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About myself

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Школа кожевенного мастерства: сумки, ремни своими руками
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People call me weird, people call me crazy,
People call me an obsessed, but truly - I'm amazing!
My tiny female rapid brain enjoys this tangled role.
When people think I have a whim, I'm staying in control.
Yes, I'm emotional sometimes. At times, I'm like a beast!
But this should not affect the rest, the best that's in my list!
Those quirks I hold inside myself, those little noisy thoughts
Are only there to help me out when I invent my plots.
I live both words - the Here and There, the real and the dream.
The heroes, elves and magic spells are in my loyal team. 
The Muse - that diva on my head plays music with my hair,
She whispers fantasies and laughs, dismissing my despair.
Reality is always there, you can't escape your life,
But better writing stories down than give your hand to knife.   
So Boys and Girls, and other folk, before you blame someone,
And cast prompt verdict on myself, do ask : "What have I done?"
What have I had so far in life? How managed to endure?
Then you might maybe realize - obsession is my cure.
Life often has been harsh to me - reality of cramp...
Please, do not judge, unless you've paid a visit to my camp.
The terms you use are not in place for they describe such things
That have no reference to me, they just condemn my wings.
The weapons in this fight for life sealed deeply in my heart. 
You say the craziness of mind, I call it style and art!

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