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Cynic (in English)

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Поиск утраченного смысла. Загадка Лукоморья
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    The main text of cynism phylosophy.

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   All necessary books exist. But modern people already are not capable to understand them. They need something easier.
   Here on 9 pages you will find an essence of this world and all necessary answers. Don't be surprised, it's just logic.


   The world exists, whatever it is. It's senseless to deny or to prove this fact.
   The world hasn't come into existence accidentally.
   Take a box of matches. Throw a handful of matches over a table surface. If matches accidentally take shape of a house of matches, then particles can accidentally take shape of atoms, atoms - of molecules, and molecules can form the universe of billion stars, where each moves on its own verified trajectory.
   The world is reasonable.
   The human being is reasonable and he cognizes the world by means of logic. If the world wasn't reasonable, how the human being could orientate himself in the illogical world by means of logic? The human mind only reflects orderliness of the outer world.
   Price of life.
   Alarming fact is that this world really exists. Someone created its inexhaustible depth and variety and continuously supports it in every instant. Obviously, it requires considerable resources and skill. If such is cost of decor, think over the game price...


   One people have been created by God in image and after likeness. Others originated from monkeys.
   Human. Conception of ideality.
   Genuine human - is a rare species. Human doesn't lie, isn't afraid, doesn't compromise. Such qualities don't promote survival.
   All people can be differentiated by extent of humanity (ideality) in them. The lowest level is the biomass level, the highest - the level of human. Humanity has five aspects: form, intellect, ethics, aesthetics, spirit. Than there are more aspects of humanity in human, the level of his ideality (humanity) is higher. Thus, the ugly, insane, immoral, undistinguishing atheist will be corresponding to level of a biomass. The handsome, wise, meek, delicate saint will be corresponding to level of a human.
   Monkeys differ from humans so because there is no spirit in them. Other aspects of humanity can be present, but have false unspiritual character. So, the monkey can develop into the handsome, wise, meek, delicate philosopher-hedonist. But most of them could be recognized even by unspiritualized faces.
   Monkeys main goal, sense and excuse - is "life". Most of all monkeys are afraid of death. According to their nature the highest value for them are food, posterity and "comfort". Their thoughts are always isolated in a material world of objects. Monkeys are ready to work for the sake of food and things, waste their lives for them and are their slaves. Each monkey has its own price.
   Because of their insignificance monkeys can't survive alone. Therefore they, like insects, form the visible and hidden hierarchies to obtain a chance to oppose themselves to humans and to "settle" in this life.
   Demons as usual are living in palaces with luxury and rule over the world. They inflame passions of material welfare or lure people to dangerous ways.
   Appearances and behaviour of demons are deceptive. They are looking like people, but differ by effrontery in evil. The typical demon looks like handsome, wise, meek, delicate philosopher occultist (politician, oligarch). Demons get out of this world everything they want, but virtually, they need just only you.
   Demons will find you themselves and will make an offer.
   Look with whom to deal.
   Don't try to take part in life of not humans, don't get in their business. It doesn't do any good for human.


   Conception of degradation.
   It's enough to read Homer or Plato, to compare art and architecture of an antiquity with the modern, to understand. Modern people - are weak ugly idiots, and civilization history - is the documentary chronology of persistent and rapid degradation.
   Try to comprehend the quickness and enormity of the falling. Only for 100 years the culture of aristocracy consuming artefacts of classical art and paying by death for honour - turned into rabble of riffraff without claims, shame and dignity. Then multiply this pace by 200, 300, 1000, 3000 years...
   Human values and ideas - are lie.
   People are not capable to create the real values and senses, because they can't create the reality, but only exist within. Human can only accept the genuine values or invent his own.
   Therefore, "evolution", "history", "progress", "science", "democracy", "morality" and other words which have been invented by people - are only scientific, literary and juridical fictions, which are void of real content. Their existence depends on amount of people, which are ready to take on trust that they exist.
   These concepts are necessary to rule the human masses. False ideas create an artificial reality for mass consciousness dwelling. When the mind used to think with these categories, it already can't get out of their limits and perceive the reality.
   The human morality doesn't exist.
   The norms of life which have been predestined by the Holy Writ are descending from timeless reality and genuine destination of human. They are invariable and based on inevitable punishment and on unlimited power.
   Laughable are people fabricating morality. They have no power even over themselves.
   The law and the jus.
   The law - is the ethical norms given from above. The human jus - is the rules invented by humans. Today the jus to large extent doesn't meet the law. Human society have been created with help of the right and based on the lawlessness.
   The state - is the power which lost the sense.
   The power is necessary to subdue people to the law. The essence of the power - is a court. But the jus substituted for the law, and the power degraded into the state.
   The state - is the organized congestion of useless parasites named "elite". The state is intended to satisfy material requirements of "elite" at expense of other people. The riches are being withdrawn from "non elite" by means of taxes, payoffs and economic manipulations.
   The power - is the possibility to kill.
   Any hierarchy which is capable to kill possesses the power. The state - is the strongest power of this world because it takes money better and more than someone else, and because of it can kill most effectively. Today the power is used to take money for "elite". If you'll refuse to pay taxes, the state finally will kill you.
   Science - is the generator of false miracles.
   The branch of knowledge creating false values is called a science. The history calms people by myths about development. The jurisprudence proves legitimacy of the parasitic state. Technical sciences amaze and frighten masses by bombs, bulbs and TVs.
   Coming to believe in force of science and progress, people cease to think themselves, entirely entrusting their destinies to the enlightened adepts of technology, policy and business. Any idea can be promoted as good, evil or truth if suitable "scientific" evidence will be found.
   But actually, the greatest scientists of the world haven't got the slightest idea what is the "matter", whether stars continue to burn, and what will be at the end of their smarty-pants.
   Education - show must go on.
   False values are dying together with those, in whose heads they live. Therefore the artificial reality has to continue existence in minds of rising generation. It's being provided by education which is intended for industrial inculcation of false concepts and values in consciousness of masses. The important purpose is also demonstration to the apprentice of his own dullness and instillation of obedience to the supreme beings.


   Human can't understand sense of the world because the world has been created not by human and not for him. There is no sense to look for explanations and excuses.
   What allowed to human to know.
   Even man can't forsake his own dog. Whether it's reasonable to think, that the human could have been left by his Creator to the mercy of fate?
   If the human and the world were created, while we know that it is exactly so. Then the Author surely would leave the message to him, a key to understanding of what is going on, some instruction that explains the nature of the world, who is the human, and what he needs to do.
   It's remarkable that the most widespread book on the earth (Bible) contains the brief description of the world, of the human and the rules of behaviour of the human in the world. Obviously, this book contains all that is necessary for human to know.
   You can believe or not believe to the Holy Writ. The choice is simple. If you trust the Writ, it can be truth. If you trust something else, it will never be the truth.
   Criterion of truth - is fear.
   The Holy Writ says that if human wouldn't follow the 10 commandments, he will have to suffer of unpleasant consequences throughout the eternity. The logic prompts the following.
   If the hell exists, and we trust in that, then we would follow the commandments and we'll not come to be there. If the hell doesn't exist, but we believe that it exists, then we would also follow the commandments and we'll just simply die. But if the hell exists, and we don't trust in that, then we wouldn't follow the commandments and we'll move to the hell forever. The common sense tells that in order to avoid disproportionate risk, it is reasonable to allow of hell's existence. If you understand sense of the words "hell" and "eternity", you will follow the commandments.
   How to live.
   Human's life is limited only by 10 bans. It means that the huge freedom is given for him. He can do almost everything he wants. But what will be the best for him?
   The composition of every thing depends on its destination. To understand for what you are necessary, try to understand how you have been composed. What aspiration has been put into a basis of your being? What you really want to do? Devote yourself just for this, as desire - is a great gift. Do something for what you have been destined and you'll never become a slave of what is alien to you.
   What is verity.
   What exists eternally just only can be genuine. Therefore all temporary human values are false. To distinguish true from false it is necessary to be guided by the Holy Writ. What is noticed in the Bible - exists. What isn't noticed - doesn't exist. True values are: glory, strength, fidelity, sacrifice, requital, freedom, love. Those who think with other categories are building the house on sand.
   Sense of life.
   At the end of earthly life the infinite torture or the infinite blessing waits for human. Whether it is fair to receive the infinite blessing undeservedly? That's why there is an earthly life.
   Life - is the battlefield. Close fight. You have a chance to become a hero or a betrayer and eternity to remember about it. Being here, try not to waste a time.
   And else.
   To rise on Heaven, or to fall into hell, there is no need to lose touch with the earth.
   Think further yourself...
   August 25, 2005 - November 25, 2009

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