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  stuff is scattered like particles rusty like a shutter on an outdated gun iron taste of blood in my mouth dim reddish veil of blood on my sight
  swing is screeching somewhere rocked by the gentle wind that is soaked with blooming flowers warmed fields this screech and the rustle of grass all around are the only sounds for many miles interrupted only by a thundering bullet of an occasional freight train shot from a gaping mouth of the tunnel as i sink into the dry dusty ground next to our dear leader playing dead accumulating power apparently it's from him i inherited my inclination towards this kind of leisure cos he's equally dead lying still head to head with me and apparently he is much more aware of what it is to be dead than i ever was but whatever i've seen worse
  seen him leave that pretty timeless arian husk of his almost completely sparing just enough to maintain basic functions evaporate into the atmosphere become one with the forest we lost ourselves in and stay that way omnipresent for an intangible amount of time and i'd just sit there clueless sensing what was going on but unable to join i felt jealous to the point of finishing him on the spot but luckily managed to keep the demons at bay
  the air cracks with a heavy heartbeat of a train its impending step shakes the earth we're partly partial to at the moment adding that sweet sweet note of grave danger to the atmosphere
  the desire to evaporate intensifies drastically giving the idea of a nuclear explosion that sweet sweet note of hope to look up to thin and ghostly like a passing stranger's promise to push me off a cliff as if there was any cliff nearby and both of us happened to be near the edge of it at the same time at some point
  nuclear explosion is a measure capable of expressing the way i've been feeling ever since birth as invisible as determined as deadly as careless as unstoppable as callous it would properly weaponize the environment once and for all to correlate with the way it's been feeling ever since i was born
  any other way is merely scratching the surface of my titanium coating producing sparks making awful screeching noises and annoying as usual nothing more than a headache in the long run yet still
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