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The Story about Gogol's Overcoat of the abstract press secretary

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    The Story about Gogol's Overcoat of the abstract press secretary

  The Story about Gogol's Overcoat of the abstract press secretary
  Many organizations have press secretaries. They are all different people. But there was a strange thing: the day before on TV the film "The Overcoat" ['The Overcoat of an official'] was presenting. The based on the work by Nikolai Gogol. Press secretaries are interested in classical literature; the film was watched with pleasure. And for some period of time (probably, not really a long) all the press secretaries began to think and act synchronously.
  An abstract press secretary, so to speak, was formed for some futher a period of time .
  This abstract press secretary is in his office watching the news. Anything new?
  A journalist from an oil-rich country moved to North America, began to cooperate with some media and became a slightly influential figure.
  But journalists in addition to professional life posess also a personal interests.
  The journalist appeared will of circumstances in the country on Bosphorus and together with the bride came to consulate of the country, oil-rich, for execution of some documents.
  The bride remained to wait in front of the Consulate entrance. She waiting, waiting, but the groom is not...
  Raised a fuss. The Internet was filled with various reports that this slightly influential journalist at the Consulate was tortured and then killed.
  But who saw the event with own eyes? These messages are really truthful?
  Nevertheless it is strange: the person came into official public institution, and after that, it seems, nobody saw him ... After all not the 1453 year ...
  The press secretary moved the sheets of paper with messages about the disappeared journalist. Those sheets, which lay from above, he moved down. And those that lay on the right, he moved to the left.
  Again looked at these sheets of paper.
  The press secretary - the official, has to look always perfectly.
  The abstract press secretary approached a mirror and just in case inspected himself and brushed the hair.
  The look lingered on a badge with a position, a surname and a name: "I am a journalist".
  Then he returned to his table.
  From somewhere of the depths the thought was rising to the surface of consciousness. The thought moved and took shape. Finally she reached the surface of consciousness and crystallized.
  "We do not interfere in the interfaith dialogue!". "Yes!"
  "All of us came out of 'The Overcoat of an official' by Gogol", - the abstract press secretary remembered up the phrase from the film, which was shown the day before.
  12 October 2018 14: 40
  Translation from Russian into English: October 12, 2018 15:17.
  Владимир Владимирович Залесский 'Рассказ о Гоголевской Шинели абстрактного пресс-секретаря'.
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