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   Once the journalist of the newspaper "Izvestia" "new Russian (?)" Shinkarev published a big article in connection with some jubilee of introduction of soviet army into Czechoslovakia. He demanded that Russia to repent for committing which this crime по отношению to the brother people which tried to construct the "socialism with human face" and perform the "velvet revolution". To this good plans we shall return at thr end of this paper. And at that time I wrote to Shinkarev a suggestion to meet with him and tell some moments (aspects, facts??) from our history of relations of our states which he has not taken into account . I do not hoped seriously to get the answer and was astonished with pleasure that in this case my appeal my appeal was successful and S. phoned me. It is true he tip of that he has many years devoted to investigations of Chzech problems, but he was ready to meet with me meaning by that I nevertheless hope to gave him valuable information. I decided not to retreat and we fixed the time of meeting at holiday in his office in the building of "Izvestia" publishing house where I went with some trembling, but simultaneously with interest to check myself and even simply to visit this remarkable place (very popular before the perestroika)..
   I am theoretician physicist, but my hobby is - consideration of social problems. I have read about 1500 (!) of different memoirs , which help me to understand much new . This information I shared among my multiple собеседников and besides this helps me to put in order my notions. This is so also with this communication.
   My story I began from pre-revolutionary times when Russia served as supplier of cannon meat for our reach allied powers which changed from time to time. Generally the Russia because of unfavorable conditions of development (ice blockade hindering the connections with the whole world expenditures for heating, risky agriculture because of short vegetation period, and ???sub(un)optimal??? precipitations , the rains from warm Golf stream heating the Europe left main their mass before Carpathians, see the book by Parshev " why Russia is not America" which clarifies me so much.
   . This weak aspect of our economics excited the desire of rich Europe to colonize us. And we do not became a colony because this treat (menace?) our people consolidated into unified state preferring the loss of some internal freedoms enslavement from outside. But the tsarist regime always needed money for keeping its people in compulsory submission for merciless exploitation. Although such rich palaces of our pre-revolutionary rulers (tsar was the owner of the half of all the Russian land, more than contemporary terrible oligarchic mafias) I have not seen in incomparable more rich Europe. So the western credits were needed for weapons against the own people. And when the Russia was involved into world conflicts it must pay off for the depts it was most convenient for our rulers and western banks by millions of our people. As for France have given Algerians, for England -
   Indians, the part of Russia in this relation was like of the colonies. Here our allies tried to get more to give less, sometimes even with damage themselves.
   As authoritatively witnessed the memoirs of Chamberlain? Lloyd-Jorje? the defeat of Russia in the first world war was partially evoked by miscalculation of Englanders . They were regretted that were greedy and did not gave their surplus of armament to poorly equipped
   Russians. The regime of our state at that time could not stand against the social strains (compare this with the 2nd world war - we shall do this later). As a result of such "economy" and the caused by it revolution of 1917 year our more developed partners have lost the main
   supplier of cannon meat and must unlike their habit to be at war without this help and have such greater part of the casualties. The losses of Englishmen in the first world war exceeded that of the second, although the armaments became later incomparable more mighty.
   It was necessary for the Entente by all means to return Russia in the war. Here had to help the 200 thousand Czech corps in prime condition, disciplined and motivated by the goal to win independence of Austria-Hungary empire for the help to the Entente. The Czechs were ready to get across to the western battlefield. But they were instructed to remain in Russia where was no army at that time. In condition of front disintegration they were a decisive force. The assigned task was executed seemingly in the best way. They do not support the dethroned monarch and making anticommunist upheaval, gathered the remainder of the Constitutive meeting and erected a new government. It was supposed that the people will follow the "comparatively democratically" elected new rule . But they were intentioned to return the country into the war . As prime minister of the government (I have forgotten his family) was chosen a politician which memoirs I have once occasionally read. Remarkable that he has written these memoirs abroad after the defeat of White Army without any enforcement and made a striking in his situation conclusion: Without the Czech corps there has not been at all the Civil War.
   Of course could be some insignificant rebellions against the peoples rule , but they would be immediately suppressed . And so the country exhausted by the defeat in war with more than a million of soldiers deaths ( causalities) was involved in the misfortune of the fratricidal civil slaughter with 8 millions (!) of murdered. A significant part of these millions lies heavy on the conscience of the Czech criminal participation in our fate. They were the trigger of all these murder (and, particularly, have captured the gold reserve of Russia).
   By the way this slaughter when brother struggled against brother under the influence of the outside forces together with the following constant political and economical and other blockades of USSR by the developed world was the decisive factor of the bitterness among people and increasing of mutual distrust, which to a marked degree resulted as development of our GULAG . So "empires of goodness" so much criticized this evil were significantly the outside evil giving rise to it. Besides this it should be emphasized that the defeat of efforts of the capitalistic Europe, Japan, etc., to squash our revolution nevertheless suffered a crash by testing the will of our people. It was as the proof(evidence??) of mathematical theorem about at what side was the truth. In their memoirs even the leaders of white armies, Denikin, Kolchak (see "Interrogation of Kolchak" - as real memoir ), ataman Semenov, etc., accepted that they were unsuccessful, because they tried to make comeback to the people the enslaved status which suited only negligible part of the population, and the mighty will even of the tired out workfolk withstand them. Later in fear of USSR, which his enemies have set against themselves, recoiled of them (only USA have spend 4 thousands billions of dollars (!)
   as has mentioned Jorge Bush. It concerns others developed empires which sowed the seeds of enmity at sacrifice. So that now it is evident that more soft politics towards USSR could give the economy of fabulous amounts of finances and guarantees of more stable peace. Of course, it is difficult to imagine that the golden billion would agree with the refuse of exploitation of people by one another which is the base of their wealth and which was one of the noble slogans of the socialist revolution.
   Let us now consider the aggression of effectively almost the whole Europe on USSR caused by the abovementioned antagonism. The states conquered practically without their serious resistance to the ruled by Hitler Germany became its practical partners although without great enthusiasm. Czechs were involved in this virtual coalition have not made a single shot, although their army was considered among the most strongest in Europe. And together with fascist Germany they directed their efforts with mighty heavy industry (almost surpass the Germans - this was for me unexpected in due time) and high effectiveness of work for enslaver our people and celebration of Nazism in the world. A great part of transport, heavy armament of Hitlers forces was provided by Czechs. I do not know how much Czechs were in aggressors' army, but by the weapons, made by hands and talents of brothers Czechs сwere killed about ten (more?) millions of our and other Slavic people. By the way, to our soldiers entered in Czechoslovakia was mainly forbidden to shoot, what was successfully used by Czechs..
   Worth recalling here is an important fact , which somehow was not clearly mentioned before despite its principal instructiveness. In first world war Russia and Germany entered being monarchies with very high extremely unfair and thence unstable pyramids of wealth distribution,
   with, as a matter of fact, super criminal luxury. This lead in both cases to their throw-down by revolutions (exact measure of absence public support of rulers) . It happened when Russia and Germany were practically almost not occupied (the fight was comparatively near the borders). Our pyramid was higher and crushed earlier (peace agreement at Brest, where the German aggression in 1941 began). And in World war II Hitler army practically supported by almost the whole Europe reach the Moscow and the people withstood this great test with victory. The Germans also did not capitulate for a long time even after downfall of Berlin. This proof of strength of both systems which was enforthed in definite degree by some aspects of socialism (Nazis' and our imperfective, but much more noble one) in state regime. But Hitler inspired his people by perspective of enrichment by robbing the more poor country , it colonization, ruthless exploiting and manifestation their racist - Nazis' selectedness by God . And socialistic constituent of their behavior was something more equal distribution of plunderage and some restriction of superrich oligarchs. And by us in spite of our poorness, the practice of social
   transformations was incomparable more attractive (the best people of the planet were admired by far not perfect, but wide realizations of some dreams of humanity. Our victory appeared again as exact mathematical proof the advantages of our "socialistic" (with corrections tom our more difficult conditions for embodiment of ideals of fairness).
   To the point, without the Civil War, unleashed by the Europe, the socialism by us would be with much better human face even by measure of the golden billion. But in spite of all the NEWSPEAK propaganda from the West , the democracy in USSR appeared more true if to evaluate this by realization of peoples' will taking into account the crying unequal conditions of parent states with their (neo)colonies and in our country. Remember at least that the rate
   coefficient of income of most richest 10 \% part of population to 10 \% most poorest was three times more for capitalistic in comparison with that in USSR . This measure of injustice becomes much bigger if to include the directly exploited countries from which their rich partners have confiscated wealth.
   It was surprising for me that our talk with Shinkarev appeared to be almost my
   "monolog -lecture" what could partially explained by the culture to hear others by eminent journalist, but also by logic of the information which I have told during about an hour (which was based on noncommunist sources ,which Sh. trusted).
   After the war USSR fenced of the dangerous West by the band (zone) of dependent countries including Czechoslovakia. It is natural to expect from the bloodless USSR delicate foreign politic after all that would be not , despite all the sympathy our people to Czechs. And when because of fear from members of Eastern block into NATO, what was not improbable taking into account the present active Czechs membership including sending troops into Irak, happened the entrance of our army in Prague (maybe with some victims , but incomparable with mentioned above. It must be understood as programmed by the previous historical events. And so far as concerns the recantation it must be at least from both sides and fair enough weighted. That reminds me that being in our "socialistic" camp, our partners were actually in more privileged state, then self the USSR , although the degree of their privileges was simply something reduced in comparison with what they could allow themselves being in the camp of the worlds oppressors of raw materials countries. Now Czechs entered NATO to join with golden billion and get their long wished big amount of benefits on account of exploitation other billions of humanity using the worlds financial regime organized by richest countries and based on united military forces. They are needed as possible missile treat against Russia.
   It should be added here some moments of my impressions from talks with my old Czech-friends who are coming to our international institute in Dubna. I was sadly to remark the evolution of their world overviews from the "velvet progress with human face" to philosophy "man is a wolf to a man" ( I have heard this astonished by lack of any shame) and "let the weak and those in unfavorable conditions die - it is normal"! I, to the point, have recently suggested one of these friends to think about this my observation and about that these notions must negatively manifest themselves, e.g., on moral level of his own children and their judgments about parents. Remember how Childs of mighty and triumphed monarchs often treat their fathers bestially savage and between this limit case and normal brutal behavior of educated children of "individualists-capitalists" there uis a continuous spectrum not so striking , and mainly not totally understandable, but significant losses from defects ob own philosophy. I asked The Czech to tell me at our next visit his opinion on this subject. It seemed to me that this suggestion produced a sober effect of sight from the side. And just such direct perfect sincerity in our talks must make true our relations and enrich the spiritual constituent of our being more than material profits so perverted, although intensively preached in the world. I have once delivered a lecture about profits of altruism, see my site in Internet http://theor.jinr.ru/~zakharev/
   What I have told to Shinkarev , I have related later even to Czechs themselves: to professors in nuclear institute near Prague, in our JINR at Dubna and even in Canada и даже в Канаде (Hron has even praised me), to one physicist in South Africa, who said that it seemed to him very clear and well founded. I was pleasantly wondered thet they did found nothing to say against. Unfortunately I could not tell about my vision of the problem to all Czechs, although it would be useful for our mutual understanding. Recently I have sent (now by e-mail) suggestion to meet Sh. , but this time he did not answer from him.
   One interesting moment in our talk with Sh. He asked me in conclusion how I see the situation in our country at that time. As journalist he made a right step of informational check of public opinion. But I was impressed by his own position. He said that Russia remind him the Zoo in which all dens' doors and let the beasts (unter-menschen?) go out. I do not manifest that have understood him exactly. But taking into account that he was collaborator of oligarchic center of PR I suppose that the good paid correspondent, "new Russian" means the simple people as beasts. I base my opinion on western minded our mass-media which highly evaluated our new "Russians" freely emigrated to rich countries (for simple Russians it was almost forbidden ) or again and again visiting them. This negligible minority which finally gain only for themselves the desired freedoms by helping the abroad plans of our "perestroika". At that time the avalanche of trillions dollars from poor country to the richest ones has produced a wonder transforming the chronically deficit budget of USA into proficient one for what our oligarchs were rewarded from the same sours (as a result about 10 millions of people were died from malnutrition and degraded medicine) .
   I think that our contact or representatives of different poles of world overviews was mutually useful. It such contacts have mass character, then our sharp problems would be solved incomparably rapidly. I appreciate Sh. for his lesson for me, his attention and patience . It was a good example of feedback wit our pro-oligarchic mass media, introducing perverted NEWSPEAK, which erroneously considered as useful by slag component of our elite .
   Yu. Nersesov, European Hitler's arsenal, Russian Specnaz, N 12 (99) December 2004

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