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Школа кожевенного мастерства: сумки, ремни своими руками
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    Many people had communicated me about rolex and viagra, hence, I am a great specialist in it.

Preface Many people had communicated me about rolex, viagra, quick diplomas, easy fast money and similar staff. After to get hundreds of such messages, I see, one considers me as a great rolex specialist, and I should share my knowledge about the subject.

Past century, the swiss company Rolex and their mechanical watches were considered as symbol of precision and quality. (That time, the soviet watches were known as "fastest in the world".) After discovery of the quantum clock, the precision of mechanical clock could not compete with that of the electronic devices. However, the swiss watches remained as some kind of fetish, as symbol of prestige; this point of view was extensively cultivated in the mass media. This prestige was supported also by the replica watches; the existence of such replicas indicated, that the original watches are still better.

This century, the precision of mechanical clock cannot compete with that of electronic devices, but the rolex still could be a certificate, that the owner had financially supported the grandchildren of manufacturers of the "best watches". This explains the terminology: the replica watches are called "fake watches", as if it would be a false check. The watch-masters in various countries dislike those, who deal with the "fake watches".

The interpretation above carries certain negative intonation with respect to the replica watches. The better a watch emulates the original, the stronger is expression that the owner pretends to be supporter the families who "did the best watches" being supporter of copiers, that have nothing to do with the real old Swiss Masters.

The negative characterization of busyness of copying of the original clocks determines certain contingents of distributors of the replica watches. As the most appropriate form of advertisement, they had chosen the aggressive email attack to all internet users.

The jump of the rolex messages was registered in year 2004. Since that time, rolex seems to be leader in the junk emailing, beating such products as viagra and pornography. At the beginning, such aggressive advertisement could be efficient and fruitful for both, manufacturers of replica watches (as they could distribute some of their production) and the real Swiss company; their product looked superior at the background of the replica watches.

The fake watches usually are promoted, indicating some fake email address of the sender; such an address either does not exist, or belongs to some user who never had sent the rolex messages. Therefore, it is vain to try to kick the "sender", giving his email to some www.sex.org www.GetMillionTomorrow.com . In the best case, such a subscription will fail. In the worst case, an innocent user becomes victim of spamers, similar to those who promote Rolex. Up to my knowledge, the email software has no general tool to detect, that the sender did not indicate his true address. The spam-lists and the content analyzers are used instead. Such filters require the management and do not guarantee, that all the olex messages will be marked as spam and all the honest messages go through. For example, it is not recommended to use words "viagra" and "rolex" in messages, even if somebody indeed needs to discuss these things.

After few years, too many users got the "invitation" to get the rolex watches, and rolex became by-word for the email junk and aggressive advertisement; past century this happened with the ham named "spam". This century, nobody gets messy messages advising to buy the ham with so dirty reputation. The internet users get the rolex messages instead.

The amount of rolex messages greatly exceeds the amount of roles watches, and "junk" becomes principal meaning of the word. The most of users trash the rolex messages without to know, what kind of stinky ham or penis enlargement does the word "rolex" mean. Then, the products of the Rolex company cannot remain fetish and symbol of status, although the advertisers attribute it magic properties:"the partner looks at your watch and accepts your conditions". The owner of the rolex watches does not look anymore as supported of the tradition of the Swiss precise mechanic art, but supporter of the spam distributors. Where were news as some rolex promouters such as Belruskoni or Putin had kicked their faces. After to trash a hundred of rolex messages, and seeing the same word written at the watch of a partner, it is difficult to treat this watch as symbol of status and not to kick the owner. Rolex became a symbol of fake products, symbol of weakness of the owner with respect to aggressive advertisement, symbol of aggression; and the owners of rolex products may expect the symmetric agression as a response from their partners.

What are real interests and intents of the distributor of the rolex messages? Do they want to enhance selling of the rolex watches? Do they believe, that with such messages they can increase their popularity of Rolex? In this case, they fail. Are the spamers enemies of Rolex? Do they understand, that each new rolex message reduces the popularity of the rolex-related products, whenever "real" or "fake"? In this case, I would say, that they achieve their goal; but I cannot understand, why the Rolex company has not enough money to employ one good hacker and one bad lower to trace the path of the rolex messages and bring the aggressive advertisers to the court. May be they think, that it is already too late; the people have reflex to reject anything related with word "rolex".

In order to animate and distribute some fetish as symbol of status, this fetish should have any other name, not "Rolex", even if this fetish is manufactured in Switzerland and can be used also as a time-measuring device. The contemporary meaning of "rolex" is just junk.

P.S. One reader asked: "why are you against the Rolex company? They are not guilty for the knaves who make the fake products!"... I am not against the Rolex company. I am not a judge to estimate the guilt of anybody, related with manufacturing and distribution of any kind of "rolex". But I see, the distribution of the rolex copies was an important factor of success of the "real rolex" in the end of the past century, and now the time is over. It is shame, to wear any "rolex" product, whenever "real rolex" or the replica, as it is shame to wear a peace of old ham as a bracelet; rolex means the same as viagra: If one wants to show that he has problems with his brain or erection, he wears some viagra or rolex.

P.P.S. I continue receiving the rolex messages. Perhaps, those, who still have some rolex, should save them in some well protected place, and keep in the deep secret that they own a rolex. Over-wise some "Vasia Pupkin", who already had killed thousands of rolexes in his mailbox, will be glad to kill also the living carrier of this disturbing and disgusting product.

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Copyleft 2009-2011 by Dmitrii Kouznetsov. This text may be used for free, attribute http://samlib.ru/k/kuznecow_d_j/rolexe.shtml

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