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Politically correct

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    Автор перевода Vladislav Averbukh Toronto Canada vaverbuk@gmail.com

   Politically correct.
   A 30-year-old man walked in the boardroom. He was dressed in  perfect  business  attire, like most people in this building.
   He walked and placed himself strategically at the head of the table separated by this table
   There were to man exchanging angry glances.
   -Gentlemen, he started - I am a senior legal consultant Antol Verashe , Planet Mirra , Kass Province. I have to remind you that our conversation on one hand is not legally binding, but on the other hand if you shall decide to bring you matter to the court of law, the judge will receive a full report of this meeting fallowing by my recommendations. While those are just recommendations, statistics shows that the courts fallow those in 78% of the cases. There for this meeting is not a waste of time and should be taken seriously.  My job consist of two things first is to give you a legal consultation based on Mirra's laws on the conflict that has occurred between you two. Secondly, I will attempt to bring you to an agreement to settle this outside of the court. You still have the right to attempt and reach the resolution in a court with a help of your lawyers. However it has been noticed that the lawyers tend to drug the case with a one time clients like yourself, since there pay is in direct relationship with a length of the legal proceedings and is also substantially raised should there be a hearing in the court of law. It is also beneficial to government to reduce the amount of cases in the courts since it saves times and money to you as well as the budget. I am not trying to imply that you should not listen to your lawyers, but I am asking you that before you bring this problem to the hearing you would first consider my recommendations. Also I should remind you that this conversation is recorded, this recording also will be provided to the judge as part of the case information. Coming back to the problem at hand, So, you mister Ardhi Magrah, - the thin visitor with a bronze colored skin and an aquiline nose has looked up, having heard his name, accuse Mr. Otto Haansen   of insulting you based on your nationality and  also in discrimination at employment process again based on your nationality. Am I correct?
      Ardhi Magrah has nodded gloomily.
   -And you, mister Otto Haansen,  completely reject those accusations ?
   The bald fat man in a checkered shirt has indignantly sniffed, making  his chubby chicks move.
   -         Nothing like that- he has bellowed, -it  is simple, he can't handle the truth. Hearing this Ardhi Magrah has turned pale, but tried to get himself together, not uttering a word.
   -         Mister Magrah, please state your  vision of a situation, - has asked Vershe.
   -         - I have come to an interview for employment to the chief of human resources, him, - Magrah has waved a hand towards  Haansen sitting at the opposite side of the table, - he insulted me, offended my people and  has refused to offer me employment.
   -         Can you specify how exactly were you offended?
   -         - He has declared that he has two more applicants for the same position one Narmus and the second is Chinese and that is well-known fact that average IQ of us... Of my people much way lower, than theirs. Basically he  called us numskulls!
   -         -, Please, be exact. Did Mister Haansen has really declared that Merdjanians are numskulls or only has specified that their average IQ on statistically lower, than those of Narmus and Chineses? Also I should warn you that in the event that business will reach court and the judge will have doubts in your words you can be subjected to mandatory check on a lie detector. Otto Haansena has triumphantly smiled.
   -         - No. He only has only said  that the average IQ my people, - has squeezed out from himself Magrah and, not being able to sustain it any longer, he has basted out ,
   -         It was the real insult! Look my IQ 142 on a Pranka's Scale! I have the state certificate with 137 points from 150 on nearestetical programming! And He! He has the nerve...! - Magrah was grasping for air in indignation.
   -         Calm down, please, mister Magrah. I should remind you that we conversation is recorded, and I recommend to refrain from any statements  which you might regret in the future. As to the statement of mister Otto Haansena that average IQ Merdjianians is below average IQ Narmus or Chineses. There are some authoritative scientific researches published in magazines with very high scientific credentials confirming that. According to paragraph 7 of the constitution of Mirra "About a freedom of speech and the information" point 4a "Open declaring of the information confirmed scientifically, under no circumstances cannot be admitted or taken as an offensive".
   -         But he insulted  the whole nation! It is unheard of!
   -         Mister Magrah, the scientific facts cannot be offensive. I, for example, Evrotairanian  and statistics unequivocally assert that average IQ of  Evrotarian's  is too more low, than at Narmus and Chineses. I do not see, nevertheless, the reasons on which I should consider this data offensive.
   -         However Evrotairanian average IQ is considered to be higher then   Merdjanians? Interrupted Magrah
   -         Yes, but...
   -         So you also think that we are dumber then you are! And don't consider that offensive?
   -         Mister Magrah, when I was in college, almost all the prizes in airbarne sports where taken either by Merdjianians or Arastrians. Statistics research explains that those races are genetically and culturally more adept to airbarne sports then, Evrotairanian, Narmus, Cinese and many other nations. So does it give  the right to those nations to be offended?
   -         This is sport and we are talking about IQ.
   -         Well I don't see the difference, As a Senior legal Consultant  of Mirra, it is my opinion that those words were not offensive or  insulting and you have know chances to prove otherwise in Mirra's court of law.
   -         Understood  said Magrah saidly, while standing up and slowly walking towards the exit. Meanwhile Otto grabbed  Vershe's hand and started shaking it.
   -         I am blessing the day I came to Mirra, - he proclaimed
   The legal consultant had to apply the substantial effort to get his hand out and catch mister Ardhi Magrah that was already opening the door.
   -         Mister Marjah! One second, we didn't discuss the situation with your second case with regards to your employment.
   Marjah turned around with surprise look on his face
   -         Didn't you just explained to me how inferior I am ? he asked with sarcasm.
   -         I have to correct you we haven't even looked at second case.
   Merjah stood therefor a second and then came back to the table , Otto looked at him with satisfaction.
   -mister Haansen ,why did you refuse to offer employment to Mr. Ardhi Magrah? Asked senior consultant.
   -You know , -he said smiling,- their intelligence, I mean Merdjanians IQ is lower then Narmus or Chinese, I have a company with a good reputation and the  highest standards, we need the best.
   - I have to point out your error,- Vershe took out his neocomp and looked at it., -Up to  now we were talking about the average IQ based on nationality, but you have to understand that the average IQ doesn't reflect the personal one. For example with regards to Merdjanians it is known  that they have a quite big range of IQ span, so even though the average IQ is relatively low,  It can reach substantial numbers with some specific individuals. Mr. Ardhi Magrah is one of those specific individuals.  His IQ is 142 on a Pranka's Scale, for comparesment my IQ is 131 and yours as I can see from your profile is 117.
   The smile has evaporate from Otto's face
   -But , -he started
   - I didn't finish,- cut him off Vershe, - in  our particular case IQ is not that important anyway. Of course there is some connection between IQ and income as well as success, but this relationship is also a statistical average and  can't be applied to a specific individual. Even people with relatively low IQ can be successful compensating it by work effort and other inherited or gained skills. In our country it is not Ok, if someone puts a barrier infront of specific nations based on statistical average, because in this case we risk loosing a talented individuals just because they were marked as unfit from birth. This is not rational.
   - So you mean to tell me that I have to hire ,based on hope that they will be this exception? -exclaimed Haansen ,- with this kind of logic I might as well hire strangers on the street.
   - You Don't need strangers on the street , - replied Vershe calmly,- To avoid those cases we have a government issued certifications, that shows qualification level of an applicant. Mr. Ardhi Magrah did you provided you certificate to Mr. Otto Haansen  during an interview?
   - Yes, I did.
   - and now Mr. Hansen, Please tell us was the certificate score of those two other applicants higher then Mr. Magrah's?  I have to warn you if this will get to court , this question will be asked ,you will have to answer and your answer will be checked on a lie detector.
   Otto Haansen turned red.
   -No, his score was the highest.
   - Maybe Mr. Megrah had bad references?
   -No, He didn't.
   - Then please, explain your decision.
   -Well, I don't trust em..! When I lived on Tirha they were controlling everything! Those A*holes robbed my father store three times! Three!!! And I suppose to hire them now?!
   - Mr. Haansen you just made a racist comment, calling the entire nationality A*holes. Since our meeting is recorded , you will be charged with insult and promoting international hate.  I also have to remind you that you are not on Tirha anymore. You are on Mirra, an average crime rate along Merdjanians is the same as other nations otherwise there would be a government reaction. You should have left you prejudges back where you came from, here you can bring only facts. Do you acknowledge that you denied employment to better candidate based on your prejudges?
   -Prejudges believes?! On whose side you are on anyway?! Mine or those ... -realizing that his words are still recorded Haansen didn't finish the phrase.
   - I am on the side of a law and laws on Mirra it is illegal to irrationally discriminate based on race, nationality or religion. Anyway my conclusion with regard to the second issue is the following - discrimination during hiring process  was taking place. My recommendation to settle this case with Mr. Ardhi Magrah out side of court, either by paying him a compensation or by offering him employment. If this case will reach the court you are risking your status, since you didn't get your citizenship yet and therefore might be deported.
   - You can't expect me... I will take you to court, we will see! I didn't run away from all this politically correct nonsense to get it shafted in my face here! You won't get away with it!- barked  Otto Haansen running out the office  and slamming the door.
   -Thank you , thank you very much _expressed his gratitude Ardhi
   -I was just doing my job and since this case is not resolved and moving to court not a good one. However Mr. Otto is wrong we don't have political correctness on Mirra, just common sense.
   Otto Haansen lost the case and was deported three month latter.

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