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  his sorrow is celestial extraterrestrial like a mystic black river flowing from and into nowhere tsunami surge oppressive force inaudible songs of dark matter in the outer space humming in pulses from within washing away back to nothing
  dark violet shimmering in the moonlight in the middle of ash field somewhere elsewhere he conducts and transforms pulsing in morse into the outer space cold lonely place alone and unreachable
  it's just you and the hungry bare stare of the stars that reminds me of things i have seen while dead or unborn there is nothing but light shimmering glimmering glowing and flowing outlined by the vast empty space deadly rays lack of focus pure essence
  basic component raw stock from which all the impulses stem
  bigger than me bigger than you irreparable incomprehensible syrupy viscous irresistible like a volcano erupting tsunami comes crashing and it hurts to be close yet less than to be away
  so i don't believe in mistakes and errors and thus he was granted this terrible gift of seeing through for a reason that surpasses understanding terrible terrible gift wonderful wonderful curse too elegant for a punishment too unbearable for a skill so that's essentially all that he does and ever did just sits there in terror looking through behind all the walls and the screens warm bodies thin air freezing touch of glass and metal sits there in tears at a loss unable to call it or break the contact
  staring into the starlight for eternity
  the ability to see light above all is essential for the adequate understanding of the environment i thought once how would i know that such ability can get so overwhelming back at the time so overbearing that it makes everything else ethereal and irrelevant blurry images passing mirages
  can you see time do you know what lies past it
  all of my fits and seizures combined could not possibly compare to his quiet mute episodes of paying respects to the vultures of stars getting overly aware of that bottomless pit he's been stuck for life in
  sinking so low it escapes comprehension
  the blood is red and it doesn't cease to surprise me he always looks too inhumane too raw big and dark born to fight titans stuck among humans looking through as some kind of horrible joke divine punishment walking talking breathing sacrilege
  i expected his sacrilegious blood to be black syrupy shimmering sweet like that ocean i lose myself in so quickly that i can feel but not see
  you're the antimatter and nothing else matters the tides of sorrow to commemorate what your through-and-through stare unravels
  you were born to wage wars burn cities woods fields you were born to fight titans and unravel the world with the bright freezing starlight as the only response freezing and dry indifferent yet thorough
  the awe at your destiny strips me of breath and i dare not touch stuck in the back in the dark where i cannot see his tears only taste them too bitter spent lavishly in quiet and peace dead and mute coma-like
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