're crippled, you'll die without us. said Alper.
  - Do not worry, it'll grow back pretty quickly, I'm still a spirit. Besides, there's a whole field of crustaceans splashing around, so I'm not going to die of starvation.
  - Then goodbye, and Ariana, I will understand, will know how to support evil. - Altmer kissed the other, he kissed the soft lips in response.
  Then, apparently feeling sorry, they parted.
  The young man swam to Brigantine, he threw the rope. His hands, Altmer crawled to him, however, was clouded on Board. The team that met him was impressive, orcs, Scorpions, relatively few people. Typical pirates, by the look of it.
  - Can I talk to the captain? The young man asked.
  Quite! - At a meeting he went a graceful figure. Altmer blinked, he had not expected that a gang leader is a girl.
  The truth is her slender body with slim waist, short hair and men's suit made it resemble a boy, but round Breasts and an overly cute face with fine features spoke of the captain belonging to the female sex. On a belt at the Amazon hung a sword, a saber, two decorated pistols, and behind the bow - quite unusual with three bowstrings, located at different angles. To my shame bare Altmer felt desire for female affection, he was not alone. The girl seemed to notice.
  - What a treasure I fished out of the water. Even among my countrymen such guys are rare. Well, do not be embarrassed and cover your hands, for a man this is a natural reaction. Find him some clothes, and in the meantime, go to my cabin.
  The girl threw out his arm Almira:
  - You have a big one, you can be proud of it. Feel relaxed. The girl took off her cocked hat.
  Altmer looked at her closely, from a man she had only one difference similar to elongated rosettes delicate ears.
  You look like an elf! Feel will be an adventure!
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