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Dens of old Vladivostok

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    Dens of old Vladivostok.

  There is a four-part feature film "The Heart of Bonivour" about the formation of Soviet power in Primorye, where at the end of the film the White Guards terribly tortured revolutionary Bonevour.
    When joining the pioneers, some school classes were taken to the place of Kondratenovka settlement. The bus PAZ from Vladivostok crawled for almost two hours (our bus PAZ went from the bridge to Egersheld), some schoolchildren swayed to shit and fainted for half a way.
    And in Ussuriisk, the pioneers were taken from a locomotive, in which S. Lazo was allegedly burned. After the dedication to the pioneers, on other days, the lasers in the furnace of the same locomotive.
    During the Civil War, people were tortured and tortured everywhere - in intelligence and counter-intelligence, on the Russian Island and on Egersheld, on cruisers and trans-Siberian trains. There was a quiet little Stolypin closed wagon to a remote station, and inside the car moans were not in Russian, or in Czech or Scandinavian, curious will open and stir meat there. And lying at the door with a moan said.
    - Désolé pour l'image laide, désolé! (Sorry for the ugly picture, sorry!)
    While some citizens tormented others before the gaze and rolling their eyes under their foreheads, others in the meantime rolled their eyes from buzz and bliss. In the center of the city, in the depths of the yards and on the upper floors, dozens of various opium chicken lurked.
    The main and constant visitors to the opium were Chinese laborers and fishermen, some of the Koreans, inconstant - Europeans, bohemians - writers and artists, transit travelers through the Transsib, and intelligence officers and contenders - to relieve stress after a nervous and noisy work .
    The luscious smoke of opium flowed from drafts and slots of brothels, creating something fabulous and mysterious on the coastal air. Citizens and neighbors who did not belong to the dens of the dens were treated with the understanding that the person should relax, especially the counter-intelligence officer.
    With uninvited or unexpected visits by the police, the owners of the cereal establishments cleverly hid through the corridors and courtyards, leaving the smoky guests. Someone was whispering about something with someone, sometimes playing a mysterious sugary Far Eastern music.
    Often in the morning on the nearby streets found corpses of smokers, and even naked. There were two versions with corpses. Either the smokers lapped out in the dens themselves, from where they were already undressed and carried out secretly into the street. Either the fumigated fallen trees already froze on the streets, and there they were stripped by passers-by.
    The first imperialist war and revolution made adjustments to the life of all such cheerful and quiet institutions. Initially, transit visitors and customers increased more, and doses and assortment increased - cocaine, morphine and opium for injections, and used hashish.
    Sometimes something that would be erupted by the smokers ordered junks, and if the winter sled and skated on the waves or ice.
    But after the arrival of the reds it was not until the buzz. Some of the owners were shot, some of them fell under deportation, camps, prisons. The survivors escaped with capital abroad.
    For some years until the end of the NEP, there were very hidden separate rooms and houses, but they were also finished with them.
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