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Памяти Берта Шрейбера

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    Бывший морской офицер США, участник Второй мировой войны в своих работах пришел к выводу, что многие представления современной науки являются ошибочными. Он объявил приз в 1 миллион долларов тому, кто найдет в его решениях ошибку.

Памяти Берта Шрейбера

   Сегодня я узнал, что Берт Шрейбер умер 19 октября. Очень печально!
   С Бертом Шрейбером я познакомился 10 января этого года. В этот день я получил от него письмо (см. Прил. 1) , в котором он предлагал мне познакомиться с его работами. В своем ответе я написал, что многие наши выводы совпадают. Об этом свидетельствуют даже практически одинаковые названия наших работ:
   Titles of Bert Schreiber's papers
   Titles of Joseph Smulsky's papers
   The Main Mistakes of Modern Science
   Nonexistent Forces
   Force Cannot Depend on Acceleration
   Black Holes Do Not Exist
   The "Black Hole": Superstition of the 20-th Century
   В ответном письме Берта Шрейбера от 31 января было две такие фразы.
   "Your #2: You are the very first person who ever agreed with me on my SP#3 and #8.
   We are in agreement on many items. How we get there is immaterial. No one theory is the true theory anyway, including mine. It is how many of the end results agree and are probably the truth".
   Я также впервые в жизни встретил человека, который пришел к тем же выводам, что и я.
   Берт Шрейбер мне писал: "I know I am asking you to read a lot of my papers, but all are important and if you read them you will see why". Однако я тяжело болел и не мог много работать.
   В этом письме он сообщил мне также о работах Стивена Кроттерса: "I received a few days ago some e-mails from Steven J. Crothers on Black Holes. I am going to forward them to you as they are EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. PLEASE let me know if you received them. What is in these is why I have to start from scratch on my Black Hole works."
   Я начал знакомиться с работами Стивена Кроттерса, обсуждать их со Стивеном Кроттерсом и Бертом Шрейбером. Стивен Кроттерс сражался со сторонниками черных дыр. Поэтому в письме от 4 июня от ему я написал: "It is very good for science, if we in trio will write two papers about black hole and big bang with different point of view. You have my and Bert Schreiber's materials about black holes. As you is more youthful from us and has many strength, I suggest you to write a drag of paper about black hole. Then I and Bert Schreiber will correct it, and you will send the paper to Journal".
   В последнем письме от 11 февраля (см. Прил. 2) Берт Шрейбер представил ряд своих интересных мыслей и дал комментарии к моему докладу "THE REAL FORCES And UNREAL HYPOTHESES" для NPA's May 2007 Conference at UConn-Storrs. На это письмо я обдумал ответ и в ближайшее время собирался написать его. К сожалению, я не успел.
   Современная теоретическая физика своей абсурдностью возмутила многих талантливых людей во всем мире, и они с увлечением занимались разоблачением ее ошибок. Многие из них при этом сами допустили ошибки. Некоторые из них доказали ошибочность нескольких положений Теории относительности. Я считаю, что Берт Шрейбер был одним из тех, кто видел почти все ошибки теоретической физики. Его работы необходимо изучать и использовать для устранения всех ошибок в современной науке.
   Когда уходит из жизни знаменитый ученый, у нас говорят: "Наука понесла тяжелую утрату". Я полагаю, мы должны сказать, что современная наука понесла тяжелую утрату, потому что Берт Шрейбер не был в ее рядах!
   29.10.2007 Joseph J. Smulsky

Institute of Earth's Cryosphere, P.O.B 1230, 625000, Tyumen, Russia.


   Прил. 1
   Date: Wed, 10 Jan 2007 09:37:47 -0800 (PST)
   Subject: Opening contact, please read (Sapere Aude)

Dear Dr. Smulsky:

   I came across your name when looking over G. Walton s Sapere Aude from the links there to S. N Arthea. There are many things wrong with the current theories and with those promulgated by the iconoclasts. The iconoclasts even fight among themselves and cannot and will not combine forces so to speak. So to be brief I would like to invite you to visit my web page at (no www.) web2.airmail.net/nptbs that is more easily found by going to search and entering: collected schreiber I am the first hit.
   If nothing else, I hope you will at least read the section EASY MONEY II. In this item are a few of my discoveries in both mathematics and physics. It is extended in the section FALSITIES IN CURRENT THEORIES. Note the first item that is extremely distressing to ALL the scientists. Item #5 is typical of what is being taught and promulgated worldwide. These falsities are false by the scientist own works or a common dictionary as each is explained why briefly.
   As to Einstein s Theory of Relativity (GR and SRT) that is partially covered in the section SIDE PAPERS as item # s 11, 19, 23, 30, 49, 51, 53 and 58. But, 3 and 4 AUTOMATICALLY destroys the TOR and ALL current and past theories. However, these and from other sources are in the mini book GOODBYE RELATIVITY-HELLO REALITY.
   Unfortunately the derivation and full proofs of all of these are in my book that can be read, downloaded or printed out for free. The home page and the section s and the paper s titles speak for themselves. Not one single scientist in this world has been able to prove I am wrong, but by the same token with extremely rare specific exceptions (speed vs. velocity is one) refuses to admit I am right. And I do not expect (it is a rare occasion) to receive any further replies.
   Respectfully, Bert Schreiber
   Прил. 2
   Subject: Response
   Date: 11 Fabruary 2007 8:04

Dear Professor Smulsky:

   Thank you for your e-mails and attachments.
   We agree to many things, but not for the same reasons. The more reasons something is wrong, the more logical it is so.
   However, in you're the "THE REAL FORCES And UNREAL HYPOTHESES" I would like to make the following comments.
   #1: Generically, you use velocity and speed interchangeably that causes confusion. They are not the same. Examine your paper closely and be sure when you use velocity (actually some vectors) you mean same. And where you have velocity, be sure you mean speed the resultant of said vectors.
   #2 Paragraph starting Force (1): A: There is no proof that a moving magnetic field creates an electric field. See my paper on GSJ Electrostatic Fields, AND Magnetic Fields Surrounding Conductors. There is left out in the Magnetic field discussions equations etc. in ALL references; which way is the conductor WOUND?
   B: Moving charged or uncharged bodies are subject to the Lorentz Operator or Factor. When v = c the part under the radical goes to 0, not 1. See my paper on GSJ Lorentz Transformation Operator or Factor.
   I have a very difficult time convincing others that it is how you can predict what the APPARENT MEASURED values are OR converting the APPARENT MEASURED values back to their REAL laboratory at rest frame of reference. The equation has LIMITS in the real world and v cannot go TO c. There is one exception, but no one believes me anyway as it has been detected, just not believed.
   Simply, mass increase, length and time decreases are not real.
   #3 paragraph starting Hypothesis about particles: Light has an intrinsic mass. You are correct that it is not a particle. BUT, it can be treated as a particle and will give the IDENTICAL results for many of its mechanical effects when so done. Namely, most of the Photoelectric Effect. Again see my paper on GSJ The Photon: Fact or Fiction?
   #4 Paragraph starting Hypothesis about the light speed-: First sentence; "If gravitation - -" is a bad speculation. If the gravitational field had any propagation speed it is millions if not billions of times faster than light.
   I can't and it never will be proved, but I suspect it is instantaneous. When a mass is created, any other mass in the Universe knows it instantaneously or in 0 time. That does not mean it can cause some measurable effect.
   This and the propagation speed for the electric and magnetic fields are in my Falsities in Current Theory paper as items #8 and #9 respectively.
   #5 Paragraph starting Hypothesis about black holes: I have now updated and it is now posted on GSJ on Black Holes do not exist.
   #6 Paragraph starting Hypothesis about a deviation: This is fully covered in my paper on GSJ Gravitational Bending of Radiation. In all papers nothing is said about the function of the frequency of the light and the end results.
   #7: Last three paragraphs: We both agree on these three items.
   Regards, Bert Schreiber

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