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    Рассказик 5 страниц на конкурс пужастиков. Вариант того, как и почему кирдыкнется Homo Sapience + коротенько о том, как тренировались боги. Английский.

  It"s so useful that you don"t believe pastlifes. I may fairly forealert you yet you will be thinking I am kidding you until it"ll be too late. By you I mean all your herd of white monkeys (don"t think about herd of white monkeys!). Me is... well...
  Some long time ago... I will not tell you the numbers. You won"t believe me anyway. You don"t believe your own planet history that quite accurately records 957.528 years. Why should I tell you about another one? So, long time ago, at the beginning of this me, I was in bad mood. I had nice life to say new job I was well trained to do, full family finally and so on. What"s full family? Oh... look at your own over-populated one and sex preferences. And... no matter, you don"t believe reincarnations. Anyway, scientifically, by math, in average, you get one rather straight man, one rather straight woman, one rather lesbo, one strictly lesbo and one girlish gay. Such a harem of 4, you could say. Plus one man who does not in families as dies in wars or something. So I just have got the new life in new city with new house and new job. And all this was blown off by... you would understand orbital nuclear strike. So I lost myself because those time I was ill and located myself not by myself but by what I have. Same ill as you now if you don"t understand how to locate youself by youself.
  Well, so some time later I found myself. In a trench. Losing my body again. I mean, being too tired to die. Something shot my head off and I suddenly found myself looking at what left and thinking... to say feeling as this is not thinking... well, feeling "oh, they killed me again, it"s silly to try to survive it". And next something took me and I found myself being a light infantry drone leaving a field warehouse. I lived for... I don"t know. Some minutes, you could say. Light infantry attacking heavy infantry do not live long. And I was not so attacking. Just walking somewhere along with the column. No surprise they shot me again. And again. Well, you nowadays have something similar in computer shooters. But the developer carefully does not make impossible-to-get-through situations for avoid putting the client, the buyer into deep apathy. And the player is not pasted in full VR suit until he"ll win the game... through impossible. So it was not a funny game. For the beginning for sure at least. I felt all that one don"t like to. I mean, I have had been feeling it, if you know gramma and you know the meaning of "have"... for example, in maxima "if you like problems you have them, and you don"t they have you". I felt deepest hopelessness dieing again and again and over again. I would not to go next attack but what was my will? Nothing. They put me in next body and it went to next death under hostile fire. Headoffs, torsoslices, lieing legless until somebody shoot you down. They have no mercy, you know. Who they? Later.
  Well, do not want to know how long it took, I got into quite better condition. Grief. "Poor miserable luckless me". As you see, here you have hope. You have almost lost hope to survive. You can realize that you are losing you life and cry about it. It is much, much better than apathy.
  And yet I was screaming with grief "no, please, do not put me there again! I do not want to die one more time! I can"t survive it anymore! Please-please-please!" Yet I was screaming... they... headoffs, torsoslices, etc.
  Some lifes later, fear came. Full-spirit paralyzing horror for the beginning. Horror of THEM rather than horror of enemy, I guess now. Then I can"t realize of what and compare. Horror, you know. And then it was fear. Of hostile fire. Finally, you could say. Yes, all the way before I was a dull victim who went to slaughterfield. And... fear came. And I found myself a heavy infantry hiding in a trench. And the first comm I remember is an angry guy somehow, radio maybe, shouting at me "rise and shoot back!" I did so. In panic. With all "Uh-uh-uh!!!... die first don"t kill me!" And caught next headoff. And found myself heavy infantry again, leaving warehouse with two ideas. "I must hide" and "I must kill em ahead" Well, I stuck in that for a long.
  I learned all lazer rifles and magneto guns. I learned how to hide and how to run back from disclosed position. Then I learned... I learned DIFRENCES. In enemy types. Light, heavy, tanks, scouts. I"m telling it in short as you can see all of this in your comp shooter games. In smart ones. For me, it was not short. Some hundred lives of learning how to hide and how to kill ahead or run back form those I can"t to. And next I found myself in an area there was too much of those I can"t. Too many scouts. And I knew the anger. The sweet felling of kicking off you mind for destroy that little weak senseful freaks. Sure, they support was killing me. But...
  Well, some dozens lifes later, I become wiser. I learned to wait and to sort out and to focus on. And to set them up to our fire. Well, actually, all the way I was not alone, for sure. There was another lights, heavies, tanks, guns, etcs on my side. Orders, coordinations, etc. But I am telling you about my, not a long history of war game. If you want to you can see videos of how one plays a shooter. Or a was movie. Or something. Anyway, I did not realized them so much. This are to kill, that are not to and may be used to kill this.
  It changed once. I got bored. I thought I learned all about shooting, hiding, sorting. Nothing new was for some dozen lifes. And... I remember it very well... I was in a trench at a stronghold. Not shooting. Bored. And a comm came. Don"t know how to say in your worlds. Not "help me". Nowadays your "help" is "advise" but "act with efforts in mine". Not "give me your fire". Not "safe me" or "cover me", yet the last is most closer if you felt what is to be under fire. I got it all at once in one short comm. From a heavy gun shooting back from tanks and attacked by infantry.
  I know, you will not understand me. But I"ll say it. I fell in love with this big girl. Technically describing, I admired and envied how she crash tanks and I pittied he being attached by infantry. Same tanks I hardly can and same infantry I bored to. And, the most... describe yourself what and how... I felt same in her. Admiration and envy to my mobility and ability to crash infantry and pity for suffering from tanks. I rushed...The battle...I can say it was first sex.. but your monkey sex in hardly ever for survive PARTNER and never AGAINST. No matter. Matter is the moment I sat legless leaning on her without aiming gears. And we wanted, we thirsting for being able to fix each over. With very light, pure sorrow understanding we can"t and we will lose each over soon. This was the first moment I asked them... you name it pray. I could say... I would be happy to say that I again found myself. Because there were no gap. Something take her our the gun and pulled off. Toward the hostile frontline. And I saw all clear that they will change her mind and soon I will be the infantry she suffer from. My rage was total. For a moment... the moment of fate choice, as I got later, for this moment all was off me by rage. She too. But I chose and rushed after her. Reached her. And we together flew over.
  We saw the frontline of battle. We saw the fixing frontline warehouses, repairing bodies. We saw transport lines of supplies. And finally we saw the factory. Huge area of mashtools and supporting industries. There we spend... it was one life. We changed many bodies, but it was one long life of study, learning and creation. I will not tell all these bolts, wires and stones. Ask your own drone hardware and software maniacs. Yet I want you understand something. I"ll give you one example of many I had there. And one principle.
  Example. I was sitting at assembling line doing one operation. Over and over again. Same operation of take a detail, set it in, fix. Same. Tick-tick-tick-tick. Right. I... we, actually, because she was next supplying and taking off... we had been just directly toughing the time itself. And absence of time as well. You will not understand until you have been doing it youself. Labor sewing for example. Awareing every stitch. Every of 3000 at least without long pauses.
  Principle. Technical definition of what is marriage. Not a monkey multiplication process what takes some minutes. Technical. Maybe, you can see that detection of a point location demands two viewpoints at the being detected with viewpoints knowing each over location exactly. Monkey eyes stereo is example. Weak, because you can"t take one eye off. Speacking wider, if you and your second know each over well, you keep the comm. channel open and regularry clean it with admiration, your couple can see and understand everything. And thus communicate with environment and change it. Don"t beak blind as flat picture every you "see" until alone.
  Also, I would like to add what in own couple it was same. She was big central and usually I was running around something being observed and analyzed. Sure we change for know each over. But usually...
  Next we were traveling off and back to the factory. Over all lines it was connected with. Dead body collectors, energy supply, mines. So we"ve got some picture of the planet we are at. Mechanically, objectively, if you can see objects only as a blind toucher, it was very simple. Huge rather metal ball well packed with uranium, etc. Frontline somewhere at equator. I says somewhere as the ball is not around a star but in space. Energy is under ground in metals. Atmosphere is but it is inert gases for thermo isolation and for fly in. And the ball does not spins.
  Well, from frontline of several sectors, there are big fat rears. Some are attacked time to time for remind that this all is about the steelchopper at the frontline. And above... well.
  Next we fly. Next after we get know the limits of materials and the time, we went to fly. Over the surface and around the orbit filled with quite enough battlestation and carriers for game the space. There is where I found what is will. The will that bend the time, space and materials. I met an opponent who flew and fight over possible limits. I felt that he just will to and it happens. That"s all I may say you. You either know it and I do not need to explain... anyway, will is nothing to do with mind and calculation. Yet no, is have to. It crash and bypass poor calculator making impossible into reality.
  And about THEM. I promised you to tell. Well, all the way at factory and piloting we felt their watching us. In the space battles of will against will we felt their will. The will to keep the game rolling and being not boring. Balanced. Not so as you see in your games for keep those who pay interested. To keep development. Once, just having my will in, I destroyed a carrier with all it"s... his, actually, defense. Next I felt their thought that they we rookies unable to use will and I felt all upset of my victims. I felt them all. Every guy and girl who were about to learn how to fly and a fast bad guy came and destroyed all their base and fliers just because was more willful. Something... for monkey civ it"s like a just 21 boy who bought new rifle and shoot down a school paintball team. Just because can to. And next a teacher with tank appears and ask "and what for did you need that?" Shame, you know. That"s how we became the chief and deputy of the carrier with these guys. Leading them how to use will. And it"s here we understand what are they. Masters of the will who keep all the game.
  Well... I left to mention what we with my second decided to play carrier against carrier. For keep our guys more moving toward mastering the will. Ask your top... I mean, best effective production managers how they rule the team. Imagine two anyball teams where coaches are married. For make the teams able to win any else.
  Some time later we for a while ruled the whole planet.
  Next we were learning details of what a group and team are actually. You do not know it. At all. I know why you can"t so I will tell nothing. I"ll mention another things of what we were doing next.
  I guess, you do not believe in teleportation. It"s quite simple thing, actually. Open a game, any 2D game. Make screenshot. Open in a graf.editor appl. Cut 2 equal pieces and replace. But actually, it"s more simple. Take a table 2D game. Is a figure there plate 2D? Sitting in 3D, can you take it off in one spot of 2D and put it in another? This is how it works. If you can see and operate in the upper dimension. 4D to the 3D you are used to. And yes, I fight with and against this skill. To say I know it well. I"ll tell nothing about flat time (you live in linear). It"s not that simple as teleportation.
  Actually, this is almost all about me. The rest will be later. Now, about your civilization.
  Well, you can... you may and may be, can see historical sequences. For example, your mobiles have simple 5-years clocking. It"s appears at all, it"s sold to reach people, it"s become little and sold to common businessman, it"s become cheaper and sold to common people, sensor screen, smart, android interface, High-def screens with VR, 4G and wi-fi with video connection. If you can look at this from viewpoint of user you can see that user have to change the mobile type every 5 years. Next could be neurointerface, isotope battery, hemi-liquid pseudo-biological hardware and interface. But I doubt you would live long enough to have this. Because.
  I do not know what the civilization have against Slavic. Russian for last several centuries. I mean, white people civilization because yellow and black are not so problem-making. But you can see that every 102 years somebody try to conquer Russia. I could say, to suicide against Russia. Sometimes it"s washouted by wars what are going already. 2016, 1710. Sometimes it"s not-so war as 1608 or 1404. But 1812 and 1914 are quite obvious. Next, some years later, there is another attempt. Another war with implementation of experience of a 102. And the second war change the army and civilization indeed. Because a new weapon appears. More and more unpredictable and effective. Such as powder arquebus killed noble militia for pro army, rifled guns that make frontline into ground from surface and nuclear bomb. You may see the clocking.
  One more thing to say. All military innovations originally were invented for peaceful civil use. Rifles were hunting device. Guns and rockets were firework. Crawler were off-road transport mean but a tank part. And, for last century or two, you civilization have futurists. People who predict future in books or just articles. Commonly, something appears in books or movies and then become reality. Like U-boats.
  Now, guess what. Add you historical clocking together. In next dozen or something years there will be a second attempt against Russia. It would use something appeared in 2016 war (right, drones). It will gave a principally new weaponing stuff predicted by your futurists and already present in civil sector of you civ. Guess what is it? Or, at first glance it"s simple. Taking the being off the monkey body (and putting into a drone). But you can"t make the second view. Same as peoples in summer 1945 can"t imagine what is civ and global politics under and with threat of Nuclear War.
  Well, now listen carefully. I"ll give you some of the second view. Maybe, you are brave enough for don"t avert you mind. It"s about me. About US.
  So, what you do know as Asteroid Belt between Mars and Jupiter is what left from our planet after we attacked those who were entrenched at Mars. It"s out nuclear strikes marks there, if you saw "yellow" scientific news and can believe it.
  And now we are here in you monkey civ. Living one more next monkey life. Last. We waited for some thousand years until you yourself will create what we are used to. Battle drones to keep a being in. The Earth and surroundings have enough nuclear fuel. Saying nothing about magma. And we still remember how to teleport planets to the next meatbag civ what are to be our new recruits.
  Sure you don"t believe me. It"s just a funny tale for tickle your nerves. We do not care. We gave you the chance by advance notification above. For make the game fair.
  Don"t believe it, please.
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