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English ballads

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    на английском языке

   Английские баллады
   English ballads
   Sunset of rover
   Something does really happen
   While I go on and go on
   Back on the shoulders weapon
   Carrying for so long.
   Sorry, my dear country,
   Fatherland of my dreams,
   Years that I spent discountly
   Flowing in stormy streams.
   Bird in the sky of brightness -
   Love to unknown and clear
   Flies in this wind stream's tightness
   Maybe to disappear.
   Weapon upon my shoulders -
   Force of this love, bewinged,
   Blacken and getting older
   With my way's closing in.
   Sunset of poor rover
   Burning away from home,
   And only words: It's over.
   Tolls under starlight dome.
   Something does really happen
   While we go on and go on
   Somebody takes the weapon -
   Sunrise of vagabond.
   When ship will be drowned in water
   Of brilliant bitter tears,
   The face of remorseless slaughter
   Will come to the smooth abyss.
   And clouds will be slightly lightened
   By fire of morning star.
   What wonder is: nothing frightened,
   So calm after awful jar.
   So silent for shout and crying
   At last in sepulchral pray,
   That picture has changed the dying
   Beginning the morrow day.
   Last Goodbye
   Shade of your hairs falls
   On the wall behind you.
   Oh, how many the walls
   Our evenings knew.
   Soon we'll have to go back
   Everyone in their own,
   Night is coloring black
   Space of inky-blue dawn.
   No one said the same words
   That we whispered at last.
   In each other's accords
   Our love was so vast.
   Beauty's all that I see
   Heart is beating the same,
   Beating unwillingly,
   But not having an aim.
   And in front of my eyes
   Stay arisen recalls -
   Of betrayed last goodbye
   Unforgettable false.
   Silence tightened the lips,
   "Bye" I said, and that's all,
   Turned away and bright weeps
   Shined on background of wall.
   One pray
   Somebody's in dreams of eternal
   But I have just one thing I pray:
   One second, one moment, life's owner,
   Oh, give me, Lord, in present day.
   I saw who've been thinking of morrow
   But gone on a sudden at night,
   One second, one moment, and sorrow
   Is here, have come into sight.
   Nobody can make the prediction
   Of sure for hour ahead
   One second's, one moment's conviction
   Makes better than man for his sad.
   And each one who thinks himself blindly
   A master that's making his way -
   One second, one moment will find him
   And open his eyes for to pay.
   Somebody's in dreams of eternal
   But I have just one thing I pray:
   One second, one moment, life's owner,
   Oh, give me, Lord, in present day.

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