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The fatness of delight

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Школа кожевенного мастерства: сумки, ремни своими руками
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I must confess, I love his fatness
As much as he adores his gut!
He loves me rubbing it with gladness
And calls me: my delicious brat!
He loves his gluttony; and sweetness
Of it is what I so adore,
The feeling of fulfilled completeness
As such, but then there's always more!
There's always more of secret passions
In pleasing moments of the feed,
A combination of reactions
That generates our perfect fit!
I also love the pure abundance
Of our sex and our space
There's always tasty smells around us
Of foods with which I stuff his face!
My pretty fatty gorgeous glutton,
The most adorable of guys!
He lets me pinch his belly button
And likes my notes about his size!
He lets me squeeze his bulky layers
Of lard on his enormous frame,
Which always fuses my desires
And his delights into one flame!
His roundness is an honoured symbol
Of my deliberate success.
We both enjoy it, plain and simple
Throughout the pleasures of excess...



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