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Equal rights

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    Stop discrimination of male students!

'''Equal rights''' is the idea of reduction of the discrimination of some group(s) of people in compare to some other group(s) of people.
In particular, such a term refers to the increase of population of girls among students in the universities. In some universities, the concentration of boys is an order of magnitude higher of that of girls (say, 90% of male students and 10% of female ones). This is considered as an indication to the sexual discrimination. In order to reduce the discrimination, some quotas are considered. For example, in order to get the governmental donation, the University is forced to count with at least 10% of female students. Such a practice does not seem to be efficient, nor popular.

There is no doubt, the presence of female students improves the moral climate in the educational groups. The practice of packing of male students in the almost male groups can be considered as discrimination of the male students, and affects the prestige of learning of sciences. Another question, how to attract female students to the University?

In this article, the original concept of sexual discrimination is considered, and the suggestion for the mitigation of the disproportion is formulated.

About equalities

The "equality" may have sense if and only if some [[class of equivalence]] is formulated. The ordered pair of numbers (1,2) and (2,4) can be considered as equal, while each of them is interpreted as numerator and denominator of a fraction in the definition of [[rational number]]s. However, the same pairs are not equivalent being considered as [[Cartesian coordinates]] of points at the coordinate plane. In the similar way, a male cannot be "equal" to a female, for example, in the ability to give light to a baby. Therefore, the "equality of rights" should be explicitly specified.

In order to show that such a specification ("equality") can be done in different way, consider an example. Currently, in the most of cases, the heavy passengers pay the same price for the tickets, as the small light ones. This can be considered as equality in rights. On the other hand, the short slim passengers may wonder, why they have to pay twice per each kilogram of their body, than another passenger, big and heavy. However, the air-company may be interested to save expenses on the measuring of weight of passengers, or, for some reasons, to sponsor namely big and heavy visitors. This is right of a company, to determine their policy about the ticket prices.

In the similar way, the "equality" in rights may be adjusted in pretty different way in many other aspects. In the following section, one of ways of adjustment of the equality of rights of male and female students is considered.

Male and female rights in the University

In civilized countries, the sexual relations are not prohibited for students of any sex. In this sense, one could declare the "equality" of the genders. In this section, several aspects of such an "equality" is considered.

Any student of any gender has right to have sex, as far as he or she can find the appropriate partner and can do it without to fail the classes. Then, the question of contraception arises: has the student of any gender the right to have sex without any contraception, that may lead to the fertilization? Are all students allowed to do this, and do they have equal abilities to realize this right?

Observing the public opinion, one may conclude that there is strong discrimination. The boys, who have sex and fertilize girls, may keep their incognito, and they may hide such an aspect of their sexual behavior. The girls, contrary, have no way to hide their pregnancy, and often such a pregnancy is considered as an evidence of a "bad", or "amoral" behavior; especially if the female student is not married.

The biological difference between genders cannot be eliminated by the laws nor by the university policy. However, the attitude to boys and girls who have sex in the natural biological way (that leads to the fertilization of female) should be revised. In order to equalize the genders in their rights, the administration should provide the strong support to pregnant students, and even stronger support to students who have a baby. In the last case, the strong "equality" can be realized; the male student who carries after his son or daughter should be respected in an equal way, as a girl who carries after her son or her daughter.

The support may have different forms, but it should not affect the quality of the education. The pregnant student, or a student with a baby may have privilege getting the scholarship. She or he may get more careful attention from the professors, their home-assignments may be revised more carefully, than those of other students. Professors may consider to adjust the schedules of classes taking into account needs of a young mother or father. The students should be encouraged to provide some help to young mother of young father from their group in the understanding of sciences.

Even if the University is absolutely poor, and have no any funds to provide any scholarship for the pregnant students and students with babies, at least the certificate of congratulations should be emitted to each pregnant student as soon as her pregnancy is certified by the doctors. Another congratulation certificate should be emitted to each student who gave light to a baby. Such a students should be surrounded by the high respect from the side of professors and the administration. The students should be encouraged to show the similar respect too.


The suggestion above aims to make the University more attractive for female students who want to have sex and to have babies.

With the current policy, often the marriage is considered as the only way to satisfy the biologic instincts of a woman; the girls have to look for a husband in first, and only then they may think about the education. Often this forces the women to have baby when they become old, if at all. The moral support of pregnant students and students with babies is essential for the attraction of female students to the university and, in general, for the growth of the civilized, educated Nation.

The concept above should be considered as suggestion for the National project, that is essential for the future prosperity of the Nation.

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