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Конкурсы: Киберпанк Попаданцы. 10000р участнику!

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Женские Истории на ПродаМан
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   Sergey Narovchatov (Russian: Сергей Сергеевич Наровчатов) (1919 - 1982) - a Russian author.
   By fairy tales I with the daughter
   Who I accompany each day the evening dawn:
   I braid mane of horses in the stalls,
   I give rings to beautiful girls.
   And fingers in me be charred from the feathers of the caught firebird,
   A star in the forehead in tsar- girl shines by the night of brighter than the light of day.
   But my daughter looks directly in my eyes: - tell me the fairy tale a new,
   Fairy tale, that once you and mom fell in love with in the youth of yours.
   Oh, as I do not love such the requests!... And still I must to tell.
   Deign, well, so here. Once upon a time there lived in the light a girl named ASSOL.
   Strange she was girl - to the sea only directed view, assuming an each boat for the ruby-sailed frigate.
   Dressishko - patch on the patch.
   But audacious mouth is obstinate was compressed compressed;
   "Captain will arrive on the frigate, He will take myself away!"
   As the girl lived of such difficultly, that more easily even Cinderella lived!
   But already as dreamed herself not awaken! But in dreams and happiness there's malice.
   Malice to the friends, to the petty neighbors, for whom fairy tale - only fraud,
   who says: "never will not arrive your splendid captain". Envy did not require also the answer!..
   By wind brought sea salt, I, after inhaling it, at dawn it ran out to Assol' coast.
   The sea kissed her foot.
   And then, having easily run into into the surf,
   even seagulls cry out-voiced,
   I heard a noice of the ship.
   Drops of waves wet her skirt, was cold morning fog...
   But already she rushed towards a boat, and her captain stood on the boat.
   Assol' - he asked only a name, and at that time, blinding the eyes,
   fairy tale fancied above them ruby-colored sails! So a daughter I entertain all the night...
   Let they speak about us with smile that from the sails remained the shreds
   I with the stones it collided frigate.
   But on these shreds only of hole, yes even those, it is said, grooved mole,
   that with rugs for the apartment threw they under the feet of Assol'.
   That, it is said, captain now in the resignation,
   his way - not straight, but at random...
   Daughter! We will introduce our corrections:
   People indeed untruth speak!
   Daughter answers: - that for the senses! We will scatter them after half-hour.
   And myself I will know how without the needle, to again sew similar of sail,
   That the ship will be torn away immediately from the sand-bar, it will fly to the sea dark blue...
   - Only we together wanted this fairy tale to be recalled in reality!

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