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   Almost each August I visit village Sokrutovka of Astrakhan area of Achtubinskij district, based ancient it come from Sokrutovs. Despite of the nasty thing of desolation prevailing now in village and district, heart it is pleased to dialogue with local people. People Sokrutov,s - treasure. Kindness, geniality, love to all alive how to transfer characteristic features of them in all features? It is just necessary to talk to them and then all becomes clear. Sacred Russia. But they, basically, from old generation of inhabitants of village. Practically all youth now in the days and years without a break drinks vodka, use narcotics and on a background of it the set of crimes is made: steal from local residents of a product from aluminium, others color and ferrous metals, marketing them on cheap stuff to local businessmen to buy the next bottle of vodka or moonshine. All collective-farm garages are plundered up to last nail - there were one memoirs. There is no combine.
   Approaching now to village in the beginning of August, any more you do not see a national flag above student's camp which was developed on the hill earlier, the highest place in the district. Students helped collective farmers to collect tomatoes, plums, apples, water-melons. Many years are not present the collective farm. The student's camp, recovering in the summer rural life is deserted also. Some years do not pay salary to countrymen. Who both may, and gets out. Fishing, kitchen garden, haymaking, animals - at whom that is for a survival. A lot of Russian have left village and have got over in cities. Someone has engaged in profitable business - drive moonshine. Kazakhs living earlier in steppe, have got over in the thrown houses bought at Russian on cheap stuff. Kazakhs in Sokrutovka have not constructed any house, and those houses with kitchen gardens and gardens which they buy up at Russian, they trees do not water quickly turn to rubbish pits, kitchen gardens do not watch, houses do not repair, probably because not all this is made by their work. It is possible, that it only one of their jumping-off places for the further settling Russia. Really Russian as freely feel like in Kazakhstan and Chechen Republic? Earlier Kazakhs were afraid some water, and now catch for having rest cancers a network (150 roubles for a bucket of cancers), fish. Kazakhs borrow many guiding posts in rural advice, superseding year after year Russian of management of economy). Director of local club - Aliev. This year, having visited in Sokrutovka, I have seen, that moslems make already more than 60% of the population of village and the interest this constantly grows, as in each Kazakh family of 5-6 children.
   On Russian grounds inhabitants of Korea and Chechens arrange experiments - under plastic foil and with application of fertilizers raise early water-melons with which then poison all population of Russia, making profit thus on another's to mountain. The Earth after that turns to a rubbish pit.
   In Achtuba there are no sturgeons as they in Volga are caught by Chechens, Kalmyks, and Russian any more does not get primordially the livelihood - fishes of sturgeon breeds.
   Even before the first Chechen war the Chechen gangsters have stolen all collective-farm cattle (herds of cows and flocks) which loaded in huge lorries in two floors at night. All bases in Sokrutovka now empty and decayed.
   In what the reason of this desolation? May be in our hearts? Hearts our devastated, exhausted. There is no spiritual additional charging. It is necessary to return, revive it. There were earlier in village two big churches, more than forty mills, the tanning workshop, hotel, the big bath and is a lot of still that, and the village was twice more, than now. Family from twelve orthodox reaped each year a crop of bread the greater, than behind that collected each year the whole collective farm of a name of F.Dzerzhinskogo. Now it is possible to find only small hill on the place of one of orthodox temples and an aluminium monument in general without a uniform word on nem (it is simple a designation of the place where one of rural orthodox temples earlier was posed). Even stones from walls and the base of a temple did not remain - under a root have cut down all. Have scattered stones . In the heart have struck Russian peasants. Under the legend all life sat was connected to church. Now only survived long-livers remember it. And baptists, as though derisively, arrange tent camp on a coast of Russian river Ahtuba (inflow of Volga) and drive in its waters round dances stark naked in broad daylight!, when local children come in time fevers to be expiated. My father too remembers, how he after school ran in church. All family family trees, certificates on christening were stored in church from one blepharon in blepharons. From birth up to mors of persons was unseparable good luck. During war there have arrived commissioners and have told, that fire wood are necessary for front and since then there are no two churches of village of the Sokrutovka. There is no family here which would not lose the native person on war. You see as a matter of fact the sat - big family. My uncle Michael Filippovich Stonogin was missing on war, Paul Il'ich Stonogin was lost in Sevastopol and other my relative. My grandfather Dmitry Mefod'evich Stonogin would live not 83 years, and it is more, if not plural wounds received by him on war. Local residents have overlooked about the traditions. There is no place to return grace about the lost great-grandfathers, grandfathers, the fathers. Really all? How without money, without building materials it is possible to recreate all lost? I think, that only all world. For peasants the nearest church now in next the Pirogovka where they go to return grace on feasts. The sight on a problem of priest Pirogovskoj of church is at least interesting -he speaks inhabitants of the Sokrutovka, that if in the Sokrutovka to restore temples, _то to him in the Pirogovka nobody will go as and already there are not enough church-goers. In my opinion it is a sight of the person lost, thinking only about the profit. It is necessary to restore, native and then to us will come, life will quicken. For the present there are alive witnesses, photos, it is necessary to hurry up. The spiritual core of life - village will revive will revive.
   The help of all is necessary for restoration of temples orthodox to Russia.
   In name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Ghost. Amen.
   That it is necessary to make for revival of the Sokrutovka:
   1) To revive orthodox temples of Sokrutovka
   2) To each inhabitant of Sokrutovka to give out orthodox Bible and prays
   3) To lead in the village a gas main, not demanding thus from inhabitants on 15000 roubles. Such money at them is not present.
   4) To equip village with combines for processing the ground and harvesting of bread.
   5) To encourage birth rate in Russian families.
   6) In rural school to establish computers and to connect them to a network internet that all inhabitants might see the world receive higher education, communicate.
   7) To stop switching-off of an electricity in village because of which refrigerators and other engineering break.
   8) On the Achtuba to establish clearing constructions.
   9) It is possible to arrange a factory on manufacturing medicinal grasses
   10) In village the drugstore that old men did not go for 60 kms behind medicines is necessarily necessary.
   416524 Astrakhan area, Achtubinskij area, village Sokrutovka, Russia.
   Good luck, Orthodox.


   Dear, Sergey Vasil'evich!
   10 years each August I go on fishing in area Pirogovki and Sokrutovka.
   A lot of familiar in Sokrutovka.
   Has read your article. Has recollected still that, even Soviet Sokrutovka.
   It completely agree with you. It is insulting. What with us have made?
   Soon Russian at all do not remain.
   The last year it is a lot of houses in the Pirogovka have bought up by Chechens and behave as a house.
   To tell the truth, I do not trust, that our state will make something.
   Even did not prevent!
   Thank for good article.
   Yours faithfully,
   Jury (Moscow suburbs)


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