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Him and Her

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There're many men under the sun.
I'll introduce you to this one.
He is the best in everything -
He can write poems, he can sing.
He dances waltz, foxtrot, and swing,
He plays a drum and a tambourine.
He has a plane, he likes to fly.
Without plane, he climbs the sky.
He's smart, he travels overseas.
He speaks Italian and Chinese.
He does aikido, he can swim.
In any sport, he leads the team.
He builds a house, fixes the cars,
He knows how to reach the stars.
He scores his life 10 out 10,
He is a real gentleman!
This man is strong, he is a rock.
His name is simple - mister Prock. 


There're many women on the earth 
Here the one from special sort. 
She paints, and also, plays piano,
She sings contralto and soprano.
Her garden's huge, it looks amazing.  
Tomatoes grow, with proper spacing.
She hammers nails, she sews a dress,
Her pretty smile relieves your stress.
She's a sweetie, she's a honey,
Kids love her, she's the nicest nanny.
She flies at night, but isn't scary,
If you see her, she is a fairy.
Her cooking's always standing out.
She lives her life without a doubt.
10 out 10, life scoring's steady...
She is a very special lady!
What is her name? Well, if you care,
I tell you, call her simple - Sara.

We all must know, be aware
About Mister Prock and Sara -
Together they could double score,
If they unite they change the world!

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